Waiting for the Trumpet Blast / Comet Atlas

Below is an excerpt from Gary's most recent article over at Unsealed. As always, he does a great job keeping us encouraged and informed. I am so grateful to be on this journey with him as we continue watching for the Lord in uncertain time. Check out his wise words, a link the entire article is below.
This has been a multi-year journey for all of us, in a way reminiscent of that undertaken by the magi over 2,000 years ago, but the journey is nearing its end. The trumpet will sound. The dead in Christ will rise. Those who are alive and remain will be snatched up to meet the LORD in the air. These are not suggestions or mere religious interpretations, but unbreakable promises from the God who created the world itself (1 Thess. 4:16–5:3). His promises are true (Rm. 11:29; 15:8; 2 Cor. 1:20; Rev. 3:14). That means you can rest in them and trust in them. God loves His children and His children are those who believe in the Son.

Christians are not promised escape from tribulation. In fact, we're promised tribulation (Jn. 16:33). Every generation of disciples has greatly suffered as they labored to bring the good news into the world. Yet though we are promised tribulation, we are also promised a special escape: escape from the coming wrath (1 Thess. 1:10) and deliverance from the time of trial coming on the whole world (Rev. 3:10). The wrath and trial to come is often called the Tribulation, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, or Daniel's 70th Week. It is a period of seven years marked out by God to redeem the Jewish people (Acts 15:14–18; Rm. 11:25–27; Zech. 12:1–13), judge the nations for their division of God's sacred land (Jl. 3:2), and bring all rule in subjection to the Messiah. It is not a time for the Church, an entity already spiritually redeemed, pictured seated in Heaven (Rev. 4–5) before the first judgments of Daniel's 70th Week commence (Rev. 6).

While it seems we are in the midst of a fog regarding this virus, there is another things that has caught my attention in the heavens recently.... Comet Atlas.

Here is the chart for this comet:

There are many things interesting about this comet.
1. The brightness and intensity of this comet are taking people by SUPRISE.
2. The comet may be visible in the DAYYIME by May.
3. It is best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere (most recent ones have been Southern)
4. It could rival Hale Bopp from 1997.
5. It pass near many interesting constellations, starting it's wide path near LEO and ending near ORION, with both constellations pointing toward Jesus.
6.  As for the name Atlas.... it's name literally means map or chart, so I am sure there is more to find in its path as shown in the picture above.  I also can't get how the name atlas sounds in my head, - AT LAST!   As in, Jesus is coming at last! : )  I just saw something Dan Matson shared from a reader.... they even took it a step further.... Comet Atlast …. Come At Last!
7.  Dan also shared that this comet seems to cross the elliptical plane at Pentecost on May 31st, the chart above confirms this.  Could the church cross the plan with our Rev 12:5 birth on the same holy day when the church had its conception back in acts??

Here is one last tidbit, a excerpt from the article linked below.
Interestingly, the comet is following a nearly identical path to the famous Great Comet of 1844—a trajectory that would give the comet a 6,000-year orbit that would take it out of the solar system. Some have suggested an ancient super-comet may have once broken apart along the same trajectory, leaving the smaller comets for us to observe. 

I am sure there are many other interesting things that I didn't touch on above, please share in the comments section below and I will add them to my list.   Keep looking UP!

On last thing, about a year ago we started creating an emergency contact list for our little Rev12 family just in case this site gets shut down for some reason in the future. If the thought of losing touch with each other gives you pause, please consider emailing me yoru contact info (name, email, phone number, address) whatever you would like to share, and I will place you on our secure list so that I can keep you connected in the event something happens that makes this current form of fellowship impossible. Your info will not be shared with anyone except Shelia (who has a back-up copy) and not used for anything other than the scenario listed above. If interested, send to freegiftmn@yahoo.com and place the phrase "Emergency Contact Info" in the subject line.


  1. Family, Blessings. Thanks Brad, muchly, for a new thread. Check this out, before coming here, I watch Steve Fletcher's points, nested inside an @Holly Two Moons latest, Quarantine means “40 days” (Steve Fletchers Video) , concerning the word 'quarantine' literally meaning '40 days' and since having been adapted to mean a medical isolation. This, being the 'Sign of Jonah' (40 days) for the Entire World, wow. Anyways, in the comments, re Comet Atlas, I find the comment shared, below, from t. i. duncan:

    @Holly 2 Moons Back in 2014 i was in the hospital overnight and that is where the Lord decided to give me a vision. I saw a giant comet with the face of Jesus on it blazing across the sky. I saw an old stone church begin to fall as a brilliant light from within burst forth....i knew it was the rapture. I turned around and saw giant fireballs coming down in the distance and said out loud " So this is what John saw in Revelation"....then the ground began to quake under my feet. I began to skip over puddles of lava and noticed that i was carrying the cloak belonging to Paul. I saw priests with their white robes draped over their arm and waiting in a long single file line to enter into a cold dark building that was dead. I thought i was in Italy. So this comet blazing our way, for me, is the Jesus-rapture comet. I have known in my spirit when this thing would manifest it was time to leave. Come Lord Jesus!!

    Holly's reply:
    this ties in with what myself and another sister kept getting in the spirit last year .. a song that starts off with the words "like a comet blazing across the evening sky, gone too soon"

  2. Thanks Brad. We are keeping you busy these days with the speed we are hitting the 200 mark on articles.

    Just commenting on Migue's dog video, where he spent his days busting in to piles of leaves, that video was awesome brother, that was one happy hound..

  3. In Honor of Who it is we are waiting, watching and longing for:

    HE Alone is Holy
    HE Alone is Worthy
    HE is the Blessed Hope that belongs
    To EVERYONE who will believe
    In the Only Begotten Son of God
    As the Full Propitiation for our sin
    JESUS CHRIST! Yesterday, Today and Forevermore....
    Amen and Amen!

    Even so, Lord, come!

    1. Amen Sheila! (Have I ever mentioned that I cannot say your name without putting an aussie accent on it? Just feels right. )

    2. That's too funny, Miguel...Billy spent about 5 years working in Australia and apparently it's not a exactly a popular name Down Under having some rather derogatory implications for the ladies.
      I prefer the Latin meaning of heavenly, or "of the heaven"s. Maybe you could try putting a "Latin" spin on it:-DDD

    3. Sheila, if I had known it had such a negative connotation, I wouldn't have mentioned it. Lol. But yeah I'll try to put the latin spin, problem is it is coming out now like gregorian chant.

  4. As I mentioned a couple of blogs back, the ATLAS bone is the bone separating the head from the body. Christ is the head, the Body is the Church (I don't believe I clarified this properly last time)

    1. "Separating" or connecting? If it is a matter of perspective, I'm going to choose "connecting". :-)

    2. you are correct! 'connecting' is so much more appropriate at the current time Miguel!!

  5. Hi Guys,
    So I created a Generic Left Behind Letter / Video, that anyone can use to share with their family. I've uploaded it to my YouTube Account. Feel free to make copies of it, and share on your own channel, or to save on a USB and leave with your bibles.

    My aim was to give family and friends an idea of what is coming down the tracks for anyone who finds themselves left behind.

    YTC: Jordan Clarke
    Link: https://youtu.be/LdRS63fDjE4
    Duration: (20 mins)

    Brad ,
    I featured your great site in the video, so hopefully people will be drawn here too, to see all the pearls and wisdom that have been left for them to feed on.

    1. Nice job Jordan, you are wisely using the talent and time well.

      I must say and I won't spill the beans for everyone else who is going to visit your YTV, but I was expecting something "else" than what I heard. LOL. Considering some YTV get a lot of crap for it.

      Well done. Well done.

    2. Thanks Charlie,
      Yeah I don't think my voice cuts the mustard for the masses, so opted for the safer option :)

      Thanks for taking the time to watch it. God Bless Charlie.

    3. Awesome, well done getting this sorted Jordan. Yeah probably a good idea re the voice over...should go for the Sean Connery scottish type methinks.

    4. Jordan...great job on the vid, Brother! (And yeah...I could live with an "easy listening" Sean Connery type of voice over;-)

  6. Operation Covid-33 Is Mind Control On A Mass Scale
    Latest from SHMP

    52min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSdopurLH4w&t=1741s

    Great compilation once again BUT for some serious comedic relief, seriously, go to 46min ;-) Brilliant

    They just cancelled the rest of the school year here, I imagine the parents are just so happy! For some of you, a true test of your patience and love and refrain of anger and "bad" thoughts.

    Yes, I do not believe they are cleaning the schools but rather have some other usage for them in mind.

    1. oh goodness, our school holidays have just been brought forward by a few weeks due to CV, and 'yes Lord, give me patience and give it to me NOW'!...sigh, I used to be so gentle and kind and loving, merciful etc right up unto the day my wife gave birth.

    2. Well Ryan...guard your heart, Brother. That may be a bigger threat to you than any virus out there. Praying for you and your patience level. Just try to have lots of indoor distraction activities planned i.e good movies, books, crafts, puzzles etc and who knows...it might buy you a few quiet moments here and there:-) Blessings and MARANATHA!

      p.s. and keep an iron skillet handy at all times:-D

    3. A fly swatter will leave less of a mark/ indent

    4. I thought locking them away with the chickens will be better for all of us!

      lockdown starts tonight, four weeks, groannnnnn

  7. AT LAST!

    Loved how that came to you, Brad, when you pondered the comet's name. I also loved Gary's article with all its beautiful imagery and music. And, AT LAST--I am having great internet connection today and was able to post a new article comparing the time we are in with the birth process:


    1. Hello Brother Brad!
      Thanks for the new topic. To add, in Greek mythology and in general of the ancient world then, Atlas was the Father of the 7 Pleiades -in the sky. This person was also seen basically as the ‘shepherd’ with dog Pleione as if herding a ‘little flock’. The 7 Maidens or Sisters are what we see the LORD reference Himself to on the palm of His hand in Revelation as the 7 Churches, etc.

      Just wanted to point that out as there could be a connection here with the Pleiades as our Brother Paul and Gary, I believe also have noted how Venus, the Bright and Morning Star, another astronomical reference to Jesus will converge with the Pleiades just before Passover in early April. Ooh, I Iike the Pentecost connection too, but +50 days ;)

      1. Alcyone
      2. Merope
      3. Electra
      4. Celaene
      5. Taygete
      6. Mia
      7. Asterope

    2. Jesus probably drank the third cup of Passover, the cup of redemption. Then He said:

      I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom."


      Maybe an indication that Jesus will drink the fourth cup with us at Passover.

      Come Lord Jesus!

      www.itwasaplan.com - it was a plan dot com

      1 Peter 2:9
      But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a HOLY NATION, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light

      And did yall see this article:

      Israel’s Health Minister: I’m Sure the Messiah will Arrive by Passover
      By David Sidman March 21, 2020 , 11:00 pm


      Of course, when Messiah truly arrives, that will be the rapture. Hallelujah! Lets go home.

      Maranatha !

    3. Everything Will Be Shaken :: By Howard Green @ RaptureReady (3/24)

      "This is no time for apathy, business as usual, or ignorance and arrogance toward Bible prophecy because everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. It’s a dereliction of duty for anyone in Christian leadership to neglect the teaching of end-time Bible prophecy. If you fail to protect and warn your flock, you are a hireling, not a shepherd."


    4. I appreciated the Comment made by elgordo related to Gary/Unsealed's article linked above:
      Here's an excerpt:
      "This not THE shaking that will occur but it is sure is A shaking. And EVERY shaking, whether personal, national, or global has this purpose for believers - that the temporal & worldly things would be removed so that the spiritual and eternal matters (those that cannot be shaken) can take their rightful place in your life and mine."

    5. Lyn,

      Here is an article likening this to a tsunami. https://globalnews.ca/news/6722268/tsunami-b-c-health-workers-speak-out-coronavirus/

    6. The Lamb is Victorious 4 Ever...TY for the reminder. I've seen several excellent studies on the Fourth Cup of the Passover over the years and it's such an exciting and encouraging thought.
      It's also interesting re the emphasis on the ritual of "handwashing" that takes place during the the Passover Seder in light of the current and heavily repeated CV guidelines.

      "What is the Haggadah/Aggadah?" @gotquestions.org does a good job of summarizing the step by step meal procedure working up to the reciting of the Hallel, the blessing over the wine and the drinking of the fourth cup:-)

      Blessings and Marantha!

    7. Also awesome is the fact Jesus "folded" the napkin....meaning,,,he is coming BACK to the table to eat/ share this 4th cup!!!! \o/ John 20:7

  8. Ok you "numbers" people saw this on another site. Donald J Trump....

    Have fun
    Looking Up!

    1. Chris O, Blessings. It is also Good Friday, this year, and the end date on a time period, mentioned by the man, in relation to things afoot, but I cannot recall/find what that was. His '15 day' period ends Monday, 3/30/2020

      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 23, 2020

      Alongside recent other things alluded to in other post, many are looking at this as a signal as to when WH Ops goes live/public? 6 Days is a long time for a cornered animal to strike. No public gatherings is probably a good thing, atm. Ofc, 3/23-4-5-6-7-8 all line right up in there, too. McFly? You gettin' this? Maranatha!

    2. OK, pulled some intel together and tied it up re 4/10. Arising from parsing together clues and phrases left for us and decoded nearly identically to how we 'decode' associations in scripture. That parallel likely intentional though what that tells remains unclear. Summarizing.

      On 3/11 a 30-day window was referenced. on 3/16, a 15-day window, terminating 3/30, also arose by mention. Current thoughts are the 10 days of darkness then follow, ending at 4/9. Riots and similar unrest are spoken of during that time.

      4/10, Good Friday, with the # significance you cited, marks the terminus of the entire show, thus far. We are specifically told, "This is going to be Biblical." In light of the connection between Good Friday, and Easter, obviously, today's remarks are highlighted.

      Today, in an interview, he stated, he would like to see this all wrapped up, "by Easter". 4/12/20.

      Meanwhile, 4/4 arrives, prior. Though the Princes of Men clamor, and joust windmills, The Lord Of The Wind Establishes Times & Seasons, Maranatha!

    3. ooh yeah good stuff Jimboni/Chris

    4. Amen Jimboni, my prayer is for sooner rather than later, but then I have to change my prayer to your will Lord, not mine. Unless they come up with some miracle cure, I just can't see this going on until Passover as some are predicting. Can't see it being much longer before either people are going to loose it, and take to the streets or crime is going to skyrocket. It's almost like if the Lord waits to long it would be like "knocking us back in to the dark ages" and resetting a lot of what we have come to see in today's world. Dan 12:4.
      Blessings Brother

  9. Forbes:: New Coronavirus Stimulus Bill In Congress Creates U.S. Digital Dollar

    [Uhmmmm, Facebook (BTW, Mark Zuck is a rothchild) has Libra already]

    The bill establishes a digital dollar, which it defines as ‘a balance expressed as a dollar value consisting of digital ledger entries that are recorded as liabilities in the accounts of any Federal Reserve Bank or ... an electronic unit of value, redeemable by an eligible financial institution (as determined by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System).’ Additionally, a digital dollar wallet is identified as ‘a digital wallet or account, maintained by a Federal reserve bank on behalf of any person, that represents holdings in an electronic device or service that is used to store digital dollars that may be tied to a digital or physical identity.’


    1. Trump order makes it crime to [stockpile] supplies (is food and water next?)


      WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has signed an executive order making it a crime to [excessively] stockpile personal protective equipment that is needed by medical personnel fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

      Attorney General William Barr says the Justice Department has already launched investigations into people who are hoarding supplies and price gouging.

      He says investigators will go after people who are “hoarding these goods on an industrial scale for the purpose of manipulating the market.”

      The executive order allows the president to designate some items as “scarce.”

      Barr says, “If you are sitting on a warehouse with surgical masks, you will be hearing a knock on your door.”

      No specific items have been identified yet and the Justice Department will work with Health and Human Services to enforce the president’s order.

    2. Argh in NZ all the supermarkets removed all of the typical 'discount' labels prior to the lockdown to supposedly stop people from hoarding (heavens it would never be to maximise profit in a crisis would it)...they then put a limit on key items being purchased anyway. These guys make me sick!

  10. Not too many pulpits telling it like it is (Bible + Global Elite Plans + Fake News + Hyper-Messaging by the govt + Common Sense)

    End of Days | Rodney Howard-Browne (from 3/15, yes live in person and living without fear)

    **We are living in the final minutes of the last days. Learn how we don’t need to fear and can look forward to the days ahead!**

    65min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWitBknzY3E

    I'd like to draw your attention to the 46:50 mark..... I am SO glad I am not the only one verbalizing this question and asking what seems to be an 'obvious' ploy by those in charge.

    I couldn't believe my ears from this pulpit | BUT but it is the finest hour for the Church (to win souls) as all other gods are shut down! Pretty level-headed, practical delivery (it is more of a pep rally than scriptural discourse, but it is ALL beneficial and Bible-based) considering our circumstances.

    You may have a good chuckle or too as well.

    1. Part Deux:: End of Days | Rodney Howard-Browne (live and in person again)

      [The Bride shall detach herself from this world, those who are His shall NOT take the mark]

      45min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYCymFgNUds

    2. Like I said on the prior thread, I DO highly recommend this River Church video. I laughed a lot and was really encouraged by this Pastor's overall message. Even suggested to my daughter who is stuck in the area to try to attend a service there if they are all doing well and it's at all possible for them to get there:-)

    3. I missed your comment on the prior post, Sheila, Rodney popped up yesterday for me and after listening, I posted.

      There is no dismissing your comment, I just didn't see your comment. Good to hear this from a fear-free pulpit.

      I used to attend Pentecostal Catherdral many years ago when I was in St. Petersburg.

    4. TY...but I'm glad you posted it here as my mention of it was tucked in after the 200 cap and I hope for as many as can to see the referral and watch that one:-)

    5. yeah didn't see Sheila's earlier reply so thanks for posting.

    6. Oh boy, that was awesome and desperately needed. I honestly can't believe I watched a RHB YTC! God is indeed using this time to refine his people.

  11. Blessings Beltway Brother. That is an awesome video. And that document he cited is exactly what’s happening. It was all planned. In 1871, Albert Pike said there would be 3 WWs and then a one world govt. But it really goes back as far as the Tower of Babel which the EUs symbol eerily resembles. Unfinished and all.


    1. Morning Beltway Brother Archangel (and to all the other Beltway Brothers reading/ following along)::

      SMHP has a a great vid on Albert Pike and the FM 'visitor' center downtown. Ugh, it is all right there in plain sight..Glad I stopped going downtown and will attempt not to go into the office if/when it reopens.

      Albert Pike 3 World Wars - Predicted/Planned - Can You Handle The Truth?
      76min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bi_mKSlb6g&t=3916s

    2. Blessings Beltway Brother and family. Thanks, I will check it out. Here’s the doc the Pastor ref to by Rocke*****r in 2010.


    3. Archangel and Mom...Still praying for Casey Cat. Poor ol' Gus is still alive, but still not eating so I dunno. Sally is still bumping him around to keep him swimming. I was just reading a few articles about the average life span being 8-10 years and he is old at over nine years, so maybe it's just that time. Sally as a Blood Parrot fish has a slightly longer life span average but doubt she'd last too long without Gus. TY for your prayers for my fin friends and will keep praying for your precious loves as well:-)

    4. Blessings Sheila, thank you for the update on Gus! Not sure if you saw the last few posts on the prior thread from Archangel and me. Taco is doing well but sweet Casey was diagnosed with Lymphoma :(

      I'm sorry that Gus is not improving, I will continue to pray for Gus and his pal, Sally. Oh won't it be wonderful when we are finally Home with our Savior and will never have to watch our loved ones or our beloved pets get sick, suffer, or die? He can't call us Home soon enough!!!

      Blessings sister and maranatha!

  12. Blessings Sheila B. I am so sorry. I am praying for Gus. I didn’t know their lifespans are that long, but, ofc, it’s never long enough. I will def remember Gus and Sally in my prayers.

    Thank you so much for praying for Casey. She has lymphoma and is getting depomedrol injections which has her eating well and looking better. Going to put C-S in her food and water. I don’t know the protocol for CS and feline lymphoma other than it’s very safe. Some say get as much as I can into her. She isn’t the type to let me give her drops directly so it will have to be in her food. The Dr said it’s large cell lymphoma but couldn’t tell me what grade/stage she is at but said for her the depomedrol is good because it fights the disease well.

    I am upset. I never had a cat with cancer. I am so grateful to God that I am able to be home with her and God made sure she had the one food she would gobble up by having a coworker unload pouches of tuna creations which Casey devours. I know it has sodium but if that makes her drink more water then she will get more CS. Just hard to know what dose to give her.

    I don’t think we are going to be here much longer. Things are escalating rapidly. I loved that video with Pastor Rodney ! I found the doc that talked about what is happening right now put out in 2010 by Rock******r. It’s undeniable that’s things aren’t going to get better. I don’t see how anyone can think that other than they just don’t know how far into that plan we already are. And even if it got turned around somehow, it will still have accomplished their goal of snatching our rights, privacy etc. That will remain. Authoritarian rule from now on. They have rolled out the red carpet for the AC.

    God bless you Sheila and everyone here. Pray for Gus please and Casey. Mom said Taco is doing better but pls pray it continues.


    1. Archangel, Blessings. CS will continue to support Casey, from many angles, good call. You knew it was coming, so, Pycnogenol is also well known among pet lovers for significant relief also. Again, pop a cap & mix the powder in moist food is most common. 1 mg/lb. of body wgt is saturation dosage, so a lot less expensive for them, than us. As for anti-carcinogenic properties, one candid doctor, during a physical, years ago, for more life insurance, shared that he had used a specific Pycnogenol formulation, which I was marketing, at the time, to 'rid a patient of mine of lung cancer," were his exact words.

      Charlie in DC, Blessings. Loved the video, The River added to my links. This post is to share manifestations of exactly what Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne foretells:

      Compliance Checks Begin In Nevada! Police Visit 113 Businesses, Suspend Violator's Licenses

      Did ya miss the 60's? Want another chance to be a radical non-conformist revolutionary? This may well be a good time for organic civil disobedience, man. Go hug a cop.

      Meanwhile, for those not in that loop, Medical ships in NYC & CA could also be recently refitted pris*n * Tr*bunal facilities for imminent, sweeping exercise of over 100k indic*ments, ibid. Dow spiked 2,112, today, the boat rocks from side to side in perplexity. The bull and the Matador dance; Each a Master. 'Round they go, one moment the bull leads, then follows. Shortly, each will strike, strategically, aware that their foe will also. Perhaps, that last denouement is in flight, right now. Enjoy the ride, Praise The Lord, Maranatha!

    2. Poor Casey! I am sorry! Praying for her and Gus and Sally!!


    3. Blessings and thank you Sheila B, Zorrobird, Jimboni, Nora and Mom and everyone. Your support and prayers mean more to me than I could ever express adequately, but thank you sincerely with all my heart.

      I will get the pycnogenol, Jimboni, thank you. Thank God for graciously allowing me to see all angles of His deep compassion. He waited as long as He could out of mercy for my brother and me, to take my mother home and He kept Casey’s illness at bay until just before the Rapture. And I’m so glad that it was just 3 years from my mother’s passing to the Rapture. Some of my coworkers have lived without their moms for decades.

      I am praying for Gus, Sally, Taco’s continued improvement. These little creatures have a hold on our hearts that is indescribable. And our love for them equally so.

      God bless all of you.


  13. We know where this is going Biblically, but for any "constituitional rights" advocates::

    It is easy to insert in here for and see where most of the Church is...

    "Our founders were intimately familiar with pandemics, viruses and plagues, yet they did not allow any to suspend our Constitutional liberties. Not one word in the Constitution about plagues or pandemics to exempt the government from any of our Bill of Rights. Why do our current courts allow it?

    Because the public is asleep at the wheel.

    Think the pandemic threatens to kills us all? A review of the data shows the pandemic is more panic than plague.

    Time to wake up.

    Maybe it is time in the motto of V for Vendetta, to “Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.” As that film’s lead character well said: “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” Only when an awake public asserts their human liberties to protest the loss of their liberties will, then, governments quit using public health crises to seize power that does not belong to them."


    1. and as such an awareness is antithetical to human nature, apart from The Grace Of Christ, and, though Revealed Well In Scripture, it is fallen man's first response to minimize anything therein, your call clearly resonates as a haunting howl, riding the wind on a crisp evening. Adding in that, 'this government is for a righteous and holy people, and is entirely inadequate for any other,' we see another chit fall into place framing our moment with clarity. Maranatha!

  14. The actual designation of the Comet is C/2019 Y4 Borisov

    Gennadiy Borisov just happens to also be the same guy used to discover the "inception comet" involved in the Revelation 12 sign back in Fall 2017


  15. Pastor Rich has kindly reminded us of the new year for Israel being today. Kaduri better be right gosh darn it:)

    1. We can count in that the calendars might be off but even with that, if the rabbi was right it wont be too long now!

    2. You are placing your faith, hope and trust into the "prophecy" of a KABBALAH falling OCCULTIST who's FATHER was the DEVIL??

      You realize that just b/c someone throws around the name "jesus" means nothing when it is coming from an occultist? Remember those whom did not know the REAL Jesus tried casting out demons and got whooped?

      False Christs EVERYWHERE in the last days.

      I'm really disappointed in many here on this forum and will probably be leaving it after several years of lurking here. You need to be checked in the Spirit and repent of placing your faith in the words of a Satanist !!!

    3. No one is putting trust in him. Settle down. Probably just the frustration of cabin fever from this pandemic talking. JESUS IS LORD! MARANATHA!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Blessings all. I found this very interesting. The movie Tangled was.released in 2010, the same yr the Rocke........r plan about an event that causes global shutdown.

    The story of Rapunzel sees her quaranteened in a castle (a man’s home is his/her castle) in the town of Corona for 18 years until her Prince comes to rescue her.


    1. Nice find...for much of their Predictive Programming, one of their favorite 'code' numbers that is used is 18. Realize it is always a 'hidden' (6+6+6)=18. You see this in government too, a lot like when they state, 'in 18 months from now', or '18 weeks time given to see'...etc. It is also interesting how the Rockef*** Plan came out that same year predicting what is happening now, exactly. And like in 9-11, London Bombing, and the CDC, they had the exact same scenario in play just before the real event occurred. humm....

      It is a win-win situation for the Globalists who are salivating at their evil ingenious plan. They are shutting down whole nations, the whole world...collapsing the economy and controlling who populations without firing a shot. They will get their biometric IDs on everyone and cryto-currency type of money eventually. They will undermine the USA, last populist/nationalist cause that stands in the way with this latest more-perfected engineered and weaponized virus unleashed. Remember that they need to induce their Chaos so they can then bring about their New Order...its working.

    2. Blessings VegaPost. It’s stunning, isn’t it ? A panic over toilet paper. And like Pastor Rodney said, you shoulda been washing your hands anyway. It’s def not your regular flu. I read their lungs are filled with blood. They said it feels like drowning. My mother’s lungs filled with blood when her mitral valve tore. And yet the recovery rate is 70% and most who do catch it have mild cases. 18,000 unfortunately dead and that’s counting in the world. That’s doesn’t even reach America’s average yearly flu death total of 26,000.

    3. Archangel...Blessings....I've seen this Tangled movie a few times now with Jayden and some other interesting points are that it involves Rapunzel's stolen CROWN, CHINESE LANTERNS and my favorite and very central character, the WHITE HORSE that belonged to the king's guard, but sets off on his own to hunt down the THIEF, who turns out to be the BRIDEGROOM in the end:-)

    4. Oh...and the White Horse changes his allegiance from the mean ol' Guard Captain to the Thief who becomes the Prince and his Bride:-)

    5. This ‘Virus World War 3’ is the perfect psychological warfare being rolled out before our eyes. It is designed to crash the economies of the world to consolidate control and power. 3-6 weeks of having 1/3 of the whole planet being ‘sheltered-in-place’ or about~2 billion will reach a tipping point. Most affected will be the service industry to mid-level businesses of the West. Such already exist paycheck to paycheck as it is.

      This is a control mechanism being imposed to condition the masses for military presence, medical vaccinations forced to then track people and nicely packaged to interface with a digitized new currency that inevitably will come per Biblical prophecy. Is it any wonder it started in China that has the totalitarian means of controlling the masses at a micro level with tech to perfect this Orwellian Model?

      My concern is that as churches, at least here in the USA still apparently, have the constitutional right to gather will have that right taken away. Realize that all these guidelines to self-quarantine are prescriptions, and they not legally obligatory. Or are they? Who is to challenge them? At least not yet. It is going to come to a head for all churches as what will be expected and enforced. At least the brick and mortar ones as one realizes that the true church is composed of the individuals, etc.

      I believe each local congregation can and should decide what is best for them to do but it is commanded to ‘not forsake the assembling of each other’. Was Jesus caught off guard in not foreseeing such tribulation, plagues and persecution to come? Are such exemptions? I realize one should be prudent and cautious when it comes to such current pandemics and how for the most part, the present church body is made up or older generation as the Millennials and X, Z’ers have abandoned and left the Faith. But the Body of Chris is sovereign and above ultimately any contract and edicts given by man-made governments. So, does not the underground churches still meet in China, Iran, North Korea? Did not the Church Body meet still during the Roman persecutions; in catacombs and caves? During the Black Death, did the Church stop meeting altogether?

      As you might have all read of the case where a fairly large church in Louisiana have been congregating still and threats from both Christians and not are demanding the Pastor be arrested and members of the local police are threatening them that if they do not stop, the National Guard will stop them. What will you do when this will occur eventually? Even before the Rapture perhaps?

    6. Blessings VegaPost. I thought about curfews and looting.. Suicides are way up. Jesus has to be close. Every hour they’re doing something else to deprive us of our rights. House to house searches next ? And when people inevitably run out of food, water, etc they’re going to want what you have. I am so glad my mother is in Heaven and doesn’t have to deal with this. I’m glad for myself too. Yeah, we need to get out of here. Oh, if the Lord wanted to loosen our grip on this world, well He has done a perfect job as always. When things get too bad down here that’s when we look up.

    7. Blessings Sheila B. I didn’t know all that ! Even better.

    8. Lu...Blessings and in total agreement with your assessment! I don't remember when it was said exactly or who said it, but I have heard it said in the past that WW3 would start without a single shot being fired and from here on my kitchen barstool, it's looking like that was also a correct assessment. I think that's why the "1/3 of the world on lockdown" headline this morning brought up a foreshadowing of Rev.8 for me. Getting real, Brother, for sure. Maranatha!

    9. Sheila!
      Did you mention kitchen! Any hot meal you can send over? lol. What is a single guy to cook now-a-days? I hate cooking. :(

    10. LOL...not a big fan of it myself after 50 years of it, but these folks around here think they are supposed to eat a hot meal or 2 everyday. If you were close by, I'd be happy to have you over or do you a go-plate. Pretty good at those, but sure hoping it's not an integral part of my Eternity:-)

  17. Blessings all. Jimboni, I would appreciate your thoughts on the protocol I am using with Casey after studying how much/how frequently to give her the C-S. I have read that small amounts 5-7 times a day. is good and then I have read get a lot into her. So, I am home but am working my regular shift so I have decided to put two teaspoons of it in Fancy Feast which most cats go insane for. It’s 30 ppm and I have worked out that 4 fluid ounces equals approx 19 teaspoons. I want to get the 32oz bottle but they’re sold out right now. Last night, I went for it. I opened up a can of FF with gravy and mixed in two teaspoons of CS hoping she would think it’s gravy. I know it has no smell/taste but I think some cats just have a sense of smell that’s just..extraterrestrial.

    This morning the bowl was bone dry. So pleased. And even though it’s only 2 teaspoons, it looks like a lot. I’m getting the pycnegogel, yeah I spelled it wrong, on Friday and will add it. Will study to find out the right dose as far as possible.

    I don’t know if I should just buy my own machine and make it myself like MF does. The bottles add up. I don’t care how much I have to spend and I read that emps at 6 Amazon warehouses have the virus. Going to use gloves on all my packages. What if they deem these deliveries non-essential? They have to take account of the fact that customers do order food from them. I do. I am thinking worst case scenario. Then it has to be a good machine. And I have to be able to get the elements to make it. Not sure how difficult it is to make.

    Thanks for everything. She’s eager to eat which I am so grateful to God for because putting it in her food is the easiest way for me. I’m supposed to get her the depomedrol injection every 2 weeks. It def gives her an appetite.


    1. Good! :-) Praying for her and for all the other pets that need healing!

    2. Watched this vid maybe yesterday, it was linked in another theard (I remember so), I re-sharing it for encouragement, he talks about animals in Heaven too (and how our pets are waiting for us there)!

      What Heaven Is Like | Dean Braxton

    3. Here's a shorter vid (about 7 mins long), the same brother talking about animals and our pets in Heaven.

      (The Lord cares wonderfully for our pets and for all kind of animals, that's why I thought of linking these vids. Plus, the brother talks about several amazing things.)

      Do Animals go to Heaven?

    4. Archangel, Blessings. Relax, friend, its all a LOT easier than you think. Silver is non-toxic so you cannot over medicate your pet. Having smaller body mass, smaller amounts go farther of whatever you use. For C-S, 2-3 tsp. with every feeding will build a residual level in the system. Add a few teaspoons to the water bowl, too, for continuous micro-dosing. It is not tasted, even by amazing pets. The average Pycnogenol tab is 25 or 60 mgs. Again, non-toxic and no disruptive secondary effects relieve any concerns re giving too much. A single 25 mg tab is about 10x saturation dose, for a pet of 2.5 lbs., which is the least I would be using if my pet had lymphoma.

      Making C-S is extremely easy. You have a glass of (preferably) distilled water, 2 lengths of silver 'wire', commonly about 6-8", and a devise which plugs into the wall and has 2 electrodes with clips which you connect to the silver strands. Put the 2 wires into the glass, NOT TOUCHING EACH OTHER, EVER, (shorts/ruins devise), connect the electrodes and flip it on. As the + electrons move into the water to get to the - charged silver rod, they drag silver ions into the water as a 'cloud' you see forming. 1 minute per ppm desired for most generators. Some pointers, you would prefer that your silver rods have 99.9999% (4 9's behind the decimal) purity.

      League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Hack:
      2nd, in a pinch, you can take a 9v battery (the little square ones with 2 round silver buttons on top), connect/wrap copper wire around each battery terminal, connect those wires to the silver rods and now you have a Silver Generator. While this works and the C-S made is exactly the same as an other, I am unfamiliar with the time needed to hit ppm's this way. With less power it is likely longer, but maybe not much with a fresh battery. (Remember, when you buy a C-S generator, all it is, is a few diodes which bring wall current DOWN to a level about that of your 9v battery, anyways, with a couple of wires and clips.) Maranatha!

    5. TYPO: The average Pycnogenol tab is 25 or *** 30 *** Mgs...

  18. Blessings all. Jimboni and Nora, I wish I had a bigger and better word for THANK YOU but thanks so much ! I will def watch the vids, Nora. I truly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. And Jimboni, thank you for such detailed info. It really helps guide me thru this fiery trial. Yes, I have to admit a bit of a struggle keeping my hand away from the panic button. I just really want to kick butt on this cancer and your info is an enormous help. God bless both of you richly and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. He’s coming to get all of us any second now. It literally seems that something is done each hour, whether its an EQ or more authoritarian moves by the govt, def Israel and many other events cascading down on us to let us know He is close to snatching us outta here.


    1. Yeah, poor Israelis have a 100 meters restricting order now! That's the fartest they can go from their home. Allegedly, it will lasts for a week.

    2. Blessings Nora. And that’s on top of having to deal with rockets and rocks thrown through their car windows, stabbings here and there. And they have no idea what’s ahead of them. It really saddens me but God tells us plainly in His Word it will happen.

    3. Truth to be told Amir Tsarfati's twitter frustrates me now. Used to check it for ME news concerning geopolitics but now all he tweets about is this virus! Not that it's not part of the picture at the ME right now but he's super-focusing of it imo.

  19. I have got to cut back on the frappys !

  20. Family, Gary has a new one up...and to be clear::

    "Works follow salvation. They are not the cause of it. Those who say otherwise are alienated from Christ (Gal. 5:4) and have believed in vain (Gal. 2:21; 1 Cor. 15:2)."

    I agree 100%. Works do follow as we should follow His example(s) for us.


    1. That's all we've been saying....is give Grace a chance...for everyone who calls upon His Name and then trust in Him to do the work in each individual person as He sees fit--without a need for our narrow one-"sighted" condemnation and judgement, but rather a desire for prayers that are in agreement with His Perfect Eternal Will being accomplished:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. I never was against grace :-) I am for obedience and walking in holiness AFTER one "believes" in Jesus' work at the cross. Not easy to do, but it is what we are called to do and with His grace (and the HS within us) we walk by faith... each and every day.

    3. saved, sealed, sanctified

      This 4:12 minute vid by "Sealed by the Blood" says it all simply. It is about the blood.
      (I hope I have the link works - I copy/paste from a HREF example because I use an android phone.

    4. Hmmm....I wonder how many last minute conversions (that we are all hoping and praying for) will occur just before the Rapture...when that L-A-A-AST person calls on the Name of Jesus and will be coming out of anything BUT a life lived in holiness and obedience. While this in no way negates how we who have long been in Jesus Christ SHOULD be walking after the Spirit, it does suggest that it's not a "Reward" conditioned on our own behavior, but rather a "Rescue" based on His Saving Power--much like the thief on the cross. And the Bema Seat is where those who've been Blessed with both the time, the heart and the diligence to have learned to walk after the Spirit in this life will find those crowns to lay at His Feet. Beautiful Grace and Thank God for it:-)

    5. Hi Charlie,
      I liked the article that Gary wrote. It reminded me of an old (now) sermon by Paul Washer in 2006 about American Christianity and of continuing to walk in the Faith and obedience.


      Oh, Sheila, the answer is Mathew 20. Yes we do have such a gracious LORD in that the Thief did not have an opportunity to demonstrate this love, repentance and walk, yet he was 'paid' the same value of Jesus' work of salvation as those that also receive it and will -as the LORD chose then such to live and demonstrate it.

    6. Matthew 20 provides a good example for sure:-)

  21. "UN warns ‘whole of humanity’ at risk from coronavirus pandemic

    UNITED NATIONS — The coronavirus pandemic is threatening the entire human race, the United Nations says today as it launches a humanitarian response that includes appeals for $2 billion for the world’s poorest people.

    “COVID-19 is threatening the whole of humanity -– and the whole of humanity must fight back. Global action and solidarity are crucial. Individual country responses are not going to be enough,” Secretary General Antonio Guterres says in announcing the initiative."

    "... Global action and solidarity are crucial. Individual country responses are not going to be enough,..."

    Of course.


    1. Nora...TY for heads up on that (as well as Kim F.'s Latest:-)

      A scroll through @drudge.com is a real eye opener this morning. This one got my attention as it had a "pre-view" aura of Rev.8 about it. "1/3 of World on Lockdown"

      And so did this one: "Countries starting to hoard food"--another pre-view aura of the Black Horse of famine in Rev.6.

      This "Crown" virus is pulling the normalcy rug out from under any faith at all in the current world system and may well be a huge catalyst. Either people will repent and place their faith in the answer of Jesus Christ or they will soon be looking for an answer from the anti-Christ.
      Wow...just wow...we were all hoping for that last minute opportunity of witnessing to our loved ones and this might be it. I know it's giving me some powerful ammunition right now.
      There may or may not be something even worse to come, but we definitely should all be taking utmost advantage of this up-ending moment in time, Amen:-)

      Blessings and Looking UP!

    2. Not sure if this is worthy of its own post but somehow seems right, here. We know that the final moment of a birth is referred to as the 'crowning' of the infant signaling the transition/arrival.

      What I recently learned is that when the infant moves into the final position for the delivery, this is referred to as their 'coronation'.

      Our struggle to reconcile GRACE, alongside honoring Christ through our lives, it seems, this is, By His Hand, a part of OUR 'coronation' ?

    3. Also, lots of little girls running around their homes right now after watching Frozen for the fiftieth time, repeating the line from the movie, "It's coronation day!" Lol.

  22. Fedcoin Is Coming - The RFID Digital Currency, Blockchain, AI Beast System
    From SHMP (3/25)

    38min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc7mTdlMXnA

  23. Family, Blessings. Alongside Atlas and choreography involving Venus, the Morning Star, and Pleiades, et al, we are also now hearing of/seeing the Dichotomy of Venus happening simultaneously+, featured in a nested video within kim fisher's video shared by Nora, Blessings, above (+ sometime between now and 4/1, likely 3/26-27). Colleen Minter also alighted upon this, to which I commented that, being basically an 'equinox' of sorts, on Venus, and only when viewed this way, from earth, it both highlights its relevance to US, directly, and circles back to Jesus' Own Words, "Are there not 12 hours in a day?" John11:9, with several details Spoken There Touching Our Times, And, Possibly, our seeing an event, such as this.

    Well, when I bumped into it, again, this morning, watching Nora's shared kim f video, I was Enlightened to a connection with 'separation' Hebrews 4:12, especially as that refers to the Word of ABBA and, if this event is Revelatory, it is also, His Word, Written, As Common, In The Heavens. My comment:

    Kim, Blessings. Though I had already seen the video you share, Watching, now, I felt moved to See a connection with Hebrews 4:12: 12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the **division** of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

    Well, it's G3311: merismos: a dividing, distribution, (b) a parting, dividing, severance, separation. (2) Heb 2:4; 4:12. I see correlation between 3311 & 11:38, (the time of kim fisher's vision) though not defined. Interesting and, it seems, affirming to this 'connection', that in Hebrews 2:4, the word is translated as 'gift', fitting Harpazo.

    Note the presence of "escape", "God Witnessing Of Himself With Signs & Wonders" and much more in this section perfectly describing these last 2 years since TGW!

    2 For since the message declared by angels (stars) proved to be reliable (REV 12 Sign), and every transgression or disobedience received a just retribution, 3 how shall we !!!escape !!! if we neglect such a great salvation? It was declared at first by the Lord, and it was attested to us by those who heard (on their websites, like kim fisher and others), 4 while **God also bore witness by signs and wonders** (Rev 12 & ...) and various miracles and by ** gifts ** (G3311) of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will." Maranatha!

    So, can we say that HS *Gifts* have both included and contributed towards a 'Dichotomy' arising, Clear and Compelling, Within The Body of Christ? Maranatha!

    1. Oh, wow, Kim. In relation to correlating 33:11 & 11:38, I felt Nudged to add them and look them up in Strong's. Check THIS out: G4449: to be FIERY RED: (2) Matthew 16:2-3 " 2 He answered them,[a] “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ (G4449) 3 And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red (G4449) and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times." (Wow, wow, wow, can you get more affirming, here?) Well, now see this, the FIRST TWO WORDS of the FIRST VERSE for H4449: melal: to speak, say: (5) occurrences (GRACE), 1st is Daniel 6:21: DANIEL SPOKE to the king. (NAS) Maranatha!

    2. Nice work, Jimboni. I like what ya did there with Hebrews 2:4.

    3. Jeff, thank you. From you, I consider that a significant QA inspection. Of course, I'm just a gumshoe, reporting what I find, sirs. ALL Glory & Honor To Our Lord, Maranatha!

  24. Uhmmm, I think Jimboni (and some others) have ferreted this out already, but finally someone is publically sounding the alarm after putting 2 and 2 together with these "coastal" shut downs AND now HI. This is truly truly awful.

    Lyn, get your umbrella ready.

    Lu, surfs UP! You too VeeBee out in CA.

    Archangel, get your kitty life jackets ready...

    Jimboni, get your welcome mat ready/ reinforce Scout's ramp because here we come!

    Preplanned Tsunamis are coming!!
    From Exalted Lamb 1 (3/23)

    Note: while some mega events didn't happen, so much stuff IS happening which we don't see right away BUT does happen on these watch "dates" we've been tracking. So much happened on 3/23 but it is all adding up to something... BIG

    16min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEjyIUg2rtU

    See Also the 'test' warning https://www.debka.com/mivzak/russian-kuril-islands-quake-prompts-us-hawaii-tsunami-warning/


    Jordan & Nora, they are freezing you IN, literally

    1. Humm...I always have thought that the tsunamis that are coming would being occurring during the Tribulation Period with those 2 asteroids hitting sea and land...and/or that the worldwide quake, that levels all the major cities would cause them. We'll see but got my rubber ducky ready just in case.

      You know, I was thinking about the current major epicenters of this virus and where they have hit in the USA with? The New York area, California area, San Francisco-LA area, Seattle Area, Louisiana (Mardi Gras), Chicago,....other lesser ones. Yes, these are basically the 'gateways'/ doors to the USA as world travel/flights come into those areas from overseas BUT they are also the strongholds of the Left/liberal camp. These areas are where such people in power have basically prescribed their ideologies and policies on the rest of the nation. Pro-abortion, anti-gun, same sex marriages, open borders, globalism, socialism, etc. Are they now being 'judged'? I also do realize that many innocent are dying so it is noted.

      I do see that as the typology goes, the 10 Plagues YHVH inflicted on the 'gods' of Egypt is in many ways how now the 'gods' of this modern day Egypt of America, in one sense are being visited. Realize that every reference of a plague in the Bible is in the context of a pending judgment for sin, disobedience, rebellion, etc.

    2. Noted. Also a reason why certain groups (i.e. NG) are in/around such (lib leaning) cities too.

      They are expecting a spark to kindle a fire which will need to be contained from spreading.

      Curious as to why they are in the cities while not encircling them...

      Then again, I do not know what I do not know. Back to you kind sir.

      Oh yes, don't forget about the upcomoing prison (breaks) releases.

      Adding dry leaves to a fire already lit will surely make it spark.

      BTW, if confined already, how DOES one contract 322-19? I am guess it is a regular ole seasonal flu which they are counting toward their 322-19 outbreak.

    3. Blessings BB. Oh, if they release criminals near me in Baltimore. Well, they won’t be happy if they show up near me. Citizen patrol ! Neighborhood Watch. We are going to have to work together against them.

    4. Lu~My sister pointed out to me exactly what you shared regarding the cities and reminded me of the prophetic word I posted regarding https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/09/new-york-chicago-la.html
      Did you happen to read it yet?

      As I shared in my latest article, Bob Barber (End Time Dream and Vision YTC) in his October 16, 2019, video stated that in the collective of tsunami dreams/visions he has gathered, the Rapture occurred at the time the great wave hit! THIS IS MY HOPE BUT I DO NOT KNOW FOR CERTAIN what the scenario will be because we are talking about MORE THAN ONE TSUNAMI.

      I do believe 2020 is the year for one of these mega tsunamis, however, based on the dream I was given where a tsunami would come when we had moved into and were painting a different house which we just did at the end of 2019!!

      "Many, many Brethren have been shown NYC’s destruction by both fire AND water. It has been revealed to me and others that since the United States must be destroyed for the New World Order to arise, they will use fallen angel technology to bring down our beloved nation.

      Perhaps the Overcomers will witness the beginning of this Marketplace Mecca’s end, but when things go nuclear—we’re outta here; for "when the missiles come down, we go up!" https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/10/5780-year-of-mouth-and-birthing.html"

    5. Lyn!!
      Dear Sister, thanks for the reference. I have now read it. It is so hard to keep up with what is happening by the hour, minutes now, makes my head spin. Do you want me to comment on in or say what I think about it? If so, here is my take. First, I have to admit that I freak-out when someone states that they directly hear from the LORD, either by writing or audibly :). But since you enveloped it as a vision, I have then a measure of peace. I am not one to say the LORD Jesus cannot appear and speak like face to face with someone but…Anyway, that is for another topic perhaps.

      This is what spoke and witnessed to my spirit as being true. Yes, there is much confusion within the Church. I think it is part of the sifting going on now as the Rapture approaches. Agree, it is a time of separation. I have heard and would concur that perhaps there is that selected revival and judgment occurring too. I have read that it is true, many are leaving the big cities as those are the most affected.

      Wow, the list of cities….! That is cool. The Holy Spirit is confirming…I really liked the great expos√© of what judgment vs wrath is. And about the Holy Army…the key? It is the Holy Spirit! Yes.

      As to the Trump Peace Plan? Have you all noticed that for the USA, the pandemic started then just after the unveiling of it? In my estimation, this Plan is dividing the Land…Realize that for all that Trump has done for Christianity and the Jews, more than most prior, he is a broker, a deals-man…a deal is essentially a compromise. But as to the Land Covenant of Israel, this cannot happen. I hate to think what will become of the USA as it will be relegated to a 3rd world country and irrelevant to the Middle East as the vacuum of leadership will be thrusted to the calls now for a New World Order leader to solve the worldwide issues now.

      Blessings and keep us posted with what the LORD give you!!!

  25. Blessings Beltway Brother. WHAT ! God will get us on the ark with all our pets if this flood is coming. Just found out someone where I work has the virus. Coworkers having a fit. I had to defend the mgr. So now they will hate me. It’s ok. Working from home lol.

    1. Buncha heathen. I’m praying for them hard. Been with them 20 yrs.

    2. It is nothing but a flu within 'flu season.' Why is Italy hit so hard? It is cold there where the virus can thrive....but not on a scale worth a world-wide shut down.

      The seasonal flu (Oct - March) killed nearly 4,000 Americans a week back on 2018. Where were the shut downs and MSM?

      Heart Disease, Abortion, Cancer are MUCH BIGGER killers than a flu. So why the hysteria???

      Why is the govt/MSM asking the simple questions of comparing 322-19 to seasonal flu? Uhmm, the facts tell a different story and the chief Doctor really doesn't report the truth either, he totally contradicts himself and forgets the facts and plays dumb...


      From Servus Christi

      [a compare and contrast of CDC and WHO data on past flu season's vs. the mass hysteria today because of mis-reported 322-19]

      The Coronavirus has all but preoccupied the thoughts of the entire Earth as it watches and waits. Millions are out of work and worried not only about getting sick, but about what the future holds. Can we make sense of this unprecedented response to Covid-19? How much should we worry? What do the facts tell us?

      100min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOSYOZy_XHk

    3. Some points you are missing.

      1. It is novel, meaning new, meaning we cannot be sure what it'll do. So extra caution and diligence IS REQUIRED.

      2. The mortality of its relatives, SARS and MERS is very high. It's a clues as to what this new one can do.

      3. It was spreading extremely rapidly and initial projections in the medical community had this potentially killing 1.5 million Americans in swift order, for example.

      4.being from china, it could be a bioweapon or part of a bigger plan.

      5. Other viruses which come from animals, zoonoses, have incredibly high mortalities, rabies is almost 100%, hantavirus etc....

      6. Just because you or we do not understand all the why's of the official standpoint does not give you the right to speculate, spread fear, distrust, false narratives. Give to caesar what is his. No the order of the day is trust God, do what's right, be smart, but dont be misrepresentative of good christian character and intelligence. Some of this speculation is just going to leave you with egg on your face.

      Not yelling at you Charlie, and at this point I know you are pretty thick skinned anyway, but just wanted to add a little balance to this extreme alternate narrative mindset that often is presented here.

    4. Good points Miquel but Joshua uses WHO and CDC data to point out the farce of the 322-19 #s from WHO and CDC. They cannot back up their own claims with their own data.

      This is the point, they are hysterial over #s which pale in comparison to the "regular flu' and the others you mentioned from their own research/data.

    5. From the Gateway Pundut via RaptureReady.com


      On Wednesday, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, told an audience the “world was slow to react to the coronavirus.”

      This is quite a statement coming from the man who downplayed the deadliness of this same virus back in January.

      As we have reported numerous times now… The controversial Ethiopian politician and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, claimed in a press conference in early March that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was many multiples that of the fatality rate of the common flu.

      This egregiously false premise has led to the greatest economic panic in world history.


  26. Blessings BB, there are many Chinese in Italy. Recently, China has been doing business with them. I wonder if they are practicing for the blackout. My lights have been flickering for days. I paid the bill. I read many don’t want to go to the hospital when they’re sick because of the......bill. With no extras, a person without health insurance will get a bill for $34,000. Quite the disincentive.

  27. Let's get back to the Bible. In this installment, let's revisit Genesis 6. Some are skeptical and some are really in tune with whom runs this world. Bible basics tell us it is satan, of course, but who has satan installed here on Earth to manage the sheeple and now, place us into are current holding pens?

    The truth may be stranger than fiction, but it is Biblical.... Jesus told us as well...


    From Watching and Waiting: Governments are Controlled by Non-Human Entities


    The Bible is clear about WHO controls the entire world.

    1 John 5
    19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. 20 We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

    So who is the evil one? Satan. And is Satan a human? No. So is Satan a non-human entity? Yes.

    Since we agree on that, take a few minutes and watch this interview of David Icke. As far as I know he is not a follower of Jesus Christ but he has been sounding the alarm that some type of "non human reptilian entities" have been controlling the world. And this corona-virus shutdown that we are all enduring is part of their overriding plan.

    Remember, this is what the Bible has said all along. We know that Satan and his demons are responsible for this, but lots of non-Bible folks think it might be "aliens" from some 'far off planet' who have reptilian features.

    One other interesting point; How did Satan first appear to Eve? As a reptilian.

    YTV interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCTX7qzB-ug&feature=youtu.be

    Also notice that he claims that these reptilian creatures have been creating a blood line of hybrid humans by interbreeding with them.

    Hmmmmm.....?? Have you read Genesis 6 lately?


    There has been video evidence of them and a lot has resurfaced as of late. I believe 'they' are all around us BUT we are also protected by a Holy Host of angels.

  28. OK, for talking points, lets make this contextualizing absurdly simple,

    Though hidden, and challenging to 'ferret out' (nose twitches*.*) while some sources cite it as the "3rd-leading"~, most commonly cited is that the 4th leading cause of death in US is due to prescription drugs given under the direction of a licensed health practitioner, amounting to "about 328,000 (THOUSAND!!) patients in the U.S. and Europe (that) die from prescription drugs each year." That is more than THIRTY THOUSAND in the last THIRTY DAYS, folks. Prescription Drugs: A Major Health Risk & Death By Prescription @ U.S News & WR. ~A White Paper at NIH/Gov supports the higher stats: prescription drugs kill us in large numbers,

    "Oh, you're worried about this Covid? It's in the Bible, trust Jesus, you'll be fine. I'd be more worried about seeing the doctor. Did you know that, between US & Europe, in the past 30 days more than 30 THOUSAND people have died from prescriptions alone. I know, right."

    1. Yep...that's what killed my dad. Two weeks after starting a new "approved" med his brain started bleeding with no recourse in place. He fell out face first onto the concrete driveway with his nose fracturing his skull. It took 3 long days in the hospital for him to die with blood running from both ears and no way to stop it. I did check out the average global daily death rate from the data collected in 2017--153k plus DAILY from all causes combined and 77k plus DAILY from non-communicable disease, i.e heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, cancers, etc. Definitely know this whole world is being played with this CV like Nero's fiddle. (and it seems like there was just a recent VIRAL meme to that effect).

      Blessings Ya'll and Maranatha!

    2. Blessings Sheila B. I am so sorry. How terrible. Doctors are great(sometimes) but they’re certainly not perfect. And all Jimboni ref to is correct. My coworkers were really upset that someone in our bldg who hasn’t been there for 2 weeks has the virus. But, this is the narrative they are propagating. How are Gus and Sally coming along ? I think fish are beautiful but my cats wouldn’t let one get past the front door.

      I know they all go to Heaven. It’s just the separation that’s so hard. I told myself that if Jesus takes Casey home it means that’s what was best and comforted, or tried to, myself with the fact of our soon Rapture and reunion. But I still want her to live. I always thought these things would get easier the older we get but, if anything, it’s harder because I think many of us value and appreciate life more as we age. Thank God for Jesus. I pray He strengthens Gus and Sally and they remain together. I pray God will bless you richly. Your insights into all things are much appreciated. I am so glad you’re here and I get to benefit from all your wisdom!


    3. TY Archangel...Praying for Casey to hang in there and be comfortable in your loving care. Gus is fading fast and I know it's just because he's old and that's the natural course of things. But here is a really weird thing that just dawned on my slow self this morning. A week or so before Jayden left with his mom to go east, he was outside digging around at the edge of the tree stand in the center of our circular driveway and building something. I asked him what he was doing with this big concrete paver he was erecting. He told me he was building a grave and a headstone in case something we loved dies and needs to be buried.

      I thought it was such a strange thing for an 8 yr old kid to think of doing and started telling him how that might not be the best place for such a thing as we'd be having to walk around it all the time and hopefully none of our animals will be dying anytime soon. He told me that NOBODY better touch it and it better be there when he gets back. So we've left it alone and I guess that's where Gus will be laid to rest if he passes on. I will put him in a container in the freezer until Jayden gets home, then tell him about Gus being gone. We'll have a fish funeral to hand Gus over to Jesus for safekeeping which I know will help Jayden with the loss of his pet. He has never not had that ol' fish in his life and apparently God knew it'd be important to him and wanted us grownups to respect that:-)

    4. Blessings Sheila B. Our God is so merciful and cares about every detail of our lives. He has arranged everything perfectly for sweet Gus and He will comfort you and Jayden as only He can. Sometimes I think children have special insight into Heaven because of their innocence and, yes, honesty. I think Jayden will be very sad but maybe not quite as shocked when reminded of the little grave. But I don’t think Gus and you and Jayden will be separated too long even though any amount of time without their presence is hard. Praying for you, sister. I know the pain all too well.

      Casey is either licking all the gravy from the FF or eating it altogether so she is getting her CS. I just put some food in her room and caught her washing her little face. Thank you for your prayers for her. She’s making progress each day looks like.

      If that news from Israel is correct I don’t think we are going to be here much longer. He is coming for us. We know it and He knows we know it.

      God bless you, Sally, Jayden and your whole family. You are much loved and appreciated here.

    5. Blessings Sheila, so sorry to hear about Gus going downhill quickly. Was praying that the Lord would renew his strength but after reading your post about little Jayden, it sounds like God has something bigger in mind. Clearly Jayden was Holy Spirit prompted to feel the need to prepare a grave just "in case".
      It's the bittersweet of things like this. The bitter is the loss of something loved, the sweet is the chance to share with Jayden evidence of the omniscience and lovingkindness of God. I can just imagine Jayden feeling a sense of pride in his 8 year old heart knowing the Lord chose him to prepare a place for Gus ahead of time. What a special thing.
      Continued prayers for you and Archangel's Casey. May we be called Up sooner than we think!
      Blessings and maranatha!

    6. Blessings Mom. Thank you so much.

    7. Mom...TY for those thoughts framed in such a loving manner. I really appreciate them. My own brain gets a little scattered at times and words like yours help articulate what's scrambling around up there as I'm trying to think of how I want to talk to Jayden when that initial flood of tears comes...and it will. He is so tenderhearted with the critters. When Brownie, his little guinea pig, died early last year at the ripe old age of 6 or 7, he was devastated and could hardly bear the burial. He cried for 2 or 3 days and still asks me every now and then if I'm SURE Brownie is with Jesus and he'll get to see him again. So Blessings, TY again and praying Taco is staying on the upswing:-)

  29. Concerning the topic (and discussion) of grace, I'm adding this gem:

    john 1 15 thru 17. grace and reality

    by David Benjamin in Christ YTC

    1. Thanks, Nora for posting this link. I had listened to this also. I didn't have it in me tho to copy/paste another link using my phoneūüėÉ

  30. Ok. Not good.


  31. OK guys, I admired RHB's delivery from the past weekend....


    Without digging around too much I posted him and his fear-free message...


    Did RHB speak a false prophecy (stopping the virus from coming to the US and FLA)? From his own video (posted 30 days ago), it seems he did say/proclaim it (322-19) will not come to the US and/or FLA.


    Is RHB another 322-19 con man? Man, sorry to bring this but I had a hunch something would come up and something told me RHB may have been too good to be true in these last moments.


    Here is RHB along with Ken Copeland and NARer Kris Vallaton flim flaming their way:

    RHB@22:30min :-(


    1. Don't know about all of that but can't say as it rubs me wrong, although I see some knees jerking immediately. Funny, I was just hopping on to EoD Part Deux, from the lovable RHB, but his 1st words were to 'open the book of Matthew', and he lost me, right there. I mean, looking for details concerning the circle freeway around Chicago, a 'helper' opening a Florida roadmap is not one I trust. Now that I know better, and all. That said, for so 'anointed' a preacher to be askew recent Revealings concerning Matt 24, Luke, et al, says much to your point, 'CiD, unfortunately.

    2. Oh how sad...I'd never heard of the man before and haven't listened to anymore after Part II, but I felt blessed by that message and felt no discernment to reject it. Quite the opposite in fact and didn't hear anything that I perceived as false teaching or see that icky K. Copeland type behavior in either video. I did pick up on his Pentecostal leanings in the second one, but I never heard him refer to himself as an apostle--only as their "pastor", but oh well...that's why I've never done the big church thing. I did respect that he was still holding church when all the others are being bullied into shutting their doors while open liquor stores and pot shops are sanctioned and can't fault him for expressing faith in re to claiming God's Hand of protection from sickness. I do that everyday (i.e. praying Psalm 91 for me and all of my loved ones). Sometimes God agrees with me and sometimes He don't.

      I will say I don't care for this F4F guy's mocking attitude. That's as big a turn-off to me as Copeland's snake-oil tactics. Imo, he for the most part exhibits no more humility than the lack he's accusing them of. But then that's the way I feel about most all whose main mission is to "expose" others. Never much grace or sincere prayer to be found there, but always plenty of the superiority complex going on. I'll just be glad when Jesus Comes, Amen:-)

    3. Is it not telling also that while this pandemic is forcing the quarantine and of most businesses to close as you mentioned, here in the USA, Planned Parenthood abortion clinics remain open? Let's see....'let try to save lives but not the unborn'...

    4. Yep and Cuomo holding court everyday in NY especially drives that disgusting point home. Just praying for the Brethren located in that "epicenter" neck of the woods.

    5. Same as Sheila - I thought it was an appropriate message...I must admit Charlie that I was surprised you posted it in the first place due to RHB origins, but know that men in error can mend their ways. Didn't know about the original prophecy from 30 days ago however so appreciate you pointing that out.

    6. Who is RHB? And, what does EoD mean?

    7. RHB is Rodney Howard-Browne, the pastor of The River church, in Florida, whom Charlie had shared a message/video of and then we spent time unpacking in re where said person likely truly stands on things. EoD, though not sure where you saw it so maybe something else, is usually, in this crowd, short for End of Days. Maranatha!

      Surreal to step out on the deck and a weekday morning sounds like a Sunday afternoon, in terms of no nearby traffic noise on surrounding roads and freeways.

      BTW, today's errand run, while still fairly normal around, as I've been reporting, noticeably less so this time. Talk on the bus was all about quarantine and folks they know getting stopped and asked for letters showing they are on way to work, one person's relative, in another state (unk?), fined $999 as she never received her letter, didn't know about it and was trying to keep her job & going to work. Well, I started spraying down the group with Jesus and letting them know that this is all in The Bible and they haven't seen anything, yet, and they accept Christ and escape, like NOW, or they are TOAST. I had the driver thinking about it...Butter?

    8. Nora,

      RHB (That Pastor that Sheila & Charlie Recommended) Rodney Howard-Browne

      EoD = End of Days

    9. Thank you Jimboni and Jordan!

    10. It's really quite shocking to realize that in less than 2 months we've gone from our freedom to travel wherever and whenever to needing documentation to get to one's job. Billy and I were considering just driving to FL to get the kids back here, but have decided it's prob not a good idea at this point. They are safe where they are and we could get caught with some serious traveling issues if they suddenly decide to close off entry and exit at state lines anywhere. They have a tentative flight scheduled for Sunday now but I wonder If I'll need "papers" to fetch them from the airport. This is CRAZY!
      (My eldest still has not got CV test results back but is feeling fine now and when she called this morning she was told it might be another 10 business days as they are so backed up, but that if she was still okay 14 days after testing to consider the test negative? God help those who are feeling worse instead of better)

  32. Huge political drama in Israel:
    Benny Gantz breaks off Blue&White, joins Netanyahu, forms unity government in rotation for 3 years. Will replace Netanyahu within 18 months. Yair Lapid and Bogie Yaalon split.

    All of this is still unfolding, who knows what it’s gonna look like by the end of the night.

    1. Jeova...I am so glad you posted today and TY for that important update. I actually woke up this morning with the unction to pray for you and realized you had not commented in a while. So I just prayed to hear from you and for the well being of you and yours and all of those in Brazil. Haven't heard much about how this CV is affecting your country. Be Blessed, Brother, and please keep checking in with your always informative and encouraging insights:-)

      Alla D and VeeBee...if ya'll can, just let us know how you're doing in all of this. Prayers up for both of you dear sweet Sisters:-)

    2. And today is Biblical Rosh HaShana I believe

    3. @Sheila B.
      Beloved sister, I praise the Lord for your care and attention for this family so dear that He has given us!

      Here, in Brazil, the situation arising from the CV is no different from that of the rest of the world. The city I live in, Fortaleza (state of Cear√°, northeastern Brazil), has an estimated population of 2.6 million people and is the third most affected region in the country.

      In the condominium where I live, some families have been affected and we are quarantined as determined by health and government authorities.
      Everyone in my house (Izabel, my wife, Israel and Ilana Sarah - my children aged 16 and 11) have some symptoms of a cold, but we have not been tested due to the scarcity of tests (only the most severe cases requiring hospitalization are tested).

      I work, as an Electrical Engineer, at the Power Generation Company of Northeast Brazil and I am being accompanied by the company's medical sector (I am 54 years old, I am hypertensive and I have lung nodules - resulting from pneumonia last year; therefore, sufficient risk factors for greater care).

      I am a Pastor at the Maranatha Christian Church (in Fortaleza, we have 60 churches and in Brazil 5000 temples - the tenth largest evangelical denomination in the country; in Brazil 65 million say they are evangelical) and we were commissioned to announce that JESUS COMES!

      This week, I was sadly surprised by my son's statement (dedicated to the Lord since his birth) that he did not believe in God and no longer recognized Jesus as his savior. This fact devastated my soul and was the reason for being away from the comments here on Rev12daily. I need the help of the Lord and the prayer of the brothers, especially for knowing that Jesus is at the door! I believe that is why the Holy Spirit awoke you, Sheila, to pray for me! May the Lord reward you greatly in what you need most!

      I love you all and look forward to meeting you, very soon, in Eternal Glory! May the Lord overflow us with his heavenly peace (peace that surpasses all understanding)!

    4. Praying Jeova for your son. That is awfully sad, when a loved on, a family member denouces their faith in their Savior, But I strongly believe, if at any point during his life, he believed and accepted the simple Gospel of Christ dying on the cross, being buries, and being risen again on the 3rd day for the payment of his sin, he was saved at that point, and will stay saved until the day of redemption.

      Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us.
      He promised that nothing can snatch us out of the fathers hand,
      He promised us ETERNAL LIFE to WHOSOEVER believes,
      He promised that he who begins a good work in us will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.
      He promised us that HEAVEN and EARTH shall pass away, but his WORDS shall not pass.

      So praying that he believed at some point, and if not, praying for your prodical son to come back in to his fathers LOVE and provision.

      As fathers it is our job to show our kids how to be saved, and what door to choose to walk through, but all we can do is point, and give the reasons why it is a better door. Only they can walk through it.

      But those years of ministering to him, will still be in him, and when the moment is right, will spring to life.

      Blessings brother, I love all your encouraging comments.

    5. Dear Jeov√°, praying for your son and for the healing and well-being of your family! The Lord's love and compassion for each and every one of us is so big, we can't even imagine right now in its entirety, i'm sure that He cares greatly for your son and His attention is on him constantly! Only God is able to do that. He always goes after the sheep who wanders away as our Good Shepard and always goes after the lost sheep as well. He also cares for every little details on our lives. He's got the big things and the little things covered, all of them! He's with you and with your family cosntantly!

      "“Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yes, these may forget, yet I will not forget you!" (Isaiah 49:15)

      (He put this verse on my mind to share with you.)

    6. Jordan and Nora, you brought me to tears!

      I am comforted in the Lord!

      MARANATHA !!!

    7. The Lord is good, blessings Brother! :-)

    8. Jeova', Blessings.

      My prayers arose, immediately, as you know; both against the Adversary and for your son, you, your family and all. We are told to raise a child in the way that THEY should go, as only a father understands a son, in this case, and when they are OLD they will not depart from it. As usual, Our Lord Leaves A Large Gap Between Those Two Ends Of The Spectrum, in which we live and have our days, amen, and you, and I, and many, find themselves IN THE MIDST of it, With Our Lord. Knowing that He Who Has Begun A Good Work, In Your Lad, Will In No Way Forsake It, Does Help, and I remind you of it, as my older daughters wander far and wide, hither and yon, far, far beyond my succor.

      Surely, He Will Rescue His Own From The Fowler's Snare; your son, not the least.

    9. Amém, Jimboni!
      Blessings, dear brother!

    10. Jeov√°
      My heart breaks Brother. I have a wife who said the same thing and is living in such a state. We had a great discussion about it in our last topic. I sense the agony in your writing of the approaching Rapture and how such loved ones that are saved might not make it to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, i.e., the Parable Of The Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22:1-14).

      I do respectfully believe that if one is saved, always saved and nothing can snatch one for Jesus’ hand if one has actually come to Christ Jesus. However, I can be wrong but those is such a state will need intervention and discipline that hopefully their hearts will not get to the point that they become so hardened that judgment can then only be decreed and will not be raptured.

      As I have prayed for my wife, I have asked that other Christians cross her path; that sounds, images and memories cross her path that might spark a desire to repent. I pray that the Holy Spirit that is in her convict her still of her desire for sin and the world and her lovers, if not seared by now. I pray that the ‘gods’ she has now elevated and given herself to be as broken cisterns that will not satisfy her and disappoint her. I pray this now for your son also.

      I see this in our university campus ministry and although it does occur and will, this last generation has been beyond comparison. It is alarming and heartbreaking. This is not the time to be dancing with the world but Jesus is shaking and sifting His Church it seems. There is a line being drawn in my estimation like in no other time as the Rapture approaches and did not the Apostles admonish that the judgment of the world starts in the House of the LORD?

      So, I pray for our Parodical loved ones, that they come to their senses that the world is passing and not worth leaving the source of true peace, joy and life. I pray for you Brother and your wife and family that Jesus comport you all and give you strength, wisdom and as the Father of the Parodical, I know you will be there watching as you pray also.

      I referenced this video of a sermon by Paul Washer in 2006 about the Christian Youth and of continuing to walk in the Faith and obedience. Perhaps you could forward it to him if he understands English.


      Your Brother Lu Vega
      We are praying for you.

      PS: Get a lot of sun for vitamin D and take vitamin C…orange juice!

    11. Prayers are with you all my brother, Jeova.

    12. Jeova...overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit as I read of your situation. Yes, your name came to me as soon as I opened my eyes this morning and I surely know the why of that now. And this is proof that our Lord Jesus is not only in it, but on top of it, Brother! He truly works in and among the Body of Christ, Amen. I will continue to pray for His covering re any illness that would try to come against your family and especially re your son's sudden itch to go Prodigal. I don't know if you remember or were keeping up with this site at the time, but back in 2017 (I think) He gave me a wonderful dream about "a heart etched on the shoulder of an Ox." What that means is that when we trust Him with all that is in us as we are in Him and He is in us, Jesus Christ as the Chief Ox will plow the field while we walk alongside Him yoked by our faith. He's Truly Got This!

      During college my eldest daughter (in her newfound higher educated wisdom) made the same heartbreaking decision to renounce the Faith, but even now after all of these years I see Him drawing her back to Him--albeit it's taken this "global disaster" to shake her sense of self-sufficiency and reconsider that choice. She's a good, kind and successful person according to the standards of men, but she knows in her heart that's not enough. I haven't missed a day of prayer for her nor, All Glory to His Name, has He ignored a single one of those prayers:-)

      So blessed to know you are a Pastor tending to so many of His sheep. I did see how they lit up the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil with prayers for the whole world and thought to myself--well at least those people know their Salvation is resting in the Open Arms of Jesus Christ. Many Blessings and Maranatha, Brother! May our Lord and Savior keep you and all of the Brethren in Brazil well and strong!

    13. I am in agreement with everyone here Jeova!
      Just remember that tho we are faithless, he remains faithful.

    14. Thank you, Lu, for your attention and prayer! You know the pain I feel and I pray that the Lord Jesus will confirm His Redeeming Work in your wife's life!

      My gratitude to Miguel, Sheila B. and Cathi G. for sharing this moment with me!

    15. Gutted to hear about your son Jeova - something I think on a daily basis about my own kids. Will be praying for you brother! Ryan

    16. Jeova, locking arms with everyone in heartfelt prayer for your precious son. Whatever foul spirits that lurk in darkness, luring the minds of our youth away from the Creator, they are NO MATCH against HIM WHO SAVES! The Lord is with you dear brother and He will fight for your son because He loves him beyond human understanding.

      Take courage and draw strength from Jesus, He is the Living, Powerful Word.
      "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1
      "For the word of God [JESUS] is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12 emph mine

      The Lord hears your prayers and the cries of your heart for your son. He is able, Jeova, I AM is able.

      "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?"
      Jeremiah 32:27

      "Blessed be the LORD, because He has heard the voice of my supplications! The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him."
      Psalm 28:6-7

      "The LORD your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing."
      Zephaniah 3:17

      Blessings brother!

  33. Charlie in DC this is for you. I have not yet finished watching it, but it is interesting and seems right up your ally.


    1. Touche Aimee.

      Here is one from a pure Financial perspective. Not good for the Joe Schmo consumer.

      The Atlantis Report (3/26)
      The Fed is Buying Everything with QE Infinity and Beyond.After The Bailouts come The Bail-Ins.

      12min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtwCDMb-9O8

      Hope all is well in the Peach State.

    2. That was very interesting Charlie, it sure seems like this financial house of cards is just about ready to tumble.

      You can see it is going to happen,

      "to combat the spread of Corona Covid-19, we need to eliminate the use of CASH, as it is dirty, and so many people handle it, so obviously it has all those bacteria..

      After that, the governments will say, because of all the business shut down, and the loss of tax revenue, and the extra costs, we have from dealing with this pandemic, we need to impose a haircut of 25%, actually make it 35% , actually lets call it 50% of ALL balances on ALL current accounts (checking accounts). so over night, cash will be worthless, and people will run to put their cash back into the banking system, and then the whatever percentage they decide for a "BAIL-IN" will be wiped out. What a time of hardship and poverty is coming on the world. I cannot even imagine how anyone could live through that period... Thank God we don't have to. Thank God he made it so easy for ANYONE to ESCAPE it.

      Crazy to think people are thumbing their nose, and procrastinating making that uber important decision of securing ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN.

    3. And your one Aimee, that was a very interesting video too, she i(Truth Stream Media) is very good at putting together those videos. WFS. praise the LORD.

    4. That was a good one! I do think this virus is real, but I am beginning to think it was released for just this purpose.

      All is well here! Hope you are as wellūüėĀ!


    5. Glad to hear ya'll are well, Aimee! I will try to find that video you referred:-)

      I see that our Dr. Fauci has set the stage for the "mandated" vaccines by stating the high probability that this CV will recycle again and again. And since they certainly can't crash the economy each time, the "mandated" vaccine will be the only "sensible" answer. Yes, We Must Fly Soon:-)

  34. Former UK PM calling for One World Govt to deal with virus !


  35. Been thinking on this whole covid-issue and arrived at the conclusion that:

    1. the virus is most likely not a hype in the sense that it could be a threat to the immune-compromised and for people having other illnesses and for the elderly. it seems pretty contagious. probably man-made. So, I agree with Miguel's approach he shared on this topic about above. Best solution to me is asking for, resting in and hiding under the protection of the Lord. I found Psalm 91 fitting for such situations.

    2. the hype is also very real to scare the sh*t out of people and scare them into compliance

    In a nutshell: I think the virus was released AND they use the global MSM machinery plus politicans plus everything needed to cause people to fear and panic and in their fear accept ALL the changes the elites want to do!

    Some wanted changes were offered and heralded pretty quickly (there's nothing to hide really): 1. get rid of cash, use digital money 2. let's chip everyone 3. just saw on Watchwoman65's YTC that a former British PM called for global governance to fight the virus

    1. It's also possible that there are 2 types (strains) of this virus, (as Ive heard of) a lighter one and a more severe one and people get either one or the other.

      It could effectively add to the confusion imo and produce contradictory cases.

    2. Nora,

      I agree with you completely!


    3. Good points Nora. I might add for clarity that I do think the likelihood of the virus being manmade or bio weaponry is highly plausible, even likely. Plenty of evidence for that. But remember, correlation is not causation.

      My take is this will usher in the things that get us to where we are going...but it was not some persons masterplan. That gives too much credit to people, who in general are stupid, and shortsighted. Instead, I believe, the coronavirus is a natural outcome of human sin. Bible is pretty clear about what should be eaten and what shouldn't and it's also clear about humane treatment of animals and good stewardship of this earth. China failed at that. It is a type of sin and sin has such consequences. Predictable. Absolutely.

      As far as the other pieces involved and all the speculation around it, the only one I need is what a biblical view allows.

      One of the things I hold on to, is that no matter what versions of the story we prefer, Jeremiah 17:10 says to me that God sees our heart, regardless of what conclusions we make, wrong or right.

    4. Sober verse, Miguel. Ty Green is doing a short series on "Pangolin, President, & Son of Perdition". His first video was a Preface. Today his video was on the Pangolin and CV with a history of the "wet markets".
      I know that here on Rev 12 the Pangolin have been discussed.
      He is going to connect the Pangolin with the President in his next video.

    5. Cathi...I've been watching Ty's vids, too. Really good info as usual, but I had to hide the screen during those wet market scenes--can't bear to look at such horrendous cruelty. I don't even want to eat a hamburger or chicken anymore since all of this CV stuff started. Been eating lots of bread and cheese lately with some veggies, or oatmeal and toast. Still having to cook it for for the hubby, tho:-/
      Please, Lord, come quick!

  36. God’s Roadmap to the End has a new one.


  37. Sheila B., and Fam, Blessings. Calling you out, Sheila, as I think it arose in posts, between us, about a year ago. While we have seen foreshadows, continuously, I think we are finally about to move

    from Subtleties to SUDDENLYS !!! @Sherry Rich YTC, Today, 14:19

    1. Jimboni...Blessings...I remember us using that phrase, but I can't remember the context exactly or what thread it was on. In this video you linked, when the Sister started talking about eating cherries, it brought to mind all of those stories I've seen this week about the Cherry Trees blossoming in DC and the city trying to enforce social distancing with too many spectators wanting to get a gander on that lovely annual sight. Seems a relevant confirmation to me. Maybe you can mention the cherry blossoms to @Sherry R. if you're of a mind and no one else has already done so:-)

  38. I think Trump mentioned Resurrection during that speech

  39. Hear the Trump of God on Resurrection Day

  40. Hi Guys,

    New video from Jaco: @
    YTC: Gods Road Map to the end
    TITLE: Did Trump just use Predictive Programming to confirm the I, Pet Goat 2 Timeline and our Escape?
    LINK: https://youtu.be/wBofJDKMnME
    DURATION: About 5 Minutes for the Meat

    Also One from Paul Dawson over at:
    YTC: RevelationChapter12dotCOM
    LINK: https://youtu.be/J-xT-WE4Or4
    DURATION: 20 mins

    1. Thank you Jordan, Paul Dawson is one of my favorite you tube channels.

    2. Very interesting Jordan. re Jaco's clip, I woke up a few days ago to the picture of our prime minister (who had just approved the abortion bill last week') wiping the blood of babies above the door to parliament and in my mind came the the thought that while we are covering our door posts with the blood of Christ, she is covering parliament with the curse of the murder of our unborn babies. Judgement is coming, and please Lord, let us be gone by Passover.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. People are still getting married even in isolation.

    2. Sawdy...Yes, I've also seen several reports of different "virtual" attendance weddings taking place. Some people would rather have their wedding party, family and friends attend via online than give up their planned dates. So these "odd" marriages are taking place and I suspect will continue on as a new "novel social distancing" fad. Jesus didn't say how they would be getting married, just that they would and I'm sure that others are doing "Skype" type meals and parties together as well. Also they are going out on their balconies in diverse places to sing songs together and entertainers are planning to do virtual piece-meal shows from their homes to televise on one screen since they can't get together on Stages. So imo, people will find some way to carry on with their celebrations until sudden destruction literally carries them away. Blessings and Maranatha:-)

  42. USS roosevelt personnel being hit by covid-19. This will be watched with great interest and enthusiasm by USA's enemies...troubling times.

  43. Jeova.. we pray that the word hidden in your son s heart will arise and stop him in his tracks .Much love

    1. Did you make it back safe and sound Veebee?

  44. Don't lose sight of Greg Lauer's work

    3/24/2020 — From the "Globalization 2.0" Department...

    "So, is the coronavirus signaling the death knell for globalization as we know it? Yes and no, according to a fascinating article at Bloomberg.com. According to the author, it signals the death knell for Globalization 1.0, the first phase of globalization that began after the end of the Cold War and had been slowly eroding over the last few years. The coronavirus, according to the author, is providing a clean break from this first phase of globalization and is likely to set the stage for the second, or Globalization 2.0, if you will.

    The author states that the second phase of globalization will separate the world into power blocs of nations that will all have their own militaries and separate supply chains that will primarily serve the needs of that bloc. According to the author:

    "[Globalization 2.0] is a story about new and re-emerging global divisions, more friendly to pessimists."

    Call me crazy, but what the author describes in his article certainly rhymes with Revelation 17:2–3.

  45. PLEASE pray that God will close down that p*rn site which zerohedge noted is offering free trash during lock-down. I didn't want to post here about it (and feel free Brad to remove if you feel this is inappropriate), however it reminded me of Sodom and Gomorrah and the removal of Lot when S&G was at its most wicked point. The internet over this next month will be the largest S&G the world has possibly seen and Satan is going to be dragging people in by the millions!! However it could also another clear sign that he will remove his Church very soon.

  46. Keeping in mind that cover-19 causes a loss of smell/taste (with food tasting bland) and considering the current lockdown:

    Isaiah 24: As Isaiah talks about God laying waste to the earth
    9 No longer do they drink wine with a song;
    the beer is bitter to its drinkers.
    10 The ruined city lies desolate;
    the entrance to every house is barred.

  47. Brothers and Sisters, I'd like to ask for your help, a prayer request. Please pray for my mom, for her healing and deliverance, she felt sick, weak and dizzy today. (No fever though.) Don't know what it is but I'd like her to get well completely.

    Many thanks for your help!

    1. Praying for your mom, Nora! The Lord be with the both of you, Sister. And He is Coming!

  48. Apparently Boris Johnson, the UK Prime-Minister has contracted Covid-19, boy does this virus seem to love the Rich, famous and powerful!

    YTC: BBC News
    TITLE: PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus - BBC News
    LINK: https://youtu.be/fSH2Ze3OGbY
    DURATION: 9 mins

    1. IKR! You'd almost think it was their latest #ME TOO movement...

    2. Panic on the streets of London
      Panic on the streets of Birmingham
      I wonder to myself
      Could life ever be sane again?

      The Smith's

      And that is comment 200


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