The Birth and Resurrection Parallels

Daniel Matson has put up another article and graphics highlighting many unique characteristics of the conjunction tomorrow and its relation the Rev 12 Sign and other key events.  Many of us find the chiastic nature of this extra interesting.  Here is one of the key graphics, an excerpt, and a link to the whole article.  Thanks for putting this together, Dan.  Excellent analysis as always.

In the first diagram the events stemming from the end of the 69th Week of Daniel are simply reversed forming a mirror image. As Jesus was raised from the dead seven days after the 69th Week, so also is the Church, both dead and living, seven days before the 70th Week. This also fits the Flood narrative of Noah being sealed into the Ark one week before the Flood/judgment.

The conception of the Church at Pentecost is then mirrored by the Revelation 12 Sign–a sign speaking of the near birth of the male-child, the nation to be born in one day–the corporate Body of Christ (Isaiah 66).

Here is the link:


  1. I just witnessed the conjunction with my own eyes here in Australia (it’s already the 13th Nov). Venus was just above Jupiter as they rose in the East! It’s worth getting up for :)

  2. Thank you Brad very-very much from my whole heart, for your great work before the Lord. God bless you and your family, and all Brothers and Sisters here. I also watch this conjuction today in the Stellarium, and I pray continually. This is wonderful! Much blessings to all. Come, Lord, for your Bride! We are waiting! Maranatha!

  3. Greetings from vee bee to all of you I want you to know that I have been blessed to read your responses to one another and the encouragement that you have provided as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Thank you
    You. As you know the days are dark ..I have read the comments by Ana and noted that she resides in Germany I live in the United States in Southern California the days are truly dark ..the look on people's faces the loss of Hope the loss of joy. And as for many they never accepted Cheist. Presently, going to church is not the church that Christ built is a church to serve man. So I wat with each of you and trust in God's word that He is faithful and that He will deliver us and take us home Maranatha

    1. Thank you for commenting... the world does some to be darkening by the day... and most people, even in the church, seem oblivious. Without the blessed hope it would be hard to endure.

  4. Hi all! It's significant - 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Iraq wenn the Conjunction is coming, Nov 12 at 8:30 pm in Israel Time, very powerful! Here in Unsealed the new Gary's article. Come the Lord quickly!

  5. If the left and right sides of the first diagram are supposed to be mirror images of each other, the right-side Rapture arrow is clearly misplaced. To mirror the left side it would have to be placed at the LEFT end of the right-side "40 days" rectangle. The "chiastic nature" of the chart is thus flawed. Close, but no cigar. I guess it's back to the ol' drawing board for Daniel Matson. But I suspect that won't bother him, since he's been "tweeking" his failed "scenarios" for nearly a decade now.

    1. I, for one, appreciate that he researches and has the guts to put it online. It's my responsibility to discern past that point. Since none of us are omniscient, what you see as "tweaking", I see as being flexible and searching for answers. Just a different perspective I guess. The fact of the matter is that no one has an infallible record....except those that haven't put forth any info.

    2. Amen, Lance M. The amount of prayer time, Biblical research, historical and scientific data and references that these Watchmen have offered to all
      of us for our
      own prayerful discernment is astounding to say the least.
      Be blessed Brother as we continue to watch, wait, and learn.

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    4. I too have come to appreciate all the research and effort these watchmen put out and even share it with the rest of us. What I don't understand is the mocking and put-downs just because the theories and speculation turned out to be wrong. It's quite obvious that these watchmen's hearts are in the right place and different from date-setters that put out dates without any basis at all except their own feelings and claims. While I've come to a point where I'm a bit emotionally and mentally exhausted from looking at people's research and arguments for certain dates, at least I can look at the evidence they're looking at and see why they've come to a certain theory on when the rapture might occur. It's all mind-boggling to be sure but God is still in control and we're all still watching and waiting.

    5. I agree with you completely "Unknown". Thank you for your input. And I hope that my response to DJ did not sound in any way disrespectful to the watchmen. I am so grateful that they allow us to discover with and learn from them, and I view the process here as iron sharpening iron -- noisy and sparky at times but improving sharpness and glimmer .

    6. Miguel P says, "I saw that you have some music, but I have not listened to it yet."

      I reply, Well, please take a few minutes to listen to just a few of my songs. The lyrics (with Scripture references) and the music are both available here:

      I recommend that you start with "Don't Know When" and "Big White Horsey" and "I Believe" in the "Originals" section.

      Miguel P asks, "When do you think the rapture will be?"

      I don't know. IF the "6000 years of human history followed by the Millenium" theory (based on Genesis 1, Psalm 90:4, Hosea 6:2, Matthew 17:1-2, and 2 Peter 3:8) is correct, we've got to be close. Unless, of course the current Hebrew year 5778 is accurate, in which case we've got some 200-plus years to go. I'm personally hoping the Rapture will occur in my lifetime (I'm 64 now). But i must admit I find myself "in a strait betwixt two" (Philippians 1:23), ever since God graced my wife Sharon and me with a "miracle baby" in our old age. Sharon bore him when she was 57 and he's now 12 years old. Write me directly if you'd like to see pictures ( We named him Chuckles since we felt like Abraham and Sarah when he arrived, having prayed and waited so long. (Isaac, as you probably know, is Hebrew for "laughter.") At any rate, it would be nice to see him grow up and have a son of his own so I can hear Sharon say, with Israel of old, Genesis 48:11.

      Miguel P continues, "Do you have some research or study that could edify us?"

      Only what I've outlined above. And this little parable (with rhetorical questions) that I've posted here and there:

      A man had two daughters. They lived in a trailer park that, frankly, had seen better times. One day the man said, "I'm going to find us a better place to live. You girls take care of things here while I'm gone."

      Late one night he returned and was greeted with joy by his younger daughter who had spent her days checking the phone for messages and sitting by the window watching for any sign of his return.

      "Where's your sister?" he asked.

      "I don't know," she replied. "She hasn't been watching with me."

      So the man went in the house and found his older daughter climbing out of bed, a little groggy, startled awake by the sound of his truck coming up the drive.

      "What have you been doing?" he asked.

      "Well, the first thing I did was clean up the yard," she said. "I sold all those broken machines as scrap metal. Then I planted some flowers. They're really pretty; you'll be able to see them in the morning. After that I emptied out all the closets and had a yard sale. Then I dusted, vacuumed, and washed the windows. Today I did the shopping and cleaned the bathroom. Here's the money from the scrap metal and the yard sale. Can I fix you something to eat?"


      1. Which daughter, do you think, "took care of things" while her master was away?
      2. Which daughter, do you think, found the waiting time pass more quickly?
      3. Which daughter, do you think, suffered less trauma from false alarms?
      4. Which daughter would you want "taking care of things" at the new place?

      Blessings to you Miguel. I look forward to meeting you here, there or in the air!

    7. Wow, DJ! Miracle baby, indeed! Congrats!

    8. "Unknown" - I'm relieved to hear someone else say they are emotionally & mentally exhausted. I am too, & I thought it was just me.

      I've been watching some of Chuck Missler's teachings on the Rapture. His theory is that he believes the Rapture will be secret, and a surprise... that there is no way to guess the date, simply because God wants to catch the enemy off guard. He goes on to show how many times in the Bible the enemy has tried to thwart God's attempts to complete His plan. As soon as the enemy is aware of any bit of info, a timeline or whatever, he kicks it into overdrive to mess it all up. His theory makes a lot of logical sense, the more I've thought about it.

      So, while I know we're right at the door, I've gone back to "imminence". I'm watching all the signs unfold around us. But speculating dates & timelines just doesn't feel right in my spirit anymore.

      So, no attacks from anyone, please. I'm not bashing anyone because they like the date & timeline stuff, or saying that they're wrong for doing so. It doesn't mean that I don't love His appearing. This is just simply how I feel the Lord has directed me to handle waiting for Him in these final hours.

    9. mksmith, thank you for that post. That is (Philip. 2:14) Let's all be blessed, rested and ready for whatever great day it is and we'll see you in the Throne Room before the Love of our lives!

    10. mksmith says, " I'm relieved to hear someone else say they are emotionally & mentally exhausted... I thought it was just me."

      I reply, Seems like a good place to review my little "How to Avoid Emotional and Mental Exhaustion while waiting for our Master" parable. Check it out. Its not too far above this post in my reply to Miguel P.

      mksmith continues: "Chuck Missler... believes the Rapture will be secret, and a surprise... because God wants to catch the enemy off guard."

      I reply, Could very well be. It seems to me that much of prophecy (2 Peter 1:19) was intentionally obscure because it was not intended to PREDICT but to CONFIRM (after the fact). This was necessary so fallen angels, the "princes of this world," who desire to look into such things (1 Peter 1:12), wouldn't mess up God's plan (1 Corinthians 2:8). Sure, the devils understood enough to know who Jesus was (Luke 4:34), and Jesus thought enough was revealed so even mere humans should have recognized him (Matthew 16:2-4); but that was it: the Master Plan remained hidden. Perhaps some prophecies are not clear to us now because they are intended, not as PREDICTIONS, but as after-the-fact CONFIRMATIONS of the Rapture -- and are addressed, not to us, but to the elect Jews who will be "provoked to jealousy" by our sudden disappearance (Romans 10:19, Romans 11:11) and who will then be "grafted back into their own olive tree" (Romans 11:23-24) when their spiritual eyes are opened during the Tribulation.

      NOW REGARDING WATCHING IN GENERAL: Note that Jesus did not upbraid the folks of His day for being ignorant of Daniel's abstruse weeks of weeks and the obscure historical markers required to interpret them. He upbraided them for missing OBVIOUS signs that even the most simple and uneducated could understand. He likened these things to COMMON and ORDINARY signs in the sky (Matthew 16:2-3, or, as my mom used to say: "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning"). He pointed to truly unusual, remarkable, and undeniable current events that everyone could see: Matthew 11:4-5, "The blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel [of the Kingdom] preached to them." I don't think He'll be upset with us if we miss the kind of signs that require an astronomy program, a date calculator, and a Hebrew/Greek lexicon to interpret.

      mksmith concludes: So, while I know we're right at the door, I've gone back to "imminence".

      I reply, I'm right with you there, brother. And have been, since 1982:

      Don't know when, but I know He's comin': (Acts 1:11)
      I know He will 'cause He said He would - (John 14:1-4)
      He gave me His promise and I know His promise is good.

      Don't know why, but I know He loves me: (John 3:16)
      He died and rose just to make me His own - (John 10:15-18)
      Yes, He came before and He's comin' back to take me home. (John 15:13)

      The rest of the song is here:

    11. DJ, good points. I agree completely.

      Sheila, Amen, sister!

    12. mk, just to clarify, I'm not coming down off of this wall by any means. I just wanted you to know I have no desire to throw judgmental rocks at those who decide it's not where they want to be in their walk. Blessings and Maranatha!

  6. Wish I could've seen it this cloudy and rainy I wasn't able too... =(

    1. I saw it yesterday morning, but this morning was cloudy as well. It seems the whole country was cloudy this morning!

    2. We were "under (grey) cover" for quite a while now. But today suddenly the bright white FLOODLIGHT "sun" was switched on again! LOL :D (this can never be the real sun, the angle of entry in the afternoon is way too high for mid-November too)


  7. Brad, yesterday the Pastor was teaching on the 7 churches and this week just happened to be Thyatira. When he read 2:28 I almost jumped out of my seat! And I will give him the morning star...

    Also on Friday I was sitting in my car at an intersection, just thinking about the conjunction today and how the people who are left behind really have no idea what's coming (if it happened today) when "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas started playing:

    "Oh Monday morning couldnt guarantee that Monday evening you would still be here with me."

    I'm sure it was just Baalamic, but still...

    As for this morning, It was foggy here. Plus, my view of the eastern horizon is blocked by the houses on the other side of the street. :(

    1. Thank you dear Brian for you thoughts, this is help for me indeed! The Lord speaks to us and shows us His plan and every His following step! We are to watch and wait! Maranatha!
      2Cor 5:4-8
      Heb 10:35-37
      Rev 22:20

  8. I just pondered Daniel 12:12 again... I know it doesn't necessarily refer to "our" time of endurance before the rapture but some prophecies have multiple meaning / fulfillment in fact. So I calculated the days from first lunar tetrad 4/15/2014 by adding 1,335 days and the result was 12/9/2017. Any thoughts? :)

    1. Hi Annabel. The only thought I have at the moment is that on Torah Calendar, it is the Va Yeshev Sabbath reading re the selling of Joseph into Egyptian slavery by his brothers. It means "and he lived" and is the 9th Torah portion of the year after the 8th last day
      that closes out Tabernacles. Could it have something to do with Israel's bad deal with the AC/Egypt coming soon? I don't know but a deeper study might reveal something of interest.
      Blessings, Sister :-)

    2. Hello again, Annabel. My thought is a question: I don't see any lunar tetrad mentioned in Daniel 12:12 (or the surrounding verses). So why do you think that the 1,335 days mentioned in that verse should commence on that date?

      I'm just guessing, of course, but from way back here in the cheap seats, it looks like you're just desperately poking around for a new, not-too-distant future date to hang your Rapture hopes on.

      While we're here, I've got a related question for the experts: I just noticed that 12/9/2017 is exactly 21 weeks from my last birthday. And we all know that 21 = 7 x 3 (the number of completeness times the number of Persons in the Godhead). Is this significant? Why or why not?

    3. If the rapture happens on 12/9/2017, then it is incredibly relevant...just sayin. Is your goal on this site to police how people are watching....because that's what your "watching" feels like to me. : )

      Maybe we should change the name of this website from Rev12daily to

      Love you Gerry!!!

    4. Yo, Lance M.

      My goal is simply to help my brothers and sisters in Christ live happier and healthier Christian lives. To be a light in the darkness to the (as yet) unsaved, and a solid rock for the already saved. To help baby Christians to grow in strength and grace. To spend less time on an emotional roller coaster and more time on relatively smooth seas, steadily approaching that Golden Shore. To do this, we must all commit ourselves to "testing all things and holding fast only that which is good," 1 Thessalonians 5:21. We must learn to distinguish between meaningful convergences and mere coincidences, between astronomy and astrology, between chemistry and alchemy, etc.

      We must Eschew evil (in all its forms, including superstition, gullibility, and wishful thinking) and do (not just talk about) good, 1 Peter 3:11. Good of all kinds. My 12-year-old son was practicing his piano today and I said to him, "Wouldn't it be great if you got raptured right now and found yourself sitting at the greatest pipe organ in the universe?" Then later, when I was mopping the floor, he said, "Wouldn't it be great if you got raptured right now and found yourself sweeping streets paved with gold?" Well, if Jesus finds me teaching piano lessons or sweeping the floor (instead of "watching" or "witnessing door-to-door") when he comes, I'm okay with that, Psalm 84:10.

      But back to this site. I still think we would all benefit from an article (or series of articles) about how to distinguish solid evidence from wishful thinking; solid arguments from sloppy syllogisms. An article that hopefully Brad would post here. If anybody would like to help me compose such a thing, just write me directly ( and we'll get started.

    5. Sorry...response got attached to the bottom for some reason

    6. So why don't you just go start your own website where you can supervise who gets to think what, DJ?
      This is a site where people WANT to discuss the topics we discuss here without having someone in the "cheap seat" constantly being rude about what we want to share. You might shepherd a flock somewhere...I don't know...but you are not THE shepherd, my friend. And we already have one here. I am happy for you that you have a family who shares your musical interests and all, but there are some here who do not have that luxury and we want to encourage one another with hope and faith, and love, not beat each other up with stiff, snarky doctrine. You are scoffing and you are now mocking. Go back and read some of your posts, DJ, then take another look at the Word concerning that endeavor. Please don't keep after it in such a manner. Just as we cannot set a certain day for when the Rapture is, you cannot say when it is not. It is not wise to try to set yourself up as having the authority to enter into a fellowship of Christian believers and set about ripping them apart. That is not reflective of a true pastor or a teacher.

    7. Sheila B: So why don't you just go start your own website where you can supervise who gets to think what, DJ?

      DJ: it's not my job to "supervise who gets to think what." I'm just a member of the Body contributing what I've discovered; here a little, there a little. Why do you insist on discouraging diversity of opinion on Brad's blog?

      Sheila B: This is a site where people WANT to discuss the topics we discuss here without having someone in the "cheap seat" constantly being rude about what we want to share.

      DJ: That is what YOU want the blog to be. Is that for you to decide? If so, ban me (and anyone like me) and you'll get your wish.

      Sheila B: You are not THE shepherd, my friend.

      DJ: THE shepherd is Jesus, 1 Peter 5:4. I'm one of His sheep, as I assume you are, and we are both members of same Body. Why are you so anxious to pluck out an eye?

      Sheila B: ...we want to encourage one another with hope and faith, and love, not beat each other up with stiff, snarky doctrine.

      DJ: I'm not beating anyone up. I'm just saying what I see; that's what seers do. If you want hope, faith, and love, listen to my songs:

      Sheila B: You are scoffing and you are now mocking.

      DJ: Scoffing and mocking obvious contradictions and superstitious nonsense, yes. Scoffing and mocking the Bible, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Rapture, etc? God forbid! My beliefs are in my song...

      ...and I'm pretty sure there's no heresy in those words:


      I believe in God, the Father, Creator of all things. (Gen 1:1)
      And I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son. (John 1:1-5)
      And I believe in the Spirit, and the gifts the Spirit brings. (1 Cor 12:4,8-10)
      And I believe that all three Persons are but One. (Mark 12:29)

      I believe the virgin Mary was the mother of my King; (Luke 1:26-35)
      That He is truly man, and truly God's own Son. (Heb 4:15)
      And I believe, under Pilate, He was crucified for me; (Mark 15:15)
      And that He died, and rose the third day, and will come. (Luke 23:46; 24:6-7; Acts 1:11)

      I believe all men are sinners and cannot save themselves; (Rom 3:23)
      That we are saved by grace, and ransomed at a cost. (Ephesians 2:8; 1 Cor 6:19-20)
      And I believe that God so loved us that He gave His only Son. (John 3:16))
      And I believe that all who don't believe are lost. (John 3:18)

      I believe the words of Scripture, and God's words, are the same. (2 Tim 3:16)
      And I believe that in their hearing we are fed. (Luke 4:4)
      And I believe prayer can change things, prayed in faith and Jesus' name. (John 14:12-14; James 1:6)
      And I believe that faith without faith's works is dead. (James 2:26)

      And so I look for His appearing up on high! (1 Thes 5:15-18)
      And I believe a crown awaits me, if He comes, or if I die - (2 Tim 4:8)
      For I have loved my Lord's appearing;
      I have loved my Lord's appearing in the sky.


      Sheila B: Just as we cannot set a certain day for when the Rapture is, you cannot say when it is not.

      DJ: Watch me. The Rapture was not in 1988, not in 2015, not in 2016, not on 9/23/3017, not on 11/13/2017, etc. And anyone who suggested that it might be was obviously wrong. The healthy thing is to look back and see why all those hopeful dates didn't pan out. What did we miss? How can we avoid the same mistakes in the future?

      Sheila B: It is not wise to try to set yourself up as having the authority to enter into a fellowship of Christian believers and set about ripping them apart.

      DJ: I'm just another poster on a public forum, Sheila. I have no more (or less) authority than anyone else (aside from Brad, of course). If you want to make this a members only coterie, you need to talk to Brad, not me. Or you and your friends could simply ignore my posts.

    8. DJ I take this last sentence of yours as a real word. YEP. Will do that, thank you. So no reason for you as well to ask or respond to further comments of mine as I intended to ignore them. Take care, MARANATHA! Romans 14:22

    9. Dear Sheila & Annabel , thank U for the replies to DJ. Have wanted to chime in myself for a while now to ALL his rebuttals but have not because sometimes I don't word my writings as eloquently as some of you girls. Very well said Sheila - he just needs to start his own blog ,website or whatever. its very apparent he does not agree with our belief of the VERY soon return of Jesus . But, u know the devil will do ANYTHING to halt the return of Jesus even if it means planting that seed into a believers mind of don't listen to all that prophecy stuff you've still got 200 years here before Christ comes back . I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson and granddaughters and it' s ok with me to know they probably will never reach adulthood here on earth. I had MUCH rather know my grandchildren are spending eternity in heaven with Jesus ( yes my girls are saved ) than to know they have to grow up in this rotten sinful world where it is a struggle everyday with the devil. Thank U brad for this website this and has been a true blessing .

    10. Donna, I'm so much yearning for seeing your grandchildren in the Kingdom of righteousness together with all children of God I cannot tell you. I'm not desperate but terribly homesick now. Much love to you and yours!

  9. This could happen anytime today or tomorrow! Yesterday we had 3 very string earth quakes and in iran and iraq now those are birth pains in very diverce places ! I have seen alot of time lines that pick today 13 and tomorrow the 14th and also alot of people are looking to december and specifically towards January 2018 as they have come to see that 2017 and 2018 the years kinda some how are the same and i dont know about you guys but winter isn't a normal winter anymore the signs are all around us in abundance we could be going home very soon ! I have met many believers and non believers who both are seeing the signs with many questions but all agree we are living in the end times no question about that ! We need to pray and watch and also we need to witness and make a plan for things we can leave behind to help others when we leave because many will need all they can use to try to survive 7 years of tribulation ! The holy spirit is waking many people up spread the gospel yes we will be prosecuted and others will mock and scoff but thats ok let them at least we plant a sead and we DONT DENY CHRIST EVER !!! AMEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS !!! WE SHOULD ALWAYS LOOK UP AND WATCH FOR OUR BLESSED HOPE AND IM SAYING IT WE ARE CLOSE ITS AT THE DOOR LOVE YOU ALL IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND THE SON OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST AMEN !

  10. The revelation 12 sign woke many people up and it was just the start domt fall asleep and keep the faith !

  11. Just found the new Paul Dawson's video The Tuesday Wedding, very short, just in time. I'm going to look. Maranatha!

  12. Daniel Matson posted this on his Facebook page:
    (which includes Paul Dawson’s video) :)

    Paul Dawson:
    Exodus 19:16 And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled. 17 And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the nether part of the mount.
    Note: Keep in mind that the whole world needed to see the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in the morning. I'm in the UK and saw it 2 hours after Israel. The East Coast of U.S saw it 5 hours after the UK. So thus the next "day" after the world had the opportunity to see the conjunction would be Tuesday.
    Jewish Weddings on Tuesdays
    Genesis Double Blessing
    Jesus' First Miracle
    The Last Supper on a Tuesday
    Jupiter enters Libra (Holy Altar) on Tuesday

  13. This has been a time of preparation before the Lord Prayer for fellows loved ones and waiting patiently for God's perfect timing. Yes Paul Dawson s
    video is a blessing

  14. Got it...sounds a little Socialistic to me. You know how everyone should experience growth? Part of sanctification is learning the ups & downs and how to maneuver them. The Bible never promises “smooth seas”...quote the opposite. In this world you will have tribulation. I’m less convinced today that I know how God will communicate to an individual....we’re all different.
    If someone came on here and said a donkey told them that God said....., would that be impossible. If someone said they fired up their BBQ to grill some steaks and a voice from the fire told them to take off their shoes because they were standing on holy ground...would that be “far-fetched”. If a humped back whale burped up a man on The San Diego coast who said judgement was coming...would that be too much of an emotional roller coaster to believe?

    But yes, you’re right, God would never deliver confirmation through a license plate....because he would want it to make sense to us.

    1. My fault you got bumped down, Lance M. I wish I had held back. That is what I call wisdom, Brother.

    2. Lance: Got it...sounds a little Socialistic to me. You know how everyone should experience growth?

      DJ: 1 Corinthians 12:25-26

      Lance: Part of sanctification is learning the ups & downs and how to maneuver them. The Bible never promises “smooth seas”...quote the opposite. In this world you will have tribulation.

      DJ: True, but tribulation comes from world without. Jesus promises peace, John 14:27, and an easy yoke, Matthew 11:30, to those who carry only the burdens He asks them to carry. It's self-inflicted wounds I'm hoping to prevent.

      Lance; I’m less convinced today that I know how God will communicate to an individual....we’re all different.

      DJ: The tongue is not a hand, and the eye is not an ear, sure. But the ear and eye should both be capable of recognizing and rejecting nonsense when they see and hear it; and the tongue and hand should both beware of propagating nonsense when speaking or writing.

      Lance: If someone came on here and said a donkey told them that God said....., would that be impossible?

      DJ: impossible, no. But if what he said contradicted the Bible and/or the thing failed to materialize, I would think such a one should be ignored. Ditto for your other examples.

      Are you saying that we need to "suffer fools gladly" (2 Corinthians 11:19) and refrain from critical analysis of anything just because, theoretically speaking, everything is possible?

    3. DJ...No I'm not saying we should we should "suffer fools gladly". I'm just saying that the person you call a fool is the same person Christ died for. You're focused on protecting "babes in Christ", I would ask about your youngest.....when he was younger (say 5) did you ever play the game where you take his nose? Did you then tell him he was a fool for believing that his nose could be taken? Of course probably laughed together.

      I'm not talking about establishing doctrine, I'm talking about how God communicates with us. I'll illustrate with a parable I've written.

      There were two mega sports & outdoors stores (think Cabela's) that opened next door to each other. Both stores had pretty much the same equipment.

      However, store A had a fishing department that included multitudes of rods/reels to account for all the different types of fishing scenarios. Store A had an endless supply of lures to account for various conditions. Conditions such as:
      Fresh water vs Salt water
      Water type - rivers, streams, small lakes, big lakes
      Where to fish - shallow water, deep water, top water, bottom fishing
      What type of fish - Bass, Trout, Catfish, etc, etc.
      How to fish - Bank, Boat, Wading

      Store B had the same amount of fishing equipment, but store B only carried one type of Rod/Reel, as well as one lure...granted, a huge supply, but only one lure. Store B's philosophy was that all fish live under water, have gills & scales, and swim.

      1. Which store do you think will attract more customers?
      2. Of the store's customers, which set of customers do you think will be more successful when they go fishing?

      My main point is that I don't claim to know how the creator of the universe communicates with the 7+ billion people on this planet....or how the Spirit is pursuing each of the ones yet saved. What you and I may think is "far-fetched" may be how God is drawing someone in. Again, I agree with you, not to establish doctrine, and I don't think anyone is saying "Thus saith my McDonald's receipt".

      When I hear someone say they've received a message from Jesus, I confess, it sounds warning bells for me, but how do I know they haven't. Again, it's where discernment comes in...everything has to be vetted against the Bible (which you said).

    4. Hey Sheila B!! No worries... I got signed out and when I signed back in, I got bumped to the bottom. Hope things are well with you and yours!

    5. Good points, Lance. I think my salvation experience is a fitting example. I’ve been saved while reading about a woman’s near-death experience. When I’ve read that she met Jesus Himself, suddenly, it was like lights have been switched up for me, it was like being struck by lightning (not literally but it is the closest metaphor I can find), I’ve been struck and shaken in my whole world (in an amazing way) by the sudden discovery and totally new knowledge that Jesus Christ is a real, living Person who is very much alive! I know that the Lord Himself has been opening my eyes back then as He flooded me with His wonderful love which I can’t compare to anything! He Himself gave me my faith to believe in Him as well, because before this event was in the dark. I was curious if God does truly exist, -which was Him drawing me to Himself- but even if I’ve heard the Gospel a few times before, it has never been a heart-knowledge to me, not to mention that there was a period of time when I’ve been totally sure that the whole Bible is a mythical fairytale and I’ve been looking down on those who believed it. Then the Lord has opened my eyes to Himself! Later on, as I was growing in Him and He led me, I discovered that the book I’ve read about that woman’s near-death experience was utter New Age garbage! It was total New Age junk, yet the Lord used it to open my eyes! Did He know that I probably won’t open a Bible? I don’t know! But now I see that He could even use the junk that the enemy sets up as deception, PRAISE TO HIM! Do I say that all roads lead to God? Of course NOT, far from it!!!! The Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only way to God the Father, He is the Way, the Life and the Truth! He Himself is the narrow way to life while the religions of this world –and all the other ways and lies of Satan- lead to destruction. What I meant to say with all of that is the simple fact that the Lord can glorify Himself in unexpected ways. I’m also thinking of all the wonderful (and often miraculous) stories of how some people are getting saved in the Middle-East, in Asia and Africa, at all the places where the Church is persecuted.

    6. Thanks, Lance M.
      I usually hate that sign out button but there is a time or two when it probably saved me from myself and reminded me to try and be more measured like you do so well. That
      old honky tonk bartender of 25 yrs tries to get back
      out every once in
      awhile ;-)
      Blessings, Brother!

    7. Lance asks: I would ask about your youngest.....when he was younger (say 5) did you ever play the game where you take his nose? Did you then tell him he was a fool for believing that his nose could be taken?

      I reply, Actually, no. I was too busy at that time, explaining to him that there was no such thing as Santa Claus, that only God (as the song says) "knows when you are sleeping, knows when you're awake, knows when you've been good or bad, etc," and how he should deal with his deceived friends on that issue.

      Lance: Which store do you think will attract more customers?

      DJ: I suspect the one with more variety (and hopefully more uncensored customer reviews).

      Lance: Of the store's customers, which set of customers do you think will be more successful when they go fishing?

      DJ: I imagine the ones who study up BEFORE they go shopping, and who are thus able to distinguish quality products from cheap junk.

      I'm not against variety of opinions, Lance; I'm simply in favor of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in open forums. It's not me saying, "Get your own website and leave us alone."

      Lance: When I hear someone say they've received a message from Jesus, I confess, it sounds warning bells for me, but how do I know they haven't? Again, it's where discernment comes in...everything has to be vetted against the Bible (which you said).

      DJ: Vetted against the Bible, yes. And common sense. And history. And reason. But if the discerning spirit is cast out as a detested thing, how will the vetting ever get done?

    8. DJ,

      “Vetted against the Bible, yes.” I agree, we should always turn to the Scriptures first, like the Bereans did, and prayerfully seek the Lord about everything. Asking Him and waiting on Him for direction and wisdom, which He gladly grants as He promised.

    9. Thanks again, DJ. Keep speaking the truth in love, as you have been doing. Hopefully after there have been enough failed dates and failed dreams and failed timelines and failed numbers and failed feelings and failed special messages, you will still be here, encouraging the sheep to turn back to the perfect and complete Word of God.

    10. Good thing that the Lord keeps communicating with us. I don't think that the messages which are from Him are failing. We should use discernment, seeking the Lord in everything. Even so, we mess things up at times, that also happens. (Personally, I'm not a fan of timelines, I think it's too complex for human calculations.)

    11. It seems to me that much of the "more sure word of prophecy" (2 Peter 1:19) was intentionally obscure because it was not intended so much to predict but to confirm (AFTER THE FACT). This was necessary so fallen angels, the "princes of this world," who desire to look into such things (1 Peter 1:12), wouldn't mess up God's plan (1 Corinthians 2:8).

      Sure, the devils understood enough to know who Jesus was (Luke 4:34), and Jesus thought enough was revealed so even mere humans should have recognized him (Matthew 16:2-4); but that was it: the Master Plan remained hidden. So some prophecies were temporarily sealed (Daniel 12:4; Revelation 10:4), while other, more recent ones, were not (Revelation 22:10).

      Perhaps some prophecies are not clear to us now because they are intended, not as predictions, but as after-the-fact confirmations of the Rapture -- and are addressed, not to us, but to the elect Jews who will be "provoked to jealousy" by our sudden disappearance (Romans 10:19, Romans 11:11) and who will then be "grafted back into their own olive tree" (Romans 11:23-24) when their spiritual eyes are opened during the Tribulation.

      It's curious that Israel is represented by an OLIVE tree, rather than a FIG tree, in those verses.

    12. I don't think Satan or his fallen ones could alter God's plan one iota. When I was a new Christian I used to think that God must have endless plans, and he therefore had a plan that would answer whatever we did with our freewill. Then I came to realize that God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and He exists outside of time. He has seen what we, and Satan, and everyone will do before the thoughts even occur to us.
      Is 46:10 says, "I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, 'My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please'.
      I came to realize He has one plan, and it is the only plan. I do agree that the plan is obscured....obscured in the future that only God can see.

      Good observation on the Olive tree. Maybe grafting Olive trees was a common practice during that time and thus an understandable analogy, but that's just conjecture on my part. Could also be that oil is associated with the HS, so maybe the olive tree grafting symbolizes a spiritual grafting, while the fig tree represents the physical?

    13. Lance dear brother, indeed same thoughts to me about OLIVE (= Holy Spirit) and FIGS (= fruits of the Spirit). I think the picture is quite obvious. Israel will be the source of spiritual healing of the whole world once again Zechariah 8:23 after Jesus hadn't found any fruits amongst them when visiting His people the first time and cursed the fig tree Mark 11:14

  15. DJ,

    Probably the best reason I could give you why I don’t think that we have plus 200 years left is the existence of the modern state of Israel. (To reflect on some of the things you mentioned in another thread.) I really believe so that the Lord wouldn’t have brought the Jewish people back to their homeland if we weren’t at the very end of the end times. The sign of the fig tree of Israel starting to put forth its leaves, I believe so that this was the kick-starter of the prophetic clock, also a very significant sign to the last generation which will also witness the Second Coming of the Lord. Even if I take Israel out of my focus and look at the dark and volatile state of the world around me which seems to be getting closer and closer to the brink of utter chaos and destruction, I honestly don’t believe that this world could last for a few more decades, not to mention for 200 more years. The birth pangs Jesus prophesied about are also clearly visible and nothing will make them stop, they’re becoming stronger and more frequent exponentially and with the convergence of other prophetic fulfillments in progress, they’re all pointing to a rapidly nearing end. The one and only reason that gives me meaning for staying here a while longer is for other people to get saved. The Lord is gracious and merciful and He doesn’t want anyone to perish. Otherwise there’s nothing that makes me want to stay in this world despite that I’m in the young adult age group. On one hand, I understand that you’d like to see your son growing up and for you to have grandchildren as you mentioned, on the other hand, think about what this world -that’s growing worse and worse in breakneck speed- could offer to them. On the bright side, you can still see your son growing up happily in the heavenly realm if the Lord will rapture us in the not too distant future. (Okay, I have to add that I don’t know exactly how change of age and “growing up” goes in Heaven when children are getting there but it will surely be something that won’t disappoint any of us!)

    1. well stated Nora, Blessing to you.

      Donna N

    2. Thank you, Donna, blessings to you too! :--)

    3. Nora, I had no idea that you were in the young adult bracket. You always sound so mature in your words while at the same time having a tempered softness. Believe it or not, I have learned from you. Just not there yet. And I am much older 😂.
      Your story sounds somewhat like mine regarding some new age bunk nudging me toward the Truth.
      I was reading that L. Ron Hubbard junk and thought oh, God, this cannot be it! I started going up to sit on my rooftop night after night to talk to God and ask Him if He was really there. (Yes, Lance M., I like the rooftop, but I haven't sold everything...I'll just gladly leave it behind for whoever:-).
      3 years of asking, then one fine day
      by ?!coincidence?!
      a KJV Bible was laying in the middle of the street at the end of my driveway. And not only did I begin to read it, I began to understand what it said as The Holy Spirit opened up my hard heart. It's been a life changing journey ever since. When I think about how He wanted me, a nobody born in a dusty little old trailer park in Lubbock, Texas who'd lived a fairly rough and tumble life, how He, the God of all creation, wanted me to know Him and belong to Him, I kneel mute before Him and pray for the Holy Spirit to utter that which I do not know how to put into words.
      I just thank you, all of Sisters and Brothers and Brad and family for being here in this present time as we FOCUS (that's for me) on Him and His return for us.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.


    5. Dear Sheila, all the credit goes to the Holy Spirit because sadly, I have a quick temper! Every time I feel my temper rising, I also feel the Holy Spirit emerging and pushing it neatly back :--) as He helps me to collect my thoughts and leads me in all I should write and say, while He gives me wonderful peace, He is truly awesome!!! He always puts it, at times weights it, on my heart to represent Him properly. (Not saying that I’m always succeeding, oh no, but I’m learning, it’s always the best to let Him lead me!) I do like to hear about how the Lord is working in others’ lives, thanks for sharing your story!

    6. Sheila's all becoming clear now. I am familiar with the West Texas plains as I spent 4 years there as a Red Raider. Love the people in that part of the world!

    7. Hey Lance M.
      I love that Raider mascot. Reminds me of Yosemite Sam, my favorite toon guy, next to Foghorn Leghorn,
      of course,
      I say, I say son....
      Bless you, Brother!

  16. I'll be frank. I've limited my posting here lately. I find much dissension and judgement that was not here previously. I've found my last few visits after leaving I did not feel challenged or uplifted, but uncomfortable and unwilling to bring up things I once would have done freely. Words are very powerful and so is Scripture, but they were never meant to be used to bludgeon another nor to make anyone feel "less than". I have every right to disagree with a scriptural viewpoint, however I have the responsibility to do so kindly and without being judgmental. Many things I was absolutely convinced I knew and understood correctly years ago, the Lord in His gracious mercy used other believers with kind hearts and non-cutting words or judgement to open my eyes to see another viewpoint or a clearer explanation of what was meant. When my heart was right and open, the new information sent me to the Word to study and to my knees to pray. I have learned to listen to new believers, old believers and non-believers and then filter what they've brought to my attention through the Word of God and His Holy Spirit. I am then free to eat the meat and spit out the bones. One who already knows everything has no need of another and makes a very poor teacher. Blessings - Sherry

    1. Thank you Sherry, amen to your every word! All of this is exactly what happened to me last years. But I need your comments very much, Sherry indeed! You are a real builder of precious stones, silver and gold! We are to wait yet very short time! I can repeat once more Thank you! Very much Blessings!

    2. And that's why we need you, Sherry. You always provide intelligent, inspiring and thought provoking spiritual food. I know I am a bit rough around the edges myself but I truly love being able to come here and learn so much from so many different angles from such awesome devoted Christians. I read the posts at Unsealed as well without commenting just to learn more. I do need to get a better handle on stepping behind my Savior quicker and letting His input take precedence. Blessings, Sister:-)
      Even so, Lord, come!

    3. Thank you, Miguel. I looked at that post and had a feeling telling me to leave it alone. Blessings good Brother!

    4. You are welcome. That vulgar attempt should remind us that the world is watching us while we watch for Jesus. I pray that they will know us by our love. We are new creatures. 2 Corinthians 5 is a good one to meditate on. I pray that they will see Jesus in us and seek Him and find Him. You and so many others have been a true blessing. I am encouraged and strengthened as we wait expectantly for our Lord. I am not disappointed by the dates, because to me it is clear that we are giving our best guess and we know we are fallible creatures and that God is in charge. (I say that knowing we must also be careful not to cause someone to stumble over our errors.) His timing is perfect.

      It feels and looks like it is almost time for Him to snatch us away. Look at all the reasons we have to believe it will happen soon: current situation in Israel and the middle east, current level of disasters and troubling news, recent signs in the heavens, present level of Godlessness and selfism, and many other things. I just cannot see this continuing much longer than a few months maximum. Best I can tell from all of our discussions though we may see a worldwide event or an abomination in Israel first. ( has some interesting analysis of scripture. I am still in the process of trying to understand it all, though.)

      I personally am spending a lot of time looking at prophetic scripture and trying to understand. I am still not sure whether we will figure out the date very precisely. Look how many we have to work with still though, Hanukkah, Christmas, early January, Passover, Pentecost, Ascension day, etc...and so many others still in a time frame that makes the great sign make sense as a marker.

      Anyway, that's where I am currently. My focus is on Christ and watching is one of His assignments for me along with spreading the gospel and living in obedience to Him every day.

    5. Amen, Miguel. Right now I'm just watching for today, looking up and thinking any given moment, Lord.

  17. Hi all! Thank you very much for all your thoughts and reasonings! I think that's what we need to do now. We are all sitting in the Ark, it's not yet sealed, the signs are happening in exact time and place, then the Lord shows us His plan and its fulfillment, wich is truly ahead. He was never slow to execute the judgements, which He proclaimed – the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon and many other examples in the Old and New Testaments. Delay can only be explained by the time necessary for the salvation of the redeemed. I think about the Flood now and study Gen 7:1-4 (KJV).
    Dan showed it today in his Facebook site, very interesting. He says here:
    "The signs speak of our birth and meeting our Savior, yet here we are… So all I can say is Watch, be patient (so many have been), and be ready…"
    Much Blessings and very much Hope! Rom 5:5 Maranatha!

    1. Thanks for mentioning this, Alla! I took a quick look at Dan Matson’s facebook page. In his latest post he says that others pointed it out to him that the Ark wasn’t sealed at the very first day. I checked the Bible (Genesis 7) and indeed, that’s true! The Lord warned Noah that after 7 days He’ll flood the earth, told him to get on the Ark with his family. Then, animals started to get into the Ark. The Lord sealed the Ark the same day the Flood started. I assume, the 7 days long waiting period happened because of 2 reasons: besides that Noah and his family needed some time to move all their stuff into the Ark, the enormous amount of animals also needed this 7 days long period of time to migrate into the Ark. Last but not least, the Lord gave this waiting period to all the “unbelievers” as an opportunity to change their mind and join Noah and his family on the Ark. Sadly, no one changed their minds, which is staggering to ponder!

    2. Alla! Wow! Thank you. As many times as I have poured over this chapter over the years and did not see that huge detail.
      And I love your analogy above. What a picture, Sister! I can almost feel that old magnificent ark rising up on the billows. Bless you much, Dear Sister and wishing I could take you by the hand right now!

    3. Years ago I took some training which flowed out of the KS City Prophets, a move of the Spirit which I know has its own share of controversy amongst Evangelicals and Watchers which I do not want to re-open, but simply citing source. Nonetheless, though I cannot recall the well-known name who had shared, in one series of trainings, the idea of our Lord's "Strategic Delays" .

      I found the idea to be common at times when our Abba works His Will with His Peoples and such a "delay" while we, perhaps, find ourselves sitting in the boat, is consistent with His Ways, even if the delay really is only a perceived delay, as we have already discussed here at length. Doing a little research online to maybe find an article to help unpack this idea to share here I came across one which uses the Wise/Foolish Virgins parable to frame the teaching. Here are a couple quotes and the link and the original writing is from Breakthrough Prayer: Praying God's Truth, Destroying Enemy Lies by Debbie Przybylski. Some good thoughts, well stated, also here about why Watching, SPECIFICALLY, is NOT harmful, when dates pass, FOR THOSE CENTERED ON CHRIST, not a joy ride out.

      “The Lord, in the time of strategic delay, will bring the peoples of the earth to the point at which His intervention is absolutely necessary, and He will orchestrate the timing of that intervention to bring maximum glory to His own Name. Those who have oil in abundance, who have cultivated intimacy with Jesus by the Holy Spirit, will understand with a much greater degree of peace and rest what His strategies are, and will find the grace to cooperate with them.”

      “I know many intercessors who have grown weary in the waiting, skeptical that the promises will be fulfilled, because their eyes are focused on the resolution of issues rather than on the Person of Jesus. Their goal is the realization of prophetic promises instead of deepening intimacy with Jesus, and thus their reward remains external. When the fulfillment of their dreams and promises is delayed, discouragement and weariness take their toll. By contrast, those whose hearts are rooted and grounded in the love of the Lord and whose relationship is one of intimate friendship, have the resources to stand strong.” - Che Ahn



    4. Jimboni,

      I'm all in for building a deep, meaningful, loving and intimate relationship with the Lord even if I strongly disagree with some of the points of this article. I truly believe so that born again believers in Christ simply can’t run out of the Holy Spirit. The reason for cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord shouldn’t be out of worry that otherwise we’ll run out of the oil of the Holy Spirit eventually and He’ll leave us behind in the rapture claiming that He never knew us. I’m amazed (angrily shocked I have to admit) how people could slip their works based theology even into the most sacred subject of our loving relationship with the Lord! Don’t get me wrong dear brother I’m not saying any of that against you! Again, I agree with the sole fact that having a deeply rooted, loving relationship with the Lord is the most important thing in our lives and it is the one and only eligible source of our endurance in all circumstances! It would be a very much needed and good thing for all people to realize that He is TRULY having our backs!

    5. p.s.: A few additional thoughts on the Holy Spirit’s relationship with us in the New Covenant. The Bible says that He is the guarantee the Lord gave to us, He guarantees our inheritance. He is also sealed within us. How long? Until we mess things up? No, He is sealed within us firmly until the day of our redemption, praise the Lord! I might add that our righteousness is not our own, the Lord imputed to us His own righteousness; we can’t enter Heaven any other way. Lastly, according to the Bible the Lord shed Blood is sufficient enough to cover all our sins. Based on all of that, I believe so that the Lord will take every one of us who are sealed by His Holy Spirit in the rapture, regardless of how messed up some Christian believers’ relationship with Him at that point in time will be. Keeping us sealed by His Holy Spirit is His part in our relationship and unlike us, He is always faithful and He is just. As I mentioned, He is truly having our backs.

  18. Dear family, after Wednesday is close at hand now (LOL!) and there was still no wedding with our groom I'm again very convinced that we ought to look after the "other heavenly sign" (the dragon of Rev12:3-4) again. Guess what: the perfect NASA cover up delusion begins to crumble!! Please check out current videos on YTC of "Jeff P", "SO SuspiciousObservers" and "Planet X Physicist" for background information, mind-boggling interesting.

    This one's from last year but it explains pretty well what this all is about: NASAs sun simulator caught on video (RFB Sep2016) so that you get a quick overview what the other channels are dealing with. After checking some EU webcams again I can testify seeing the same effects with sun, moon and hexagonal lense flare reflections etc. And this facticious white floodlight sun in November at my place... It's happening. Now. No reason to go back to sleep again or be disappointed. I truly think ONLY Revelation 12 will give us the right key to understanding now. No feast days, no constellations. Just observe the "other sign" in Heaven. Stay blessed altogether, MARANATHA! :)

  19. Annabel, I love your passion and clarity, even if we do commonly find you living so far off the Reservation that I am sure there is no zip code there. Your trail you are inviting us on is SO removed from what we THINK is the world around us that it is very difficult to explore. Having invested so much into the digging thus far, the idea of now investigating and working to discern Truth in a new realm well over my head, to a degree (no pun intended but I'll take it), is intimidating, to say the least.

    While the huge scope of the deception you suggest is believable, in context, it seems so unverifiable and so beyond any real fact-checking that I have, thus far, let you be the agent working that section of the field and leave it alone, myself. However, the reality of the screen of deception created, if such be true, is so big and so effective at obscuring the SIGNS our Abba gives, it is compelling to open that box.

    Until then, however, I will take comfort that even the YUGE scope of what you are talking about, and our relative defenselessness in the face of such grand deceptions, further supports the idea that our Loving Abba must rescue us soon or there will simply be no hope for any of us to know anything (Matt 24:24). Even so, Maranatha!

    1. LOL Jimboni, didn't understand one word of what you said. What ZIP code and what Reservation? :))

    2. Jimboni, imho, the exhortation you posted above by Che Ahn is extremely timely. Thank you much for that.
      Over the past year, I have kept up with a lot of what Annabel speaks of and you are right that He's got to get us out per Matt. 24:24.
      She understands way more of it than I do but I believe what we have all already seen w/i the entire scope of the Rev. 12 sign and unsealed prophecies were pretty much in the nick of time before an unimaginable deception is played out. I kinda figure if they can portray this high tech stuff in the movies, they can probably actually do it. And I do pray so for those Saints who will be trying to stand strong in the faith during the coming years. Amazing Grace! And yes, Lord, come!

    3. Annabel, this IS just a perusing thought of my own of course, but I did read where Obama was officially elected on 12/09/08.
      Could he be making a comeback about that time? Stranger things may happen. But just to clarify, I have no idea who the AC will be and prefer not to know from this side of it. Maranatha!

    4. Annabel! I so laughed out loud at your post! HA! I was wondering how that might 'translate', or not. Being 'off the Reservation' is a figure of speech from the early American West where if a 'Native American' was spotted 'off the Reservation' they were beyond where they were supposed to be, i.e. the Reservation, or set-aside Native Lands. So, anyone beyond the boundaries conceptually of something can be said to be 'off the Reservation'. Zip Codes are what we call Postal Codes in the USA. Put the 2 together and the metaphor is simply saying that your model isn't just over our heads, its in a distant galaxy, metaphorically speaking, of course, ;) Maranatha!

    5. Aaaah now I see what you mean, brother! LOL yes I get that. I love to learn saying and expressions, have already learned much from using :=D Now I just have to add that it might be my privilege these days to be off work (employment) so that I can spend much time of the day to dig into what others may call 'conspiracy theory'. I have as well learned to winnow and I take my time to read comments of others to learn what Satan might tell them to believe about all this 'Nibiru' topic not only in a scientific manner but in a rather esoteric way. As you mention the Native Americans, I may add some pagan philosophy from the Hopi Indian tribe here which I understand might be some key to how the "strong delusion" of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 might look like and how it will work out with modern technology support (laser beams, holograms, new techniques of light bending etc) into Revelation 13:13-15 ! It very much resembles the Western pagan concept of the "dawning of the age Age of Aquarius" to which the well-known hymn of the musical 'Hair' had been sung in the 1960s. Now if you google the search key words "HOPI PROPHECY RED / BLUE KACHINA" you can read more about this. I also have read comments of deceived persons who think that the Holy Spirit of Jesus "The Advocate" will then manifest when the Messiah returns. That's how Satan twists the bible and you can already tell from someones YouTube comments today how they will be deceived in the near future. Sometimes I still try to share the true gospel to those but mostly I get scoffed myself. This belief system of seeing 'Nibiru' as some PURIFIER of mankind and not as Gods judgement on earth is very strong and common out there. Much love my friend! :)

    6. Jimboni, just another short note on what current optical technology is indeed able to do (this article is 10 years old now imagine what happened in the meantime!): "How to make an object invisible (MIT review 2007)" I'm myself not an expert to all this (I'm not even good at maths) but I am a person interested in science matters and have some God-given brain between my two ears to occupy. LOL! And I know from scriptures is that man is a 100% evil in Noahs days at 24/7, that Satan is master of deception and the father of lies but that everything he does will not be unrevealed in the end. Guess what: that's exactly the situation today.

    7. Interesting article, Annabel. As far as the Lord allows, if they can imagine it, they will perform it. Think Star Trek and holograms (Elvis and Celine performing together in Vegas) and Capt. Nemo And the Nautilus. (Nemo/Neom?...hmmm) might be a rabbit trail there kind of like of like the new IPhoneX, Phoenix rising thing. They do love to be crafty and the days are getting tricky to tread! Even so, Lord, come!

  20. Hi all! Thank you very much for your thoughts! We are close indeed! Nora, nobody changes their minds also today! Your reasoning is always very deep, thank you! I'm not sure that the Lord gives us these 7 days, we don't need anymals and food supplies to the Trip! He has very good reasons to this delay, Jimbony is right, thank you for this research and quots! Rom 11:33
    Sheila, I also want to see your soon as possible, thank you very much! It is very-very soon indeed!
    Annabel, thank you for your great work and research! I appreciate your deep studies about Rev 12, and the Book Revelation! I think your picture of these events is very plausible. Rev 1:3
    I look now Stellarium and see, that Jupiter crosses the boundary from Virgo to Libra in this very time! In Israel is already Wednesday, and in Germany also. We need now to have ears to hear the Lord's call for His Bride! Very much Blessings to you all! Maranatha!

    1. Alla D, your words are a Berakah, or Blessing, in Hebrew. Thank you especially for sharing the story from Stellarium! I know our Abba's Heart is also Blessed by our eager watching, like a Bride, listening at the window for her Beloved, as we Watch. Maranatha!

    2. Dear Alla much blessings as well from my part! As you now mention Stellarium please call me 'off ZIP code again' if you will Jimboni LOL :) but here's sth interesting you can check out as well, just came across this video "Is SKYVIEW APP showing PX?" (not very professional but try 4ur self?) Much love to all of you!

  21. It is a blessing from the Lord to hear from each of you, the words of encouragement, a desire to serve Him no matter what day our Lord and savior arrives, andno matter what our eyes witness until He comes through the clouds to take us home.
    As I read the postings, the realization that the Lord hears our words knows the pages of these websites. We should only be encouraged, although we seek to know a specific time, we already know that He is coming at His appointed time. The season that we've experienced after the eclipse in the United States, the Revelation 12 sign, the conjunctions... should remind us that we have lifted up our eyes and looked up to the heavens for we know that our Redemption is drawing nigh. That is awesome I thank the Lord for each of you that you are doing so with love. While waiting on the Lord we continue to conduct our daily affairs, we continue to pray for our loved ones, we continue to work, we continue to deal with illness we can pray to deal with barriers that causes from functioning.
    But oh how awesome it is to know....while the Lord is preparing to bring this home He promises to take care of us and knows our every need Oh What A Savior, what a joy we have. Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend. Maranatha, the price has been paid we are set free and ready

  22. I know we are homesick but we must overcome. Even Paul longed to be in heaven with Jesus but he also knew that being on earth meant he could be about God's business.

    However, do you think Jesus wants his children spending all this time coming up with rapture days over and over again only to be let down? Days that people believe are inspired by God but in fact are false and most likely not from God. Instead, wouldn't Jesus prefer us to be doing his work and spreading the gospel? Isn't this what we should be focused on, not the next supposed rapture day. In fact, I am a post -trib believer and know clearly when Jesus told us that he is coming back for us...on the last day, after the tribulation, after the sun and moon don't give their light, after the rebellion AND the man of sin is revealed, etc. Therefore, we do not to be spending all this time guessing and connecting dots that are loosely based on his word. Yes we watch for signs but also we should find comfort in truly knowing when the Lord will return.

    We need to stay busy doing God's work and flee from traps like date setting that are causing heartache and arguments. Jesus wants us to be comforted by the fact that we will one day be in heaven with Him and we will escape the wrath that will come upon the unbelievers. Do not worry, God is with us always!

    The end is surely coming and we need to stay firmly in God's word so as not to be misled during these times of apostasy and deception.

    1. I’ve got a firm pre-trib rapture view but that isn’t stopping me to occupy till He comes. It was stressed many times by many people in this community how important it is to walk with the Lord, being involved in His work, (especially reaching the lost which is top priority of Christian believers). True, that we also come here to discuss various ideas and possibilities with each other which is a significant part of our watching.

    2. Not saying that a step back at times isn’t needed to look at the bigger picture, which also is a part of watching.

    3. Dear "Unknown" TY for your reminder but I actually don't think people here will not 'occupy til He comes' as Nora said. You cannot tell anyway what is PROPER occupation in Gods (!) eyes these days that pleases Him (!) - compare Malachi 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:19 to what we are doing here. You cannot generalize on that by putting the 'great commitment' imperative on every individual of this community as you cannot tell their individual task from God according to their position within the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12). Apart from that you might have some tough time here among all us pre-tribers LOL :) just because this is indeed sound doctrine and fully biblical (please consider watching Robert Breakers YTC video on the "Tribulation Gospel" he explains this very good). Much love & be blessed, MARANATHA!

    4. Dear Unknown, thank you for the encouragement that we truly are in His hands at all times.
      I am def pre-trib in my stance, but here's what I believe...if Christians were to flee from every topic that causes heartache, disagreement, or just disappointment, we would all have to leave the family and crawl into a cave somewhere so as not to ever be shaken. I believe the key is to clearly and resolutely speak the Gospel (1 Cor. 15), then allow each individual member of the Body the room to work out their own Salvation (Philip. 2:12) without mockery and attack, which in the natural can bring about a defensive posturing in our weaker, less prayerful moments (and I point the finger at myself here) causing the failure of
      (Philip. 2:14-15).
      It is a fine thing to share our personal positions in our walk, then leave it up to the Holy Spirit's decisive work in each of us. As the Author and Finisher of our faith, our Elohim will get us
      all exactly where He wants us to be. Much blessings to you and yours as we wait and Watch
      (Mark 13:37) for His glorious appearing!

    5. Part 1

      I am saddened. It's disappointing not to see the Rapture happen on any of the "high watch days" of the past couple months. I get it. I too long for His return!

      But, you know what else troubles me? Something that hurts much more than I thought it would? It's when I read about someone giving up on looking, searching, seeking that Day. It's when someone decides to give up on ACTIVELY watching for His return and go back to the 'it will happen when it happens' mindset like most believers. The 'pan-tribbers' as I call them. Your know, all the "It will all pan out in the end" crowd of brothers and sisters. Anyone out there tracking with me?

      When you watch a sporting event, you can sit passively in the stands and observe. When you go to a movie, you can sit still and relax, eat popcorn and drink a Diet Coke, but you really don't have to do anything. On the other hand, IMHO, when we're directed to 'watch' for His return, it is anything but a passive activity! Proverbs 25:2 says "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." To me, 'searching' is far different than 'watching'. Far different! At least that's the way I think about it.

      Anyway, searching doesn't take any of my time away from occupying, sharing the Good News, loving and serving others. But my renewed interest in 'searching' for the past year has indeed taken time away from my passively watching TV and other lesser important so called 'activities'. As an extra bonus, I'm more motivated than ever to share what I have already discovered (the key to eternal life), with others who are seeking!

    6. Sheila Dear what you mentioned above (hermitage) is exactly 1 Corinthians 5:9-10 :D that means in fact from the beginning that some monk isn't acting biblical at all. Just for notification. Blessings!

    7. Unknown says, " you think Jesus wants his children spending all this time coming up with rapture days over and over again only to be let down?"

      I reply, No, I don't. There a lots of more constructive things to do.

      Unknown continues, "Instead, wouldn't Jesus prefer us to be doing his work and spreading the gospel?"

      I replay, Agreed. And have you noticed that it gets harder and harder to get people to take you seriously as the failed predictions and the wishful-thinking articles, videos and posts continue to pile up? God help us! The community is looking more and more like a band of Gypsy soothsayers than a Body of sensible Believers.

      Unknown says, "I am a post-trib believer... We need to stay busy doing God's work and flee from traps like date setting that are causing heartache and arguments. "

      I reply, Well, think of that! A post-tribber and a pre-tribber (me) in unity about a current day problem and what we ought to do about it. Got to be the Holy Spirit in there someplace.

  23. Part 2

    When my kids were very young, I so enjoyed watching them work on little jigsaw puzzles. I watched their faces as they searched for the special piece they needed. If it didn't fit (and boy did they try to make it fit, as we sometimes try to do!), I could see the disappointment on their faces. But, it wouldn't last long! They'd just try another piece, and another, and another until they found the right one. We would cheer them on! Once again, I'd enjoy their little successes by watching their expressions. They eventually discovered that the effort, going piece by piece, trial and error, was actually fun! Sooner or later, they'd complete the puzzle and we'd celebrate again! They discovered that being diligent is indeed worthwhile.

    Have you ever hear the expression when someone is talking about taking a trip, they say "Getting there is half the fun!" Well, in our case, I'm sure the trip is nowhere close to being 'half the fun', because what awaits us at our destination is far, far beyond our imagination. Yet, the search, the 'working on the jigsaw puzzle', seeking the clues (signs) and attempting to figure them out, the turning over of each and every piece until you find what you're looking for, going outside and looking at the stars on a clear night, diligently studying God's prophetic Word ---- those activities define "search out a matter". At least in my humble, (but accurate) opinion. (ha!) Anybody with me on this, or am I just a confused and misdirected old man? (You don't answer that last part! Thank you!)

    Now, we find ourselves once again searching for the next piece. Maybe what we find next will fit, but maybe not. Each time we discover it doesn't fit, we have a decision to make. Either we give up and go back to our old routine, or we can chose to continue searching for the next piece. We will get there, but only if we keep searching!

    When I see Him face to face, I don't want hear Him ask me "Why did you give up on watching for me? You were so close! Did you got tired and lose interest each time the puzzle piece didn't fit perfectly?"

    Sorry for the ramblings of an old guy! I just wanted to offer what I can to encourage all of you that have been such a blessing to me!

    I, for one, am not about to give up. Are you with me?

    1. Absolutely Dennis, Amen to that! I'm certainly with you. God will ever reward such an attitude Malachi 3:16 / Matthew 24:46-47 and it will make him sad if we wouldn't even watch with him in this last and difficult period of time Matthew 26:40 Imagine how the groom must feel every single day He still cannot fetch His bride! He's waiting pretty 2,000 years now, how long do WE?? Much love...

    2. Dennis, I agree, I don’t want to give up on watching and waiting for the Lord either, I’ll continue to do so, including checking the puzzle pieces! :--) I don’t think that the Lord will blame anyone (in the Church) when we’ll finally meet (we all fell short to His Holy standards while having this sinful nature anyway). I expect it to be a wonderfully joyous event, experiencing Love and Truth without the current limitations of our flesh for the first time. (That’s just my own point of view of course.)

    3. So totally with you on this, Dennis. I, too, do a lot of puzzles with my grandson and it is fun to watch him as he is learning to think critically whether he knows it or not. There are some who really disagree with our taking delight in searching out our Yeshua's nearness while we watch and wait for His appearing. I am surrounded by them. They will come up with every distraction they can think of when they see my nose buried in study, research or sharing on this site. All of the chores might be done, everybody fed, clothed and clean, and given whatever encouragement they need for the day and yet it bothers them. It's been that way for over 20 years now only I didn't have an amazing fellowship like this to share with and devote some time to.
      I cannot help that they are satisfied with the status quo but I know one day very soon, they will all understand. And that is why your encouraging words and those of these Brothers and Sisters here are very important to me.
      I know I will never quit until He comes! Thank you and be blessed Brother. Maranatha!

  24. I am starting to look at Christmas Day. Look at Revelation 12:5:

    October 13: And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron
    November 13: and her child was caught up unto God
    December 25: and to his throne.

    I have seen Daniel Matson and various Unsealed folk speculate that any date after November 19 is too late based on day counts from feast days in 2024, but Isaiah tells us the earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard, and that will no doubt affect the seasons which are used in determining the timing of the Feasts of the Lord limiting our ability to know in advance when they will occur 7 years from now. That means we can't simply identify the feast and count back 2520 days. I increasingly think that all we have to go by is the stars.

    It also just so happens that December 25 is when Rick Larson speculated that the Magi arrived to greet the child Jesus in 2 BC based on when Jupiter began retrograde motion over Bethlehem. Wouldn't it be appropriate if the church met Jesus on the same day as the Magi? Just some food for thought.

    1. "...but Isaiah tells us the earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard, and that will no doubt affect the seasons which are used in determining the timing of the Feasts of the Lord limiting our ability to know in advance when they will occur 7 years from now. That means we can't simply identify the feast and count back 2520 days."

      I'm considering more and more of this possibility too, Bruce! As for now, we could only imagine the big changes that will happen on Earth during the tribulation period.

    2. Bruce, you echo a point I have come to and posted earlier. The dynamic you reference and its likely impact on times & seasons and add to that Daniel @ informedchristians YTC idea that the enemy will be given power over Time, itself, for a period, and we simply cannot go into the tribulation period and work back, as even time is no longer linear there. Quite likely, the ONLY place to look now is the Shamayim, but, now Annabel is showing us that even THAT could be illusory. Oy vey! If we are denied reading the heavens due to the tech obscuring them then we have NO WINDOW any longer to watch and it becomes irrelevant & cruel to leave us here any longer, no? Maranatha!

    3. I (imho let me say) believe this is why some of us awhile back were beginning to feel that "looking through a glass darkly" was applying more to this world than to our heavenly home:-)

    4. Oh Jimboni Dear, that's not what I meant or intended at all! Of course the stars and constellations are still there to watch! Its only that Satan tries to "change times (zeman H2166 = set time, season) and laws (dath H1882 = decree, law of God) Daniel 7:25 BUT - here comes the BUT - did anyone just check out Daniel 2:21 that GOD DOES THE SAME?? (times = iddan H5732 time of duration, year / season = zeman H2166 set time) Now what Satan CANNOT do and God WILL not do is change the moedim and the stars itself. Satan tries to cover up what should be already visible in plain sight (the "destroyer" / "dragon") but yet GOD IS IN CONTROL. Satan desperately tries to prolong his right of residence in the shamayim this way and this is what we expect to turn out as failure soon IMHO so in fact this is that "war in Heaven" going on, battling on the very private things of God: the sun moon and stars (Genesis) and the weather (book of Job). Both are heavily attacked to get them under human control by (not only, but primarily) US military and NASA. We will probably soon notice the outcome. Finally, there's still verse 2 in Rev12: the Israel birthpangs! And THOSE cannot be ignored anyhow. Middle East has never been such a power keg like today I guess. The LORD is merciful and not cruel for sure, He knows how long we are going to carry on as He keeps us going. But its getting tough now, no question. MARANATHA!

    5. Bruce, another PRO argument for Christmas (although I really don't want to be there by then, I wanna leave just NOW!) is the fact that this is a common "family event" in the world / secular church. Now imagine what happens if all the babies and toddlers go in the rapture together with true adult believers and the rest sitting under their Roman tradition "Christmas tree" with all the gifts still wrapped? Surprise, surprise! I like this idea, the same was with Halloween. Why not, after all? :)

    6. Annabel said earlier, "I calculated the days from first lunar tetrad 4/15/2014 by adding 1,335 days and the result was 12/9/2017. Thoughts?"

      Now Annabel says, "...another PRO argument for Christmas (although I really don't want to be there by then, I wanna leave just NOW!) is the fact that this is a common "family event" in the world / secular church... I like this idea, the same was with Halloween. Why not, after all?"

      DJ replies, You're grasping at straws, Annabel. 11/31/2017, no, wait, 12/9/2017, no, wait, 12/25/2017... Why not? Pretty soon you'll get it right because you'll have chosen so many dates that one of them will have to be right. Like a broken analog clock that shows the correct time twice a day. C'mon, Annabel. Get a creative, constructive hobby. Cook, garden, knit, sew, write some poetry or try to author a novel, take up origami or photography or a musical instrument, whatever. But please stop making Christianity look silly.

    7. Making Christianity look silly? I had a very difficult time determining if you were doing just that. I listened to your music. The lyrics may very well be scripturally sound, but at times they sound like they are making fun. "He'll be ridin' a big white horsey when He comes... " It really sounded like you were making fun. You named your son chuckles, because Isaac means laughter. That also sounds like you are making fun. But you know what? I took the time to verify your story, so I know you are actually "silly" enough to name your son, Chuckles. I worry about what psychological impact that could have on him. Not saying it is entirely wrong, I just wouldn't call any child of mine such a name unless God Himself told me to. Maybe He did. My point is that you should judge yourself as critically as you judge others. You ever hear the one about the plank and the splinter? Again, I say to you, your comments to Annabel and to others are mean.

      Last night, my two-year old wanted to play my guitar. I let her. Even though it annoyed me to watch her struggle, sound terrible, and at times nearly break my guitar, I GENTLY adjusted her approach, rather than take an approach that would break her spirit. Funny thing is, I learn some things even from my two year old.

      Lastly, I say all of this knowing that it is very likely you are the type who has a high IQ but limited emotional intelligence. I wonder even if you are on the Autism spectrum, because you never apologize, rarely if ever say things kindly, and do not seem to be aware of it. I am not an expert and I am not belittling you. We are all God's children. I am just clarifying with the hope that you would after so many attempts from this community, soften and submit to a more Christlike approach.

      Also, your comments to Annabel were sexist. Please stop making Christianity look sexist. It is not. Remember, of all the disciples, Judas probably had the best resume. It isn't about being smart or better. And do you remember what Jesus said about anyone who causes a believer to stumble?

      Lastly, I ask you not to quote everything I say here. That just takes away my right to remove my comments if I feel I need to.

    8. Miguel, I believe you're mistaking tough love for "rudeness." I truly believe that our sister Annabel would be much happier and less stressed if she got off the emotional roller coaster and devoted herself to more constructive pursuits, dwelling less on escaping the life God has given her to live in the here and now.

      And it IS silly to say, "9/23/2017 is the big day! Let's all cease making future plans, stop what we're doing and wait to see what happens!" -- and then, when nothing happens, pick another not-too-distant date based on less evidence, and after that yet another date, based on even scantier evidence, etc. And never go back to discuss exactly what went wrong with previous predictions.

      You've been blunt, so I will too. It's nice of you to come to Annabel's defense, but I'm afraid if she continues on her current path, instead of taking my advice to heart, she is in danger of ending up a "silly woman, led away with a lust* to escape this world, ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth" -- specifically, the truth that she will not know the exact day and hour of the Rapture in advance."

      *The difference between a love and a lust is that a lust makes everything else seem dull and uninteresting, while a love makes everything else seem MORE interesting and exciting. "THIS is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in IT," Psalm 118:24.

      If you think my remarks are sexist, take it up with the Apostle Paul; all I did was quote what he wrote.

      And yes, I am a person with "a high IQ but limited emotional intelligence." But I don't see how that's pertinent. The command to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15) has nothing to do with emotion since, as Don Francisco once put it, "Love is not a feeling but an act of the will." We speak the truth in love whenever we do it for the other person's benefit (regardless of our tone of voice). Take it up with Jesus, who called his own disciples "Satan" (Matthew 16:23) and "fools" (Luke 24:25). Note also that the wisdom that comes from God is FIRST pure, THEN peaceful, gentle, etc (James 3:17). Someday Annabel and I will be great friends, Proverbs 27:6. "White lies," told to spare the feelings of others, weren't invented by lovers of truth, you know.

      Finally, you're wrong about my songs "making fun" of anything (except Roman Catholic nonsense in the song "Scrambled eggs and Toast"). Lighten up, dude. It's okay for Christians to laugh a little.

      And it turns out naming our "miracle baby" Chuckles was a good idea. Many people ask about his name and it give us a chance to witness to the fact that God still works miracles in the here and now. I told Chuckles that you "worry about what psychological impact that [name] could have on him," and he said, "Huh? People say my name all the time without even thinking about it." Besides, we put additional names on his birth certificate in case it did turn out to be a problem: "Michael Isaac 'Chuckles' Rzeppa" is how it reads. We ask him, from time to time, if he'd like to be called Mike or Mickey or Isaac or Izzy, but he always says, "No thanks, I'm fine with Chuckles."

      You asked me not to quote everything you said because that takes away your right to remove your comments if you feel you need to. I've tried to abide by your request, but it's nearly impossible; there has to be some context for my replies to make sense. Perhaps James 1:19 will help.

      Finally, may God bless you, brother. I wish you nothing but God's best. No hard feelings over here. See you (hopefully) soon -- here, there, or in the air!

    9. DJ, you haven't convinced me of much, but you have made some reasonable points. Furthermore, you have described some good motives. That helps me feel better, for what it is worth, and hopefully helps us as a community of watchers not look so silly. Thank you for respecting my request. No hard feelings, but I am going to let you and anyone know when something reads rude. I hope everyone will give me that same tough love.

    10. Maybe that's exactly the point of it, Miguel. Makes one wonder.

    11. Shiela B, I do not understand your comment. Can you explain?

    12. Dear Brother Miguel: Psalm 133:1. Or as Hannibal Smith in the old A-Team TV series used to say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

      As you know from my "Don't Know When" song, I've been watching and waiting since 1982. What probably doesn't come across is that I still get excited, from time to time, about current-day signs and wonders. Just yesterday, for example, the spread of the plague in Madagascar and the meteor seen burning up over Phoenix, Arizona caught my eye. And it doesn't take much fiddling with the buttons on to see that the earth is literally "coming apart at the seams" these days. But it seems a little perverse for one to be cheered up by plagues, meteors, and earthquakes.

      More positively, it strikes me that many Jews are way more open to the Gospel than back in 1982 -- think, for example, of Jonathan Cahn's books and ministry -- and this seems to me to be laying the groundwork for Israel's re-grafting into the Olive Tree after they have been provoked to jealously by our sudden (but predicted) disappearance. Now that's a "sign" we don't have to just watch -- we can witness to Jews personally, and contribute to ministries who do.

      But I still think there are only a few things that we can say, FOR SURE, about the Rapture; only a few things that Christians of every stripe agree about. Here's what I've got so far, based on 1 Corinthians 15:51-52, 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17, and 1 Thessalonians 5:6:

      1. Some Christians will never die, but will be changed, instantly, into incorruptible beings; and in that state they will ever be with the Lord.

      2. The dead in Christ will undergo a similar change not long before that, Jesus bringing them with Him and raising their bodies incorruptible at that time.

      3. There will be a cry of command, the voice of an archangel, and the sound of the trumpet of God when this occurs, and we will all meet in the clouds.

      4. No one knows when this will happen: the year, month, day and hour are all unknown at this time. But we can still take comfort in knowing these things, and are instructed to encourage one another with these thoughts.

      5. In the meantime, we are to persevere in our Christian duties, lest Jesus find us "sleeping" when He arrives. I put "sleeping" in quotes because the use of the word here is obviously metaphorical; surely He doesn't expect us to be physically awake 24/7 from now until then.

      It seems like anything more than that is just speculation. I wish there was more, but if there is, I haven't found it.

    13. Sorry, I got bumped down. Re the repetition of our comments therefore not allowing for removal. I did see your request was honored that time anyway.

    14. DJ,

      In light of what dealing with others in love and respect should mean, the way the Lord did it, and the way it is taught in the Scriptures, your approach to this subject and your misguided concept of "tough love", in these things you are gravely mistaken, imo.

    15. I understand Sheila. Thank you. Keeps us on our toes, I guess. :-)

  25. Never give up . The Lord will keep His Promise. We have arrived to the point where Jesus says:"W hen you begin to see these things, lift up you eyes.... " Our eyes are opened, we have a panoramic vexperience of the chaos. .Every day is a likely day for His return..The beautiful words by Che Ann posted (Thank you) place importance on keeping our first Love ,Jesus.
    Thank you all for sharing your spiritual encouragement.Soon I will me you all

    1. Hi VeeBee, I don't know exactly how much time is left for us but I also have the gut feeling that we're in the *finish*.

  26. Hi all! I found some interesting! Dan's Facebook shows the website
    Amir Tsarfati has news today -
    I look now this video, I think this is some very important! Come Lord! Maranatna!

    1. Thank you, Alla, Amir's Middle-East updates are always very informative!


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