50 Days of Grace | Reader Contribution

The following was sent in by a longtime reader Bill Wright. He shares information about a Venus/Jupiter conjunction that is occurring 50 days after the Revelation 12 Sign and 30 days after the Feast of Tabernacles. Gary recently pointed out many interesting things pointing to this time and I thought Bill's work below is a great supplement to that info.   Thanks Bill for putting this together...  Extremely well done brother.

50 Days of Grace

We should remain fixated and relish the moments following the epic events we have all been so blessed to be a part of. Yet our watching and work continues. Clearly things are being revealed to us his students and humble Truth-seekers while we are faithful to keep watching. It’s only days since Yom Kippur/the Day Of Atonement and I’m giddy with excitement that we’re one day closer to that special birthday. It can happen any time, any day ever more so, on the heels of the great sign and these ensuing and ongoing, unfolding events. Knowing this, I share the following with you, not as a prediction of course but just as it is, just there for your awareness, possible encouragement and for those that may yet be joining our heavenly body in eternity.

Interestingly, there’s 50 days from the great sign of 9-23 to 11-12 when Venus arrives in a profound acute conjunction with Jupiter on the heavenly doorstep of what many biblical astronomers contend to the throne room perhaps the same throne room spoken of in Revelation 12:5. That’s also exactly 30 days or one biblical lunar month from the conclusion of the feast of Tabernacles on 11-13. This heavenly location is next to Libra the Altar in biblical astronomy before it morphed into scales. Where do you find an Altar? A throne room. This locale is also is in line directly beneath the 7 starred Corona or Crown spoken of in Revelation 12. Jupiter was seen on 9-23 symbolizing, waiting (current research suggests the birth of the body of Christ could occur on Shemini Atzeret , 10-13-circumcision date, the 8th and final day of Tabernacles-see footnote links) to ultimately being birthed and then snatched up to the throne room to be united with our Messiah the head. The planet Venus is that very same bright and morning star! This adds to the possible significance and scriptural sequencing that Saturn, previously latched heavenly conflict and in retrograde near the heel of Ophiuchus throughout this heavenly drama, actually is cast off right after the coming feast of Tabernacles on 10-5 allowing the ensuing birth and Harpazo to occur as prescribed by in Revelation 12:5.

Consider and review Pastor Mark Blitz’s wonderful study on the scriptural birth date of the Messiah being the first day of Feast of Tabernacles, consummated on day 8 when he was taken in for circumcision on the exact prescribed ceremonial day. New learning continues for the humble including myself who had long maintained other birth dates for the Lord such as Tishri 1/9-11. On that date in 3 BC we had a sign and prophetic event in the heavens very similar to the one we experienced this year 9-21 to 9-23. Nothing earthly tangibly happened then that year either except that the actual physical birth of the Messiah followed on Tabernacles 15 days later.


The woman is considered unclean for 33 days after giving birth to a male child. As the inns in Jerusalem were all understandably full due to the burgeoning required attendance of an estimated 2 million Jews ALL to be at the Feast of Tabernacles, staying and delivering a baby just 9 miles from Jerusalem would still end up later be a day’s journey for Jesus’ family by donkey. Only our God’s fingerprints could have arranged that 8 days later Jesus’s 7 day cleansing would be complete as a male child allowing His circumcision to coincide exactly with with The feast of spiritual circumcision on Shemini Atzeret . As both parents would need to fulfill Jesus’s consecration at the temple after Mary’s purification before returning to Bethlehem after her 33 days, they might have made the required presentation of a newborn at the temple in Jerusalem on today what is our November 12th 38 days after the birth when the Levitical cleansing has been completed. This would coincide with the subject and conspicuous November 12 Jupiter Venus conjunction this year. The head and the body at last connected for eternity?

Remember the body of work which Scottie Clarke has so blessed us with setting the template which actually can be fit perfectly onto the Tabernacles timeline of events too. Birth of the head precedes the birth of the body to be fulfilled at the harpazo etc.

Many believe the chronology of Rev 12 mentions the dragon being cast down before the child is caught up to the throne room to meet the Lord. There are a handful of major differing views as to how and when this component may have already been or will be fulfilled. We shall see what if anything transpires in the future that might add to this fulfillment but included in those could be this pending heavenly transaction wherein Venus and Jupiter have a near perfect conjunction in the throne room on November 12-13. By then Saturn (as Hashatan) will have been fully removed from the prior heavenly conflict stationed in Ophiuchus. Jupiter consistently representing the church of the body throughout this fall drama, and Venus the bright and morning star our Lord himself are scripturally chronologically consistent to meet then in the air in the throne room.

But ahh, those 50 days from the 9-23 Revelation 12 sign until the exceptional Jupiter Venus conjunction, both signs in the heavens.

The added significance of the 50 days is that there was 50 days from the most important birth of the head as First fruits from death on the exact Feast of Firstfruits/Resurrection day until the conception/birth of the church of the body on the Feast of Pentecost! Similarly in heeding the clock and heavenly chronology of today from a possible remembrance of the birthdate of the Head of the body on October 5th until the bodily delivery/ harpazo (possibly this Jupiter Venus conjunction in the Throne Room November 12th) to be forever united with the head. This 50 days is 5 (the number of grace and miracles) times 10 (the number of dominion) perhaps numerically signaling the ultimate greatest window of mercy and grace and love from the Father for those that will to hear and come and be spared the coming night. Perhaps this may be the last and greatest portal for humanity in the epic finishing of Elohim’s work redeeming unto Himself His purchased possession from the Devil’s dominion of death and the destructive raging war in heaven and on earth. Now is the time to speak all the words of this life.

These links cover the possible astronomical validation of the birth of the church of the body (rapture) and the astronomical birthing of Jupiter from the Virgo constellation on the 8th final circumcision day of The Feast of Tabernacles 10-13-2017. (As always there may be other views, research or opinions expressed by its author that are not relevant to the subject at hand. If you’re going to search you still have to sift.)



Bill also just released a video about this... (48 Minutes)


  1. Keeping and open mind and allowing for proper discernment is such a gift you have Brad, thank you! Thank you for being unbiased in this realm of research. Thank you for not censoring one opinion over another. To God Be The Glory! I really love the idea of the 8th day though, it really speaks to my heart. It has meaning. Even IF, I am destroyed I will trust in my Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. This is extremely interesting and has piqued my interest once again.

  3. I really appreciate this research. It has many interesting and certainly eye opening things to consider. I believe when we lock ourselves into an "it has to be" that's where we stop receiving revelation from the Ruach. Blessings - Sherry

  4. @Bill dear brother: just kidding but ANOTHER 50 DAYS WAITING??? OH NOOO!!! ;-)) Man, that's getting really tough now... You mean another 50 days for rejection of Grace like this?? (source: The Guardian 10/02/2017 ) Is THIS the time we still ought to preach scaring people and causing severe traffic trouble in rush hour? I mean, come on... ROFL! :)) As I said I'm joking but seriously this is the situation in Europe! Much love and blessings to you, TY again from my part for your interesting study though! YSIC

    1. That is a crazy story Annabel... how long until they outright BAN God's word in public for being too scary or offensive. It doesn't take much imagination does it?

    2. Yes Brad you know as I imagined the whole situation it made me real ROFL, so crazy! That's real endtimes now. I mean just let them run away right into darkness now but for my part I won't try to stop them causing traffic jam... Oh my! Its so much ironic everywhere, just let them go now Revelation 22:11

    3. Annabel, what is ROFL?

    4. Rolling On the Floor Laughing

    5. 14 points why December 31, 2017 is the date of the rapture.

      1) What reason on earth can you think of as to why it would be that the first occurrence of a rapture in the Bible would be when Enoch reaches 365 years old. Is that not a divine reference to our Gregorian calendar? Is that not a clue that the rapture will be on day 365 of the calendar year that includes the Great Sign of Revelation 12:1,2

      (actually maybe not completely a rapture but certainly a translation from earth to heaven because I do not know for sure if Enoch is incorruptible yet, but maybe that happened when Jesus was resurrected, I just don't know about Enoch's heavenly condition)

  5. Here's another hint telling us that we're not far away from rescue: POTUS on calm before the storm, cryptic message Hmmmm... :)

  6. November 12 is day 316 of the year, pointing me to John 3:16: you must be born again! The birth of the Body? May it be ever so!

    1. If that 316 is the correct number of Nov 12th 2017? I love the connection to birth/rapture.
      And a leader/teacher of Israel was supposed to know this Kingdom Information. Born Again!
      BORN ANEW of THE SPIRIT by "believing" in 'Jesus' as the Son of God we have ETERNAL LIFE.
      Jesus sure was making the biggest RAPTURE hint in John 3.16 for me.

  7. See these two post. https://www.facebook.com/vwienand/posts/10155837525418914 https://www.facebook.com/vwienand/posts/10155833629078914

  8. Thank you all so much. Presenters and commenters. This has been a day of great blessing. I had a count that I was very interested in end on Saturday. I was upset that God let a day go by that had so much spiritual beauty in numbers, feasts, etc. that I thought to myself "Well Dennis, you don't really have a clue when the day is do you? Therefore, you don't need to go to church because you don't "see the day approaching." But I went anyway and was greatly encouraged and while I was listening to a historical part of the sermon which I did not need, I began thinking about 10 days and the Church at Smyrna and wondering if the total time from the Great Sign would be the 40 days plus the 10. Then today I saw this article! Obviously, I am encouraged. This is great. Especially now after the Saudi rat's nest has been stirred up and there are plenty of Bush, Clinton, and Obama barns (with illegal storage inside) that will be affected.


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