Rev12 Sign Conception Comet!

A YouTube video released back in April is now starting to get some much deserved attention... The video shows a comet that moves into Virgo the same time Jupiter enters the womb area of the woman.  The precision and timing is quite stunning and yet another confirmation of how this birth in the heavens mirrors a natural human birth in amazing detail.  It is known as the Conception Comet, and Gary at Unsealed just did a post about it, link below.

My personal thoughts are this:  The video is pretty well done (besides the viewing issues with the software that are easily fixed) and I believe God clearly used this gentleman to get the word out.  He had never uploaded a YouTube video before and after months of prompting final gave in and did it.  The movement of the comet only adds weight to its importance.  It travels towards the sun from very far away, finally getting bright enough to be discovered just this Spring.  It travels from Leo into the Virgo and is perfectly aligned to symbolically impregnate Virgo the very same time Jupiter enters the womb.  Then the comet eventually travels back into the outer solar system never to be seen again, seemingly having accomplished the mission it was created by God to do.   

Here is a link to TheSkyLive website showing the Comet in question... click the small clock on the left to adjust the date and explore the movement.

UPDATE: Luis Vega provided even more information on this amazing comet and the prophetic path it took and the perfect timing it displayed. View Lu's paper and informative graphics in this post here: Conception Comet... Even More Info From Luis Vega!

I believe this is yet another confirmation of the validity of the Rev12 Sign and further reinforces the symbolic pregnancy imagery of the text in Revelation 12. It's a fantastic discovery and will surely be included in any presentation I give about this fantastic sign from this point forward!

Here is a link to the Unsealed article and the 21 minute video:


  1. Again with the two witnesses. Rev 12 sign is the moment when many items, which are always "present" for us here on planet earth, align into a unique arrangement at a specific time. CONCURRENTLY, a astronomical player which was NEVER present (locally) in our entire existence since creation, ARRIVES in perfect timing to tie the other all together with an opening confirmation of the Conception event.

    Rev 12 sign connects local astronomical events to vastly distant ones through our observation of the group (local bodies seen on the 'screen' of the distant ones). Conception Comet connects deep space reality to our local reality DIRECTLY, not by our looking at the both together, but by actually ARRIVING from that great beyond on ONE DAY ONLY out of all created time, wowzers. Again, however, its meaning is presented and understood only through the lens of human eyes looking at it from the position of Jerusalem/Earth.

    Looked at as unique and different, in terms of what they highlight and how they do it, again we see 2 witnesses from the stars attesting, pouring forth their speeches, announcing the moments of the Coming King's story. Maranatha!

    1. 2 witnesses: you're right! Glory to YHWH. Daniel

    2. To think that this comet comes out of nowhere, is discovered and goes right from Leo into Virgo at that precise moment, and then shortly thereafter as gone is mind blowing. It accomplished it purpose and is now long gone.... God is so great!

  2. This is mind-blowing!!!

    Can it get any better for us watchers? I can't wait to see what the next 59- 60 days bring! Come Lord Jesus!

    1. Well, if some of us are correct, i.e. informedchristians Dragon Tail time, much, if not most, of that 'watching' will be from the balcony, not here in the theatre. Don't forget the popcorn!

    2. I hope I'm not stuck in the nosebleeds section, I want a front row seat!

    3. Jimboni, you've piqued my curiosity. I'm aware of a brother on YouTube who believes we depart on 9/21. Do you believe it will be before that?

    4. @Alice: 9/21 is connected to the 2017 Feast of Trumpets date on www.Torah and 1 Corinthians 15,52 ;-) Blessings to you!

    5. Mind blowing.... I can't wait. Whether we go home before, during, or after this sign, Gods timing is perfect! He has sure made this sign special though hasn't He??? Must surely mean something! ; )

    6. Alice, I am familiar with Steve’s 9/21, “bulletproof” timeline and I consider him to be my top YouTube teacher atm. I neither defend nor dogmatically ascribe to his timeline although I would no more attempt to take it apart than I would argue with Luis Vega over some fine point of his teachings. Nonetheless, I believe that Daniel at informed… has insight which goes to a nugget which Steve seems to be missing and, although I am quite certain their views intermingle without contradiction, I do not think we will be able to see how until after. In other words, I have no doubt that 9/21 is a better ‘anchor’ date than 9/23, but, as it seems unlikely that all the Dragon Tail Time events will happen within 40 hours following, prior to 9/23 fulfillment, it seems our eager Bridegroom will likely pop in prior to the 9/21 moment. The 9th of Av, Tu B’Av (Hebrew “Valentine’s Day”) TODAY, Shabbat Nachamu tomorrow, Pentecost finishing and other key markers happening over the next 10 days are VERY suspect.

      Spend some time over at Daniel’s informedchristians YouTube and search out his videos with “Dragon Tail” in the title. The oldest one is a while back but worth the effort to search it out and then listen to each in order as the information has evolved as the Lord has unpacked the revelation of these details over the past weeks. Specifically, Daniel unpacks a distinct celestial marker in Rev 12-4 which outlines the length of time prior to 9/23 in which the events of Rev 12:1-5 describe happening PRIOR to 9/23 must occur, and his understanding of the details of that marker have tightened up over the past several weeks so the time frame outlined initially has gotten SHORTER as his understanding of the marker has improved.

      In short, there are TWO SIGNS in Rev 12-5, that of the Woman giving birth and that of the Dragon awaiting her child to destroy it. Daniel, at “informed…”, shows us that the Dragon details happen BEFORE the birthing sign, i.e., BEFORE 9/23! When you understand how much disaster is prophesied PRIOR TO the ‘Great Sign’ it is startling! For us Pre-Tribbers also aware of the brouhaha broiling over TRUE Pentecost as well as the jewels hidden in Song of Solomon teasing out a Summer Snatching of the Bride we are all a flutter right NOW! Truly, truly I mean like, ”look at your watch,” any minute, NOW.

      4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. (Rev 12:4 NKJ)

      Note: he was standing in front of the Woman and BEFORE she delivered he throws the stars to the earth. When you follow Daniel’s teachings over at informed… and tie this together with his unpacking of agricultural markers as well, with regular video updates from the grape vineyards and Figs growers in Israel, you will be blown away at how close we are and how crazy things are about to get ANY MOMENT NOW.

      Buckle Up.

  3. INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE ! Thank you brothers for putting this up, made my day, overwhelmlingly fantastic GLORY TO YHWH and peace on the brethren!!!! Daniel


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