I Never Thought I'd See The Day - Jan Markell

Here is a short video that was put together using quotes from Jan Markells year end article. In it she reviews many of the developments in society and Bible Prophecy that point to the lateness of the hour. Things have deteriorated so much faster than she ever anticipated and if you listen to her at all you know she makes a strong emphasis on how things seem to be converging on this point of time. Jan was an outspoken skeptic of the Rev 12 Sign, but if she is convinced the end is so near without even considering that momentous event, how much more excited should we be since we recognized the Great Sign?

Here is the video (8 minutes):

Here is the text:

Dr. David Jeremiah had a sermon series some years ago with this title. Like me, he noticed aberrations in the culture and in the church and stated he just didn't think he would live to see them. 
I've come up with my own list as 2017 winds down. It has been an historic year to say the least.                            
Things aren't falling apart, they are falling into place.                            
I didn't think I would live to see:
  • The earth reeling in an apocalyptic manner, yet most going about business as usual -- eating, drinking, and enjoying life.
  • Every natural disaster preceded by words such as "unprecedented", "history-making", or "of biblical proportion."  
  • A hurricane (Irma) so strong that it was measured on a device that tracks earthquakes.
  • Some people heed the warning signs of impending natural disasters but scoff at the ultimate warnings that Jesus is returning soon and you must be ready.
  • America seriously talk about the possibility of an EMP attack and Hawaii warn of a nuclear attack by North Korea.
  • Actors in Central Park simulate the assassination of a U.S. President.
  • Satanic outfits be granted IRS tax-exempt status while Christians and conservatives are overlooked and ignored.
  • A major U.S. newspaper -- The Washington Post -- call Satan good and call him a great representation of secularism.
  • A discussion of womb transplants for men.
  • The Boy Scouts allowing girls to join the organization.
  • Word of a revival in North Korea.
  • The son of a Hamas leader, who is now a Christian, tell the United Nations that Palestinian leaders are a bunch of terrorists.
  • Rick Warren state that he hoped his partnership with a Catholic leader would become the ecumenical model for the entire world.
  • K - 12 U.S. educators demonizing Israel and lauding Islam.
  • A Democrat Party leader -- Donna Brazille -- blow the whistle on Democrat Party corruption. Politicians usually circle the wagons and protect their own.
  • The daily scoldings I get from people protesting my pre-Tribulation Rapture-timing theology. (This is not a salvation issue, folks.) 
A prominent secular talk show host said we live in interesting times -- too interesting. He longs to go back to the 1950s. He doesn't understand that the last days would be characterized by a departure from the normal and an acceleration of the aberrant. He can't grasp the fact that the Bible predicted a lot of what our headlines state today.  

It's all falling into place.

-Jan Markell
I Never Thought I Would See the Day by Jan Markell



  1. Very great thanks Brad, this is amazing and wonderful outline! Watching and looking up!

    1. Hi All. Craziest thing.
      I cannot open the prior thread at all. It locks me down when I try. I can open all the other ones tho.
      Very weird.
      Regarding this topic,
      It is unbelievable all that is happening. And this outline barely even touches
      Thought Brother Todd’s post @ It is
      Finished re the upcoming SuperBowl on 2/4 was real interesting.
      Philadelphia Eagles vs. NE Patriots= the Church vs. State?
      I hope he’s right on indications we may not be here to see it but if we are, there will probably be some telling events within it. I know we are so close to home. The waters are sloshing wildly all over the place. Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Amen! I can't also open the prior post!

    3. Not sure what's up with it.... must be either very good info or very bad....depending on how you look at it! In the revelation revisited post a placed the text and links in the comments section if you are curious.... It's at the bottom.

    4. TY Brad. I kept having to do a hard reset after freezing up there.

    5. So I wasn't the only one whose "Kim Clement thread" was frozen? I thought it was perhaps because he was a false prophet and teached a twisted gospel...

  2. Sheila, there must be a glitch on that post, because there are a couple more of us that have commented elsewhere that we can’t access it. 😘

    1. Hi Robyn and Alla! I wasn’t sure if it was just me cause the comment
      #’s were increasing. I thought well...maybe the Lord doesn’t want me going there for some reason:-)
      Good to know it’s something else at play. Blessings and love to ya’ll!!!

    2. yes interesting...God maybe wanting us to 'move on' from that one perhaps...

  3. Yeah, I still can't open that one... weird

    1. I’m thinking it might have more to do with the comments that did manage to respond to it. One time my screen froze on a rather vitriolic comment. Nothing else there but that.
      Very strange.
      My opinion of Kim C. And others like him is based on the fact that I have always been leary of music based Ministries. Music is such a powerful emotional tool and these things always seem to be about ginning up a highly charged emotional response in their crowds. It’s just always gone against my grain. It feels like the people are engaging in a supernatural experience rather than a Holy Spirit led relationship with Jesus Christ.
      As for Chuck M., I have always regarded him and his work as a highly educated, practical and sound teaching of Scripture. There are some things I see a bit differently, but I have learned much from him and made use of his 24 Hours book to try to get people to open up their Bible’s for themselves. That said, I hope Kim C. got where he needed to be with the Lord before he passed on as I do for all.
      I woke up at 5am this morning to the big quake off of Alaska and people on the West Coast running for higher ground in the middle of the night from the Tsunami warning which did not occur.
      It is 9 am and I have already seen more crazy news/events than is almost comprehendable.
      The devil is now openly showing up in court with Baphomet in tow as the Satanic Temple takes the State of Missouri to court over their right to kill the unborn. The new fad of “Goat Yoga” where the goats climb all over their bodies and hopefully pee on them for good luck as they hold their positions. I saw one middle-aged guy kiss a goat, then tell the goat “my light bows to your light”?!!
      And purple and scarlet are the trending fashion colors. Rev. 17:4
      These people are begging for the
      removal of the Restrainer.
      I am staying buckled up and looking up!!!
      Love you all and May He keep us under the cover of His mighty Wings until that perfect moment when He lifts us all up together to meet Him in the air. Praise the Almighty Name of Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach, Jesus the Christ, King of Kings and LORD of LORDS.

    2. Thanks for you comments Shelia.... Appreciate your perspective as always. I have always been leery of Kim as well... and even when I heard his words that seemed to describe the revelation 12 sign (long before it was big news or perhaps even discovered) I still dismissed it. But since Chuck Missler opened up to him... and gave him the tools and opportunity to grow, and seemed to genuinely believe he was a brother after spending considerable time with Kim, well I thought it would be worth sharing. I have never questioned Chucks discernment after so many hours of listening to his teaching, so seeing that interview made me give Kim a second glance. I wish Trey's video was more linear, but you can get the gist of what was said fairly quickly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here are the links for those of you who did not get into that post.
      and here is the other one:

    3. Hi Brad. Watching Kim share his inner struggles and the fact that he’d willfully neglected so much of the Word as he shared his family life was a hopeful thing.
      And I don’t see Chuck M. as a man easily fooled.
      Surely the Lord had purpose in putting
      such strange bedfellows together,
      so I choose to leave that judgement in His court.
      Re Trey: He’s a hard guy to follow in his train of thought for my plain thinking brain. Our God does work in some mysterious ways at times and with some mysterious people.
      The OT prophets did some outlandish things in His service and the world is about to see a whole lot more of that.
      Blessings, Brother and prayers up for the fellowship:-)

    4. Now Sheila you got me curious again and I watched the Missler interview first. I don't know both of them (Missler and Clement) well enough but one thing I noticed: Missler was more impressed by 'personal integrity' he found in Clement so that I just ask if this is enough to throw anything else over board. Because in my opinion, someone like Clement who openly declares to be a 'learner' in eschatology now that he seems to have found the truth; shouldn't he just REFRAIN from calling himself a 'systematic teacher' (when asked by Ron Matson) at least as long as he learned enough to be able to teach? What does Gods word say about people like this in James 3:1? So I'm afraid Clement didn't seem to be THAT kind of person really having the 'backbone' saying "look, I saw I was wrong for a long time and now I gotta learn a lot, I'm NOT a teacher in fact". I'm not sure about such a person. He should have known better from scriptures. Someone who hangs around with Joel Osteen asking him about eschatology?? 1 Corinthians 15:33 Oh boy... And what are the effects of a Christian 'Israel ministry' helping build bomb shelters? Well, I mean that's what the apostles did, right? That's what the great commission is about? Come on... I could hardly watch the charismatic spirit of the second video, had to break it. I'm not sure if Clement has really learned something regarding his "ministry". On the one hand saying he doesn't prophecy for money but on the other hand not just refraining from "teaching"? If someone does understand the term "prophecy" in the only direction of "prediction of events" he didn't catch the meaning of a NT prophetic gift at all. And I'm not sure if Chuck Missler was just an old man too much focusing on being happy to have found some sincerity (as he thought it to be) among a mostly hypocrite and shallow Christianity at the end of his long life. You can betray yourself easily this way too about the character of another person. If you call a man a teacher he must be qualified as such. Clement obviously wasn't. Either way, he has to answer that before God now as he passed away in 2016. Blessings to you, sister!

    5. Annabel, that is why I said I hope Kim C. got where he needed to be with the Lord because I don’t know anything that transpired with the man before his death other than that bit in the clip. I’ve never even listened to the him any longer than it took me to flip the channel because I am not drawn to that type of ministry or any other that relies so heavily on emotional experience i.e. the Charismatic stuff.
      Chuck M., on the other hand has always been imo a no-nonsense straight shooter Biblically speaking. Just him and a podium with word for Word teaching if you know what I mean. Always upfront re what stems from his own speculation and suggests one study those things out to reach their own conclusions as well. I can only take him at his word that he felt a bridge was crossed there, but that is between them and God imo. That other guy Trey is not my cup of tea either as I can’t follow his wanderings and again don’t care for the emotion inducing music thing or the distracting hand gestures. I just like plain straight up teaching that I can take notes and learn something from. And I love the old hymns with nothing more than a piano keeping tune:-D.
      I don’t know where that friendship or fellowship took Mr. Clement before he died, but based on that interview, he did appear to me to be a man at a crossroads with himself and was admittedly unsure of which direction he would take. I just hope he chose to be or go where the Lord wanted him. With that limited knowledge of him or his history, that’s about all I can personally think about him, but for me, Chuck’s extension of grace toward him and vice-versa was just a prayer provoking and hopeful thing to watch.
      Blessings to you as well, Sister:-)

  4. Regarding the above video it seems remarkable to me that this covers ONLY the United States' national decline. With regards to all developments in the huge rest of the world where "the whole creation groaneth" (Romans 8:22) it should be clear as day to everybody - but unfortunately most are still asleep about this - that we're living in the last nanoseconds of endtimes (and not even at the beginning of this period but at its very end!)... MARANATHA!

    1. Amen, Annabel. That’s what I meant by it not even scratching the surface of all that is occurring worldwide.
      It seems like the whole world is trying to pole vault into the the Tribulation and the open arms of the AC. DAVOS is going to focus on AI. Why... because it’s not a reality to them? Don’t think so. Nano seconds in the scheme of things...
      yes, I believe you are right.
      Be blessed, Sister.
      We are just about there:-)

    2. I’ve begun to notice “frog” symbolism popping up here and there in relation to some weird, not what I’d call clean behaviors. What do frogs have to do with anything? Maybe another indicator of the nearness of the dragon? Rev. 16:13
      That’s right, I did say “frogs”, just another little indicator of the creation that I see as openly and gladly gone amok.
      But Ahhh...this wonderful world system we are living in...so fit to raise up God-fearing children who survive the womb or their gender identity and will continue to have access to the Holy Scriptures and be able to openly share the Gospel for years to come...NOT!!!
      The coffee is burning. I sincerely desire for the babes in my family to dwell in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior rather than the filthy kingdom of this world system. So, yes, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD to take us home and even so, may He come quickly!

    3. Benton, KY school shooting. 19 hurt, 2
      dead so far. “Why oh why” they are asking. Just another day as I pray for all of our kids to get through another school day
      safely. Everyone be blessed and our God’s protection for you and yours!

    4. “Then I saw three evil spirits that LOOKED LIKE FROGS; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God." Rev 16:13; ?? version, emph mine) As many 'news' and entertainment sources could well be called mouthpieces for the Beast (system), your seeing these frogs in such places sets up an interesting twist on this verse, perhaps. Maranatha!

    5. Aw but I like frogs! (Not to mention that I like owls too. Can't help it, they're among my favorite animals.)


      "I sincerely desire for the babes in my family to dwell in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior rather than the filthy kingdom of this world system. So, yes, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD to take us home and even so, may He come quickly!"

      Big AMEN Sis, you speak from my heart!

    6. Hi Nora. I like frogs too. I have a collection of “thinking” frog figurines in my bathrooms. And I love turtles. Grace Ellen is the best behaved little pet I’ve ever had. She’s very spoiled. I like little goats too, But like everything else that gets co-opted into their evil symbolism,
      the goats and froggies have been popping (or hopping) up in a few places and it just made me think hmmm...what’s up with all that.
      And yes, the idea that I see expressed of wanting some rosy future on this planet in it’s current and rapidly declining state is an absurd fantasy that makes me want to scream “Open your eyes, people!!!”
      It’s just not an option anymore and the ONLY answer is in the Blessed Hope.
      Love you much, Sister and all the Body looking for and longing for His Appearing!
      Many Blessings:-)

    7. "But like everything else that gets co-opted into their evil symbolism..." I agree Sheila, just mentioned my liking of frogs in a joking, light-hearted way. :--)

      Not long ago, I've watched Brother Todd's (It Is Finished) newest vid about the latest discovery regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls and a connection of it to his "4 words" vid, it was pretty interesting! :--) *many hugs*

    8. *Grace Ellen* sounds cute! :3

    9. As you mentioned the "frog" motive: I recently learned sth about some 'Pepe the frog' being heavily debated in the US community with regards to all this NWO stuff but of course I don't know enough about it to discuss here. Just popped up in my mind... Is that a clue perhaps? Blessings, family! :)

    10. Hey Annabel. I just did a little research on Pepe the frog. Ugh...divisive and nasty little meme thing. Not something you want the kids knowing about, but most of them are already likely aware. Originally created on 06/13/14 by one Matt Furie (curious name) to express “love” and “tolerance”, but has since morphed into an expression of racism, mockery, division and just pure Illuminati junk.
      So there you go, frog-wise, it ain’t good;-)
      Blessings, Sis!

  5. Great Article. Hopefully she will send us the bible passages that tell us that any of the things are actually signs of the end. What a swing and a miss.

  6. Here is how it should be done. http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/turkeys-operation-olive-branch-extends-east-of-afrin/1038665

    Is it possible the we are starting to see the fulfilment of Daniel 8:9 9 And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land.

    1. I don't believe we have seen the dual fulfilment of Daniel 8:1-8 yet Brad, however both the ram (Iran) and goat (Turkey) are aligning themselves in this space, with Iran largely due to bring about its 'ram' fulfilment.

  7. I ASKED:

    So should I just give up on growing up, getting a job, getting married, having kids, etc?


    If you take good advice from the bible in Jeremiah 16:1-2 and 1 Corinthians 7:26-27 you will know what is the writing on the wall.

    SO I SAID:

    Okay, Annabel, but how do I know those are the right verses? Genesis 6:14 says I should build an ark out of gopher wood (whatever that is). Is that "good advice from the Bible?" And Luke 22:36 says I should sell my coat and buy a sword. What about that? Can I get a gun instead of a sword? I like guns.

    And what about school? Should I tell my mom that I'm done with all that history and geography and literature stuff she says I need to know? And should I tell my dad that I'm done with algebra because I won't be needing it in heaven? Should I tell my friends that if they believe in Jesus, they can quit school too?

    You guys are sure about this, right? I'm 12 now, and there's no way I'm going to make it to adulthood. Right? Heck, I may not even get to my next birthday in August. Right? So I should just give up hope for any kind of a future on earth, quit everything I don't like, and spend my time reading the Bible, watching the news, playing with my cats, and trying to convince my friends I'm not nuts. Oh, yeah. And posting on sites like this one. Right?


    I'm pretty sure it wasn't Jesus. Or anyone like Him. He liked kids. Mark 10:13-14, Matthew 18:6. So will you folks please answer my questions? The more of you who do, the better. I don't want to make really big decisions like this just based on one person's opinion.


    UnknownJanuary 23, 2018 at 10:21 AM

    Hello Chuckles,
    I can certainly understand what you're going through. When people were on the Harold Camping bandwagon back in the '80s, they were selling their possessions and standing on hilltops awaiting the Rapture. Now, before ANYONE thinks I'm pointing fingers or mocking, I am not. We are to occupy until His coming; that means "going about our Father's business." Plan as if you have many years yet but live as though He could come today.
    Yeshua came to give us life, and that abundantly. He wants to hear about your thoughts, your day, your plans and your dreams. Not only that, but He wants to be centrally involved in EVERYTHING that concerns you. Today, tomorrow and forever.
    The gist of this post is, many "Christians" are asleep and do not recognize what is taking place in this world as it relates to prophecy. Things ARE accelerating and there doesn't appear to be any indication of them slowing any time soon. BUT, we are to receive each day as a gift and live it in reverence to Him, whether we have 10 hours or 10 millenia to go.
    Be aware of what's going on as you live your life for Him, honoring Him with your goals, dreams and aspirations. He loves you and wants you to have these things.
    His will shall be done, concerning you and the rest of humanity. He is a personal Savior and does not want you to give up on the life He died to give you.
    Ask Him what He has planned for your life (Jeremiah 29:11) and also, to guide you in the way He wants you to go. You seem to be a very bright and gifted young man. Be the person He created you to be. Only you and Him know who that is.
    No one really knows when we're leaving but we can see by what is going on that the clock is ticking. That doesn't mean that we stop living. That would be an insult to Him.
    Seek His will and give thanks always.
    Blessings to you, Chuckles!!

    Robert M. Saginaw, MI.

    1. THEN I SAID:

      Thanks, Robert. That sounds a lot like what my dad said in his "Don't Know When" song:

      Don't know when, but I know He's comin': (Acts 1:11)
      I know He will 'cause He said He would - (John 14:1-4)
      He gave me His promise and I know His promise is good.
      Don't know why, but I know He loves me: (John 3:16)
      He died and rose just to make me His own - (John 10:15-18)
      Yes, He came before and He's comin' back to take me home. (John 15:13)

      I've been waitin' such a long, lonesome time (2 Peter 3:3-4)
      To hear my Savior call my name;
      But though He tarries I still watch for the signs
      And keep on servin' just the same.


      Jesus said that He'd be leavin' for a while, (John 7:33)
      But He'd be back again some day. (John 13:33)
      And just the thought of His appearin' makes me smile; (John 14:28)
      So I keep walkin' in His way.


      I want to serve Him 'til I meet Him in the skies; (Matthew 25:21)
      I want to be like Jesus was.
      I want to hear Him say, "Well done," when He arrives;
      So I keep workin' 'til He does.


      Yes, He's comin' back to take me,
      Comin' back to take me,
      Comin' back to take me home.


      He tells me he wrote that back in 1982, and that people got all excited about the Rapture happening in 1988, 40 years after Israel became a nation again. But they were off by at least 30 years!

      He also says that when you love something , it makes everything else more interesting, but when you're lusting after something (like a new video game) you can't think of anything else:


      Maybe there will be history and geography and literature and algebra in Heaven after all.

      Almost forgot. (My dad is calling from the other room.) He says that most Bible prophecy is there to confirm, not to predict. Like the many Old Testament prophecies about Jesus that should have helped people recognize Him once He was there, but that didn't tell them exactly when he would be born. Maybe some of today's Rapture "signs" are like that -- they're there to help people know what happened after it does, not to help us figure out the exact day and hour.


      So I'm posting it all again; maybe it's a glitch.

    2. Looks like your dad is still doing all your 'homework' for you Chuckles. No worries. p.s. Bible prophecy was always about pattern, prediction and confirmation. I haven't seen any 'prediction' in todays blog about exact days and hours, but aligning signs with patterns of prophecy in the bible with todays events. I think thats ok.

  8. "Chuckles" is just Gerry Rzeppa. He may or may not have a 12 year old son, but this user is definitely not him.

    1. Hey Gary. TY and yes, that is so obvious. I just don’t get why anyone who claims a Christian walk would carry on in such a manner. Go figure...
      Many Blessings and thank you all over at Unsealed for all of the phenomenal work you Brothers do in support of the Faith.

    2. I am not Gerry Rzeppa, I'm his son. My mom was 57 when I was born and my mom and dad felt so much like Abraham and Sarah because they were so old and had prayed so long for me they named me Chuckles (because Isaac means "laughter"). Write me directly chuckles.rzeppa@gmail.com and I'll send you picture.

    3. I Thank God my family is saved and watching...I am praying so hard for my granddaughter who will be 4 in June..yes I know she will be taken up, but if the Lord tarries...how do we protect our loved ones. Not loosing faith, just its been on my heart for all these little ones ...I pray for Gods protection every day..even finding a decent day care is an issue...home school or Christian school...but then even Christian colleges as Jan Markell said recently, are allowing Buddist in...I just pray so hard that the Lord will come back and that HE finds us worthy to escape. ...Pry for me...as an ER nurse it is becoming so hard at work to even mention Jesus. NO one will listen, even Christians made fun at the Revelation 12 sign I posted at work. That does not bother me...what does is the we are to preach the Gospel...no one wants to hear..If you mention God..auto off in the ears...anyone else experiencing this??...OK back to wk...Have a blessed day everyone..YVonne

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