Woman in Travail Coming Soon?

Israel's Next War: We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Hi All,
Miguel P posted a good question in the previous post, and since we are overdue for a new topic I thought it would be good to address his question in a brand new post.  To start off, lets read Miguel P's question:

I have been looking at Revelation chapter 12 again and have some questions:

verse 2 says the woman was in travail or crying out in pain. Was that represented in the constellation somehow? I have heard that this would indicate that Israel will be at war, since travail is always associated with war in the Bible. Do you agree?

Miguel... I agree.  First, before elaborating on my answer, I will post Revelation 12:1-5 for a reference:
And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. 2 She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. 3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. 4 His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. 5 She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, 6 and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which she is to be nourished for 1,260 days.
Like all of us, my understanding of this passage has deepened over the last few years.   I will be the first to admit that I still do not have it all figured out.  I believe there are so many nuances and details that God has worked into this sign that will manifest in the sky above us and on earth that we will not fully appreciate it until we are in heaven.  Many many things in the Bible are like that I am sure.  But with that said, I truly believe we don't need to know exactly how it works to appreciate it or believe in it or have faith that it is true and from God.  How many people understand the complex dynamics of an airplanes, electricity, or wireless internet?  We may know the basics, but few of us know exactly how these things actually work in detail.  But we can appreciate them when they benefit our lives even if we don't understand the nuts and bolts.  I believe it is the same with Bible prophecy... and when we even get a glimpse of true understanding it can still blow us away!

Secondly, I feel the need to say that even though the rapture did not happen on 9-23-17 or in the two years following, it was correct to hold open the possibility.  I never agreed with those guys who were adamite that the rapture was certainly going to happen, to me I thought that was irresponsible.  At the same time, the people dismissing the sign outright and telling people to pay not attention to it as non-sense was just as irresponsible.  The sign was the sign, and to me, ignoring the chance that it could be a direct rapture sign was like playing Russian roulette.  We had a sign in the heavens described in the Bible happening, it would do everyone well to take notice and be ready.... that was my view and I believe many of you shared that as well.  But now, with the benefit of the last 2 years, we have learned for certainty that this sign was a precursor to and upcoming event.  Put another way, it was a heavenly "movie trailer" to the "full feature film" to be released across the planet any day now.

A movie trailer or poster conveys important things to its viewers.  It tells you who the main characters are.  It tells you the basic plot.  It tells you when the movie will be released.  And the bigger the movie the sooner they start telling you about it.  Some movies are advertised over a year in advance, before they even know the date.  It might be 2019, but it would not shock me to see a movie poster promoting a huge blockbuster that says, Fall 2020 or Summer 2021.  They don't know the day yet, they just know it's coming and they give you a general time frame.

Just look at this poster I found.  All they say is "Invading Cinemas 2020"
Funny note, this movie has posters still online saying 2019... apparently they got delayed as well, oh how we can relate! : )

Expanding on this point it would make no sense for the trailer (or poster) to come out on the same day as the actual movie... that would defeat the purpose.... It comes out ahead of it to build excitement and inform the audience of what is soon to come.  If we think of the Revelation 12 Sign as a movie trailer it served the same purpose.  It was exciting.  It gave us a preview of what would come.  It helped wake people up and build anticipation.  It drove us to study. It inspired us to share.  And now we are simply waiting for the main event which is coming closer and closer by the day.

So with that in mind, I would say that if you look at Revelation 12:1-5 you will see this pattern playing out....  Track with me here....

1. And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. 

This has happened.  This was fulfilled literally in the sky above our heads right where God said they would be (Gen 1:14) on September 23rd of 2017.

2. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. 

This has partially happened when we saw Jupiter representing this aspect of the sign in the heavens.  It was this 9 month loop inside the womb that helped bring the sign to life.  But in the midst of this verse we get a transition out of the heavenly sign to a soon to come earthly reality.  The woman (Isreal) will going through massive changes leading up the giving birth (The Rapture of the Church).  Isreal has undergone many significant events during the last 3 years, but we know that these events will only increase and intensfy right up to the point of the rapture...  To that point, the child will also undergo significant changes as it transitions into the birth.  Our comfy home during this church age will close in on us, the walls have begin to close in on us and soon the pressure will push us toward the exit to our new and better home.... just like a child being born.

So back to Miguel P's question...

verse 2 says the woman was in travail or crying out in pain. Was that represented in the constellation somehow? I have heard that this would indicate that Israel will be at war, since travail is always associated with war in the Bible. Do you agree?

I agree....  This was partially represented in the constellation by the Jupiter 9 month loop (which is equal to period of human pregnancy), conception comet, Nasa ultra sound etc.  Yet in the middle of the verse the line starts getting blurred from a heavenly representation to an earthly fulfillment.  The woman in in travail, pain, war....  We know this is coming based on many other Bible prophecies, yet it hasn't happened yet...  The sign showed us that it is coming soon.

For the sake of time I will by-pass verses 3-4 for the time being and get to verse five, which also exhibits the same pattern.   

3. She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, 6 and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which she is to be nourished for 1,260 days.

She gave birth... this ties verse 5 back to verses 1 and 2.  And we know that this was reprensented in the heavens when Jupiter exited the womb.  But it has not fully yet been manefested here on earth yet (obviously).  We are still here, we have not been transformed and raptured.  All we know is that it is coming soon.... why, because we saw the trailer.  The trailer gave us a preview of the full feature film.

So with that I believe we can know the following things, which are backed up with many other portions of scripture.
1. The church age is coming to a close.
2. Israel will under-go big changes soon and feel much pain
3. A threat will come upon the earth, something that will look very threatening.
4. The church will not be devoured and in fact will be caught up safely to God.
5. Israel will then flee to a place God has prepared.

A short note on #3.  The threat describes stars being cast to heaven.  We know from Rev 12:9 that satan and his angels will be cast down to the earth.  This will also coincide with the rise of the Beast System that is coming upon the whole earth, that is why I believe that the numbers in Rev 12:3 so closely relate to all of the one-world government verses throughout the rest of the bible.  The interesting thing is that this too may have been represented in the sky last year during the draconids meteor shower.


  1. Brad, TY you for that excellent summary to Miguel's excellently timed question. (And that delayed Shaun the Sheep Farmageddon poster/trailer is unreal...no predictive programming there...;-)

    1. Agree, Sheila!
      Very well put together, Brad and easy to understand making this a nudge to keep on believing and expecting and hoping and waiting ...

    2. Thank you both! So thankful to be watching and waiting alongside you...for as long as it takes!

    3. Well put and awesome perspective in categorizing what was, is happening and will happen! Can't be much longer. I love the 1-2 year 'movie trailer' example...yep.
      Lu Vega

  2. Brad, Blessings. Thank you muchly for this wonderful Tool for unpacking this all, wowzers! Clearly HS Breathed; simple, profound, True of it's own accord, yet revealing more Truths, around. The Gift of Interpreting Tongues is critical, alongside the Gift of Tongues, and, generally, better if not the one exercising both, thus also invoking Witness, to His Glory, amen. That Our Lord Has Spoken Thusly and, here, you seem to have been Gifted with a model for Hearing what was Spoken; such very exquisite fare. I am simply tickled to be hearing HIS VOICE more clearly! Very Encouraging content, love your big-picture mind tying it so well together, praise Our Lord, amen, Maranatha!

    P.S. Plan-C is an extraction Wed 8:15ish a.m. MT USA, Wednesday morning. Barring, of course, an anticipated FLASH WEDDING occurring in the meantime. Tuesdays ARE great for weddings I am told, Maranatha!

    1. So, I think I'm gonna give it a try, esp with the instructions so close!

      Would you like a beautiful Shofar for a few moments lighting up your home in Elul? And some wonderful details about them?

      Blow~The~Shofar 6:06 Jolie Story


    2. A sound for our souls to behold...

    3. Thank you for the kind encouragement Jim. So glad it was encouraging to you my brother! Prayers up for your procedure tomorrow.

  3. Note the wheat field in the movie poster... i.e. the main harvest is gone, the gleanings are left...

    1. Sheep, too. i.e. My sheep hear my voice, etc. Not that it definitely means anything, just an interesting image choice for this post. ;)

    2. Very interesting observation! I did not notice that! THANKS FOR SHARING!

    3. AbeOwitz...good catch on the harvested wheat field. I totally missed that just looking at the sheep being beamed up:-)

  4. "And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems"

    Brad you mentioned that these numbers relate to a one world government and I just watched a great video that also mentions these numbers and the upcoming one world system.

    The video says that the 7 heads are the 7 nations of the G7. The 10 horns are the 10 regions of the world which will be set up in the upcoming one world government. The club of Rome has already shown us how the world will be divided into these 10 regions. (This is shown in the video, link below)

    ...and I just has a thought. The dragon may have 7 crowns in Rev 12 because at that time it is the G7 in control. But by Revelation 13.1 "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns" ...the crowns are given to the 10 regions as they take over control of the world in the new one world government.

    I highly recommend you check out the video as it also explains how the mark of the beast way well be linked to the sustainable development goals of the UN and the upcoming one world government. At the start of the video it also talks how the mark may be implemented in a mandatory worldwide vaccine. The video was published just today (very timely!) -

    End Times, Mark of the Beast ,Vaccine Agenda and FEMA Camps (47 mins)

    The video starts talking about the G7, 7 heads and 10 crowns at 28:38

    1. Thank you for sharing....it is all becoming too real allthewhile we are still seen as members of TFHB.

      Hopefully no one here accepted the "free" flu shot offered just about everywhere.

      The charades going on to bring about this division/destruction within is just unbelievable, but that is the point too, it is "unbelievable" while it is happening in plain sight for those with eyes to see.

      As an addendum to your "Mark" piece, here is the AI portion::

      Skynet - It's Always Watching Me In This Reality!
      From Shaking My Head Productions (9/27)
      86min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6Dyx3VwHpE&t=2674s

    2. And then we have the assault from the skies above as well...

      Reverse engineering the goals of terraforming / geoengineering / chemtrails: What biologicals are compatible with the end result?

      SUMMARY: It is now indisputable that geoengineering plans are under way to alter Earth’s atmosphere and climate. The Bill Gates funded, Harvard-run “SCoPEx” project is just one of several schemes that plan to deliberately pollute the atmosphere to alter the future of life on Earth. That project has been openly touted by CNBC, while a similar project called Stratospheric Aerosol Infection is being openly advocated by deep state power broker John Brennan.

      The stated goals of these programs are, of course, devastating to life on Earth as we know.

      From Natural News (via RaptureReady.com) on 9/27

    3. I will surely check it out!!! Thank you so much!

    4. I think the geo-engineering aspect of chemtrails is a smokescreen and its true purpose is bio-engineering humanity. For a long time many people have suspected a connection with morgellons and chemtrails, now in video (for the first time that I have seen), an anonymous biologist with a powerful microscope (and ethics) has taken a look at skin samples of people without morgellons and found nano-particles growing and almost rewiring our bodies.

      The Transhuman Control Matrix Is Here – Chemtrails | Morgellons | Neural Lace

      I believe that the nanoparticles sprayed on us in chemtrails (and found in some processed food and water) are growing inside everyone, and the coming mark of the beast will be the control mechanism for these nano-particles to create human 2.0, total mind control ...and eternal damnation. Thankfully I believe the rapture will take place before this, but it is important for us to know about this so we can warn others. (Unfortunately from experience, this deception is just too big and too evil for most people to comprehend or believe.)

    5. I forgot to add, I believe this is their ultimate goal -


    6. The evil intent of this stuff IS so unbelievable that people who are otherwise occupied look at you like you're a lunatic when you try to tell them and ofc that's exactly what TPTB are counting on. When I've warned that trying to hide will be useless because they will just use drones and AI to hunt people down, they smirked. News story out today:

      "Drone finds fugitive living in cave after 17 years on the run"...
      63 year old man in China who escaped from a labor camp "17" years ago is captured after they sent out a drone who spotted the man and 3 teams were deployed to bring him in.

      His guilt or innocence is beside the point, imo, as this story is yet another real world warning of the coming technology terror that will be implemented by the Beast System. Forgetting the prepper Pancake Buckets and fully trusting in our Blessed Hope is the only way out of this coming nightmare. I realize many many Christians have been martyred for their faith over the centuries and many more are being killed even as we speak, but Jesus Christ made it very clear that what is coming with this Beast System is not just about killing the body, it's about stealing the eternal souls of every human being possible and they will stop at nothing to that end.

      So Thankful for our Lord and Savior!

  5. Ty Green had the same idea of revisiting R12 on its 2-year anniversary as well...

    What We Saw- Yom Teruah 2017
    22min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImHL-EZ3bmw

    SUMMARY: On Yom Teruah 2017, many of us saw scriptural prophecy fulfilled. For many of us, our reactions were total excitement. And during this time, errors, and predictions were made. However, the sign is legitimate and is a precursor to the events that followed in the chapter.

  6. From Now the End Begins


    Charles Spurgeon once said that "the time will come when instead of pastors feeding the sheep, we will have clowns entertaining the goats", and of course he was referring to 2 Timothy 4 and Revelation 3 on Jesus' prophecy about the last days Laodicean Church. That day is here right now, and growing worse by the moment. If I had been in the audience when Perry Stone started his phony speaking in tongues, I would have stood up and rebuke that nonsense. I wonder why nobody did, maybe they are so biblically illiterate they don't know a fraud when they see one?

    <(From the Editor)> Let me just say that watching this video of charismatic pastor Perry Stone pretending to speak in tongues is, to me, highly disturbing and unsettling to say the least. Stone alternates from speaking in a very flat monotone, sound like Lenny from ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ to spouting the same silly and repetitive gibberish he learned from end times heretic Kenneth Copeland. At the bottom of this article we have included some videos to show you how phony these people really are.


  7. Well now, lets not forget that thousands of tons of radioactive water spew from Fukushima still. Cesium4 is bio-accumulative and in our snowfalls and Spring showers now. Will the nano-tech, cited here, be able to stem such but not reverse it, not being of the Creator?

    1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple telling the seven angels, “Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God.”

    2 So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and harmful and painful sores came upon the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. (Rev 16:1-2, ESV)

    Family, Blessings. For Encouragement, and Hope, it is wise to anchor all of this in Scripture, as only The Love Of Father, Son and Spirit, towards us, can console and prepare in the face of such. Brad's modeling a big-picture lasso is an excellent frame, here.

    The Theme I see in this is that of wheat and tares together until the end and The Father Ministering Through It All whilst our Enemy toils alongside. Acts 2:17 Note: ALL Flesh. The Father's Spirit Raises Those 'Of His Spirit' and Quells Those Not, yet, UNIFORMLY poured out, it does not violate this moment where the Enemy takes the stage. Revelation 22:11 illuminates here.

    The Father and the Trickster clearly see this freeway heading to a 'T'. Note the wide range of areas under evil manipulation, just in the few posts here, now add MF input to geography/civil building through MILLENIA, oh boy. Consider, "when we go UP, they come DOWN", regardless of which THEY are involved here, Revelation 12:4. Again, and this speaks so clearly to the recent, strong urgency amongst YTC prophets to evangelize; there is no normalcy after Harpazo, not even a full second's worth, NONE. One very fitting model would be Harpazo occurring an instant prior to a 1st Nuk, as stated previously. Until whatever event that happens to be, happens, as cited above, things in ALL areas continue to push to breaking them free from connection to created order. In the Western hemisphere, esp, imho, there will be zero time to 'ponder' what just happened. Most will awake in heaven or hell, in an instant, with a very puzzled look on their millions of faces. Hebrews 10:25 Maranatha!

  8. Wow, all these posts. And, thank you, Brad, for this Woman in Travail post. Excellent and encouraging.
    Jimboni, prayers up for you regarding tomorrow. And thank you for the above summary. Adding to all the posts regarding how things will go from real to surreal the nanosecond we leave. Let's not forget Paul's video on the giants/nephilim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccl_LHq9FQ4
    I have heard pastors saying many will be saved after we are gone. After reading (as much of this as I can (or want to)), about what's coming, I am really having my doubts that this is true. This is the strong delusion I was referring to but couldn't find the link - and I think Annabel brought it up long ago - humans will no longer be able to choose. There has to be some time before it all gets up and running. I'm praying there is. God is proved Himself extremely long-suffering to me during these last two years, so I will choose to believe there will be. Blessings, all and Maranatha!

    1. ShelleyB, Blessings. That is how I see it and, I was pondering last eve, that the Shout we are waiting for might not, actually, be Directed at us Being Rescued but, rather, at those Being Judged: “Enough!” as the Holy, In-Your-Face Time Begins.

      In re the above, and every facet of creation being re-engineered away from ABBA, the progression will, ofc, move to The Crown of Creation: Mankind (ibid.); more specifically, The Blood.

      11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it for you on the altar to make atonement for your souls, for it is the blood that makes atonement by the life. LEV 17:11

      Artificial blood 'better than the real thing' made in lab by scientists...DRUDGE
      National Defense Medical College have revealed the al-purpose blood which they created in a lab – 10/1/19 Daily STAR https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/artificial-blood-better-real-thing-20376298

      Of course it is. Blood 2.0, new and improved; Wonder How The Real Creator Feels?

    2. Jimboni, praying all goes well with that plan B extraction. I hate it when these hoops we dread just keep on materializing, but He's been so faithful to provide us with the strength to jump through and keep going. That story on the "better" blood was crazy, yet not surprising. Guess they need some artificial blood to compliment their artificial intelligence which is courtesy of their artificial god. I am so ready for the Reality of our Heavenly Home with our Heavenly Father:-)

    3. Morning, Family, Blessings. DDS visit wasn't too bad; lots of Novocain and head rather swimmy atm. Was amen-ing the prayers I knew were going up and surely appreciate it.

      Things at work are interesting and dynamics building for some time likely to pop soon. Not going to go into details but there is a good chance, as HS leads, I walk, shortly. That is a Leap Of Faith, surely, esp in light of supporting our Scout while in freefall, not being financially independent but thoroughly Christ dependent. In terms of all things being in step, I felt HS inform Me of connecting work dynamics, as well as similar dynamics in numerous postings here, and elsewhere, to a post I read in the last day. IDR who/where, maybe Miguel P unpacking this area of emerging Revelation of 'Travail'.

      In short, and in keeping with the Scriptural Birthing meme, the idea is that, at this time, CONTRACTIONS and EXPULSIONS are the meme. As in, PUSH! during labor. From the infant's perspective it gets awfully cramped, repeatedly, while the known world closes in, crushingly, and the relief from that event is an exit to a world completely unknowable to that infant, until it arrives. The relief is NOT a cessation of being pressed, quite the contrary, that continues to the point of perceived near-crushing and ejection from the place Crafted For Loving Comfort. So, esp in light of the 'Of The Lord' vs 'Of The World' element also involved, the many job shifts, home relo's, family shuffles and similar such, ala my arising work scene, fall along these lines. While that is helpful, and encouraging, it also intensifies, ofc, the longing/expectation of the BIRTH! Oh, brother, Maranatha!

    4. Praying for you, Brother, on the "uncertainties" front. Seems like that discomfort zone has become the order of the day in re to all things worldly and for the Believer is perhaps a necessary blessing to help insure our "Christ dependence" in these most critical of days.
      Surely keeps me on my knees and longing for His Appearing:-)

    5. Catching up today so saw the info re. Jimboni's procedure--yes, prayers for your quick recovery and smooth transition job-wise, ♥Brother! Ha! Just realized the pun I made related to your comment re. the BIRTHING MEME. Earlier I had shared with Miguel about something very different I believe the Lord has revealed but hesitated to post here. Here's an excerpt:

      Transition Shaking

      Slowly but surely I am getting a better picture of what it will be like for the Overcoming Man Child as He traverses the darkness surrounding Him and squeezes through the Narrow Way before being born into Eternal Light. We have seen signs and prophetic events related to the birthing of “twins”—. . . What must it be like for the unborn as his mother trembles with the throes of the birth process?

      Those in the medical field generally agree that birth is not painful for the infant, but it is likely he will feel the squeeze as he passes through the birth canal. It will be dark and probably disconcerting for along with the pressure of contractions will be great shaking as his mother succumbs to the stage of transition." [https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/09/erasing-line-in-sand-for-september.html]

    6. Hi ShelleyB. I have been holding onto Revelation 7:9-17 as comfort that many will be saved in the Tribulation. I don't know how to interpret it as anything other than tribulation saints and I just looked up the greek of Revelation 7:14 for coming and out of greek equivalents. Then in Revelation 9:16 a 200 million army is mentioned. So a multitude no one can number is probably more than 200 million. Thoughts?

  9. Thanks Brad. Really appreciate you taking the time to break all this down and highlight the specific topic.

    It does seem like war in Israel is very close, but it is hard to know exactly.

    Could be an hour from now or a year from now. But I keep remembering those schoolyard fights and the way they'd start with name calling, then went to shoving, and finally would be full blown death matches. Seems like the name calling and shoving in Israel kicked off a few years ago and now it's only a matter of time.

    There is a commenter over at unsealed who is really being antagonistic about "stargazing..." but just in case anyone is still having difficulty with our watching the heavenly signs, the Bible clearly states that God gave them to us for that purpose. The thing that it condemns is related but totally different. Astrology is attributing power to the stars or making daily decisions based on the stars.

    I know there are also people who believe that what we see is some tampered with NASA illusion, but I do not believe God would allow that...yet anyway.

    Here's the thing: God is extremely merciful and good to confirm, validate, and verify information for us. If the rev 12 alignment were a false sign, then we wouldn't be seeing such uptick in war, economies, earthquakes, shootings, lawlessness, selfism, AI, space exploration, etc... it really is that simple.

    So, the million dollar question is "how soon Lord? "

    I can deduce based on Bible definition of generation that we have less than 8 years left. I can deduce based I. The state of things seems to confirm this. I've said it before, but there seems no way to avoid the multiple impending disasters.

    Only two things give me slight pause:

    Continue to part two

    1. Part two:

      First there is a 120 year generation in the bible and secondly there was 33 years after Jesus birth before He was transfigured and ascended. Those only gove me slight paise because I dont think they need to fit our model.

      One other thing gives me a little more pause: we do not understand Revelation that well as a whole.

      There is still a lot of disagreement on who, what , and when. My opinion is that the clarity will come after the harpazo; so it only gives me a little pause.

      Finally, as far as the events in rev 12:1-5, I see them happening very rapidly after travail begins. When israel goes to war, the dragon is visible, and then the church has a birth moment and then it is snatched. After that the world changes, dispensation changes, two witnesses speak truth, antichrist rises etc.....

    2. You wrote: "....and then the church has a birth moment "
      Do you have any ideas about what that would actually be?

    3. Dont know but it does seem to indicate one in the revelation 12 passage. Wonder if that is why many watchers believe Pentecost season is best candidate.

      Perhaps the Holy Spirit falls on us in a big way again. Perhaps it is the final net being cast before we go up. Perhaps the transformation is the birth. I am no expert. Just trying to understand like everyone else.

    4. All good thoughts Miguel. I always fall back on 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 when trying to understand how this "birth process" will play out. It is clear that we will be changed as it says twice in 1 Cor 15:51-52. The question is, are we changed simultaneously with the rapture like the movies show, or will we changed for some time prior to the rapture? Reading those verses it ties the event to the resurrections of the dead in Christ( 1 Cor 15:52 and earlier), and we know from Matt 27:51-53 that when the dead were raised back then they didn't immediately go to heaven, they had time to "appear to man" and take a walk around town! So I would say that if, back then the dead were raised and had time to appear to many, well then it makes sense that we the dead are raise again the same pattern would follow... And if we are changed / transformed / glorified at the same time or shortly after this event (vs 52), then I would surmise that we would be sticking around for a short bit as well. After all, 1 Thes 4:16-17 clearly says that we will be caught up together with them some amount of time after they have been raised!

    5. Like the way you think brother. Maranatha!

    6. I had the same thought, Brad, regarding how those resurrected at the time of Christ's resurrection "went into the holy city, and appeared unto many" (Matt 27:53). And, dear Rev12Daily Family--you might be surprised where the Lord has taken me lately in my understanding of what is to come!

      I hesitated to post my latest article here, but since Brad has brought up the subject, I guess I'll just do it. Also this post appeared at The Call of the Bride blog for about a week and had so many new readers, I decided I shouldn't hold back.

      In case I can't follow Brad's directions correctly, you can find the article at lynmelvin.blogspot.com. I posted it back on September 20:
      <a href="https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/09/erasing-line-in-sand-for-september.html>https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/09/erasing-line-in-sand-for-september.html</a>

      Dear Ones, don't you hesitate like I did but please come by and leave a Comment if you are led. As I have shared before, I would rather "warn" and be wrong than not warn and all suffer the consequences --Love to all♥

    7. Thanks Lynne. I'll give it a read.

    8. Nice article Lynne. You make some excellent points with a healthy dose of humility.


    9. Thank you, Miguel. I appreciate your feedback, Brother♥

  10. Thanks Brad for this post. Great summary of the state of play on the Rev 12 sign, and I loved the similae to it being like the trailer to a movie. A Great image of the Shawn the Sheep "Farmageddon" yeah, talk about predictive programming with the "alien space ship". I would not in my wildest dreams have thought we would see Oct 2019 last Sept, or even last January, or even last Purim, but here we all are. It cannot be much longer. Please come soon LORD.

    1. I know. I thought for sure Purim, then Pentecost, just so strange the dual reality. Getting weary bu watching and praying.

  11. Hello friends. So, once a month we have a meeting of our business association and someone always gives a lecture. Usually one of us talks about his project in our field, how it went, what they learned, specific solutions, etc. This time it was a bit different, as we had an investor guy with a presentation about a big picture in economy, macroeconomic trends, stuff he noticed doing his research - to give us a general idea how he sees the future to unfold and an environment in which we operate.

    Why I'm writing about this here? Well, the lecture was quite fascinating from watcher's point of view. Sharing from my notes made during the talk.

    He belives current model of debt-based currency we have everywhere will outrun it's usefulness, as it can't function much longer as it is. He expects new model and different understanding of money - as an exchange tool only, but not as a means of holding wealth. Expects new model to use global virtual currency, with national currencies being pegged to it and then devalued/hyperinflated out of use.

    He mentioned something called "circular economy", where products are owned by producers, maintained, serviced and then recycled by them. Good from ecological point of view - but consumers don't own items, merely rent/lease them. So, if someone can't afford payments (unemployment, illness), everything can be taken from them at once, as it's not their property. He advised us to consider this from risk management point of view, before jumping in. General trend against ownership of assets by individuals.

    He mentioned lack of privacy combined with AI and government/corporate databases resulting in new marketing ways and diferent expectations of consumers.

    He mentioned propaganda issues, and the biggest problem being, in his opinion, not fake news but selection of news that people are shown. Pretty any policy and trend can be promoted successfully by showing carefully chosen info - and carefully NOT showing differents informations. As Google tries to provide ppl with individually crafted search results, targeted to their preferences/interests, ppl live in their separate info bubbles, seeing reality differently from others and finding it increasingly hard to connect, as they have less and less in common.

    Hmm, doesn't it all sound like economy of AC? I had to pay attention to keep my jaw closed during the talk. Very creepy undercurrents there.

    Oh, the last thing: he is seeing different kinds of macroeconomic/investment cycles he's tracking to converge around year 2025, +_1 year. He's not sure what it means, but thinks it has to do with virtual currencies and AI, and could be a major economical game changer. WOW.

    1. Just imagine how much closer this stuff really is.

    2. So have they forgotten about EMP threats or are they counting on it?

  12. I am not sure who has heard a sermon like this recently...

    When Satan Demands to be Worshipped & You Fall For It - Religious DECEPTION in The World

    Speaker:: Carter Colton, Times Square Church
    Alpha & Omega Productions YTC
    30min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxDBhHjq3Rg

    1. Charlie...you're right...I've never heard a sermon quite like this one preached before and I'm glad I watched it. I've never heard the Temptation of Christ spoken on in such depth and it was an eye-opening message. And that clip on the Perry Stone phone thing was surprising...not so much in that he did that, but that he let himself get caught on tape doing it. I used to listen to him way back and read a bunch of his books as he always seemed to have some exceptional Scriptural insight, but then like so many others the stuff he began putting out along with his associating with the more obvious false teachers for obvious financial gain shut that down real quick. TY for sharing:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. The books and financial gain/ growth is just a debbie downer. PS does have good teaching, BUT when books and large 'worship' centers and several trips to Israel/ year become the focus....boo!

  13. Family, Blessings. Daniel Velez (sp?), @informedchristians, has fallen in and out of favor around here over the past two years, surely. However, not along the lines of a false gospel, ala other conflicts of late, but more in terms of his approach and fruits he elects to pursue, and why, as I understand it for those who had issues. I affirm this, simply to set it all aside, especially now, hat tip the baggage, but also that it does not poison the well.

    OK. While quite enamored of his masterful unpacking of the drama in the heavens, around and following the Great Wonder, his Wise Men’s Journey modeling, introducing me to The Ebenezer Stone, and much good teaching, it has been quite a while since attending a video. I was moved by this latest, as well as, it seems, moved to watch it, esp at being about 35 mins, which generally escapes me unless already a topic of interest. Well, in the spirit of a thread springing from a revisit to the roots of our moment, re-centering our model back on our Wise Men’s Journey and the Great Wonder’s continuing unlocking of the tie and TYPE, I present this summary.

    First, on a great sidebar, Daniel shares, the time taken by pilgrims, returning from Moed/Feasts, as well as the time taken by The Wise Men, To RETURN TO THEIR PERMANENT HOMES, AFTER their attendance/ moment, is accounted for in Scripture and even in the timing of things after those feasts allowing for that travel. As we collectively cringe, just a bit, as one more marker seemingly passes, as that very special, we thought, 2-year anniversary of the Great Wonder did, hold it right there, cowboy. 9/23/19 + 14 days = 10/7/19. This here posse ain’t home, YET.

    1. SETTING: Jupiter, long having departed Virgo’s womb, and picturing that portion of the tale, as well as having traversed numerous ‘episodes’, or ‘trailers’ for us, up until now, currently passes from Ophiuchus’ left foot, as he faces us, to his right, at about the ankle.

      Ophiuchus faces us, wrestling a large serpent astride him, with its tail out from his right hip and its head outside his left hip, stretched out, as Ophiuchus restrains/holds/wrestles him, Jupiter sliding from inside his left ankle, over to his right, were he to look down.

      Beneath Ophiuchus, below him as we look into the sky, is Scorpio, The Serpent. Just a bit beyond Ophiuchus right ankle, a line which Jupiter crosses just after leaving between them, aligns with the uppermost star in The Serpent’s Stinger.

      DRAMA: In similar manner to Jupiter drawing our attention to a BIRTH, and a very special one, as discussed, during the Great Wonder, Jupiter NOW draws our attention to the Scorpions in Revelation (revelation 9:3, et al) alongside coming Tribulation, Judgments and Rescues, (Strong echo of CM’s dreams and teaching on them concerning scorpions) as well as the issues of heads and heels in Genesis 3:15

      I will put enmity between you and the woman,
      and between your offspring[a] and her offspring;
      he shall bruise your head,
      and you shall bruise his heel.”

      Here, Daniel expounds quite a bit, effectively showing a link between this TYPE being seen in Jupiter’s placement, now, but not for long, AMIDST Ophiuchus’ feet, ABOVE Scorpio, The Serpent, esp it’s top, tail star, as well as Jupiter's prior transits just before this one. Luke 20:43 is also exalted here.

      Choreography: So, here’s the gist. STRONG SIGNS STRONGLY SEEN 33:46

      From NOW, only until about 10/20, this drama is clearly visible, to the naked eye, above the horizon. By 10/21, this section of the drama/echo/TRAILER fades and is no longer on display, with Scorpio fading completely out of view, below the horizon, about month’s end. The appearance, NOW, of so striking a part of the drama, in context of ALL the YTC’s and what we are seeing, everywhere. Wow. The very fact of its very soon passing the story to other characters, before month’s end, Declares.

      Although there is likely significance to the specific dates where Jupiter goes retrograde, after leaving from between Ophiuchus’ feet, 4/8/19+/-, what is pointed out is that its progression almost, but not quite, touches the line occupied by Scorpio’s stinger star, below it. Daniel ties this and earlier transits, to Christ’s Crucifixion, being the Serpent bruising His Heel, I would add current war in the heavenlies and spiritually, here.

      After having gone retro, and returning between Ophiuchus’ feet, Jupiter will again have exited Ophiuchus’ right foot, which has been highlighting Our Lord Making His enemies His Footstool, by 10/15, which is also the last few days when this TRAILER is in full view.

      Approximately November 8, Jupiter will NOT go retrograde, but pass directly through the line marking the plane defined by The Serpents stinger. THIS seemingly marking Judgment’s Peak. NOTE: WE CANNOT SEE IT ANYMORE, WHEN IT HAPPENS, with the naked eye, because, by this point, it is below the horizon (NO! BECAUSE ITS NOT FOR US AND WE ARE NOT HERE! MIBS!)

      SUMMARY: RIGHT NOW, the very same screen we were Awed by, TWO years ago, is Showing us Jupiter’s Work, Amidst the feet of those who wrestle and restrain the Serpent. It is showing Jupiter DEPARTING that work, by roughly 10/7/19, 10/15 at the latest, the give-and-take, back-and-forth of conflict Allowed By ABBA, As Declared In His Word and moving on to other scenes. The NEXT one being it ruling above The Serpent’s stinger, 11/8/19, an event NO LONGER VISIBLE in the sky, MARANATHA!

    2. TY for writing that out. Your ears must be able to listen a lot faster than mine can, LOL.
      Daniel V. talks so fast and what he's saying sounds awesome and exciting and I was at least getting the gist of it, but your summary helped a whole lot. It's been awhile since I've caught his channel--not due to any animus, but just so many hours in the day:-) Blessings, Brother, and thanks for the share and Maranatha to you as well!

    3. It's funny when you two start having a dialogue...always seems to happen around our high watch times. I think it's the old, pet-the-dog-nervously sort of thing. Lol no offense at all, just adding some levity while the air is thick.

      He is coming. Seriously, HE IS!

      I'm not responding to most of your comments because I just haven't much to say.

      Hugs bros and sisters, big warm group hug.

    4. Nice to see your brain to finger motion/interaction unaffected by your mouth and/or lingering pain. I must say, this was a first Jimboni post I was able to follow all the way through without quitting due to misplacing my decoder machine.

      There has been much of late re: the serpent, especially by INL. Here are a few recent (serpent) studies (note: I know people deny the exisitence of a non-human race walking/ intermingling amongst us, BUT how much of the vatican is and everything evil in plain sight of the serpent?)::

      1] What was the Enmity Between Jesus and the Pharisees
      36min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1bGZ2zO7P0

      2] The Rise of AI Serpent
      31min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23nkDYF-M8A&t=291s

      3] The Trail of the Nephilim - Serpent Race
      90min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOUEBQOz9Ss

    5. LOL Miguel on the pet-the-dog thing...yeah, I think it's because we often pick up on the same signals at the same time. But I think you my Brother have a lot more in you to say than you're willing to share because when you do share your thoughts they are just too interesting not to be sitting on top of more, but ofc that just makes what you DO say all that more interesting because I know you've put a lot of thought into it before putting it out here:-) Blessings and Maranatha! (And looking forward to that real group hug that is soon in the offing:-))

    6. Sheila B., Miguel P, and Fam, Blessings. Been soaking in one of the most anointed and glowing days I've had in as long as I can remember. Parted ways with my employer of 8.5 years, this morning, Our Lord orchestrated My Exit Precisely As I Had Asked, my interaction with my Manager consisted of exactly nine words, after dropping my resignation on his desk, and telling him, "I'm out", as I departed with my desk contents in my little granny shopping cart. On the way out, stopped on 3rd floor to say ciao to a dear Brother In Christ, Jose', who stood and gave me a big hug. As we parted, he, of course, asked, 'so, you got something lined up, what's the plan?' to which I immediately, robustly replied, 'Jesus Christ! is the plan, brother" Got a big amen and on my way, Maranatha! My mouth feels better than it has in two months, thank you for your prayers. Maranatha! Jeremiah 29:11

    7. Sheila, thank you. That was so nice. Now let's get this party started already. Maybe if we all jump up and down. The earth will shake and then we'll be rescued.

      Jimboni, Congrats brother! I've for some good connections if you need any thing. References, etc..

      So glad your mouth feels better. Praise His Holy Name!

    8. * I've got some good connections...

    9. LOL, Miguel...after reading Brad's epiphany comment below, I was just sitting here wondering how we could possibly induce labor when I scrolled back up to read your comment. At this point anything sounds good to me...so I'm in...1....2....3...JUMP :-DDD

    10. Jimboni....Blessings as you step forward in faith knowing you are in His Good Hands which will ofc keep you in His Good Hands:-)

    11. I am going to do a condenses reply here, as I so enjoy all your comments, but like Miguel, I feel I don't always have something to comment about, so I find my self reading, and thanking the LORD that I have this family on-line to watch and encourage each other with...

      JIMBONI -
      Congrats Jim on resigning from your position. What a great feeling it is to do that. Hopefully the LORD will be along imminently to assign you your new role in his Kingdom. I so cannot wait to see what I will be doing also.

      Praying for a speedy recovery for your mouth teeth pains.

      ALLA -
      So sorry to hear about your on-going and prolonged health, pain issues. You poor thing. I pray for you whenever I see your name pop up here, or on my videos. I pray for your pain to subside. I pray for your comfort, while we wait for God to put the final pieces into place that will kick off our departure.

      I am sure that the hope and faith you have in your darkest hour is a testimony for your sister. Praying that she turns to Jesus in the nick of time.

      BRAD -
      I have heard it said before, (I cannot remember who by) that the demons / fallen angels hang out on the dark side of the moon, and are just waiting for their big day.. It is definitely a possibility, especially as we are all thought about the "man in the moon" from a young age (predictive programming maybe).

      Hosts of Heaven, Stars, demons, how-ever they are interlinked, I am sure glad we won't be around to find out what exactly God mean't when 1/3 of them are flung to the earth.
      It definitely helps us to understand why "men's hearts are failing them from the fear of what is coming upon the world" - Luke 21:26

      KATHY P,
      Thanks sister for recommending Greg L's newest article, I always love Gregg's take on things, and his witty well written articles.


      I will be at my sister's wedding in Italy next week, not looking forward to it!! but I decided to make the most of the occasion, and to secretly stick / staple bible verses to street posts or chairs, while no one is looking.

      I also bought a new suitcase, because I haven't really traveled anywhere in many years, so I needed a new one. I was advised to personalize it, i.e. stick stickers to it, or to get a colored ribbon or belt to make it more easy to identify on the luggage belt, So I decided the best way to do that was to write: "WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED? BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED" - Acts 16:30-31 in big letters across the back-side of it and on the other side: "JESUS CHRIST CAME INTO THE WORLD TO SAVE SINNERS" - 1 Tim 1:15

      Hopefully a few people will see that message and remember it, when the hammer drops (to steal Greg's expression) -

      Blessings to all. Love you guys.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Alla | Jimboni (and any/everyone else):

      Are You at a Breaking Point? :: By Jonathan Brentner @ RaptureReady
      SUMMARY: If not for my belief in the rapture, I would have reached a breaking point long, long ago. As it is, I sometimes feel anger boiling up within me as I see entertainers celebrating abortions, the evil that intensifies each and every day, and the greed and hatred rampant in our world.

      Apart from the promises of Scripture, I would throw my hands up in despair as I watch a sadly deluded world embracing the evils of socialism as the solution to all its problems. When has totalitarianism ever solved a problem?

      I also know many believers have reached a breaking point due to illness, grief, and affliction. Pain touches the lives of so many followers of Jesus.


      (be advised of bad behavior(s) and language and I am not promoting these h'wood actors)

      Falling Down - Original Theatrical Trailer
      3min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD5ofrSNDFA

    14. Jordan, Blessings. Love your plan, so long as you and Pastor Tim Henderson don't cross paths in travel, as I am sure he likely does the same already. Not hard to imagine a Holy 'Mix-up' where a couple of baggage handlers get saved, sorting things out! Maranatha!

    15. Clarifying, "the give-and-take, back-and-forth of conflict Allowed By ABBA, " as Typified by Jupiter, over the past SIX months (# of a man), having approached that line, marking the stinger, but stopping just short of it, back in April, then retreated, back between Ophiuchus’ feet, to later turn forwards, again, heading back towards that line's Appointed Intersection 11/7/2019. I so strongly see this capturing our moment these last six months, wow, Maranatha!

    16. Oh, wow. Re-reading my post, I am having a Flash Vision of many feet, in a vat of grapes, stomping time.

    17. Sheila B., Blessings. From your recent comments, it seems you are keep up with CMs contributions. Wondering if you caught, as my 'quick ears, apparently, did, her opening that, 'in the concordance', the Word recently Highlighted, 'Moment', is 7281 - rega, - (1) a WINK of the eyes. Root H7280. Remember our delight, Family, in unpacking Holy Winks, specifically, and playing with that model for seeing Our Lord And ABBA? How delightful! to see it so nicely tucked in so central a spot, didn't want it missed.

      BTW, at points, today, felt so much Holy Spirit Fire I was nervous to touch the drapes, Maranatha!

    18. Jimboni, yes...keeping up with our sweet Sister albeit still seeing things differently and just trying to figure out the why of that being as it has been so sympatico with everything prior, but trusting our Lord to ultimately clear it ALL up for one-or most likely-the both of us--and real soon. And oh yes on the Winks...He has kept us going strong with so very many those loving Winks! I get ya on that Holy Spirit Fire. It fell on me this morning just as I was starting a post and I didn't know what to do with it but just pace and Praise until it lifted enough for me to be able to utter some prayer, then just try to listen. These poor old cats and dogs thought I'd lost it:-D I'm still all tingly and that was 4 or 5 hours ago:-)) Blessings, Brother!

    19. Correction:

      Revelation 9:3, et al;

      "Here, Daniel expounds quite a bit, effectively showing a link between this TYPE being seen in Jupiter’s placement, now, but not for long, AMIDST Ophiuchus’ feet, ABOVE Scorpio, The *SCORPION* (not Serpent, oops), esp it’s top, tail star, as well as Jupiter's prior transits just before this one. Luke 20:43 is also exalted here."

  14. Great post, Brad. It is indeed getting exciting.

    One little thing I noticed about the poster for the movie "Farmageddon" made me smile.

    Notice what animal is leading the way up into the sky:

    The Lamb. =:)

    1. Hey Greg,
      Good to hear from you, yes, the more you look at that poster the more interesting it is.

      As for the post, I just re-read it and there were certainly more things I could have expanded on, but glad that the general idea made it through. Thinking it would be good to do a similar breakdown of Rev 12:3-4 in the near future.... those verses just open up such a can of worms!

      One thing I will say that could use some digging is this.... In the bible it seems like angels and stars are often times used interchangeably. Often times they are both called "hosts". 1/3 of the angels will be cast to the earth with satan, 1/3 of the stars are cast to the earth in Rev 12:4. Angels are messengers, Stars give messages. On and on it goes... So are these heavenly bodies somehow directly associated with heavenly angels in a literal sense? Why does God us the same words and imagery to describe both if they aren't linked in some way we don't really understand? Have you or anyone reading this put any thought into this connection before???

    2. Brad, I've thought about this before when reading certain Scriptures like Ps.33:6, Ps.147:4-5, Ps.148:3-6, Neh.9:6 and esp. Is.40:26 and all of the passages that warn against worshipping the "hosts" of heaven in reference to the stars much like "angel" worship is forbidden. It just seems to describe a "person-hood" type of relationship between the Creator and the heavenly bodies that's always made me wonder if they are perhaps angelic in nature.
      Science says that stars are giant balls of gases but could what science deems as gas actually be spiritual life forms...with individual names given by God, who are led forth by Him, who bow before Him and Praise Him? And who perhaps keep their posts much like the Cherubims who guard the gates of Eden in Gen.3:24. It's surely going to be one amazing and educational future field trip:-)

  15. Latest from Many Fish.
    10/4 WARN!NG! B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine O Nine”! 23 of 46! Long Beach 9!!

    Is this the "Fortress" to go down? Or are we still waiting for the uss a linc to sink which leads to the walls of Ephraim to come down?

    The Fiery Kick-Off event is not too far off. The warnings put out there from some seen as (false) have been given, in some cases, year(s) in advance.

    The storm is about to arrive. Another hot n muggy (October) day here in DC land.

    1. Hi Charlie! Hey, I was wondering if you caught my last article:

      Would love your input if you are led!

    2. Lyn, my comment was also a nod in your direction. I visit your site often. Blessings.

      From a true and faithful watchman, one who delivered the (warning) message with no ask for a ($) handout. These warnings go back to the 1980s yet things have finally come to pass, are passing, and "The Hammer" will bring others to pass. Note: DW said, "These things will come to pass" from when he spoke them...and things have come to pass...in their timing... just as we wait/ watch/ learn now in 2019.

      David Wilkerson - Visions of End Times Persecution | Before the Days of Anti-christ
      50min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zAnRtBj2tA

      David Wilkerson - When Jesus Shuts The Door
      70min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9JywTliIVA

    3. Charlie, thanks so much--I agree that David Wilkerson was a true watchman. I will definitely be watching those vids you listed!

      What or Who is "The Hammer"?

    4. Also Charlie, I just noticed that Todd (IT IS FINISHED YTC) did a 4-part Video Series warning about New York City's messaged destruction. The links to all 4 videos can be found at the 4th video:
      Is 10-4 a New 911?

    5. Lyn,

      The Hammer refers to GregL.'s latest posting. It is Hammer Time.

      Part 1


      My daughter, write these words down.

      Everything is now at the door and everything I warned about through My Chosen is about to commence. Some things have already commenced but now it will be in much greater measure. There will be no turning back; nothing will ever be the same again—the world as you know it forever changed—the landscape of your nation forever changed.

      As you America have plundered, pillaged and murdered throughout the world, you now have your comeuppance upon you! You will be plundered, you will be pillaged, your wives and children ravished as you have done to those in other nations. Chaos will reign and peace will be nowhere to be found—the price to pay for all the evil you have committed is now coming upon your own head.

      You sneer, you laugh, you mock, you plan destruction behind closed doors and you say “who will know? They do not see what we are doing.” Oh but I SEE- I SEE IT ALL!!! My fury burns against you wicked ones!!! The only god you will see will be your master satan as you burn in hell. You are not gods; he has used you as pawns in his sick, twisted game to take over the world. You fell for it and you will fall into eternal darkness/damnation!

      It is time to AVENGE! It is time to show all whom you have discarded! It is time I say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!” Let the anvil fall upon your own heads. I AM is an avenger and I AM is for justice! The judge and juror has weighed each and every soul on My scales—each will stand before the Master of Creation. Not one soul can hide or run from Me.

      The fall is the fall of a once great nation that was blessed immeasurably by the Almighty, the I AM. Now I will delight watching your fall from grace. As you discarded Me, I discard you and will turn My Face from the calamities that are about to fall upon you.

      You are about to reap what you have sown for you have lied to My people, you slaughter My babies on altars to Moloch, you push your “own homosexuality” on My little ones as you yourselves engage in all forms of perversions including pedophilia. I will destroy all your idols, all your altars, all your hiding places!!! I will set the captives free! My Word says better to put a millstone around your own neck if you harm any of My babies!!! These were Mine and were not yours to snuff out!

      You maim and kill through vaccinations and My babies, My little ones suffer at your hands. All the suffering you inflicted I will inflict upon you and you will suffer throughout eternity. The screams of My children will echo and reverberate in your minds forever; never ending torment for you wicked ones!!!

      The end is near for your nation and these are the days you will see just how real I AM. You play the harlot and in the end with fire you will burn. You push the limits of My patience. You will test Me NO longer! I am an All-consuming fire and with one breath I can take this nation down if I so choose but I choose to allow the invaders to invade as you have invaded. Blood will pour in your streets.

      My Beloved Israel, blood will pour in your streets also; much carnage but I will not allow complete destruction. Repent and return to your Mashiach My people or you, too, will perish. Now America, you shall be utterly decimated. I will terminate your existence once and for all. You will be NO more! I established you, I blessed, I gave you your strength and your power. Now you are powerless without Me. Cursed you are!!!!

      Harvesters: The greatest Army this world has ever seen is about to be birthed; to come out of hiding so very soon. All will be given their last chance to repent and return or go to their demise and die in their sin. Your darkest day is nothing compared to the darkness of evil that will be in this nation. YOUR LOVE, OBAMA, THE CHOSEN SON OF PERDITION will have his time as it is prophetically written.




    6. Part 2

      My Master Plan has been unfolding before your very eyes but few have eyes to see or ears to hear. What is going to transpire will shock even My elect. This is My Plan of Redemption or no souls would be saved. The greatest acts to bring the lost to Me will be seen—My Power working through each and every vessel. Some have gone through the fire of affliction and are ready; others still need more refinement. Tests and trials through the fire will bring many sons and daughters to glory!!

      As it was in the days of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego I AM THE FOURTH MAN in the fire! You will go through much My children, sorrows too great to mention but I am in it with you. If you hold fast and endure ‘til the end you shall be saved. Not all will be martyred who are of Me but many will. Prepare your hearts for this—wear martyrdom as a badge of honor!!

      The greatest separation between the tares and My sheep will be apparent to all. Come out of the churches NOW. Many and I say many of your Pastors have sold out their own souls and they work for the enemy for many are NOT of Me and I never appointed them.

      All you need now is ME—one on one! I am accessible to all. Cry out NOW to Me. Give your heart to Me. Lay it down at My feet. Do I desire you to perish? NO, I desire you to taste and see that I am good. I am and always have been mighty to save for I am about souls. I love each soul—you are My creation. Some souls have never been of Me—they are of the seed of satan. These are unredeemable, not fully human and will be exterminated once and for all in My timing. Children, if any of you take the RFID chip, you too will no longer be redeemable and will then belong to satan.

      You lost ones, backslidden ones, lukewarm ones come back to Me NOW. The hour is not only late but upon you. Get off the fence you fence riders. At any moment it can be your last breath. If you die in unrepentance you are forever lost and NO entry shall be granted into My Kingdom.

      My tears continue to fall. My warnings continue to be ignored. Now your tears will fall—much wailing throughout America. What else can I do or say?

      Will you be able to keep your head above water children? I have given ample time—Time soon will be no more. Tribulation like this has never been seen before. Ready yourselves. Brace for impact! The seas will roar, the fires will burn, the blood will run!!




      Note from Author: He said to tell you that this does not mean that the end of the world is just yet. The end means the end of all you knew as it was before. There is much persecution coming and much needs to take place yet you are in the end days for they are here now. End days does not mean tomorrow you go home.


      Read Isaiah 10, Isaiah 13, Jeremiah 51, Revelation 13 (Beasts From Sea & Earth)


      FROM: https://lighthascome.com/2019/10/04/prophetic-word-will-you-be-able-to-keep-your-head-above-water-children-ms-sophie/

    7. Wow Charlie...talk about a Debbie Downer...I'm sorry, but that just sounds so hopeless and terrifying...and un-Biblical in re to the BoC:-(
      I personally reject all of these "thus sayeth the Lord" channelers who claim to get more direct words from God than what most of the Biblical Prophets did. They always come across to me as angry legalistic preachers of condemnation who are co-opting the Authority of God and turning the Blessed Hope into the Blasted Hope. Rarely--if ever--does anything they say come to pass the way they say it will and as for us--we are still under the Age of Grace and
      to be praying for the lost and pointing people to the Grace and Mercy of the Finished Work of the Cross--full of the love, hope, joy and anticipation for our Savior that in spite of our trials allows us to say everyday Even so, Lord, Come quickly! right up until that moment we do go Home--and that absolutely could be any day now, or in the next 5 minutes as far as that goes, Amen:-) Maranatha!

    8. Sheila B., Blessings. It does draw a good point/counter-point. Compare/contrast with CM, who no less emphatically declares direct discourse with the Almighty, and similarly stark messages, yet, somehow strikingly different than what is read here. When one boils it down it seems very difficult to elucidate what defines their difference. I completely resonate with your detailed rejection of the spirit of the letter alongside its Gnostic implications and hubris to walk alongside John, The Revelator, amen. Still, we all do the same, we all sense what's coming, wow. Maranatha!

    9. Charlie, Sheila, and Jimboni--As I read this prophecy given through Ms Sophie, it seemed the truth of coming judgment was mixed in with the Wrath of God, of which we are not appointed. So it was confusing to me. As I have shared in my latest articles, we are called to be Lights in the Dark Days of Judgment (NOT Wrath) ahead.

      Yes, Sheila, we are still in the Age of Grace; therefore, God's hand of grace may be lifting off certain cities/regions, but His grace is yet here especially for His own Sons and Daughters. When the Lord revealed what I believe are the first 3 cities to be destroyed, He said to me, "Yes, there will be much confusion in the camp of the churches. But My great army will arise knowing the season—their last hurrah against the enemy before I take them home with Me. Fear not; I am with you." [excerpt from https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/09/new-york-chicago-la.html]

      When I see confusion in a supposed prophetic word, I remember the Lord told me this would happen. Also, there are Brethren who believe in a Mid or PostTrib Rapture (or no Rapture). I believe born again believers in Christ (who walk by the Spirit) will recognize the Shaking Transition Period just prior to the Rapture; however, CINO (Christians in Name Only) will NOT know what is happening but it will shake them awake!

    10. Blessings, Brother...the difference "for me" is ofc the spirit in which these channeled (and I don't know what else to call them) messages resonate. They always have that carnal feel to them yet are presented as if on par with Scripture--Whereas folks like CM and many others, incl myself, who have D&V's or words of knowledge we feel are from the Lord have learned to leave some space for our imperfect understanding out on the table and normally seek out some type of confirmation through Scripture, other members of the BoC, or events etc. While we can say we KNOW in our hearts it was the Lord speaking to us in one manner or another, we don't usually take the liberty to sign His Holy Name to our human understanding of it and if any of it should contradict the Scriptures, it's got to be an automatic toss-out. I personally love the way the Lord tends to work among His Body with these Gifts as it encourages us to encourage one another, keeps us in His Word and keeps us operating as a Body--which is why we usually see others being able to add something edifying or clarifying to whatever has Truly been given to one of us. (Eph.4:16 KJV)
      These "thus sayeth the Lord" channeled writings just shut the door on that, imo. In other words...most of these people seem to be "loners" claiming to operate in the Spirit and I've not seen any Scriptural basis for that in re to the BoC. But if there is such and I've just missed it, I would be happy to be corrected and prayerfully re-evaluate:-) Maranatha and Looking UP!

    11. Sheila B., Blessings. Thank you, if seems I have elucidated a fine response. Your hitting upon 'channeled' is, clearly, a definitive detail. CM, not you, not I, nor any here I know of, have ever claimed to 'speak on behalf of another', in a spiritual sense, 'channeling'. To say one has a deep, personal experience, honestly felt to be an Encounter With The Divine, related, in context amongst believers, is far different, than spouting on about 'thus sayeth the great and powerful ozawazawozawaza' or whatever. Thank you, that was good.

  16. Hey, family! This was posted over at Unsealed by Jenny:

    "The following are notes on CHESHVAN 10, also known as "Get in the Ark Day":

    Seeds in the Darkness
    Notes on Cheshvan 10
    The month of Mar Cheshvan/Marcheshvan or simply Chesvan is the second month of the civil year and the only Hebrew month without any holidays.
    Mar = bitter; a time of judgement and hardship
    The month is said to be reserved for MESSIAH, who will set-up the Third Temple during Cheshvan (Hebrew sage lore).
    The original name of the month was BUL (pre-Babylonian exile) which refers to darkness and decay (autumn). It is also connected to the word MABUL, which refers to an over abundance of rain, or the FLOOD.
    The Great Flood began in the month of Cheshvan (17) (Genesis 7:11).
    Cheshvan 10 is the day Noah and his family were sealed into the ark. The flood began on Cheshvan 17 and is the FIRST date specific event mentioned in the Bible. (Rule of First Mention - application???)
    According to tradition, the flood was originally scheduled to begin on Cheshvan 11, but was delayed due to the 7 day mourning period following the death of Methusaleh.
    Other significant events which occurred on Cheshvan 11:
    1. The death of Jacob’s wife Rachel (the mother of Israel) during the birth of her son Benjamin.
    Rachel represents the Jewish people in exile. Rachel spent her entire life outside of Israel and died just as Jacob and his family entered the Holy Land.
    It is Rachel who “cries for her children in exile” until the final redemption comes. (Jeremiah 31:15; Matthew 2:18)
    2. The birth of Benjamin. (Israel’s first king, Saul, was descended from Benjamin.)
    Benjamin represents the Jewish people in the State of Israel.
    Benjamin is the last son of Jacob, 12th of the Tribes, whose birth marks the completion of the people of Israel. He was also the ONLY son of Jacob born in Israel.
    The death of Rachel culminated in the birth of Benjamin – a picture of birth and new life coming from exile/darkness.
    The same can be said of the flood. Death from the flood led to a new beginning on the earth.
    Cheshvan = a time of darkness and decay, yet also a time when “the rains begin”, bringing an opportunity for new growth. Seeds that were planted begin to take root and grow – finally appearing and bearing fruit in a future harvest.

    First Fruits of Zion/ffoz.org"

    And this is how Pastor Rich answered:

    "Bring it Jenny, bring it!!!"

    Haha. I'm more excited than nervous and I don't have a dog, so if I run around with my hands on my face and my mouth open going "Ahhhhh!" does that get it done, Miguel? God created levity and saw that it was good. :o) Alla, holding you up in prayer and all of you out there suffering, but not making us aware of the details, nonetheless. Love you all and Maranatha!

    1. Yep , Shelley, that is a common reaction for me too. And youre right, nervous probably isn't the reaction most of us are having. Just excited and anxious and pleading Lord, what else? I think we all know He's close, but we just want a little more understanding. At least during Christmas we get to know which day we will be able to open the presents.

      Another topic:

      While our pres is under threat of imPEACHment, I cant help but consider the "at the last trump"...passage.

      Of all the instruments which one trumps? Trumpet. And what is a trump. It is a herald, or message. Does this guy not herald all kinds of new things? Yep. And the trumpet is the instrument that is used for wake up calls, funerals etc...literally THE instrument. Amazing how that works.

      Violins, guitars, pianos do not herald.

      Trump also means to dominate or usurp or supersede. Funny how a man with this name is so well-defined by it and at such a time as this.

      At the last trump...

      Yeah we could be very very close.

    2. Great thanks ShelleyB and all our Family for prayers for me! I need it very much now! I wrote the details per email to Brother Brad, the first mail he posted in previous section, and the second I repeat here also, it's hard to me to write and sometimes to think. There it is:

      Hi Brad! Thank you very-very much for your prayers. Sorry I didn‘t write before. I feel very bad, it’s hard even to collect my thoughts. I was in hospital 9 days without any advance, they didn’t look at my torment, only one test after another, but my sickness was for them unknown, and they tried to make it imaginary, and I was not quite mentally healthy. To stop this additional torment, I left on a receipt on Friday, my son brought me home. And here I am again alone with my torment. My hope only the Lord Jesus, and it’s only sure hope for me now. The disease eats up potassium in my blood, and one day my heart can stop, and I don't want to the hospital anymore. The situation is hopeless. I try to take more potassium, and to go to my doctor, he makes test on potassium, and gives me some pain killer.
      My old father, 89 years old, is very worried, he requires support, and my husband is 100% disabled. Both believers, but themselves don’t study the Bible, and again I am doing a daily outline for them, and for my son. My unbelieving sister tries to help me, but doesn’t understand my faith and doesn’t accept Christ.
      Thank you again for your participation in my trouble. The Lord will surely give me healing, and very soon gives us together to Him!
      Blessing to all your family and to all our Family together and each other. Abba up! Alla

      I'm now at home, with terrible pain, don't go to hospital anymore. Only pray to the Lord! Maranatha!

    3. Alla D, so relieved to hear from you, but so sorry to know you are in so much pain. If you are able, try drinking some good pickle juice every day. It's very good for potassium loss issues. People who work out in the heat use lots of it around here to stop the severe cramping that comes with that. Hang in there, Sister....we're all gonna make it Home shortly. And I will be praying for your family and especially for your sister to come to faith. We are all part of the same Body, so your troubles are ours in the Spirit. May His Healing, Strength and Victory be yours in His Perfect Will:-)

    4. Alla D, Blessings. You continue to be brought before The Throne Of Grace in our petitions. Like Sheila B., I am relieved to see your post. Our Scout continues a gradual, improving, yet challenging journey; yesterday he was out of it, today he is back. May His Mercies Abound Over You, amen.

      BTW, 10/7/19, the date 14 days after the 2-year anniversary, ibid., and a good date to mark, approximately, Jupiter's exit from Ophiuchus’ right ankle, ibid., is Our Scout's 21st Birthday.

      An Auspicious Day to be Coming Of Age, no?

    5. Happy 21st Birthday to Caleb! And I'm surely hoping he will be spending his 21st year in the Promised Land:-)

    6. Amen to all of this! Happy Birthday, our Scout! Thank you for your prayer, praying for Scout and for all Family! Promised Land! Really!

    7. Sheila B. and Alla D, Blessings, and thank you. Feeling a bit as if having already stepped into it, sisters, the Promised Land, that is, although there is a comical twist there. Caleb's day has been fairly strong leg/neural pain, which he strives to embrace, in a Bruce Lee, sort of way, as a cost of admission to his next wave of improvements, amen. I walk on Holy Ground, here, and will be direct.

      I am seeing, more clearly, daily, Our Scout's Journey as a Holy Metaphor, which my eyes were opened to by Family, here, as we know. His dance with the flesh, entangled with his Walk with Christ, amidst & before all of us and these times, speaks. Alla D, Rayati, Beloved, in like manner to Caleb's, perhaps, modeling us lame, seekers, daily struggling to walk anew, you are blessed, amongst us, to model Job, sweet sister. Your Endurance without bitterness towards Our Lord; your Lovingkindness is His and your Devotion To Him and His Word and These Times is Of Him. I am not lifting you up, But Him. My hope is that you comfort in knowing that, perhaps, your endurance, like a child undergoing labor, will be to the very end. Your riches will endure and honor Our Lord Mightily, amen, without cease. and SOON, dear sister, very soon, Maranatha!

  17. Greg has a new article that made my day, and he said to share it with someone if you like it. So here it is.

    1. Kathy in Pa...TY for sharing THIS! If those who are looking for a Post-Trib Rapture would just read Greg's article, they might better understand the purpose and the necessity of the Pre-Trib Rapture because it has never been about us per se--it's all about HIM and HIS Glory and we are just so blessed to be a part of the generation to partake in this miraculous Revelation of HIMSELF to Israel as well as the whole world! No Believer in the here and now who thinks proving their own mettle by a willingness to partake in "HAMMER TIME" is doing Him a favor.

      **Greg's wonderful article explains the sense of this better than I ever could.

      While Matt.27:52-53 must have been a shocking witness of His Glory to those few in that day, just imagine it on a scale that will include the resurrection of every other saint gone before us, along with all who are remaining, rising together to meet Him in the clouds! And
      I was wondering that even if or when they try to attribute such an Event to Aliens removing the "undesirables"--how will they explain those empty graves? Hmmm...that should at least raise some questions among many of those left behind.

      Blessings, Maranatha and Looking Up!

    2. That is a great point, Sheila. I'm sure that will not stop them from trying to explain it, however. Hopefully, there will be many whose eyes will be opened at this point - before they are forced to take the mark and no longer have the option of believing. Even so...

  18. Gary - UNSEALED New Post

    BALAAMIC PROPHECY? Coalition Talks Remain At Impasse As Israeli President Declares "A Time Of Crisis For The House Of Jacob"

    "In light of the present impasse in Israel, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has just stated, probably unbeknownst to him, a direct reference to a prophecy in Jeremiah 30 that foretold the beginning of the Tribulation—the "labor pains" on the "woman" Israel, that Jesus spoke of in His Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24. In the words of President Rivlin:

    We are facing a time of crisis for the House of Jacob, an emergency for Israel’s security and for Israeli society, an emergency for Israeli democracy...

    And in the words of the Prophet Jeremiah:

    For thus says the Lord:

    'We have heard a voice of trembling,
    Of fear, and not of peace.
    Ask now, and see,
    Whether a man is ever in labor with child?
    So why do I see every man with his hands on his loins
    Like a woman in labor,
    And all faces turned pale?
    Alas! For that day is great,
    So that none is like it;
    And it is the time of Jacob’s trouble,
    But he shall be saved out of it.'
    —(Jeremiah 30:5–7)"

    1. Thanks for sharing! I just had an epiphany! Based on what Jeova' shared above, it seems that Gary is relating the current political situation in Israel to a woman in labor. While I had always thought that Israels pain of a woman in labor would come from war with an outside nation, the fact of the matter is labor pains come from WITHIN the body! This INTERNAL pain in the woman/Israel may actually fit the symbolism of labor pains more that pain from an outside source like war.....

      That makes a lot of sense to me, how about you guys??

    2. Amen to that Epiphany! And a pretty good one coming from one of the guys:-D

    3. Hey, Brad, thanks for pointing that out! That makes a lot of sense to me also.

    4. I just finished reading Unsealed's article and then read your comments, Brad, on labor pains and taking place internally versus an external event such as war, and I thought - whoa!! Thinking here the political climate in Israel is giving pause to those who feel a loss of identity, vulnerability, uneasiness, fear ... And, what this situation portends ...

    5. Paul D. @revelationchapter12dotcom has a new vid out today that's really interesting and informative. "Kaduri & Yom Kippur: Is 2019/5780 the Jubilee???" (36 1/2 min.)

      Also, did ya'll see the forgiveness offered in court by the brother of Botham Jean who was killed by the Dallas Police Officer that was just found guilty in his death? She faced 99 years and got 10, but his brother said he didn't want her to go to jail at all and that he loved her as a person, then hugged her with the courts permission. A very moving moment that is so rare today and imo, could only be rooted in the love of Christ. Prayers up for that family as well as for the officer involved. Hopefully the light sentence will not set off protests and riots in the streets of Dallas.

    6. wow, this is weird. Seems like most of CMs recent videos, last few days worth, are gone. About 2-3 ago I commented upon a moment when she was struggling for a word, while speaking, to capture the Israeli elections, atm, and, 'like a BIRTH PROCESS" sprang to mind, 'with several false labors having occurred', which I commented. She later replied, "Exactly!" That video and comment are not there now, that I can find, from yesterday or Tuesday. 'Many members, One Mind' as CM likes to chime.

    7. Whoa...in perusing the channels, the news sites and commenter info being shared like there's "no tomorrow", it appears that we have moved from the High Watch stage to the HYPER-WATCH stage! Lots of excitement and anticipation among the Brethren unlike anything I have witnessed to date after the last few years of intense daily watching. And guys..the Holy Spirit has just fallen on me so strongly as I'm writing this...I am just beside myself with Praise...there is so much happening...above us...Glory to God...simply a breathtaking time to be alive...

      Okay I'm back a few hours later and trying to gather some thoughts here...So I was walking back and forth just praising the Lord and I stopped in my hallway and looked up at the wall. At the top I have a picture of the Tree of Life and below that a plaque illustrating Prov.3:5, to the right of that is a picture that Jayden gave me last year of 2 bluebirds and 2 golden butterflies that says "Let's Fly Away" and to the left my calendar opened to this month which is illustrated with a beautiful Israeli cave and words from the Ex.33:22 verse. I felt led to look up the 3322 in Strong's and was just astonished:

      G#3322--mesoo-- to be in the middle or midst of. used 1x John 7:14 re when Jesus secretly went up to Jerusalem, then went up to the Temple and taught at about the MIDST of the FEAST OF TABERNACLES! **note the number of this Scripture--the 14th begins Sukkot this month! (And G#714--arkeo--enough, satisfactory, sufficient used 8x)

      H#3322--yatsag--to set, place, leave or stay, detain or presented, establish or expose.
      used 16x but esp Amos 5:15 re a call to repentance just before Amos goes on to address the Coming Judgments. *This word seems to denote a division or separation (it's one way or the other.)

      We are surely in the MIDST of something about to take place, but I personally do not believe we are in the middle of Daniel's 70th week for many reasons incl. that next Great Solar Eclipse that won't occur until 2024 and which will complete a Tav over this continent 7 yrs after the GASE in 2017. The many details of that phenomena are just too significant to ignore.

      I believe it's POSSIBLE that we are entering into the MIDST of a week at the END of a specific time frame that's about to transition into that time frame of Daniel's 70th week in a "moment" or in a "twinkling of an eye". I don't quite understand it as yet, but I'm thinking it's related more to the Gentile world (and the BoC) rather than Israel and it may have actually begun back in 2012 with something that occurred in the MIDST of that 7 yr. time span on Sept. 23, 2015--perhaps a secret "Gentile" pact was made with the devil when O and Francis met that day. And there was much ado in 2012 re the Nations, O's 2nd term, the Vatican, Benghazi, the predicted rise of ISIS and all of that Mayan end of days stuff. And the in-your-face-evil and unpunished lawlessness that has exploded across this world in the past few years has been incredible to digest. I just believe we are still in the "mystery" part dispensationally speaking. It's hard to make solid sense of all of these puzzle pieces we've been given, but we'll see the whole clear picture once we are all together with Him. (1Cor.13:12) But in the meantime.... Woo-Hoo and Looking Up!!!

    8. I'm certainly getting that same vibe from the watching community that there is a higher sense of urgency right now. I'm sure a lot of it is stemming from the Kaduri prophecy, which I find quite interesting and compelling - though with tempered expectations. We are in the Shabbat today I think so I would just love it if we get snatched out of here to be with Jesus in the next 24 hours. We shall see....

    9. Amen, Eric...that would be so wonderful!

    10. Sheila B--You mentioned 2012. Hope of The Call of the Bride (who recently became a friend I met via email through Brad) also believes 2012 might mark the beginning of a 7 year period that is not the Trib (maybe 7 "good" years BEFORE the 7 Years of Trib?). As I've shared before, the Lord has not given me any dates of anything; HOWEVER, in my spirit man I feel as though 2019 will be our Final Stretch or Final Approach (as Todd @ IT IS FINISHED YTC called it)!

    11. Hey, Lynn... Hadn't really thought about that much until yesterday when that 2012 concept just sort of hit me. While a specific time frame of 7 years prior to Daniels 70th week is not plainly defined for the BoC, it did occur to me that the "Beginning of Sorrows" (Matt.24:8) is not defined time-wise either. Could the Church, as part of it's "mystery" have been ordained a final, yet unrecorded 7 year time frame of intensity to get through as well that might only be recognized as such in hindsight? I dunno, but it's certainly plausible. Back in August 2017, I had one of those 2 moon dreams where I saw two full moons side by side with two 7's beneath them along with this beautiful tunnel/cave scene that opened out into what looked like Paradise. At the time, I felt like I was being shown that the Rapture would occur in conjunction with seeing 2 Full moons at the same time, or even in the same month perhaps, but I could never figure out how the two 7's might figure in with that.

      So I was driving into town yesterday afternoon talking to the Lord about the above when I was reminded of that dream and the thought came to me that what is the Moon, but a Timekeeper...and then I had to wonder if those two moons were were meant to illustrate two 7 year periods of time with the Rapture being the transition point between the end of one and the beginning of the next. I cannot say for sure ofc, but if the first 7 years had a significant "secret or mystery" event that occurred in the MIDST of that "week" while Daniel's 70th week will have an "Openly Seen" event occur in it's MIDST (the AoD), then it would answer a lot of questions I've had lately regarding the Pre-Trib Rapture and whether or not that full 70th week of Daniel is still ahead. This possibility just gave me a real sense of peace about all that in realizing that yes, we are bout to be in the MIDST OF THE WEEK of SUKKOT and could possibly be at the END of a "mystery" 7 year time frame at the same time. (Going back to John 7:14 and Jesus' secret entry into the Feast of Tabernacles, I believe the Hebrew Calendar is showing Sukkot to begin on the "7th" month "14th" day this year.) A huge high-watch week, So Blessings, Sister, in whatever may come before He comes for us and Looking UP!

      * @Kay Tdid published a vid on 9/24/19 about a dream she had involving running the race for the prize of a puppy named Grace whose breed was a "Lemon-colored Lew". Very interesting connections to Sukkot as well with the meanings of the word "Lew" and some commenters recognizing "Lemons" (or Etrogs) factoring into Sukkot. Titled "2 Warning Dreams: Rapture, Grace Puppy, Hornfruit" (14 min)

    12. Sheila, thanks so much for sharing your 2 moon dreams and what they might mean--two periods of seven years. Oh, how wonderful if this is accurate and we truly are seeing "the Light at the end of the tunnel" for 2019!!!

    13. TY Lyn and Blessings...I've read your "Line in the Sand Article" a couple of times over (haven't had a chance to check out any of Hope's material yet, but I did see part of Todd's Final Approach (phenomenal stuff for sure!) Anyway, here's what I'm thinking...we're all (the BoC) being richly blessed with so many things insight-wise that we're naturally trying to piece together and it's been more than enough to keep us on our corporate toes and watching for our Redeemer closely, but it's not so much that the enemy can figure out exactly what's going on either, thus 1Cor.13:9,12. We know the gist of what's coming and that it can begin at anytime with a split second, but none of us that I know of can splice an exact time with an exact event--so far, anyway.

      Like you, I think it would be an amazing thing if it serves His Will and Purpose to have some amount of time to present a supernatural testimony to those we love who haven't believed as yet. We know that occurred in Matt.27:52-53, but about all we can know of that is it was the Resurrected Dead (which should've been shocking enough) and that it happened AFTER our Lord's Resurrection, so it wasn't happening in any kind total darkness. How long they walked about is not revealed either and there is no mention of them ascending with Him, so that's anybody's guess. It may also be that since the dead in Christ do rise first and we aren't given a specific time gap between them and those who remain, their Resurrection will be the last chance testimony to be given.

      I'm not a proponent of the 3 DoD myself, esp with all of that "get your candles and fear the prowling demons trying to get in" etc. that's been promoted with that idea as I don't find any Scriptural basis for it and 2Cor.6:14, 1Thess.5:4-6 and others just make me feel that once glorified, we'll likely be outta here. I truly would love to suddenly appear in some unbelieving family member or friend's living room glowing like an angel and say "Now will you believe?!" but it may also be that our time as bearers of His light in this dark world is actually coming to an end with the Rapture. So doing what I can now just in case a "twinkling of an eye" is just that:-)

      Re Nibiru or the "Planet of the Crossing", I absolutely agree that system is already not only out there, but close enough by to be visible at times and well known by world govts. who are doing everything in their power to mask it. Too many people have seen the sky oddities or what appears to be 2 suns with their naked eyes incl. myself. And lastly, I'm with you on the probability of an earth-shaking transition and maybe even along the lines of an Event Horizon type of thing as has been reported in some D&V's. I could be wrong ofc, but I don't think we are going to be quietly departing this world and they are all going to know something catastrophic has happened that will affect every aspect of their lives, hopefully drawing many to Christ. We'll all know soon enough when that Other Shoe Drops, Sister;-)
      Maranatha and Even so, Lord, come!

    14. Sheila--Copied and pasted your Comment at my Blog! I value your insight, dear Sis♥

  19. Brothers and Sisters Prayers for endurance and boldness during these times. Nice overview of facts about Rabbi Kaduri by Paul D.


  20. Jordan has been making very good progress with his YTC project. He has been making videos with the Bible text and audio, and it is very nicely done. This was discussed here a while back, and I hope nobody minds if it is mentioned again.
    I am so grateful that he has chosen to use his time to put this together, it has been a huge blessing to me. I encourage everyone to spend some time at his new channel. There is no better content anywhere!!

    23:59 TIME IS UP https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2R7lWXKR7xDMjW1G8wS8dg/playlists

    1. Thanks for the plug Kathy.

      I was hoping to get ALL the 1189 chapters of the bible ALL done & uploaded before I fly to Italy, as it will be very hard to dedicate time to it, when abroad.

      But unfortunately So far I have done 917 Chapters, and there are 272 left to do.
      Will I get them all up before the Rapture? I hope so. Only God knows .

      A big thanks to our brother Michael and also to you Kathy, thanks to both of you for your comments and encouragement as I went about this task. God willing, I will get the remaining 9 books uploaded before the Trumpet sounds. I do hate to leave a job unfinished!! :)

    2. Adding my little cents here for you Jordan. Saw Kathy's commen (Thank you ) and jumped over to the YTC .. Listening and watching was a blessing Thank you , we enjoy the fruit of your labor. I spent some of my college years studying the old testament and these bible readings (Samuel) were food for spiritual nourishment .. You are leaving God s word for those suffering through the upcoming tribulation Maranatha

  21. rapture is June 19th, 2020. theres a alignment on july 28th, 2027 where Regulus and jupiter merge thats the end of the 6000 years of history. if you subtract 6000 years from july 28th, 2027 you land on July 28th ,3974 BC which is the the only other time the revelation 12 sign happened in history. June 19th 2020 is 2595 days before July 28th, 2027 AND exactly 1000 days after september 23,2017

    1. interesting. However the Rapture and 2nd return would not fall on appointed times Feast days, which I feel they must. Day count should be 2550 from rapture to 2nd coming.

  22. Miguel P, Blessings, bro, this one's for you, when you've got 10 mins

    Dream Twins/Airport/UK Party/Corn 9:03 @Loved by the King


    1. Jimboni...Did you happen to catch that comment there @LBTK from @Sadie Hastings re the Corn, the Feast of Tabernacles and John 7:14? Also thought it was interesting that of the 4 Scriptures she cited, that was the only one to stand out in the clickable blue:-)

  23. I know everyone would really have to open their mind to the possibility of being wrong about something but the end of verse 6 ALMOST implies that the rapture could be half way through the tribulation. Which would mean the sign in the heavens in Sept 2017 would have marked the beginning of it.
    I know, I know it doesn't fit OUR interpretation of when its supposed to happen,
    Just sayin...

    1. Hang in there, Daryl. All is well. Tribulation has not begun, yet.

    2. I am leaning toward the last BM in 2015 on YK as the start of things...and we are now 4yrs into (insert whatever word here) and this upcoming YK (Day of Redemption) is looking good for a departure prior to a whole lotta shaking from above and below.and the arrival of you know 'who' after things go 'boom.'

    3. The 'who' unveils themself over Hannukkah (a well thought time for their arrival) as a 'faux' light.

      According to Jaco's latest time lines AND the prophecy of Ken Peters (from 3 years ago) which says ALL nations will experience upheval this coming Nov.

      1. Bride departs (all in one or in parts, still tbd);
      2. Things go boom;
      3. 'who' unveils themself to the remaining Earth dwellers during Hannukkah;.

  24. Has anyone else seen these very scary post? Jimboni, you seem to have military knowledge. What do you make of it? Anyone? I am guessing it means we are going home any day now. Anyhow, I pray so.


    1. Reserves are being called up across multiple branches. Vast numbers of personnel are expected to be called and this deployment calls for minimum duration of 1-year. Desert Storm was an earlier such deployment which lasted a couple months, total. The Vietnam War was one, lasting the longest. The social impact of the deployment, alone, is expected to be very significant, both on family units and entire communities and businesses. This is what an ordered, organized, organizational derailment of the power structure of a one of the greatest nations in human history, along several power metrics, anyways, looks like. Take the Hegelian Dialectic, put it on real S-L-O-WWWW M-O-O-O-T-I-O-N Maranatha! Should we linger, lay low.

    2. Barry Scarborough has a video on the Marines used within the U.S. when usually it is our National Guard the majority of time and the Marines for international skirmishes. Many see this as the NWO agenda, a part of giving up national sovereignty.

    3. I also read something about this Marine activation order being enacted due to the Trump White House having an expectation of this "impeachment coup" possibly and suddenly morphing into a "hot coup" putting the President in physical danger and the Marine Corp is the one branch of the Armed Forces that supposedly serves at the President's discretion without Congressional approval. Don't know that it's that close to such an "insane" moment just yet, but if the right rats get cornered anything is possible and maybe even on a broader scale than with JFK--in whose case the SS proved to be inadequate.

    4. Sheila B., Blessings. So THAT's where I left the decoder, over at Sheila B.'s place! Sister, you are circling the target area. Your highlighting the unique attributes of the National Guard, so established for exactly such a contingency, and the Marines, likewise, is central. Executive actions long brewing, P&P warfare mirrored on wordly stages, like so many other things, is about to go boom. Wheels Up, Maranatha!

    5. LOL...Red Texaco Plane #5, Flight #14 has taxied into place on runway #19. Buckle UP! (and no room for baggage, Amen:-D)

  25. Dear family,

    With the biblical festival Yom Kippur, or “Day of Atonement”, approaching (Oct. 8-9), it’s interesting to recall:

    Yom Kippur is associated with Judgment Day in Scripture. One example is Isaiah 63 where Jesus is seen executing wrath on God’s enemies:

    “Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah, with his garments stained crimson? Who is this, robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength? ‘It is I, proclaiming victory, mighty to save.’ Why are your garments red, like those of one treading the winepress? ‘I have trodden the winepress alone; from the nations no one was with me. I trampled them in my anger and trod them down in my wrath; their blood spattered my garments, and I stained all my clothing’” (Isa. 63:1-3).

    Here, phrases like “the day of vengeance” and “I trampled them in my wrath” point to the Day of Judgment. Notice Jesus’ garments are red and blood spattered. This is an allusion to the high priest on the Day of Atonement whose garments would become heavily stained with blood due to the many sacrifices. Blood symbolizes atonement in Scripture (Lev. 17:11).

    Joel 2 links Yom Kippur to the end of the age/Second Coming as well:

    “Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly. Gather the people, consecrate the assembly; bring together the elders, gather the children, those nursing at the breast. Let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride her chamber. Let the priests, who minister before the LORD, weep between the portico and the altar” (Joel 2:15-17).

    The references to a “holy fast” and “sacred assembly” point to Yom Kippur, the most sacred and holy of all the feasts and the only appointed time on which fasting is mandated (Lev. 23:27, 32). Another allusion to Yom Kippur is the “priests who minister before the Lord,” a picture of the high priest standing in the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur.

    The Book of Revelation contains numerous references to Yom Kippur. The following example alludes to one of the main rituals:

    “And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth…” (Rev. 8:3, 5).

    The picture of the angel standing before the altar, offering up incense with a golden censor, recalls the ritual performed by Israel’s high priest on Yom Kippur (Lev. 16:12-13).

    Isaiah links Yom Kippur to the Jubilee. Recalling the earlier picture of Jesus executing judgment in chapter 63, this is happening because the “year to redeem,” i.e. the year of jubilee year, has come:

    “I trampled them in my anger and trod them down in my wrath […because…] it was for me the day of vengeance; the year for me to redeem had come” (v. 3, 4).

    The most explicit link between Yom Kippur and the Jubilee is, as noted earlier, found in Leviticus where God instructs Israel to sound the trumpet proclaiming the year of redemption on the Day of Atonement (Lev. 25:8-10).

    That Scripture links Yom Kippur to the trumpet of jubilee explains why Jews refer to this feast as the day of the Great Trump and also Yom HaPeduth, or Day of Redemption. The latter title refers to the belief that the earth will be redeemed and the resurrected dead will come back to inherit the Kingdom on Yom Kippur.

    1. YOM KIPPUR, 8 October.

      Wedding at Cana was on the 3rd day, a Tuesday.

      October was the Romans 8th month
      Octo = 8
      8/8 New Beginning

    2. Paul Dawson - FB Page

      "According to predictions issued by Nasa’s Centre for Near-Earth Studies, the first seven space rocks will zoom past today."

      Yom Kippur - 10/7

      Leviticus 25:9 Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the TENTH day of the SEVENTH month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.

      Jude 1:14 And Enoch also, the SEVENTH from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with TEN thousands of his saints

      Revelation 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having SEVEN heads and TEN horns, and SEVEN crowns upon his heads.
      7pm on the 10th day of the 7th month? This would be 7pm Israel time tonight.


    3. Certainly insightful of this wonderful Day! This teaching is a treasure for new/ improved understanding of the Torah (from a Jewish perspective) and how our LORD Jesus Christ ties into all this!

      Yom Kippur: The 7 Secrets
      From Lapid Judaism (a messianic jew/christian channel)
      34min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilpm6sCUv-A

  26. The reports are out this morning of the US pulling out ahead of Turkey's threatened invasion of Syria and this article from @breakingisraelnews titled "Turkey: Angel Of Peace Ally Of The West Or Satanic Source of Gog and Magog?" reveals even more of the Vatican's part in all of this.
    Our Brother Ryan in NZ has long thought Turkey was the one to watch and this also reminds me of that day some months back when I heard in my spirit to watch for Recep Erdogan as the linchpin and shared about that here. The prophetic pieces are falling into place so quickly.
    (Every time I begin to wonder if I've just lost my ever-loving mind re the nearness of the Rapture, our Father is quick to remind me...No, It Is Written and you who are watching are right on track:-)

    Blessings, Looking UP and Maranatha!

    1. Sheila B., Blessings. "Every time I begin to wonder if I've just lost my ever-loving mind re the nearness of the Rapture, our Father is quick to remind me..."

      Gotta say, these last 4-5 days have been surreal. At every turn, each moment, errand, bus ride, bike jaunt, whatever, I keep bumping into this Jesus fellow, or see that He Has Been There, Just Ahead Of Me, Arranging Things, 'Ere I showed up. I could ramble metaphors for hours. I am drawn, in your statement, to the word QUICK. Oh Yes, He Is! Time is so short, Maranatha!

    2. Hah...just read a comment from a Sister Marlene H. over @Pastor Tim's place:
      "I can't wait for the day I can say "That was a good flight."
      I'm with her!

      Anyway, all over MSM, Pentagon/DC minds are in meltdown mode over Trump's decision to pull out of Turkey's way in invading Syria with it's being espoused as Obamian foolishness and a betrayal to our Kurdish allies. They are warning of a reset for ISIS and other dire consequences and are trying to figure out how to override him, so it's looking like Trump is playing both ends against the middle--or something to that effect....

    3. One more little thing in re to being in meltdown mode, the Bing Art today depicts The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for BRAIN HEALTH in Las Vegas, NV. If you've not seen this
      "work of art" structure, it truly does seem to represent the "meltdown" state of this collapsing world's SICK MIND. (Rom.8:21, 2Tim3:2-5) Hurts my brain just looking at it:-/
      Even so, Lord, come QUICKLY!

    4. This kindof fits here and the thread above but seems we've moved here, now. On Marines, there's about 40k active and inactive reserves and he called them ALL, as well as others, less publically. As for Our Lord Simply Loving, As Always, To Demonstrate His Consistency. Caleb and I spend the bulk of the day commuting to the DMV to get his ID card, now that he is, today, 21 years of age. Jesus moments everywhere along the way but, for brevity, 2 on top:

      Lovely, older, African-American bus driver lady, while helping us with better route details than I had initially thought to use, relayed having been Caleb's RTD driver the 2 school years, i.e. through Winter, when Caleb was hustling to Technical School to get his CAD Cert as an alt to an HS diploma. In our brief convo about transfers and routes, my sharing his straight-A record and being President of The Class, at Graduation, and then riding, along a few statements stood out, "Well, I guess he's graduated, then, congratulations", and, the kicker, "I guess all of my prayers were answered." Jesus.

      #2, on the way back, a young, professional, Hispanic chap sidles up, affirming my suspicion that the next bus is due shortly. After the common awkward opening, and a quick convo about the seemingly late bus, our fellow traveler asks me if we, Caleb and I, are related. I let him know, "He's my son." He asks if he can share a Bible verse with my son, to which I say, of course. He turns, and he shows Caleb a verse on his smartphone, and Caleb dutifully works to read it and process whatever was being asked of him, which I couldn't hear. After they chat a few moments, I ask the gent what was the verse, to which he replies by reading off parts of it, verses citing C&V.

      Family, the verse he elected to share with Caleb was certainly, in his heart, meant to encourage Caleb in seeing Biblical Declaration of his recovery, in black and white on the page. What our BiC couldn't know, whilst the HS did, was that the verse he cited was the very one I unpacked not long ago as being newly 'seen' as hiding harpazo sign chronologies AND upon which Our Scout's Journey, as being a TYPE for others, also sits upon. Matthew 11:5. Jesus

    5. Well...oops...again...that was supposed to be Rom.1:21. Might be starting to get a little "Shaun the Sheepish":-0...please beam me up soon, Lord!

    6. Wow, Brother...that surely made for a blessed father and son birthday errand together as The Father and Son made Their appearance along the way. That's what makes the way He works among us so lovely because we know there is no denying that it's HE doing the orchestrating.
      Many Blessings to you both on this very special milestone:-)

    7. Thank you very much Family for all your prayers for me, this is really to the right time! Praying for all and want to see all of you right now in the air with the Lord! Much Blessings! Come the Lord please now!

    8. This may be God’s doing if President Trump really does pull our troops out of Syria. Russia/Iran/Turkey will quickly fill the void. Ezekiel 38&39 and Isaiah 17 have to happen and this may be it. President Trump made a campaign promise to get our troops out of endless wars. Israel still doesn’t have a functioning government. Pope, peace deal. Many things converging.

    9. Alla . Sweet and precious to hear from you .Hold fast , the Day of the Lord is soon coming. Will continue for you See you in Air...

    10. Alla...you sound some better and Praising the Lord for that! We need you on this final stretch, Sister:-) Be Blessed in knowing we will be there very soon and it will be right on time!

  27. I have been thinking over the last few weeks that Trump was having a Nebuchadnezzar Daniel chapter 4 moment (where Neb refuses to give glory to God, and has to live like an animal for 7 years). Considering Trump was more aligned with ancient Cyrus, I didn't think much more about this until today when I saw on breakingisraelnews wrt the Turkey/Kurd situation where Trump apparently made a comment along the lines of 'in my great and unmatched wisdom' when discussing Syria. Wow I thought, that has the same arrogant ring to it that Neb had in Daniel 4:30...

    ...so anyhoo, got me wondering if Daniel 4 was possibly end-times relevant, as we know of almost nothing else from historical records as to who ruled Babylon during Nebs time of insanity. What is amazing about the historical records is that when Neb became sane again, his message about the 'God of Heaven' was sent to all parts of the conquered gentile world at that time. The message of salvation OT style should we say.

    Double anyhoo, makes me wonder about the Trump (ruler of the free world etc)/Neb possible prophetical alignments, particularly considering the length of time (either 7 years, or 3.5 years if you account for Babylon time-periods of 'winter and summer'), the fact that the world was considered 'rulerless' during his period of insanity, (more in the fact that nothing has been mentioned elsewhere about it) and finally, his gospel message for the whole world at the time of his restoration.

    That all been said, interesting times with your Pres Trump!!!!

    1. sorry, forgot to add that Neb was the ruler of the world at the time of his rule, and Donalds name apparently means 'world ruler'.

    2. Hey Ryan...TY! That's a super interesting connection. Going to look into that one some more!

      And @breakingisraelnews has an interview out this morning that is HUGELY interesting. Pay close attn at the 27 min mark re Dem Rep Ilhan Omar and her possible connections to all of this as well. "Staff Writers Explain How Erdogan's Syrian Invasion Is Connected to Gog & Magog".

    3. Hi Sheila!!! Very interesting interview. Always good to be reminded about Erdogan's wider desire to restart the Ottoman empire...and the Ethiopia/Ilhan connection is very interesting. And verrry interesting to see some of the Rabbinical 'prophecies' talking about Gog coming out of ol constinanople / Istanbul!

      My biggest bug-bear at the moment is knowing that Iran is going to look at Trumps push to forsake the Kurds as a really telling moment of 'I mean what I say when I say Im going to bring my troops home' and will be emboldened in the ME to keep pushing its '12th Imam Shia chaos' theory, knowing that it will continue to do so unhindered (military wise anyway). This 'slow-motion end-times unravelling' is wayyyy to slow for this impatient New Zealander!

    4. IKR...it's kinda like watching a slow moving whirlwind, but as my grandma used to say "If you see a tornado and it looks like it's not moving, you'd best get to the shelter quick because it's coming right at you--full speed:-)

    5. And what a time for Iran to pull a 'surprise' while all eyes are on 'Turkey's' move.

      What timing with the Dragon/Draconids on their way ON YK (the Day of Redemption)

  28. I had a dream last night that I was temporarily in a country that I did not want to be in, I felt out of place and uncomfortable there, but I took courage because I knew I would be flying home the next day. It was already evening and I had but a short time to wait.

    If only it was so, Lord. If only it was time to go. Hopefully soon and sooner we fly away!

    But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them. Hebrews 11:16

    For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come. Hebrews 13:14

    For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself. Philippians 3:20-21

    Maranatha family!

    1. Mom, Blessings. What a Wonderful, little Gracelet. I am drawn to timings and order. FIRST, it is noted the current situation is know, before even mentioned, to be only for a time. SECOND, your heart condition is shown to be Elsewhere, Philippians 3:20, John 15:19, John 17:16, whilst your skin remains in the undesirable county. THIRD, you 'took courage' to Endure, Matthew 24:13. FOURTH, you KNEW, 1 Thessalonians 5:4.

      Lastly, TIMING. 'It was already evening', from the Biblical perspective, means the 'next day' had actually, already arrived. That this comes LAST, pointing to it's being the POINT, tells us that THE DAY IS HERE and we are awaiting details within it. Like waiting at a train station, comes to mind. One doesn't show up at the station on Monday, for a train departing Tuesday. Still, if arriving early on Tuesday, one muddles about the station, a bit, until it ARRIVES, but the day is never in question, Maranatha!

    2. "Temporarily in a country I did not want to be in" made me think of this point some have made that before we go up, it may get really bad first. I think we are going to see some bad things, alarming things that might feel a little like we have been left or missed our mark or whatever. But the point is that at that moment we should really look up, because our salvation draws near.

      Secondly, somewhat related, over the next days we have the draconids and the taurids. I have my eyes on this as possibly the dragon and its tail.... timing is significant in my opinion.

      Maranatha bros and sis's.

    3. Miguel P, Blessings. Roger that, when the Draconids appeared on the console a buzz could be heard on the control room floor, esp in light of timings, correlations, oh my. Along the lines of such Magnifying Our Lord, not the other way around, it will likely surprise, in terms of timing and such, yet your admonition is wise. Maranatha!

    4. Thank you, Jimboni, for that insightful unpacking of my dream. Very encouraging brother! Blessings!

    5. TY Mom...awesome dream share and a great interp, Jimboni--esp the catch on it's being in the "evening". Along with your expectation of "flying" out and Miguel's comment on the Draconids and Taurids coming in, this just reminds me of that sense so many have long had of us going up as the dragon comes down. Blessings and Eyes on the Sky!

    6. Four days ago "Earth-Sky" reporter wrote "the Draconid meteor shower is usually a sleeper, rarely offering any more than 5 meteors per hour. But watch out if the Dragon awakes!"

    7. Hi Mom! I was just thinking about you wondering how you were doing since I had not seen you comment lately--or it is because I don't get on here as often LOL. THANK YOU for sharing that dream. I had the same thought Miguel had:

      Miguel: "Temporarily in a country I did not want to be in" made me think of this point some have made that before we go up, it may get really bad first. I think we are going to see some bad things, alarming things that might feel a little like we have been left or missed our mark or whatever. But the point is that at that moment we should really look up, because our salvation draws near.

      Spot on, Miguel :D

    8. Thank you, Lyn, for asking about me, that is very kind of you.
      I'm okay, just beyond ready to go Home! I don't comment very often because I don't feel like I have much to add to the conversation. But I SO appreciate my brothers and sisters who are steadfast in their searches and posts here, it is such an encouragement as we wait for our Bridegroom!
      One quick blip I'll share, is that last night out of nowhere I began singing the Christmas carol, 'Joy To The World' over and over. I didn't even realize I was singing it until the second round of it, Lol. As most of you probably already know, this song is not about Jesus' birth but about His salvation and coming reign on earth.
      A bit of background according to Wikipedia: The song was written by English writer, Isaac Watts, and was first published in 1719. Mr. Watts based the song on Psalm 98, 96:11-12, and Genesis 3:17-18.
      Anyway, thought I would go ahead and add that tidbit from last night. Looking and waiting with bated breath for our Lord! Is it morning yet? Lol
      Blessings sister and maranatha!

    9. Mom...that's interesting that you shared that today. There was a story @raptureready.com yesterday reporting on how Joy Behar and that blind crew from The View had used that very song to mock Christians in celebration of "her" birthday by setting the words to their "Impeach Trump" song to the tune that was put on your heart to sing out last night in Praise of our Lord and Savior while understanding it's true meaning. He doesn't miss a trick! That song belongs to Him and He just used your willing heart to attest to that here:-)
      Blessings, Sister and Looking Up!

    10. Mom, Blessings. Amen and amen, Sheila B., Blessings, just beat me to the punch, line, Maranatha!

    11. That's nuts, Sheila! After reading your reply I went over to RR and read the article. How do we even digest the rampant evil, mocking, and rebellion going on against God? What must He think when He looks upon humanity? How His heart must break over the stiff necked arrogance of lost souls, knowing their fate in the end and not desiring that any should perish. I think of the words of our Lord as He looked down from that cross and said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." Luke 23:34
      It's all so very sad. At the same time, I've had enough of this sin saturated world...I'm ready to fly away!
      Blessings sister!

    12. I'm ready too, Mom. The evil is just overwhelming and well...I know it's almost over. It's in the air all around us. I woke up from what I knew was an important dream early this morning and it was weird. I got up still half asleep and came into the kitchen, scribbled something down and went right back to sleep, but when I woke up again a short time later, it just slipped away from me and I couldn't recall it to save my life.

      I came back into the kitchen and saw what I had written down. The time-6:20, the word "Dragnet" and below that "They will be dancing indignantly to the drums of war and Mine will be dancing to the Jubilee."

      Looking up the word "Dragnet" in re to Scripture led me to the Parable of Matt.13:47-50 re the separation of the good fish from the bad. I just thought hmmm...maybe there was something in there I really didn't want or need to remember. Anyway, in looking at the time of 6:20 in the Strong's:
      G#620--apoleipo--to leave, leave behind used 7x and esp. Heb.4:6,9
      H#620-Asnapper--1x in Ezra 4:10 re those who came against Jerusalem.

      Then later I caught Jaco's new vid @God's Roadmap to the End uploaded today and found some interesting confirmations to that dream. "Brexit Predicted 25 yrs in Advance--Down to the Day".
      Even a picture of an old man with a "Dragnet" on his lap. And better yet, I saw a confirmation to your dream in an old picture there of a Pilot waving goodbye at the "7" min. mark. Like you, I feel so sad for those who just won't believe without seeing, but I am so tired of an entire world gone so far ugly, Sister, and just ready to go Home with our Lord Jesus Christ:-)
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    13. Thank you Sheila for sharing your dream! It is very encouraging and from your comment, "...I know it's almost over." shows an inner peace and confidence in your heart regarding the time we are in that can only come from Him. And that, dear sister, is a blessing to the rest of us.
      The words you wrote down below the word, Dragnet, brought to memory a journal entry from 12/31/14.
      You wrote, "They will be dancing indignantly to the drums of war and Mine will be dancing to the Jubilee."
      Here are the words that were impressed on my heart almost 5 years ago:
      Arise oh daughter of Zion!
      For this is the year of Jubilee. For the Lord your God is in your midst.
      He is mighty to save. Rise up! Rise up!
      Hearken His words.
      He will dance among you, He will sing over you.
      The day is come, the night is spent.
      Behold the dawn! Behold the King!
      No longer shall there be mourning.
      But the voice of One shall cry out in victory and in celebration!
      He will gather His own to Himself.
      Holy is His name.
      Jesus our holy and mighty King.

      Jaco's latest was on my list to watch today, but the day got away from me. I'll check it out in the morning. And Sheila, thank you for always being such an encourager in your posts and comments and sharing your wisdom and discernment these last several years. You're a true blessing!

    14. Mom...I got chills this morning reading those words given you almost 5 years ago. They are as fresh today as the moment they were given. TY for sharing that and for your always kind heart. We've surely all needed one another in getting through these last days of madness on this earth, but... Is.64:4 KJV :-) Be Blessed, Sister!

  29. 1) Latest from Many Fish (Note: happened in California)
    7min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssgp6pD-okU

    2) Latest from Common Sense | Why Is PG&E REALLY Turning Out the Lights? (in California)
    4min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjBZkGktkyg

    Is California a lost cause?

    There are some other tid bits in #2 which we have discussed on here before which kinda help connect some dots.

    1. Northern California braced for mega power cut

      "With weather forecasts predicting high winds, the move is intended to prevent the risk of fallen power lines igniting the kind of wildfires that have devastated large areas of the state in previous years."


  30. Hello, all. I recently sent out an e-mail about something I saw on TV, and it was suggested I post about it here. I was watching Fox News, and I heard about the plan to pull troops out of NE Syria, and how it could be bad for the Kurdish forces there. Folks are worried that Turkey could come in and attack them. The Kurds are located above the Euphrates River, and Rev. 9:13-19 and Rev. 16:12 and onward came to mind. I asked the Lord if there was anything to this, and a commercial came on for a medical product called "WATCHMAN." So, I sent the e-mail. I don't know for sure exactly what the US will do, but it's being talked about. Maybe this will help someone? God bless!

    1. Hey Eric,
      Thanks for sharing here. I will just add that I thought this was significant because we know that Israel will be attacked at some point from this area, and Rev 9:13-19 makes it clear there will be a extremely large army amassed in this exact area as well. Well I guess it just makes sense that for those things to come to pass, a dramatic drawn down in our forces in that region would seem quite logical.... Thanks for pointing it out. Another major indication of the lateness of the hour!

      Thanks again Eric.... sure miss your uncle Paul, but I KNOW he is much better off by far! He is never far from my mind. Take care brother.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Is the Luke 21:20 "prophecy" now fulfilled??? "And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed (surrounded) with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh."

    Well, this article from The Jerusalem Post on 9/29/2019 says yes, Revolutionary Guards commander states, "Iran has encircled Israel from all sides"


    So is Psalm 83 now on deck?

    1. Kind reminder of the YK (Day of Redemption) War of 1973... .

      On October 6, 1973, hoping to win back territory lost to Israel during the third Arab-Israeli war (Six Day War of 1967), Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a coordinated attack against Israel on Yom Kippur.

      Perhaps a larger arab alliance launches something (Psa 83) or perhaps elam, the persians, and/or the medes (Jer 49)?

    2. Charlie~Amir Tsarfati explains the Psalm 83 war or prayer has to do with the naming and birthing of the state of Israel which already took place in 1948. IF this is not the case, however, I believe the Ps. 83 War will be linked with Isaiah 17:1.

  33. Just when I thought no one was saying "peace and safety,"… Operation Peace Spring comes along. Heads up, family! We are so close! Maranatha!


  34. Latest from Ty Green

    The Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12:3 - Hidden In Plain Sight?

    22min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsVKT-4ZKXU

    SUMMARY: The "wonders" of Revelation 12:1-4 are celestial warnings of what occurs in summary of the rest of the parenthetical Revelation Chapter 12. It appears that it was completed on Yom Teruah in 2017. We couldn't find the Great Red Dragon. Seems like this is an correct interpretation. Hidden in plain sight and it matches the scripture. Instead of involving 2 constellations (Leo and Virgo) it involves 7 constellations (Leo, Virgo, Scorpius, Ophiuchus, Corona Borealis, Draco and Libra.) All to tell the story to illustrate Revelation 12:1-5 in the heavens. By definition, it is a "wonder". Defined as a WARNING of what occurs further in the chapter. It's been 2 years. The next video connects this to what just happened in Isreal. It's unfolding on the Earth. The "Warning" is complete. The Lord is Awesome! Hallelujah!

    1. Charlie in DC, Blessings. Those who've been around a while will recall my harping upon Parallelisms when Dragon hunting. My spirit saw Parallelism as being key here and any deviation from that principal as suspect.

      Ty has absolutely unpacked the Parallelisms within Rev 12:1-2 sliding into 12:3-4, esp. His work, as he opens telling, simply uses the exact same methodology we used on TGW to unpack clear, long-known celestial players and seeing them in the ascribed identities, ala Scripture and context.

      Interesting, and this is what prompted the post, mostly, is that there are (10) stars in Ophiuchus, remember that guy?, being the 10 Horns spoken of. I didn't know there were (10) stars in Ophiuchus, from between who's feet Our King Planet, Jupiter, is departing right NOW.

      The instant I heard (10) relating to the # of stars in Ophiuchus, Matthew 22:40 and Revelation 3:8, leapt to mind. '10' being the number of the Law (Commandments) kept ONLY through the Shed Blood Of Christ As Seen In His Body and Attested To In The Lord's Commendation To The Church At Philadelphia! Consider my recent post re Ophiuchus seemingly like the Spirit Filled Church 'restraining' the Serpent astride his waist, and the significance of Jupiter exiting from between the feet where He has been travailing, back and forth, for months.

      Now, unannounced and unexpected, AT THE SAME TIME we just heard of Jupiter's current episode RIGHT THERE, Ophiuchus pops up HERE, entangled further with TGW, TRD, and a door being opened which no man can shut? Composing this post, I now see Revelation 12:9 also relevant, esp in light of ME events, esp elections, etc., and an upcoming MOED which Jupiter seemingly has with the Scorpion's stinger on 11/7/19, wow.

      Parallelism is the guardrails it must stay within, and did, Wonderfully. As with any unpacking, Truth must be uncovered within it, and also revealed around it, and was. Amen and amen, Maranatha!

    2. Oops, meant to say, Composing this post, I now see Revelation 3:9 also relevant...

    3. Family, Blessings. Felt a "lil Nudge and did a 'lil digging, shocking, ikr, check this out. Not a deep dig but general web inquiries, there are about 3,500-6,500 stars in the night sky which are visible to the human eye under optimal conditions. The most common number cited was 'about 5k', although likely about as much from the roundness of the number, imho, as anything, but it works.

      Numbers of visible, mind you, light-producing meteors in the Average Draconid shower is 5-10 per hour. I had trouble finding stats for 2017 but the possible range went to thousands, per hour, for any sizable storm. Still, it provides some goalposts.100 visible meteors avg/hour, over 16 or so hours, would be impressive, along the lines of what we saw, likely.

      If, being a rather robust storm, about 1,500 celestial objects visibly burned through our atmosphere in the 2017 D shower, a number fitting so significantly active a storm, and John, The Revelator, was speaking of this, later, he would credibly and accurately describe what he saw as The Dragon, Draconis, casting to earth a number of meteors equal to one third of the visible stars in the heavens, and, so noting it as an unusual event. What other, universally known ruler could he use than the night sky, itself, as the meter? Psalms 19:1-3

    4. In hindsight it makes sense that Rev 12 1-5 would involve 7 constellations and not 2, as 7 is found throughout Revelation. I heard yesterday that there were 54 instances of the number 7 in Revelation - this would make it 55 ...double grace!

    5. Not positive, but I seem to remember Paul Dawson touching on this back in 2017 or early 2018 when he was taking a hard look at all of the astronomy involved around the Rev12 Sign. However Ty Green's presentation is extremely timely for us in looking at this context now that we weren't quite ready to see or understand back then in re to a "2 year warning". Most of us were biting at the bit in looking and longing for our imminent departure then to even want to consider such a possibility I guess--although it's that very desire that has kept us all on our toes and consistently going forward. We have surely lived, learned and grown step by step together through many more amazing things on this journey and who knows how many more have been awakened in the process. Praising our Lord for His Wisdom and Mercy:-)

    6. Now I See, Blessings. Excellent point and it helps capstone what I was formulating to post. Actually, assuming this model is correct, we see (2) constellations in TGW and (7) in TRD, although, technically, as our own planets were in TGW, there was a (hidden) third, there, which has deeper implications as a TYPE. Ofc, reviewing the entire parcel 12:1-5, we see seven, eight if you consider our own hidden in there, as well.

      Continuing with Parallelisms, as Uniformity and Order Affirm As His Nature. Harpazo is an extremely local event, for every soul snatched away. The overall, cumulative effect of the Event can be thought of as the sum of all the individual snatchings, actually. However, Harpazo also marks THE Pivot Upon Which Destiny Turns, Completing An Age.

      ‘2’, being the number of witness, as well as the number wherein we find a gathering includes Christ, a Hidden 3rd, that TGW would involve 2 constellations, (3, ibid.) whilst the larger drama captures 7(8), Signifying Completion & Christ, Perfectly Aligns, no?

      Lastly, again, consider revelation 12:1-5 as if it started with the words, “Captains Log; Stardate, some unknown future point where we find a Great Wonder on the Monitor, a woman, clothed with the sun…” While a quick review of stellar tabulations shows no similar alignment for at least 4,000 years on either side, although a couple came close, so, just to make sure you know the EXACT TGW alignment referred to, THIS is the one where, shortly thereafter, ON THE SAME MONITOR, “… we see an enormous red dragon…” Maranatha! Captains Log: Out

    7. I happened to catch that Ty Green vid and I do believe the Sign for the coming Great Red Dragon has already played out. Now we if only we could see the MANIFESTATION of those verses, am I right, Family?!

      [Rev 12:4-5 KJV] 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and [to] his throne.

      The squeeze is on and I can't wait to be 'brought forth' with y'all!!!

    8. Lyn Melvin, Don Johnson, Miami Vice and "The Squeeze is ON". You can't unhear it now :P Maranatha!

  35. The life for most of us continues as usual—we are eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building, and marrying (Luke 17:26-28).

    How long can things teeter on the edge of normal before some trigger-event sends it all over the cliff at once, plunging the world into chaos?

    Only the One restraining the inevitable knows, and He isn’t revealing the day (2 Thess. 2:7; Matt. 24:36).

    So keep watch!


    1. TY Jeova for always being so encouraging to this fellowship. You are truly a blessing, Brother!

      I've been reading up this morning on the responses to Turkey's Invasion of Syria, esp that of Russia's warning Erdogan to tread carefully and Iran's launching a large military exercise near the Turkish border and the specter of the Gog Magog War looms even larger, imo. It appears that an Ezekiel 38:21 set up is imminent as these powers all have their eyes set upon the spoils of Israel with each--wittingly, or not--wanting to play the part of "Gog". It's obvious to see that they would readily turn on each other in the race for those spoils in like manner of Jud.7:22 re the Midianites and 2Chron.20:23 re the Moabites and Ammonites. "No honor among thieves" as they say. Yep, I can see them blowing each other out of the sky as this unholy and tenuous league forms in their forge toward Israel.
      Blessings and Maranatha!


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