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Here is the latest video from our brother Neal. He writes in the description: Jesus commanded us to watch for his return, and we have been. But the dates keep passing us by. What are we doing wrong? What is it that Jesus wants us to look for? If not a date, what then? Perhaps we should take another look at the scriptures... The Rapture : Date vs Event - Part I (27 Minutes)


  1. I watched this one and I suspect he is right on with his thinking...

    1. I kind of have a different take on his domino order.

      First, he mentions Nibiru, which is a big red flag with me. If it was close, any knucklehead with a telescope would have found it. NASA cannot control every telescope and social media post in the world.

      I think the global event that triggers world chaos could likely be the harpazo; the first domino. There are between 70 and 80 percent of American’s that claim to be Christians (depending on the survey). If nearly 200 million of the 300 million American’s were suddenly removed, there would be worldwide ramifications. Given that America is both the financial and military strength in this world, removing a vast majority of our population would bring the world economies to a screeching halt. It would also create a huge void in the balance of power, allowing countries to go on the offensive without fear of reprisal from the American military. We feed the world - they would suddenly go hungry.

      And it would be in line with the promise to remove His church before the tribulation. I’ll let you know if I’m right 10 minutes after it happens…

    2. mmmmm, well, I fall along the lines of near simultaneity myself, and PTL for spell checkers on THAT one, but one point to add perspective on is "any knucklehead with a telescope would have found it".

      Some contend that it has been well "found" by TPTB long ago, ala Scientific American Articles now very hard to locate in original copy, and much of what we see in so many arena, social, military, etc. is driving to shape outcomes along the lines of order from chaos.

      However, setting that aside, a DARK star gives off no visible light, of its own or reflected. If, perchance, its trajectory brings it in from 'behind' the sun, as well, then actually very few others than TPTB will be able to plumb those depths. It is very interesting to let that idea linger while reading the Scriptures telling us of what PRECURSOR things to look for among peoples as well as creation itself, both in light of these political dynamics as well as our electromagnetic universe which we are immersed within and its affects on our spirit as this DARK energy dynamo arrives (2Tim 3:1, Matt 24:37, Gen 6:5, in that order). Maranatha!

    3. As far as Nibiru goes, I never took it seriously. But after reading so many of the end time scriptures that talk about cosmological events - i.e. losing some of the light from sun, moon & stars, the planet wobbling like a drunkard, the heavens being shaken, etc, etc.... I'm not so dogmatic in my naysaying anymore.... Something profound is going to take place in the heavens, Scripture makes that quite clear.

      But without any credible proof, I'm hesitant and wary of all the hysteria that floods You Tube. Lots of deceiving happening all around us now.

    4. Dear mksmith I was the same hesitant and cautious as you were
      - and my hsb still is LOL but I'm showing evidence to him anyway if we go for a walk during "white floodlight" sun in November which is not normal at all at my place... It was the same way the LORD opened my eyes about events described in Isaiah 24 that brought my attention to this phenomenon (and to the NASA simulators behind). Just check out YouTube channels EXPITALY (latest vid from Mexico again, you can't make that stuff up) or Jeff P channel (Australia Perth airport video very good!) / WSO (latest Alaska cam video stunning!). I even check nationwide German webcams every morning now they all show the same "cover up action" of this planetary system. This week we have thick cloud cover all day and night but the webcams >3,000 mtr at the Zugspitze mountain still shows what happens above! You see, even Rev12:3-4 and Matth24:39 are not contradictory anymore to me because the "dragon" is as well VISIBLE in the skies but NOT NOTICED by the public because of cover up action and MSM deception. So yes, there's a lot of confusion out there about 'Nibiru' (and the unsaved cannot interpret it but in some esoteric way) but if you check it out with a sober mind you will find it predicted and CONFIRMED in scriptures. Much love and blessings to you! :)

    5. “If it was close”

      If some dark star was close, it could not hide on the other side of the sun. Unless, of course, it has the same 365 day orbit around the sun and on the same plane as the earth. But then an object that large would change the orbits of the other planets as they pass in front of or behind this object. Same for comets. All the Stellarium experts would see a difference between what is on the computer screen and what is in the sky.

      If it’s far away and we can’t see it because it doesn’t reflect light, then it won’t be getting here any time quickly.

      I have no doubt that God can put some celestial object in place to cause what is described in scripture. When the sun went dark for three hours and there were massive earthquakes when Jesus hung on the cross, there may have been some celestial object in place to cause this. Who knows, he may just speak it in place with a shout like the sounds of trumpets!

    6. Grendel, did you already check the YouTubers I recommended above? It's not "dark" at all but flashing light visible! Blessings...

    7. What you are seeing here is a screenshot taken on the STELLARIUM software program. (This reply format will not let me add a picture.) The part of the sky that I have focused on here shows the SUN (which always represents God the Father) sitting in the Constellation Libra (which represents divine Judgement). To the right of the sun sits the planet Venus (Christ himself declared "I am the bright morning star" in Rev. 22:16). Notice that VERY VERY CLOSE to Venus, just to its right, is the planet Jupiter. (Jupiter represents the Body of Christ, which was in Virgo's womb for 9 months.) In 2 DAYS, JUPITER (THE BODY OF CHRIST) WILL JOIN WITH THE "MORNING STAR". EXACTLY OVERLAYING VENUS (CHRIST). Is THAT the ASTRONOMICAL SIGN FOR THE RAPTURE IN REV 12:5? Satan represented by SERPENS *the snake" and SCORPIO "the scorpion" sit right in the eventual path of Jupiter, threatening to devour the child if Jupiter just continues onward far enough. But, GOD THE FATHER (SUN) NOW STANDS BETWEEN SATAN AND THE CHURCH ON ITS WAY TO CHRIST. COINCIDENCE? Read what Christ said to His Church in Luke 19: "See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you." How could we ever do that as we are now? But how easily we will do that in our INCORRUPTIBLE BODIES (AFTER WE ARE RAPTURED). I am VERY MUCH WATCHING THE 13th, WHICH OCCURS RIGHT IN THE PEAK PERIOD OF THE "NORTH TAURID METEOR SHOWERS". (Nov. 10-16th)

    8. Annabel, cannot flashing light and pulsating skies be explained by saying the camera is just making an internal light level adjustment? It looks to me like when a camera adjusts. We have all seen this on our smart phones and on our camcorders of yore. I have watched several of these videos you recommend and see no convincing evidence of anything out of the ordinary. This conspiracy stuff seems to take us off the target. But I could be wrong. And do you believe the earth is flat? I am not being critical; I am just asking. I like the fact that we are all able to come at this from different angles, and that God is gracious enough to hold on to us and call us His children even if we misunderstand or falter in some way or another. I do not claim to know anything other than Christ and Christ only. Paul says it better here: 1 Corinthians 2:1-2 Peace, my sister in Christ.

    9. Dear Miguel no I'm not a 'flat-earther' at all (this again is Satans tricky psyop to discredit true Christians). And no I don't think the cameras used by astronomical observatories might be of such a bad quality to produce strange lights by themselves or show planetary orbs that oughtn't to be there or produce light sources of their own outside of the timeframe of official sunrise/set. And yes I believe my own eyes when I testify that I never have seen such strange white blinding and flashing sunlight in my own German neighborhood in late fall season after having now experienced >50 fall seasons in my life. Much love my brother!

  2. Yes! I have been thinking event all along. Yes! Event first. How soon? Very, very, very soon. We have the season right. Look at the staggering amount of evidence that we have the season right in no special order:

    1. The significance of the number of the Jewish year 5777-5778
    2. the great sign is playing out the whole story rather than a single event (statistically impossible)
    3. the muslims believe the mahdi is about to be revealed and will come for a period of 7 years (related Messiah Foundation Intl. -- Riaz Shahi) – satan has inside information
    4. the deceptions that are around the corner are coming in to view (aliens, various conspiracy theories, false prophets, antichrists)
    5. the middle east and israel are looking a lot like the description in the last days
    6. nearly all eschatologists are thinking similarly and disagreeing less and every mainstream major christian organization agrees the season is here (david jeremiah, billy graham ministries, gotquestions, etc…)
    7. scoffers, godlessness and apostosy are climaxing – dead churches, transhumanism, etc…
    8. state of natural disasters and other terrible events in the news is breaking records
    9. numerical significance from one event or date is beyond coincidence
    10. all of the prophetic pieces are starting to make sense and line up (daniel, ezekiel, revelation)
    11. all this has been prefaced with blood moons, a star of bethlehem and a solar eclipse (and there is a completion of blood moons in 2018-2019)
    12. we are completing a generation since Israel became a nation (70 years since 1948)
    13. the 6000 year timeline falls in to place
    14. the lineup of timing with 2017 to 2024 for the period of wrath/tribulation
    15. the magnitude of recent astronomy related news
    16. the predictions of rabbi judah ben Samuel
    17. Isaac newton and his contemporaries (early 1700’s) said based on 1260 years from Donation of Pepin that the millennium would start some time after 2016.

    Help me out with editing and cleaning up this list. I have just gathered this because I know how discouraged some have become. No need. We are close brothers and sisters.

  3. A very ancient Pre Christ depiction of the astronomical events surrounding revelation 12 . Clearly the sign is still under way.

  4. I do agree with you very much. Myself, I look at things from a holistic point of view. I look at mazzaroth, gematria, history, the world situation (from a stand back point of view), the still small voice, visions, dreams etc. The best I can come up with is high times. At this point, we have the Venus/Jupiter, Sun/Libra sign coming up Nov 12/13. This is not a date, but an event. However, a vision in the night said "223". I can't say with 100% certainty what it means, but it turns out that Nov 12/13 is 2nd month of Cheshvan on the 23rd. I also got 626. Strong's says 'assembly'. So, is this the date. I don't know. But before I start looking for something else, I think I'll focus on this. I have to admit, I'm getting more and more skittish as I leave Sept 23 behind. Time HAS to mean something. If Sept 23 announces an event that takes place a thousand years from now, then forget it. As a watchman I'm out. The purpose is to warn others. Now, we have fulfilled the scoffers prophecy, and I believe that some of the church watchers have fallen away. So I expect that we are due for a serious event that will cause the rapture to take place. You have to admit, after thousands of years, if we get the date wrong by a few weeks or a month or two, that's not bad.

  5. Interesting! Considering the possible geopolitical circumstances of the rapture and what kind of events might happen around the time of it, I’ve always had in mind the utter destruction of Damascus as one possible circumstance. One of the possible scenarios for me is the destruction of Damascus that could happen by Israel out of self-defense. This event could easily trigger the already fervently anti-Israel neighboring nations into attacking Israel, so the conclusive war(s) of Psalm 83 could also happen and (perhaps as a consequence) sometime later the Ezekiel 38/39 battle follows with Russia&Iran&Co. attacking Israel. I have no problem picturing the rapture around the time of the destruction of Damascus or sometime later during or after the war(s) between Israel and her neighbors. Saying all of that, I don’t tie the *Zechariah 9 trumpet of God* as surely to the *trumpet of the rapture* as brother Neal does! Of course it’s possible that these trumpets are one and the same but I’d be more cautious with that idea! The blowing of the trumpet that signals the rapture may turn out to be a totally separate event from the blowing of the trumpet of Zechariah 9 despite both trumpets being “the trumpet of God”. Just because there are no other mentions of “the trumpet of God” in the Scriptures, that isn’t enough proof to me to tie them together. The other thing is, like many others, I also believe that with the coming change of dispensation (after the conclusion of the Church Age) the Lord will turn His full attention back to Israel! Many placed this dispensational change around the time when Russia&Iran&Co are attacking Israel and the Lord personally defends them. Currently nobody surely knows the exact point of this dispensational change (besides the fact that the rapture has to happen at the very end of this current dispensation). I mean, we don’t know for sure when will the Lord give His full attention back to Israel: will it happen when Russia&Iran&Co. attacks Israel or will it happen when the neighboring countries are attacking Israel in the Psalm 83 scenario? That’s what we don’t know for sure yet. IF the Lord turns back His full attention to them at the start of this visibly coming big regional war at the Middle-East (aka the Psalm 83 scenario including the destruction of Damascus) the rapture will surely happen before or around that time. It still doesn’t necessarily mean that the Zechariah 9 trumpet will be the rapture trumpet but there’s a possibility. Frankly, I see the Zechariah 9 trumpet more as a sign that the Lord has already given His full attention back to Israel, therefore the dispensational change with the rapture have already happened. (But I could be wrong too of course.) Lastly, I’d also be cautious with jumping on the conclusion that the event of the rapture won’t be the first domino to fall because it still could be! However, brother Neal could be right too, maybe we’ll witness the breaking out of a war most likely at the Middle-East.

    1. Nora, I did a study some time back on the voice of the trumpet of
      Exodus 19: 16, 19.
      I did not see this as a trumpet (shofar) blown by a man, but as the voice of God.

      It was the Taqa Hagah Dalah.

      Taqa-Str. H#8629=
      Trumpet blast

      Remove, take away

      Deliver, draw out, lift up.

      I've actually looked at this as the first trumpet of 2, the other being that last Trump of
      1 Cor. 15:51 and
      1 Thess. 4:16 and
      as a possible type
      of pattern re the Rapture.

      And then there is that obviously heavenly trumpet voice of Rev. 4:1.
      So anyway, I don't see Zechariah. 9:14 as the only mention of such a trumpet. Just my 3 cents on this. Much love, Sister.

    2. Sheila,

      I've seen "Taqa Hagah Dalah" mentioned before but never knew what it is exactly and the meaning of these words, thanks for the info!

  6. 1. Israel destroys Damascus leading to Eze 38-39(possibly nuke).
    2. When you look at the magnitude of what will happen in Eze 38-39, God Himself destroying these nations by some unknown way, but no doubt everyone will know it is He who did it. (Zech 14:12-14??)Turkey, Iran, Russia and a few others.
    3. US absent for some reason, take your pick, war bogged down in NK, false flag grid shut down, civil war, martial law, etc, etc etc.

    The amazing thing is nobody knows just how it will all play out, exactly, but we all know that the King is coming, and quickly! Where is the rapture on the timeline? Not sure exactly, hopefully before it all goes down, but remember our Father in heaven does not want anyone to perish, think how many people are still coming to Jesus all the time. The thing is the antichrist spirit is everywhere, influencing so much of what is going on. They have the pieces all in place, everything on the stage is set, and does anyone really think it will somehow reset and ever align again? Plus, the Holy Spirit is moving in amazing ways in all sorts of ministries all over the earth. It is truly being poured out, knowledge has increased. Love of most is waxed cold, iniquity abounds, literally every single thing the Lord said would be going on is at the door!


    1. Tony, slightly afield, at least in terms of unpacking future choreography, but so evil and representative of the spirit we confront in this age, such as you refer to. Featured on a few Watching sites but I got the link over at with these snippets from the linked article at . Those of you who have studied The Truth Project (, a small group study which I have facilitated, will immediately see at work here the continuing encroachment by TPTB into areas of authority where G-d says they do NOT belong:

      Parents of an 11-year-old child have filed a lawsuit against a school after teachers helped their daughter "transition" into a transgender boy without their permission or knowledge.

      The girl had told teachers at her school that she had wondered what it would be like to live life as a boy but didn't want her parents to know. The teachers encouraged her to switch genders at school and revert back to her "born gender" at home to keep it secret from her parents. After a year of living a double-life, she told her school guidance counselor she wanted to kill herself after slipping into a deep depression, at which point the parents were informed, according to the family's lawyer John Carpay, director of the Calgary-based Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF).

      Matt 18:6 Maranatha!

    2. How horrible! The poor girl and her family! :/

    3. I thought it was bad when the parents were behind it. Here in smalltown, Texas, my daughter is a 5th grade teacher. Last year after Christmas break, a little girl returned to school
      to be henceforth known by court order as a boy. She was being given puberty prohibitive drugs to start the change at 10 YEARS OLD!
      As stunned teachers asked how they were supposed to explain this to classmates, they were told to just introduce him as a new student and handle the confusion quietly. And if any teacher had a problem with it, or failed to immediately recognize the change, they were welcome to resign.
      I am sure this is another young suicide in the making as this
      child never had the chance to let nature take its course because of egocentric and idiotic "progressive" parenting. So sad!
      We are in dire need of Yeshua's intervention for the sake of these children alone. Maranatha! Brothers and Sisters.

    4. Sheila B, yes, I wasn't aware of that but knew there were many others. It troubles me deeply to stain the pages of this fellowship with such as this. The only reason I did was the gravity of our times and our need to not look away.

      On one hand, we feel somewhat knocked upside the head, once again, when another high watch night passes. Numerous unsavory feelings arise. But, when the facts of NOW are such as this, doesn't it clarify? LORD JESUS, COME. How are we to stand against such as this, so intentionally and deeply entangled within our society? and, this is but one of many tentacles.

      So, while I sincerely wish otherwise than to draw attention to the enemy's works, in any way, we are called to be extremely wise warriors against them in Matt 10:16, a verse which 1st sets the context as being NOW, while WE are simple sheep among wolves (!!!) and what better way to use the enemy's actions than as a source of our greater resolve and steadfastness as we watch along the walls, what's left of them. Praise HIS NAME Maranatha!

    5. Yes, Jimboni, I agree that many topics are going into some unpleasant territory, but that is where we are occupying now no matter where you live. It is why I can no longer sit back with that que sera attitude of deliverance will come when it comes, but meantime I gotta
      go on as before. Tho I will continue for as long as My Lord requires me to, I do so with my heart crying out continually to Him, especially for the young ones. That's who the enemy and his minions want to devour first and it's getting very hard to protect them as they rapidly delegitimize all that is good and of our Lord.
      I went to a little school ceremony yesterday for my grandson and found myself casing the cafeteria for a plan of action should some evil nut come busting in to kill our kids. Yes, Brother, Maranatha!

    6. Dear Sheila that's why every baby in a buggy and toddlers on the street make me smile nowadays as I know for SURE they are coming with us, the LORD is merciful towards the little ones :)) For the older ones, I don't know, compare 2 Kings 2:23-24 . They are probably tribulation generation already. It's up to the LORD who is alone sovereign to reach their families. Anyway if they don't repent it'll be too late soon. In Germany, the highest national court now has officially implemented a "THIRD SEX" to be used in passports and personal documents whatsoever. First European country to act like this just 2 days ago. Others will follow quickly. We're going in 2017 I'm still convinced. MARANATHA

    7. Annabel,

      I've heard it a few times concerning 2 Kings 2:23-24 that many translations are incorrect and the mockers are not young children but teenagers (in their late teens) and young adults. My 2 cents are that all children will go in the rapture under the line of mental maturity to understand good and evil and the requirements of the Lord.

    8. Nora dear sister we'll surely talk about that when we're with the LORD. It's up to Him anyway so I just wanted to show scripture to this, teenagers or not: the very little ones that don't yet discern good from evil WILL be with us. What happened in my country regarding the official "third gender" is much more remarkable IMO. Another huge landmark of rebellion according to Psalm 2 ! Much love Dear... Stay blessed :)

    9. Sheila&Jimboni,

      There’s also the case of some wealthy countries in the Northern part of Europe, where the state can take away children from their parents if it thinks so that the parents are indoctrinating them with something the state deems dangerous to the children, teaching them Biblical Christian values for example. I’ve read it in the news a good while ago that such thing(s) happened and children were taken away from Christian parents.

    10. Annabel,

      "What happened in my country regarding the official "third gender" is much more remarkable IMO."

      Yes, this is a very significant development!

    11. I believe they enacted the 3rd gender option in California last week as well. And some states have removed the Mother/Father info from official docs and replaced it with Parent 1/ Parent 2.
      I used to be confident in all of the children going home with us but now more and more of them are having their DNA corrupted thru gender manipulation and even vaccines or maybe are "designer" babies. That's why it just has to be soon.
      We are seeing so many violent tendencies in kids in our elementary schools. They are physically attacking teachers and principals and plotting how to get them fired from their jobs via social media. I've seen that first hand here in my little town over the last 2-3 years now. These are 8-10 year olds and they have no one guiding their moral compass. Makes me think of the Lord of the Flies at times and the Days of Noah for sure. I know Yeshua is coming for us at
      any moment now. Even so, Lord, come!

    12. Some off topic here but still confirming Nora above as we were once summoned by the CPS because our child told about the rapture in public school. Teachers thought he was in danger of suicide LOL! Was quite annoying but we took it as an opportunity to preach the gospel to the two female social workers - one protestant, the other Muslim and both unsaved of course... :) Never heard from them again ever.

      As we are not allowed in Germany to homeschool our children it is of course more pressure on parents who resist public school which is obligatory to all. But this is Romans 13 disobediance so this is not the Christian way in fact (like with the Amish in the US). These are the "cases" taken into the MSM breaking news but these parents only discredit true Christian faith in fact because they do not understand nor apply Romans 13:2 and Acts 5:29 in the proper context and situation. Our state doesn't take your children from you (yet) if you're not trying to homeschool them against the law. Jesus sent us as sheep among wolves and if you live in a country without homeschooling option like me He will protect your child as well at a godless public school. No problem for God. My son has graduated best of his school being the youngest they ever had. His final exam was some cosmologic creation issue and they couldn't debunk it. LOL! :)

    13. Awesome on your son's accomplishment, Annabel. A reflection of Godly parenting.
      I do remember the asylum case here not too long ago with the German family seeking a safe place to homeschool.
      I pray over my 5 yr old grandson daily as he goes to public school, as well as his teacher mother. I have tried to get her to consider private/ Christian school for the both of them but the pay is usually low and the tuition expensive so she rejects that as she is sole provider along with some help from us. I do wonder how long before we are called on the carpet for him talking about how we are all going to Jesus' house pretty soon. My daughter keeps warning me. But I love that little light
      in him and will not quench the Spirit. Like you, I will make it a testimony should that ever happen and thank you for the encouragement!
      Be blessed and much love, Sister:-)!

    14. I remember so that the cases (of children taken away from Christian families by the state) weren’t because of homeschooling. I think it happened in Norway and perhaps in Sweden.

    15. Seems like I heard something like that being threatened in Canada and I think it was against parents who teach their kids to reject transgenderism as being perfectly normal, i.e. Biblical values. How long before the PTB will be confiscating Bibles? Right after the Rapture would be my bet.

    16. Dear family, that's my bet too :) but still, until then it's exactly that reason why I do recommend to deal with secular topics and explain it all to your (grand)children by talking to them as much as possible from a biblical perspective. You will find so many topics to deal with. We have watched Disney movies as well as listened to worldly music lyrics, having seen evolutionary TV documentaries and played worldly computer games, we talked about politics and philosophy - but never without giving advice and biblical aid. We looked for Satans hidden messages in schoolbooks and talked about every event with teachers and classmates. With regards to our latest discussion with "DJ" in the Jaco threat to Illuminati cards this was not the badest idea at all in raising a Christian child and preparing him for the world. He's 19 now and a very sober, alert and detached character which Satan cannot deceive spiritually at all. Blessings to all your families!

  7. So far I have two more items pointing to our being in the season of the rapture. first, thank you Brad for the pre-Christ depiction. Amazing!

    The second is the general fact that current events are full of remarkable symbolism. Here's one example:

    Did you see the RED DRAGON? !!!!!

    1. yes if you saw the solar eclipse you saw the sign of the red dragon. The red dragon along with his seven heads were in place on 9/23/17. We just did not know what we were looking at. I was doing a research on this when I came across nemrut dagi.

    2. In the MSN link I sent, trump's granddaughter is playing with a red dragon!

  8. I think Neals video is a good and timely hint to change the pattern of thinking ("event not date") but I don't see the destruction of Damascus as obligatory occuring prior to the rapture. Instead I am still convinced the rapture itself IS the trigger event to all that follows next. What kind of event will trigger the rapture though is clearly described in Rev12:4 IMO: the "dragon" (Nibiru etc.) threatening the church "to devour the child...". So that's why I'm watching this threatening 'event' to come near.

    Regarding Zechariah 9 the chapter looks twofold - first half is Tyres prophecy already fulfilled by Alexander the Great whereas 2nd half from verse 9 onward describes the first coming of the Messiah and afterwards the day of the LORD coming. Verse 14 reminds me rather of Matth24:27 because of the 'lightning' depiction. Interestingly, the word for GOD in Zechariah 9:14 is a variation of 'yehovAH' instead it is 'yehovIH' here (H3069). I dont know what that might mean. Blessings to all! :)

    1. Hi Annabel. Just watching news. Looks like things
      are getting hotter
      in the ME. Saudis moving their people out of Lebanon in response to what they say is an act
      of war by Iran. With the Saudi inhouse shake-up going on,
      it must be getting dicey over there. Meanwhile in the good old USA, they are squabbling over the national anthem as another stupid divisive distraction. Even so, Lord, come!

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    3. Annabel&Sheila,

      The rapture being the very first domino is still very plausible. I'm thinking of the Bible verses which describe "business as usual", people buying and selling, eating and drinking and marrying before the Lord suddenly "steps in" with the act of catching us away. If I’m wrong and something has to give before the rapture, it’s probably the outbreak of a major regional war in the Middle-East. Maybe the outbreak of war(s) will happen simultaneously with the rapture. We’ll see. The thing I’m almost sure about is that the world economy is in such a fragile state that a major outbreak of war will implode it with a very good chance.

    4. Maybe this weekend, Sisters. And if not, then I will pray for the day after that, and the day after that! Thinking of the widow in the
      Luke 18:1-8 parable and the Lord's answer in verse 7 and 8.
      Yes, He knew when He set the appointed day that our cries for deliverance would necessarily be amplified as the world crumbles around us. And it may well be a simultaneous event as time is compressing.
      There are few grains of sand left in the hourglass. Maranatha!

    5. I love your analoges Sheila! :)) yes indeed you can already count these grains by your fingers... I'm so much excited - and so much tired and exhausted watching at the same time.

    6. The 11/9 article behind what Sheila B mentioned:
      Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens Out of Lebanon, Raising Fears of War -
      New York Times online at

    7. Thanks, Jimboni. Only got a little blip of it on cable news.
      Be blessed today, Brother!

  9. The reality is that Jesus gave both events and 'times' in Matt 24. He started with the events, and then included time-frames for when the events should be indicating his soon return. I agree however that we should be focused on the world around us as clues to his soon return, and boy is he close! Great list from Miquel above to remind us of where to focus some of our attention.

    1. Thanks for the affirmation! You've consistently been an encouragement.

  10. Neal, please see the book of Daniel, ch11 Lines up perfectly with everything you mentioned in your video. The abomination that causes desolation is the event you are looking for. Please see the website for more info. It is not mine but it holds up to scriptural scrutiny.

  11. Hi all, thanks for very good thoughts! I try to consider everything logically, the thing seems to me a little complicated. Great thanks to Miguel for a wonderful list! And Annabel, I agree that it is the rapture that trigger all wars and judgements, and about Zechariah 9.
    From the very beginning. Neal shows Zech 9:14 and 1Thes 4:16, then the questions - what this means, and events or dates. Then Ps 83:1-7 and Ezek 38:1-4, probably here are 3 battles, as I understood. The Lord "created the waster to destroy", then come judgements over Damascus and countries. This is the outline, as I understand it.
    I think we should consider events and seasons and days and hours, as we here already learned.
    Zechariah 9 is divided, in my opinion, in two or three parts. Verses 1-8 show judgment over some nations and Damascus as in Isaiah 17 and Ps 83. Alexander der Great fulfilled the prophesy and it will be fulfilled also very soon. But Alexander did not destroy Jerusalem. Verses 9-17 show the King - the first coming and then the second. I think this is the end of tribulation, leading to millennium. "Lord GOD shall blow the trumpet", I think the trumpet of liberty - Zech 9:16. I am not sure that this is the rapture trumpet. I need further to consider. The Lord comes very soon! Maranatha!

  12. Might say this is off topic, but it's right on. We are talking timing right? Here it looks that satin knows his time is short. This Kabbalist mystic Rabbi says he 's getting a message dream from God (satin) the real messiah is coming soon, and they will get a written message who God chose to be him.
    He complains about the Jews being god's chosen people, but they have suffered so much, and this appointed one will solve all that soon.......I got news for you rabbi ( me being part Jewish) you, and all your like kind are the reason the Jewish people have had it so hard for so long. Hear this Rabbi Ben Artzi { the Messiah is YAHshua Ha HaMashiach } How do I know rabbi, because Abba Father put His name in Aramaic on my face when He sent the Ruach Holy Ghost into my body during a miracle that's real magic....not your dreams from satan.

    1. Sorry, here is the link to the mystic rabbi.....

  13. I could be wrong but as for now, I think so that the USA won’t get any devastating blows via any EMP and/or nuclear attack on its soil. Again, I could be wrong about that but I expect the Antichrist to get the entire military power of NATO. He’ll need it for cementing his rule and for his future empire, not to mention his world domination plans. Same goes for the top-notch technology developed (well, around the world but mostly) in the West, especially in the USA. I believe so that the huge beast-worship and buying-selling system will be partly *supernatural* (via demonic forces) and partly top-notch technology. So, high-quality technology and military power at its strongest and best should be available at least during the first half of the tribulation period ready for the use of the Antichrist. That’s why I don’t think that a devastating attack or natural disaster will happen to the USA in the near future or at the time of the rapture (except the rapture itself world-wide) that could destroy all these things.

    1. Nora, I am not dogmatic on this piece at all but do have some predispositions. Personally, I lean toward the twin star Nibiru idea and it swinging BACK here for a repeat performance after its last visit which precipitated the Great Flood with an impacting celestial body having created the Gulf of Mexico as covered by Pastor Cioccolanti, as I mentioned here before. Just repeating that as background.

      ONE idea is that IF there is a large stellar body coming through it will have a LOT of travelers with it. Apart from the obvious large planets orbiting it (Red/Blue Kachina?) there would likely be both a screen/cloud of trillions of stellar items, from sand grain size to ....? being pushed ahead of it in a Gravitational Bow-Shock Wave phenom as well as the classic debris trail behind. When that wave hits our planet, whichever hemisphere is facing it will be TOAST. Rest assured it will NOT hit Israel. As Pastor Cioccolanti points out, the amount of global population which Revelation tells us is wiped out by stellar events works out perfectly if it is the Western Hemisphere which "gets it". Many see this (Annabel?) as another reason why USA is not in Bible Prophecy.

      OK, sorry for having to again repeat THAT background, but here is my NEW point :) Isn't it VERY interesting that RIGHT NOW, for perhaps the first time in peacetime, we have THREE CARRIER COMBAT GROUPS off Korea? Funny, we also have record numbers of troops in Europe recently for various wargames and saber rattling outside Putin's playgrounds. How 'convenient'?

      If you were the Luciferian TPTB and knew what was about to happen, where would YOU position the bulk of YOUR military assets? Just consider, IF this scenario plays out, lets say this weekend, and come next weekend the entire Western hemisphere is smoking ruins, ALL MILITARY ASSETS NOW ELSEWHERE ARE PRESERVED FOR THE NWO TO TAKE IMMEDIATE CONTROL OF. Just sayin', Maranatha!

    2. I don't know, Nora. They are gonna need something to implement Marshall Law. And I've seen some suggestions
      of a temporary, but complete communication shutdown for which they have been doing these drills.
      On another note, have you seen the bizarre interview with the founding president of Facebook, Sean Parker? An in your face, "we set out to ruin your brains and those of your children while getting filthy rich and becoming immortal class overlords" open confession.
      Yeah...7 years, dude. That's about what you got left. I would pray for him, but I'm pretty sure he's already sold his soul.

    3. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, Jimboni. We know it's out there and we know they've known a lot longer than any of us. I know they were building those DUMBS back in the 70's when my hsbd was in the Army because he was driving around in them.

    4. Sheila,

      "They are gonna need something to implement Marshall Law."

      Perhaps the rapture. :--)

    5. Jimboni,

      The Nibiru/Planet X theory is not really my thing. But I’m saying that with absolute peace, please don’t get me wrong! I put it on the back burner until all things will be revealed by the Lord (after the rapture). (Personally, I don’t think that any celestial object was necessary in the triggering of the global flood in Noah’s time or for the darkening of the sun at the time of the Lord’s crucifixion. God in His omnipotence and omniscience is capable of things way beyond the scope of our current human understanding.) I believe so that “the final Roman empire” aka “the beast-empire” will be located on and around the same area (with possible differences) like the ancient Roman Empire so, I can’t imagine the entire Western hemisphere “going up in flames”. On the other hand, I keep in mind the various disasters because of the tribulation period and the judgments of the Lord.

    6. Nora, I get that and you get no fuss from me. It is wise to have fidelity in the essentials and grace in the rest, so be it. I agree that no material element is required for our Abba to Work His Will, period. However, in my view, He is not a cosmic Gandalf and with some foundational teachings from E.V. Hill on this idea (the Lord using the creation, itself, to work his Will) as well as Pastor Cioccolanti, referenced earlier, I am comfortable with and actually prefer the idea of our Abba expressing His Will within His Creation by demonstrating His Sovereignty over the Creation to His Ends. Looking like we will not be straining through a glass darkly much longer and, mist likely, we will BOTH be surprised by a lot of the details. Maranatha!

    7. Jimboni,

      "He is not a cosmic Gandalf...." I'm aware of that. Still, I feel the need to keep in mind that not everything is revealed to us yet, including all the things He is capable of regarding His omnipotence and omniscience. As you mentioned, we see through a glass darkly. (When He chooses so, He’s using “the elements of this created world” in ways that gives us better understanding based on our current knowledge but -I assume- there are cases when He’s not confining Himself to that. After the rapture we’ll have a much-much better understanding about everything. :--) Lord bless!

    8. Jimboni dear brother, great idea about gathering the US troops in the ME / ASEAN region. Didn't think of that yet!

      Nora my sister, regarding 'Nibiru' I'm not dogmatic either but simply convinced in the meantime that this will fulfill as well Rev12:3-4 as Luke 21:26 because this 'phobos' (fear) hasn't reached the full extent of that scripture yet with regards to the 'powers of heaven (!) that shall be shaken (!)'. Because NOW we're still at the stage of Matthew 24:39 'and they KNEW NOT' (so because of this massive NASA sun/moon simulator deception people won't notice Nibiru and call all those who observe the skies as dumb conspiracy theorists). This planetary system MUST and WILL reveal itself soon. When the flood came, the deep water mountains broke up (which caused the tectonic plates after to shift generations after Noah = Genesis 10:25 ). Now what caused this breaking up? The same reason that caused the 10 plagues and 3 days darkness at Israel Exodus and the huge earthquake + eclipse at the crucifixion: a rogue planet flyby. What do you think is causing all this massive increase of earthquakes in the ring of fire today (in number and intensity)? From YouTube channel "Planet X Physicist" Claudia Albers I have learned that interestingly gravitation doesn't exist but that we live in an ELECTRICAL universe (which was coincidentially confirmed by scientists recently when wondering about the 'monster planet' they found orbiting around a small brown dwarf which cannot be if explained from gravitation). So in fact this rogue system causes strong electromagnetic "lightning" into the earth crust which makes it break and burst. Very plausible and simple. No top-paid NASA scientists needed. :)

      It might happen that asteroid Wormwood and other meteors don't hit the earth right after the rapture as their way from heaven still takes some time and there's all these five seals of Rev6 in between until seal 6-7 are broken but yet this will be a quite short period. After having watched some Gil Broussard videos too I guess the 1/3 of landmass and people destroyed at once (together with 'Babylon' commercial system within 1 hour!) will in fact be the US / Canada / South America hemisphere altogether whereas the "night side" of earth with Jerusalem, Europe, Russia and the 'kings of the East' will be protected during the main meteor impact. What causes Mount Olives to split in half (Zechariah 14:4) might be an earthquake and Mediterranean tsunami wave (Revelation 12:15-16) from which the fleeing remnant will be saved by a natural valley breaking up and absorb the amount of water.

      As I'm also convinced that Revelation is written in LAYERS instead to read chapters strictly chronologically I think there will be a very quick "increment" of events following each other and/or overlapping.

      Concerning the mark of the beast I really think it will be some simple kind of (visible) tattoo after all, nothing electronic because the grid will go down globally like in Puerto Rico today locally. Only the rich ones and the government will still be able to continue with electronic power. If you read Revelation 13:17 economic action is reduced to the very basics of 'buy and sell' (of basic needs like food and shelter). Nothing else. So in fact the neat electronic control system Satan plotted out until today will completely fail. Therefore it will be important to mark the people visibly from outside to quickly recognize those who aren't - like you do with prisoners or patients ("numbers" instead of names). So far my thoughts to further events after rapture. Again, I think the rapture will trigger a short period of "world peace" (as we know from tear-jerking "2012" movie scenes when the world leader adresses the global public) which is then quickly removed again by civil war (man against man) = Revelation 6:2-4

      Blessings to the family, have an awesome day!

    9. Regarding the meteor shower / asteroid impact events I think Jaco Prinsloo from GODS ROADMAP TO THE END had a compelling idea about Nibiru hitting Jupiters "heel" like with the Shoemaker Levi comet in 1994 (= 23 years!!) which cannot be proven scientifically yet until it happens of course but it is spiritually interesting because it may perfectly depict Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:4 . Jaco points out that the debris from this huge collision will take about 2-4 years exact to hit earth around mid-trib. So if you will, rewatch his video again. To me this makes much sense and seems very logical (even if I don't agree with all of Jacos timeline and events).

      Besides, I think the Kuiper belt of cosmic debris surrounding earth within the Oort cloud is a valuable hint of former cosmic collisions and biblical cataclysms that already happened as mentioned above. God may of course 'speak them from nothing' (Nora) but I think he supernaturally and precisely timed these heavenly events out from creation He ALREADY HAS 'spoken into existance' in Genesis 1:14 .

    10. Hi Annabel,

      "Now what caused this breaking up? The same reason that caused the 10 plagues and 3 days darkness at Israel Exodus and the huge earthquake + eclipse at the crucifixion: a rogue planet flyby."

      I still prefer the notion that all these things were caused by *supernatural* acts of the Lord which we can't explain with our current understanding. In case after the rapture He Himself shows me that these events were caused by planetary movements, then I'll say an amen! :--) Until then, I'll stick to my current stance.

    11. No problem at all with that, Nora! :) It's just the result of what I've learned now from a) historical evidence (Sumerian and Chinese sighting recorded etc.) and b) physical evidence about an electrical universe combined with the first law of thermodynamics (Gods act of creation was complete once and for all in Genesis 2:1 and He didn't add to it afterwards). I just count 2+2=4 that's all. Blessings, sister! XOXO :))

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. Man, I mess up my grammar all the time, sorry! All I meant to say is that the acts of God don't necessary involve *creation* in every case.

    15. Annabel, clearly you and I are cut from the same swatch of cloth. One detail I want to bring to your attention and it may have been Gil B whom I heard this from. Pay close attention to what is revealed to be falling from the heavens during various events in Revelation. Sometimes Hail & Blood are mentioned as falling with the fire, other verses not. When Hail & Blood are mentioned it is most likely due to the compressing effect of the bow-shock wave ahead of an astronomical agent, ala Nibiru.

      As I posted before, this is like the wave that travels in front of a speeding boat where the water is pushed ahead. In addition to the wall of debris, this shockwave will press the atmosphere down, causing a volume of water equivalent to what is in the Mediterranean to freeze out of the atmosphere along with the blood of thousands of airline passengers and airborne creatures as well. Some 'flash frozen' dinosaur specimens found over the past few years could also be confirming the same dynamic when an astronomical body created the Gulf of Mexico, releasing the Great Flood, and exposing a section of our planet to raw, cold space at the moment when the impact briefly thrust the warming atmosphere aside. Maranatha!

    16. Oops, sorry, also, especially as relates to the Asteroid Belt and possible pre-Adamic cosmic events, Annabel, I trust you are familiar with The David Flynn Collection 07/2012? David touches upon much of this and, as somewhat overwhelming as his work is, it is well worth becoming familiar with as it is a window into his gifted research and serious and effective digging before he left us concerning the Bigger Picture possibly lying behind the cosmic chess match we know from the Word and simply watching the news. Maranatha!

  14. Nora, I so hope it's the Rapture:)
    I feel like we need to be really watching over the weekend for a precursor event. Was in prayer earlier and had a strong sense of something about the "voice of the archangel". I'm not sure, but in looking, I only find that phrase the one time in 1 Thess. 4:16. Knowing that it seems to refer to Michael (Jude 9) who is contending w/ the devil over the body of Moses and is the prince of the people of Israel as I understand it ( Dan. 10:13, 21 and 12:1), I am wondering if the way 1Thess. 4:16 reads might indicate a precursory event re Israel just before the trump of God sounds and the dead in Christ rise. Hmmm...
    It really wasn't where my mind was at all as I praying, but it came up and has stuck with
    me. Like Annabel, I'm excited and so tired at the same time. Blessings Family!

    1. Sheila,

      I hope so too! We could only wait for the other shoe to drop. And to pray frequently and fervently for still unsaved loved ones/friends/people.


    First article is interesting as it explains iran location in Syria strengthening the supply line roads to Lebanon just north of israel.....appears israel is their goal.....they may take out saudia Arabia first? Also interesting that usa will align with saudia Arabia and North Korea and Iran have been in talks lately....

    When the Dominos fall it should be quite explosive....

    1. Yes indeed Alan, totally agree. Will be just horrible. Revelation 6:4 and following... Much blessings to you!

  16. Is Saudi Arabia Pushing Israel Into War With Hezbollah and Iran?
    What conn
    read more:


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