Prepping for Pentecost!

One of our awesome commenters (Watch and Seek, aka Eric) was kind enough to share a link by TW Tramm regarding the Pentecost Rapture Connection. As we now are clearly in the season of Pentecost, and now less than a week away from the presumed day, June 9th, it felt like the right time to share this info to help you prep for this upcoming appointed time... hopefully our appointment with Heaven!

Before I get to TW's post, I will just share a small nugget on why I personally think it could make sense that Jesus would/could/hopefully will return on Pentecost based on a very simple little pattern of logic. Here it goes:

We all know that Jesus's disciples received the Holy Spirt on Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4).  We also know that in the future "The Restrainer" must be taken out of the way for the major events of the Tribulation to proceed (2 Thes 2:6-7).  We also know that Daniels 70 weeks were seemingly 'paused' after the 69th week was fulfilled at the end of Christs 1st coming.  Israel was hardened and a path was made to bring the Gentiles into the kingdom (Rom 11:25). Thank God for this or all of us would have been in big trouble and without hope...

With all that said, would it not make perfect sense that on the same day when God sent the Holy Spirit to start the Church (Pentecost - the same time when God first 'paused' the 70 week timer).... when He 'un-pauses' it to close the Church Age the 70th week would pick right up where it left off... on Pentecost!! The Holy Spirit came to in-dwell in us on that day, and when we are removed He is taken out of the way at the same time and the spiritual 'playing field' is restored to the same basic position they were in before the church age began so that the 70th week can continue on..

It would kind of be like watching a movie and almost getting to the end, but then hitting the pause button to go run some errands or clean the house, and then when that little side job is done then you sit back down in your same chair and pick right up where you left off to see the end of the movie!

Anyway, those are my simple thoughts... for a much more studious and well researched opinion please see TW Tramms' article below!  God Bless you all and Keep Looking UP!

A POPULAR VIEW is that the Bible’s “Feast of Weeks,” better known as Pentecost, foreshadows the Rapture. The following is a list of 25 scriptural reasons why.

Pentecost is one of three designated harvest festivals during which every Israelite male was required to appear before the Lord in Jerusalem: “Three times a year you are to celebrate a festival to me. Celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread [at Passover] …. the Festival of Harvest [Pentecost] … [and] the Festival of Ingathering [Tabernacles] … Three times a year all your males are to appear before the Lord GOD” (Ex. 23:14-17). In Scripture, a harvest and a gathering before God denote a resurrection/rapture (Rev. 7:9-14; 14:15; 1 Cor. 15:20; 2 Thess. 2:1).

Of the three harvest festivals, Pentecost is said to have drawn the largest crowds. This is because Passover and Tabernacles occurred in early spring and fall when adverse weather was more likely to interfere with travel from distant lands. A large crowd gathered in Jerusalem on Pentecost corresponds to Revelation’s depiction of a great multitude gathered before God’s throne after the Rapture (7:9).

The harvest at Pentecost celebrates the “firstfruits of the wheat” (Ex. 34:22). In Scripture, wheat represents believers (Matt. 13). The first major harvest of believers (wheat) occurs at the Rapture.

At the Church’s first Pentecost, devout people from every nation, tribe, and language were gathered in Jerusalem (Acts 2:5, 6). At the Rapture, devout people from every nation, tribe, and language will be gathered in “heavenly Jerusalem” (Rev. 7:9).

It was on the Church’s first Pentecost that the believers found themselves gathered in one place (Acts 2:1). The next time all believers will find themselves gathered in one place is at the Rapture (Rev. 7:9).

6. A TIME OF REJOICING Pentecost is a time to rejoice before the Lord: “Celebrate the Festival of Weeks [Pentecost] … and rejoice before the LORD your God” (Deut. 16: 10, 11.) The ultimate time of rejoicing before the Lord will be immediately after the Rapture (Rev. 7:9-12; 1 Thess. 2:19).

The multiple orders of resurrection spoken of by Paul are believed to correspond to the three harvest festivals (1 Cor. 15:23; Deut. 16:16). In this scenario, the first harvest at Passover is fulfilled by Jesus’ resurrection (1 Cor. 15:20). The last harvest at Tabernacles is fulfilled by a resurrection at the Second Coming (Rev. 20:4-6). This leaves the middle harvest, Pentecost, to be fulfilled by the Church’s resurrection/rapture.

The wave offering of the grain sheaf during Passover (Firstfruits) is a picture of Jesus’ resurrection. Applying the same template (wave offering = resurrection) to the next harvest, the offering of baked loaves on Pentecost is a picture of the Church’s resurrection/rapture. The ripening of the grain during the seven-weeks between Passover and Pentecost symbolizes the growth and maturation of the Body of Christ throughout the Church Age. The grain transformed into bread represents the Church in its final/completed state.

On Pentecost, when the Israelites appeared before the Lord, they were required to bring an offering proportionate to the blessings God had bestowed upon them (Deut. 16:16, 17). This requirement reminds us of Jesus’ admonition concerning the judgment of one’s fruits at the end of the age: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required” (Matt. 25:14-30; Luke 12:48).

Of all the biblical festivals, Pentecost is the only one preceded by a countdown of seven weeks (Lev. 23:15, 16). The only other instance of a seven-weeks countdown in Scripture is in Daniel 9 where “seven weeks” precede the coming of Messiah the Prince: “From the going out of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of Messiah the Prince there shall be seven weeks” (9:25).

The sending of the Holy Spirit on the Church’s first Pentecost is called the “down payment” on our redemption (Eph. 1:14). Since the down payment on our redemption occurred on Pentecost, it would seem logical for the final payment—the redemption of our bodies at the Rapture (Rom. 8:23)—to occur on the same day.

Pentecost is when the first Church members were sealed by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2). At the Rapture, 144,000 of the children of Israel will be sealed by the Holy Spirit (Rev. 7:3, 4). Is it possible the latter sealing will occur on the anniversary of the first, namely Pentecost?

It was on the morning of the third day, corresponding to Pentecost, that Moses ascended Sinai to receive the Commandments from God (Ex. 19). In John chapter 2 Jesus attends a wedding on the third day and alludes to the fact that He will be resurrected on the third day (vv. 1, 19-21). Thus Pentecost is symbolically a “third day” in the Old Testament while the third day is a wedding and resurrection day in the New Testament.

14. THE 50TH DAY
Pentecost, a word derived from the Greek Pentēkostē, meaning “fiftieth,” is observed on the 50th day. Fifty is the number of Jubilee, the year of redemption or release. Additionally, wherever the number 50 is used in Scripture it denotes fullness and completion (Num. 4:23; Deut. 22:29; 2 Sam. 15:1; 24:24; Kings 1:5). The themes “redemption,” “release,” “fullness,” and “completion” describe the end of the Church Age, or fullness of the Gentiles, when the body of Christ will be released from the bonds of mortality.

• Pentecost is a wedding day in Exodus 19 as the marriage covenant between God and the children of Israel was sealed on this day at Mount Sinai.
• Pentecost is a day of betrothal in Acts 2 as the giving of the Holy Spirit is the guarantee of the Church’s future wedding to the Lord. This is significant because in Jewish tradition the bridegroom typically comes to retrieve the bride around the anniversary of the betrothal, in this case Pentecost. • Pentecost is a time of marriage in the Book of Ruth where a Gentile bride, a type of the Church, marries a Jewish redeemer, a type of Christ, around the wheat harvest.
• Pentecost/spring is a time of coupling in the Song of Solomon where a shepherd, a type of Christ, comes to retrieve his beloved, a Shulammite/Gentile maid, a type of the Church (2:8-10).

• The Children of Israel exited Egypt, a type of the world, on the same day the Lord promised Abraham to redeem His people from bondage four centuries earlier (Ex. 12:41; Gen. 15:13-16). Is it possible the Church will leave the world on the same day God promised its redemption via the sealing of the Holy Spirit, namely Pentecost?
• According to tradition, Pentecost is when Enoch, a prophetic type of the Church, was born and also taken up, or “raptured,” to be with the Lord.
• According to tradition, King David was born and also died on Pentecost.

17. POSITIONALLY, PENTECOST DENOTES THE CHURCH AGE Pentecost’s parenthetical placement between the spring festivals, linked to the First Coming, and the fall festivals, linked to the Second Coming, is suggestive of the Church Age.

18. INFERENCE VIA FESTIVAL ATTENDANCE Scripture mentions Jesus going to Jerusalem for the harvest festivals of Passover and Tabernacles but not Pentecost (John 2:23; 5:1; 7; Luke 2:41-43). Conversely, Scripture mentions Paul, the Apostle to the Gentile Church, going to Jerusalem for Pentecost but not Passover or Tabernacles (Acts 20:1-6). Assuming a typological significance to the festival appearances, Jesus’ attendance at Passover and Tabernacles may be indicative of His being on earth to fulfill the first and last harvests (First and Second Coming), though absent (only appearing in the clouds) at the fulfillment of the Pentecost harvest. Likewise, Paul’s attendance of the Pentecost harvest may be indicative of the Church’s “pilgrimage to heavenly Jerusalem” at the Rapture.

19. THE SHORT AND ABRUPT HARVEST The first and last harvest festivals, Passover and Tabernacles, last for an extended period of time, seven and eight days, respectively (Lev. 23). In contrast, Pentecost is a one-day harvest festival, comparatively short and abrupt, just like the Rapture of the Church.

20. THE FEAST WITH NO SET DATE Pentecost is the only festival with no assigned or fixed date in Scripture. Thus “no one knows the day” (Lev. 23; Matt. 24:36).

21. THE FESTIVAL OF GOD’S TRUMP The only time the trumpet of God is sounded in the Old Testament is when the Lord descends in a cloud on Sinai and calls Moses up—a foreshadowing of the Rapture—on Pentecost (Ex. 19). Might the next sounding of the “trump of God” at the Rapture occur on the anniversary of the first?

22. PETER PROCLAIMS THE DAY OF THE LORD ON PENTECOST Peter, the Apostle to first bring the Gospel to Gentiles, prophesied about the Day of the Lord on Pentecost. Referencing a prophecy from Joel, he stood up and addressed the crowd gathered in Jerusalem that day: “Fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you ... this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people’ …. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord” (Acts 2). It makes sense that Peter would reference the part of Joel’s prophecy about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as this is what was occurring on that first day of the Church Age. But why would Peter go on to cite the portion of Joel’s prophecy about the Day of the Lord marking the end of the Church Age? Might Pentecost be significant to both?

23. THE FESTIVAL PRECEDING SUMMER Pentecost is the harvest festival that occurs just before summer begins. In Matthew 24, “summer” is a metaphor for the end of the age.

24. THE FESTIVAL PRECEDING THE GRAPE HARVEST In Scripture, the harvesting and crushing of grapes symbolizes the judgment of nonbelievers during the Day of the Lord (Rev. 14:14:20). In ancient Israel, grapes were the first major crop to ripen after the wheat at Pentecost.

25. THE FESTIVAL OF NEW BEGINNINGS Counting seven weeks “from the morrow after the Sabbath” as prescribed in Leviticus, Pentecost is the only festival that always occurs on a Sunday. Biblically, Sunday is the first day of the week; it is also the “eighth day,” relative to the seventh (Saturday), and is Jesus’ resurrection day. Typologically, “resurrection,” the first day of the week, and the number eight denote a new beginning. Given that Pentecost historically marks new beginnings in Scripture—namely the start of the Age of Law and the Church Age (Ex. 19; Acts 2)—it would make sense for this festival to mark the beginning of the final dispensation or Day of the Lord.

Citing the above reasons and others, many believe the Rapture will occur on or around Pentecost. This year’s harvest festival is garnering extra attention because—
• It’s the Pentecost following the conclusion of Israel’s prophetic 70th year (Matt. 24:32, 34; Ps. 90:10; Jer. 29:10).
• It’s the Pentecost following the conclusion of the 49th year since Jerusalem began to be restored in 1969 (Dan. 9:25).
• Owing to the Trump Administration’s much anticipated peace Deal of the Century, “peace and security,” is the talk of the Middle East (1 Thess. 5:3).
• Counting the omer from the regular weekly Sabbath following Passover, Pentecost lands on June 16 this year. June 16 marks the last Sunday of spring and the last full moon before summer begins. This is interesting because the moon is said to be symbolic of the Church. A full moon, therefore, might be seen as signifying the Church in its full or completed state.

Having highlighted the typological links between Pentecost and the Rapture, and how 2019 is an auspicious year, it goes without saying that one has to be extremely careful about expectations. Jesus wasn’t speaking only of a select group at a certain time when He said, “Of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself” (Matt. 24:36).

That even the angels and the Son Himself don’t know the day should give pause to the date-setter. Later, addressing the goodman or ruler of the house, those charged with watching for the Lord’s return, Jesus says, “You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect” (Matt. 24:44). This statement should give pause to those convinced the Rapture can only occur on a feast day.

This isn’t to say that the Church, as the “firstfruits of the wheat,” cannot be harvested at Pentecost. A Pentecost rapture would make sense in many ways. Due to uncertainty around the reckoning of the omer and the biblical calendar in general, however, it may not turn out to be the day marked Pentecost on our calendars. Therefore, keep watch!

Whether it’s the day we reckon Pentecost or another day, a once-in-history convergence of signs and timelines tells us He is “at the door” and soon to step through.

1. Pentecost reckoning: The modern (rabbinic) Jewish calendar, which counts the omer from the day after Passover, reckons Pentecost June 9. Those who count the omer from the regular weekly Sabbath after Passover will observe Pentecost on June 16.

2. Jewish betrothal ritual:

3. The Moon as a symbol of the Church: In Song of Solomon the Gentile/Shulammite maid (symbolizing the Church) is compared to the moon: “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon .... Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee” (Song 6:10, 13). The spiritual parallel between the Church and the moon is that the full moon, as bright and beautiful as it is, has no brilliance of its own. It relies entirely upon the sun, which is a picture of Christ (Ps. 84:11; 19:4, 5), for its light. Without the sun, the moon has no light. Likewise, man has no light of his own. We were created in the image of God to reflect His brilliance and glory (Gen. 1:27). When we turn to face the majesty of God, when we surrender to Him and seek Him with all our hearts, we reflect His glory (Matt. 5:14).

For a PDF version of this article by TW Tramm please click on the link below:

Sheila had a thought she shared on the previous thread on the above information that I would like to share as well:

Eric, that's just amazing and that the 1840 and 2165 in the Strong's Hebrew point to the 4005 in Strong's Greek even makes its more so. Another awesome example of the NT revealing the OT. In agreement with your prior post re the exact day of Pentecost being hard to pin down, I had posted above somewhere after reading about there being 5 different Hebrew Calendar dates used for Pentecost that range anywhere from May 28th --June 25th. So I feel like we are surely in the "season" of Pentecost right now and it could literally happen at any given moment. The tension is being felt across the spectrum of true Believer as folks are singing out Come, Lord, Come! while at the same time experiencing that "sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly" pleading for their loved ones to please come to Jesus Christ.

But there is also a growing acceptance that it will take the Rapture to ultimately wake many of them up to the Truth. I am at that place now where I've just had to put those who are not hearing me into His capable hands and believing Him for all that is in me as I am in Him and He is in me. TY for sharing that "golden nugget" with us and be blessed, Brother, as we continue this Watch with baited breath.

Sheila check out the video at the bottom of this post.  At around 21 minute in the gentleman mention how Pentecost is not on a specific date, and is in fact known as the festival without a date!

Greg Lauer also makes an interesting case that Pentecost was not exactly personally fulfilled by Jesus during his first coming, so that we could possibly expect to see another larger fulfillment (Rapture perhaps?) on this feast in the future (since the patterns seems to be established that Jesus will literally fulfill all of the feasts himself during his 1st and 2nd comings.  Here is the link to that article... but know that Greg is also a staunch believer the Rapture could happen on any day, not just on a feast day.

Lastly, here is a Prophecy Watches episode also pointing out many of the connections between  Pentecost and the Rapture.

(I have been told by Todd that the most recent PW Watchers newsletter also lays out a lot of info on the Pentecost /Rapture connection but have been unable to find it yet.  I will share it if I do...)

June 5th Update: 
Rogersings pointed out video by the Maranatha777 YT channel talking about this exact subject that was published on Monday as well. I watched it and thought it was very well done, explaining the harvest feasts and why Pentecost has a distinctly "gentile" feel too it which makes it a good canidate for the feast most related to the church and hopefully rapture. Here it is if you want to check it out.

Rapture Insight: Did Jesus Fulfill Pentecost? Can this be it?! 
(45 min)

June 7th Update:
Stephanie at Unsealed put up a MASSIVE post on Pentecost.  You have got to check it out!!
Pentecost: The Feast that Ties Everything Together for the Church


  1. Thanks Brad. I've shared this before but the late Chuck Missler, one of my favorite Bible teachers of all-time, was a proponent of a possible Pentecost rapture. Here's one video I know of where he discusses the Enoch connection to Pentecost, and makes the same point you did about "un-pausing" Israel's time clock on Pentecost. You only have to watch it for one minute from 1:17:15-1:18:15.

    Steve Monette also makes a good case in his recent videos for this year's Pentecost being "the one," getting into a lot of the same stuff as TW Tramm above about the wheat harvest, as well as Israel's 70 years being complete and 70 (not 80) being a number of completion, etc.

    On a personal note I'm thankful that my busy school year has ended and will hopefully be a little more active on here! God is good, all the time.

    1. Thanks so much Justin. What a great clip...Missler explains it so much more effortlessly than I ever could! Thank you for setting up the link so that it begins at the exact point your are talking about! Very encouraging indeed!

    2. Brad, TY for posting these encouraging articles as we look even more deeply into this year's time of Pentecost, and imo seeing much more revealed about this mysterious Day than what we were shown last year. It's an exciting and hopeful time any way you look at it! Blessings to you and yours and truly believing we shall all meet in the air this very year! (But if it should tarry on, I've no doubt we shall be empowered to carry on:-))

    3. Justin - I've wondered where that tradition of Enoch started as Missler said. It's also interesting with the David connection since he died at the age of 70.

      Thanks for all the articles shared, Brad. That's an interesting one by Greg. He really makes it a point that it could be any day and that he isn't picking a specific. That just got me thinking...It's funny in that imminence keeps me focused on living for the Lord, but also having my attention drawn to specific time periods for the rapture puts even more emphasis on that for me too since it looks like I can see a potential finish line to complete work for the Lord and not give in to any weariness. I think there's a fine balance between stating the rapture will occur on a specific day vs. speculating based on what Scripture shows and at the end of the day someone will always essentially scold a fellow believer for even hinting that there is something we should put our attention towards, which that attitude just confounds me. For me it builds up hope and that's not a bad thing. Romans 5:5

      Sheila - I'm right there with you watching with high hopes this June. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl on June 11th. So Lord willing there are a couple things I'm very excited about this Pentecost season.

    4. What really has stuck with me re: Pentecost are two things:

      [1] The Trump of God... the first and only time it has been known/ or blown was at Mt. Sinai at Pentecost in Exodus 19.

      Exodus 19:19 (KJV): "And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, and God answered him by a voice."

      Perhaps the second and last time the voice will say, "come up hither (Revelation 4:1)?"

      1st Thess 4:16 (KJV) "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:"

      Fire and smoke proceeded God at Mt. Sinai.. so with ALL fire indicators lately.... so it seems fire and smoke will proceed God once again....

      Exodus 18:18 (KJV) "And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly."

      [2] The Book of Ruth. Even the Jews still read it during Shavuot yet they still are missing the prophetic implications and who Ruth and Boaz are. Christ (the Jewish Kingsman Redeemer) and His Gentile Bride.

    5. Oh, one last quickie and this is #3.

      Remember Ron with Jesus Rules YTC. The LORD spoke to him to focus on Leviticus 23: 18-30.
      He specifically spoke through Ron for us to know/study/be accountable to know His 7 appointed times/days/festivals.

      24min -

    6. Here is the specific YTV Ron speaks Re: knowing His appointed times.

      3:5min -

    7. Watch and Seek, Congrats! Prayers for healthy, abundant and Wonderful delivery, amen!

    8. Yes Eric, Congratulatons! on another precious little jewel for our God's kingdom. So thrilled for your family and prayers for a safe delivery. I guess this would be a good spot to share a dream I woke from this morning. Not time specific, but more situational:

      In the dream I was observing a large house that was ancient looking in style in that all of the interior walls were made of stone and stucco with many rooms and archways. I could see both inside and outside of this house. There were only two women in the house and both wore grayish robes and head coverings and there was a baby. One woman was the mother of the baby, but it was the other woman--a nursemaid it seemed--who was caring for the baby while the mother was keeping about some other business in a different room. This house was in the middle of an old city that made me think of Jerusalem with dimly lit streets. There was danger lurking outside the house and the child in particular was being sought out to be killed. The nursemaid had the baby swaddled in a blanket preparing to move it to another location where it would be safe, but she was waiting for the cover of darkness to settle in before she could make the move. She secured her own blue head covering and stood next to the front door clutching the baby tightly, just listening and peering out through a small window overlooking the grid of streets waiting for just the right moment to go. And then it went to another scene that I cannot recall, but I woke up thinking about the importance of strategy.

      So I feel like I was being shown that while our departure is surely imminent, at the same time it is an appointed moment or corridor of escape and the crucial timing calls for extreme trust in the perfect knowledge of the One Who will be carrying us to safety. We can do nothing but rest snugly in the protective arms of His Wisdom and just be ready...

      Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    9. Sheila B., Blessings, and Thank You. That was lovely, very poignant and you painted it like a watercolor in my mind; what a treat Rayati awakened by an HS nudge to flip the pic and look at it from the Bride's perspective, in the traditional model, fill in some local color and play, see where it went. Having done the same thing here, as you highlight in your dream, looking from the Babe's perspective, is Wonderful, feels familiar, as a writer, to Rayati's Tale, and does provide a deeply touching, human flavor to VERY Biblical pictures, and an Ennobling Calm, amen.

    10. TY for that input. It was an interesting dream and this morning as I was mulling it over, I got an inkling that "the cover of darkness" is actually an event of some kind, so just closely watching:-)

    11. Sheila B., when I read what you just wrote, about *"the cover of darkness" is actually an event of some kind*, it chimed in my spirit along the lines of 'when they come down, we go up'. While the entity in CMs dream, a bit back, may have told his Master that, "Everything is ready", from your Word, I am hearing that THE Master Does Not Yet Agree.

      If this is a good interp, then "the cover of darkness" is the 'event', or moment, when ALL the details in place, on the Worldly side, align with OUR Lord's Will. From this perspective the many D&V telling us that The Bridegroom is On His Way and Preparations are in place are not in error. What is still afoot are the machines being set up by the Adversary and those aligning with ABBA's Will and Requirements, Maranatha!

    12. Jimboni, that was my first thought regarding an "event" and now after this YT announcement has "come down" as event in itself, I'm thinking the "cover of darkness" could also be referring to this impending blackout of the Brethren's ability to communicate the Gospel and possibly even with each other on blog sites like this when they ramp up the search for "discriminatory" patterns. We all knew this was coming ofc, and now it's here, yet it's still somewhat mind boggling that they are actually going to be knocking conservative and Christian videos off of the grid under the guise of extremism and basically trying to kill the message using Algorithms. Gigi @blue heaven has an urgent warning in that she heard a voice saying last night "the dominoes are all set" and the setting of that dream was in a pitch dark bank.
      And the time stamps on both of my posts above re this dream were also confirming:
      H#1004--bayith--a house
      G#1004--barboros--mud, mire, filth
      H#1006--bajith or bayith--same as 1004--a house
      G#1006--bosko--to feed, pasture, keep

      We're gonna need to be leaving this house of mud, mire and filth quickly to be relocated to
      a safe house where we will be well fed, pastured and kept. All Glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

      Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    13. Sheila B., Blessings. In reviewing your latest respo I heard a small bell chime, along the way, poetically speaking. One point arising along the way in our discussions of Internet loss possibly tied to disasters &/or persecutions was the implications concerning Evangelism as it relates to the Purposes for The Church being here, at all, in ANY and ALL contexts. (Continued below post re YouTube shenanigans.)

    14. I'm going to have to read these posts in more detail later, but just wanted to say a quick thanks for all of the prayers Jimboni, Sheila, and others. Baby Charlotte decided to come about a week early. She was born early on June 5th. Mom and Charlotte are both doing great! Praise the Lord! Just so thankful for His blessings and allowing us to be first time parents.

      We just got back to the house today and are a little ragged from lack of sleep, but so thrilled! Thanks again! May the Lord's blessing be on you all! :)


    15. So there WAS a big event on June 5th:-D Congratulations to you and your beloved wife, Eric! Praising our Lord's Goodness for Mom and Baby Charlotte's good health and so thrilled for you all. Be continuously blessed and Marantha:-)

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  2. YIPPEE! I am ALL FOR a Pentecost Rapture, Brad, Justin, and Family of God! Like many others, I have heavily leaned toward a 2019 Rapture.

    The Two-Year Warning pointed out recently by two Youtubers has me SO EXCITED, I had to type the info and links quickly and share it!

    1. Thank you Lynn, I hadn't yet watched either Barry Scarborough's video or the God's Roadmap video prior to your article and I was very encouraged by both, especially Barry's. This concept of the two years fits quite nicely with everything else I've seen and studied for a 2019 rapture!

  3. I've gone back and forth over Acts 1:11. Pentecost works for me. Question about Pentecost thought if anyone has studied Leviticus 23 and the 2 loafs have leaven, just like our bodies. The first raised loaf being the OT Saints raised with Christ. 2nd loaf the Church? Or am I looking at it wrong?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Brent- Good question. You inspired a search, as I was reading that the other day and wasn't sure about it either. Found this today, rather a long article. You can scroll down to the section titled "I am the bread of life" if your time is limited. I thought this sounded scriptural, except the following may be legalistic, hence wrong - "the Bride of the Messiah -- brought to perfection through trial and testing." We are brought to perfection in Christ Jesus.

    3. After reading over the whole article again, I found several more statements that were a bit off. But the meat of the "I am the bread of life" section is well worth reading. Got me excited!

    4. Thank you Kathy I will take a look at the article.

    5. Katy and Brent.
      Wanted to see the Lords hand on this feast day..... In regards to the loaves. Do they represent the harvest fruit Israel and the Gentiles. Take a look at the numbers the Lord gave us in Leviticus 23 .. from Bible Hub ..."Two wave loaves of two tenth deals.—These two loaves were prepared in the following manner. Three seahs of new wheat were brought into the court of the Temple, were beaten and trodden and ground into flour. Two omers of the flour were respectively obtained from a seah and a half, and after having been sieved in the twelve different sieves, were kneaded separately with leaven into two loaves outside the Temple, but were baked inside the sanctuary on the day preceding the festival. Each loaf was seven hand-breadths long, four hand-breadths broad, and five fingers high. These were offered to the Lord as firstlings (Exodus 34:17), whence this festival is also called “the day of first-fruits. I am thinking about the height of the loaf represented by the number Five - representing Grace!

    6. VeeBee-

      I have always thought (via the picture painted in scripture with the two vines/ branches coming together as one) these two loaves do represent Israel (the Jews) and Gentiles. For example,

      Romans 11:17-24
      Ephesians 2:11-13;
      Ephesians 2:19; and
      Ephesians 3:6;

    7. Brothers and Sisters, I do not fully understand gematria... and am looking in to how the Lord does use numbers to speak to our hearts.... By the way, I really enjoy bread, but am limited because of allergies. I looked at the loaves size allotted for Pentecost, The First Fruits Feast. When the length, width and height numbers are multiplied 7x 4 x 5. The number is 140 In the Blue Letter Bible G 140 ..."chosen." Umm! We are chosen and set apart. The scripture Matthew 12:18 ... Behold my servant, whom I have chosen, my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles."
      Wow! we are blessed beyond measure. that leads to looking at the 2 Loaves for the wave offering.

      Adding 140 to 140 for two loaves equals 280 ...G 280 ... Without Measure. In scripture 2 Cor 10:13 We boast.... not according to our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us."
      Nevertheless, not knowing the day or the hours, the feast day speaks to us, The Lord shed his blood that that those who believe with their heart and confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord are to be chosen and set apart, beyond measure. Yes, our Great God and King... He loves us and not willing that any perish, that means all!!!! Will be praying for all of you. I thank You Brad for posting and feeding us the word. Lord watch over your new baby, and family We are blessed. Jesus Come Soon, your inheritance is watching, occupying and waiting!!!

    8. Charlie, Nice to see you! Thank you for sharing these verses. I at times forget how much the Lord loves us. Such an intimate relationship that resounds His everlasting faithfulness. At this moment, The scriptures do bring a heart warming Fresh fire from the Holy Spirit. We are joint heirs belonging the the Root, Christ Jesus. Amen!! With my wretched ways and forsaken past, the Lord delivered me and set me apart from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. I am reminded of Galatians 3:28 ... wherein we are all, who believe and follow the Lord ... "Sons of God." And in Romans 8:1 "..And now therefore there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. " Maranatha.

  4. Just a little comment about something sitting at the margins. Thank you for the new post, Brad. As many have likely noticed, the last half dozen, or so, MANYFISH videos seem to be showing an escalation of the volume and complexity and interweaving of the many deceptions afoot and reaching crescendo, it seems. So much so that MF, himself, speaks of being overwhelmed and, while unable to nail it down, sees the emerging Tipping Point dynamic and the HUGE amount of items flooding his radar NOW.

    Well, his latest prompted me to simply highlight one point which stood out to me on his latest. From the day where an attendee at The Burning Man self-immolated in the flames in 2017, to the day of the recent same near the White House (USA), was 633 days. The odd, unexplained off-set of The Cube, in Paris, is 6.33 degrees. wow

    I See this as very, very deep, down the rabbit hole and extremely significant, to the occult. For those two seemingly unrelated details to so line up affirms, for me, MF' refrain of this all being orchestrated by Higher Beings, though Fallen. For so central/horrific/powerful an event/image pair to be rung, again, NOW, esp in light of the Moment which this thread speaks to, well.

    1. Jimboni, et al, That whole video MF just put out re the "burning man" correlations was rather mind-numbing when one thinks of the evil depths of encoding these enemy-inspired people are capable of, but perhaps what is even more awe inspiring is how that which has been done in darkness IS being brought to light, just as our Lord promised it would be. Matt.10:26 KJV , Mk.4:22 KJV , Job 12:22 KJV , Dan.2:22 KJV, and 1Cor.4:5 KJV for example. I believe that last verse in particular speaks to this moment we are in as we are on the very cusp of His return. (and I'm still contemplating your last post on prior thread as it really touched on a certain prayer moment I experienced early yesterday. Just haven't quite figured out how to share that as yet.) Blessings and Looking UP as we keep on these amazing HS-filled waters <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><

      (*fish borrowed from another creative commenter somewhere:-)

    2. Awaiting on edge of seat. -- Mind Numb in CO

    3. Surely, there is an coordinated effort among the principalities in the unseen to orchestrate something like ManyFish has uncovered. I think about Mark 9:22 when it comes to these two men offering themselves to the fire.

      Speaking of is the 153rd day of the year :)

    4. Fire and smoke preceded God at Mt. Sinai.. so with ALL fire indicators lately.... so it seems fire and smoke will precede God once again....

      Exodus 18:18 (KJV) "And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly."

      I will stop there but like you Jimboni, on edge. Waiting for our fortresses at sea to be firebombed, God's great "fireball is a coming/ second shoe soon to drop," whole lot of shakin coming..Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire...

      Did you guys see "Barry" will be the next named hurricane for 2019. What's the song by the "Scorpions?....Brought to you like a Hurricane?

    5. Hey 'CiD, Blessings. Hadn't seen that but, upon your mention, Brother Scarborough leapt to mind.

    6. Jimboni, in response to that duality in our spirits you so aptly described in your last post on prior thread and it touching on a prayer moment for me, I'll just share that after a brief "pout" at the Father's feet, I was led to Eph. 2:6 KJV and what it means to be one those "extremely peculiar" ones of the called out (1Pet.2:9 KJV ) who actually find our reality in the given fact that God HAS made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, so we basically have one foot in heaven and one on earth as we sit with Him in Spirit, yet wait AND WATCH for the transformation of our flesh to catch up. I believe this is why we tend to live, eat, and breathe the Author of this "Big Work" or "Mystery" that we are not only a part of, but find so much joy and intrigue with any and every detail He is willing to share with us--a la Prov.25:2 KJV. So when others don't quite "get" our obsession, REJOICE! because HE totally gets it and totally upholds us:-))
      (*And LGPE was the first book I ever read in conjunction with the Scriptures way back when:-) Blessings, Brother and TY for what I found to be confirmation.

    7. Sheila B., Blessings. Your line, " 'pout' at the Father's feet", describes well the launching point of that post. You've been taken a bit deeper than the point I was making re Pentecost's vagaries and being more a 'season' than a day perhaps assisting to show that Our Lord wasn't 'dodging' the issue in his directions to us to Watch for the unknowable. However, your point to illustrate the heart of the matter also Encourages, surely, Maranatha!

  5. I haven't observed the "Feast days patterns" since I personally backed off from it sometime ago. I think Gods timetable will even be more surprising than going by holy Feast dates on a (corrupted) Hebrew calendar so that the delay might even be stretched a lot more to sift the tares from the true wheat believers who then are being revealed not trying to cling to visible markers like feasts days but clearly are kept by the hand of God Himself to make them persevere until the end. Not out of their own strength or will but this endurance will be from God and from Him alone because the saints will be worn out and exhausted completely, not able to keep themselves running the finish line at all. That's how I feel already but still 'something' keeps me going and of course I know WHO that is...

    So I cannot join the discussion here because of the above reasons. But what I do observe is more and more of Matthew 12:25-26 in global politics pointing to a Revelation 13 world regime rising. The YTC #Press For Truth and #WeAreChange just released truly interesting live footage of this years' most strangely secretive Bilderberg meeting in Montreux (SUI) where one participant was even caught with the statement "they might be shot if they say anything to the press" (which I personally think was not a joke).

    Furthermore, the latest broadcast of the #TruNews YTC is very interesting with regards to current developments around Revelation 13 being prepared and the "kings of the East" of Revelation 16:12 also being in the making. Here it is, I suggest you WTWT this time:


    What I find interesting is some news about Italy wanting to return to a gold backed currency for domestic trade parallel to the Euro, possibly causing a national domino effect around them. This attempt (or at least the announcement thereof) reminds me of what happened in my country some 80 years ago. Some European (and elsewhere?) nationalist blowback on globalist communism might indeed trigger some serious war games because the global communist elite will never allow that to happen. Satan knows his time is short. He wants his time to start right now at all costs. Feasts days or not, we're in the season. MARANATHA!

    1. Annabel--You remind me of my son who watches many of the same YTCs that you do so he helps keep me abreast in that arena ;D

      Also, I NOW understand why you (or others) might not consider the feast day patterns!

      I was struggling with trying to fit the Rapture into that pattern and I believe I was led to discover something which I shared in my article:

      My understanding leans toward the Fall Feasts being fulfilled in Israel where all previous festivals were completed. And, after studying the Expositor's Greek Testament (link is in my article) related to 1 Corinthians 15:23, it may be that the Rapture is NOT associated with any Feast at all. Whether my findings are accurate to God's plan or not, I agree--we are definitely in the very season of His Catching Away the Overcoming Church!

      In fact, I was EXTREMELY ENCOURAGED that the Rapture WILL take place in 2019 when I saw The Two-Year Warning pointed out recently by two Youtubers:

    2. Oh great, another new article from Lyn. You have been spoiling us lately Lyn with all your lovely and great articles.

      I will head over there now sister.

    3. Thank you for the articles and links, Sis Lyn! Gonna watch Br. Barry's vid too, I've got very curious!

  6. Thanks for this excellent post, Brad!!! What a great compilation. And I'm sure you are busy with work and your family (especially that new little one - bless her little heart!). Once again I will say that this site has been my go to site ever since I found it. What a glorious assembly of believers!

    First of all, thanks for the link, Annabel. I will have a look, although I have to admit, I really don't need all the details of what is going to happen after we are gone. I like to get an idea of how far we are down the road by looking at some of this, but as far as using it to warn those who I think may be left behind, even the word "rapture" is too weird for them. Talking about Noahide laws, which I do believe have a pretty good chance of being instituted after we are gone, would just put a tinfoil hat on my head, in their minds.

    Secondly, I choose to focus on Pentecost as a pretty good possibility because I do believe God will use a feast day to take us home, IMHO. God's great wrath is coming, but the other side of His character, His unending and unfathomable love, will not take a backseat during these last days. Pentecost has much meaning for His people, the Jews. How else can we explain the reading of the book of Ruth during this feast. The Jews don't even know why they do this (according to Chuck Missler). And as far as calendars, I'm with Chuck M. again, IMHO. The Jews have kept the true calendar and the others are just meant to cause confusion and division.

    I also believe everything is ready for the NWO and if we are here much longer, the Bride will be completely finished off before she even gets to the ceremony. And I don't agree with the remark about knowing the day. Pentecost may be labeled as the the feast without a specific date, but I don't really understand that. We count the days from Passover. How can we not count to 50 right? Besides, as Greg said in his article - Pentecost rarely falls on the same day for Christian and Jew. Too bad he didn't look ahead 4 years. He would have seen that it does. Or maybe Someone didn't want him to?

    We also know that June is the month in which most weddings are held and in a few weeks, spring will be over. Summer is nigh. Also, regarding fire and mountains, volcanos, etc., if you haven't seen Paul Dawson's video regarding the Millenial Reign called Mt. Zion and The Fire, its definitely worth a look.

    I don't know anything. I'm just trying to follow my Lord and Savior as best I can. I'm no scholar, I don't even have any commentaries, etc., but I love Him with all my heart and the Holy Spirit in me tells me we are going soon. I have loved and prayed and pleaded with those in my life who are unsaved. God is sovereign and He will care for them. I am more than ready to go. Peace and grace to all of you. I am praying I will be meeting you all face to face soon. Really guys, I think it might finally be time for a happy dance. Many blessings! Maranatha!

    1. Dear sister I know what you mean by saying it's not with you digging much deeper into these topics. We all have different gifts and tasks. My husband sometimes takes it like a short summary of what I researched but says his approach to scriptures is more needed on a daily basis so I understand that well. On the contrary, I am much interested in the "big picture" from a birds (or Gods?) perspective so we do also complement each other regarding our view on prophecy. I like to share what I found as there might be somebody out there finding it helpful. Yet I don't share this information with unbelievers anyway. Useless to feed them with stuff that can only be grasped when saved by grace first to receive the Holy Spirit to make them understand. John 16:12

      Blessings to you, Dear! ;-)

  7. sorry my posts are always so long. it never seems like I have typed that much, but I guess i have.
    By the way - love the "fish" Sheila!

    1. ShelleyB, I couldn't resist "borrowing" the fish from whoever that was. And I so agree with you on what you said above about them just seeing us in "tin foil" hats. If I could get them to believe any of that re the use of Noahide laws and a "Jewish" takeover of the world (which I've not bought into that part of it myself) it would be because they were already believing the Gospel in which case they wouldn't be here for it either. So to me, all of the Wrath and the terror of Jacob's Trouble that we all understand is prophesied in the Scriptures and can see coming is pretty much preaching to the choir. I've just tried to point out what is already happening and use that to point them to Jesus Christ while there is still time and just praying for as many as will to come. And Like you, Sister, this ol' gal is tired and just ready to go Home! Blessings and agree this present time of Pentecost is looking really good for it, Amen:-)

    2. Sheila, Loved the fish also , I will have to "borrow them" too for some comments.

      ShelleyB, I know what you mean about the tin foil hats, and blank expressions when you talk to the non-believing, non-watching. It is hard to know where to even start. They just don't get it. We are watching, and see the little winks and nods the LORD is giving us. But lost soon to be left behind, just cannot, will not see the links, Godly winks, and that this world stinks.

      I dont know if you have the TV program over there called "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!", a show where a load of washed up B and C and some Z Lister UK/American celebrities are put into a jungle in Australia or New Zealand to be given a load of creepy, crawly tasks and trials, and they get to leave when they fail the task or they shout out "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here", but I would like to rename it for us Christian Brethren:

      "I'm a believer in Christ, get me out of here!"

    3. I'm laughing so hard right know. That name and premise are absolutely hilarious!

  8. Hi Guys,
    An interesting little nod perhaps...

    So PRIDE month is June, where many cities all over the world celebrate LGBTQ. Which is an abomination to God.

    Now have a read of: Proverbs 16:18 - Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall

    Doesn't that just make you think what an awesome God we have, that he would, knowing over 2700 years before it happens, that the world would celebrate with the LGBTQ community and name what he deems an abomination to be PRIDE. And he gives us a proverb that has a common sense every day meaning, and also has a prophetic meaning closer to the time when "destruction" happens.

    What an awesome God we have.

    1. Excellent insight Jordan, I never thought of that before.

      I was also incredibly disgusted by a couple tweets today from Miley Cyrus, both promoting a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. One showed her licking a cake that says "Abortion is Healthcare," the other showed her basically naked, and both said "Don't f*** with my freedom." Between this and the barrage of LGBT celebration online, I don't know how much more I can take. Lord Jesus please take us home soon!!

    2. I saw today's Google Doodle celebrates "50 years of Pride" with art depicting rainbow wheels and an LGBQT and whatever else march. Colleen M was talking about being shown the word "march" and at first she thought it referred to the month of March, then later realized it was referring to a "marching" which she was looking at in re to the ME and Iran, but I suppose this might qualify as an another indicator as well. I didn't realize this "agenda" was hitting it's "50" year mark right now. So yes, Even so, come Lord, come!

    3. dead right Jordan. We noted on unsealed that pentecost was only a few days before pride parade in Jerusalem. The big similarity is essentially 'in the days of Lot' the homosexuals congregated before Lots house and the intensity of homosexual demand was immediately before Lot was removed. Going to be an interesting month. Ryan

    4. Thanks Justin, but credit for the pride destruction linkage can go to YTC: PAID IN FULL. He had a video about it yesterday. Also i remember Mike from OnPoint Prepareness mentioning a similar point last year.

      Ps. On a side note, Mike although he creates interesting and informative videos, I noticed recently he has gone down the LEGALISTIC & works based salvation road a bit too enthusiastically. So that is cause for me to discount most of what he says. Just a heads up in case any babes in Christ are subbing to him.

    5. We had a discussion on this "topic" last June...late June as there were huge festivals in SF and NY and we were thinking perhaps an "event" would happen. But as you all are stating. what a time for more judgement to fall during Earth's "pride" month.

      Mike (from OPP) is a "former" Catholic and may be slipping back into it while he says he came out of it. Good heads up Jordan.

    6. Jordan--WOWSERS--what a great prophetic observation you shared!
      Ryan and Sheila B--the MARCH OF PRIDE just before DESTRUCTION--as in the days of Lot indeed and INDEED!!!

    7. Use the Brave Browser, you can also earn some BAT crypto if you choose too. Don't have to worry about google tracking your every move.

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  9. International Business Times: Astronomers Warn About Possible Lethal Meteor Shower in June.

    1. Hey Miguel P, Blessings, Brother. Moon wobbles, Unexplained Flashes on moon (Drudge), recent pass of large comet with it's own satellite *popping up* rather undertectedly, pilots lately observing very odd craft & commenting publically, now a Griswold's Family Global Meteor Shower vacation. Lots of background static abuzzing re such, no? Convenient pre-backdrop ready to pivot any number of directions to spin things depending upon unknown specifics when ABBA ACTS. Maranatha!

    2. You know it brother! Hows the scout?

    3. Miguel P, having just weathered a few days of neuro-pain working down his right leg in a mirror fashion to what he had on his left, a few weeks ago, has yielded another wave of sensatory increase. I spoke briefly with him today, from the office by phone, and he was excited and very eager to share/show me some new things when I get home today.

    4. Good Jimboni. Very good. The Holy Spirit is moving strongly in me today, heavy, weighty, anxious prayers, deeply laden with expectation and urgency. I find myself begging, when Lord? And asking please move in me, speak to me or just simply yank me out. I asked Him to give me something for this community; when that prayer happens, it happens every single time that He gives a gift for you all. That gift is on it's way. I'm excited to bring it to you when it comes.

      I'm not sure if He will come in the next few days while the season of Pentecost is upon us, but I can sense a mighty move coming. A couple months ago, my brothers wife saw herself gathering pennies and myself gathering dimes in a dream. She thought it was her husband, my twin brother, gathering dimes, but I think it might have been me. In the dream once she had gathered a certain number and I had gathered 9 dimes, then an event happened.....I have found 7 or 8 dimes (I lost count) since then....

      I do not have any confirmation or another witness to say I am interpreting correctly, so it may have only some personal significance. Nonetheless, I thought I'd share just in case.


    5. Miguel P, homecoming to an excited scout but, being in the middle of it, this new wave, while significant, remains elusive. One new 'test' achieved however is that he can now sense his hand rubbing his upper thigh. Not 'feel', per se, but senses something there when he does it and it feels like feeling but in the tissue, not on the surface. IMO, this is his neural net's awaking and deciphering as best it can. Small improvements, such as this, commonly cascade into major improvements.

      So, Miguel P, a penny for your thoughts. Skip that -- Tosses Miguel P a dime :)

    6. Sounds good re the Scout. I am so looking forward to meeting Caleb on the other side in his full glorified capacity. That is going to be a wonderful testimony for the Glory of our Lord!

      Miguel...finding and gathering dimes? I found this on the spiritual implications of finding dimes:
      I don't know the origin of all of this, but it goes back to the value of the dime which is 10 and represents the circle which can be interpreted as events coming full circle and can also be represented as unity or the completion of a task. The dime can also be symbol of confirmation with decision making. Biblically we know the number 10 represents Testimony and totality in re to the Law. Also there are the 10 powers that become powerless against the Love of God. (Rom.8:38 KJV) 9 dimes would be 90 and the G#90 is adiaphthoria meaning "incorruptibleness", which is all interesting in that once our task here is completed, we shall be raised Incorruptible--so find that 9th dime, Brother;-)

    7. Bravo! (...but can you do that to Mexican music while dancing around a hat?)

    8. :-DD...I can barely do it sitting on this stationary barstool squinting at the small print!

    9. Dear brother @Miguel, the picture of "finding dimes" somehow recalls Luke 15:8-10 to me... Just my 2 cents (pun intended LOL! :-)). Blessings your way!

    10. Thanks brothers and sisters. I hadn't even thought of looking up strongs 90. The fact that it means incorruptible was an aha moment for me because I have been pondering that concept for a couple weeks.

      Good thinking Annabel about the Luke verses. Rejoicing over someone's repentance is a good connect as well since I have been thinking about that too.

      Jimboni, I'm not sure if tossing me a dime would count, but we could always try. See what happens. Lol

    11. Interesting, someone just sent me a little video about a very wealthy man who always stopped to pick up coins. When the lady asked him why he'd stopped to pick up the penny, he laughed and asked her what was on the coin. She mentioned several things and finally he prompted her to see In God We Trust, its on all US coins. He said for many years he'd done so because he believed the Words made the coins Holy and a Reminder of a Holy God who could always be trusted. He said he'd come to see them as winks from God that all his troubles were nothing compared to the Holiness and Trustworthiness of God. It Blessed Me and then I read your comments. Blessings - Sherry

  10. Hey Revelation 12 family, We know that Shavuot/Pentecost was fulfilled in the New Testament when the Holy Spirit filled the 120 believers as tongues of fire (Acts 2:1-36). But, if it is understood that Jesus will “personally” fulfill each of the seven feast as He personally fulfilled the first three feasts (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits) through His death, burial and Resurrection then the next feast He will fulfill is the feast of Shavuot/Pentecost. I know we are weary of watching dates and weary of the birth pains but you may be encourage by watching this provocative video by brother Chooch suggesting that Jesus will personally fulfill the feast of Shavuot/Pentecost by a Rapture/Wedding!

    1. Correct. The church was "conceived" at Pentecost in 32-33AD... now the baby needs to be born/ delivered/ harpazo'd after much travail and prior to the dragon's physical manifestation and reign on Earth (to include God Almighty's wrath).

    2. Yeah I watched that video by Brother Chooch, about Pentacost Rapture.. It was very good, and defo food for thought.

      My only reservation about rapture possibly occurring on Pentecost is that as far as I have gleaned and understand, Pentecost is known as the Wheat Harvest.

      And I remember last year there was a great article over at Unsealed about the barley harvest being a symbol of the rapture of the Church, because in the harvesting of Barley, it is thrown up in the air, and while in the Wheat Harvest, the Wheat is crushed with a Tribulum, so that made a lot of sense that the Wheat harvest would represent Israel during the tribulation, i.e. being crushed by the tribulum.

      So now that Pentacost is nearly upon us, I am a bit unsure again, which harvest the Church is meant to be. Anybody got any thoughts on this?

    3. Hey Charlie in DC, Thanks for the reply. I read Pete Garcia article and the comment by Randy who does not believe the male child is the Church. This brought to mind some amazing connections with 40 and the Rapture! Here's my article:

      – the Jews wondered in the wilderness for 40 years in the wilderness, then went into the promise and conquered Jericho at the sound of “Trumpets” and shouting!

      – the Church has wondered in the world for almost 40 years x 50 = 2,000 years and is ready to go to the promise land of Heaven to be with Jesus at the voice of the archangel and the trumpet sound of God! (1 Thessalonians 4:16). Note, a Jubilee is a period of 50 years and a Shavuot/Pentecost is period of 50 days.

      – A pregnancy is 40 weeks (40 x 7) … The Church is the male child that was conceived at Pentecost and will be born and caught up to Heaven before the Tribulation comes upon the earth (Revelation 12:5).

      – Jesus ascended to Heaven after walking upon the earth for 40 days … Jesus is the first fruits of the Resurrection. He is our Groom who is preparing a place, the New Jerusalem, for His Bride, the Church. Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!

    4. Hey Jordon, I'm not sure about the method of harvesting wheat vs barley. I am a bit confused about the harvest season. The Spring feasts celebrate the "first fruits" of the Barley but it seems like the Jews may had to wait to harvest the entire crop of Barley and may have been harvesting both Barley and Wheat in the summer at Shavuot? Here's a good article on the topic of harvesting the grain.

      Winnowing was accomplished by the use of either a broad shovel or of a wooden fork which had bent prongs. With this instrument, the mass of chaff, straw, and grain was thrown against the wind. Because there was generally a breeze blowing in the evening, this was the time when it was normally done. So Naom I Said to Ruth concerning Boaz: "Behold, he winnoweth barley tonight in the threshing floor" (Ruth 3:2).

    5. Thanks for the link Roger.

      Also as if an answer to my question above, YTC: TyGreen uploaded a video about the Jewish harvest titled: Wheat Harvest-Snapshot (15 mins)

    6. Jordan, Lyn Melvin has two little kids above ... I had read both awhile ago. The Pe tecost for the raptiee would be the first part, the barley harvest where it is thrown up in the sir! Yea! This is part of the first fruits with Jesus resurrection and then his body/the church. The wheat harvest would be after the Tribulation using that tribulum which she discussed.

    7. Well, I see I had a lot of typos. Oh, I just had a ROTF moment here! 🤣.
      I hope I said it right from my notes on Lyn's vids. She is saying that it Pentecost because of the barley harvest which is thrown up into the air. The wjest is using that tribulum which sounds painful with teeth on the bottom of like a sled that separates the chaff. Tribulum = Tribulation.

    8. Jordan, Thanks good video about the grain harvest method. I offer this breakdown ... although I might have poured out a little too much information. Someone once told me that Jesus said "feed my sheep" ... don't give them indigestion.

      Passover, Shavuot and Tabernacles.
      Barley, Wheat and Grapes.
      Christ, Believers, Unbelievers.

      The Wheat harvest of believers (resurrection) begins with Christ's coming for His Church at the Rapture and continues until the end of the Millennium (there are several believer resurrections). The Rapture is the event that begins the "Day of the Lord" which continues through the 7 year Tribulation until the end of the Millennium. The grape harvest begins at Christ's return with His Church at Armageddon and there is also a "tares" harvest for unbelievers at that time ... I think these two harvests are mentioned in Revelation 14.

      1 Corinthians 15:23 But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, after that those who are Christ’s at His coming, 24 then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to the God and Father, when He has abolished all rule and all authority and power. 25 For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet.

    9. Those typo's were very funny Cathi. I was like, what has Lyn's two little kids got to do with anything. Glad you cleared it up :)

      Thanks Roger, that is a great summary of the harvests you gave:

      Passover | Shavuot | Tabernacles
      Barley | Wheat | Grapes
      Christ | Believers | Unbelievers

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Cathi G and Family--ROTFL at Cathi's typos! Oh, too funny! And then Jordan's remark, "What does Lyn's little kids got to do with anything?"

      What a hoot and what a blessing this Family is♥

      Like everybody else, I am just doing the best I can to listen to the Spirit and study the Scriptures to try and understand God's timeline. (And hopefully encourage my Brothers and Sisters in the process.)

      The more I study Pentecost, the more promising it looks! Are we part of the firstfruits of the Barley or the Wheat Harvest? Does the Rapture fulfill ANY feasts of the Lord? I wrestled with these questions, as many of you know, in The Rapture Mystery article I recently wrote.

      While listening to Sandy Armstrong's video Finally Take Off Time Part 3 of 3 (beginning around 15 minutes):
      something came into my spirit as he shared Hebrews 12:18 and following. I wanted to do an actual article on all the connections I was making related to Pentecost, but am thinking I may not have the time to do one!

      So I encourage you all to read Hebrews 12:18-29 and see if you see what I saw--which is, a prophetic picture of the order of the last days--"escape" or RAPTURE then those who "refuse to listen to God" experience the SHAKING OF NOT ONLY EARTH BUT ALSO HEAVEN and God as "the consuming FIRE"!

      The children of Israel and Moses at the mount has always been a prophetic picture of the Rapture, but is God telling us that it IS our Wedding Day just as it was Israel's Wedding Day? I sure hope so!!!

      "For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, nor unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest, - Hebrews 12:18 KJV
      But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, - Hebrews 12:22 KJV"

    12. Guys, as I commented below, I just read Stephanie Dawn's article at Unsealed which Jordan pointed out and her Part 7 is CONFIRMATION of what I just shared re. HEBREWS 12!!!

      You will WANNA check it out:

    13. Both of Stephanie's articles were awesome as usual and Part 7 was wonderful confirmation for your Hebrews 12 recommend, Lyn! And I have to say I got a bit excited as well on what she shared re the Lord's Prayer. I know I open my prayers with that at least once every day and I've never seen it in quite that light re the Rapture and Tribulation aspects that she pointed out. I will not be praying it quite the same way, but rather with more enthusiasm than ever! Definitely taught an old dog something new and refreshing there:-)

  11. A Heads Up --> Latest from Pete Garcia @ RaptureReady

    He does another letter and includes a bit at the end re: Rev12 Sign.

  12. An article today: "YouTube banning "Extreme Views"...thousands to be removed.
    They will be banning videos promoting the "superiority" of any group as a justification for discrimination, segregation or exclusion based on age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status? This will also affect promoters of "Flat earth" as well as "peddlers of phony miracle cures", and denials of violent events such as Sandy Hook. Goes into effect today and enforcement will be ramping up over next several days.
    They will be using algorithms to point people away from "borderline" videos to their idea of more correct viewing. (This is already happening to me)

    I think this may well be the beginning of the end on YT for those promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I am sure they will find The Word of God offensive on every level.

    Blessings and Looking UP!!!

    1. I want to add that this announcement may even point back to that word I received on Dec. 24th, 2018 and shared here re "Algorithms":

      "Significant consideration should be given to the detailed cataclysms that accompany this likely date of departure as the "algorithms" attest to."

      Quotes from today's article @drudge:

      "Still, the move is likely to trigger panic among right-wing YouTube channels."

      "Today's move from YouTube is likely to generate a fresh round of outrage, along with warnings that we are on a slippery slope toward totalitarianism."

      I surely hope our Lord was revealing that when we start getting cut off from communicating our faith and encouragement with one another as the ALGORITHMS WILL BE ATTESTING TO that it will be time for our DEPARTURE! Maranatha!!!

    2. Thank you for the update, Sheila.

      I remember making a joke about Al-Gore-Rhythms when you posted that. Well, wouldn't you know it, Al Gore is in the news today, because the Australian gov't wants to pay him to come talk about climate change after a freak snow in...Queensland!

      Looking up!

    3. Very interesting Sheila, and scary, for those left behind. I can only imagine, the sheer panic, when the rapture occurs, and people go right to Google / YouTube to search for:

      "Where did everyone disappear to?" or
      "What is the Rapture?" or
      "Did Jesus really come back?" or
      "What do I need to do to be saved?" or
      The millions of more questions people will have in those days.

      And Google and YouTube will have purged many of the websites and video's that will give them the honest answers they need, and instead re-direct them to their crappy, Dis-information, agenda driven search results to keep the masses in the dark. [All part of the strong delusion, because they refused to believe the truth]. Like you (and John in the book of revelation) said, the rapture is sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the belly.

      Paper bibles and the books that many people here have recommended will be be like Gold dust, and will be so necessary & comforting to people in that time.

    4. I remember that and I was just reading about him getting those big "ironic" bucks and in Queensland of all places, which didn't you have a dream or word about Queensland not too long ago? Refresh me if you can. I'm also getting some connects with that dream I posted on yesterday near the top of this feed that I'm just going "what?!" over. Still working on that and will likely post that up there in a little while. Our God is so amazing!

    5. Jordan, IKR and there will most likely be a concerted effort to burn whatever they can't erase. There will be a dearth of God's Word and the only ones that are going to have it are going to be the ones we told, but weren't ready to believe it until after they witness the Truth of it with our disappearance. And maybe all those left behind letters will get a chance to be read and memorized.

    6. Sheila B., with this new data I would construct your Word thusly:

      "Significant consideration should be given to the detailed cataclysms that accompany this likely date of departure as the "algorithms" attest to."

      Make good effort preparing to observe the cataclysmic event meticulously coordinated to occur around the date determined to be their likely best guess at Harpazo' s timing (*detailed* cataclysms) . Their *algorithms" will testify that this is coming.

    7. Sister Sheila, I had a waking vision where I saw the word "Queensland" back in November last year, and on Passover it was reaffirmed after watching Speaking the Truth in Love's video discussing the Rapture and Tribulation as she walked about on a beach in Queensland.

      Further, in addition to the snow falling, I find it interesting that Trump is in the land of the Queen right now :)

      I've got more to share as well. Got to confirm something first.

    8. (continued from above)
      Sheila B., Blessings. In reviewing your latest respo I heard a small bell chime, along the way, poetically speaking. One point arising along the way in our discussions of Internet loss possibly tied to disasters &/or persecutions was the implications concerning Evangelism as it relates to the Purposes for The Church being here, at all, in ANY and ALL contexts. (Continued below post re YouTube shenanigans.)

      Tying this together within Everything Must Occur Within The Spirit of 153, as well as simply drawing out a bigger picture and keeping it whole/consistent, I submit this. The ONLY scenario in which ABBA Allows global suppression of The Gospel , especially in the very medium afire NOW with End Times Revival of Scriptural and Holy Love Affair Fundamentalism, (in places like, oh you know, REV12Daily, UNFORSEEN, et ALL! unlike the PULPITS!), as foreseen by Newton, and others, is that when the NET IS FULL, or close enough to being so that the last few minnows caught will be one-on one. Consider this in light of the Original Word.: "Significant consideration should be given to the detailed cataclysms that accompany this likely date of departure as the "algorithms" attest to."

      As the NET FILLS, that is, approaches Fullness, picture a very complicated Rube Goldberg device with LOTS of things shifting when the weight of the full net is causing the main lever to creep closer and closer to the switch. The closer it gets, we see dozens of ROWS of other switches flipping (every little detail Revealed Through MF, CM's pictures, Bill Koenig's stuff re ME, etc.) and these, smaller switches cause other shifting's in the device moving the main lever into position over the switch when it falls, ALL interwoven. While we await that last switch's fall, every 'missed' High Watch date, and every little detail/connection/event/MOED/etc. involved, are each small switches, wheels, gears, levers, and such in this Wonderful Device. In this model, a 'missed' watch date is not a miss, but a switch or whirling buzzymajigg along the Way.

      Using that model, here, the YouTube algorithms are also switches along the path of the device's operation(s). This model seems to align Wonderfully with your Word, to unpack it a bit. As The Net Tops Off, ABBA's Priorities, and therefore, Methods, Values of Context and ALL else Shift to a Perfect, yet DIFFERENT Alignment of details, to the new context. While we would always, likely, argue against ABBA Allowing such, when the winds shift, the Wise Captain does likewise.

      Bringing this around, as "Evangelism", as it has been for 2,000 years, ceases to BE, while also ceases to Be Planned That Way, Anymore, By Our Lord, it SAYS something about how many FISH ARE CURRENTLY IN THE NET.

      Working backwards: As the Nets fill, ABBA allows the Algo's the power, alongside ALL other prideful happenings to suppress/re-characterize as victimizer, the Christian. Shortly after you've SEEN THESE THINGS will follow the supernaturally choreographed, spiritual False Flags, long planned, which you should give strong consideration to. Note, not 'watch for, plan for, respond to, pray against, or any other of dozens of possible exhortations, just "give strong consideration". Deeply ponder. Take into account. Include it in your modeling. At this point, Sheila B., I am led to ask, What was the question before the Word? This, being an answer to that, may well be clarified if we knew a bit more about the target the arrow was released towards.

    9. Maybe someone else has been given that piece?

      Jeff, waiting so let us know when you find that confirmation:-)

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Jeff I like the Australian content from you.
      If this is any help.

      We do have this constellation called the Southern Cross in the Southern Hemisphere it use to be able to be seen in the Northern Hemisphere many years ago. Its the smallest of all the constellations (maybe overlooked) and is often confused with the false cross another star alignment. The cross points south and has been used for ship navigation for many years. Also made up of a binary star.

      I saw the equinox for Australia this year was 23 september at 5:50. This is the mark for the start of our sping starting date.

      Just maybe thats pointing to June 16 marking the last day of Omar Sunday spring. Be great if the rev 12 sign was bridged (pardon the pun Jimboni) to the actual up up date. Maybe this might help you or everyone with their modeling.

      Thanks for the encouragement to post this Jimboni and Shella

    12. Jeff and Sheila B--I remember you sharing re. algorithms especially because of Jeff's Al-Gore-Rhythms joke. I too am waiting to see if Jeff receives more he can share. . .

    13. Sheila B., I thought this was your Word/Dream/Vision, initially. What was on your mind, in your prayers, asked about ...?

    14. Thank you, Silversurfer! Your comment about the Southern Cross and ship navigation has given me the nudge to post an interesting find that I've been chewing on for a while.

      I have been digging into what "Queensland" is ultimately about, and I found something else to add to what has already been shown to me. The timing of Trump in the Queen's land is also very interesting given the nearness to Pentecost.

      In my search I found a place in northern Queensland called Cape Tribulation . And get this: The name of this specific area near the Great Barrier Reef comes from the pen of the world-famous navigator, Captain James Cook. And here's a fun fact: James is the English rendering of "Jacob" (hence, the book of James in the New Testament).

      Straight from the captain's log, here is what he wrote:

      "...the north point [I named] Cape Tribulation, because here began all our troubles..." (source).

      And when was the time of Captain Jacob's trouble:

      Sunday, June 10th, 1770.

      Wow. It just makes me wonder...was Pentecost on that day in 1770. I wouldn't even know where to begin to find that one out. Nevertheless, I'm still intrigued. Could be nothing. Could be something. I couldn't really shake it, though, and had to share it.

      Ready to set sail!

    15. Jimboni, I wrote those words down when I awoke but I didn't write down anything specific prior to getting that as to my thoughts, or what I might have been praying about. HOWEVER, I did take notes on events surrounding that time and there was a lot of stuff I would have been praying about. For example; Anak Krakatoa and that tsunami that hit Indonesia reportedly killing 222 on 12/22 with 222 days into Israel's 70th year and washing away that band "Seventeen" that was reportedly playing "Wipeout" at that beach party. And there was that Opal Tower that cracked in Sydney, Australia leading to the evac of 3000. Mt. Etna was also erupting. The Stock Mkt fell 653 pts and Winterstorm Eboni was raging across US. Just digging in to the associated details with those type of things, my mind was probably all over the place. So I dunno for sure why those words came at that particular time. After these last couple of years, I've gotten the impression that these things often don't see clarification for some time out, but I'm always talking to the Lord about the thickness of the deception and just praying for wisdom and discernment--especially re YouTube, Current Events and what's real and what's not. I just know I really felt prompted to go back to that dream or word in response to that censorship announcement yesterday:-)

    16. Makes a lot of sense. That was somewhat what I was expecting the landscape of your response to be, though hadn't really thought about it. Now, it frames it in context of being a general direction in the context of responding to seeking Clarity amidst tumult and those events, themselves, whispering of connection to Contexts.

      One Thought: As such, 'Give close consideration to..." is like a laser pointer, in a class, where a professor, responding to a question as to where a key point is, amongst a vast amount of information competing for attention/analysis/inclusion, points to a detail on a chart and says, "HERE is the point on which ALL of what you are seeing turns..." and then begins to unpack that for the class, or, in the Socratic fashion, leads them through unpacking it THEMSELVES, Maranatha!

    17. Jeff, this was put up the other day but I just caught up with it this morning and if you haven't seen it yet, I thought you might glean something from her re Trump, the Queen and the Australia connects since you've been led along those lines. @Amanda Christian YTC "Dreams Awake Visions about Britain UK, The Queen and Trump, America, Rapture Soon!!" (about 30 min) stuff she's been getting over the past few months leading up to now.

      And the closest I could come to the Pentecost date in 1770 was to find that Easter was celebrated on Sunday, Apr.15, 1770 which should have put Pentecost on Sunday, June 3, 1770 on the Gregorian calendar. It was also showing June 2-3, 1770 on the Torah Calendar since Shavuot was on Friday, May 31-June 1, 1770 and it fell on May 21, 1770 on the Julian Calendar.
      Blessings, Brother:-)

    18. Thank you, Sheila.

      Curiously, my most vivid resurrection/rapture vision occurred on June 3, 2010. I wrote about it in a journal that was given to me a week prior as a groomsmen's gift from my friend, David---the groom!

      In that brief but powerful vision I saw what looked like the stone rolling away from Christ's tomb, and my vantage point was from inside the darkness to seeing blinding light and then whoosh! I was whisked up with a rush of the Spirit.

      Didn't you get insight recently about the stone rolling away...maybe a Strong's connection?

    19. Jeff, I'm not real sure. I do remember talking about that blue stone missing from Stonehenge recently in re to Monoliths and that KD racehorse"Roadster" coming from Stone Farm in Kentucky in re to the Elon Musk Car shot off into space, but there's so much I can't keep up with it anymore:-/ Anyway, I was praying earlier about this Cape Tribulation in re to Pentecost dates and it occurred to me that in 1770 Capt. Cook ran into "Tribulation" 7 days after the 1770 date of Pentecost. Interesting, too, that his journal led you to look at your journal that was provided by the "groom" and that your Rapture dream entry coincided with the June 3, 1770 date for Pentacost, so could there be a hint there of a 7 day gap between the Rapture and the onset of "Jacob's Trouble"? Hmmm.....

    20. This is the one I was thinking of, Sheila B, posted at 1:53pm:

      "Sheila B.June 1, 2019 at 1:53 PM
      This turn of events certainly does seem to kick that can on up the road awhile for those Rabbinical Messianic expectations. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have come across all kinds of encouraging nuggets for the watching Body of Christ this morning suggesting it's just about Go Time:
      *@SR Monette has a good video out today "Rapture 2019: Did The Lord Tell us the Year and
      Season of His Return" (13 min)
      *Gigi @blue heaven is sharing some cool thoughts and clips from that movie Deep Impact
      that was released 21 yrs ago in relation to 21 day warning from 5/13--6/02 and some
      additionally insightful comments there.
      *Queen Elizabeth celebrates 66th anniv. of her 1953 coronation on 6/02 just before Trump
      meeting on June 3rd.
      *9/23/2017-->6/02/2019=617 days or 618 incl.
      ----G#617--apokulio--to roll away, roll back 4x Matt.28:2 KJV, Mk.16:3-4 KJV, Luke 24:2 KJV
      all in re to the Resurrection.
      G#618--apolambano--to receive (esp. in full or as a host), draw aside, separate. 10x
      H#617--Assir--Israelite name meaning "prisoner".
      H#618--asam--a storehouse 2x Deut.28:8 and Prov.3:10
      G#602--apokalupsis--an uncovering, unveiling, revealing, revelation, manifestation.
      H#602--anaq--to cry, groan
      G#21--agalliao--to exult, rejoice greatly, jump for joy
      H#21--Abi--Isr name meaning "my father' 1x in re to Hezekiah destroying idolatry in


    21. Oh yeah...that day count from 9/23/17 re the stone being rolled away does coincide with the timing of your dream happening on a June 3rd, so that is a pretty cool statistic. Lord help me, I look at so many of these Strong's numbers and so often find confirmation with them that my brain just can't keep up unless I've not only written it down, but can remember where exactly I wrote it down at. Guess I need a better note taking system, LOL. OFC, when we get Home, that problem will be history:-) Blessings, Brother!

    22. And so, here we are, once again: down an amazing path of Revealed Connections and Unveiling Teachings. To a casual observer, or one poking in, it could well seem that we are all Elmer Fudds, who see that Wascawy Wabbit around every corner, regardless. We pull numbers together from clearly loose connections and uncover The Iliad and The Odyssey written between the lines.; simply amazing.

      Watching you two go at it like a couple of Benihana chefs, it 'occurs' to me that we have no frame of reference. We are ACCUSTOMED to finding Our Lord Afoot Wherever we dig, Profoundly So. It's like a scavenger hunt for pasta at a Spinning Fork restaurant.

      I think that The HS Is Reminding Me of details He Knows, not I (John 14:26). If we went on similar digs in 1973, or 1982 or any other randomly picked year since TLGPE we likely would've found more than before it, but NOTHING like what we SEE today. However, none of us were this flavor of Berean then, as now, By His Grace, amen, so we have no realization/context of the ABUNDANCE we swim in, not having gone hunting before the reservation was Daily Stocked with fresh game!

    23. Benihana Chefs: Hebrews 4:12

    24. Amen, Jimboni...that is so true! Thankfully the timing of this abundance He is immersing us in with the rapid search abilities we now have has been so perfectly orchestrated. I can't even imagine 30 or 40 yrs ago how long it would've taken to run down a calendar date in 1770 and today such things can be accomplished in only a few minutes. Sure brings Dan.12:4 into reality.
      But I will say all of that plodding along on the shoulders of those who gave us the heavy books, study guides and commentaries to plow through likely prepared many of us for this final power swim in these Mighty Rushing Waters foretold of in Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:17-18 :-)

    25. Sheila B., you take me back to a point a professor I loved made in one of his lessons. I believe it was a class in 'Early Christian Literature' which is a creative way to package a New testament Scripture study which is slanted towards a major: Business, Christian Leadership, etc. So, it becomes a LIT credit in a Business Degree and a Spiritual Disciplines Credit in a Christian Leadership or Ministry degree but basically the same class. Anyways, the point was unpacking Galatians 4:4.

      In short, AFTER the Romans amalgamated vast swathes of land and people groups into one, basically cohesive society and AFTER they connected it, from Jerusalem to London, with ROADS unequalled by anything short of the Incan Roads, (but those were not to be compared to the engineering marvels of Rome) and instituting common currency, language, laws and religions and commerce/communications throughout and AFTER Alexander The Great had conquered the greater ME and forced all to learn Greek was the Ancient Middle East effectively converted to a single Marketplace/arena set up to be the perfect incubator and dispersion point of The Gospel, pre-technology, within a remarkable short period, to the larger world.

      Thus, the "Fullness of Time" relative to THEN was the Dan 12:4, 1.0, having just manifested, historically speaking, before Christ's 1.0 Ministry. Your point has me Seeing NOW, with the Internet, His Leading us to Strong's et al, as Dan 12:4, 2.0, and NOW we are, again, entering 'The Fullness of Time' although a different Fullness of a different Time, yet, also very much the same, in a away, Maranatha!

    26. Freudian typo: any chance to say, "away!" bed time


    "Maybe they will shut us down but it might not matter", by David Benjamin on referring to the Drudge Report above from Sheila.

    1. Also, a New York Times article referenced by David B.
      YT to remove thousands of videos pushing extreme views.

    2. Yes, Cathi G!

      VeeBee on June 5 commented (below): "As I mentioned several times before as the high watch time's passed by I get more excited for the opportunity from the Lord by the way the Holy Spirit to witness to one more person to speak the gospel the share of the testimony of Jesus Christ in my life."

      We may not have to worry much longer about this ol' world AND we still have the Holy Spirit as our Helper to get the Word out--praise Yah!

  14. Just watched an interesting video at the Paladin for Christ YT channel (one of Pastor Tim Henderson's friends):

    "3 Day Warning" given by dear sister, RAPTURE SOON (not setting date, simply watching)

    Also at Blue Heaven's YT channel: (this was actually the first vid I watched and saw that others were recommending Paladin's vid to her linking the two together)


    1. p.s. Paladin has a very down to Earth approach, that's one of the reasons I linked his vid.

      The other interesting thing is *the submarine sonar sounds* he mentioned, as other brothers and sisters are hearing it lately in the spirit. My ears were perked to this because just a few days ago I've watched Sis Colleen's vid (Loved by the King YTC) in which she spoke about hearing submarine sonar sounds as well.

    2. Nora, not listened to Paladin's yet, but LBTK posted another one, today, linking a video of another YTC Prophet which I also haven't been able to get to and it mentions submarines somehow, hence her linking it. (Took in on the fly at office so apologies for being vague.)

    3. Colleen M's latest was interesting with Snow white/the "Sower" being gone and the woman in the house with the baby in a different room. She saw the woman as Israel which is how I saw the mother of that baby in the dream I had. Our God, imo, is surely on the move among the Brethren as He is cluing us in on readiness:-)


    4. The sonar submarine ping is the same technology in ultra sound used to view babies in the womb. It gives us information about the status of the baby. Pings are also used in information transfer for the internet.

      Pings normaly start the information sharing between computers ìts like a call are you ready.

      Nora thanks for all the lovely scripture by the way.

    5. TY Silversurfer! The "ping" info along with with the Southern Cross and Spring Equinox timing is very interesting as ingredients to this "call to readiness" that seems to be coursing through the watching Brethren right now. This is just getting "awesome-er" by the moment:-))

    6. Shella yeah Holly Spirit is going overdrive. WOW

  15. I just happened to see Pastor Tim Henderson's video and Paladin for Christ as well. Thank you Nora and Cathi. showed up on my feed. This is huge for everything to be blocked.
    Like other countries. Yes, this am, my husband and I were just talking about the possibility of downloading videos to view in the near future a. Have we arrived in America wherein the silence God's word on the Internet. As I mentioned several times before as the high watch time's passed by I get more excited for the opportunity from the Lord by the way the Holy Spirit to witness to one more person to speak the gospel the share of the testimony of Jesus Christ in my life. My prayer is that the Lord will keep each of you safe, watch over you, your family and loved ones . Maranatha

    1. had a chance, today at the dentist, to tell the Dr. and the Hygienist that I'll work out getting the one pulled in the next couple weeks, as funds work out, but not planning on worrying about Phase 2 (bridge prep) and 3 (bridge) as I am not going to be here that long. Interestingly, zero shock or confusion and the pictures in the hall of an Orphanage the practice funds, in Africa apparently, tells me they may well have both been Sisters in The Lord. On one hand, they both were operating from a 'never criticize a patient's worldview' mode, on the other, I sensed they both knew EXACTLY what I was talking about, though all I said was I am expecting the Rapture of Christ's followers imminently. In my spirit, though, I felt a smile and that there will definitely be some conversations abuzzing after MY visit, today, Maranatha! (TY Pastor Tim Henderson, and others, for modeling that!)

    2. Billy just did the same thing. His crown came out post and all and they wanted 8K to redo or 4k to do the bridge thing. He had the remainder of the tooth pulled and said I better be right about him not needing that long term bridge:-D

    3. Amen , Sheila ... need about a 8000 worth of dental work it seems that all the Crown'...underneath decay. We pray that the Lord comes quickly I know that if the Lord tarries he will provide a way.

    4. Well, 2 is Witness. VeeBee were you commenting on Sheila B.'s or does rabbit make 3? I think just commenting, but, to what does it Witness? Directly. Hmmm

    5. I think VeeBee's saying she's in the same boat. I dunno, maybe it's a hint that our escape will be so close a call that it will feel as if it's by the skin of our teeth? Just musing as well:-) Got to get Jayden to the dentist this am for his little checkup.

    6. Sheila B., Blessings. Your quip about, 'by the skin of our TEETH' reminds me of the SHIN and an entanglement which, if a Hit, Encourages.

      The SHIN, fyi, is a Hebrew letter, selected, when needed, to represent the Person of ABBA in a single letter. Commonly Rabbis will approximate the SHIN, with the fingers of the upheld hand, also most commonly the left hand being closest to the heart, while pronouncing a (commonly Aaronic) Blessing. Having witnesses this as a lad, Leonard Nimoy spontaneously incorporated it into his character and we ALL now know it as the Vulcan Hand Sign which commonly accompanies the Vulcan Blessing. Being, at it's heart, a pictographic text, the pictograph meaning of the SHIN? A TOOTH, Maranatha!

    7. Gigi means teeth in indonesian Shella.

      "Gigi@blue heaven has an urgent warning in that she heard a voice saying last night "the dominoes are all set"

    8. I think that we are only beginning to sink our teeth into this one, Maranatha!

    9. This "teeth" topic just got kind of "Woo-Hoo wild". Just looking at some info on the "shin" from the book "In His Words" by L. Grant Luton and this letter is also known as "The Letter of Flame" represented by it's TEETH. Trying to sort my thoughts here, so bear with me as I just noticed Cathi's referral to the "teeth" of the Tribulum used in harvesting wheat, Lyn's referral to the "consuming fire" and Jimboni's referral to the "Vulcan" hand sign in relation to the "shin", with Vulcan also representing FIRE as it comes from the name of the mythological Roman god of fire (who was the son of Jupiter and husband of Venus.)

      Going to the head tefillin (that little black cube containing tiny scrolls of Torah passages that Jews strap to their heads) with the shin on the right side having the usual 3 vertical strokes, or "teeth" and the shin on the left side having 4 vertical strokes or "flames". The image of the shin is traditionally thought of as picturing a "tooth", but the spiritual essence of the shin is "fire and flame" and just as teeth are used to consume food, so also fire consumes. When the shin is preceded by the letter aleph, the word "fire" (eesh) is created. When the shin precedes the aleph, the word (sah) is created which means "go up" or "ascend" as a flame. (The numerical value of the shin of 300 is also Biblically connected to fire and flame through Gideon's 300 armed men with flaming torches in one hand and swords in the other and Samson's 300 foxes with their tails afire.). So what does this connection between the "teeth of fire" and the shin on the head tefillin point to? Acts 2:1-4 or Pentecost!

      At the first Pentecost God wrote His Torah on stone tablets, but at the latter Pentecost He wrote His Torah on human hearts. The "shin"--as the letter of flame--appears on the head tefillin as a picture of God's Spirit resting upon the head of every person who has looked for His appearing in their lives and it points to Pentecost. Looking at several words connected with this day which begin with shin brings this even more into focus:
      Shavuot "Pentecost"--the Feast of Weeks because it comes seven weeks after Passover.
      Shabatot--"weeks" (Literally "Sabbaths")
      Shamaim--' heaven"

      And the answer to why the unusual shin on the left side of the tefillin is formed with 4 vertical strokes can be found in Acts 2:3. For the shin on the head tefillin to be consistent with Luke's NT account of Pentecost, it too had to be divided. Crazy what a trip to the dentist with a bad tooth can lead to:-)) Blessings All! (and I hope this condensed little dig makes some sense)

    10. Awesome. A Treat, thank you! Going to take a little while to savor and chew that spiritual jerky and remain convinced there's a lot more in the bag, amen :)

    11. Just watched PTH's latest repost of his Alert re impending threat from Iran and felt a Nudge, ala this line of SHIN, when he quoted Iranian Military Command's statement that, If US takes ANY action against Iran, "The Middle East will BURN and ALL US forces there will be annihilated."

    12. I just got tickled as I remembered that Beto O'Roarke politician and how he selfied his dental appt. generating a few millions views and accomplishing absolutely nothing but mockery for himself and his ego--and then there's your little story at rev12daily of a dental visit and your witness of our Salvation while there that probably has all of Heaven chatting while they watch
      it lead this Fellowship even deeper into the Mysteries of our Precious Lord:-)
      1Pet.1:3-12 KJV and esp. 1Pet.1:12 KJV :-)

  16. I am thinking about some of the feeds Sermon, the blog pages, Unsealed. I remains to be seen as to how extensive the changes in YTCs . ...

  17. wow, sticking to the gay theme noted above by Jordan, Bibi has just appointed the first openly gay person to the Israel Justice Minister position, and the Police department has announced it will use transgender police 'people'?? to help monitor Pride day. Someones working really hard to poke God in the eye!!! God will bring his justice on these people who try to pervert Israels Justice system. Amazing!!!

    1. Ryan, you might want to listen to the sermons of brother CHUCK BALDWIN I pointed out below (2nd June video):

      You will better understand the gay agenda then.

  18. Regarding the latest news about this LGBTQ and Internet Purge topic, please check out #Know More News and #TruNews YTC discussing the practical results for Christians (but not only for them). You might have no idea yet how this will affect yourself and your children in school, on vacation and elsewhere. Churches will have to go underground now also. Check out the reports!

    Please note the LGBTQ topic is rightly connected with the US now having voted for the so called "Equality Act" so it will be implemented soon in your country (but just being the template for other nations of course). The #TruNews discussion is highly recommended.

    The other issue of truther censorship can be connected to one of the agenda topics of the recent Bilderberg meeting list "weaponization of social media". Now you know how this wording had to be understood. Dan Dicks from #Press For Truth just came back from reporting on Bilderberg in Switzerland and is now demonetized by YT completely. Coincidence? Honi soit qui mal y pense (for the French speaking)...

    We are very, VERY close to Revelation 12:5 now! MARANATHA!

  19. New Post by Stephanie over at unsealed:

  20. Hi fam, I came across another nice little PRE-TRIB rapture verse today: Isaiah 57:1 KJV

    "The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come."

    That lovely last line is worth repeating:


    Yep. The majority of them won't even have a clue what is coming down the track until they are frog marched down to their local community centre or FEMA camp to be told "we need to just microchip you so as to confirm your identity, and stamp out crime and terrorism, this for your safety and for the world's safety!!!"

    1. Dear Jordan, this verse has also comforted me when I got saved by God using the death of a child. Yet from context I consider it more being connected to premature DEATH of 'righteous' i.e. believers who die young for example and nobody would care about the reason why that is. You may certainly connect it to the resurrection of the dead though. Like the example of Methusalah, all true believers who died shortly before the Flood were taken away by God before so that they wouldn't drown in the water with the Nephilim, the wicked unbelievers and the mockers. Blessings to you! :-)

  21. WOOHOO, Jordan! Thanks for that heads up! Stephen at Unsealed DOES TIE EVERYTHING together re. Pentecost and so much better than I could do! I was very excited to see in her Part 7 that she HAS THE SAME REVELATION I HAD RE. HEBREWS 12!!!

    1. Oops, I meant Stephanie NOT Stephen. Here's the link again:

  22. Jerusalem Post headline is indicating that peace plan is dead until 2021.

  23. Blessings, Sisters and Brothers!

    Are any of you familiar with Sister Kimberly at Elijah and Moses YTC? She posted a video last evening titled, “Alarm! Daniel's Prophetic Covenant with Many Before the Third Temple by Kimberly!”

    I’m seeking your thoughts, wisdom and discernment on this.

    1. Alice, I just got around to watching Kimberly's whole video after reading the report from Breaking Israel News and seeing some other info on this and all I can say is what she's found it's highly possible and resonates with me--especially re the Jerusalem Covenant vow that is a replica of the Babylonian captivity vow. I know Kimberly does some awesome research and she is a loving and humble vessel--just the kind that our God is able to use in some phenomenal ways. The thunder, lightning, downpour and that double rainbow appearing in the midst of such a storm all while she delivered that message seemed to be well placed for emphasis. So I'd just say be ready, Sister, because we are on the cusp:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

  24. Just a little something for the "sweet tooth" in all of us--today's Bing Art celebrates Nat'l Doughnut Day to honor the Salvation Army's contribution to the WWI war effort in France. (They later began to use this June 7th "doughnut" theme as a fundraiser to help those in need.) So what came to mind was that perhaps our SALVATION is about to come FULL CIRCLE. Can't think of anything sweeter:-))

    1. How funny. I saw a YouTube a month or so ago where a woman was doing research on children's vision. She said several children told similar story of a teacher reading stories to them then afterwards they go to a doughnut shop. I want one of them doughnuts.

    2. To add to the "teeth" revelations, here's Gen. 49:12.

      A brother in Christ texted yesterday and said that 3 of his children each lost a tooth all in about the span of an hour.

      Crazy stuff going on right now! I'm amped up.

    3. A couple days ago my sister and i were texting during a severe storm with straight line winds. We're just blocks apart but her neighborhood caught the brunt of it. I commented to her that she was "caught in the teeth of the storm." So there's another toothsome convergence. And just now caught Kimberly's latest MUST SEE vid. Storms are the order of the day.

      Another thought from this morning was about the thunderous voice and the shaking of the mountain at Sinai. Necessary no doubt. Though He speaks softly to those with willing ears. However, we don't mind at all being reminded of His Power, Glory and Majesty.

    4. Well there you are, Sister CY, sharing another wise and good thought with us. Been missing you and Amen to to those reminders of His Majesty! He would be no King otherwise and for those of us with a heart to serve Him, that Power and Glory that we bow before thrills our souls to the core because we know that for us He has wielded it in Mercy, Grace, Love and Sacrifice as only the Truest King would ever do. Blessings, Sister and so encouraged to hear from you:-)

  25. Another 70 years anniversary...


  26. Looks like someone developed the tribulation video game.

    Ok for the non farmers. Rust is a disease of wheat.

    Wheat leaf rust is a fungal disease that affects wheat, barley and rye stems, leaves and grains. In temperate zones it is destructive on winter wheat because the pathogen overwinters. Infections can lead up to 20% yield loss, which is exacerbated by dying leaves, which fertilize the fungus.

  27. Anyone needing a good laugh, catch @david benjamin in christ YTC in his "Pastor so-and-so videos".
    He'll tell you all about those "fireball burgers" the works folks are promising us grace folks. This Brother had me choking on my hot tea:-DD (only 3-5 min.)

    1. David has some excellent teaching on Grace and he can play the piano wonderfully but Sheila is right the Pastor So-and-So videos are a hoot!

  28. These are off-topic, but if you have some wishy washy/ grace greaser friends, these are good reminders....great for us (aka. the wise virgins) too..

    The True Christian Watches (David Wilkerson)
    8min -

    The Fear Of God Has Been Lost In The Church (Compilation)
    27min -

  29. THIS could have been some Tim Henderson presentation but isn't: It's CHUCK BALDWIN intensely preaching about "JESUS PLUS NOTHING" on the letter of Galatians and the serious dangers of Judaism turn-coats inside the church today! EXCELLENT sermon, please do not miss to watch it and share (with your Zionist friends and unsaved religious family)!


    Stephen Ben Nun refers to that video in his latest interview with Chuck Baldwin, if you can listen to this as well as long the video is still available on the INL channel!


    1. Cheryl I hope it is the "Israel of God" you stand with. If not, listen to the sermon. Blessings to you!

    2. My sheep hear MY voice, and I know them, and they follow ME, and I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. John 10:27-28
      Behold I come quickly, hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.
      Rev 3:11

  30. As I was surfing through some videos today, I saw there is a growing consensus among some of the Brethren that we are "done" here and it's Harvest Time. So hoping this is it. Even Chad @Watchman on the Wall 88 is in agreement. See @ KayTdid YTC "Ready for Harvest!" for one and scroll through the comments.

    And today is the last leg of the unusual Triple Crown races with the Belmont Stakes. Only 2 horses have run all 3 races and they are War of Will and Tacitus--named after a Roman senator and one of the greatest Roman historians who lived in the Silver Age of Latin literature. (Silver represents Redemption) Per Wiki he died in 120 AD--which reflects the length of time God would strive with man. And just maybe this War of Will is really coming to it's end for us.

    That aside, I had 2 strange things occur the past few days. First, after his dentist appt. on Thursday, Jayden had some "TOOTH" fairy money he wanted to spend and he insisted on buying the crafting materials to make a CHRISTMAS collage. I was like, "Jayden, this is summer--why would you want to make something for Christmas?" He said he didn't know but he just HAD to and so he (or we) did make a big collage of a felt reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers and a belled collar and a fat snowman with lots of cottonball snow falling all around them. Then 2nd, this morning my little brother Dalian actually WANTED to talk to me about the Rapture and all of what's happening right now. Said he'd been sitting down at the pond praying and he wanted to know what to expect and was concerned for his Son and grandson. So that was encouraging and maybe Jayden's Christmas in June inspiration
    is a hint that it's time to "wrap things up" and go HOME! Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    1. :-)
      Seen KayTdid's vid too, it was very encouraging.

    2. All of that Was Wonderful; Praise and Thanks to Our Lord, amen, and you shared it beautifully, thank you.

    3. TY, Brother for those kind words. Been sitting out a fierce electrical, hail and high wind storm tonight, but the Lord is good to answer those prayers for protection and it passed over with no damages here at our little casa:-)

  31. My bad, War of Will was the only horse to run all 3 races and the Belmont is the furthest and most grueling of the 3. But anyhoo, he didn't win this one and neither did Tacitus. They did bump into each other and Tacitus placed 2nd with War of Will throwing in the towel and dropping back to place 9th out of 10. So the win went to Tacitus' stablemate, the #7 horse "Sir Winston". With nothing other than the #7 really standing out, I plugged his name into the gematrinator and was like okay, wow...
    Jval 1408 Eval 960:

    G#960--Berois--Berea, the Macedonian city 2x Acts 17:10, 13 in re to the Bereans who studied the Word searching for the Truth.
    G#1408--dromos--a course, a running, a race 3x Acts 13:25, Acts 20:24, 2Tim.4:7 in regards to finishing this race, or course.

    H#960--Gad--name meaning fortune, a Babylonian deity, or a troop and also the 7th son of Jacob.
    H#1408--bazoh or bezoh--scorned and despised 1x Is.49:7

    Blessings All and Looking UP, UP UP!

    1. 11When David got up in the morning, a revelation from the LORD had come to Gad the prophet, David’s seer: 12“Go and tell David that this is what the LORD says: ‘I am offering you three options. Choose one of them, and I will carry it out against you.’”

      13So Gad went and said to David, “Shall you endure three years of famine in your land, or three months of fleeing the pursuit of your enemies, or three days of plague upon your land? Now then, think it over and decide how I should reply to Him who sent me.”

      14David answered Gad, “I am deeply distressed. Please, let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for His mercies are great; but do not let me fall into the hands of men.”

      A Plague on Israel
      (1 Chronicles 21:14-17)

      15So the LORD sent a plague upon Israel from that morning until the appointed time, and of the people from Dan to Beersheba, seventy thousand men died.

      16But when the angel stretched out his hand to destroy Jerusalem, the LORD relented from the calamity and said to the angel who was destroying the people, “Enough, withdraw your hand now!” At that time the angel of the LORD was by the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

      17When David saw the angel striking down the people, he said to the LORD, “Surely I, the shepherd have sinned and acted wickedly. But these sheep, what have they done? Please, let Your hand fall upon me and my father’s house.”

      David Builds an Altar
      (1 Chronicles 21:18-30)

      18And that day Gad came to David and said to him, “Go up and build an altar to the LORD on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.” 19So David went up at the word of Gad, just as the LORD had commanded.

      20When Araunah looked out and saw the king and his servants coming toward him, he went out and bowed facedown before the king. 21“Why has my lord the king come to his servant?” Araunah said.

      “To buy your threshing floor,” David replied, “that I may build an altar to the LORD, so that the plague upon the people may be halted.”

      22Araunah said to David, “My lord the king may take whatever seems good and offer it up. Here are the oxen for a burnt offering and the threshing sledges and ox yokes for the wood. 23O king, Araunah gives all these to the king.” He also said to the king, “May the LORD your God accept you.”

      24“No,” replied the king, “I insist on paying a price, for I will not offer to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”

      So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver. 25And there he built an altar to the LORD and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings.

      Then the LORD answered the prayers on behalf of the land, and the plague upon Israel was halted.

    2. TY for that. It's been awhile since I read those passages and there's much to consider there, but in brief it really made me think again about how disastrous the domino effect of even one man's willful sin can be. In His great mercy through the Finished Work of the Cross, we too have been forgiven and redeemed, but for a Christ rejecting world--as some Brethren have recently been shown--the "dominoes have been set" and the consequences which have already been set in motion are going to be severe beyond imagination. Praying for as many as will to quickly call out to Jesus Christ for their Salvation. Blessings, Brother!

    3. ikr, I recalled GAD was more significant in The Word than alluded to in the word meaning, as you posted from Strong's, but couldn't recall the details. Went digging and then found I couldn't pick any one part so, to make it easy for all, put it up!

  32. Steve Monet has a new video:: When is Shavuot and What calendar did Messiah use?

    13min -

    1. I just watched this @ Steve Monette YTC and deep's looking like we might have one more turn to make on this course before we head for the Finish Line of a 2019 Pentecost-- Shavuot. I followed the trail to and if this info is correct, based on the new moon sighting of 1st month on Apr. 8th, Passover fell on Sunday, Apr. 21st and the Last Day of Unleavened Bread fell on April 28th plus the 50 day count puts the actual Pentecost on Sunday, June 16th, which also just happens to be Father's Day.
      Blessings Ya'll:-)

    2. Also, any thoughts on this June 3rd Covenant called "The Jerusalem Covenant" that was presented to the Jerusalem's Mayor Lion on Jerusalem Day with 216,168 signatures from over 100 countries in support of the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish people? The story originated at Breaking Israel News and has been covered by Kimberly @Elijah & Moses YTC and Deborah @speaking truth in love and some others who are seeing this as what Dan.9:27 was actually talking about and pointing to the "Deal of the Century" as more likely being the distraction.

    3. After watching SRMonette's latest, I was reading in the Psalms and look what I came across in #114:

      "He (the LORD) appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down"

      Psalm 114: 19 (KJV)

      This waiting game is as exciting as it is sometimes disheartening. Just as we think we have arrived, a new discovery, a new event.... HOWEVER, the world does seem eerie;y quiet.

    4. A copy n paste from Elliot Hong @ Five Doves RE: U.S. Fortress Abe Lincoln and Pentecost

      Dear Doves:

      The message by MsSophie on 6/3 says that the Abraham Lincoln goes down in flames.

      IF it happens, it'll be "The Fiery Kick Off Event" and the midnight cry in the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

      A question is when it'll occur? Could it occur on 6/9-10 which is Shavout?

      IF it occurs on Shavout as "7 Day Warning," it comes to 6/16-17 which is the correct Shavout in my opinion.

      The Resurrection Day shouldn't be observed on the next day of Passover, because it doesn't make up 3 days and 3 nights from Passover.

      Believers should follow in the Lord's steps as it's written in 1 Peter 2:21. "To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps"

      This is why I believe that 6/16-17 is the correct Shavout and 6/17 is the full moon of the 3rd month and the 6th month.

      There were 3 consecutive Supermoons this year. Was it the sign that something special will happen on the full moon of 2019?

      17 means Victory, and by adding up from 1 to 17, it makes 153 which is the number written in John 21:11. Hopefully 6/17 is the D-Day.


    5. If June 16th is Shavuot, then it's a double Father's Day ... it's the day our Heavenly Father sent the "Holy Spirit" to dwell in us so we can say "Abba Father". Blessings to the family of Grace.

      For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” - Romans 8:15

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Sheila, re the Jerusalem Covenant, I have some thoughts. I have no real facility with prophecy, but I do have some basic working assumptions. One is that men’s covenants will unfailingly fall short. Yahweh’s Will endure. Secondly, those without the Father, by virtue (or lack thereof) of not having the Son, have no ability to establish anything eternal. Of course, there are those who believe ‘in’ the Son, but don’t believe Him, and that’s a problem too. Having said that, though, I think this could conceivably be a marker on the timeline, because this end-time manmade covenant with many is said to take an unexpected turn. But this is deep water and I can’t swim.

      My very most favorite part of the video is after the frog. When the lightning cuts across the rainbow it’s a brilliant snapshot of Abba’s Promise of resurrection. The rainbow symbol of His Covenant plus the lightning power surge has Yah’s signature all over it.

    8. Hey CY, that WAS pretty awesome. I was like wha-a-a-t....OH WOW!
      Our God is so phenomenal! Blessings, Sister:-))

    9. It's also worth noting that Steve Monet posted that video on June 8th; I watched it soon after he posted it. So it wasn't just a reactionary video to the rapture not happening on the 9th, the date most believed Pentecost to be. It definitely helped me with the "disappointment" of not going home yesterday, if the "real Pentecost" is indeed around the 16th.

      Speaking of the 16th, what I'm about to share might sound ridiculous on the surface, but hear me out. The NBA Finals are currently being played, and one of the teams in the finals, for the first time ever, is the Raptors. Notice how similar the word "raptor" sounds to "rapture;" and should the NBA Finals go to Game 7 (which I think it will), Game 7 is being played this Sunday June 16! If the raptors/rapture connection sounds a bit over the top (and it did to me at first), then check out a video that Deborah of Speaking Truth in Love YTC posted a couple weeks ago, titled "NBA predicts Harpazo? WHAT???" She makes a very compelling case! (less than 8 minutes long)

    10. Justin, not ridiculous at all as we've seen see His clues all over the place, including the Triple Crown races, like with #7 Justify last year and the #7 horse Sir Winston that just won the Belmont Stakes on Saturday--named after Churchill who was a major player in the last WW.
      And all the stuff we saw in the World Series and Super Bowls as well. And did you see the helicopter that crashed into the roof of that 54 story building in Midtown Manhattan today?
      A couple of Sisters, @Kim Fisher and @Amanda Christian have been shown dreams with helicopters crashing in NYC and that makes 2 just recently. That burning roof was very reminiscent of 911 and the address of that building is 787 7th Avenue. So the Raptors playing in Game #7 is not surprising to me.
      Blessings Brother and looking toward June 16th-17th and every moment in between:-)

    11. Thank you Sheila for the insights; I did read about the helicopter crash but hadn't put the pieces together! Here's another crazy one: As StephE points out below, the actual main headline on the Drudge Report at this moment is "RAPTURE ON HOLD"!! How crazy is that?? It links to an article about tonight's NBA Finals game; if the Raptors had won then they would have been the champions and the finals would be over; however their loss continues the series (again I think it will go to Game 7 this Sunday June 16th, based on my somewhat limited NBA knowledge). The linked article doesn't even mention the rapture, but the Drudge Report headline says just that! I know many watchers feel like the rapture is indeed "on hold," though the truth of course is that the rapture will be right on schedule according to God's perfect timing!

  33. ‘Even unto the morrow after the 7th Sabbath (49 days) shall ye number 50 days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD.’ -Leviticus 23:16

    = 7 Sabbaths = 49 days, on 50th day, count 50 days from = 100 Days total
    = ‘When Pentecost had FULLY come.

    1. @VegaPost (aka Luis)::

      This is supported by TimFoster's study from also Nick VanderLaan and also Ron from Jesus Rules YTC (which I included above) Re: Day count for the Feast of Weeks from scriptural analysis

      TimFoster's Study: First Fruits Wave Offering - WHEN?
      13min -

      BTW, great post on the Watchers, I'll need to go back.

    2. Thanks Charlie for the support. It is a minority interpretation but such is the story of my life. ;) I'll look into the references.


    3. Lu with the Minority Report...that would make you...Tom Cruise! I KNEW IT!

    4. With all due respect, I have 3 little problems with understanding this 100 day count thing that I've been seeing push Pentecost into mid or late July. First off, why call it Pentecost if it's actually a Centecost? Second, from His Resurrection on the Feast of Firstfruits when the "wave" offering was made (Lev.23:9-11) until His ascension we know was 40 days (Acts 1:3) so were the 120 waiting for the Holy Spirit in the upper room for 10 days or for 60 days? I've always understood it to be 10 days and it seems like Lev. 23:16 might be being misinterpreted to arrive at this "100 days" theory. I'm just not seeing where this additional 50 days is coming from using this verse as a reference.

      KJV: "Even UNTO the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye NUMBER fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD." (with the word "number" meaning to mark, score, inscribe, celebrate or declare-- Strong's Concordance Heb.#5608 )

      NIV: Count off fifty days UP TO the day after the seventh Sabbath, and then present an offering of new grain to the LORD.

      ESV: You shall count fifty days TO THE DAY after the seventh Sabbath. Then you shall present a grain offering of new grain to the LORD.

      NASB: You shall count fifty days TO THE DAY after the seventh Sabbath, and then present a new grain offering to the LORD.

      (emph. mine on all the above, but if I'm missing something there in the text, I'd be glad to have it pointed out to me:-)

      I've also seen the argument about the Acts 2:13 new wine accusation and grapes not being harvested until July. The usage here is Strong's Gr.#1098--gleukos--sweet wine used of the more saccharine and highly inebriating fermented wine, so this could have been just a metaphor for drunkenness and is vague enough that it really doesn't carry any weight imo
      re the timing of Pentecost.

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    5. Hey Jimbo-ni :). LOL…Good one. I’ll take it! Call me 'Tom' then...:)
      Sheila, very good questions. Let me reply from where I am that in terms of perspective.

      1. Yes, there is that July 17 of this year that many are saying is true Pentecost but such are still using the single 50 day count. This is based solely on a different calendar count, which if it is really 100, then it will come and go as all others. Yes, it is called Pentecost but realize that it has been deemed that by the translators of the Septuagint, the Greek-speaking Jews that coined it. I suspect such did not and do not want to have emphasized the 2nd50-day count because it would have legitimized the power and authority of YHVH given to mere ‘fisherman’, tax-collectors, prostitutes’, and the like instead of the ‘Elders’. It legitimized the Church Body and ‘the rest is history’ as they say.

      2. Pentecost, yes does start out linked to the end of First Fruits, as Jesus was that fulfillment of the Wave Offering. But it finishes up in Summer. In my own theory, I see it as the 4th correlated Feast of the Menorah pattern. The number 4 speaks of ‘division’ or halves, so to me, Pentecost has 2 corresponding counts as a prophetic symmetry of sorts. As we understand, Jesus was that Waive Offering. He thus sanctified the whole harvest to come at the end of summer , 4 months later. Interesting you mentioned 120 as that is 4 months x 30 day/month = 120. Of course, this would be from just before Jesus entered Jerusalem, triumphantly, etc. However, the passage does not really say ’10 days’ later…it has been a long-held tradition that it has to in adding-up to the 50th day.

      3. Good observation about the New Wine. Consider the pattern of harvests. The first-fruits are first presented and then the harvest comes. It so happens that at the end of that 2nd 50th day, was the Wine Festival. In relation to this year specifically, the first fruits of the ‘grapes’ would be on July 16-17, the actual date others are purporting, which is interesting. So, having the crowds mock the Disciples for speaking in understandable languages not known at around 9am was not meant to flatter them but does lend some credence that indeed, ‘when Pentecost fully came’ was during the Wine Harvest, the 100th day, out from the first fruits of the Grain Harvest.

      On an aside note, one of my other theories is that although initially the 120 Disciples did meet in the Upper Room and that Is where Jesus appeared, the ‘House’ mentioned when the Holy Spirit came down was the ‘House of YHVH’, or the Temple and in the courts where the 3000+ throng of worshippers assembled there were thus speaking in their ‘tongues’ or languages from the regions they had come from.

      Back to the question. This is a case of being or taking the Scripture passage literal or not. In the Hebrew lexicon, it is plain and reads clearly to count a 2nd 50-day duration. Now if others argue it is not meaning that, sure that is fine; not an issue of fellowship. But for me and other ‘Tom Curises’ of the world, I wish the Body would be more discerning as it would avoid much anguish when disappointed that their date/count will always come and go and in some cases the faith of many will be and does get damaged or left altogether because of it. But it is good to hash this out and attempt to discern together.

      Blessing to you and family,

    6. Lu, TY so much for that kind and in-depth reply explaining your view. I appreciate that and you're right about it not being a fellowship issue. Unfortunately I am not adept at things like the Hebrew Lexicon, but I am a literalist when it comes to the translation I've been given. My view on the Holy Bible (and I prefer the KJV for many reasons) is that it is the Holy Spirit Inspired and Infallible Word of God and I trust that He was able to have it delivered to the world per His Liking in order to instruct the person of average intelligence (of which I, ofc, am one of those.) So it's just head UP and Watching!

      In re to folks being turned away from their faith in disappointment from failed dates on the part of human understanding, that's truly sad if it happens, but I can't really relate to that myself as I've been watching and getting hyped up over every promising day of His possible return for 22 years now and all that's happened to me is to find myself more awed and amazed by His orchestration of events and faith that has grown exponentially as I just dug in deeper to find out why we're still here:-)

      Blessings to you and yours as well, Mr. Cruise. TY again, Brother, and Maranatha!

    7. Yes, if you look at the Hebrew closely, there seems to be 2 counts, first the sabbaths, then the days. I understand that this point of view is controversial, to say the least, yet the text says it, and I believe it.

  34. ABBA UP! Blessen's all, in Christ* \./ how nice it would be for a Fathers DAY REUNION, I WILL RUN AND FIND MY DAD

    1. Got a tickle on way to traffic court. Truck pulled in front of me.

      Diamond delivery. Then had diamond ring and said. A family owned corporation.

      Praying on all your seeds to activare

    2. Amen Tony! Thank you all Family! Blessings to you all! Sorry for silence, it's very hard to me with my sickness, but I'm praying and studying always!
      New Gary's article wonderful! See you then really!

    3. Alla, TY for heads up on Gary's latest. That same storm dropped down on us here yesterday and it surely was fierce with the wind and the lightning was the worst I've ever seen as well. 4000 cloud to ground strikes in less than 20 minutes as it blew into our county. I didn't see
      what it had done in the Dallas area until afterward when we got our TVs back on. Some wild and wicked weather for sure and only a foretaste of what is coming. You stay safe and blessed in the care of our Lord, Sister, as we watch more closely than ever for His Coming:-)

  35. Check out the headline on Drudge right now. I took a screenshot of it but can't post photos here. It says "Rapture On Hold"

    1. WOW, excellent find! That's the actual main headline on the Drudge Report right now! The linked article is about the Raptors in the NBA Finals, and I think there's a lot to that; see my replies above under Charlie in DC's comment for more on the connection there. I know many watchers feel like the rapture is indeed "on hold," though the truth of course is that the rapture will be right on schedule according to God's perfect timing!

      It is too bad that we can't post pictures/screenshots in Blogger comments because the Drudge Report page will probably change before a lot of you will have the chance to see it. I also took a screenshot and I can send it to anyone who didn't get a chance to see the headline when it was up; just let me know.

    2. Yes Justin, it's all in God's perfect timing! I really do feel like it's close. Been wondering about 2018 for years, and now see 2019 as a good time. Weird, when my oldest was maybe 5th grade, back around 2005, he said he had a dream about the rapture and he told me it was 40 years or so. He's 25 now, so that would another 25 years! Don't think it's going to be that much longer, especially since Israel has been a nation 70 years. I did read your earlier post about "the rapture for the raptors". I read most of the posts on here and usually am just a silent observer, but that Drudge post was something I wanted to share!

    3. So if I were to write a title like that which is linked to an article that talks about 'the left who will be behind after USA elections somewhere in 2020' 'we' are going to see it as a sign that the Rapture is somewhere in 2020, 'at the last Trump', meaning president Trump's final weeks as a president?

      Not trolling here, only a genuine reminder to not place too much 'trust' in 'signs' and words like that.

    4. No Thomas, I'm definitely not putting trust in a news headline , I just thought it was fun! He can come at any moment!

  36. I'm not so sure that the 9th of June was Pentecost. Some are saying that the 16th is Pentecost and others are saying we need to count another 50 days. The problem is that people have different opinions on the start of the year, which makes counting and thus knowing what day it is difficult.

    Also nobody is able to confirm that we should or shouldn't count another 50 days after Feast of Weeks. The Bible might be clear on that; man's translations made it unclear.

    From my calculations Pentecost could (still) happen anywhere between now and September 8 2019. The calendar could be off by 34 days depending on when you start the new year: when the moon was seen close before or after the spring equinox.

    30 days = a month
    4 days = closest day to or after the moon was seen

    I'm aware that people 'know' when to decide it's a new year, but I think it's better to keep all options open, and avoid trying to rush with dates.

    Pentecost on September 8 'it is' for me.

  37. This may not fit into some 'Revelation 12' issue here but is one of a GREAT SERMON ON GALATIANS please share if you can:


    Time to recap some basics now I assume... MARANATHA!

  38. Dear family, sharing...

    AN interesting question to ponder is, which phase will the moon be in when the Rapture occurs?

    Will it be a new moon as at the beginning of the biblical month?

    Will it be a full moon as at the middle of the month?

    Will it be somewhere in-between, i.e. the waxing or waning phase?

    Since “no one knows the day,” it’s impossible to say for sure (Matt. 24:23-44).

    Searching the Scriptures for possible clues, however, we find an intriguing passage in the Book of Proverbs:

    “The goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey: He has taken a bag of money with him; He will come home at the full moon” (Prov. 7:19, 20).

    The picture of the goodman of the house being away on a long journey reminds us of the New-Testament parables in which Jesus is the householder and the time of return or reckoning represents the end of the age (Matt. 20; 25: 14).

    It seems Theologian John Gill (1697-1771) was thinking along these same lines when he interpreted Proverbs 7:20 to be an allusion to the Lord coming to judge the world at the appointed time of the full moon.

    John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible — Proverbs 7:20

    “He hath taken a bag of money with him …. for his journey, since it was not a few pieces of money he put in his pocket to defray expenses, but a bag of it he carried in his hand, it shows that he should be out a considerable time; [and] will come home at the day appointed; and not before …. it is to be understood of the full moon, as Aquila and the Vulgate Latin version render it; when it is light all night, and so a proper time for travelling home again. Gersom takes it to mean the beginning of the year, when the holy blessed God, parabolically speaking, sits upon a throne to judge the world in righteousness: the Targum calls it the day of the congregation; some fixed festival day, when the congregation meets together; and at such a festival, or appointed time, this good man had fixed for his return, and when, and not before, he would. This she says to remove all fears from the young man of being surprised and caught by her husband. There is an appointed time for Christ's second coming, when he will certainly come, and not before; and which is supposed to be at a great distance of time: and therefore wicked men and seducers, and such as the apostate church of Rome make use of to encourage themselves in their wickedness, in hopes of impunity, put the evil day far away from them; but in the appointed time Christ will come, and call his servants to an account, good and bad.”

    The notion of Jesus, the goodman, showing up when the moon is full makes sense in view of the biblical calendar which has the harvest festivals associated with the First and Second Coming—Passover and Tabernacles—occurring always on the full moon.

    In contrast, the harvest festival associated with the Church—Feast of weeks, or Pentecost—does not correspond to any particular phase of the moon. This is because the timing of Pentecost relies on the counting of seven weeks from the weekly Sabbath following Passover (Lev. 23:15, 16). Since the date of the Sabbath following Passover varies from year to year, so does the date of Pentecost.

    What is interesting is that due to the way Passover and the subsequent Sabbath fall out this year, Pentecost does happen to land on a full moon. Counting the seven weeks from the Sabbath following Passover as prescribed in Leviticus, the festival celebrating the wheat harvest corresponds to the full moon of June.

    Thus, in 2019, all three of the Bible’s harvest festivals—Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles—coincide with a full moon, the lunar-phase by which the goodman is scheduled to return in Proverbs 7.

    Given that the moon is thought to symbolize the Church or congregation of God, it makes sense for the lunar disc to be fully lit, denoting fullness or completion, at the time of “harvest.”

    Is this to suggest the Rapture must occur on a full moon or at a harvest festival?

    It is not.

  39. Regardless of how logical a scenario may seem, we understand that on this side of eternity we see the Lord’s plans only in part, as through a “dark piece of glass,” and that our thoughts are not His thoughts (1 Cor. 13:12; Isa. 55:8, 9). Besides, Jesus says to keep watch “at all times,” not just at full moons or feast days (Luke 21:36).

    The above is simply to point out how biblical typologies make a full-moon rapture plausible, and how in 2019 every harvest festival occurs on a full moon.

    Considering different scenarios in light of facts and Scripture is a vital part of encouraging one another as we watch and wait for the Lord’s return (Heb. 10:25; Matt. 24:45, 46). Just as one assembling a puzzle earnestly searches for corresponding pieces to complete the picture, those anticipating the harvest of the Church earnestly search the Scriptures, looking for correlations that may shed light on the timing. We do this with the understanding that only when the day comes will we know if the pieces we have paired truly match.

    This is to say, only God knows which phase the moon will be in when the trumpet sounds.

    So keep watch!

    (By T.W. Tramm - FB PAGE)


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