Significance of the 'Great American Eclipse' next month.

Since the USA was founded there has never been an eclipse like the one coming next month. An eclipse that touches ONLY the United States and no other country. Furthermore, this eclipse is unique as it spans from coast to coast, seemingly slicing the country perfectly in half.  This eclipse is just 33 days before a significant biblical sign in the heavens and 40 days prior to the Day of Atonement.   If that wasn't enough, in 7 years there is another eclipse coming to this land... but this time it comes from a different angle, thus creating an "X" across the heart of our country.  Scott Clarke touched on some of this in a video back in April about Three Epic Heavenly Signs...  If you missed it here is a link.

Some elements of the prophetic significance of this upcoming eclipse were also expertly explored by recently which has had a great response online.    That article is also a must read as they found amazing parallels to the number 33, which is the number of days between this event and the Rev12 Sign. If you missed it here is the link.

Now Michael Snyder has a new article out on the same subject.  It's titled: Most Unusual—and Significant?—Solar Eclipse in US History Will Occur Next Month on August 21st.  In it he breaks down the very unique nature of this coming eclipse and discusses the possible implications of the future eclipse in 7 years which together are centered on the New Madrid Fault Zone. The article was posted on Charisma News and shared by Jan Markel today in her daily collection of relevant news stories. Here is an excerpt:
It is entirely possible that it could just be a complete coincidence that these two eclipses form a giant "X" directly over the heart of the New Madrid fault zone, but I think that it would be a mistake to dismiss this phenomenon altogether without reflecting on what it might mean. Because as Pastor Mark Biltz has pointed out, it appears that God specifically used solar eclipses back in biblical times.

We cannot know for sure what the implications are as this eclipse isn't talked about as directly in Scripture as the Rev12 Sign.  But it seems quite clear that this eclipse is in a class by itself.  The fact that it is in the same part of the sky (see image above) as the Rev 12 Sign, next to the same star (Regulus) that was pivotal in the wise men identifying the time of Christ birth is impossible to ignore.  It is the perfect precursor to the Rev 12 Sign since when the sky goes dark, the components of the Rev12 Sign will instantly appear as they move into their final alignment.  Additionally, this eclipse marks the beginning of the last lap of the Moon around the Earth before it comes into its prophetic position on September 23rd... similar to how a gun is fired on the last lap of a big race as described so eloquently by Greg Lauer in the conclusion of his recent article here.

So, with all the surrounding information, I am making a plea that all of the verses about the Sun darkening and the Moon not giving its light be given a fresh study.... As most of you know there are numerous scriptures which seem to point to solar eclipses (Sun and moon both dark). Here is a list of a few: Is 13:10, Joel 2:31, Mark 13:27 and Matt 24:29... some of these are clearly precursors to the end times.  Similarly there are others that do the same with Lunar Eclipses (Which turn the Moon red) such as Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20 and others.  This is just a quick sample of verses, perhaps there are more that apply and some of these which don't. What I believe needs to be studied is which eclipse verses could apply to this first eclipse in 2017 (perhaps a Tribulation precursor) and which others apply to the 2024 eclipse 7 years later (which are perhaps precursors to Jesus returning to the earth).

God clearly uses these types of events as signs, and the fact that the eyes of the most powerful nation in the world will be looking up at this important area of the sky when there is so much division in our land and so much turmoil in the world while so many other signs are in play is very interesting. Will you help us in this endeavor and share anything you find below?  If so, please let us know in the comment section if you are on the case, and then if you find something interesting obviously share that as well!  Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is the new video of Mark Blitz in his recent sermon about Eclipses.  As Michael Snyder indicated in his article, Pastor Mark lays out many historical precedents of eclipses signifying coming judgment. He also mentions the Rev12 Sign, but unfortunately doesn't explain it very well!  : )


  1. I wondered when the last time we had an eclipse of this magnitude and it was in 1918. So I wondered what else was in 1918. I found that the Battle of Haifa (present day Israel) was won SEPT 23 1918 which kind of paved the way for the recreation of Israel.
    Not a huge correlation but the fact it was in the year the last time there was an eclipse like this one, and the battle was on Sept 23 of all days made it interesting to me! -Lindsay

    1. As they say... there are no coincidences! Thank you Lindsay!

    2. Oh wow Lindsay, this is truly amazing! TY and be blessed, MARANATHA! :-)

  2. yeah I always thought Haifa was significant as it is covered by Mt Carmel...the meaning of which is "Gods Vineyard". Kind of makes you wonder about the significance of this with Rev 14 - the gathering of the grapes and treading out the winepress etc.

    Worlds oldest man (Israel Kristal...married to betsheba (daughter of my oath) two children named shula (peace) and haim (life)) lives in Haifa.


    1. Animation.
      Scene one: While passing through a doorway into his living room, Popeye gets 'crowned' with a frying pan from a hidden assailant who promptly disappears, Popeye lands on his tail in shock and confusion.
      Scene two: Popeye's girlfriend, Olive Oyl, enters, asking absentmindedly, "Have you seen the frying pan anywhere?"
      Scene three: {thought bubble: Popeye} "Again!?"

  3. If my memory serves me in regard to the solar eclipse over America in 1918 (please verify on your own), I believe the Spanish Influenza killed half a million people in the U.S. alone during the years 1918-19.

    1. Yes, it did. You should also Google The Christmas Truce of 1918. You will be deeply blessed. I covered that in a class I taught at Colorado Christian University. During WWI, December 1918, the Spirit of our Lord arrived at the front in Europe and the war was put on Holiday while Our Lord had His day among His children on both sides. Germans and Allies danced and exchanged gifts in the land between the trenches. They crossed behind each other's lines and bought Christmas pastries at shops. They traded weapons and buttons as souvenirs, shared schnitzel and schnapps through the night, and sang carols exclaiming to the world that our King has COME!!!

    2. Amazing story Jimboni, I had never heard of that!

  4. What amazes me about Isaiah 13:10 is the fact that indeed when this eclipse starts on US West Coast in Salem OR at 10:18 a.m. (total) this is SUNRISE OBSCURED. When did that ever happen like this?? Doesn't this fact alone clearly indicate the 'Day of the LORD' (v. 9) just ahead of us this time in 2017? MARANATHA!! :)

    Please also note verses that indicate SIMULTANEOUS solar eclipse or total (global) darkness and blood moon. This must be an indicator for the "red dragon" planetary object between earth and sun because earth/moon cannot obscure both sun and moon at the same time.

    1. In the picture above (the black one of the eclipse) I think you can see that when the Sun is darkened during an eclipse, the moon in fact does not give its light. It simply cannot shine any light on the earth because all of the light is hitting the back side of the moon from our perspective. That's why I think the description in the Bible is so accurate....The sun is definitely darkened, in some areas totally obscured, but there is still some light (in the totality zone it gets to be similar to dusk).... however, the moon give zero light.

    2. Yeah maybe, thank you Brad! But isn't there a difference too between 'moon like blood' and 'moon does not give light' (as well the stars when 'darkened')? The little shadow of the earth cannot cause BOTH or give such a totality of darkness / effects as described. Totality is also global then for ALL people, not only for one single country.

      The stars are normally seen from earth during a "normal" solar eclipse. But if there is another big object blocking view globally, darkness is total. Compare:

      Solar eclipse + blood moon
      Joel 2:31
      Acts 2:20
      Revelation 6:12

      Solar eclipse + Moon (and stars!) not shine / give its light / darkened
      Isaiah 13:10 (even stars AND constellations mentioned!)
      Ezechiel 32:7-8
      Matthew 24,29

      I think if the bible language is this much precise we have to distinguish as well. Just saying...

      I find Isaiah 13:10 very interesting because it mentions very different cosmic effects. The obscured sunrise at the US eclipse on 8/21/17 may as well be a harbinger to the REAL coming judgement events some 30-40 days later. ("Yet 40 days and Niniveh will be overthrown..."?)

      BTW I just noticed Ecclesiastes 12:1-2 that hints to not only getting old with having more health trouble and not having found Jesus during lifetime but exactly this time of tribulation period = "years draw nigh you don't have pleasure in them". God describes "clouds (= of darkening the gospel) return after the rain (= of preaching during grace period)" and warns to "remember the CREATOR" in these days. This reminds me of the 'everlasting gospel' of CREATOR and JUDGE being preached during tribulation ( Revelation 14:6-7 !). Very stunning! :-)

  5. :) will try a clickable link to NASA solar eclipse historical overview here MARANATHA!

  6. I would yet like to draw your attention to the Three Weeks of Sorrow and the Seven Weeks of Comfort as we have already entered this phase of Jewish mourning in 2017 some days ago.

    Please be aware that the period described in the above link will be directly followed by the Fourty days of Teshuvah which will end exactly on YOM KIPPUR 9/29-30/17. Please Google yourself on this period also mentioned to the Gentiles in Jonah 3:4 and its meaning in Jewish tradition.

    Meanwhile, 10 days earlier on YOM TERUAH / FEAST OF TRUMPETS the body of Christ will have left the building... :-) MARANATHA!

  7. Slight bunny-trail here but as we unpack the connectedness of all things astronomical relating to 9/23, et all, and the attention next on 7/20-25, consider this "oh no, not one more" connection: "The next black moon cycle begins on 23rd July 2017 with the actual black moon occurring on 21st / 22nd August 2017, which is also a solar eclipse" ( Black Moon is 2nd New Moon in same month FYI. So, this one is connected to BOTH 7/24-25 AND the GAE on 8/21. Mean anything? nah...

  8. But wait, there's MORE. Posting is popping about Nehemiah 8 as a picture of the rapture:
    (2) So on the first day of the seventh month Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly, which was made up of men and women and all who were able to understand. 3He read it aloud from daybreak till noon as he faced the square before the Water Gate in the presence of the men, women and others who could understand.

    1st Day, 7th month, all the people GATHERED, AS ONE MAN, in the Holy City. OK I get that. One detail folks, including myself, have been digging into is "The Water Gate".

    Latest finds include that The Water Gate was built so water could ESCAPE from the temple springs and not flood the temple. This is the ONLY main gait built to allow an ESCAPE get it?). As we await for the Women's WATER to break, before delivery, opening her "water gate", check this out:

    The Great American Eclipses that cross at the New Madrid Fault line? What, prey tell, is the menaing of "Madrid"? Glad you asked, wait for it, wait for it ....

    Madrid, as we know, is the capitol of Spain, and, "The name of the city, however, hints at its Arabic roots: "Madrid" comes from "al-majrit," meaning "the water channel." (


    You have GOT to be kidding, right?


  9. On the last day of Tabernacles, Jesus said, "if any man is thirsty, let him come to me...for out of his belly will flow rivers of living water.' I have wondered why he said that at that particular didn't make much sense to me...but, maybe he was referring to this 'watergate'???

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