Preparation for the Tribulation

There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding the Coronavirus and how it relates to Bible prophecy...  There are some who so no connections, other who see some connection, and others yet who see immense connection.  Gary was even interviewed for a article about this in the Washington Post.  Here is an excerpt from the article
Gary Ray, a writer for the prophecy website Unsealed, agreed: He and his fellow evangelical End-Times writers are focused on what is happening with holy sites in Israel, not disease. “The key focus that we have in our minds is Israel. That’s God’s prophetic clock. As things progress in that country, we get closer to when the rapture of the church will occur, and then the tribulation,” he said.

Ray, who lives near Dallas, pointed out that there have been many pandemics in world history, and none of them have been a token of an approaching apocalypse. But this one might be different, he acknowledged — because of an astrological event in 2017 that Ray read as fulfilling a prophecy in Revelation. “Jesus said there would be pestilences and great signs in the heavens. And sure enough, both of those things are happening together.”

In Ray’s opinion, these portents should send non-Christians rushing toward the Bible, so they can convert while there is still time before the Christians are raptured and everyone else has to endure the wretched seven years. “God is a very gracious god,” he said. “He wants the most possible people to be saved. He’s giving sign after sign after sign, and they’re very clear.”
Here is the link to the entire article if you are interested.  The write had 4 experts, Gary was the best though by far!

Here are my thoughts on the matter....and I guess you can best sum it up by reading the title of the post again.  My thoughts are that God is allowing this to happen to set up the pieces that will enable the events in the tribulation to quickly happen just how the Bible says they will happen.

What do I mean by that?

Well for example...we know that there will be a one world government and also the mark of the best with I am sure most of us believe will by some type of digital id and likely an implantable rfid microchip.  It seems clear to me now that one of the things that will be included on that microchip will be whether or not you have been vaccinated.  This virus (along with the future ones described in Revelation) will exponentially raise the stakes for forced vaccinations.  How will they force you to do it?  Well its easy.... If you are not "verified" then your digital ID will be flagged and you won't be able to buy anything.  They will say something like:

"For the benefit of all of us, if you want to participate in the economy we need to ensure that everyone is doing all they can to stop the spread of this wave of diseases.  This convenient solution ensures that all of us will stay safe and healthy blah blah blah..."

Bill Gates reassigned from the board of Microsoft and is actually spearheading such a movement right now with his ID2020 program which talks a lot about vaccines along with the digital identity.  This program may start with 3rd world counties, but I have no doubt that such a program will roll out to the entire world once they get all the kinks worked out.  There is no shortage of info out there right now about ID2020 from a prophecy perspective so if you are interested check your favorite sites and you can learn more.

This this brings me to Robert Breakers video.  In it he describes the plagues in revelation, how they relate to the plagues in the Old Testament, and most importantly, how they relate to the here and now as we are on the doorstep to the Tribulation.  Like Pastor Breaker, I see the chess pieces moving into place so that when the Rapture happens all of the dominoes will fall to bring about the AC, one world government and mark of the beast quicker than most of us can imagine.  Just think back to just 1 or 2 short months ago... Christmas time with your family..... think of how fast our world has changed in such a short time....  I believe that all this preparation for the tribulation proves just how close we are to going home, and to me, that is the silver lining in all this madness.  As one famous teacher likes to say say...."Things aren't falling apart, they are falling into place."

Here is the video:  (56 minutes)


  1. "My thoughts are that God is allowing this to happen to set up the pieces that will enable the events in the tribulation to quickly happen just how the Bible says they will happen."

    Pretty much seems that way!

    In the past few days I've just had that impression as if Satan had stopped "waiting" for the rapture to happen and already started "Project Tribulation". (At least the *intro* part.) With all this push for digital currency, digital ID and an emergency global government.

    1. Not saying that we're already in the trib period, (I'm totally pre-trib in my views) it's just that feeling that it's "on our backs", extremely close.

    2. Birth pangs (strong ones at that) giving a glimpse, a foreshadow of the Trib to come. And if we're experiencing strong birth pangs then we must be extremely close to going Home. Maranatha!

  2. Glory to Jesus Christ our salvation, our Savior and Lord for taking us with him before these terrible years that will come on earth. Thank you that it is by faith alone in his sacrifice on the cross that we are saved and forgiven. Praise be to God our Heavenly Father for having sent this precious gift, the grace of free salvation, paid by Yeshua for us. It is such a great honor and a great privilege to belong to the family of God and to be seated at the table, as a family. I adore you Holy Father! I adore you Jesus Christ! MARANATHA! Carole

  3. This is more of an ALERT/ HEADS UP than comment on the 10 plagues.

    [Another blood water river up in Canada btw from 3/26].

    Following is from the Gov of Texas

    Governor Abbott Announces National Guard Deployment in Support of COVID-19 Response
    March 27, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

    As part of the state’s ongoing response to COVID-19, Governor Greg Abbott today announced the deployment of three National Guard Joint Task Force Brigades.

    >> The 72nd Infantry Brigade [Combat] Team
    >> The 56th Infantry Brigade [Combat] Team, and
    >> The 176th Engineer Brigade will operate ten general support units located throughout the state.

    **(Question, where are the medical teams here.....all I read here are "combat" teams? Do these folks carry fly swatters to swat the flu away the like the devices from Ghost Busters?)**

    "Whether it’s overseas combat, major storms, or deadly viruses, the Texas National Guard is always quick to defend and serve their fellow Texans," said Governor Abbott. "Texans can be grateful that these troops are now standing their post alongside healthcare professionals and first responders on the front lines of this crisis."

    The Governor has ordered an initial focus on two critical missions that will directly benefit from Texas National Guard’s unparalleled logistics capabilities, medical expertise, communications support, infrastructure maintenance, and transportation assets: assisting drive through testing sites and bolstering the state’s healthcare infrastructure.

    Over the past week, Guard members have practiced erecting and running drive through testing site locations alongside medical staff to ensure a well-coordinated process that allows Texans to access COVID-19 screenings in a safe, efficient way that also limits contact with potentially infected members of the public.


    Boy oh boy Sheila B., may we be taken out of here.

    1. God protect Jeff & Gary too, everyone else in TX

      and all other areas on this Earth where "the 322-19 task forces" are/ are coming to"


      I am no Jack Ryan, but I have seen enough to know those humvees in Baltimore are probably fitted with crowd control devices (covered in tarp). Mounts for guns can be done quickly, but these are not "medical" trucks to help fight 322-19.

    3. I feel soooo much safer now.

    4. Looks like they’re on their way to WW3 (on a strictly humanitarian basis, ofc).

    5. Trump authorizes DoD, DHS to call up reservists to fight 'virus'

      The executive order provides DoD and DHS emergency authority to order to active duty as many as 1 million members of the ready reserves.


      After Trump’s order, DoD reviewing how many Guard, Reserve troops to bring back for 322-19 'fight'

  4. The 40th warning! River runs red AGAIN

    @ STIL - 9:02 - Note: not the same river 40 times, rather, the 40th instance of a river run red, ala, The Plagues of Egypt & The Exodus, Maranatha!

  5. Thanks Brad.

    I was very disappointed to see one of my favourite preachers, deny that covid-19 was a sign that the END TIMES were fast approaching. Have a listen to.this 5 minute video. Two big thumbs down!

    YTC: A Farley Ministries
    Title: Does Corona Virus signal the end of the world?
    DURATION: (5 mins)

    1. Jordan ....that is awful..... think how many people are listening to him. And no The Times are here.

    2. Uhmmm, I DO think God is ticked off at us and He is justified!

  6. Greetings brothers and sisters have not been able to keep up-to-date with everyone. I have been caring for my daughter and family after her surgery period of course you know the challenges with travel I also came down with cold.. multiple allergies so stuck on the East Coast. Continue to think of all of you and pray for strength that you will run the race. I look back in January when the Lord spoke to me in said these words...... "The Corona virus is serious." I continue to pray for guidance and how to conduct the daily affairs in the health care field and seeking the lost. Be strong in the Lord and the power and he will lift us up !!!!!!! Maranatha

  7. From Five Doves Re: Plagues and Pestilence

    The Time of Moses Long Ago: Plagues, Dread, Then Exodus

    Long ago in the time of Moses many amazing things happened. Some were marvelous and full of wonders. Others were frightening and unsettling. Especially the plagues.

    We do not know how long it took all the 9 plagues to unfold, but one seemed to transition into the next quickly. No time to adjust. Great sufferings. Much uncertainty. Anxiety. Fear.

    Things went from bad to worse. No respite. No let up.

    But for some it was not ONLY about a plague ravaged Egypt.

    The Hebrews in Goshen within Egypt had different values. Protection in the midst of all the sufferings. They had a PATH just before them. UNAWARES.

    OUT of Egypt. Exodus!

    What if the global great sufferings related to 322-19 give opportunities in this time to seriously ponder and assess our values? Our very lives? NOW!

    What if THE PATH before some leads just ahead into Exodus? At the Passover Season.

    The Redeemed are not meant to be A People of DREAD as the Egyptians became between the outpouring of plagues 1 through 9. Then the deaths of the firstborn. Egyptians and Dread.

    Or. The Redeemed and Hope. How near is Exodus? Passover? The Blessed Hope...

    Was there not a severe pestilence in Israel?

    2 Samuel 24:15-17

    So the LORD sent a pestilence upon Israel from the morning even to the time appointed: and there died of the people from Dan even to Beersheba seventy thousand men.

    And when the angel stretched out his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it, the LORD repented him of the evil, and said to the angel that destroyed the people, It is enough: stay now thine hand. And the angel of the LORD was by the threshingplace of Araunah the Jebusite.

    And David spake unto the LORD when he saw the angel that smote the people, and said, Lo, I have sinned, and I have done wickedly: but these sheep, what have they done? let thine hand, I pray thee, be against me, and against my father's house.

    Did not the LORD stop it before it killed any more?

    So, are then not we, who are called by his name, the ones who could be calling on Jesus to do exactly that?

    2 Chronicles 7:13-14

    If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Is not our nation sick spiritually, and now sick physically?

    So why are we not really humbling ourselves, or truly praying, or earnestly seeking his face, or apparently not turning from our wicked ways?

    If we actually were, would not Jesus then be healing our land?

    1. I was just thinking about those verses in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. They have always made me feel like I'm not doing enough. But just now reading those again I was curious about whether they really apply to us. They were spoken to the nation Israel and I think it probably was talking about national repentance not the repentance of a remnant.

      I found this article
      I think it has some good points about the meaning of those verses. So thanks Charlie for giving me a reason to look deeper into these often quoted verses.

  8. 2nd wave of LOCUSTS could hit 1/3 of world's nations, warning says. Swarm can eat as much in a day as 35,000 people can eat

    1. Good point - with people inside, there won't be many around to undertake the necessary spraying.

    2. IF Locusts is plague #8, THEN

      #9 Darkness Comes (ie TBD Days of Darkness) and THEN

      #10 First Borns (of the Egyptians. others die with the lack of the Lamb's blood)

      BUT here in 2020 it may be the !st Fruits Departure/ Escape/ Departure... aligns with Passover!

  9. ===============================================================
    David Wilkerson - In One Hour Everything is Going to Change (from 2006ish)

    A "prophetic message" delivered by DW from the prophet Isaiah (say +/- 4,500 years ago).

    The PROPHET ISAIAH warns us that in the last days God is going to “turn the world upside down.” He declares, “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down” (Isaiah 24:1).

    According to this prophecy BY ISAIAH, sudden judgment is coming upon the earth, and it will change everything in a single hour. Within this short span, the whole world will witness fast-falling destruction upon a city and a nation, and the world will never be the same.

    Has this hour come upon the land? Is it still coming?


  10. TY Brad for keeping this "Emmaus" road open for all of us travelers as we walk along expounding together on all of these things that are happening while knowing that very shortly our Lord Jesus will appear to clear it up for all of us:-)

    For some insight on why our own govt. is rejecting the use of chloroquine and where the bulk of it might be disappearing to, check out this article at @zerohedge:
    "Escobar: Why is France Hiding a Cheap and Tested Virus Cure?"

    While I'm sure most Believers are humbling themselves in prayer against this ravages of this virus (at least I hope so), unlike amillennialists or dominionists, we know that these End of Days must come. This cancer of evil must be cut out as there is no other cure for humanity and it will not get any better, but only worsens by the minute. The surgery has been scheduled for an Appointed Day, Praise the Lord, and will ultimately be carried out with Complete and Perfect Precision. As it is Written...

    Blessings and Maranatha:-)

  11. As the troops enter the streets, the quote below comes to mind. Most people thought the 'threat from beyond' would be aliens, but it seems that this 'invisible enemy' is the CV, and this is the plan to bring in the NWO:

    "Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
    - Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1991.

    1. Now I see...Just after reading your comment, I had what was for me an unusual word to drop in my spirit. The word is "quisling", so I did a little research to find it's meaning and origin. It refers to one who aids and abets an invading enemy that has taken control over one's home country--and not just any traitor, but a specific kind of traitor.

      It originated and is synonymous with Vidkun ABRAHAM Lauritz Jonsson Quisling of Norway who as a Norwegian politician in Dec.1939 collaborated with Hitler to invade Norway. That invasion occurred on Apr. 9, 1940 which will be 80 years ago come this 2020 Passover and it opened the door to 770 Norwegian Jews being rounded up and sent to Auschwitz . Only 12 made it back to Norway alive. Quisling was paid 2OO thousand gold marks and given the short-lived position of Head Govt. Nazi Puppet in Norway for the betrayal. After Norway's liberation, Quisling was executed by firing squad for treason on 10/25/1945.

      I'm sure we have our "Quisling" in re to this "invisible" CV enemy invader or other attacks just as Israel has theirs and it may well be the same person or entity. IDK if this word "quisling" is meant to point to the onset of Jacob's Trouble beginning around Passover, or not...but that 80 years factor makes me think...maybe so.

      H#80--abaq--"dust" 6x all in re to judgment Ex.9:9, Deut.28:24, Is.5:24, Is.29:5, Ezekiel 26:10 and Nahum 1:3
      G#80--adelphos--a brother used 343 x

      H#343--ed--distress, calamity...
      G#343--anakalupto--to unveil used 2x 2Cor.3:14 and 2Cor.3:18

      H#770-Arnan--1x in 1Chron.3:21 in re to the descendants of David
      G#770--astheneo--to be feeble, weak, sick, diseased, impotent folk used 33x

      H#33--Abi Haezri--an Abiezrite--in re to Israel's Midian oppression and the Lord being their only help. (Judges 6)
      G#33--age--Come! Come now!

      We all know that when Israel slips into Jacob's Trouble, their geopolitical "brother"--the USA--is not going to be available to assist them due to being feeble and sick or weak and their spiritual "brother"--the Body of Christ--will be gone in the Harpazo.

      "quisling"--a strange, but appropriate word for today:-)

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Good word, sister Sheila.

      Makes me wonder:

      "Q" is for Quisling. If you catch my drift...

    3. Many politicians who are around now are likely to be still around when AC shows up. We are told AC will give land and money to his allies for a time. Still, people blindly trust their governments and expect them to fix all problems for them. Yeah, sure...

      Quisling was most famous, but he wasn't the only traitor. Look up the Vichy government in France during WWII.

    4. Blessings Sheila. That is a strange word, and interesting observation Jeff.

      The Q psyop also has its followers 'grateful' for the troops on the streets as they believe mass arrests will take place and take down the deepstate. I say psyop, because Q is just repeating what the new agers are being told by their deceiving spirits - the good guys will take over and the wealth will be redistributed in a new financial system.

      This might simply be a pacification program to keep the truthers/new agers appeased while the NWO takes over. But I also wonder if has something to do with the fallen angels when they are cast down to earth, perhaps masquerading as 'good aliens' and saviors of mankind. Revelation 12:4,9 ...and this might be what is coming down as we go up? ...and possibly very soon. (Though I could also be completely wrong about all of this!)

    5. Now I See,

      I am thinking along these same lines.

    6. Ofc I could be wrong, but I've always felt the Q stuff was some sort of a psy-op to keep an otherwise dangerous "patriot" mentality occupied, stringing them along post by post with just enough titillating information to make them believe there is some altruistic hope hiding inside the halls of our government. And all they need to do is just keep WAITING on it and all of their dreams of "justice served" will come to fruition and the world will be a better place. Many of these patriots profess their faith in Christ, but what they are looking for is just not Scriptural.The ONLY answer is in the Promised Return of Jesus Christ and He is the Only One I'm waiting on to mop up after these principalities and powers.

      I'm sure there are many good people out there ready to take up their 2nd amendment rights to defend this nation against the deeply embedded tyranny of the State, but it's way too late for that, imo. Like I told my husband who's often said he will go down fighting--"No you won't.
      When they actually get ready to disarm you and you refuse to cooperate, they'll just send one of those little bitty drones over the house and it's case closed." That movie "Angel Has Fallen" was an eye-opener re that, especially after learning about the Pentagon's L.O.C.U.S.T. program. No...the Only One who will put the kibosh on this evil tide is Jesus Christ and that is still prob at least 7 yrs plus in the offing--soooo the best avenue is to have one's faith in the Blessed Hope and be ready to get out when He comes for us..."Riding on a Cloud and Shining like the Sun at the Trumpet Call:-)


  12. Hello dear family in Jesus, I pray for my part that the greatest number of people will be saved through this world virus, that they will seek God, ask themselves questions and that we, the believers, will have the right words to explain to them. . May God send them to us to speak to them. And may the will of God be done. Jesus himself in the garden before being persecuted, asked the Father to remove this cup if it was possible, but he added all the same: but may your will be done! I don't want to pray against the will of God, and I know it all has to happen for the Word to be fulfilled. I pray for my loved ones and for the whole world and if it must be in this way that people come to Christ, it is perfect because their soul is worth the price of the blood of Jesus. People come to Jesus during this very trying time. The Lord returns and the prophecies before his return must be fulfilled. That does not prevent me from being worried about the others but God knows how to act in the life of each one to touch them. But it's just my opinion. Maranatha! Carole

  13. Passover Rapture???

    by Whackadoodle Samoan YTC

    The brother's got an interesting observation imo re a possible passover connection and the Book of Revelation.

    1. Another brother (Sam Sam) wrote this in the comments-section:

      "Brother Matt, that is cool how Holy Spirit led you to this study. Thanks for sharing. I had interesting conversation with God and exchange with Holy Spirit happen yesterday after work.

      I got a smoothie, and as I was drinking it in my truck in the parking lot I was praying. I asked, "Father, in Jesus' name, what's next?"

      After praying I clicked a random scripture generator. Mark 2:1-2 came up. I posting it below.

      The words in parentheses are not a part of the scriptures, but they are what I was getting from Holy Spirit as He communicated with me while reading.

      Keep in mind: I asked what's NEXT:

      And again he entered into Capernaum after some days; and it was noised (rumored, believed to be) that he was in the house (Here for us now). And straightway (in a moment, twinkling of an eye) many were gathered together (raptured), insomuch that there was no room to receive them (a great multitude) no, not so much as about the door (of heaven): and he preached the word unto them (revealing truth to us, knowing as we're known).
      Mark 2:1‭-‬2 KJV

      As I was driving away, I realized the store was Smoothie KING, and the address on the door was 333. God bless you all. WFS!"

      I thought that's neat!

    2. Nora...TY for sharing! That is a totally cool, insightful and encouraging word from Sam Sam:-)

    3. Yes, soon, very, VERY SOON.

  14. EQ 4.8 this morning in Wellington region (where parliament resides). It took place 11 days after the abortion bill was passed. 11 symbolises disorder, chaos and judgment in the bible. Watch this space...

  15. rom8 p4 repost - his life within causes us to groan with christ

    by David Benjamin in Christ YTC

    This video is pure gold to me, pure gold! I found it extremely comforting and encouraging, the way some deep issues are discussed and the *beyond wonderful* relationship the Lord has with us. I'm amazed.

  16. Just some science updates on covid:
    - researchers have postulated male 'fertility' will be significantly affected by Covid-19, particularly as the boy bits have ACE2 receptors. This is based on the studies during the SARS outbreak. Fertility issues were long-term with SARs.
    - zinc and elderberry are being touted as being helpful for minimising the impact of covid-19, however it is suggested that Vit A and D may be detrimental.
    - why does this matter (apart from the obvious)?; imagine a tribulation world where God raptures the babies/toddlers etc, and woman are unable to have more babies due to male infertility. Crazy stuff.

    1. Elderberry works by increasing cytokines. The problem is that in the lungs novel coronavirus causes a cytokine storm response which is exacerbated by elderberry. At least that is the theory I have seen proposed by a couple scientific sources. In other words, I would be very careful with elderberry, because if the above is true, it could just make it worse.

    2. Another thing that jumps out at me Ryan is this concept of male infertility and the inability to have children becoming the norm. Why? Because I have seen this hinted at via predictive programming in the past few years. For example that is a main component "handmaids tale".

    3. Handmaids tale was released 117 days before the eclipse and 150 days before the rev 12 sign. Looked it up just for grins.

    4. 10-4 Miguel P, Blessings. Game. set. match. Danger! Will Robinson, Danger! Exactly as stated, undifferentiated cytokine storm intensified by any one of a number of immune-stimulants is a very bad move. Those familiar with the emerging science of Glyco-Carbohydrates know of the two main formulations addressing this issue. Another reason why C-S is superior is that it is directly anti-pathogenic without triggering any cytokine contraindication whatsoever.

    5. Apparently elderberry is somewhere in the middle. Excellent for prevention and very early stages, but once you start experiencing symptoms, you need to stop due to the cytokine storm. We haven't been able to access any c-s as of yet, so are downing the kids in VitC and plenty of meat and fresh veggies to get the zinc flowing. Just grateful that our limes, lemons, figs, apples and early mandarins are in still in season in the orchard, and I have 40 or 50 broccoli, cabbages, cauli, silver beet and the like all growing like crazy (and trying to avoid the white butterfly).

      Unfortunately the vet council frown on us using c-s for treating animals in the clinic, so we tend not to have it in ready supply.

      Will check out the handmaids tale Miguel!!

    6. Yes, like the pied piper, a story about Yeshua's second coming, hidden in a childrens story about the avarice of adults...

  17. Hi family, just wanted to share the beauty that filled the air here today. Apparently today was Monarch butterfly migration day around these parts. The air was teaming with hundreds and hundreds of young Monarchs all day! It was so cool!
    We celebrated our oldest grandson's 4th birthday outside at a large soccer field and taking a break from running around the grass with the birthday boy, I sat down with a smile in my heart as butterflies zoomed past me by the dozens.
    Later on, late afternoon/early evening, I looked outside our 2nd story bedroom window and was amazed at how many butterflies were still flying about. We have an orange grove behind our house and the butterflies were everywhere. As I watched, I lamented to the Lord saying if only it was our time to transform and fly away. Maybe it is. I do SO truly hope it is!
    "Away, away O Lord my God
    I long to fly away."
    Hope this is an encouragement!
    Blessings and maranatha!

    1. Mom, beautiful scenario with your grandson and the mo archs. I am out here in east coast with family. Some what of challenge.. my daughter had surgery and is having a slow recovery. Our 4 yr old grandson celebrated a birthday yesterday of course on Quarantine. A novel way to celebrate with fire trucks n the police cars doing a drive by ... Cute. .We know that our God has created the butterflies for His children Lord bless you

    2. Yes, mom, I can relate with what you experienced today. I lived in Pensacola FL for about a year before moving to Texas, and I remember the Monarch invasion at this time of year. Beautiful sign and reminder of our own metamorphosis---soon!

    3. Mom...TY for sharing the Monarchs. I miss seeing them too. Sadly, Gus died this morning and I couldn't help but cry about that as the last effort he made to swim was to come alongside my hand on the glass and lean against it as if to say goodbye. Just the thought of that beautiful flurry of Butterflies and the way you celebrated your grandson's birthday made me some feel better:-) Lord willing and if I can find a pet store open over the next few days, I'm going to try and find Sally another friend, or hopefully two or three....maybe another Blood Parrot fish like herself. She was pretty upset when I removed him from the tank. They were an unlikely couple from what I understand about Jack Dempseys and their aggressive temperaments, but had survived some tough circumstances together before we rescued them from that 5 gallon bucket 9 yrs ago. Gus wouldn't have any other fish in that tank BUT Sally and he had the teeth to insist on it. Sally is big, but toothless, so maybe some new fishies will work out:-) Blessings, Sister and TY again!

    4. oooh love the monarchs. The video we watched last year in Church of the migratory patterns of monarchs from Mexico through to NS and part of the US was unlike anything I have witnessed. If you cannot look at the life of a monarch and declare beyond a doubt that there is a creative God, then there is something desperately wrong. That a caterpillar forms a cocoon, an enzyme turns the entire caterpillar into a soup of cells, after which the cell DNA happens to then turn the 'cell soup' into one of the most magnificent migratory butterflies, is beyond comprehension.

    5. Sheila, I'm sorry to hear about Gus! I remember how heartbroken I was when my guinea piggy died. I like fish too, I noticed that some of them are very social, they interact with their owners (and they could be so curious)!

    6. Blessings and heartfelt condolences Sheila B on the sad passing of your beloved beautiful Gus. I am so very sorry. When the passing of a beloved pet happens there is nothing that can take away your grief. And nothing anyone can say to assuage or mitigate your pain. I have learned, you just have to go through it, in all it’s stages. But know this, you will see him again and it may not be too long before you do. And then no more sickness, separation or tears. You gave him a good life filled with affection and nourishing care and companionship. You will be reunited with him. Please know I am with you in my thoughts and prayers. God is good and He will get you through. March 28 is the 3 year anniversary of my mother’s passing so it’s a sad day for me too but as we both know that our soon snatching away is on the horizon, I try to think of the future with her and not think about the agony of her passing. I think the grief over the passing of anyone you love does take time to be able to bear. I was incapacitated for a long time. Stay in God’s Holy Word as much as you can for I have learned that the Word gives me hope, joy, strength and peace and there is nothing better than drawing close to our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son through reading His Word.

      God bless you and comfort you and Jayden. That is one special little boy. So sensitive and kind. How proud you must be of him. And God bless and protect you and all your family at this crossroads in history whose end is Heaven and Eternity with our Lord and Savior and reunion with everyone we love who are surely waiting to greet us. I pray Sally stays well enduring the passing of her brother and that she will get to know another friend who can never replace Gus, but gives her the companionship that’s so important.

    7. Oh Sheila, I am so sorry to hear about Gus. My heart goes out to you and little Jayden when he learns of Gus' passing. That was so touching how Gus said goodbye before going. I have no doubt that Jesus has taken your beloved fish and placed him in a heavenly body of water, keeping watch over him until you get There. Poor Sally, who is suddenly without her pal. Soon and very soon we will be lifted off this broken world and transformed out of these broken bodies. Take heart dear sister, our redemption draws nigh! Blessings

    8. Sheila B. this surely debunks another theory of "fish don't have feelings." All God's creations/creatures have a feeling, it is one of life from which LIFE was given from the Creator to populate the Earth. Some were to be free and others to be witness of His majesty in home across the Earth. Even tropical fish from the wild oceans. With all your furry friends, I am happy to know if was not one of them to have Gus pass prematurely.

      Love your description of placing your hand against the glass..... truly truly endearing.

      Wow, what an Awesome and loving God we have if we (his primary and most important creation) can love and be emotional over a Gus. How much more is Love, Grace, and Mercy when we can talk!

    9. Amen and TY are wonderful people to care so much about even the smallest of God's creatures put in our care and your thoughts have me crying a different kind of tears. I am dreading that talk with Jayden this evening which has to take place before they go in the house, but thanks to your kind words I know what to say. I Just got off the phone with him trying to ease his little worries about this Coronavirus (and he has too many of them for an
      8 yr old child). I really do love the thought of ol' Gus already swimming around exploring a Heavenly pond and will certainly share that with him. Our God not only knows how, but takes the time to comfort us in all of our griefs--large or small--through His love residing in our Heaven-bound family:-) Blessings All and Maranatha!

    10. I'm so sorry about Gus, Sheila.

      Someone (I think it was a man)p a wonderful dream in a comment after one of Barry Scarborough's videos. I tried to find it again but couldn't, so I'll go from memory.

      He dreamed that he was in line to get on board the Ark. It was a really long line, but nobody minded because it was moving quickly and everyone was so excited to be there. There were angels entertaining kids. He had his animals with him, and an angel came up to take care of his animals, and assured him that he would get them back when he was in the Ark. The angel gave him a receipt for his animals, and he looked at it: three dogs, three cats... and an octopus. When he woke up he thought about that dream, and wondered why in the world there was an octopus on his receipt. Then he remembered that when he was little he was taken to an aquarium and he was so taken with the octopus, and hoped that he might have one in Heaven some day.

      I just loved that dream :)

    11. Rebekah...Oh my goodness, Sister...I love that dream, too! Thank you so much for sharing that one--and there you go, Nora:-))

      I will be sharing that one with Jayden as well. He loves all sorts of Marine life and has been counting on a Heavenly dolphin to hang out with ever since he got to swim with some of them at Disney's Dolphin Park a couple of years ago:-)

      Blessings and Oh So SOON!

  18. So, I was trying to do some research about the actual breakdown of the 2 Trillion (12 zeros) Stimulus Package but only a lot of her and there. Some said it was 1400 pages thick….like a phone book. What? You know it was already written and set to go. But some things didn’t set well. Of course the ‘lion’s share’ went to their Corporations. It does not set well with me that every President surrounds himself with the same people that run the Fed Res, Goldman Sachs, and their appointees, like now, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – from Yale and yes, a 322’er Skull and Bone-head one. Humm… Just like how Obama and the Bushes did before.

    And so long as the average working American will be getting their $1,200 USD ‘bailout’, all the while major corporations are getting billions; Disney World, airlines, cruise ship industry, as the masses have to settle for mere bread crumb?. What if it was proportional?...If the 2 Trillion USD Bailout ($2,000,000,000,000) was given directly to the people and the $1200/$3200 to the corporations instead? As a base, consider the following. It is a generalization.

    2 Trillion USD Bailout ($2,000,000,000,000) / ~300,000,000 million people in the USA = $6,666.66 USD check per person.

    Or if one considers only the official reported statistics of there being about ~150 million workers in the USA, (Labor Dept) that would be a check of

    $13,333.32 USD per worker.

    Instead, the $1200 USD per single person is only for those with a Soc Sec number but the amount is not even pegged to the cost of living in one's area. For example, in California, $1200 is the average month’s rent for a single room apartment. This means that although rent might be paid for a month for those having lost their livelihood, they have no other financial means to then pay utility bills, groceries and fuel.

    I found it also eerie that one of the provisions was $25 million for the JFK Center in D.C. Then interesting, that same day, Bob Dylan released a song for the 1st time in a long while about JFKs assassination 57 years ago. What?

    "Murder Most Foul."
    ‘The grim but soulful track painstakingly recounting the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, describing in detail Kennedy's presidential motorcade through Dallas when he was shot in the head and neck.’

    ‘Riding in the backseat next to my wife
    Heading straight on in to the afterlife
    I'm leaning to the left; got my head in her lap
    Hold on, I've been led into some kind of a trap.’

    Humm, I sometimes wonder if they will ‘JFK’ Trump at some point in time as, he is getting in their way or will? Or is he part of ‘Art of the Deal’? This is not intended to start another divisive discussion but just an observation to report.

    1. Hey, Lu, Blessings. My gambit is that when all of the cards hit the table, very shortly, entangled with the shaking of al things, and the revealing of al things, the answer to your enigma will remain concealed, for most. How finely diced these next few days following, or during that, are, then becomes the bigger question; for us, anyways, Wow, amen.

    2. Jimboni,
      Hope you are doing well, there in your neck of the woods. Yes....I find it also strange as far as the song goes that the song is 17 min long...Not too many songs go that far so, are they doing their Predictive Programming in that it was in 2017 the Office was taken/begun for D.T.? Maybe much about nothing or are they signaling? But as you said, we will see. Blessings.

    3. Lu - yes the song got ol Zerohedge readers up in arms! Intriguing to say the least.

      Re the bailout. This really is make or break for every single american. National bankruptcy looms; poverty and the like is going to come sooner than we think, and it will be either people crying out to Jesus in desperation, or people falling into such deep violence for survival. There are 50 million aborted babies blood crying out for vengeance, and God will indeed answer their cry!

    4. -[Everyone but the 1% will be utterly demolished, financially, and will be reset into 'their' new 'digital' system starting at a level/fair stage]-

      From Watching and Waiting

      *** Trump and The Fed Are Destroying USD ***

      If you believe that having all your money in cash in your gun safe or even sitting in a bank will totally protect it from harm, guess again. If the Fed continues to create money out of thin air this process devalues the money we already have saved. This is the problem.

      [This and calling cash 'dirty' are forcing merchants not to accept cash, forcing you to use plastic as long as the plastic will allow you to use it.... they can cancel us at any moment].


      It’s been an historic week for the U.S. with president Donald Trump signing a record $2.2 trillion coronavirus-induced emergency stimulus package.

      The massive cross-party rescue deal is designed to help Americans and businesses cope with the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

      The U.S. dollar has taken a beating, however, dropping almost 4% against a basket of currencies this week—its biggest weekly loss since the height of the global financial crisis over 10 years ago.

      *** Collapse of the Mortgage System ***

      Where do we suppose the Fed is going to come up with all the free money to bail out all these mortgages?

      The U.S. mortgage finance system could collapse if the Federal Reserve doesn’t step in with emergency loans to offset a coming wave of missed payments from borrowers crippled by the coronavirus pandemic.

      The U.S. mortgage finance system could collapse if the Federal Reserve doesn’t step in with emergency loans to offset a coming wave of missed payments from borrowers crippled by the coronavirus pandemic.

      Congress did not include relief for the mortgage industry in its $2 trillion rescue package — even as lawmakers required mortgage companies to allow homeowners up to a year's delay in making payments on federally backed loans.

      *** If $2 Trillion is OK, Why Not $350 Trillion? ***

      History has warned us what happens when governments print/create unlimited amounts of money...eventually it becomes worthless.


      However, Massie's final point that was the punchline:

      "If getting us into $6 trillion more debt doesn’t matter, then why are we not getting $350 trillion more in debt so that we can give a check of $1 million to every person in the country?"

    5. This is the end of private industry as we know it.

      'Government' will own EVERYTHING once this all implodes.... even 'private' homes as there will be no more private mortgage lenders... it will all be owned by the gov. So long imminent domain, we now own it all.

      With the CIC now owning all critical infrastructure (to include all the major grocery chains and all supply chains and all trucks etc....) they will control food distribution.

      You think all the social distancing is ridiculous now at stores, we haven't seen the govt way of doing things. I was amazed to see how a local pet store had made itself into a maze in order to block off access | only allowing 2 people in at a time | allowing access to the register only where you then requested the item you wanted. No free access anymore, and this was a 'private' company doing this.

      And so on.

    6. Charlie...dire and true. We've go nothing real to fall back on and no way to avoid it from an earthly standpoint. BUT GOD....
      Blessings and hold tight!

    7. To them, it is all about numbers as it is a language to itself. And they do take it seriously. For example, on March 4 when Biden basically won the Dem nomination over Sanders as of now, the Dow Futures went up 666 points. Coincidence? Perhaps. But as all mentioned with the housing and then the bond market, this coming month will be pivotal.

    8. ay Charlie - we had put our retirement funds into cash a wee while back in anticipation of the stock market crash...our issue now is where to put it to stop it from being dramatically reduced in value due to inflation/hyperinflation. Our government does not allow us to manage where our own funds go - we are either cash, conservative or growth. Bit stuffed any way we go.

  19. Is it just me, or are others amazed that within 6 days of the 'true' Israeli new year (24 March) falling, Israel looks to have formed a government (if they go through with 'sealing the deal' today).

    Kaduri prophecy to a tee it seems!!

    1. Yes, agree, so far it's accurate becuase both Benjamins "won" but at the same time neither of them could form a real government. A brother or sister said that this emergency government actually isn't "kosher" isn't like a real one and I think they're right.

  20. Why Do Believers Lay Hands On The Sick?

    by UltimateMordecai11 YTC

    The Lord bless this brother, the things said thru this vid are very powerful!

  21. Oh Sheila, my sister, I am so sorry for your fish! When I read that the fish was dead, and that it is as if the fish had said goodbye to you, I cried, the tears flowed all by themselves. I imagine the pain it caused you. We love our little pets so much. And the other fish who looked upset that this fish was no longer in the bowl. I sympathize with you my sister. Really! Carole

    1. TY have such a sweet spirit, Sister! He was a big ol' fish about 10 inches long and Sally, too. We'll miss him as he was always very interactive with us, but he met the well-cared for life expectancy for such a fish, so that's a comfort, too. Blessings and hope to meet you in the Clouds very soon:-)

  22. Apologies for this off topic subject, but revisiting with some new revelations on

    923 - Osiris Code 923 - 239 - 329 - Raising Osiris Code Examined (to include the GW on 9-23-17)

    From SMHP (3/29) Ha, note the #s in the date! On purpose, for sure.

  23. Blessings Jimboni and family. I was watching TH’s latest and stories of power outages are popping up all over. Some think electricity must be turned off to install 5Gee. Not sure about that but I know my lights flickered a lot last week. So, if all of a sudden you don’t see me comment anymore then know my electricity has been cut off. I won’t even be able to work as all my work is online. But I have flashlights and my hardcover KJV Amplified and so the most important thing is still accessible. I went through a prepper stage about 8 yrs ago thanks be to God.

    I even bought portable toilets and a butane stove and a ham radio. I have window film to help them from being shattered. I sure hope it doesn’t come to needing all this but we are living in unprecedented times and the law of the jungle may have already started from some anecdotes floating online.


    1. Me thinks #9 plague is coming to the Earth, soon: DARKNESS

      Yes, all electricity (and thus flushing toilets/ filling back up) will be cut (manually OR my hunch, Supernaturally) as the plagues have repeated themselves and we have seen 1-8 and now...

      Finally, no more iPhones or video games or TV or Internet etc...

      #9 looms on the near horizon.

      Latest from MF: Let's Light 'IT' Up (aka SkyNet)


      BTW, using 322-19 as a cover, NORAD is fully activated, full, and has closed its doors!

      Something (the storm) is coming...btw, they think they are protected by hiding under a rock and waiting for 'IT' to pass....(sounds like a verse out of Exodus to me).

      U.S. military command teams in charge of protecting homeland security are being isolated in the infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker where they will remain 'sealed off' until the coronavirus pandemic 'passes'

      I have no reason to doubt this report considering the 'time' we all know we are in...

    2. I'm expecting to start experiencing rolling Brown-outs anyway with so many people at home and the hot season arriving. Communications could get iffy but as Brad said, we do have a list of contact info for an emergency to be able to touch base as long as phones are working. If you haven't got your name and contact info on the list and want to do so, contact Brad by email and he will be happy to include you. If nothing else and IF it gets to that, we can send out group texts in batches just to touch base or encourage one another. It might be sketchy, but better than nothing for those feeling alone or isolated. God Bless you ALL and keep looking UP! He IS coming for us!

    3. Couldn't recall if I had mentioned it, but NZ govt is using this op to rapidly roll out 5G in Wellington. Rationale is 'we are at peak internet' due to covid-19 with our copper wires and the like. Argh!

  24. Wow, came here for some encouragement this morning, but all I see is a lot of doom and gloom. Thanks Sheila for that bit of encouragement "BUT GOD". It's Sunday, the Lords day, plenty of online live preaching going on today, chance to spend all day in "church" praising the most HIGH, giving worship to HIM. My God doesn't care about 5G, your mortgage payment or who is in the the White House. He only desires we call on Him in our times of trouble, seek his face, and draw closer to him. God is still in control!
    You want to be lifted UP, watch this
    4 minutes

    1Ti_6:15  Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;
    Rev_17:14  These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
    Rev_19:16  And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

    May God Bless you today brothers and sisters! Praise his name!

    1. Amen brother! Doom and gloom in the world is strangely an excitement of 'soon and very soon, we are going to see the King' within our spirits.

  25. Blessings all. Recalling the recent comments about Forrest Gump; if you really need to laugh out loud and often, I highly recommend the Forrest Gump novel by Winston Groom. I went through a Forrest Gump phase about 25 years ago and bought the movie, soundtrack, t-shirt, ball cap and then finally the book. I could kick myself for giving it to my cousin. As is often the case, the book has so much more and is so much funnier. I recall Gump and a monkey being sent into outer space and the newspaper headline was “Idiot and Monkey to Fly to Outer Space.”

    Not since my John Irving years had a novel made me laugh so hard. The book is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. You might soon have to read it by flashlight.......

  26. No doom and gloom here. When I go to work tomorrow, I can wear my pjs and never leave the house. Have struggled with Sunday night blues my whole working life. In college, would only take Tuesday/Thursday classes. The below link is 4 yrs old....

  27. Ok, doom and gloom.


  28. He’s right; they have been conditioning us for years for the Real Hunger Games. The enemy boldly shows us what he’s gonna do. he also knows what Jesus is gonna do. That’s why things are going to get much worse which again points to our Savior rescuing us and soon !

  29. Blessings all. Brother Jimboni, not intending to put you on the spot here, but just wanted to ask you about how long it might take an 8 lb cat taking the dose we discussed to build up enough reserves where enough saturation has taken place to start killing off bad cells. I know without an ultrasound there’s no way to tell if it has spread to all her lymph nodes and how bad bad is. She is still eating 3x a day but has been leaving a little more food in the bowl lately but still thinks the CS is gravy which she has always preferred almost more than solid food and so gets all of it. She’s just sleeps between meals. As much as I want her to live, I don’t want to make her suffer either. I don’t know if lymphoma causes pain. I guess if she were in pain, she wouldn’t be eating at all. I have not heard unusual vocalization which I did hear once before the lymph node was removed. Just an educated guess that I won’t at all fault you for if too little or too much optimism is expressed. Thank you. I do appreciate all the knowledge you have shared with me. I know the predicament she is in so please feel free and don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I have been down this sad lonely road before.

    1. Archangel, blessings. 'Saturation' dosage is a term I used relating to Pycnogenol, vs C-S. Pycnogenol has anti-cancer properties both in terms of attacking existing cancerous cells as well as inhibiting normal cells from flipping over to a cancerous program. Further, its quelling effect on the histamine systems, and other properties, make it a very effective anti-inflammatory, so greatly increasing your pet's comfort. Again, 1 tab daily will saturate your feline.

      C-S does not have a threshold, i.e. 'saturation' level that I am aware of. Having fell out of favor with the Microbe Revolution, it is also not thoroughly studied, nor well understood. While there are numerous electromagnetic mechanisms afoot with C-S, likely rendering its deeper understanding into that theory of everything as well as quantum/field medicines. Still, the best guess, thus far, as I've encountered, is that, for micro-organisms, C-S interferes with their ability to metabolize oxygen, so they suffocate, effectively. While C-S has affirmed mechanisms with cancer, directly and prophylactically, as well as healing, burn recover, and much more, the 'why's' of these are not well known/published.

      All that said, driving back to directions concerning optimal therapeutics, the only known downside to silver-plating your cat, in a dietary fashion, is the extremely unlikely possibility that she turns blue. (OK, a moment for Sheila B., Blessings, to recover from a hot tea incident.) Argyria is the only known side-effect of silver 'overdosing'. It is a permanent discoloration of the skin to a blue-ish shade. There are no known health issues involved, apart from the HUE and cry of the patient. To my knowledge, only 1 person currently lives with this condition: a gent in So Cal who's passion for C-S was a bit excessive. Last I heard, quite literally, he had gotten a job at Chuck-E-Cheese's as one of their 'Blue Guys' in the band. Historically, the very wealthy, who dined on exclusively silver flatware, become known as 'Blue Bloods' for this very reason. Should this occur I am sure the fur will cover and you can make her a YTC sensation.

    2. Ok, since we are on the topic of ‘Doom and Gloom’, I wanted to bring to your attention another possible but most likely Predictive Programming for America. Have we arrived? This topic is very interesting for those that like this genre. Given what is happening around the world but especially in the USA, it made me remind myself of the Apocalyptic murals in the lobby of the Bank of America Corporate Office in Charlottesville, North Carolina that basically depict what is rapidly unfolding before one’s eyes.

      Not sure if many have been aware of them. The B of A is really the Bank of Italy or Rome…Vatican if you ‘follow the money’. One of the best breakdowns of the possible meaning is done by Vigilant Citizen, in an article written-up now 10 years old but perhaps more relevant.

      In one the murals you can sense the rapture of a woman in a ‘box’ prism being lifted up, an eclipse. And then the astonishing, in another mural there seems to be a pandemic, martial law, rioting, quarantines….humm, like now? But above it, another possible inference to the Rapture as the people being above the circumstances are enveloped in ‘Doves of Fire’. The only such symbol that connotes is the Holy Spirit in its symbology. Perhaps.

      I think it is good to discuss what is in our minds and exchange ideas, not to fear-monger but to seek wisdom in a multitude of counsel no? Especially now as things are looking that bad. Of course, we, being Followers of Jesus, know that we have the Peace and Joy that surpasses all understanding and circumstances. And we know what is going on by looking at all aspects. It goes without saying but a reminder that we are those that are watching and reporting. And thus we vet-it-out. The good, bad, ugly. Amazingly, we are those that have been told to us ahead of time. Imagine those that have no clue what is happening Biblically? Yet sadly many either will not heed the warnings to receive Christ Jesus NOW before it really comes to pass.

      This event, is like no other. In comparison, it is making the Stock Market crash of 1929 look like a BBQ. To me, it is really 9-11 (2.0). As they demolished the Towers, they have demolished the economy. At no other time have 3 billion + been sheltered in place or economies of whole nations put on hold. As the averages in the USA for Unemployment have been roughly 250k, a 3 million + workforce laid-off would be cause for panic. As many rightly note, next month will be critical. Realize that the natural flu season is Dec, Jan, Feb, March. Naturally, the virus should, should be then dissipating with more humid and warmer temperatures, for the most part. Yet the deaths that can take up to 4 weeks even with those ventilators will not see the statistics until mid-April and May as that is the projected peak which will be horrific…and then all those on the other side of that curve. But take heart that those of Jesus are ‘ahead of the curve’ at least prophetically.

    3. Blessings all. Jimboni, thank you, brother. I did read briefly about the blue hue and had no idea that’s how blue bloods got their, uh, nickname, as it were. Very interesting. Well, she’s still mostly white with two grey spots on top of her head and a big round grey marking near her tail. I guess sleeping between meals is probably best for her as I can only fearfully imagine the dynamics taking place in the complex maze of red blood cells, white blood cells, and the judgment of CS and pycnogenol on the enemy cancer cells. So much taking place in a docile feline who has enjoyed good health except for poor teeth her whole life. I have to say every time I find her bowl bone dry, it sends a surge of joy through me because it’s one more powerful blow against the foreign invaders. I hope we caught it in time to do some real damage to them. But I know when bad happens, it happens rapidly, and, ofc, healing takes forever. Even though our current world is bizarro I am still so glad to be home with her and not be agonizing over her at the office. If I am forced to do what I dread, I will do it because I could never ask one of my pets to suffer so I could hold onto him or her. I made that terrible mistake with my first cat and hung onto him days longer than I should have.

      Blessings VegaPost. I used to visit Vigilant Citizen all the time. The evil, red-eyed horse at Denver Airport that killed its sculptor comes to mind. And the Cecil Hotel has too many unsettling happenings to mention. I believe there was a video of a frightened young woman in an elevator that seemed to open and close when it felt like it and she somehow got into the water tank on the roof where her remains had gradually been emptying from the faucets to the dismay of guests.

      You’re right, ofc, that many remain blissfully unaware of the times they live in and continue to play video games on their smartphones and these are adults in their 50s. Some think this too will pass not knowing anything remotely biblical or the current events in Israel. It humbles me and saddens me.

    4. Lu - do you have a link we can follow on this?

      Archangel - from the fellow vet in this blog, your level of perception as to your cat's level of comfort is key in all of this. Unless someone is willing to pay through the teeth for treatment for their animal, we always encourage owners to choose quality over quantity of life. Apart from the eating, and toilet duties, if she shows ongoing signs of lethargy and you cannot afford necessary treatment and the c-s and the likes are not working, then I would encourage you to consider putting her down. Animals are not humans, and our most painful thing we (used to) see were owners wanting to carry on with extending their pets lives for their own needs, while the pet suffered unnecessarily. A tough call, but if you are feeling like she is suffering, make the call. Ryan

    5. Hello Zeal Life,
      I included the link. I believe it does work? Let me know otherwise...
      Blessings and the LORD's provision and protection you and household.

    6. Jimboni, I'm glad you went there with the blue tint. I was wondering anyone would bring it up. You did so well with a solid measure of humor. I was cracked up.

      Lu, really loved your perspective, especially , "I think it is good to discuss what is in our minds and exchange ideas, not to fear-monger but to seek wisdom in a multitude of counsel no?" And, "But take heart that those of Jesus are ‘ahead of the curve’ at least prophetically."

      Ryan, I didnt know you were a veterinarian. I have a huge amount of respect for veterinarians. Incredibly demanding job both in required training and knowledge and work. Also I had a microbiology course on college lead by a retired veterinarian and he was absolutely my favorite teacher and class ever. I bet you have some amazing and funny stories.

    7. Archangel, blessings. Certainly we don't want to miserate our pets to comfort ourselves. However, I suggest that this sleeping spate is exactly the best thing you would hope for. Such strong interventions at this point in the disease cycle, especially if they are being effective, are bound to materialize some form of 'healing crisis'. One side effect of C-S being introduced to an entire bio-system is that as the general level of microbe fauna reduces, it frees up significant resources within the larger immune system. Thus, in addition to its direct action, over a period of 7-10 days, general immune function will also increase ad be better able to focus on the problem area. Through similar, though different channels, the same positive cycle is now in play with Pyc. All of that, alongside the tremendous efforts underway, as you allude to, and deep rest is very good now. My guess is that she will likely pass through this fatigue stage, over the next week, or so, or, alternatively, at some point may not awaken, if called. We should all be so blessed, Maranatha!

    8. Blessings all. Jimboni, I absolutely agree that sleeping is important with all that’s going on in her system. Rest, even for humans, is vital to recovery because if we expend energy on anything else, then your system may force you to rest via total collapse. So, I am just putting her food in a shallow dish in easy reach. She is still eating but I have changed to smaller meals. I haven’t seen heavy breathing or any outward signs of distress save a couple messes outside the litter box but the steroid can cause that. I am tiptoeing in and out of her room and making sure she gets fresh air and no additional stress on top of what she’s already enduring. I am hoping to just get a glimpse of a corner-turn for the better.

      Zeal Life. Blessings. I understand. I remember listening to a vet talk about having several dogs on respirators at the owners’ request and I could tell he completely disagreed with them. I know from having cats with CHF, not being able to breathe is the worst. I am willing to have thoracentesis done once at the most twice and then I have to let them go.

      I have had great success putting one cat on a raw food diet and adding taurine to it. He lost five lbs and no longer requires insulin and it has been seven months since his heart failure and he runs up and down the stairs like a champ. I read Frances Pottenger’s years long study on cooked food vs raw and was amazed at the findings. Since cats share 95%/of their DNA with their ancestors and are obligate carnivores, a raw diet just makes sense. No fear of bacteria since their digestive tracts are so short and they have so much more hydrochloric acid than mere humans, nothing has a chance to even take hold. I, however, am extremely careful handling raw meat. Taurine is a blessing from Heaven and very safe.

      Thanks everyone.


    9. Ay, manufacturers add Taurine in spades to pet food for that reason. You will be horrified to know that pet food manufacturers make more profit off pet food than they do food for human consumption!

      Miguel - Unfortunately - many of us have now left the profession and are working in other areas due to the exceptionally low pay and long hard hours (which is why I had noted 'used to'). The suicide rate among nz vets is ridiculously high (highest among all the professions in nz). I work in the ag field as a govt vet now but keep up with the professional requirements needed for re-registration. So alas, aside from re-spouting James Herriet stories (they really are funny), I have few of my own except what we heard at uni (including the quarantine of two vets who had identified rabies in a dog, only to find a bar of soap in the dogs mouth some 8 hours later during the pathology exam). And no, you really don't want to hear our 'student' uni stories as they were replete with in-house water fights, tractor rides in central square in the middle of the night, random fairy wings being chased by police dogs and more of the same. Gosh - we were pretty thick back in those days. PTL for children who keep up sleepless and crippled and thus unable to revert to those old ways. Gift from the Lord and all that:)

    10. Blessings Zeal Life. Those pet food companies are like a cartel confederate with vets. I did all the research on my own. The vets didn’t even recommend testing for taurine levels and they know how critical taurine is for the heart, eyes, etc. I know the cooking process destroys whatever taurine may be in the food. But healthy cats don’t need $700.00 ultrasounds and expensive blood tests. I do admire vets. There are many med schools but very few veterinary schools so you really gotta be top of your class Jimboni smarts to gain admission. I just thought they had an oath to alleviate pain and suffering and increase quality of life but the cardiologist for my cat Mickey told me she will have heart failure again, it’s just a matter of four months or five. And she did. By the time Mitch got it, God is so merciful and I give Him all the Glory for saving his life over and over and teaching me what to feed him and about the taurine. No nutritional advice at all from the vets. I believe they stopped instructing them on diet decades ago. Shame.

    11. I am truly sorry at the suicide rate. That’s awful. The “prescription” food the vet put Mitch on raised his blood sugar. In fact when his blood sugar got too low I gave him the prescription food to raise it. It has been quite an education. When I explained to the cardiologist what I am doing with Mitch, he stopped all contact.

    12. Animals don’t need carbs so all dry food does is dehydrate them and ruin their kidneys. Much of the commercial pet food comes from the refuse at slaughterhouses. Yuck. I wouldn’t ask my pet to eat anything I wouldn’t go near. And I remember when China killed so many pets in America by artificially increasing protein levels with melamine and the animals died horrific deaths. Another reason Made in America shouldn’t have ended.

    13. Jimboni...the blue hue thing did tickle me as just last week a friend had called me to ask what I thought about nebulizing with CS--which I had already looked into a bit and personally decided against doing that. (Just super cautious when it comes to experimenting on myself after the tea tree oil fiasco;-) Anyway, I told her then that she needed to research that as much as possible first and just be careful not to overdo it and "Smurf" herself in the process. She was like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!":-D

      I always prayed when it came to that time that my pets would just quietly slip away in their sleep. Rarely happens that way, tho, and a choice often has to made and always in the animal's best interest. I've gone about it both ways and for me neither was less painful than the other, but if an animal is in serious pain and cannot easily let go (which is esp. common in dogs with their sense of loyalty) imo, it's best to take the most humane and gentle route possible. And it's truly a blessing and so much easier on the animal when you have or can find a vet that will make a house call. Either way, it's devastating to our hearts and I'll be so grateful when we never have to deal with that awful specter again for man or animal, Amen.

    14. AND we'll never have to worry about food safety again--for us, our children or the animal kingdom! But for now one needs to read so many labels just to find out where something comes from and what kind of poison it might contain for both people and pets, then sincerely pray for the Lord's blessing over every meal (or bag of pet food or treats we buy:-)

  30. Replies
    1. Jordan, thanks for the heads up. I took it in and, as I commented, was taken by how very similar it is to the work I jostled with concerning Mark as an NT TYPE as Unsealed by working through LBTK's dream, which Brad graciously posted. As my venture was very 'in the moment' over a day, or so, it is much more fluid/organic than the more detailed, point-by-point TYPE which Gary unpacks.

      Still, esp for those who struggled through my attempt to share what I saw, this model of Typographically SEEing NT Truths, in 'TYPES', seems both a natural extension of using it to look backwards, future proves past in Scripture, as well as a more formal model for much of what we do here, all the time, with Strong's and similitudes within the lives & stories of the Apostles, and Christ, applied to THIS moment as a TYPE. Very cool.

  31. Have MUCH to catch up on I see! Have been busy with family needs and a birthday.

    Brad~SPOT ON! Want to add my 2 cents but first Old Business....
    I just realized that after 200 Comments, Blogger will allow more but you must click on "Load more" to see them! So am re-posting this Comment in case Lu and Jeova missed it:

    Lu, not sure if this will post or not being it is No. 209 but wanted to thank you for your comments, dear brother. As a watchman of the Lord, He is gracious to show me warnings in visions or speak them within my spirit. Sometimes it is only an impression in my spirit much like how Sheila was impressed in her spirit to pray for Jeova (as shared above). He is gracious to speak to ALL of us but perhaps His grace has been extended to me to hear warnings for such a time as this. I/we only know in part, of course. As members of His Body, we NEED each and every one♥

    Jeova~Be encouraged dear brother♥ The same thought Jordan shared with you was mine also--your son probably was already saved as a very young boy. My oldest son was born again and speaking in tongues at the age of 3 yet in his teen years rebelled against us and the Lord. He now has come full circle back to the fold after decades of prayer. With the SHAKINGS that are happening, I believe your son's eyes will be opened to the TRUTH and will also come back under the protection of the Lord!

    New Business: As I wrote, Brad, SPOT ON!

    What we are seeing is the world elite setting up a temporary global government and making final preparations for the Tribulation especially for a SOON-COMING GREAT CATASTROPHE! Endtime Dreams and Visions YTC did an interesting recap of Israeli News Live's video What No One Else Will Tell You:

    I was surprised Bob Barber did not link to Steven Ben DeNun's video, so here is that link also:

    Please let me know what you all think. I know there is a LOT to process out there--I haven't even had a chance to read everybody's comments above! But love and thank God for you ALL♥♥♥

    1. Brothers and sisters, I have just made a rather profound connection, I think. It goes like this, please let me know your thoughts:

      Apparently many in the watching community believe that darkness will occur before the rapture - Some because of dreams. I have not heard any real biblical reason for this belief, until charlie above posted about it aligning with the plagues. I haven't watched it yet though.

      Then my realization. I have been asking the question why Noah was instructed 7 days before the rain to get on the ark and shut the door. Why not just the day before or moments before. Then the obvious finally hit me: it would have been dark on the ark. Could that be another model indicating the darkness? In looking at the specs for the ark, I found it interesting that there is heavy debate about the usefulness of a single window 18 inches from the top of the ark. Genesis 6:16.

    2. Uhmmmm Coooool,

      Great discovery/ revelation Miguel. Darkness inside the ark also required faith from Noah + the seven... the 18" window representing the "door" from above being the only light the Bride will see in her flight amidst the dark ark?

    3. Good call Miguel! So we have Noah...Jesus in 'darkness' 3 days before the resurrection, Jonah 3 days in darkness before his 'resurrection, the darkness plague in Egypt, Abrahams 'nightmares (darkness)' before the covenant took place before God and Abraham (dividing the land alignment possibly), and we are also reminded that the bridegroom came for the bride in the 12 virgin parable at night. Anyway - some of these may not fully align, but some interesting types as you have pointed out. Ryan

    4. Dabbling in the dark arks, I see...


    5. Funny, Jeff...and not to burst any bubbles, but the Israelite's did have light inside of their dwellings per Ex.10:23, even as Egypt was plagued with the thick darkness, so it is possible that Noah and company enjoyed the benefit of some supernatural lighting inside the ark.

      The idea of the 3 DOD when presented as a terrifying PRE-Rapture experience with hordes of screaming demons trying to claw their way into darkened homes does not sit well in spirit with me at all. But I can imagine vast power outages possibly occurring while those who belong to God could have otherwise inexplicable light in their dwellings as this lockdown proceeds. Be another good witness if it were to come to that:-)

    6. Boy Sheila, if you're gonna drop that little bomb, I guess I better tackle it first. Lol.

      In no way am I indicating demons in the dark post had nothing to do with that. I think I get why you mentioned it, but just to be clear, there are several models/types for darkness first then rapture. Do you see why it would be important to recognize this? Imagine how unsettling it would be even for watchers, to suddenly be in a position of minimal, if any communication, limited light, and the potential dark thoughts that go with it. On the other hand if we already know that it is a precursor, final signal to our escape, we are going to be elated, comfortable, and ready as ever.

      Speaking of ready, it is also feasible Noah and crew had candles or similar. No supernatural light required. Dont see where we should expect supernatural light, until the exit.

      Moreover, now what if the oil in the lamp is a hint for actually needing candles or flashlights.? I know its primary meaning is the Holy Spirit.

      Jeff, dark arks! Good one.

      Ryan, some great examples! Makes me wonder if we should prepare for three days or seven days of darkness.

    7. Dark arks. That’s funny.

    8. Oops , sorry...did not mean to imply that's what you were hinting at re the 3 DOD, but that's just what was going around so strongly when those "prophetic" warnings first started coming out and that's where my mind went in thinking about that again. And you're absolutely right on possibly just having the normal provision of candles, flashlight, etc:-)

    9. It is an interesting notion to consider what would have been the light source on the Ark for that almost year-long journey. And also consider that they had to stay put once they landed on the Mountains of Ararat, waiting for the ground to dry enough. One natural and possible way would be from that 1 small window that was made and imagine how much light that could have brought in; like a match lit in a darkened room or candle. But I highly doubt it as could have been a fire hazard to burn down the Ark?!

      Some estimate that the average animals were no bigger than a dog, horse and most would be in a state of induced hibernation perhaps aside from the dinosaurs that did not need to be as those gigantic ones. But consider that the building of the Ark and technology was such that we have no idea how advanced it was or knew about and that such types are being even now suppressed by the Cabal. Most think of such times as barely civilized barbaric in sheep skins and wooden tools, etc. This is was an age where humans lived for 100s of years and had all that forbidden knowledge of the Fallen Angels and how they build the Great Pyramids for example and in those chambers….they inscribed the carvings in a totally enclosed chamber...without light? Yet without any soot of lighted torches…humm… So perhaps same type of technology.

    10. No worries at all Sheila. It is a fair point. We just need to decouple the two ideas. Cause you are right that people are using scare tactics that are most likely inaccurate.

  32. Jeova posted a really awesome breakdown of where we are in relation to Luke 27. His post is at the bottom of the Peace Deall Imminent article here at rev12daily.

    Jeova, if you dont mind add it here.

    1. Hi, Miguel, blessings!

      LUKE DESCRIBES a particular state of affairs at the time of the Rapture:

      “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed” (Luke 17:26-30).

      We understand that Luke’s picture of normalcy is referring to the days preceding the Rapture rather than the Second Coming because by the time of the Second Coming the earth and its inhabitants will have been utterly decimated by war, plague, famine, asteroid impacts, earthquakes, and a host of other divine judgments (Rev. 6, 8-19).

      According to the Book of Revelation, most people on the planet will not survive the tribulation period.

      In view of the burgeoning pandemic, some in the prophetic community are wondering: have we already crossed over the threshold of normalcy described in Luke, thus ruling out the possibility of an imminent Rapture?

      I don’t believe so, and here is why.

      Though the Coronavirus has caused worldwide panic and behavioral changes, the reality is that among earth’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, only about 675,000 infections have so far been reported. That equates to .008 percent of the earth’s population. Global deaths to date number around 31,000, which is about .0003 percent of the total population.

      What’s more, while it’s clear that an economic collapse of biblical scale is in the making—that the stage is being set for hyperinflation and the rise of the “beast” system—the financial, business, and social order remains intact: People are buying and selling—even hoarding. Commercial and residential construction continues. Crops are being planted, harvested, and distributed. And while public gatherings are limited or banned in many places, weddings are still being held.

      In short, despite toilet-paper shortages, semi deserted streets, and quarantine camps being constructed in cities around the world, Luke’s description of the days preceding the Rapture—people eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building, and marrying—fits today.

      Luke’s imagery could also apply to a rebound-period, a lull in the corona-crisis, that may occur later in the spring or summer. If infection rates drop off with the warmer weather as some speculate, we could see a mini-boom spurred by a combination of cabin/spring fever and the loosening of government restrictions on gatherings and commerce.

      The bottom line is that, while no one knows the day or hour, conditions remain ripe for the Rapture to occur.

      So be ready, and keep watch!

    2. I think that's spot on Jeová! Though I hope we won't be here for the summer.

    3. Very sound, Jeová. Thank you.

    4. Amen, Nora! And TY Jeova:-)

  33. Hello everyone,

    IT is just getting closer and closer. I am hopeful for something Supernatural for those who believe in and have their trust and faith in Jesus Christ. This is my Good News. Passover (aka Deliverance) has never seems so sweeter than NOW. Funny how the jews see Passover as a bitter-sweet prophetic.

    Doom and Gloom to follow:

    (1) This is not just Economic Collapse.This is Banking Collapse,Dollar Collapse,The Collapse of America
    From the Atlantis Report (3/30)

    (2) The war on us is about to begin....multiple sources say lights out around 4-1 or soon thereafter (see #1 above as reason to incite this action to cause a shut down of some utilities). Even my older sister is now aware of the hardware movements about the country as a friend of hers sent her a video of a long train with lots of mil hardware, finally putting 2 and 2 together.

    Please refer to the Governor of the State of Texas letter above re: combat troopers in this state.
    The additional (up to 1 million mil reserves) requested by the CIC to fight the 'virus'


    (3) As a very real observation, the Secy of the "Dept" I support/work with for has sent out a new video re: the fight against 322-19... As an aware person of their schemes and symbols, I can plainly see this indivudual is working for team "pyramid" wth the now easy to read language... this 322-19 has been a great cover for them to get we sheeple indoors as they move their pieces into place and secure what they need to. ("F O") State Police checkpoints are all over the place.

    33 Degrees of Separation - Open Your Eyes To All Their Lies!
    From SMHP (3/30)

    1. Thanks for the warning Brother Charlie. Hope I didn't offend yesterday with my comment. I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I understand what you are trying to do (and everyone else) is keep people informed. I think part of it was that I found out Saturday a friend of mines wife may have the CV. Doctor said 80% chance in his opinion, and she works at a long term care facility that has been hit hard. Been praying for her of course, and this morning found out test came back negative (PRAISE GOD). Also had a co-workers who's Dad was showing symptoms of it also (found this out Friday) and was admitted Friday, and another PRAISE GOD, found out yesterday afternoon that he is also negative. People at work know I have been praying for them, so I am now praying that the Lord will work on their hearts and open doors for me to share the gospel with them.
      Looking Up!

    2. IF this big war/invasion scenario is true... I wonder what will be Europe's role in all of this? What will happen to Europe? (As it's on mostly lockdown too.)

      Any thoughts on that, Brothers and Sisters?

    3. very bittersweet it is Charlie - the 'quisling' report on zerohedge this morning got me riled up.

      Nora - I have the 'Islamic AC' perspective that the EU will simply fall in line during the last days in line with the false prophet (I believe to be the pope). It failed Italy miserably these last few weeks, leading people to believe that we may see the EU break up even more. Like the US, it is about to go broke, while China's tyrannical rule will grow significantly. Middle East war between Shia and Shiite nations (with some of the EU/UK and US nations stuck in the middle) is what I am looking at next.

      Anyway - one opinion among many...

    4. Zeal Life, (Ryan? Am I remembering your name right?...) Thank you for your reply but what I'm really curious about is what would happen to Europe and NATO countries in it during such an attack on the USA if an invasion or such thing would happen? At that exact time (not in the long run I mean).

      I dont exclude the possibility that the AC could be MEastern/MEastern descent though I dont really believe that he'll be Islamic but I agree that there are many-many theories and speculations, nothing's wrong with that. I guess we probably wont know for sure at this side of the rapture.

    5. Dear Chris O,

      For sure I am not trying to be Mr. Downer and and certainly not trying to beat this horse into submission.

      I love you came into the stream here with a joyful tune, with your praise and with thanksgiving. While we are ALL just shaking are heads and can easily pile on the news/happenings while looking to piece thiungs together.

      We need to remember our thoughts and praises ought to be on HIM and all about HIM while these things come to pass.

      Thank you for joining in with us here and the entire watching community (plural here).

      Blessings in Jesus' Name

    6. Brother Charlie,

      I know your not trying to be a "Mr. Downer". I have been a daily follower of this site since before the Rev 12 sign happened. I have just always lurked in the shadows watching.

      Again not sure why the post hit me so hard, I am well aware that you post many significant links, and have very insightful information that I truly enjoy. Like I said I must have just woke up on the wrong side of the bed Sunday morning. Should probably keep my comments to myself at least until later in the day when I'm fully awake.

      Like most of us I am so anxious for the Lord to come and rescue us from this sin filled world. The other side of me says it may not be time yet, although it's hard to believe that at any moment He won't be throwing open that door telling us it's time.

      May God continue to bless you, in His most Holy Name!

  34. Sheila!!! I am so sorry about Gus!😢😢😢


    1. TY so much, Aimee and I hope Z-bird is doing well. He's such a pretty thing:-)

    2. He is good! He is adjusting to his new life because we adopted 3 cats a couple of months ago! 😬. So far so good!

    3. Sheila ..thinking of you ..not much time to read with 4 grandbabies... So feeling for you and Mr Gus .... Animals bring so much joy Until Heaven Marantha

  35. I heard Bibi tested positive for COVID19. He’s in isolation now.

  36. Archangel, Blessings. Wowzers, not seeing that anywhere, yet, but that's a big one. In light of all the duplicity involved, hmmm.

    Anyways, funny how WE seem to have our finger on the pulse, or something. Pastor RHB was unknown to most here, I guess, until his style & recent message caught the eye. Then, we dug a bit deeper, and, oh, yeah. Well, while you've got to admire the man for actually doing what he was speaking to, still, scratching my head a bit...

    Florida megachurch pastor arrested for holding crowded services Sunday:
    "Rodney Howard-Browne, the pastor of The River at Tampa Bay Church, argued his congregation was essential, on par with Wal-Mart. However, law enforcement officials, who said they tried to reason with him, disagreed, charging him with "unlawful assembly" and "violation of public health emergency order," Fox 29 reported."

    1. Jimboni!

      We do have a good thing going on here thanks to all these alert, watchful brothers and sisters of Rev12 Daily: Get it here before it hits the headlines!


    2. Blessings Jimboni. Correction: Bibi tested negative after coming into contact with an advisor who tested positive. Sorry, don’t know what I was seeing.

    3. Archangel, Blessings. Actually, saw a by-line on Drudge re Bibi self-isolating; likely while awaiting results, et al. Dear Prudence, won't you come out, to play?

      Jeff, the Dabbling comment clearly demonstrates Inspiration Abounding here. Hilarious.

      Speaking Truth in Love video on his Net. Self-quaranteeing and Gantz stepping down with Net. being PM for 18 months ...

  37. Blessings Jimboni. Yes, that must have been it. I just watched Pastor JD’s update from yesterday and, it sounds so obvious but when I think of it, it’s pretty staggering; all of Israel will be in their houses on Passover.

    I accidentally bought pycnogenol 300mg caps, so Casey should be running marathons soon.

    1. LOL, Well, ya know, mega dosing on Pyc, in light of zero toxicity, anecdotal evidence re the impact of such protocols in dire situations, and the ease of doing so with such small body mass, Fly Me to the Moon!

    2. Lol ! Maybe it’s a good thing. 1 mg per lb body weight on an 8 lb cat. So, stick the head of a pin into open capsule and grab two specks, which, with my vision, I most likely, won’t see and throw in food, mixing not needed.

    3. goodness, yes if she has sprouted roots and starts barking, then you will know why!

    4. She might grow wings !

    5. She could chase the laser red dot like Ato Boldon. I got exhausted watching her.

  38. When I saw RHB and the “holy laughter” it’s just creepy.

    1. Blessings Zorrobird. Kenneth Copeland says it’s over.

  39. Wow, couple of good points to share. 1st re 'when they say Peace and Safety', a new insight concerning the details of that, specific, declaration, arises in light of recent events. A new development in the Peace Plan, et al, is a call, by the Pope and others, for a 'Global Ceasefire' to allow a total focus on fighting the COVID. Going further, it is foreseen that, very possibly, the Israeli-Palestinian *accomplishment* of a deal plaguing humanity for millennia will be held up before the world, as if to say, "If the Israeli's and the Palestinians can work together to help everyone focus on COVID, so can everyone else!"

    So, the 'Peace and Safety' spoken of, it seems, is, very specifically, the call for global peace (cease fire) to fight the specific virus sent as a Final Sign to enable Man to accomplish the splitting of His Lands and the vexation of the Divine. (Internal Parallelisms abound, right there.) Both the Omer Count, providing a target day, as well as former Israeli PM, Ehud Omer, who's 1st name's root means "unify", are entangled in this.

    That said, we've also seen reason to believe that this "Vision', the TDOTC, will likely be formally enacted 4/9-11, most likely the 10th, before Sabbath begins. Whenever we see the announcement that TDOTC has been accepted and a signing or other 'official' ceremony/enactment is scheduled, again, likely around 4/10, The Bride Of Christ Will Be Rescued Within 24-48 hours thereafter, Maranatha!

    1. Wow, good point, that's a very interesting perspective, maybe it will happen!

      Someone made an observation in a comment on YT the other day, they said that during THIS PASSOVER ALL ISRAEL will be under quarantine, confined into their houses just like at the first Passover. I couldnt help but think that maybe this is prophetically significant.

      I remember that a few days ago I read (maybe in Breakingisraelinews) that they are planning to postpone the Passover celebrations for 1 month because of the quarantine. They even planned to add one more month of Adar and making this year a leap year that way. Problem is that this way all their other observable feasts will be postponed, they brought this up in the article.

      I think seeing how this virus is here to stay for several more monthes, I dont even think that Israel will be able to observe and celebrate any of their feast days this year and I think that could have a prophetic significance too.

      Anyway, I dont think that this will prevent the Lord to rapture us on or around an (original date of) an appointed feast this year day IF that is His plan.

      (Sorry, I needed to re-post that bc of the typos!)

    2. ("...around (an original date of) an appointed feast day of this year..." that's what I wanted to write)

    3. Interesting you mention the pope Jimboni. Felt led by the Holy Spirit to read John 12 today. The timing was interesting, as it starts 'Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, the hometown of Lazarus, whom He had raised from the dead'.

      Then over to verse 9Meanwhile a large crowd of Jews learned that Jesus was there. And they came not only because of Him, but also to see Lazarus, whom He had raised from the dead. 10So the chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well, 11for on account of him many of the Jews were deserting them and believing in Jesus.

      later on 23But Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24Truly, truly, I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. 25Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

      finally...48 There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.

      Felt in my spirit that this was a type of such:
      - We are lazarus. We have died with Christ and have already been 'raised to new life' in him.
      - The false church (pope and his Pharisees/Sadducees) are going to be furious as the end time revival sees people turning to the true God including many coming out of the RCC and joining the true body of Christ. In his rage, the pope will replicate his early predecessors by persecuting the true Church.
      - During this time, we are called to 'hate this life in this world and give it up for the gospel', looking forward to our genuine home that is to come.
      - the hour is soon to come again when Jesus will be glorified, amen!

    4. Zeal Life, Blessings. Lots of good stuff in there, esp as the Lazarus Type is much entangled with CM's insights, et al. A bit too wonderful, for me, to be tracking every jot and title, but the show is getting really good now.

      Nora, Blessings. Your comment arose a bit of a jump in my spirit in recounting re this Passover being a mirror of the FIRST. I had also seen the point in a headline, but hadn't really made the connection. When Passover occurs, ala The Father's Schedule, irrespective of what is decided, politically, with ALL of Israel in their homes, AGAIN, its mirror of the first one invokes Primacy, 1st Echo, Ecclesiastes, Beginning/Ending-Alpha/Omega dynamics, and more; wow. It doesn't feel like a 'trigger', to me, but one could not ask for a clearer Sign, amen. Maranatha!

    5. Jimboni~With all the virus hubbub the Deal of the Century has been put on the back burner of our minds so THANK YOU for the news re. the possibility of a PASSOVER enactment thus leading to sudden destruction for sure when it occurs and of course, our GREAT ESCAPE!

      Nora~When I read what you wrote--"I think seeing how this virus is here to stay for several more monthes, I dont even think that Israel will be able to observe and celebrate any of their feast days this year and I think that could have a prophetic significance too."--these verses came to mind:

      I will also cause all her mirth to cease, her feast days, her new moons, and her sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts. - Hosea 2:11 KJV
      I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies. - Amos 5:21 KJV

    6. Also, as I noted above and some caught on, I think Ryan did, it seems this Passover time (and for the unknown time ahead) will be...much more different than any other...

      This will surely be a bitter time (for all the Earth) but as we now turn focus to the Time of Jacob's Trouble, we see how bitter times will be.


      Maror, or bitter herbs, is another one of the Passover foods on the Seder plate and it symbolizes the bitterness of slavery. Different families use different foods to represent the maror, but it is most typically horseradish or romaine lettuce. Like the Israelites' sojourn in Egypt, romaine lettuce is sweet at first, but becomes more and more bitter as time goes on.

      I am speculating here but in an educated sense, but are not the Jacob's descendents now going to experience a time like no other? They've enjoyed coming together as a nation, growing, now even flourishing (8th strongest in the world)...but like the us, its flourishing comes with disobedience, sin, abominations, and wandering to other gods of this world.

      Here are two recent messages from INL. They are independent of this "bitter" times but then again, Steven does a good job emphasizing today's jews in Israel are far from those which Abraham had been told who would live in the land God has given (ex. they are sharing it with others and now will be dividing it soon).

      New Update (3/26)

      Can't Buy or Sell (3/27)

    7. Lyn, yes, I also thought of that verse when the Lord says that He'll turn their feasts into mourning. The verses you quoted has the same theme I think.

      Jimboni, just heard/read about something interesting concerning Israel that might also connected (it surely heralds the closeness of the trib even if no rapture happens next week) I checked breakingisraelnews and it's there in an article I'll link it in a new comment below.

    8. ay Charlie - and not just hidden abominations, but inviting and revelling in those abominations for the world to see (largest pride festivals (Tel Aviv) in the world anyone!!). The stench of their wickedness has reached heaven and the Lord is indeed filling his cup of fury. Lord have mercy.

      A good reminder about the bitter herbs as well, as it will be a good reminder for us for the coming passover to teach our kids about these things.

      Nora/Jimboni - agree and agree - what an awesome mirror-passover opportunity to share with other believers. In Egypt God commanded the Hebrews to stay inside while the Angel of Death passed over, here we have earthly authorities commanding Israel to stay inside during passover. Amazing!!!

    9. Ryan, Death also lurks "outside" pretty much. Only the Lord can protect us perfectly, no human medicine, medical masks, gloves, any other preventive practices are 100% enough safety-wise.

    10. Darn right Nora - we anointed our 'door posts' with olive oil a couple of weeks ago. Its up to God if he ultimately protects.

      Just reading Exodus 12:12 - we know he was going to strike down all the first born of Egypt, however I have never recognised the second part of the verse 'and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgement'. Got me thinking about JD Farags message re all our gods of sport, entertainment and the like. Sports companies around the world are going broke, Hollywood has had to halt its filming (for the first time like forever!). The gods of 'self' are being ruined by what you have noted above - 'no human preventative practices are enough'. Our god of mammon is on the start of utter ruin. WHOOOOOPPPPP

    11. "...we anointed our 'door posts' with olive oil a couple of weeks ago."

      Did the same! :-))

    12. I also put *prayed-over/anointed* oil on ourselves too daily and take the Lord's Supper daily, as the Passover Lamb was a shadow of the Lord's Supper/Holy Communion too. And while our body could still get sick, I truly believe that the Lord's Supper connects us with the Lord's Redemptive work for us. He took ALL our sicknesses TOO on Himself besides all our sins. I trust Him for keeping us SHALOM-healthy that way too.

    13. And yep, I thought of the Hollywood too, how the whole entertaniment industry must came to a halt!!! Hopefully the horrible p*rn industry too.

    14. It will take a "power" outage to really halt things (TV, iPhone, Internet etc..)

    15. Oh man...that's one of the things I'm seriously praying for not happening BEFORE the rapture! Not having net and any info source would be truly bad!!! Not to mention the fellowship we have this way!

    16. Thinking about all these Passover parallels... I believe so that this whole thing isn't a coincidence! Maybe the Lord wants to let us know that we are in our *Passover Season* a time-period before our Exodus via the Rapture. The Passover on the Jewish Calendar may come and go next week but we'll still be in the Passover Season, hiding under His Wings.

  40. Ok, it’s all over. Go back to church and give him all your money.

  41. From another Steve from another ytc: Think About It (3/30)

    Summary: radio frequencies (aka radiation), not a 'virus', are killing. 322-19 is just a cover (aka 322-19). Note, why no 322-19 issues in Russia?

    Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan

  42. Jerusalem Residents Awaken Mystified by Simultaneous Midnight Shofar Blasts

    "Residents throughout Jerusalem were awakened at midnight on Monday morning by the sound of shofar blasts permeating Israel’s capital."

    1. The religious Jewish guy (a resident who heard it) in the article says,

      "I wanted it to get louder and louder until everybody woke up and ran outside. That feeling was incredible. INCREDIBLE. I want it again but for real. I want everyone to feel it and experience it. This is what we’ve been waiting for and what else are we now waiting for? To get back to business as usual?!?!?! What a downer. What an anti climax! Do we know in our hearts that at any moment He will send Mashiach..."

      I was like WOW that's kind of the sentiment many rapture-watcher Christians are feeling as well.

  43. So, Mike Pompeo slips and admits COVID19 is a “live exercise.” How interesting.

  44. Thanks BB. I always mess it up.

  45. Nora’s comment reminded me of this hysterical vid. Please watch a certain someone’s reaction to the Shofar blowing.

  46. We can hope:

    "ALL OVER AT PASSOVER" from a 2019 video
    From Gods Gifts (3/30)


    1. Fingers crossed!!! Even if I take such things with a grain of salt (dream interpretations and such) but I do hope, maybe she's right!

    2. Charlie and Nora,
      I too saw the video, very impressed at her depth of study! Why didn’t I have a wife like that?! :( Anyway, my takeaway was that I did like her rhyme. ‘It will be over on Passover’. And that the Church will ‘know’ on Passover. However, to me I got more of a sense that it would not be on Passover for that very reason as it inferred still a time to come no? So, for me, ‘we might know on Passover’, but that does not mean ‘we go on Passover’.

      Yet, in all my studies, my 2 favorite Feasts of YHVH for the Rapture, if it is tied to a Feast Typology and prophetically are Passover and Pentecost (+ 50 days). I was just re-studying Acts 1 and 2 and I got a reconfirmation that most have been taught that Jesus was around exactly 40 days and then 10 days later was Pentecost. 2 assumptions here that are to be vetted-out. It really says was 40+ days so more that 40 but not 50… Then there is no inference to a 10 day period coming later but that it would be ‘in a few days’. Will, we know how that goes….

      The Apostles stated the ‘LORD is soon to return’….and here we are 2000 years later or, 1988 (88) years to be exact [Charlie, all those videos about 88 as meaning ‘end of time’, humm]. But 1988 years from 32 AD, if one believes Jesus was born in Sept 11, -3BC and died then on 32 AD at the age of 33. I did find it odd that she mentioned, ‘on a Sunday at 3:30pm’. What? A 33?! Now that is perhaps when He was buried and placed in the Tomb as the 3pm afternoon sacrifice was slain on the Temple. But, I do believe in a literal 72 hour 3-day count so, it had to be on Saturday 330pm. It was by Sunday ‘that He had already risen’, or else you cannot have 3 days and nights from Friday to Sunday (Roman Catholic), etc.

      Way back I did a study entitled, The Unfinished Passover and how basically Jesus will take-up in the Kingdom where He left off. Out of the 4 cups to partake of, He only stopped at the 3rd, that of the New Covenant to be memorialized and ratified by His Blood, thank the LORD. And then He made that first Rapture inference of needing to go away and but return one day for His Bride of which the LORD’s Supper is really also a type of The Marriage Contract we remember as often as we do it.

      For me, personally this year’s Passover is a milestone in my Walk of Faith as it will be on April 9, as is Passover in the Rabbinical Calendar that I was saved, exactly 40 years ago in 1980. I do sense in my inner being that there is that spark of overwhelming joy in thinking that perhaps this year is it, finally? IF not at Passover, then perhaps at Pentecost (+50 days) :). How many of us have been waiting, watching…5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years and some died waiting? As the fear and terror will start to really sink in for those in the world, lost, it is hard not to sense a genuine anticipation and expectation as our world as we know it will never be the same again. Why different now? Because it is worldwide and the whole Body of Christ is sensing the same thing! Never has this occurred.

  47. Replies

    1. Hi Nora, when I click on the link, it says: video not available, this video is private.

  48. Sharing...

    Jaco Prinsloo - FB Page

    It would seem that those who are guiding world-events in the background is letting the people know - without them realizing - that a nuclear war will start within the next week or two.

    This aligns with the sudden destruction that is described in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, but this is also associated with an escape for those who are found worthy to escape, because they have put 100% of their reliance on Jesus's finished work ALONE, for their salvation.

    What the world is going through now, is actually an instruction by God to the world - in preparation for His departure from His habitation and we read about this in Zechariah 2:13:

    Zec 2:13 Be silent, O all flesh, before the LORD: for he is raised up out of his holy habitation.

    Satan who is the god of this world is subject to God's Word and has to ensure that it is obeyed and how does he ensure that the people of the world are silent before God, before He is raised up out of His holy habitation?

    He instils fear into people so that they will stay home.

    Have you seen the number of meteor impacts that have occurred over the past month? Consider what is said in Habakkuk says in relation to God, coming to punish the inhabitants of the earth:

    Hab 3:5 Before him went the pestilence, and burning coals went forth at his feet.

    We have so little time left and by Easter Sunday, if you are still on the earth, what those who find themselves here will face, will have people's hearts failing them.

    Please watch the latest video - where more hints are given by President Trump about the timing of the coming destruction.


  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. ~Please click on the link for a PDF of the chart displayed~

    A PRIMARY THEME of the biblical jubilee year is land going back to its original owner (Lev. 25:13).

    Landmark events in 1917, 1967, and 2017—namely the Balfour Declaration, the Jewish recapture of Jerusalem, and the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital—embody the theme of the Promised Land going back to its “original owners,” the Jews.

    Based on the above pattern of events, it’s been assumed that the biblical year spanning 2017-18 was a Jubilee. But if 2017 was a Jubilee—presumably the final Jubilee—why did nothing befitting such a momentous year occur at this time?

    One plausible explanation is that the events of 1917, 1967, and 2017 were not jubilee fulfillments as widely believed but rather “declarations” of the impending Jubilee.

    In Leviticus, God instructs Israel to sound the trumpet, effectively declaring the Jubilee (50th year) in autumn of the 49th year (Lev. 25:8, 9). The reason for the advance trumpet blast is to allow people time to prepare for the Jubilee’s arrival the following Nisan.

    Assuming the events of 1917, 1967, and 2017 represent forewarnings from God about the impending Jubilee, it makes sense that He would issue them in the 49th year in accordance with Scripture.


    The Jubilee, also called the “year of redemption,” points figuratively to the Rapture, when our corrupt mortal bodies will be “redeemed” (Lev. 25; Rom. 8:23).

    However, the Rapture is fundamentally a “harvest” (1 Cor. 15:20-23; Matt. 13:39).

    Since, according to biblical Law, harvesting is prohibited during the jubilee year, how does the typology fit?

    The answer may be found in the statutes related to the grain offering at the harvest Feast of Weeks (Lev. 23:16, 17). Paul teaches that the offering up of baked loaves, which the Law requires be made with “new grain,” is a picture of the Church being presented before the Lord at the Rapture (Rom. 15:16). Since new grain can only be sown as early as the spring following the Jubilee, the soonest the baked loaves would be available for the wave offering is the second year after the Jubilee.

    Thus, according to the Law, which Scripture says Jesus comes to “fulfill” (Matt. 5:17), the second year after the Jubilee is the earliest that new grain would be available to perform the harvest ritual that foreshadows the Rapture.

    The implications of this real-world pattern are potentially profound. However, because we see unfulfilled prophecy “as through a dark piece of glass,” consider none of the above a prediction, just food for thought for those who like to chew on such things.

    . . .


    1. Landmark events related to the return of the Promised Land to the Jews have occurred at a 50-year interval:

    1917: Balfour Declaration

    1967: Jewish return to Jerusalem

    2017: US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

    2. All biblical years, including Jubilees, begin and end in Nisan (Ex 12:2). Nowhere in Scripture does God qualify or revoke His command to count years from the spring. The declaration of the Jubilee on the Day of Atonement in the year prior is merely that, a declaration to allow people time to prepare for the return of land and release of servants that would occur during the Jubilee.

    3. Biblical Law prohibits planting or harvesting during the Jubilee or the Sabbath (49th) year prior (Lev. 25:4, 5, 11, 12). This is why, in both the year preceding and subsequent to the Jubilee, Israel was required to eat “leftovers” from the crop harvested prior to the Sabbath year (Lev. 25:20).

  52. Jeová,
    Como vai Hermao? Obrigado for the information and study about the link of the Jubilees and Harvests. I like to share with you and the Rev12Daily Family a study about the Jubilee Counts. It is very intense and deep. It is not my work but here is the forward I have given as I have received this study over the years and like to share it as a possible scenario. It is setting a timeframe, 2022! which I usually do not like to do but it is exciting to see how others appear to come to a similar possibility. It is very interesting but wanted you and others to have it if you have not already come across this study by Floyd Nolen Jones.

    Online Article Format: The 70 Jubilee Count

    PDF Format:

    Forward by Luis B. Vega
    This study by Floyd Nolen Jones was given to assess and look over for consistency. After review, it is a sound delineation of the possible correct counting of the Jubilee Pattern given to Israel. What is significant is that there are to be 70 Jubilees before the return of Jesus, and it appears to match the dates calculated from astronomical correlations made from one’s own research. Mainly, that Jesus was 29 years old or on His 30th birthday year wherein in 28 AD, was the occasion where He read the Isaiah 61 portion of Scripture in the synagogue of Nazareth. This is assuming a birthday at September 11, -3 BC.

    This was believed to be on Passion Week, or shortly before that then launched His public ministry of 3.5 or 1260 days. This would suggest then that at the age of His 33rd year, in the year 32 AD was His crucifixion, etc. Given these correlations and benchmarks of time, it would then suggest that the year 2022 is when the last Sabbatical Cycle would need to occur. It would finish off the 70th Jubilee Cycle and thus could be the probable start of the Tribulation Period to coincide with Daniel’s last 70th Week of Years. The following is the text and context received and replicated here for one’s study, review, critique and consideration.


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