UPDATED Revelation 12 Overview - Red Moon Rapture

Our beloved sister Stephanie from Red Moon Rapture has updated her awesome Revelation 12 Overview page. In it she goes verse through verse explaining how she believes that this amazing chapter explains the Tribulation from start to finish 3 separate times, from 3 separate perspectives/ vantage points. She see's it as a sweeping overview of God's redemptive plan... a time frame that we likely have already have entered since many of us recognized the sign of Verse 1 took place last September.

I cannot recommend Stephanie's work enough or thank her enough for her tireless work on this subject. Check out her work and please respectfully and gracefully share your thoughts below.

Here is an excerpt:
Verse 7 – Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back,

“Now” brings us to a different part of the vision, referencing back to the dragon of verse 3-4.  This seems to lend credence to the view that verses 1-6 are an overview, and now we are about to be filled in with the details.
Is the war in heaven when the child is snatched?  Is it when the woman flees? We are not told what causes the battle, but the most likely scenario in my opinion would be the rapture of the Church.  John MacArthur makes the interesting suggestion that the prince of the power of the air and his demon hosts may try to hinder the passage of the raptured believers as they pass through their realm (Rev 12:3-4), which would trigger the battle with Michael and the holy angels (Rev 12:7-8).  I believe this has very strong merit, as the dragon is poised to devour the child as it is being born.  Regardless, this must be some battle to watch!

Here is the link:


  1. Brad, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Her work is clear, concise and sensible
    as are the explanatory links that I did read. It’s a great overview and I plan to read more. I didn’t know anything about this site but TY for sharing it. I also read the Salvation message and was impressed with that. Definitely a lot of effort involved and Many Blessings and thanks to our Sister Stephanie!

    1. I love her work as well, Sheila. She is a very encouraging watchwoman and I can't imagine the hours she has put in to amass the amount of info on her site (well, actually I can... but you get my point! ; ) FYI... Stephanie is one of those who believe in a 6th seal rapture... while also believing that the seals have been opening for a while now. Essentially it is a distinction without at practical difference since both views are expecting the rapture very soon and as the next big event.

    2. Argh, post monster got my reply. I will try again but apologize if this somehow goes through twice!

      Just wanted to clarify, that I lean towards the Seals all being opened at the same time. While I can see the merit of Seals 1-5 being open throughout the church age (as David Lowe states, why would the Lamb take the document then leave it unopened?), and we are in a pause while the Seal 5 martyrs accumulate, I can't get beyond one sticking point. That is that in Seal 4, Hades follows Death. While Christians surely die, Hades has no power over us - praise the Lord!

      That Seals 1-5 seem to have some fulfillment throughout the church age, I think suggests that the seal 1-4 horses and riders are quite possibly always active. We have seen them in Zechariah chapters 1&6, where they go to and fro throughout the earth and report to God. I think seals 1-4 might be the final culmination, their final reassignment, on a scale that far surpasses what we have seen to date.

      I think it is impossible to overestimate how truly HORRIFIC it will be down here once those seals finally open.

      I believe the rapture is indeed pictured in seal 5 (dead in Christ arising - getting robed in their resurrection bodies) and seal 6 (we who alive and remain being transformed). Seal 6 describes the horrific effects unfurling upon the earth as we are snatched away from "great anguish" (following the childbirth theme).

      I compare it to opening a letter - when the time and place is right, we rip the letter open to release what is inside. To view the document. The envelope, nor the seals, are really not the important bit. It's that they contain, and then release the contents.

      You could say, that the Seals are currently Retraining the revealing of the contents (hmmm, where have I heard that Restrainer before???? :))

      But as you say, it is a minor point as the next big event in either case is the resurrection/rapture.

      :) Steph

    3. (BTW, I was wondering why all of a sudden I was getting so many views!!! LOL I'm honored, and kind of embarrassed... as I'm just small peanuts compared to Rev12Daily!!!)

      I forgot to rewrite, that in considering why the Lamb didn't open the seals at the time of His ascension (which I think we see when He appears in Rev 4&5), is possibly because the fullness of time hadn't yet arrived. Perhaps we are awaiting the fullness of the Gentiles, the mystery of the Church age to be fulfilled as per Romans 11:25. (I understand the fullness of the Gentiles to be separate from the times of the Gentiles as mentioned in Luke 21).

      Would be interested in hearing other thoughts as to what the pause between receiving the document and opening it could be? Certainly Jesus has been worthy to take back the title deed to Earth since His death & resurrection. But He is waiting... Soon.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Dear Stephanie, I really try to wrap my head around the idea how seals 1-5 could have been fulfilled already during church age if the church is clearly described having just arrived in Heaven after the rapture ("come up hither!") from Rev4:1 onwards. How can John weep because of no one being found worthy to break the seals except Jesus Christ in Rev5? This is clearly a scene in Heaven AFTER the rapture / resurrection of the saints according to 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 has occured. Blessings to you!

    6. Hi Annabel! Well, as I was saying I lean towards Seals 1-7 all being future. But in the similar model with Seals 1-5 currently open and having ongoing fulfillment, it's a similar situation. One of the problems with the traditional pretribulation view is that the church is in heaven in Revelation 4. Is it? Where is the vast multitude? When the dead and alive in Christ arrive, it should be a vast multitude from every tribe, language, and nation. This is precisely what we see in Revelation 7, which led me to study the prewrath model (which has major issues IMO). How to understand this? That's how I began my adventure of pressing forward to see how the rapture could be pretribulation, but also seen in Seal 6, with the church appearing in Revelation 7. Revelation 7 shows the torch passing from the church to the 144,000.

      When John is told to come up, a door opens. When we are told to come up, I believe the whole sky opens up as a scroll to let us in. No lineups needed :)

      Revelation 4-5 are a separate vision, which I believe points backwards in time from John's day. I believe he saw the ascension from a heavenly view. Since Jesus ascended to heaven, He has been at the right hand of God. If this vision is after the ascension, then where is the Lamb in Rev 4? He's not anywhere. How could that be? Is he playing hide and seek (as David Lowe puts it)? And how are the elders in heaven BEFORE Jesus ascends? I believe there are answers to that (the elders may be the "many saints" who resurrected with Jesus as firstfruits, or there are other options).

      I try to discuss this in my blog but I still have work to do, but you are welcome to check it out, www.redmoonrapture.wordpress.com.

      Blessings to you as well :)

    7. Hi Stephanie,

      "Where is the vast multitude? When the dead and alive in Christ arrive, it should be a vast multitude from every tribe, language, and nation."

      I believe so that this vast multitude is tribulation believers not the Church. (Probably you've already heard that explanation though.) One of the reasons that I'm sticking to this classic pre-tribulation view is because I can't imagine that the Lord opens those seals of indeed unprecedented "horrors" onto the world while the Church is there (on Earth). These seal judgments like their names say are all parts of the Judgment of God (despite being pre-wrath) and I don't believe that He'll let the Church go through that. (As we're no longer under His judgment.) Right now we all see through a glass dimly, so interpreting Scriptures isn't always easy, when we finally meet the Lord, everything will be much clearer, I hope so it's soon! :--) *blessings*

    8. Thanks for your further explanation Stephanie. Sorry I was alittle off in my comment above about your view on the seals. Thankful you could explain it for us! Many blessings to you... keep up the AWESOME work! He is coming soon! : )

    9. Nora, I understand what you are saying. I agree that the seals won't be unleased upon the church (notably, seal 5 doesn't contain any judgment or wrath at all though, and seal 6 lists no cause, so the seals are somewhat different in nature than the trumpets and bowls). What I suggest is that all 7 seals open at once, at the time of the rapture. Thus, the church doesn't experience any of them. In fact, I believe the effects seen in Seal 6 are *because* of the rapture of the church. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, it unleashed great power and an earthquake through his nuclear transformation from the physical to the spiritual (or however His resurrection body is classed). Now, imagine that happening on a billions fold scale (as I believe it includes all dead babies and young children in addition to all the dead and alive in Christ). Kinda seems it might look like a global earthquake with subsequent volcanic activity and tsunamis, IMO. As a RESULT of the rapture, the effects of the seals are seen. I have a post on this - Earthquake Resurrection pattern https://redmoonrapture.wordpress.com/2017/06/04/earthquake-resurrection-pattern/

      Blessings in your studies :) Either way, it is soon, and the details won't matter so much!

    10. Thanks for the explanation, Stephanie! This is a very interesting new perspective!

      "Either way, it is soon, and the details won't matter so much!" Hopefully soon, amen! :--)

  2. Brad, I just love it how you keep the conversation going by posting to diverse Rev12-topics now and then: I haven't said "Thank you!" for a while so please accept my regards here! :)

    What sister Stephanie observes I have also been saying numerous times; the whole chapter is 'multi-layered' in itself telling a story evolving in different dimensions and from changing perspective. Sister Stacy Clarke Sacks ("Stacy CS" YouTube channel) has had the same idea in fact so this must be a revelation by the Holy Spirit after all (to at least 2-3 witnesses!). Great article to ponder and chew on further, thanks again! :))

    1. Annabel, I also believe as you, Stephanie, and Stacy do that Rev.12 is really layers of the same events. It just flows better and makes more sense.

    2. Annabel, I knew you would chirp in early on THIS one :). I haven't read the entire article yet so no overarching input thus far from me. However, to echo your comment and in accord with the excerpt provided, this is specifically the model which you and I have traded some thoughts about over postings these past several months.

      The Trickster, the enemy, always seeks to raise the created order above the creator, specifically, often using technological 'trickery' to imitate and replace the Divine in the mind of the perishing. As there is a time/space component to the Rapture, and to the amber of this stage of the created order, within which we are currently stuck, my spirit man tells me that the enemy is working to intercept the pass, as I had used in an analogy on a post, months ago. Of course, we have no worries here, and our Beautiful Lord Jesus made doubly, triply sure we wouldn't miss HIS reassurance of this in assuring us that "neither shall any (harpazo) them from MY Hand" (Jn 10:28:c, emph mine). {Note, KJV actually, fully states "neither shall any MAN pluck them out of my hand," however, you will note that 'man' is italicized, indicating it is assumed, not actually there. So, this application of this verse is consistent with the original.}

      Your work to slice through all the deception and tech in our heavens also lines up with this model. Even though it doesn't 'prove' things specifically, other than there is MUCH more going on amongst Powers, Principalities and Rulers of Darkness in High Places than we are aware of.

      The motive behind these assembled villains? Well, again, the motley crew likely has a horde of desired evil outcomes but the intercepting of THE pass? Every bit of additional data, this article apparently being another coin on the scales, lends weight to this weighty idea being 1st on that list. Maranatha!

    3. I think we are all beginning to understand that there has to be that layered view there
      even if only because we are all still here. But that is what I’ve seen in most of the Scriptures. Layer upon layer so to speak, or what I’ve often called dimensional in nature. When one prayerfully asks for and is granted the eyes to read/see Scripture from the Divine viewpoint, there are heights and depths there that will strike awe into one’s heart. That’s why I love this fellowship so much. Most everybody here knows this and rejoices in it, so regardless of how or when it all plays out, we all know it will be utter perfection. And totally thrilling when all is said and done!
      Even so, Lord, come quickly and many Blessings to All!

    4. Thank YOU Annabel. Your diverse contributions are so so appreciated as well! God Bless you and keep lookin' up!

  3. a good concise overview from Stephanie. Loved the concept that the 2 witnesses spend the 3.5 years with the 144000 sealed men to teach them about the Lord etc. Time with the Prophets (Elijah) and the Law (Moses), as we know from Luke 24:44 that the 'law and the prophets point to me (Jesus)'. Love it.


  4. Hi all, I've found now the Jaco Prinsloo's article about Tu B'Shevat or New Year for trees on January 31st. It's very interesting to me. https://www.facebook.com/jaco.prinsloo.315/posts/10155362150157404

  5. I've heard the view before that the verse 7 battle could be Satan's army trying to hinder the passage of the raptured saints with Michael intervening. But for some reason when reading this article it really came to life in my mind for the first time, and makes me even more excited for the rapture and to possibly witness this battle on the way out (if indeed that's how it plays out, we'll see)! Soon, soon, soon...

    In general I think this article was a really great breakdown of Rev 12!

  6. I enjoyed the webpage. Thanks for sharing it.

    On a side note, if you haven't seen this video yet, I think anyone watching for our catching away will find it very interesting.


    1. I wanted to say hello to all of you awh. it's been hectic little grand baby born in our family and some flooding. Busy times in the Physical Realm and spiritually God bless each one of you hope to be back soon

    2. Thank you Brandon, video is really amazing, very convincing!
      VeeBee, very much congratulations! I pray for you and your family continually! Blessings!

    3. VeeBee, Big Congratulations! May the Lord bless that baby well. Flooding now? You folks have really been through the mill. My sister-in-law
      lives west of Ft. Worth and had that wildfire to get right up close to their house when the wind shifted and turned it away. She said it was a terrifying sight but they were praying and trusting the Lord. Crazy days.
      Many Blessings for you and yours. Stay safe!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Wow...I can’t wrap my head around all the amazing info I have seen today. I think a whole book could be written on just today alone.
      And that’s not counting D.C. about to implode as what’s been done in the dark comes to light or the NWO goings on at Davos.
      Brother Todd @It Is Finished has some interesting insights today on the Dead Sea Scroll
      And Enochian Calendar revealed there as well as the Royal Purple Oil Logo. (Checkered flag usually means the race is finished.) Worth watching those posts.
      Then today on the 7th anniversary of Mubarak’s toppling,
      Egypt relocated the Colosses of Pharoah
      Ramses II to it’s final destination in the atrium of the Grand Egyptian Museum along with 43 other massive statues and slated for a grand opening in 2022. The museum Is 490,000 sq. meters in size. Along with some of “Egypt forever” declaration. And the super blue blood Lunar eclipse
      coming up on 1/31 with an exceptional totality of 77 minutes, which I thought was cool.
      And several reports of some countries raising statues to commemorate Nazi allies as heroes in response to Us position on Jerusalem. Successful monkey cloning announced, Royal purple declared the color of the year by Pantone.
      The Doomsday Clock moved up to 11:58. No full moon at all in Feb. Its been an interesting day and that’s only a fraction of the swirlings as the waters slosh around the globe. Be Blessed everyone
      and prayers for many more to come to Jesus quickly.
      We are home bound
      very soon. Our King is coming!!!

    6. Check out Paul Dawson’s latest at REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM.

    7. Sheila - I was reading Exodus the other day and had wondered why I had never 'clicked' onto the almond bud/menorah connection. Reading Jeremiah 1:11 - I wonder if the connection of the 'rod of an almond tree' is in reference back to Numbers 17, and the alignment with the tabernacle of witness etc. I guess we could build heaps of alignments of these scriptures (e.g., Jer 1:13 and Numbers 17 where Aaron was 'chosen' among his Brethren) with rapture etc, however time (as always) will tell. Interesting bible study nonetheless.


    8. "with an exceptional totality of 77 minutes" That's cool, I agree! Many thanks for all this interesting info, Sheila!

  7. War in Heaven is when Archangel Michael kicks Satan to Earth in Rev 9:11 18 months before the Body Resurrection of the Bride of Jesus Christ. There is no 7 Yr Tribulation or pre-Tribulation Rapture www.Theresnothingnew.org

  8. Hi all, I've found a new video of Paul Dawson and an interesting update of Paul Grevas:
    And Israel news - Dr Mordechai Kedar (http://www.israelnationalnews.com) 3 minutes:
    Blessings to all!

    1. Alla, I really loved that video of Paul Dawson’s. The way he expressed his heart was so encouraging to all of us watching intently for our Lord’s coming. The info on Trump’s blood moon birth was pretty interesting too. I’ll try to find others as well. TY and Blessings, Sister:-)

    2. Ryan, I’ve been amazed by how intricately tied together it ALL is to this point in time.
      Things I studied years ago as relevant to my walk then are coming forward to connect with where we are now. The almond tree being the first to blossom in the Spring I believe points to the Blessed Hope. And the root word for almond (shaqad)
      means to be alert, sleepless, on the lookout, remain awake, and watch for.
      Jeremiah’s vision of the rod of the almond tree immediately preceded swift and certain judgement.
      (Seething pot, scalding judgements). I have been seeing references to the Almond tree begin to crop up here and there. We are so SO close, Ryan. That I know. Keep watch!
      Blessings, Brother:-)

    3. Me again...with some more little nuggets. I was just doing some research into Tu B’Shevat or Rosh Hashanah New Year of the Trees coming up on 1/31
      which most of the world writes as 31/1.
      (Torah Cal shows 2/1 but everything else says 1/31, which is also SBBMoon day.)
      For those who follow Bro. Todd @ It Is Finished, you know about 311 being so heavily impressed on him. Ok, the month of Shevat has a numerical value in Hebrew of 311. The Word Tree spelled out has the same value.
      And speaking of
      almonds, they are eaten as part of this celebration to signify the awakening from winter sleep and the return of spring. The Menorah, which represents the tree of life, was decorated with oil cups in the shape of almond blossoms.
      Ex. 25:33-34 and
      37:19-20. And as mentioned before in Jer. 1:11, the rod of the almond tree vision is a precursor to the coming judgements.
      I wonder as well if all of those two moon dreams people were sharing, including the one I had back in August, were maybe pointing to 1 month containing 2 full moons rather than an elapse of time as I was thinking back then. Hmmm...
      Everyone Be Blessed and Joyful in the Lord!!!

    4. You may like this video Sheila. The below link has some good scriptures connecting this "day of watching" with the rapture, imo.


    5. Thank you Brandon but I never have any luck finding these links. It always takes me to some foreign language site. In this case India. If you can put the title of video or name of site, I can usually find it that way. I really am not good with a lot of computer stuff. Bless you much,

    6. The link goes to a video titled:

      Watch "Tu B'Shevat (January 31) and the offering of the firstfruits!"

      ...which can be found on the channel named, "The Rapture Puzzle".

    7. Err... my copy and paste skills failed. It's just titled:

      "Tu B'Shevat (January 31) and the offering of the firstfruits!"

    8. "Ok, the month of Shevat has a numerical value in Hebrew of 311. The Word Tree spelled out has the same value." Again, all I could say is *amazing*!

    9. TY Brandon. Coincidentally, I came across that one late last night.
      It seems more and more are learning something we didn’t know about before.
      I took this to the Lord in prayer yesterday with the simple question of “Is this be something I should be seriously considering?”
      The thoughts that came to me were interesting.
      Where did His atonement for our sin take place? On a Tree.
      What celestial event took place on that day? (a Wednesday) An extraordinary Solar Eclipse.
      What is Tu B’Shevat?
      The Rosh Hashanah
      New Year of The Trees.
      What celestial event takes place on this particular one? ( a Wednesday) An extraordinary Lunar Eclipse.
      The moon reflects the light of the sun as the Body reflects the light of the Head, or the Church reflects the light of the Son.
      So that, along with all of the other amazing connections involved in this day (that is very much about ripened fruits) tells me that it is worthy of our attention. Also “fruit” is “karpos”
      G# 2590–from the base of #726, (harpazo), fruit as plucked. A lot to see here. Many, Many Blessings, Brother and keep after the good work you are doing. Maranatha!

  9. A bit off topic, but has anyone considered the possibility that the false prophet is Pence? Making the literal false prophecy the one about building that temple which we know he's very driven to do. That this Prophet has with the help of the church itself, brought to life again the Beast and that for Israel right now, Trump is the Antichrist or false messiah come to help them build the temple? As far as that child, maybe Jesus was literally born a normal birth and he has been hidden somewhere. In that scenario, it would make sense that in this next life of his, he literally is fulfilling and unsealing Rev and is ascending now? Just a thought..,

  10. About that dragon. That whole segment is written like a musical composition and the coda repeats there at the sequence starting with the sign of the virgin. As we know now, that sign while not exactly replicated also was around the time of Jesus first coming as well. The dragon sequence all the way through to the first beast are the first movement. The coda repeats and the second is when that second Beast arises and actually resurrects the Beast that arose with Christianity married to Rome. It's a very long overview of where we've been but with the coda repeating we are at the last week now. The dragon is both a constellation and an event to come just like the sign of the virgin was. What we saw in the sky was happening here on earth.
    Now you know why the little scroll tasted so sweet but is now bitter.

  11. I believe I've been given Holy Spirit insight to whom/what the dragon is. China is also called the great red dragon country. If China's tail could be construed as NPRK, then casting a third of the stars to earth could mean nuclear war.

    I was really taken when I realized that the great angel that put it's feet on the earth and sea and cried with a loud voice accurately depicted Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 'But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." The angel began to sound in 1945 if this interpretation is correct.

    It seems that angels may=stars that may=atomic/nuclear events. Consider the star Wormwood (interpreted Chernobyl in Russian) that poisoned many waters. Another clue that stars may = atomic/nuclear events .

    1. I agree with that. Like I said, the whole thing is written like a musical piece sort of. The plagues for example were in history and we can see it now with the flu. So the dragon is both historical and yet to be revealed now but my guess is he's the god of all religions and particularly the Christian religion predicted as I see it in that head. We always thought it was Rome, so that's not a stretch. What's hard to swallow is that we also may see our foundation slip away. Everything is clear now. I personally don't know where the truth went once Jesus left but I think it went off track about the time Paul showed up. He might have been that false apostle Jesus warned about and you have to admit he steered the church in another direction. I'm not saying he's evil, but that's where it veered off track. The Jews were right to resist Christianity according to this prophecy. Now they will again be forced to choose because this prophecy itself might wake them up. They've taken a lot of shit over the ages but the heart of their God is very tender towards them. The two witnesses, again, think like a coda. They are the two times God himself has cohabited on this earth with his Son and the Temple for real was on earth. They are seperated by time but both are essentially the same.

    2. I know I'm dumping a lot out here and it will be troubling. I do very much believe in Jesus. Just a more loving version. Even though I don't believe the same as probably most of you, I very much love Him too. I'm really excited but the church needs to get cleaned up. The child hidden in the second movement of this grand symphony was literal and been hidden. Being worthy, or found worthy, was a step he had to make in this life to unseal the book. Rev is the revelation of both comings. That one was, is and what will be. What I'm saying is just hang on to the Love as you cherish it in your heart. Everything else may slip away but just trust in that alone and you'll be fine


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