'Blood Moons' discoverer advises watching Feast of Trumpets

Mark Biltz believes the Feast of Trumpets deserves much watching in relation to the Resurrection of the Dead and the Rapture.  The Feast of Trumpets aligns with the Revelation 12 Sign this fall.  Revelation 12:5 is a verse linked to the Rapture since at least the 1800's, perhaps longer.  Additionally, lately we have found additional connections the Blood Moons and the Rapture.

WND just posted Pastor Biltz's thoughts in an exclusive titled: Wait! Can we know the day of Jesus' return? I find it especially encouraging that WND shared this article since they don't typically lean toward the Pre-Trib side of things.  Here is a excerpt and a link:
“It is thought that the Resurrection of the Dead takes place before His return,” Biltz told WND. “I believe that the Resurrection of the Dead will take place on the Feast of Trumpets, but that is not His actual return. His actual return is when His feet land on the Mount of Olives and it splits in two as stated in Zechariah 14. I believe this will be on Yom Kippur and then the Millennial reign will begin on Sukkot. These events may not happen in the same year.”


  1. I love the typical "and this secret has been revealed"...secrets that have been revealed for more than 2000 years...sigh.

    At least he kind of referred to the crown of virgo.

  2. Does anybody get a little angry when they see someone hijack the things of God to sell their books or DVDs? I understand the context is different, but I cannot help but wonder if this kind of stuff makes the Lord Jesus want to flip over some tables in righteous anger?

    1. ay, why pay good money for half correct info, when you can read the word of God and then go to unsealed, watchfortheday, rev12daily etc to get your daily need of 'Gods revelation' in action...all for zip, and then pay a pittance for new great and relevant material such as you get at watchfortheday. Daniel brother...love your books, but come 24 Sept, let us pray for a great web developer to help you on your journey:)

    2. Amen! I am a Jesus, Gospel, Unsealed, rev12 adict.

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  4. I knew sooner or later that Mark Blitz would have to respond and I glad he mentioned REPENTANCE.I THINK HE'S LISTENING TO JERRY TOMEY......THANK GOD.

  5. Didn't anyone invite Mark Biltz to this website? ;-) Well, he's telling things we already know (and a lot more yet FOR FREE!) *yawn!*

    BTW he thinks that only those who watch the sign(s) will be in the rapture {= quote article}, that's NOT true. It's not about "doing" sth or not. Again, this would be theology of works.

    HamrickCE recently commented similarly on the 7 churches that only Philadelphia members are in the rapture because of Revelation 3:10 and you have to 'change church' if you're not a Philadelphian but again that's NOT true. Again this would be works theology "to do" sth to be saved from tribulation.

    It's about being ELECTED by God drawn to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ and SEALED by the Holy Spirit, that's all. If you are a true child of God Ephesians 2:8-9 but don't watch all signs now (because you perhaps have nobody nearby to tell you) or still attend a Sardes church (or likewise) you might be caught by surprise but you're in the rapture nevertheless. It doesn't depend on YOU but only on GOD. MARANATHA!

  6. this short video puts the blood moons in context. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiumZKv-QP0


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