2020-2027 Tribulation Timeline - Return of the King

George from the Return of the King channel has a very interesting timeline video he has put up.  If the rapture should occur in 2020, there are a lot of dates that line up in the coming years that fit with the day counts listed in Daniel. Day counts that land on Holy Days on the Jewish calendar such as Yom Kippur in 2027 and the mid point lands on the day of the 2nd solar eclipse the X's out America in 2024.... According to George, this all fits like a glove!!  All the information is below, please check it out....
2020-2027 Tineline

Here is his email to me introducing his latest video:

Hi Brad,
I think it been a year since I sent you a link to one of my videos. 
Everyone who is steadfastly watching for his return has the feeling it's going to be real soon!
So I though I should see what happens if I put a timeline together. I was just amazed how everything just lined up, no twisting, pushing or pulling, it all fell into place effortlessly!
We needed a catalyst, and we got one, the Corona Virus. I think by this fall it will be very evident to everyone just how badly the world is falling apart, and the world will be looking for a savior, and they will find one.  We know who that is. We depart before then. 
God Bless and Hope to see you Soon on the other side!
It's been a long watch, but well worth it!

Video Description:

If the start to the 7 year tribulation and the rapture were to occur this year, how do future dates; the 1260, 1290, 1335 days of Daniel and Revelation, the Feast Days, Yom Kippur, solar and lunar eclipses, jubilee years, and the generation that sees the rebirth of Israel appear when placed on a timeline? 

They appear to point the year 2020 as the start of the 7 year tribulation.

Every piece of the puzzle has meaning and is corrected located.

Each piece of the puzzle; the Revelation 12 Sign, the Lunar Tetrad, eclipses and so on, individually, told us we are getting close. When all the pieces are put together, they form a mosaic, a mosaic that is pointing to the year 2020 as the start of the most difficult time in human history. A time that if not cut short by God, no one would survive.

That time is now. Could I be wrong? Yes.

But the reality is, we are running out of time. If the events do not occur this year, they will very shortly thereafter.

Biblical prophecy is accelerating at an ever increasing rate, as we were told it would, and we have passed the point of no return.

One way or another Jesus is returning, and the Gates of Hell will not stop him! (Bill Gates included!

Here is the full video: (43 min)


  1. TY Brad and TY George! So cool and so encouraging to hear from @The Return of the King channel again! I loved this always interesting channel and have really missed it. Glad you're back to share your sensible insights with us, George. Hopefully your timing is impeccable and you are so right, Brother...it has been a long watch, but well worth it! Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    1. An excellent and exciting video imo. I was just going to bed after watching it all as it's pretty late here, but the Lord turned me around to share something I thought I'd decided to just keep to myself. I was going to share it in a comment yesterday, but edited it out thinking it really wouldn't mean much to anyone else.

      So a few days ago in my prayer time I straight up asked the Lord if He is going let us know in some way when it really for sure is our GO time. What He immediately impressed upon me was Amos 3:7. My thought was that He was indicating to me that the answer is already indicated in the Scriptures through His prophets, but tonight as I was praying, He nudged me with this realization:

      A man named George at a channel called "The Return of the King" has made what is to me a "surprise return", contacting Brad personally in order to share this message with us and has provided what I believe is a Biblically sound and insightful timeline of events derived from our Lord God's Holy Word and His servants the prophets re the unquestionable significance of THIS Pentecost season. And the name "George" is of Greek origin and in the Hebrew it means "farmer"--which ofc is one who represents the "harvest".
      Just sayin'....I'm believing this IS the year, George:-))

      *and for another little wink...both the 43:38 length of this video and the year 2020 point in the Strong's Hebrew to "deliverance" and in the Strong's Greek these two numbers point to the Cross and the Resurrection:-)

    2. Great video. Thank you. I have one question, based on your model, when is the 2nd coming of Jesus ? I always thought the 2nd coming would be on Yom Kippur and the millennial reign would begin on Tabernacles ? Since Jesus must complete each appointed time, when does HE complete Trumpets, when the Trib begins ?

    3. So, everyone sees the TWO SETS of 7 right? 2013-2020 AND 2020-2027

      7+7 = 14 (mind blowing, I know)

      So, therefore, perhaps there are TWO SETS of 1260 and 1335.

      Thus, we have our TWINS

      Jacob worked 7yrs for Rachel and then another 7yrs for Leah

      7+7 = 14 (mind blowing, I know)

      Joesph dreamed of 7yrs of Feast and then 7yrs of Famine

      7+7 = 14 (mind blowing, I know)

    4. Thank you Brad for posting this, I am looking forward to sitting down and watching George's video!

      And Sheila, I'm so glad you went ahead and shared what the Lord impressed upon your heart, it truly blessed me! I am growing more and more excited by the day! Come Lord Jesus!

    5. Wow Sheila what amazing nudge, / information download that was. So precise.

      Once the kids go to bed (in about 30 minutes), I cannot wait to get stuck in to George's video and brother Choochs. I really feel we are on the last few weeks of watching for our LORD's return.

    6. Mom....Blessings and you might appreciate this as I know I do, keeping in mind that I told the Lord I was just going to ask Him "straight up" about us knowing the GO time. I felt led this morning to look at the time stamp on my wee hours post above--2:25 am on 5/14:

      G#225--aletheia--truth, but not merely truth as spoken, truth of an idea, reality, sincerity, truth in the moral sphere; divine truth revealed to man--"straightforwardness":-)

      H#225--uth--to consent or agree (and used "4" times)

      G#514--axios--of weight, of worth

      H#514--Elkete--used 2x re the territory of Dan (I do believe the AC will be rooted in this tribe)

      I really believe this IS our harvest season and this IS the year we go Home:-))

      On another note, I find it rather strange that the two main (and pretty much only) topics now on MSM are the Covid-19 "masking" of the general population and the "un-masking" of General Michael Flynn. IDK...just weird timing as we all see the enemy forces taking their own masks off now and openly flaunting their plans in our faces with things like with this H.R. Bill 6666 and the rush to get those vaccines out to all, using the military to deliver them.

      Maranatha and So-o-o- Looking UP!

    7. Sheila that is so cool with what you found looking up those numbers! Is God amazing or what? You were being straightforward in asking Him and He in return was straightforward in responding. I too feel like we will know, partly because the Lord laid the words twice on my heart back in 2018 and also because of what so many have been sharing.

      On 5/3/18 these words were laid on my heart: "You will know of My return." And then a few weeks later, on 5/28/18, once again I heard: "You will know of My coming."

      Now what that looks like and if or how we will actually know, I have no idea. I'm just going to keep praying, keep watching, and keep my heart focused on Him!
      Blessings Sister! Soon and SOONER!!!

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  2. Brad - you have noted in the commentary above that the trib mid-point lands on the second American eclipse, however the mid-point that George has above (1 March 2024) is different to the date of the eclipse - being 8 April 2024...unless Im missing something. Ryan

    1. In the video he says that the April 8 2024 eclipse is the midpoint of the 1260+1335 days after Rosh Hashanah this year (the start of the tribulation according to him). I might have misunderstood but I don't think he intended the eclipse to exactly be the midpoint of the tribulation, which would be 1260 days after Rosh Hashanah on March 1 2024 as you pointed out. Again I could be wrong and might have missed something.

    2. Yes, in accord with Justin. I understood George to mean that based on Dan. 12:11, if you divide 2595 days by two (the 2595 days is arrived at by adding 1335 to 1260), then 1297.5 days back from the "blessed day" of Dan. 12:11 would be the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse.

    3. Whoops. George's video has a typo (the chart at 22:22 has Dan. 12:11). However, the "blessed day" is Dan. 12:12 (1335 days after the mid-point of the 70th week, which is 1260 days).

    4. ahhh gotcha. I had the vid on mute last night due to leaving my headphones behind and was having to rely on subtitles...

  3. I thought it was a pretty great video. Along with Brother Chooch's (TOL End Times) very strong case for a spring 2020 rapture and everything happening around us, the evidence seems pretty overwhelming that this might be it!

    BTW I highly recommend Chooch's latest from last night. You have to be patient and watch through to the end, but he makes some pretty incredible connections with Biblical patterns pointing to what's happening in the world today. Very rewarding watch.


    1. Hear Hear

      I was watching too. I really appreciate the Talking/ Thinking Out Loud (TOL) as a layman.

      I forgot about Rahab and the FLAX garments! I knew FLAX was part of Barley, but forgot it was part of the Rahab faith/hidden/protected storyline.

  4. "Amazingly" engouh, HR 6666..... PASSED

    From the Washington Times (5/12)


    A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush that would put Big Government in charge of tracking citizens’ movements as they relate to 322-19 mitigation efforts — even sending health bureaucrats to “individuals’ residences,” “as necessary,” as the legislation states — has a most apt number: 6666.

    Mark of the beast. Mark of the beast for a beastly, monstrously unconstitutional bill.

    After all, what’s more devilishly un-American than launching one of the most massive government surveillance programs of private citizens in U.S. history, all under the guise of protecting people from the coronavirus?

    1. Charlie, this is hilarious: The Democrat who proposed the HR 6666, Bobby Rush, said on his Twitter account: "I’m glad to see that my bill, the COVID-19 TRACE Act, was the most-viewed bill on http://Congress.gov last week. I am delighted to see so many Americans are interested in this important piece of legislation" ( Link).


  5. Update from INL: what is happening and is going to happen soon to "Christian" YT ministries

    12min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVEhL4a_mSY

  6. Still watching the video (thanks George)!

    At the 28:00 minute mark, just wanted to chime in: George brings up a good point that many pro-Israel Christians don't realize---the Freemasons, Deep State, Luciferians, League of Shadows, whatever nomenclature suits your fancy---these evil actors are actively working to rebuild the Third Temple. We are even given a biblical clue from the Spirit in Isaiah 28:16, a little "masonic" play on words if you will. The LORD interjects with this widely used verse by NT authors about the true cornerstone of the true Temple amidst the surrounding context of Isa. 28:14-22 (the covenant of death/hell made by the Antichrist and the nation of Israel that begins the Tribulation; cf. Dan. 9:27).

    Cool, huh?

    1. Good one.

      These 'actors' are seeking to/ and will eventually build a physical structure called a temple (for their messiah, the one, the son of perd) and will call it 'the' biblical 3rd temple. See John Con's revival this fall (clearly, celebrating his messiah to come)

      But our Messiah, reigns INSIDE of us, INSIDE our human vessel which is a temple. We are His temple where He can (or not) be found.

      Note when Jesus referred to rebuilding 'The Temple' in 3 days. He was referring to Himself/ his body. Something which went way over the head of the 'Serpent' Pharaisees.


      So also, think of the coming innaculations of beastly origin. They will inject something into the body causing the 'body/ temple' to become one with the beast (i.e. transhumanism) IF the body/temple is not already occupied by Jesus).

      So there you have the AoD, the beast standing in the holy place (i.e. temple of Godly origin to be occupied by Jesus) where it ought not (but was injected into).

      Also is the AI serpent of miry clay. See Daniel's statue. The mixing of clay with iron feet is the beast technology (AI serpent) being mixed in with human DNA and overtaking it.

      Wonderful how the Bible has double-triple meanings and fulfillments.

    2. Charlie! Charlie!
      What? Happy May 14, 1948 Israel Birthday Bro... ;)
      Talk to you all in July.
      ...kidding :)

    3. Oh Lu,

      I was typing here to reply to a question you had last post.... but what was this dangler? I revisited the last post but I did not find this "dangler" and I would like to reply if I can.

      Happy (recognized) 72nd but we know it is really March 10th, right? (formal government).

      Day by Day watch!!!! :-)

    4. Charlie,
      All good. I liked the video but have some questions and points, as always. And yes, not day by day but moment by moment now - rapid fire of all that is taking place. They are going for broke. Her in the People's Republic of California, all the Fall Semester Cal State University's will go virtual. There might be some limited permission to have face to face courses and services. This would have to be me or else don't know what to expect.

      I suspect the powers that be actually want everything online, from the Cloud so they can know exactly who teaches what and what they say and are doing. It is a perfect plan. So if a Staff, Student or Professor starts to criticize the government, guess who will show up. But most likely, like the guy in the video, Staff, Students, Professors will have to get the vaccine in order to go back. I sure hope we will be out of here by then.

    5. Jeff - sounds intriguing and would be a good general article in itself tbh.

      Charlie/Lu - one wouldn't want to be drinking and reading your comments at the same time...

    6. Lu,

      I now remember what your baked in question was from last post. You question why Dan Matson has the death of FM BG as a significant marker?

      Yes indeed, BG was a friend of the state and of the world. A neo-evangelical and FM of the 33 rd degree. His son, FG, is the of the same FM line and is also a friend of the state and of the world. Pictures, associations, and other evidence prove they are. Even a young BG was introduced to FM Truman where both were shown to be using the fraternal handshake.

      BG's FM days go way back, so not an older age thing, but how he was so popularized. Robert Breaker has a nice study on FM BG.

      Ever wonder why a 'pastor' laid in state at the RCC US Capitol? Because he was a friend of the "state". Pun intended.

      ** So your question remains a valid one**

      Q: Why does Dan Matson have FM BG death as an exit marker?

      Amazing how someone can speak the Gospel so well YET they associate themselves with other gods (the world and l u c i f e r which is one in the same).

      Jesus warns no one can serve two masters and enter heaven. Jesus also calls these two-minded persons lukewarm which He spits out.

    7. I believe Lu's latest poster makes a cameo appearance in this vid (at the end).


      6min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj5U7NTTo7c

    8. Hi Charlie,
      Humm…well, here are my thoughts about the topic of Billy Graham. I do not want to be divisive or start up an exchange as he was greatly beloved by most and was considered ‘America’s Preacher’ and such. I’ll try to be objective and then then do interject my experience with his ministry.

      Yes, he was a Free Mason and that aspect of his association was kept under the lid until it came out later towards the end his life as most realizing that about him. I’ve read that he wanted to ‘reach out’ from with in and thus had to be ‘part of them’, much like Paul’s template that ‘he became all things to all people that he might win some’, etc. Is that what the LORD told him to do? I do not know and therefore cannot assess based on limited information only that yes, does not look good.

      But did not the LORD instruct Sampson to marry a Philistine, that which was prohibited by Him? What is going on? We know now that it was a plan all along. And although we might make wrong or not so wise or very unwise decision concerning the ministry, the LORD can work in spite of it or else we be doomed.

      I would say that only the LORD will judge and can see the intentions of the heart, this we know. I do understand that to be near so many of the powerful of the world, you had to go to that extent. Is this a compromise? It would appear so, but you never know what the LORD was doing behinds the scene, either as an allowance to do so or in spite of it. I mean, do we all not realize that YHVH uses the worst among us to confound the wise and powerful.

      He chose the descendants of Jacob to be head of the Nations when they were the tail of all the peoples of the Earth to chose from. And we’ve read about how Noah was a drunk, Abraham was an idolater, Jacob a swindler, Moses a murderer, David the same and adulterer, Paul an executioner of Christians and somewhere we fit in the spectrum…

      Also, do consider that at different times and places, one has only been given certain Light and Revelation of the Truth as no one person nor denomination has the corner on it or ever has. For example, the Plymouth Brethren still baptized infants… To say that I am not excusing him for being in such a Fraternity that clearly has Lucifer as their ultimate ‘god’. To me, it is serious. And as you said, he did preach the Gospel, if at least from what I saw and heard when I did. I did not follow him as others. And his son has stood up against Islam, abortion, the LGBT and for America First, etc.

      I do also know that from where he comes from there in North Carolina, it is a hot bed for Free Masonry; no offense to any there. So, just putting some perspective. As to my encounter with his ministry. I did have a strong reservation as it appeared his ministry did become ecumenical towards the end. For example, when a BG Crusade came into our city, all the churches came on board and we were all excited. I was an Usher at the time and then helped with seating at our local college stadium.

      We were trained for several weeks and had info cards, tracks, etc. But we were instructed that if a Roman Catholic came to Christ, ‘got saved’ with us, to not deter that person from continuing to attend their Roman Catholic Church. What?! For me it was more sensitive as I came out of Roman Catholicism, so it did not set well with me. So there you go.


  7. Just when we thought the swearing in of the Knesset was going to happen today/tomorrow, there is a mini-coup. Swearing in set for Sunday now.



    1. Interesting Ryan, my poach below picked up on this 'delay' as well...

      "M. Pompeo flew to Israel for the signing of the unity or “war” government…..except, the signing was postponed on the day that he arrived and postponed again today and now scheduled for 5-17. Instead of witnessing this moment he was meeting for 6 hours in discussions about Iranian aggression."

    2. interesting, I knew it had been delayed, but didn't realise the delay was so short!

  8. I have followed along here for several years and appreciate and pray for all of you. Has anyone noted that Tisha B-Av for 2027 is August12th, and the video shows the end of tribulation calculated to August 13th? I'm not good with the Hebrew calendars, since there are several, but there may be a relationship here. Anyone want to elaborate?

    1. Very interesting particularly the destruction of the temple remembrances where the Israelis were not allowed to smile etc. We suspect the temple will remain standing for the millennial reign but it will be cleansed by Jesus.

      Appreciate the prayers!!!

  9. I guess we will see < posting a poach below >


    Possible revealing of the ac on 5-16?


    On 5-16, O will be involved in two separate streaming events to address 2020 Graduates. He will also do another program, a Youtube Original, on 6-6, entitled “Dear Class of 2020”. Not surprisingly as we know Satan is the “Prince of the Air” and the satanic/occultic influences are rampant in the entertainment industry, there are multiple recording artists participating in these different events plus LeBron James (#23), and the very demonic, transgender, Lady Gaga that discussed the “birthing of a new race” years ago which has been analyzed to indicate Satan’s new race of beings with attributes of Baphomet.

    In IPG2 O is shown in a graduation hat laughing which likely corresponds to these 3 graduation events that O is involved in.

    If you have not read the multiple dreams and visions recorded on this site from Christians who have received validation O is the ac, I would encourage you to do so.

    On 5-16 (or 9/23) O will be involved in two separate streaming events to address 2020 Graduates.

    He will also do another program, a Youtube Original, on June 6th, entitled “Dear Class of 2020”.

    Not surprisingly as we know Satan is the “Prince of the Air” and the satanic/occultic influences are rampant in the entertainment industry, there are multiple recording artists participating in these different events plus LeBron James, and the very demonic, transgender, Lady Gaga that discussed the “birthing of a new race” years ago which has been analyzed to indicate Satan’s new race of beings with attributes of Baphomet.

    Also in IPG2, O is shown in a graduation hat laughing which likely corresponds to these 3 graduation events that O is involved in.

    I have been praying over this information for a few days before releasing it and I ask each of you to take this to the Lord for confirmation. After asking God for confirmation last night whether I should release this information, God told me to look at John 3:16. For those who are unaware, the real calendar was changed years ago with 2 months added. So 5-16 really is 3-16.

    satan’s goal is to copy & mock Him.

    John 3:16 KJV “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

    @ 6:16a I was told to go look this up in Strong’s Concordance, meaning “to give birth to”. In Englishman’s Concordance, it means “when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

    On 5-14, the new coalition government is being sworn in for Israel. The true Sabbath is sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

    5-16, O’s speech to graduates will be televised on ALL major networks. In the video, Stewart also discusses the significance of 80 under Israel law and how 80 days from 5-16-20 lands on 8-4-20,

    Note: O’s birthday and Tu B’Av and this holiday’s significance in relation to Ken Peters’ vision.

    Stewart reviews Steve Fletcher’s analysis with O in relation to 1260 (Rev. 12:6), 1290 (Daniel 12:11) & 1335 (Daniel 12:12)

    Other Interesting Data Linked to 5-16:

    – 17th Anniversary of the first successful cloning of human stem cells (5/16/03)

    – 66 days since the W H O declared the coronavirus a “global pandemic” (3/11/20)

    Other key moments where Os true identity was being shown:

    – On 2-3-16 , “O recited phrases from the Quran and praised American Muslims as a crucial part of America’s history and vital to the nation’s future.”.

    – O bowed to the Saudi King whose government funds Islamic jihad worldwide

    – On 10-10-08, Louis Farrakhan declared O to be “The Messiah” who would bring about universal change.

    – On 9-!!-!! , O read Psalm 46 where he proclaimed himself God.

    – Newsweek’s cover featuring O as “The God of all Things”


    1. And yes, this could be another head fake by them

  10. Posting another poach




    M. Pompeo flew to Israel for the signing of the unity or “war” government…..except, the signing was postponed on the day that he arrived and postponed again today and now scheduled for 5-17. Instead of witnessing this moment he was meeting for 6 hours in discussions about Iranian aggression.

    he Lord led me to enter ” vial flash” in the gematria calculator and the jewish value was 855 which in the strongs is “aphantos” or to become invisible.

    5-16 is also 2.22. I subtracted 855 days and it landed on the sabbath of “and i appeared”……..i did the measure from 2.22.19 to 5-16 or Iyyar 22 (2.22) and it is 448 days and in the strongs that is “God has come”.

    Praying and looking and hoping with you!

    1. And yes, this could be another head fake by them

    2. What is creepy is that do you remember in one of Obama's Press Dinner events, he stated that we would be a 3rd Term President? What? Then there is talk now of Biden naming Michelle as VP or Obama? Or then if Biden is out of the picture, then Michelle would name Obama as VP, but essentially co-ruling? I've read that it is unconstitutional for a former President to be a VP but it is ambiguous and they might pull it off.

  11. Blessings, All...I thought this was interesting since George @The Return of the King speaks of it in his
    video re Comet Atlas.

    @spaceweather.com "The Comet That Refuses To Die"

    The story of Atlas's death has taken an unexpected turn. Not as bright, but still beautiful and still active.

  12. I am watching videos now. In the field on the right side, where you can typically see the related vids list, now there is an appeal for donation to WHO. Money matched by corporations and intended mostly for speeding vacc research.

    Bleh. I feel like a rat in some nasty behavioral experiment.

  13. Hi Sheila,
    Thanks for the source to check out. I suspect that although it has been reported that the comet has broken up in more than 20+ pieces, it still has life because it is just so big. The magnitude of its brightness might be diminished but it still will be able to be seen with telescopes at either Sunset towards the west and Sunrise towards the east -and depending on atmospheric conditions, etc.

    Due to the comet being so close to the Sun, it will be hard to see it as opposed if it was to be seen at night in a different quadrant of the sky. I did a graphic model of the comet from the point of view of Jerusalem looking west at Sunset. And as usual, some interesting geometry.

    Mainly that about 2 hours just before Sunset, the angle from the Silver Gate to the Earth’s horizon will have the comet directly at a 33 degree angle?! And that at this time and place, the Galactic Plain is horizontal to the Earth’s, nice. Also, there will actually be 2 comets in this ‘picture’ at this time with Comet SWAN to the upper right. This comet will conjoin Mercury on true ‘Pentecost’, lol of July 20! My favorite day! ;)

    Comet Atlas over Jerusalem at the traditional ‘Pentecost’ of May 28, 2020, to then reach perihelion with the Sun on May 31, 2020.

    Hope and pray your family is doing well with what you had mentioned before with traveling and tornadoes…

    1. Lu...TY, we are good so far, but not looking forward to the overnight weather they are now predicting for us. And TY for the info on Atlas. Have you by any chance been checking out the Comet Neowise C2020 F3? I'm not real good with most of the astronomical data stuff--it sort of goes over my head, lol--but I did find it interesting that this is a "Red" comet moving from East to West that will make it's closest approach to Earth on Thursday July 23, 2020. It's presently located in the Lepus constellation. (@theskylive.com for the technical details)

      Also saw some possibilities put forth that the gaseous tails of Atlas and Swan could actually cross paths at some point creating a "who knows what?" kind of debris scenario out there.
      I can only imagine as meteor storms, a bad hurricane season and a "pandemic" congregate on a planet that's already shaking and spouting fire from one end to the other while TPTB run around intent on jabbing everyone with toxic DNA mutating needles:-/

      Lord Jesus, come SOON! And preferably Sooner than Soon!!!

    2. Too funny, Sheila on TPTB intently running around wanting to jab everyone! Makes me think of an article I read on Mr G--es having a look of glee on his face when he was talking about vaccines.
      vaccine potential.

    3. Hi Shelia,
      Thanks for the info on that comet. I'll look into it and if I come up with something or see anything, I'll report back. :)

  14. Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but that's certainly not representative of the fact that I read daily and continue to be touched by the love and encouragement that is generously offered by all. I think we are all filled with a heightened sense of expectation and longing as we "see the Day approaching" and it looks like it could be any moment now. I've read your comments since 2017 and feel like I know many of you personally already. What a joy to read and learn with you all!

    I'm writing because I wanted to share something that I believe the Father dropped into my spirit this morning as I was taking my daily "prayer walk". As I was worshipping and pouring out my heart before Abba, He spoke clearly to me saying, "the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"...and as I heard it, He said it again, "the Spirit and the BRIDE say, "Come!" (emphasis was on "BRIDE"). As I pondered this, he began to open my understanding up and I saw it. It's the Bride (along with the Spirit) who is saying "Come!"...as we all have been crying from our hearts for many days, months, and in some cases many years. I've been looking for, longing and loving His appearing since 1978 when I got saved and filled with His Spirit. He showed me that a bride longs for the moment of her wedding and consummation as does the groom. There are many who are not saying, "Come!" because either they don't believe He is coming or they love the world more than they love the thought of our glorious King coming to take us to the Father's house. There are others who clearly mock and scoff at those who believe and are anticipating the Harpazo.

    I found myself remembering back 40 years ago when I married the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. As our wedding day approached, I was completely consumed with one thing...my bride! I couldn't concentrate or think about anything else. Don't you know that our King Jesus is feeling the same thing about us - those who are yearning for Him, looking for Him and saying to Him, "Come!"? We who say, "Come!" are His Bride - those whose deepest longing and greatest desire is to be with our Adon, our Master, our King, our Betrothed.

    I don't want to start a theological or doctrinal discussion on exactly who qualifies as "the Bride" - please don't hear that. I fear I've not communicated well what happened this morning to me. I would only say that if the cry of your heart is "Come!", then you better get ready for a wedding - your wedding!

    Bless you all!

    1. Amen, Keith T...I believe you expressed the sentiment of the longing for our Lord and Savior very well and find myself really encouraged by your prayer and your thoughts. For me, it was the spring of 1997 and not a day has gone by that I haven't prayed "Even so, Lord Jesus, Come", but now, at long last, we all know that His Promise to us is about to be fulfilled. Those Wedding Bells ARE Ringing--loudly and clearly:-)

    2. I just finished an article that Sealed by the Blood had posted by Grace Roots, Growing in Grace on our working on whatever we think we need to do to please God. When it is our resting in his grace. And, how do we do this - we Come to him. So, I thought again about this, Keith when I read your comments. We don't experience his grace or maybe are not cognizant of Him and the grace and mercy he is toward us when we are caught up in the do's and don'ts of how we think we need to be. At times, if not all of the time, it is hard to not be thinking about oneself, for me anyhow I admit. Or, about circumstances, worries, and fears. Seeing Jesus by resting in him becomes more difficult. So, I guess the Bride of Christ is not only to be Looking Up but needs to be Coming to Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith.

    3. Cathi, love the whole thought of not only crying out "Come!", but we ourselves come to Him as an act of love, devotion, consecration. I find myself more actively pursuing Him and "striving to enter into His rest" and it's there where I can clearly hear his voice. What a glorious journey we are all on...thank you for sharing your thoughts dear sister.

    4. Wonderful observation Keith - thanks for this!

  15. Hi Keith,
    You know, well since you brought it up, I just had finished reading all of the book of Revelation for a refresher 2 nights ago. Wow, it is so good. It is my favorite book after Daniel and the 2 books I first read when I got saved. What resonated with me this time around was also that phrase at the end, ‘The Spirit and the Bride say come’. And it is repeated for emphases. So I can add a confirmation and amen to that. I was just pondering and keeping it to myself.

    Yes, we have had a discussion of who and what is the Bride; but just to share an observation that at the beginning, Christ Jesus is addressing all the Churches, there and then, and prophetically till the present age of the Laodicean type of church in general. But in the end, it is the Bride, fused with the Spirit that speak as one now, beautiful….not the Churches...

    It is not the ‘Spirit and the Churches say come’….I mean, Jesus had to knock and call ‘whomsoever would hear, respond and open the door within that last type of Church….so obviously it was not the whole church…Just saying. And it’s your fault for bring it up. ;)


    1. Lu, such an astute observation...thanks for sharing. Adds some more dimension to this marvelous, unending word that is continually being opened up to those who dig. BTW, have so enjoyed your posts, have read your articles on Pentecost and your drawings are incredible. Thanks for all your labor that we benefit from...bless u brother.

    2. Lu, 💖 I SO APPRECIATE what you shared re. who the Bride is. Currently I have a friend who won't let go of the idea that the Bride is taken out from those who are born again--sort of a 'cream of the crop' remnant belief and that these Chosen Ones will go in the Rapture while the rest of the born again believers must endure the Tribulation in order to be refined. Whereas, you and I believe the Scriptures teach that the Bride is ALL who have Christ in them and are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

      I asked her to read my articles https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2018/02/who-are-tribulation-saints.html and https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2018/10/is-rapture-earned.html
      but she says her belief IS Scriptural. I want to be humble in ALL things pertaining to the Scripture, but so far I cannot agree with her thoughts.

    3. Hi Lyn,
      What’s up?! Man, you know, there are some ‘Woke Women’ in here. Where have you all been in my life?! Hu? :) lol. Ok, as to your question…’Whereas, you and I believe the Scriptures teach that the Bride is ALL who have Christ in them and are sealed with the Holy Spirit.’ This is a true statement and I whole-heartedly believe it. And such are the ones to be Raptured. And that if one is truly saved, then always saved.

      I am not of the belief that there needs to be any additional ‘works’ to merit anything beyond want the LORD has already given us…it is a full package upfront. I was just having a conversation with my sister and marveling at the time we have gotten to live in during this Age of Grace wherein the LORD in His mercy has just required us to believe to be Saved…’to just call upon His Name’. Of course, with a sincere and contrite heart, repentant and from that point on developing and maturing one’s personal relationship with the Christ Jesus. But…I do believe the Father is calling out a Bride and preparing one.

      I have a problem with those that are saved but have willfully chosen to abandon the relationship…like Israel with YHVH, with many that abandoned Paul, and how many chose to return to the world, etc. I see it as a matter of loosing, not acquiring to obtain any additional ‘merit’ to be the Bride.

      Or I guess, plainly stated, I believe the intention of the LORD is to have ALL the Church Body be the Bride, but All the Church Body will not nor does want to be the Bride’…case in point is the addressing of sin of all the 7 Churches of Asia by Jesus.

      Thank the LORD we are not in the Old Testament dispensation of having to bring in doves, goats, sheep, oxen to slaughter for our sins…so gory and messy. It was to visually picture what it cost to sin in the eyes of YHVH, etc. And that during the coming Tribulation Period, the Tribulation Saints will not have the overall protection and defense as we do now with the Restrainer and being sealed and protected to the point that the Gate of Hell cannot prevail over the Church Body on Earth despite persecution and martyrdom for many. During that time, the AC will be granted the power to wear-down the Saints and overcome them. How awful.

      Let me share further from my re-reading of Revelation, case in point. In Revelation 21:8, it states that as the New Jerusalem is about to come down as a ‘Bride’, then the Holy Spirit, by contrast reiterates that,

      ‘But to the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and sexually immoral and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur.’ Ok. But then in Revelation 22:14, it states, ‘Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates. But outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.’ What?

      How can this be? So here we are in the New Earth and New Heaven that have merged dimensions wherein the City is the Bride composed where the GOD-Head dwells within, but the Nations and its peoples are outside, there is free access but nothing defiling is permitted in. Ok. But wait what? How can there be people with ‘defilement’ there with such conditions still? I believe then that these will be all those during this Age of Grace that got saved, genuinely but had not maintained the ‘washing of their given robes’. But Christ kept His promised but such have missed out in dwelling within the City that is likened to the Bride. Am I wrong?

      So, this is my only qualifier. I believe, thus far, that for those choosing to live Hebrews 10:26 This is not to say that one looses one’s salvation but that a person in such a state of sin, will get so hardened that it will be impossible for that person to repent anymore nor want to. The Pharaoh Effect.

      Are you starting up the debate again?
      Lu :)

    4. Lu, ... I am not knowledgeable in any way, shape or form, not one iota ... So, I don't know why I am saying anything here about this ... except, I am thinking here that no, this isn't so ... I think it is important to make the point that we are washed in the blood of Jesus and in His righteousness which makes our robes washed and white. There is nothing we can do in or for ourselves to have these washed, white robes. For some, maybe many believers - they may look white and clean on the outside as to looking good, moral, and seen as an upright individual in themselves or by others looking at them; but, inside they are as filthy rags, Isaiah 64:6.
      As 1 Corinthians 6:11 KJV says - "And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God." This always terrified me because I wasn't living as I should ... but, none of us can in thought, word, or deed attain the perfection that God demands. The perfect sacrifice for our sin nature (not just a list of sins) has already been fulfilled by His Son. We are no longer judged for our sin(s). We are the bride of Christ, in this age of grace. The judgement we will face is not for our sins, but how we lived our life for Christ here on Earth - as you know, the Bema Seat where rewards are given. It will take place some time after the rapture. We are these "sinners" but now we (for those who
      have believed in God's son for salvation alone for their sin) are covered in His righteousness. We ought to walk as holy and beloved children of God.
      Revelation 22:14 KJV
      Does not say washed robes but, Blessed are they that do his commandments (which are those who
      believed in His Son). They have access to to the city whereas the others (the unbelievers who have been judged by their sins and are in the lake of fire) are on the "outside". This isn't I think about those believers who have lived a sinful life/lifestyle.
      Hebrews 10:26 isn't speaking of salvation, or in a person losing their salvation or being punished for their sins. How can this be so if we have been washed, sanctified and justified in the blood of Jesus? These Hebrews were Jewish believers who were being drawn back into keeping the Mosaic law by those *Judiazers* who wanted them to still keep the law in some way proving their faith - which the Apostle Paul fought against and had confronted Peter on his behavior in the presence of these Judiazers and fellow believers, Galatians 2:11-14. The law cannot save and never could cleanse a person of their sin.
      This is the Good News of the Gospel of Grace and this is why Jesus came to earth and took on a human body and he suffered and he died on the cross for us and he was resurrected. It is finished, he said.

    5. Hi Cathi!
      Thank you for your insights!

    6. Beautifully said Cathi.

      Really that is all we are expected to do,
      to come humbly to his throne of Grace, acknowledging we are sinners in need of saving and trusting that Jesus paid for all of our sins at the cross.

      And when we do this, (just the one time is all that is needed) in faith, sincerity & truth, he rejoices, and adopts us as his own children, forgiving all of our sins and clothing us in his righteousness.

      Praise the LORD. I love when people write these affirmations of the very GOOD NEWS.

    7. Thank you, Lu!

      And, Jordan ... I appreciate your words! Thank you.

  16. So many Christians think that Jesus will return later, as in a few years. But I want him to come back this year. We have a connection group of believers on Zoom once a week and we pray together, we read the Bible and we share and they say that despite the signs, we will have to wait again for the return of Jesus for us. There must be a 3rd temple and everything according to them, and they don't believe that BG or others will have a vaccine with an identity inside the vaccine or anything like that. They tell me that I must not believe everything on the net because it is often a lie and they pray that God will give an antidote in a vaccine quickly. And I don't want a vaccine or a test in case I get the virus. Am I wrong? They see nothing of what is happening in the highest rank. I'm sad about all of this. Carole

    1. Carole, Blessings. Of course, His Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth, Especially These, At This Time. Having come to this Ebenezer moment on YOUR Journey I encourage you not to gaze about and wonder Where He Made You Take An Incorrect Turn, irrespective of things not quite 'fitting together', quite yet.

      In re your Q, "Am I wrong?": I've encountered teaching highlighting Scriptural insights perhaps informing us that only about 10% of church-goers are actually Born Again. Not been Moved to dive deeply there, so not positing that as absolute, still, it informs. So, know that you are in a group of folks who, like you, 100% of the time find that they are 'out of step' with 90% of others, who, sometimes, make up 100% of who is 'in the room' with them, at that moment (family, church, work, et al.). I would suggest that your situation is pretty close to 100% 'called out' In The Word as being Affirmed As Of The Lord; the Books of Timothy, alone, clearly being heard echoing in your concerns. Maranatha!

    2. Sorry...To better summarize: May the very concerns which alight upon your heart encourage you through their affirmations of their having Been Foretold To Us For These Latter Days, Maranatha!

    3. Carole...it is sad that they refuse to see the Scriptural Truth that's rapidly coming to pass right in front of their faces. Most of my extended family--who are all heavily invested in their churches--are the same way. Even those with a Pastor who has been warning them for years that this time was coming upon this very generation. And this especially seems to be a mindset of those who are relying on their own goodness for Salvation and don't understand the Fullness of Christ's Atonement. There's just a fear there that they are not quite ready for this and they are in deep denial in spite of everything we are now experiencing. And it actually takes some effort to deny the evil NWO intentions that are blatantly being spoken everyday from the very horses mouths, themselves--but they've stopped their ears up and are not listening, choosing instead to trust in these dangerously empowered men. It doesn't change the trajectory any, but I guess it does make them feel better somehow and feel like they have more time "to get it right", which they don't have and could never do anyway. You are not wrong, Sister, but rather much wiser in heeding the warnings and lifting up your head as your Redemption draws nigh. Keep praying for them, but don't back down and just keep pointing to our Blessed Hope and the Fullness of His Grace in conjunction with the very real warning signs:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    4. In agreement with Jimboni and Sheila. I guess, Carole, this would be one reason we are told to not let anyone steal our crown. We need to be Looking Up and it is a lonely road and it is easy to question yourself. These type of people you could say are afraid because they are looking at their own performance and there is that niggling of doubt on being good enough. I guess when you think about it, they are not going to Jesus with their sins or failures or worries and fears because they are caught up in the "religion" of believing in a general sense coz only God knows one's heart ... I had a taste of this when I attended a Bible study one time and they talked about being judged for their sins when they see Jesus or when they are in Heaven. I did say something, but the leader tho gracious toward me, moved away from this topic and the others followed suit. They were finishing up a book from a well-known author. They love this author tho. The next study was another book by this person. I just felt sad.


    5. Sheila B. Jimboni and Cathi G. Thank you !!! Your answers encourage me. I'm so looking forward to the rapture of the Church of Christ and with everything I learn about Mr. Gates and the NWO, from subtle conditioning to slavery among the nations (like a frog swimming in cold water in a bowl and subtly adding hot water without her knowing it, and that continues to swim until it dies burnt) and this is what happens with people everywhere or almost, I have only one desire, to enter the house with the whole family of God hoping that our families will follow. Maranatha!

  17. I was thinking about Comet Swan and what it's presence might be indicating when the thought of a "Trumpeter" Swan came to mind so did a little search ad found this lighthearted 3-1/2 min. video.
    Some interesting phrasing in here as "a match made in heaven" describes these awesome family birds and the father swan's faithfulness to his "lifelong bride" and their "children".

    Archangel...Blessings and praying all is well with you, Brother, and thought of you while watching this as I know you would appreciate the beauty of it:-)

    @Animal Planet --Ultimate Animal Dads: Trumpeter Swans

    1. P.S. These "jumbo jets" of the waterfowl family are also known for "walking on water" as they prepare for lift-off;-)

    2. Blessings Sheila B and family. Hope everyone is well. Hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day. Mine was awful. My 4th without her and thinking about Casey had me a wreck. Maybe as time goes by it’s gets easier for some. I don’t think I’m in that category.

      Been making lots of CS and saving a lot of money doing so. Been checking out David Icke’s interview with Brian Rose that got the NWO so upset that they pulled down his YTC despite having 900K subs. Fascinating interview and even though he is not a Christian he believes Nephilim are among us now.

      Also, checking out DollarVigilante and A Call for an Uprising and HighImpactvlogs. All excellent sources of info. Their vids are often banned but can be found at lbry.com and bitchute and banned.video. Daily crow often has links.

      I love all of you but feel myself retreating from everyone. Nothing personal. Circuits overloaded, perhaps. Just want my Jesus.


    3. Was thinking about you, Archangel and I knew, I guess that you were chilling. Blessings and may you just be wrapped in his love.

    4. Archangel...I understand how you must feel and I know the heat gets overbearing at times, but just remember one of the enemy's favorite tactics is to isolate us from one another and fill our minds with the sorrows that besiege us. He is a joy thief extraordanaire and would much rather have you feeling your losses than looking forward to your gains. Don't let him get away with that, Brother! Whenever I get in that place, as hard as it can be, I start trying to count out my blessings aloud to God in prayer...even if they seem a little slim at the time. Start with just knowing where your sweet momma is right now--waiting for you and those other little fur friends keeping you company to all get there, then go to your provisions and ultimately back to the foot of the Cross where all of your strength and joy rests. I'll be praying for you and please know that you are a treasured blessing to this fellowship:-)

    5. Sheila B, thought I would share this photo (actually a painting) of two Trumpeter Swans flying side by side with the Sutter Buttes (located in Northern California) in the background. I collect waterfowl prints and would you believe I acquired this painting at a local thrift store for only $25.00 bucks (sometimes you get real lucky!!!). Anyway, such a majestic bird that often mates for life. So fitting! Like the swans, hope to fly soon.


    6. Bob D....That is just a gorgeous scene and literally gave me chills when I opened it up. The splendor of those swans in flight is breathtaking. TY for sharing and I've always liked to refer to the thrift shops as the "treasure stores". Over the years most of my favorite keepsakes have come from being "another man's junk"...sort of like the world sees those of us who are trusting in Jesus for our own flight Home, I guess;-)

    7. Hey you two, Blessings. Brings to mind a dream someone had, Sheila B.?, re buying a really nice painting at a yard sale, or thrift store, or something, for like $27 or some number we all looked up, at the time. Maybe it was on another channel? idts, hmmm Anyone?

    8. Jimboni, are you possibly thinking of the painting that It Is Finished had and showed it on his YT channel. I think it was Jesus at the open door. He was with a friend who noticed it next to a dumpster. It was a beautiful picture.

    9. Cathi G., Blessings. I now recall the picture you speak of, also, and this is not that. A female Watcher, and I really thought it was Sheila B., but maybe Holly 2 Moons, or LLOTT or someone, had a dream involving a very nice painting for a certain amount which the group had unpacked, as part of the larger dream. No worries, if important, HS will bring to mind.

    10. Jimboni...Sorry, Brother...I'm at a loss on this one. I vaguely remember something about a painting, but no clarity coming forth atm:-(

  18. Thanks so much Cathi G and Sheila B. I appreciate your kindness more than I can express. Sheila B, not to pry, but you really do sound like you have had experience in the mental health field besides being a noble Berean. You always analyze right down to the core issue and make it look so easy. If I had 1/10 your maturity I’d be so much better off. I isolated myself for several yrs after my mother died. I just couldn’t communicate with anyone even by email and forget the phone. I just wanted and needed to be alone. I know God is always with me so I needed to be alone with Him, too. And now this plannedemic has me at home which I do enjoy thanking God I am still working and can be with my fur balls all day but grieve deeply for 37 million jobs gone, lives ruined, suicides, bankruptcies. I have to console myself knowing that God is saving millions of souls right now in these conditions. I know we are in the season of our Lord’s return. HR6666, ID2020060606, upside down Cross blatantly worn by Gates of Hell’s wife, I mean, come on, how obvious the time we are in. Almost surprised someone hasn’t announced All right it’s me;I’m the AC. Talk of trying to eliminate the soul at childbirth via injection. They want cyborgs. The evil is from the very pit of hell. I tell myself not to forget what God has taught me and to guard my heart and mind esp now. I’m in His Word two hours a day. I am clinging to it for dear life. We know the enemy’s traps. I wonder how much is me being me and how much is the attack. But I love His Holy Word and I refuse to walk away from it. Indeed, I can’t. And I do think the Rapture is near. It has to be. There’s too much pointing right at it. I know it’s always darkest before the dawn. Just wondering how long it will be.

    God bless you.

    1. Archangel...other than being a mom, grandma, and friend, I have no experience in the actual field of mental health care, but I was a bartender for over 20 yrs in a prior life, so I guess that might count for some "mental health" experience along the way. People do tend to pour out their problems and anxieties in that situation and I probably played the part of a de facto counselor for many of them over the years. Usual method of operation was just to listen, empathize and be a sort of mirror for their options. But anyway, our God is so good to use even the regrets of our past to design the hope of our future:-) Blessings and Prayers!

    2. Blessings Sheila B. I knew it! Bartenders/beauticians are the best counselors! I know beauticians is probably an outdated term but that’s the best I can do right now. What an avenue to observe human nature.

    3. Wow, having worked most my business life in some form of 'retail', convenience store clerk an early job, that, alone, is top-shelf people training, yuppers. Add in the hospitality/tavern setting and a good server with a heart for others? 'Lest we forget a Certain Action At Certain Wedding, Itself, 'Out Of Sequence', Yet Still, Involved Serving The Best Wine, Last and was at Mom's request/direction.

      There's a girl, in that part of town, and she works, serving Whiskey, down; they say, "Brandy, bring another round, " she serves them whiskey and Rye.

      Oh no, see what you've made me do, now?

    4. Blessings Jimboni. I love that song! And, uh, Werewolves of London. And Brown-eyed Girl.

    5. Archangel, Blessings. Don't forget, 'I was gambling in Havana and I took a little risk; send Lawyers, Guns & Money and get me outtta this!'

      By the way, in Sheila B.'s case, ofc, '...she served 'em whiskey and wry.' Oh, yeah.

  19. Archangel,
    I will pray for you. We all need one another in the body of Christ. When one member suffers, the other members also suffer. The devil knows our weaknesses, he knows how to make us react. This is why we are all there, as a family, to fight in prayer when a member of the body is attacked in one way or another. And we have our wonderful Savior, Jesus, who is always waiting for us with open arms so that we can cry in his arms. Even isolated you are not alone, God and all of us are there. Carole

  20. Blessings Carole. Thank you so much. You are right, ofc. I did expect things to get worse the closer we get to the Rapture and not just to the Body but individually persecution as well. I tend to shut down when things overwhelm me not having the energy and focus for anything outside myself. I know this isn’t a good way to be but I remind myself that despite my misery,I still know Jesus IS coming to get His Church. I can’t imagine the horror of going through life esp lately not knowing the Lord. We have the most glorious future and as the Apostle Paul said, these light afflictions can’t compare with what is awaiting us and he went through some stuff as we all know. Thank you and all my brethren here for your prayers, thoughtfulness and encouragement. I have learned from all of you and I pray God will bless all of us here as we run our races in this fallen world.

    Sheila B, I worked in a children’s bookstore many years ago and got to read all the classics for children but through the lens of adulthood and enjoyed EB White’s Trumpet of the Swan and Charlotte’s Web immensely. My personal fav was Eloise the little girl that lived at the Plaza Hotel. One wintry day in 1993, my coworker and I spent the day in NYC. Christmas time. I knew they had a painting of Eloise at the Plaza Hotel and had to see it and get a pic. While there, I heard a bit of commotion and followed the sound to find a bunch of photographers surrounding a certain future President. I got two pics of him from pretty close and he didn’t even blink with all those flashes going off in his eyes. Ya just never know...

  21. Lilah Jane told me this morning that last night while she was trying to fall asleep she started telling God and Jesus all the good things she was thankful for and it was a very lovely time.

    And tonight at dinner she asked, "is God the King of joy"?

    I said yes He sure is and then when I asked how she knew that, she said she just figured it out. Pretty cool.

    PS. Last night I had a dream that I cannot fully remember, but my grandmother who died years ago and was a believer was urging everyone to get ready and get to the door because the rapture was about to happen.

    1. Miguel... I know Lilah Jane is like your own special little angel. What an encouragement to her Daddy! And that dream of your grandmother is such a gift...to all of us! TY for sharing and may you continue in such sweet, sweet Blessings, Brother:-)

  22. Hi Archangel, ....which one? ;)
    I would say that I can relate to you. I think many if not most can relate to you to some degree or another. I for one, also during Mother’s Day or with other holidays that come yearly have to ‘deal’ with emotions and the grieving process that resurfaces. Although it has been about 7 years that my wife left me, I still love her and dearly miss my wife. When Mother’s Day comes around, I think what could have been even though we where not able to have children. I miss my wife when Valentine Day comes each year as that is when I proposed to her or every July when we married.

    The first couple of years was horrible and one was a mess; could not think straight, depressed, betrayed, withdrawn. And as you, if it were not for Jesus, I do not know how people could cope. Many do not, cannot and we see the effect because of this pandemic with the mounting suicides, divorces, abuse and the list goes on. Christ created us for fellowship but healthy ones and an environment that reflects that. We are human and that is part of the human condition and experience and due to the Fall, we suffer. For me, it has helped with time to heal and then with my Near Death Experience, it has given me a whole new appreciation to our relationship with Jesus that I would have never had known to such deeper levels.

    I would though agree with all that have responded and perhaps other of the same mind that we do need fellowship especially with likeminded Brethren; and this, at this time even more so if just virtually. This is why, in part they do not want Christians to congregate. They know that there is power in praise and worship corporately as that is what helps cancel-out the energies of fear and despair that feed the demons and plans of the enemy. I hear you about how vexing it is to consider what is happening before our very eyes. We can only take so much and to have a ‘godly’ retreat is perfectly acceptable. Even the LORD when He had sent out the 72 Disciples and then they reported back, Jesus knew that we are but made of dust and I love it when He told them, ‘here come along side and rest a awhile’.

    I too have to prepare my mind and soul when researching all that is occurring and you listed, or else it would be so depressing in those things alone. It is overwhelming. It is no misstatement in how the LORD stated that, ‘men’s heart would fail them for what was to come upon the Earth’. Consider Noah and Lot that the Bible states Lot was vexed in his heart for all the wickedness that was going around them. I can relate as I work in a University, I can attest that we have arrived in parallel to the Days of Noah and Lot …’in your face’ now. They ‘glory in their shame’. Where the campus has a stated policy that rewards, celebrates the immoral and do glory and celebrate that which is shameful as they now call what is evil good and good evil. And any who oppose, or object are targeted like it will be wholesale for the coming Tribulation Period.

    So, keep close to the LORD as you are and know and check in! As the world is getting darker by the day, we need to shine brighter if not more. The Peace and ‘Joy of the LORD is our Strength’. In reading what you shared; you will be alright. :) You realize that at the core, when everything is stripped away, family loved ones, wife, husband, father, mother, children, job, country…we do have what is essential at the core, Jesus. Job also had to learn this too, but wait, Satan didn’t take his wife away? Wait a minute? What is going on here?! ;)

    1. VegaPost Brother, abundant blessings to you. Thank you for your kind encouragement. I can’t imagine the pain of having your wife leave you but I do know that the twain becomes one flesh in God’s sight and to have that breached has to be unbearable. I kinda feel a similar but different in a sense, pain in my mother’s passing. For nine months we were one person which is the miracle of God’s creation but we are supposed to bury our parents not the other way around and that’s why parents never recover from having to bury a child.

      I remember Lot’s soul being vexed by the ungodliness surrounding him. It must be so hard to work with a buncha heathen who flaunt their abominable lifestyles in front of the Eyes of the Most High God. If they don’t repent they will surely reap what they have sown. And I think about Job holding onto his integrity and faith in God even if He slayed him! I admire him so much.And I think of the little boy who was kidnapped and instead of giving in to the terror and fear chose to keep his eyes on God and sing his fav hymn for 3 hrs until the kidnapper let him go. We can learn so much from the mouths of babes!

      With what’s going on I can only thank God for taking my mother Home 3 yrs ago and not leaving her in the nursing home. I hear horror stories of families not being allowed to get in to see their loved ones and the agony of not knowing what they might do to them. Children have died alone because parents are not allowed in the hospital because they don’t want them to see that the hospitals are empty. Oh, how gut-wrenching.

      You are right about strength in numbers even if virtual. Praying for one another. They fear us the most when we are gathered together. Thank you, brother. And I will pray for you that God will comfort you each day until our Departure which I really think could be before this year ends. I remind myself that God knew how much my mother could bear but He also knew how much I could bear and I have to admit that 6 yrs of ambulances, ERs all night, and the terror of what might happen at any second did wear me down. Constantly fighting my brother over her care. Now, I am not consumed by her health problems and can concentrate totally on studying His Holy Word and just enjoy the quiet. And in those quiet moments I just bawl my eyes out!

  23. In the developing line of Israel continuing to fall 'just short' of clinching the deal, God's Roadmap To The End YTC's latest, The I, Pet Goat 2 Class Graduates between May 16th and June 6th - Will this Mark the Next 9/11?, directly points us to this upcoming 21st as highly significant. Hearing a possible echo of "21-0 America" I posted a note to Gigi @BLUEHEAVEN who respo'd she'll look at it, too.

    Meanwhile, Possibly Getting A Huge Pointer To ME Details Of Impending Event(s)?, the Tony Evans/Urban Alternative Bible I have at hand, as a desk reference, mostly, winked at me, so, I popped it open, randomly, something I haven't done in probably well over 10 years. Wow, OK then:

    Judges 4:21

    1. For reference and the seriousness of the hour, my neighbor who is a m u s l i m for sure stated today (Fri-Sat) is their 9/23. So they too are keeping their own calendar.

      Arose early this am to see the "crescent" moon in the "east."


    2. I'll never forget when I read that verse to my elementary aged boys as we went through the bible during homeschooling. Lol! We all were like, dang, the bible has some brutal stuff in it!

    3. Did you see where Jaco zoomed in on the Economist 2019 cover? The Statue of Liberty is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and she's wearing a surgical mask that has become so ubiquitous now in America! Talk about in your face (or, on your face...)!

  24. Jimboni!
    How are you? Thanks for the links and info. I wanted to add also this link below to the viewing queue.
    The interview is from the channel called Edge of Wonder, not sure if you or other have vetted it or come across it. So far, I like their content for the most part. The interview is with the X FBI Agent who was in charge of the real X-Files who goes on the record, etc. If true, not sure but appears compiling. So, discretion is advised for sure. But if what he is saying, would make sense that a False Fag is coming.

    The enemy so badly wants to bust-out of this ‘holding pattern’ as I believe the Restrainer is presently restraining their plans from reaching their next stage, wholesale. As we know, once the Rapture happens, it will completely then give them full power to execute their globalist plans. They will make excuse for millions of those that have disappeared – more vaccines for sure and perhaps Martial Law in some places at the beginning.


    John DeSouza X FBI Agent predicts coming False Flag Event

    1. Lu, I've watched a few videos from the guys at Edge of Wonder. No doubt they are like many folks who are "awakening" in some sense these days. But, alas, pray for them because their theology aligns more with New Age teaching.

    2. X Files! I gotta watch that vid. Talk about predictive programming. X Files and the Simpsons hold the title.

  25. Keith T, blessings and thank you for sharing with all of us your special time with the Lord this morning. Truly a blessing and encouragement!

    Archangel it is good to hear from you! I have been concerned since you went silent and have been praying for you. Please don't isolate, it will bring more harm than good. Continued prayers for your grieving heart, my heart still grieves for my only sister.
    Btw, I recently checked the Family Page and saw your addition. Unless I have it wrong, apologies for mistakenly calling you brother this whole time!

    Family, feeling led to share something. Sorry in advance, once written out it will be a bit long. Uhg! I wrote it out and it's too long! I have to go back and re-write it into 2 posts, bear with me, I'm a slow typer!....

    (Part 1)

    Back on 11/14/19, I wrote out in my journal all of the verses I had highlighted over the years in Deuteronomy. I entitled it, Deuteronomy Promises. Keep in mind, as you read, that these are highlighted bits and pieces so they aren't supposed to go together but in a sense, they kind of ended up doing!

    Here is my compilation:

    You have dwelt long enough at this mountain. Turn and take your journey. The LORD your God, who goes before you, He will fight for you. He knows your trudging through this great wilderness. These forty years the LORD your God has been with you; you have lacked nothing. You must not fear them, for the LORD your God Himself fights for you. For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. You will seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul. When you are in distress, and all these things come upon you in the latter days, when you turn to the LORD your God and obey His voice (for the LORD your God is a merciful God) He will not forsake you nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore to them. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and you shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD.

    1. (Part 2)

      You should know in your heart that as a man chastens his son, so the LORD your God chastens you. What does the LORD your God require of you, but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all His ways and to love Him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen. Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. Love the LORD your God, walk in all His ways, hold fast to Him. You shall not at all do as we are doing here today--every man doing what is right in his own eyes--for as yet you have not come to the rest and the inheritance which the LORD your God is giving you. For the poor will never cease from the land; therefore I command you, saying, "You shall open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor and your needy, in your land." I will raise up for them a Prophet like you from among their brethren, and will put My words in His mouth, and He shall speak to them all that I command Him. Today you are on the verge of battle with your enemies. Do not let your heart faint, do not be afraid, and do not tremble or be terrified because of them: for the LORD your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. So you shall rejoice in every good thing which the LORD your God has given you and your house. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the LORD your God. The LORD will open to you His good treasure. Choose life. Cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days. Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them: for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. And the LORD, He is the one who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed. Is He not your Father, who bought you? Has He not made you and established you? There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides the heavens to help you, and in His excellency on the clouds. The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.


      The first two sentences are like, "Yes Lord! We've been here long enough, it's time to GO!!!

    2. Mom, thank you for sharing the treasure you mined out of Deuteronomy - what amazing words the Father has given us to encourage us along the way. I’ve been so blessed by your tender wisdom and words over the past months...thank you.

    3. Mom, I was very blessed with your post! Thank you!

      May the grace of the Lord to reach you more and more!

    4. Mom...I cannot even tell you what a blessing this treasure trove of God's Protection you have so lovingly compiled was for me late last night. It really calmed my nerves while riding out another fierce squall line. No tornadoes, Praise the Lord, but the lightning was horrific. Some people like a good lightning show, but having suffered some adverse affects of that kind of power, I am not one of them, LOL. Besides having taken some damaging hits to our house back in Florida, I got a severe electrical shock when I was about 20 yrs old that nearly killed me. My internal organs felt like they'd been cooked for weeks and even screwing in a light bulb still makes me nervous after all of these years. I definitely respect the power of the juice:-D TY again and Maranatha, Sister!

    5. Blessings to you, Mom, and bless The Lord! And yes, that truly did bless me, as well! God's word is powerful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    6. Blessings sweet Mom! Thank you for your concern and prayers for me. Much appreciated and don’t apologize; you can call me anything you want lol! I had told Brad that I imagined if I were ever President the code name I would like is Archangel. Ofc, the SS assigns the code name. I just love the name because, as I told Brad, it’s just so righteous (the name not me). I imagine Michael and Gabriel are getting a good chuckle...gee I hope they’re not miffed.

  26. How Far Will They Follow Orders? ~ Rex Reviews

    21min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yvL_G0HzeY

    From Rex: Every person on earth submits themselves to some form of authority or another. Whether that authority be their own convictions, the will of their boss, the command of their king, or the will of the Creator of the Universe, everyone follows some template of authority.

    How far will people follow insane and irrational orders from corrupt authorities?

    Look at history.

    When mankind puts itself in charge and subjugates itself through political force, man-made religious coercion, or other earthly forms of counterfeit authority, history is an absolute nightmare. When men follow the will of the Creator as outlined in his just Law, they live in prosperity and peace.

    The United States of America was originaly founded upon these values and principles, but we have lost our way. We will ineviotably experience the consequences of our decisions.

  27. Hi Jeff,
    Yes, well put. That is why is suggested discretion but should have made more clear to consider the interview only and not the channel as the interview was good, I thought. They are touching upon the New Age at times as they are 'waking up' but I for one would not want to steer anyone to that end.


  28. Family, Blessings. Side note on symbolism and this prompted by details I noticed on PTH's thumbnail of the US Space Force flag having caught my eye. While allusions to &/or details from the N*SA logo seem logical & likely, from many perspectives, this one seemed of note esp in light of Mr. Sunshine & Light, Igor, of Against the Grain YTC's recent unpack of the N*SA logo 'comet' motif being another example of concealed truths admitted/hidden in plain sight concerning comets and their true orbits/cycles.

    Again, while allusions to satellites would ALSO be intuitive, when you set the 2 logos side-x-side, note the striking parallels concerning a pyramid encircled by a satellite/comet. The N logo has 7 stars within the 'orbit'/circle while the SF has none. Not diving into the details of the # of stars and their configurations, although likely significant (MANYFISH?), the N logo depicts 3 clusters of stars, (1) each to the left and right of the center figure and a 3rd centered above it.

    The N Logo 'comet' orbit carves out 2 smaller sets of stars from the top and right group, 3 above, 4 below, creating an artificial 'group' of the 7 'set apart' stars within the circle/orbit. The SF logo also has stars in these 3 spots although the top area is now a single, larger, brighter star, alone; hmmm. No stars are encircled by the orbit on this flag and the left and right groups also are more starkly divided by the central figure, unlike the N logo where the lower groups seem to share a star, or two, along the bottom.

    So, certainly something esoteric likely afoot although my scope only goes thus far.

    US Space Force Flag

    NASA "meatball" insignia, primary logo 1959-1975, 1992-present

    1. The Pyramid/Orbit also both invoke the Vesica Pisces symbolism MF so often points out and the differences in the inclination of the orbit, as well as the N logo showing the 'comet/satellite emerging from behind the center, traveling downwards, the SF logo has it in front and rising. Furthermore, noticing there IS a heavenly body within the orbit on the SF flag and it is the Earth, alone. Things coded on the 1st, the N logo, now emerging on earth, in the 2nd one, and fully encompassing the World, now?

  29. A little humor and you'll know the song IF you are in your mid 40s and above

    Still good even if you don't know song

    From Exalted Lamb 1
    4min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlAFjleSKgk

    1. Charlie! Charlie!
      What? Hey, can you introduce me to one your ‘3 Angels Friends?
      Didn’t know you had the connections Bro? :)
      But all that 1970’s feared hair wiping around might poke me in the eyes!

      Charlie’s Angels Intro:

      That song remix parody was awesome. About time someone did one! I thought of doing one with the 1979 song from the Knack, ‘My Sharona’…or ‘My Corona’. ?! Anybody want in? ..Kidding.

      Lu ;)

    2. Lu, Baby, you're way behind the curve on this one. As mentioned LONG ago, currently occupying final spot at Jimboni tracks: My Corona

    3. Lol
      Well, I just think we can do better…
      The ‘Fab Rev-12 Daily’ ensemble…:)

      Let’s see,
      Charlie can ‘sing bass’,
      You Jimboni can ‘sing tenor’,
      Me and the Sisters, we would join right in there’!

      See? And our first world COVID-19 Tour would be in Wuhan!
      I’ll look into the bookings. I hear flights are cheap now-a-days…
      ;) Lu

  30. Posting a Poach from Light Has Come

    From 5-12-20


    Colossal destruction is coming. California and New York -bombarding, onslaught. (From previous messages I’ve recieved from Father I believe California area will see a big earthquake very soon and from Fathers' message last week some sort of attack on NY area.)


    My children there is no more time to fluff around, the hour draw near. Get your houses in order, turn your face to your Father God Almighty. (2 Kings 20: 1-2) The sun will shine and another day will break but for now, prepare for impact.

    Catastrophic destruction, inhuman habitations, colossal cataclysm, fear and disaster.

    Stay under the wings of Father now like never before and pray for My protection or you will not survive what is coming. I call all My children that is still in hiding to come out of your deserts, pray and drink to the full of my Holy Spirit to quench your thirst. (Revelation 22:17, John 7:37 )

    You will experience inhumanly cruel brutal humanity and spiritual attacks like never before. Spirutual Warfare and armouring up in My Godly armour daily is essential, more then ever before. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ for My strength to stand strong in their faith for if possible, even the elect will be deceived. (Matthew 24:24)

    Stay in constant perfect harmony with My Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 4:3 Endaevoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.)

    This is not the time to get lazy, this is the time to spend time with Me and strengthen up. I AM use the bad to give you time to prepare, use it wisely. The wise will full her lamps with My oil, the lukewarm will burn herself and not be prepared. (Matthew 25) Fallen angels, wickedness of the highest calibre will soon be released, kicked out from their heavenlies. You have no idea what is coming, prepare! Ready yourself, guard yourself.(Revelation 12)

    The evil will hang themselves on their own ropes that they use to try and ensnare My
    children. (Psalm 35:8 Let destruction come upon him unexpectedly, and let his net that he has hidden catch himself, into that very destruction let him fall.) They are wicked, evil, dark. I AM hates them, attacking my beautiful children. They will pay but the wrath is Mine alone. (Psalm 11:5 The LORD test the righteous but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence. Romans 2:8)

    The Righteous will proclaim their Righteousness in My Name for My honour and glory. The evil will always just be cowards that hides behind many. They won’t win, it might look like it at one point but that is the rope I’m giving them to hang themselves on their greediness and pride. They will pay for every deed that they’ve committed against My children for eternity.

    Beloved the time is near.

    I am a loving Father but I need to shake some of my children awake. They are still slumbering and not nearly prepared for what is coming. (Romans 13:10 And that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now our salvation is nearer then we first believed.)

    The shaking must happen and soon, in preparation of those asleep. (Hewbrews 12: 26 -27) Heavily judgements is coming. Stay close to Me little children, it is really not the time now to run in the open. You have to stay inside my feathers and under My wings.

    The aliens aka fallen angels motherships is waiting and in orbit. They are preparing to invade. Make sure you have a safe harbour in Me, anchor yourself now. Be steadfast be ready. (2 Timothy 2:19) Pray day and night. Any time I call you, even if it is in the middle of the night you must come to Me. It is vital for you to hear My voice to take directions.


  31. Posting a Poach from Step Up RE: Pentecost

    [For me, the two sets of 7 2013-2020 and 2020-2027 is a perfect picture and to have PENTECOST smack dab in the middle of the two sets, as it is on the menorah is just more appealing if not so....obvious?] While the next 7 yrs have been mapped out in symmetry to the first 7, my hope is things will be shortened in this second set of 7].

    [I] agree with the 3 harvests with each harvest following the harvest model: first fruits, main, gleanings.

    [I] agree we (the Church) are the wheat as described below and we are the LORD's 2nd harvest and it will follow the model of 3 harvests.

    Better be part of the Wheat harvest and not of the Grape/Fruit/Wine harvest later.



    I was reasoning last night with the Holy Spirit and realized that Pentecost was not completely fulfilled.

    In fact it makes good sense that there was a pause in effect on and since the day of the Church Age of Grace's first Pentecost.

    That means prophecy will have to pick up where it left off concerning timing.

    The original Pentecost was actually the day of conception, not completion.

    Each of us are given a chance to endure till the end in the FAITH so that we may be born again as the children of GOD at the timing of our blessed hope, all in our own order.

    The first 3 feasts were fulfilled in quick succession at Christ's first coming on the earth, so it proves wise to believe the last 3 feasts will be fulfilled in like manner quickly and all together at HIS second coming down to the earth.

    This means the 3 fold harvest of the Church Age will take place during a Pentecost wheat harvest time frame, which includes first fruits, the multitude of the Feild and then the gleanings of the corners. As I have been told there will be 3 departures, and the first 2 seemingly a week apart.

    The church began as wheat being sowed, and now we are at the end of the age when it has become ripe for harvest.

    The barley was fulfilled with Jesus and those that ressurected with him & joined his Ascension as alluded to in scripture.

    Now is time for the wheat harvest of grace.

    Next afterward will be the wrath of GOD that will press the wine harvest to produce salvation in Christ through death during Jacob's trouble (the 3.5 years appointed).

    This is an encouraging revelation for our current high watch for this coming Pentecost timing.

    Let us all call out in one loud voice as his faithful witnesses;




  32. Great re-learning (includes GWR12 and others)

    The Heavens Declare the Glory of God! JUNE RAPTURE DATE IS SET IN THE STARS!

    From Barry Awe

    The LORD put His entire plan for mankind in the sun moon and stars!

    15min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwA3g-wXDrs

  33. Israel has finally formed a government - 508 days waiting.

    508 - Upper Room (greek strongs), where we are reminded that Christ was not going to drink of the cup again until his 'kingdom comes'. A gentle reminder again to the Jews that the last supper was all about Christ, his prophecy of death, shedding of blood and resurrection. Do this in remembrance of me.

    It was also in the upper room that Judas (AC type) was finally revealed to the disciples (although it was lost on them at the time). Am reading too much into this, however...

    1. Good catch! I see you Strong-armed that one, bro!

      About time for us to gather into those upper rooms (Isa. 26:20; John 14:2)! Brothers and sisters---now is NOT the time to get cenacle!


    2. Ooh yes chambers! didn't click on that one (my wife thinks my upper chambers are particularly void of life when it comes to our noisy children!!).

      Cenacle, ha, nice!!!


  34. A few days ago (it was probably Wednesday’s morning) my mom told me that she dreamed that she was packing because she was about to go on a journey. She was waiting for that journey and packing in her dream. My very first thought was the rapture. That she actually had a rapture-related dream IF that dream was from the Holy Spirit and not just a product of her own mind.

    However, I hesitated to tell her about that right away because she almost always shoots me down when I bring up the topic of the rapture. She’s a baby Christian and she thinks in a very worldly way when it comes to certain topics. As for the rapture, she’s always quick to warn me and remind me that it might be years (or decades) away and she’s basically afraid that I’ll keep my head over the clouds and not mind every day’s business if I’m too into watching for the rapture.

    Even so, I felt a nagging on my heart to tell her my interpretation of her dream. Her immediate answer: THAT’S WHAT SHE THOUGHT AS WELL!!! THAT her dream was about THE RAPTURE!

    My jaw dropped to the floor, I was blown away by that because this is a big change in my mom’s way of thinking!!! That could have only come from the Holy Spirit!

    Thought I share it as a bit of encouragement.

    I also asked her about her feeling about that coming journey in her dream, if it felt to be near or sometime later and she said that it felt near!!! :-)

    1. (There are so many gems you guys are sharing here, including the vid Brad shared, I still have to catch up with most of the comments but I thought I add this.)

    2. Wow, Nora! That is wonderful and beautiful. Blessings both to your Mom and you!

    3. Thats really awesome Nora, and hopefully a real encouragement to those in the rev12daily family who are struggling with various family issues.

    4. Nora...How awesome for both you and your mom! Nothing like a good Rapture/Departure dream to wake folks up to the nearness of the hour:-)

    5. Yes, very encouraging Nora! Thank you for sharing.

    6. Wow Nora. That's a wonderful dream your mum had. Thanks for sharing, God bless sister.

    7. I'm happy that it encourages you too, guys! :-)

    8. Blessings Nora! Thank you for sharing your mom's dream and the Holy Spirit's leading on your heart to bring up the interpretation to her. How awesome to see God's hand moving in your mom's heart regarding our VERY NEAR departure!

  35. As noted by Pastor Tim on his Sunday Message, earlier today, The King has no Clothes., events in our land now echo the same ones where a certain King overstepped his authorities, as defined in Scripture and the Magna Carta, and suffered our American Revolution.

    As he reminds us, in that Revolution there were the Black Robed, a group of passionate Revolutionary Pastors who stoked the fires against a tyrannical king from the pages of Scripture and, after such a rousing sermon, would remove the robes, being also garbed for war, take a musket and lead men to war. I sought to mirror and 'amen' Pastor Tim's thoughts in my comment, below, which he highlighted and heart-ed shortly after delivering his sermon, likewise:

    Those who oppose freedom and oppress citizens by arresting them in public for no reason are, by definition, COUNTER-Revolutionaries. They work in OPPOSITION TO the very heart of our Revolution against a tyrannical KING. Again, just as Pastor Tim is CALLING IT OUT, such opposition to our Revolution IS TREASON. It is our duty, as patriots to the REVOLUTION, to forcefully OPPOSE such tyrants. Most modern pastors, unlike Pastor Tim, are worthless men who live off the largess of the flocks they do not lead, except into hell. It is for such men as these that Judgment begins in the temple. May it be soon and bloody. Maranatha!

    1. Interesting Jimboni, that as I dropped off my child to pre-school for the first time in 8 weeks, the manager of the pre-school centre had a new poster she put up to support covid activities, which stated 'support the revolution'. I had to remind myself that the 'weapons of our warfare are not of this world, BUT, they are mighty through God' 2 Corinthians 10:4. Ryan

  36. It just gets more and more creepy.

    We've heard these chants: "Yes We Can", "Make American Great Again", and now we have

    "Join Us"

    5min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lklpgTIgwoU

    These are all unholy inspired chants.

  37. Blessings all. I just watched Pastor JD’s latest update. You know, at least once every message, he gets me hysterical. He recounted seeing a white van pull up in front of his house and he’s thinking (oh no! the contact tracers!) at least something along that line and it turned out to be a part delivery for his ac (air-conditioner not anti-Christ). Highly recommended.

    Thank God His Holy Spirit is Restraining otherwise they would be unleashing the forces of hell on us right now.

    1. I missed him saying that! That is just too funny.

    2. Blessings Cathi G. I have to go back often during one of Pastor JD’s messages to see/hear something hilarious he said or did. Recently, he demonstrated how when walking with his family others quickly move away from them and walked rapidly off camera for a few seconds and I was hysterical. Played it several times. I really think if not a Pastor then he would be a comedian. Laughter truly is good for the heart.

  38. Gee, Jimboni,
    Good topic to address. So, you are advocating for an armed resistance, civil war then? I do appreciate those that do exercise their right to open-carry at rallies and how the 2nd Amendment here in the USA, if at least on paper has the stated/written inalienable right but….with so many state restrictions being passed it has essentially nullified such a right. Realize though that since Trump declared ‘National Emergency’, and thereafter every state, we are really under FEMA Law. As we have seen now, if one is a Patriot and just wants to reopen one’s business or just walk outside or not wear a mask, the point that you either need to have a lot of money to be bailed out of jails and/or have a good lawyer and honestly, be ‘white’. If Blacks or Browns open carry, they are and have been labeled ‘terrorist’ in the past. So, on one side, ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter’.

    Consider that during the 13 Colonies, only the landed Gentry could vote and be represented. No slaves nor even white Indentured Servants could, etc. And it was 1 musket against 1 musket as the elected representatives and any colony government were but a hand full aside from any town leadership and so on. In those days the English had to seek allies and raise and transport an army across the ocean, very costly. And with the new Indian style ‘guerilla warfare’ tactics, the Continental Army eventually won. Realize that the majority of the colonial population were not even involved nor wanted to be in the Revolution. It only took .33 of the armed Continental Army to win. It was really the landed Gentry that had the land and major businesses that called the shots, much like today one can correlate this to the 1% and who own the media, businesses, education, medicine, and worse today as they now are in bed with the Feds and get the billion dollar bailouts all the while they arrest moms, barbers, beauticians for opening up their businesses. And the vast majority of the population is apathetic sheeple, watching Netflix…And even about more than half of all ‘Christians’ are going along and are not ‘woke’ to all this. Remember, it was told to the Jews that they needed to be ‘Quarantined’ for this safety. Same for the Japanese-Americans, etc.

    Point is, today it is vastly different. Sure, you have several well-armed private and State Militias but that is all they have. Most Latin American Cartel gangs are better armed than the police or even the Militias. We are talking about going up against the greats killing machine in the world. It is the envy of the Tyrants, Kings, Emperor and Dictators of old. ‘They’ have the U.S. Army, the best equipped and modern in the world. They have the Navy Fleets with at least 13 super aircraft carriers, the Coast Guards, the Air Force, Nukes, now a Space Force. They have the most advanced surveillance agencies, drones, MRAPs, tactical vehicles, tanks, armored personal that have now been stashed in strategic locations around the nation so when the shoe falls, they will be used against the people in the coming chaos, especially the ‘resisting’ Christians. Ordinary people will actually plead the government to install Martial Law.

    All it will take is for one planted agent provocateur to mask as a Patriot in a rally and shot and kill either a Policeman, and/or Army Personnel to then force the government to confiscate all guns. I hear your disposition and would agree in theory but having been in 2 armies, I can tell you as many have said that what it takes for the NWO Luciferians to carry out their agendas are such men and women to ‘follow their orders’. We are seeing it now with the Nurses and Doctors that have to sign a non-disclosure orders. The police and sheriff’s, for the most part is going along. Point is that one does not, is not obligated to follow an unlawful order. But here is then the dilemma. They will be the first to then be taken out. But in times like these, we do need to be 'as bold as lions' for our Faith.


    1. I posted this up above already, but it is PRECISELY your point Lu:

      How Far Will 'They' Follow Orders?

      By Rex Reviews (think of John Candy meets the Bible then explains it)

      21min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yvL_G0HzeY

      From Rex: Every person on earth submits themselves to some form of authority or another. Whether that authority be their own convictions, the will of their boss, the command of their king, or the will of the Creator of the Universe, everyone follows some template of authority.

      How far will people follow insane and irrational orders from corrupt authorities?

      Look at history.

      When mankind puts itself in charge and subjugates itself through political force, man-made religious coercion, or other earthly forms of counterfeit authority, history is an absolute nightmare. When men follow the will of the Creator as outlined in his just Law, they live in prosperity and peace.

      The United States of America was originaly founded upon these values and principles, but we have lost our way. We will ineviotably experience the consequences of our decisions.

    2. See also...

      O’s stage at the 2008 Democratic convention was designed in the style of the Pergamon Altar, a Greek Temple, which is mentioned in the book of Revelation as the “Seat of Satan” or the “Throne of Satan,” depending on the translation.

      The Biblical reference is not just to the altar, but to Pergamos as a regional center of the Roman state and a center of occult/pagan worship and persecution of the early Christians.

      The Roman state “Imperial Cult” was a religion, in which the roman emperor was worshiped at Pergamos as a god. The black nationalist doctrine of O’s Trinity church in Chicago also teaches that the black man is the manifestation of God on earth and one can self-exalt himself to god status. That man can become a higher being or God and the self-worship of man is a tenet of satanism/Luciferianism.

      A temple is a place of worship. So, it seems that this bizarre stage design is alluding to the worship of O and the dedication of his campaign to Luciferian principles, much like Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. Rules for Radicals is said to be the Bible of community organizers like O. Alinsky was deceased by the time O moved to Chicago, but he was trained as a community organizer by Alinsky’s top students.



      Do you think there are hoardes ready to follow/ I mean "Join" O on "his" mission?????

    3. Hey Charlie,
      Yep…very sobering times that will make one introspectively examine ‘Who is LORD’. What keeps recurring in my mind is how the Sanhedrin ‘ordered’ the Apostle to ‘shelter in place’, stop meeting, and preaching…They said no and got basically nearly lynched. No mere slap in the hand but would be considered torture today. I realize there are good and bad police, firemen, soldiers, etc. But if all such good personnel all banded together and with those say are Believers in the USA, at least there 70 million ‘Christians’, this dilemma would not be happening now. People do not realize what they have in the US Constitution, although not perfect and have lost on behalf of Humanity.

      The USA has been the beacon of liberty that has been founded on government bestowed by the Creator, not a King, nor people even, a Divine Right but not upon sovereigns but the mere human beings despite the sovereigns. And with such principles such a nation flourished like no other but why it has been attacked. This is why it needed to be crucial that as Jefferson and the others realized that only a just and free government would or could continue with those citizens that depended on being politically educated and politically involved.

      This is why they have taken civics out of High Schools; logic is no longer taught at the universities. Now the Generation X, Zers actually have been programmed, conditioned to want socialism. LORD Help! Calgon, take me away! The USA, true Charlie has lost its way, and such are now reflecting its new morals or lack there of. So, what is next? ‘If the foundations be destroyed, what will stand? Nothing. It is falling. We are Rome.

      As to taking ‘order’s…as with Hitler, once he took power, the first thing he did was to initiate, Operation Night of the Long Knives. In 1 night, all the seemingly ‘good’ patriotic ones within his ranks were murdered. This will happen in the USA at some point as it morphs with the NWO. It will be expected of it. Then you have the Clergy Response Teams that will lead the congregations to the camps. Realize that in Germany, the Lutheran Church then also basically caved-in and supported Hitler. Few exceptions as with Bonhoeffer, etc. Did you see that vid of the Policeman Anderson that got fired for encouraging his fellow Fraternal Brothers to not be violating one’s Constitutional Rights? And consider that all police, fire, etc., are essentially crypto-Masonic fraternal orders.

      All it would take is for all such as him, Policeman Anderson and Bonhoeffers to stand against such unlawful orders. Some are, the few though. And I hope and pray when it comes to me, I will be like the Apostles. I am somewhat familiar as I have been detained for open air preaching/reading and for smuggling Bibles into China but nothing to what will be coming.

      Sure, we can protest, as many are, and I so do support and admire them for doing that. But for Bible Believers, we know our time is short and limited. I do believe in civil disobedience but for us, if Jesus tarries with the Rapture, we will be eventually ‘quarantined’ to all those FEMA camps and facilities for refusing to take the vaccines and what better place to have them all then rounded-up to be that more easily then to guillotine away when the order comes from the False Prophet to worship ‘Caesar’. Of course, we believe this precise scenario will be during the Tribulation Period. But we do not say no now while we can, then when? I have told this already to my parents so they are prepared if I go missing at some point in time.

    4. Lu, Blessings. The Judgment I invoke in my close is Of God. It will not be 'of men', this time, agreed. Fully appreciate all you raise and Defer To The Unseen Hand. Mine & PTH's statements are also facts; inconvenient truths, if you will, esp in light of yours. In Kingdom Economy, at times, Saints walk with Lions and, at others, are slain by them, as you know better than most. Pragmatism is core in our western minds and writ large in your post. What of it? A Man On A Cross and His few dozen compatriots changed the entire World, once. Smiling, however, I concur that it will not be by might, or power, but by His Will, alone, this Time, amen.

      BTW, REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM has a live broadcast set up YTC for 5/19 at 12 P.M (East Coast USA time, I think) Ascension To Redemption

    5. Jimboni!
      Amen to all that...then 'Praise the LORD and pass the ammo', :)
      Oh, and when the 'Saints go marching in'...rank and file, what a sight that will be!
      Count me in, in that Number but not the 666th :(

    6. Lu, no deeper bonds than those formed under fire. Your stalwart shoulders manning the spot next to mine are what the Word Speaks of concerning our interlocking shields of faith, and, your well-polished shield honors the signet upon it and all who stand with you, thank you.

      In that spirit, and in response to your recent entrusting with us of your heart concerning very personal areas, I would have you know that I was served my divorce papers, and that all resolved, going on about 2 years, soon. Amazing how some turns-of-chapter in the mind can evoke the 'life before your eyes' recalls. Anyways, perhaps, our sharing a bit more than you might have known, in our lives, may lend a bit of strength to your shield arm. Praise Him.

    7. Et Tu Brute?! :(
      Awe man...Bro. :(

    8. Hey Charlie,
      About that Seat of Satan throne of Pergamum? I really liked the article, he was spot on. Check this out from the Pergamon Museum webpage in Berlin: ‘Please note: The north wing, including the Pergamon Altar, will be closed for refurbishment until 2023.’ Other sites say 2024! It closed in 2018. I don’t think it takes that long for renovations? Hum…This is speculation, but I wonder if Lucifer has actually been manifested himself and sitting on his throne there and there to have rituals, meetings and of course sacrifices and giving the game plane to his minions for after the Rapture?! How interesting that the entire wing is closed to be hidden and away from the public of any activity to be had.

      So, I wanted to interject and contribute to the topic by showing the chart I did of Pergamon in relation to ancient ley-lines and of course my crazy theory of its Cydonia, Mars connections. So, disregard this portion if not palpable. I do, up to now believe in the Gap Theory between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Everything was created in the beginning by Jesus and for Jesus but then the Earth, ‘became formless and void’. This is to say that the ‘creation’ of this portion was refashioned out of something already there.

      And that thus, Angels stationed around the Universe, to include those of Earth, that most likely would have been Lucifer’s allotted domain and throne. Perhaps also had Mars as the abode of other Angels that might have been those that rebelled with Lucifer. And thus, the cosmic war ensuing and destruction and the degree of chaos found in the Universe. So, especially the Cydonia, Mars pyramid anomalies have been so fascinating to me in that they incorporate Sacred Geometry and thus served as ‘portals’, stargates, etc., from where Fallen Angels and demons traverse back/forth from their Principalities, Power, between the ‘Air’, Earth and Heaven for Lucifer... More astonishing is that this same pattern is found in almost all ancient sacred sites on Earth, and in modern world capital layouts. The very seats of powers that are ruled by the same Luciferians, etc.

      Such sites are part of a greater grid of energy and ley-lines…think of Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, etc. I contest that these are the ‘spiritual strongholds’ possessed by the Fallen Angels and are masked by sacred geometry around the world. It was here and everywhere, where Jesus came to take them back. He will at His return but in the meanwhile, He places His testimonies there, the local churches to take over with the knowledge of the WORD and by the lives of all those followers of Christ. But it has been a battle for territory Lucifer does not want to lose. So do realize just how important a physical local gathering actually is. It conveys authority over the area, spiritually and that is why governments so badly want to destroy churches, physically like in China, and other places, the Islamic world. Of course on realizes the actual ‘Church Body’ is not any or in any physical building but to the Luciferians, even having such vestiges cannot be tolerated. This is why Prayer Walks around our homes, neighborhood are essential, even more so now. And something we can do during these times.

      As to Pergamon, topographically it is a the ‘apex’ of the ‘pyramid’ made by the 7 Churches of Asia. It mirrors the ley-lines of the constellation Taurus as Anatolia or Turkey is fashioned like and even that region is called the Taurus Mountains. So, Pergamon, being the apex or the ‘capstone’ of the unfinished Masonic Pyramid one sees in the U.S. Dollar Bill, it is emblematic of the throne of Lucifer, the Eye, and such.
      Chart 1
      Chart 2

    9. Oh man Jimboni - broke my heart with your comment, especially with Caleb square in our minds at all times as well. Nothing more to say except we love you guys. So much brokenness in our rev12daily family, yet God.

  39. From IN THE STARS Part 3: so Pentecost (ala j u n e s i x t w e n t y t w e n t y)

    I enjoy so much from him but in particular, he gives credit to so many of the other watchmen we've heard, followed, supported, watched come and go. Yes, some were burnt but GWR12 and their enthusiasm was not wasted as it awoke SO MANY of us! PTL

    Here is Part 3 where he connects the Departure with the (second) 7 yr time period which begins FoT/ YT 2020 and concludes DoA/ YK 2027.

    I contend it is not a single departure, however, as any harvest follows the same model: 1) first fruits, 2) main, and 3) gleanings. Thus, IF the main harvest is on the day appointed, this means first fruits are before this day and the gleanings are after.... or however the model works around this day appointed.

    Enjoy his humor, enthusiasm, and willingness to show/share his findings!

    38min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1rLM3qJWVc

    1. Q from Brother Chooch (TOL)

      How do you get Pentecost on 6-6?

      A from Dr Awe

      Well for a long while ive believed that the Omer count should begin on the 22nd which is after the entire week of unleavened bread.

      Long study, but the translation of the day which is the "morrow after" has the definition "the continuing".

      Then the 987 from the GWR12 clinched it for me... then Rapture man "being taken out of the way" revealing the anti- christ was cherry on top😁

    2. In support of the timeframe presented above with such good taste and humor... (reminds me of the way Zeus M. provided us comic delivery w/ some serious talk).

      A Tale of Two Comets - June 3-7, 2020
      The Rapture Puzzle
      5min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoO2kB_OT04

      June 6/7, 2020 - Signs are Everywhere
      The Rapture Puzzle
      18min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9JvTH-ui-A&t=1s

  40. Watch Barry Awe. Very strong case for 6/6/2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF2xqPPPmyc. He runs rings around other teachers.

    1. Yes, I just found him and have posted two of his messages above. He includes others and puts EVERYTHING together. Great study on the signals, the markers, and the God appointed #s.

      Now we need George, Renee, Chooch (Esq?), SR Monette, Ty Green, and all others to see where we've been 2013-2020 (Renee from Rapture Puzzle has pretty well shown the 2013-2020 timeline) and see where we are going (in the next 7 yrs 2020 to 2027)...and how our collective studies are coming together even better than ever before.... 2020 is our best eyesight but in hindsight...

      Indeed 10 The days of our years are threescore (20x3) years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore (20x4) years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Psalm 90:10

      I also like how he touched on Psalm 18. It is all about the current trouble, the escape, and the destruction to follow. Wow, what a treasure and summary of the events.

      As Psalm 18 indicates and we have maintained here, when things fall down, we go up. What an exchange of LIGHT ENERGY this will be. It will be something spectacular an Earth shaking (See Ezekiel and Revelation for this great shaking event to come upon the entire Earth, I believe it is the same one to be belivered Pentecost (see also Exodus 19)).

    2. Well, as to June 6, 2020 Rapture? Not sure but...
      -There will be that June 5-6, 2020 Penumbra Lunar Eclipse.
      -June 6 is D-Day.

      So, perhaps a the 'Invasion' begins...?! Spiritual? War? False Flag? Event?...

      But the Triad of Eclipses in:
      1. June 5-6 Lunar P
      2. June 21 Solar (Summer Solstice) Annular (Ring of Fire)
      3. July 4-5 Lunar P

    3. Well actually, Dr. Awe left out all the Bethlehem Star re-appearance(s), the super moons on TuBavs, and some other astro nomical occurrances, so almost everything.

  41. Hey Lu,

    Remember our discussion on Pr Will from the past post? Well, O could be another in addition to one other to rise..... as we discussed before.... p w

    The June 21 Total Eclipse Pr William Connection
    From SMHP (5/10)
    110min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwsGB2OjN1c

    Skip to the 30min mark to begin the wow moment. IS 6 6 6 really telling us there will be three beasts????

    What? There is not one, but three to come? So our hunches include all of them:

    1) See SR Monette for the the rcc papacy
    2) We know O could be and also
    3) Pr W

    1. Charlie,
      Got it...I'll check them all out!

    2. Makes perfect sense actually.

      1) The saints have been oppressed and persecuted (100s of millions of protesters to the rcc were murdered) by the papacy for 100s of years. They have ushered in a false religion/ an anti-christ religion (aka chris lam) and have the scarlet/ purple to prove it.

      2) O (the assyrian) has been a beast already (see timeline starting in 2013) and will be the beast taking over after t_rump exits stage left and will continue or tighten the beast's control over what he (O) already has started and has done and will pick up where he left off (post Penetcost).

      3) Elder prince will come in his own name to replace the 2nd beast under the guise of 'peace'. By this time, a 3rd temple will be erected in Jerusalem by the orthodox communities (Noahides and neo-evangelicals supporting them) will be ready for 'their' messiah to take his place.

      The seals have been opened since the ascension of Jesus. The 4 horsemen have been riding a long while (nearly 2,000 years).

  42. Don't really know anything about this guy, or if he truly knows what he's talking about and although he's not coming from the standpoint of our faith, he does acknowledge it's part in pointing to this possibility, but since I've already seen this phenomena mentioned before as I shared up above...it actually might be an interesting next few days:

    @The Breadcrumbs Project "We need to talk! Comets Atlas Y4 and SWAN are going to intersect and cause a massive EMP! Get ready!"

    And re a civil disobedience "revolution", I'll just mention what I say to the hubby whenever he starts talking about his being ready and willing to go to the mat re the Liberty Tree's needing to be watered again...DRONES---as in the military's L.O.C.U.S.T program (or The Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology) which packs small disposable drones into rocket launcher like mechanisms, then fires them out like giant winged bullets. They glide through the air in communication with one another flying in a formation that re-configures as need be. The movie "Angel Has Fallen" from last year showcased these deadly little devils in a stunning and eye opening scene. Not much in the way of our redneck small arms will stand up to this kind of technology. So-o-o-o....I'm depending on the Open Arms of Jesus as the only real way to get us out of this mess and just in the nick of time;-)

    Blessings All and Maranatha!
    (Back working with the hubby again for a little while, so pray for me:-))

    1. I can see that ... I read something awhile back on I think 500 of them bought by the government to distribute to sheriff offices etc.
      Then, there was the woman being followed by a drone in Londo because she didn't have a mask on, telling her to go home.

  43. Jimboni mentioned above that Paul Dawson (REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM) has a live video premiering Tuesday; it will actually be at 2:00 EST. It would be fun to see a lot of you there chatting in the premiere :)


  44. Blessings all. They have been militarizing the police for the longest time and used the nonsensically transparent excuse of MRAPS, etc just being “left over” after wars. How convenient. It upsets me no end to see a mom in Australia who looks as if she couldn’t hurt a fly being handled roughly in front of her screaming terrified child being arrested and thrown into a police van all because she was on a public street holding a sign that, ironically, said we have no rights. And the woman in the NY subway, again in front of her child, being manhandled to the ground for not wearing a mask and social- distancing by cops who were also neglecting to social distance by arresting her! Don’t think they were masked either. N95s make it hard for me to breathe. But when I walk into the store to pick up my prescription, I see the biggest cop I’ve ever seen standing there looking right at me to see if I’m wearing a mask.

    Tough guys. I made a noise complaint the other night and, unbelievably, instead of asking how many or for a description of the partiers, he asked, “Are they coughing?”. I had to laugh but it’s pathetic. I remember when weapons were considered weapons. Now a natural function of the body God gave us to help us rid our bodies of germs is for all intents and purposes, considered a weapon.

    Those who follow orders instead of morals are dangerous.

    1. That is disturbing ... The mask issue is just too much ... But, complaining about noise from a party and being asked if they are coughing?!! Well, that just takes the cake!

    2. From the Corbett Report
      It is info that is already known about Gates, but a good review.

      It’s all about killing population. The 1st Commandment of Lucifer: Keep Humanity below 500 million in perpetual harmony with nature.

      Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

    3. Blessings Cathi G. I read someone got very ill from a contaminated “test kit”. Can’t verify but can easily believe. I thank God He took my mother Home 3 yrs ago. I never ever question His Divine Decisions. I remember my wonderful Jewish neighbor telling me “she’s safe” and I remember thinking the very same thing. God knows best.

    4. What’s Gatez of Hell got against Indian and African kids?

    5. Anchangel, good question.
      If I may interject from one coming from the 3rd world as they, the Indian and/or the Black Africans, Bill Gates and the like believe in Eugenics and are Darwinian Evolutionists. Simply put, the see Humanity on a trajectory toward ‘Godhood’ and such races are an impediment or restrainer to achieve such a goal. They use the plight of the poor with the problems of hunger, over-crowding and famine as an excuse to ‘help’ them, by eliminating them. They take it upon themselves to reduce the reproduction ability as the main solution to this predicament. They do not see it as an issue of sin, greed, in the world due to the Fall, etc.

      Also, such populations are the most vulnerable, less education if at all and defenseless legally. Meaning that Gates with his billions can come in and buy up all the legal legislation and protection to impose this eugenic ‘final solution’ like Hitler did with the Jews and the rest of the identified ‘undesirable’. As a eugenicist, Hitter did the same and they are using the same game plan on the worldwide scale on us. Hitler and company first started to euthanize or legally murder the handicap.

      India and Africa in terms of vaccine development have been the real live testing or ‘killing fields’. China has been the Social Credit Score experiment. Now that they have perfected their apparatus, it is now rolling-out on the rest of the world, thanks to technology and the induced fear factor of a pandemic to coward the world with.

      The slaughter of millions, especially in the 18th to 21st century have largely been based on this ‘scientific revolution’ and models of Humanism. More people have died of war that has been cause by these Frankenstein ‘scientists’ that have used their theories to implement wholesale murder: Darwinism, Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Maoism, etc.

      I was also taken aback at that interview with the Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, supposedly a Constitutional Law expert. He advocates that it is and will be ‘Constitutional’ to have the government force vaccinate anyone they want. That those that refuse to be vaccinated do not have the constitutional right to infect others that are vaccinated. Yet, it is appalling to see this rationale as those that are vaccinated would theoretically be ‘immune’. He stated that if the State determines through a ‘democratic’ legislative process as society would account for the threat and risk, that it is arguable and acceptable.

      So, in see the documentary of the Architects of Doom by Cohen, Hitler had the same argument and used it. He convinced the German nation of a threat, of an invisible pestilence, of a contingent that had to be identified first…(ID’ed) and then fumigated with gas as with insects and rodents that threatened the people. Those rodents, and viruses, contingents were the Jews. The legal passage of laws was then accepted by the people and passed by a democratic process as the society deemed acceptable. If one was in court arguing this case against forced vaccinations under the U.S. Constitution, I would ask Professor Dershowitz, a Jew the following. Would you agree that based on the social consensus of the German nation, and through their legal apparatus, it was then constitutional for the Nazi State to force you as a Jew to fashion the Star of David as an ‘identifier’ and be tattoos with ink under your skin with a number? Does making it legal make it right because you Mr. D. as a Jew are deemed the virus that then has to be identified, isolated and fumigated like a rodent for the safety and preservation of the whole?

      This time around it will be the Christians that refuse the vaccines and eventually the Mark. We will be seen as part of the problem and not the solution. Thus, legislatively and acceptably allowed to be exterminated as a direct threat to the New Society.

      Well, you asked the question…. :)

    6. I see this happening to me a my local grocery stores, already. Out of 30 who are allowed to be in the store at any single time, myself and perhaps one other IS NOT subjecting ourselves to the silly cover up and be safe talk.

      But, as I am the 1% I am seem as a threat, the one who can cause harm to others and thus, I must be barred and in the fuutre, be taken away to a special place so I cannot hurt anyone (with my bad breath?)

      From Rapture Ready today

      Neurosurgeon Says Face Masks Pose Serious Risk to Healthy People

      We see the 322-19 fans react in favor of the state in this article.

      [Editor’s note]: Many in the medical field are disputing Dr. Blaylock’s claims and do not see wearing a mask as a serious risk to healthy people, although people who have breathing difficulties, such as those with COPD, smokers, etc., may be adversely affected. Nor do the masks weaken the immune system, according to these medical professionals. While most concede that hypercapnia is possible, they say it is highly unlikely, especially with cloth masks.

      [[Original article]]:

      Every Karen on Facebook is shaming her neighbors for not wearing a face mask. We are being told by governors that if we don’t wear masks we are selfish, horrible human beings with no souls who want Grandma to die a horrible death. Police are tackling people who don’t wear face masks properly in the subway. Grocery stores are throwing maskless people out and denying them service.

      But now, there’s another doctor weighing in—besides Dr. Fauci, bonafide sex god and ruler of us all, who also said face masks are largely security theater and of no use to the healthy. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, has written an editorial saying that “masks pose serious risks to the healthy.”

      First, Blaylock says, there is no scientific evidence that masks are effective against COVID-19 transmission. Pro-science people should care about this.


    7. Also from Rapture Ready

      Weaponization of Fear :: By Geri Ungurean
      FEAR is the driving force which is controlling most of America. It has been packaged so well and has been fed to the American people from the mainstream media. The deception is working. The leftwing audiences hang onto every word they hear from CNN and the rest of the Fake News sites.


    8. Blessings VegaPost. My question was rhetorical but I get ya.

    9. And that Dershowitz interview was stunning in his ignorance of Constitutional rights.

  45. This will make you smile. Congresswoman goes off on Gill Bates, Bilderberg, ID2020 & Corrupt Mass Media.


  46. I thought this was a really awesome article and it aligns with what I've been hearing in the Spirit.


    1. Miguel P, blessings! Thank you for sharing that article, it is an encouragement to me for those whom I am daily praying and asking for. I am holding onto hope that God will do a wondrous work in all of our lost and prodigal loved ones.

      The last few days, the Lord keeps bringing to mind these two words spoken to my heart after a tearful lament: "Soon enough."

      May it be so, Lord.

    2. Soon enough is right. I can also add that in my recent dream getting to the door was exceedingly urgent and hurried. The lack of much time left was obvious and clear. There was a strong parallel with Nora's mom's dream.

  47. Hi Guys,

    So after reading Jeova's comment last week on the previous thread, which he thoughtfully has copied from a T.W Tramm's Facebook post, and he gave 22 reasons why the Rapture Could occur on Pentecost.

    Well It (and Ryan from NZ) gave me the idea to put his words to pictures, with the hope that it will be easier for people to absorb, and maybe show loved ones, why we are on super highwatch these days.

    Here is the link to the video in case anyone wants to see it:

    YTC: Jordan Clarke
    LINK: https://youtu.be/oIMDnJhWzO4
    DURATION: (15 mins)

    1. Excellent video, Jordan!
      Thanks for the reference!


    2. Very good presentation, Jordan. The piano music was a nice touch as well as your choice of photos. As I had mentioned previously, if this doesn't convince someone of a Pentecostal rapture I'm not sure what will! We must be getting very close because there are many small figs forming on my fig trees!!! Summer is nigh!!!

    3. reeeeeeallly great Jordan! its amazing how much more you pick up when you watch this with pics and the like. Loved it!!

    4. Thanks guys for the encouragement. Hopefully it can be used as a tool to open the sleepy sleepers eyes . God bless.

    5. Jordan .. nice work Love the encouragement!! Thank you for the link

  48. A few posts ago I posted a prophecy from a woman who said prior to all the major 'events' happening, the world would experience a surprise, extended winter....

    From Rapture Ready today

    Late season snow and unusually cold May temperatures from North America to Europe

    A late-season cold blast has been dumping spring snow from North America to parts of Europe since early May, causing records to tumble in several areas as the cold Arctic air ripped through west to east.

    The intense Arctic outbreak brought rare snow and record cold temperatures to portions of North America, with some areas experiencing below-freezing temperatures and significant snowfall.



    Foretelling as things are about to happen there? (and ny and miami etc...)

  50. Remember smokey from Lost? How it was a dark cloud (of death)? Much like Exodus 19. Dark smoke/darkness proceeds Him/ His arrival.

    The Death Star , Planet X approaches
    From Mike 444
    5min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dm7iHduv8E

    Rapture Puzzle has done a nice job showing how the 3 DoD fits into the equation, arriving around 6/3 or 3 days prior to Pentecost.

    Supported by Dr. Awe's june s i x Pentecost marker and others.

    [[ Note: I certainly do not believe N&^A or any pther "scientific" theories of an "outer space", BUT I do believe these objects are God-sent and from God himself from God's heavenly abode above us (above the solid foundation of the Earth see Psalm 104). The BIBLE calls them "hailstones" while the world made up their own terminologies ]].

    We have been warned time and time again about how deep and dark this darkness will be (pure evil). Cannot have an escape prior to significant oppresion (see Exodus). Thus, why the Escape of the Bride will be quite an event, an exchange of LIGHT ENERGY breaking through a most supernatural darkness.

  51. IF you need a smile, a laugh, and a boat load of Biblical teaching, THEN see/hear the six part series from Dr. Awe posted at "But That's Just Me"

    [He is a combo of himself, Zeus Moss, and Robin Williams]


    "A dear sister in Christ shared this this six part series with me and I just had to share with you all as well! The series is from Dr. Barry Awe! He may just blow your mind! Dr. Barry is very energetic and if you are a low key quiet type I beg you to hang in there because he slows down a bit and gets to some awesome points with each part he does. Have some courtesy and love for your brother in Christ and understand that we ALL have different personalities. Clearly, he has a goofy sense of humor. There is NOTHING wrong with that. My Dad had one and my husband has one and it has brought such joy into my life that I thank the Lord for! Don’t be a joy sucker and allow a little silliness and fun in. Some are sadly being nasty but others are being wise as well. Some one commented under one of his videos: “I’m a very serious person & your sense of humor is a bit much for me, but I want to glean important information. So, I watch your sincere heart videos despite the silliness.” There are nuggets in his videos. You can move pass the singing to get to them if you desire. However, I bet you will laugh, chuckle and or smile because, you just can’t help yourself but, most of all, you will get super excited for the prospect of Pentecost! Will we be heading home in June?


    1. Blessings Charlie, and thank you for sharing Dr. Awe's videos. I watched Part 3 last night from your recommendation a few posts up. Unknown had mentioned him as well. His video, style, and teaching was unexpected and made me chuckle. I think it's good to be a little silly sometimes. Laughter is medicine to the bones after all. I think Zeus would have gotten a kick out of Dr. Barry :)
      I plan on checking out his other videos. Thanks again brother!

    2. There is so much in these videos. While I started with part six (to find out the end of the mystery) I am now on #2 and am just blown away.

      1260 and 1290 and 1335 are REPEATED throughout the Bible, so is 726 and other key #s.

      As he quotes, "God speaks to us in #s!" Hebrew and Greek, the only two alpha-numeric languages which of course, the Bible is written (in addition to the stars above).

      I love how he credits/ references all the fellow watchfolk throughout his videos. Big shout out to the R12 community!!!

    3. Yeah that Dr Barry Awe YouTube Channel is awesome, he has a great style, very relaxed and easy to watch.

      Thanks Charlie, Good recommendation.

    4. Yes Charlie...TY for the great referral!. I've seen his comments on other vids but had no idea. I've only watched Part 1 as yet and I love his attitude as he shares what seems like some extensive Scriptural knowledge and yes...he does remind me of Zeus M.:-)

  52. Did anyone catch Paul Dawsons livestream this morning and wish to summarise key points for us all:)

    1. Zeal Life, Blessings. Cutting to the chase, we are now past the Frame of the Kaduri Prophecy in a brief, 'open end', as it were, slipping into the Shoshoni words which also are more granular, like unto a zoom lens driving into the shot, which speaks of their Messiah on hand by this next Sabbath, in a couple of days. Meanwhile, this Thursday, just prior, is the Day Upon Which Christ Ascended.

      And I'll see you in the sky-y-y-y-y-y....

    2. Brilliant, thank you kind sir!!


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