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JD's Prophecy Update on Ezekiel 38

As you know, JD Faraq is one of the most trusted resources on Middle East prophecy for many of us. He was born an Arab and knows the dynamics of the countries over there well. As a Christian Pastor and Prophecy enthusiast (he avoids the term expert) he has a deep understanding of the future prophecies written about that region. He also tries very hard to avoid being sensationalistic and over hyping events. Those factors combined give me great excitement when he emphasized the following words:
"If this is not Ezekiel 38, I don't know what is." - JD FaraqUpdate: Here is another great link to check out.  Listen to Jacks Video on this page.
Listen to his latest (38 minutes) update in the video below (38 minutes) on what is happening with Russia, Syria, Iran, etc... and how it could soon play out according to the Bible. Obviously, the sooner this comes together the soon we go home. His e…

Consider the Farmers

As we try to wait patiently for the coming of the Lord this Thanksgiving, we must consider the farmers as the Bible instructs to do.
Consider.  Ponder.  Put ourselves in their shoes.
Let's do just that....

A dear brother in Christ emailed me that verse out of the blue today....(thanks Todd).  So I pondered it.  I considered it.  I decided to make a graphic to share.  As I worked on the above graphic I thought about growing up in farm country...  I considered Thanksgiving and the wonderful food, and how it grows...and how waiting for it to grow certainly does relate to waiting for the Lord to return.  And after doing all this I have come to the conclusion that James 5:7-8 is the perfect verse for this place in time we now sit in our watch.

First off... Farming takes so much patience. 

Waiting for the snow to melt.
Waiting for the ground to thaw.
Waiting for the mud to dry.

Then it's time to quickly plant.... and then wait some more.

Waiting for the rain to fall.
Waiting fo…

An Apology to the Debunkers....

When I started this site just over 6 months ago I was unaware of how this Rev 12 saga would play out. All I knew was the Rev12 Sign was a big deal, people like myself were hungry for more information, and the amount of hungry people would certainly increase leading up to September 23rd.  All those things came true but the real reason I started this site was because I felt called to do it... I felt like I would have been disobeying God by not doing so.  Basically I felt this was a task God had placed before me to walk into. I had the necessary experience, connections and margin to do it...and after enough nudges I moved forward in relative obedience.... He took it from there.
My Plan My original plan was much more simple than what this site ended up being.  I was planning to just share links to articles and videos that others wrote or produced. I reasoned that this would not take very much time once I had the site set up.  Grab a link, grab a image or two, type a small intro and th…

Where Do We Go From Here? - Greg Lauer

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I am nearly very behind in sharing this article from Greg Lauer.   But God in his perfect wisdom knew these words would hit home after this latest 50 day watch period. He takes a retrospective look at the Revelation 12 Sign and how it was handled by those of us in the Body and shares quite a few good points in my opinion.  I don't 100% agree with all of his points (which is no surprise since none of us will ever totally agree this side of heaven on some of these things), but I do think what he shares is worth pondering. I absolutely loved his Christmas analogy and it is very timely as well.  I have respected Greg's viewpoint from the very first article I  read of his and I think it's worth noting that his takes have been closer to correct than just about anybody up to this point. It's a longer article, but there is a lot of ground to cover and goes by quickly. Please read the whole thing as he ties things together in the en…

The Birth and Resurrection Parallels

Daniel Matson has put up another article and graphics highlighting many unique characteristics of the conjunction tomorrow and its relation the Rev 12 Sign and other key events.  Many of us find the chiastic nature of this extra interesting.  Here is one of the key graphics, an excerpt, and a link to the whole article.  Thanks for putting this together, Dan.  Excellent analysis as always.

In the first diagram the events stemming from the end of the 69th Week of Daniel are simply reversed forming a mirror image. As Jesus was raised from the dead seven days after the 69th Week, so also is the Church, both dead and living, seven days before the 70th Week. This also fits the Flood narrative of Noah being sealed into the Ark one week before the Flood/judgment.

The conception of the Church at Pentecost is then mirrored by the Revelation 12 Sign–a sign speaking of the near birth of the male-child, the nation to be born in one day–the corporate Body of Christ (Isaiah 66).

Here is th…

A Cosmic Encounter...

So we are now very near an interesting watch period... a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter which provides amazing imagery of Christ uniting with His church. We wrote about this earlier which you can see here. This conjunction also mirrors a similar event which occurred at His first coming between these same two planets.  Believe it or not, that conjunction was much closer than this one as the planets were perfectly together, indistinguishable from each other.

Below is a graphic I put together to compare 3 notable conjunctions.  The first is in 2 BC at the time of Christ's birth also known as the original "Star of Bethlehem".  That was an unbelievable sight I am sure and likely the brightest "star" they ever saw.  The second one is the one occurring this year.  There will be a bit of a gap, and not as bright as back then, but it will catch the eye of anyone who see's it that's for sure.  The 3rd is from 2015... many of us saw this one in person as …

Ancient Pre Christ Depiction of Revelation 12?

I found this quite interesting... first leaned of it on Daniel Matson's page. It's hard to imagine that these ancient civilizations understood what we are seeing today, but the evidence is compelling.  Check this out for yourself and share your thoughts below.

Did the ancient world have a Pre-Christ depiction of the astronomical events of Revelation 12. Important note. The Greek inscriptions appear to be a later corruption. They run right over the top of the stars. This is particularly true of the top right star. Had I known this I would have noted it in the video. It appears to be an attempt at corrupting the intent and hiding the date.

Here is the video (5 Minutes)

Include ME!

My friend Hope directed her audience to this video a few days ago and I wanted to share this message with you guys as well. I found it very encouraging and timely, especially for all of us who are watching so intently. Watching is a good thing, but if we watch so closely that our relationship and quiet time with Him suffers, that is not good. We must be continually reminded that watching FOR Him does not replace fellowship WITH Him... Watching should not take all our time and energy so we have none left to be alone with Him.  I have been guilty of this many times the last several months, so this was a great reminder for me personally, perhaps you as well.

Include Me (Barb at 278pikelk) 5 Minutes

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.
Hear My words of encouragement, My loves.

My plans will occur in My timing, and they are very specific, My children.  For they have been laid out since before your earth’s time began. Children, you must focus on My perfection n…

The Latest from The Watchman's Watchman

Here is the latest video from our brother Neal. He writes in the description: Jesus commanded us to watch for his return, and we have been. But the dates keep passing us by. What are we doing wrong? What is it that Jesus wants us to look for? If not a date, what then? Perhaps we should take another look at the scriptures... The Rapture : Date vs Event - Part I (27 Minutes)

Jaco Prinsloo's Thoughts on the Upcoming Conjunction

The text below was shared by Jaco Prinsloo on Facebook this morning.  He provides many interesting nuggets as he researched the Jupiter/ Venus conjunction which occurs later this week.  Check it out and share your thoughts below!  Also be sure to check out the facebook post (linked below) as there are many good comments there as well. Thanks Jaco! 
From God's Roadmap to the End on Facebook

Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and although we have been waiting without seeing our Blessed Hope…yet, I was prompted this morning to have another look at some of the information that had been portrayed on the Economist magazine’s cover published in 2016 and “predicting” what would happen in 2017 – laying out Satan’s plan for the world's kingdoms under his control, in 2017. Now, I am not putting any faith in what is shown here whatsoever, but I am sharing something interesting which I believe gives us hope and strengthens our hearts as we continue to watch for the return of our …

A Fitting Finale? The Venus/Jupiter Conjunction Connection

I am convinced the Rev12 Sign was the real deal... If you are still visiting this site you probably are as well.   I actually believe it takes very little faith to believe such a thing when you ponder the scriptural references and the odds of such an alignment coming together so precisely.  It was something we saw with our own eyes for crying out loud!  Add on top of that all the other world events and 'signs of the times' which make it abundantly clear that we are living in a time period with huge prophetic significance. 

Despite of this, many of us have been in a period of perplexity for the last month or so as we wait on the Lord and do our best to trust in His promises. As the days passed and theories fell by the wayside, it was understandable that some lost enthusiasm.  Sure some lost all interest, but for most of us I it seems we are unable to fade back into the lives we were living before we learned of the Rev 12 Sign. Praise God for that blessing... but it is also a c…

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Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.