Consider the Farmers

As we try to wait patiently for the coming of the Lord this Thanksgiving, we must consider the farmers as the Bible instructs to do.
Consider.  Ponder.  Put ourselves in their shoes.
Let's do just that....

A dear brother in Christ emailed me that verse out of the blue today....(thanks Todd).  So I pondered it.  I considered it.  I decided to make a graphic to share.  As I worked on the above graphic I thought about growing up in farm country...  I considered Thanksgiving and the wonderful food, and how it grows...and how waiting for it to grow certainly does relate to waiting for the Lord to return.  And after doing all this I have come to the conclusion that James 5:7-8 is the perfect verse for this place in time we now sit in our watch.

First off... Farming takes so much patience. 

Waiting for the snow to melt.
Waiting for the ground to thaw.
Waiting for the mud to dry.

Then it's time to quickly plant.... and then wait some more.

Waiting for the rain to fall.
Waiting for the rain to stop.
Waiting for the sun to shine.
Waiting for the plants to grow.
Waiting for the plants to ripen.
Waiting for dry weather so you can quickly harvest.

Farmers can't control the sun.
Farmers can't control the clouds.
Farmers can't control the rain.. or the hail, or the snow.

Farmer can't even control the plants. 
They must trust that they will grow.  And they do. 
That's what God made them to do.

Farmers aren't God.
They must simply monitor the conditions, prepare, and act when it is time.
Most of all, they must be patient... just like we must be.

Patience is so hard.

The harvest is valuable.
They are eager.
Bills are overdue.
So much is out of their control.
So much is riding on this.

But they must be patient.

As James says, it is the same with he Lord's coming.

We eagerly look.
We understand the value of His return.
We have seen the signs that His return is near.
We are just waiting for the day...
Trusting in His promises.

Then in verse 8 God gives us a command and a special promise.
Take courage, for the coming of the Lord is NEAR.
He knows how we feel.
He knows what we need (courage).
He knows our patience is fleeting.
He knows our longing.  How eagerly we have looked for Him.
He knows.... and so He offers us courage.

Where shall we get this courage? 
Well from Him of course!
How shall we get it?
He says just TAKE it.

How can we be courageous? 
Because of His amazing promise that will not fail.

What is His promise?
The coming of the Lord is NEAR.

Near. Not far....  
Close at hand.
Approaching quickly.
Close by.

How near we ask?
Consider the farmer and just look around...
Has he not given us abundant warning?

Aren't the signs all around us? 
(and above us too)

-Happy Thanksgiving Rev12 Family
If you were bold about the sign to your loved ones, perhaps you can share this verse and these thoughts when you are inevitably asked about the Rev12 Sign in the coming days.  : )


  1. Thank you for this Word of encouragement and exhortation. In the Otiot symbolic language, the 1st symbol for 'waiting upon the Lord' is the sun on the horizon: ordained, immutable, fixed in its cycles.

    Funny, what the farmer is ultimately waiting for is the Shamayim to bring about the harvest and the seasons, under our Lord's Hand. We Rev12 Watchers, similarly, were awakened by The Wonder of this Sign in that same Shamayim and we continue to Watch, looking there as the story unfolds. As we grow in our understanding that the story in the Shamayim was put there for that purpose, to tell the tale to all (Ps 19:4) that none have an excuse (Rom 1:20), and not to 'trigger' anything, our patience waxes more alongside our trust in our Abba and our Savior. Maranatha!

    1. In just a little while, He that shall come, will come, and will not tarry:

      Hebrews 10:37

    2. Jimboni, I really luv it that you use the Qodesh language! Thank you, and Birekoth!

  2. Replies
    1. Beautiful, thank you for the encouragement keeping us focused on the prize. ... and those who have endured, , in the past, we count them happy James 5:11...

  3. Brad my brother beloved, TY for your encouragement and reminder! In my country there's no tradition of "Thanksgiving" like in the US but we have some similar feast day too, its called "Erntedank" (= Thanks for the Harvest). Usually it is celebrated on the first Sunday in October (historically it had been celebrated on diverse dates around late September after the Reformation). It is tightly connected to the process of summer harvesting period and not as late as your feast day in November.

    But when you bring this topic up it makes me think of the breaking news about future times: the latest YTC Leak Project video about crops not growing after the next 7 years (they had another vid last week on that topic too) clearly show that global famine and starvation caused by mans systematic pollution of his own habitat interestingly would even occur without some judgement of God to happen before. Secular experts proclaim the END OF "SEEDTIME AND HARVEST" (= Genesis 8:22 !!) during the NEXT 7 YEARS. I find this astonishingly telling and precise. As if mankind again fulfills his own prophecy (of course, God knows everything from eternity!) to the season exact. Read again Genesis 8:22 and what are the exact given indicators for earth still remaining (and not made new until after the millennium). Thus, Gods salvation plan contains mans evil plans from the beginning. All this shows that time's up in 7 years even from the farmers' perspective. Perhaps another level of meaning that "days will be shortened" to save mankind from self-destruction by pollution of biosphere? It might be your LAST Thanksgiving on this earth anyway, Brad - enjoy it! MARANATHA! Come LORD Jesus!! Next time we'll celebrate in the Kingdom... Matthew 26:29

  4. Hi, Brad: Beautiful graphic and a thoughtful article. We have a small hobby farm and I understand the 'farmer' illustration, to that all hit home with me. (Btw...Do you have an email address I could use? I'd like to send you a link to a timeline that I think will be a blessing to you.) Have a happy Thanksgiving! We've soooo much to be thankful for!

  5. Amen. Waiting with the unsurpassed peace of Christ in my heart. Thankful for all that He has done and will do.

  6. Hey, this is awesome. Thank you Jesus for such a great salvation!

    Psalm 3:3 But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

  7. For many years that I've watched the signs since 2010, I tried to keep my excitement and yearning high at all times. 9-23-2017 came and went and we're still here. One of the challenges of 'being here' is the ever struggle of doing what is right and pleasing to God. My fellow watchmen friends message me and ask to pray for them as they falter on some days. There are days where I myself need the prayers. I really do.

    I really think the Harpazo can be any day now especially that Russia, Iran and Turkey just made their deal on and had their masterplan on what to do in Syria. Reading Ezekiel 38, I pondered on verse 16 "You will advance against my people Israel like a cloud that covers the land. In days to come, Gog, I will bring you against my land, so that the nations may know me when I am proved holy through you before their eyes." Now they are fully assembled in Syria, It is GOD who will direct them to attack Israel. I get to reflect on that and it brought shivers to my bone...knowing that GOD.WILL.MAKE.THEM.TO.ATTACK. Whew...they are now THERE. Can we see now how near it is?

    Maranatha Brothers and Sisters.

    1. Thank you, dear Ryan! Amen! Much blessings to your searching! Maranatha!

    2. Brad, perfect message for today and Amen to Ryan Protech. We can for a surety feel the winds of prophecy coming to a head. His Love and His strength to the Body!

  8. And a very happy Turkey Day to all my friends in the US and abroad. Thinking of you all as I count my many blessings today and this site and all of you who add to my understanding of the Word are among my most treasured blessings on this earth! May the Father of Lights, His precious Ruach and Our Blessed Savior touch each of you in a special and mighty way this day to draw you even closer into His Arms of Grace and Protection - In Yeshua's Mighty Name I Pray - Blessings - Sherry

    1. Thank you so much, Sherry and same for you, Blessed Sister:-)

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all, those in the U.S. tradition and those not. For myself, I am deeply thankful for this community which He has Blessed me with and placed me within. By the way, couple of edifying new articles up today at Unsealed, along similar lines as this one, oddly enough, as the Spirit adds some colors to His Song for us now. Maranatha!

  10. Okay, think abstract with regards to 'the woman fled in the wilderness for 3.5 years'. In which season would you end up? In the spring. This is reason #1 why I think the Coming of our Adon Christ Jesus could be at
    (((the first full day of spring (March 21 2018).)))
    No one knows, but there could be a point in time that some people know as to when...

    The Bible passage you just shared is very uplifting as it comes to expecting him at that time.

  11. Lord's blessing to each of you and Happy Thanksgiving ...the thought came to me while pondering on God's word this morning about a woman who is about to give birth; how she prepares hertravel bag and her house for the baby's arrival. And I believe we have been preparing and we are waiting for that glorious day. In the meantime as one of the brothers said earlier, we really really really need prayer to move forward, to stay close and to honor our Lord. In the twinkling of an eye we shall be caught up to meet him in the air. Maranatha

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! :--)

    Sorry for the off-topic question beforehand, but does anyone know what happened to Scotty Clarke? I haven't seen his youtube channel updated since September (same goes for his website). Hope he's okay!

    1. Scott Clarke just posted a tapture song on you tube yesterday (or day befor). You may have alreafy seen it. After listening to many of his video, I see him as grounged in the word and with expancy of the Lords return . I m sure he has dealt with many scoffers. Marantha

    2. "I'm sure he has dealt with many scoffers." Yes, I assume probably that happened. (The channel I checked -which is linked to his website- had no new vid.)

    3. Nora it was on his YouTube Channel - Scott Clarke. He seems to retreat for a bit after each Yom Teruah and I'm sure you're right he has faced scoffing, but he is missed and well loved. Blessings - Sherry

    4. That is quite unusual I went to check back to see if the video was there so in order toenter link and the video is gone I don't know what happened we will keep praying for him

  13. Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving! Maranatha!
    I've looked today some interesting! This is video of Barry Scarbrough "Ezekiel 38:1-3 Fulfilled Nov 22, 2017!" And also Jerusalem Post Analysis of Russia-Iran-Turkey meeting on Nov 19, and RT artikel Nov 22 "Putin orders Russian companies to be ready for urgent transition to war-time operations"! Looking up!

    1. Alla, I'm not sure if you saw the article indicating Palestine is preparing to sever ties with the US after the PLO Mission was refused continued presence in Washington. This is another indicator we are getting closer -

      Be Blessed in your continued studies - Sherry

    2. Yes, Sherry, I've read this yesterday in another article in Israel's news, indeed very important. And today I've read also about the Iran's General, he threatens to Israel with "annihilation" when they do the littlest "error", I don't remember where is this info. You find it surely. Blessings to you and all Brothers and Sisters! Maranatha!

  14. Alla .. yes saw today a video by Jerry Toney, a watchman's report on Ez 38 I believe the nations are aligning quickly Wow, Our Savior is coming!!!

    1. Thank you, VeeBee, I will also look now this video. I read news and articles about this theme. All signs are here now! Ezek 38:23 Come, Lord, quickly!

  15. Dear family, I don't want to be a spoilsport but there's no indicator whatsoever that may make us think of an Ezechiel 38 fulfillment NOW. You have to read the whole chapter in CONTEXT. And unfortunately, most people just skip verses 8, 11 and 12. It may SEEM that the situation looks similar and the union of countries like Syria, Russia, Turkey and Iran is a unique and historical one without doubt. But you cannot just overlook the PEACEFUL state of Israel described in Eze38 and how the land (and the city of Jerusalem) are explicitely called "center of the earth" in verse 12. No man whosoever will call Israel "center of the earth" NOW (or has done that so far). But it WILL be the center of divine government of our LORD Jesus Christ as king of kings in the millennium. The word used for "midst" or "center" (tabbur H2872) even describes an ELEVATED position as "summit" and thus mirrors perfectly Zechariah 14:10 when Jerusalem will be "lifted up" geographically by cataclysmic re-landscaping DURING the tribulation.

    I have stated before that chapter 38 and 39 of Ezechiel describe TWO (not one) war/s but NOT before tribulation period (click!) so this cannot be a description of today even if it looks like.

    In contrast, Israeli news comment on the current situation with a sobering attitude why they think that Trump mideast peace plan is doomed (click!). I actually think the same for various reasons. There will be no "greatest deal of all" whatsoever with Palestinians.

    But again, these heat waves of upcoming war only strenghten my opinion that the impending event of the RAPTURE will overthrow all war games in an instant and bring this spiral of aggression to an abrupt halt. This will be the event causing the emergence of the first rider on the white horse in Revelation 6:2 who brings the short period of "world peace" that will be quickly removed again in verse 4 (from there, it is a logical conclusion that there must have been a sort of peace before when it can be taken away again). But again, this is NOT the peaceful situation of Israel "dwelling safely" in their land "without walls and having NEITHER bars NOR Gates" described in Ezechiel 38 as this period of "world peace" out of the aftermath shock of the rapture will be too short to establish all these details to a DURABLE and stable condition of security just at the beginning (!) of Gods judgement on earth and the very start of cataclysms.

    1. Thank you, dear Annabel, for you outline. I should now, honestly speaking, check everything that I studied, because the signs of this season, I think, require it.
      And about Trump plan I don't fully understand what he wants, this is confusing story for me. I could only say that if this plan is based on the division of Israel, it definitely will not work. Ezek 36:8-12 I think this is fulfilled in the 6-Day War. But the talks about the partition plan for the peace process will continue until the very rapture of the church. Zech 12:2-3 Those who want this partition seem to be peacekeepers. 1Thes 5:3 I think here that this verse includes the rapture as "sudden destruction" because 1Thes 5:2 says "the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night". Then this will trigger the war of Ps 83, and here is "counsel against thy people, and … thy hidden ones", that is Israel and us. I think this is exactly what now takes place. All the signs now in the earth and heavens show this also. Luke 21:25
      And about Gog-Magog War I should yet study. Probably after victory in this war Israel will occupy all the land promised to Abraham, and all Jews will return there, as the Lord promised, and they will reach some kind of peace agreement and will consider themselves safe. And then, as you also say, will come a short-term peace, with the arrival of a rider on a white horse. I should yet consider all the things! Blessing to all! Looking up! Maranatha!

    2. Hi Annabel, please take time to watch this. Blessings.

    They have found the rev 12 4 5 dragon sign december 17 pope francis birthday

    1. Check out Daniel Matsons latest findings about a possible Hanukkah rapture in connection to the breaking news about the "Phaeton 3200 asteroid flyby" shortly before Christmas 2017! Interesting!? MARANATHA :)

    2. Annabel, I was trying to read Daniel's new info among all the doings here and it looks real interesting. Guess I'll have to wait til I get back home to study it out. While helping the family set up for this small wedding today, all I can think of is THE Wedding. Definitely on my own here. Rev 12 topic is clearly taboo. The attitude is pretty much "we'll just forget you got some of us all worked about it and we'll not speak of it again. The Rapture will happen someday but it's not for us to worry about." But the night sky here is absolutely beautiful and the Lord is more than willing to listen!
      Love you all and be blessed in strength, hope and courage!

    3. God's Warrior - Since I left this forum this morning I have seen 3 other watchmen pointing to this same period of time and they have no connection one to the other and all are coming to this reasoning totally separately. It always makes my ears perk up when I begin to see the Spirit speaking to many about the same time frame. Blessings - Sherry

  17. Dear Alla,

    As you mentioned, "And about Gog-Magog War I should yet study."

    I could recommend this blog I linked below, our brother in Christ makes very insightful studies concerning eschatology, current geopolitical events and such. His studies cover the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog war and prophetic events at the Middle-East in great detail.

    1. Thank you, Nora! I know this website and read the Middle-East updates often here! But the prophesy here I didn't see indeed! This is great! Blessings!

    2. Okay, blessings Sister! :--)

  18. Greetings brothers and sisters we are coming up on the november 29th 70 year time and i am seeing so many signs as honestly we dont need signs but God is a God of amazing design and the signs are so abundant everywhere ! Ezikeal 38 is coming into itself and we have people saying the earth is slowing down and 2018 earth quakes will be super worse after our past 2017 earth quakes and bad weather eas on a biblical scale they even say that food wont be grown outdoors within years because the poor conditions ! We all feel it tge signs in heaven and earth are telling allnus believers and even non believers that we are in the last days the end times ! I love my Jesus with all my soul 1 corintians 15 1-4 , i cant wait to meet all my brothers and sisters in heaven with our father amen ! Lots of biblical prophecy is coming to pass fast ! Keep the faith and witness the gospel to all amen !

  19. Hi all! I've found some interesting! The new video of Alan Horvath today, he says that the Speed of Light has been slowing down, and then the days are running faster! I'm looking this now. Blessings!

    1. How can the speed of light slow down? Its like the average speed of free falling had changed? No, it has to be another reason. Days could run faster if earth rotation speeds up, e.g. after an asteroid strike?

    2. Yes, that's right, I'm questioning myself also. I know that the time slows down when you increase the speed. But the speed of light? It's very strange! (?) I'm looking for info and don't find it, but in this video.

    3. This is impeccably sourced to Chuck Missler @ Koinonia I believe. This is a line of thought Chuck and others have explored for years, only now the science is affirming it.

      For example, as we learn in Creation Cosmology, the universe can be only 6 thousand years old and yet we can still see light from stars 'billions of light years away' due to the elasticity of space-time, in its initial, hyper-expansion. Similar affects occur still, even today, although differently due to a non-hyper-expansion, such as the gradual shift in the speed of light. This model is consistent with known cosmological principles & theories applied to space-time in the moments following the 'Big Bang", I.e. Gen 1:1. Remember, the most ardent opposition which the Big Bang Theory faced, when first proposed, was that it was science 'bending the knee' to the Creation Story.

      One way of looking at the model works like this. The fabric of space-time is the medium within which time resonates. As the fabric stretches thinner the resonance changes. Change the shape of a room and the echo within it changes. Thus, as time elapses forwards and the cosmos thins, the mean wave velocity of light, itself, shifts, and becomes slower. This is more of a wave-theory model than simple quantum mechanics. We struggle to wrap our lower-order minds around it so all our models are imperfect. Nonetheless, as the cosmos expands and we all 'feel' the compression of things in our spirit and the "to and fro" 'seems' to be intensifying, IT IS and that even SUPERNATURALLY. Not mystically, or spiritually, alone, but within the physics of space and time itself, things are ACCELERATING Super NATURALLY. Think of the creation, itself, groaning! Again, I am reminded of Daniel's teaching at informedchristians about the enemy being given power over time, for short period, and the TRAP which is the Tribulation is so much nastier than even Spielberg could envision. Maranatha!

    4. Thank you, it's very interesting. And do you mean that people are in perplexity more and more today for this reason? It turns out that the speed of light depends on the gravity and wavelength? Maranatha! Really!

    5. Jimboni, Alla, thank you for pondering this and provide with some more information! I think if we talk about the nature of light we have to admit that even nobel prize physicists couldn't quite wrap their heads around quantum mechanics yet because of the WAVE-PARTICLE-DUALITY of light. So I will rather stop here and leave this question to be answered in our future destination dimension :) LOL (if it still brothers me there John 16:23 a). I will have eternity then to think about it. I admit that thinking about in my current sinful state and restricted brain capacity it might be useless to want to find out... Blessings to you, family!

    6. Alla D., I wasn't referring to the perplexity piece, but it fits nicely. I was more alluding to an increasing pace being referred to in such verses speaking of the increase of knowledge and the going to and fro. As for your 2nd question, and this gets challenging due to the Wave-Particle Duality which Annabel names, I suggest it is better to think of the speed of light more like the temperature reading on a thermometer.

      As an oven gets hotter or cooler the temperature reading on the thermometer goes up and down. Similarly, as the total sum volume of space-time expands then the resonance capacity of the medium 'thins out'. The ability of space-time to resonate is reduced and therefore all point-to-point data transmission (speed of light being the highest measure of that) slows down.

      Applying what that means in our daily lives is where it gets Alice-in-Wonderlandish. For example, electronic clocks have been used to verify that, every day, a person living at sea level has more 'time' during their day than someone living in Denver, a mile high, due to the effect of our planet's gravity on the 'flow' of time through the ether. Like David, this is far too wonderful for me to wrap my head around even though I am studied in, and can banter the idea about, as above. Maranatha!

    7. Hi Jimboni. I found
      a few moments of escape this holiday weekend and was reading one of your posts at Unsealed about the paradigm and time compression. It was an interesting and confirming moment for me. I have been trying to tell some very skeptical people for some years that time is compressing. I do not have a scientific mind at all but I knew it had to be because it simply was taking longer to do so many things timewise than ever before. I hate to sound kind of silly here, but in my limited capacity the only way I could think to illustrate
      the sense of compression I was feeling was with an hourglass. I thought that just as we are moving toward a new dispensation, the grains of sand moved faster and faster the closer
      they got to the bottleneck.
      So I thank you for putting all of this into actual scientific terms. Annabel and Alla as well. Yay! I'm not all that crazy after all;-)
      Blessings and yes, Maranatha!

  20. Amen sister Alla i agree time is changing things are speedimg up and we are in the end times indeed thank you for sharing Alans oage im watching it now ! People are being affected by this time change of to and fro and time speeding up days being shorter earth quakes are getting worse and will increase as the birth pangs get closer and closer together and stronger! I would like to state that the big bang theory is not truth as we know God spoke everything into existance for the gentalmen speaking about big bang thats not how things started ! I love to witness but here lately it has been hard people want to bite your head off really fast but I wont be discouraged i love you all and all praise be to our savior Jesus Christ amen! MARANATHA !

    1. GW, good to hear from another Watcher, always. I am not defending the Big Bang as explaining how it IS. Rather, simply working with it as a model of the development of our physical space-time dimension which our Lord Spoke into being. Additionally, as we are called to be in, but not of the world, and also to be Ambassadors for Christ, it is essential that we be able to put our model into their language in order for the model to serve evangelistically and as an adequate apologetic (1 Pet 3:15). Maranatha!

  21. Check out Click "daily updates". The news is astounding and he is doing an awesome job of keeping track of it and relating it to prophecy.

    1. Yes thank you Miguel!! :) Regarding Israel, the website is very good too, for example this one of today about the first female tank combat calling it 'historic' and showing how Israel has meanwhile completely neglected the word of Torah in Deuteronomy 22:5 and that army duty and wearing weapons is not for women (even not Deborah did that in the times of Judges, remember?). EVERY SINGLE order of God is being turned over a 100% in endtimes. The LORD won't be far now. Blessings, brother! :)

  22. Hi all! I've found some interesting again! I think about pease and safety! (?)

    1. Yes, I read... see JD Farag's update ..... watching praying -reaching out to the lost and waiting for Our Lord's retur

  23. Hi all! I've found again some interesting! Amir's Facebook today! Amazing! Maranatha!

  24. Its so amazing Ezikeal 38 is coming into prophecy! Wishing everyone a blessed day and be resdy for 2018 december is going to be very interesting as well ! May God bless you all and watch over those in the valcano regions and all of us in the dark days to come as the birth pangs increase !


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