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It has been a while since Gary's last article and he comes out with a bang...  After an introduction on why he believes more than ever that it is ok and Biblical to speculate about when Christ could return, he dives into a study about the last day of Tabernacles and why it could make sense for the rapture of the church.  It is a passionate and informative article that is sure to ruffle a few feathers one way or the other...

Here is an excerpt:
Regarding date-setting I just want to say this: I am looking for the Blessed Hope and I will not stop looking until I find it.  I've been looking for 16 years.  I've thought many dates in the past were "it" and clearly I was wrong, but that won't dissuade me and it shouldn't dissuade you either.  There is a major difference between honest, collaborative, and speculative research that even presents itself as such, and the false prophet prognosticators who claim to have special prophetic insight and a word from the LORD when they don't have either.
Here is the link:


  1. I wrote this in an email to Daniel Matson, but it is applicable to all of your hard working standing watch. Thanks for all the countless hours of devotion searching out God’s Word. I appreciate all of your encouraging articles and videos as it has helped push me to reach out and witness.

    After the Day of Atonement passed I did what most of the people in this community did and ran right to the Bible accounts of the Feast of Tabernacles to see any parallels that could point to these times. My search went from the Old Testament to John 7 and then to the accounts of the Transfiguration, because after Jesus was changed Peter made the declaration of constructing the booths for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. There is a lot of information that I believe fits into the tabernacles picture (as I am seeing through the posts now), but when I followed the reference material back with Elijah, I saw something that I wanted to send over. In the account of Elijah’s “rapture” there is an interesting pattern from Elisha’s point of view. 2 Kings 2:1-11 revealed that Elijah told Elisha that God sent him to Beth-el, then to Jericho, and then to Jordan before taking him up. All along there was “encouragement” of the prophets and Elisha followed. I thought to myself why did God send him to both Beth-el and then Jericho if He knew He was taking him up at Jordan. I never figured out exactly, but then I saw the paralleled with us today. First, we were lead to believe that the rapture was going to happen on the Feast of Trumpets, we followed in faith as men of God (yourself included) unveiled truths. When the rapture didn’t occur, we were shocked but then eagerly followed to the thread to the Day of Atonement because we all recognize that the signs of God are real and more mystery was uncovered. The encouragement built a bridge! When that didn’t happen it, we all looked forward to the Feast of Tabernacles. Beth-el, to Jericho, to Jordan! Feast of Trumpets, to Day of Atonement, to Feast of Tabernacles! If Elisha didn’t follow Elijah all the way until the end, he would have missed out on the blessing of the double portion of the spirit. He could have given up after Beth-el or even after Jericho. The effort from men like you helped encourage younger believers like me. It’s sad that some people just waited until the 23rd and then gave up. To me, there couldn’t be anything more exciting in the world than what we are doing right now! I believe that watching or not the real believers will be raptured, but the excitement that your work has given me has helped me reach out to family and friends and plant good seed of God’s word. The encouragement by revealing the urgency of the times helped me reach out to people that I love but had not spoken with in a while. Elisha never gave up following because God didn’t take Elijah away at the first location just like we haven’t stopped following God’s signs.

    Jesus is the real hero, but I know He is using you for good works of encouraging! Thanks again!

    1. Dear Robert, thank YOU for sharing this, very deep thoughts! What comes to my mind is what the locations stand for: GILGAL is the location of second circumcision (Joshua 5:9) = "reconciliation" i.e. Golgatha-like location / second set of tablets 10 commandments; from there they go to BETH-EL which is the name of "House of God" and thus depicts the believers in Israel / Juda; JERICHO is famously depicting the Gentiles (trembling before the God of Israel as already Rahab told the spies in Joshua 2:11). If you look onto what happened after Elijah was taken: Elisha was still dwelling in Jericho (among the Gentiles = church age) where he had healed the bitter water (= wood / cross / Mara location of Exodus 15:25) but then turning back to the corrupted "Beth-El" (house of God = Israel) with judgement over the mockers and scoffers (which are even little children doing so then) = dealing with unbelieving Israel again during tribulation period by using BEARs (kills by embracing / crushing suffocation = ecumenical 1-world-religion). The same is happening with the church nowadays because judgement always "starts at the house of God (Beth-El)" as we know from 1 Peter 4:17... Much blessings to you! :)

    2. Everything is off by 1 mobth, the barley harvest was not ripe in March and they had to add a extra month to the Jewish calendar. God goes by the barley harvest being ripe then they know passover is coming. When it's not ripe you have to add a extra month. These calendars are printed a year ahead of time. God only goes by the barley harvest and so do the Karerite Jews that strictly follow the Torah. Oct. 20-22 is the true Feast of Trumpets. All the feast were pushed back by a month.

  2. Thank you Gary! Absolutely an encouraging message and I especially loved the admonition to keep our eyes on Jesus. If we do that then we will know when it's time.

    I feel like I need to put out a bit of a warning tonight regarding this whole barley crop thing moving the F o T ahead a month. From what I have seen and read, this got started with this fellow Stephen Jarrard. I watched that video. Ok, whatever. Didn't match up with the Blood Moon Tetrads so I didn't pay it much mind. But then I watched his video about children not being raptured. He goes on for most if it rambling about the 10 Virgins and right near the end, he explains that no children will be raptured because they are neither saved nor lost and we must prove our love for Jesus over family by being willing to leave the children behind to suffer and die in the tribulation or we cannot be raptured ourselves. But it's all good he says, because if we can make that choice, they will be safely resurrected at a later date. To me that is saying that Jesus is requiring child sacrifice. Normally, I wouldn't bother repeating such a rediculous teaching, but some are giving consideration to his barley crop/ month delay theory and I just wanted folks to know what else he is putting out there. Could be another attempt from the enemy to take some eyes off of where they should be. Consider the source and who it is that actually does require the blood of children. Made me cringe to say the least. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

    1. Sheila B.,

      I looked into that "barley thing" too. It turned out that others researched it as well besides S. Jarrard. His views -you mentioned- are a *no-no*. But when it comes to the *barley harvest* itself and its connection to the *real* Jewish calendar, I'm considering its possibility as an option. I don't know for sure if we're really off one month or not with the timing of the fall feasts, I'm just watching and waiting. We’ll see how things will unfold in this month and Lord willing the next one if we'll still be here then.

    2. To enter into the Kingdom of Heaven we must become like little children.

    3. Amen to that on being as little children.
      Hey Nora. While I readily admit to not being all that knowledgeable on the harvests and all, I don't trust men on moving days around as much as I trust what the heavens are declaring. But I really didn't see all this musing on the month delay occur until Jerry Toney picked up on this guy's info, then I started seeing it everywhere. Just saying that my discernment tells me when I hear a teaching like that on children, I personally will disregard anything else from that source and I think folks should be wary. Angels of light and all that. Blessings as we all look to our precious Yeshua and the Holy Spirit for clarification.

  3. I'm repeating my comment from the previous article as I'm interested in what other people make of it. My comment read as follows "Interesting point made above re October 13th 2017 being the 100th anniversary of the last Fatima "Mary" appearance in 1917. There's a ton of info on line for anyone who wants to check it out. No idea who this guy is or where he gets his info but check out what he wrote back in 2015 in light of the Rev 12 sign that just happened and the 8th day of Tabernacles discussion "

    1. Dear friend I think there is indeed sth about it as we're aware that Satan still has access to the throne room (Job 1) and thus might be in some case better informed as we are (if God is concealing some information to us on purpose)... People dealing with and regularly contacting demonic entities often are told things out of the spiritual realm that the 'normal' world is not aware of. So a certain knowledge about the year 2017 and the month of October might indeed be not coincidential at all -see Revelation 12:12 ("Satan knows..." i.e. the Greek word "eido" means "to see, perceive, understand, discover" ) Blessings!

    2. Yes. We know that a strong delusion will be sent across the earth at the time the tribulation begins. We also know that an explanation will be needed to explain the disappearance of millions. Considering the content of the messages that have been given to date from this entity, the target audience, the timing of the 100th anniversary of the last "appearance of Mary" and the speculation around what is to occur this October 13th it is curious for sure.

  4. "There is a major difference between honest, collaborative, and speculative research that even presents itself as such, and the false prophet prognosticators who claim to have special prophetic insight and a word from the LORD when they don't have either." Thank you Gary for these words! Blessed be YHWH and those who love him. Daniel

  5. Guys, stop with the barley thing, okay? When the Israelites wandered for 40 years, there were specific dates, bu no barley. They still got the dates. Same with the flood. Live with it; if it doesn't happen by the 13th, do't try to move out the calendar, okay?


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