The Best Prohecy Update Yet!

I have been watching JD Farag a long time and was actually blessed enough to meet him once a few years ago. His heart for the Gospel and for the Lord's Return are personally inspiring for me.... And out of all the videos I have watched from him, out of all the teachings I have seem him teach....this is the most excited I have seen him about Jesus coming back very soon due to all that is happening! It is hard to describe, but he really seems to think that this year is THE year.  I know this has been shared a few places already, but if you have not seen it yet you need to check this out.  Maranatha!!!!

Here is the video: (29 minutes)


  1. British households have been told to prepare for blackouts by keeping torches and warm clothes handy as the lockdown continues!

    Reported by DAHBOO 777 (3/31)



    Hears like the WHO is coming door to door looking into family units for the 'virus' (3/31)

    Note: from research people are passing with 322-19 not from it ...most have 1-3 other pre-existing conditions. Also, it is not a killer like heart disease where there is no lockdown?


  2. Thanks Brad! It was a good one!

    Big Earthquake in Idaho 6.5 just happened.


    1. Brad,
      Glad that you posted this one about JD. Yes, I too sensed his demeanor of being ‘vindicated’ after all those years but not in a ‘I told you so’ attitude. For all those of us that have been watching for a long time too, there is that ‘unspeakable joy and full of glory’ sensation, one can almost bust-out of one's body now! Lol.

      But then it also has hit me…consider that we always stress and rightly so that we seek to warn, admonish, encourage both Brethren in Christ and the Lost of the type of days that the Bible forewarned, that are here NOW. And we sometimes or often heard from others that a ‘great harvest’ will be had in America especially, if not in the world. And/or that there will be a Revival in the Last Days, etc., as we say and know that we are as in the ‘Days of Noah’, the Days of Lot’, when Jesus will return. And we often associate those as sound inferences to the Rapture types, to a degree. What about the flip-side of the coin?

      But it also hit me that if that is the case, do you also realize then that the time when the Rapture does occur, it will not be the throngs or multitudes that will respond as in those day/generation types? If one can believe it, if as some have calculated the world population before the Flood to be around 7 billion also, only 8 got saved?!! If out of the 5 cities to include Sodom and Gomorrah that perhaps had 1000s in them and only 4 escaped? WOW…Thus if we say such prophetic types are to be now as then…it will then be heartbreaking as out of the 7.7 billion on Earth presently, it will not be the ‘most’ or many that will escape at the Rapture…:(

      As it is…in researching, I come across so many articles about how during this time when 3+ billion are on ‘lock-down’, instead of many seeking GOD or reading/hearing the Bible, and many are doing this, the Lost are entertaining themselves and going crazy. I’ve read reports where domestic violence in sky-rocking, alcohol and drug consumption is also, porn, and suicides. Looting is beginning in all those empty malls in some cities and many businesses are boarding-up there stores in anticipation of civil unrest.

      Although the Church’s outreach might be curtailed for person to person contact now, thanks through the internet, while we still have it, we can outreach this way. I can tell you that one way is to just say ‘hi’ to one’s co-workers by email to see how they are doing. In my case, most have understood, that yeah, ‘he’s that religious intolerant nut all these years with a invisible fairy-tale Savior’…But who did they come to when their life fell apart? Now they are at least listening and open, at least some and not with 'I told you so' attitude.

    2. oh man Lu - that is indeed a scary thought.

    3. Lu & company,

      Tis why the Gospels are (prophetically) speaking to four different groups!

      Tis why the infamous Day & Hour (in Matt 24) IS NOT the Bride's escape BUT the second coming of Jesus when he is feet down on the Mt. of Olives.

      The key to unlocking everything (prophetic) regarding the groups, departures, events, how many, when, what order are contained within the Gospels. They all have different details for this very reason.

      Each have been identified to have the following perspectives or associations:

      1) Luke - the Gentile Bride (Luke being the only 'Gentile' gospel writer, hmmm)
      2) Mark - the Left Behind
      3) Matthew - Jacob's descendants/ the jews
      4) John - 144k

      Each gospel has the Good News but please note the different words and varying phrases throughout but especially the interactions/words of the disciples with Jesus before Jesus' death and at resurrection the ascension.

      An easy place to start is digging into and looking at the 'color' of the robe/garment the Romans put on Jesus. It is a different color in each gospel for a particular reason. These colors have matches in Revelation.

      Some of the prophets in the OT are paired with the Gospels. For example, Luke and Hosea are paired together because they represent the Gentile Bride. Re-reading Hosea time and time again makes it stunningly clear.

      Also note in Luke, the disciple Phillip is a type of Philadelpia Church.

      But all the prophets and all the gospels are linked to Revelation, naturally.

    4. Interesting Charlie,
      I have not actually heard of this take. I do understand that there are many prophetic layers like that old onion clichĂ© for sure. And how for one, these 4 Gospels are the 4 dimensions of Christ’s attributes, character and emphases on His ministry. You might have read/heard of these already in their simplistic form.

      Matthew - The King
      Mark - The Servant
      Luke -The Man
      John - The GOD

      But, also they are the ‘Echo of the Eternal Pattern’ of Creation and of YHVH. They are also mirrored in the 4 Corners that define the entire Universe with the 4 main constellation of and with their corresponding Star for each quadrant.

      Star Constellation
      1. Regulus, the King Star - Leo the Lion King
      2. Aldebaran, Eye of Bull - Taurus the beast of burden
      3. Fomalhaut, the Fish - Aquarius the Water Bearer
      4. Antares, the wound - Scorpio (Eagle in ancient Mazzaroth)

      Then this same pattern/layer is echoed of those Living Creatures that surround the very Throne of YHVH.
      1. Lion
      2. Bull
      3. Man
      4. Eagle

      No doubt there is probably more but I’ll check out the perspective you mentions and I will look at the color of the robe placed on Jesus for each Gospel.. and have that perspective in mind. So, you are saying that there are 4 Raptures before the Tribulation starts? Or 4 successive ones at that single time?

      Because we only see 2 types described at the Trumpet blast, those Dead and those Alive. But I do agree about the Olivet Discourse being that for the Remnant of the Believing Jews at the end of the Great Tribulation.


    5. Lu,

      Here is a quick run down of the 4 different robe/cloak/clothes colors used in the Gospels:

      [Yes, the words will change per Bible 'version'. So for this we will only use ESV. I have yet to go to LSV yet but now am curious]

      Luke - Splendid/ G2986 (Luke 23:11)
      Mark - Purple* G4209 (Mark 15:17)
      Matthew - Scarlet G2847 (Matt 27:28)
      John - Purple* G4210 (John 19:2)

      *These Purples have different meanings (or origin).


      Note: This is not my own research or discovery, it was given to me and Thank You for doing the grunt work.

    6. Along the 'foursome' line of thinking and/or discovery:

      The 4 Angels standing at

      The 4 Corners of the Earth, holding back

      The 4 Winds.....

      Revelation 7:1

  3. Blessings all. I believe Dutchsinse says next 48 hours could have big EQs. So, criminals being released in time for blackouts. How convenient. I put a Mezuzah on my doorpost many years ago. Mezuzah is Hebrew for doorpost, I believe. I had read a book by Perry Stone and he mentioned having a Bible verse sticker on the doorpost of the door (redundant ?) leading from the garage into the kitchen and when it came time to paint the doorpost he removed the sticker. Soon after, his house was robbed and guess which door the thief got through? So, I immediately ordered Bible verse stickers and put one or more on every window, sliding glass door, basically every door and window. I do believe literally surrounding your environment with God’s Holy Word can only bring blessing, protection and comfort. Many long nights spent in the ER with my mother, and I never worried about my house.


    1. Archangel...Blessings, Brother. I've had Mezuzahs on my door posts for many years, too. It's always reminded me to expound on the Scriptures with my family coming and going and although I've never thought about it in those terms, I've never had a break-in, Bless God:-)

    2. Archangel - any hotspots we need to be aware of? New Zealand for one!!!

    3. Blessings Sheila B, Zeal Life and family. I have a lovely Jewish neighbor 2 houses down from me who, ofc, has a Mezuzah on her doorpost. Many years ago, someone tried to break into her house even going as far as cutting her phone line but was unsuccessful at getting into her home. The Mezuzah signifies a deep reverence for God and His Holy Word as there is a Scripture on a little piece of rolled up paper inside and when crossing the threshold into one’s home, it is appropriate to kiss I believe two fingers and touch the Mezuzah.

      Zeal Life, blessings. Isn’t it Christchurch that keeps getting bombarded by EQs ? It’s a bit unsettling that the Challis, Idaho EQ is very rare at 6.5 but also because it’s right over the magma chamber of Yellowstone ! I think you are safe this week as most of the action seems to be around the New Madrid Fault so Oklahoma, Texas, etc might experience shaking this week. The New Madrid, when the Big One (which is overdue since the last Big One about 200 yrs ago) hits will literally divide America in half. When it last struck, it caused the Mississippi River to run backwards. People will either starve to death or freeze to death depending on which side of the fault they are on due to overland truck food deliveries being impossible and if people don’t buy land in TX, they will freeze up north.


    4. I asked the Lord to protect our home and I trust Him to do that. Maybe last week I put prayed-over oil on the door tho. But I still trust His love and goodness oil on the door or not. The thing is, I dont like Perry Stone's attitude at all regarding that. "Remove the Mesusah and people break in..." The Lord doesn't operate like that imo, it would be simply petty and the whole thing is superstitious! That made me a bit angry, this attitude, not yours Bros and Sisters, but Perry Stone's conclusion of that thief story.

    5. ay Christchurch was slammed a number of times. Not as problematic as being over Yellowstone however! Ryan

    6. Blessings Zeal Life. Yes, having a 6.5 in Idaho is concerning enough but to be over that bubbling ready to explode magma chamber is something else altogether!

    7. Blessings Nora and thank you about Casey. I was very disappointed in Perry Stone when I saw the video of him “speaking in tongues” while checking his phone. I hadn’t watched him in years but did read a couple books by him. As I recall, he removed the Bible verse sticker to paint the doorpost because, he reasoned to himself, this is not what’s protecting my house. Now, I can see why carrying a rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover etc can be deemed superstitious but having a Mezuzah and Bible verse stickers where I can see them and read them comforts me, is a way to express appreciation to God for the gift and power of His Holy Word and it’s necessity in our lives and since we wrestle not against flesh and blood, I consider it a demonic attack if someone tries to enter my sanctuary illegally and what’s the most powerful Weapon we have ? The Sword of the Spirit ! My desk at work (when I was there) had Bible verses all around it, on my calendar and I have prayers written on index cards in my car that I say before driving. I just want to be surrounded by God’s Holy Word and be influenced by it in every aspect of my life. I know that only God can protect me and my family because only He knows what’s around the corner. I still have my security system activated and make sure my doors and windows are locked. But, ultimately, my protection comes from God. This is an evil fallen world and I know I can’t do anything without Him. And these are perilous times as His Holy Word instructs us. Pray without ceasing.


    8. "...having a Mezuzah and Bible verse stickers where I can see them and read them comforts me"

      Same, I have Bible verse cards in my room on a lot of places. I love to read them again and again, it gives comfort and encouragement.

      Only the Lord can truly protect us, that's how I see that too.

      As for Perry Stone, I've heard a lot of bad things about him but never listened to him, so I cant share any personal experience as I mentioned I didnt like his conclusion because imo that made the Lord look petty like, "You removed the Mesusah I'll let the robbers in!" That's petty and lacks in mercy while the Lord is neither of that, quite the opposite! And this way of thinking is superstitious, I cant help to see it that way. Not that this topic needs to be scrutinized so much I just wanted to clarify what I really think. Just my p.o.v. though.

    9. Blessings Nora. Ofc and God may have had a lesson for Perry personally in what happened. But I’m glad that that experience of his motivated me to surround myself with God’s Word. There’s so much to His Word that we have yet to grasp. And if I’m going to be surrounded by anything I’d def want it to be His Word. God bless you.

    10. Same, Archangel! :-) xoxo

  4. Fascinating job connecting the Menorah! It has been here all this time and yet, I do not belive we have seen it.

    The seven moedims are connected together! Well, the three Spring and three fall moedims are connected by Pentecost/ Shavout. Well, you'll see how the first is connected to the last, the 2nd to the 2nd to last.... like it was so obvious YET finally it is revealed.

    Obviously connections to Nisan 10, Nisan 14 , 40 days etc... (yet we do not know when they 'really' are because of the multiple calendars)

    Start at 26:45min to see where/how all the moedims are connected (visually/ scripturally)

    1. I recall 'alittlestrength' did an article on this a while back, but will need to track it down...

    2. The thing is that I tried to give this video a shot the other day (seeing that this is a longer one) but when she strated to explain that Jesus was resurrected on the next day after his crucifixion and the 3 days-and 3 nights of His dwelling were not in the Earth's belly but "in people's hearts", I decided not to listen anymore. I also saw in the comments-section the view of "plus/extra revelations" being advocated by some people, aka new things that previously "weren't revealed by Scripture". The name of that phenomenon is Gnosticism plain and simple.

      As for Ministry Revealed, someone warned in the comments section saying,

      "For those who listen to Ministry Revealed- please guard your hearts. I have heard it with my own ears! Alaine has said several times that Jesus will be physically on the earth and die again. This is not "hearsay." I actually commented twice and warned that it sounded like he was leading people to the antichrist. A few people agreed but Alaine only commented once and said, they were still learning new things. When he mentioned it again in a future video, I made my final comment of "people beware" and left his channel. I can listen to people (chew the meat but spit out the bones) on certain things, but not heresy! He had a lot of new insights that I had never thought of before but when God's Word says plainly, "Jesus died once to save us" and Alaine says the exact opposite- "Let God's Word be true and every man a liar!"

      (Charlie, this is not against you personally, just felt to share my thoughts about this vid and reading the warning comment about that other YT ministry yesterday, I thought I put it there too. I dont say that they couldnt be right about the Menorah for example but the things I pointed out just weren't *kosher* to me.)

    3. (Or the 14 years long tribulation period for ex. that Minstry Revealed also teaches.)

    4. I have to disagree also with what the channel taught. Passover is considered a Sabbath, a 'High Day Sabbath' and was then, ‘A High Day Sabbath’. Luke 23:52-54. That is why there is a confusion that it was a Friday, I do not think so.

      The Sign Jesus gave had to be 3 days of 24 hours or 72 hours total as the Sign of Jonah, 72 hours in the great fish...not in the 'hearts and minds' of the people. The same word day is give as in Creation in have to exiguous the Scripture the same...way, same works and same meaning....

      So, Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday (High Day Sabbath)
      - 9am to 3pm on Cross
      -330pm placed in Garden Tomb perhaps at that time, just before sunset around ~7pm in April so 4 hours before sunset (240 minutes!
      -Preparation Day… so had to have all men taken down crosses and buried so Passover could be kosher
      -Jews then at sunset celebrated the Passover in homes ...a 'Sabbath',
      -Thursday ~3:30pm
      -Friday ~3:30pm
      -Saturday ~3:30pm Rose!!! Stone rolled away, Jesus came out the Tomb! Lord of the Sabbath
      -Sunday morning, 'when He had risen''...past tense the women came was there…

      So, I respectfully disagree with the teaching given/taught...It is a good study to get into especially during this time coming up of Passover. But it is not to be spiritualized as it was in this case, in my assessment.

    5. I concur Lu and Nora.

      I must have skipped over most of what she had to say while enthused at the Menorah connection.

      I too agree the crucifixtion was on a Wednesday (High Sabbath), there were 3 full days/nights, and He arose Sat night and was seen early Sunday monring.

      Apologies for posting without completely vetting what was being said, a reason I stopped listening a while back but found my way there after God's Gifts Passover message pointed to Lyn's Passover 'stuff.'

      Regarding Alain's 'die again' comment, I am not familiar but do agree Nora, this is NOT scriptural and the one who died already does not need to die again.

      Regarding the different messages/ audiences/ language/ words/ descriptions in the Gospels, this is hard to refute.


      My hope is, for everyone, all of this (judgement, wrath, beast system, etc) IS SHORTENED.

      As we are on the precipice of Passover and we see the other moedims lined up, it seems feasible to me ALL of what is going to happen can happen and complete by the fall (Tabernacles).

    6. Family, Blessings. In re Alain's mention of Christ being Crucified, again, I posit that this may be a mis-hearing of something I heard him say concerning a story surrounding one of the Disciples, as I recall, at Rome, seeing Christ entering the city as he was leaving to protect his own life. (this is after Christ's ascension). The tale is that the Disciple speaks with Christ Who Tells Him That He Is Entering The City To Be Crucified, and Die, again, and then he quickly departs into the crowd entering the city. Upon hearing this, the Disciple understands that HE is to return to Rome and be crucified, being, himself, also The Body Of Christ. In light of Alain's very sloppy style it is quite possible this was what was heard, or even it being referred to, later, with little detail and, hence, misunderstood. On the other hand, while likely unexplained and left hanging, it is possibly as stated.

      While I detest his style, lack of discipline, insensitivity to his audience, self-centeredness, and lack of humility concerning the ground he walks, which, I believe, have been opened to him as very few others, having endured hours of his ramblings, I am convinced that he has been Given New Insights Of Christ and The Word of God. His lack of any systematic approach obstructs, greatly, his messages and, yet, pushing that aside and working thorough the meat and Scripture he unpacks, I am left asking why Our Lord Chose him? In short, somehow, Alain's weaknesses will act to further sift the Body of Christ and do with this Word exactly what Christ Intends.

      Those unable to set aside their worship of THEIR understanding of Scripture will not overcome that stumbling block and remain ignorant. Our Lord Has Determined That It be So, and Alain delivers this detail nicely.

      In short, using SCRIPTURE ALONE, I have seen Alain absolutely demonstrate that Scripture, ITSELF, Declares these things:

      #1 The Gospels have a primary audience and attributes unique to themselves, as Charlie and Lu elucidated well, though nowhere near exhaustively. For example, Luke declares that he knows all things "perfectly", and "in order". In this we find Holy Instruction that Luke's Gospel, whose primary audience is The Bride, can be used to identify TIMINGS and finer details not covered elsewhere.

      #2 In addition to books having companions (TWINS) with other Books of Scripture, there is a Year to Chapter Association which unpack Parallels and Types and Details within Scripture.

      #3 The full plan of Our Lord involves 3 'sevens' and a final year, for 22 years, total, mirroring the COMPLETE Hebrew alphabet. 7 years precede The Bride's RESCUE & HS Indwellers/Restrainer's Removal (Harpazo 1, if you will, though THE DEAD IN CHRIST RISE LATER) and less than 25% of the 'church' leaves; 7 years follow, during which time Seals open and, at the end of which, the ENTIRE final church is then Raptured (#2, honoring OSAS, inclg dead in Christ 1st), followed by the 3rd set of 7 years, during the last period of which the 7 bowls are poured out by ABBA in Judgment on all those others and His Enemies. The Bowls occupy less than 1 year of that time, towards the end. That final 1 year involves ABBA, Father God, Himself, Jesus being WITH Him, as Declared, Stepping Upon And Sundering The Mount Outside Jerusalem, and an EQ which moves the ENTIRE WORLD.

    7. I know, I know, heresy, blasphemy, tradition. While part of me has wanted to take the time to go through Alain's mess and construct a simpler, systematic outline of what was Shown, I've not been able/Released yet to do so. Perhaps as that is gong against His Plan With Alain. If you are able to go prayerfully watch his videos like a child who has never been indoctrinated on the traditional script, stop vetting every word against the WRONG playbook, and follow, you will see, as many have and more daily. If you are unable to do that then don't even try. You argue with ABBA and Christ when you speak against it, and no other, as I see it.

    8. Nora, et al...I really appreciate your diligence re viewing anything as a "talisman" per se, whether it be a mezzuzah or anointing oil or whatever. We are covered in the Precious Blood of the Lamb and find our protection and comfort in knowing the WORD of God. The purpose of the mezzuzah for me is simply per Deut.11:18,19,20,21. A number of times I've had people to ask what this "thing" on my door is and I've told them it's a reminder to speak the Gospel coming and going--which at times has opened that door:-)

      And I think I've mentioned this before, but in listening to some of these YT ministries--like the ones mentioned here, I try to get a sense of whether they are using the Scriptures to interpret what they feel they are being shown, or vice-versa. It seems like there are many people out there who are sharing "new" revelations special to themselves--ones that only they've been given, then begin to teach it as doctrine. Imo, the most tell-tale sign of this is when it causes confusion and renders other verses or passages nonsensical. I've seen some real hoop jumping to get around context in order to confirm some dreams, visions, and personal insights. I know it's been a long and arduous wait, but some of these channels are stretching and twisting the Scriptures--whether well intended or just trying to stay relevant, IDK, but I like what Gary said @unsealed--"When the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense". So whenever they drift off to prioritizing their "specialized" knowledge, I'll be drifting back to the Written Word:-)

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    9. Sheila, on the topic of the Mesusah... that for me wasnt about the Mesusah but Perry Stone's way of thinking! I explained it in a bit more detail what I meant, it's above in that part of the comments-section, pls take a look! I think you guys misanderstood what I was saying.

    10. "I try to get a sense of whether they are using the Scriptures to interpret what they feel they are being shown, or vice-versa."


    11. I use anointed-oil too. I believe that the Lord's healing power and protection works thru it too, otherwise why would it be admonished in James 5:14, " Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord..."

    12. Charlie, no problem Brother! I think it happens to all of us that we dont vet sg completely or sg slips thru our attention.

    13. Jimboni...Blessings...and I guess I am definitely child-like and pretty basic when it comes to my understanding of the Scriptures, but here's what bothers me about these ministries with "new" previously unknown or untaught insights--they are espousing quite different "outlines". So which, or who is the one hearing correctly? Is it a shortened 3 1/2 years, this 14 years, or the "old" 7 years as the 70th week determined upon Israel? Which one argues against God and how do you know as all who differ use Scripture to unpack these "new" insights in one fashion or another? I just believe when it becomes so complicated that only the "wise" can grasp these "formulas" for understanding, something is wrong. (It also leads to some folks professing to understand something that they obviously really don't, but apparently just want to fit in which amounts to confusion, imo)

      It's a bit different than just connecting the unfolding events to what the Scriptures have prophesied which are all confirmations to the Infallible Truth of God's Word. These we can point to in an effort to wake people up as to the nearness of Christ's Return and are invaluable for us as watchers to understand. While the old playbook doesn't answer all of our questions re the exact timing of as yet future events, I will argue that it does get the "outline" job done for the plain text folks like me. He IS Coming for His Body at any given moment now, the 70th week and all the terror that it entails IS coming right on the heels of that before He Returns to wind it all up and set up His Millennial Reign...and so on into Eternity proper.
      And it's just so amazing to be alive in the here and now and to be a part of the only 2 people groups in time to witness His Glorious Appearing!

      Maranatha and just looking UP for our Blessed Hope:-)

    14. With Sheila re this topic.

    15. Nora...I understood what you were saying and just wanted you to know I agree with you re the implements we partake in. Unfortunately they are often packaged and promoted wrongly in the interest of monetary gain leading some to inadvertently put faith in an object or ritual rather than in God, Himself. And P. Stone (and many others) are really big on marketing all sorts of stuff that way.

    16. Sheila, yes, it's very sad! :/

    17. Nora, Blessings. Such a tricky space, eh? Ofc we do not adhere to talismans, almost below worth mentioning. Still, Our Lord Loves demonstrations of our faith, as we chase him, and is Lord, and is Faithful, amen. Matthew 9: 21,22

      Sheila B., Blessings. Funny, as I had hoped, there is actually very little within your words which I would quibble with, and nothing essential. Part of why this info is so *concealed", even it's Revealing, is that it is not something which takes great theological wisdom to affirm. Quite the contrary. Speaking for myself, as only able, I reluctantly followed the intro teaching/videos with the expertise of an educator, student, scholar and public speaker and the exact same diligence and methods we all know well and with the exact same discernment as Christ Provides and, yet, eager to chase down the first few point's I'd heard which had intrigued me.

      Incidentally, Alain never studied Scripture, at all, ever, to any depth. Watching him take these new tools and apply it to the Symmetry of OT & NT, Book and Book, over and over and over and over, grabbing new associations from thin air, on the fly, is incredible. It's like watching someone with first hand, immediate recall of EVERY single detail of Scripture weave it together and it is NOT ALAIN doing it and I am blessed to have seen it.

      The insights to Christ and His Messages To Encourage and Inform Us, when seen through this perspective, Are Awesome. It pains me very deeply to not have found a way to serve this meal well to you, all, for whom I would most desire it's Richness to be known. As you may guess, I do not spend hours fawning over their vids, and mostly take them in, now, through The Disciple's co-shows with Alain, as he seems Provided By Our Lord to assist Alain in delivering this message at this time and he helps a lot.

      I mean no aspersions on anyone's perspective and am as much in the exact same soup about this as the most ardently challenged here. When I learned Algebra it didn't contradict earlier mathematics though it greatly empowered them to go farther in the SAME venue. My guess is that this "tension" is the Principle of a 'bit of leaven', positively, alongside Fishes & Loaves.

      IF True Last Hour's Revelation Of HIMSELF, Christ Being The Word, then it isn't for us, FIRST, anyways. The Gospel, Christ, Is Always Imparted to be further imparted, to others, by the recipient, Glorifying Christ. In like manner, those Watchers hearing this, most likely, will either (A) see it and be encouraged and closer to Christ and also challenged to share it with others (love), growing all, or, (B) be among those Chosen to defend Christ's Person, as Known, also Holy work providing a Bulwark in the times. In either case, it seems both are His Bride; neither are the slumbering 'church'. Both groups will be rescued, likely within days of this post, when our CAPACITY to 'get it' goes to 100%, and the release of this information, VIRALLY, right now, is Christ's 'message in a bottle' to those not Rescued and about to face Seals. Maranatha!

  5. Thanks, Brad.

    This update from Farag is very shareable. Ideal for getting those conversations started with those averse to end-times' discussions.

    1. Very shareable Jeff! I sent it to my family! đź‘Ť


  6. Found this comment interesting from Trump's CV briefing today. He said "It's gonna get's gonna be like a "burst of light". I just thought oh yes...yes it is!"

    1. Sheila, T was only repeating what Q has posted for several years now. :-)

      BUT yes,

      Could it all be happening over the same day/hour/ moment???

      I am still wondeering if the troopers in TX are working for the WHO (combating the flu) or there to set up a line of defense from a southern invasion force (just insert any # of countries).

      Why CA was locked down 1st.

      Why are the doors to Cheyenne Mountain closed and fully occupied with military brass? What are they really hunkering down for?

      There really is more going on than meets the eye, BUT Jesus. Let's not loose sight of Him in these final days. Enough for each of us to do (myself included here).

  7. Blessings Beltway Brother. I, too, am wondering about the military hiding in Cheyenne. Are they expecting nuclear fallout ? When the military hides, well, that just does not inspire confidence.

  8. Blessings all. Sheila B, Zorrobird, Mom, Jimboni, Zeal Life, Miguel P, and everyone. Didn’t want to go to bed without letting you know that less than one hour ago, I went into Casey’s room with her food and instead of being in her hiding place for the last week, she was sitting as erect as she ever had at her water bowl, looked at me and walked right over to our usual spot, jumped up, and waited for me to sit next to her and proceeded to purr just like normal. It has been a solid week for her on the C-S and 3-4 doses of Pyc. I noticed by the 2nd or 3rd dose of Pyc, she looked more like her usual self. There was an alertness and self-awareness that had been sadly missing for what feels like a long time and I wondered if she would be in one of her normal places the next time I went into her room. There’s no sign of the lethargy anymore. I think I have seen the corner-turn I was hoping for and so much sooner than I expected

    The more I read about Pyc, the more I realize I gotta get on this stuff ! Thank you all for your prayers and expert advice and concern. I can’t explain how grateful I am to all of you. Jimboni, I know I had seen Pyc in my readings here and there but didn’t realize what it could and did do for Casey until you mentioned it. It was nowhere on my radar. Zeal Life, thank you for advising me to be cautious and aware of how she was feeling and it’s remarkable that it has only been 8 days since her diagnosis. I will continue the protocol without fail. I am stunned how little time it took for her to get from where she was to where she is now. Very happy, a bit tired but excited to see this much progress so quickly. Jimboni, many superlatives from me to you.

    1. Archangel, I'm so happy for you and your sweet Casey!! That is such a wonderful feeling, when our dear pets pull through. She just has to hang in there a little bit longer :) WFS!

    2. Good to hear that she's feeling better! :-)

    3. Awesome Archangel - she will have her ups and downs depending on the lmp severity. We used to give a product to animals with cancer called 'transfer factor' (made by 4life). It helps the immune system target the cancer cells while other 'treatment' was doing its work. T-factor is taken from colostrum so very safe to take, but crazy expensive. looking forward to hearing of ongoing improvement!

    4. Wonderful news Archangel! Ongoing prayers for Casey to continue to improve!
      Blessings brother!

    5. Blessings all. Thank you so much ! I have to say I cried in amazement at her jumping up and waiting for me and purring and just being curious. Her attitude was so telling. It was the closest to being the way she was and I praise God because He helped her just like He helped Mitch, which helps me. I think as long as she keeps getting regular doses of Pyc and C-S, she will feel better and not have pain and I love that for both of us. Thank you all for caring about her health and well-being. I know she would thank you too if God made her speak like Balaam’s donkey. God blessed us with pets to make us happy. They have enriched my life no end. That’s why we suffer when they suffer and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His love and mercy He has showed Casey through all of my brothers and sisters in Christ here. I love all of you and thank you for caring about my little cat. And, yes, Rebekah, just a little more to wait and watch for our Savior to snatch us outta here ! And Zeal Life, I read about colostrum many years ago. I believe kittens receive it from their mommies when nursing. They get that burst of immunity at their most fragile beginning of life. God is so good. God bless all of you. I am humbled and grateful.


    6. Archangel, Blessings. Well, wonderful to hear that, of the two roads which lay ahead, Casey was able to take the brighter one. You describe what I was hoping for and which I knew the broad workings of Pyc could deliver. I caution your enthusiasm, a bit, however. Pyc's ability to settle the immune response and alleviate systemic inflammation does deliver higher quality of life. While the Pyc and C-S also work to both attack the disease and support the body doing the same, to some extent, Pyc is hiding the severity of the work underway. I rejoice that Pyc was able to comfort and deliver peace to Casey but, as you know, she isn't better, yet. Your love and care certainly speeds her rebound. I suggest that continuing, as you said, will continue to deliver comfort and health and likely long enough for our impending Escape, kitties and others in tow.

    7. Blessings Jimboni. Agree completely. My main concern is that she is not in pain. She has an appt on Saturday for another depomedrol injection. Hopefully, she won’t be too upset at being taken from her comfort zone and put in the carrier. She handles the car ride very well. I know how quickly things can change so as the great Darrell Green once said I don’t let my highs get too high and I don’t let my lows get too low. And if he could run down Tony Dorsett, I’m gonna take his advice and yours also, ofc. The depomedrol has risks of its own but will see how she does after what will be her 2nd injection.

    8. Wonderful news, Archangel! And I'm sure that along with all of your prayerful and loving endeavors for Casey, our Father is honoring that with His. As hard as it's been over the years to lose pets, I can be thankful that for the most part it's been to due to their reaching the end of good long lifespans, which is just a fact of this fallen world. But I've always felt like the day is coming when I will find myself surrounded by a big bunch of old friends going all the way back to my first real best friend given to me while in 1st grade--a most loyal Border Collie mix named Brownie. Can't wait:-))

    9. Blessings Sheila B and thank you so much for thinking of Casey through your pain. That means so much to me. Our God is so great and merciful and knows us each as individuals so perfectly that I suspect there is a lesson in this for me. By seeing how much God has helped Mitch and Casey through devastating illnesses He has shown me that I don’t have to have any fears for their future when the Trib starts. In other words, if He cares for them so intimately while here on earth, why would He all of a sudden abandon them to the horrors of the Trib ? I know there are differing opinions on this but, for me, I have no doubts that Jesus will Rapture all my pets with me because He’s kind and nothing is too hard for Him. His Word says Ask and ye shall receive and delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart and a righteous man regardeth the life of His beast. He has truly comforted my heart about this. God bless you.

    10. Just to clarify Archangel - 'transfer factor', while taken from colostrum (its not colostrum itself), is produced throughout our lives as our immune system kicks in to fight diseases and what not. The key thing about TF is that it speeds up the ability of the immune system to 'identify a invader' and respond rapidly to it by 'teaching' the body to identify the good cells from the 'bad' ones (like cancer) and to fight them (speaking extremely plainly). It is part of the preventative medicine programme vets have been using for many years (c.f. human medical system which is more prone to treat rather than prevent).

      Its extremely useful if an animals immune system has been compromised.


    11. Blessings Zeal Life. I read about the Transfer Factor by 4Life and had to order it. Thanks so much !

  9. Praise the Lord for His marvelous works! Praise Him day and night. Praise Him for the infallible truth of His holy word. Praise him for His constant comfort and care. Praise Him for his deep unending Love. Praise Him for willingly being crucified so that we will have eternal life with Him and the Father. Hallelujah we will join Him very soon.

    Glorious Lord, saviour, king, and friend, thank you for helping us each day. Thank you for this very moment as we praise you and expect you to call us up. Draw us near to you, near to your heart and help us to hear every desire and truth. May our Love overflow for you and those you bring to us, and may we all be changed. Thank you for your mercy, forgiveness and for every good thing. Amen!

  10. Just thinking aloud here. Recently I've been thinking about the "signs in the sun" from last year, and wondering about their ultimate place in the big picture. First there was the king child in the womb and the dragon that appeared last January, two elements of Revelation 12:1-5 that point to our soon harpazo. Then there was a "7/door" that appeared last September. Please skim through these articles if you're not familiar; it's pretty astounding stuff.

    So follow me on this: we know that the January signs in the sun brought our attention to the Revelation 12 Sign and the rapture. Is it possible then that the "7/door" sign in the sun was pointing to 7 more months, which would be April 2020? With all the talk about a spring/April 2020 harpazo, I sure hope so!

    On a somewhat related note, almost as if on cue, here's a new video, "Mysterious Shofar blasts heard in Israel at midnight" from Speaking Truth in Love:

    Maranatha, we fly soon!

    1. Hi Justin, blessings!
      The 7 seen in the sun could also represent the letter DALET (numeric value = 4, April ??) and with which the word DOOR is written.

    2. Good connects Justin and Jeova!

    3. Good catch indeed Jeova! Blessings guys!

    4. Justin and Jeová,
      I like the insights and regarding the ‘4’….as the Dalet, awhile back I did a crazy study in comparing the 23 chapters of Revelation to the 23 letters of the Hebrew Alefbet. Well, chapter 4 would be the Dalet or the Door that then corresponds to the ‘door’ that was opened up to John and was told, ‘come up here’ in chapter 4…!

      This would then suggest, possibly the timeline of the Rapture in the sequence. I would also like to revisit that event of the Black Hole that occurred also in Virgo as a possible sign of the 'door' being connected to the Rev 12 Sign too.

      Here are the references if you like to read more about the Revelation Alefbet study.
      Blessings as we wait.



    5. Hi Lu,

      Wonderful wonderful work. I think there may be an error in your poster. You have Luke 13 but it should be Mark 13. So Matt 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

      The different Gospels have different Discourses for different Audiences.

      Pretty clear with a comparison of the three but with some knowledge of knowing Jesus is talking to or referring to three different groups, it becomes blazing clear there are differences and then you place them in this sequence (Luke, Mark, Matthew) it is almost crystal clear.

      Luke 21

      Jesus is incating thois group who is watching/ awake/ ready/ praying WILL KNOW the day/time to catch them away)

      Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


      Mark 13

      Jesus is indicating this group WILL NOT KNOW the time when He returns

      But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

      Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

      For the Son of Man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.

      Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning


      Matthew 24

      Jesus is indicating this group WILL NOT KNOW the time when He will return (feet down at Mt of Olives) to utterly destroy the enemies of this present Earth and create a new one.

      Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

      But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

      Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

      But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

      Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

    6. Justin,
      Excellent thoughts brother. Loving how you tied all that together so effortlessly. Makes perfect sense to me!! : ) Keep looking up!!!

    7. Thanks Brad! And Lu I had actually forgotten about the black hole in virgo, that also fits in here quite nicely. I'm always very interested and intrigued by theories like your Revelation Alefbet theory, as well as Steve Cioccolanti's "prophetic chapters of Psalms" theory and others.

  11. Sharing...

    Jaco Prinsloo - FB Page

    It would seem that those who are guiding world-events in the background is letting the people know - without them realizing - that a nuclear war will start within the next week or two.

    This aligns with the sudden destruction that is described in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, but this is also associated with an escape for those who are found worthy to escape, because they have put 100% of their reliance on Jesus's finished work ALONE, for their salvation.

    What the world is going through now, is actually an instruction by God to the world - in preparation for His departure from His habitation and we read about this in Zechariah 2:13:

    Zec 2:13 Be silent, O all flesh, before the LORD: for he is raised up out of his holy habitation.

    Satan who is the god of this world is subject to God's Word and has to ensure that it is obeyed and how does he ensure that the people of the world are silent before God, before He is raised up out of His holy habitation?

    He instils fear into people so that they will stay home.

    Have you seen the number of meteor impacts that have occurred over the past month? Consider what is said in Habakkuk says in relation to God, coming to punish the inhabitants of the earth:

    Hab 3:5 Before him went the pestilence, and burning coals went forth at his feet.

    We have so little time left and by Easter Sunday, if you are still on the earth, what those who find themselves here will face, will have people's hearts failing them.

    Please watch the latest video - where more hints are given by President Trump about the timing of the coming destruction.


    1. Thank you Jeová for sharing, gonna watch that vid asap!

    2. Justin...sounds good to me, Brother! I'm so ready:-)

      Jeova...TY once again, Brother, for another heads up! Getting so hard to keep up anymore with so much happening and urgent info coming in from every direction. Everyone here who contributes these pertinent and quick links are such a tremendous blessing for all!!!

    3. I see Jaco also believes in an 3,5 years-only trib period which is sad but oh well. I also think that it's a bit of a stretch to link the 2 "don't let your hearts be troubled" Jesus said togetherthe way he did in the video. But the 2 speeches of DT together was eerie. We'll see next week if such a war will happen... That would mean the rapture as well (maybe the rapture will happen anyway even if the brother is wrong in his assumptions, fingers crossed).

    4. Interesting YTC Jeova. As I went to bed last night, it occurred to me that Passover is a high-watch date for two reasons. The obvious has been discussed a number of times, however the second reason is simply this; passover was the time when Judas was revealed to his 'brethren' as being Christ's betrayer, and the time when satan entered into Judas.

      So in keeping with typology expectations, we could well the AC being 'revealed to his brethren' this Passover, as well as Satan indwelling the AC in prep for what lays ahead.

      Blessings to you and your family brother.


    5. Hi Nora - I don't believe a 3.5 year trib belief is 'sad', its just different. The tribulation period is one biblical belief that we all see very 'dimly', and I have read top scholars believe in the same thing. I believe in a seven year tribulation, a 3.5 year 'time of Jacobs trouble', and a mid-trib rapture. Its different but also exciting when it forces us to look into all the many amazing types and scriptures which 'seem' to back up our beliefs. In the end, Jesus wins!

    6. Yes we all see dimly, the things pertaining to the end times. Many believe in the mid Tribulation rapture and that we are in the midst now. In such a context Iran, the enemy of Israel looks like the king of the North ( Iran is to the north of Israel) mentioned in Daniel 11 and Daniel 9 who confirms the covenant with many ( Iran nuclear deal signed by Iran with the 7 great Nations, which was passed in the US congress in September 2015 by Obama)

      Daniel 9:27 says that king of the North will break the covenant midway and place the abomination in the holy place.

      US and Iran are in the standoff mode. US suspects that Iran is preparing nuclear weapons. Both the countries have threatened each other of dire consequences today. A nuclear war may erupt soon and then the rapture.

  12. God’s Roadmap to the End. Nuclear War is Coming. Peak Deaths Expected Easter Sunday. Are You Ready to be Rescued ?

  13. Sharing...

    T.W. Tramm - FB Page

    AS the coronavirus-crash continues to wipe out fortunes, Bible prophecies about the futility of riches in the last days ring true:

    “Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days …. You have lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter” (James 5:1-3, 5).

    Revelation details the aftereffect of spiraling debt and out-of-control money printing, which is hyperinflation:

    “I heard a voice from among the four living beings say, ‘A loaf of wheat bread … will cost a day’s pay’” (Rev. 6:6).

    Even gold and silver will be worthless in the day of judgment:

    “They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing. Their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it” (Ezek. 7:19).

    What’s remarkable, though not surprising in view of the accuracy of Bible prophecy, is that the world is poised for an economic collapse at the very time a convergence of biblical timelines says it’s time for God’s judgment to begin.*

    Significantly, Judgment Day is set to arrive BEFORE the ultimate financial collapse, when the regular economic order is still in place:

    “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:26-30).

    We are living in the days of Noah and Lot. Despite harbingers such as a global plague and financial crisis, many are still riding the recent wave of unequaled prosperity.

    The question is, how long before the already plunging wave crashes, and who will drown in the torrent?

    In Revelation Jesus counsels the lukewarm Church of the last days:

    “The ruler of God’s creation [says]: I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent” (Rev. 3:14-19).

    The Lord implores Christians content with the clothing of the material world to seek spiritual “garments of righteousness” before they meet Him at the judgment seat.

    “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil” (2 Cor. 5:10).

    Immediately after Jesus’ rebuke of the worldly Church, a door in heaven is opened and a voice like a trumpet says, “Come up here” (Rev. 4:1, 2).

    The Rapture!

    Today’s hopeless financial situation is God’s way of saying, “Forget about the moth-eaten attire of the world and put on your wedding garments—the Bridegroom is coming!”



    1. Utterly brilliant Jeova - and thanks for the Ezekiel gold reference.

  14. Meanwhile, back at the quarantined ranch, as I like all of you have tried to take all this in since the CV outbreak occurred and to me, in going over all that one can take or understand, there has been a pattern that I see that I like to connect spiritually and esoterically; pull the curtain... If so, it just confirms the nefarious and dark forces behind this effort. I will use some alliteration of the letter M! :)

    1 You have the medical establishment pushing the vaccines and not the possible malaria treatment.
    2 You have the media hype that is fear-mongering and exasperating the conditions.
    3 You have the money merchants that are trying to kill the stock market and steal world economies.
    4 You have the military machine now in place for civil unrest that is sure to come if things worsen.
    5 You have the magic rituals and numbers, of course of the Luciferian/Satanists in high power that are orchestrating all this.

    Well, I thought, what do all these have in common? Anyone, Anyone? Their ‘god’ Mercury. If you do a study of this ‘god’, he is the ‘god’ of the following.

    1. Medicine - with Caduceus, ‘double helix’ DNA, etc., serpent wand (syringe)
    2. Media - communication 'fake news'
    3. Money- as in finance and the manipulation and stealing of

    Mercury is also the ‘Patron Saint’ of Thieves…hummm. Is there any wonder why such that are in power have been given/taken control of the media, the medicine, the military, the money as they are the same ‘Money Changers’, Freemasons, Occultists, etc., that made the House of YHVH a ‘Den of Thieves’?

    And with their magic wand, the Caduceus, they are mesmerizing the sheeple into submission. Their High Holy Day Feast is on May 15. This is where their Priests sprinkle ‘Holy Water’ on the people. This pagan practice later was adopted by the Roman Church. So May 15 might be very interesting. Is not the Pope doing something important that day and Israel reaches 72nd year since May 14, 1948??

    Anyway, just wanted to point that out, that all this is being controlled and orchestrated to usher in their New World Order and Lord, Lucifer through their medicine, media, money, magic, and military as they rob us…Those at the top, are one in the same that own the means of all these agencies. It will be eventually but not before the Restrainer is set aside for it to be allowed then to happen and only then completely.


    1. But how, exactly, do the blue M&Ms fit into all of this?

    2. Hmmm...well as rumor has it, Silver can turn one blue;-) so I'm gonna go with our Redemption on how the "blue" M&Ms--or the Mystery of Mysteries might fit in to all of that:-)

    3. Funny you put it that way. As recently added to Jimboni Tracks, along with a couple others, this one speaks to my having told the prince of THIS world that, this Jesus, fellow, Rumor Has it He's The One I'm leaving you for, yow!

    4. Jimboni!!!
      Ok, you gave me an idea now. Next time I get a change to go to the store and if there are any M&Ms left, I'll grab a bag. I'll but a small package in each of my 'Rapture Care Packages' that I'm making up with flash drives! That's it!! Thanks for the inspiration. But I suspect the M&Ms might be more of a contraband than the Bible/vid flash drives and tracks perhaps during the Trib? ;)

  15. There's a short (0:39 mins) video that shows an old song's lyrics about the rapture and the conditions described in this song is exactly like these days lockdowns bc of the CV! (song: The King is Coming by Nathan Green)

    Look at these words! The King is Coming!

    by Courage, dear heart YTC

  16. Just commenting now, as there are 70 odd comments already, and I dont want to be out of the loop.
    Blessings to you all.

    1. Went to watch your video Jordan on the Rapture but it was gone - what does it mean when it says it is private? Is the owner of the channel taking it down?

    2. Thanks Cathi,
      Yeah I removed it, (marked it as private) it was a bit on the long side, (24 mins), so I thought I'd edit it, cut out some sections, so now it is (15 mins). and have re-upload it again.

      Thanks for checking it out.
      (I had made a similar video about that topic last year, but I was not happy with my interpretation of scripture, this one sits better on my understanding of scripture now)

      Here is a link, incase anyone wants to check it:


  18. PSR Time, with a TWIST! Our Scout continues advancing, both in his Walk and his efforts to walk, ultimately. Continued localized recovery of sensation continues, and comes and goes, but now all the way to the toes. We've not crossed that milestone, yet, of moving the toes, alone, though many others, more Macro, have passed, by the day. Today he was able to lock his knees using his leg muscles, alone, coming up in a bent squat, shoulders still below his waist. Again, a huge next 'step'. But that's not the PSR.

    Caleb shares his dream, last night, somewhat glowing. As it opens, In an open area, in a snowy, hilly setting, Caleb sits in a group, on chairs, rather organically 'organized', with him about near the center. There is talking, and such, and these two lions walk up and through the edge of the crowd to Our Scout, in the center.

    Both lions were clearly Authorities, although the one was more interactive and the other more reserved. As he approaches, Our Scout had been somewhat struggling to stay seated, managing his disability, although he had noted it seemed better and improving as the lions approached. In deference to the Authority of the lion(s), clearly over the entire area where the gathering was assembled, Our Scout, realizing he can, steps/leans forward and bows to the lead lion.

    The lion steps over to Our Scout and begins speaking with him about his situation, his life and general things, not clearly recalled. During this process, Our Scout looks up and realizes the lion was watching him, quietly, as he had been righting himself in the chair, earlier, and now. Speaking, "You will be healed. You will walk." The scene pauses, he wakes, about 6:00 a.m.

    1. Makes me think of Aslan the lion as he roars, and he also is very gentle, loving, kind and understanding. What a beautiful dream ...

    2. Jimboni...Always happy to see the latest PSR:-) Especially with a beautiful dream to share. I'm sure you've already looked at the Strong's implication re the 6:00 am. (G#600) wake-up time, which is quite amazing concerning the context of the dream. The snowy, hilly setting makes me think of purity, righteousness and elevation, while the two Authoritative Lions--1 reserved and 1 interactive--makes me think ofc of The Father and The Son appearing in tandem which makes sense to me as Caleb's road to recovery has been surely a father and son endeavor. And IDK for sure, but perhaps the chaired grouping with Caleb sitting in the center while there is talking and such going on represents those who've been praying for him via The Holy Spirit and the fact that these Lions walk through the crowd to approach Caleb indicate those prayers for healing are about to answered as the Lead (Interactive) Lion attests to before the scene pauses.

      A very blessed dream I would think and yes, Cathi...the Lion's demeanor as described made me think of Aslan, too:-)

    3. Blessings, all, thank you. Sheila B., no, I had focused fully on stilling my mind to every voice so as to quietly listen to Caleb's recounting and then recrafting it faithfully, here. Ofc, in absolute confidence re this crowd, your auto-shovel not the least, to cut tot he chase, and, wow, although I am coming up with something different at Biblehub. I so look forward to sharing this with Our Scout an thank you so much for zeroing in on it.

      G600: apokathistémi: to restore, give back (!!!): (8) (New Beginnings)
      600 apokathĂ­stÄ“mi (from 570 /apistĂ­a, "separated from" and 2525 /kathĂ­stÄ“mi, "have a definite STANDING") – properly, restore back to original STANDING, i.e. that ***existed before a fall***; re-establish, returning back to the (ultimate) ideal; (figuratively) restore back to full freedom (the liberty of the original standing); to ***enjoy again, i.e. what was taken away*** by a destructive or life-dominating power.

      600/apokathistēmi ("reestablish") emphasizes separation from the former, negative influence to ***enjoy what is forward (the restoration)***.

      Matthew 12:13; 17:11; Mark 3:5; 8:25; 9:12; Luke 6:10; Acts 1:6; Hebrews 13:19


    4. Correction, I misunderstood your embellishment as a descriptor of your find. No contradiction whatsoever, simply Awesome Sauce.

    5. Oh, wow. On a whim, went and grabbed a peek at H600, winding down for the night. Remember Our Scout humbled himself before the Hebrew Lion, who did not correct him?

      H600 (2), anaph: a face: 1st is Daniel 2:45,46.

    6. If we didn't know our Lord, it'd seem so unreal:-)

  19. Hey Fam,

    The Holy Spirit got me going on this trail tonight. Check this out:

    The brightest full moon of 2020 is on 4/7, marks the beginning of the Passover season, and is called a "Super Pink Moon."

    I am reminded of a song by a little known artist named Nick Drake. He is a British singer/songwriter who tragically died of a drug overdose, and his only hit song in the U.S. is called "Pink Moon."

    The lyrics are...well...creepy to say the least. This is basically the whole song:

    Saw it written and I saw it say
    Pink moon is on its way
    And none of you stand so tall
    Pink moon gonna get ye all

    Errrr. Pink moon gonna get ye all. Get who? When? Yikes, very ominous considering the timing of this year's super pink moon on Passover.

    Also, the name Nick Drake literally means Victory of the Dragon, or Conquering Dragon (Grk. "nike" + Latin, "draco").

    1. Sounds like its time for The Dragon to,

      Just Do It...

    2. Beautiful Jimboni.. Scout is growing in the Lord and Gods is revealing His ways to him..How gracious is the Lion of Judah. Forever faithful ou healer Healer Redeemer. Gods reminders to us. “I am the LORD who heals you”. In Exodus 15:26. And "Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof” (Revelation 5:1-5).

  20. Hi Guys,

    I know this has been mentioned before , about the population as per, is starting to show a lot of 777s Current population as at April 2nd is: 7,775,072,477

    Only a few more days or a week or so at most, and it should clock up: 7,777,777,777 (or 7.77 Billion)

    Would be interesting if God is watching that number too!

    1. Blessings Jordan, have you seen Brother Chooch's video about that? Definitely a good watch!

    2. Blessings Jordan - I saw the 'pastor' testimony online fresh out of Ireland. Was quite incredible with him literally almost being on his last breath with CV, and a cleaner (ex-missionary) pretty much came past and prayed for him, and the pastor was healed. Will need to find it to post. Ryan

  21. WOW!! Paul Dawson sharing his testimony in this incredibly powerful new video:

    1. Justin, school must be out and you must be looking for social connectivity as you've never posted so much in such a short amount of time! :-)

    2. Haha very true Charlie! I used to be much more active on here, but being a full-time teacher (6 classes) and athletic director keeps me extremely busy during the school year. Moving our classes online has given me much more time to myself, and yes I'm indeed longing for more social connections. All the more as you see the Day drawing near, eh?

    3. Wow, 6 classes and an AD! I'd be stressed with 2 classes and being a coach! Amazing talent and skills you all have and it leaves me wondering what I "could" have done.

      I am a jack-of-several trades under the Mgmt Consulting umbrella and a soccer/ basketball coach, but feel I have "mastered" none.

    4. Paul's testimony is powerful. I love that he chose this moment to make it a work of art and present it to us.

  22. 4 Supermoons on 4 Jewish Holidays in 2020


    Fullmoon, Supermoon: on TubiShvat that began at sundown on the the 9th of February, 2020

    Peaked at 7:34 UTC

    Strongs H734- a way, path


    Fullmoon, Supermoon: on Purim that began at sundown on the 9th of March, 2020

    Peaked at 17:48 UTC

    Strongs G1748- to lie in wait for, prepare a trap for, to plot


    Fullmoon, Supermoon: on Passover that will begin on the 8th of April, 2020

    Peaks at 2:35 UTC

    Strongs H235- to go away

    Perigee at 18:08 UTC

    Strongs G1808- to lift up or take away out of place, to remove


    Fullmoon, supermoon: on 2nd Passover that will begin on the 7th of May, 2020

    Peaks at 10:45

    Strongs H1045- place of escape

    1. Passover seems promising!

      *10:45 UTC (correction to that last one, btw I checked all the Strongs numbers, everything was okay except for that last one which is a Philistine Temple in Strongs, according to the Blueletter Bible at least)

      This is an internet find and this was a picture I couldn't link so I wrote this info down.

  23. Hi everyone ,
    so it's taken me the better part of the morning just to catch up on the last 2 post and all the comments. I had watched the pastor JD video a day or so ago and it was very good as someone else said it seemed as though he thinks this is the year also just by his demeanor.

    I don't even know where to begin, this world is in turmoil the likes of which most of us have never witnessed. So, we shut the whole world down for a virus that hasn't done as much damage as the flu most years ( and yes I know people really are sick and dying ) as I type this we have 10 tested positive and 20 being tested in our hospital I work in. I had thought from the start as most of you probably this had NWO written all over it .
    I had a dream several months back and in this dream my husband and I are in a kitchen ( I see the sink , counter etc in this dream ) but its a normal earth kitchen not anything elaborate like one would envision in a heavenly kitchen if heaven has one. Anyway my husband says something to me ( I don't know or remember what he said ) but I verbatim remember I told him, NO that world is gone we can never go back there . Then in the next scene in the dream i'm outside lifting my hands and the trees are swaying from a storm, tornado etc and I awoke thinking well the first part of the dream didn't feel much like I was in heaven . then I realized yesterday what the first part of the dream meant : the world we knew is GONE it will never be the same here , I truly believe a lot of our freedom is completely gone along with all the other changes in the works. The good news -the second part of the dream to me was the rapture..

    Shelia, so sorry about your fish , that was a long life I didn't even realize fish could live that long . Loved reading about the other animals also and glad the cat of Archangel is doing better. Then I had a good laugh at the octopus story of bro Barry that was told by someone several post back. Boy, if God just gives me and my husband back the ones we've had over the years we will have 20 Dogs or more and 10 or so cats . Not to mention the 3 dogs and 2 cats we have now AND the 21 chickens we just acquired back in February. Love my animals, they are such a comfort and blessing but looking even more forward to being at home with JESUS .. hopefully it won't be but a few more days now.


    1. How much I'd love that, maybe only a few more days indeed!!! Thank you for sharing the dream, maybe it's a time marker that when things change like this next thing is the rapture... That would be nice!

    2. Thank you for sharing Donna N!

    3. Donna N...So good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you the other day when I saw a news report that Alabama had not ordered the shelter in place rules yet. TY in re to Gus. We actually just had the Fish funeral yesterday evening when Jayden was ready to get him out of the freezer (and being a boy, having a look to make sure) then bury him proper. He cried a little but the funeral and prayers really helped him with the loss of his pet. It's tough on these kids with what's happening as they realize so much they are accustomed to has suddenly gone away. They even seem to sense more than most adults that what they knew as "normal" is not coming back, so it's never been more important for them to see our faith in Jesus holding us up strongly. Really appreciate you sharing that dream. Blessings, Sister and stay safe and protected in Jesus Christ:-)

    4. Sheila B, yes my granddaughter that's 19 ( which is still very very young to me now) that's still at home with my daughter and the rest of the brood is/ has realized more of how bad of a mess we're in than my daughter has . My daughter and husband are saved but like most everyone else around us the cares of this life and work take precedence over worrying how close to the end we actually are , or maybe it's just simply denial , who knows. . I've cried more these last few days than I have in years - just knowing this world is FOREVER changed , not crying for this world per say but the fact SO MANY are still asleep and have no idea of what's coming.

      Does anyone listen to mike from around the world ? for a while now he's been talking about that debris field, asteroids etc that's supposedly coming end April or He says middle May . Along with all the other reasons that most of the world is in lock down I believe this to be the BIGGEST reason and TPTB just won't tell because they know it would be world wide panic. and as Lu said below the rats that don't give a hoot about us are running scared.


  24. Blessings all. Thank you, Donna N. about Casey. Someone did the math on how much room we each will have in the New Jerusalem and it came out to somewhere around 250 sq mi for each of us and that’s if everyone who ever lived ends up there. I can believe the tremendous amount of space for each of us knowing that God is not bound in any way by physics, time, space, matter and His generosity is unfathomable. I think I have upwards of 20 or so cats, guinea pig, dogs, rabbit and I want so bad to meet Seabiscuit, Ruffian, Barbaro and Go For Wand. Barbaro broke my heart when he broke down at the Preakness. I followed his recovery and treatment everyday online and when he got laminitis and had to be put to sleep it was awful. I remember him running in his paddock in either MD or DE but it looked someplace out of Chronicles of Narnia it was so beautiful. And he was so fast. A couple of the other horses had to be euthanized on the track which again broke my heart. Seabiscuit is one of the best books I have ever read and that magnificent horse only lived to be 14. I guess I am letting on what a crybaby I am esp re animals.

    Ok, not sure if this qualifies as a Rapture dream but its the closest to one I have had that I have never forgotten and it has been decades. It’s simple. A group of us are outside on a sunny day. And Jesus fills the sky. He’s looking at us and when we realize it, we all drop to our knees and raise our hands up as far as they will go. And that’s the dream. Very quick yet the most vivid and well- remembered.

    Paul Dawson’s latest is unforgettable.


    1. Archangel,

      My grandmother grew up with Red Pollard! The jockey for Sea Biscuit.


    2. Blessings Zorrobird. Get out ! Wow. That book is so unforgettable on so many levels. Laura Hillenbrand was very ill while writing it. I believe she lives in Washington DC. I remember in the book when Red met Seabiscuit they hit it off right away when Red gave him a sugar cube. The horse was just so funny. How he took advantage of sleeping long and late and took sadistic pleasure in letting his competitors catch up to him in the race and then smoking them. Throwing companion animals out of his stall. Brilliantly beating War Admiral. Such greatness in what was considered a very squat, ordinary frame. I read Unbroken which had very upsetting parts in it but Louis Zamperini is truly unforgettable. Thanks for letting me know. How cool.

    3. I thought it was cool too!


    4. Archangel, 250 square miles each wow that's a lot, I need to figure out how many acres that comes out to be. I thought having 12 acres here was pretty nice, that will give " being in hog heaven " a whole new meaning where all my deceased and living animals are concerned.
      I'm a crybaby too when it comes to animals I can't stand the thought of any of God's creatures , humans or animals being abused or mistreated . But, hold on justice is coming for all the evil in this world and this time around he's not a babe in a manger anymore or having to go to Golgotha's hill to be crucified this time around he will be the Glorious Righteous Ruler and king he was meant to be.


    5. Amen Donna N ! All the bears in China, Romania, Pakistan, Russia and on and on tortured for their bile and having rings and ropes painfully strung through their sensitive noses to be led around and made to “dance” arouses an anger in me that’s visceral. What they do to cats/dogs/minks etc in China while they’re alive and human beings while they’re alive arouses a seething anger in me that I just have to make myself remember that only Jesus can fix this. Only He can avenge and He will soon. I hope the wild beasts in Revelation enjoy themselves.

    6. Im the same Archangel - we used to watch a number of videos in vet school of the torture (one so terrible, I can't even post it, the torture and suffering was so bad). When you feel totally and utterly hopeless about a situation, thank the Lord that he knows and vengeance will follow soon!

    7. Blessings Zeal Life. Many years ago, I looked at the Humane Society’s website and the horror story section and never visited the site again. What I read was from the pit of hell. And it’s true, you can’t forget what you’ve seen or read or even heard about. I’ve donated to the Humane Society, WSPA, Best Friends in Utah, Alley Cat Allies and one charity that rescues poor horribly abused dogs from Puerto Rico and brings them to the the US for adoption. I’ve read about US military rescuing dogs and bringing them home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Sometimes getting assistance from their Congressmen and/or Senators to expedite the process. Jesus knows when a sparrow falls so He doesn’t miss anything done to anyone or any animal and there is coming a payday soon. I am going to find every animal I’ve ever shed tears over, whether they belonged to me or not, in Heaven and will have all of Eternity to do it. I believe it’s just one of the many joyous things God has planned for us.

  25. Donna N, Nora, Fam, Blessings, lotsa good stuff.

    A glimpse into the open warfare we are watching occur, around us. There are numerous 'silent enemies' afoot and, perhaps, while warfare occurs above us, it is mirrored, below? Consider the diabolical brilliance worthy of any Bond arch-villain, in the ongoing, constructed 'pandemic', to insert the pathogen directly into the propagation stream, and into the most critical demographic, medically and sociologically, at the testing point. BTW, I was aware of this over a week ago, but had no resource to validate/share. 01:44

    Huge Supply of Testing Kits Headed to UK Found To Be TAINTED

    1. Jimboni, Yes, and those " silent enemies " seem to be more numerous now days than in the past or maybe I've just noticed them more now . seen that article also - make one want to just run right out and get tested ( NOT ) .

      Donna N

  26. Blessings Jimboni. Not surprised esp when they came up with “testing kits” so fast. Wonder if they’ve already released it into the water supply. I remember when Putin aerosolized fentanyl and killed everyone in the theatre. And the UK poison I believe was smeared on the victims’ front door.

    1. Archangel, Blessings. There are various 'they' involved and that would be incredibly ineffective by comparison. One reason CIC's immediate response to this 'crisis', well broadcast, was to put the mil in charge of a massive *testing* effort, should be clearer, now. When counter-intelligence is also spiritually transcendental, things get especially blurry and interesting; future proving past, and all.

    2. Blessings Jimboni, I couldn’t help but think of Mel Gibson talking about “they” in Conspiracy Theory.

  27. Just a heads up for you all,

    Mil helicopter flights have been non stop over me all afternoon/ now evening. They are traveling E to W and W to E. I am due W of the Swamp so I know their flight paths etc....

    Maybe not a big deal but it is. They are leaving the Swamp and headed W into their WV dumbs.

    Something is coming and soon as the Swamp vacates/ takes recess for the 'virus'

    Sure, they will have their show on from within their dumbs soon enough.

    God bless us and may we see Him soon, in a flash.

    1. Hummm,
      The Rats are abandoning the Ships I see? I find it a bit of a poetic justice as those 2 military hospital ships, the ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ were dispatched to each of the ‘doors’ of the USA, the west and east coast respectively. And then Trump seeing one off and waiving it goodbye. It sort of came to mind that at the Rapture, at the ‘Trump’, we will be boarding as in the type of Noah, on the Ark as we and the world will mutually wave goodbye to each other, good riddance! The world and the Luciferians, Leftists, etc., cannot wait for us to leave this planet, many are already blaming the ‘Evangelicals’ for the plague. And we, likewise cannot wait to be removed and be at the Wedding -we have a ‘boat’ to catch!

      Also, without reading too much into it, how ironic it will be; it is and has been that in Jesus, the Body of Christ has been like a ‘boat’. Jesus by way of the Comforter, GOD the Holy Spirit, has been as an Ark of protection for us. In this world, He has been given to us for ‘Comfort and Mercy’ as the ships are named. Yet for America specifically and the world in general, such ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ will be removed once the Restrainer will be too. How horrible it will be. What is coming next will be 100x worse than what is occurring now. Hopefully we have at most a few months away to go but any early boarding will be accepted gladly. Come LORD Jesus.

    2. This is from Sherry Rich, one of the 'beloved' non-conspiratal ytbers we all have come to 'trust in' for her words:


      As we have seen and discussed on here, the Nde Laws are the NWO end game which unites all peoples and religions together.

  28. For those of you on the west coast tonight, check out the near conjunction of the morningstar Venus (Jesus) and the 7 stars of the Pleiades (representing the Church). They will fully conjunct on April 3 or 4th according to a previous post by Gary at (Footsteps of the Messiah dated 3-10-20, Another Sign in the Heavens?). For the past few nights my wife and I have been checking it out shortly after sunset and it can easily be seen with binoculars. Quite honestly, I've never looked at the Pleiades before and it's quite exhilarating and thought provoking to think what their conjunction symbolizes to us Christians. Thank you Gary and Daniel Matson. As Pastor Tim says, WFS!!!

    1. Amen, Bob. I looked westward yesterday evening and was able to see Venus camped out just below the Pleiades. It was surreal, just as the days we are living in right now are like a dream or a movie.

      Tonight, it is very cloudy in North Dallas, so I can't see the night sky :(


    2. I can see the luminary Venus looking out my window but am going to take a drive to see them 7 angels together! Great reminder Bob D.

      This is unbelievable Jeff, thanks for all your many years of getting us ready!

    3. Thanks, Charlie. I look forward to meeting you at the Wedding :)

    4. Jeff and Charlie,
      My wife and I looked at it again tonight. Quite spectacular and very surreal indeed! A must see, in my opinion. Tomorrow night should be even more impressive. Unlike the Revelation 12 sign this one is highly visible for everyone to see. For more background on this rare conjunction, check out Gary's original post at ("Will Our Faith Become Sight Next Year?" dated 11-7-19). In the article he talks about the Nebra sky disk and has a link to Paul Dawson's video. So many signs out there, but is anyone paying attention?

    5. Unfortunately its difficult to see this time of the year in NZ. The 7 Sisters are approximately 444 light years away, and had read somewhere that 444 was possibly significant as it (might have) indicated Christ's ministry time on earth, being 44 months and 4 days. Interesting nonetheless.

    6. Pertaining to the signs in the stars and in contemplating the trying to connect the dots with the theme of the ‘Escape from Planet Earth’ or Rapture based on the 2 military hospital ships, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ that were dispatched for the COVID-19 planned pandemic; one to New York, and the other to Los Angeles and the Apocalyptic murals that are in the lobby of the Bank of America Corporate Office in Charlottesville, North Carolina, it made me think of the science fiction action film, ‘Escape from New York’ released in 1981. The film's storyline, set in the near-future world of 1997, it is about an apocalyptic crime-ridden United States, which had converted Manhattan Island in New York City into a quarantined maximum-security area and prison.

      As to the Days of Noah and connection to a ‘boat’, it is interestingly, if by coincidence, that the movie, ‘Escape from New York’ was set in 1997. Do you all remember way back in 1997 what sign occurred in the stars? Comet Hale-Bopp. Many have calculated that it was in 1997 that the Days of Noah started its countdown as that was the year that the comet Hale-Bopp appeared to the naked eye. It was the most widely viewed comet of the 20th century and not seen for an estimated nearly ~4,200 years or the time of Noah! It was first photographed on April 27, 1993 [(2020-1993=27 years (9-9-9)]. What was so particular about this date and comet? That date, on the Hebrew calendar, was Iyar 6 or the same date of May 15, 1948 when Israel became a nation after 1948 years since 70 AD. The year 2020 will be the 72nd year for Israel, a full celestial degree of a time completed. It has been calculated that it had been the one that appeared when Noah finished the Ark and had not been seen until 1997. What is the link to Noah? It was October 2, 1997 that marked the new Hebrew year of 5758.

      When written-out in Hebrew, the year denoted ‘Noah’ and ‘Seasons of Noah’ with its acrostic. As to the Noah and Ark or boat connection, the comet later on in the Summer of 1997 appeared in the constellation of Argo, the ‘Ark’ or ship. Coincidence? Thus, could the ‘Season of Noah’ ending at the Ark in mid-Summer suggest when the departure or the Escape from Earth is to take place as ‘the Season of Noah’ has finished? If this would be the case, it would correspond then to the projected true count of when Pentecost would be, around mid-July that one has already postulated. This is of course predicated on the theory that there is actually a 100-day count from the Sabbath after the Feast of First Fruits. We will see. All aboard and don’t miss the boat!


  29. Latest from Nick VanderLaan

    Passover Rapture: when the Lamb opens the Seals !!!

    Passover is the NIGHT of the THIEF

    ****Note**** he closes with pointing out how the luminary Venus is getting closer and closer to the seven angles (see Revelation ), Tonight could be the night (see Enoch solar calendar)


    Also note, if Christ was crucified 4/3/33.... today is also 4/3....

    1. Foundational Verse for the Seven Angles/ aka Pleiades: Revelation 8:2


      Interesting find:

      Chapter 20 of the Book of Enoch (verses 2-8) mentions seven holy angels who watch and are often considered the seven archangels:

      Raguel, and

    2. Nick's 4/3 timing is not far off of 'beloved' and 'trusted' Paul Dawson's 4/4 - ד - The Door

      Considering "MIDNIGHT" is when the "change" of day happens if not using the jewish method.

      Something smells like A CONVERGENCE of the matter: ד - The Door

      For a refresher:

    3. Blessings BB, Saraqael is an antidepressant.

    4. Charlie, I just watched the latest from Nick VanderLaan and rewatched the video from Paul Dawson. I agree with you, "Tonight could be the night."

      After viewing the near conjunction of Venus-Pleiades last night, I pondered what I had seen. Clearly it depicts Venus (Jesus) moving higher in the sky and ultimately joining with the 7 stars or angels of the Pleiades (the Church). Symbolically, this also depicts the marriage of the bridegroom (head of Jesus) and the bride (Body of Christ) plus associated rapture or "snatching away of the Church to keep us safe and out of "harms way".

      Before falling asleep last night I wondered why the Pleiades looks like a ladle or dipper-shaped cluster. I also noted that it appears to be tilting somewhat as though something will be poured out of it. Well I eventually fell asleep and when I awoke, my first waking thought was "My Cup Runneth Over". I wasn't sure what that meant so I did a few online searches. And it ultimately led me to Psalm 23, and in particular, verse 5:

      "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over".

      According to Andrew Arterbury and William Bellinger, "these verses provide a metaphor of God as a host, displaying hospitality to a human being. Thus, alongside other actions in Psalm 23, such as preparing a table, and annointing one's guest with oil, providing a full or even overflowing cup for him to drink from can be read as an illustration of God's generosity to the Psalmist". So what does all this mean? I'm not really sure, since this was the very first time I read Psalm 23 (I'm very much a rookie in all of this!). But, I'd like to think it has to do something with the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" or the "Master Supper" we'll soon be experiencing. WFS!!!

    5. Bob O., the converging of these two wonders is amazing (astronomically speaking) but given their typologies in Biblical speak, this should be off the charts for any watch person.

      The Pleiades is similar to the "small dipper" in looks while significantly closer and more compact.

      Great tie in from Psa 23!

      Looks to be another clear evening for watching the heavenlies (btw, nice to see 'real' clouds rolling by today). They've stopped the geo-engineering the past few days, it has been nice to see the blue firmament above us once again in its brilliant blue.

    6. Here is the latest from Dan Matson. Something about the Pleiades in here which I forgot.

      The seven (angels) also mimic or are taking the shape (or vice versa) of the seven church locations in Turkey (from Revelation)!

      So we have the seven angels (Pleiades) above copied by the Seven Churches below here on Earth. Wow.

    7. Fascinating stuff, Charlie. Thanks for sharing. Seems like we learn something new every day here!

    8. Hi Charlie ;

      This was so interesting. If 4/11/28 is the 1st Passover in the Millennium, then that means that Jesus will return in 2027 , which would mean the Rapture would occur in 2020, along with the start of the Tribulation.

    9. All tis interesting rjmgoose!

      See update from Nick VanderLaan. It seems our Venus and Pleiades conjunction happens again in 2028.... Bookends and/or a Placeholder? < wink Jimboni >

      Interesting we will see this same "sign" (morning star / venus in the seven stars pleiades) again on Passover 2028 (Enoch Calendar) April 3, 2028.

      At least we are watching His signs (aka signals) and seasons (aka moedims) Genesis 1:14.

  30. We are living in an X Files episode? Vacuas Hospes.

  31. Another Rapture Dream coming to pass

    by KayTdid YTC

    An encouraging, comforting, beautiful video (with pretty flowers).

  32. G'day, Fam, Blessings. Our scout had another Dream, last evening; his 1st Rapture dream, though not openly and from a bystander's perspective, so not a 1st person experience type of Rapture dream. Not recounting details, suffice it to say the powerful dream spoke of clear Immanency and simultaneous Judgment/warfare/invasion which all will see/experience. Oddly, it was an affirming and encouraging dream, for us, in the details.

    Miguel P, amen and amen to your praise, above.

    QUARANTINE IN THE BIBLE - THE REVELATION @ REVELATIONCHAPTER12sotCOM 05:50 does a fine job of isolating, in Zechariah, our unprecedented, global shut-in situation, in Jerusalem, in Scripture and its proximity/Entanglement with Passover.

    Charlie in DC, Blessings. I see a dual manifestation here which reconciles the tension you and I will have as he parses the timing together under traditional modeling. Consider it appropriate that there be a loop around this time, thus his teaching is valid in BOTH, ofc: #1 NOW, The Quarantine, as unpacked, and, at an *organic* level, on the Jewish street, with an Evangelical response by Jews to Harpazo, though NOT the full acceptance of ALL Jews, yet, alongside its FINAL completion, #2, towards the middle-end of Bowls. Note it is Zechariah *12*, i.e. 7+5. In 14er time, that's about year 4-5 of Bowls and, loosely, as I recall, when full repentance of Judah occurs with Christ having Jerusalem Under His Wings and About To Call Bowls Forth Upon His Enemies, during the final 6 mos, or so, of year 6, as the 7th year of Seals and of Bowls are ALL Christ.

    1. I must admit that I thought it was a bit of a stretch by Paul to fit Zech 12 to the current situation. That being said, our eyes are opened each and every day to the revelation of the scriptures in line with current events, so appreciated Paul at least offering up the possibilities.

  33. Blessings all. This isn’t related to discussion but very sad. Planes and water have not been kind to this family.


  35. This was back in my mind and it is found in Isaiah 61.... but...just but is this the year of the Lord's favor?

    From Rapture & Endtimes

    Rapture 2020: the Judgement and the Jubilee
    This pandemic is forcing a domino effect – a chain reaction – of inevitable cascading events that could lead to a global “Year of Jubilee.”

    The “new normal” is that most economic activity could be shut down for an extended period during this time of de-facto martial law. Society really just depends on a few jobs in order to continue functioning at the bare minimum, such as grocery store and pharmacy employees, bank clerks, healthcare professionals, food service workers, farmers, and truckers.

    While the world is in lockdown, we are witnessing the forced ceasing of war, captives are being set free, people are being released from debt, and the redistribution of wealth.

    Given the scale of the global economic collapse that was catalyzed by the world’s uncoordinated response to COVID-19, it’s foreseeable that governments will unveil what’s been described as a “universal basic income” in order to ensure that their people can continue to at least purchase basic goods and services.


    For many of us, our new “job” is to repent and rest:

    This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:

    In repentance and rest is your salvation,
    in quietness and trust is your strength,
    but you would have none of it. (Isaiah 30:15)

    It seems the opposite of what we want to do, which is to fanatically run around and solve the problem, but repenting and resting is exactly what the Lord requires.

    Interestingly, Jesus declared that His ministry fulfilled the Jubilee, the “year of the Lord’s favor.”

    He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up. As usual, He entered the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read. The scroll of the prophet Isaiah was given to Him, and unrolling the scroll, He found the place where it was written:

    The Spirit of the Lord is on Me,
    because He has anointed Me
    to preach good news to the poor.
    He has sent Me
    to proclaim freedom to the captives
    and recovery of sight to the blind,
    to set free the oppressed,
    to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

    He then rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down. And the eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fixed on Him. He began by saying to them, “Today as you listen, this Scripture has been fulfilled.” (Luke 4:16-21)

    This year could be the grand Jubilee we have all been expecting. As Jesus began His ministry with the Jubilee, it is fitting that He could cap off this Jubilee with the Rapture for His bride.

    1. I thought the point of Christ stating that, was not to detail today what is taking place from what he has already declared, that being 'to proclaim the year of the Lords' favour', but what was not mentioned in Isaiah 61:2; that being "the day of our God's vengeance".

      We have been waiting 2000 years to go from 'year of the Lords favour' to 'day of God's vengeance'.

  36. Here in So Cal had a 4.9 EQ shook things up....My son called and said Mom, is this the end times...
    That's what I've been sayin son :)

    1. Indeed these are the days before His wrath. How much longer, perhaps a few days or weeks, but the current situation does seem like God is using these days in an extreme act of mercy to get us to focus on Him.

  37. I find it neat that in Revelation 1:20 (120 as in the number of Disciples), Jesus directly infers that the 7 Stars are the 7 Angels and the 7 Churches. And as the Church Age started with those 120, the book starts with that chapter division and verse although of course not inspired. The Pleiades has been one of my most interesting topics to study. It also has a direct correlation to Orion. It is the counterpart, Male to Female, Jesus to Bride and so on. It is a type of the Menorah also and I have learned a lot from such patterns.

    YHVH even mentions them, the Pleiades and Orion... both in the book of Job, out of all the 36 constellations. The Pleiades is sacred to many ancient peoples and almost all had a similar mythology that the 'gods' came down from there and will return. Some speculate that perhaps they were those Angels that 'left their abode' that could have come from there, either good ones or bad ones. They have also incorporated the star pattern in their ancient city layouts, but astonishing even to this day. It has become part of the 'hidden esoteric knowledge' that has taken on. This is where there is that Mars connection even. It is a great 'picture' and reminder as Jesus also attributes Himself to be the 'Bright and Morning Star', which is known as Venus without a doubt. Hope something prophetic and/or significant occurs but in the meanwhile here is a sample of how the 7 Churches has a corresponding topographical association even as noted by others who have studies the same.

    1. Fascinating work, Lu. I'm so glad you chimed in on the Venus/Pleiade conjunction and the direct connection you make with Rev 1:20 and the 7 Stars, 7 Angels and 7 Churches. Your work, and the diagrams you make, are very helpful for us lay persons, who seek a better understanding of the inter-connectivity between what we are currently seeing in the sky, what has been written in the Bible, what is happening now, and what will soon be unfolding here on Earth. Your insight on these matters is greatly appreciated. Take care brother, and God bless you.

    2. Hello Bob,
      Thanks! If you like, I have compiled over the years my research into the Pleiades in the link provided below. You can look over the content as it is an attempt to study and see the majesty of the Christ/Creation but also come to find out the flip-side of the nefarious undertaking of how those in power are using the same symbols also for their plans to subjugate the whole world with and have. It has also come to be an effort to expose such dark forces in how they spiritual claim their stronghold on Earth through such means.

      I have had a better appreciation of when for example, Joshua went conquering the ‘strongholds’ of the enemies of the land. I have come to realize that such strongholds were and are energized by corresponding spiritual ones that the Apostle Paul warned us about in Galatians. It is deep but with the connections that I have also found with Mars, I do not want to stumble any, so do be cautious. I have attempted to glorify the true Orion, Jesus and the Pleiades type, the Bride as the rightful inference.

      Blessings. But it is ‘cat-friendly’ for all u sisters. ;)

    3. Lu, thanks for sharing all your studies in the above link. Got some serious homework to do! I hope you're an easy teacher!!! Will the final exam be multiple guess?

    4. lol...Brother, in Christ Jesus, we have all done passed and graduated! We all just waiting now for the roll call at the ceremony to get our 'diplomas'! See you there! :)

    5. That's easy! See you on the other side, brother!!!

  38. "Man-made virus? Pre-planned plot? Maybe! But THIS is the real story of the last few weeks. From Brazil to India, people turn to the Lord by the millions. The #Coronavirus isn’t the judgment of #God! It maybe the last warning He is giving this world to repent and get back to Him!"

    A last warning, I believe so too.

    1. Amen, lets pray that the revival is significant. Snatch those souls from the fire!

    2. Nora,
      If you have not come across these 2 articles, it lends some credibility that something was/is up and not right. Bio-weapons and research are real. There are millions of dollars in research overtly invested in agencies and universities and covertly in secret military facilities; it is the tip of the iceberg as they say. Initially CNN was one of the networks that relayed the story and it is left-leaning and subsequently many have down-played any possible link to the pandemic as ‘conspiracy theory’, of course.

    3. My 2 cents: the CV is likely man-made and a planned thing (by people) and the Lord let it happen as a last wake up call for people around the world before the rapture. He let it happen so this big global crisis may turn some people to Him in their desperation.

      There's also the view that this is a judgement for the peace-plan dividing Israel, maybe partly it is but for me it seems more like a last wake-up call.

    4. p.s. Whatever the case is (judgment and or a wake up call) the Lord let it happen imo. Including the element that this crisis is most likely deliberately planned and made by people.

    5. Nora,
      maybe the dream was a time marker indeed , thanks for thinking that way. I usually don't remember most of my dreams in detail but that was one very vivid and months ago ( back in the fall maybe ) . And this CV going around we know it's very real because of the amount of people it has affected but I've read so much about it it's hard to know where it really started but just due to the nature of the beast I do tend to think it was a bio- weapon of some sorts and whether it was on purpose or accident is no matter now it's out to deal with. BUT, as U stated the main point is it HAS woken people and hopefully we'll be taking many, many more with us now in the rapture, Praise God.

      Lu, there's a guy that comments quiet a bit over at the unsealed website ( sorry forgot his name , i'll go back and dig and try to find ) but he has a site of his own , he writes some really good articles and had written on the Hale Bop Comet also if memory serves correctly I think he alluded to the same thing u had noted above about the days of Noah starting with that comet in 1997.

      Blessings everyone - stay safe

    6. Nora...I have to agree with you on the "Plandemic" aspect. It's the perfect way to deconstruct a world system with a population of 7-8 Billion in order to reconstruct it. And as Donna says, we know it's real and people are dying, but nothing else about this is making any sense from anything OTHER than a Biblical standpoint. The constant onslaught of conflicting information from the MSM serves the purpose of keeping people off-balance and and not knowing which way to turn, so it's best to just stay put? There is also the "numbing" down aspect of our "normal and civilized" view towards the death of loved ones as people are taken off to die alone with their bodies being disposed of without any opportunity to mourn the loss. This seems like at least a part of Matt.24:12 KJV materializing in a general aspect. Hopefully as more and more people realize the utter insanity of the situation around them, they will look UP for an answer and call upon the Name of Jesus.

      As for us here, it's gotten to be a bit of a madhouse with the frustration of the lockdowns getting stricter by the day, the "Crisis Schooling" mess as they are now calling it, the ever-slowing internet and being socked in with this nasty weather that knocks the TV Satellite in and out. We haven't even been able to witness the stars for days and probably not for the coming week or two, so many thanks to Bob D. and others sharing what they are seeing in re to the Venus and Pleiades conjunction. Nothing really to add now that most don't already know news-wise, but please know that you all are in my prayers for protection and provision as we wait and watch together:-)

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    7. 'serves the purpose of keeping people off-balance and not knowing which way to turn'

      Perfectly stated Sheila.

      As of palm Sunday today here in NZ, government has just extended the ban to tramping, surfing, fishing and hunting. Goodbye freedom!

    8. Thank you Sheila B for your kind words. It really was a beautiful sight to behold last night. So sorry you couldn't view it in Texas due to the nasty weather. It's raining right now in northern California, so I guess I've seen my last look. Oh well, it's etched in my mind forever!!! Take care, and blessings as well to you and your family.

    9. Wow, Ryan...those restrictions fit right in with the Green Agenda that wants to separate humans from interacting with nature. I saw on a map years ago where they had platted future condensed "human zones" delineated from what would be massive open areas of "forbidden" nature preserves. Like sheep to the slaughter....

  39. GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Watchwoman65 YTC (3:20 mins)

    Very encouraging.

  40. Lots to read from today.... people are waking UP!

  41. Blessings all. Just wanted to give a little update on Casey: God let me know she’s sick of the tuna !
    I gave her the regular dry food she loves albeit moistened with C-S since it’s good for her and her little jaw/mouth has been through a lot lately and she eagerly ate it all. Slowly adding the Pyc and TF to the mix not wanting to overwhelm her fav food yet with other flavors. TF has a nice bland Parmesan flavor and I think Pyc is close enough to the color of the food that she won’t notice. Still optimistic about her recovery and if it takes several months that’s fine but think we could all very well be outta here much sooner. Astounding events re world pop and Pope that’s it’s good God is keeping us home to stay up to date. This is a time we will never forget. Soak it up.


  42. My other cats love the C-S moistened food much to my delight.

  43. Praise God I'm connected! Bad Internet Day!
    I am not a big Celeste Solum fan because I don't think she believes in a pre-Daniel's 70th Week Rapture, HOWEVER, I do believe she loves the Body of Christ so my husband and I pay attention when she warns about something. For those who are not familiar with Celeste, she had a high level job in the government (either Homeland Security or FEMA--not sure cuz she worked at both) but resigned when she saw what was coming for her Brothers and Sisters in Christ. ANYWAY...

    She recently put out a video explaining that we cannot put our hope in 'Q' who recently warned of THREE DAYS OF ELECTRIC BLACKOUT due to critical arrests being made (how many times have we heard THAT one). Celeste DOES, however, believe a blackout is coming to the nation that could occur as soon as this weekend or sometime during April. Here's the link:

    We can survive 3 days without electricity, however, if this really happens, I would want to be warned so wanted to share it with you my dear Brothers and Sisters♥

    1. Hey Lyn...Thanks for the heads up on that possibility which really struck a nerve as I just now got off the phone with a dear friend in Destin, FL. She was telling me how it started with one lady there who wanted to point others to the Light of the World and now a bunch of folks in the area are building and erecting 6' 24 hour LIGHTED Crosses in their yards and that the idea is now beginning to spread out elsewhere as others are seeing it on FB. If the power did go down as suggested, then all of those Crosses would be expected go dark as well...or maybe not...

  44. 4/5

    Whoa | What | Hold onto your hats


    Former papal nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has called the dropping of Pope Francis’ essential title “Vicar of Christ” from the 2020 Pontifical Yearbook an act that appears to “officially alter the Papacy,” such that the Pope “no longer recognizes himself as guardian.”

    “This change in the layout and content of an official text of the Catholic Church cannot be ignored, nor is it possible to attribute it to a gesture of humility on the part of Francis, which is not in keeping with his name being so prominently featured,” wrote Viganò in a statement.

    Archbishop Viganò said it’s as if Pope Francis now views himself as becoming “master of the Church, free to demolish it from within without having to answer to anyone. In short, a tyrant,” he said.

    Dun Dun Donnnnneeee.....

    1. SR Monette (3/17)
      The Man of Sin Has Been Revealed... How Much More Biblical Proof Do You Need?

      Vatican in Latin means Divining Serpent. Good or Evil?

      Scarlet & The Beast - Exposing Mystery Babylon!

      Birds Of A Feather Flock To-Get-Her!

      Greta Thunberg & GAIA - The Truth May Shock You!

      The Real Game Of Thrones Examined

    2. Indeed, Amir Tsarfati made a similar post about Mr. False Prophet, so I thought I'd get on here and see if anyone else had picked up on it somewhere.


  46. No staturism bias intended here toward sane people, but imo, if you want to see a real Napolean complex in action, pay attention to what Dr. A. Fauci says. This man consistently contradicts DT, especially re the promising results of hydroxychloroquine and getting people back to work, even expressing his disagreement with DT on CNN. He also says with some rather obvious delight--after witnessing people keeping their distance while out on a "power" walk--"that we must all pull together by staying away from one another and that medicinal cures or vaccines can be mitigated later on down the road". This little minion doesn't appear to really want a cure for the CV, but does relishes a "divide and conquer" strategy.

    1. I agree. Many articles have linked him to Hilary and work done on vaccines supported by the Bill Gates Foundation. Vaccines is his thing, he really ought to be called 'Mr. Vaccine', aside from Bill Gates. So, Fauci does have a vested interest in keeping any non-vaccine medication from the public as he pushes for vaccines and then come Bill Gates with all those nano-tattoes to 'mark''s a perfect storm.

    2. Lu....TY. I did read somewhere that Fauci was heavily invested in whatever Pharmaceutical co. it is that will be producing that Gates funded Quantum Dot Tattoo vaccine, so yeah...I don't think he is to be trusted--at all! Fauci looked a bit frustrated a bit ago after Trump was touting the choloroquine benefits and the need to stop this lockdown asap. He just threw up his hands as he walked away saying "Separation!"

  47. Anyone see that snowy owl in oceanville New Jersey picture on bing today? Absolutely gorgeous bird. That face he is making is powerful.

    snowy owl in flight

    1. Stunning photo. Beautiful bird. It looks so pure and clean.

    2. Nice Miguel .. here in NJ Praying for right time to leave

    3. I might add...I want to fly too...and soon!

  48. Research coming out on covid-19 is suggesting approximately 1/3 of infected/recovered CV patients are demonstrating neurological changes (due to ACE2 receptors in key brain nervous tissue), some heightened levels of aggression similar to that of meth. Watch this space for more research coming out in the next few weeks.

    Another 'excuse' which will be used later on in the piece to maintain marshall law controls.

    1. Whelp, 201 (eek!) so here goes. One of the most surreal aspects of this time, personally, is becoming how well behaved folks are, seemingly. We've got, what, 10+ million folks living basically paycheck to paycheck, now 2 checks shy a loaf and rent due in the rearview. Either things are a lot more interesting in the inner cities than we hear about or are certainly about to be. Remember, Dr*dge is no longer owned/run by Matt and is now simply another propaganda tool aimed at another demo. Found , aka Bad Blue Uncensored News, a couple weeks ago and seems legit, if impersonal.

      Zeal Life, Blessings. Well, in light of this neuro-'reprogramming', now take a few million very tense and edgy underclass folks and mix in 10,000 relatives recovering and apparently very P*SSED and eager to go do something about it. BTW, I am sure that there is much more to the wave of prisoner releases than what appears. WH Jury nullification, quid pro quos, Stings in flight, and much, much more.

      OK, we've been back from intermission for like, 20 minutes now, ... what?

  49. What’s the rush, Bill ?


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