How Much Longer, Lord? - Pete Garcia

Pete Garcia from the Omega Letter is out with another excellent article expressing what so many of us are wondering... With all the signs around us, how much longer until you actually come, Lord? The Revelation 12 Sign was so amazing, so precise, and opened up so many scriptures, it was hard not envision some huge event happening on or near the time the sign appeared in the sky. We didn't even know if we would make it too the date of the sign for a while there, and now we are practically 6 months past it! Anyway, I thought Pete's article was very relatable and I agree that God is in total control and in the end we can and must trust Him with the timing. Thanks Annabel for sharing!
Here is an excerpt and the link:
How much longer will this current world-gone-mad continue? It feels like we are at the end, but then days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months into years. But why then does last week, feel like last year? Why does last year, feel like last century? Everything seems to be speeding up, but at the same time, it never seems to culminate into anything tangible? What if 2018 comes and goes and we are still here?

Also... I know most you have seen this, but I thought JD's prophecy update this week was really good. The following quote at the 11:50 mark stuck out to me when talking about the current situation aligning in the Middle East...

I'm not the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer...  But if this is not Ezekiel 38 I don't know what is. - JD Farag


  1. TY Brad for posting Pete's brilliant article to which I can relate so much indeed! :) As well, brother JD's latest update couldn't have said better how I feel currently... I'm just so glad I'm not the only one obviously. To answer the question "How much longer, LORD?" the recent zerohedge article on 'What do they know that we don't?' 3/20/18 might be some further heads up to urgently prepare - not as the world does but to bring our house in order before imminent departure. But if the WASHINGTON "Three Letter Agencies" ELITE is now collectively going underground and prepping in Virginia there might be something behind we shouldn't ignore. YT channel "BP Earth Watch" has also released a video on this article combined with actual Q Anon information. MARANATHA, we fly soon, really really soon!!

    1. Amen sister Annabel o totally agree with you sister amen !

  2. The Sign of Revelation 12 meant for us, watchmen, the cry that was given in the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25: 6 - And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. ). He pointed out that the time has come and we must be ready, with burning candles and reserve oil, to go to His meeting!

    In reference to the woman in labor pains (more intense pain as time goes by - 1 Thessalonians 5:3), the world groans for death in the approaching Tribulation; but the faithful Church groans for life, when she will enjoy the Marriage of the Lamb and will no longer separate from her Beloved Redeemer!

    “How much longer will this current world-gone-mad continue?”

    We know that the book of Revelation was written for the Servants (Rev. 1:1 - “ shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass”), it indicates that time is brief (Revelation 22: 6, 7, 10, 12 and 20) and that this time was destined for the last Church (what to think of a brief time that lasted two thousand years?), and that, when this time starts, this brief will be very fast!

    (“And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” – Rev 22:17)

  3. We have just passed the Vernal Equinox with all its incredible day counts & anniversaries. We are approaching the Blue Moon of Passover. More and more my Spirit whispers, Why would He not continue with Israel where He left off? I can't seem to shake that question. Does that mean The Triumphal Entry - where the counting of 483 years ended? Does that mean the day prior to Passover when He was crucified? Does that mean 3 1/2 days later when He arose? Does that mean 40 days later when He ascended for the final time? Does that mean Pentecost when the Church was conceived? Does it mean the anniversary of Israel's formation? Clearly we do not know, but what we do know is time is short and becoming shorter. Each road sign we pass could be he final sign before the exit. The speed Pete mentions is, I think, astonishing to us all & so is the apostasy in the church and the insanity of the world. I honestly feel like a monkey swinging through the trees from one branch to the next without an assurance of which tree will be "the right one", but I know we are on the right path and one day we will be in mid-swing and He will be in the Clouds and snatching us with Him to our home. This is all that matters to me. He is faithful and I trust Him! Blessings - Sherry

    1. Sherry, what you said about Jesus picking up where He left off with Israel is interesting. The Prophetic 483 years culminated on Palm Sunday, 7 days before resurrection Sunday. Noah and his family entered the ark 7 days before the rains and waters of the deep came. Israel's 70th anniversary is 7 days before Pentecost. What was Jesus' ending point with Israel from Where He will pick back up with them? When was the offer of the kingdom taken off the table? Now you have me thinking...

    2. (When was the kingdom offer TEMPORARILY taken off the table)

    3. Rob,

      I think so that the offer was taken off the table at the event of His ascension to Heaven. I remember one of my fave Bible teachers saying that the reason the Lord stayed on Earth for 40 plus days after His resurrection (40 as the number of testing) was that He still gave time to the Jewish people and was waiting for their decision to accept Him. Had that happened, the Millenial Kingdom would have probably started immediately. But they didn't accepted Him as their Messiah, Redeemer and King on an official, national level so on the 40th day, the ascension happened. (I'm not saying that this is surely the "inerrant" interpretation of His 40 days of staying but I think it is quite possible.)


    4. Rob....(When was the kingdom offer TEMPORARILY taken off the table)

      the end of Luke 19:44 is fairly clear....
      41And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, 42saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. 43For the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up a barricade around you and surround you and hem you in on every side 44and tear you down to the ground, you and your children within you. And they will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

    5. Ha, Ha - I love this. It brings back so many memories of teachers we've loved and their opinions. Breaker teaches the "Offer" was still open until they stoned Steven because Steven saw him standing at the right hand of the Father. It is Breaker's opinion the offer was temporarily rescinded at that time. Although all are interesting, I haven't been thinking of it in that way. What I have looked at is first the day of the Triumphal Entry. The 483 years ended to the day on that occurrence. That's #1 in my thought process now after we passed the Equinox. Secondly, I'm looking at Passover Eve during the Blue Moon - for He was killed on the Eve of Passover, so perhaps that is the birth of His Body. #3 would be 3 days later on Resurrection Day when He arose for it is on that day He ascended to the Father to make Blood Atonement in Heaven! #4 is 40 days later on His Ascension "Why stand you looking, this same Jesus will come again, just as you saw Him go." #5 - Pentecost. There are remarkable Rapture references within Pentecost. T.W. Tramm has a downloadable book that is a huge blessing. and finally for this season would be the 70th Anniversary of Israel. Oddly enough, for me, they seem to stand out in the order I listed them, but that may be simply because I am always most excited about what I see as the next, great "potential" date. Triumphal Entry is beautiful in its simplicity. I hope the possibilities give you as much joy as they have given me to this point. If none of these are the exit, then the "signs" are becoming ever closer! We'll soon be home! Blessings - Sherry

    6. 2018 DATA

      Spring – March 20, northern hemisphere, autumn for southern hemisphere
      Palm Sunday – Sunday March 25,
      Maundy Thursday – Thursday March 29, the last supper, the new commandment, and the night Jesus was in the garden praying among other things
      Passover -- Friday March 30, blue moon, the day Christ was crucified, 7 days after Palm Sunday,
      Easter -- Sunday April 1, also April fool’s day, the day Christ rose from the dead, 3 days after Passover
      April 18-20 Israel will have a 70 year celebration Israel planning big celebration
      April 22, 23 Lyrids meteor shower, moon will be mostly dark.
      April 29 Mercury at greatest western elongation. Viewable in the early morning above the horizon.
      April 30 full fish moon according to coastal tribes.
      May 6,7 eta aquarids meteor shower
      May 9 Jupiter at opposition closest approach to earth and fully illuminated by the sun, visible all night (with binoculars, you can see its four largest moons)
      Ascension Day -- Thursday may 10, 40 days after Easter
      May 14 is the 70 year mark of Israel’s establishment
      May 15 new moon, this means the moon is not visible at night so it’s very dark
      Pentecost -- Sunday May 20, the day the Holy Spirit came upon the believers, the church was born, 10 days after ascension day and 50 days after passover, this the Jewish festival called Feast of Weeks, Shavuot
      May 29 – full moon called the DRAGON moon in Chinese tradition, flower moon in American tradition
      17 Tammuz -- June 30 in 2018 (fool moon was two days prior) not sure what might happen here, but this date has a lot of significance

      If God continues to follow a pattern here, to me the highest likelihood is May 10, as that is when Christ was taken up. I suspect beforehand we will be getting even clearer confirmation. April fools day which is also Easter may be a very distinct confirmation that Christians will understand, but fools will not (1 Corinthians 1). And as you can see the likelihood of blatant astronomical signs from April 22 through May 9 is high.

      All astronomical data taken from

    7. Miguel, Yes, this 40 days- ascension count ending just before the 70th anniversary is amazing! Plus Passover and the start of April... A lot of watchmen and watchwomen started to sound the alarm that they've got warnings that we're at the brink of a big (nuclear) war!

  4. JD Farag asked: "If these things BEGIN NOW that are supposed to happen just during the 7 years tribulation, then HOW close are we??"

    To underline some more prophetic scripture from a) "red dragon" heavenly sign Rev12:3-4 and b) "covenant with death" Isaiah 28:15 please note these pretty interesting contributions on YouTube:

    Mexico 3/20/18 compilation of Nibiru system SUNRISES watch especially the shadows effects and reflections

    This is what the Mid-East Peace Deal looks like! (Nick VanderLaan, Jerusalem)

    THAT close are we... MARANATHA! :)

  5. All...I want to ask you all to PLEASE lift up our sister Shelia and her husband in prayer tonight and in the coming days as they have fallen ill. She and her husband are both battling a sever case of the flu that has now turned into pneumonia. She has been such an encouragement to so many of us on this site and has personally helped and encouraged me often. She loves all of you so much and goes out of her way to keep us all encouraged, uplifted, expectant (and getting along) while we wait during all the highs and lows. I ask you all to pray for her and her husband during this low... specifically for the pneumonia to pass and her health to be restored by the power of Jesus Christ...our precious redeemer and HEALER. Shelia, we love you so much and I will be praying for you and your hubby. If you are praying for her, please reply below to encourage her and let her know you care! God bless you all and thanks in advance!

    1. Amen! Praying with you! Healing is sure! The Lord is near!

    2. Total healing in Jesus' matchless name.

    3. By His Stripes we claim their healing in His Name for His Glory, Amen.

    4. I'm so sorry to hear about this, me too I ask Jesus please to lift up dear sister Sheila and her 'hubby' in the Spirit to overcome this evil flu that might be one of the endtimes' works of Satan these days as far as I'm informed (e.g. spraying poisoning particles, bacteria and others into the air together with chemtrails). Please protect and heal them... Prayers up! Much love Sheila...

    5. I've been wondering about her, missing her comments! Definitely praying for Sister Sheila and her husband!

    6. Sheila...tried to post last night, but it wouldn't go through. You hang in there...many people are praying for y'all. Eph 6:12...they may be able to take our health (for a time), but they can't take our hope! God bless & prayers for y'all's healing.

    7. Sheila . . . I'm praying for you and your husband for complete healing and restoration, for the repair of all tissues and for breathing to return to better than normal. Father we ask you right now to heal Sheila and her husband by the stripes of Yeshua, this healing has already been purchased and we claim it now on their behalf. Father restore and lift them ever closer to your throne as one more sign and miracle of your overflowing love and care. In Jesus' Mighty Name - Amen - Blessings - Sherry

    8. Praying for you Sister.

    9. Praying for the healing power of Christ to touch you and your husband. May all the glory be to our Lord in heaven for ever and ever and may we join him shortly to sing our praises in person.

  6. Hi Sheila, I don’t post often but I drop in and read every day. Your posts are an encouragement to me, too! I will be lifting you and your husband in prayer until I hear that you have completely recovered OR we get raptured home - soon and very soon!
    Much love coming your way and prayers to our Mighty Healer, Jehovah-Rapha!

  7. Absolutely. I will be praying too.

    Shelia you’ve been such a blessing in our community and the times you have encouraged me are countless. I will continue to pray for you and your husbands well being. Much love sister, and I’ll see you soon with everyone else. Jeremiah 17:14

  8. "Father Bless Sheila and her husband with Your Touch now. In Jesus Name."

    Come Lord Jesus!

    From super blood moon 9-28-2015 to the Revelation 12 sign was 726 days -
    From the Revelation 12 Sign to the next blood moon 7-28-2018 will be 307 days -
    The Revelation 12 Sign (Sept 23rd, 2017) was interpreted as the "Rapture Sign" because of the context of Revelation 12:5
    Strong's Bible Concordance in 1890 cataloged every root Greek word in the Bible (over 5500 words).
    Strongs 726 is Rapture "harpatzo"
    Strongs 307 is I Draw Up "anabibazo"
    Blood moons before and after the Revelation 12 Sign pointing to rapture. No Possible Way this could be coincidence.
    Jesus said clearly that there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars - and on earth anguish at the roaring of the sea (Luke 21:25)
    Joel says the moon will turn to blood before the Day of the Lord !
    The Eclipse 8-21-17 ended in the ocean in the very area where Harvey started.
    The Eclipse started in the 33rd state (Oregon) and ended at the 33rd parallel (S. Carolina) on the 233rd day of the week. It was 33 days from the Revelation 12 sign. Harvey approached Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) and Victoria county who were told to evacuate (rapture) and afterwards went to Houston where they were not told to evacuate (left behind).
    Billy Graham died on the very day that the Jewish people were reading about the death of Moses all over the world. Hear his daughter, Ann Graham Lotz, share at the funeral. She said after Moses came Joshua leading the way into the promised land, and the equivalent of Joshua is Jesus in the NT. (Joshua and Jesus are the same name in Hebrew). Ann said it was a wake up call that "Jesus is Coming".
    Now the super blood moon of Sept 28th, 2015 was a super blood harvest moon on the Feast of Tabernacles and it was the last blood moon of a tetrad of four blood moons in 2014 and 2015 all of which fell exactly on Jewish Festivals - First and Last / First and Last - two years in a row.
    And God has left another special sign that the number 726 was in His Sovereign plan...The one day in 2017 that Jerusalem came closest to exactly 726 daylight minutes was Sept 23rd, 2017 (the day of the Revelation 12 Rapture sign).
    No Man Knows the Day or the Hour !

  9. I was interested in the following article regarding the re-establishment of ancient weddings in accord with temple rituals etc. Thought to myself about the alignment of earthly wedding customs in accordance with earthly temple requirements, as we prepare our spiritual garments for a heavenly wedding in the true temple of God.


    1. Ryan, I enjoyed reading this article. I couldn't help but see the canopy as the covering we have in Christ because of his sacrifice and therefore God sees His righteousness when he looks at us.

    2. amen to that! we are found in him!!!

  10. Sheila - I have been wondering about you! I thought you were 'blocked' somehow from posting. I have missed you.
    I am terribly sorry to learn of your illness and also of your husband. I have asked God to give you peace, and for the process of healing to begin.
    Rest well tonight.

    1. ooh I hadn't clicked on Sheila being sick until you posted this. Will get praying!

  11. This was a great read. I've been asking this same question a lot lately, How Much Longer, Oh Lord? Crazy times, no doubt we are in the season! The Lord truly wants all to come to Him, but people just don't wanna hear it, for the most part. Anyway, keep looking up, JESUS is coming!! HALLELUYAH!!!!! LUKE 21:36

    1. Shelia, prayed for you & hubby on my way in to work this am, you are such a blessing to read on these sites- get well soon we miss you. YSIC

    2. Thank you all so much. Today is first day my brain is halfway working. I really haven’t been able to read or concentrate on anything. I think we are on the side of getting better. I love you all and just looking up no matter what. This mess is evil tho and meant to make one think one is knocked down for the count. Just had to let go and let God
      for awhile.
      Many Blessings to this Beloved Family!

    3. I'm very glad now, Sheila! Wish you full health! Very much blessings to you and your husband, and all your family! Maranatha!

    4. AWWW Hello Sister Sheila *Big but soft Teddybear hugs for you*!

  12. Awesome video about the Lord Jesus&us (summarizing all of it well):

    title: "Good-O-Meter" Says ONLY Jesus, NOTHING We Do!"

    -Barry Scarbrough YT channel


  13. There's Amir's new update –

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your illness Sheila and your husband will be praying for you I've been out of touch for a bit Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are long 16-hour days and I will be praying that God will heal you all. God did heal me .....the flu is definitely strong but God is greater

    2. VeeBee, I was happy to see you have posted! And, thank you too for your mentioning me regarding the Isaiah 61:10 verse a few posts ago.
      VeeBee, my Mom fell and has a light fracture in her arm (she landed on her elbow). No cast needed. A wrap for a week or so - and she removed it a few days later! Probably a few therapy sessions.

  14. Replies
    1. PS: Check out the following recent videos on Universal News Media YT channel too and be surprised HOW close we must now be to Revelation 12:3-4 "standing before the woman"... WHEN will she give birth to verse 5 ??!

    2. Thanks Annabel! The last video is really amazing! How, do you think, the "dragon" wants to devour the Child, when he is represented with this planet? It's really amazing that you are following this option! Making thoughts! Be blessed very much! Maranatha!

    3. Dear Alla TY for your precious thoughts! :) Yes I have pondered this also. I think Revelation 12:4 describes some kind of threat by meteor showers or impact somehow (stars be cast down to earth) so this may be the threat coming very close to the 'male child' being born i.e. harpazoed. As the verses 1-3 describe both "heavenly signs" this must be a literal meaning in form of stellar / planetary bodies (and parts of it i.e. meteors, asteroids). The spiritual deception imagery of Satan and his angels being cast down to earth is rather described later in verses 7-9 but in Revelation 12:4 it says that the dragon's TAIL (i.e. the dust and debris following or things in the gravitation or attraction thereof) flung the stars onto earth so the heavenly "dragon" does this himself. These stars are not cast out by someone else. The red dragon system itself is the cause for the "stars" (meteors probably) to be cast down to earth literally. We SHOULD be then aware of some global threatening impact warning soon before going home, that's how those verses make sense to me, I don't know how to read them otherwise (but I'm thankful for any idea!). As 3/23 has already passed now I dont know when the next warning may be. I will keep watching and looking up as long as possible. Much love and blessings to you and your family, MARANATHA!

  15. Annabel both of these videos are pointing us to Global chaotic climate. It seems that one of these events will bring it on the perfect climate for the rapture. God has the exact millisecond picked out. We know it is in the twinkling of the eye. Thank you for posting Annabel Lord bless you and keep you until his appearing


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