Revelation 12: The Signs from the Blood Moons to 2024

I have been slammed at work lately and have hardly had time to see my kids, much less been able to post much. I did catch this video today and thought it was filled with some good info and had the appropriate balance of urgency and uncertainty. The signs are in place, they mean something... it just makes sense that they would be pointing to something close.  As you know we are approaching another interesting watch time (8th day of Tabernacles) so check this out and let me know your thoughts... God Bless you all!

Luke 10:18-19 "And He said to them, “I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. 19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions..." Saturn represents Satan, where do think Saturn is right now? Between the Serpent and the Scorpion!!


  1. not watch this in between attempting to put your children to bed.

    I understand where this youtube clip was going, but I must admit struggling with putting all the constellations and stars together in terms of current time-lines/verses etc, without getting the feeling of someone pushing round play-dough into a square hole. That is possibly more a case of 'ignorance is bliss' than anything else.

    I found Daniels latest article (with some really interesting insight from Brad Hurst) interesting...something you can silently read on your phone while cuddling your kids goodnight (terrible parent, I know).

    And on the note that Daniel/Brad have made on the fires/solar eclipse etc, there is only one burning issue with all these things taking place in America. Are we looking too much at these signs being that associated with the Lords return, or simply judgment for America (as Daniel ponders at the end of his article). All things regarding the coming of the Messiah were entirely focused on Israel, so my question is "why would it be any different with his return". I am leaning more towards it *simply* being final warnings for the USA. I say *simply*, as it will have a dramatic impact on believers worldwide if America was taken out of the way...and maybe thats the point:/


    1. Dear Ryan just have a look on Israel / Middle East news site and you will get an impression whats going on there now... Birth pangs definitely getting stronger every day = Rev12:2 !

      What startles me about this video is the perfect accuracy of certain planetary conjunctions which are sort of 'exclusive' messaging during 2017 and neither before nor after in this heavenly context. To me the doughnut hole is round and fits. ;)

      I have read the Matson/Hurst article which again is very compelling; but here the "eclipse - dragon" connection seems to falter because of the (obvious?) chronology given in Rev12 = first the "great" virgo-sign, then the "other" dragon-sign (not the other way round).

      I'm therefore still observing my Nibiru-watcher channels EXPITALY, Planet X Physicist Claudia Albers, SuspiciousObservers and others. According to Luke 17:26-30 people will NOT take note of the warnings and signs beforehand until "the very day" it happens and we're out. So this dragon thing will not be a discussion led openly on MSM or be a break ing news to anybody but rather obscured somehow. Nevertheless it will fit into the heavenly Mazzaroth narrative IMO like 'real time event' on a heavenly 'blueprint'.

      Just today, I have listened to Ken Johnsons YouTube teaching on the Dead Sea scroll "11Q Mechizedek" which is very good indeed. Therein, the end of the church age is supposed to happen "in the seventh month" (of a Jubilee year). This might be a valid hint until 10/20 though - and Steve Sewells A&O timeline of Heavenlysign2017 could even still fall into place!

      Oh, and my suggestion for evening video watching without kids is to take them to bed on smartphone and plug in the earphones... ;-) much love and stay blessed! YSIC

    2. Rabbit trail about youtube videos and kids. Ok, even without kids in the picture, I do wish information is shared via print rather than videos because watching videos takes time. I cannot afford to spend hours watching videos but I can read stuff pretty quickly.

    3. Annabel - ha, the problem with even earphones is that the kids want to watch whatever is moving about on the screen. Do you really think my boy would not be highly fascinated with looking at pictures of scorpions and snakes around bodies in the heavens:) Reading material they are quickly bored with...

      PJ - totally agree with you. Youtubers could put links in underneath their video giving summaries of what they are presenting. Its a lot easier having a five minute snippet read, than spending half an hour trying to get the key messages from a video, just to forget what you have been looking at because of other distractions (but children are welcome distractions at that).

    4. Ryan LOL :) that was a misunderstanding: I meant to watch a video ALONE (like reading a book) after bringing kids to bed... Blessings!

  2. Here is a good one from Dan Matson. The great Red Dragon Indentified ?

  3. So according to Daniel Matson, the Red Dragon of Revelation 12:3-4 was the solar eclipse of August 21.

    One point comes to mind:

    John saw the two great signs in Revelation 12 in a clear, definite sequence: First, the Woman in verses 1-2, and then the Red Dragon in verses 3-4.

    If the solar eclipse is the Red Dragon, this order is reversed. That strikes me as problematic.

    Greg L.

    P.S. YOUR "Comment as:" thing is messed up just like Unsealed's!

    1. Greg, exactly that was my thought above (to Ryan). Thank you! ;) Stay blessed...

    2. Try not to read like a western thinker. John described both the woman and the dragon first. Then he described the event and told us the meaning. When describing the dragon he said the dragon stood before the woman. Before means in front of and head of . The dragon has seven heads and ten horns. According to Chapt 13 and 17 these are political powers and appear to be in place when the woman is pregnant. Hydra is a seven headed serpent upon whom Leo is pouncing on. The eclipse occurred in a place were one or more of Hydras heads would have been placed in ancient astronomy. Even on the celestial plane of the Mazzaroth, Hydra rises ( stands ) long before Virgo. No matter what it is indisputable that in the ancient world A solar eclipse was associated with a dragon.

    3. Dear Brad Hurst I understand your argument. If you consider Scott Clarkes last video about the dragon = Saturn (hypothesis) you will have noticed too that Saturn has now rotated in retrograde motion THE SAME DURATION as Jupiter in the womb of virgo i.e. 9 months exact. So indeed this planet too "stands" before Jupiter in virgo until its "birth". Just now in October BOTH begin to move out of constellations parallel. Likewise, the Planet X system has clustered around the sun during the same period of time. So we can still consider chronology without being wrong because the "great sign" was discovered first. But I personally doubt about the 8/21-eclipse = dragon because a nirmal solar eclipse doesn't have 7 heads and 10 horns as e.g. Planet X system has (binary sun, multiple bodies). It might still happen that the real "dragon" can eclipse the sun once again like it did cause the 3 days Exodus darkness or the 3 hour eclipse at crucifixion. That'll be an eclipse that does more ressemble the ancient "dragon" myth than a usual and regular 2-minute solar eclipse caused by the moon only. Blessings! :)

    4. try reading the article again. Reve 13 and 17 tell us what is meant by the seven heads and ten horns and yes hydra did have seven heads.

    5. Also too the appearing of a sign is not denoted specifically by a single moment in time either. The sign of the Bethlehem Star wasn't a single day event and neither should we consider the Rev 12 as a single moment event. Granted the Great Sign of the Woman seems to have come to fruition but this timeline is continuing and we are seeing things that have significance weekly, if not daily. Where the dragon fits in with the lesser sign is yet to be identified 100%. But there is no doubt that we are here at the end. Phil. 4: 4-7, stand fast and thank the Lord for all things in these times before the tribulation.

    6. Dear Brad Hurst, I don't have to "try read again" as I already did. Again I know what you mean as everything above has its expression below (Matthew 6:10). We could here as well count the invisible and spiritual deceptive entities (Satan + angels) whereas the antichrist and false prophet will be real human beings too and the 'political powers' are concrete structures run by living humans (e.g. UN or WHO or others).

    7. I’m just wondering what happens to Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons at the rapture?

    8. Sorry if my question is too convuleted but what I mean is my Mormon friends don’t pray to Jesus, my Jehovah Witness friends don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus and as a former Catholic I can tell you there’s very little going on there about Jesus or the Rapture.

    9. Unless they have accepted the blood atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Calvary they remain unsaved

    10. I have often wondered whether the 'one third of the stars' statement is not a description of what the dragon did at the point of the sign, but an adjective describing the dragon to identify who the dragon is. "This is John. The guy who fixed my roof" just tells you who John is but does not mean that John is, right now, fixing my roof.

    11. PJ,

      I think the same. If I'm not wrong in my interpretation, the *one third of the starts* are a reference to the third of the angels who followed Satan in rebellion.

    12. Nora,
      That's what I am thinking too, which means we don't have to split hair over whether whatever 'dragon' sign we are speculating on fulfils the part about sweeping one third of the stars.

  4. Thank you for all you hard work. I realy liked your time line with the planets showing that Jupitor will be in retrogarde for 3 1/2 years. That is a very telling point in our (believers) timeline date to meet with the Lord.

  5. G 'day all. Blessings and strength to your Watches, and no I am not referring to your Timex. I suggest we always remember to season our models and analysis with the grace of understanding around seeking to unpack higher dimensional Truth from the lower dimensional perspective. We are like stick figures examining a 2-dimensional rendering of a cube and talking about how a 'third' dimension would have to be to work, in our understanding. Unfortunately, that discussion will be relatively unfruitful as such stick figures can certainly NOT comprehend or truly delve the details without 'help from above' or outside the system. Going a bit further, the only way a 3-D entity could cross the barrier and unpack the higher truth for the stick figures is likely with allegories built into the 2-D model and hinting at the 3-D, so that the more intuitive figures can intuit the idea (those who have eyes to see). What does our Lord do, both in His earthly Ministry and his OT workings? He uses allegories (fables, stories told through the OT lives, etc.) in just the same way, amazing.

    Applying that here, I encourage us to be a bit more eager to abandon dogmatic adherence to linear, this OR that models. In the REAL world, one thing CAN be at 2 places at the same time, be at the same place at 2 moments simultaneously and all other types of constructs outside linear, relativistic models. This is counter-intuitive as we do not experience them in our stick-figure lives, but, as modern science unpacks more daily, such is the truth of multi-dimensional models involving space-time. So, the Red Dragon can be ALL OF the Eclipse (yes, Daniel at informed... authoritatively explains why an eclipse is a 'dragon' in astronomical terms), AND ALSO be the various constellations each representing a different face of the same Serpent of Old, AND ALSO be Draconis, specifically, and yet still ALSO be Nibiru and company, and ....

    Yes, it is VERY difficult to include this 'non-horizon' which allows in so many similar-themed phenom as multiple faces of the manifestation being referred to in the Word, and still claim fidelity to the specifics in the Word, but we must find this path to walk. We all understand the idea of multiple fulfillments of a foreshadow being one of a theme, later unfolding in many ways, each resembling the foreshadow, while none, individually, are "it". Behind every manifestation which we are told is coming is a spiritual Truth, or Revelation, and often, a specific Spirit at work. With that in mind, EVERY outworking/manifestation of that theme/spirit will have the same fingerprints, calling card and message often referred to, singularly, in the Word. So, we look for the ONE thing that 'completes' the sign when, in fact, the Word is showing us that the Sign it refers to is to capture a picture of the thing (Spirit, Truth, etc.) BEHIND the sign, to some degree, as THAT is the higher dimensional issue poking down into our frame of reference here which we are in conflict with, as Ambassadors and Occupiers for Christ (Eph 6:12).

    In hindsight, our clarity and higher dimensional viewpoint will make such tactics unnecessary. In the mean time, I suggest we all think of ourselves as adding a bit here and there and less concerned with each detail being "the one" completely, especially as we struggle through this season in the lobby. We cannot be so open minded that we abandon pursuing hard facts yet we also cannot be so linear that our efforts completely miss the mark when viewed from the higher viewpoint. Maranatha!

    1. Jimboni, that is just so awesome that you could explain it that way. I do not have a scientific mind at all, but when I first began learning the Scriptures 20 + years ago, I thought then, and still do think, it has to be
      AT LEAST 7 dimensional in nature. It was like looking thru that glass darkly but to state that in any kind of technical terms to anyone was beyond me and my HS education. I use to think, man, this is the stuff of physicists. I just took some comfort in Isaiah 28:9-10 when we (fellow Christians, and not my other self) would all see some things differently. (especially re: eschatology and parables.) Thank you so much the picture you just drew for my brain. Good food. Blessings, Brother.

    2. "for" the picture..." sorry, the dog was telling me "it's outside or in here NOW!" and she means it. :)

    3. Sheila B., Thank you and you are welcome and I am blessed that it works for you. Empowering the Body with tools to help us 4-D figures grasp at higher-D Truth as we step forward was my aim. Takes a lot of room here, (sorry Brad), so I try to keep a leash on it but, in light of earlier back-and-forth, above, I did, and your feedback, and also hopefully similar for others, tells me it was a good call, as the Spirit had led me. Maranatha!

  6. Rapture happens “at the last trump” which is yom Teruah so we know the season we don't know the year.
    2014/2015 were blood moons
    2017was the Rev 12 sign of which The Virgin was pregnant with Jupiter for 9 months and is birthed on Yom Teruah
    10 day prior USA had a total solar eclipse that went from nw to se 7 years later it happens again in 2024 GOING FROM NE TO SW the two together cross over at cairo, il
    Dec 21, 2020 satan (saturn) crowns himself king It is First thing it does after being trapped in 2 mazzaroths since 2015
    Passover 2021 is 3.5 years since the 2017 sign and 7 years from the first blood moon tetrad this starts the Great trib.
    I know you want to believe that you are a pre trib but its not scriptural. God protects his ppl THROUGH events he doesn’t take them FROM them.
    Scripture says “my ppl perish for lack of knowledge” they perish because they think the tribulation is the wrath of God...its not...its the buzzing alarm that says WAKE UP MY PPL.


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