Dividing the Land / Door in Sun

We are less than a week away from the Israel elections (Sept 17th). We have been told that that "Deal of the Century" will be unveiled very shortly after those elections. Does the peace deal still come out if Netanyahu doesn't win? I haven't heard the answer to that question? Anyway, I am sure he thinks he will win as just recently he revealed a plan to annex portions of the West Bank back into Israel. The key word there is..... "portions".

Paul Dawson did a video on this and in those short 7 minutes makes a very good point. As you can see from the map above, Israel is annexing the areas in blue but leaving out a portion of this annexation for the Jericho (light yellow). This begs the question, does the peace deal divide the land as well? Does some land go to Israel, and some land go to the Palestinians as it seems to indicate above? Is this portion left out because they know they won't get it because they know the details of the peace plan?

That is what Paul explores in this video (7 min):

It sounds like some people think that the peace deal will give portions of land to the Palestinians and allow them their own state.  That would be bad as it would clearly constitute "dividing the land".  As you can see from the verse below, any nation involved in this is setting themselves up for some judgement...

Joel 3:1-2
For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land...

The first part of that verse has been fulfilled.... the second part hasn't...yet. God will "enter into judgment" with the nations.... (that sounds horrible), and why will he do this thing... He explains it....because they have "divided up MY land".

This will happen some day...some day soon most likely. For the USA, if we propose dividing the land our nation will be judged for that, plain and simple.

I am learning that the West Bank is quite the complicated place. Look at this map... From what I have read, no Jews live in the yellow areas. Notice the areas of Jericho on the right is yellow, just like above...
What will happen to these areas?  Apparently no Jews live in those yellow areas.... I am sure those who are crafting this plan are tempted to just divided it up for the hope of peace.  You can see how they would think that, but Netanyahu would like to simply annex the who thing and give out citizenship to those living there...  But from what we have heard of the plan, Israel is going to have to make "major sacrifices".  We shall see....

The map above really has helped me understand the draw of a "2 State Solution".  It is a plan that seems right from a worldly perspective, but is clearly wrong Biblically.  I do not know what will happen, but if this peace plan is as important as we think it is, we should know a lot more in a couple weeks... which just happens to be the 2 year anniversary of when a great sign in the Bible literally rose in the sky above us, depicting a woman (Israel) in labor and pain.

For more on the consequences of dividing Gods land, I found this very helpful article. I have never visited this site before so cannot verify everything on it, but this page seems quite well done and encourage you to check it out.

9-12-19 Update: I know this has been discussed a bit  but I haven't shared it and wanted to make sure people caught it so I am expanding this post.

On September 1st we had another sign in the sun. Remember, we already had the baby on January 1st, then on January 29th there was a dragon in the sun. (See this post for a refresher). Anyway, at the beginning of this month there was a shape that some say looked like a 7, but some more specifically believe looks like the 4th Hebrew Letter, a dalet… which symbolizes a door. Take a look here....
The image and the symbolism is very interesting to me, along with the timing... again the 1st of the month.  The month of September.  But just contemplate these two verses for a second...

There shall be signs IN the sun... Luke 21:25
After this I looked, and, behold, a DOOR was opened IN HEAVEN... Rev 4:1

Is God about to open a door for us?  Or was this the door John was talking about? After all, in Rev 4:1 the word for Heave is Ouranos... which I believe most often means the expanse of the sky. It's the same word used in Rev 12:1!

Another amazing fact that someone brought up.... we now have technology to see signs IN the sun.  For thousands of years you would have become blind if you tried to do this!  

Lastly, I am no Hebrew expert, but know that God has amazing meanings built into that language.  Paul Dawson compiled a short video on this which really explains the meaning of that Hebrew letter and I thought it was VERY enlightening!. Please check it out...(8 min).

Come Quickly Lord Jesus! We are waiting for your call to bring us home!
Please open that door! : )


  1. Events moving so rapidly. God is keeping it exciting for those watching His every move (if THAT was possible).

  2. Thinking of the appalling tragedies on this day in 2001 and 2012. I will never forget them. Many think it was an inside job which I always found ridiculous and impossible, but, lately, I think it was possible seeing how the three letter agencies are acting towards the most powerful leader in the world.

    1. Hear Hear Archangel.

      There are others coming soon as well.

    2. Hi Charlie, have you seen this video?


    3. Beltway brother, no I have not but am surprised it is still up. Connects-the-Dots for sure.

      So 5min into this and I am asking, "Gee, we never heard anything from the SEC about "Insider Trading" and why so many odd transactions the day before...

      A: Because they are part of it....the entire "system" is and always has been B-A-B-A-L-Y-O-N. It is all over this Earth (the system).

    4. That video was eye opening in such a sickening way, but I can’t deny the valid arguments made by civil engineers and eyewitnesses smelling cordite which means bombs. The skull and crossbones angle of the Bush family. A Bush family member responsible for security at the Towers. The K9s being removed. Tragically, all the firemen climbing all the way up never expecting the bldg to collapse because of fires on several floors. So many buildings have fires and don’t collapse. I will have to look at it again. There’s a lot to absorb. Oh, I can’t wait til Jesus rescues us out of this depraved sickening evil diabolical reprobate world. The depths of evil really get to me lately because God is revealing it to the world so they can make their choice: follow God and His Way or this vile world and destruction.

    5. MANY FISH did a nice little summary for us

      9!! Receive, Accept, Take the Love of the Truth! Or Perish.9!!
      5min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3hk20FcSuE

    6. Actually 9/11 was partly an inside job, but in reality it was a globalist job by the Cabal, and they had help from those with whom the spiritual battle is actually fought. What was seen on 9/11, was not what we were told we saw, but how else can what we have never seen before be explained? If you would like an in depth explanation of the evidence, then please watch this video from a 2012 conference by Dr. Judy Wood. The conference is from a worldly point of view, but It will give you a unique perspective, and a different set of questions of the real evidence. You have to pay close attention in some places to catch some of the nuances, and it is about 2 1/2 hrs. long, but well worth watching! I believe that Chuck Missler even touched on Direct Energy in a couple of his videos as well, but watch and let God guide your understanding.


      Ephesians 6:12
      For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

      ...and they too have technology to aid in the coming deception...

    7. If you would like to see the condensed version go to the IRREFUTABLE YT channel...


      Watch all 6 episodes, then get the book. :-)

    8. Thanks Charlie and Grow in Grace ! ManyFish has a new one for today. As usual, its thrilling !
      I am blown away by the sign in the Sun. I remember the infant about to be born on New Year’s Day this year. So close now and getting closer.

    9. Remember building #7 and you tube John Kerry building seven...."they pulled it"......so many things regarding 911 tied to scripture and things seen and unseen, remember the 'freedom tower'? that's what they were going to name it .......now it's named 'one world trade'........google that.......also remember when they said...'we won't allow them to build a Muslim mosque there'....look at 'one world trade' ....google the spire that crowns one world trade center.........underneath you will find a muslim spire with platforms resembling the classic muslim minaret........

    10. Alan, blessings. You are correct. Well, the President at the time said it was a religion of peace. Normally, I would call the capitulation dhimmitude but now believe it was an inside job but they had to place blame on someone. He was very solicitous with the denizens of the country of origin where most of the “hijackers” were born.

    11. https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/one-world-trade-center-new-york-city-topped-muslim-minaret/

    12. Archangel,

      You are starting an entirely new thread on this little topic alone yet it is all connected to where we are now and where it is all heading. For NYC, it will soon be an inferno and it will be taking out once and for all, including the spire/I mean minaret.

    13. DC Brother, blessings. I feel God is revealing the Truth about events in the past that I just accepted the media narrative on. The depths of the evil of the NWOs that did this to innocent people, making them jump out of windows and traumatizing us with images of that day we will never forget is unfathomable. Like I mentioned previously, only after seeing the sedition of the Intelligence agencies and corruption of so many US Attorneys perpetrated against our President, I can believe it was a planned event staged to eliminate our 4th Amendment rights, go to war in several countries and make a profit (Haliburton et al). I thought I understood how evil this reprobate world is and I was conned into thinking America is different but evil never changes. God is exposing it all so people can make their choice; eternity with God or not. God made it possible for laypeople to look at the same info like satellite pics and using apps to see for ourselves what they tried to keep us from ever knowing. No wonder so many countries restrict the internet and with the big tech companies playing by their own rules, it has started in America with censorship of conservatives/Christians.

      Pizzagate is what I am checking out now. It is sickening. Now I really know why the left wants open borders, child trafficking is a moneymaker even more than fentanyl. And lots of other reasons but that one is just nauseating. God will surely deal with them.

      Blessings to you, brother. Maranatha !

  3. Thank you Brad. . Paul Dawson has been direct with his videos and bringing forth the events and connecting Israel as the time clock for the world. The Lord is putting the pieces together so that we the body of Christ can see prophecy unfolding. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the lost. Lord bless each of you as you continue to bring in the harvest and trust in him during these tumultuous times....Marantha

  4. Sorry guys... there was an error on the page and 1/2 of the post wasn't showing up... fixed now!

  5. While the Annexation is big news, I believe the HUGE news is the upcoming 70 nations coming to REJECT the life/sacrifice/blood of Jesus Christ. It is an utter rejection and a most blasphomous act toward the LORD Jesus Christ.


    [1] Pretty good connections and scriptural support here to even say IT IS indeed Dan 9:27 happening on this Sept 27. Lots of 70s and connections in the YTV below. Literally, as in the Days of Noah (i.e. the ceremony and incoming noahide law) and the abomination of desolation (i.e. renewing animal sacrifices on the Mt. of Olives where Jesus himself even spoke these words to what will take place!). Of course two years from R12 much like the wise men saw a similar sign and the two "Herod" years.

    From Steve Fletcher
    24min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYo0toH2PJI

    [2] Also, a similar tie in from brother James Smith from the same inividuals renewing animal sacrifices. They seem to say this act will cancel out Ezekiel's prophecy and bring in Peace N Safety.....

    Gog and Magog War Canceled?
    60min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGgxWmb0qac&t=1404s

    1. Charlie, DC thank you for always sharing the changes that reflect the prophetic word. This is the link to the breaking news article referred to ...by James Smith. I must say it is shocking to see this and the comments circulating by the rabbis.

      https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/136748/universal-prayer-non-jewish-sacrifice-mount-of-olives-cancel-war-gog-magog/ .
      Again we see the surfacing of the noaa hide laws and, peace and safety along with halting the judgment of God on the nations. Send a recall the Lord saying at 1 of his words will pass way Ezechial 38 will come to pass. Marantha.

    2. VeeBee, thank you for chasing down and posting the news link. Amazing they said this and one can tell they are speaking with many forked tongues.


      Here is a follow up on the possible Abomination of Desolation upcoming (changed to 726 or Sept 26).

      9min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJRzDW55iaA

    3. VeeBee and Charlie, as Sherry Rich said, there is so many things wrong with the statement in that @BIN headline, ya don't even know where to begin..........

    4. I did not see this until today, from SR Monette (9/5)::

      Uh-Oh, The Sanhedrin, Pope and Grand Imam Are Now in Agreement
      12min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23qf9c_9k5I

      SUMMARY: The Sanhedrin has just released a document to be signed by all the participating nations that are gathering in Jerusalem on 9/25/2019. The problem is that it uses much of the same concepts and language as the Human Fraternity document signed by the Pope and the Grand Imam in April of 2019.

  6. Evangelical Delegation meets with Saudi Crown Prince on eve of 9/11 anniversary. Here’s why.

    [Note: these 'evangelicals' certainly are NOT looking/watching for the Lord's return/ harpazo but rather looking to extend their Earthly lives as part of NEOM aka part of B-A-B-A-L-Y-O-N).

    SUMMARY: The Delegation met with a wide range of senior officials, and also visited the ancient Nabatean city of Al-Ula and the $500 billion region of Saudi’s future, NEOM, both likely to draw an enormous flow of tourists once the Kingdom begins issuing tourist visas by the end of this year and as development accelerates on both projects.

    Found on RatureReady.com



    Note: Ski Heitzeg is in the crowd above and in the revealing crowd below:

    Apostasy Report - The Fall Of Calvary Chapel (The Video They [esp Skip Heitzeg] Want Destroyed)
    From Servus Christi (July 2019)
    1hr 40min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CYLmN_9ipM

  7. There is so so much happening right now, it's almost impossible to keep up with it all for those of us who are watching Prophecy unfold, but most of the world and the sleeping church are so oblivious it's unreal. Several people I've talked to lately were totally unaware of the Bahama situation because they are so distracted by their own personal issues, or they just outright reject being informed in favor of being entertained. So IT will surely come upon them as a "Thief in the Night ".

    Paul D. @revelationchapter12dotcom has a new video re that Dalet or "7" seen in the Sun pics titled
    "A Sign In The Sun--The Door". (8+ min)

    I mentioned this to Rebekah S. on prior thread, but I'll do so here as well re the rescue of those four men from that capsized cargo ship in the Brunswick, GA port. (all 24 crew members survived and the number 24 represents the Priesthood/Elders in the Throne Room) And as I also mentioned, I have really been drawn to pay close attention to the 14th of September:
    The "4" men, although somewhat worse for the wear, were safely delivered through a DOOR cut in the hull of the overturned vessel "4" days before the "14th" which we know is the Biblical number for DELIVERANCE. I believe we are being shown the DOOR like never before, so Looking UP like never before with that joyful hope and prayers for as many as will to quickly call upon the Name of Jesus!

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. LOL...teach me not to go straight to comment section:-D TY Brad for the addendum! I did notice a commenter on Paul's video pointed out that we saw that Coronal pic of the Baby in the Womb back on Jan.1, 2019 and now we've just seen this Dalet/7 pic that occurred on Sept 1, 2019 which was exactly 9 months later. Sounds like a full term pregnancy to me and with the "contractions" that are coming so fast and furious, our Delivery's GOTTA be anytime now:-))

    2. Haha... it's my fault for being so slow on getting things posted around here! Great comments sis (as always!) Feeling more and more excited again...……………………………....! : )

    3. Brad & Sheila B., Blessings. Brad, ikr, the atmosphere in the club, tonight, echoes that feel of when The Great Wonder was arriving and we ALL held our breath, like little kids, wondering in wonderment and knowing things were different, now, and excited and eager to Watch where it goes, next. I was pondering, recently, that Great Wonder and its timing in relation to Israel's 70'th, a bit after.

      Our Lord Is First In All Things, amen. The Great Wonder was a Marker, Surely, as was Israel's 70th, in the Chronology At Hand and The Close Of One Age and The Open Of Another. While Our Lord's Hand Moved, Orchestrating Both, His Heavens Declare Directly with nothing passing through the hands of men, unlike the anniversary date. Thus, while a Parallelism is at hand between them, The Great Heavenly Wonder, coming FIRST, by just a bit, Aligns With Holy Preeminence in ALL things while also corroborating The Whole, amen, Maranatha!

    4. Amen to that Brother! And I loved those references in Paul D's video to Psalm 118:19-21 and Philip.2:15. It just lit me up body, soul, and spirit:-) Soon and so very soon...

    5. Thank you Sheila and Brad for the info and update!

      In the previous topic, I insisted on this coronal photo of the sun (September 1st) for noticing a big warning for our surveillance at this time ...


    6. Never has "being shown the door" sounded so wonderful!

    7. Cy and Cry... praying for door to open soon

      Different statements from Russia and Israeli Leaders



    8. Jeova,...yes you did, Brother, and it's no coincidence that we've had 3 Coronal images be highlighted to us in the past 9 months with the Baby in the Womb on Jan.1, the Dragon not long after that and now the DOOR on Sept.1! What are the odds of those 3 images being depicted in the Sun in that specific time frame? I believe it's an amazing Heavenly confirmation to the Rev 12 Sign 2 years out. Blessings! Blessings! and more Blessings!:-)

      Jimboni, I left some thoughts on prior thread re that T-shirt thing down beneath your post.
      You may want to take them or leave them, but it's just what came to me last night.
      Blessings, Brother, and hoping we are all soon out of here and meeting our Lord Jesus together in the clouds:-)

    9. Sheila B., Blessings. I agree that there is more here than meets the eye. I also concur with un-ease re HSkr's thoughts on covenants and dates. You sense that this all seems entangled with some deception seems sound. That my prayer, at the time I saw the shirt, was specifically asking for protection v deceptions and for such to be revealed, informs that moment along interesting lines, esp in light of this, ofc. Holding fast to faith that Our Lord Will Untangle All, To His Glory And Our Good, amen.

    10. @Jimboni

      RE: "the atmosphere in the club, tonight, echoes that feel of when The Great Wonder was arriving and we ALL held our breath, like little kids, wondering in wonderment and knowing things were different, now, and excited and eager to Watch where it goes, next"

      [not one to promote worldy music/song anymore but since we know this one...it just seems appropriate to your statement above]. This was a middle school slow dance song for me btw...

      In The Air Tonight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1_OfmrPAfo

      Even as we spoke/wrote about the ballon ready to burst, even last year, and in 2017 while waited in expectation of the great wonder, it just seems like the ballon just can't go any more this year... (human time).

  8. Well, wrapping up this very challenging day, in light of that and 'it just can't go any more...' as you said, wow. In light of pastor TH's passing dismissal of today as being a bit beyond description and several other YTC folks, some I've never even seen before, commenting upon today's being a special deal, my guess is many here are feeling the press, also. I've had 2 spills on my bike in the past 30 days and, today, my rear wheel died. I think I'm being told something but, man, did I throw a fit in the garage. Most disgraceful. Chiro visit on way home helped by my usual guy, Christian, is out and Dr. Webb wasn't quite the same. I mention their names as the latter half of the entire day was seeking Christian and finding Webb, or something. I pray for Provision and Safety for us all and am hoping this is simply affirming what you speak of and Miguel P aligns with and we are dealing with no more than DAYS of this lingering thingering. Sweet dreams, Maranatha!

    1. You crack me up with your heart's speak. Also offering my condolences on your 'day of days.'

    2. Jimboni, brother, be careful. You’ve suffered plenty already.

  9. Replies
    1. Lovely song Cy and Cry. Something you can turn up really loud, and just nod and tap along to :)

    2. Maybe if we all played it real loud at the same time........

  10. A lovely lady named Christine from S. Africa shared this whisper: "You must stop dwelling on earth and dwell fully in your appointed place in heavenly places in Christ." That spoke to me in a big way. I've been dwelling too much on what's going on down here and I'm so very sick and tired. And of course, that word 'dwelling' can be taken two ways. A powerful double message with a one-two punch.

    1. I like that a lot! Thank you so much for sharing!! : )

      John 14:2
      In My Father's house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.

  11. [Interesting Food for Thought and Something to Chew On]

    Do YOU Know What the Revelation 12 Sign Was Telling Us??
    From Brenda Weltner (from 9/1)
    17min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkhfNIsAsK0&feature=youtu.be

    SUMMARY: It is now almost 2 yrs since R12, so what did it tell/ communicate to us? Skip to 11:25min if you want to get to the crux of the YTV.


    I whole heartedly agree on these points:

    [1] "We know more today then we did two years ago"...and
    [2] "Things have not fallen as many of us thought they should or would have as we have been taught/lead to believe from our own human thinking/leaning and/or from pastors' opinions/ research and/or others' opinions etc.

    For example, I never thought I could be or would witness or be alive to see....
    > (perhaps) Israel's land divided,
    > (perhaps) the abomination of desolation Dan 9:27
    > (perhaps) Psalm 83,
    > (perhaps) Ezekiel 38-39,
    > (perhaps) Isaiah 17,
    > (perhaps) 1 Thess 5:3,
    > (perhaps) Matthew 24:37
    > saw Rev 12:1-2
    > (perhaps) Rev 12:3-4 and on and on...

  12. Sharing...

    THIS year’s Harvest Moon rises on the evening of September 13.

    The Harvest Moon, the full moon occurring nearest the autumnal equinox, gets its name from farmers who benefited from a special characteristic of the full moon this time of year. Around the time of the equinox, the moon rises closer to sunset than at other times.

    For mid-temperate latitudes the moon rises only about 25 minutes after sunset for several days before and after the full harvest moon. The shorter than usual lag-time between sunset and moonrise means no long period of darkness between daytime and night.

    In the days before tractor lights, the lamp of the Harvest Moon allowed farmers to continue gathering crops despite the diminishing daylight. Only minutes after the sun’s light faded in the west, the moon would rise in the east to illuminate the fields throughout the night.

    Interestingly, the September 23 equinox, occurring 10 days after this year’s Harvest Moon, corresponds to the biblical calendar date Elul 23 in 2019.

    Elul 23 is the biblical date of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. It was 18 years ago, on the 23rd day of Elul, that major icons of US and worldly wealth, power, and governance were attacked and, in the case of the twin towers in New York, utterly destroyed.

    A week later, on Elul 29/Tishrei 1, the reopening of the US stock market, the most influential financial market in the world, saw its most colossal crash to date.

    Seven years later, on the same date (Elul 29/Tishrei 1), came an even larger stock-market crash, which led to the financial crisis of 2008.

    Viewing the fall months of Elul and Tishrei as a turning point (equinox) and a time of destruction and collapse, it’s fascinating to consider the rabbinic tradition which holds that Adam and Eve committed the fatal sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, resulting in the fall of humanity, on Tishrei 1.

    That the fall of man presumably occurred around the end of the six month makes it a plausible time for the restoration, when a trumpet blast from heaven will announce the reinstatement of immortality:

    “In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality” (1 Cor. 15:52, 53).

    While no one knows the day, tonight’s Harvest Moon is a reminder that the ultimate harvest—the harvest of the earth at the Lord’s return—is near.

    . . .


    *The famous “super blood moon eclipse” of four years ago (September 28, 2015) was a harvest moon.

    *The rabbinic tradition that says humanity fell around the end of the sixth month also says that man was created at this time. Another rabbinic tradition, however, states that man was created in the spring, during the first biblical month of Nisan, the time of birth and new beginnings.


    (by T.W. Tramm)

    1. “For my husband is not at home; he has gone on a long journey; he took a bag of money with him; at full moon he will come home."”
      ‭‭(Proverbs‬ ‭7:19-20‬ ‭ESV)

      “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”
      ‭‭(John‬ ‭4:35‬ ‭KJV‬‬)


  13. Latest commenrary from Greg Lauer @ https://www.alittlestrength.com/

    9/10/2019 — From the "No Confidence" Department...

    SUMMARY: Several days ago, Jason Greenblatt, the chief architect of President Trump's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, suddenly announced his resignation as Trump's Middle East peace envoy. But that's not the part that has become a source of consternation for many Middle East watchers.

    It's the timing.

    1. If, in keeping with his classic style and, perhaps, the very art of The Deal, the Big Don has to step in and keep things moving forwards, personally, well then, uh hum, let's be moving right along now, ...

  14. Paul D.



  15. Blessings TY for the heads up, Brothers, on Gregg L. and Paul D.

    I found this news story interesting in an odd way to wake up to this morning:
    "British Authorities Are Scrambling To Find A Stolen Solid Gold Toilet"...So this actual working solid gold toilet which is an art exhibit along with it's actual use available to art patrons is stolen from the Blenheim Palace in the UK in the middle of the night leaving much damage and flooding behind as it was ripped away from the plumbing and carried off. And the name of this artful multi-million dollar toilet--"AMERICA". A 66 yr old man is being held in connection with the theft, but the gold toilet is still missing and make of it what you will, but this strange NPR quote just had me shaking my head:

    "It is deeply ironic that a work of art portraying the American Dream and the idea of an elite object made available to all should be almost instantly snatched away and hidden from view."

    It sounds like a weird, yet ominous warning to me for a Nation whose greatest aspirations are expressible by a usable "golden toilet"--and for a Nation who has turned so drastically away from The Lord God Almighty, literally desiring to flush the very mention of His Name away--along with any who would remain faithful to Him. Hmmm....

    1. Sheila B., Blessings. Well, I see you've well plumbed the depth of that metaphor and before we minimize it in light of the inartfulness of its form we need recall the specifics used in The Word to describe our own 'righteous acts' before The Lord, amen.

      Quick PSR was sort of my intent. Today's workout on the bars reports of very significant leg support of the walking exercise, moreso than ever previously, and further encouraging Our Scout as to the shortness of time remaining for the cascade to crescendo a fine finish, Maranatha! MIBS!

    2. Wow, Sheila B. Just wow.

      Makes me think of Jesus' line calling the legalists "white-washed tombs." You can paint it gold and call it a "throne", but a toilet is still a toilet at the end of the day, lol.

    3. So True, Jeff and I recall several of the watching Brethren--Barry Scarbrough in particular--as having dreams some time back of overflowing toilets and now this theft in the night of such a "spectacular" toilet has been all over the news today. There must be 20 different articles about it online as well. And I also read this morning that in the UK where the heist occurred, (from the birthplace of Winston Churchill, no less) the BBC is promoting the idea in their grade school curriculum that there are at least 100 identifiable "genders"--A TOTAL rejection of Gen.5:2 KJV "Male and female created he them..."

      I do believe time is extremely short for the West. A "3 minute warning" if you will as it was noted that for a 33.00 admission fee, the art patrons were allotted 3 minutes of personal time each in that golden "throne" room. Paraphrasing, but the chief curator of Blenheim Palace--Lord Edward Spencer Churchill--said he'd felt no need to guard the toilet as no theft of such an item was expected.
      Couldn't make this stuff up in a million years;-)

    4. Jimboni...still trying to figure out MIBS, but that is such good news! Will keep those Prayers and Praise going up on Caleb's behalf:-))

    5. That was my guess too, DC Brother. I usually use my decoder ring when reading Jimboni’s trenchant comments.

  16. Geesh! I've been so busy I've hardly spent any time with the Lord. When I finally do, as I did today, BAM!

    Two more visions along with what He has to say about them. Here's an excerpt:

    . . . I had just sat down to seek His face after singing Him a love song and immediately—and I mean immediately—as soon as I shut my eyes, I saw a great army in full armor on horseback seemingly knit together. Darkness surrounded them but great flames radiated from their heads.


    I didn't wanna post this one, but a watchman's gotta do what a watchman's gotta do...

    Much love to you all♥

    1. Lynn ...Lord bless you, was just thinking about you this morning, wondering and missing your postings here Praise God we will be spending eternity with him and now we have a glimpse of the time coming. Maranatha

    2. Lovely and somber piece Lyn. Thank you for asking some seemingly difficult question(s) to ask.

      Much love.

    3. Following up on Lyn's blog, here is a doozy (warnings abound in this one too):

      30min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC0zyngfvsg

    4. Thank you Lyn for posting this!


    5. TY, Lyn!
      In prayer and lookin up!

    6. Thank you, dear Family! Sure love you all♥

  17. This just posted up on Jpost: https://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Gilad-Erdan-There-may-be-a-military-operation-in-Gaza-in-the-coming-days-601684

    1. Chris O...TY for the referral. Things are so hot over there that something has to give. There is an article this morning @breakingisraelnews re the upcoming election from their prophetical viewpoint. "Israel's Elections Going According To Zachariah's Prophecy Foreshadowing Messiah".

      They are reporting an expectation that this election may fail to produce a government as well and that many have decided not to vote and also a prediction that this 2nd election will be accompanied by war and that Netanyahu will remain in power as the last leader before their Messiah arrives based on the mention in Zech.12:12-13 of the House of Natan and his being a Levite. Interesting and in-depth article.

      Blessings and Looking UP!

    2. The other biggy to keep an eye on will also be the US response to the missile attack on the saudi oil fields. Mark D has been telling us to keep a close eye on the possibility of this for a number of years now, as the reprisal will likely ramp up the oil prices significantly more than what they will increase by come Monday when the markets reopen. If the US looks to target Irans oil fields as well, expect Israel to be a target in return. Interesting days. Ryan

    3. It is a day-by-day watch for sure Ryan, awesome to see you check in.

      I have 3 items to share which point toward Hanukkah 2019? While events are happening, are sure to happen, and may occur anytime now...

      1] From our sister and friend Sherry. Her last posting was last December but of still relevant: https://heavenslibrary.online/2018/12/01/hanukkah/

      From Steve Fletcher222
      24min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRDxGW2p6jY&t=1110s

      3] The Appointed Time for the 3 Woes
      From Rapture Puzzle (Renne)
      15min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6yrWen7W8U

      Food for Thought. Keep Learning.

    4. Hi Ryan...I was just reading up on the 9/14 pre-dawn Aramco drone attack yesterday and the possible repercussions of it, so I do believe that was a major "primer" event in the lead-up to this prophetic culmination coming together over the last half of September. (That and the more subtle "golden toilet" theft/warning;-)
      Barry Scarbrough had a good video out this morning re the upcoming days titled "Is September 2019 the Most Important Month in All of History!!! We Rapture Soon!!" It does go a little beyond Brother Barry's usually more reserved optimism, but there has to be an end to this Age of Grace somewhere and this month is looking real good for that transition:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    5. blessings to you too Sheila, and I must admit that I have been looking forward to September with great anticipation and hope like heck the oil issue it is a major 'primer' as you have pointed out. Maranatha!!:)

    6. For us, every day seems like the best day for the rapture. Yet the Lord has perfect day picked out for his children. We are at the point of jumping up to the heavens...EVEN so Lord Jesus Come...Hallelujah

  18. Good Prophecy Update by JD:
    "Pastor J.D. talks explains how the geopolitical upheaval causes us to put our trust in the Lord and not man."

    8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in man.
    9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in princes.

    (or Presidents)

    1. @JS:: Psalm 118 is solid!





      My child, write these words down:

      While most of you are sleeping in America (as in you are comatose), plans are being made behind closed doors. The enemy lies within your own nation but you chose to ignore. The facts are, children, that it is NOT just Trump but there are many behind him that hold much more power than Trump; even Trump is not privy to some of it. Some he knows but he is their puppet and yes, he is guilty for he also is NOT speaking full truth to people in this nation.

      Obama has never left completely. The Jesuits control the Vatican. The Pope is a “fraud and a deceiver”. Obama has been working against you people of America behind the scenes. Then you have your “shadow government”. There is much more to this than you know. Only those that hide behind veiled faces hold ALL the cards in their hands; there are many more of them than the few family names you already know as in Rothschilds, Dupont, Rockefellers, Bush Family. There are many other major players that are part of the cabal, George Soros & his family, along with the Clintons. It goes far deeper into the rabbit hole.

      They are in on much together and together they will bring America down. They have made enemies in many nations for they are ruthless, war-mongering whores hungry for control of the whole world. Children, it has always been solely about greed, power and control. They want what they want and stop at nothing to get what they want. Satan has them duped into thinking they will live forever and that he is Me. They believe he is god and I AM is the enemy. These will all follow their master Lucifer to hell. These are the Jesuits, the Cabal, (Your Shadow Government), The Synagogue of Satan, The Reptilians (hybrids) and the rest of the unredeemable ones.

      < click the link above to read the entire word which is double what is pasted here >

  19. In reading an article @jpost this morning that featured a pic of Rouhani, Erdogan and Putin clasping hands as these three are meeting in Ankara today on 9/16 to discuss their Syrian goals with their one common goal being to evict the USA from the ME, it prompted me to revisit Ezekial 38 again. As I was listening to the TV re the latest updates on the Aramco strike in Saudi, I was reading Ezekial 38:13 and could not help but see the "not so shadowy" setup for Gog Magog implicated, albeit Saudi and the West (Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish) are asking that question re themselves rather than Israel at this immediate point. But their one common goal of getting the USA out of the way would clear the path for that soon to come attack on Israel, forcing them to acknowledge their True Savior.

    It never ceases to amaze as we are witnessing the Word given to Ezekial over 2500 years ago now coming to pass with such precision. But perhaps even more astounding is just how many refuse to acknowledge the validity of Biblical Prophecy, nor even care to know about it much less try to understand WHY it was given to us to know and understand what would be coming upon this Earth.
    Praying for those scales to be lifted ASAP from many more eyes in these very last moments of time and the Almighty Name of Jesus to be called upon before it's too late.

    Blessings All and Looking Up!

  20. I was just thinking about the crowned man-child this past January. Signs *in* the Sun. And now this 7 / dalet. Pretty cool.

  21. Quick little thought, hopefully encouraging, in an odd way. This has been niggling at me a bit and watching a few YTC vids of Dreams in the last 72 hours by several folks, all with the same IMMINENCY and merging of Harpazo & Destruction, nudge me to post it.

    Take all of your anxiety, urgency, etc., and magnify it a gazillion times and you begin to get a small peek into The Father's Heart For That Same Moment. Imagine THE DEITY waiting. wow. EVERY single LITTLE spec of detail EXACTLY in place. Oh, How His Rage Seethes, Awaiting. How His Delight And Anticipation Of Overwhelming His Son's Bride Are Bursting Within. The Will Of ABBA Holds His Action Until...

    This is why it is SO quiet, now. This is where we feel that unspoken yet HUGE sense of IMPENDING. This is why Harpazo must be immediate, taking zero 'time', as the Divine Rage Unleashed On Those Not Rescued Is So Immediate, Complete, So Virulent, And So Passionately And Personally Delivered By Our Lord As To Absolutely require It Be That Way. In the few seconds after Harpazo, as we get our bearings, Judgment will have already hit so hard, behind us, as to render life unrecognizable from before our Departure. Millions and millions of souls will be in Hell within seconds of our Escape, most likely, and certainly within minutes.

    Conversely, Brothers and Sisters, The Plans In Place, For Us, Superior, Positively Packed, Are More Exciting, Joyous, Anticipated, And Prepared For, By Our Lord, Than Anything, wow. Exercising Judgment is like removing the wrapping paper on His Gift To His Son In Whom He Is Well Pleased, amen, and His Eagerness For Both Is HUGE. Tell anyone who thinks they will decide after rapture that they will never get the chance and get ready To Be Blessed Beyond Comprehension, amen.

    1. Jimboni,
      My o My always a sincere thank you for your many many sense . And humor Pray that the Lord keeps you and the family under his wings. This morning I had an unusual experience waking up. Lying in bed.... looking up and praying , asking the Lord for strength for this new day before I head off to get ready for work. Rays of light were shining down from the ceiling. My husband was sleeping and there I liwas looking at these rays of light trying to figure out where they were coming from they were not landing anywhere in the Room but except on our bed. O Lord I began to wonder am I imagining things or is this you calling ,
      a warning that you are calling us home soon. I don't know but I do know that God has the time and the hour declared in the heavenlies Lord bless each one of you as you wait upon the Lord and occupy until the very moment that he calls his home. Maranatha

    2. Jimboni and others. A barrage of 726 has come my way in the past 24 hours or so. I mean profound remarkable "coincidences" of that number. And as I seek Him and ask Him if this is the year and what's next and what can I do for Him, I get quiet confirmations that He is hearing me. Not sure if it is the year, but at the very least something major is queuing up. I can feel it and am getting confirmation of that.

      Yesterday as I was praying I came to a stop and right in front of me was an SUV that said "the dragon" in large letters. Guess what color the suv was ... exactly, red.

      7 days before the two year mark, if two years is 730 days. Today is the 723 day. Are we in a countdown now? Feels like it.

      More strangeness is that my wife mentions the rapture multiple times a day lately. I do not talk about it with her since she just scoffs and does not believe in Jesus. Yet somehow she is sensing it gaining closeness...

      Another thought: Watched "the great hack" on netflix yesterday. This aggregation of data via facebook and google etc...is allowing a beast system to have power. It has been happening for a while now. Again, what's next?

      I'm tired. So please excuse the fragmented thoughts. Just wanted to share my current experience.

      Love you all, see you soon. Keep praying for one another.

    3. So, called the Jury line, and I've been 'Rescued', as it were, from a 4:30 a.m. commute, PTL! A TYPE of our ALL soon Impending Same? May It Be So! Maranatha!

    4. Amen Jimboni! So glad you were 'Rescued' from what I deem as being exposed to the evils of this world. After a nail biting 3 hour wait, sitting among approx 200 people, I too was 'Rescued/Set Free' from my call to serve yesterday. Praise Jesus!!!

      Thank you Jimboni, VeeBee, and Miguel for sharing your encouraging moments as we wait for our Call to be Rescued and Set Free from this place.

      Blessings Family, Hosanna and Maranatha!

    5. Jimboni, yes. Rev.10:9 is the only way I know to accurately describe this unsettled feeling as we both long to be with our Savior, yet dread what we know is coming upon this world and it surely must be the same for our Father, only as you say--magnified in His Attributes by the gazillions. (And glad to hear of your "rescue". Praying and trusting for the same reprieve from a Federal notice for an October selection involving over 100 mile round trips:-)

      VeeBee...TY for sharing such an encouraging experience and a big Amen to His perfect timing, Sister!

      Miguel...really intriguing that your wife is mentioning our Harpazo. Perhaps the HS is doing a work in her conscience based on your faith and prayers? I know I am trusting in Him for that very thing with those of my own house who being un-studied cannot fathom the reality of this time we are in, yet surely must have some sense of the Apocalyptic vibes surrounding us all. No doubt the final countdown is on. Prayers up for your loved ones!

      Another interesting article from @breakingisraelnews this morning in line with what I was feeling above re the Gog and Magog implications. Titled "Yemen's Attack on Saudi Arabia Fulfills Isaiah's Gog and Magog Prophecy" with this quote "The confrontation in Yemen predicted by Isaiah as preceding the Pre-Messiah War of Gog Magog may suddenly appear--much sooner than anyone thinks."

      Blessings All and Maranatha!

    6. Latest from MANY FISH on the Saudi/Yeman/Iran/US FF event the other day...

      Certainly something to start something. As Greg L. pointed out on the "timing" of Jason Greenblat's departure before the DotC is revealed by JK, funny how John Bolton (Mr. War Hawk) exited stage left as well, "right before" this FF to start something w Iran::

      Shenanigans! 9!! Saudi US Israel
      5min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4vgP9tn0wk&t=1s

    7. Just watched that MF video...the deceptions are so thick and run so many different ways--
      so what is the Truth? What is a child of God to really believe about all of these ET events swirling around us? His Written Word imo is now our only reliable calibrator--whether it involves reported events, signs, dreams, visions, words of knowledge, etc. What we do know for a fact is that His Word will be accomplished as It Is Written. How much of that now is or soon will be cloaked within at least some mystery remains to be seen and much of it likely from a higher vantage point. But I would imagine that He has a lot of hooks in a lot of different jaws, all of which will be precisely reeled in once His full net of the "153" has been retrieved and safely set aside. I just find comfort in knowing that it all culminates in His Perfect Satisfaction and when our Eternal Father is happy, we'll all forever be happy with Him, Amen:-) (Rev.22:3)

      Blessings and Looking UP!!!

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Let no man deceive you. Knowledge will be increased. We are living in the powder keg of Biblical prophecy.

    10. Archangel, Blessings, a little foggy in here, atm, 'gimme yer lighter, ...

    11. Hi, Me again. For The Record, I had not seen nor was even aware of Todd's latest when I published my thoughts, above, re the coin about to hit the table. He does a very nice job of tying the visual to the twin metaphor at hand. What he doesn't know is that HS has been spending time with me at the train station watching as the trains come in from the distance, esp their headlight, in quiet teaching moments, for the past several months. wow. The World has reached an "Impasse." Disaster is unavoidable without JESUS... THE KING IS COMING! @ITISFINISHED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ntuWDDdVY

    12. Oh, wait, 9 hours, a.m., p.m., ok, he hadn't put it up yet. Let's try this again. Hey, BTW, Todd, over @ITISFINISHED, put up a great video aligning with my post and no, we didn't talk about it, Maranatha!

    13. Jimboni, blessings. Gonna try and lighther myself. If I caint you will find the Zippo flying toward ya rather rapidly !

  22. Wow. Huge revelation.Light Bulb momen today via this YTV RE: occult symbolism, Jerusalem, the nazis, the zionists, etc... It makes perfect sense as we are looking at the animal sacrifice and allowance of islam into the holy city/ temple/ alter of sacrifice among 70 nations.

    Shocking, but as we have come to celebrate the Nation of Israel and knowing it was created from WW2 atrocities, these atrocities by the nazis were assisted by fellow jews IN ORDER TO GAIN JERUSALEM as capitol for the....ac.

    This has ALL been a set up and in the works for years and ALL HAS BEEN written for God's glory in His Holy word.

    The 6mil + Jews were a burnt offering sacrifice (see def of holocaust) by the NWO/occult/zionists in order to gain a foot hold in Israel in order to get Jerusalem in order to place the AC there (perhaps in the days ahead/ next week).

    Jump to the 65min mark for the 'Ah Ha' moment which come ssoon after. Whoa.

    666 Hidden In Plain Sight (Revelation 13 E)
    From Pastor Ben Heath
    80min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-DEz_Sb1R4

    1. Charlie in DC, Sheila B. and Fam, Blessings. Haven't watched yet and TY for a nice bullet point summary, the Spirit Fills In The Rest, for the moment, also well informed through MF tutelage re the Grand connections, et al, wow. In light of such, whether now in greater details/clarity, or not, aligned with events scheduled by these SAME TPTB, begs a moment/Response; does it Require one? Whilst I wouldn't be at all surprised if even THESE events end up being 'rescheduled', not likely for more than days, imo. All I can say is, a few weeks down the road, after an abomination of a blasphemy and Declarations and such go down in Jerusalem, and we are sitting here, looking from face to face in the room, all mutually puzzled, AKWARD

    2. Yeah...some of the info being put out is getting way too dark for me to want to delve into any deeper than just a peripheral knowledge. I much prefer the Light of our Blessed Hope and I agree, Brother--if we are not gone from here post haste, AWKWARD is going to be putting it mildly for children of the LIGHT--but whatever the case, we must hold fast, steadfastly keeping our eyes and hearts focused on Jesus Christ, trusting in His Word to be that Lamp unto our feet and knowing He will not let go of even one of us. (2Pet.1:19)

      Even this low-level Tropical Storm that slipped up on the TX-LA coast with the potential for more serious flooding with as much as 2 feet of rain predicted in some places bears a high-level message in it's name--"Imelda"--which means a Universal Battle or All Out War. Jesus IS coming and we ARE going Home!
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    3. Considering the status of the Israeli elections as reported today, this June 26, 2019 article from @breakingisraelnews is now bearing a bit more weight regardless of the cited source, especially since we all know Whom it really is that's ALWAYS pulling the strings. Whether or not the whole of this Rabbinical prediction comes to pass in the immediate upcoming days resides in our Father's Will and remains to be seen, but it sure does seem the fuses are all burning....

      "Mystic Rabbi Predicts: Second Round of Israeli Elections Will Fail:Gog And Magog War By High Holidays"

      *Today's headliner @breakingisraelnews--"Princeton Study Confirms: Gog And Magog A Realistic Scenario"

      Today's Bing Art depicts the Villarrica Volcano fireworks from 09/02/18 to celebrate Chilean Independence on Sept.18th and 19th. This Volcano is also known by the indigenous people as Rucapillan or the "Devil's House" and the photo captures what looks like reddish-orange beacon atop a snow-capped mountain sending a fiery signal into the night sky. Just made me think of how very Blessed we all are to be going up to our Father's Heavenly House as the enemy and his armies are coming down to theirs.

      Even so, Lord, come now!

  23. Just found out my nephew, who I've always been close to, was killed last night in a head on crash. Our family, especially his direct family, is very anguished over this loss. Most of us are believers and so was my nephew. So especially awesome that he is with the Lord, but still a hard loss. Pray as you all do so well for chains of wickedness to break and for relationships with Jesus to be made new. I wish I had time to fill in all the blanks, many of which I cant even fill in. I can tell you that he leaves behind a daughter he had not been allowed to see for the last couple years. There was an indescribable pain there for him. I pray that his death is the catalyst to turn many many hearts to Jesus. Maranatha!

    1. Miguel P, very, very sorry for your beloved nephew’s sudden passing. Please accept my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May God comfort you in your grief. Blessings to you a million times.

    2. Miguel P,
      In prayer for your life and for your whole family! May the Eternal Comforter grant you comfort and peace!

    3. Jeova, Amen ...
      Praying for u Miguel

    4. Terribly sad!!! I'm praying for you and the family!

    5. Sorry to hear about your Nephew Miguel, Great though that he was a believer, that means he is now enjoying a bit of quality time with our LORD, and prob checking out his new mansion. sweet. You'll be catching up with him soon, I am sure.

    6. Miguel, so very sorry for such a loss. You and your precious family are in my prayers, Brother, knowing through faith that He has you all in the palm of His Hand.

    7. Prayers for God's peace that surpasses understanding in times like this for you and your family Miguel. May you be comforted in His love.

    8. Adding you to my list Miguel. Wow, such amazing things happening. Covered in Christ's Blood and Love.

    9. Miguel P, Blessings, Brother, esp now, amen. As you know that I know well, from stories shared, that events, like this, are 'in the twinkling', not foreseen and over 'ere realized happening. Paul's recent also comes to mind, as Our Lord Calls. My heart is for your Comfort, And Being That Which Only Jesus Gives, Abundantly, Now, amen. Bringing my supply to the line of prayers that Christ Be Magnified, Somehow, and, as you petitioned, that the lives of all touched Be Touched By Christ, Amen.

    10. You all are the loveliest sweetest friends. What a day that will be when we all get to heaven....what a day!

      Each day that passes I feel a little closer to you and to Him. Part of me feels like it could be in just a few days or a couple weeks, but I gotta pace myself .

      I am a runner. That is my preferred exercise. and I've been thinking about a technique I use to go longer distances. When I'm running and I'm tired and it hurts, sometimes in my legs, sometimes in my chest, sometimes in a way I cannot pinpoint, I do not think about "c'mon only three miles left" having run a mile thus far. Instead I set small goals, like "see that tree a hundred yards off? Get there" once I've made it that far I set another goal and then another until I have finished my main goal.

      That is the technique that also is keeping me in this race for the heavenly prize. Just watch for the trees, signposts and markers. And keep going.

      Couple more things I wanted to add: Nora, it is wonderful to have you here again. Thank you for your portion on this table.

      And Cathi G, where are you sister? Watched any birds lately? Pondered any deep truths? Need your lovely narratives. Sherry? How about your breakdowns and deep thoughts? And over there at unsealed, I haven't heard from Hilary, Stephanie, Jeff and so many others. No offense to anyone I didn't mention. Love and miss you all, really.

    11. So sorry! Praying for your family!


    12. Miguel P, blessings to you and your family tenfold. I think your strategy when running is the best. A little at a time. And each goal you reach will only inspire you to achieve the next goal and as you achieve all the goals, you can start adding 1/10 mi more and then more and eventually be right where you want to be in running.

      I hope/encourage all of you brothers and sisters to pray in your car before putting it in drive. I have a prayer on an index card that I say before I pull out of my parking space and it’s so humbling to see “incidents” on the road go from several times daily for years to rarely now. We need God’s Hedge of Protection around us always and 695 and 295 and 495 (I better stop) used to be extreme challenges for me regarding patience and anger at being cut off, tailgated, ahem, hand signs, people putting themselves in harm’s way to get revenge on me for the revenge I took on them for something they did to me first. Pastor Hagee was correct when he said , “It’s easy to forgive...once you’ve gotten even.” I realized I had to give this burden to God and, as always, He made my commute peaceful and made me quick to forgive.

      My mother’s going to Heaven 2 1/2 years ago has changed everything. Made me grow up a little more and now on the road, I think I’m not out here to fight these drivers. My goal is to get home where I have 5 beloved cats waiting for me. Depending on me. I can’t let them down. I think it’s a good habit of stopping and thinking about all you love before losing your temper.

      Praise God for His abundant Grace, Understanding and Help. Maranatha ! (I95 too) !

  24. I am wondering what the response will be with this situation....... From is israeli news...
    "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said Wednesday he would not travel to New York for the UN’s annual General Assembly next week after failing to secure sufficient support in elections to form a new government with his right-wing political allies.

    Netanyahu’s office said he would forgo the trip due to the current “political circumstances,” without elaborating. It will be the first time Netanyahu has skipped the General Assembly since 2010, when then-foreign minister and current political nemesis Avgidor Liberman addressed world leaders at the forum."

    1. Amir Tsarfati wrote on his twitter that maybe (for now this is only a speculation) an unprecedented third round of elections will happen.

    2. Nora I blessing to see your writings here. Yes the political situations causes us to wonder... yet we know in Christ... that we are safe under the shadow of his wings. O my... I don't think anyone expected this ....are we up for the 3rd election it israel cannot form a government because Jesus is not the head of their government .....man attempts to be the head at this time.

    3. Nora...such a blessing to hear from you, Sister. I think of you all the time and pray you are doing well:-)

      VeeBee...I'm sure hoping and praying we are not here long enough to see a third round of elections take place months from now. But it's my understanding that if it comes to that, Netanyahu will remain the PM in the interim. Their system is really complicated:-/

    4. I agree. Watching their struggle makes me even more grateful that our Founders gave us a Constitutional Republic instead of a parliamentary system.

      I love Bibi. I have never seen anyone deliver a speech in such a brilliant manner. I will be upset if he’s not PM with a 61 majority but it’s not up to me. God puts Kings in Power and removes them Daniel 2:21 so God’s Will will be done according to His purposes. I don’t think anything could happen in/to Israel without God’s Permission. We may not understand it sometimes but we know only God knows the future in detail and everything He does is right and perfect because He is. Amen. Maranatha !

    5. Thank you for your kind words guys, sending some *hugs* to you! :-)

  25. Dear family,

    I ask you to help me in prayer for my health, as I have suffered from pneumonia and am on treatment with strong antibiotics!

    Thanks for listening!

    1. You got it brother! Healing on the horizon....in Jesus name.

    2. Jeova, praying that the Lord will strengthen you and heal in Jesus Name

    3. Praying for your health Jeova, that it is restored in Jesus Name. Keep looking up brother, that glorified (pain free, sickness free) body is just a blink of an eye away.

    4. Lifting you up in prayer, Jeova. May His healing for you come quickly!

    5. Praying for our Lord's healing quickly, Jeova!

    6. Adding you to my list Jeove. Wow, such amazing things happening. Covered in Christ's Blood and Love.

    7. Jeova', I rejoice at your opportunity to Magnify Christ, 2 Corinthians 12:9, amen! And add heartfelt petition that the opportunity quickly pass, to be replaced by a gentler one, 1 Corinthians 15:53, amen.

  26. I've listened to this video yesterday and found it so comforting and uplifting that I felt it on my heart to share it here:


    YT channel: Patrick L

    link to the video:


    "You might be condemning yourself for issues or problems that are not your fault. You internalize them as or into your true spiritual condition which may not be the case. Your sin is ever before you which you beat yourself up over through a guilty conscience and complex."

    1. Nora, so good to see your comments again! Thank you for posting this, I needed to hear it today as I was struggling with shame for a choice I made yesterday. I know my salvation is secure in Jesus, but was nonetheless beating myself up and feeling such shame.

      How far and wide and deep is the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ! His love astounds me every time, it is by far more than I can comprehend.
      Again, thank you for sharing this. I was comforted and uplifted by it as you were.
      Blessings Sister!


    2. I'm so happy that it was encouraging and comforting for you Mom! :-)


  27. Paul Dawson - FB Page

    “Tomorrow 19-9-2019 is 726 days from Revelation Chapter 12 Sign in the heavens and 10 days to Rosh Hashanah.
    Strongs 726: Harpazo”

    1. TY Jeova...going to watch it, but just your post gave me those Holy Spirit chills and it occurred to me to add it up--9/19/2019=9+1+9+2+0+1+9=31...3+1=4 (for the Door:-) I'm so ready!
      (Strong's G# 31--aggelia--a message--2x in 1John 1:5 and 1John 3:11)

      Blessings and Maranatha, Brother, as we walk in His Light and His Love:-)

  28. FEMA Prepares for Fallout with Iran War
    From Israeli News Live
    14min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZzscKXmNbw

    BTW, explosions at oil refineries in Italy and Mexico as well , coincidence?

    1. 'CiD, heard today that an official IRG mouthpiece uttered (tweeted?) a threat that if USA attacks Iran the response will not be limited to retaliations against the source of the attack, locally, but, by implication, at any and all targets representing that entity, especially in their Homeland. As I post this, HS Taps On Shoulder And Reminds, fig., of interviews I have heard, 10+ years ago, with credible voices sharing that sleepers sit, for quite some time, then, on small TN devices which are quantum levels above those we know from WWII. Easy to throw this into a stew and say that, in that non-instant prior to the first of these being detonated, in about 2 dozen major cities, electro-simultaneously, we go Bye-Bye. Put that into your viewer while watching Todd's latest, Maranatha!

    2. BINGO JImbo. So all these dreams and visions of sudden destruction, B-A-B-Y-L-O-N being brought down an one hour.... from the inside (civil and sleepers) as well as from the oceans and external forces (i.e. the bear and dragon oh my).

    3. This is another scary scenario.


    4. WASHINGTON – North Korea now has two satellites orbiting over the United States capable of performing a surprise electromagnetic pulse attack at an altitude and trajectory that evade U.S. National Missile Defenses, a national security expert warned in an interview with Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

    5. Charlie n DC, Blessings. OK, so like, either my RC upbringing is haunting me or I'm getting a Wink to affirm? First, let me say that, it felt that HS went further to tie that stew back to plans to spoil/take Harpazo when it occurs and even showing that as entangled with upper atmosphere detonation for 'research' which MF decoded as actually having been to test the firmament against such. This detail is too much for other than private discussion, but, wow. As to the 'Wink'?

      So, after scanning Rev12 and enjoying your comment, I head over to YT, as usual, and find a reply comment I put beneath one of CM's recent was replied to by the person I had responded to. In short, a professional mathematician made a few quick comments about CM's picture of light surrounded by darkness, and also bifurcated, perfectly, and how that would be shown with math and how that also lines up with certain periods (3.5, esp). Well, in respo to my comment the math wiz says, "Jimboni, BINGO,..." and then affirms my point.

      In light of Coincidence being a meaningless word, well now, maybe I am reaching but sure feels affirming to me. I mean, no one said, 'sorry, sir, its a cover-all.' Oh, contraire! BINGO it is!

  29. Interesting that the 'kingmaker' in the Israeli elections is just that for the second time after he was 'rejected' the first time.

    Avigdor = 'Father protection'
    Lieberman = 'dear, beloved'.

    The Israelites rejected the messiah sent by the Kingmaker (Father God) the first time, sent for his beloved. As a result of his rejection, he removed his divine protection from his beloved for a period. There were 162 days (23 weeks plus 1 day) between election dates. 162 in Strongs (greek) means 'he led captive' from Ephesians 4:8.

    All very interesting!!

  30. Good morning.

    I learned something new today from listening to LLOTT. The book of Isaiah is considered a mini-Bible within the Bible. Isaiah has 66 chapters where the Bible has 66 books. The beginning and end is foretold throughout Isaiah. Isaiah mirrors the book of Luke and vice versa, specifically things Jesus said (He is the author afterall).

    Two new ones from L LOTT showing lots of connections...unmistakable times we are in for those with eyes to see and ears to hear::

    The Nine 1 One/ Nine TO 3 Connections!

    1] 15min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIlz3vPo2MI
    2] 14min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtlxBD_mkNw

    Perhaps the fiery kick off event (i.e. FF) is not in the us but 'elsewhere' but starts the dominos everywhere. Elsewhere is defined in the second YTV here but also others have pointed out where it is via IPG2. Hint: it is where the news was focused earlier this week due to a (FF) attack on a refinery.

    1. Note: the title of the y_t_v is in code so as to evade y_t.

  31. SMH moment...to be sitting here this morning reading multiple headlines that say "All Out War Warning" coming from Iran while at the same time watching on TWC the devastating effects of this "little" storm IMELDA--whose name literally means "All Out War". Strange days just getting stranger as more and more people across this world are waking up to some type of devastating destruction...and this is all just the beginning of the sorrows to come...
    But the Good News is we have the promise of our Salvation in the Finished Work of the Cross available to any who will call upon the Name of Jesus Christ, believing in His Death, Burial and Resurrection. 1Cor.15:1-4, Eph.2:8-9, and John 3:16.
    **Don't be a grape;-)

    1. thats bizarre! 'universal battle' also a similar meaning. awesome...

  32. This is a mouthful. This Is Your Wake Up Call!

    From Shaking My Head Productions
    138min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wggH3kjXX-4

    Here is my ah ha moment frm this ytv: kabbalah = kabb-alah (hmmm, Jewish mysticism + islam)

    Note from SMHP: Many are seeking the truth but there are many channels out there that deny Jesus as being the Cornerstone of the truth.

    To say the least, this rabbit hole goes deep. This is a good video for discussion. It's a great way to wake people up about the true enemy satan and to point them to Salvation through Jesus Christ. Times short friends. Jesus Saves! Follow Him!


  33. September - Time is Over
    From Rody1169
    15min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCyvZRfQxz8

  34. Concerning his commentary on Mercury passing through the sun, I turned to Jaco Prinsloo (author of the text I only shared) and received the following reply from him:

    “Dear Jeová,

    Thank you for your e-mail and question.

    This transit has been displayed in the I, Pet Goat 2 animation that those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes and who are following after the god of this world, Satan have put out in 2012.

    I discus it in two videos that I put out in early June of this year and you are welcome to watch it to see where this is highlighted.

    Keep in mind that at the time October 31st seemed like a very likely time for Brexit to be brought about and for Trump's peace plan to have been announced. That time has come and gone now - most likely because of people's prayers and intercessions for the Lord to allow us more time.

    I hope this will bless you!




  35. COMMENTING on the impending release of the Trump peace plan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week: “The president is seeking to give Israel peace and security, the peace and security that it deserves.”

    The phrase “peace and security”—used twice by the Jewish Prime Minister in his statement—is found only once in the Bible, in Paul’s first letter to the Church at Thessalonica:

    “While people are saying, ‘Peace and security,’ destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape” (1 Thess. 5:3 BSB).

    The context of Paul’s statement is important. He had just finished explaining the rapture-resurrection event to the Church (1 Thess. 4:16, 17). Addressing the timing of this event, the Apostle says there is no need to discuss “times and dates” because Jesus is coming like a “thief in the night,” on a day no one can predict (1 Thess. 5:1, 2 NIV).

    However, Paul reassures wakeful believers they are not in darkness concerning the season or general timeframe of Jesus’ return (1 Thess. 5: 4). The watching Church will know when the Day of the Lord is at hand because people will be talking about “peace and security” (v. 3).

    Whether the talk of peace and security around the Trump peace plan is what Paul was referring to, only the Lord knows. What is certain is that the so-called “Deal of the Century” stands apart from previous peace plans in a number of ways:

    • It is the most anticipated and talked about peace plan since Israel became a nation in 1948.

    • It was drafted as the Jewish nation celebrated its 70th anniversary (Matt. 24:32-34; Ps. 90:10).

    • It is being administered by a president named “Trump,” who was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on His first full day in office.

    • It is being presented to a prime minister (Netanyahu) who is now 70 years old.

    • Its release has been delayed numerous times by a series of bizarre and unprecedented twists and turns in Israeli politics.

    We live in amazing times. Prophetic words and events predicted millennia ago in Scripture are becoming headlines.

    So stay awake, and be ready!

    Jesus is coming soon.

    . . .



    1. The number 70 is connected to redemption, fullness, completion, and judgment in Scripture:

    2. Understanding that God is sovereign over every detail and sets up and removes kings to fulfill His purposes,* it’s interesting to consider the names given the leader of the world’s most powerful nation at this time. Donald Trump’s first name derives from the Gaelic name Domhnall meaning “ruler of the world,” or “world-ruler. Trump’s middle name, John, derives from the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning “God is gracious.” (While John is a common name, its popularity stems from two key characters in the New Testament: John the Baptist, who prepared the ground for Jesus’ first coming, and the Apostle John, who penned the Book of Revelation.) The President’s last name, Trump, is a relatively rare surname in Europe, which in English means “trumpeter.”

    So in Donald Trump’s name we have: a “world-ruler,” “the sound of a trumpet, “grace,” “the apocalypse,” and “a preparing of the way for Jesus’ coming.”

    *Ps. 147:4; Luke 12:7; Dan. 2:21)


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