JD Farag Addresses September 23 And Other Sources Of Division

Pastor JD Farag addresses the division in the Bible prophecy community which has been occurring lately. Specifically he tackles 4 topics which are especially relevant today. The topics are: Revelation 12 / September 23rd, Temple Mount Relevance, Donald Trump and the Pre-Trib/Post-Trib Rapture debate. The entire talk is from the heart and especially relevant for those of us who have a tendency of getting a little upset when prominent teachers dismiss Rev 12 Sign out of hand and treat the information inaccurately.

JD did share more of his thoughts on the Rev 12 Sign, which I don't believe he has done since he addressed it for 14 minutes back in January.  Here is a quote from this recent update regarding the sign:
I've gotta tell ya, I'm finding it very difficult to dismiss it out of hand. This is a very interesting phenomena.
He is understandably approaching this sign with an 'abundance of caution', yet he openly admits he is "really excited" about it and the possibility of The Lords soon return! Overall, I truly appreciate JD's view on these topics and I am sure you will be blessed by this word as well.


  1. This was a great sermon. Love Jd. Very encouraging.

  2. As I have heard JD say often: agree to disagree agreeably. Watchman 35

  3. Very good. None of the watchers know what will happen. We're not teaching John 3:16 (Very clear), we're teaching prophecy. Much room to be wrong.

    Amazed at how God is exposing hearts in these last days. Much legalism and fear. We're not saved by our knowledge of the prophetic, nor does God like us better. So many are threatened if you have a different inclination or belief.

    Hallelujah we are saved, loved and cherished outside of any of this.

    1. Great thoughts Greg. We see through the glass darkly at this point... yet we can tell that something significant is there, even though we may not have all the find details in focus just yet. As for the exposing of hearts, you can tell JD had spent much time in prayer prior to this message. He is a unique position to see both sides as he has relationships with many of the prophecy teachers like Jan Markel and Amir who seem to still be dismissing the sign, and obviously his online audience who is clearly dear to him and striking a cord with our urging to check this thing out. He is walking a tight line, but I appreciate how he follows the path where God is leading him, even if it seems to be upstream sometimes as compared to his fellow teachers.

  4. A wonderful message from JD. He brings balance to it all. The focus on Jesus first and making Him known. Great to hear that JD doesn't dismiss the Rev 12 sign and so desires for Jesus to come like the rest of us.

    1. Yes, it was encouraging to hear that, especially since he has been looking at it for at least 8 months now.

  5. I'm sure other teachers are curious about the Rev 12 sign even though they publicly denounce it. They have a reputation to uphold, and books to sell if nothing happens. We don't.

    1. I know this has been discussed before, but as soon as you start selling books, dvds, conferences, buying buildings, hiring people, etc.... all the things a big time ministry must do, you automatically become more rigid in your views and potentially less useful to the nudging of God's will. I know there is much good that can come from these things.... but when $$$ is involved , a great many obstacles arrive as well. I believe God can work through us more freely when we are more free from the things listed above.

  6. I wish more pastors would follow JD's lead and just be cautious, period. I have no problem at all with those who are simply cautious in their approach to it--we *should* be cautious with such things. But just don't be dismissive or disparaging. Don't act like clueless know-it-alls who do little more than embarrass themselves. None of us knows exactly how this will play out, and we shouldn't pretend we do. I'm satisfied that God has a few surprises in store for us all.

  7. Awesome message from JD. Our primary message of concern is that which is to bring other trophies of God's grace into heaven with us.
    While less important arguments are conducted among saints, the aint's are perishing while laughing at those claiming to know tbe Prince of Peace! Wise up saints!

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  9. JD Farag has been my top online preacher for a while but the shine was fading from his star on my list from what, prior to this video, had seemed to be a trend toward dismissiveness toward the Rev 12 Wonder on his part. I am deeply pleased to see otherwise here. In light of his deep dive into and expounding of many astronomical events with Biblical implications, blood moons, et al, which have resulted in little, directly, to point to amongst the less astute, JD's abundance of caution, to protect the hearts of his flock, is actually commendable.

    In an echo of Greg L's post, this cautious yet humble and hopeful approach is perfect as it allows the pastor to explore and encourages the Berean spirit among their faithful while encouraging a balanced and thoughtful approach without quenching the thing which THE Spirit is doing amongst us in these times. Our LORD, Himself, has set His Doves to cooing in these Summer weeks as we babble on about His impending arrival and He even points out to us, in His Word, that their cooing is one of His Signs that THIS is the Summer of calling His Bride to COME! Maranatha!

    8 Listen! My beloved! Look! Here he comes, leaping across the mountains, bounding over the hills. 10 My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. 11 See! The winter is past; ... 12 ... the cooing of doves is heard in our land. (SoS 2:8-12, NIV, selective)

  10. JD has to be responsible, but it appeared to me as though he believes it is the Rev. 12 sign. I have been watching him for it seems like 10 years and his body language and the "are you kidding me?" I was imagining him saying to himself "are you kidding me? This matches exactly and we are going home."

    I was very pleased with his reaction. Don't hold your breath on Merkell or Crone. Jan has been a liberal progressive Christian for well over 10 years and it wouldn't surprise me if her career continued after the rapture with a heavily modified attitude adjustment. Crone may get it worse.


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