Time Is Almost Up...

Today we had the largest point drop in the history of the Dow Jones. Prior to this the news has been non-stop coverage of a virus that is sweeping across the entire world. Large gatherings, concerts, even all church services in Rome (during lent no less) are being cancelled as millions are quarantined. At the same time we have a locust swarm sweeping across the planet destroying crops everywhere they go. Strange sounds, strange sights are heard and seen without known origin. Animals die-offs and earthquakes are increasing so rapidly they hardly make the headlines anymore. People are increasingly accepting of microchips in their right hands to help them conveniently purchase products and perform essential tasks. The gospel is being spread far and wide to just about every language and people group in the world, while simultaneously being met with more open resistance than ever. The male and female genetic code written inside every cell of our body is being erased by society in the name of tolerance. Wars are being threatened by some of the most powerful and desperate nations on earth, with missiles launched just today. and last but not least, just under 2 and a half years ago an extremely specific sign straight out of the book of Revelation appeared in the sky, declaring to the entire world the lateness of the hour! So with all that in mind.... read this verse from Rev 3:3....from Jesus to the church:
Remember, then, what you received and heard. Keep it, and repent. If you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come against you."
If you will not wake up....you will not know what hour I will come....

Now, correct me if I am wrong, by grammatically that phrase could have been written this way:

If you are awake....you will know what hour I will come.... 

Granted that is a big "If"... most people walking this earth are dead to true spiritual matters, and of true Christians, the vast majority of them are asleep to the end times, but regardless of all this, the verse seems pretty clear....if you are awake, you will know.  If you are looking out your window all night long, you will see the thief approaching your home from far off.  If you are comfortably asleep in your bed your the their could be standing over top of you and you might not even know it.

When we consider the list of items listed above (I believe nearly all of them noted in the Bible as a specific sign of the end times) If you read that list and IF you are awake, I don't understand how you can't believe that we aren't very close to seeing Jesus?

When I read that list it is almost like He is screaming at us, "I am coming soon! Get ready! Hold on! You are almost there! Keep looking up.... I am drawing near!"

Oh I pray it is so.  I am so eager and so full of longing to see Jesus.  This world and all it's ups and downs are but vapors and dust.   Nothing seems solid anymore but Him.  My feet are detached to this earth... lift me up anytime now Lord!  I cannot wait to feel the squeeze of your arms pulling me into your ribs that first time you welcome me home up there!
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
So if that verse above is how the Bible defines Faith (Hebrews 11:1), I cannot imagine a better definition of what we have been doing these last 3 years or more.   I mean, can you imagine a more substantial event than the blessed hope, the return of Jesus, leading to our eternal home and the end of this age for all who remain.  With the list of things above, do we not have evidence of the nearness of this soon coming event, even though we have not seen it?

It takes faith to believe.... but He is the author, the founder, the originator, the inventor, the sculptor of our faith....and better yet... He is the FINISHER of it as well!  He will not leave us incomplete.  Look at how this faith is described in the very next chapter of Hebrews....
Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. 3 Consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted. Hebrews 12:1-3
Oh, that is so good.  Here is my paraphrase:

Let us lay aside all the cares, all the heavy things that we are carrying day after day, those things that are clinging to us, let us put them down for good and joyfully run without stopping toward Jesus.  He started us on the journey of faith and He will finish it.  He died a miserable death to make it possible so if He didn't stop then He surely won't stop now!  So as tired as you feel at times just don't stop, in fact, just know that you won't stop.  Why? Well because He promises right there that if we keep our eyes on Him and all He has done for us He will not allow such a thing to happen.

He has given us so many signs.  Big signs.  Little signs.  Great big obvious signs.  Teensy tiny little personal signs.  So many signs lettings us know that we are there. That we are close.  That He is with us and we are almost home....

Lastly, I will leave you with this quote from Michael Snyder.  I don't agree with everything he has to say, but I thought he had a very balanced article this week about the Coronavirus and how it connects with the end times.

For years, Bible-believing Christians all over America have been preaching that Jesus is coming back soon.

And for years, we have seen so many other pieces of the end times prophetic scenario start to come together.

Now a global pestilence has erupted, and in Luke 21 we were specifically warned to watch for “pestilences” in the last days.

Once again, only time will tell if COVID-19 is one of those “pestilences”, but without a doubt all of us should be taking this virus very, very seriously.
The only thing I would change from that quote is the last line....

"But without a doubt all of us should be taking this virus [and to a much greater extent, The Lord's Return] very, very seriously."

Here is a link to the full article:


  1. Thank You Brad! Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. AMEN! A measure of faith instilled in believers to hold on the the promise !
    9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward [a]us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Last turn to the rapture Pray for the lost and one another..
    Jesus said to watch and wait ..and He is coming ... Marantha

    1. Traveling to East coast to care for family Keep me in prayer

    2. Praying for you!! Make sure you are taking liposomal vitamin c and elderberry at least as a preventative.

    3. VeeBee...Praying for you and your daughter to be blessed and protected as He keeps you both in the Palm of His Hand, Sister! Hopefully all of this will be behind us very soon. Maranatha:-)

    4. StephE ...Yes ...Liposuction Vit C .. all of the Good stuff with prayer and thanksgiving. Thank you for praying. I t has been a rough few Days .. but sr the end of each day I see His loving kindness Though it all we learn to trust in Him Maranatha

    5. :-D...you gotta love autocorrect and I'm still praying for ya'll, VeeBee. Continued Blessings and keep us updated:-)

  2. A coronis (Ancient Greek: κορωνίς, korōnís, pl. κορωνίδες, korōnídes) is a textual symbol found in ancient Greek papyri that was used to mark the end of an entire work or of a major section in poetic and prose texts....https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronis_(textual_symbol)




  3. Thank you Brad,

    Each article that gets posted recently, I always feel that will be the last one, I definitely think we are in single digits for the number of articles to go before we are Raptured out of here. God bless you and your family.

  4. It is a CONTRACTION at best, as we are in the beginning of (or about to be) of the "labor pains" spoken of all through the Bible. The real threat of the Virus is the looming economic crash it can quite easily bring upon us, not the virus itself.

    There's still more to go. The Birth always is the most violent towards the end.

  5. SR Monette is spot ON

    Ignore The Words of Jesus Christ At Your Own Peril

    6min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAxxcwB474w

    1. Re the SM vid...it's just another attack against the Eternal Security of those who believe in Christ's Finished Work on the Cross. He even goes on about how our faith supports the Salvation of demons because they know and believe Jesus is who He claimed to be. That is not only a ridiculous argument against the Full Atonement Jesus Christ Purchased with HIS Blood, but reveals an immature understanding of Scripture at best and an accursed Gospel at worst. Ofc the demons know who HE is and rightly tremble, but Jesus Christ did not Die on that Cross in Propitiation for satan or his minion spirits. He sacrificed Himself in Propitiation for the sin of all MEN who would do the work of God by believing in Him whom He sent.
      (John 6:28,29)

      And I rarely, if ever, hear these anti--Eternal Security attackers actually preach "The Gospel" as it is clearly given to us in 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4, which I guess is because they don't actually believe in the Sufficiency of His Death, Burial and Resurrection--and which this man more or less belittled in this video at the 4:18 min. mark.

      While it's their business if they want to try and make Salvation conditional on the addition of their own merits, I wish these people would stop LYING about what faith in The Finished Work of the Cross means to the true Believer who walks in that. And while we are all as yet sinners Saved by Grace, I've never known any who desire to live in "unmitigated" sin while going about robbing, pillaging and murdering, etc. Are there Prodigals...sure, but that's God's business to chastise, correct and even physically remove them from this world if need be in order to get them back to Himself and He not only loves them enough to do that, He's quite capable of it:-)

    2. Yeah, SR Monette is relentlessly against the born again believer's eternal security in Christ. (When I saw his channel's name I was just like "eh". Non-saved ppl who think like that will be the most shocked when the rapture finally happens (while they very much believe that eternal-security folks will be the ones that way.))

    3. Sheila, you said it all so perfectly. Thank you!

    4. Yes Sheila♥ Another reason demons cannot be saved is because they have already chosen their LORD therefore damning themselves. As you know, Romans 10:9 and 10 indicates that confessing Jesus Christ as LORD from your heart and believing God raised Him from the dead results in salvation. We may not be able to perfectly walk this out but at least we know who our LORD AND GOD IS!

    5. Oh, and Sheila--thanks for your encouraging comment when I shared re. internet problems. It really blessed me! (So crazy how off and on it is here🤪)

    6. Hi Charlie, I do appreciate your watchful eye on the converging end times events, and sometimes you promote some very interesting videos, so thanks for being a great watchman, but I have to say it baffles me sometimes how you can promote:

      "Flat earth", and preachers like "Charles Lawson", and YTC: like: "SR Monette" that consistently promote "Works for salvation", "repent of your sins for Salvation" and basically an "Accursed Gospel" - which is any Gospel message apart from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, of trusting in the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins".

      Many of the bible teachers that you promote, deny the "Grace of God", they deny the "FREE GIFT of Salvation" and they try to attach conditions to us being saved, which are dependent on our own effort or works! They deny, that the believer has "Eternal Security". People who peach this kind of message, are false preachers, and are wolves, trying to get people to feel fearful, and trying to get them to look to themselves, and their own works to keep or maintain, or prove their salvation. As Paul said:

      "I do not set aside the Grace of God, for if righteousness could be obtained through the Law, then Christ died for nothing" - Galatians 2:21


      "because of false brethren secretly brought in (who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage), to whom we did not yield submission even for an hour, that the truth of the gospel might continue with you." -Galatians 2:4-5.

      Nearly every Grace preacher, musician or somehow famous person that has proclaimed faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, that is recommended by anyone here, you are quick to point out how wrong they are.

      You like to remind us all of the "5 wise virgins", and the 5 foolish virgins who will get left behind, and by your message, it usually infers that the 5 that get left behind, were "too sinful" , "too worldly", were "not watching intently enough" This is not true, the 5 foolish virgins, were those that were trusting in "their own good works", "their own self righteousness" as oppose to believing that Jesus was the author and finisher on their faith. The 5 foolish virgins simply did not have the faith in Jesus, that his work was sufficient, they felt they had to assist God in saving them, in essence, they saw them-selves as co-saviors with Christ.

      You admirably shared that by the Grace of God, you were saved from your addictions, that you turned from your regular and favourite sins, because of his Grace, and that is wonderful. So the same Grace should be afforded to every other Believer, it is not for us to sit there judging their sin, we simply proclaim the simple Gospel, and trust that Jesus and the Holy Spirit will work in the background and bring them to the same repenting of sin, that came about in your own life.

      Some people can start from a very dark place, and they have much further to travel than others, so watching the latest video that you recommended by SR Monette, I felt quiet nauseous hearing him "DIS" Grace.

      Just standing up the Gospel brother, as that is what we are called to do.

      Blessings to you.

    7. PS. I also found this video posted this morning that refutes "Flat Earth" and he raises many good points that support a globe earth.

      TITLE:Flat-Earth Foolishness ... Refuted.
      LINK: https://youtu.be/3A8Wkx690Ck

    8. Amen, Family!

      Nora...just can't fathom how these folks come away from the "WHOLE" Word of God with such a prideful understanding of Salvation and the Gift that we have been GIVEN and I do pray for that veil to be lifted for them and quickly! Blessings and Hugs, Sis:-)

      Hillary...Blessings and I just want to say that I've been blessed to receive some real golden nuggets of wisdom through your obedience to the Gospel over the past few years and have appreciated the fellowship of your steadfast faith in the Grace of our Precious Lord and Savior. Maranatha, Sister and looking forward to enjoying some Heavenly fellowship real soon:-)

      Lyn...Good point! And so happy to see you are catching a communication break. May it remain so as long as we need it. Be Blessed, Sister, as we stand on this watching wall with our very toes gripping the edge of it:-)

      Jordan...My little Irish Brother (I can say that cuz I'm way older than you;-) I'm always so thankful to be standing beside you in your stalwart defense of the Truth. Your children are so blessed to have a man after the Lord's Own Heart for their father and I as a friend and my brother in the Faith. I hope we retain our accents in Heaven because I know I would love listening to a good Irish Brogue expound on the joys of our Lord and Savior:-)

    9. Hugs, Sis :-)

      Both the Irish and the Scottish accents are fabulous!

  6. The amount of convergence of these signs coming together is amazing to watch. This Russian, Saudi feud over oil, along with Iran's economic problems along with covid-19, these countries are getting desperate. Israeli elections and no government. Seems like we were just talking about earthquakes and volcanoes. Now pestilence and economic collapse. People know that something is happening, but blind to to answer in Christ and think you're crazy for suggesting Jesus as the answer. We know he is at the door. It our question as to when He'll open it. In His timing, which will be perfect timing.

    1. Amen! It seems that the world has just entered into a much more tough and severe phase prophetically on all fronts! Economically, geopolitically, in every way.

      "This Russian, Saudi feud over oil..." I wonder if sg significant will happen as a consequence of that.

  7. Family, Blessings. Jeova', thank you for that morsel re Purim rolling from 3/10-13 AND a day later in walled cities, Jerusalem spec. Miguel P and Lu Vega, Blessings. Your chat at end of last post also very edifying.

    Well, as of about 3:20 p.m., Market Time, DOW is at 24,770+/-, up 895, +3.75% for the day and pushing through the highs of trading earlier, showing more upward momentum likely. All against a 52 week high of 29,568, so, while the market says yesterday was oversold, and bargain hunters flock back in, one cannot read any mega trend into today as in significant downward moves, over weeks, strong up spike will also occur. In light of the triggering fundamentals, cv, locusts, poli-turmoil, et al, are unchanged, that Monday's message is reversing seems unlikely.

    Our Scout reports that, on his bars workout, a significant moment occurred, today. His 'bars' are 8' of horizontal PVC bars about waist height, supported by vertical PVC about each 3.5'. He gets between them and, holding his body weight entirely (originally) with his hands/arms, 'walks' a few circuits. Months ago, initially, it was all make-believe, simply throwing his lower body through the motions. Now, his legs support about 15-20% of his weight and his leg movements are deliberate and specific/controllable. I share this detail so you can picture what happened, this morning. While 'walking' the bars and methodically jolting his hand forward to the next spot, to move forward, and shifting his weight through the 'step', for one instant, while 'in flight', Our Scout FELT his ENTIRE right leg stiffen, his knee completely held the gait, didn't buckle, and, for half a second, he both felt & controlled his entire leg and took a normal step.

    As a neuro-recovery student & participant, I recognize that this event was an instant in which damaged nerve pathways awoke, sending a single signal-pack down a line dark for 5 years. That it happened and that the orchestra, along the line, was able to play along, is huge. This is the type of pre-quake, if you will, one expects IMMEDIATELY prior to a significant recovery of neuro-function.

    Lastly, THAT report, from Our Scout, this morning, alongside the info re Purim, spanning the next 3-4 days, brought to mind the memory of being in the delivery room, birth-coaching our deliveries. After WEEKS of delays, false starts, being sent back home from the hospital, TWICE, and, FINALLY, it's happening. Water's broken, pushing 8 cm, 6-7 hours in and they say we're finally there. The nurses all hustled around, went into some other routine for the arrival. That was almost a hour ago, c'mon already. My wife is proudly demonstrating her Irish grit, but, like, what?

    So, know that, even once you are actually IN THE DELIVERY ROOM, HAVNG THE BABY, there is still a LOT of work which comes, FIRST, even during the FINAL stage of labor. ALL the waiting, until then, and unrealized hopes, along the way, magnify the delay and make the moment like a slow-motion dream sequence. Shortly, the Head nurse will exclaim, "She's CROWNing, we got us a baby!"

    In the twinkling of an eye!

    1. Can we push on her belly to help this along or something? Thanks Jimboni for this share.

    2. Jimboni...Blessings and TY for sharing our Scout's progress. Both his and your determination is always such an encouragement on what has turned out to be a bit longer journey than we were expecting, but I always think if Caleb's patience can hold out, mine can too:-)

    3. Amen to what Sheila said. And if I may add to the dialogue, without totally contradicting myself... maybe... how in the heck could we possibly be here much longer than a few more days?. Have you all seen the news? This is almost unbelievable. I'm a little sick. Four year old is almost better but has run a low grade fever for about 5 days. Wife is miserably sick, but I think that may be because she was making fun of and criticizing God and Christians a lot a few days ago. She fell ill right after. Drs won't test her for coronavirus because she hasn't been around anyone who traveled. Duh! Ridiculous.

      Jimboni, I love the points you're making. And boy do I wanna be outta here soon.

      Sheila , all I can say is xoxo. You're on point! And I read 1 Corinthians 15 since you mentioned it. I love verse 52 when Paul tells us the mystery. So wonderful.

      I really wish we could all be together. For real. I miss Alla, and Cathi and Sherry and Lyn and Tony and Jeramiah and everybody who hasn't jumped in in a while.

      I'm praying when I'm not commenting. Praying for a dream, or word of encouragement or certainty of the moment. Elijah knew. I want to know too.

      I started a new job recently. I hope ita only to reel in a few more fish. The lord seems to have given me a voice at work so I'm talking about the last days and heaven and Jesus when I can.

      My four year old, Lilah Jane asked me about the "God's X's" in the bathroom. (Having done some tile work recently there were these little X shaped plastic things used for spacing the tiles apart) I questioned what she was talking about. She said " you know the ones on top of the bible school buildings". I realized she was talking about crosses, so I explained the reason that churches had crosses. Afterwards, when I said to her that it was probably hard for her to understand (the crucifixion), she said , "no it's not hard to understand at all!" So awesome .

    4. Miguel...I am so looking forward to meeting Lilah Jane. She sounds so very precious--as I know she absolutely is to you. Feeling your anxiousness, Brother and like you, missing those who have drifted away from us here a bit. I did see our Sister Sherry made one of her as usual very astute comments on Gary's newest @unsealed "Footsteps of the Messiah". Both his "rambling post" as he called it and her words are "keepers". And both were confirmations to the simplicity of the Gospel and the attack it is ENDURING and shall ENDURE until the end, which is very near, Amen:-)
      Praying for you and your family for a quick healing re this illness. Blessings, Love to you all and Hold fast....Almost There:-))

    5. I thank you Sheila for speaking out and standing strong for the gospel of grace in your comment earlier ...
      Miguel, prayers too for your little one and your wife. I prayed for them to be healed like Dora who laid ill in her bed when Peter came and prayed over her and she got up and served them. (I think her name was Dora).

      I heard today about 'Sealed by the Blood' and her 4-yr-old dreaming that crowns were on Jesus feet, etc ... from another channel. I went to listen to this on her channel but only for a minute or so. Her little boy is telling her what he saw and she is talking with him ...

      I sort of had the shivers Jimboni regarding the wedding dresses (or, lack thereof) when I read your comments. Like, honestly ... Is this for real as I am nervous about the repercussions of CV ... A house is for sale on my block and it is "as is" and there were real estate agents / investors coming and going all day ... I couldn't help but think about those verses on people living their lives, buying and selling ....

    6. Hey Cathi...I was just came back on to share this dream that came out of the mouth of ANOTHER "4" year old named JONAH and "4" IS the number for Door! He shares about dreaming of crowns and Jesus's Feet and being snatched out as a Meteor comes in, then being taken to a "new planet" where the animals can talk. Very sweet voice to listen to for about 4 min.

      @Sealed By the Blood YTC "Prophetic Dream From My 4 Year Old Boy"

    7. Cathi G - long time, no hear! Same as Miguel, I have been thinking about the regulars and also wondering what Annabel has been up to...would love a quick hullo from Germany so we know she is ok!

      I was thinking about the fact that the CV is different to other viruses in that it seems to only target the elderly, cf other flu viruses which target the very old and very young equally. Made me initially wonder if God was removing the elderly as part of a moment of mercy, before he removes the church and babies/children. Not sure if that would fly however, as the majority of the elderly are heading for hell, so it may not be considered an act of mercy.

      Am trying to find a scripture which identifies the removal of the elderly from the land etc.


    8. Thanks, Ryan/Zeal Life ... I often think of Cy and Cry, Donna ..
      Well that is gruesone as to removal of all these elderly persons. David Benjamin was talking about this with the thought of the general populace not caring because they are old anyway and this not affecting them ... there is that kind of thinking out there ...
      Maybe it is rampant with this age group because many are in groups traveling and are in close proximity whereas as children are at home or school (be

    9. (Meant to say not including the obvious fragile immune systems).
      Oh Sheila, that is the same little boy I was mentioning (a different Sherry, Andrew Rich channel was talking about Jonah). Yes, he has a little guy voice that is endearing.

    10. Hi Cathi. Always lovely to hear from you. Maranatha!

    11. Miguel P~Am quickly scanning the Comments while I still have internet (it's crazy how off and on it is here!) and I saw that even in your illness you mentioned my name along with others you have missed. How gosh darn sweet of you! Much love to you and the family as the Spirit of the Lord heals you all AND works in your wife's heart to humble herself and believe before it's too late.

      Just FYI--It also seems I have less privacy in this smaller house and have not been spending alone time with the Lord as I would like. On top of that we are all working hard putting in not one but 3 gardens before I have to report for JURY DUTY! I am so grateful that HE is understanding of our humanness. AND praying for time to seek Him more diligently.

      As I worshiped Him this morning while preparing breakfast, I listened to a song that greatly encouraged me (see my comment below).

  8. Blessings, circling back for another cool find. Deborah, @Speaking Truth in Love, has found a gem, check this out. HARPAZO Wedding departure clue! 8:57

    38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, MARRYING NAD GIVING IN MARRIAGE, until THE DAY when Noah entered the ark, Matthew 24:38.

    Well, in the realm of unexpected consequences to cv, Deborah highlights a phenom covered in a NYT article, The Coronavirus Outbreak: Wrinkle In The Wedding Industry, right NOW, the wedding industry is on hold. Effectively, as a major, public gathering of those already in close association, family, and their ambassadors to the pitri-dish of pub ed, their children, weddings are being avoided and the industry bottom has fallen out.

    A lot of folks have a lot invested in weddings already planned. Most continue, perhaps rearranged, somewhat. New, big weddings, even all public weddings, period, are NOT being booked. VERY shortly, as in a couple of weeks, or so, and this verse no longer apples. Maranatha!

    1. Oh, and this is NOT a USA phenom; this is GLOBALLY.

    2. Jimboni...haven't checked out the @STIL vid yet, but your last remark is something I've been seeing bandied about in a few places as people are considering the news and the proximity of marrying and giving in marriage to the onset of sudden destruction. Since we know the Word is Truth, the question is--are we on the cutting edge, or are we are wayyyy off due to some kind of reset? I do not believe it's the latter when taking all else into consideration, so I'm thinking if anything there may be a little bit of a time gap between the realization that "wedding plans" are being thwarted and the full extent of the reason for that "SUDDENLY" becomes obvious. But if so, is it weeks, days, or maybe only hours....
      Blessings and Looking Up:-)

    3. or it might be because all the marriages will be happening in bulk when things settle down, so maybe its an emphasis on the main events at the time (eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage in bulk in a moment of 'peace and security' when the CV has gone and everyone has been moved from a place of 'isolation'??)??

    4. I might be wrong but I really dont see the CV going away any time soon! Been thinking about this and given the example of the birth pangs that accelerate in frequency and intensity, considering all the financial, war-related turmoils in the world plus all the consequences of that virus, it's hard to imagine that everything will go back to relative normalcy with mass-weddings...

      Plus, the Lord promised to rescue us so my best guess is that the world will already be in prophesied peril (the waves and the sea rolling and men's heart failing them for seeing what is coming) when He comes for us. Still in relative normalcy of "eating and drinking and buying and selling" but at the same time things obviously going down the drain... I could be wrong but that's how I picture it.

      About the weddings, I thought the same! Mentioned it a few days ago (when I've read about it in the news) that it seems that more and more wedding will be scrapped and it will be the norm so the days of Noah and Lot seems to be numbered with the turmoil around us it seems.

      And now Israel probably go to a 4th election... The days of no government prophecied by Rabbi Kaduri might continue.

    5. (Sorry for all the typos!)

    6. yeah will be looking more into Kaduri's other prophecy gems, thats for certain!

    7. Nora, Blessings. You are on the mark, imho. CV is a weapon of the DS v the faction at war with them, at least for appearance/deception sake, likely. The show is about to get VERY interesting. In any event, it is AGENDA-driven by TIMELESS entities who KNOW their time is short. The war between these factions is used, of Hashem, to thwart and delay and protect His Church, Whilst He 'Tarries'. Civil liberties will continue to dissolve like a seltzer tablet in the waters of public panic and police state control. NY deployed National Guard, yesterday; CA has suburbs on police-enforced quarantines, for several days, now. I see pockets of extremely lethal pathogen being released/encountered, across the US/Globe, indefinitely. Begley's source said that 1 BILLION are already seeded/infected with this virus. The dirty little secret connection is that this may well be entangled with Morgellons and 5G, such that, it, cv, is the end piece/delivery mech for a 5g-Triggered bio-weapon which eliminates INDIVIDUALS upon that directive by CONTROL. Weddings are over, Rover. Too targeted for you? Too much like a bad, 70's British sci-fi flic? Go digging, its all there in public eye and the few voices who've put this together can still be found. Well, enough for now. The Tartis is due in shortly and my foil cap is amiss. Maranatha!

    8. Blessings Jimboni and to all of you guys!

      Heard that cv is officially a pandemic now.

      My country (Hungary) went into a state of emergency officially too. There's all kind of measures to prevent the spread of the cv. All of the universities are closing for example (students will study online) and people from the 4 most infected countries are banned from entering my country. Some theaters are closing too. (And other preventive measures.)

      Slowly (or not so slowly) we can say goodbye to the days of relative normalcy.

  9. UNSEALED new Post - Gary

    Footsteps Of The Messiah

    “The Risen One who atoned for all of our sins, iniquities, transgressions, and guilt (Isa. 53:5, 10–12; 1 Pt. 2:24; 1 Cor 15:3), is about to reappear in the sky. He's coming back. And from the myriad of signs around us, we can hear His footsteps. To those with ears to hear, they can hear Him, but to those clinging to this world, He's coming like a thief (1 Thess. 5:3–4). How tragic would it be to reject so great a salvation (Heb. 2:3) that is so freely obtained (Eph. 2:8–9). The door to the Ark is closing fast and you could simply walk on board, baggage and all, but will you do it?“

  10. Blessings all. 4th election on the way !!! And announced only one week to the day from the 3rd.


  11. Blessings all. Part of the reason for so many CV cases in Italy is that the Chinese do a lot of business in Italy and vice versa. So, the whole country under quarantine but had to run outside for the EQ.


  12. Blessings all. Looks like the date for the 4th election is in September

  13. If you have not come across these Corona Virus map resources, here are some good sites for a visual as to how fast and profound the virus is spreading all over the world. Not sure how current they are but seems it is getting worse, not better for now.

    Promise: ‘The blood on the houses where you are staying will distinguish them; when I see the Blood, I will pass over you. No plague will fall on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.’ – Exodus 12:13

    Claim the Blood of Jesus over our homes, businesses, family, church…

    See if the links work…

    UN W.H.O.

    University of Washington Geographer Bo Zhao

    Google Maps – In Spanish but get an idea

    New York Times – USA Map

    The BBC – good animated graphic at end

    1. Thank you for the links. The last one was interesting to watch.

  14. Please pray for my brother Matt! He is three years post heart transplant today and is running a fever with a cough. He is young at only 37 years old. We live in Georgia and we have some cases of the coronavirus here. I don’t think he has it, but you never know. Please pray with me!


    1. He is a believer and works in a health clinic that helps give women an alternative to abortion.

    2. Aimee...so sorry to hear he is ill, Sister. Definitely will be praying for Matt! Lifting him up to our Lord for healing and protection right now and you as well. All of His Blessings and Care your way and keep looking UP. We're almost Home:-)

    3. Aimee. Oh ... he will be in my prayers for e safety and remain free of CV .. A definite concern for e risk.. yet God is greater

    4. Praying for you Aimee and for Matt.

    5. Blessings to you Zorrobird and Matt. I will pray for him and you. It’s one of those fiery trials that light us up at times. God bless you both.

    6. Thank you Father God for healing Matt even now as we speak through the POWER of Jesus we believe. Amen

    7. Praying.The Lord hates sickness!

    8. My brother is feeling better! Thank you Jesus! Thank you all for your prayers!!


    9. I was just scrolling through the comments to see if you had posted an update, I'm so glad to hear your brother is better, thank you Jesus!, and thanks for letting us know!

  15. Hey Beltway Brother Archangel,

    Did you see how brilliant and sunny our morning was (0700) UNTIL the streams of geo-engineering flew over (starting at 0800)....and now (1000) it is all a soupy white blah.

    They have blocked the sunlight and have covered God's masterful and solid blue firmament above us.

    How anyone cannot see the cause then effect is well, blind. It ain't no water vapor.

    1. Blessings Beltway Brother. At 8AM I am midway through my Bible study and at 10AM I am usually sprinting to my car with my sunglasses on and I live behind heavy thick curtains, so I never have noticed the sky. I will try to remember to take a look. MF mentions Ctrails sometimes so you’re not alone.

      In these days, anything evil is certainly possible

      CM and Exalted lamb mentioned something bad happening today. EL cracks me up.


  16. Morning, Family, Blessings. Bright and sunny here, too, 'CiD, on a crisp CO morning; likely see high 50's today easy. Some quips. Love the banter, above, re weddings, et al. Just the facts, maam, just the facts. All mentioned are in our prayers, here, ofc. Speaking of which,

    Realizing it has been a bit over 12 years now, wow, since, Caleb was about 8, back at our old house when the online game du jour, and my other world at that time was Pirates of the Caribbean. Always in character, I wanted my online name to fit. Ultimately, I came up with: Seahawk Avenger. Had quite a time of it and was very pleased when, about a year after I had moved on to other games, Caleb, having picked up 'Pirates', found that Seahawk Avenger's strong name/rep went far and wide in the islands, 'mon. Funny, wasn't until long after that I understood why folks always asked if I was from Seattle.

    So, moving on, I adopted a more generic handle, combining my earlier, most common one, 'Rex', esp for 3-letter high scores on arcade games, to land on RexAvenger. If you've been bested by, or beaten that one in World of Tanks or, now, Forge of Empires, c'est moi. (Nice, but like, WHERE is he going with this?) Well, spending time on the wall, this morning, m'Lord Directed my eyes to the nearby top of Psalm 94 where I found the verse which accompanies that handle, esp as 'Rex' is aka King, or Lord:

    O LORD, the God Who AVENGES, O God Who AVENGES, Shine Forth; Psalms 94:1

    Yes, He Who Avenges, our Rex, Our King, arrives. The Lion And The Lamb. The Holy Duality of the Moment At Hand Is Cataclysm. The Day Of The Lord comes and we SEE it, as foretold we would. "not overtaken"; "not unawares"; "of the light"; "watchman who sees far off". ABBA up!

  17. Yes, Brad, Time is Almost Up! Thinking about you, my dear Brothers and Sisters--be courageous! Our God and Lord has not forgotten us and is WITH us in this season of WAITING!

    Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he [it is] that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. - Deuteronomy 31:6 KJV

    Whether you're a fan of Bethel Music or not, this song is ENCOURAGING!

    Take Courage
    Bethel Music

    Slow down, take time
    Breath in He said
    He'd reveal what's to come
    The thoughts in His mind
    Always higher than mine
    He'll reveal all to come

    Take courage my heart
    Stay steadfast my soul
    He's in the waiting
    He's in the waiting

    Hold onto your hope
    As your triumph unfolds
    He's never failing
    He's never failing

    Sing praise my soul
    Find strength in joy
    Let His Words lead you on
    Do not forget His great faithfulness
    He'll finish all He's begun

    So take courage my heart
    Stay steadfast my soul
    He's in the waiting
    He's in the waiting

    And You who hold the stars
    Who call them each by name
    Will surely keep, Your promise to me
    That I will rise, in Your victory

    1. Boo Lyn, Bethel (heretics) music? These guys are lukewarm at best but they absolutely believe in grave soaking. No no.

      Please consider who you listen too while it sounds sweet and tugs on your emotion.

    2. Bill Johnson and the entire NAR brood are pure new age.

    3. Thank you Lyn!

      Charlie- Although I do not disagree with you, God knows are heart if we are singing this song.


    4. Sure Aimee (it was meant to be a kind nudge not a hard knock)

      BUT the point is:

      The evil spirits Bethel/ Hillsong/ Evelation (and the rest) are conjuring through their (siren) songs is what I am calling attention to.

      Example, con KW and his "Jesus is King" label. The words are nice BUT it is faux worship and/or in homage to another god altogether.

      Why your Church Shouldn't Play Bethel and Hillsong Music
      (& why one should not listen to it either)
      20min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0uFSYHVSRk&t=1171s

      [Yes, I know Neo-Evangelicals Justin Peters and Todd Friels are doing the knocking here but won't knock their pals]

      Apostasy Report - The Corrupt Christian Music Industry
      120min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Gn4zK7VUs

      New Age Christianity Infiltrating the Church - Hillsong, TobyMac, Bethel Music
      26min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlOiyUYIOZY


      IT IS TIME TO STAY AWAY FROM...just about everything and just cling to the (KJV or LSV) Bible

    5. Q: Is it wrong to sing songs from Bethel if they are theologically correct?

      A: Why We Won't Sing Bethel Music | Redeeming Truth

      Bethel (and all other NARs) is an 'ACTIVE' hertical movement to be avoided (music and all)

      14min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ycLmrwY2tY

    6. Probably the best out of the lot for this topic....

      Pastor David Henneke explains to his congregation why his church no longer plays Bethel, Hillsong, or Elevation music.

      55min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7R6AKFlWhI&t=2075s

    7. I believe God is using hillsong, Bethel, lauren daigle quite specifically chosen for these last days to further His kingdom and announce His coming. They are criticized heavily by quick to judge types and that reeks of the enemy's work trying to shut them up. I will not support grave soaking, prosperity, or any other new age filth that has crept in, but I will stand strongly in support of their praise and love for Jesus and His soon arrival.

      I could fill pages of biblically sound lyrics from their songs. Throw these folks out and what's left? Mostly Cheesy, pop focused, rubbish with no depth from the rest of modern Christian music.

    8. Oh my Miguel, they are new age all the way and use signs and wonders to get your emotions going and connected to their concerts.

      They are bad for any true and any non-believer. They are wolves dear brother.

      They use their fancy LIGHT shows and pretty vocals to lure you into a trance. We've been to this dance before (beats in music and repetitve beats and notes etc...)'


      Q: IF their teaching is false (aka antichrist), THEN why would anyone listen to their music?

      Q: IF they are teaching false doctrine and unbiblical things, THEN we are NOT judging them. We are calling them out!

      What Happens When We Worship Worship?
      30min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ji5mwWVHMk

      The Dark Side of Bethel...
      16min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1qJf12Nn8Q

    9. Point taken Charlie. No worries. I will worship our King in my way. I do not worship or look up to those singers at all; I just appreciate sound lyrics and the longing for Christs return. I dont watch them either so i couldnt care less about any silly light shows etc...

  18. A cross section of today's Fundamentalists | Modernists | Neo-Evangelicals

    You can now see the difference between and where the charlatans fall. Mind you there are some names which could be added which are not listed but perhaps should have been listed.

    John MacArthur belongs in the middle (Neo-Evangelicalism) because he (purposely) associates with Hillsong/ Bethel and other NARers as well as heretic RW.

    Unfortunately, even Justin Peters (who calls out Modernists on their false teaching & music) is a Neo-Evangelical because he is pals with/ does not call out/ defends MacArthur.

    David Platt is a Neo-Evangelical due to his willing and purposeful association(s) with Modernists.

    Even Charles Stanley has slid into Neo-Evangelicalism due to his association(s) with Modernists.

    My o My. These are all con men (in it for the pride and $$$)


    Modernism = your typical hip/ word of faith/ hyper-grace false teachers
    Neo-Evangelicalism = your straddle--the-fence compromisers who are also friends of the 'world'
    Fundamentalists = well, I do not believe any of these are around today but of yester years....

    By Spencer Smith (3/6/20)
    20min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0fa8vWc0-k&t=20s


    No one is perfect BUT one can a) control their message and b) whom they associate themselves with.

    99% of today's "Christian" clergy are guilty of a or b or BOTH.

    Planned messages and Planned conferences/ speaking engagements are both DELIBERATE ACTS.


    See also Servus Christi and What Shall I Cry Ministries YTC for more on false teachings and they depth of compromise within the 'church' today.

    99% of church (aka 501c3 CORPORATIONS) are apostate and in love with the world.


    Friendship of the World is Enmity with God :: By Candy Austin @ RaptureReady (3/11)

  19. We who are covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ and Cloaked in His Righteousness do not need to lock ourselves blindfolded in a closet with cloves of garlic strung around our necks while slinging holy water at the door. We can go out there and share the Good News of the Gospel wherever and whenever we can even among wolves, treading upon the lions and the adders, and trampling the serpents under our feet to do so because we are Secure in our Foundation! (Ps.91:13)

    But how does one do that with eyes that only focus on failures of the flesh and the prevailing evils of the day? Yes, the sin is there, the danger is there...everywhere, but as we walk through the midst of it...HE walks in OUR midst, Amen. (Ps.138:7,8 Ps.23:4,5,6) AND (Zeph.3:17) just to cite a few.
    If our eyes and hearts are focused upon Jesus Christ, the deceptive motives and practices of mere men and their religions will never overcome us. They will not steal our Joy in sharing His Truth nor our Freedom to LOUDLY SING His Praises in heartfelt worship:-) John 8:36 KJV.

    Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    1. Agree! As for garlic, only into the food! :-) It's a wonderful condiment imo.

    2. LOVE WHAT YOU WROTE, SHEILA!! And the picture you illustrated of someone in the closet made me laugh out loud--THANK YOU♥

  20. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, hemorrhaging continues with the Dow. Atm, possibly testing a new bottom, down ANOTHER 1,464, -5.86% at 23,553. 23,200 looks like the new floor. If we see a strong push below that line it seems another freefall of a thou repeats?

    As counter agenda square off amongst global players, and the stakes rise hourly, while also furthering those agendas, it is possible that the impasse is the desired state. If, as some recently sated, the N*O has always been the planned RESPONSE to Harpazo, then amping the cooker fits with the M.O. of our enemy and, again, tells us that time is up.

    1. Be it so, rapture time!

      When I heard about the *pandemic declaration* I immediately thought of that. I remember that someone mentioned that the pandemic declaration will have serious effects economically.

  21. Dear family, blessings!

    Recommend to see the update that Gary (UNSEALED), last Post, in the item “Another Sign in the Heavens?”


  22. Thanks Sheila and Nora,

    I guess the Irish accent can have something charming to it, but I much more prefer listening to the American or British accents, people like Colleen from YTC: Be Still and Know (previously "Loved by the King"), Susan Nuemeyer from YTC : Perfected Forever in Christ Alone", they just know how to say things in such a pleasant way.

    Hopefully very soon, (I believe any day now, as some have mentioned here and over at unsealed, life going on as normal is very quickly disappearing) we all, our brothers and sisters here, and also those scattered across YouTube, can be meeting up and sharing our LOVE of our Savior, and our path to salvation, and the joy we felt, when we realized, "WOW, I just bagged eternal salvation, and I can never lose it, and I am a sinner, deserving HELL" what an awesome moment, when that penny drops into your psyche. I also am so looking forward to those face to face chats too.

    RE: me being a great dad, thanks so much Sheila, that is such a nice thing to say, I do try to be, but wish I was much better, I love my kids, and try to teach them morals, ethics, and most importantly that they get to Heaven, by simply believing that Jesus paid for all of their sins, past , present and future, (I practically drill it into them) and that doing good works don't count one iota, with regards to getting INTO Heaven, but they do DEFINITELY count in order to store up eternal rewards for yourself AFTER you have got into Heaven.

    But I have my major shortcomings, I can sometimes be very serious, and too BLACK & WHITE, especially about bible, I can lose my cool with them too often, I get frustrated with their constant noise, shouting, chaos that they seem to create, and I forget sometimes that I was a kid once. Their toys all over the place annoys me, and I am quietly wishing they would grow up faster, so that the baby sitting and constant supervision stage comes to an end.

    My Daughter Kellie, she is 6 turning 7 in 2 weeks, but her attitude makes it feel like she is turning 14; moody, unpleasant, cheeky, hurtful, mean to her brother, and to me and to my wife, it would break your heart, and I believe she is under a growing spiritual attack lately, because her outbursts, they have become very extreme, and borderline violent, where she can do harm to herself, (she'll punch or kick at the door, and bang it violently or she will swing her younger brother by the cloths and let go of him suddenly to make him fall and lose balance, think fireplace and table edges as potential landing spots for him) or she will try to do harm to me when I have to carry her upstairs, in order to put her in her room, and give her a time out. I have started praying over her and my son recently to try to combat this, and saying Ephesians 6:10-17 (The Armour of God), but I would appreciate if you could remember her in your prayers, as you would not believe how bad she can become, when "it" is not on her back, she is so sweet, innocent and adorable, but when that Evil Spirit takes hold of her, it becomes a nightmare and a sorrow to deal with her. It almost feels like she hates us.

    Just wanted to put the record straight, as it is nice to hear a compliment when someone thinks you are a good dad, but in reality, I feel like I have messed up in some areas. I wish I was as good a dad, as my Heavenly Father is to me.

    1. Jordan, I doubt you are doing a bad job. You love them and you love Jesus. Life is hard. Child rearing is harder. Girls in particular will work you like a puppet; they are very deep emotionally and that can create real challenges. She will turn out just fine and she already loves you way more than you realize.

      In my experience it may be time to just sit down with her. Tell her how much you love her, tell her what you need as a parent. Listen carefully to what she is saying and what she isn't saying. If she is taking aim at the brothers it may be because she thinks you favor them. Kids are smarter, tougher, dumber and more fragile than we can imagine all at the same time. I will pray for all of you even more.

    2. Jordan...you sound very much like a normal God-fearing parent trying to navigate a world in which we did not grow up in ourselves. The change in children is even more drastic going just one more generation back to mine. And something seems to be happening now at the age of 6 or 7 that I didn't see occur in my kids until 12 or 13. IMO, it's their knowledge that even at the tender age of 6 or 7, they now have more power to control their parents due to education policies and the laws that prevent any real form of discipline in the home. Our Heavenly Father was not kidding around when He said to spare the rod is to spoil the child and that rod of correction has been removed for the most part. This leaves many frustrated parents with nothing to fall back on except empty or painless threats and kids are quick to figure that out. When I was growing up, we did not make the same mistake twice, whether it was sassing our folks or refusing to pick up our toys when told and we grew up to be better and wiser for it. While my 8 yr.old grandson Jayden still has a certain amount of godly fear and respect for his grandparents, he is giving his mother a run for her money these days, so you are not alone, Brother. This is another huge reason we need our Savior to come now--to save these kids from that which we cannot--that self-indulgent world described so aptly in 2Tim.3:1-7. But the Good News is that AS a man of God, you DO have the power of prayer over your household and as smart as they are, they can't outwit that. So just keep praying for them and maybe even moreso for yourself as their father always remembering the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much:-) James 5:16

      Blessings and as @Kim F. always says...hold fast--Jesus IS Coming:-)

    3. Thanks Miguel, and Sheila, comforting words from you both. God bless you both.

      So Ireland has now taken the decision to close all schools, colleges, and child care facilities for 2 weeks, to curb the spread of the now 70 cases in Ireland, an increase of: 27 from yesterday. This virus is growing legs. If the creches close, that basically diables most of the work force.. the economic fallout from this is going to be a landslide.

      It is just a bit puzzling to me, about "the days of Noah, people marrying, and being given in marriage" for this to hold true and be fullfilled, the Rapture has to happen any minute, hour, day or week now, while marriages and normal life is still semi-normal.

      DOW JONES taking another hammering today, looks like another circa 2000 point drop.

      Interesting times! What a time to be alive. eyes to the sky, WFS.

    4. Actually just in answer to my own puzzlement, Nora & Charlie & Jeff's comment about the 1 week / 2 week quarantine that many countries are requesting of their citizens, maybe "the being married and being given in marriage", is related to the time before the worldwide quarantine, when the church were shut up in their homes, sort of unable to warn anymore except via internet. Things were still relatively normal for most people only 2 weeks ago.

      Not NOW.. We are so close to getting out of here. Thank the LORD.

    5. And I have a feeling there are plans in the works to shut down cyber communications in the near future--at least for the average folk...you know...to keep the "panic" down. And I just heard it suggested on Fox that people should view this self-quarantining as "cocooning" in order to protect our elderly and immuno-compromised. (But this ol' butterfly is ready to split that cocoon and fly right on outta here;-)

  23. I so appreciate the comradery of us like-minded Watchers and how we treat each other with respect and a measure of love and truly seem to care for each other. We pray also for one another needs even though we may not all agree in what we presently believe, heck, I have my own crazy Martian theories to boot.

    I so wish we could all meet for Church all in the same place and in person with you all! We actually do in spirit and virtually but my, I imagine how worship and teaching and fellowship would be! Not to downplay what one has already, and so on.

    I so appreciate how we learn and are learning from one another. We listen, we hear each other out, genuinely; I do. We may not all agree of course as we are all on different degrees of maturity and understanding in this journey of faith and race with Jesus. But, it is not the time to divide but maintain the unity we have been given in Jesus. After all, the purpose of this site, set-up and maintained diligently by Brad is centered around the Rev 12 Sign. Are we not those that have been so affected and blessed by it, even woke because of it.

    Anyway, would it be a bad idea if you all could chime-in on what is happening in your ‘neck of the woods’ concerning the Corona Virus? You don’t have to disclose place, names or area but I, in particular would love to know what is up. You could say, like…’near here…’

    As for me. I live in Sonoma County just 1 hour north of San Francisco. I work at Sonoma State University and involved with campus ministry. We just got official notification that our campus is closing and going to virtual classrooms till after Spring Break which is next week. We only have 2 reported cases of people with the virus in our immediate area. Hand sanitizers are out of stock and high in demand, anyway.

    PS: I just finished my take and synopsis on the issue as a continuation of our postings here, if you like to read the article about it…and of course it’s long. ;)

    The 100-Year Old Virus

    Lu Vega

    1. I live in Georgia and work in a major school system. One of our school systems, not mine, shut down for a few days because of the coronavirus.

      We have several cases of the coronavirus. I am pretty sure we have community spread, but we are just at the beginning of the exponential growth and I expect an explosion of cases shortly. You can not find hand sanitizer or wipes anywhere and stores are running low on toilet paper.


    2. Lu V - can you redo the link ... It didn't work and copying it didn't for for me anyway ... Thanks.

    3. St Louis. One case. Docs will not test for it unless you say you've been around china, Italy etc... my guess is lots of people have it. Most large firms are recommending work from home. This all feels like we're in one of those end of days movies. i like that.

    4. Hey Lu...I'm 40 miles E. of Austin and we are starting to feel the financial fallout around here more than the virus so far. Job projects being deferred, hours being cut and layoffs looming for some family members and friends. Some in fear for their retirement funds atm. One sister is in the Hospice business and it's getting turned upside down as she is being denied access to patients in the hospitals and the nursing homes are preparing to go into lock down. She's very concerned about that. Store shelves are still okay as of today other than for "panic" supplies. I was told earlier tonight by a family member about witnessing a guy in scrubs who walked into the HEB grocery store last night and people began to back away from him, then cleared the register line he entered as he went to pay for his stuff, so the fear is here for sure. Just praying my daughter and grandkids are able to get back home from Georgia next week as planned without any CV hitches and hoping for our very, very soon Redemption:-)

    5. Lu, Blessings. Rocky Mtn High, here, Denver suburbs. While my perspective is now somewhat removed, no longer working/commuting, daily, still, it is a non-event. Dahboo7 says CO declared state of emergency, yesterday, so immediately got home delivery of some milk and such to stock up but, nothing. My one daughter works at a popular restaurant and hasn't mentioned a thing, not that we talk often but we've passed a few times, of late, and not a word. Ditto others who I know are in and out of daily life, around here, more than I am. Quiet as a mouse. Already living in a van by the river, and running the pirate radio station here, I dare not actually ask anyone anything.

    6. Awesome all. It helps as I'm a visual learner and to have a perspective in praying too. Can someone help me with the link. I keep getting an error message that the post does not accept 'https'.

      the link is: www.postscripts.org/ps-news-366.html

      Nothing that is not already known or talked about but tried to interject some Biblical perspectives to the topic. I can see a lot of fear in our students but great opportunity to witness.


    7. Riverside County CA...I'm working from home now, 5 cases here....my daughter still in school for now but she is scheduled for break next week so don't know if they will shut down before or after. No hand sanitizer to be found anywhere, was able to find tp at one store.

      Riverside County

    8. Half an hour from Gettysburg, Pa. I haven't heard of anyone with cv close by. No hand sanitizer or clorox wipes and very little tp to be had around here. My husband saw a guy come out of the Walmart on Saturday with enough tp to fill the back of his pickup. Why would people hoard tp and not food? If you've got no food, you won't be needing much tp...

    9. Kathy, my thoughts exactly. That's funny.

    10. They are probably planning on scalping that precious TP for a hefty little profit. Here's a shortage hint I learned about years ago. Don't throw those big thick phone books away. Those thin leaves of paper wad up into something a whole lot softer than tree leaves:-D

    11. Alberta. They have cancelled all events with more than 250 people. Exceptions include shopping malls, rec facilities and places of worship.
      My husbands conference was cancelled for next week and our daughters hockey games have been cancelled. (Her team was doing very well in the 'B Consolation' and they won this weekend would be playing for Gold next weekend). It was sad because we found out about the cancellation to all hockey just as her (now) last practice for the season was in tonight. The kids could've had a lot of fun on the ice if the coach knew it was the last practice...
      No hand sanitizer available and TP is low but not out in my community. There is also starting to be really low supplies on Rubbing Alcohol to make you own DIY hand sanitizer.
      Frustrating as there isn't many cases here and yet all life has almost stopped with activities over a month away also appearing to be cancelled (although the don't effect me personally).

    12. Hi, Sawdy ... That is sad about their not being able to play their last hockey practice and having fun ...
      Soap is better, anyway from what I have heard.

    13. "They are probably planning on scalping that precious TP for a hefty little profit."

      They are way ahead of you, Sheila. There's a listing on ebay for 1 roll of Charmin for $8.30 +$10.00 shipping! If that's not ridiculous, I don't know what is. So sad to see people trying to profit off of others and sadder still, those desperate enough to fall victim to it.

      Lord Jesus, let Your kingdom come!

    14. G'day, Family, Blessings. In re TP, et al, 1st, if one of my boys found a way to sell TP online out of his bedroom for 10 bucks a roll? Big high five from papa and what does this kid need high school for? Empty shelves all around this locale also but no anxiety in evidence, just another day.

      A little history. Western Civ didn't enjoy the benefits of TP until after our robust interaction with China, from whom we both learned ABOUT it and how to make it. Think Enlightenment, Marco Polo, 1200's, or so, a real roaring time. Up until then, what? That's a THOUSAND YEARS with no TP, folks. Corner of a cloak, a rag for that purpose carried about and a spot of water. That's it.

      So, should push come to shove, a common bath towel will suffice, indefinitely. Your sensibilities, immune to history, may suffer, but your derriere will not. Maranatha!

    15. Funny Jimboni. But scalping isn't nice. Maybe dont high five your kids for that unless they send a salvation tract with the purchase. Lol

    16. I don't know who in their right mind would pay that for a roll of TP, LOL, but this is def getting rollercoaster-y now. Went into the local big grocery yesterday eve to grab that powdered milk just in case--didn't happen. Super crowded and store shelves going empty fast with no restocking in sight. I did get the last bag of flour and sugar and some extra pet foods there. Then went to Walmart which was faring quite a bit better on most stuff. Out of TP ofc, but they did have a stack of dinner napkins @2.75 for 500 which will always work in a pinch.

      My crazy traveling daughter left DisneyWorld just before they decided to close it down. I advised her to get to her sister's house in Clearwater until she can figure out how to get her and those children home. She instead decided to drive back up to Ft. Gordon, GA because her hubby had an approved weekend pass and then either fly or drive home from Atlanta on Tues. Little Jayden was telling her she needed to do what Grandma said, then she got mad and hung up on me as I was telling her that going to GA prob wasn't the best or most prudent thing at this point. I know it's not funny, but he was funny as his 8 yr old self was telling his momma that if she makes them all get the Coronavirus and then they give it to Pops and Grandma who might die from it cuz they're so old, he was gonna be really mad at her for a long time. That's my sweet grandbaby;-)

      So Jayden called me back a few minutes later and said they were in fact going to Aunt Shelly's house BECAUSE they just got word from her husband that Ft. Gordon is now locked down. No one in and no one out. So just praying they can get home in the next few days, but PTL--at least I know they will be safer at my other daughter's house who is also an RN as well as a medical care processor, so hopefully she'll know what to do should anybody get sick.

      Blessings All while we are yet in BUT NOT OF this topsy-turvy world. Just re-reading this verse and the Holy Spirit was ever so Present:-)

    17. My daughters school district shut down until April 5th, local Costco closed its doors as the store was above capacity, and lines reported to be to the back of the warehouse. Went to the store last night, out of all meat except some salmon and some chicken,

  24. There's a news story in cnn about cv sufferer named Clay Bentley. He starts by saying no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

    Also Tom Hanks, forest gump has cv now.

  25. Hold on a moment, it's about to get real.

    We know POT*S is 'considering' declaring a National Emergency. Well, @Sherry Rich, contacts inside Pen*agon & other G*vt spots say a national quarantine comes in 1-2 weeks. Already planned. STOCK UP on essentials, 30 day supply, NOW.

    NBA suspends SEASON after postponing game, moments before tip off, at a full arena, at a Utah Jazz v OK City Thunder game when a JAZZ player preliminarily tested positive for CV. When you hear her dreams, from a few days earlier, re basketball arising and such, seems foretold to me. That Nukes arrive alongside civil unrest is also prophesied by several, including Duduman, and others, as I recall.


    1. BTW, this PERFECTLY comports with other intel I have had, for quite some time, over a year, now, from multiple sources, that something would trigger national martial law, prior to D*T's big move on DS. Lock the nation down, then, deployed marines, those 16,000+ called up a year ago, for civil unrest response training since, they arrest about 40% of all public figures in state, federal and local government and Fortune 1,000 CEO's, et al. Military tribunals commence (continue, actually) and the public executions begin for treason and crimes against humanity.

    2. First thought was EEK...as I just watched that one and was sitting here trying to make a list with ugh...powdered milk and an extra month of pet foods at the top while asking Jesus if I really need to go that far out and resisting the temptation to text my daughter with a "Get Home Now!" to which she would only respond with "You're being part of the problem, Mom". Then I thought well...the Basketball thing just before the airplane ride in that dream might mean I should skip the powdered milk grab and just keep praying knowing HE has us all in Hand even as this is getting crazier by the hour. At the family gathering for my niece's 16th B-day tonight I did tell them all that we are in uncharted waters as far as knowing what's ahead in the coming hours or days re daily life and Prayer is not only our best defense--it's really our only defense. So Blessings All, stay prayed up, and Maranatha:-)

    3. Amen and amen, sister, Blessings. Adding piece of puzzle clear in my head but not shared. Several days ago sources reported that P was being inactive, apparently, or, perhaps, 'waffle-ey' to intentionally draw DS out to their final Ace. As they are already way overplayed, the Judo Master steps back, extends his leg and smiles. The last move expected to signal end game was WHO declaring Global Pandemic as trigger to $ collapse. Well, as called, that happened, market tanks another 1500, the JAZZ game drops, NBA shutters, you think P's speech isn't followed by immediate action? Esp if tomorrow is a bloodbath on Wall St. Tic-Toc, Maranatha!

    4. I certainly DO NOT endorse or have any connection to MJ (a luciferian stooge for the il**um** na*ti), but this song is so... so...appropriate

      This Is It

      4min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_SLU3m6uCA

      They've cancelled all in-person classes at UVA as of yesterday.

      This is so stupid, the 'common flu' is so much more dangerous and 'common' than this concocted 322.

      But, it shall be..

      IT BEGINS: NY Gov. activates National Guard to create “containment zone” while Colorado Gov. declares State of Emergency, USA approaches 1,000 confirmed infections

      From Natural News


  26. Did you see the (luciferian SRAer il*um*nati stooge) Tom Hanks and his partner wife have 322?

    Just like the KB "crash," exit stage left into the 'afterworld' until the peons are all gone..... I think Bill Gates said this (re: peons)....

    Woe to them for they do not know what is coming and what rocks will fall upon their heads!

  27. Well, aforementioned response and bloodbath followed. DOW plummets and trading briefly stopped after Prez suspends air travel from Europe to USA. Currently down ANOTHER 2,059, -8.75%. Remember, when AC assumes power it will be widely demanded, celebrated and seen as relief from chaos beforehand.

    Charlie in DC's link, above, Blessings, is Steve Fletcher citing numerous sources mirroring the warning, above, re lockdown shortly, both nationally and, likely, globally. Steve is now another brother seeing this as a backstop inasmuch as 'marrying and giving in marriage', and the implied normalcy there, is about over, folks. Get a bit stocked up, for comfort, get a lot prayed up, esp for others, it's Pre-flight check time. Maranatha!

    1. I went to the "store" for a little humor today. I have never seen it so busy during lunch break.

      I took a stroll just to see what people were hoarding and to see what items are gone (TB, paper towels).

      But no joke, where I live....people are hoarding WINE. They can't wipe their behinds so they are going to be drunk on wine instead/ or watch the frenzy below from their 20th floor condo with CA cab in hand.

      I just had a good, big laugh RE: Jimboni's stock-for-comfort.

      People are JUST NOW realizong the music has stopped. It did months ago when China sat down. (wink Jimboni).

    2. My organization just cancelled all (domestic) travel.

    3. Maranatha! This is all so surreal. We've been waiting for this type of on-the-ground signal to give us a heads up for take off, and here we are about to hide out in our rooms...before hiding out in our rooms, lol (Isa. 26:20; John 14:1-3)!

    4. Jeff, my teenager said a few days ago, "it feels like we are in a movie".

      Even truer now.

      Charlie that is hilarious. Because I was at Walmart an hour and a half ago, I can report a similar experience. No tp, no ice cream! Hilarious. While in line, I was able to let the worried customers know that Jesus is coming soon.

      Update on my illness. I have a very mild case of something. Low fever and headache. Wife is feeling better, but she and lilah still running fever. Probably coronavirus but noone willing to test. Also wife fell down the stairs today. (No I would never push her. ) She is fine, just a bruised elbow and ego.

      Currently I am so excited to see all this coming together, prophecy being fulfilled. I just keep looking for any opportunity to tell the world about Jesus.

    5. As Lot and Noah were SHUT INSIDE before their deliverance,

      we too

      Shall be SHUT IN prior to our deliverance (and soon judgements)

    6. About the quarantines... I think I read it on YT in a comment, someone said that these forced quarantines are the world's version of Noah's Ark (and how it's actually wont help or solve anything).

    7. Funny how this turned out!!! As I typed my comment I havent seen Charlie's comment yet about the Noah parallel!

    8. Yesterday I added to the silly purchases too because I stocked up on a few jars of Nutella! LOL

    9. ...the Ark of the Beast. That thing won't float, it's full of holes.

    10. Old Bernie is now on TV ranting Emergency! Emergency! The sky is falling! just to add his 2 cents to the hysteria.

      Jeff...loved your "rooms" comment after seeing some hints that if (WHEN) Trump declares a Nat'l Emergency we could be looking at an extended nationwide "shelter in place" order, so those 2 verses would surely work for me, Brother. Blessings and TY:-)

    11. Too funny, Nora about the Nutella! I was debating getting that one of the times I was at the grocery store.

    12. Hi Miguel, it could be a cold ... My sis and her hubby were down with those symptoms for a few days and the symptoms lingered a over 2 weeks.
      I heard the temp they look for in testing for CV is 100.4, breathing issues, body aches.
      I can see why they can't test everyone because you have the chronic worriers, it is the flu season, allergies are approaching ... They all take up valuable time helping someone who really can't breathe or something ...
      Ton Hanks and his wife didn't sound that serious as to andhus words quoted but they were tested - and now are in the hospital or just Tom is, maybe. They both are 63. In Australia.
      Sorry, about your wife falling down the stairs. I did that a long time ago and I still have tailbone pain here and there. Banging your elbow would really hurt.

    13. Hi Cathi. Yes. The funny thing about my wife is the dr asked about her asthma because her breathing was so poor! She has never had asthma. But they still wouldn't test. Lots of folks coming out of the woodwork frustrated at the lack of testing in the states. Oh well. I did read the test is $3200 and $1000 if insured.

      I am not too worried. It is more of a report.

      The falling down the stairs is ironic because I fell down them about a week ago. Neck was wrenched and took a few days to start feeling normal again. She of course made fun of me and bragged that she never falls down them but I do all the time. One time I broke some ribs. I have a pretty high pain tolerance I think. Anyway you can imagine her busted ego when she fell down them. I was in a conference call when I heard her tumbling down. She dropped a cup first and that's what made all that racket. (A southern expression, I'm laughing at myself for typing it.) I ran to check on her, could hear her moaning sort of. I asked her what she hit/hurt and she said everything and then she laughed. This whole thing is totally her sense of humor. She loves youtube videos/newscasts etc...where clumsy things happen. As I am standing on the bottom stair in front of her trying to make an assessment, she tells me, "go back to your meeting, you're going to be in trouble I'm fine! " semi laughing and wincing simultaneously.

      Shes kind of funny, but I'm pretty sure that I am funnier. Maybe I should share more stories so you can let me know who is funnier.

    14. I hate it when you practically have to beg a doctor to go ahead and give you a referral or a test wanted/needed. My doctor wouldn't give me a handicap sticker this last Fall and everytime I can't get a close parking space at a retail or grocery store I get mad at her ... and it is worse now with a lot of spots taken up at Walmart and other stores for those picking up their items ... too many spots! I think I counted 16 spots at one place! Then, I calm down and tell myself that God is taking care of me and I rejoice when I do get a spot up front!
      I am sure you are funnier, Miguel!

    15. That would annoy me too. If I keep falling down the stairs, I'll need one. You're right though God is taking care of you. Thanks for the vote in my favor. I better rest now.


    16. Cathi, if you'd like to, try Nutella still you can because it's from Italy and now that Italy is kind of frozen and the whole country is quaranteened I dont know how this will affect the production of goods there. That's why I stocked up on a few jars. If you dont like too sweet things tho... it's very sweet in itself but it's very good with crepes or simply on bread.

    17. Miguel, or anyone - got funny stories? I for one would love to hear them. Proverbs 17:22. A good laugh is hard to come by these days. And dried up bones sounds painful.

    18. I wouldn't call myself clumsy, but I am certain not very coordinated. This morning I'm walking out of the kitchen ready to ascend the 130 year old fir stairs to my office. First step I took, I missed and launched my mug of hot coffee. I am fine and the stairs look like they were finished yesterday, being that I had to give them a thorough cleaning.

      If that didnt give you a laugh, take a looksee at Jimboni's comment about tp before there was tp.

    19. Kathy in Pa, Blessings. Nothing comes to mind, atm, but I've gotten some in around here, over time, so I'll keep the request in mind. Caution, Sheila B., Blessings, Hot Tea pre-warnings.

      BTW, that brings something to mind to share. In my early days of personal self-development one recount I happened across comes from the early days of the phonograph. Like the cheap dime store novel, so popular when the printing industry blossomed, (I Wanna Be A Paperback Writer), earlier, the phonograph and mass produced, early vinyl was a new font of entertainment and knowledge, much as the internet is now, socially. One Bible believer took that to heart and, given a terminal diagnosis, went 'browsing', via vinyl, for his relief.

      Given a terminal diagnosis, I think with cancer, as I recall, he took to heart the verse you cite, Proverbs 17:22 as literal Truth. He obtained every recording he could find of comics doing their acts. As the industry experimented with satisfying consumer tastes for this new medium, comedy albums were popular, so he had a wide selection. Over the course of a couple of months of intensive, side-splitting, gut busting laughs, he was cancer free. I encountered this nugget within something along the lines of 'power of positive thinking' form early Carnegie, et al, personal development materials.

      "RUN, Forrest! RUN!" Had me on the floor.

    20. Miguel...don't know about your wife, but I love your sense of humor, You cracked me up with the assurance that (no, you did not "push" her):-D

      Kathy in Pa...Blessings and my little "funny" is up under the TP scalping comments re my 8 yr old grandson being the most mature person in the car:-)

      And Jimboni..TY...Hot tea warning noted and that was a good witness for the good reason that laughter is said to be the best medicine:-)

    21. You folks have out-done yourselves here. My bones are feeling more moist already.

      Thanks, Sheila, for sending me above. I don't always scroll back to see what I missed. Loved your Jayden story. Isn't it amazing how kids can cut thru the static to be the adult when they need to! Do you remember looking at your grandma and wondering what it would be like to be so old? My dad's mom was 70 when I was born. She wore a sun bonnet in her garden, those old clunky black shoes with the buttons, an apron and always a dress. Makes me giggle when I see my grandsons looking at me, I know just what they are thinking.
      And I realized that I had put all of the old phone books in the recycle bin several months ago, but there is a box of newspapers on the porch that will do as well, in a pinch.

      Jimboni, you often get a chuckle out of me! Your alternative wipers gave me an idea. I can raid my husband's closet and cut up all of those ratty old t-shirts that he clings to. He will be happy to use them if the other choice is newspaper.
      Amazing story of the guy who was healed by laughter. It will probably work as well as a preventative medicine. How about we laugh our way through this mess until Jesus comes to take us home. I have a feeling He has an amazing sense of humor, seeing we were given one. I wonder if He looks at us and wishes that we wouldn't take ourselves so seriously.

      Miguel, from one klutz to another, I can just see you with a bucket, on your knees cleaning up the evidence. You didn't say if you wife saw your spill. If you are like me, you would be happy if nobody was looking. Had to giggle, imagining you looking around to see if you were alone.
      My house is at least 120 years old, and those old stairs can be treacherous, narrow and slippery. About a year ago, I was carrying some stuff out of the attic and slipped. Landed upside down, feet in the air, stuck against the outside wall. Boy, was I glad to be home alone at the time! And thankful that the wall held, about 25 ft to the ground. And you are the first to hear the story.

      Charlie, I decided to follow your lead and went to Walmart, looking to observe humanity. Wow, what a change in 3 days. The shelves had gaping empty spots, messy and loads of folks intent on filling the cart. Most were friendly, a lot of chatter about the empty spaces. Not going anywhere near there on the weekend.
      Loved your Run, Forrest, run! One of the best all time movies, imo.

      So, thanks, all, for the giggles and belly laughs, one of the joys of this life. Blessings, Maranatha, lets go home!

    22. Kathy, she didnt see my klutz-tacular episode, but I wouldn't mind. I'm not embarrassed by much and a bit of a ham as I am a true last born in my family.

      Like the idea of wiping with paper as there are a bunch of secular books around here I cant think of a better use for.

      I saw an article today about top ten things to wipe with in the woods...one of the items was a stick, ouch another was a pine cone, double ouch another was a rock without sharp edges....I say good luck with that.

  28. Charlie!
    Can you elaborate on the 322 number connection to the virus? Sounds interesting. For sure Luciferian and the ‘lockdown’ would be then around March 22 (3-22). I know that the earliest possible western Easter (Ishtar) date in any year would also be on a March 22.

    And, there are the 13 Satanic High Days where March 20 is pegged to the Equinox. They do use numbers, signs, words also. In researching, there have been one too many headlines stating as of March 5, …’in South Korea, 322 new cases have been reported.’ What?

    1. Lu, Blessings. ibid. his earlier post: c=3 v=22

    2. Hey Charlie and Jimboni,
      Ah yes….the 322 Frat Brothers, no relation to the Blues Brothers, thank the LORD, maybe. Check out the chart I did way back of the 2 prime avenues that converge on the White House? Connecticut = C and Vermont = V, 3-22 among many other amazing layers there in DC…Some are down right obscene.

      As to the numbers connection, well then if one consideres and computes ‘COVID-19’, the COVID adds up to 52 then the 19 = 72. Now this 72 is significant because it is a measure of celestial time that the Fallen Ones operate on and peg their rituals and strategic moves/action plans to, which I suspect will climate at or near the Equinox of March 20th…we’ll see.

      See if the links work.

      The Pentagram of DC


    3. The links work, Lu/Vega.
      Thanks for providing a clicksble link by the way, Ryan/Zeal Life earlier.

  29. This is a rather strange story from @latimes.com--"Massive 'David' statue, a replica of Michelangelo's work topples at Glendale cemetery". What's weird about it is that it's the 6th replica installed since 1937 and it apparently just fell over under it's own weight and shattered while prior replicas were destroyed by various EQs. Just had an ominous vibe to it.....

  30. Within the hour @Israeli News:

    Pentagon chief says ‘all options are on the table’ after attack on US troops in Iraq

    WASHINGTON — US Defense Secretary Mark Esper warns “all options are on the table” after a rocket attack in Iraq that killed three members of US-led coalition force, including two Americans.

    Esper tells reporters he spoke yesterday with US President Donald Trump about possible retaliatory measures.

    “He gave me the authority to do what we need to do,” Esper says.

  31. Brazilian official who has tested positive for CV has come into recent contact with pres Trump. If he doesn't self-isolate, media will use this against Trump and to their own advantage.

    $1-4 Trillion being pumped into the economy to lift stocks (yay more debt!), which has significantly reduced the stock drop this morning.

    1. I wonder if it is now truly a buyers economy where we can offer a low price for any luxury good and get it?

      Perhaps I can trade/barter a roll of TP for a BMW?

  32. Hi Ryan,
    Just wondering how New Zealand is doing with Covid-19? I remember you saying that NZ got their 1st case of CoronaVirus around the same time that Ireland did? Has it increased much since the 1st of March?

    1. hi brother - no has quietened down this past week. I believe we are up to 4 or 5 confirmed, however they are all cv family members so far. Everyone is working from home as much as possible, and it 'seems' be working. Our issue will likely be once flu season starts, normally around May. Ireland??

    2. Hi Ryan in Ireland, would you believe 70 cases in 12 days. And NZ has 4-5 confirmed cases. Thats some difference between us and you guys in NZ considering the 1st infection started around the same date in both of our countries.

      The benefit of this happening is, it will help to wake people out of their slumber before the Rapture occurs. Because so far, they are like zombies walking around.

    3. heres hoping it wakes them up. NZer's are possibly the most apathetic people alive when it comes to Jesus. As we know however, it was the plagues of Egypt that caused the Egyptians to fear/respect the Jews prior to the exodus and it was the death of the first-born which sealed the deal. Here's praying the fear of the virus becomes the fear of the Lord (the beginning of knowledge and wisdom) soon enough!

    4. Hey Ryan/Zeal Life--I was just re-reading about the last 3 plagues in https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/01/rapture-tapestry-reveals-april-2020.html

      "The Exodus at Passover. Moses and the Children of Israel began the Exodus after they partook of the commanded Passover meal. Notice the last three plagues that are mentioned just prior to when “He brought them forth”. The eighth was the locust plague which has manifested once again and the ninth was the plague of darkness."

      The 10th and last plague is death of the firstborn. Somehow I believe the 10th plague this time around will be associated with the disappearance of the unborn and babies at the time of the Rapture.

    5. Interesting Lyn. The elderly are firstborn type. See what I mean. This current "plague" leaves the lastborn alone, i.e. children are mostly unaffected...

    6. Also note this:

      Luke 17:27-28 New International Version (NIV)
      27 People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.

      28 “It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building.

      As Jimboni and other pointed out marriages are held up, but also consider buying and selling are about to be held up due to shutdown of stores and businesses due to this crowning end of chapter virus....

    7. In other words, it appears we are reaching that moment where the verse is no longer true. In which case, we should be out of here by then...

      How many days is that from now? One to three weeks maybe....

    8. Hi Miguel, & Lyn,
      Very interesting about the 1st born plague, and about the Corona Virus mostly affecting older people, which as you said, could be a type of the "1st born"

      I also heard somebody say, "maybe this is an attack on the Fig Tree generation, to try to wipe them out before Jesus returns"... Interesting ideas.

      About the days of Noah, that is on my mind too, and the following thoughts are currently bouncing around... (Sorry for repeating myself from an earlier comment a little bit here, but some other aspects came to me about it this morning)

      "...Up to the day that Noah ENTERED the ark..." Luke 17:27

      (notice the "ENTERED")

      "...two of each, male and female, came to Noah and ENTERED the ark, just as God had commanded him. .SEVEN DAYS LATER the floodwaters came on the earth..."

      (so Noah had a 7 day warning before judgement fell)

      Up until sort of yesterday, life was going on as pretty much normal, there would have been weddings, and parties, but as of yesterday afternoon/today, Ireland is currently in a semi state of lock-down, with ALL schools, colleges and creches shut for the next 2 weeks, many of the grocery stores are empty, and as soon as they are re-stocked, they are emptied again just as fast.

      I don't know how many countries are currently in semi-lock-down, but I believe many are, and perhaps us all being SHUT-UP in our homes, is equivalent to us being SHUT-UP into the Ark, and at the end of the 7 days maybe we might be out of here.

      If so, that would then make the "People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah ENTERED the ark." valid, because the count is only to the point we were shut-up in the "Ark/safety of our homes.

      Or maybe, it needs to be a world wide declaration, for ALL citizens to remain in their homes for a week. Who knows, but I definitely believe now, we will get a 7 day warning prior to our departure... So exciting to be alive, my goodness, how many people since the Apostle Paul thought they were the generation to witness the return of Christ.

      Sorry my comments always seem to be so long..

  33. Nothing to do but look up!

    by David Benjamin in Christ YTC

    Amen! This vid was a wonderful comfort and encouragement to me today.

  34. Blessings all. A very reliable source reminded me of something I think many of us may have forgotten. I know I did.

    2009-2010 there were 84 million cases of swine flu in America alone. 330,000 hospitalized and 17,000 died. Nothing was shut down or cancelled and no talk of mask shortages. There was, however, a much worshipped dem in the WH by other dems and media (redundant, I know). No panic.

    This convinces me beyond doubt that this CV is completely engineered and timed to hurt our current Pres since nothing else has and/or usher in NWO/vaccines.


    1. Beltway Bro, ya hear they are closing MD schools starting Monday ?


    2. Closing FFX county schools as well starting tomorrow after the day concludes.

      A deliberate crash is so near as so much has been cut and more to come. Jimboni called the Thurs morning "bloodbath" for WS and now the panic has really taken a hold as everyone can NOW see they will be at home for some time to come.

      Some of us see it being a good thing to be SHUT IN because we know what come afterwards: Deliverance.

      Yes, ibid from above.

  35. Need a good laugh?

    Here are some Modernists going at it (using a jumble of Bible verses with no contextual relevance for their "weaponized prayer" services). These guys/gals are joking right?

    No, these Name-It-and-Claim-Its REALLY happened. From Fighting 4 the Faith (3/12)

    Dumpster Fire: Coronavirus Charismania!
    67min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AATjt-u_SbU

    BIG NOTE: notice the "electric music" in all of these clips and how this music whips the crowds into a frenzy. Examples of church BS 101

    These folks are going to be the salespeople for "Israel's wonder vaccine"...you can see this can't you?

  36. I cant believe the party atmosphere in here. We will have our greatest evangelism the world has ever seen the next few years. How many want to bet we will still be here this time next year, and at least two more after that.

    My faith has built ho as my playbook ...the Bible

    1. Oh Stan. Don't be a party pooper. We are just excited because we know He's got a plan we can trust. I think your timeline is wrong, but that's fine. What do you want us to do?cry in the corner or jump out a window? I dont think so. Seeing prophecy coming true is exciting. I'm also sad for the world and praying for everyone and for His will. What else can we say? Really. This ain't the woe is me group in case you haven't noticed. Maranatha!

    2. 2Tim.4:8

      Stan...we occupy til He Comes, but we are inspired to be joyful at His Coming, Amen! It's not about us, or our heroic efforts. It's about HIM and HIS Heroism. This Harpazo is going to be a Great Testimony to the Glory of His Name and the Truth of His Word. It's going to be a Magnificent and Sobering Sign of His Rich Mercy in giving this Christ rejecting world one more generous chance to change their minds about Who He Really Is before it is no longer a choice. We are all just Blessed Beyond Measure to be a part of that and we know it:-)

    3. Well done Sheila - agree.

      Stan - come join my party. I hold to your timeline, but walk in anticipation that my bros and sisters in here might well be right! I prep for the long-haul, but am praying/hoping for a soon departure and keenly look for evidence of it.

    4. "Of course, if you think it would benefit the crew for me to be moping about the passageways weeping, then I will certainly defer to your medical opinion, doctor." -- Spock

    5. Well, in speaking of laughing and maybe this is not funny ... Well, it isn't. But, when Archangel mentioned Italy in shutdown but they all went outside when there was an EQ ... The visual of that crowd of people outside a large apartment building for ex just struck a funny bone ... And there was a 2nd thing by Archangel .... "Run, Forrest, Run" regarding Tom Hanks ... That isn't funny either ... But, I couldn't help it and thought this was funny. I apologize here too if I offended anyone. But, I do tend to laugh at times over something not so funny if it tickles my funny bone or if I am feeling nervous.

    6. ha your comment made me laugh Cathi (I think);)

  37. https://www.jpost.com//Israel-News/Aryeh-Deri-calls-for-emergency-unity-government-620694

    1. Wow, game on! That is putting Kaduri et al to the test once again! Do we even have until Passover???

    2. Joint list becomes a sticking point again!

  38. US airforce giving some of the Iranian backed militia a slamming. Be interesting to see if we see a game of 'one-upmanship' from Iran in return.

  39. Blessings all. Beltway Brother, guess where the highest concentration of alcoholics is ?
    That’s right ! Washington DC. Part of the reason why things are the way they are no doubt. The alcoholism rate among lawyers is particularly high, so to speak.

    Woe unto you ye lawyers !


  40. Close church for Coronavirus?

    I do NOT endorse Todd Friel, but this topic is relevant, more likely for the prior post but here we are:

    11min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn6CZGvDSco

  41. This is What Insanity Looks Like...🚽🚽🚽

    From Spencer Smith

    1min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otwITXTEouM

  42. There is a wow at 730 re: being SHUT IN and connection to Noah's door being SHUT

    BTW, be careful as the U is next to the I on the keyboard.

    14min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RbAFyeKsLA

    Connections to CV or 3 22 inside. See Lu Vega's post/link above.

  43. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/trump-declare-national-emergency-speed-151931686.html

  44. Blessings Beltway Brother. I’m hearing 4 week quarateen in MD

  45. Well, it being the theme of the week, here's my spot watch on the Market. We opened with a sharp buy-back, then a sell-off and another buy-back by about 11:00. The lunch ahead, esp on a Friday, THIS Friday, after the last several trading days, revealed deeper fears and uncertainty and a down market to the lunch bell, basically erasing all the morning's gains.

    After lunch, up to about 2:00, opportunists worked, taking us back to 22,200. Since then, the same dynamics in play before lunch, now magnified with the weekend close ahead, adding in the impending announce by the Fed/Prez, shows a sharp sell-off since 2:00 now at about 21,940, or up 745-ish after yesterdays bloodletting.

    Overall, we got 2 likely end of day here. Normally, we would expect things to about level out within +/- 10% of where it's at, now, depending upon details of the message coming. Those usually being bland reassurances which show something being done, they calm, but don't move markets. However, in light of the magnanimous nature of this king, especially on things reflecting back on himself, AND the clearly prophetic moment we are in, "Normally" seems a long shot. Should the actions taken/declared be unexpectedly severe, especially if seen by the market as negative, the rush for the door, or the musical chairs, could make this Black Friday truly epic. Popcorn time.

    1. Of course, our CiC demonstrates, once again, that overkill is dramatically underappreciated. Masterful, well-coordinated, multi-pronged response alongside regulatory relief deftly demonstrating the efficacy of central control well exercised. While one speaker referred to the regulatory relief as a 'Godsend', He seemed otherwise absent from the gathering, at least by mention, though I did not yet watch the conclusion. Dow went up from the open of remarks, closing 23,185, up 1,985, +9.36%, with more in the bag for Monday.

      Happy days are here again
      The skies above are clear again
      So let's sing a song of cheer again
      Happy days are here again

  46. https://shiva4senate.com/mit-biologist-says-fear-mongering-on-coronavirus-will-go-down-as-biggest-fraud-to-manipulate-economies/

  47. Trump rallies cancelled. Mission accomplished

  48. Primaries will be cancelled and Biden declared the nominee

  49. 4 degrees from MIT

  50. Jordan, I'm writing down here hoping you will see this. I was TRYING to catch up with everybody by reading previous Comments and saw what you shared re. your almost 7 year old daughter. I have to agree with Sheila that the 7 year olders are acting more like tweens. As I was praying for you, a thought came to me--

    Tell her the Passover story and lead her into salvation. Ask her if she would like to meet Jesus in the clouds with you. She is coming into what some say is the AGE OF ACCOUNTABILITY and if she decides to accept Jesus as her Lord in her heart, you will accomplish both SALVATION AND DELIVERANCE I believe!

    Of course, be led by the Spirit of Christ in all this--you are the Daddy in Charge being led by the Father of All♥

    1. Hi Lyn, thanks for your prayers, and thinking about my "kid Kellie who acts like a moody lippy teen" situation.

      Thankfully she is saved already, I made sure to preach the Gospel to both my kids, as soon as I understood Grace , and they both readily accepted it with open hearts! As a child should!

      I think I snatched Kellie from Satan's potential grasp when she was 5, and Calvin when he was nearly 3, and they both are watching for the Rapture with me, Calvin was always a difficult headstrong baby/boy , and was always a worry to me, but now he is such a sweet boy, (most of the time - he still has his obstinate meltdown moments) but generally he is a lovely boy. But Kellie, my goodness me, it is so tough to have a kid that seems to hate you... tonight, as she was having her yet another one of her "crazy moods" (her 3rd one of the day) and I was picking her up to bring her upstairs, and confine her to her bedroom until she calmed down, she screeched, in a nasty voice, "Good, I'm glad you are putting me in my room, so that I don't have to look at your ugly face" then proceeded to jolt, and twist, and grab at the banister railings to make it as difficult as possible for me to bring her up to her room, and once in, proceeded to kick at and bang the door, and bang everything else in her room as much and as loud as she could, to try to drive me both nuts. So eye roll, deep sigh, and gasp!!
      And now the house is quiet again, and I can de-stress and enjoy all your comments, without the daily madness that is almost getting worse and worse each day.

      I do pray over her, but it seems to be getting worse with each passing day.

      Anyway, my problems are few and far between, and I consider myself so blessed to have discovered the truth, and to know that my days on this earth are truly numbered, and to know that I cannot be snatched from the fathers hand, there are so many lost out there, who reject the truth, and cannot even listen to it, when you tell it to them, and Kellie's moodiness, craziness, and demonic attacks, if they don't get better before the Rapture, will be a thing of the past, after the Rapture. Praise the LORD.

      Thanks for caring enough to comment Lyn. Love you sister.


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