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"Stars and Constellations" In The Bible

Many Christians seem wary about studying the sun, moon and stars.  Many of us have become so repulsed by astrology that it seems better to ignore the heavens all together rather than risk being associated with that garbage. Skeptics of the Rev 12 Sign often play upon this fear and falsely associate any study of the heavens with the term, failing to draw a distinction between Astrology and Biblical Astronomy.

I understand the apprehension to a point.  When I first learned about the 'Great Sign' I had to study the Bible just to confirm that it was ok to study this topic.  Rick Larson talks about going through this process himself in the introduction to his famous Star of Bethlehem presentation.  When sharing the Rev 12 Sign with others, it is good to keep in mind that we must draw a clear distinction between looking at the stars in a way that will draw us closer to Jesus, and in a way that will lead us away from Him.  It is critical to do this early on because this apprehensio…

Coma Bernices... A Dollar Store Diadem.

I have occasionally heard skeptics bring up this idea that the constellation Coma Bernices is somehow related to the crown of 12 Stars. Some even say it represents all 12 stars, thus making the Rev 12 Sign completely ordinary and very common.  Daniel Matson has recently addressed this topic and I must add that anyone who allows those words to leave their mouth has never stepped outside and actually tried to look at this constellation.  I tried one night... and I must report to you that this is an exceptionally dark part of the sky.

How dark?  I can tell you from personal experience that the 9 main stars of Leo all looked brighter than even the "brightest" star of Coma Bernices.  I use the term "brightest" very loosely because I had a very hard time seeing even one of the stars in that constellation.  One of the stars for Leo was slightly hard to see, but even than one seemed brighter than anything in the region of the sky holding the infamous Coma Bernices.  And …

Scott Clarke's Interview with Ron Matsen

In an amazing turn of events, a debunking attempt received a huge response from the proponents of the Rev 12 Sign, which then turned into a 1 hour plus interview on the very same program just days later! Clearly our amazing God is intimately involved in all of this... Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on what is presented and this amazing turn of events!

It's All In Play Now.

One of my new favorite blogs ( just put up another article about the Revelation 12 Sign and the convergence of events which seems to point to the soon return of Christ.  The Revelation 12 Sign is quite convincing to many of us, but when combined with this 'lineup' of other signs, it should make anyone sit back and ask themselves... "Could this possibly be IT?"

Check out this very well written and expertly balanced summary on the 7 signs listed in the picture above.  Together with these 'players in the game' you can't blame any spectator for thinking.... VICTORY IS IMMINENT!  :  )

Here is an excerpt and a link to this very encouraging article:
Every great football team has their star line up.  As believers in Bible Prophecy, we see our own “Star” lineup coming into play, pun intended.  For those watching the Great Sign of Revelation 12, you probably need no more convincing if this is true or not.  You either believe it or you don’t…

The Long Arm of the Lord - Greg Lauer

The Revelation 12 Sign is fast approaching and there is a case to made that we are entering the final 7 weeks of our time here on earth.  Our final 7 weeks, ever, to share the Gospel with someone who doesn't understand it.  The final 7 weeks to hand out a Gospel tract... ever.  Perhaps the final 7 weeks to talk to your dad, talk to your mom, or have that heart to heart with your siblings about the most important subject on earth.  A final few weeks to humbly plead with your children about their need for Jesus. 

You are surrounded by neighbors, friends, coworkers, even fellow church members who are quite likely on the path to hell.  God has placed you in their lives for a reason.  Tell them.  Stop with the small talk and take the conversation deeper! Tell them with urgency like you've never had before.  Tell them the Good News with as much love and sincerity as you can, and trust God to do the rest.  Trust God to prepare their hearts and open their ears and give you the words…

September 24th - A More Perfect Alignment?

The picture above is the view from Jerusalem on the morning of September 24th.  This was first shown on in a post which you can see here. Notice the crown of 12 stars.  Notice the familular position of the Sun and Jupiter.  All the elements of the Rev 12 Sign are still in place, essentially just as they were a day earlier on the 23rd.  The only element that noticeably moved is the Moon.  It has moved away from her feet...but now, when it rises above the horizon, it is truly UNDER the feet of the woman,  just as described in Rev 12:1.  Again, on the 23rd the Moon is under her feet from our perspective, but it happens when she is laying down on her side as we see in most of the images of the alignment.  But as shown above, she is now standing from our perspective, with the moon under the bottoms of her feet!  This is more literal as we generally think of something being under our feet when we are in a vertical position.   The September 23rd alignment surely fits, but this …

Oh Nein, Diese Wieder? (Oh No, This Again?)

If you felt like you needed to laugh (or cry) after the recent Kiononia House debunking, well this link is for you! Here is an excerpt and a link:
Let those of us who long and look with childlike excitement and wonder at our Jesus’ return for us by seeking his signs do it and expound about it in peace. Don’t attack us and the sign and try to shut us down. Instead, let’s have civil conversations with each other. We will return the favor and allow those who don’t enjoy the watching for his signs to stay on that more rigid path.

Koinonia House Video Reponse Is Huge

Yesterdays video posted by Koinonia House regarding the Revelation 12 Sign has generated quite the buzz!  As of the writing of this, their YouTube page had 656 comments on the subject and Facebook post had 272 comments.  Our posts here on this website and FB combined for another 121 comments as well!  I am sure there are many many more discussions going on around the internet.  The good news is that Koinonia House has responded and will be interviewing Scottie Clarke on the matter in the near future.  This is excellent news!  I was quite let down by the poor nature of their video which left out much information and extremely relevant scripture passages, but the fact that they are willing to bring Scott on and allow him to respond in person shows great humility. I am looking forward to this event and according to Scott they will be doing a video interview tomorrow and Ron assured him that he would give Scott "run of the floor" without a "debunking agenda".  Here is …

Koinonia House Addresses The Revelation 12 Sign

Chuck Missler's ministry, Koinonia House, put out a video today about the Revelation 12 Sign and September 23rd, 2017. They have been working on this video for quite some time and many of us have been looking forward to hearing what they have to say. From the portions I have seen, they are not on board with it.  But they are a great ministry, a ministry that has helped so many of us through the years.  So I encourage you to watch their information and compare it with the information on this site and others.  Does their argument convince you?  Do they make a solid case?  Do you think they are wrong, and why?  I can tell you one thing, if these guys can't debunk it, then nobody can.  The question is, did they succeed?? Please share your thoughts below...

JD Farag Addresses September 23 And Other Sources Of Division

Pastor JD Farag addresses the division in the Bible prophecy community which has been occurring lately. Specifically he tackles 4 topics which are especially relevant today. The topics are: Revelation 12 / September 23rd, Temple Mount Relevance, Donald Trump and the Pre-Trib/Post-Trib Rapture debate. The entire talk is from the heart and especially relevant for those of us who have a tendency of getting a little upset when prominent teachers dismiss Rev 12 Sign out of hand and treat the information inaccurately.

JD did share more of his thoughts on the Rev 12 Sign, which I don't believe he has done since he addressed it for 14 minutes back in January.  Here is a quote from this recent update regarding the sign:
I've gotta tell ya, I'm finding it very difficult to dismiss it out of hand. This is a very interesting phenomena. He is understandably approaching this sign with an 'abundance of caution', yet he openly admits he is "really excited" about i…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.