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If all you follow is the mainstream news you may be deceived into thinking that the Temple Mount Situation is no big deal. A small terrorist attack, the Jews and Palestinians are upset with each other... just another week in the Middle East right? Wrong. Gary from Unsealed.org first highlighted this major story back on Tuesday (see here), and today has released an update at the link below. Here is an excerpt:
The moment of truth has come and the Israeli government has decided to leave the metal detectors at the Temple Mount in place indefinitely. No compromise was agreed to. An unprecedented number of Israeli police have surrounded the Old City and massive riots have broken out following Friday prayers. Up to 200 people have been wounded in the clashes, including Israeli police, and two rioting Palestinians have been killed.

There are now many stories you can find online describing the events in Jerusalem from all kinds of viewpoints. We also have a running list of articles available here, and will likely add a few more as the day goes on. Keep looking up and keep an eye on Jerusalem!

Update:  Daniel Matson also just posted a new update on this topic:  Here is the link...


  1. i asked this same question over at unsealed but what if the temple's true location is in the city of David right near the gihon spring? does this change the significance of what's happening at the temple mount?

    i know the third temple WILL be built but will it be on the temple mount or in the city of David where many people claim is the truthful location of the 1st 2 temples?

    1. I think it's a valid theory that the Temple was located elsewhere in or near the Old City, but I still think the Third Temple will get built on the Temple Mount as the a/c will use it for his purposes/advancement. The next God-sponsored Temple is the Millennial Temple described in Ezekiel 40-on and it is very different from the first two.

    2. i agree. i believe it'll get rebuilt on the temple mount as well. i don't think the muslims would care about it being built somewhere other than the temple mount anyways. all of this unrest about the metal detectors and the israeli police having control over the temple mount just means we're that much closer to israel rebuilding the temple which means we're even that much closer to the rapture and tribulation.

  2. I've seen compelling evidence for both locations (Temple Mount and city of David).
    Time will tell...
    Here is something very interesting... Both the 1st and 2nd Temples had their dedication ceremony's on Feast of Trumpets !!! And in Ezra the 2nd Temple didn't even have its foundation laid yet but they still started the sacrifices on the Feast of Trumpets...

  3. Interesting thing I found. I believe I had read this somewhere already, but I verified it myself. Israel taking control of the Temple Mount (July 14) to Feast of Trumpets (Sept 21) = 70 days! Interesting "coincidence" :)

  4. Dear Dan; (and brethren) about the real location of the previous temples.

    I researched it, and in one video hosted by Christopher Glyn, the Israeli (archeologist?) said: "I can convince ANYONE who will sit down with me; trouble is no one wants to sit down". So the "temple powers that be" know of these facts, they just don't want to be caught dead even discussing them.

    So I believe, either they will use this information and pop it out at the "right time" like "they" declared openly about the ark of the covenant...

    Or, anyway this next temple is destined for destruction and building it on the ground of a Roman fortress compound (exact size matching) is one more blasphemous move because it will serve to exalt the power of the (new) cesar, being a re-construction/resurrection of a Roman empire/antichrist structure.

    One guy in the video laughed at the modern-day miniature reproduction of the temple compound on display in Jerusalem, saying the structure they show as fortress antonia could only house a (few) hundred soldiers... whereas they were one legion (minimum 3000) plus all thousands of service people (romans had to be in a ghetto of sorts, because all they ate, did, etc was anathema to the jews)

    All the more pathetic: To see people screaming and fighting over what they say is their sacred place/stuff, all the while it being just a devilish place/stuff... A metaphor for all the unsaved/idolatrous screaming:"My god!, My god! this is my god!"
    But let us rejoice in all these signs that YHWH is comforting us with!' There will be more! Let us enjoy those and keep busy in witnessing, Glory to YHWH!


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