Prophecy Potluck... Community Discussion

Hello all... you may not be familiar with the concept, but up where I'm from you have something called a pot luck. Basically its a gathering where instead of one person cooking everything, each person brings something. With that in mind, I am compiling a few things that Shelia and Jimboni and Alla have shared recently for this post. Perhaps you can add more below. I am in the midst of a abnormal season with my family/work life, so that is part of the reason for my lack of consistency lately... but I pray Jesus comes soon and solves everything for us! 

In the meantime here are some things to check out if you haven't seen them yet. (I also see that Scottie Clarke put up a new video today... I plan to watch that soon and share my thoughts on that as well....) Thanks for sticking with me, it is so encouraging to see all your interaction, I just pray we can hold together until that great day. God Bless you all!

From Jimboni:
G'day Family, in light of how far afield this post will go and our being well over 100 replies, I think this means we need a new article to rant around. (quotes and refs from Wikipedia and article at Fox By Greg Norman (

100 years ago, today, Weds 3/13/1918, The USS Cyclops failed to arrive at port, "resulting in what remains the largest loss of life in Navy history unrelated to combat". This ship, reported to be the Navy’s biggest and fastest fuel ship at the time, and 309 crew MIA 100 years ago. Well, considering the significance of this "100 year" anniversary happening NOW, the pre-eminence of this ship as largest and fastest, along with the mythical and occultic symbolism surrounding the name, I felt 'pulled' to dig in a bit. I found some interesting starters and will look for y'all to take it from here.

Cyclops are members of a primordial race of giants (Gen 6:4) and the offspring of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky). OK, THAT clearly rings of Deception concerning creation. BTW, Gaia & Uranus are also the parents of the first 12 Titans, siblings of the Cyclops. Got that? TWELVE children of the 'gods' are Titans, lesser gods themselves, chosen 12, who are later opposed by their offspring, the Greek 'gods (Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, etc.) who DEFEAT them and the Titans are then assigned to Tartarus, the deepest harshest spot in Hell. Circling back to the Cyclops, "In Hesiod's Theogony, Zeus releases three cyclopes from the dark pit of Tartarus. They provide Zeus' thunderbolt, Hades' helmet of invisibility, and Poseidon's trident, and the gods use these weapons to defeat the Titans." Wow, a LOT of counter-typology THERE for sure.

So, how does this ring in for us Watchers? 100 years after the DISAPPEARANCE of The Cyclops, a being with ONE EYE which was called from deepest Hell and which was a descendant and an 'angel' or agent of the counterfeit 'gods' attributed with creation, happening NOW in the context of everything we are already SEEing. Should this, the expected 'next' find for long missing vessels, be found, what would THAT portend? BTW, The Cyclops was a collier, a coal carrier for fuel for other vessels. That is, The Cyclops kept the FIRE going in vessels of WAR. One thought that comes to mind is that Lucifer could be seen as being Cyclopean: Spawn of deception, called from & destined for Hell, Single-eyed focus on his hatred of our Abba and His creation, currently unseen but lurking in the depths of the seas (Rev 17:15).

I am so looking forward to what our Abba shows YOU! Do tell! Maranatha!

From Sheila:
Could this be a new Jewish calendar for the next dispensation as this Age of Grace closes? Watchman on the Wall 88 gives us a heads up as it is “coincidentally” launched on this pivotal day at the end of the 120th Jubilee year and he leaves a link to the corroborating article.

5 min of hope and joy! Brother John @Watchman for that Great Day exudes excitement and anticipation at the news that the Barley harvest is right on schedule this year. Let us all be looking up for that Great Day with this diligent Watchman on the Wall until we soon hear the blast of THAT Trump.

The archeological work being performed at the City of David site is an ongoing testimony to the Word of God being fulfilled in our very day.

Whether you agree with this time frame or not, the math and science put forth by Daniel Matson and Darren Jack is fascinating and worth considering as we head for the finish line.

I know many watch Pastor JD but some have been talking about the rate of prophetic fulfillment increasing so it might be good to link it for those who haven’t seen it and the wider audience that doesn’t comment. 45 min and well worth it.

From Alla:
Hi all, it's very interesting today, for all your thoughts are great! Thank you! I'm searching all Scriptures. And I found also to Stephen Hawking interesting article – And here also, in Now the end begins the article about Trump - Tillerson - Pompeo, with regard of Middle East and the Rapture in Springtime –

And the article of Hillary is real good, make thoughts und need to search. Many Blessings!

I made my research with this sounds of trumpets, simply with this wording of Scriptures, and I want to share with you, what do you think about.
1Cor 15:52 (KJV) – In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
– at the last trump:
– for the trumpet shall sound,
– and the dead shall be raised incorruptible,
– and we shall be changed.
trump – # 4536 – salpinx – a trumpet, the sound of a trumpet
Examples: Mat 24:31 (KJV) – with a great sound of a trumpet
1Cor 14:8 (KJV) – if the trumpet give an uncertain sound
Heb 12:19 (KJV) – the sound of a trumpet
Rev 1:10 (KJV) – voice, as of a trumpet – and so on (very many Scriptures with this meaning)
Therefore, trump is simply the sound (blast) made by a trumpet. There aren’t other words among these: “at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound”, so we don’t need to add other searchings. “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” is possible only one sound (blast) of a trumpet, all events in this Scripture take place in this same moment. And then, in 1Thes 4:16, is only one trump – trump (the sound of a trumpet) of God.
1Thes 4:16 (KJV) – For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
– with the voice of the archangel,
– and with the trump of God:
– and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
The Lords comes back for us and gives a shout which will sound as a trumpet. There are very many examples in Scriptures that the voice of the Lord sounds as a trumpet. I didn't yet make the research of this last Scripture, but I want to. Then I write also about. Very much blessings!


  1. That's great! Words fail me, awesome selection! Thank you, Brad! And don't you want to add a couple of thoughts to yourself for dessert? Very much Blessings to you and to all Family! Maranatha!

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  4. Working in the field of Neuroscience led me to understand a little bit more about Steve Hawkings. I do remember praying for him Yes, he beat the odds of living longer ... much longer than should have with his condition. Only the Lord will know with those last moments whether he accept Christ into his life ...just like the thief on the cross. .. my grandfather is stubborn European man raised Catholic and then became a mason moments before he died he confessed Jesus as his savior I believe now he is in heaven . He spent so many years Define God's word and doing what he wanted to do .
    I believe that the Lord somewhat recovered me in the last 24 hours, thank you Cathi for the scripture that you sent. Understanding the power of God that holds us through these difficult times is amazing. There is so much evil, there is so much strife, and yet there is so much here on Earth where we can behold God's amazing Beauty. God is Not deserted as He with us and making things ready to bring us home. We must get ready for the biggest potluck in heaven.Marantha

    1. Awesome testimony about your grandfather, VeeBee! Praise the Lord that people have the chance to turn to Him at the very end of their lives, even taking their last breaths! (Just like the thief on the cross next to Jesus did, who is an excellent example of the Lord's mercy in many ways.)

    2. Amen, VeeBee and Nora! I have also some experiences. I remember I prayed at the bedside of my dying fathers-in-law and tried to bring him to the Lord, he didn't believe in God at all. I don't know if it was successful or if I said right words, but I think it was from the Lord, all good comes from Him! He hadn't reacted to anything for several days and was lying in a hospice, and suddenly he raised his hand and stroked my head. And it was the same way last year at the bedside of my dying mother. She was an unbeliever, but in recent months she had agreed to my prayer. I don't know where she went. But it was from the Lord! My elderly father is now alone, reading the Bible and praying, and his health has improved. He is for me a living example of faith, patience and prayer. Therefore all our prayers are very precious before the Lord. Be all blessed! Maranatha!

    3. Beautiful testimonies of hope and faith, Sisters. Regardless of what anyone might think, a lot can go on in those moments just before death. I sat by my Dad’s deathbed for 3 days after he’d suffered a severe irreversible brain injury. There had been no activity registering at all. Although he was involved in church activities, I was very unsure where he really stood with Christ based on the fruits of his life. He was a manipulative and selfish man where his family was concerned and had caused much generational damage, but he was still my Dad. Truthfully, before I was called to the faith, I harbored a lot of resentment and couldn’t have cared less about him, but once I found grace, I was compelled to extend it even to him. Anyway, just before he passed, a huge amount of brain activity occurred for almost an hour. I watched his eyes moving rapidly back and forth as if he were being shown a panorama of events
      And was trying to keep up with it all.
      In my spirit, I felt that he was having a conversation with the Lord as he was being shown the vast consequences of his life on earth.
      When his eyes stopped moving He took one last deep breath and hopefully entered Heaven. There was a sense of peace in that hospital room and all of the staff around him commented on it. Those 3 days had become precious to me as I prayed for him to get Home with Jesus. God cleansed my heart of any remaining bitterness. That thief on the cross really tells the tale regarding God’s saving authority.
      Blessings All!

    4. Marvelous and heart-warming VeeBee and Alla, and now Sheila.
      Luke 15:10 Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

    5. Amen! Thank you Cathi and Sheila very much! I will be more sure now that I meet them all with the Lord in the air! Really! And all this is also signs, the Lord is coming! Maranatha!

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  6. Brad, the last one you shared is from Sister Alla, not me. (This one: "Hi all, it's very interesting today, for all your thoughts are great! Thank you! I'm searching all Scriptures....") Praying for your family! *blessings*

  7. If I might add to the "potluck," I thought someone here may find interest in this rapture speculation post that I started. Any feedback or criticsm is welcome. Thanks!

    I realize that the post is not finished, but there is enough details that some of you will probably connect the dots.

    1. Nice work Brandon. There are just so many good possibilities and clues in the Bible, I am not sure which will be the right prediction. But I am watching nonetheless.

      BTW the 153 verse in the bible is about the dimensions of Noahs ark!

  8. In addition to the Countdown to the vernal equinox diagram ( from Daniel Matson.
    The Vernal equinox is on 3-20-18, next Tuesday.
    The beginning of The Great Sign was on 9-23-17 and the end was on 9-24-17. The difference is also resp. 178 and 177 days. Strong’s Greek for those numbers is resp. ‘Uncondemned’ and ‘Unveiled’…. Something for the Prophecy Potluck...
    Blessings. Erik (from Germany)

    1. TY Erik for those Tapestry threads!

    2. Jimboni, that report on the Cyclops was
      interesting in the same way as Hawking’s death at 76 is re his issue of that “Final Warning to Humanity” and the Strong’s G#76 meaning Adam or man. If they find this lost vessel, it could be taken, for those with eyes (no pun intended) to see, as a subtle hint toward the Beast that rises up out of the sea. Amazing times, Brother!

    3. Sheila B., Yes, it did seem connected somehow by proximity. Funny thing, however, is that virtually nothing I found in the Cyclops research resonated anything with me in terms of prophetic connections. I saw no meaningful numbers, SPECIFIC connections, or types, which was weird. Thinking about it and discussing it with the Spirit these past few days I am wondering if this falls into the rule of "the exception proves the rule". What I mean is that, one criticism we get in the Watcher community is that we find significance in everything where none may exist. That story feeling like a dry well may be a point which shows that where nothing is there, we won't find it, validating, in a roundabout way, the times we DO find things which 'feel' significant. Part of why I posted in such detail was my inability to find a hook to hang any hat on and wanted to see if the Spirit had something for someone else to see? Maranatha!

    4. Jimboni, maybe not that we can really see or need to know, but I’ve come to learn that under God’s sovereign hand, every thread seems woven for a reason. It is interesting that of the four Sister ships of Cyclops, the Nereus and the Proteus met the same mysterious end in the same waters and the Jupiter, converted to an aircraft carrier in WWII, had to be scuttled after a Japanese attack.
      All named after mythological deities. Just me and where my mind goes and these all being war supply ships, it kind of reminded me of the watery imprisonment of the four angels bound under the Euphrates.
      Not saying that it has anything to do with prophecy...just found it to be weirdly interesting:-)

    5. Oh, and the anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of a ship named Cyclops that was built in Philadelphia coming up right now while the Church of Phildelphia is awaiting their mysterious disappearance before the all seeing eye of the beast system comes into play...nah, probably not. Hey, you brought it up:-D
      Blessings, Brother!

    6. Sheila B., Great deeper digs! The Philadelphia connection seems spot on and the threading of it you suggest also rings. That you found the sister ships and the echoes of the same fate among 3 of the 4 and the ultimate outcome of the 4th, hmmm. The naming around pagan deities was, of course, what had caught my eye on The USS Cyclops and also has messages within.

      One other thought that niggles is that the final voyage of the Cyclops was different than its priors. That final voyage had the ship carrying a shipment of more valuable ore, as I recall reading, instead of coal. On THAT voyage it was basically being a barge for some more valuable ore.

      The thought occurs that the disappearance was a theft of the cargo by powerful industrial interests. IF such happened, then the elements of deception, theft, mis-direction, etc. WOULD seem appropriate, by connection, to many things now; even more so in light of your Philly connection and recent musings about our Lord telling us that no one would Harpazo us from HIS HAND (theft of the bride cargo?). Also, IF such happened, our inability to quickly see the 'hit' on a connection here would both make more sense and also validate the find in an odd way (Prov 25:2, of course!). Maranatha!

    7. Oh, and that, of this family of ships the father was the USS Jupiter?! THAT name in light of its significance, the symbolic significances of the specific planet also assigned that name, which many of us heard only since 9/23/17? That, if nothing else, affirms to me that there are details herein worth digging into. Maranatha!

    8. Hah, yeah... this caught your eye for a reason. I believe also that I read the commanding officer aboard the Cyclops was suspected of German collaboration and as the ore aboard was used to manufacture steel, ( more war machines) the motivation to sink or capture would surely have been there. But I doubt TPTB would have wanted such negative info made public. My guess is they knew exactly what happened to that cargo. Mysteries are easier to just keep sweeping under the rug as just that. Ok, folks, these people are obviously gone, abducted by aliens or whatever.
      Time to declare them lost and move forward toward our Utopian victory;-)

  9. Except for the few watchmen/women I'm following, I can't stand youtube anymore! What's going on there among Christians waiting for the rapture aka the amount of legalistic, pharisaical hate- and fearmongering and pointing of fingers, 'who will be let behind in the rapture for this or that' plus the parading of one's self-righteousness... I've truly had enough, it's nauseating! Brother Barry was right pointing out that YT is not for baby Christians and for those who are young in the faith! Though this phenomenon's going on almost everywhere now.

    Acts 15:10 comes to mind: "Now then, why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of Gentiles a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear? No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.”

    (That was a rant, sorry!)

    1. That’s ok, Nora...I’ve been going through the same rant. There is a sewing of the spirits of fear, confusion, superiority and condemnation.And unfortunately, there are those with their watering cans at the ready. And it’s not just on YTC as you said, it’s everywhere.
      But the name calling and insults between those claiming to be members of the Body needs some serious and fast introspection. Praying for All of the Body of Christ to focus their vision on the Blessed Hope.

      Ides of March? Pedestrian Bridge collapses in Miami,
      trapping vehicles beneath it. Florida Int’l University. 950 ton section!
      Search and Rescue underway now. Several deaths so far.

    2. Very fitting description, Sheila (and I agree)!

    3. Nora, did you by chance watch Brett Mays, ... Was a link I believe from previous page ? He has a short video on this and it was good. He used the angels rejoicing as a reason for not losing your salvation. He played music in the background from the Gladiator movie song 'Now we are Free'. It was soothing. I never saw that movie.

    4. Yes Cathi, I watched it!

    5. Nora, I feel ya. There is a lot of ugly misguided junk on YouTube, and it is going to put satan at max reaction when we stand for truth and the pure word of God. I think maybe one of the biggest reasons Jesus said to watch and be ready is that in this final season our lights would need some extra brightness in the extreme darkness. Keep speaking the Truth dear Nora and keep on praying too. Imagine your prayers going up with the smoke of incense from the hand of an angel to the Father (from Rev 8:4). Sending you and all my brothers and sisters a warm embrace.

    6. Thank you dear Brother for the comforting words, blessings to you! :--)

  10. There's another very timely and -imo- much needed video by Brother Todd I'd like to share. It really touched my heart.

    "Can your eyes tell who is DIVERGENT? Therefore, who can truly know the hearts of men?" -from It Is Finished YT channel


    1. Nora thank you I loved this video too !

    2. You're welcome Brother, I was glad to share it!

  11. There're many interesting news today! JP – The fall of Ghouta threatens Israel, U.S. interests and the West
    Israel National News – ANALYSIS: Developments show Syrian war could escalate into WWIII,
    The IDF prepares for all out war, Hezbollah says not expecting war with Israel,
    Saudi Arabia threatens nuclear arms racem.
    The Times of Israel – TV report: Netanyahu tells cabinet Trump is likely to exit Iran deal by May
    Lebanese PM says army to deploy along Israeli border
    Hezbollah number two says terror group prepared for ‘foolish’ Israeli action… Maranatha!

    1. "ANALYSIS: Developments show Syrian war could escalate into WWIII" Wow!

    2. To all my dear brothers and sisters here ...thank you so much for sharing the word and helping to keep our eyes open on as to what is going on around us. Heard about the bridge yes Sheila a tragic situation Oh. we see one chaotic event after another and as you mentioned Alla everything is escalating in the Middle East. Our eyes are open and we see what Jesus has set 2000 years ago is coming to pass. I continue to pray that each of us will keep her eyes open for the lost and lify them up in prayer and come before the Throne of God, calling on his loving kindness for salvation. As one of you mentioned the Angels rejoice when one comes to him. And I've got to remember at the same time as you dearly reminded me Cathi that the Lord rejoices over us and sings over us. Bless you all see you soon in the year with Our Redeemer, Maranatha

    3. Amen, VeeBee. Brother Todd did another good message on Death passing us over today. Really encouraging as we pray for so many others to be brought to a saving faith in our Lord and Savior,
      Jesus Christ.

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  13. Alla , Sheila , Jimboni thank you for sharing , and Nora I totally agree with you on yt all i have seen these past weeks is the church tearing apart and everyone lashing out at each other big time !

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  15. The world's most popular atheist dies 21 days after the world's most popular evangelist. Hum....
    That's (3)7's. 777
    3 weeks apart. I find that interesting. Both died the same yr. But we're expected to die many yrs sooner. But God kept them alive for a reason. Hum...
    Be cool if Stephen Hawking could come back alive and tell people hell is real. Assuming he didn't accept Christ before he died. That would really get people's attention!
    Anyway, I thought it was interesting that he died 21 days after Billy Graham. Not 22, 25, or any other number. But 21. Just a thought.

  16. Something interesting happend yesterday.

    A "meeting" form key countrys involved in de Palestinian case.

    Let the 7 weeks begin and Daniel 9:27 start.

    Focus yoursself on Jared Kushner, someone with a strange taste for real estate investment: ( )

  17. Brother Sean (Eschatology Today blog) shared an interesting update on several things. One is that Pres.Trump allegedly postponed the introduction of the peace plan for an undefined period of time (some even mentioned a 2 years delay). Probably preparation for a war is happening.

    "Update 16 March 2018: Putting this forward about 6 hours early because events could overtake another update done later tomorrow. The war rhetoric is as high as Eschatology Today has ever seen it over the past three or four decades. For example, on the White House website remarks by Lt.Gen H.R. McMaster were made today at the U.S. Holocuast Museum were published. The remarks by LTG McMaster began by noting that this date is the seventh anniversay of the start of the Syrian Civil War and the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Holocaust museum. Odd combination of anniversaries at first glance, but maybe not when seen in the larger context.

    Syria continues to boil on the brink of a US-Russia military clash; the entire western alliance is strongly condemning Russia for its use of Novichok WMD agents, the most deadly agents of their kind on the planet, to murder one of its former spies, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, on British soil; hints that a similar attack in New York City is possible; the Israeli military hinting that hostilities could erupt around Gaza at any time in the next couple of weeks, and unconfirmed reports that President Trump has suddenly withdrawn the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan his administration has been pursuing for the past several months for any further consideration. It's as if an imminent war could preempt any peaceful resolution, and the powers that be will pick up the pieces that remain after the conflict has been decided or resolved on way or another.

    LTG McMaster pointedly noted that Syria today is the scene of "some of the worse atrocities known to man," and went on to say how the U.S. is documenting all of the atrocities being committed by Syria and its allies (Russia, Iran and Hezbollah); how Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons threatens to undo all of the progress made since the end of the First World War regarding the use of WMD, and how Syria, Russia and Iran are all equal to blame for these atrocities. LTG McMaster then specifically stated that the United States, as well as Israel, will not allow Iran to secure a military foothold in Syria.

    Short of a U.S. Congressional declaration of war, these statements by an American three-star general are tantamount to the Trump Administration toeing the line in preparation to request Congress to so declare such a war, stating that now is the time to act before events spiral completely out of control. The only remaining question is when the action will begin. We know it will occur, Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 are the prophetic proofs. So is Jeremiah 49:34-39. Sounds like a flood coming. "


    1. Wow!!!!!!!!!. That really puts it all in context. We must be so close.

    2. Miguel I second that "Wow" and wonder which leader will be up next in the the Lord s calendar .Maranatha

    3. Thank you Nora, this is great! Be blessed! Maranatha!

  18. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch: MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Knesset Panel Passes Jewish State Bill . This post just hit UNSEALED, this morning, wow (thanks Gary). In light of this happening NOW, in alignment with the USA recognizing Jerusalem as the capital and the ripple effects of that, worldwide. Interesting, just as the USA has hemmed and hawed and delayed and obfuscated for decades to get to the obvious point which POTUS delivered, the Knesset has now mirrored the same thing.


    A bill officially defining the nation of Israel as a Jewish state—something that has eluded Knesset lawmakers since the country's inception—has just passed a key Knesset committee and now goes on to the full Knesset chamber this week for the first of three votes. The significance of its potential passage cannot be understated.

    This Jewish-state bill would actually become Israeli Basic Law, akin to an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and far more powerful than typical laws that can be easily overridden by the courts. Not only would it officially declare the State of Israel to be the one and only homeland of the Jewish people, but it would also make Hebrew the official language of the country, and would include key prophetic language from Deuteronomy 30:1–5 about how Israel must now ingather the remaining exiles spread abroad.

    The law is a major prophetic turning point, and in my humble opinion, a prophetic signal that the fig tree is now ready for inspection and the times of the Gentiles are near to their end ...


    1. Praise our Almighty God!!!

    2. Miguel just posted on @unsealed about *tents* being set up on Israeli border to protest on Land Day. And Gary responded with Ps.83.
      Simply amazing to watch all of this unfold.
      Looking Up!!!

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    4. signal that the fig tree is now ready for inspection" wow. Re-reading Gary's point this hits me like the proverbial Ton. Of course, it does EXACTLY that, BY DEFINITION. I feel moved to quickly make a few points which I know are OT but wont be citing C & V. As this gets unpacked many will do that and likely much better than I.

      A few foundational points. The Name of our Abba is of Utmost Import, He is Highly Concerned With, Jealous For and Focused Upon His Name. The People of YHWH were Chosen By Him, For His Purposes and His Name's Sake. ALL claim they lay to being 'Chosen' arises from His Choosing for His Purposes. For HIS Glory. NOT THEIRS.

      The connection is the Fig Tree Parable (See recent post UNSEALED). The Fig Tree has been given its 1 more 'year', or generation of 70, if you will. Notably, the 50th Jubilee, and the 6th day, all ending at the same moment, hmmm.

      Meanwhile, the Fig Tree speaks up! It Declares:

      Meanwhile, The Owner of The Vineyard is about to Make His SEVENTH inspection of The Fig Tree and FIND IT FRUITLESS of Christ as it's Messiah. That this will be the 7th inspection is covered in a post there showing that when the Parable of The Fig tree occurs, it is in the 6th year of that fig tree's life, and the '1 more year' would be the 7th check for fruit. Uh, oh. That THIS would 'pop up' in the Knesset EXACTLY as John WFTGD YTC blows the 'last shofar', by many's count, of 5777 and the END of the 50th Jubilee? Maranatha!

  19. In the end times mocking department, this is particularly disgusting:

    "O' God, arise and defend yourself! Remember the insults that come from those foolish people all day long. Don’t forget what your enemies said; don’t forget their roar as they rise against you always." -- Psalm 74:23

    1. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess. What a day that will be!

    2. Brian, I agree; that's disgusting. I see this kind of dissing of God in my co-workers and I am able to tell them they are deceived and give them usually a scripture or two. It feels good to be able to do that. The Lord will indeed defend Himself too. Oprah has been witnessed to so many times over the years. It's astounding how patient God is. Be blessed brother.

  20. Brett Mays "when does the 120 year Jubilee year end?" video is great to watch!

  21. There's a new article today of Daniel Matson – Until Messiah the Prince, very interesting, about Daniel 9:24-25

    1. TY, Alla and Cathi.
      Considering all that is so quickly happening, I’m inclined oh so hopefully toward Daniel and Darren’s findings and others that are seeing a Spring wedding and
      FoT fulfillment at second coming.
      But His will, not mine be done:-)

  22. Everyone needs to read this.

    1. Wow! Who would ever have imagined a "peace deal" the doesn't involve the Palestinians? This a masterful move by Trump. But does it qualify as a "covenant with death"?

    2. Thank you Rob! This is important for the prophecy! But I think this is not very new news! Palestinians always refuse all peace plans. Probably, this is the purpose of their existence. (?) I would first believe in existence of this plan, when it will be presented by Trump himself. But it seems to me that it will not be presented at all before our departure home, and at least after the war on Israel. Make thoughts! First of all is then coming of the Lord for us! Maranatha!

    3. Alla amen sister I totally agree with you I am so excited I can barely contain my emotions !

  23. Besides the Bible, Watchman videos, websites and other end of days websites,
    one of the resources I have used lately in my attempt to discern God's will
    in my life and instruction for living it in a manner that is pleasing in His
    sight is the Temple Institute website (
    Here, I discover Jewish interpretation of the Old Testament and sometimes that
    interpretation influences or provides fresh insight into my understanding of
    scripture that is being discussed. After watching Brother John @Watchman
    ( I found that the radio broadcast
    (Temple Talk Radio: Vayikra and the Holy Temple Offerings: Israel’s Divine Mission)
    found on YouTube at:
    was very enlightening. In this week's edition of Temple Talk, Yitzchak Reuven and
    Rabbi Chaim Richman explore the world of Leviticus and the enigmatic, misunderstood
    concept of the korbonot (the Temple Offerings), shedding much-needed light on what
    is considered to be the very heart of the Torah. They discuss that the month (Rosh
    Chodesh (the New Month) of the month of Nisan) shall be for you (Israel) the head of
    all the months, the beginning of the month shall it be for you , the beginning of time
    the first day, in a way, of creation. The day the Shema rested in the tabernacle, the
    day of the dedication of the desert tabernacle and the month of our redemption, past,
    present and future. In Nissan Israel was redeemed from Egypt and in Nissan we are
    taught future redemption will occur as well. WOW...this was so in tune with what I
    have been seeing elsewhere concerning the possible fulfillment of prophecy this
    Passover, all I could do was praise God.

  24. This caught my attention this morning.

    Tens of thousands filled the streets on Friday, as Rabbi Mordechai Hager's body was rushed to the upstate hamlet from Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for burial before the Jewish Sabbath began at sundown.
    Hager, who was believed to be the oldest Hasidic rabbi in the world, was survived by 14 children, hundreds of grandchildren, and reportedly thousands of great-grandchildren. His seven surviving sons all lead synagogues around the world and his eight daughters all married prominent rabbis.

    He was the leader of the Viznitz Hasidic sect, overseeing some tens of thousands of followers worldwide from the ultra-Orthodox enclave of Kaser, New York

    Read more:

    1. Gary when did this happen and thanks for sharing not sure the bi lical connection yet but very interesting indeed !

    2. Friday, March 16th. Not sure what biblical connection it might have either but I was struck by the parallel of his dying on a Friday and the rush to bury him before the Sabbath just like Jesus.

  25. There's an article in Dan's FB by T.W. Tramm, about the the Lord’s return in the Springtime, very interesting, here's a passage Song 2:8-13, and I think about it all this last week. Here's his FB with this article:

    1. Thank you for sharing this sister Alla I pray you have been doing ok my sister in Christ ! I noticed Song 2:8-13 mentioned a stag and sister Samamntha has been having dreams of a stag and brother Paul mossbender has also made many relarions to a stag in his YT videos ! Maranatha....

  26. Passover Sacrifice Carried Out At Foot Of Temple Mount

    Time to shake up the Pot Luck until we get an article about this. UNSEALED put one up re this and in posting there and then reviewing it, again, I want to dig a little deeper here.

    Rapture Ready news: "The SEVENTH annual reenactment of the Pesach (Passover) sacrifice took place on Monday" and " “We can see the Third Temple rising on the horizon,” Shimshon Elboim, one of the organizers of the event, told Breaking Israel News." and "Approximately 1,500 people, THE LARGEST CROWD EVER, gathered to watch some 20 Kohanim (Jewish men descending from Aaron the Priest) dressed in authentic priestly garments performing the full Passover ceremony as it was in Temple times."

    In my UNSEALED post I ref'd an article covering the number '20' which, unbeknownst to me, has a dual meaning quite opposite each other and that is my area of focus here: namely, the specifics of the negative-side verses.

    In short, the article (from on the positive side works with 20 being a double 10 and we all know the attributes of 10 by now.

    On the negative side are 3 verses mentioned with interesting details in them:

    "I saw and behold a flying roll. And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll the length thereof is twenty ells, and the breadth thereof ten ells. Then said he unto me, This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth" (Zech. 5:1-3).

    Comment: Note that there were (20) Kohanim conducting this unholy (not honoring Christ) ceremony of men in the name of Abba. That 20 is a double 10 and the rug is 10x20 seems a confirmation here. Out of this mis-step arises the Tribulation affecting the WHOLE EARTH. See last sentence & ponder that this 'curse' spoken of, associated with '20', covers the same.

    "When one came to the wine-press to draw out fifty out of the wine-press, there were twenty. I smote you with blasting, and with mildew, all the work of your hands" (Haggai 2:16, 17).

    COMMENT: Here we see '20' as three '10's short the full 50. 3x10 symbolizing what was missing, very significant numbers THERE. Not to mention that the amount of PRESSING yet done was LESS THAN HALF needed. As the Wine Press can be a symbol of the Lord's Wrath, oh my.

    "Thy food which thou shalt eat shall be by weight, twenty shekels a day; from time even in time shalt thou eat it. And thou shalt eat it as a barley cake, and thou shalt make it in their eyes with dung that cometh out of man. For thus, Jehovah said, shall the sons of Israel eat their bread unclean among the nations" (Ezek. 4:10, 12, 13).

    COMMENT: Again we see the unrighteousness of Israel portrayed as them eating their OWN bread (traditions of men, not Abba), which was made from DUNG (what men produce as waste when they eat even wholesome food, as a picture of the twisting/output of Abba's precepts/Moedim < i.e. good food>) in the sight of ALL nations speaking about Israel's recent LOUD proclamations to the ENTIRE WORLD via media, as well as, again, echoing the scope at hand (see #1 above).

    The poet in me has no problem tying these together, thematically, around the event which just happened and the reporting off it being precious to the Israelites but dung by the standards of the TRUE Messiah, and tied to a curse on the entire earth, standing in opposition to the blessing of the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:3), amen.



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