Wake Up! Do You Know What’s Coming?

"All the perils in this world are in a sense, a good thing because they are shaking up people, in order to wake them up!"

JD Farag is one of my favorite preachers, mainly because he is unafraid to outline exactly what is going on in the world and how it all ties to Bible Prophecy.  He is not afraid to point to the fact that the rapture is soon.  He is warm, tender, but does not pull punches when it comes to the truth.

This week he was on the radio with Jan Markell discussing all of the current events...  I encourage you all to check out this fascinating discussion that should not only make you excited but also take away any fear that you may have!

Anyway, hope you are doing well and resting in the presence of the Lord.  If you have a minute please pray for my parents... they were on a bus trip halfway across the country and are having a very slow time getting home.  Please pray that they make it home healthy and safe, and also that all this would help turn them closer and closer to Jesus.  Thank you.

Here is Jan and JD's video: (61 minutes)

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
2 Tim 1:7


  1. Hi my name is Mina. I come visit this page every week. Especially when I am down and needs encouragement. I read all the comments. It feels like I am familiar with most of you here just by reading. Anyway, I am from the Philippines and just like all of you, I am excited about the Lord's return. See you up there!

    1. Good day and hello Mina. Maranatha!

    2. Mina Lord bless you. I thank you for sharing your words of encouragement. Days go by quickly and I get excited for the next day to coming.. And think ..maybe this is the day for the Lord to return. We hold on to His promise and pray .. Maranatha

    3. Welcome Mina! Thank you for your kind words. Im grateful to have another lovely sister.


    4. Hi Mina and Blessings, Sister! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment:-)

    5. Welcome, Sister! God Bless you as we watch together, silently or otherwise!

    6. Magandang usage Mina - lovely to see some neighbours joining the conversation!!

    7. See you in the Rapture, Mina!

  2. ======================================================
    The Rapture on/around the Spring Equinox: (March 19-22, 2020)?

    From Gevte (a longtime watchman with some stellarium skill)

    Note: there is another luminary alignment happening today/tomorrow in Aquarius (we go and ac rises in the dawn/age of acquarius as has been predicted via IPG2 and all merchandising and symbology etc..)

    39min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbQOaTyWVNI


    HUGE Note: At the 31:23 mark of the secondary message, it speaks of a suprise and a pro-longed WINTER..... well what do we have here folks:

    1] Europe braces for intense Arctic cold outbreak after unusually warm winter

    2] Winter ends with an all-out snowstorm for parts of north-central U.S., up to 51 cm (20 inches) of snow likely

    ** I think a majority would prefer uncomfortable hot over miserable, biting, bitter cold.... which is what it seems like we may have......**


    No one is asking but me thinks everything will compound and hit so quickly yet with God's grace and mercy things will be shortened. Perhaps all will happen and conclude by the fall moedims in 2020.

    Things happened and were fulfilled (aka Daniel's prophecies) back in 2013 -> onward. 2013+7 is 2020.

    Just look at the pace DenMARK (wink to Jeff/ Sheila/ others on this in the prior posting) is moving and how fast cash is being taken away and we are now "in our dwellings" and there is a boogey-man 322 virus (and probably more to come as plans B, C, D, E.... are released) and we are moments away from looting/ rioting/ civil unrest (aka cabin fever).

    Don't forget about all those sleepers out 'there' in a neighborhood near you and me.

    Report below of another caravan heading up to the us. I guess we have forgotten about the thousands of folks stationed at the Sthern us Border while we focus on 322 and home schooling.

    << Hey folks, look over there and there while there is something else coming here! The Kitchen Sink is soon to fly over too! >>

    Soros is not taking a rest is he.



    As the Bible says, "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." Matthew 24:22

    1. Quickie from Nick VanderLaan which agrees 100% with Gary's latest (Re: World at a Stand Still)

      322 | World Has Stopped | Perfect time to Witness | Rapture
      2min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip7MoRzbanM

      And another re: Beginning of Sorrows | 3-21-20 |The Coming SWORD | Red Horse Rider
      14min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftYKlDjYsDM

  3. Thanks Brad for posting this. I love Pastor JD. I am also praying for your parents!


  4. I had a hunch too but if one really applies what is in the Bible and what is in PLAIN SIGHT, one can come to this conclusion as well:

    The Man of Sin Has Been Revealed... How Much More Biblical/ Visual/ Actionable Proof Do You Need?
    From SR Monette (3/17)


    Unlike Jan and JD who say we cannot know until the Bride escapes AND who both deny Gen 1:14 and both dissed the GW of R12.

    Question, How can we "love" them if they are deniers of what we witnessed who also deny Gen 1:14 which is God's heavenly roadmap for us watching?

    My hunch is they are both playing for the other team and just mocking 'Christians' as to what time it is.... they know time is short but make silly of God's heavenly signals so sleeping/unaware 'Christians' also diss these very unique and ordained signals (along with the entire Calavry Chapel clan and others).

    There is evidence on both JD and Jan. For example, Jan likes to wear unholy symbols, often. Unholy vatican/portal symbology. Their overt signs and symbols are tell tells if you are really watching them closely and have the courage to call them on it.

    Yes indeed, it is time for us to WAKE UP!

    Deceivers are EVERYWHERE appearing as angels of light BUT are NOT.

    1. Het, 'CiD; guns a blazin', eh? JD was my fave for a long while, every Sunday ME Prph Update message was a weekly treat. When my passions for Our Lord were Magnified By His GREAT Wonder, and JD was dismissive, that Tell into his spirit was deeply troubling and I've never gone back. Personally, I have trouble reconciling what you speak, though I also won't deny it as a possible explanation. Once again, ala MF, all connected, all much darker than we know. Come soon, Lord, amen.

    2. Oh my....Scripture makes it quite clear that Salvation is NOT based upon one's perception of the end-time signs, but rather on one's faith in The Finished Work of the Cross, i.e. the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ for the FULL Propitiation of our Sin.

      To not understand the Rev. 12 Sign (as most here have been SO BLESSED as to be made aware of) does NOT make one an employee of the Anti-Christ. While it's a wonderful Blessing to find fellowship with those who are in harmony with our own particular calling, insights and God-Given gifts, we do well to remember that we who are of the BoC are comprised of many different parts and called to many different avenues of service with our common core being based in the foundation of THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

      And that's how we are not only to KNOW, but to LOVE our Brothers and Sisters in the Faith. The true BoC does not accept nor reject anyone based on the acceptance or rejection of any particular sign or event OTHER THAN 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4.

      The "angels of light" spoken of are those who are preaching and teaching the accursed gospel of self-righteousness and trying to lead people straight to hell in rejection of the All Sufficient Sacrificial Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ--the ONLY thing that can wash our sin away and allow us to appear before our Heavenly Father cloaked in the Righteousness of His Only Begotten Son.

      While there are many different perceptions of the prophetic signs and timelines, that is not a matter of Salvation, but where one stands on Who the Person of Jesus Christ is and what He Accomplished on that Cross at Calvary...that IS a matter of Salvation. And there is going to be a wake-up call alright and it's going to be extremely jarring to those who are consistently attacking the totally Blood-Covered Saints of The Almighty God.
      Blessings, Maranatha--and that's just the truth a'blazin:-)

    3. From what I remember, JD was one of the few how actually was open to the Great Sign and not completely dismissive like many other of the teachers he is friends with. He definitely said "be careful" because he personally knows the disappointment of seeing a high watch date come and go. But from alI saw he was distinctively more balanced than most.... I will share a video below, at around the 3 minute mark he even confesses that he is very "intrigued" by it, but share several reservations. I suspect the fact that some people were so adamite that the rapture was going to happen on that date dented the credibility of the entire sign... JD and certainly Jan included.

      Pastor JD Farag's take on the Revelation 12 Sign on Sept 23

      As for there questioning the genuineness of their faith, to me that is far across the line. The amount of good fruit I have seen and gained from that is enough for me, even though we may disagree about Rev 12.

    4. I have to disagree. I think JD is a man of God. You can see it clearly. He is really doing good work!


    5. Yes, I can't see the exact verse which clearly states that 'you are saved unless you don't 100% agree that the celestial sign in the heavens relating to end-times woman giving birth is from God'. Brother Charlie - you have really got to stop this nonsense.


      C'mon, brotha! You've taken it on the chin a few times now with these kinds of rebukes. It's time to listen to your brothers and sisters. Your dishin' out too much condemnation without justification. Beware the leaven of the Pharisee!

    7. Brad...Blessings and TY for sharing that 2017 video and well...Pastor JD was not wrong on the outcome that so many--incl. myself--might find to be terribly disappointing. It was and I have to admit that it was a "high watch" day that damaged my credibility with family and friends to some extent and that had to be worked through. But as the Rev. 12 Great Wonder Sign turned out to be just that--A WONDERFUL SIGN, it set the tone for what has been an amazing journey of walking along with and watching our God weave this tapestry of His prophetic fulfillment while bringing many more to faith in the process. So God bless Pastor JD and I still love hearing his prophetic updates as a trusted fellow Watchman on the Wall:-)

    8. Jeff...TY...incredibly ROTFL adorable. That kid's expressions were priceless:-D

    9. Thank you Sheila for lifting up that sword to proclaim the gospel of grace.

      I also liked the video with the two boys ... Jeff, it was just too much!!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ0DpT6bYuY&t=12s

  6. Brothers and Sisters,

    I hope today finds you all well, and looking up.
    Something that has been bothering me that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention that post on here in the comments section, especially the regulars, for your consideration. One of the things Brad here and Gary over at unsealed have said is that one of their prayers is that these two sites will still be here as a witness to those left behind so they can read and understand what happened. I understand that the comments section are not the main focus of this message, but I love comment sections, on media outlets, amazon etc. So I quite often read them to get a feel of peoples thoughts on a subject.
    What I want to point out is a lot of folks here use acronyms in their replies. These acronyms may be easy for us, that understand the bible to get, but for the unsaved and unlearned that may read these replies in the future it could be totally confusing and frustrating. We know what folks are trying to say because we have studied, and are able to figure out what someone is trying to else is trying to convey. As an example part of my job involves computer information technology (IT). If I was trying to explain to you different things about my job, and I used a bunch of acronyms to try to get my point across of how a computer works it probably wouldn't make any sense to you, so you may go elsewhere to find your answers. But for those that already have an understanding it would make perfect sense to them. For example how many folks know what RAID or IoT or ARP or TCP/IP mean? You get the idea, those with the knowledge the "background" would get it.
    Just my thoughts I wanted to share.
    Always looking up!

    1. Thanks Chris! I am not afraid to admit that I get stumped by many of the acronyms myself....and you would think I of all people should have them down by now!!

      Great advice, thanks for the helpful reminder!

    2. Blessings, all. Having worked in some customer facing service work supported by computer client files and always seeking efficiency for time/money/service, and being wired that way, my plethora of acronyms was extensive and often an entire entry had no words, only acronyms. All very intuitive once you knew them and if you knew that line of work and likely notes, but alphabet soup, otherwise.

      Anyways, my co-workers uniformly had me post a "Rosetta Stone" file in the common files, where I listed, real time, every acronym I use (a growing list, actually), so that my notes could be forensically deciphered later, by anyone not familiar with them. Many become standards to others. Perhaps you might add a sidebar link to a similar page where you post the 20 (at first:) most common abbreviations we use. If you get bored, once quarantined, you could add page links next to those that refer to YTC folks or such.

    3. FWIW and IMHO, wrt Acronyms...OTT!!!

    4. I got it, "For Whatever It Is Worth", "In My Humble Opinion", "Over the Top".
      Tho, "wrt" ? Is it, "write"? Don't laugh.
      I have tried googling some if these acronyms in the past, like "TPTB" - "The Powers That Be"

    5. I couldnt figure out wrt either.

      Reminds me when I see personalized license plates. Drives me crazy when I cant figure them out.

    6. sorry lazy govt speak. 'with regard to'.

    7. Hmm ... Makes perfect sense, Ryan/Zeal Life

    8. Nice c/s to Acronym Ratio, 2:13, but sub optimal to 're' in final efficiency. Just sayin' :)

  7. Replies
    1. Jeff...that is so crazy. TY and thinking that "Silver" book full of names of the sick needing prayer, then playing Wipeout on the jukebox in that 2018 dream was an indication that when we would see something like this "Coronavirus Tsunami" appear, our Redemption is truly at hand and to quote that article "all hell is about to break loose".

      My daughter (who is now awaiting the results of her own CV test) told me this morning that my son-in-law--who is a bank manager that was sent home yesterday--just got an email re a mandatory phone conference about the immediate changes that are coming. And my other daughter who is there with them in FL said she is seeing many places that are no longer accepting cash and at the Walmart there she was given a dirty look as the cashier put gloves on to take her money "like it was the most disgusting thing she'd ever seen". The mindset for going cashless is being psychologically implanted as no good crisis goes to waste...

      Maranatha and even so, Lord, please come!

  8. Hey guys,
    Apparently there is heavy snow forecasted both in the US and also Europe over the next few days.

    And I was reading: John 4:35 today:

    John 4:35, KJV: "Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."

    And the following thought popped into my head:
    Jesus having some fore-knowledge of the Age of Grace, the Age of the Gentiles, The calendar that the Gentiles would use; calling their "4th month" April, and the fields being white, could that be a prophetic word as to the timing of the rapture, i.e the fourth month & the fields being white with snow? It could be.

    Also something that was a bit interesting, was one of our sisters: YTC: Kay Tdid had a dream last year about Christmas, and she thought we would be Raptured at Christmas time, and now apparently people who are being Quarantined are putting up their Christmas lights, which might possibly be what Kay Tdids dream was pointing at. It's Interesting anyway, me thinks . We shall know soon enough.

    1. Hi Jordan (and everyone) I haven't posted here before, but I appreciate reading Brad's articles, and all the comments that follow.

      Had to post today because of the snow. A few weeks ago I had such an amazing dream, that I believe was from God. Every day I take one or both of our dogs up the hill to catch frisbees, and in my dream I was heading up the hill with our big dog Ensign on a very ordinary looking drab February morning. When we got up to the field I stopped in my tracks, confounded by the dark, eerie sky. It looked apocalyptic, like war or disaster, and I didn't want to go on. Then I looked at the field and it was deep with snow, but not like any snow I've ever seen. I had to run up and investigate. I started making a snow angel (to be clear, I'm in my 40s and never jump in snow unless I'm wearing snow clothes!) The snow was crisp and fluffy and sparkling, not cold but invigorating. It was utterly delightful to play in. As I was revelling in the snow I looked at the sky, and way overhead but coming closer I saw an angel riding a winged horse. The colors in the light around the angel were bright and glorious. I lay there, watching in amazed delight as the angel and horse flew in a spiral way over head.

      The dream ended at that point. I thought about it and I believe this is what it meant. I went beyond my day to day world, taking care of animals etc, to seeing the big picture. War and disaster looming. But to lay back and delight in that wonderful snow was like resting in God's hands. And to see the angel, and the light, was such a beautiful gift.

      And the good news is, that's what's really going on! We see war and disaster all around us, and some of us are seeing it up close and personal. But we can rest in God, and know that behind everything our ultimate Reality is joyous and beautiful beyond anything we can imagine.

      Whew! I feel like I made up for all the times I haven't posted!

    2. I wondered the same thing. Thanks for this, Jordan.

      Are you all locked down, driving each other crazy yet?

      We are. Especially the teenager. Whining and telling us this is boring.

      Had a nice walk yesterday, even though none of us feel 100% yet. The US doesn't have enough tests yet, so we are not sure if we have CV. Cant get tested.

      Praying for all of you here and seeking him for comfort and understanding in all this.

      Clearly we are getting closer and closer to our exit. Its crazy how many questions i still have though. Feel like I could write a book. More soon.


    3. Awesome Rebekah!. Welcome. Now keep posting. You haven't made up for it yet. Smile. Need to think about that dream.

    4. Thanks, Miguel! Will be praying for you and your family.

    5. Rebekah, I liked the description of the snow and the delight expressed and it warmed my heart ... I felt like I was there with you, enjoying His Love for us.

    6. Amen ..Cathi G...snow clean and white.. good to see you here Cathi . And Rebekah ...keep sharing

    7. Jordan,
      I got a bit excited with your start of the passage about a 4-month count till the ‘white’ of the harvest. As we all are studying and looking into the WORD for clues, to me this is a big one for the timing of the Resurrection-Rapture event and by Jesus no less given. Realize that a 4-month period is 120 days….4 months of 30 days each. Does 120 ring a bell? Humm… So, in my estimation the only harvest that truly turns ‘white’ is the later Wheat harvest. Why ‘white’? The summer heat dehydrates the stocks and thus appears to turn white. It is a spectacle to see.

      My point is that, as I have mentioned in many prior comments and studies, my high watch window is July of any given year based on the current ‘Time of the Gentiles’, i.e., Ruth and Boaz type….The center-stem of the 4th of the Menorah typology. It is modeled after a tree, an almond tree no less that the Gentiles are being grafted into. Such ‘branches’ can only be grafted in the main stock…not on other branches that stem from the main center stock.
      So, just saying that based on the Rapture event actually being a Resurrection-Rapture double-whammy, it must follow Jesus’ resurrection who was the 1st. He was the Barely season for Him but with a sample of the early Wheat harvest that was taken and waved up only. It was a down-payment of the whole harvest to follow! It signified Jesus and those that came out of the graves with Him at that time as ‘First Fruits of the coming Resurrection-Rapture Wheat Harvest!

      Then 100 days later, when ‘Pentecost fully came’ in the Temple, not the Upper Room, the 120 Disciples the occasion was that then the 2 loaves of baked, bread with liven where then lifted up by the High Priest. This was then representing both Jew and Gentile, make ready, baked and ‘sweet smelling’ to the LORD. That is what Jesus has done to us, although us, full of sin as live or ‘red’ as crimson….made acceptable by our High Priest Jesus who one day will lift us up both, Jew and Gentile during this Age as 1 body to meet Him in the air...When? In 4 months 120 days, 120 Disciples, when made white as snow.

      And that is when the Holy Spirit came down and those 120 Disciples as 1000s of the Jews where there for the 3rd of the Harvest Feast, Pentecost… crowded around the Temple Platform from all the known world and languages. They then heard the Gospel in that regional tongue uttered by the 120 Disciples. Thus, I am more convinced now that the actual count is 100 days, 50 days plus then a 2nd 50-day count from the Sabbath that Jesus rose from…to be around mid-July, when the Wheat is ‘white’ as snow ready to harvest! I can smell the bread now! ;) And because of this typology, I do not believe in an ‘imminent’ Rapture. Nope. It has to coincide with the last Gentile saved, the last ‘brick’ placed in the Spiritual Temple of Christ, the last ornament of the Bride’s Dress, etc. It is a fixed time. May it be this year.

      Lu Vega

      PS: I randomly chose July 17, 2020 and subtracted 120 days…guess what day it landed on?
      Just now, March 19, 2020, which happens to be the Equinox, the earliest in over 100 years and the Dow Jones closed today at 188….an astronomical number of a 'Season'…humm…

      NOTE: I am NOT Saying the Rapture will be July 17!!! :) So there.

    8. Welcome Mina and Rebekah on your 1st comment in this great watching community.

      Great dream Rebekah,
      I loved how there was so many different wonderful elements, "a foreboding sky", "snow angels", "feeling playful, and joyous", it definitely sounds Holy Spirit inspired.

      A quick search on the symbology of "snow" in the bible, and it says "it is a symbol of purity and cleanness but more importantly an example of transformation so we might reflect God in our lives." - which would probably represent the saved Church. We have been transformed, into a spotless bride without spot or blemish in the sight of God through our faith in Jesus.

      The foreboding sky definitely sounds like the Tribulation approaching, contrasting with the playfulness, and joy you felt while playing in the snow, sounds like the joy we will feel soon, but I am definitely not gifted at dream interpretation, but it was a really nice dream to imagine playing out, I would love to have a Rapture dream, but I have never had one God Bless sister :(

      Hi Miguel,
      All good here thank God, my daughter's mega mood swings, seemed to have abated a bit in the last few days, so I will thank the LORD for that, and for all your prayers.

      Sorry to hear that you all are waiting on a CV test, hopefully the test will proceed soon, and praying it comes back negative. If it comes back positive, fear not, for he is with you, do not be afraid, for he is your God, he will meet all your needs.

      The way I look at it, what ever happens, happens, we might not understand, but He has a plan, and we have to trust him. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Blessings brother. praying for you all.

      Hi Lu,
      You could well be right brother, but I could not bring myself to think that the Rapture would be so far away as July. I am looking to any day now, Then I will focus on the April 4th, as there are some breadcrumbs, that seem to point to that day like Rev 4:4, then if we are still here on the 5th, it will be the Pass-over period of April 8th -16th, Then the 2nd Pass-over on May 8th, Then Israel's birthday of May 14th, and so on, and so forth, until we get to July, and then Lu might well be looking spot on, :)

      By the way Lu, I loved your posters, they looked awesome, I think the black background one stood out really well, bizarre that they refused to print it, what is the world becoming, when printers refuse to print out something that might save someone.. Come soon LORD.

    9. Thanks for your input, Jordan!

      April is sure looking like the month to watch so far. Sooner works for me as well :)

    10. Rebekah...TY you for sharing such an encouraging and obviously Holy Spirit led dream.
      That you saw the dark "warning" clouds just before experiencing the joy of the clean snow is perhaps very telling about the order of events. Also like that your BIG dog, Ensign, was with you and his name literally meaning "a sign or emblem". How cool is that! I've been weathered out with a lot of lightning today, so I'm sorry for the slow response. Blessings, Sister and may it be so real soon:-)

    11. The evening before Rebekah posted the dream I prayed very specifically that one of us would have a dream and that He would give us understanding. So I'm putting some weight on this one and here's what I see. Go up the hill to me God, that's what going up the hill seems to be in the bible again and again. This is the dream verifying that it is from God. The dog a symbol of loyalty and trustworthiness is ensign, so I believe the sign is trustworthy. The sign is that the sky is dark and ominous. That's our trustworthy sign. When we see that, we will also see transformation, symbolized by the snow. At that point, we just need to look up. I dont have a day count or date.

    12. Whoa, Miguel, that gave me chills! I really appreciate being here with all of you. I'm even trying to figure out how to change my profile so Ensign can participate. Also, my dad, who has been watching for a long time, and has also quietly kept up with you all, sees me having so much fun posting that when he has a chance he's going to share a special "God wink" that happened to him today. I did figure out how to set the right time zone on my phone because my dad was teasing me about being on at 1 a:m, when it was only around 10. There, Pop!

    13. Evidently I still don't have the time right. Let the record show, it's only 10:30 :)

    14. AWESOME Rebekah and Rebekah's Dad! Just now seeing this, but please...share away:-))

    15. My poor dad worked hard on his story, and then when he went to comment discovered he didn't have a user profile. So he created one and then discovered the computer had eaten his story. I'll encourage him to try again :)

    16. Awww...I know that stinkin' feeling:-/ Really hoping he tries again!

  9. I just heard the the entire state and of California is going on lockdown starting tonight.

    1. I am due to fly from NJ To Cali on Saturday.. Had to care for post surgery family for a week

    2. Blessings to you, VeeBee and I trust your flight will go well.

  10. Mena & Rebekah, Blessings. Great for you to join in! Yup, I went tot he closer grocer on the 10-spped, yesterday, initially tempted to wear shorts. Ultimately glad I wore jeans but rolled up the long sleeve before getting there. I watched the freezing rain and sleet begin about 7, this morning and we now have about 18" deep out there, and VERY WET, heavy stuff, too. Perfect snow fort stuff, check out our deck :)

    Also very aligned with sequestration, esp if, per chance, visual isolation is very important, NOW. Should it be doable, on purpose, nothing like 20" of snow across 30% of the heartland to further isolate, subdue and move the masses to hunker down and bear it for the moment. Lu, while I pine away for sooner, in line with my shares on Beginnings = Endings, Alpha =Omega, Pentecost asks me to explain against that, in this case and I cannot. Fortunately, He For Whom We Long, with every breath, Will Uphold Us As Long As we linger, Maranatha!

    1. In reading your post, Jimboni, I thought of Kay Tdid's vid of two dreams. A bare-butt guy close to the dirt with a dog's tongue getting ready to lick his clean butt and his tongue would get him dirty .. she didn't have an interpretion. A commenter (all her second short video) suggested to her Exodus 11:7. She also read verse 8. Well, long story short it is about Egypt and the Israelites being protected by the lamb's blood on the doorposts ... They were sheltering, as we are now. So, it is protection now, not a dog to move their tongue against us. This tying in with her second dream on the word "Wife" on a gate. She used Solomon 4:12 in our being the Bride of Christ, a garden enclosed ... Don't be afraid, she said - It is Passover time, then getting Exodus out!

    2. oh goodness Cathi lol. Sometimes having the imagination of a child does not help me one bit. Perhaps that was one of Kay's 'pizza cheese' dreams that should have been left in the deep recesses of her memory, with no chances of ever escaping!

    3. Jomboni, thanks for the welcome!

      That's interesting how we're being shut down on multiple fronts. I remember after the Revelation 12 sign, and after other high watch days, it was business as usual, and most of the world had no idea there had been anything worth watching. Now it feels like the whole world is paused and waiting for something. A Pastor Tim acronym: WFS!

  11. Blessings all. Beltway Brother ! Well, I can finally drive as fast as I want. There’s no cops or State Troopers around. There’s hardly any vehicles on the road. It’s like Omega Man out there. Best Buy had less than 5 customers including me. I heard emps talking about having their hours cut back. The only police officers I have seen were stationed at the grocery store and Best Buy.

    I’m officially working from home and it’s surreal. The couple hours extra sleep would be nice if I could stay asleep. Had the worst earache in decades yesterday. Usual home r*m*dy didn’t work but C-S to the rescue. Three times and the agony disappeared. Hasn’t returned now either. I was at the Dr yesterday for a diff reason and had to get “screened” before I could even see her. The place is normally very busy but was eerily quite this time.

    Ok, one of the acronyms is a VPN protocol I am sure. I feel Jimboni should be crowned king of the acronyms. Here’s one: IKEv2.

    Hope everyone is well. I always did want to be home when the Rapture happened if I had my choice but am glad for Jesus to snatch us up no matter where we happen to be.

    Eating too many frozen pizzas and drinking too many bottled Frappuccinos. I can’t help it. And the little coconut cake from PF. I think I’m a bit weary of CV news.

    Pastor Billy Crone dismissed the Rev12 GS too but when I consider the literal mountains of teaching and learning I have received from him, I choose to agree to disagree with him on it. He has enriched my life to a degree that far surpasses many others; no disrespect to any of them because they have all enriched my spiritual life and I am certainly grateful to every single one including the Bereans who comment here. I feel like a babe in comparison. I love this website and Unsealed more than I can ever express. DailyCrow also.


    1. " I always did want to be home when the Rapture happened .." Same!!! Also SAME for baing tired of the cv news flood frome verywhere, especially on tv!

      And it's funny, I have kind of the same experience where I live and it's the capital city of my country and now this city strats to look like a ghost city during the day. Almost empty places everywhere, kind of everyone's at home, it truly feels surreal.

      Praying for your complete healing from that earache!

    2. (typo correction: being tired)

    3. (ugh too many typos srry!)

    4. Blessings Nora. Thanks very much. My earache is totally gone ! It was bad. That C-S is such a blessing. Hydrogen peroxide usually works but not this time. I think I waited too long. But thank you.

      I always thought a tremendous EQ would accompany the RR. It happened at the Crucifixion. The rocks broke ! Many saints came out of the grave and were seen. Matt 27:53. The tombs broke open from the EQ. God is so merciful. Maybe He wants most planes, trains, cars, etc grounded to limit crashes ....so many unsaved would die and not get a chance to be saved that first day. I’m sure some will die when the RR happens, sadly. That’s why they gotta get saved right now. Tell the UPS guy, FedEx, Amazon delivery people. You can tell I order everything lol. I think many are scared. Great time to scare them into Heaven because hell is scary. If they don’t want to hear about Heaven, then tell them about hell. God bless you abundantly.



    5. pizzas and fraps...looks like a post-cv Diabetes epidemic is coming...

    6. Archangel, Blessings. Yes, HydPerxd is excellent TOPICALLY, but, once an infection is more sub-dermal it is ineffective as it's action is chemically mechanical, so to speak, taking things apart/dissolving them via Hydrogen & Oxidation. C-S works via contact, also, though not that way, and, it penetrates the tissue/bloods stream, esp locally, without loosing any effectiveness as it is a *chemical* modality not a more mechanical one. Thus, the local tissue area becomes saturated with C-S making it an inhospitable zone for unattached microbes (bacterial or viral, though not single cells of the body, itself, being safe).

      Decoding acronyms has to be in context, c'mon, man. Put it in a sentence & where we would see it. It's not like I Know Everything(one), Too (IKEv2), is it?

    7. "Maybe He wants most planes, trains, cars, etc grounded to limit crashes ....so many unsaved would die and not get a chance to be saved that first day."

      Just what I thought, Brother!

    8. Archangel, I've set up a lot of site to site tunnels across a variety of endpoints. Ikev2 is internet key exchange version 2.

      Anyway, enjoyed your narrative about driving fast and going to best buy. Sounds fun.

      One thought I had about the ear ache is make sure you take extra care of your teeth and gums. If they get any kind of infection, it will show up as sinus and ear problems because of how it's all connected.

      More in a bit... (good stuff Nora!)

    9. Blessings Zeal Life. A1C 5.3. Both parents diabetic but I said no way.

    10. All that organic Rooibos tea saved me from diabetes. Aspalathin is in it which prevents spikes in blood sugar. Only grows in S.Africa. What a blessing from Heaven.

    11. Blessings Miguel P. Thank you. I appreciate it. I have had terrible sinus infections/migraines and the worst part was the fatigue. Fatigue to the point of not being able to raise both of my arms to pack my groceries at Trader Joe’s. Since drinking the Rooibos, I have had strep throat, bronchitis, sinus infection or even a cold. When I got lazy about drinking it, then I got sick. I’m brewing some right now lol. I can’t say enough good things about it. It has numerous antioxidants in it and gets rid of the root cause of all disease-inflammation. Cancer, heart, disease, diabetes are no match for it. My ejection fraction is 58 and at my age my poor mother had already had so many heart failures. I just can’t go down that road. The Rooibos took off weight I wasn’t trying to lose and since it interferes with fat storage hormones, I lost fat and not muscle. Had to buy new clothes lol !

      Oh, I love my VPN. Just have to get one from a company that doesn’t abide by 14 Eyes Surveillance so no data logs kept. ISPs just love handing that over to authorities.

      Yes, infection can go right up to the brain. A little boy died in my state from a bad tooth that would have cost about $80 to extract. So, ears, nose and throat have to be well-maintained. Vitamin D3, liposomal C, B13 etc.

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    12. Blessings Miguel P...about the speeding. I got a speeding ticket 2 weeks after getting my first car with a turbo engine, so have had to let everyone else blow past me while I steam. So it was great to step on it on the highway. No cops and hardly any other cars. Oh, it was soooo nice.

    13. I meant haven’t had colds etc. I’m sure you knew that lol.

    14. Blessings Jimboni lol ! Yes, the hp always worked before but I needed the earache kryptonite and used it 3x and pain left so completely I hardly remember that it even hurt. I had an earache, a bloody one, when I was ten. I missed so much school the superintendent showed up. Dr was afraid my eardrum would rupture. My father was, shall I say, in no hurry about my medical care. Arrived at the clinic in tears, agony and 102.7. Dr asked if I had been on a plane recently!

    15. Archangel....re the need for speed...I bought myself a Buick Grand National back in 1986. Loved that car and kept it for 11 years. Never got a speeding ticket, but only because I didn't get caught. We were driving it out to West Texas once and were out in the middle of what I call "No Man's Land" when a State Trooper ran up alongside us in one of those Mustangs they'd been issued and he actually wanted to test the Mustang against the Grand National in a race on the otherwise empty highway. I shook my head and pointed to my kids in the backseat. He was really disappointed, but waved bye, then shot on up the road. I told Billy "You'll never see that happen again.":-D

    16. Blessings Sheila B. Why don’t I have that kinda luck with cops ? What a story. Well, I tried to explain to the copper that I’d only had the car 2 weeks and was still trying to get used to it’s power. He wasn’t buying it. Went to court. Plead guilty. Judge usually didn’t give breaks to people over 20 miles past speed limit. I was 23 but she raised the fine a little and no points which is what I hoped most for after hoping the cop wouldn’t show up. He did. So, I got PBJ and have to behave for a year but fully expect to be driving on clouds soon.


  12. Just a thought on the rapture... I could be wrong but I thought so that since the resurrection of the dead will happen around the same time, I think the resurrection will make the ground to break up. That could cause a giga-mega EQ world-wide!

    So... that's why I dont think it means anything if the rapture happens during the nation-wide quarantees globally when it comes to explaining the rapture away.

    Seen it in YT comments a lot lately that the quaranteens and the cv would be a good alibi to explain the rapture away BUT how will they explain that world-wide mega EQ that accompanies the rapture because of the resurrection of the dead in Christ?

    Again I could be wrong but I think a global brutal EQ is quite possible because of the resurrection so even if the whole world is under quarenteen at the time of the rapture, it wont be a "silent, secret event" at all imo.

    Serious damages still gonna happen if an EQ also happens world-wide plus according to many rapture dreams and visions all hell will break lose also.

    If air traffic and on the ground traffic will be restricted and all the children at home and out of school, the rapture at the time of these world-wide quarenteens would be still a better option, maybe the Lord planned it this way. I personally hope that this scenario will happen.

  13. Welcome Mina and Rebekah! So nice to have you both joining the conversation. Loved your dream, Rebekah, thank you for sharing.

    Lu, your study regarding Pentecost and our departure makes total sense to me but like Jordan, I just can't bring myself to think it could be that far away! I'm looking for Jesus each day with some days seeming more possible than others.

    This stood out to me last year and since we are in the time frame again, just reading the words makes me smile at the possibility: "Then six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus was who had been dead, whom He had raised from the dead." John 12:1

    "Then six days before the Passover, Jesus came..." :)
    Maranatha and blessings family!!

    1. "Then six days before the Passover"... I'm okay with that! :-) This year, that would land exactly on the birthday of my dad!

  14. I'd like to share another thing concerning the rapture.

    Next week, the 25th and 26th of March (Wednesday and Thursday) will be an extremely high-watch time for me concerning the rapture, because of the Rabbi Kaduri prophecy that seems to be accurately in play so far.

    He said,

    "On the eve of the year 5780 the year of corrections, there will not be a government in Israel for an extended period and the various camps will be quarrel much without a decision on either side, and then, on Rosh Hashana itself, they will fight in heaven, the holy side against the side of evil, and God and His entourage will decide between them. And this is all I can say, and from here I swore not to reveal more secrets and hidden things.”

    I’ve been thinking… When is the start of the Spiritual Jewish New Year (as the Lord has originally ordained it in the Old Testament) aka the real Jewish New Year this year in 2020?… I thought it must be sometime this month or the next one, it’s usually in/around March (at Springtime).

    According to the Torah Calendar, the Jewish New Year/Rosh Hashanah starts at sunset on the 25th of March and lasts until the sunset on the 26th of March.

    So, the Rabbi Kaduri prophecy talks about the eve of the year 5780 and the day of the Jewish New year aka Rosh Hashanah. An important event, the battle between the forces of evil and good (“the holy side” as he calls them) in Heaven will happen according to the rabbi on that day. I’ve always believed it to be the Lord ordained New Year’s day/Rosh Hashanah, which is the 25th of March-26th of March this year according to the Torah Calendar.

    Why do I connect that with the rapture, as a possible rapture high-watch time?

    Because of Revelation 12:7-10:

    “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

    And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

    And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.”

    As Pastor Tim Henderson and other brethren say, ‘When we come up, they go down’.

    So, connecting the dots here… I’ve always thought of this passage of Revelation 12 when I’ve heard what Rabbi Kaduri prophesied about “the fight in heaven”.

    I could be wrong, BUT if I’m not, and Rabbi Kaduri REALLY heard from the Lord, we might be OUT OF HERE sometime NEXT WEEK Brothers and Sisters! Maybe on the 25th at the Eve of the Jewish religious New Year, or on the 26th of March, IF the Torah Calendar is also correct.

    1. Jupiter is sandwiched between Mars and Saturn right now, which seems to tie in.

    2. Plus, the dragon will wait for the Church to be born to devour it. Imagine a very angry and frustrated dragon.

    3. Even if the Torah Calendar is off with the exact date of the spiritual/religious Jewish New Year's Day, I have this hope that Rabbi Kaduri probably really heard from the Lord and the rapture could happen sometime in this month (not much left of it) or the next one(s).

  15. Blessings all. Please watch God’s Roadmap to the End’s latest video. It’s amazing and very informative as usual.


    1. Been waiting for this one, gonna watch it, thank you!

    2. Very welcome, Nora. All this shutting down over the common cold. While the right hand keeps everyone occupied with CV, the left rolls out 5G. Insidious. That video confirmed a lot of what I saw in Dana Ashlie’s vids.

    3. In re to Rev.6:8 it's really ironic that the medicine they are expecting to be useful in response to the CV is chloroquine with chloros meaning green and a horse being an "equine". The word "pale" in that verse is G#5515: chloros--greenish, verdant, pale green.

      I've also been hearing some vibes about much of this CV response looking like prep for a war footing or an attack of some kind. I was just spit balling with a Sister in FL today but there are some things that make one think...if it looks like a duck....

      CA, NY, TX and if FL next for statewide lockdowns, that would cover the 4 corners of our coastlines and the Gulf of Mexico. The 2 Navy Hospital ships stationed off the East and West coasts. The Defense Production Act invoked yesterday and Trump's statement that our Military is at highest state of readiness. Level 4 foreign travel bans and Domestic flights being grounded with major airliners sending planes into desert storage. That whole task force today looked like they were swallowing castor oil and word is the Guard is fixing to fan out as a nationwide lockdown is in the cards.

      And then there was the threat from "Rocketman" of a "Christmas gift for Trump" last fall and the first we really heard of the CV thing was on or about Dec.26th and I read a story about China threatening our warships with EMPs yesterday. And we know the tight knit relationship shared by China and NK as well as Russia. And what's a few million casualties to this trio?

      Yes, all of this could be an unprecedented response to a pandemic virus, but at the same time it could be a response to an even bigger threat against the US and the CV is being used as a crisis vehicle to get most of the American population off of the streets and hunkering down in their homes as the possibility of an attack on our shores, or even an EMP taking out our power grid might be looming. And why wouldn't those 3 players jump on such an opportunity that in all likelihood was intentionally released on the world at large with it's many travelers in and out of America while weakening the entire west. Their OROB alone (One Road One Belt) alliance seems pretty motivational in re to a chance at world economic domination.

      As I said...just spit balling, but Americans may need all of that TP if the duck starts quacking
      and war actually does break out. As for those of us who are in Jesus Christ, that snow in Rebekah's dream is smelling fresher and cleaner by the minute. I do believe that BIG dog of hers named "Ensign" was indicating that we are literally seeing a BIG sign:-)

      Blessings, Maranatha and oh boy...SO Looking UP!

    4. Just saw this on Fox..."Could Covid-19 break the internet?" I guess that would explain a communications lockdown.

    5. Sheila B., Blessings. Simply smiling as I read your post. My thoughts are to add some players to the poker hand on the table. All you say is Wisdom, however, like Texas Hold 'em, live, but you've only given a voiceover for maybe two of at least 3 players in this hand.

      In similar fashion to top players not only playing and bluffing on their own hands, but even each others, and every player being very aware of, and using, how each player plays each other, (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Theme here) also know that this current state of affairs protects our citizenry from certain, massive FF events, not to mention many other 'diversions' historically employed by DS to dodge the catch. That is an example of ONE of dozens of sub-themes afoot here.

      "MANY Egyptians were killed by them (1st-born's)." Exodus Is the type. Nothing new under the sun. What has been before WILL be again. The WH v BH is GLOBAL and involves EVERY ancient mystery religion entangled with the Vatican, world banks, .001%ers, SRA, millions of missing children, et al. This is Ouroboros, Manifest. Shiva is come. This is their model: from Great Destruction Comes Great (re)Creation, transfer of power and entrance of their Master & New Order & Golden Dawn.

      As foretold by Dumitru Duduman, Perry Stone, Rick Joiner, Rabi Kaduri's referring to heavenly conflict, and others, this 'Clash of Titans' will be erupting, on the city streets, & in the Heavens, AT THE SAME TIME as Nuclear & Invasion attacks occur (as above so below). Meanwhile, when they come down, we go up, A Dragon now prepares to 'intercept that pass', somehow, in vain. The enemy is working to coordinate this, as specifically as possible, also, not too soon, and set things up, 'just so', to pick up the show after that...


    6. Sheila B, I'll be sure to let you know if Ensign comes up with anything prophetic :)

      Archangel, I watched God's roadmap to the end. Lots to chew on, as always. I wonder about the 5G/CV connection though, because what about countries such as Iran, where the CV is bad, and they certainly haven't switched to 5G. Has Italy?

      I keep remembering a cousin of mine, when he was about 7 or 8. We were gathered for a big family dinner, and there was a lull before my dad said grace. My young cousin decided that was enough waiting about, clapped his hands together, and said, "let's do this thing." (Meaning, say grace already!) I feel like that.

    7. Rebekah - 5G was being made ready to roll out in Iran LATE March...They have had covid-19 for a while now and have had to delay the 5G release. Italy has had it since 2017, we don't have it here in NZ, yet we are starting to see a quick rise in coronavirus cases. I don't believe there is enough evidence at all to demonstrate an alignment between 5G and CV. Ryan

    8. Rebekah&Ryan, I had the same thoughts about the G5, my first thought was that most likely Iran doesn't have it yet. (All of that doesnt exclude though that new technologies can't be harmful.)

      Sheila, yesterday was an interesting day with all these news and speculations, something seems to be brewing.

      Thought to share these vids about the possible happenings of this weekend (re the USA) or the near future:



      by Sherry Rich YTC (both vids about the USA's nation-wide lockdown and possible war-preparings)

      President Trump Signs War Production Act...BUT GOD! 3/20/20

      by Tim Henderson YTC


      by Watchwoman65 YTC

      The ID2020 will be used for buying and selling they say.

    9. Jimboni...Blessings and TY for the additional insight. I fully agree. All of the players are at the table to play their parts, but what I don't know is if these Heads of State are knowingly doing the orchestrating or are unwittingly being orchestrated by the subliminal spirits at work. It's hard to tell with power hungry egos being what they are. It can be a bit mind boggling to be seeing this play out with both human and spiritual eyes at the same time. Very strange days:-)

      Nora...Blessings Sis and TY. I caught Sherry's vid while driving to town yesterday and that was confirming as to the war drums sounding off and will try to catch the others here in a bit. I've had a lot of distractions with my kids' situation in Florida and friends calling to "nervously" chat about all of this so I have some catching up to do on YT vids. It's been good, though, as they are more prone to listen to the Biblical aspects. Met a lady yesterday at the Pizza place and probably spent 30 min after I got my pizza sharing with her. It was like she couldn't get enough encouragement that Jesus really IS coming and soon, so that was a another blessing:-)

      Yes Ryan...PIZZA! And I had a Frappaccino, too:-DDD

    10. Sheila, yep, I've got the gut feeling that right now, this fearful expectation of a gloomy future and cv-scare is like a last minute witnessing opportunity to those who's eyes are opened by the Lord who try to find REAL safety and hope!

    11. Right on Sheila B ! That’s some pre-Trib, shelter in place, locked down high living !

    12. Blessings Sheila B. Isn’t Ensign the coolest name ? Reminds me of Trey Gowdy’s dogs Judge and Jury. I knew Gowdy years before he became a Congressman from watching him on several gut-wrenching episodes of Forensic Files. They’re all pretty gut-wrenching but I was so impressed by him. He had a 100% conviction rate as DA of Spartanburg County but he’s the rare righteous good district attorney.

      I think I remember the Nokos launching a satellite over America and Iran was just looking for a way to deliver the EMP. Another reason I wanted to keep a bike in my trunk. I have no problem at all being home. Unless you have a car manufactured in the 70s, an EMP will fry your cars’ engines, computer etc. Forget ATMs. Everything not in a Faraday Cage will be toast. I used to worry it would destroy my mother’s pacemaker/defibrillator.

      Please pray for my 16 yr-old cat Casey. She won’t eat after having her lymph node removed. Tried every tempting thing. Finally had to take her to vet for subq fluids, steroid and appetite stimulant. Scary how cats can starve themselves to death. Thank you. She’s so sweet. Found her at work. Near death from starvation and pregnant. Found out after spaying that the babies get aborted when pregnant females are spayed. Never had a pregnant cat before or since. Just hate to see her leave this way but Jesus will take care of her no matter where she is.

      Maranatha !

    13. So funny about the Good, Bad and the Ugly. I realized that most of my working life, I have kept a pic of Clint Eastwood on my desk and at home. In the devastating first days following my mother’s passing, I distracted myself with that movie and then that beer commercial plays that had the cemetery theme when Eli Wallace was searching for the headstone. Some say best soundtrack ever made. I still feel sadness when I hear it or see it. When I started working from home I made sure I packed his pic and DJT’s from the Plaza Hotel in 1993. I was about six feet away from the future Pres. You just never know.

    14. Archangel...Praying for your sweet cat, Casey. She's long-lived so you must really care for her and God knows your heart and the importance of her friendship to you. I know he's just a fish, but my GUS needs prayer, too. We've had that big ol' Jack Dempsey for 9 years and he's suddenly stopped eating. We can't see anything physically wrong with him and his tank mate, Sally seems fine. She keeps bumping him along to keep him swimming around, but if he goes belly up--if ever a fish could be heartbroken, it'd be Sally without Gus. Just hoping he will make it for awhile longer anyway. I so hate the suffering and death of innocent creatures and it sure makes me long even more for His Appearing in victory over that evil for all of Eternity, Amen. Blessings, Brother, as we trust in Jesus for all things:-)

    15. Blessings Sheila B. Thank you so very much for your prayers for Casey. And I am praying for Gus and Sally. They truly love each other. Animals can have bonds with each other that can teach us all a lesson. I have seen dogs risk their lives to drag an injured dog out of the road. I have seen cats nurse puppies. Every combination you can think of has helped one another or comforted another. That’s one thing that really crushes me when I see animals suffering anywhere in the world and long for the day when there’s no more pain and suffering and separation. Thank you and God bless you and bless Gus with a ravenous appetite and sweet Sally. They are precious.

    16. Praying for Casey, Gus, and Sally!

    17. Archangel and Sheila, it's heartbreaking to see animals suffer, especially when it's our beloved pets. Prayers for Casey and Gus' health and for God's peace and comforts for you both.
      My 3lb 8yr old chihuahua, Taco, has been sick on and off these past few days. It's stressful to see her so sick. Please pray for restored health for her as well.

    18. Thanks Archangel, Aimee and Mom! Always praying for your Zorrobird in conjunction with you and now Taco and Ensign:-)

      Mom...My little Boston Terror--Bella Rose--started acting like that and turned out she was having a pancreatic episode which is very common in dogs and especially the small ones. I started giving her 1/2 tablet OTC reg. strength Pepcid everyday in her food and she has not had another episode since. My Vet said it was perfectly alright to do, won't hurt them at all and will most likely help. She's been spry ever since with a healthy appetite. He did tell me to back off of the treats though:-(

      Prayers up for all of our little fur, fin and feather babies, Amen:-)

    19. Blessings Mom. Thank you so much for your prayers for Casey. Much appreciated. God bless you and your family. I am praying for Gus and Taco.

    20. Blessings Zorrobird. Thank you ! God bless you and your family. Biopsy results this week, maybe. My vet is making owners stay in their cars and the techs come out and get the pets and take them in. Then bring them back with meds and the bill. Surreal. I’m grateful they are still open.

  16. comet atlas becoming super bright and planned to be at its brightest in May. Interesting point to note is that the 'atlas' is the top vertebral bone connecting the ''head' to the 'body' (wink). Likely another happy coincidence...

  17. Sheila B....Your chloroquine breakdown to "green horse"...literally made me sit up in my chair. Thanks for that additional puzzle piece that neatly fits in my latest rabbit hole I have been digging in the last month. That hole almost reaches China it is so deep....pun intended.

    Ok...my thoughts and we all can print them up and place them in our Bible in Revelation 6...or line our rabbit cage with them....ha.

    Revelation 6:2 "And I saw, and behold a white horse :and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering and to conquer."

    On December 16th, 2019, there was a solar eclipse. This solar eclipse was right over the head of the rider on the horse with a bow...the sagittarius constellation. I looked up the definition of corona. There are two main ones. A "crown" is one of them. This corona also can mean the gaseous glow around the sun when blackened by the moon during an eclipse. So here we have a crown given to the rider on the white horse , and you can use a "corona" was given to the rider on the white horse. Both fit perfectly. I looked up the first case for the corona virus , and it happened just 5 days later on December 31st, 2019. That really caught my attention. Now hindsight clearly shows how this horse has been conquering , even if it only turns out to be no worse than a common flu bug. The conquering behind it is unpresententated as the economies are being devastated in its wake. My foresight tells me it will conquer either as a conqueror of a vast amount of people, or as a conqueror of the worlds economy.

    If this isnt the rider on the white horse, the 1st seal, then at the least it's a warning wink from God for a similar real 1st seal opening. I personally feel it is the 1st seal opening , and not a wink. If it is indeed the first seal, then the second seal , the rider on the red horse is next. Revelation 6:4.."And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another : and there was given unto him a great sword."

    So.....this 2nd horse looks like war all over the earth to take peace from such, and I have always felt that a "great sword" was atomic weapons. It could be Islamic terrorism, but my gut feeling is atomic weapons. Either way, the 2nd seal takes peace from the earth, and this brings in the 3rd seal, the rider on the black horse. The world economies have crashed as most will work all day for a loaf if bread.

    This then brings on the rider on a pale horse.."green"..as some interpret the greek text....and this is where Sheila B's "chloroquine" ..."green horse" connection made me stand up in my rabbit hole. In my opinion, that word is AT THE LEAST..a clever divine wink from God out of all this chaos.

    My timing of the rapture differs with most here, and that is a mute point. We all will see these seals unfold either directly as mortal humans on earth, or as immortals watching from heaven. When these seals actually unfold, we collectively as a group will know , if viewed from heaven, it actually experienced on earth.

  18. The solar eclipse was on December 26th, 2019. I fat fingered 16th instead, and my lack of proof reading bit me again.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Blessings family. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a video I just watched by Celeste Solum called "Signs In The Heavens: Asteroid/Atmospheric Kinetic Action To Impact Globe" (12 mins).

    Celeste is a very wise lady. I think she is ex FEMA or similar government agency, and is now Christian. In the video she is talking about reports from NASA about 4 asteroids that are said to come very close to Earth today or tomorrow. The reports say that they may cause some kind of air burst in the atmosphere. She said that this sounds like it is using encoded language and it could be referring to an EMP, and electro magnetic pulse weapon that takes down the power grid everywhere.

    Personally, I don't believe a single word that NASA says, and this will probably all come to nothing, but the timing of this is interesting:

    1) Tomorrow is March 22nd - 322, skull and bones day, and many Christians have had a feeling that something evil might happen on this day. This is also the day of 'the purge' in the movie where lawlessness erupts.

    2) '3 days of darkness' would lead us to March 25th, which as Nora pointed out in a previous comment, might be the start of the Jewish new year and therefore coincides with rabbi Kaduri's prophesy of a war in heaven happening any time now. Perhaps the asteroids might even be a cover for satan and his angels being cast down to Earth.

    3) With power and communications down, as well as the lockdown, people might not even know a rapture has happened if the rapture happens over the next few days or weeks... (Maybe the darkness that descends upon the Earth after the rapture is not just a spiritual darkness, but a physical darkness too)

    4) The EMP attack could also be the 2nd stage of the order out of chaos (after CV), to take peace from the Earth and eventually usher in the NWO

    Then, perhaps as a 2nd witness, I just listened to a video today by Amanda Christian - Must Watch! Awake Vision 2018 Here NOW! Canned Goods, Crypto Market, Israel Divided! (14 mins)

    In this video she talks about a vision she had in Oct 2018 that is now coming to pass. In the vision she saw canned goods (maybe 2 weeks worth), and a divided Israel. In the video from 2018 she talks about how 'if the power goes out' we may have to live off canned goods for a week or 2. She then saw the Lord who gave her a piece of paper which said rapture then tribulation.

    Of course, in Christ, we have nothing to fear. If the lights do go out, I don't think we will have to hide away in our chambers for very long before Jesus rescues us. I just wanted to thank you for the fellowship you have provided me for the last few years. I always read all the posts and comments even though I rarely comment. I'll see you in the clouds, hopefully very soon :)

    1. I think Iheard about Celeste on Sherry's (Rich) YTC, will check this vid. I dont know if it's just my perception but things seem to speed up more and more!

      I dont know how much of chaos we'll see but if the parallel of Noah and Lot stands, the examples Jesus referred to, in my understanding that excludes the possibility of that because both Noah and Lot was rescued right before destruction on a day when things still went on kind of usual. That's what I see in those scriptures. Serious sh*t only hit the fan after Noah entered the ark and it was shut and they were in perfect safety and in the case of Lot, destruction fell and chaos started after he and his family were rescued out. I think the Lord used this parallels for a reason.

      I've been thinking on it and I dont really see the logic in why the Church would stay during a brief time of total chaos and the starting of destruction, tacked away in our houses/flats with the internet down, without electricity etc., basically without the means of witnessing!

      But we must wait and see. I guess it wont be too long now.

    2. Now I See...all very plausible scenarios at this point. I didn't think we'd be here to see something like this CV thing take place, but now it makes sense as it's crazy enough to shake the whole world up, yet not so bad that it's shaking our Pre-Trib foundations and IS giving us a last minute opportunity for some hopefully effective witnessing. An EMP is highly possible as China has already been threatening our Navy with such just this past week. And if that happens, there is no telling how our Lord God will use that to His Advantage. We just know that He will have us under His Wing at all times and will snatch us up at what He knows to be the most opportune moment. I saw someone use the phrase "scare-citing" which aptly describes that moment when the roller coaster is just about to hit that peak before suddenly dropping into the free-fall stage. That's the moment I think we'll be going UP--just as all hell comes crashing down on this world. But holding tight because we know He's Got This!
      Blessings and Looking UP!

    3. I agree Nora that it makes no sense for us to stay here if we cannot witness, but I wanted to put this out just in case.

      I guess the only parallel with Noah could be us hidden away/inside the ark for 7 days before the rapture/flood.

    4. Even if we couldn't witness some very bored folks stuck at home could be reading their Bibles for the first time having nothing else to do. Others could be in the company of unbelieving family members. Maybe that's how that last Gentile boards the flight?

    5. I dont think they'll be bored, I think most will panick and be super scared. In case of an EMP/nuclear attack for example all hell will break lose. Scared people can't think or act rationally. I know what is it like when fear grips you and your mind just goes totally blank.

      Right now is the time -I believe so- to witness to people. This cv crisis really seems like a last big wake up call to the world.

    6. I don't want to put the Lord in a box tho, He's got His plan already and only He knows how it will play put exactly, I only speculate.

    7. An article this morning was teaching self-isolating folk how to binge and drink beer to 'pass the time'. Our media is atrocious. How about passing the time by 'turning ones fearful heart towards the God of the universe'! God has not given us a spirit of fear, but he certainly allows a spirit of fear to be on the unbelievers!!

      Re China - Trump needs to stop calling it a chinese virus and also needs to stop with the sanctions on Iran. 'Those who show mercy will be shown mercy...'. Iran is being boxed into a corner and could do something pretty drastic.

    8. Sheila B. and Fam, Blessings. Back on the Texas Hold 'em line, and mostly to share with folks not dialed in, there, latest intel is a pending '10-days of darkness', orchestrated, or perhaps, allowed by, WH for purposes undisclosed. 4/1 - 4/10+/- is the most widely assumed/accepted span I've heard thus far. Most common guess includes 80-90% suppression web/social media for about 2 weeks when multiple operations currently underway spike and go big time. Alternatively, 'starting next week' speaks to possible pre-tremors just ahead. BTW, perhaps you noticed, G**gle's censorship algorithm has been down for several days now. If you've witnessed restricted searches on a specific topic, in the past, go try it again, now. Until it actually triggers an avalanche, a 'snowball', the size of your HOUSE, can roll down a snowy mountain, quietly. ~ Peeking from under the covers in CO, Maranatha!

    9. Iran doesn’t need an excuse and China is plain evil. Their human rights record and persecution of Christians is notorious. Even animals don’t stand a chance there. No doubt the “virus” emanated from there. Easy to believe when you know what they are willing to eat.

  20. Miguel...remember when you were finding all of those dimes? Watch @Amanda Christian's latest if you haven't. It might speak to your "dime" trail. IDK what's going on with the cryptocurrency markets right now, but your dimes may have been pointing to the crashing of Bitcoin and the like as another thing to be watching out for.

    Titled "Must Watch! Awake Vision 2018 Here NOW! Canned Goods, Stock/Crypto Market Crash, Israel Divided!"

    Blessings, Brother:-)

    1. Annnnnddd...Miguel, the "dime" is ten cents. The Economist cover from 1988 after the Black Monday crash of 1987 pictured the "Phoenix" one-world currency with the number "ten" on the coin as the dollar is burning up: Creepy Crypto Conspiracy.

    2. Well Jeff and Sheila, you really grabbed my attention on that one.

      Today, I was in the laundry room and found a dime on the floor. This was very unique partly because I dont find change in there very often, but more so because I haven't found a dime in months and when I saw it, I felt a strong sense of it being a moment, even though I had no idea what it might mean.

  21. Did you guys see that Pastor Tim and Barry Scarborough both had dreams about flying away? Brother Barry was waiting to fly first class and Pastor Tim was waiting for a baby to be born when he was told by a radiant lady to make haste, that his flight was about to leave. Pastor Tim looked where she pointed and saw beautiful light and then he knew she was talking about the rapture.

    So cool!

  22. Charlie! Charlie!!
    Hey, is it all quiet there on the Eastern Front? Report? Report. :) I miss your impeccable links to vids…
    Well, here in the People’s Republic of California, the entire state is now on basically a ‘Medical Martial Law’. I imagine you know and realize that as the President has now activated FEMA, we are basically under FEMA Law really. And especially if as many speculate, will have the whole nation ‘quarantined’. As it is, many state National Guardsmen have been activated. Other regular Military personnel are being sent to ‘Battlefield USA’ from overseas. Many are sensing something is coming down. Do you all remember the Jade Helm-like military exercises?

    In reviewing the news, vids, channels, articles, etc., I came across a picture of the White House Press Room. I took a screenshot of it. This is for you Charlie. One does not normally see this vantage point of the room. It is the first in my lifetime that I have seen it this way. What was and is rather telling is that in one of the recent COVID-19 briefings, this picture was taken from the President's vantage point at this time and published. To make a statement perhaps. What time? 3:22 PM. Really? This time is flashing on the President’s podium display. Coincidence? Did the photographer know, was he sent…? Was and is it a message to those ‘in the know’ or for Trump, to be put on notice unawares? Humm…

    And did you all catch the sarcasm the President made before introducing Pompeo, from the ‘Deep State Department’ in one of the other briefings? Regardless of one’s opinion of Trump, he does know. It is true, the State Department is ground zero of the Swap in DC within the Federal Government. Trump called them out. Does seem there is that underbelly tension between them and the media.

    Here is the picture if you like to see what I am talking about or am I reading too much into this?


    Blessings all and remember that in times like these, the Joy and Peace of Jesus is our Strength.
    Lu Vega

    1. I don't think you're reading too much into it, Lu. Found this to add from a YouTube commenter:

      Right around the 2:14 mark in the video, notice anything?

      Dark Knight Rises Stadium Scene.

    2. Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the link. Can you believe it?! Their Predictive Programing is something else. To them, it is a whole different language and way of communicating in plain sight. It is like in a baseball game where everyone is watching but the players signal each other with gestures, etc.

      These 322’ers like to mock the ‘sheeple’ as for the most part, are oblivious as to their schemes and what is coming prophetically. The coming slaughter will be great. No doubt such a Cabal is salivating now at what they have been allowed to accomplish; with their induced chaos…

      Makes me mad but one can take comfort that the Mighty Red Dragon has been defeated by one lowly ‘Sheep’, Jesus. It is just a matter of the time when Jesus will return as the Lion to mop-up. Until then, it is like cutting the head of a snake and the body still is spasming-out.

      The deal is that the 322’ers of the world still think their coming Dark Knight that will rise and take over the world -will be forever. They will have their day but only for 7 years, thank the LORD. Can you imagine what it would have been like on Earth if there was no Restrainer since Jesus?

    3. You know the name of the new Batman leaked out: Robert Pattinson. Fierce costume. Body armor.

  23. VegaPost, Charlie has gone deep cover. I’m not supposed to tell but I trust y’all.

    1. Get'em Charlie! Get'em!! ;)

    2. I’m just waiting for the tape to make an X in the window.

    3. [I did not go out to the DUMBs yesterday as some hvahs did aboard 3 low flying BHs, heading out to wv]

      I went out today for a last drive (in my inline 6). While not as crazy as Archangel, I did enjoy the ups and downs of some local, windy roads around here. For me, the immediate pull and grinding through the gears up hills is more fun than pure speed.

      Very quiet indeed. Even more quiet now (800p).

      Lu, I too have favored Pentacost and do not disagree with the analysis and I do belive we still have a wine wager on this.


      I do believe the (spotless) Bride escapes (and the innocent too) BEFORE the main harvest at Pentacost.

      Note: one should do a Bible study on the word "SPOT" as it used thoughout the Bible. but one does NOT want to be found with spot on their garment/dress/gown.

      I do believe we go up when stuff comes down too.


      So, along with your awesome snoops job with the picture (wow wow wow), I have the following to add to the 322 trail:

      There seems to be "something" to all of this going on NOW and perphaps the answer is inside. If you have the popcorn and want to follow the 67min, please do, the connections are just off the charts. If you want to get to the "Blow Your Mind (perhpas) moment" skip ahead to 53:30min but listen to the end.

      This is based off of REMs "It's the End of the World"...song as we know there are symbols and codes in their music, always has been.

      The Exalted Lamb 1 (aka Code Breaker) 3/21
      67min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s109ADQKjs

    4. All from Bob Ware at FiveDoves (Re: 3-22-2020)


      These two videos mark 22 March 2020 which will be the 7th anniversary of Obama's visit to the Church of the Nativity on 22 March 2013

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCYmMLcwx2s&feature=youtu.be and


      From 3.22.2020 to 4.8.2024 solar eclipse (at the end of the circumference of my blue 'Circle of Jesus Christ') will be 1478 days.

      From that point in the diagram back up to the center of the purple 'Christ' circle will be 1117 days. 1478 + 1117 = 2595 = 1260 days + 1335 days in Daniel 12:12.

      Could the full 2595 days of the Tribulation begin on 3.22.2020?

      3.20.2020 will be 888 days from the 10.14.2017 date at the start of the circumference of the blue 'Circle of Jesus Christ' (the bottom circle in my diagram).

      On 3.22.2020 Trump completes his 1157th day in office. 1157 + (11 x 57) + 11 equals the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Barack Hussein Obama' (1795).

    5. Hey....
      Cool, I'll check out the vid...and I'll wish you a 'Happy 3-22 Day' tomorrow, March 22, lol
      Just kidding. ;)

    6. Could be a day of days..... The photo is great, really, what a piece to frame who DJT is and what we are on the precipice of....

      Stay cool in CA, could be duel tsunamis on either coasts tonight/tomorrow so we'll meet in the middle / perhaps all washed up on Jimboni's doorstep! Ha!

    7. Got that Jimboni? Get all those underground bunkers ready, just in case -at the Denver NWO Airport (March 19, 1994). Over and out.

  24. Celeste is a wonderful person. But I can’t watch her vids. It’s just a little more than I can bear.

  25. This seems like an appropriate post to mention that I just watched the new film "Before the Wrath," featuring interviews with JD Farag, Jan Markell, Amir Tsarfati, Jack Hibbs, and more. It was a very quality presentation and enriched my understanding of the rapture from a Galilean perspective. I was waiting for the film to release on digital and I purchased a digital version (Vimeo); but in hindsight I wish I had purchased a physical copy to let others borrow it. In any case I highly recommend it. http://beforethewrath.com/

  26. You won’t like the headlines at Zerohedge.

  27. https://news.yahoo.com/nearly-one-billion-people-confined-homes-globally-curb-134625492.html

    1. Good morning Ryan as we here in the us are going nighty night.

      I am calling BS on this 322.

      Sheeple herded inside peaceably and NOW ML comes (perhaps we are outta here, those without SPOT)

    2. Ryan,

      In support of (no 5G here so how is there 322?). Makes sense. Those who have 322 have had vaccines...which is unrelated to 5G, correct.

      Other tid bits of interest inside (language alert)

      Troops now staging in 28 States
      13min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQDYArYd7QI

  28. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8135093/Huge-chunk-Yellowstone-National-Park-size-Chicago-breathing-out.html

  29. I've been studying the Scriptures for 23 years, but I have no idea where this "partial" Rapture theory comes from. If one is trying to base it on the Parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25, that is a fail because the 5 left behind represent UNsaved UNbelievers. Matt.25:12 clearly implies that they are shut out because they are NOT KNOWN or recognized by the Bridegroom. They do not have the Holy Spirit which indwells every true believer and these 5 foolish virgins are those who only "profess" to believe, but have never really trusted in His Blood Atonement.

    Every Blood-bought Believer who IS His Purchased Possession will be either Resurrected or Raptured out together as ONE BODY. (1Cor.12:11,12,13,14,20). Not one Saved person is any better than the other, rather it is His Righteousness Alone that works through us--because we don't have any. (Eph.2:8,9,10) And ALL true Believers are without "spot" as we are ALL covered in the SPOTLESS Blood of the Lamb! (1Pet.1:19) (Eph.1:13 KJV and Eph.1:14 KJV)

    I believe Watchman Nee made some good sense re this confusion between the Bride of Christ and Body of Christ when he said "As to her life, the church is the Body of Christ, but regarding her future , she is the bride of Christ."

    There is not a portion of Christians who make up the "Bride" of Christ at this time while another "less clean" portion makes up the remaining "Body of Christ". We are ALL going to that Wedding together in ONE piece, Amen:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Sheila,
      Blessing to you and thanks for your perspectives. I enjoy your insights. If I may, I like to reply to your understanding about if there is a difference between the Body of Christ and Bride, etc., that I do believe as many that only the Bride will go at the Rapture, etc. Realize that I do not believe I ‘have arrived’ or know better or think less of those that may not see it as I do. I sense the maturity in your disposition as we are all on a ‘learning curve’ and different degrees of revelation, understanding and discernment. Hick, I’ve been called a ‘False Prophet’ for many reasons, and a lot within the Body of Christ are my worst critics.

      Saying all that, I do believe, based from where I am at in my spiritual vantage point that yes, I don’t see neither a partial Rapture also. But I believe it is because there is confusion as there are more than one of them. Way back, I did a study of how there have been 7 Rapture since Adam to Jesus. And then there are to be 7 in the book of Revelation, starting with the one of the Bride of Christ, inferred in chapter 4 etc.

      You can refer to the studies here if so desired:



      Now as to the delineation of the Body of Christ vs. Bride of Christ? Well, we have been Saved, are being Saved, and will be Saved. It is an all-inclusive Salvation Package, done and paid for by Jesus, amen… but in time and space we are in the present tense ‘being saved, thus ‘working out’ our salvation, etc. This amazing ‘Package’ is the salvation of our Spirit -in the Past, the Body -in the Future, but presently, that of our Soul- and we get to be part of its determination. We have a unique station in the ‘now’ to join our volition, will and work to be joined to that of the Holy Spirit as He is ‘sanctifying’ us now or setting us apart to be presented as a ‘Spotless Bride’ as Paul teaches. Or ‘til Jesus Christ be formed in you’, etc.

      The Rapture, I would agree is granted from the onset but it is contingent on allowing the HS to iron out our wrinkles as one yields by the same faith to being faithful and obedient to the Will of GOD for our lives and confessing sin, etc. If I may be personal here, I do not mind. I married a beautiful girl, a Preacher’s Daughter. We had all things in common, missions, living simply, to start a family, a Biblical Marriage, not a modern one but one that would honor and reflect the Godhead….we agreed and made this vow. Her Father married us in tears. When we did pre-marital counseling and did all those compatibility test, our Pastor was amazed and told us that of 40 years counseling, had not seen such a case. She was ‘saved’. I do believe Once Saved always Saved, but the ‘Works’ Christ has given us to do will be held accountable and at the Bema Seat will be weighed and put through the fire, not for loss of one’s Salvation but of Rewards. This is taught clearly in Scripture.

      Then, slowly but surely she turned….cheated repeatedly, denounced Christianity, Christ; that it was the problem in the world. In tears I begged her to change, through our couples group, several Pastors, her Father, etc. She told me to leave. She took up the cause of abortion rights, same sex marriage, starting experimenting with drugs…mocked me saying ‘I was too holy for her’…etc. Can I ask, at the Rapture will she and such a saved Believer go up as those dear Sisters and Brothers that have had their heads chopped-off for Jesus, raped, tortured, shot, beaten, starved? I genuinely would like to hear your perspective, especially being a Sister in Christ.

      PS: If you can pray for her restoration, her name is Natalie. I do miss my wife.
      Lu Vega

    2. Out of the body of Adam God removed the rib and made his bride. ( Genesis 2: 21,22)
      Christ is the second Adam.

      Only through the righteousness of Christ the bride remains spotless.

    3. Hello Christina,
      Thank you for your input. If I may, it is actually the ‘Last Adam’. There is the phrase the 2nd Adam we often use but just wanted to point that to you.

      If I discern correctly from what you are implying, in general, I would agree. Or, I made not understood, sorry. But we need to ‘unpack’ the Righteousness Jesus has imparted to us, Praise the LORD. Realize that the 3-fold Salvation I alluded to, corresponds to the Righteousness you referenced but is only the initial part. Consider the following.

      Past: We have been Justified or made ‘right’ with the Father. This is the Righteousness you note. True!
      Present: We are being Sanctified or being set apart by the Holy Spirit. To be made ‘Holy, as He is Holy’.
      Future: We will be Glorified by Jesus in mid-air as we are transformed then there.

      My point is that the present disposition of our Sanctification’ will determine our place in Glory. I resale many do not hold this belief. No problem. But did not Jesus admonish His People, ‘not everyone who calls me LORD, LORD, etc’. Or was or is not Jesus outside of the Church type of Laodicea asking then individuals to open the door for Him, and there are others examples.

      Also, these 3 components of our amazing, all-inclusive Salvation corresponds to what Jesus had to enter into to accomplish them.

      Past: Jesus came as The Prophet to tell us the Gospel, to repent, to believe, etc.
      Present: Jesus is currently our High Priest interceding, and washing us, cleansing us as we confess sin, etc. ‘walk with the LORD’.
      Future: Jesus will be coming for His Prepared Bride as King to then co-rule the world, can’t wait.

      But in parting, can I ask you…will my wife go up in the rapture in her present spiritual condition?

      Blessings to you,
      Lu Vega

    4. Hello Lu Vega
      Sorry I meant Christ the last Adam.

      Yes Christ is our Saviour in the truest sense.

      On the cross He saved us from the penalty of sin ( past)
      Every day He saves us from the power of sin ( present)
      In Heaven He saves us from the presence of sin ( future)

      Hallelujah ! What a glorious Saviour!
      Will pray for your dear wife brother.
      Blessings to you and your family

    5. Hey Lu....First I do believe that only those who ARE TO BE the bride of Christ will be Resurrected or Raptured Pre-Tribulation (or Pre-70th Week). I do think there will be further Rescues during that time period, but I don't know how many exactly or when as there will obviously be a lot of martyrdom occurring, so not dogmatic on that time frame or anything else prophetically speaking that isn't plainly written. I have my beliefs on the fuzzier issues, but enjoy listening and considering others that are not contradictory to what IS plainly Written.

      And I do not consider the Rapture to be a Reward for those extra good "spotless" Christians because there aren't any--not without the Full Covering of the Blood of Jesus Christ and I believe that Full Covering is applied to ALL who have believed in Him and His Death, Burial, and Resurrection as the Propitiation for ALL sin. I consider the Rapture to be an Event that is meant to Glorify His Name, prove the Truth of His Word as well as His Saving Power and the Riches of His Mercy and that we are just blessed to be participant of that in this particular time frame. (So we are in agreement that Rewards or lack thereof are to come at the Bema Seat.) If one says "spotless" in re to being fully cloaked in His Righteousness, I'm all in, but if one is referring to the addition of their own righteousness for Salvation--I must contend.

      When it comes to the Gospel, I am dogmatic about the true Believer's Eternal Security in the Finished Work of the Cross--by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone in Christ Alone and that's based upon my personal relationship with Him and the Scriptures that confirm it.

      Now in regards to Natalie, only God can know if she ever truly believed because only He knows the heart of anyone, but if she did, then she sounds extremely Prodigal and it likely will take an extreme measure to get her back to Him, but get her back He will because HE paid an Extreme Price for her and while she may even be turned over to Satan for the destruction of her flesh, the enemy cannot have her eternal spirit. (1Cor.5:5) IMO, it's really not about whether you or I believe such a one deserves to be Raptured out along with all of those who were devout even to their death, but it's about whether or not we believe that JESUS CHRIST DESERVES to have every single sinner who ever sincerely called upon His Name and was purchased with His Precious Blood on that Cross to "Come up hither" when He Calls for that.

      It's just a good thing that His Mercy upon all sinners who've ever sought Him out goes far beyond anything we can imagine. So praying for Natalie that her Salvation was secured by a true faith at some point, but if not, that it soon will be, Amen:-)
      (And remember, our Father knows a little something about a beloved wife who played the harlot and not only killed His prophets, but her own children among many other terrible sins and we all know He is of the Mind to save her--one way, or the other:-)

      What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!!! Blessings, Brother and Maranatha!

    6. P.S. I know all that may sound a bit simplistic to you, but I know from Him that His Salvation is simple and that's why we must come to it as children. So many people have a tendency to want to complicate it and break it down into a million different head-spinning ways in an effort to have some self control over it and that just gets tortuous--which imo, probably pushes a lot of people to play the prodigal and run like hell.

    7. Please note: while Lot's wife was being escorted in the Escape, she DISOBEYED the command of the angels to NOT 'Look Back').

      BUT, she did.

      As a result of her DISOBEDIENCE, it cost her dearly.


      Yes, we are given a robe of righteousness (bought with His blood and His work) once we become a follower of Christ;


      We live with it on, yes, getting spots on it here and there...


      IF we perform a self-check/ examine ourselves (hopefully daily if not moment by moment), THEN we will find spots.(ex. anger, lust, pride, idolotry etc...)


      IF we confess our SINs (uhmmmm, often), THEN He is faithful and just to cleanse us of OUR unrighteousness. We never lose His robe of righteousness, but we can muck it up and need to seek (continual) forgiveness in order to have it spot free.


      I am fully confident knowing the angels will not take any 'Christian' who is found enjoying, wallowing in (__________choose your SIN). They are not of the Day but of the Night.

      No Carnal Christian will be found worthy of the Escape. See Lot's wife as an example.

      BUT thankfully,

      God's grace and mercy allows those left behind Carnal Christians (those currently in the DARK) another chance/ departure (unlike Lot's wife).

      They will say, oh s&^t, we missed it. Their salvation (which is not obtained in this life but when we have endured and persavered to the end) is not lost BUT they will surely be tested once the LIGHT is gone.

      See 2 Peter 3:9

      The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

      Not a partial-Rapture as some of you state, there are several departures for various groups which the 4 gospels are talking to.

      God's mercy allows stubborn man multiple opportunities to repent and come to Him but not all will do so at any single time. Some are more stubborn than others and as you all know, some have been intentionally blinded but will have their eyes soon opened.

    8. Hi Sheila,
      Good dialogue but don’t’ want to seem ‘doctrinal heavy’ here and I realize this 2000-year old difference of perspective will not be resolved here. I just would say that the Rapture can be seen as a reward but really, it is all-inclusive. It is like a ticket to board the train. It has been issued from the start with name, day and time. But my point is that one can refuse to board. It would be like Charlie and Chocolate Factory with the Golden Ticket there at the end; no relationship to you Charlie in DC or maybe? :) Not being a Calvinist, Christ will not force ‘irresistible grace’ upon you to force one onboard. If that were the case, GOD would have placed all the people in the Ark no? He would have sparred Sodom no?

      I guess my main point is that there a loss at stake here. Did not Jesus warn about holding fast and not having one’s crown stolen or lost? Or Paul running the race, etc? I liked what you had to say about, then being handed over to Satan. Why given over to Satan? No more sanctification possible. The passage that those use to say we can lose our salvation is taken out of context. If one does a careful study of the words and syntax, it is not that salvation is lost but one’s ability to repent is lost. At that point, GOD has no choice but to discipline, judge.

      Israel lost its land as Divine Stewards because of their willful sin. YHVH even said they were sinning worse than sinners around them. Paul rebuked the Corinthians for also sinning worse than the sinners then. Saul disobeyed and lost the Kingdom. David committed adultery and murder and his suffered the loss of his baby. Solomon kept marrying foreign women and lost the Kingdom.

      Dimas willfully decided to return to the world. On the on. But of the 7 Churches types, Jesus warned that if they did not repent, their Testimony would be removed. Only Smyrna and Philadelphia, the faithful ones got commended and the later given the promise of the open door, the way out of escape the wrath to come. Yes, the LORD always has the Remnant but such are the ones that choose to be faithful and remain in the grace. As for me, were I am spiritual, it just does not resonate in my spirit. To me, it cheapens the mercy and grace we have been given that cost the life body and blood of the King of the Universe. It can be understood by those like my wife as a license to sin...That is all I am saying.

      Being involved in campus ministry, here are some cases. ‘You can’t be sleeping around’. ‘You are just being legalistic’. ‘You should not be getting high’. ‘You are being legalistic’. ‘Homosexuality sex is a sin’…Wow, now that one, you get crucified these days for. Mind you, these are Christians I’m talking to. I just don’t want to be before Jesus and them then saying, 'will Lu told us that it did not really matter; that in the end, you were going to Rapture everyone anyway'.

      Maybe that is what I get for marrying a Missouri girl?!! :) Hey? What? Kidding... :0 Thank you for those that prayed for her. Anyway, good conversation to have in the Body of Christ in these last days, literally.

      I am concerned that at some point, you know they will take down sites like this…YouTube channels, website, any vestiges of Biblical teaching, fellowship….Maybe it will be by flashdives being circulated like in the early Church with letters here and there.

      Anyway on with the quarantines ;)

    9. We shall soon see how the Co-Redeemer thing works out for those who choose that path, but as for me personally, I wouldn't bet a plug nickle on even 1 ounce of my own worthiness. One of the first things my Lord and Savior did for me when I came under His Wing was to spiritually carry me back to the Foot of that Cross where He gave me eyes to see and a heart to feel the vibrations of That Moment in Time. The smell of Blood and Sweat filled the air as He walked me through a crowd that was overwhelmed with either the deep wrenching grief of those kneeling in the dirt, or the fist-pumping shouts of angry self-righteous indignation--and all of it was for the unrecognizable Raised Up Man in the Middle. I don't believe I've ever cried tears that large before or since. My perception of life and it's purpose was forever changed in That Moment and no one--neither man nor devil can ever take That Moment from me. Believe it or don't believe it, but I know in my heart of hearts that our Salvation is based on faith in His Worthiness and His Righteousness ALONE. There are no THENS, BUTS, or THEREFORES for me nor will there ever be:-)

      And if one doesn't find the plain words of Isaiah 53 confirming enough, then I suppose nothing else this side of Heaven will confirm it for them either.

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    10. Hi Sheila,
      All that you said is true and I would agree and no one is taking away from one's vision(s) or experiences.

      What is or who is the 'Co-Redeemer' ???

    11. Hi Lu...That post was not in response to yours. We just happened to cross-post there. I had not seen yours until after I posted that. So a 'co-redeemer' is one who insists that the onus to keep or maintain the Free Gift of Eternal Salvation falls on them and their good behavior rather than "resting" their security in Christ's Finished Work on the Cross. While Discipleship is ofc a wonderful and expected outgrowth of Salvation and will surely be rewarded, I do not believe it is the catalyst for Rapture "worthiness" as I've already explained. (Too many extenuating human circumstances exist that only God can sort through and there will ofc always be grace abusers, but our Heavenly Father accurately wields both mercy and chastisement.)

      And it's not about the vision or experience itself (which BTW, I have rarely shared and not even sure why I did today) but it's about the Truth that was gained from that and believe me when I say there has ALWAYS been someone somewhere who's tried to beat that level of faith in HIM ALONE out of me, LOL, so that is actually what Rev.3:11 means to me:-)

      Blessings, Brother, and hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised at the Magnitude of His
      Saving Grace sometime between now and Pentecost at the outside!

    12. I want to say that I am in agreement in what Sheila has stated in these last few comments in support of the Gospel of grace. I commend her for standing strong.
      I also believe in a rapture/harpazo that is called our Blessed Hope by the Apostle Paul, who himself contended for the doctrine of grace.

      Any and all SPOT(S) (this word has become extremely tiresome) that are within me or on any of my garments are already forgiven by God because of the work His Son did for us in paying for our sin debt which was freely offered to whosoever will believe in His Son and the work that He accomplished on the cross. This is the free gift of salvation. This is the gospel of grace.
      If you want to believe you have to repent every day, for example, by looking
      at yourself to see if there is something that would cause the Holy Spirit to not take you up into the clouds at the rapture or in your losing your salvation you are freely enabled to believe as you desire. For me, it is a miserable way to live causing fear, anxiety guilt, loss of faith, distrust in God, etc. I believe this dishonors God because it makes the sacrifice that Christ paid for us in shedding his own innocent blood as insufficient - just as much as those who attack with words of "cheap grace" or "easy believism". It isn't cheap grace. It came at a price - just not ours. It isn't about us and our worthiness ... It is His grace extended to us.

    13. Cathi, *slow clapping*! Couldn't put better in words I think. Also, in agreement with Sheila.

  30. Blessings all. Pastor TH’s latest. https://youtu.be/pCMb-dAdY-0

    Alert ! AC to arrive before Passover ?!

    I think also the two Benjamins may have agreed to share the govt in a sort of unity deal. Pastor TH has a video on this.


    1. Just watched Pastor Tim's video. Barry Scarborough also just put up a video regarding this next week. Exciting!

      Praying for the sweet pets who were mentioned earlier. May we all go together.

    2. Rebekah...TY and is that Ensign in your icon? He's on my pet prayer list, too and Amen on all going Home together and SOON:-)

    3. Thank you Rebekah and Sheila B for your much appreciated prayers for Casey. God bless you and all your families which pets certainly are part of and I read today that with the lockdown, adoptions and fostering of cats and dogs has skyrocketed. They truly are our companions.

    4. I'd love to have dogs, cats, horses, all kind of animals! Sadly, I've never had a chance, circumstances were never right. Except for a short time when I had a guinea piggy, when I started elementary school, sadly she died during that summer a few monthes later because we let her roam outside a bit on the grass and she probably ate something.

      One of the many things I'm looking forward to regarding our new and eternal home is animals, I'm sure there will be many with us and we will be able to communicate with them (like with people).

    5. Sheila B, that's Ensign all right! He's 7 years old, which is a good number :)

      Nora, that will definitely be amazing!

    6. Nora...I'll bet you are going to given a most magnificent Heavenly horse to love, ride and yes, to commune with. In a C.S. Lewis book called The Great Divorce, there is a woman who rides around Heaven on a magnificent steed followed by every creature she ever loved and cared for or took pity on in her earthly life. Birds fly all about her as she goes while all sorts of animals trot along with her. I'm always telling the Lord I want to be like that woman:-))

    7. Great prospects, Sisters :-)


  31. Out of the body of Adam God removed the rib and made his bride. ( Genesis 2: 21,22)
    Christ is the second Adam.

    Only through the righteousness of Christ the bride remains spotless.

  32. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/147237/as-coronavirus-causes-muslims-to-abandon-temple-mount-jews-reign-supreme/

  33. Blessings all. Jimboni, I thought you might get a kick out of this article:


  34. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/147331/doctor-of-jewish-town-blesses-trump-for-approving-drug-thats-saving-his-community/

  35. All, my parents did make it home safely and are very happy to be home. They don't show any signs of sickness from what I can tell, but are sad their grandkids can't come visit them for a bit. So glad they made it home though, thank you for all your help through your many powerful prayers! Again, you can't begin to know how much your prayers for me and my family are APPRECIATED. God Bless you all!

    1. Wonderful to hear, Brad! Praise our Lord always and TY for that update!

  36. Ha. I didn't see this one until today. CORONA = 666

    How? The word has six digits or letters and the word totals 66 using alpha numeric count for a grand total of 666... which also leads to the 216 solution (6x6x6) from 2017:

    RFID - Mark Of The Beast - NTAG216 - 666 Decoded
    From SHMP
    8min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlYKFxWqE3A

  37. Blessings all. If ever there was a time to walk by faith and not by sight, it’s now. I have learned that it will always look bad. Guaranteed. Trust God and don’t lean on your own understanding. God’s Holy Word always teaches us what to do in every situation. I look forward to the Bible studies in Heaven taught by the Master Himself.


  38. Rationing of healthcare has arrived in the UK and other places.


  39. My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, I have 3 questions for you and I would like you to answer them for me please! What do these verses mean: 1- when Jesus says: Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not? "However, we are constantly thinking about it and I look forward to the rapture of the Church at every moment!" 2- For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God. And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? 3- Does Jesus speak of the end time in the sense that we will be tested for our faith until we know if it really belongs to you as for the things that are going on these days, viruses and perhaps losing everything financially, the war and everything? Because he also says: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Please respond, I'm sorry to annoy you with this but I think the verses all talk about the end times, so I'm a little confused. God bless you! Carole

  40. Louisiana has had a significant number of covid cases, 2 weeks after 1 million people went to the MARDI GRAS in New Orleans. Due to the swearing in the title, I won't post it here, but can be found in zero hedge. Scary stuff for the 'revellers'.

  41. Maranatha321..., Blessings. I will weigh in on the first one. As this appears BOTH in Matthew 24:44, who's 1st audience is the Jews, and in Luke 12:40, Spoken 1st To The Bride, we can see it's centrality to our moment of being one of a set of twins being 'birthed' right now. Setting that larger point aside, to focus on your question, and the tension between Watching effectively and obsessively, against being surprised, I suggest we look at an "hour", and I think we will be blessed.

    G5610 hóra: a time or period, an hour: (106)
    5610 hṓra – properly, an hour; (figuratively) a ***finite*** "season"; ***limited time*** or opportunity to reach a goal (fulfill a purpose); a divinely pre-set time-period;

    I find a couple of insights, here. The first is that aligning the final details which unlock the timing will elude most, it will not be WIDELY known. When Known, It Will Be By Special Revelation. (Stop and seriously meditate on that, right there, wow.) As a WHOLE, The Bride will be somewhat caught off guard. For those who's GRACE model is wider, that would certainly fit most in the slumbering BoC, now. Conversely, even Bro Barry Scarborough's awesome recent one, ,Could We Rapture this Week? Kaduri, Bible and Israeli Health Minister Provide Evidence!! listed off a half dozen targets in the months ahead. So, true Watchers are on edge and expectant throughout. I see it like this.

    Say, you are coming up on your retirement at a great company, this December, which you've worked at for a long time. You've caught word, rather intentionally leaked, it seems to you, of an impending surprise 'something', sometime in the next few months. You know of some other things on the firm's calendar for clues and have some ideas of spots ahead most likely to be ready. You've got your head on a swivel, still wrapping up your work, diligently, and looking forward to whatever it is, which, you know you'll be getting a better handle on as it approaches, oh yeah.

    In this scenario, the best way to make it all work and resolve the conflict is if it happens A LOT SOONER than you expected. I'm OK with that, Maranatha!

    1. Interesting that hṓra is, literally, an hour.

      60 Minutes.

      Revelation 18:10 & Revelation 18:17 are also G5610.

      Beginning to get the picture?

    2. The other point being, following the nuances of the word, and it's context in revelation, cited, is that the reference is in relation to 'quality' of the 'hour', rather than its timing. "At an ***hour*** you do not expect could as easily mean, "it isn't going to LOOK LIKE what you're thinking, at the time" The "HOUR", itself, will be unexpected, in it's FORM/APPEARANCE, not so much it's spot on the daytimer.

  42. NZ just gone into country-wide lock-down. Brother Jordan - please tell me my ancient home is faring better??!! Ryan

  43. Hey Carole, I'm not a Bible scholar, but here's what stands out to me: it's important to look at the context of a verse.Jesus' disciples asked Him two separate questions: what would be the sign of His coming *and* the end of the age. He answered both of those questions, and perhaps also spoke to what they would be facing after He went to Heaven.

    We are blessed to follow Him in the age of Grace, where He has paid our debt of sin and the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts. Individuals who come to believe in Him during the Tribulation will have to "endure until the end", and will most likely be killed for their faith. If I understand your post right, most of what concerns you are things that will happen during the Tribulation. We are not appointed to wrath. Jesus is going to come - soon! - for all of His family, not just the ones who volunteered and did all sorts of stuff. We are saved by grace.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Yes thank you my sister!
      I hope it will be really soon! XX

    2. The problem with all these hyper-gracers today is they do not Fear the Lord or take His word seriously about being Holy. He will be sure to separate the sheep from the goats.

      David Wilkerson - Shall We Continue In Sin / The Fear of God
      65min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uYCX4SYDUI&t=110s

    3. Oh, Charlie ... "Ouch, Charlie", "Char-leee" ...

    4. Very funny Cathi, "Oh Charlie, you bit my finger, and it really hurt..., And you tried to steal my blessed hope from me Charlie... But Jesus said, he would not leave us or forsake us, he also reassured us with Romans 8:35,38-39

      Romans 8:35,38-39 -
      "35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or the sword?

      38 For I am sure that neither death , nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height,
      39 nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

      This looks like a pretty iron clad promise to me.

      Charlie, no offense, but how about you stop attacking the FREE GRACE of God, every article posted these days, you go on about "BECOMING SPOTLESS" by our own deeds, (Jesus is the one that makes us spotless, by us simply TRUSTING in him, no works necessary). or about "THE FOOLISH VIRGINS" were left behind, because they weren't watching, (the foolish virgins, were not left behind because they were not watching, they were left behind, because they did not have FAITH that Jesus paid it all, they were trusting in their own righteousness.

      From the way I look at scripture, most of those verses that you use to bash the FREE GRACERS over the head, are in-fact talking about people who call themselves Christians, but yet do not trust in the FINISHED WORK of JESUS ON THE CROSS, As Sheila mentioned, they see themselves as co-saviors with Christ.

      If there is anyone new coming here, looking for a more balanced and biblically accurate teaching, then here are some solid bible teachers / YTC:

      “Barry Scarbrough”, “God’s Roadmap to the End”, “TOL End Times”, “Be Still and Know”, “Robert Breaker”, “Sherry Rich”, “Grace Evangelical Society”, “Chuck Missler”, “Last Call To Calvary”, “Tim Henderson”, “Amanda Christian”, “IT IS FINISHED”, “JackSmack77”, “RevelationChapter12dotCOM”, “Renee Roland”, “Jason Jack”, “J.D. Farag”, “Got Questions Ministries”, “Kay Tdid”, “Rapture Watchers”

      No offence Charlie, but the GRACE bashing has to stop!

  44. "For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast."

    Charlie in DC, I don't know what you mean by hyper gracer. If you chastise people, as the apostle Paul did, for using grace as a liberty to sin, then I completely agree with you. If you think that salvation is somehow dependant on works, then I completely disagree with you.

    Be blessed, and be safe in all that snow that's coming your way!

  45. Carole, to answer your questions briefly (in a nutshell):

    1. " Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not..." In my understanding and on the consensus of others (as well) this is about His Second Coming! Jesus commanded us to watch and we should be awake and know the times we're living in so it woudnt even make any sense (!!!) to not be aware of the season of the rapture and anticipating His return! At the time of His Second Coming conditions will be so BAD on Earth as the consequences of the judgments and spiritual darkness itself that people won't know when He'll exactly return, there won't be counts based on calendars etc. It will be sudden re the Earth-dwellers perspective.

    2. Obeying the Gospel is simply: "believe in the One He has sent"! The true Gospel you obey by believing in Him: Ephesians 2:8-9 (Plus, the Lord is the Author and Perfecter/Finisher of our faith as Scripture says so basically ALL merits are His!)

    3. The narrow escape and the narrow road is Jesus Christ Himself. That's what came to my mind reading those passages. Nobody is who's in Christ is under judgment or in other translations: condemnation so it's not about that. And He knows us more than we ourselves indifinetly better so He doesnt need to check/examine how you behave in certain situations. The kind of test of faith the Bible talks about regarding born again believers is always a faith building kind, that ALWAYS ends in being comforted, having true peace (!) and being even more rooted in His love, knowing the Lord better and better personally in the process. That's my 2 cents on that.

    (sorry for the re-post but there was a typo that took away the basic meaning what I wanted to say)


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