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Hillary has joined Unsealed and I am so glad she did. Her comments on this site and others have been a joy to read.  Her articles are even better.  In the article linked below she gives one of the best breakdowns of Matt 25 and the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven I have ever read...  It's is long, but it is packed with scripture and paints a very clear picture about some parables that have be mired in confusion for centuries. 

Well done sister... Amen and Maranatha!

Here is an excerpt and a link:
As the body of Christ, we the Church belong to the Kingdom of God. We are the future New Jerusalem. The parables about the kingdom of heaven can inspire, encourage and inform us, but they are not specifically to us. So when we read the parable of the ten virgins, which Jesus said the kingdom of heaven shall be likened unto, we can begin piecing together an even bigger story.


  1. Hillary made some great points. I enjoyed reading Arnold Fructenbaums teaching on Israelology a while back, where Arnold wrote at large about the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a little difficult to follow at times, but gives an alternative perspective. A bit of a summary is noted here (albeit from a different author).


  2. I appreciate the fact that she doesn't see the Parable of the 10 Virgins as applying to the Church, because I believe she's right.

    You go, girl! =:)

    1. Perhaps not, but in my humble opinion, neither does the parable point to or fit with tribulation Saints and/or Messianic Jews during the 7 year tribulation. All we have to do is imagine what life on earth will be like during those 7 years. On the other hand, the Age of Grace would have ended and so a once saved, always saved scenario would no longer hold true. Yet It's unimaginable that people will BE in any way fake or untrue or worldly Christians, during the time of the antichrist.

      Matthew 25:1-13, KJV

      " Then shall the kingdom of heaven [this therefore can still be on this earth] be likened unto [ten virgins], which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. [presumably a bride is a virgin and where we are going with our bridegroom is to the Kingdom of God.]

      2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

      3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:

      4 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

      5 While the bridegroom [tarried,] they all slumbered and slept. [Here the bridegroom does in fact, tarry.]

      6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. [The bridegroom is coming for whom, if not for the virginal bride - the body of Christ?]

      7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. [Are we now in the lamp-trimming phase? It sure feels like it.]

      8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

      9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

      10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. [some in the body of Christ are ready and waiting, while others are not.]

      11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.

      12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. [Yikes. This is a hit on a once saved, always saved scenario. After all, they are virgins, implying part of the body of Christ, the bride.]

      13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh." [Thank God for the watchmen and that more Christians have become awakened and have filled their lamps with oil.]

      Finally, I would like to state that the second coming of the Son of man will be known, based on scripture.

      These parables continue to tug at our hearts and souls...I believe as our Father intended it!

    2. Thank you for this, whoever you are. What you have shared here is spot on! It indeed aligns with the rest of God’s Word on the matter, and the Lord wants His children to apprehend this blessed truth.

      Only those who profess Christ can be virgins with lamps awaiting the Bridegroom; unbelievers certainly are not virgins with lamps awaiting the Bridegroom!

      And the Lord has had me search this out for myself also: OSAS is indeed dangerous false doctrine. In yesterday’s comments, the Lord led me to awaken some readers by sharing many Scriptures addressing apostasy as a horrid possibility for Christians (just as real as it was for God’s beloved Israelites). Just as God is present tense “I AM,” saving faith must be present tense and active. The Word saves and sanctifies, and we must make it a habit to eat and drink it!

      In Christ, God has given ALL people both eternal security AND the free will to refuse Him; that includes the free will to fall away from Him at any time. Being Love, God does not force us to receive His mercy and grace, either initially or throughout the salvation & sanctification process.

      Praise God for His omnipotent Word, and that He who is in us is greater - He is always living to make intercession for us! But without faith, it is impossible to please Him...

      So very much love in Christ to all my brothers and sisters, deanna

    3. Anon and Deanna, your interpretation of the parable of the 10 virgins is inaccurate.
      I question if either of you read the Unsealed article by Hillary. You both seem to just want to spew your beliefs. Stop it, already.
      Jesus is talking to the Jewish people and the 10 virgins are not the bride of Christ. They are bridesmaids. And, as Hillary had written -
      they are guests at the wedding feast. The wedding has already taken place. These 10 virgins are placing their faith on good works. The tribulation saints, Jewish and all others, will be based on faith and works. The age of grace will be past. This is why Hillary said we are blessed to live during this Age of Grace and moreso, at this time because of the neatness of the hour.
      I know there are different viewpoints of the timing of the rapture but your interpretations have been heard and noted. I am not as generous or open-minded as others have been on this site.

    4. Praise God, that old man that speaks of others “spewing” has been crucified with Christ! Our Lord always provides us the grace to put on the new man, renewed to the very image of God! Let us not grow weary now! “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and GOOD DEEDS... let us encourage one another - AND ALL THE MORE AS YOU SEE THE DAY APPROACHING.” (Heb. 10:24-25 NIV, emphasis added to elicit a smile). Love in Christ our Humility, Perseverance, etc., deanna

    5. "You both seem to just want to spew your beliefs. Stop it, already."

      My gosh, you sound like me before my second cup of coffee. >8[

      I appreciate your comment and I get where you're coming from (I know that neighborhood well), but do remember that there is often a fine line between someone "spewing their beliefs" and someone expressing their interpretation of Scripture (no matter how vehemently you may disagree).

      And there is often an even finer line between carefully and patiently explaining why you interpret something in Scripture a particular way, and cold-cocking others because they are so hopelessly ignorant that they cannot see how wrong and obtuse *they* are and how right and insightful *you* are.

      Tip: That never works. Go ahead...ask me how I know this.

      You know, I actually agree with everything you said about the 10 virgins from an interpretive standpoint, and could add to it substantially if I were in the mood. But I'm *not* in the mood, and it's because I can still taste the blood in my mouth from your tone.

      The Holy Spirit still has to take me out to the woodshed occasionally because I do what you just did, only worse in some cases. I *am* getting better, though...glory to Jesus.

      What I mean is that I still search for that fine line at times...and I still manage to miss it once in a while, too.

      But you're welcome to join me in that search.

      In Christ,
      Greg L.

    6. Other Anonymous who was the little rude one: How do you get that the bridegroom is coming for bridesmaids? Where is that in Jewish customs or in scripture? I am not dogmatic in my beliefs and so it would be nice if you walked us through this scripturally. I did read Hillary's article -- it was well written. However, from what she presented, I did not get to her conclusion about the parable of the 10 virgins. Perhaps someone else has more to add so that interested and open, bible-believing Christians -- brothers and Sisters in Christ can come to a similar interpretation. I'm not offended by the rough/dismissive talk as I myself constantly pray to Jesus for deliverance of a similar attitude (in my work mostly.) I am less so in my Christian life being still an immature Christian in age, but definitely not young in age.

    7. This is me, the old man ... I apologize for my words and my tone. I am humbled. I appreciate your humor and generosity, Deanna in your response to me. I am that wretched man the Apostle Paul talked about.
      Greg, I guess I really needed that second cup of coffee ... More than I realized. I am sorry I was not Christ-like and created a distastefulness in your mouth. I can so feel it.

    8. Dear Anonymous at 1:38,
      I praise God for you and thank you for your reply! Many misinterpret the great Romans Ch 7, but your testimony indicates you apprehend it, AND therefore, also the deliverance and glory of Ch 8! Rejoicing with you in knowing the glorious freedom of habitually desiring death to self and receiving the liberating truth: in Christ we ARE MADE NEW, holy and righteous in our Father’s eyes, because it is His Son He sees through our branches. Hallelujah! (“Whoo-hoo” in Texan!)
      Love to all in Christ, deanna
      PS Thanks again Brad for providing us this upper room on the Internet!

    9. Hi. Anon at 1:35 - I am not sure what I wrote ... But, I am referencing materials written by Jack Kelley. I think John MacArthur has the same/similar viewpoints. Jewish history has the groom coming for his bride in secret and the bridesmaids are left behind. So, I don't think I meant to write or imply that the groom is coming for the bridesmaids.
      Maybe Greg L could add substantially to the 10 virgins parable as he commented earlier. If he would be so kind. I would like to hear what he has to say.

    10. Sorry, I meant Anon at 1:25. And, thank you for what you wrote about asking Jesus for deliverance of a similar attitude. Me.

    11. "Greg, I guess I really needed that second cup of coffee..."

      As do I, my friend, as do I.

    12. As far as the Matthew 24-25 thing is concerned, I hope this helps shed a little light on the fundamental problem:

    13. If you don't believe in OSAS, you don't know the Lord. The only spirit you have ever known is the one known as the prince of this world.

      You can't lose your salvation when you become a child of God. You can't revoke who your parents are, even if they disown you, they're still your biological parents. When you're born again, you can't crawl back up into a womb and become reborn. Placing your salvation your own hands is heresy and what is more concerning the fact that you don't know the Lord.

      Quit trusting yourself to keep your salvation, trust in the finished work on the cross.

    14. We understand the foundation. Please read Annabel’s link to Spurgeon, dear sibling. As always, God’s Word is far richer than we presently apprehend, and we must always continue pressing in for more truths therein. : )

  3. Personally I have no problem at all NOT to join the "Jews only" section of exegesis when it comes to Matthew 24-25. As far as I have understood the virgins' parable within the whole marriage setting I will continue to understand the bridesmaids as the 'individual believers' of the church age (of whom many are joining the company without really being saved = without oil / Holy Spirit) whereas the bride depicts the 'corporate body' of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2). The description of ancient wedding customs in the bible even strengthens my opinion as the Jewish bridesmaids clearly are part of the wedding testimony during the 'chuppah' (consummation, testimony of virginity) and not just guests that join the party later for the marriage supper (see Isaiah 34:6 and Ezechiel 39:17) at the end of the couple's 7 days in private = after the tribulation. Interesting: A Jewish virgin was traditionally married on a Wednesday but on a Thursday if she was a widow (Jeremiah 51:5 "forsaken" = as a widow) see also Babylon speaking in Revelation 18:7. Please notify the detailed explanation given behind the link, may the Spirit open up this parable and context again to you. Blessings and MARANATHA! :)

    1. Food for thought. After reading Jack Kelley's articles ... I feel like I had insight into the setting of the 10 virgins. His view is this represents the 2nd Coming and not the tribulation period. The tribulation period has ended. These are tribulation survivors as he puts it.
      This parable is not about the church and hence not about the rapture.
      Only those during the Age of Grace are sealed by the Holy Spirit Ephesians 1:13-14. Only the church ... the bride of Christ is promised this.
      Jack Kelley held the view of the bride being taken away by her groom while the bridesmaids slept (thief in the night) and they needed to watch and wait until his 2nd coming because they wouldn't know the day or hour. It will be a time of faith and maintaining their righteousness. The bridesmaids are all the people on earth after the rapture.
      Jack Kelley states the warning is to those alive when Jesus returns at his 2nd coming. Doesn't this make more sense?
      After all, Jesus was talking to Jewish people, and they were asking about His kingdom being established on earth. They were not asking about a rapture nor was Jesus talking about it. He was answering their questions. This is not about the church.
      Thus, a time after the tribulation when He decides who enters the Millennium. The other parables reinforce this - 1 in the field, 2 grinding flour, faithful servant, and the talents.
      We believers are putting ourselves in all kinds of knots, twisting ourselves into pretzels, doubting our salvation and so much more over these key verses. Where is our faith - in Him? In His Word? We have been justified by faith in believing in God's Son. This is the work of God. John 6:28-30. God sees us as righteous through the shed blood of His Son whom we have believed in. The work was finished at the cross. We are reconciled to God - Romans 5:10-11, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.

  4. This article was so good!!! I so have felt all of the emotions ranging from excitement to sadness to exhaustion and then around to hope again. I feel like the Lord gave me a nugget of hope yesterday and I'd love to share it here!! Yesterday morning I was praying and just begging the Lord to speak to me and asking him if this was it. I went along in the morning as usual and as I was cleaning I saw under my bed a bible. It was the one year bible where for each day there is a portion from old test, new test, psalms and proverbs. The thought immediately occurred to me to turn to October 12/13/14. And it just doesn't get any better than this!!! The Old Testament portion for those days is Jeremiah 19 through 23...where Yahweh is warning about the disaster he is bringing to the earth because of the disobedience and wickedness therein. But then!!!! The New Testament portion for oct 12 is 1 Thessalonians 5:4-28!! Which continues from Oct 11 portion of 1 Thess 4 in which Paul is describing the "catching up"!!!! Now what are the odds that on these days...this particular passage is assigned to read!? And not only that but on Oct 14 the psalm for that day is Psalm 84..." How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord almighty! My soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the Lord; my heart and flesh cry out for the living God!....Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you." ....Could it be that by October 14th we are in the courts of God ever praising Him!? Also! The Torah portion for this week is B'Resheet which is "In the Beginning"...Genesis 1. Could it also be that this week is our new beginning in our new and everlasting home with our Messiah???! Just some encouraging thoughts I wanted to share. If you want to you can look up the one year bible online and search Oct 12-14 and it will give you those passages and it is just simply amazing to me!! Shalom!!!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! How wonderful that God would have hidden those passages on those dates, and that you discovered it! JESUS CHRIST IS COMING FOR HIS BELOVED BRIDE! Hallelujah! Maranatha! I am sooo excited with you! - deanna

    2. I've committed some of my worst sins since becoming "saved." These occured after a period of high devotion, then discouragement for reasons that seemed legitimste st the time, then temptations were sent to which i had less will to resist.
      Thankfully, my faith and devotion were restored but my "witness" has always been compromised by the sins and i always wonder whether the "fruit" of my faith is enough for Jesus to welcome me as a faithful servant.
      On the other hand, the parable of the prodigal son gives me hope that i am still save but not by works.
      It seems that those "virgins" who fell asleep are those who took Jesus' sacrifice lightly and rationalized their their behaviors, blinding their consciences (falling asleep), testing grace, as if it would abound.
      Somewhat related, I actually met a 93 old person a couple of weeks ago, someone who i doubt had ever done much wrong because she led such a model life, who was thinking of killing herself because of her age and sense of meaninglessness going forward.
      I asked what she thought might happen next---heaven, hell, reincarnation, nothingness?
      She said, "I don't think about it."
      In some ways, a "virgin" in terms of her behavior, but in no way seeking the coming of the bridegroom. Not even interested.

    3. Lauren, wow, that is one of the most powerful personal confirmation testimonies I've seen in a while since all the flurry around The Sign we witnessed above. We ALL are SO hopeful it is instructive and not simply encouraging.

      I have likened this most recent season of Rev12 Watchers as being like a gaggle of high schoolgirls waiting for the teenage Football star to arrive at the prom and squealing with delight every time they think they see his car pulling in to the parking lot, only to wilt when finding out it wasn't him, yet, but then getting quickly all giggly again when someone got a text says he's just down the road. Now I am remembering Dr. Owuor's (sp?) ministry and his revelation of the Lord showing him the snatching away would be on a Thursday and when I noticed that 10/12 IS a Thursday, well, Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel ! :) Maranatha!

    4. In other words, could "virgins" "be those who think they are sinless, or are just unconscious, who aren't seeking God, who don't look forward to his coming in their lives, who don't yearn for healing because they don't really think they need it anymore (or as much as others!), who don't yearn for goodness, and therefore don't love God's goodness? Sure, they want God to catch others napping, to prove themselves right, but they are the ones who are reslly napping because of their self-righteousness.

    5. The saved are awake to their continual sin and yearn to be liberated from the body of this death. The self-righteous fall asleep.

    6. Lauren Ruth, that is an amazing thing with the one year bible reading.

  5. A Christian is saved by grace through faith and continues to
    live by faith trusting only in the grace of God.

    Can a Christian do the following things ?
    A Christian must not do them since they are categorised as works?

    1. To feel sorry for the sins we commit daily and ask for God 's forgiveness.
    2. To walk in God 's ways as explained in Scriptures.
    3. To leave behind our sinful habits.

    1. A sinner who wants to turn a new leaf in his life can be none other than
      a self righteous, proud and haughty Pharisee.

  6. Just a note that I also shared this on Unsealed....Because I was raised by a Pentecostal mother, that was all I knew until the Lord brought our family out of the false movement this past spring. It has been quite an undertaking to unlearn and relearn, to say the least. That being said, I rarely give much attention to dreams that others have. And am always quite cautious when they say they are from the Lord. This leaves me in a predicament. I rarely have dreams I remember. Last night I was awoken from a dream, startled. All I remember vividly was seeing "Elul 29". My initial thought was one of confusion. But I did think to myself that it sounded like a Hebrew month, possibly. I was unable to fall back asleep. I googled, and it turns out that Elul 29 recently passed and is the last day before Rosh Hashanah. This all meant nothing to me. However, while trying to find something of possible relevance, I found a site that said there is a connection between the word "Elul" and Psalm 27. I read Psalm 27 and this stood out very much as I read. It is taken from the Complete Jewish Bible version. I'd appreciate any input, folks(also, "tent" can be translated as "tabernacle")..."Just one thing have I asked of ADONAI; only this will I seek: to live in the house of ADONAI all the days of my life, to see the beauty of ADONAI and visit in his temple. 5 For he will conceal me in his shelter on the day of trouble, he will hide me in the folds of his tent, he will set me high on a rock. 6 Then my head will be lifted up above my surrounding foes, and I will offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; I will sing, sing praises to ADONAI." I do not know why I had this dream last night, and am not confident to say it was from the Lord. I do know, though, that I couldn't fall back asleep until I found that Psalm. God bless you all. You're the only church I have since we left our former Assembly of God fellowship. I should also say that I could not remember the word "Elul" when I woke this morning(thank goodness for

    1. Cool dream. Can I ask if you consider Pentecostal churches to be false, or just the extreme ones?

    2. After countless hours of research of the beginnings of the Assembly of God denomination, I haven't been able to find one biblical reason to support any Pentecostal church. I have found that the beginning of the "charismatic movement" was not started by the Lord, which is why it is almost impossible to find good fruit in the movement. I was deceived by the false teaching of seeking and receiving "the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking in tongues", and truly believe it is sinister at its very roots, and may even be used as a form of false worship in the tribulation(the Pope is currently promoting his followers to seek it). Enough said there. Pentecostalism is essentially a works based false Gospel, and I am so concerned for those who are teaching this to their children aa I was taught, and was initially teaching my own children. It wasn't until my oldest, 11 years old, asked for Biblical evidence of "the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with speaking in tongues", and my subsequent search for his answer, that I realized how wrong it truly is. And I especially think that those who are "speaking for God" today are in serious danger. I'm not sure how God will handle them. But I believe they are deceiving many with their "words from the Lord".

    3. 2Tim, I do not wish to condemn any Christian denomination as a whole because I know there are both wheat and tares in all of them but I have to concur with you re: some similar experiences with the A G/ Pentacostal denominations. Especially re: the "evidence of tongues". I saw so many hurt and leave downcast in spirit because they could not achieve this "higher" form of spirituality, feeling like The Almighty, Himself had rejected them. It was very sad. As much as I researched it and tried to confirm this doctrine for being especially Spirit-filled, I never could. And they could never prove it to me. They would only admonish that I must have some unconfessed or hidden sin that was keeping me from experiencing it for myself. (My response was "How do you hide something from God? And why not confess it? He already knows everything.) That said, I have some family deeply entrenched and very serious about serving God and I love them dearly, but they are not much interested in where I know we are prophetically speaking. The only signs they really care about are what I call supernatural experiences and looking for a great revival to break out this side of the tribulation. They tell me when they see a large number of people coming into the fold, then they will look for the Rapture. I am not saying this is the case for every congregation as I am sure it is not, but regarding those I know, I've given up on trying to share all of the amazing things we are seeing right now as we keep our eyes and ears and hearts steadfastly on Him. But that is purely between them and Him. I used to be torn between being Baptist or Pentecostal and finally decided I was a Bapticostal, which ultimately led to being "unchurched" as they call it. My walk became a "where two or three are gathered" which has pretty much been an everyday thing. He is always in the midst of us when we are speaking of Him and sharing our faith. Every now and then someone reminds me that they've already been to Church this week and we need to move on, but I think there are a whole bunch of us like that out there and He knows exactly where we are. I do miss corporate worship, but we'll soon be partaking in the finest corporate worship that ever was. Blessings to all the Body everywhere!

    4. I think you need to be careful with the 'tongues' beliefs. I speak in tongues, however my dad doesn't. No-one has ever condemned dad for not speaking in tongues, and we are all of the belief that God doesn't give all his gifts to each of his children. As my dad would say to his protractors, "I will work hard on speaking in tongues, if you can raise someone from the dead". So people demanding that Christians speak in tongues, does not nullify a congregations place in Gods body, pentecostal or not. It is Christians individual opinions (cf word of God) that brings churches into question, not the church itself.

    5. Hello again. My question for you and what brought me to the realization that what I was doing was gibberish is this...When you speak "in tongues", is there an unbeliever present that hears your "tongue" as their native tongue so they may hear the gospel? Mine just so happened to sound just like my mother's, and that sounds exactly like 95 percent of those I have heard "speak in tongues". I believed in this for my entire childhood, and didn't come out of it until I was 31. What I finally realized and understood so clearly(literally as if I had a fog lifted from me), was that Pentecostals like to justify their "tongues" by using Paul's letter to the Corinthians where he is addressing it. Remember...this was a very carnal church that brought many pagan practices into it. He was not condoning, but actually scolding them for abusing the gift. I truly believe it has to be the Lord who brings those trapped in this, out of it and into the Truth. A great resource is on youtube....helped my mother see the error as well. Richard Bennett-Pentecostal Road to Rome. He is a former priest who worked at the Vatican at some point, and describes how he was brought out of Catholicism as well as Pentecostalism, and how the two are working together towards the coming one world religion. I could offer other helpful resources as well. Blessings.

    6. Through and Through, even better advice for you if you're truly seeking Truth on this matter. Do as I did and simply research "pentecostalism and the occult". You will likely be shocked at the vast amount of information you will find. Dig as far into history as you can. It's all there. God Bless.

    7. A reliable site to clean from is 'Berean Research'. Also, 'Pen & Pulpit'. 'Pirate Christian'.

  7. Hillary, you are spot on. I think this is the most timely article we could have right now. I grew up in Right Division, wasn't properly taught it (more likely didn't properly listen) and drifted away into total and mass confusion. I believe most of the angry discussions between believers recently would not exist if they understood Right Division. Robert Breaker has put my feet firmly back on the path to sanity and I will be eternally grateful to him. You have done a splendid job in succinctly documenting and outlining major points of Right Division that can be overwhelming to someone hearing it for the first time. If we could only convey that clarity and dawning of light you see when you first come to an understanding of the teaching that would be terrific. I think you have done a marvelous job of that and I look forward to more. What a breath of fresh air this was this morning. Praying for your continued success in conveying what is most precious to us all - the Truth of Our Savior. Blessings - Sherry

  8. According to the link below and many other articles, the Jewish people anticipated the messiah to come during the feast of tabernacles. They had holes in the roof of the tabernacles so they could "look up" and see the messiah coming. This year in Jerusalem at about 2:30 A.M. 0n 10/12/17 the eighth day occurs. The eighth day is a holy day where in only the children of the kingdom participate. They are taken into the city wherein the doors are shut and participate in a great feast
    Today (in Jerusalem) when one looks up through the opening of the tabernacles they will see Atik in the heel of Perseus. Perseus is a champion who comes to rescue his people. Atik is his star for the Pleiades. At the above date and time it will be directly above Jerusalem. The Pleiades can also be seen. The ancient Syriac word for Pleiades is Succoth from which we get the word Sukkot booths/tabernacles.

    But wait there is more. To the left of Perseus is Ariuga. He is a King/Chariot Driver. He has in his Bosom a Goat and lambs. Among the 2 particular features of The Feast of Tabernacles is that a Goat was offered for a sin offering. The lambs were unique for unlike the others (of which only one was offered each day) seven were offered; one for each of the Pleiades the structure of which resembles the seven churches.
    Due to the procession of the equinoxes the view of the above described constellations seen thru the roof would not have been possible.

    There were seven lambs offered over 7 days for a total of 49 which may indicate we should be looking for a fulfilment associated with the jubilee. According to Jewish traditions the sacrifices and the drink offerings were foreshadowing atonement and out pouring on the nations. There were some where between 189-205 of the above during the festival. Today there are anywhere from 189-205 nations world wide. Did 9/23/17 tell us to start watching ? The Jews said on the day of atonement at the start of Jubilee ( we are the sons of the land and we will take back what is ours. We will exercise sovereignty over Judah, Samaria and the Golan heights) last week the prime-minister of Israel said he is going to move forward with tens of thousands of new settlements in the west bank and uproot some 150,000 Palestinians and relocate them to Arab territories. To him the two state solution is not viable.

    1. I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. Jn 5:43

    2. Brad, that is mind-blowing. I am not a dreamer and when I dream I have no clue what it means, which is probably why He hasn't wasted any on me. But 3+ years ago I had a dream and all I could remember and it was like it was emblazoned on my brain not to forget this was - Orion and Pleiades. For more than 3 years I have really had no idea what it meant, still don't, except it is interesting what you posted and also I believe it was just a wake-up for me to listen when the Biblical Astronomy discussions began because He had clearly given me that info. One final thing - On Unsealed in the comment section on Hillary's story a young lady named Kim posted the following -
      Hi Hillary, thanks for this liberating message. I would like to compare the rapture story to a Hebrew wedding:
      Wedding Practice – Bridegroom Comes for his Bride: The bridegroom could get His bride when the father deemed the chamber ready. The bridegroom would abduct his bride secretly, like a thief at night and take her to the wedding chamber. As the bridegroom approached the bride's home, he would shout and blow the shofar (ram's horn trumpet) so that she had some warning to gather her belongings to take into the wedding chamber.

      In the same way the rapture fulfilled the 3 fall feasts like a Hebrew wedding: Jesus shouting out the Revelation 12 sign on feast of trumpets to get the attention of His bride, then He blow the shofar on the year of Jubilee on the day of atonement to warn His bride of his nearness, follow by the secret snatching of the bride during the feast of tabernacles (Like in John 7 that says Jesus attend the feast of tabernacles in secret when His time has come).

      Mind Blown!

      Blessings - Sherry

    3. Very interesting, Sheila! I know lately I can't stop trying to figure out what God meant when he told Jonah about binding the Pleiades and loosening the belt of Orion? This is an extremely uninformed guess, but I'm light of Brad's piece...could binding the Pleiades refer to bringing together the church, and loosen the belt of Orion refer to a soon coming asteroid from the belt?

    4. Sorry, I meant to say Sherry!

    5. Oh my, this is embarassing! I also meant to say Job, not Jonah. It's not an exaggeration to say that something happens to a mother's brain after she has children. And I have 5! So sorry!!

    6. The imager can be seen on the face book page signs of the end.

    7. Hi Sherry. That is really encouraging. Right after the Eclipse, I was given a dream that basically told me we would see two 7's and two full moons pass before He would come for us. I didn't actually get it at first, but then realized the two 7's likely referred to the Jubilee year and the end of 7 x 7 years on Yom Kippur and the two full moons were just that on 9/6 and 10/5. So I wasn't all that let down when the Rapture did not occur in the first two fall feasts. I still had the same hope as before, just maybe a bit more awed by His orchestration of the heavenly events. Blessings, Sister.

    8. Thank you for sharing your dream. I am (for what, the fourth time in a month?) sooo expectant to finally be delivered of this old Adam, be like my Savior, my Salvation, and see Him as He is...

    9. Hi Sheila,
      I like to share my current studies as we all continue to watch and wait as what you wrote resonated with my current studies. I was going to post on 5 Doves but John is on a break so I share it with this community here. Is the Rev 12 Sign over? Not just yet if what the timelines presented possibly suggest. Perhaps the Great Sign was and is still part, and a major and important one of a current ‘countdown’ that is in play? As the discussions and topics have been great and there is an overall sense of a waiting and watching, like the 10 Virgins… it is also part of a testing as I seek to draw attention to that in my article as well. This is based on 2 timelines presented also in chart form for a visual and their observations of what is possibly happening presently and prophetically, nothing beyond that.

      As to the Parable of the 10 Virgins discussion, one of my Mentors taught me this principle that has helped me put into context the various forms of Jesus’ teachings and when using parables. When Jesus used the words, ‘…it is like or it can be compared to’, that is a metaphorical simile and allows for interpretation as it is not a 1 for 1 equivalency. However when Jesus started off His teachings with …’there was a rich man and Lazarus that dies’, etc., then this account is factual, historical and not to be taken as a simile. Hope that helps a bit, like…

      Psalm 27



    10. Lu, I have been blessed by you. Your testimonies - both the testimony provided on your website AND the fruit born through you - are inspirational and food for growth in Christ. The Lord continue to bless you, brother. PS As a former Californian, I am reminded of that absolutely beautiful land when I visit your site.

    11. Hey Lu. Blessings, Brother. What you said about the parables...I guess I have always seen Scripture as layered and can see where it addresses topics in different lights if I can say it that way and make sense. Sometimes His light is shined on it one way and sometimes in another way that is never contradictory, yet reveals a truth to the one seeking that truth. One of the first things the Holy Spirit taught me about the Word of God was that only a real thirst for His truth and only His truth could ever unlock what is written there. To try to get in there and understand anything with any other motive is an exercise in futility. So, as in Hillary's awesome article, I can see that truth about the virgins referring to Israel. And I can see truths that reflect the state of the church as well. So I found your statement about the rule of parable interpretation to be just plain logical, to me, anyway. Thanks for that. I also believe the heavens are telling us time is very short for us and the night is almost gone. So thankful for all of you watchmen and women who are keeping your eyes wide open. Love you all so much and see you soon!

  9. One body without "what about this and what about that". We have plenty that binds us together.....especially in this day!
    Spurgeon said on issues to do with..."once saved always can forfeit your salvation"....We start 6" apart on earth and stretch those two parallel points from here to the Throne of Elohim where they come together...(paraphrased). Come Together! right now....Shalom

    1. Dan, actually THIS is what brother Spurgeon preached about what you quote: Working out what is worked in (7/12/1868) You're welcome. ;-)

    2. Annabel, thank you so much for that Spurgeon link. Oh Nora and Shelia, please read it all, for he addresses Phil. 2:12-13 very well.

      Here is an excerpt. After having already addressed “It is finished” on the cross a few paragraphs earlier, Spurgeon says this: “Our business is to be continually fighting for liberty from sin, contending earnestly that we may not wear the shackles of any infirmity, that we may not be the bond-slaves in any shape or form of the works of the devil. We need to be working out, by vehement efforts, after holiness. We need to be working out our entire deliverance from sin that dwells in us, and from sin that contends without us. This, I believe, is to be the great business of the Christian's life.” I add, this is doing the will of the Father that our Lord addressed in Matt. 7:21-23; these are the works of James 2:24. Blessings!

    3. Deanna,

      One last time: Christ is the rock of our salvation! God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit: They are able and willing to keep us saved once we’ve accepted His free gift of salvation! We are not co-saviors with Christ in maintaining our own salvation! We can trust Him and rest in Him once we’ve accepted His perfect and finished work on the cross, His blood atonement on our behalf. This is Gospel truth, not a doctrine that leads people astray; the opposite is leading people astray. You don’t seem to understand what *the works in Christ that He Himself prepared for us* mean. Phil 2:12-13 does not take away anything from the fact that every believer in Christ is eternally secure! This passage first and foremost is about reverence and respect toward the Lord and not about people who should fret and work hard for their salvation/keeping their salvation or else… No. Also, you didn’t seem to like that studies are brought up and cited here. But if you don’t mind, here’s one very good study that addresses the Bible verses you’ve cited (including the Philippians passage) in full agreement with *eternal security*:

    4. Dear Nora if you read the Spurgeon sermon you will also notice that he always refers to the working of the Spirit from within (Phil2:13) and not as an action of human will and nature. But there's still much truth about 2 Peter 3:16 as we learn... Much love! :)

    5. Deanna,

      "...the working of the Spirit from within (Phil2:13) and not as an action of human will and nature."

      I think the same way: it is the Lord's Holy Spirit that is working in us. This fact and our eternal security in Christ is in agreement. (I've read Spurgeon before.) If the notion of our eternal security in Christ is still unacceptable for you, you need to experience (with that also learn) in a much greater way about the Lord's love, grace, justness and mercy toward us. That's all I could say in the end.

    6. correction: ".... in a much greater extent..." I think *extent* is a better word. English isn't my first language, sorry!

  10. I too believe Matthew 24 & 25 does not apply to the Church. Context, context, context. Jewish Messiah, Jewish disciples, and the mystery of the rapture not yet revealed. Square peg, round hole. Have thought this for awhile now, but it gets wearisome trying to share what you believe the Lord has shown you when so many folks just uncritically (as in critical thinking) accept tradition without even being willing to consider an alternative interpretation. It might be good for a Fiddler on the Roof, but tradition can sometimes lead to much confusion and the obscuring of truth IMHO. Watchman35

    1. What is IMHO please? Some of us are of an older generation.

    2. It took me awhile to figure it out ... In My Humble Opinion.

    3. Hello brother Watchman35. In love, I note you often express feeling weary. The Lord has shown me that eariness, frustration, irritation, etc. are indicators (caution lights) that I am momentarily deceived and living from the old Adam. “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I have learned to use such indicators to praise God for His Word: That old Adam has been crucified with Christ, and God has made me
      NEW in Him! Hallelujah! The devil and his deception then HAS to flee from me! Whoo-hoo! An overcomer!! Love you!

  11. Brad, thank you so much for sharing this article & for your encouraging words! It is a blessing to be among this group of watchmen who have made such a difference in my own life. God bless you!

  12. Mat 24-25 is specifically for the Church; Jesus will Save 144,000 of the Tribes of Israel. Jesus divides Sheep on His right from goats on His left (Mat 25:33); Sheep are followers of Jesus.

    1. You are so right but nobody would hear this now as this "Jews only" bandwagon is such a nice and modern one everybody likes to jump onto these days. Nobody would check biblical logic or compare the other synoptic gospels anymore but this is in fact NOT "rightly dividing" in scriptures. Thank you for your concern!

      Olivet Discourse: For Jews or the church (or both)?


    2. Also please compare Matthew 24:31 to Revelation 14:6 = Gentile elect!

    3. Annabel I too think Matthew 24-25 is for the church. Kindly look at the comment below where I have mentioned the two verses that speak about
      1. The Wedding
      2. The Lord returning after the Wedding

  13. Matthew 25:10
    Those who were ready WENT with him TO THE WEDDING and the door was shut.

    Luke 12:36
    You yourselves be like men who wait for their MASTER when he will RETURN FROM THE WEDDING
    that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately.
    Blessed are those servants whom the master will find watching.

    What is the difference between these two?

    The first one is talking about the WEDDING.
    The second one is talking about the LORD RETURNING FROM THE WEDDING

    1. Even when the Lord returns from the wedding the servants are called to be ready with their lamps burning.

      Does this mean that entering the wedding is Rapture
      The Lord returning from the wedding is the Open Coming ?

    2. I think there's not too much difference between both. These are instructions for church saints IMO. The Son "departs" from or for the wedding in both ways as the Father gives the "GO!" to fetch the bride when the wedding is prepared and everything ready.

      During tribulation please imagine the situation for the Rev14-saints: there is not much "learning" or "teaching" like nowadays or waiting for the LORD as we know it. This is pure daily survival training by laying down your life to rebuke the antichrist! Civil war, complete desaster and chaos will be around, no one will be eager to search out scriptures and discuss it on a rev12daily website. Life will be far from being anything like now, you are STRUGGLING for life at any time then!

      So I would rather compare Luke 12:36 to the wedding parable in Matthew 22 and the Jewish custom when the bridegroom breaks up to fetch his bride after the father prepared everything for him. He "departs FROM" a wedding that is PREPARED and ready to be celebrated. Its like you have decorated the chamber (John 14:2) and go out to call your bride. Its not after the party but just inviting TO the party being ready to start. That's my 2 cents to this issue. Blessings! :)

    3. Anon at 4:15 - Yes, THAT is an important key that many here have missed. Amen.

      PS Having had to use the “Anonymous” heading myself, I encourage all others who do so to place their full name at the end. For ALL commenters, I encourage using your FULL names. Who are you hiding from? We’re IN CHRIST, and the gates of Hell cannot withstand His Church!!
      Thanks for listening & considering.

  14. This is precisely why I am still struggling with Matthew 24:42 and Matthew 24:44. Jesus is saying we will not know the hour. And just prior to this, he is speaking about the days of Noah-eating, drinking, marrying, etc, which makes it incredibly hard to believe we're talking about tribulation chaos. Sounds only like conditions we will have at the rapture(which means Jesus would have been giving this message to the believers). And maybe I am wrong, ignorant or whatever, but weren't the men inquiring of Him believers? Jewish, yes, but definitely believers(why would they need to know about the disastrous time they wouldn't be partaking in?)

    1. Bravo, exactly! :) Please just imagine some "Puerto Rico situation aftermath hurricanes Irma and Maria 2017" and compare to what you read in Matth24 - shouldn't be as much difficult if you watch the current YouTube clips but then imagine you won't be able to use any mobile phone or internet at all. Let alone buying / eating food or marrying. Not even fresh water. Hmmm... Days of Noah, really?? ;)

    2. Exactly, 2Tim and Annabel. Spot on.

    3. Another analogy of "as in the days of Noah" compared to today is that every thought they had was evil.
      Is that not what we have today? Read the headlines.............some topics I would have never thought I would read.
      Total debauchery.
      TV/Movies..............pure trash
      Radio.......................pure trash
      The internet............some good info, but as a whole.........pure trash

    4. Steve, you are so right, My Husband and I choose not to watch the current secular television, because we can't find a program that is not trash, that goes for news as well, we use the internet as a tool to study and stay in touch with Family and friends. We usually watch teaching on YouTube, and we like the Andy Griffith show, lol


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