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Watching the News, Rev 12, and God's Word

Recently the news story about the Ten Commandments Monument that got destroyed days after it was built caught my eye.  What a perfect picture of what has happened to America.  Intentional destruction of God's Law.  What a fitting visual.  Will our long suffering God soon retaliate for this and the myriad of other offenses we have done and promoted over the years?  It is surely inevitable.

It is now a rare thing for me to become aware of a story like this as I have pretty much detached myself from the news media the last several months.  I used to watch the news closely.  Sometimes I would watch the 5:00 Local news, 5:30 National, and then the 6:00 Local again.  I would check online throughout the day.  I liked to stay informed.  I liked to feel like I knew what was going on in the world.  I am sure many of you can relate.

As my interest in Bible Prophecy grew my news watching took on a different purpose.  I would often ask myself how what I was seeing fit into the grand design.  …

Scott Clarke Speaks at Watchman Conference

On June 24th Scott Clarke joined Jerry Toney's Watchman Conference via Skype. It was an excellent discussion as Scott revealed deeper insights, new details, and many personal thoughts about a wide range of topics surrounding the Revelation 12 Sign.  He spoke for about 39 minutes and below is an outline of when he begins talking about each subject:
1:00 - Jerry's Opening Question 2:36 - Scott's Background / How he "woke up" to the End Times 4:17 - Process of Discovery of the Rev12 Sign / Stellarium9:03 - Jupiter Loop Discussion (No Lines in Space) 11:30 -  Moon at Her Feet Precision14:04 - Additional Rev12 Awakening Moments15:40 - Great American Eclipse Discussion 17:00 - Eclipse Implications 19:34 - Biblical Mathematics (33) / What If's22:00 - Why most people won't do Rev12 Homework22:38 - Rev 12 Rapture Theory vs Imminence Theory26:01 - Feast Day Fulfillment's 28:45 - Isaiah 66:7 Birth Reversal / Conception vs Birth 33:15 - Natural Process in Comparis…

Revelation 12 in 3 Minutes - NEW VIDEO!

A new video has just been released by Adam Fink at the Parable of the Vineyard Channel. This one is 3rd in a series of videos that explain the Revelation 12 Sign in 15, 5 and now 3 minutes (all shown below). Adams first 15 minute video received awesome praise for being a very concise, personable, and yet detailed explanation of the Revelation 12 Sign. That video received tons of view still stands as a must see for anyone interested in the Rev12 Sign. Months later Adam released "Revelation 12 in 5 Minutes" which aimed to pack as much info as possible into a short video. The thought was that many people are unwilling to watch a video longer that 5 minutes, especially about something they are unfamiliar with. This video to received many views and great feed back.

But there was still a need for a short, basic video about the sign.   A video that would give the basics in a easy to understand way which would then hopefully provoke a new viewer to deeper study. Rather tha…

The Divine Message Of The August Eclipse | Unsealed

Is the Solar Eclipse that cuts through the center of the United States a divine warning of judgment soon to come?  Is it an indicator that the 70th week of Daniel is soon to begin and the Age of Grace soon to end?  Is the fact that it is just 33 days before the Rev12 Sign and 40 days prior to the Lords Feast Day of Yom Kippur mere coincidence?  These questions and more are tackled in the latest fantastic article by Gary over at  If you haven't dove into a deep study of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, ("The Big One" as the secular media has called it), now is a great time to start as this awesome event is less than 2 months away.  Soon it will become the talk of the nation, study up now as this is a great way to bring up the Rev12 Sign with your friends and family.

Here is another graphic I put together a while back when studying Mark 13:24.  I can see how this Eclipse could be a fulfillmen…

What's the hubbub all about? | Latest from Unsealed

In this sweeping post we are blessed with a compilation of reasons why we should be well aware of the lateness of the hour. Greg from has assembled the following his latest post:

Verses that should cause pause to anyone who attempts to block thinking by citing Matt 24:36; A detailed summary of the 7 Feast Days including how some were fulfilled and how the remaining will likely fulfilled; a list of 71 individual (Yes, 71) "Signs" pointing to why this season is looking more and more ripe for Christ's Return.

Here is a sampling of some of the signs that are listed:

23. More Christians have been martyred in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined. Matthew 24:9  - link

32. Lovers of self and the selfie stick - 2 Timothy 3:2

44. The plans and preparations for rebuilding the prophesied third temple are completely ready.  They've even found the descendants of Levi and have them vetted, trained and ready.  See - The Temple Institute - here.

Now We Have a Planet 10 too?

MSN currently has a very interesting headline on their main page stating that secular scientists are already moving on from Planet 9 and thinking there is possibly a Planet 10 as well.  Here is a quote via Business Insider:
"Even before we can confirm Planet 9 we found traces for a Planet 10." It is especially interesting as they think this planet could be much closer to Earth than Planet 9.  Of course one theory in the Rev12 community is that an undiscovered planet (such as Planet 9 or 10) could end up representing the Red Dragon discussed in Rev 12:3-4 and be the cause behind much debris that is swept to the earth.  If that is correct (notice I said "if", as there are alternate reasonable theories as well) then it would make sense if this thing manifested itself later this summer.  That is because Rev 12:4 says the Red Dragon stands before the woman who is about to give birth.  We shall see, but if it does arrive what amazing witnessing opportunity that would be…

The Tri-Faith Initiative | Latest from Unsealed

A lot of time, money, and effort has been poured into promoting the one world religion lately.  This blended, universal, non-offensive, inclusive and totally useless religion will fully bloom when it is mandated during the tribulation, filling the vacuum left when true followers of Jesus Christ are suddenly removed from the planet.  We shared this post just last week which showed this blending in video form, and now Gary over at Unsealed had done an extensive write up on a major building project in the heart of our country showing it in another form.  The fact that these elements are fully visible now should be convincing evidence of the Bible's prophetic accuracy and the lateness of the hour. Here is an excerpt and a link:

Apostasy continues in force via the "Tri-Faith Initiative", which is a Omaha, Nebraska project featuring a church, mosque, and synagogue on the same parcel of land and sharing a "Tri-Faith Center" in the middle, which will be used by all th…

Clothed In The Sun

Most of you reading this undoubtedly know that Revelation 12:1 begins its description of the 'Great Sign' by saying that a woman is clothed with the sun.   Some may ask what exactly does clothed with the sun mean or how is it fulfilled in the Rev12 Sign?"

While I believe those are fair questions, to me the phrase seemed pretty straight-forward the first time I read it in the context of the Rev12 Sign.   I basically asked myself: "Is the sun there?  Yes it is,  check!" What I found later was that the more you dig into this text the more jewels you find...just like the rest of God's Word! (Proverbs 25:2)

So this post is basically an attempt to point out multiple levels of fulfillment to this seemingly straightforward aspect of the Rev12 Sign.   I am comparing static images of the sun on 9/23/17, side by side with different images showing various types of fulfillments.  Some of these are fairly obvious, others are quite interesting.  Combined I think they shoul…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.