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Part 1 of Radio Interview Now On YouTube

I am so thankful for Adam from the Parable of the Vineyard YouTube Channel for offering to turn my recent radio interview into a 3 part video series. Part 1 is now complete and uploaded!  Lord willing, Parts 2 and 3 will go live within next week or so and I will share those as they are completed.  Adam has done a great job splitting up the interview at natural points and also adding in many great graphics which add understanding to my words.  Thanks again Adam.... I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making this happen! This will make it so much easier to share online and open up this talk to a whole new audience!!

If needed, here is the post with the Visual's and Links which was put together for this talk:

CBN Interview With Gary from Unsealed!

Gary, one of the founders and main writers for, was interviewed by CBN for a segment about the August 21st Eclipse. In it he shared his insights about that event but intentionally did his best to link it to the Revelation 12 Sign so that viewers would be made aware of that important prophetic event as well! The vast majority of the interview is dedicated to the eclipse for sure and some of us wondered if CBN would edit the Rev12 portion of the segment out completely. While the short clip doesn't contain any Rev 12 info, the good news is CBN included atleast some of the Rev12 information in the article below the video interview!! Here is an excerpt from that article and a link to the CBN page.

Again, great job Gary.... excellent information and you looked great!!  Next stop, Fox News!!!
They say Virgo in late September appears to be a woman giving birth to a male-child, represented by the planet Jupiter, that will come out of the constellation at that time.  And th…

Is Olive Tree Ministries Softening Thier Stance On The Rev 12 Sign?

This morning Olive Tree Ministries shared another article which references the significance of the Revelation 12 Sign.  The article is titled 12 Events To Watch Between August 21st - September 30  and was written by Prophecy News Watch.  Olive Tree Ministries is led by one of my favorite prophecy teachers, Jan Markell.  You can visit her website at

You may remember that it was Jan who invited pastor Billy Crone onto her weekly radio show back in May.  It was a show partially dedicated to debunking the Revelation 12 Sign titled: "It Could Happen Today."

Her radio show "Understanding the Times" is mandatory listening for many people, syndicated on 800+ stations and often referenced by many of the top watchmen such as JD Farag and John Haller.

At that point in time both Pastor Crone and Markell seemed utterly convinced that this sign was "nonsense".  It was heart-wrenching to listen to since the information was so twisted and presented…

2 Encouraging Videos 2 Catch Up On!

The last few days have been busy preparing for last nights radio interview and I didn't have a chance to share a couple YouTube videos from two of my favorites.  If you need some downtime to sit back and relax perhaps you may want to watch these rather than the fake news or other 'programing' that is flowing through the airwaves into your home (Eph 2:2).

In this first video Adam shares about how the Blood Moons point September 23rd, 2017.  He does a great job explaining this connection and I always love listening to his train of thought regarding the Rev12 Sign.  If this Blood Moon / Rev 12 connection is new to you here is an article from that explains as well.

This second video is from my friend Paul (Little Shaul) from the Zeus Mossbender Channel. If you are not familiar with his trademark sketch comedy / humble watchfolk style you may need to give your head and heart some time to adjust.…

VISUALS FOR LISTENERS - Tribulation Now Radio Interview

Scroll all the way down... This information is meant to be a resource for anyone listening to my August 9th interview on the Tribulation Now online radio program.  You can listen to the program using the links below.  Stay on this page to view graphics and links relating to the topics discussed.  

FYI: MY portion of the program begins at about the 89:20 minute mark. But I really get talking at about 98:38 into the show.  Listen to the whole show if you can (3 hours), but if you only have time for my portion, then you will have to skip ahead a little over halfway.  I am on the air immediately after the Phil Wickham song...
Use the link above if this player isn't working...The information is placed below prior to the live program and I cannot guarantee we will follow this exact order.  I will update it if necessary for the podcast listeners.  Don't worry if you miss the l…

Is God’s Judgment Coming on America? - Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Grahm Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, and a prominent evangelist in her own right clearly understands the lateness of the hour.  I heard her personally make a plea for repentance due to the multiple warnings God has given this country at a recent prophecy conference. She also made waves back in 2015 when she said that she believes that Jesus will return during her lifetime due to a number of factors.... not the least of which is that she was born in 1948.
"Isaiah said, 'Who could believe a nation could be born in a day?' But Israel was born in a day, May 14, 1948," she said. "Jesus said the generation that sees that take place is the generation that will be the last. And for me it's meaningful. I was born May 21, 1948 so I believe it's my generation," she explained. Now Anne has put out a new post on her blog that is making waves again.  In in she relates Joel 2:31 to the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse, indicating that this event co…

Radio Interview Tomorrow Night

God is amazing! I have been blessed with the opportunity to share the Revelation 12 Sign on the Tribulation Now online radio show tomorrow evening (Wed) from 8:30-10:00 (CST).

UPDATE 8-10-17:  The show has aired and you can listen to the podcast now!

Among other things, I plan to share many of the AMAZING discoveries and BIBLICAL cross-references we have found which strengthen the case for the Rev 12 Sign. Additionally I also plan to give an example of how to share the sign with others and respond to common questions or objections they may have.

The link to the podcast will certainly be shared after it airs, but in the meantime feel free to comment below if there are specific points you think I should cover. My ultimate goal would be to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me to share what He wants, but I would certainly appreciate any thoughts you had as well. I would also greatly appreciate your PRAYERS for …

Something Epic This Way Comes | Scott Clarke

Scott Clarke has been sick with bronchitis for the past month or more and that is part of the reason he hasn't put out many new videos lately. He recently made a plea to share the video below again saying "people need this information".  The video was originally uploaded in April, and perhaps you have seen it already... I urge you to watch it again! There is just too much info here to possibly soak it all up on the first pass.  He dives into many of the Scripture references we recently shared in our "woman in labor" post, so it ties in perfectly if you were blessed by that resource.

Again, I hope you can find time to watch or listen to this teaching again, whether you have seen it before or not.  We are 45 days away from the Revelation 12 Sign and who knows what could happen in the world between then and now.  Use this time wisely.  According to Scott, if you were going to watch one video, or share one video... this is it!

“As in the Days of Noah” - Daniel Matson

I have had people email in asking about the day counts in Noah and how they could relate to the 'Days of Noah' we are now living in. Genesis 7 and Genesis 8 are filled with day counts and lists many specific days during the flood account. Why would God include such detailed information? Daniel Matson has been pondering this for years and recently put out a new article on the subject. Could all this be pointing to September of 2017? Here is an excerpt, graphics, and a link:
Jesus said the end times would be like the Days of Noah in the same manner of immorality or apathy towards God before the Flood. That should not be surprising if the world is to suffer its greatest judgment in its existence since its creation. However, there is also much detail in the Flood account that was also given for our instruction. God inspired Moses to write down the days of Noah giving specific dates and time spans between events. Many have wondered how this all plays into the end times. Those tim…

"Woman in Labor" In The Bible

"Woman in Labor" imagery is as common in the Bible as it is descriptive.  The thread of this metaphor runs all the way from the first prophecy given (Gen 3:15) all the way until the last book in the Bible (Rev 12:2).  When this imagery is used by God the implications are always significant.  The fact that a sign highlighted by a "Woman in Labor" is set to appear in the sky in less than 50 days should cause no small amount of trepidation and spur on much prayer and study.  Our hope is that this resource is beneficial in those efforts.

In a way this post is meant to be a companion to  "Stars and Constellations in the Bible" which we posted just a few days prior.  The idea is that when a full list of Biblical references is compiled, it becomes much easier to understand the intended message of the Scriptures.  Many of us first had to become comfortable with the fact that stars and constellations is an acceptable area to study biblically.  Once that foundatio…

The Great American Eclipse, The Sign of Jonah l Adam Fink

Adam Fink recently put out a video which encourages you to watch other videos relating to the Eclipse and The Sign of Jonah.  It is a concise video (12 Minutes) and I am sure you will be blessed by it and it will potentially lead you into a deeper study on some of these topics...

Here are the 3 main videos he references and encourages we watch:

Is the American Eclipse the Sign of Jonah (Barry)

Prophetic Food for thought: Sign of Jonah (Zeus)

Pastor Mark talks about Nineva, Jonah, and the total solar eclipse coming in 2017

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.