Reminder of the Supporting Arguments For a Pre-Trib Rapture

Our dear brother Ron (Watchman 35) who has graced these pages since 2017 has a very edifying post up on the Rapture in the Air Now forums which is a great strengthener in the Blessed Hope, the PRE-Tribulation Snatching Out of Harms Way (aka Rapture) of the Church.  In the post he list's 7 strong arguments that support the Pre-Trib interpretation.

His 7 Points are described in detail in the link below... I will share his list and give you an excerpt of one of them so you can get the flavor:
  1.  The Dispensational Imperative
  2.  The Wrath Factor
  3.  The Difference Between the Rapture and The Second Coming
  4.  The Jewish Wedding Tradition
  5.  The Apostasia of 2 Thessalonians
  6.  The Content and Structure of Revelation
  7.  Preppers vs Watchers
Here is an excerpt for #4:
4. The Jewish Wedding Tradition: this tradition mirrors the relationship of Jesus to the Church in every facet. Most notably, the departure of the Bridegroom back to his father’s house to prepare a place for his betrothed bride, with the intention of then coming back at an unknown day and hour to snatch her away and take her back into the bridal chamber for a period of 7 to consummate the marriage. We, too, will be caught up at an unknown moment by our Jesus and then taken back to the Father’s house, to be hidden away in the bridal chamber for a period of seven (years), while God’s wrath is poured out on a God-hating, Christ-rejecting world.
Here is the link to Ron's full post:

Just for fun, I would like to chime in with a few added comments about each of these of the cuff, and one BONUS item so here it goes....
  1.  The Dispensational Imperative  -  I think this is a very important argument you can see when the entire Bile is studied as a whole. To me, seeing how specific God has been in the past (down to the exact day in the fulfillment of prophecy) along with texts clearly illustrating that we are in a sort of "pause" before the 70th Week of Daniel can be fulfilled shows the structure of how God deals with man.... aka dispensational.  We are in the age of Grace.... and that age is shortly coming to a close.  God is very organized.  He is not random, He has this all figured out beforehand and to me the dispensational structure is clear... Romans 11:25
  2.  The Wrath Factor - This one is simple, 1 Thes 1:10, 1 Thes 5:9, and a verse he did not share which to me is very clear, Rev 3:10 clearly tell us we will not endure the wrath of God!  Not in this life or the next PRAISE JESUS!
  3.  The Difference Between the Rapture and The Second Coming  -  To me, when you study the verses about Christ's return you see that some of the verses can't be about the same exact event.  Ron does a good job explaining some of these differences in his post and I would just add that most post tribbers I have listened too are caught up applying a Second Coming verse to the Rapture event.  Having a good understanding of #1 above can help clear up those issues.
  4.  The Jewish Wedding Tradition  -  I love this argument and have heard JD Farag explain it several times and it becomes more real every time.  I love listening to JD explain this stuff because his family is from that part of the world and he has such a good understanding of the culture that most of us in the west don't catch.  I will share a snippet on this from JD's notes that I saved a while back....
    Click to Enlarge (Credit: JD Farag)
  5.  The Apostasia of 2 Thessalonians -  Ron included this one down his list a bit, but to me this one is huge, and if everyone understood 2 Thes 2:3 correctly it would completely close the case on the pre vs post debate.  Andy Woods has the best teaching on this subject in my view and here is a video where he goes through several reasons why the mainstream interpretation of this verse is likely wrong, and why it is in fact a excellent proof text for the Blessed Hope.

  6.  The Content and Structure of Revelation - Ron does a pretty good job explaining several of these points, but I do tend to disagree with his #1.  While the word church seems to abruptly stop being mentioned after Chapter 3, I think the Rev 12 sign helped us dig deeper and see that the church is view several times later in the book (during the parenthetical chapters specifically like chapter 12).
  7.  Preppers vs Watchers -  Back when I first was led into the study of the end times and was hit with the realization that yes, all signs are pointing to a soon coming Tribulation with a capital T, well like many of you my first instinct was to get prepared.  But God in His great mercy led me to teachers who proved to my anxious heart that the PRE-Trib rapture is accurate and that took a load off my shoulders and gave me great comfort to the little ones whom I am responsible for.  On thing in addition to the teaching on this subject that made things clear to me was the ATTITUDE of the teachers.  I found a stark contrast from the Post Tribbers to the Pre Tribbers, and the amount of Christlikeness I found in the Pre Tribbers greatly out weighed the other guys with the less hopeful view.  The Pre-tribbers spoke with such love, such peace, such kindness, such HOPE and ASSURANCE.... and they were not prone to name calling, fear tactics and they were not so focused on looking at this life and the negativity of this world.  The Pre Tribbers were looking at the Bible and Looking Up and teaching with loving kindness that had Holy Spirit guided influence and to me that was a powerful combination in seeing the Blessed Hope for the wonderful rescue and gift that it really is.
Ok, thank you Ron for this wonderful list and I hope you don't mind me tacking on my thoughts.  BUT,  I must say that you forgot one of the most powerful arguments.... the namesake of this humble little blog.... Revelation 12!!!

Through the intense study surrounding the Rev 12 Sign we learned that there is a mountain of evidence pointing to the fact that Rev 12:5 is most definitely a rapture verse.  The word Harpazo is used in that verse and we found all these highly respected scholars going back to John Darby and even Matthew Henry who based much of their Pre Tribulation Rapture beliefs on that verse!!  They said it was the most definitive argument and I tend to agree.  Matthew Henry even mentioned that it was the most common interpretation during his time, an interpretation now openly mocked, disregarded and even laughed at by some of the most highly regarded teacher nowadays….

But God.   Oh isn't He just wonderful?!  I think God is so amazing, and the fact that he was able to use a sign in the stars to take a bunch of our heads out of the sand in see so so so SO SO SO many wonderful insights that sprung from digging into the first part of Revelation 12 still blows me away.  Here is a link to a few posts from back in 2017 explaining the Rev 12 Rapture interpretation...  If you haven't ready this yet, please take the time to do so.  If it's been a few years, well take a stroll down memorial lane.  I think that you will be reminded of just how Biblically supported our Pre-Trib views are!  

Here are a couple links to the research that I think we can point to as a key to what revived so much of this understanding... from Dr Michael Svigel at Dallas Theological Seminary:

Dr Svigel Papers about Rev 12 and the Rapture

This last one is a pdf document I put together and shared with several teachers...actually handed one to JD personally at a conference he was speaking at... I have always wondered if he read it....
Anyway, thanks as always for visiting, reading and commenting.  Jesus is coming SOON!  Keep Lookin' Up my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ! : )


  1. A great reminder of the pre-trib perspective, although of course, each point can be readily argued for a mid or post-trib perspective, including the marriage supper of the lamb which was the one argument I used to think was the strongest case for pre-trib.

    Anyway - the below are spoken in genuine love, without fear, while looking at the bible and looking up as our redemption draws near. Hope that takes care of comment # 7 Brad ;P

    1) Dispensation - Charlie and I were discussing this a post or so ago. During Christ time on earth, dispensations seemed to overlap (law and grace), for a period of 3.5 years to be exact (or there abouts). Noah lived from one dispensation to the next. I believe its to do with the need for living witnesses (for various reasons).

    2) Wrath - has been argued many times before. Jesus wrath has never been intended for his bride and it is not poured out on his bride, but an unbelieving world. God has not destined us for wrath, but for salvation. Exactly - one is about hell, and the other being saved for heaven. Rev 3:10 has been discussed at large on the meaning of 'ek' meaning from the inside out, and 'tereo' (Keep) meaning to guard or watch over (transliteration is I will guard/watch over you from the inside out') of the wrath to come.

    3) Discussed at large before

    4) Wedding - the issue with this, is can you argue for clear dispensational periods while also arguing that Christ is going to both undertake a wedding ceremony at exactly the same time as he is dishing out vengeance on his enemies. Post-trib perspective is that the marriage supper of the lamb in Rev 19 is after he has punished the prostitute. Yes - we know revelation is written in Chiastic form etc, however this is why the marriage supper of the lamb can be argued to take place either at the start or end of the tribulation, particularly as a post-trib MSOTL belief includes tribulation saints (and the word for saints in Revelation 19:8 is the same word used in Romans/Acts and elsewhere for believers).

    5) Aposotasia - continues to be a weak argument for pre-trib. It clearly states 'a departure from a previous standing' which cannot be argued for 'here I was literally standing, and the rapture is there a departure from this'. It is spoken in the spiritual context/sense, so has to mean apostasy/rebellion etc.

    6) Structure of Revelation is all Chiastic, which post-trib teachers have used to prove a post-trib perspective, particularly all leading to the central chapter of R12 and the central verse being Revelation 12:10, which leads me to:

    7) Quite gutted this was included and possibly tainted Rons work with a bit of arrogance. Many of us mid/post-tribbers come to these blogs to learn and input and be family. We work hard not to be arrogant but genuinely look forward to the coming of the Lord. I know so many believers who are on both sides of the trib fence, and are genuinely loving people with a deep love for God. So in my perspective, #7 is not biblical, but critical and should be removed.

    Maranatha and keep looking up Brethren!! Ryan

    1. and excuse the typos/grammatical errors. My comp likes deleting my work half-way through a comment so didn't want to lose this.

    2. Hi Ryan my dear brother in Christ,
      I can understand why point #7 would offend you. But I want you to know I think you are the nicest and most gracious mid/post-tribber I know.

      But unfortunately that gracious disposition is in the minority! Most post-tribbers I have come across, scoff and laugh at the Pre-tribbers notion, that they might escape hardship, but you never come across that way, but you never come across that way, it is like you hold a post-trib view, but would equally be happy to be wrong.

      God bless brother.

    3. We still love you, Ryan! And, I wholeheartedly agree with Jordan that you are very nice and agreeable to hey if it is the pre- that's ok! The subject matter exhausts me, tho. I feel the Blessed Hope is key ...

    4. Ryan...what Jordan said. You've always shared your views in the most respectful way and accepted our views likewise with the realization that it is not an issue of Salvation for any of us. You've always been as much a member of this watching family as anyone else here and I'm sure that's why #7 was in no way referring to you, Brother:-) If everyone with differing timeline views (whatever they are) would share them with the same cordial temperament and sense of humor toward each other that you've always expressed both here and @unsealed, we'd all be even more blessed than we already are! (And if you're right and we're wrong, I know where the fresh veggies are;-)

      Re Point #5, I spent the afternoon after watching the Andy Woods video going back over all my old notes on the correct interp of "apostasia" in that verse and after all we've seen and where we now find ourselves, I'm wondering if there isn't a double entendre intended there. The opening context of V.1 definitely indicates the Rapture (or our being gathered together unto Him) as the subject, then segues into the man of sin's appearance. The Rapture obviously occurs in the midst of this rebellion (or apostasy) we are currently witnessing to an incredible degree and since the "apostasia" definition has long been debated as to whether it's referring to a 'spiritual' or a 'physical' departure, it's possible in a "mysterious" sort of way that this verse is killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. While it does remain to be seen if we are harpazoed out of here before the son of perdition is revealed, I definitely believe that we will be just based on 2Thess.2:6,7 and the fact that Paul's purpose in this passage of Scripture seems to be to calm the fears of those who thought they'd missed the boat and were left behind to endure the Tribulation (or the day of the Lord). So for me, knowing that we're NOT to be shaken or troubled (2Thess.2:2) indicates that we are to expect our rescue before the onset of that great and dreadful day:-)

      Blessings and Looking UP!

    5. Thanks all, appreciate the kind words (and I have mastered the drying of vegetables, so hopefully pigeon mail is still operational Sheila should we go through the trib !). My greatest concern is that we start resorting to using behavioural responses to the tribulation discussion to then prove one over the other. I think we should 'wrestle' with the fruits of the spirit as they relate to an individuals desire to honour Christ, rather than evidence of a particular biblical belief, so to speak anyway. I think points 1-6 should be left and #7 thrown on the Arminianism/Calvinism scrapheap (using the comparison purposefully)

      Sheila - will definitely look more closely at #5 from the 'double entendre perspective as it is used broadly biblically. Invoking Jimboni here 'a swish of the sword during battle will reveal the true double edge of the sword', doesn't work for me. Was never one for words, ha!

  2. Thanks Brad. Yeah to me the Pre-trib makes complete sense, that's a great list of reasons to support the Pre-Trib. Thanks Brother.

  3. Thank you! I believe in a rapture from the pre-tribulation Church and it is my blessed hope! Carole

  4. As Ed Hindson said, “You don’t beat up the Bride before the Wedding.”

    1. Archangel, hopefully, not! Plus, someone said once it would then be called the "Blasted Hope".

    2. Blessings Cathi G. I just remind myself that God saved Noah and his family and Lot and his family, well, most of his family but that was her choice and his sons-in-law before raining down destruction. Judgment on believers along with unbelievers ? Unbelievable!

    3. Christ takes His Bride Home and our Heavenly Father deals with his Wife.

    4. Time of Jacob’s trouble not the Church.

    5. Archangel - "Christ takes His Bride Home and our Heavenly Father deals with his Wife" . I can see it now "right Jesus, now you have taken your bride to be home, I'm off to 'deal' to my wayward wife". Yeah doesn't quite sound right does it ;P

    6. Multiple raptures, so to speak.

    7. Well, I think it sounds perfect! This time period is for the nation of Israel because they rejected Christ. Thus, there is a spiritual blindness over them until the time of the gentiles is fulfilled (the Bride of Christ). There is also The Times of the Gentiles (not sure on the phrasing here), which is through the 7-year period of Tribulation and even through to after the 1,000 year Millenium reign of Jesus). The 7-yr Tribulation period is the judgement of the nation of Israel by God and of the nations. God will eventually save a Jewish remnant who will reject the AC as God ... These leave their homes and flee to the mountains in Jerusalem (they are divinely protected). When Jesus returns at his 2nd Coming (along with his church/his body/Bride of Christ who have already received their rewards at the Bema Seat - and are ready to rule with Jesus, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords as we come alongside him on our white horses from Heaven to Earth. The Jewish remmant will then believe and see Jesus as their Messiah. They will enter the Millennium age and re-populate the earth and others who are alive and
      have believed in Jesus (and, I don't understand all this even less so). But, this will be the sheep and the goats judgement at the 2nd coming of Jesus. It isn't now as we are waiting for the rapture, in that it seems many are saying/implying this as to a partial rapture. All who have called on the name of the Lord today - whosoever - are saved, sanctified and sealed! We go up in the clouds to meet Jesus (the author and finisher of our faith) in the rapture to be with Jesus in Heaven.This is the Blessed Hope. Israel has a land promise by God that must be fulfilled which is a reason for this 7-yr. period known as Jacob's Trouble and fulfilling those last 7 weeks of years.
      Not everyone who has believed on the name of Jesus has been asked to give their physical life for Jesus or to be tortured as many have down through the ages as well as today. We are at the cusp of living at the time of the rapture/The Blessed Hope! It is an appointed time by God.

    8. sorry - my comment wasn't in reference to multiple raptures or anything, but a nod to the differences in opinions about the rapture 'bride-bashing' that what is not ok for the bride is perfectly acceptable for ones wife. The rationale in all of this is for us to avoid emotional responses to biblical principles.

      Christ's wrath is intended for Satan and the unbelievers, not his bride, just like is current punishment on the world is intended for the unbelievers, not his bride. Is the bride suffering today? Yes. Is Gods wife suffering today? Yes! How does one feel when I state that 'Christ is sitting back while his bride is being beaten up by Satan'. Furious - yes because the statement is rooted in emotions, not truth. Just like it is not appropriate to declare that 'Christ would never beat up the bride before the wedding', not because it isn't truth, but its misleading based on the premise that Christ does the beating, and that the bride would never be harmed prior to a wedding. The ones in Iran who will be tortured right up until the day the rapture occurs proves this bride-beating comment to be misleading.

    9. If a Pre-Trib Rapture of the Body of Christ was just about saving the current Believers from enduring the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, then the whole "fairness" argument might have some merit re the violent Christian physical persecution now being suffered in many parts of the world and that has always been suffered by so many down through time. But I have to believe it's about more than "the Bride" escaping that same kind of beating. Besides demonstrating the unfathomable riches of His Mercy, it's also about demonstrating His Glory through Jesus Christ's Complete and Utter Victory over the power and the sting of Death to all the world as well as to the principalities and powers and all of His heavenly angels. And those Believers who are alive and remain in these final days are just Blessed beyond measure to be partakers in that glorious event. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

    10. Sheila - yes 'God's mercy' is aligned with what scriptures tell us, vs the emotionally driven 'beating' comment which is not scriptural. Your mercy comment is a far better and more scripturally aligned rationale for changing the essence of point #7.

    11. My apologies, brethren. What I meant is You don’t behead the Bride before the Wedding.

  5. Brothers and sisters...Anen! I cannot imagine being blasted before. We are blessed and will be ready when he comes... because He will keep that's what s committed to Him until that day... W x2 Wearyat times but waiting in peace and joy

  6. Yes, and remember, those that "are alive and remain" are a very small percentage of the Body of Christ. Most of Christ's body are dead and asleep in the earth. So only a small percentage gets "beat up" and the rest escape? Doesn't make sense. The Body of Christ is one unit. We are all gathered together as one.

    1. Mailmanjack...Excellent point! It seems we sometimes forget about the dead in Christ who are caught up first when discussing the Rapture timeline and per 1Thess.4:16,17 we must as part of His Body be joined with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And they definitely will not be enduring any part of the 70th week:-) Blessings and TY for that reminder!

    2. AMEN Mailmanjack and Sheila B! I was surprised to find out recently a friend of mine believes only a tiny remnant of SPIRIT-FILLED believers gets Raptured. I share what I replied to her in my comment below. I should have added the point you made! After all, if ALL the dead in Christ get to go why don't ALL of us?!!

    3. Well Lyn,

      BECAUSE......During any harvest, the field IS NOT harvested all at once!!! \0/

      In love ;-) ->

      < Ecclesiastes 1:9 > The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

      There are 3 Harvests or Gatherings or Pilgramage Feasts in the Bible:

      1. Barley/Unleavened Bread (completed +/- 2,000 yrs ago)
      2. Wheat/ Pentecost (2020???)
      3. Summer Fruits/Grapes Tabernacles (TBA)

      EACH Harvest follows the Harvest Model which does not and will not change for 'we' current day "believers" BECAUSE there is nothing new under the sun.

      Therefore, the Wheat and Fruit/ Harvest are subject to the Harvest Model and WILL NOT CHANGE or be subject to our leanings/desire/thoughts for a "single" rapture event.

      A "single" harvest is not possible and goes against the proven Harvest Model.

      Part 1: First Fruits
      Part 2: Main Body
      Part 3; Gleanings/ Leftovers


      So YES, multiple departures/gatherings/snatching away of various groups/ individuaks.

      Biblical? Yes!

      Both the OT and NT have already shown/proven there are MULTIPLE departures!

      From Enoch (on Pentecost) to Elijah to the Saints resurrecting with Jesus to Stephen.....

      We've been shown MULTIPLE types of being hidden/covered/protected until exiting as well.


      So, the question remains, for the upcoming WHEAT harvest (and 2020 is looking real promising), who goes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and what is the time spacing between each departure event?

      While the Hailstones fall who gets to remain and be "supernaturally" protected? Who goes prior to the Hailstone bombardment?

      Tick Tock, time is getting shorter and shorter until we find out.

    4. Hi Charlie! I DO believe in more than one departure, yet I am mostly interested in the FIRST departure which the Scriptures indicate is for "he who overcometh" as I shared in my lo-o-ng Comment below. Love you, Bro♥

    5. Hey Lyn...Blessings and TY for sharing and I do agree. I'm gonna fall back on what Brother Gary @unsealed has said re "when the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense and I'll just throw out this simplistic thing that strikes me whenever I hear about all of these different Raptures for the Body of Christ patterned after the different stages of Israel's harvests.
      I do appreciate all of the diligent studies invested in this topic and have surely learned a lot about the Mind of God regarding His Care and His Purpose for His people, but I'm thinking those incremental patterns probably don't apply to the "mysterious" catching up of the Body of Christ in the Rapture and here's why:

      Paul was appointed the Apostle to the Gentiles and it was Paul that revealed the Mystery of the Church Age and the method of our Salvation by Grace through Faith in Eph. 2:8,9,10. And it was Paul that laid out--as near as I can tell--a 2-Stage Plan for the Rapture in the Epistles to the Thessalonians and the Corinthians which is:

      1) The dead in Christ rise first. (1Thess.4:16 KJV 1Cor.15:52 KJV)
      2) Those which are alive and remain are caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air--when we are ALL (not just some of us) changed from corruptible to incorruptible (1Thess.4:17 KJV 1Cor.15:52 KJV)

      1Thess.4:18 KJV tells us to comfort one another with these words while 1Cor.15:54,55,56,57 tells us that with this 2 Stage event Death is swallowed up in victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

      There is no mention of Jewish harvest patterns in the stages of this "Great Mystery" as it is revealed to the Body of Christ (that I know of anyway) and it just seems like if there were more delineated stages to this amazing event than the 2 that Paul does reveal, he would have elaborated on that in some way. Something like..."then we which are alive and remain and are part of the "first fruits harvest" shall be caught up together with them (the dead in Christ) in the clouds while the "main harvest" and the "gleanings" will soon follow..."
      But he doesn't say anything like that.

      I do believe that 1Thess.4:16,17 and 1Cor.15:51,52 are referring to the same event and it does say "Behold, I show you a MYSTERY; We shall not all sleep, but we shall ALL be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump..." (KJV emph. mine)

      So yep...I personally believe if we are of the Body of Christ, we are ALL in it together and we will ALL be caught up to meet the Lord in the air TOGETHER:-)

    6. Sheila, I got as far as reading up to "mysterious" catching up ... And, that is what I have been thinking about!

    7. Sheila, I enjoyed reading your comments. One of the thoughts here I have is that when the Apostle Paul was revealing this "Great Mystery" to them in their being changed from corruptible to incorruptible (after those dead in Christ were resurrected) that those who heard Paul in this group of people who were believers - that surly there were some among them (if not a lot of them) and surly not ALL of them who were living a life that was not "1st-fruits worthy" to experience this mystery of being changed. The Corinthians were a sinful lot, living ungodly lives, filled with sin, etc. Yet, the Apostle Paul is not telling them they better get it together or they will miss this "Harpazo". I don't see an inkling of that. Only, that they should be living a life pleasing to God as in Colossians 1:10 KJV "That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God: and in Colossians 1:11 KJV Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness." Not, in bemoaning and fretting, worrying, doubting their salvation, strenously exercising a "sinless" lifestyle, or chastizing others who they see sinning out of fear of missing out on this "Great Mystery". In like manner, when Paul was telling those in Corinth how they should be living because of their identity in Christ, he was not saying to them they were in danger of falling away from belief. He was telling them to act correctly, because they are in Christ. Why? Because, it isn't about our goodness, lack of sinning, etc at all to do with being saved or going in the rapture. It is of the plan God had and set forth while we were yet sinners in sacrificing his son to pay the price for our sin. And he fulfilled the sin penalty for us on the cross. So, when we see him, we do not need to cower in fear and shame. Because when we see him, we shall be like him, 1John 3:2 KJV. This is glorious, marvelous and there are no words for his Mercy and Grace toward us.

    8. Cathi...Blessings and some good points, Sister! While Paul certainly instructed and admonished all believers to live a life for Christ, he did not exclude the "carnal" Christians from the hope of the Rapture even as he carefully addressed the subject of the Judgement (or Bema) Seat and the rewards or lack thereof. 1Cor.3:11,12,13,14,15 and 2Cor.5:10--which should convince us all to want to do our best in running a faithful race for our Lord and Savior, then trust the Holy Spirit to work effectually in us:-)

    9. Thanks Sheila, dear Sister♥

  7. Has anybody seen the new CDC guidelines for reopening US schools? It's so totally insane and basically turns schools into little prison day camps for children. I read these new dragon rules were designed in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. My daughter--who teaches 5th grade--was freaked out this morning. She sees no future as an educator and said she would never send a child to school under those circumstances. I told her this is not about educating our children anymore, but about the destruction of society and getting people to beg for their "vaccines" to make life even tenable and to remember that our hope is not in this world, but in Christ Jesus Alone. Maybe more people will wake up to the trajectory of this "Plandemic" atrocity in the coming days and quickly turn to God for their Answer. We can always hope and pray. Maranatha and Even so, Lord, come!

    1. And how about this....from @Rapture Ready this morning--"Scientists Made a Mouse That's 4 Percent Human" --The highest level of human cells in a chimera yet and a major step toward a new medical reality. How much longer can our Lord wait as His creation is once again reaching the heights of the human DNA corruption?

      Praising our Father in Heaven that we don't have to wait for an ark to be built as our safe haven was prepared for us 2000 yrs ago in Jesus Christ's Finished Work on the Cross. All we have to do is be on board with Him and ready to go:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Man Sheila, this kind of "science " makes me sick. Come lord Jesus.

    3. And pardon my expression, "Man Sheila". Lol.

    4. Yes - a student complained to her mum on day one of my wife returning to teach at the local Christian school. The complaint was that one of the kids 'got too close' to her (even though we are at 0% new covid cases). Suffice to say that my wife encountered a complaint to the principal on her second day back at school from a miserable parent. Stupid!

    5. LOL Miguel... I believe my very words when I first saw that article were "Man, oh man..."

  8. BRAD~This subject is an excellent one to bring up at this time! It stirs up the discussion of the Rev. 12 sign and how it relates to the PreTrib Rapture. In fact, the study of the sign helped me in explaining to a friend how ALL who are born again are OVERCOMERS who WILL BE RAPTURED/TRANSLATED FIRST to Heaven!

    LU~You asked whether I was going to continue the debate with this friend who believes only a remnant of Spirit-filled believers will be translated at the Rapture. This is the email I sent her recently:

    I agree that there are two contrasting groups as explained by J. Leland Earls at that are translated at different times.

    Who are the Overcomers?

    Where I differ is that I do not view the churches as referring to born again believers. My understanding is that they are ekklesia or assemblies. A person may be part of a church/ekklesia/assembly but not necessarily bound for Heaven!

    The translators for the King James Version of the Scriptures did not do us any favors by translating the Greek word ekklesia G1577 into the word “church”. This Greek word refers to “a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place, an assembly”. (If you wish a deeper study on this, check out’s article The Correct Meaning of "Church" and "Ecclesia".)

    Those who wait to confess Jesus as their Lord after the Rapture will be the saints who will endure the Tribulation as recorded in Revelation 13:7; but those who were born again during the Age of Grace will NOT be subject to His wrath (

    For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,--1 Thess. 5:9

    You told me that it is your belief that a chosen group of people or remnant within those born again of God’s Spirit would be worthy to escape in the Rapture (or first translation).

    In the Book of Revelation Jesus announces that only Overcomers or “he that overcometh” will be worthy to escape (Revelation 3:10-12) and receive the other promises listed therein.

    Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

    Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.
    Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God,
    and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, [which is] new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and [I will write upon him] my new name. - Revelation 3:10-12 KJV

    So who are these Overcomers? They are individuals who by faith have confessed from their heart Romans 10:9 and have incorruptible seed within them:

    For whatsoever is born [gennaō] of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [even] our faith. - 1 John 5:4 KJV

    Being born again [anagennaō], not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. - 1 Peter 1:23 KJV

    Here we see that it is NOT BY WORKS OF FAITH that makes us an Overcomer worthy of escape (the Rapture or first translation) but simply having His incorruptible seed in us BY FAITH IN CHRIST AND CONFESSION OF HIS LORDSHIP!

    (Cont below)

    1. Who is Worthy?

      Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. - Luke 21:36 KJV

      . . . The incorruptible seed of 1 Peter 1:23 is the Spirit of God within the believer—it is Christ in you the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

      It is because of the gift of the Holy Spirit within us that we are worthy to escape. As we saw in 1 John 5:4, only the Spirit of God born within us makes us Overcomers! And it is only the Overcomers who are clothed in white raiment and will not have their name blotted out of the Book of Life (Revelation 3:5). And it is only the Overcomers who will reign with Christ in His throne (Revelation 2:26; 3:21).

      Now whether all Overcomers are the Bride--perhaps that is questionable. But to say that there are born again believers left behind to endure The Tribulation goes against the teaching of the Scriptures as I understand them.

      Who is the Woman in Rev. 12?

      J. Leland Earls believes the Woman in Rev. 12 is the Church. My studies have me leaning toward what Gary of Unsealed has written which is the Rev. 12 Woman is Israel:

      This leads to further confirmation of the sign because this appears to connect directly to Isaiah 26, a prophecy that contains the same picture of labor, a miraculous birth that represents the resurrection and is described as the earth giving birth. Furthermore, the context is the Tribulation and what appears to be a prophecy of the rapture of the Church. See for yourself in Isaiah 26:17-21.

      The author of this prophecy is the Jewish prophet Isaiah. He says the pregnant woman is "we" - the nation of Israel, which had been tasked by God with bringing salvation to the earth. They failed. Notice that the woman gives birth to wind after her labor pains. In September 2017 the sign occurs on the 23rd, two weeks after the birth. In Revelation 12:1-2 the pains are simultaneous with the sign, yet Isaiah 26 tells us the woman only gives birth to wind after her labor pains. Her womb is empty! The baby was already born via miraculous delivery. This is exactly the order we see in September - a birth before the sign. The baby is born and delivered before the Tribulation comes.

      J. Leland Earls’ explanation of the 144,000 of Revelation 14 is an interesting subject. My understanding is that they do not represent those first translated. Robert Breaker’s findings are intriguing: Who are the 144,000?

      So this is where I am at, dear girl. I certainly cannot say that my understanding is perfect! In fact, the more I dig into this subject, the more I realize there is much I DON’T KNOW! But it certainly seems that we will know VERY SOON who gets translated/harpazo-ed and when--Praise His Name for that!!! I am so very thankful to minister alongside you in these last hours--

      AND REV12DAILY BRETHREN, I AM SO VERY THANKFUL FOR EACH ONE OF YOU and truly cannot wait until we get to meet face-to-face 💖

    2. Lyn!
      What up!?
      Let me take a look at what your wrote…Thanks!
      As to the topic of the pre-Tribulation Rapture, regardless of stances on who, what, where, and when, many would agree that the Church Age is fast approaching its end. In continuing to study the topic of Pentecost and how we are entering the season, traditionally observed for 2020 from ether the 28th, 31st of May or June 6th or of the tiny minority opinion (Moi) :) that it is to be a double-count to end somewhere in mid-July, I got a confirmation of sorts in doing my research recently. It is how this particular time, or dispensation is related to the gathering of the Gentiles during Pentecost in that it has to do with the number 50 for sure, as we know.

      As the first church of the Gentiles that was entirely set up, that being by Paul in Ephesus in studying Acts 19:19, it was thus the 1st to be of the 7 Churches of Asia to typify the Church Age with. It was interesting to note that as the city repented of their sorcery and magic, they burned all their books of magic. Then it was specifically noted by the Holy Spirit that the value of them was ‘50’ thousand pieces of silver. This is the metal of redemption coupled with the numerical coefficient of Pentecost, 50. Just one of those things that make you go, humm…

      I wanted to interject my studies for the case of the pre-Tribulation Rapture over the years with an article posted for all to see as it is too much to post here. The angle that I take is more philosophical so it might put you all to sleep. If anyone has issues going to sleep, for sure try reading it. ;) I like to present the case considering the following factors specific to the interpretation of the 2 Thessalonians 2:3 context of what ‘Falling Away’ is referring to, either the ‘Departure’ of the Bride of Christ or the ‘Falling Away’ of one’s Faith. The following is an outline of those factors that the article will develop and provide evidence based on the context examined.

      1. The Historical Precedence Factor
      2. The Military Call Factor
      3. The Context of Comfort Factor
      4. The Apostate Factor
      5. The Door of Escape Factor
      6. The Replacement Theology Factor
      7. The Reformed Camp Factor
      8. The Epiphaneia Factor
      9. The Parousia Factor

      The article is long, 13 pages! Hey…class, class. Take it as a homework assignment. ;) You and all the rest of the Little Flock are welcome to review it at the following link. Enter at your own peril! Lol

      Case for the pre-Tribulation Rapture

      Blessings as the ‘Departure’, the Call to Retreat, to fall back and converge on the formation of the combined ‘Charlie Company’ is fast approaching! Charlie!


    3. Lu...Blessings and TY! Extensive and convincing and mostly jibes with all of my studies over the years, but I don't recall ever seeing the "Military Call Factor" presented before, so really appreciated that nugget of interesting info. You expounded so well on the "Apostate Factor" and the translation issues over time that have led to the modern standard interp of that verse. As I posted up above, I was just trying to look at this verse with a fresh perspective and being one who believes that God has been faithful to protect and deliver His Holy Word to us for our intact understanding, I wondered aloud on the why of the disparity between the 2 interpretations.

      As I stared at the verse, it did occur to me that both are true in the sense that the Rapture will occur in the midst of what I can only describe as the "outlandish and in your face" Apostasy
      that has arisen while we yet await the Harpazo that precedes the revealing of the man of sin.
      Though the Papacy has always shown apostate elements, the current Pope has gone so far as to declare Christ's redemptive work "a failure" and openly united with Islam among many other absurdly rebellious acts. Protestant churches are embracing all sorts of abominations as not only acceptable and are now openly calling that which is evil "good" and vice-versa in the name of "social justice". So the phrase "double entendre" did come to mind. The question is whether or not such a word play was intentionally Inspired. IDK ofc, but we do see an unprecedented convergence of these 2 understandings about to be crossing paths--sort of like those 2 Comet Tails of Atlas and Swan that might possibly be doing the same thing right over our heads just about now;-) Maranatha!

    4. During my reading of Arnold Fructenbaums study on Hebrew, he spent quite a bit of time on the 'provocation' (rebellion of Israel post 12 spies etc) in line with Hebrews 3. He made some good comments on the term 'apostasy' as it referred to Israel 'departing from a previous standing' in that the did a total 180 once the spies returned from the land of Canaan. They went from a redeemed people, to a murderous one intent on killing Moses Joshua/Caleb after the 10 spies gave a negative report.

      Anyway, the same term 'apostasy' is the same word used in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Acts 21:21 and similar construct to apostasion, for example in Mark 10:4
      ἀποστάσιον, ου, τό - Apostasies meaning 'to forsake, divorce'
      ἀποστασία, ας, ἡ - defection, apostasy, revolt

      Acts 21:21 - and they have been told about you that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake (apostasy) Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children or walk according to our customs

      2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,

      Mark 10:4 - They said, “Moses allowed a man to write a certificate of divorce (apostasion) and to send her away.”

      Similar to the forsaking of Moses, we too may well see a forsaking of Christ by those who once were considered to be followers of Christ. This would also align with the Kadesh rebellion at the entrance to the promised land when the 'forsaking' took place almost immediately.

      I guess the double entendre perspective should be rooted in other verses giving proof to this, but its difficult to assess if this is the case.

    5. Ryan...LOL...this is what I mean as you (and others) make a good case for the modern standard interp of a spiritual departure from the faith while Lu (and others) have made a good case for our physical departure from the earth based on earlier translations. And I admit that normally a proper exegesis would require some back up usage in other contexts for such a thing as applying a "double entendre". But....(as I'm sure you know by now) my mind often wanders around outside the box, so I'm open to this off the wall idea simply because this is such a unique situation where the MYSTERY of the Rapture has been revealed and is being expounded upon. Anyway, it works a certain peace for me re this whole controversy:-) Blessings, Brother! (and I sure hope it's us flying and not carrier pigeons:-D)

    6. Sheila B., Oh My! Your last few posts and comments concerning this topic are simply incredible. Either you've been working through that "Get A Master's In Divinity In The Privacy Of Your Own Home' study course on the sly, or something! I love your work to illustrate the double-entendre of Apostasy circling the candle-flame like a spring eve's window moth and then lifting our gaze to it's mirror, above, as Atlas shrugs and croons his Swan song, mayhaps.

      Acts 4:13 Amen & amen!

    7. Yeah that the point in my scriptural comparisons Sheila.

      Lu wrote 'Regardless, this study assessed context and presented contrasts of the Greek word, ‘Apostasia’ to strongly suggest that the ‘Falling Away’ is referring to the ‘Departure’ of the Bride of Christ, i.e., the Rapture. And that it is not the ‘Falling Away’ of one’s Faith, individually nor corporately as a prerequisite for the advent of the AntiChrist to appear'

      Firstly, the KJ 1611 version notes this as a 'falling away' (not departure), which gets rid of the 19 century argument on when a change in translation took place. Secondly, scripture interprets scripture which is why I included Acts 21:21 here - the only other place in the NT where the 'apostasy' word is used. You can explain the spiritual interpretation using Acts 21:21, but you cannot explain the physical rapture interpretation.

      Anyway - I think Lu failed to note this, and in the absence of fair critique, context can be interpreted as whatever our end-times leanings are. Again - not to say that a dual meaning etc cannot be applied, but scripture is required to confirm it.

      Sigh - we are obviously not going to resolve this here lol, but heck - are we learning scriptures or what!!!

    8. Hey there Zeal-Life,
      Is that by chance in reference to Zealand as in the ‘New’ one? What was wrong with the Oldo one? ;) What, just 2 objections? Lol You can do better than that…lol, Just kidding.

      Thanks for the bit of feedback. I lumped the KJV with the ‘modern’ ones in my book, lol, no pun intended. Not a KJV Only fan here, sorry. But still. I would concede that if the modern translators would have rendered and just kept the word ‘the Falling Way’, that would have made the world of difference for me and perhaps not be a discrepancy to the degree that it has become and would have at least left it to the readers to decide which type of ‘Falling Away’ it would be implying based on the context. And it the main point.

      I was glad you mentioned this same term is used with 'to divorce'. I realized that too but did not interject it and expand upon it as the article was getting to be a book. But yes, as with the divorce granted by YHVH through Moses, the context is of a ‘Falling Away’, as in a ‘Departure’, a falling away from one’s former stance, that is Marriage. It is thus the wife that ‘Departs’. This is exactly the context of 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Point is, that she does not automatically then become ‘Apostate’ by doing so. If one insists on this interpretations, then all divorcees are 'apostates' to then. ?! :) See, this is the issue, wrong context, and no Scriptural precedence for how it is inferred in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

      The issue for me is that the translators totally ignored this mentioned Scriptural context that I tried to spell-out and show. The issue for me is that the translators just literally transliterated the Greek word. The problem? It is that in our now modern vernacular and vocabulary, ‘apostasy’ is automatically relegated to the departure of one’s faith, negative and can only be that pertaining to a faith issue, etc.

      In closing, I would have liked to hear your take or perhaps others of the same interpretation of the main issues I tried to list-out but where not touched upon -which are as follows.

      -What about the replacement theology issue?
      -What about Daniel’s 70th Week, that concerns ‘they People and city’…that is the Jews, Jerusalem which the book of Revelation after chapter 4 is all about, exclusively and purposefully?
      -What event then is ‘The Apostasy’ to alert the Church about? If that ‘spiritual apostasy’ event is not the Rapture, and the AntiChrist is then to be revealed, can you direct me to the passage in Revelation, in the Tribulation time that speaks of this Apostasy Event? Again, this is if the AntiChrist it to be revealed before the Rapture of the Saints…
      -What about that when the Scriptural context of all other topics addressing real apostasy within the Church, 2 Thessalonians does not follow suit as there is no call to repentance, correction or rebuke?

      If ‘The Apostasy’ was it, the most monumental of all time, enough to warrant the advent of the AC, would not Paul all the more would have emphatically sounded the alarm? Mayday, Mayday?! ...To warn the Saints? It does not happen because it is the wrong interpretation of Apostasia. If so, the apostasy condition of the Church in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 would be considered at best then an ‘outliner’ in comparison.

      Anyway, yes, we are having a great discussion, a Bible Study! What could go wrong?! Lol.
      But I have my rotten tomatoes just in case, and organic ones. Those are for Charlie.

      In Love,

    9. Zeal as in 'zeal without knowledge' lol, no really its the account of my darling wife. She managed to change all my original logins to hers and I know I will mess up all our google accounts if I attempt to correct it. This New Zealand unfortunately is feeling verrrry old, like molech old with our baby sacrifice and all. Anyway, less I digress...

      In the context of divorce, you cannot imply that all divorce is wrong, but in this case, the word meant 'to forsake', but modern vernacular translates that to 'divorce'. So yes as God hates divorce as it is forsaking ones original position, it concludes that divorce is a terrible thing. Does that mean all parties involved in the divorce are wrong - nope, just the act is a forsaking of the position that God intended (i.e. for man and wife to be together).

      Looking at the law of first mention, and apologies but to get the exact first mention, I have to turn to the septuagint - it seems the first time this word is mentioned is Joshua 22:22 where it implies rebellion. Its a stretch of the imagination to apply this to the rapture (in my opinion anyway...noting of course that I am wrong on a reasonably regular basis...).

      Regarding replacement theology - I am an intra-sealer (rapture between 6th and 7th seal) and believe that the time of Jacobs trouble is actually the last 3.5 years or thereabout of the entire 7 year period. As Christ was rejected by his people during the 3.5 years of his ministry on earth, it makes sense that the judgement but also pursuit of his wife is the same time-frame, but this is a subject for a different forum.

      Daniel and Revelation can only be properly interpreted through a Chiastics lens (in my opinion anyway).

      However, 'your people' - I am assuming you are talking about Daniel 9:24. If so, it clearly notes 'to stop their transgressions'. The bride is not 'transgressing', but Israel is.

      As noted above, Revelation is written in Chiastics form, so 'after Revelation 4' cannot be easily discussed as the whole book of revelation front to end and end to front chiastically points to Revelation 12. And Revelation 12 is written chiastically to focus on the central vs of Revelation 12:10-11 - And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying:

      “Now have come the salvation and the power
      and the kingdom of our God,
      and the authority of His Christ.
      For the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down—
      he who accuses them day and night before our God.
      11They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb
      and by the word of their testimony.

      A 12:1-5 woman & man child
      B 12:6 woman in wilderness 1,260 days
      C 12:7-9 war in heaven, Michael vs. dragon
      D 12:10-11 Kingdom of God/blood of the saints
      C' 12:12 dragon cast down / heaven delivered, but woe to earth
      B' 12:13-16 woman in wilderness 3½ times
      A' 12:17 woman & her seed

      I know my chiastics discussion elsewhere has the post-tribbers asking me about my mid-trib perspectives as they think it points to post-trib expectation...heck they are possible right, but I believed the centrality of Revelation 12 chiastics actually led more to a mid-trib perspective, but Im possibly splitting hairs at this stage. I don't think that fully answers your question, but it merely points out that we can't look at it in terms of 'what happens after Revelation 4', as the possible real question should be what chiastics points to end-times wise.

      Anyway - just some thoughts.


    10. Hi Ryan,
      Good points to go over. For me, I would agree that the Time of Jacob Troubles spans the 7 years but would be intensified in that last half. But notice though that even with that intensification, it is that time from the point of the Revelation 12 Sign that the ‘Elect’ are protected. I just wanted to point that out.

      As to ‘Daniel and Revelation can only be properly interpreted through a Chiastics lens’, humm, perhaps but I have strong doubts as we would tend then to limit GOD’s amazing compositions of how He declares His Word. I do love the Chiastic argument as that is a new one that I have not heard in all my years pertaining to the Rapture debate. As someone that has done Bible Codes and loves symmetry, I can appreciate it. There are some though, that use this argument to excuse, lol, for example of seeing the Trumpet Judgments just be a rehashing of the Bowl Judgments. Which I do not think so although they appear similar in execution. But true, for another topic and one does not want to spend time splitting hairs.

      Yes, I am assuming the context and address of Daniel 9:24 is not pertaining to the Bride 'transgressing', but Israel. And therefore, that the entire brevity of the Tribulation to come, the Last Week or Sabbatical Cycle which has to be 7 years, pertains thus to Israel.
      If some argue that the 70th Week of Daniel was already fulfilled by Jesus’ 3.5 years of ministry as He was ‘cut off in the midst’, etc., true. But I content there is a switch also occurring. If not, then one has to follow through with the typology. Meaning that if ‘He’ is the one that makes the ‘Covenant’, then ‘He’, being the same would be responsible for ‘breaking it’ and later come to ‘destroy the Sanctuary’ and would be ‘Roman’ then. And further, that ‘He’ would have stopped the Daily Sacrifices. All these attributes implied to Jesus did not happen. Although there is that prophetic ‘echo’ as there is a measure of double entendre occurring.

      There needs to be all that more of a skill to precisely know how to delineate the inferences of what is not pertaining to Christ, and the AntiChrist. Why? There was that transitional overlap with the Christs, in one’s opinion and then with the Church and Israel. It was from the time of Pentecost, that the Age of Grace started, and the Daily Sacrifices were still occurring in a standing Temple. This prophetic overlap is now occurring in the Last Days to a substantial lesser degree as the reconstituted Sanhedrin has successfully offered a sacrifice on the rebuilt Alter of Sacrifice in December of 2018 just outside the walls of Jerusalem. This was prophetically huge.

      Thanks again for the mental exercise as we need that too just as much as one needs physical exercise.

    11. Jimboni...nah...I'd probably get thrown out of any Divinity School, LOL. Guess I just love a good "Mystery" which seems to be confirmed by my Bing Art "Sherlock Holmes" post below;-)

    12. LU! I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your "Woke Woman" title! Yes, there are many WW that visit here at Rev12daily and we thank God for all you "Woke Men"!

      I appreciate the link to your article and what you wrote re. "50":

      "It was interesting to note that as the city repented of their sorcery and magic, they burned all their books of magic. Then it was specifically noted by the Holy Spirit that the value of them was ‘50’ thousand pieces of silver. This is the metal of redemption coupled with the numerical coefficient of Pentecost, 50. Just one of those things that make you go, humm…"

      Ok, so now I have homework to do ;-D

    13. Hey Lyn…
      Yep, wish all the Body of Christ would be but many are waking-up due to what is happening now, big time. Many have stated that there would be a Great Awakening in the End or Revival and other have negated that and said, ‘not happening’, judgment is coming. Well, both will end up being true perhaps but from what I have read and heard, the LORD is doing a fast work, a quickening because perhaps the time has come for the harvest.

      For those of you growing up in farms, or in ag, as I was a migrant worker along with my parents, tending to all the almond orchards in a mega farm corporation. We would see the cycle of the trees, budding in February-March, beautiful white snowy imagery. Then vivid green coloring of the leaves and buds in mid Spring…Then slowly the fruit would start to develop and by the star of summer in June as the almonds hulls would crack open and ready to be harvested by mid- July Summer time.

      Point being is that from late July to early September, the whole farming operation would be in a frenzy….intense and even harvesting with night shifts utilizing all that modern machinery as it was urgent to bring in the harvest. Every worker at that time had a heightened awareness in comparison to just the other average and normal days. I see this in parallel now and perhaps prophetically as all these decades prior, even centuries of ‘going to church’….learning, reading…fine but now…it is has come down to the wire, the harvest we pray.

      And perhaps as the harvest is about to be initiated, there is that frenzy of workers sounding the alarm to wake-up and see that this time around, it is different than any prior crisis, even in comparison to the days that the world was on the brink of a nuclear war or regional catastrophes.

      Oh, I was going to mention about what you wrote to your friend…concerning the Bride-Church debate.

      ‘Where I differ is that I do not view the churches as referring to born again believers. My understanding is that they are ekklesia or assemblies. A person may be part of a church/ekklesia/assembly but not necessarily bound for Heaven!’

      …Ok, great points….wow…on the same page and with all the other points you then went through…nice. But then you soccer-punched me!! Lol What? …with the end:

      ‘Now whether all Overcomers are the Bride--perhaps that is questionable. But to say that there are born again believers left behind to endure The Tribulation goes against the teaching of the Scriptures as I understand them.’

      But good points and to consider all possible angels and let the Holy Spirit teach as teachings and/or points of view of others marinade in one’s mind.


    14. LU, my dear Woke Brother, I loved what you wrote about the frenzy associated with THIS last harvest before the Rapture. Yes, we must consider all possible angles and continue to be humble. I am willing to be shown where I am wrong only if someone can clearly present it to me from Scripture. To merely say, "I don't think your view is Scriptural," but then not give chapter and verse in explanation isn't good enough for me.

  9. Sharing...
    (by T.W. Tramm)

    IN Leviticus, God instructs Israel:

    “From the day after the Sabbath, the day you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, count off seven full weeks. Count off fifty days up to the day after the seventh Sabbath, and then present an offering of new grain to the LORD” (Lev. 23:15, 16).

    From this biblical statute emanates the tradition of counting each of the 49 days leading up to Pentecost, known as “counting the Omer.”

    Traditionally, counting the Omer consists of several steps.

    First, a special blessing is recited:

    “Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us concerning the counting of the Omer.”

    Next, the day and week of the count is stated; for example:

    “Today is the first day of the second week of the Omer.”

    Finally, Psalm 67 is read:

    “May God be gracious to us and bless us
    and make his face shine on us—
    so that your ways may be known on earth,
    your salvation among all nations.
    May the peoples praise you, God;
    may all the peoples praise you.
    May the nations be glad and sing for joy,
    for you rule the peoples with equity
    and guide the nations of the earth.
    May the peoples praise you, God;
    may all the peoples praise you.
    The land yields its harvest;
    God, our God, blesses us.
    May God bless us still,
    so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.”

    According to the rabbis, Psalm 67 was chosen for reading during the Omer because it’s composed of exactly seven verses and 49 Hebrew words, corresponding to the seven weeks and 49 days of the countdown.

    However, understanding that God is sovereign over the smallest details, it’s uncanny that of the 150 Psalms in Scripture, the one appointed in ancient times for reading during the Omer is Psalm 67. It was during the 67th year of the twentieth century, 1967, that Jerusalem came under Jewish control for the first time in 2,500 years, fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy about the end of Gentile rule over the Holy City: “Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled” (Luke 21:24).

    A return to Jerusalem and a countdown of “seven sevens” recalls a verse in Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Prophecy:

    “From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’…’’ (Dan. 9:25).

    The Hebrew word translated “restore” in verse 25 (shub), means “to return.” Thus, according to Daniel, a seven-sevens countdown to Messiah begins when the word goes out to “return to and rebuild” Jerusalem.

    Again, the Jews returned to Jerusalem in 1967. However, documentation from the time suggests that the word to rebuild the Old City went out several years later, when a master plan to renovate was approved by the Jerusalem District Town Planning Committee and publicly communicated in 1970.

    Counting Daniel’s “omer of years” from August 1970, we arrive at August 2019-2020, a time of unparalleled prophetic convergence:

    • It’s been 70-plus years since the “fig-tree,” Israel, was replanted and began to “put forth leaves” (Matt. 24:32-23; Ps. 90:10).

    • It’s been 6,000 years, equivalent to 120 jubilees, since biblical creation (Gen. 6:3).

    • Israel is eager to implement a peace plan that divides Jerusalem (1 Thess. 5:3; Joel 3:2)

    • Unprecedented locust swarms are ravaging crops from Africa to China (Joel 2).

    • A pandemic like none in modern history is ramping up fear, division, lawlessness, and has set the stage for a global economic collapse (Rev. 6:6; 13:17).

    • Unusual and record-breaking earthquakes, floods, storms, and food shortages continue to make headlines worldwide (Matt. 24:7).

    With all of the above in view, it’s interesting that of the seven verses comprising Psalm 67, verse six states:

    “The land yields its harvest.” (Ps. 67:6).

    Biblically, six is the number associated with the end of the Church age at the close of the sixth millennial day (2 Pet. 3:8). A prophetic “harvest” is what is set to occur at this time.

    1. Scripture says no one knows the day and hour of Jesus’ return (Matt. 24:36). However, many types, patterns, and prophecies point to it being soon.

      “When the LORD rebuilds Jerusalem, he will appear in his glory” (Ps. 102:16 NLT).

      . . .


      1. An “Omer” is a measure of grain equivalent to that offered at the Temple on the day of firstfruits.

      2. Redemption and Pentecost: Why Counting the Omer Is Important for Christians

      3. Most interpreters limit the predictive scope of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks prophecy to Jesus’ first coming. For instance, when we add the “seven sevens” and “sixty-two sevens” we get 69 sevens, or 483 years. Counting 483 years from the 457 BC Artaxerxes decree allowing the Jews to return to and rebuild Jerusalem, we arrive at Jesus’ anointing as Messiah in 27 AD. Thus the prophecy accurately predicts the year of Jesus’ first coming. However, since the prophesied final restoration of Jerusalem was such a principal expectation among the Jews, it would make little sense for said restoration to be excluded from Daniel’s prophecy. This explains the two sets of sevens (seven and sixty-two). Together and independently they identify the years of Messiah’s first and second coming following two historical restorations of Jerusalem. When we count the seven sevens from the rebuilding of the Holy City in 1970, we arrive at the timeframe spanning August 2019-2020. Only time will tell if this interpretation is correct.

      4. Quote from a UN document confirming August 18-19 1970 as the time when a press report made public the plan to rebuild Jerusalem:

      “A press report, which appeared in the 19 August 1970 issue of the Jerusalem Post, contained information that ‘The Jerusalem District Town Planning Committee yesterday [18 August 1970] approved a master plan for a 10,000-dunam area within and outside the Old City walls’. The press report indicated, among other things, that the plan was to take effect in four months [i.e. on 18 December 1970]…”

      August 1970 New York Times article about the newly approved and announced plan to rebuild Jerusalem:

      From the above sources and others, one gathers that the planning and clearing of rubble in preparation for the rebuilding of Jerusalem began soon after the Israeli takeover in 1967. However, the plan to rebuild the Holy City, composed by a team of architects, engineers, and administrators, was not approved and publicly communicated until the third week of August, 1970.

      Interestingly, if August, 1970, marks the prophetic command to rebuild Jerusalem in Daniel 9, there would be exactly 1,900 years between the destruction of the Holy City in August 70 AD and it’s rebuilding in August 1970. According to E.W Bullinger in His Book Numbers in Scripture, the number 19 denotes the perfection of Divine order connected with judgment.



    2. Love the reference to Daniels prophecy Jeova. So much of what many individuals believed were pre-Christ relating to Daniel 6,7,8 are all post-Christ and also for today. This is why the angel said 'seal up these things, until the END of time' in Daniel 12. Looking up.

  10. I share with you a link from a brother who has good messages to read about rapture. It's always good and not really long to read:

  11. Please pray for my friend’s grandson to wake up! Her grandson (around 18 years old) fell off a balcony yesterday. He is currently brain dead.

    Thank you!


    1. Praying for a miracle, for the power and realness of Christ to invade the lives of everyone close to this and for an encounter that transforms the lost in Jesus name. Thank you Lord Jesus for being always near and sympathetic to our needs , having experienced in the flesh our human-ness. We know you have heard our prayers already and will do
      what is good and perfect. Amen!

    2. Aimee...praying for this young man with you, Sister, and for his family--that our Lord will hold them up and hold them close as He works a miracle for all of them that is to His Glory and their relief in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

    3. Aimee. Prayers to the Father for the young man ... terrible situation Praying foe healing, the family comfort and The Lord s peace Much love !

    4. May God intervene in this family for his glory and let this young man become a tool in the hands of the Lord, let him be fully restored in the name of Jesus!

    5. Blessings Aimee, joining everyone in prayer for this young man and his family. May our Lord Jesus do a mighty work.

    6. Hi Aimee, I prayed for your friend's grandson.

      My prayer is:
      If this boy, does not know that Jesus is his Savior, let him awake from his comma, fully healed, rejoicing and turning to his Savior for such a act of kindness to give him a 2nd chance at life to get to know him, and put his trust in him.

      But if he does know Jesus, I would not want to be the sender of the prayer, that brings someone back to this fallen world. Which is getting worse with each passing day, and a world where awful, dreadful and horrific things are plotted out for the final 7 years before Our LORD takes the reigns and restores order and righteousness to the world.

      But I would pray then for his family, to understand that not even a sparrow falls from the sky without God's knowledge.

      God is in control. And his will be done. This life is just the gateway, the sooner we are past the gateway into eternity.. the better.

    7. Thank you all! He did not make it. I felt in my heart that he was gone already, but also know that our God is a God of miracles. Jordan, thank you. Your words were exactly what I was feeling.

      His dad prayed over him for a long time and then felt assurance from God that Chad was smiling down at him and was with God. He was a Christian.

      Please pray for my friend her name is Linnea. She has had a very rough year and she is a strong prayer warrior so I feel that Satan is trying to take her out of the game.

      Prior to the death of her grandson....Last summer her youngest son, got very sick and had a heart attack (he is in his 30s) after some medication was given to him at the hospital. He was without oxygen for too long and ended up with a traumatic brain injury. He can no longer speak or really move much at all and has been going through rehab with very small amounts of progress. It has been a major struggle.

      My heart just breaks for her.

      I appreciate all of you so very much!❤️


    8. Blessings Aimee. Very sorry about Linnea’s grandson but thank God he was saved because that’s the most important thing in life because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. I pray God will comfort her heart and mind. She is having to deal with another tragedy with her youngest son in the midst of this sorrowful passing of her grandson. I pray God will restore his health and mind and that He will give them the peace and strength that only comes from Him in these fiery trials. God is close to the broken-hearted.

      I am praying for you as I know your compassionate heart grieves with and for them. Abundant prayers and blessings to Linnea, her son and you. God loves all of you and He cares deeply about your pain. Cling to Him and His Holy Word. That’s what’s keeping my head above water these past few years. How can anyone live without Him?

    9. :/ I'm praying for him!

    10. So sick of this world!

    11. Praying for your friend and friends family too Aimee. Losing a child/grandchild is every parent and grandparents worst nightmare, and we are gutted by his passing, particularly regarding the other tragedies in her life. These moments should remind us to be so grateful for the saving power of Jesus, and a reminder that we should do everything we can to be reaching the lost.

      Times like this, I miss Sherry Rich's wisdom and am reminded about her 'fools gold' comments.

  12. Aimee, how horrific. Will pray for him starting right now. Nothing too hard for God.

  13. Yesterday prepared a letter for the Left Behind ... a rapture letter. Used a background of clouds in the blue sky. ...while driving to work looked up and the clouds were a duplicate of what I had printed out. Reading this verse today causes me to ponder. "God is gone up with a shout, the LORD with the sound of a trumpet. (Psalm 47:5, KJV) Maranatha

    1. God Wink for Veebee! Which in turn means a vicarious God Wink for the rest of us. TY for another sweet glimmering of encouragement, Sister-)

      The Bing Art was interesting this morning as we here have all basically been Rapture "sleuths" for some time now looking and longing together for the appearing of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It showcases Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland to celebrate "Sherlock Holmes" Day. This Mountain Waterfall is the literary scene of a classic showdown between good and evil and the backdrop for the 1893 A.C. Doyle short story "The Final Problem". The Reichenbach Falls are a waterfall cascade of 7 steps that drop about 250 meters. In the story a mortal hand to hand combat is waged at the top of the Falls between Holmes and the evil Prof. Moriarty who has doggedly pursued the Sleuth to that point with the intent to kill him. Both apparently disappear over the falls to their doom. But Holmes is later "resurrected" due to popular demand. Not so for the evil Moriarty (whose backstory depicted him as the evil mastermind behind a large cadre of criminal thugs.)

      The name Reichenbach means "a rich, powerful stream" and I do believe that's exactly what this Fellowship has been as we all--drawn by the significance of TGW of Rev.12:1--have gathered here together over the past few years to share not only the myriad of clues given to us, but the undeniable prophetic evidence of His Soon Return for the Body of Christ:-)

      *The Moriarty Coat of Arms is represented by a Rising Phoenix
      *The Reichenbach Coat of Arms is represented by an Armored Knight

      Maranatha and Looking UP!

  14. Family, Blessings. Zorrobird, lifting all before His Throne.

    Somewhat wrestling with the post but apparently it's to be. Well, if spoken prayer or prayer as warfare are not an easy fit for you, or, should you be blessed by another doing the heavy lifting and joining in with an hearty, Amen! as this spoken Word resonates in the air in your prayer closet, @GODS GIFTS YTC, from the 19th, blows it out with abut 3.5 minutes of serious Spirit-Led Battle. Get private and Stand The Wall a bit, with us. I pray we repent of a timid spirit and become like Caleb and Joshua, BLESSED To Be Chosen To Stand and eager to slap Giants around By The Lord, and like unto David, who Knows His Safety Beneath His Shepard's Care IS BEYOND QUESTION. I'M SPEAKING UP- YHWH HAS SENT US! OK. Now, ONLY after having joined with that prayer are you to watch the follow one, 3 days later, today, 5/22: TRUMP orders churches open, just in time for Penticost!. Praise The Lord.

    Personal updates and dreams. I have slipped the bounds of each of the various ailments I've asked for prayers concerning, these past months. The various issues in my oral health and elsewhere did not pass without struggle but pass they have. Thanking Our Lord and your prayers.

    Our Scout progresses as before, smaller milestones along the way, not nearly as much discomfort. Caleb's dream life has awoken this Summer, especially 5 or so dreams over the past few months and a couple in the last few days. He took up reading Scripture cover-to-cover, for his first time, and just completed Revelation yesterday. While his dream details resonate with things I know of from study and immersion in this stuff, on line, Caleb does not follow as I do and I try not to drag him through what he cannot yet follow. So, when details are so stark in comparison to what we see, and are Shown About, wow. Is this The Ghost of Christmases yet to come or a bit of moldy cheese?

    1. To wit, arising of late is the theme of an Epic Cosmic Light Show Heralding Harpazo, et al. This is thematically consistent, imho, with Scripture, and the Person of Our Lord, esp The Father, that it cannot be unseen once pictured. Considered alongside emerging truths concerning a dark star on our horizon, NOW, obscured by FA Tech in our skies, ALL the historic entanglements, and on, preps by TPTB to leverage this into their deceptions setting up all around us, such an impending cosmic, 'hearts failing them seeing what cometh upon the earth' moment fits almost inarguably. Add in Holly2Moons, et al, and the ministries built around such V&D's. Ofc, when this actually happens, the web will be down but we will ALL know the smile we will all share.

      Again, sifting, sifting, sifting; location, location, location. That day shall not overtake YOU as a thief. When Nibiru and a few other planetoids are hanging in the sky like baubles from your chandelier, say, sometime in the next week, or so, will you be SURPRISED? I hope not. Freak out with fear, nope. Major evangelism time? Youbetcha. Don't think you'll have time for that then, though.

      In his last 2 dreams, prior to starting Revelation, Our Scout was still wheelchair bound in the dreams (a common element separating his dreams - seems a time marker usually). Additionally, also affirming time marker, both happened in this house with the house also appearing as it does now and dream events happening consistent with daily routines i this home.

      Summarizing, while the 2 dreams were different in storyline and focus, both involved "Epic; Terrifying, yet Beautiful" events in the sky involving a large body accompanied by a second, smaller one. Brilliant kaleidoscope color displays involved at points and clear indication of a larger, dark 'other' sun filling our sky with satellites also clearly visible, awesome, terrifying and epically amazing, a 2nd 'moon' moving to cover the larger body, and more.

      While there are various scenes involving chaos in weather and our neighborhood, these are universally detached and observed, while also completely overshadowed/made irrelevant by things above. Imagery which could easily be both meteor showers and, likely, preceding that, brilliant lunar impacts also visible, were in the dreams. OK, now here's the odd part on the most recent, 2 nights ago, which maybe HS Gives You Clues On.

      After Caleb & I get comfortable on the deck, Our Scout having called me outside to show me, checking out the terrifying planetarium show hanging in the sky over our Rocky Mountains, dwarfing them, taking it all in like a couple guys in a van by the river, when about 4-5 large (12' across), star-shaped balloons began drifting down from on high, as if slowly deflating, and alighting on the yard, about us; then Caleb awoke.

    2. Awesome Jimboni - timing fits in well with the increased number of articles over the last few days noting that the shift in earth's magnetic field is speeding up (between africa and south america) and possibly separating as well into 'multiple north and south pole positions', leading to the possibility that we will see more satellites crashing to the ground as well. Time for evangelism alright...

    3. "TRUMP orders churches open, just in time for Pentecost!"

      As I was reading this line, I remembered the images of that famous video of pews during a Church service suddenly getting empty by the rapture.

      That would be awesome.

    4. Praying for Caleb, interesting dreams! I wouldn't mind to see some *wonders in the sky* at least, maybe it would be a scary sight but at the same time it gave an encouraging clue (like a time-marker).

      Thinking of the Bible passage about the fearful wonders in the Heavens scaring the occupants of the Earth (fearful expectation of the coming things).

    5. Well, wouldn't ya know, @REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM's latest puts an interesting spin on the declaration of houses of worship as 'essential' and DT's move to force reopening them. In short, REV12's depiction of the Dragon awaiting a birth to devour the child clearly speaks to the church being in peril at the hands of the enemy, immediately prior the Rescue. Factual data from 1918 overwhelmingly demonstrates a very likely 2nd Wave of virus deaths being 3-4 times that of the 1st wave.

      While the Ultra-Orthodox Jews suffered tremendous fatalities by ignoring restrictions, initially, they have since stated they will now also ignore DT's call to 're-open', being much the wiser. The video asks a poignant question, that being, with certain knowledge of the statistical fact of 2nd wave, why THIS move, now? It is suggested that the same cabal who knew well in advance of 322's impending arrival (think mil intel) and allowed it's unfolding as it served their purposes, once again, do we see those in the know now playing stupid populist to win the crowd and sell them out, all at the same time?

    6. A TRAP, no doubt.

      An excusre to "really" enforce stay at home orders while "they" attempted to:"offer" a glimpse of hope" of (re-opening back to the former ways).

      But normal will never be.... we see how it ends and when know what is next....

    7. The Second Wave (of BS) - Brace Yourself | Carl Vernon

      [language alert]

      6min 6min

  15. Rapture dreams coming to pass!

    by Kay Holloway YTC (7:03 mins)

    "Dam overflowing around the time of the rapture and so many other signs pointing to now! Right now right now!"

  16. 5/G Extinction Event by Sacha Stone.

    1. Absolutely demonic. Chips, transmitters, DEW, video of crowd dispersal using it, etc.

  17. Hi Jimboni,
    Could you whizz on over to Unsealed? There is a damsel in distress, that you might be able to help!

    Stephanie Dawn, is hoping to publish a book, which is in her latest article about "being left Behind" and she wants the material to be free for anyone to use, but she would like to retain the copyright, so that no-one claims her work, as their own. I told her, I have seen similar content, using an attribution license. But I remember seeing, that you had a background in Publishing in your earlier career, so your advise, might be what she needs to hear.

    Thanks Brother.

    1. Jordan, Blessings. My very much, 'from the hip' experience in that arena tells me that the input she's getting already over on the site, esp from the site admins, is good stuff. My voice simply clouds the chorus. In short, 'This is mine, I wrote it & retain all rights. You can use freely with attribution.' in some form will stand. I'd say a little online research, maybe $50 over at Legal Zoom to file something somewhere to help one sleep better at night, should do the trick, if even that. The above and then mail herself a copy, Registered Mail, and don't open it, is an old trick: sending a dozen copies, separately, to oneself.

    2. Thanks Jimboni, yeah after I posted the comment here, I was happy that many knights in shinning armor rode up upon their mighty steeds to offer advise to Stephanie.

      Thanks brother.

    3. The whole 'copyright' debacle is a fascinating one. I didn't get all the way through Stephanies booklet, however there was nothing new from what she wrote, but a lengthy 'treatise' similar to what many before her has undertaken on pre-tribulation rapture. In writing terms, having the bulk of the booklet being similar to what millions of others have written/noted/included is still ok from a copyright perspective it seems, however musicians are finding themselves fraught with legal issues when small rhythms or verse sequences are being challenged due to copyright infringement. Trying to work ones through the obvious differences is difficult
      With all that being said, writing long articles on biblical principals and then copyrighting these as being 'original work' is problematic in my perspective.

    4. Yes, and thanking the members of The Academy for this award for musical achievement. Let it be known that I was influenced by no one, ever, at any time, whatsoever. It's all: I, me, me, mine. No, wait a minute! Doh!

    5. Sorry reading through my reply, it looks like I am making a slight on Stephanie's work, but that wasn't the purpose of my reply (I enjoyed her lists pages 11-14!); more around content alignment.

      And the award for an inability to accurately express his Kiwi thoughts goes to...

    6. Exposing Gates:
      Part of the Globalist Control Grid in preparation for the Mark of the Beast system.

      Final series vid from Corbett Report.

    7. Zeal Life, Blessings. One could see it that way, although, as an academic I simply took it as an analytic critique, and valid. That in no way diminishes the work, quite the contrary. In light of the field of study, Scripture, it is a High Calling to break any 'new' ground. Without question, New Ground will be Uncovered in the end of days, as Declared, Daniel 12:4. I conjecture that is precisely in flight, now, with Ministry Revealed, though I struggle with the delivery.

      In any event, for Stephanie to have plumbed the depths, anew, touching afresh on old habits and haunts while adding some new insights and depth throughout, and highlighting connections well takes talent and, as noted disciplined work. It is good for you to clarify but, Stephanie, if your listening, it's grand, really. From a copyright perspective, and to ZL's point, that your points echo through the ages simply further affirms your work, truly.

    8. She should stick to her website:, a great compilation it is:

    9. I am here, yes :)
      It is more that I am hoping to develop the narrative aspect a bit, and realize it needs editing and streamlining. This is just what I could throw together in fairly short time to print for my own left behind packet for Pentecost. IWASH (if we are still here) I hope to refine it further this year.

      I simply had a handful of people ask me to put it in book form as they didn't have access to print. I suggested a print shop or the like. Anyways that was the rationale for possibly self publishing and selling for cost, while still providing free PDF access. Didn't know how to word it, really. Next version I have been given direction what to say :)

      - Stephanie dawn

  18. RE: Floods in Michigan, Fires, Tornados, Blizzards, late-Spring Cold etc.

    (predicted) Bad upcoming Hurricane season?

    Are Michigan Residents Being Punished? [Note: not by the LORD but by the 'state']
    [weather as a weapon, ever since w w 2]

    From INL

  19. Hong Kong Protest - Will Trump Liberate Hong Kong From China?

    Hong Kong police fire tear gas as protesters rise up against security law May 24, 2020

    Apple and Google on Wednesday released the first phase of a template that would allow software developers to build apps to assist public health authorities in tracking the spread of COVID-19.

    Apple and Google executives told reporters that they had refined several features of the template after extensive consultations with public health authorities, privacy advocates, academics and government agencies from around the world. More refinements could be added in later phases through updates, they said.

    1. yeah I saw a report noting that Apple would be mandating the tracing app as part of its next security upgrade. Don't know how much will be initially optional vs mandatory. Time will tell I guess.

  20. New from Jeff @ Unsealed (5/25)

    Vexed By The Text: Women Saved Through Childbearing?

    1. Charlie...Blessings and TY for the heads up!

      Brother Jeff:-)
      I really appreciated the way you covered this topic and dissected this verse Scripturally. Very encouraging with a refreshing and balanced look at the role of women in God's plan of Redemption. Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Thank you for posting, Charlie.

      Thank you, Sheila. Aint' no denying it---women have a huge role in God's plan of Redemption!

  21. Blessings all. Still praying for us and our individual trials that God will comfort our hearts and give us strength to finish our races strong for Him.

    Pastor JD’s message was brilliant yesterday. He asked a question that almost reached out of the tv and God used it to convict many I am certain. He asked, paraphrasing, if you think ok, I missed the Rapture but I can still get saved during the Tribulation, what makes you think you would die for Christ after the Rapture when you wouldn’t live for Him before it.?

    Whew. I highly recommend watching yesterday’s sermon. He gave some types and shadows of the Rapture that were amazing.


  22. JIMBONI~Am trying to 'catch up' with the Rev12 Fam and saw your Comment about Caleb's dream(s). This past weekend, I woke up extra early and was conversing with the Lord. Sensing He had something in particular to say, I asked Him if there was something I was supposed to share during fellowship later that morning and immediately I heard, "Cosmic Chaos".

    June-August (Israeli News Live was told by insiders) were the months when we would really begin to see this begin. As I have shared in my blog articles, we will probably first witness meteorite showers causing fires in various places and see different orbiting bodies associated with the Planet X system. People are ALREADY SEEING these with their naked eye in Australia (as my friend Michelle shared). The Final Days YTC shows 4 ORBITING BODIES using FAA cameras! Beginning around the 4:30 minute mark you can see all 4:

    I know most of my beloved brethren here don't think we will have time for revival, but I believe God will allow all this and perhaps a large quake here in America in order to WAKE UP THE SPIRITUALLY SLEEPING people leading to a brief revival just before the Rapture as was shown to me in

    I also have at least one person in our fellowship who doesn't believe there is any cosmic chaos coming, but I obeyed the Lord and shared briefly what I believed about it and included the above short segment of The Final Days May 12, 2020, video. As I have said before, I would rather warn and take the chance of being wrong than to not warn and be in disobedience.

  23. ManyFish has a new one.

  24. People may have seen the two latest YTC's from Paul Dawson. Paul had disabled comments for his discussion on Trumps opening up of churches (for obvious reasons as he was criticising Trump). Be interested in knowing peoples thoughts on the clip. On one hand, yes wisdom calls for being careful to minimise the spread of the disease, but on the other hand, the constitution applies strongly here, and Churches have the brains to still encourage social distancing and the rest. Seems to me that there is a middle ground here. Paul's comments on Trumps earlier readings of Hilters works were interesting. Ryan

    1. Ryan

      This a TRAP, no doubt. Open the "churches" and then watch the 2nd wave hit.... blame the churches and all the other soft re-openings.

      This is just an excuse to "really" have their enforcable orders put in place. This second go around will not be so simple and will (imo) close the other "essential" places too.


      The Second Wave (of BS) - Brace Yourself | Carl Vernon

      [language alert]


    2. Hey first thoughts when I heard Trump's announcement was that it's a "set up" for the blame game when the '2nd wave' comes along, especially since such a big deal was made around shutting faith assemblies down as "unessential" to people's lives. Whether Trump's own personal intentions lie in that direction, IDK, but today they are already talking on Fox News about 2 churches in CA initiating an outbreak of new cases.

      One thing we do know is that any faith in a Higher Power as a whole must be maligned in every way possible to make way for the AC/NWO platform. I know DJT appears to be the best hope for conservative and patriotic Americans politically speaking, but I don't see any political figure put forth in prophecy as a true friend to the Body of Christ. IMO, he is another shrewd man who knows how to cut bait and string things along as necessary and like all the others, his ends justify his means. (And if 5G is as insidious as they claim--which I'm sure it is, I distinctly remember Trump's demanding the USA to be a leader in rolling that out.) And since we know the Globalists want to obliterate our Constitution that does legally recognize our freedom to practice our faith, what better way to chip away at--if not destroy--it's current validity than in the time of an even deadlier Covid-19 resurgence based on that guaranteed freedom? So I don't believe Paul D. was too far off base in his perspective. One thing's for sure--we all know that for Believers in Jesus Christ--we only have One Real Advocate in this life who has our best interests at heart and may HE be coming for us soon:-)

    3. P.S. This is not to say that our God can't take anything that is meant for evil and use it to His Good Purposes, Amen:-)

    4. Yeah thats great thanks Sheila and Charlie - I must admit that while I keep up with US politics, Im not as involved cf NZ politics (which is pretty painful at the moment). We are at 0 cases at the moment, and we still have some restrictions to meet together. Its causing significant division in the Church, so we are praying for unity to prevail. And the 'blame game' will be a key one to watch, I agree.

    5. Remember, this is a world-wide plan demic, so all heads of state are working together, in unity for the shut down (while others open up a little to give their citizens a glimer of hope, while the conclusion is already made up) and enclosure of the populations.

      We hear nothing from India re: the thousands dying from starvation. Alas, the goal of the 322-19 is to kill and at the end of the day, by any means.

      re: mask wearing. I posted an earlier poach re: the harm of wearing a mask. Essentially, those who do breathe in/ inhale their own toxic carbon dioxide and limit good oxygen/ air to come into the body.

    6. From MF today

      Was moved to share this. (NY Post article he is referring to is on his comm page)

      I've never seen an "operation/exercise" so overtly telegraphed! This is for all the marbles (so to speak)

      All so called "leaders" are in on it, period! They have their reward!

      You are now cattle... openly! All biological life must be inventoried, traced, tracked and ranked on relevance to the NWO demonic upside down "balance of nature" ALL non-essentials will be dealt with accordingly.

      Be advised: any city, town, country or as we've seen even continents, can and will be locked down at any given moment. Be strong in the Lord, put on the whole armor of God!

      The grace and peace of Christ Jesus be with you all

    7. Oh goodie. RFB & Corbett, together.

      The New Normal With James Corbett.

    8. From: Behold I Come


      Message received May 24, 2020

      Tell them daughter. Tell them all is not as it seems. But, to you who have opened the door to your heart and allowed Me to find My place of rest, I assure you, you will have no fear. I urge you now to be extremely circumspect and cautious. Do not become distracted and keep your eyes on Me, and all I have taught you.

      It appears as if things are returning to a more normal reality. Nothing could be further from the truth. What little reprieve the powers that be tell you that you are having is only an illusion. Deception reigns everywhere. Do not get caught up in the ways of man again, thinking and planning on life as it was. It will not be again.

      The judgments are upon you, and a second wave more destructive and severe than this plague you have witnessed is right around the corner, and there is very little time until this occurs. This is just as I have told you many years ago- that you would barely be able to process one judgment before the next more devastating one would be upon you. The time has come My children, and everything I have spoken will come to pass.

      For those in the United States especially, your summer season will be short, and before you know it, the dark days will return with severe punishment coming from many directions.

      See link for the remainder of the message...

  25. Thank you for posting, great list to share on Even at the Doors. I did compile a point form list with no explanation after for brevity (almost killed me lol), 134 items I think. If you'd like to peruse. Waiting for posting on Unsealed.

    Stephanie dawn

    1. Hi
      If I understood from the dialog, are you looking for a possible self-publication venue of sorts? If so, I have published my books that way though You can choose various book dimension/sizes. You do have to format it to the pages to make sure your table of content, for example matches-up but you can download their templates.

      You just upload your finished version in PDF and go through some steps. You can also do your own cover art for the book and upload that too, or use their templates. So, not sure if you were aware of such platforms. It is print-on-demand as you set up an account and people can just order from your URL Address given. You do get a percentage but it's usually like 7-10% of a sale...not good. Perhaps also Amazon Books to look into.

      Good luck.

    2. Thank you! I will check into lulu then. I'm not looking for a profit of any kind.

    3. Awesome list thanks Stephanie - you may be interested in reading a brief post by Mark Davidson on a book he wrote called the 'chronicles of the end times'. He discussed who 'mystery babylon' is (in reference to your Mary/Babylon point within your list). Mark used chiastics to show that mystery babylon were all those who were not the bride of Christ. Sounds strange but he puts up a good argument for it. A very long book but really well written on Chiastics Daniel, Zechariah, Matt 23-25 and Revelation (and Lu - also explains your bowls/trumpets comment you noted previously). Anyway - the post below is a brief summary of this.

    4. oops sorry, put the wrong article in (but still worth reading as it gives some additional thoughts on mystery babylon outside of chiastics).


    5. Thank you Stephanie for such a treasure trove! Thank you for also for your letters on Unsealed!


    6. Stephanie,
      Thank you for sharing your link and for sharing this post on the fb group. Always appreciate your steadfastness and gift of teaching. Blessings!!

  26. Replies
    1. Thanks for keeping an eye on things Nora!

      Just a note re: BIN, while it quotes and publishes verses from the Bible, it is rather a z i o n i s t plug for the c a b a l which evangelicals are unknowingly or knowingly flocking to and flying with to "make" Bible prophecy come to past (while a majority of the scriptures used by BIN have already been fulfilled or are posted out of context to fool the unlearned masses).

    2. You're welcome! :-)

      I didnt expect this sacrifice to happen, it was a big surprise to me to read about that today.

    3. Related to this event today...

      From The Exalted Lamb 1
      *** If it happens, this could be the catalyst to the attack on Trumple (Mr. Jerusalem) later in the day in New York on 5/26.***

      Jerusalem and New York are 'sister' cities (see Isaiah 66)

  27. From Ron at Jesus Rules ytc. Ron has not posted a message in about a year then all of a sudden, two messages back to back re: the nearness of the moment ahead.

    My spirit sings with these messages.



  28. From (midweek) Hanukkah (2019) to Pentecost (2020)... THE MIRACULOUS CATCH COMETH!!!

    God's story has always been told in the mazzaroth/ shamayim above! Genesis 1:14 and Psalm 19:1


    [ I absolutely believe these are God ordained luminaries placed in the firmament above with a few wanderers. No, I do not believe in "outer space" rocks randomly "appearing" in these God-fixed constellations and alignments ]

  29. From Mr. Christian YTC community page:

    "Ok so you guys remember the 2 Benjamins prophecy from Kaduri and Shashoni and how it says on the sabbath or "shabbat" after the moshiac will show himself?
    Well ya'll notice we have passed the sabbath following,... or have we?

    I couldn't shake the feeling we missed something somewhere,... then I found this":

    The 7th Week Sabbath

    (link to this post)

    1. (The bottom line: this Pentecost is a good candidate! :-)

    2. Possible high-watch time: from the end of May- to the middle/end of July. It depends on the real date of Pentecost.

      Someone pointed it out in the comments somewhere that even if the Gregorian Calendar plus the Current Jewish Calendar dates are off, the Blood Moon tetrads still happened on Feast Days!

      I think they made a point with that!

      I think it's possible that while ALL Calendar dates are off, the Lord is still using them to get our attention.

    3. Nora and Jeová,
      Thanks for the posts about the Rapture still possibly occurring in a given Spring. I for 1 and if not all that are watching would so wish it would. And any more days passing is 1 too many in my estimation. I am skeptical of course as the Song of Solomon is a beautiful picture, multi-layered for sure of YHVH and Israel and the Church. I am leaning more so of Israel as the metaphor does have that facet of the Shulamite needing the relationship to be reconciled. That is Israel’s present spiritual state as most would agree and it is not necessarily pertaining to the condition of the Church Body but then in Revelation with the evaluation of Jesus with the 7 Churches, so there you go.

      As noted in prior posts, my only doubt is that the context for a possible Spring Rapture of ‘arise my Love, my Lovely One, come. The Winter is past, and the Spring has come…’ is just the opening scene. And then the call is not headed, much like I realize it is a metaphor and we can read a lot into it.

      The other skepticism comes from the notion that as most believe Pentecost occurs in Spring…like on the 28th for the Jews, to the 31st for the Christians, Pentecost is a harvest feast of the Wheat. Point is there is no harvest to be had now. Wheat harvest is mid-July/August…

      What like to share to the discussion of Song of Solomon is a word study pertaining to the Alef and Tav found in Song of Solomon 2:1, ‘I am the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley’, etc. I did a comparison to Isaiah 44:6 and the Creation Code of Genesis 1 with the 7 first words uttered by YHVH and how that makes for a ‘Menorah’ type and how we see Jesus in the midst, silent and present but not ‘pronounced’ in Hebrew.

      This is the Alef and the Tav in Hebrew that based on a phonetic alliteration, sounds like ‘Rose of Sharon’…meaning that when it is stated, ‘I AM the Beginning and the End’, it sounds like ‘I AM the Rose of Sharon’. Yes, a bit of a stretch perhaps but would be consistent in the many amazing facets of the dept and ‘coded’ mysteries of YHVH’s Word we don’t even have an idea about.


      Article: Rose of Sharon = The Beginning and the End = Jesus


      Bonus Round!
      Article: Creation Code


    4. Hi Lu, this *Rose of Sharon* layered meaning is amazing!

      I watched some of Bro Chooch's vids -listing the converging signs and all the stuff- that could point to a possible spirng rapture and it sounded convincing to me. The Song of Solomon is only a facet, a part of it, there are many more cool and interesting things.

      But he added ofc that it's a theory and I take it like that too. I still count the summer concerning Pentecost and I'll continue to watch until the Lord comes for us. Every season has its possibilities.

      A little addition to Pentecost... someone mentioned in a comment (I dont remember where I read it exactly but it was under a YT vid) that after His resurrection Jesus remained on Earth for 40 days and after His ascension, 10 days later the Holy Spirit was poured out. While in the OT there's the additional 50 days (it seems to me so too) there's only 50 days here when it comes to His ascension and the outpouring of the HS 10 days later. So, maybe, IF this Pentecost will be the chosen time by the Lord for the rapture, it could be closer than we think! :-) Just a possibility.

    5. Hi Nora,
      Thanks for the reply and comment. If I may add to the conversation further then. In Acts 1:3, the issue is that one is assuming automatically by direct inference that the ‘few days’ later would mean to be exactly the 10-day difference and thus has to be Shavout/Pentecost. But it is not necessarily so as it is conjecture at best on one’s part.

      The word in the Strongs for ‘40’ is G5062 ‘Tessarakonta’/Τεσσαράκοντα to mean ‘forty’ or 40. The root of the word comes from the number 4 τέσσερα/Tessera which is related to a ‘door’ or the Dalet in Hebrew, as in Revelation 4, etc. It is the same word found in the Hebrew, 'arba`iym, Strongs H704 to mean Forty or ‘40’ as its equivalent.

      The time period of 40 is unique as one knows and is understood to be a ‘time of testing’ as in a period of probation and of a transitional space from one place to another. This is seen in the Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness as well as Israel’s testing after Exodus. Or the time Moses spent when meeting with YHVH on Mount Sinai. It deals also with a sense of being committed or pledged to as seen in how Isaac was 40 years old when he received his Bride, Rebecca or the 40 Jewish men that conspired and pledged to kill the Apostle Paul in Acts. It also has to do with redemption as for example, the 40 silver sockets of the Tabernacle set the foundation of the structure, etc.

      What I really like is the dimensional aspect of the number 40 that hints at being ‘inter-dimensional’. In what way? The root word for 40 comes from Tessarak or Tesseract. It is a multi-dimensional ‘cube within a cube’ that many believe is a sort of key and/or acts as a bridge, portal, door when known how to operate into other dimensions.

      Has anyone noticed how many movies in the last 10 years specifically, like in the Avengers, Captain America and other use the theme of harnessing the power of the Tesseract? Any coincidence that the Fallen Angels seek to help Humanity beak through this barrier of dimensions as with the Hadron Collider type of technology? I will be looking into this more in dept and writing about it but to say that when 4 or 40 is implied in the Bible, one can also see it as a juncture in with ‘dimensions’ are overlaid in some sort of mysterious and spiritual way.

      As to the 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection? If that is the case, and assuming that is the case, one can argue that based in the alternative interpretation of Leviticus 23:16 not being a reiteration of the 49 days, then Jesus would be literally be personifying the midpoint or the pivotal marker of these 2 halves. That is to say that as a ‘Menorah’ type in reference to the 7 Feast, if 40 day plus the 10 day that is conjectured could still infer that the first 49 days or 7 Sabbaths would be completed. Then to have the subsequent 50 days from that point on count to the real date ‘when Pentecost had fully come’, etc.

      This is to say that using logic, if one argues that the ’50’ mentioned is just a reiteration of the prior day count, this cannot be as no mention of a ’50-day’ count is given to exactly reiterate it; only that of 49. If logic would follow, it would have stated, ‘then count ‘49’ days as an emphasis, not ‘50’. But it just does not make sense to me, but that is just me. :) The other point being is that all will be disappointed as the traditional reckoning of when Pentecost is will come and go pertinent to the Rapture’s timing.

      This will be a disappointment as the next following Feast will be then Feast of Trumpets. But also have in mind that as most believe it will come in an hour one least expects, then it follows that it cannot be on an anticipated Feast Day. But since most will not expect the Rapture to be on the 49th day plus 50-day count, in July… as believed here by me, it will be a rather surprise no? And again, this is assuming the Rapture is to take place on a Feast of YHVH and that it is indeed on Pentecost and in 2020 of this year.


    6. "he issue is that one is assuming automatically by direct inference that the ‘few days’ later would mean to be exactly the 10-day difference and thus has to be Shavout/Pentecost."

      Maybe it's just assumption. 10 day is closer to "a few days" in number than 50 days tho. :-)

      We'll see what happens. We're in a high-watch time definitely.

      Frankly, I'd be the happiest if the Lord confirmed to me and to other brethren simultaneously that He's coming back by THIS summer. Or even by THIS year will be enough for me! I'd be happy and relieved that we won't have to wait one more OR a few more years or who knows how long IF the fig-tree interpretation isn't correct. I DO HOPE it's correct!

      Because that's the worst imo, that we don't know for sure. According to my current knowledge at least. We're assuming, guessing, speculating, trying to interpret rightly. Hopefully, the fig-tree right and the Lord guides us in that as He said to watch for Him. Plus, thinking of His admonition in Rev. 3. (if I remember that right) that if we wont watch we wont know the day and hour!

      It's just, that it's still not a sure (general) knowledge, we're just guessing and reasoning the best we could. Hopefully we're in the season, it really does look so!!! But how long is that? That's my problem, WISH it would be this year!

  30. "A Note From Bro Chooch:

    In our studies and research in the Rapture Convergence Theory 2020, we have shown both Scriptures & Typologies that clearly point to Springtime as the Season of Rapture. I believe that God, who is perfect & precise, who keeps His Word always, would have no problem whatsoever fulfilling all these illustrations He has placed in His Holy Writ. Because of His Faithfulness, His children have great reason to be expectant and excited especially considering the current times we live in."

    s: TOL End Times YTC

    (I can totally recommend this YTC.)

    1. Corroborating the expectation of a RAPTURE IN THE SPRING, see the article by T.W. Tramm (FB Page):


  31. Blessings all. I checked my automatic updates just in time to turn it off. IOS 13.5 was about to be installed on my iPad and when I saw “face mask” in the description I had enough time to stop it. Wonder how long that will help.

  32. Last night I woke up and had a vision of a black cloud of smoke in the shape of a mushroom cloud and immediately the word "Herzegovina" came to mind. Not sure what it might mean if anything. Just wanted to report since it was rather specific and ominous.

    1. Miguel P, Blessings. Spiritual Brinksmanship; enjoy the ride (?)

    2. "Bosnia and Herzegovina,[a] abbreviated BiH or B&H,[b] sometimes called Bosnia–Herzegovina and often known informally as Bosnia, is a country in South and Southeast Europe, located within the Balkans. Sarajevo is the capital and largest city. "

      The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg happened in Sarajevo and triggered WW1.

      So, that vision is maybe a clue that a major war (WW3?) is near. Given the mushroom cloud, a nuclear attack could be included too maybe.

    3. Well, Miguel...I also found that there is a meeting of what are probably some "nogoodnik" minds scheduled to take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Sept.16-18, 2020. It was re-scheduled from April due to Covid-19, but this is a major meeting to promote cooperation between the Science, Technology and Industry fields and involves some interesting players:

      SEEIIST--South East European International Institute for "Sustainable Technologies"
      (proposed in late 2016 by the former Director General of CERN and the intitiator of the SESAME Project in Al Balqa, Jordan which was inaugerated on May 16, 2017)

      CEI--Central European Initiative (Member States)

      *SESAME Project--Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East. (Seems to be a smaller version of CERN and is operated by CERN and the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission)

      Anyway, imo, if you put these "heads" together as they figure out how to best put their "particle accelerators" to good use, it likely will not be to work any good for the general population TPTB want to control in the name of "Sustainable Technologies". Or maybe someone else is going to drop a smoking b**b on them....

      So there's that aspect:-)

  33. Blessings Family! I'd like to share a God wink with you all to hopefully encourage as we wait. I am super excited for a possible Pentecost departure, and can barely stand waiting another day! Some days are harder than others.

    Anyway, something came back to mind this morning during my prayer time. Back on 3/26/19, the Lord impressed these words on my heart: "When the treetops fall, I am at the door."

    We have several palm trees in our backyard which were planted by the previous owners (personally not a fan of them) and we have them trimmed twice a year, once in Spring and once in Fall. So when I heard those words last year, I thought maybe they were pointing to the tops of our palm fronds being cut down and falling to the ground. (They are very tall, around 2 stories high).

    I believe I had shared these words and this connection here last Fall with you on one of the posts. Well, obviously nothing happened, other than our trees getting trimmed and I had since forgotten about the whole thing until this morning because yesterday my husband scheduled the tree service people to come this Friday to cut the Palms.

    Soooo, I am not very good with the numbers thing, but I felt led to look to see how many days are between the words given on 3/26/19 to this coming Friday, 5/29/20 and including the first day, it comes to 431 days. So I looked up 431 in Strongs and the Hebrew word is: alu which means lo! Other translations have it as: behold.

    I thought that was very cool!... Lo! Behold!

    You can bet I will especially be looking up (behold!) as those fronds come falling down this Friday! Lol

    Blessings everyone and maranatha!

    1. Wow this is very encouraging! :-) Thank you for sharing!

    2. Wow, Mom. Thank you for sharing.

      Also, if you run a calculation from 3/26/2019 to 5/29/2020 without counting the 29th, you get 430. This number is significant because the apostle Paul links this with God's promise to Abraham and his Seed (cf. Gal. 3:14-18). Verse 14, which concerns the redemption of Gentiles, sets the stage for verses 15-18, and the number 430 is in Gal. 3:17.

      430 signifies the giving of the law at Sinai (Old Covenant), but we also know that means PENTECOST (New Covenant)!

    3. Blessings Jeff and thank you so much for adding that extra insight! This brings even more encouragement and excitement! :)

    4. Mom, Blessings. This is Wonderful. Jeff, Blessings, your connection to Gal. 3:17 tying the giving of the Law to the same date as the Giving Of The Spirit Of Grace is profound. @REVELATIONCH12dotCOM's latest, Pentecost & Dividing God's Land, at about an hour which Our Scout and I took in together, it is well covered and your connection better understood/unpacked. Wowzers.

    5. Mom and Family...Blessings and Wow...That's so encouraging! Not scriptural or anything hair-lifting, but it's odd that as Billy and I were coming home just a bit ago, I felt compelled to point out to him something that is always there. Really big tall Palm trees are not a usual sight around here, but just down the road here in the midst of the cedars and oaks and brush, there stands a really out of place lone Palm Tree about 2 stories high. I just asked him "Honey, how do think that Palm tree has managed to survive out here for so long?" Then I saw your post and said to myself, "Well, Okay, Lord":-)

      Gotta Go. Tornado warnings again and more massive lightning from you know where:-/
      Maranatha and Looking Up!

    6. Blessings Sheila! I agree, I too feel that it is odd how you decided to mention the lone Palm tree on your drive today. Coincidence? Oh yeah, there are none when the Lord is involved whether we end up understanding it or not!

      Okay Family, so my husband informed me a little while ago that the tree service people rescheduled and are coming a day early...tomorrow...

      Jeff's awesome 430 find still stands, so I went ahead and looked up 429 now.

      Strong's H is: elleh which means; these. And is found in Jeremiah 10:11 NKJV "Thus you shall say to them: "The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens."

      As I looked Jeremiah 10:11 up, I started reading from verse 1. This section of scripture is speaking about the futility of men's man made false gods or idols. When I got to verse 5, I was like, Seriously? Another mention of a Palm tree! Weird.

      "They are upright, like a palm tree, and they cannot speak; they must be carried, because they cannot go by themselves. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, nor can they do any good." Jeremiah 10:5 NKJV

      Strong's G is: aneurisko which means; to find out

      So I find all of this interesting and am curious as to how the Lord may be using these puzzle pieces.

      I hope this is still encouraging and blesses you! And Sheila, prayers going up for complete safety tonight! He is your shield!


    7. Wow, the dream that just keeps on giving!

      And...this is comment 153!

    8. Sheila ... will pray foe you and family... Safety under His wings .. What is considered a fearful event by non Christians is an opportunity to go before the Lors in prayer

    9. Sheila - hope you made it through the storm alright!!!

    10. Sheila!! I missed what you said about the tornados! I hope all is well!

    11. TY All so much for the prayers. Another wicked storm last night. The worst of it just missed us and no twisters actually formed, but it was the loudest thing with lightning bolts coming straight down everywhere. The thunder was so strange with a long lasting roaring sound and then KAPOW! Billy said he'd never heard anything like it and neither have I. It had us jumping out of our skins with the noise and I thought my dogs were going to have heart attacks. A nearby town got baseball-sized hail, but we were spared that, too, Praise the Lord. I just have to unplug everything with the lightning and save phone battery for radar and weather alerts.

      Today was the last day of school stuff for Jayden with online Zoom awards and a drive-by parade to say good-bye to their "masked" teachers. So weird and pretty sad. This crisis home schooling confusion is not for the faint of heart, imo. It's really hurting these kids spiritually and emotionally. They so need Jesus to come quickly. We all do.

      Blessings and Looking Up more prayerfully than ever:-)

    12. I missed what Sheila said about the tornadoes also! But then, I have been missing a lot of what is happenin' here. But this Family is such a blessing--so glad you and yours are ok, Sheila, and your little dogs too ;-)

  34. Anyone care to h ave 250 points that prove the pre-trib rapture? I copied it from someone and thought it was really amazing complete! send me an email at louiseavoria@gmail and I'll send you a copy.

    1. BRADDDDDDDD!!! The vermin have somehow entered the building...

  35. Hello family in Jesus, it is my turn to have a prayer request. I have a beautiful 7 pound female dog who turned 4 in April. Her name is Candy. It's shitzu mixed with toy poodle. Since she was young, she had episodes of vomiting of bile, 2 to 4 times by me but the veterinarian said that it was common in small breeds. We have tried different kinds of food since that time, given it for months to see if it was his food. Going from (grain-free) to raw and quality kibble. Always the same result and sometimes it was diarrhea instead of vomiting. We invested a lot of money at the vet for supposedly normal blood tests, exams and anti-vomiting medication and food from the gastrointestinal vet. It happened after a few days but around 2 1/2 months or 3 months, it starts again. The exams it takes would be close to $ 1000 plus and nothing is guaranteed for a good result. We don't have the money for it. The last two times she was sick, it was worse, she had diarrhea with blood in her stool, and last Tuesday, 2 days ago, she vomited several times but with blood the last 2 times that she vomited. She was given gastrointestinal food and sachets of probiotics in her food, she looked better until this morning and has not been vomiting since yesterday, but she started to have diarrhea with blood. She refuses to eat, and I force her to drink water with a pipette constantly in case of dehydration, and I gave her liquid Pepto-Bismol, which the vet told me to do, like the others time. Please pray for my mini Candy, she has been my little baby since she was 8 weeks old. She is a very playful and sweet female, affectionate with everyone, and all my neighbors love Candy because she knows how to be loved. And she understands so much that it's impressive! She also knows how to make herself understood when she wants something. And she sleeps with us in the bed. There, she just wants to lie down, and she doesn't react much to what's going on here. The enemy knows where to hit us in our weak points but it is our God who allows it. I know that but it still hurts! Sorry for the traduction if certain words are not suitable! Carole

    1. Blessings Carole, I am sorry to hear about your dog Candy. I know how stressful and upsetting it is when our beloved pets are not doing well. I will be happy to pray and ask the Lord to be your help and to bring healing for her.

      When my little dog, Taco, is sick I give her raw, unfiltered honey for diarrhea. Chamomile tea is also good for upset stomach. Maybe consider taking her to a different vet if yours seems not to be of much help.
      Blessings sister!

    2. I am praying Carole!! Just want to be sure that they did an ultrasound to check for a blockage?

      Also, something similar happened to one of my cats, although not to this extent, they check him out and could not figure out what was wrong. They prescribed me pepcid. They said it could be acid reflux.

      Just some thoughts! I am sorry though and praying!


    3. Carole...praying for your little Candy pup. The gastric issues are really hard on them. I believe they suffer from food additives just like people. You might try some boiled chicken breast and rice you make yourself. My friend has a lot of success with that for her little dogs with sensitive stomachs. I give my Boston a half an OTC Pepcid AC pill once a day in her food and she hasn't had any more intestinal bouts. The vet recommended it and it's certainly made a difference.

      RYAN...any ideas for Carole?

    4. Thank you dear beloved sisters, Mom, Aimee, Sheila B. for your prayers and advice. The veterinarian tells me to give Pepto-Bismol which is also an antacid but is Pepcid Ac better? If yes, I will buy some. And is raw honey unpasteurized honey? Because that's what I have at home, I could try to give it to her. I also have chamomile tea that I will give her. My little Candy did not have an ultrasound because it was too expensive for the period we have been living for a long time. I think that if it would be a blockage, she would still be sick because she eats normally and it is correct for 2 or 3 months. Then it's relapse. But the period when she is sick is more intense than before. I will try your advice. Thank you again, God bless you abundantly! Carole xxx

    5. Blessings Carole. I am very sorry about Candy’s distress. How terrible. I have never owned a dog so I’m just throwing out a few ideas to try if possible. I’ve always read activated charcoal can help Candy’s symptoms by preventing toxins and chemicals from being absorbed in the stomach and I truly believe colloidal silver kills bacteria and can be helpful if Candy’s problem is bacterial. Some give it to their pets everyday to avoid problems. It has no taste so not hard to administer. The benefits are too long to list. I do think raw diets are best. I am praying for Candy and you. Ofc, listen to the Dr. and try not to let her get dehydrated. God bless you and Candy.

    6. Thank you Archangel for the informations! God bless you too!

    7. Very welcome, Mom. Anything for you and Candy. I don’t think you mentioned the vet prescribing a round of antibiotics for Candy’s stomach. I can’t praise colloidal silver enough for its amazing track record in safety and anti-bacterial and anti- viral properties for pets. 2 of my cats love to throw up. They eat too fast so now I give them tiny meals about a hundred times a day. Much less vomiting. I also think it’s because I add a teaspoon of colloidal silver (or more) to each meal to ward off anything that might be trying to get a foothold in them like it did with my Casey. And since cats hide their illnesses so well, I think CS is the best thing I can give them besides taurine for their hearts/eyes. Much blessings to Candy and you!

  36. I saw news today where E*on M*sk's "grimy" wife is now auctioning off a "piece of her soul" for $10 million or best offer. I understand the buyer gets a legal contract as evidence of purchase. We are all seeing the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world now OPENLY flaunting their satanic influence and agendas for all of the world to not only see but receive with open arms, proving without a doubt who it is that owns their evil little kingdoms. We must surely be going to our own Home at any moment now to make way for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to "clean house". And what a day of rejoicing that will be! Maranatha and Looking UP!

    1. Sheila B., Blessings. Was mulling over a response to your post, above, and saw this, so there. Been a bit melancholy today; prayers up for all above. The older fam dog, Maggie, has taken her last ride over the past few days. She was to keep the malamute, Tycle, company and he passed several years ago, so, no surprise. I had ended up with her, and a bit less work will be OK, still, the jungle in the back yard no longer has it's first fan, and dutiful sentry, whose path along the inside of the fence lingers, though she'd not been walking it, lately, and that is something. Sigh.

      Funny, when Colleen and I started our family, it was in the aftermath of our accident and whirlwind Holy Romance into Christ's Arms Bringing Us Through it all. Homeschooling was our only choice considered, until many years later, as life does. The funny thing is that, our perspective, then, of the world around, and our feeling Called to dramatically leave that world, made it so very much like it is NOW, only we were the only ones seeing it that way, then. (Except at the Homeschool conferences, ofc.) From one point of view, it's as if the world has finally caught up with our worldview of it, all along. Amazingly Scriptural, ala LA Marzulli's Handbook of the Supernatural meme, et al.

      I hear your Mom's cry for the kids and what has been taken, but it was but a dream, anyways. Moms and Dads who care have stepped in and assured and added Wonder and enjoined a Grand Adventure to be talked about for years. You and your family are in my prayers around the very things you highlighted as are all so affected by this Evil Hand in our midst. Still, it sifts, and more, and the Master comes, Maranatha!

    2. Sheila,
      That Grimes character (Elon Musk's) wife, is so evil looking. Hell is going to be one very full place! We have come to a time when evil is celebrated, and good is mocked and ridiculed. Everything is screaming, END OF THE AGE.

    3. Jimboni...It's so hard when our fur friends age out and I pray Maggie's way is eased if our days here persist...which I surely am hoping they will not. I appreciate your thoughts on home schooling and think its a great thing to do for those who are able. Jayden's mom is a public school teacher so that is the route they've gone, but should our Lord not be quite ready for us, she is considering home schooling next year after all of this. One of her fears is the retraction of vaccine waivers. The thing that's saddened me is the depression I see arising re the "social distancing" and this absurd "masking" that so many have readily embraced even though it goes against--or should go against--human nature. These kids are having a hard time processing the sudden loss of personal interaction with their friends, teachers and in many cases, close family members. Some have even been left alone in potentially abusive or hunger situations with no one to keep an eye out for them--something Ciji is really concerned about with some of her students.

      Evander Holyfield put up a heartbreaking video on his FB that expresses the anxiety of this upside down world that has so suddenly careened into this insane social isolation and more than anything else expresses the need for faith in our Blessed Hope. #THATSmile #Hayden'sCorner

      It sure seems like it's time to be getting us out of here, esp for the sake of the children, but I know His Timing will be perfect and we just gotta trust Him while occupying in His Name to the best of our abilities.Blessings, Brother and Maranatha!

      Jordan...I agree...the world is screaming for free reign while the Spirit and the Bride are crying out through prayer and tears, Even so, Lord, come quickly! Blessings and Looking UP, Brother!

    4. Blessings all. Yeah, that Grimes babe has the right name. Hey, Jordan, when are we getting on that private plane to go get Zeal Life? Things are getting bad over there.

    5. Any day now Archangel, flight 777 will be announcing for their boarding call, doors will be closing and we will be hurtling through the sky like rocket man. Praise the LORD.

    6. 10-4, Jordy. Hope Zeal Life hangs on.

  37. Would be interesting to see if the Minneapolis protests become the 'Pentecost protests'. If we don't get the rapture, then do we see 'part 2' in the dividing of the land, USA judgment, Civil war etc. Possibly not, but anything is possible in the current spiritual environment.

    1. Ryan...yes...this pot they've created is about to boil over. I just saw where 500 Nat'l Guard units have been deployed to Minneapolis and another 7 were shot in Kentucky protests over a similar situation. TPTB have successfully instilled enough fear, propaganda and uncertainty in the minds of the masses in the US (as well as in the rest of the world) to ignite the chaos needed to achieve their NWO endgame. The veil of evil is being lifted in ways and waves we've never seen before and it's truly palpable--even in the rural areas of America. Throw in a few big natural disasters and it'll be "Katy bar the door" time. Buckled up and Looking UP for Jesus Christ!

    2. That should probably read 500 "soldiers" rather than "units". I suppose the news commentator was referring to a soldier as a unit. But anyway, @watchwoman 65 is reporting that these angry protests are already breaking out in Albuquerque, Memphis and Portland as well. As she said, those stores that just tried to reopen are now burning and the riots are on, so the damage is done--both economically and spiritually and there ain't no going back to "normalcy" from this one. BUT there is Jesus Christ to look forward to, Amen:-)

    3. Goodness, the disease is really spreading isn't it. Thanks for the watchwoman65 pointer, will have a good look. Blessings!!

    4. Yes, Watchwoman65 (Lisa Boyce) is the real deal. I'm a subscriber, and I pay attention whenever she says, "I'm gonna say something..."


    5. Yep...blowing up and getting very tense in Atlanta now. Tucker Carlson at Fox News did some interesting coverage tonight on how the govt. is actually encouraging this situation of lawlessness as rioters are no longer held accountable. This is getting pretty nasty as the "divide and conquer" playbook is perpetuated by the devil's minions. But ya don't mess with God's land and not suffer the same repercussions tenfold. Just SMH and sighing at the willful ignorance.

  38. Hi Guys,
    You might remember I posted a comment last month, about a song by Cat Jahnke titled: Final Countdown which was a remake of the famous song by "Europe" with the same name. I thought it was interesting timing seeing as we are all watching the final countdown to the Rapture.

    Well today, Cat Jahnke had another post, that pricked my interest, and raised an eye-brow as to the wonders and subtle signs that the LORD can give people who are watching for his soon return.

    Writing On Is The Wall Post
    "The writing is on the wall so there’s no turning back. Here’s a sneak peek of a music video I will be releasing very soooooooooooon!"

    The writing is indeed on the wall, the Beast system is rising fast around our eyes and we are out of here any day now. Praise the LORD.

  39. What a mess we are all in (ourselves, family, pets etc...).


    Something to lighten the mood, or not (from RaptureReady today 5/29)

    ‘Masks Are Symbolic,’ say Dr Fauci and The New England Journal of Medicine
    In the past week, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the New England Journal of Medicine have admitted that masks are little more than symbols. Virtue signaling. For those of you who shout “science” like it’s a Tourette tick, this is from the New England Journal of Medicine on May 21, 2020:

    [We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.]


    From Freaking Over Jesus (Shandy)

    Shandy and her husband operate an assisted living facility in MT. They are told by the c d c testing will be mandatory and they are coming.....

    This is a ground zero example of a brother/sister in Christ duo facing this new reality and holding onto the Blessed Hope while sharing the gospel knowing time is short (as we see the 'day' approaching).



    From Gods Gifts (5/29)

    Message: everything will never be the same and everything will be destroyed, soon. The world is fallen and will be judged to cleanse the Earth of all wickedness.


  42. Ok boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,

    Looks like we have the son of perd... this corona (crown) thing has multiple purposes.

    While the presenters are crying over this new/hidden "hero" to make things great again, I think we know this New Age is just this, the New Age.

    I do agree we ("citizens" of america have always being paying taxes to the cro wn/ rcc and are/ have been slave to them/ thier elite positions)

    [the ytv is for informational purposes only, I do not endorse this New Age hero to come]

    Meet the New King of England

    Yes I remember my post re: Cue and see the q on the wall.

    The World is a Stage

  43. Blessings Family! I am feeling led to share this personal journal entry with you all to bring more encouragement as to how close we are to going Home. I will do my best to put my thoughts together clearly, I am running on very little sleep.

    Okay, so 8 years ago, on 10/12/12, I had a dream (which I believe the Lord gave) where my sister and I were in a classroom setting and were given a Bible and were told to look up Isaiah 51. I remember opening the Bible in the dream and seeing Isaiah at the top of the page and then the dream fizzled out.

    The next morning when I brought this before Him in prayer, the Lord showed me He was speaking specifically of Isaiah 51:3 for my sister and I. "For the LORD will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD; Joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody." Isaiah 51:3 NKJV

    This is where it gets a little personal. When my sister was alive, she and I had/have suffered many many years with different health issues and with bodies that are hyper sensitive to almost everything ie: food, temperature changes, travel, ect. It goes deeper, but I will keep it at that.
    So I would speak this verse over us, replacing the word, Zion, for our name knowing that one day we would be in His Kingdom and our sufferings and losses would be restored.

    Fast forward 6 years. On 2/21/18, the Lord spoke these words to my heart, "Remember when I gave you the dream with you and your sister at the table with the Bible and you were told to look up Isaiah?"
    Then He said, "I am fulfilling that promise." I asked Him, "When Lord? How soon?"
    He said, "Tomorrow and today."
    I told Him I didn't understand and then I heard, "Two days."
    Well, that certainly didn't help, Lol.

    (Bear in mind, my beloved sister was battling cancer at the time and unbeknownst to me, she would pass less than a few months later.)

    I had no clue as to what He meant by those words, it has puzzled me ever since. EXCEPT...I believe gave me understanding to this last night!

    So during my prayer time last night, the Lord led me back to this place in my journal. He began to bring understanding and this is why I have shared all of this because I believe it's pointing to the time we are now in!

    When He said, "I am fulfilling that promise." and "Tomorrow and today." I believe He meant/means:
    Tomorrow for me and today for Sissy. (We called each other Sis or Sissy)
    And when He said, "Two days." I believe He meant two years. 2018 for Sissy (Today) and God willing, 2020 (Tomorrow)for me!....Us!!!!

    I hope this personal message is received as it is intended which is out of love, with tears, and a heart to bring encouragement as we all long to leave this evil place ASAP!
    Blessings Family and maranatha!

    1. Mom...received as intended, TY and Blessings, to both you and your dear Sister! Wow...Our God is so amazing!

      I was outside walking this morning, looking up at the sky which was blue at the time, but is now overcast, and just wondering how much longer and when is Pentecost really with all of the different, yet logically inspired theories being put forth. Anyway, He just dropped the words "Occam's Razor" into my spirit. Had to go refresh my memory on that basically being the principle that the simplest solution is usually the correct solution. In other words, "when you hear hoofbeats, think of horses and not zebras" with the sound of those prophetic hoofbeats pounding all around us, I'm taking that to mean in the simplest of terms--JUST BE READY!

    2. Very good. And I learned something new today...'Occam's Razor'! Thanks Sheila for that one!!!

    3. TY Mom and Sheila!

      Your shares are so appreciated! Carole

  44. Beltway Bro, blessings. In keeping with all things NWO/Freema**n/staging it and sitting back and enjoying the anarchy, I put forth some thoughts from RussianVids on YT who noticed some things in the infamous Minneapolis vid. The way the camera kept panning to the garbage can spray-painted with (wouldn’t ya know it?) 66...the way the cop’s and GF’s voices come across so clearly, almost as if mic’d up.....the iconic photo of victim GF standing with “Corona” beer on his right....the cop’s surname Chauvin being 33 .....things that make ya go...NWO!!! Any event that gets the “media” goons in a tizzy is probably planned kinda like the plannedemic. Kobe being “buried” in “Corona” Del Ray....

    1. Beltway sister.... [Thinking of you up there near Baltimore]

      See latest from RFB. Cop car #320 or really 23.

      Also, when EMTs showed up they (reportedly) dragged the victim away allowing their head to dangle, not taking any care to the individual without having a Dr. announce the "official" cause of passing.

      From KijaniAmariAK

      "We will explore connections recent orchestrated events that have occurred and the recent passing of a man in MN in order to discover how ALL these pieces fit together."

      See also latest from SMHP


      Good to know the Door (Dalet) is soon to be opened and a call will go out for His to come on up.

    2. Watching the Wolves Calm the Sheep
      From the Potters Clay


  45. Blessings all. . I am going to be deleting my gmail acct so you will see anonymous but I will be sure to let you know who it really is lol.Not sure I will be able to comment. I just can’t stand the idea of aiding BG or YT and now use an encrypted email address and private browsers like DuckDuckGo and recently Brave. Bitchute and lbry are good when vids you watch get banned as is happening more and more at YT.

    Beltway Brother, good vids. I gathered some of my info from DollarVigilante, Russian vids, HIghImpactVlogs, A Call for an Uprising etc. The language can get a little rough FYI. I did sense the NWO thought it was time for another distraction while they carry on with their dastardly deeds. DollarVigilante mentioned a study that proved a higher morbidity rate (not due to C19, ofc) among those with low levels of vit D and isn’t it funny how they want us to stay inside instead of outside in the sun....where we can get some vit D? It prevents the cytokine storm that can lead to death.

    As Lisa Boyce says, stay Worded up and prayed up. Watching a lot of Ravi Z. Sorry I only learned of him in Greg Lauer’s laudatory commentary on this great man of God. What an intellect! But I don’t think it will be too long before we meet this incredible brother in Christ.

    Any care to comment on why the Lord is calling home so many teachers recently ? Starting with Grant Geoffrey, Chuck Missler, Jack van Impe, Ravi Z, Billy Graham ( he started out good) and going back to 2005 Adrian Rogers? I pray for Hal Lindsey. Been watching him so long.


    1. One for the road... this sounds like you could be riding right along with this guy! ;-)

      Universal Masking And The Call To Resist At All Levels
      From Wiki Joe

      Yes, unfortunately, BG was an apostate ecumenialist (friends with the world and the pope). So are so many others nowadays.

    2. Blessings BB, great vid, although I do have to wear my sunglasses while driving. I remind myself that in Latin, government means “mind control” like in MK Ultra.

  46. Oh my goodness..from @Reuters..."Monkeys steal Coronavirus blood samples in India"
    A troop of monkeys in India attacked a medical official and snatched away blood samples of patients who tested positive for the novel CV. Monkeys grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four Covid-19 patients who are undergoing treatment.

    What could possibly go wrong there:-/ This just gets more Twilight-Zoney by the minute....

  47. Blessings Sheila B. Those monkeys are fast and without tourists to snatch bananas and handbags from, they are like the monkeys in 28 Days Later.

  48. Interesting tweets by Amir Tsarfati from yesterday:

    "BREAKING: The G7 is considering creating a new group of democracies called the D10, adding Australia, South Korea, and India to align against China. 10???? Sounds very prophetic time me..."

    "Elon Musk was asked a week ago why Tesla’s new Cybertruck has a need of bulletproof windows. His answer was interesting: “We’ve got to be ready for the Apocalypse.”

  49. Hello family in Jesus, I want to thank those who prayed for my little Candy and her health. Since yesterday she has been eating quite well, she has not been vomiting for a few days and she no longer has diarrhea. Yesterday she had a normal bowel movement but there was part of a tree leaf in her bowel movement. Candy therefore had a blockage in the digestive system. The leaf was not broken down, which surprises me because of the normally high acidity level. I also watch what she does but I had not seen her eat a tree leaf. It took 6 days before evacuating this foreign body. It also seems to me that it is a long time. She is a little more playful too. Thank you again, I love you in Jesus Christ. Kisses to all! Carole


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