Part 2 of Radio Interview Now On YouTube

Adam has completed editing and uploading Part 2 of my recent radio interview onto YouTube.   In this segment I discuss the "Woman in Labor" imagery in the Bible, as well as several "Cosmic Confirmations" which include the Opening Ceremony, Eclipse, NASA Ultrasound, Conception Comet, and Blood Moon Connections.  I believe this will be the shortest video of the 3, but contains a lot of good information.  As always, I encourage you to follow along with the visual and links post as it is basically an interactive outline of the talk.  The link for that is below.

Here is a quick preview of Part 3 (which will most likely be completed later this week).  Among others things I talk about how I personally go about sharing the sign with others and how I would answer several questions which are often brought up about it.  I believe that segment will give you a good example to follow and the tools you need to confidently share the sign with your friends and family in these last few weeks before it appears. Stay tuned for that...

Again, I can't thank Adam from the Parable of the Vineyard Channel enough for going through the effort of taking this interview and setting it to video so that so many more people can listen to my words and hopefully be drawn closer to Jesus Christ.  Thanks so much Adam, much love to you Brother!!

Part 1 can be found here:

Here is the post with the Visual's and Links which was put together for this interview:


  1. So the next question is, where is the Dragon?

    It has to be in the heavens before the Rapture takes place, if it is a sign like the one on Rev. 12:1-2 is.

    1. That is one of the 7 common questions I tackle in part 3.

    2. Maybe...just maybe this will help, because it would seem something has to show up or represent the dragon, every sign previous to the dragon gives us a material symbol.

    3. Yes, that is what I discuss. That cover-up quite strange to say the least.

    4. Brad, the blocked out image is a double-image of Saturn. It was taken in 1983. Even the Unsealed people have written this one off.

  2. How about this?

    1. Thanks Pamela,
      Yes... exactly. To me that is prime suspect #1. But I still maintain a "wait and see" type attitude around the dragon. I believe we should be focusing almost exclusively on our Blessed Hope through Jesus, than on whatever the dragon represents. Set out minds on things above, not on things of the earth (Col 3:2). As we know, that dragon will be cast down I try to not focus on it too much as think God would have given us more info if that was His intention. We know it is there, somewhere, and it will come about somehow....but it is not our concern as we are will not devour us before we are safe in heaven (Rev 12:5).

    2. But with the above said... here is the 1 thing that bothers me about those images. Why would "they" only cover-up some of the images? In the Google sky, only part of this object was covered. It must be moving, but if it was such a top secret thing wouldn't "they" be more accurate with covering up? And why on that NASA site allow some of those images through, while blocking others? Why not just block them all? Did they put some intern on this who dropped the ball? Or is it a massive distraction?? Just some questions to ponder...

    3. Brad, looking for the "Dragon" is not looking on earth but looking to the skies as well = because it is "another sign / wonder (semeion) in Heaven" mentioned. So it MUST be the planetary system commonly called 'Nibiru' (or alike) lurking behind / around our sun right now. Check out the YT channels mentioned below! Much blessings to all of you!

    4. Understood!!! I guess my point was more this... If we feel led to look for it, then do it.... but our minds should be SET on things above (Our Savior in Heaven) and to a lesser extent the GREAT SIGN above our heads, rather than getting sucked too far down this path which contains quite a bit of speculation, sometimes from less than Biblical sources. That is all. : ) Surely it could be Planet X (which astronomers has admitted exists and the Washington post wrote about here in 1983...

    5. In looking at some of the images pasted on the blocked area of space in Google Sky, a youtube video shows the little black square at the feet of Virgo. Is this correct and has anyone confirmed these findings? If indeed a object is blocked, and if it is at Virgos feet, that is very interesting. Of all the places for this blocked image to happen................its at the feet of Virgo.
      Has anyone researched further on this? (Steve)

  3. Brad thank you for doing such a great job presenting this, I have wanted to put all of the bible verses together that point to the Revelation 12 sign for 2 years now and I think you nailed it! While staying humble and Godly serving our LORD and not ourselves. God bless you and all of the watchmen and women who have brought this sign to the world. And I have to publicly thank Scott Clarke who found it first and felt most of the stones thrown at the messengers, God bless you all.

    1. Thank you Gary. I very much appreciate those kind words. You are right, all the work we do is for Christ Jesus, and not ourselves. Very well put. God Bless you too. Also, not sure how you did it, but this page is now the #3 result in Google for "Revelation 12 Sign". So happy the debunking articles are now being bumped lower and lower!! God is GOOD!

    2. Thank you Brad and Adam! Made time notes for this video, feel free to add, subtract or delete. ~Tryphosa
      Time Notes for Rev 12 Daily Pt 2~Trib Now Radio Broadcast
      Part 2 Time Notes:

      Intro by Adam
      :40 Women in labor imagery
      1 Thessalonians 5:2-4, Romans 8:19-22, Isaiah 42:14
      3:06 Isaiah 26:19-21
      4:40 Micah's Timeline, Micah 5:2-5
      7:58 Michael Svigel article, caught up, Revelation 12:5
      9:05 Dragon
      9:50 Cosmic Confirmation, Opening Ceremony, Kiss the Son, Psalm 2:12, conjunctions of Regulus
      11:35 Solar Eclipse
      12:33 33's, Mark 13:27
      14:00 "Ultrasound" Images of Jupiter
      15:55 Conception Comet
      17:35 Blood Moon Connection
      18:34 726 Days, harpazo
      19:40 Sharing the Sign

    3. THANK YOU!! Can you do this for #3 and I will have Adam add these to the descriptions of all the videos! Awesome!

  4. Dear @all: to get some more impression of the "Dragon" (and its celestial solar system) please check out the following YouTube channels:

    + WSO

    Most skycam footage is really very plausible and disturbingly interesting, covering up on Google is no more option at all for anyone because nobody can currently cover up real visible double sunsets or sun setting at North (instead of West = earth tilt caused by strange object in space) or any other strange orb visible in the skies with naked eye. The whole system gets VISIBLE !! right now - perhaps even better on 21st August during the eclipse in path of totality when the sun is darkened so that these orbs will show up not only for youtubers? :)


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