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23 Articles You Can't Miss

We have now entered the month of September and are just over 20 days away from the alignment of September 23rd, 2017.   Put another way, we are just days away from seeing a Biblical prophecy out of the Book or Revelation appearing in our sky. Some may scoff at such a statement, but to anyone who has studied the Biblical and astronomical evidence, it has the sobering characteristic of being true.

As we have gotten closer to the date, The Lord has led more and more people to this site.  Since time is short and we have so many new readers each day, it seems like a good time to do a recap listing the Top 23 articles many of you might have missed.  In my opinion, these are the top articles you should take the time to read if you are following the sign closely. It was very hard to narrow it down, but if you are looking to catch up (or just want to make sure you didn't miss anything) these articles will get you up to speed. 

NOTE: If you are just learning about this sign click here firs…

Eschatology Today's Rev 12 Sign Experience

Our brother Sean Osborne left a comment one of our articles today. I thought it would be good to create a post bringing his story to light.  A link to his article about the Rev12 Sign is below if you are interested to read it....  It is very well done.  Here is an excerpt:

"This must be stated in the clearest, most unambiguous manner possible. It is the view of Eschatology Today that the great sign (megas sÄ“meion) of Revelation 12:1-2 will be fulfilled exactly as it is written on 23 September 2017."

Sean's website is Eschatology Today.   Here is the comment Sean left earlier today and a link to his article.  God bless you, Sean!  You are not alone brother!!

Sean Osborne - September 1, 2017 at 3:56 PM
Like many of you I've also been a Berean since I first learned of the "megas semeion" astronomical alignment in Virgo and Leo. Altogether this ongoing research of mine has just entered its 45th month. There are several thousand words posted to my blog regarding …

Where Is The Dragon? | Unsealed

I don't know how I let this awesome article slip through the cracks, but if you have been wondering about the dragon from Rev 12:3-4, then this is a must read. Gary gives an extensive overview of the Rev 12 Sign, and makes the case that we should not be alarmed if we don't see the other "dragon" sign in the sky prior to 9-23-17.

While an astronomical appearance would be a great confirmation, Gary lays out a logical scenario as to why we shouldn't necessary expect it. I was extremely blessed by this article and also Adam's video which he made about it.  Be sure to read it or watch the video... perhaps even both because it is such excellent information! Well done guys!!

Here is an excerpt:
Revelation 12:2 describes the woman undergoing labor pains, so Revelation 12:5 would therefore occur before her pain begins. Now before I go further, you might be thinking that I'm saying the rapture will definitely happen before 9/23, but I'm not saying that.…

Conservative Scholars Agree: The Male Child Is The Church

If 5 theologians was good, surely 15 is better! I am so grateful that expanded upon our article yesterday and assembled and even more impressive list.  Gary found quotes from 15 theologians who clearly taught that the Child of Revelation 12:5 is the Church! These are some of the greatest minds of the faith, many who are credited with reviving the Pre-Trib doctrine which so many of us following this sign believe to be true. This mountain of evidence is truly overwhelming and an absolute must read by anyone who is for or against this sign.

From this point forward, any pastor or teacher debunking this sign must realize that they are not arguing with a bunch of "internet nobodies", but instead some of the greatest minds in the Christian church from the past 300 years or more....

Here is an excerpt:
A number of prophecy teachers including Joel Richardson and Jack Hibbs have dismissed the upcoming Revelation 12 Sign by suggesting it isn't unique and that conse…

5 Theologians on the Child of Revelation 12

Last weekend one of my favorite pastors implied that "Every conservative theologian that's worth reading..." interprets Revelation 12 in a way contrary to how those of us following the sign do. Among other things this pastor was quite adamant that Revelation 12 is simply talking about the birth and ascension of Jesus Christ, and has nothing to do with the rapture of the Church.  In his words this view is "longtime held, conservative, orthodox eschatology."

Well, I would like to address that statement...

Wait....who cares what I have to say?  How about we let some longtime, conservative, orthodox, eschatology teachers address the subject!  And when I say longtime, well, you'll see what I mean...

1. John Nelson Darby (1855) "If the mighty man, the mystic man, the man-child of Revelation xii. is to act [in judging the world with a rod of iron], He must first be complete (of course He is so, essentially so, in Himself, but as Head over all things to the Chu…

A Painting Analogy Regarding the Rev12 Sign...

I posted the following directly on our Facebook Page yesterday. Many of you have probably seen it already, but I am putting it up here for all those who don't use that platform. Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful comments below that post... it warmed my heart greatly but I can take no credit.... That was all Him. : )

A few people have asked why our brothers and sisters get upset when some prophecy professionals disparage this sign without even taking the time to look at it closely... Here is an analogy that may help you understand.

Imagine that your one true love is an amazing artist. Your Love paints you a beautiful picture with layer upon layer of meaning. It is the most beautiful painting you have ever seen and it moves you to tears just thinking about the effort and planning and care that was put into creating this painting for you. Then just as you seem to fall deeper and deeper in love with The One who painted this picture, a very prestigious group of art criti…

Isaiah 66, The Rapture, and Translator Bias

Isaiah 66:7-8 seems to have been connected to the rebirth of Israel ever since at least 1948. It surely was an amazing event... a miraculous fulfillment and a "super sign" as to the lateness of the hour. But was 1948 a fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8 as most scholars seem to suggest, or is it actually connected to the Revelation 12 Sign?

It took me a while to come around on this... but now I believe that it is actually more accurately connected to the Revelation 12 Sign and the rapture of the church. I will show you below why I think this. Basically you will see that the wording of the Isaiah passage was changed in the modern translations to "help us out".

What you will see is a prime example of Translator Bias. It seems that what was assumed by the translators of most modern Bibles is that Isaiah 66:8 was speaking of Israel in 1948, therefor they worded the text in a way to make that connection clear... but in doing so I think you will see that they drifted away…

The Final Prayer Of The Church | Unsealed

Our Father in Heaven,  We believe that in accord with your Word the hour has come for Your children to be received into glory and it is plainly evident to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  We ask that You would now glorify us that we may glorify You.  We have greatly desired to be with Your Son, our Lord, and now we will see Him face to face.  We have accepted Your Son and His message and have placed our faith in Him for the forgiveness of our sins.  We know that He rose again from the dead and ascended to Your right hand.  As surely as You live, we know He lives and reigns with You.  And as surely as He rose He will come again.  We have brought You glory on earth and have obeyed the commandment of Your Son to share the Gospel of grace with every nation.

  Your Holy Spirit within us has convicted the whole world of sin.  The world You love has rejected Your offer of forgiveness, but all of Your sheep have heeded the message and await the fulfillment of the promise You made to …

2 Video Responses To Jan Markell and Co.

I know many of you are following the discussion going on after Jan Markell, Jack Hibbs and Billy Crone once again tried to pop the supposed Rev12 Sign bubble...  They failed miserably and there has been a huge outpouring of amazingly insightful comments on those two posts which you need to catch up on.... But the purpose of this post is to also make you aware of two videos by a couple of very dear watchmen discussing this topic.  These men will greatly encourage you and increase your resolve that these signs are not to be dismissed.  Listen to these men of God... you are not alone in your angst, but take heart, this too is a part of God's magnificent plan!

If you missed the previous articles, catch up here:
Jan Markell and Jack Hibbs Address Revelation 12 (51 Comments)Personal Thoughts On Jan Markell's Program Yesterday (58 Comments) 1. Barry Scarbrough (33 Minutes) Key Bible Verse:
1 Corinthians 1:27
"But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chos…

Scottie Clarke's UPDATED Hear the Watchmen Presentation!

As most of you know, Scott Clarke was invited to present at the "Hear the Watchmen" Conference last weekend. That conference included many big names and prominent teachers and is very well attended by people from across the country.  I was very happy to hear that by all accounts Scott's talk was very well received. In fact, a pastor from my church was even at the conference and said his presentation was excellent!

As some of you know a day or two ago a video of Scott's presentation was released on YouTube. That video was great to see, but it contained many advertisements and the graphics didn't always line up with what Scott was discussing. But true to form, Scott has created his own video, in HD with updated graphics and no advertising!

If you haven't seen this yet you must take the time to check it out. Lots of amazing information is presented here and much of it may be new to you. This is the first time Scottie has given a public speaking style of pre…

In the Beginning God Gave a Glimpse of the End | Unsealed

This study by Jeff is quite amazing.  He found that the stories in the Genesis parallel the pattern of events we know will take place as written in the Revelation.  Just look at the following pattern:

1. Enoch taken
2. Angels fall/Giants rise
3. Noah and his tribe sealed
4. Global judgment begins (water)
5. Nimrod rises to power
6. Babylon's fall/Yahweh comes down
7. Abrahamic covenant pledged

1. Church/male-child taken
2. Angels fall/Giants return
3. 144,000 sealed
4. Global judgment begins (fire)
5. Beast rises to power
6. Babylon's fall/Yahweh comes down
7. Abrahamic covenant fulfilled

I find it amazing that all of these patterns are coming to light in these last days.  Amazing patterns hidden in the Bible for centuries which we are just now recognizing.  Sure, many people have seen certain parallels in each of these stories with the end, but I have never seen it presented in such a comprehensive way.   Looking at it as a whole is quite a…

Personal Thoughts On Jan Markell's Program Yesterday

I was responding to a comment by Lance in the previous post and it started getting way too long... so this post will be my general thoughts regarding WHY I think Jan Markell and Pastors Crone and now Hibbs are against this sign.  Many of my other thoughts are in the comments section of that previous post.
My view of why these prophecy leaders are against the Rev 12 Sign... In their minds they are trying to PROTECT people and the reputation of Bible prophecy.  If I had to guess, the first moment they heard about this sign they made up their mind that it was bogus (likely without ever really looking at it).  They failed the Proverbs 18:13 test. As soon as they saw a date...any date... they made up their mind then and there that there was no way this "sign" had merit.

Once it became such a huge thing Jan scrambled to put together a segment that would put the fire out.  Surely she figured she must protect us from this "date setting" fad. I had been in communication wi…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.