3 New Videos from Paul Dawson

Paul Dawson (RevelationChapter12dotCom) has been hard at work lately.  Here are 3 videos he has released this week that I think you need to be aware of.  We all have our different thoughts on things, but I am sure we can all agree on this: Now is no time to quit watching.

I hope you are blessed by these.  If only have time to watch one, I suggest the 3 minute video at the bottom of the page.  Thanks for your continued hard work Paul.

Astronomy Update 1: Venus/Mars Conjunction 4th-5th October. Tabernacles (31 minutes)

Part10: Tabernacles & Clouds of Glory: Revelation 12 Berean Study (33 Minutes)

Menorah Lighting / Feasts Order & Blood Moon Warning System (3 Minutes)


  1. Paul, your series truly was (and still is!) a blessing to me and I really highly appreciate and am very grateful for all your timely work! Glory be to our LORD Jesus who led you to green pastures to feed the flock with! Thank you!! MARANATHA :)

    1. Paul, I concur with Annabel. Of all the many, many videos and writings regarding the Revelation 12 sign, our home church has perhaps been the most consistently blessed by yours; you are obviously Spirit-led AND a true Berean. And dear Annabel, I have been highly blessed by your comments here on Brad's wonderful spot for discussion and fellowship on the subject. It was through you here that we learned of Paul's excellent video series.Thank you also, sister, for all your comments these past few months; you are spot on. See you very soon in the clouds when "we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is."

    2. Thanks Guys, I'm so glad that they have been a blessing to others and all glory to God for the wonderful secrets that He has kept from the beginning of the world until this time, only to reveal to the believing brethren. He is just so awesome and wonderful and magnificent and His ways are unsearchable. It was only a pleasure to make them, although I had to constantly redo certain parts because of my persistent cat who is not used to being locked out of the room.

    3. Deanna dear sister, all glory be to the LORD whose soon appearance we altogether are longing for! I have so little to share but I do so much want to be that little to be helpful within the body of Christ... It's all about Jesus!! HALLELUJAH :))

  2. Blessings to you, Paul! Your videos are very good, and I too have been blessed by them!

  3. What a blessing these videos have been and continue to be! Love the content and the teaching style. You are a genuine encouragement.

  4. Yes Paul. Thank you for your awesome work. The way you present it is really neat and clean. Especially liked that last short one you did. Totally encouraging!

  5. I echo the sentiments above, well done, brother. As I wait, tempted to impatience, I remember the content from your videos on the mid-trib alignments, the comet in March 2021 and I am encouraged. There is an unfolding story in the skies but we see through a glass darkly. Our Lord is faithful, our Lord is prompt and our Lord is coming for us. Thanks for illustrating that for us.


  6. Paul, I look forward to your videos and it isn't going to bother me if your cat comes in the video! The video where you apologized for your cat, I wasn't even able to hear it anyway. Really love your videos! ~Monica K.

  7. Watched all three, how could I not? You make it so exciting! And easy to understand..Never Give Up! :)


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