A Covenant With Many?

Good afternoon my dear siblings in Christ... While we wait for Christ to return, and sort out when Pentecost actually is (sometimes it seems that God only knows these things) I thought I would share something I found very interesting.  There has been a potentially major development from Jerusalem that have some people thinking that they have found the covenant with many that will eventually be confirmed by the AC...and no it is not the Trump Deal of the Century.

It's actually called "Jerusalem Covenant" and has signatures from people ALL OVER THE WORLD. I think we should be on high alert for anything that looks like it could be what the Bible is talking about and not just assume that Trumps deal is 100% it. This Jerusalem covenant just could be in the running as well. What do you think?

Here is the video: (12 minutes)

Here is and excerpt and the link to the short article she mentions: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/130916/jerusalem-mayor-presented-with-covenant/
The Jerusalem Covenant, which includes signatories from over 100 countries, declares that “Jerusalem belongs to the Jews through Biblical, historical and legal rights.” 
“There is no single issue that unites Jewish and Christian Zionists as much as their steadfast support for Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people. Through the power of social media, we were able to gather so many digital signatures from supporters all over the world from Albania to Zimbabwe,” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz.

CBN News also did a news clip on the article with some interesting tidbits... (2 minutes)

Here is the text from the actual covenant. 

As presented to the Israeli government in 1992, upon the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.

We have gathered together in Zion, national leaders and heads of our communities everywhere, to enter into a covenant with Jerusalem, as was done by the leaders of our nation and all the people of Israel upon Israel's return to its Land from the Babylonian exile; and the people and their leaders will dwell in Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Once again, 'our feet stand within your gates, O Jerusalem - Jerusalem built as a city joined together' which 'unites the people of Israel to one another', and 'links heavenly Jerusalem with earthly Jerusalem.'

We have returned to the place that the Lord vowed to bestow upon the descendants of Abraham, Father of our Nation; to the City of David, King of Israel; where Solomon, son of David, built a Holy Temple; a Capital City which became the Mother of all Israel; a metropolis for justice and righteousness and for the wisdom and insights of the ancient world; where a Second Temple was erected in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah. In this city the prophets of the Lord prophesied; in the City the Sages taught Torah; in this City the Sanhedrin convened in session in its stone chamber. 'For there were the seats of Justice, the Throne of the House of David', 'for out of Zion shall go forth Torah, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.'

Today, as of old, we hold fast to the truth of the words of the Prophets of Israel, that all the inhabitants of the world shall enter within the gates of Jerusalem: 'And it shall come to pass at the end of days, the mountain of the House of the Lord will be well established at the peak of the mountains and will tower above the hills, and all the nation shall stream towards it.' Each and every nation will live in it by its own faith: 'For all the nation will go forward, each with its own Divine Name; we shall go in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.' And in this spirit the Knesset of the State of Israel has enacted a law: The places holy to the peoples of all religions shall be protected from any desecration and from any restriction of free access to them..

Jerusalem - peace and tranquility shall reign in the city: 'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may those who love you be tranquil. May there be peace within your walls, and tranquility within your palaces.' Out of Jerusalem, a message of peace went forth and shall yet go forth again to all the inhabitants of the earth: 'And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation will not lift up sword against nation, nor shall they learn war anymore.' Our sages, peace be upon them, said. In the future, The Holy One, the Blessed, will comfort Jerusalem only with peace.

From this place, we once again take this vow: "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its strength; may my tongue cleave to my palate if I do not remember you, if I do not raise up Jerusalem at the very height of my rejoicing.'.
And with all these understandings, we enter into this Covenant and write: We shall bind you to us forever; we shall bind you to us with faithfulness, with righteousness and justice, with steadfast love and compassion. We love you, O Jerusalem, with eternal love, with unbounded love, under siege and when liberated from the yoke of oppressors. We have been martyred for you; we have yearned for you, we have clung to you. Our faithfulness to you we shall bequeath to our children after us. Forevermore our home shall be within you. 

If led, you can actually sign this covenant at the link below! 


  1. Thank you Brad, I was thinking we were about due for a new article.

    1. Yes, TY Brad for putting it out there for consideration. My thought on this "Jerusalem Covenant" and it's being presented to Mayor Lion at this particular time is that there must be some good reason for it. As we keep seeing the "Deal of the Century" getting kicked down the road, could it be something far more simpler to accomplish and so unexpected that it's virtually going unnoticed at the moment--while the enemy distracts everyone with this "too complicated to present PEACE DEAL"? And wouldn't the fact that it's being ignored be typical of the entire world--including the Body of Christ--who've been so heavily invested in watching for this Big Peace Deal to materialize that such a thing would be rejected outright just out of the sense that it would be too easy (the same way they look at our faith in Salvation by Grace alone.)

      I am open to however our God has chosen to proceed and we're not going to be here for whatever is ultimately "confirmed" by the AC anyway, but I can see the possibility of our Lord saying "Well it was called the "Jerusalem Covenant" for Pete's sake! How much plainer did I need to be?" Blessings and just musing, Maranatha:-)

    2. I love that Sheila, "for Pete's sake it was called the "Jerusalem Covenant" could he make it any clearer to us :) Hopefully this is it. Great catch from our sisters in Christ Kimberley (YTC: Moses & Elijah) and also Deborah (YTC: Speaking Truth in Love), and also to you Brad for picking up on the significance of this "Jerusalem Covenant"

      Yeah it is amazing, how much "Free Grace" is attacked. I have people smirking and scoffing on videos that I post, saying, "you really think it is that easy".. then they usually quote: Matthew 5:17-20

      Matthew 5:17-20
      17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
      18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
      19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
      20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

      They don't get that no one on earth has achieved that righteousness, except for Jesus, And Jesus was highlighting how utterly unobtainable salvation was through the LAW. So all we can do is cloth ourselves in his righteousness, and say, thanks LORD for making me worthy, thanks for taking the punishment that I deserved.

      Also Sheila & Justin et all, just referencing something on the last post, about the Rapturs basket ball team getting to the finals for the 1st time. It definitely looks like a wink and nod from God to his watching bride... What a powerful message that would be to be Raptured, the day the Rapturs win. I pray it is so.

      But can you imagine trying to tell about those little winks and nods, and micro signs that we see, and which gives us that little lift, that we can make it to the finish line, Just 3 more weeks, or just one more month, I can do that... to our beloved deaf and blind family and friends who already think we are one acorn short of an oak tree, or one egg short of a dozen.. I just don't even know where to start, when trying to say, yeah but...

      "there was a red heifer born last year, the 1st since Moses time, and it needs to be sacrificed before it's 4th birthday.."


      They are currently trying to build their 3rd temple, and their needs to be a 3rd temple in the final days..


      The Jewish Sanhedrin have dedicated the alter, and are trying to start animal sacrifices again


      Obama's name means "lightening from Heaven", and then tell them about Luke 10:17-18 or
      Macron saying he wants to "rule like the God jupiter"
      Trump being the Last TRUMP


      The recent Blood Moon patterns


      the Russia, Turkey & Iran Alliance with Sudan and Ethopia being involved by proxy


      Alien agenda


      The biometric microchip that will prob be used as the mark of the beast.

      Their are just so many signs pointing to any day now..

      But you just get the shutters, rolled eyes, impatient silent while they wait for you to say your piece so they can get on with talking about holidays, and the price of houses, and where they are going out for the weekend... Sigh!!!

      Come soon LORD.

    3. Nice list, Jordan ;)
      Also, I enjoyed your new Trumpet vid<3

    4. Jordan, it only works if you are wearing a replica of the Crown of Egypt, crafted from tin foil. Then, you don't say a word until they ask, "So, tell me about your hat." Maranatha!

    5. Thanks Lyn. Yeah it's just a short little video of my current favorite sound in the world, the sound of trumpet blasts. I wanted to put up one, that didn't have the background sound of dripping or flowing water, that seems to be all over YouTube when you search for "Shofar or Trumpet for Rapture".

    6. **Resending, as there was a typo in knight**

      That's funny Jimboni, Yes, I am very proud of my tin foil hat, I look like quiet the knight in shining armor in it At least in my mind I do anyway :)

    7. Jordan, that's my life too, I even think they felt a little sad for me when the Rev 12 sign came and went. I went all in with that, now when I mention the things you just wrote, (this weekend it was about the days of Lot), they kind of look at me like I'm pathetic .I'll keep on though :0

    8. Ally, I'll join you in this.

      I like to say it is/was the 2 year warning but no one (no one) is wanting to hear about ALL these other "signs" because no one transformed at the last trump of FoT 2017.... even the 500 tornadoes lately.

      I believe we are in the season (of the Wheat harvest) of Shavuout/ Pentecost and the appointed time is hidden within it.

    9. LOL, here's myself speaking earlier today as I was trying to explain something significant I saw about yesterday's helicopter crash when I got that old "heavy sigh and eye roll thing" which made me say "Ya know what...never mind...go ahead and remain in your ignorance because there are other Believers out there who actually appreciate our God's bothering to reveal Himself to us in these things!" And I pulled my tin foil hat down a little tighter on my head and here I am:-))

      Anyhow, this goes back to the "teeth" and the "shin" topic we got into about midway thru on the prior thread and how the "head tefillins" that Jews wear point to Pentecost. Many of the details with this crash bear significance and some of the YT Brethren are seeing and sharing them, but this seeming Pentecost confirmation caught my attn. (as a result of one man's dental appt. and his testimony, so TY Jimboni;-)

      This "fiery" crash occurred at 787 Seventh Ave. in Midtown Manhattan.
      H#787--osh--meaning a foundation (which is what Pentecost was for the Church). This is expressed by the aleph preceding the shin, (right to left) just like it does in H#785--esh--meaning "fire" or "flame" (the difference being in the placement of accent marks). As I noted in that prior comment re the tefillin that when the letter aleph precedes the shin, the word for "fire" is also created, so here we see the "shin" as the letter of flame connecting the "fire" to the "foundation" which again points to Pentecost. At least inside of my snug little tin foil hat:-)

      *And don't know if this hints at anything or not, but the building where the crash occurred houses the AXA Equitable Center, a French-based financial conglomerate and today's Google Doodle is all about the start of the Women's World Cup Soccer tournaments that begin in France tomorrow with the US defending the title. Meanwhile, that "Friendship Tree" that Trump and Macron ceremoniously planted together on the White House lawn has up and died. Hmmm....

      Blessings All and Looking UP!

    10. Well done, sister Sheila. The tin foil hat looks good on you!

    11. Speaking of major sports tournaments in France...take a look at the symbolic meaning of "Rafael Nadal" (Here are a few biblical supplements to add to the mix: Gen. 21:1-2; 30:22; Isa. 54:1; 66:7-9).


    12. TY, Brother, and I can hardly wait til we all get to exchange them for a beautiful crown to lay at His Beautiful Feet!

    13. Jimboni, not sure how to find the symbolic meaning of his name, but if it's eluding to a birthing and points to another French event, something watch worthy just might be in the French air for this week. I did see that his birthday is 6/03/1986, so he's 33 yrs old and is known as the King of Clay.

    14. Sheila, Jordan, amazing insights all-around; thank you for your encouragement to the body in these final days! :) I think a lot of us here have some tin foil hats to exchange for crowns that will be laid at Jesus' feet!

      I'm also open to the possibility of this Jerusalem Covenant being "the one" from Daniel 9:27. I don't remember if it's JD Farag or Amir Tsarfati or who it is that consistently makes the point that the original Hebrew word for "confirm" in Daniel 9:27 (gabar) is better translated as "strengthen" or "increase;" meaning the AC will take what's there and make more of it for the Jews. I see room in this Jerusalem Covenant to be strengthened, particularly in regards to offering the Jews a third temple.

    15. That makes this a little more interesting re today's Bing Art which depicts the Le Mans Cathedral in Le Mans, France adorned with a line of "Cracking Art" colorful meerkat statues posted all along it's exterior wall or what I guess you'd call a buttress. Meerkats are symbolic of "intense watching". This exhibit took place in 2015:

      G#2015--epiphaneia--a manifestation, i.e. the Advent of Christ (past or future) appearing, brightness, glorious display. 6x 2Thess.2:8, 1Tim.6:4, 2Tim.1:10, 2Tim.4:1, 2Tim.4:8, Tit.2:13

      H#2015--haphak--to turn, overturn, overthrow, be upturned used 94x

      I just got the chills looking at this. Even so, Lord, come!

    16. That second NT Scripture should be 1Tim.6:14

    17. And my bad, JEFF, on the Rafael Nadal. So sorry:-/ Getting a little wound up on the "French Connection", lol. Oh geez, now I gotta look up that old movie....

    18. "The French Connection"--an Int'l conspiracy thriller released in 1971 that centers around a "Lincoln" vehicle used to traffic narcotics from France to US. Featured the music of The Three Degrees, a Soul Trio originating out of "Philadelphia" who had 7 Top 40 hits incl the 1974 single and huge International hit "When Will I See You Again" which reached the top 5 in 7 countries.

      G#1971--epipotheo--to long for, strain after, desire greatly used 9x
      G#1974--epipothia--longing, eager desire, earnest affection 1x Rom.15:23 KJV
      H#1971--hakkarah--a look, an expression 1x Is.3:9 KJV re judgement
      H#1974--hillul--a rejoicing, praise 2x Lev.19:24 KJV re keeping God's decrees and firstfruits of tree being offered to the LORD and Jud.9:27 KJV re the "conspiracy" of Gaal against Abimelech and "grapes" being harvested and trodden.

      Been seeing some dreams/visions of late that don't bode well for the USS Abraham Lincoln and on that note I'm calling it a night with prayers to be seeing Him sooner than soon:-)

      Blessings All!

    19. "here's myself speaking earlier today as I was trying to explain something significant I saw about yesterday's helicopter crash when I got that old "heavy sigh and eye roll thing" which made me say "Ya know what...never mind.."

      Dear Sheila B. and those of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade (someone on here coined this sometime ago)

      Oh how I knew it (helicopter crash in downtown Manhatten) was a significant sign/marker to us watching and putting the puzzle pieces together and how excited I was to share this with........

      Oh wait, the majority does not care or are just going about life in this LIE of a world (kudos to Many Fish on his latest).

      Everyone else (even in the 'church') are busy planning/ going on their summer vacations, school is out, mid-term elections, pride month parades and festivals, summer concerts, weddings, funerals, yada yada.

      Thank you all for being true watchmen! At least we have the armor of God on over our Tin Foil hats.

    20. Amen on the Armor, Charlie!
      Just want to add one more little "French" tidbit re those meerkats keeping watch on that Cathedral wall in Le Mans:
      Le Mans, France is the famous setting for that 24 hour grueling around the clock high endurance car race and the 2019 Le Mans is to be held on June 15-16th. (I can relate;-)

      Jeova, I also wanted to say TY for those awesome posts you shared at the bottom of the prior thread. Very encouraging, Brother! (my computer refuses to "load more" so I'm dead in the water after the 200 mark;-)

    21. Not trying to be a blog hog, but this encouraging stuff just keeps popping up. Just saw this comment from Maria at Colleen M's latest re the Jerusalem Covenant:
      "TY for reminding us to keep on alert like the little MEERKATS in Africa which stand on their little hind legs in a group looking left and right, ears twitching constantly..."

      And also re France, this is just cool to think about:
      On June 16th, the 7th Edition "Armada of Freedom" composed of 50 of the tallest and finest ships from around the world, incl a few Warships, will say GOODBYE as it departs the 2019
      L' Armada Rouen that began on 6/6/19 from the Port of Rouen, France and sail 120 km along the Seine River into Open Waters. And interestingly enough the Flagship of the Morning Star Trust Group that will be among them is named THE MORNING STAR OF REVELATION!
      (makes me want to get out my deck shoes:-))
      *The name Rouen means "listen" in French. It's also where Joan of Arc was martyred.

      50 is the number connected with the Holy Spirit and Pentecost and 120 is connected to the time allotted in Gen.6:3 KJV. And again, G#2019--epiphoneo--to call out, shout.

      Not date setting, but I AM "hope" setting. (ofc,that's a daily thing with me;-) And per Jeova's awesome astronomical post @unsealed.org, the Full Moon and Jupiter are coming in for a close embrace on June 16th in the constellation Ophiucus, the "serpent holder" or "restrainer" around 9pm. (maybe you could post that here, Jeova:-)

      Blessings and Looking UP! <*)))><

    22. Sheila B., Blessings, great stuff, occupy as much space as you wish is my call. I have the following and the unpack on the 'G' seems intuitive in showing this event as valued in light of Truth and also its entanglement with the Moment at hand. The 'H' values need a bit more work and insight than I have handy, Maranatha!

      L' Armada Rouen J512 E672

      G512: anóphelés: unprofitable (2): (1) uselessness (1): Titus 3:9; Hebrews 7:18
      G672: apochóreó: to go away, depart (3) Matt 7:23; Luke 9:39; Acts 13:13

      H512: Elqoshi: a native of Elkosh; (on east bank of Tigris, near Mosul). (1) Nahum 1:1
      H672: Ephrath or Ephrathah: an Israelite woman, also the name of several places in Palestine (10) (1st/Last): Gen 35:16; Micah 5:2

    23. G672: apochóreó: to go away, depart

      13 Now Paul and his companions SET SAIL (interesting in light of the dig) from Paphos and came to Perga in Pamphylia. And John (the Revelator, as a Type of The Church Raptured) LEFT THEM and returned to (heavenly?) Jerusalem,

      Just sayin', Maranatha!

    24. Brother, those Gvals hit the nail on the head re the legalism battle raging against those relying on His Grace alone and the "Setting sail", wow...I couldn't help but think of how we here are all actually members of THE "Morning Star Trust Group" (Rev.22:16 KJV).
      What I saw in those Hval verses (flip side of that "coin" again) was Rachel's hard travailing in birth in a place name that pointed to Bethlehem and the Birthplace of Christ. And Israel will surely be in a hard and deadly travail until they recognize who their True Messiah was and IS.

      TY for sharing and got a big kick out of your little poem below, but if our going Home isn't as soon as it's looking to be, we all might be frying a little cuz it's looking to be a blazing hot summer already:-)) Blessings!

    25. Bien joué!

      Wow, Sheila, you and Jimboni caught some good stuff. Just now able to respond.

      When you take Rafael Nadal and translate his name literally, it comes out something like "God heals the womb, or place of birth." How about that?!

      Rafael is the Spanish translation of the Hebrew "Rapha" (To heal) + "El" (God); and Nadal is the Spanish derivation of the Latin "Natal" (all things relating to the birth of a child).

      Amen! We are the Morning Star Trust. Don't need any loans for this start-up, just grace. Hallelujah!

    26. Jeff, amen, my Wall Street insiders buzz is that this IPO is about to go THROUGH THE ROOF!

      - - Be always ready to give an answer for the hat which you are wearing; but do so with Gentleness
      and Humility, as Ambassadors, amen.

    27. Amen Brothers! on our stock in trade:-D
      And did ya'll catch Many FishERS video on the death of that Trump/Macron oak Friendship Tree? It was planted on 4/23/2018 and officially declared to be dead 414 days later.
      What another amazing little coinky-dink;-)

    28. Found a dime in my laundry room this morning....

    29. Yay! Is it the #9 "incorruptible" dime? sure hope so:-D

    30. Miguel P and Fam, Blessings. Circling up with you, here, 'dropping a dime', as it were, in the parlance of another era, (go read an old, paperback detective novel). Not long past, you highlighted a common correlation between a certain unction for specific prayers and Our Scout's PSRs not long after. Here to deliver another PSA, Sir (positive Scout report).

      First, Praise and Thanks To Our Lord for this past week, as my earthly father flew out and spent the week with the boys and I. Hadn't seen Dad in over a decade and he hadn't seen Caleb since years before the fall. Phenomenally above and beyond all I could have hoped for, imagined or expected, amen. During the week, Caleb was able to demonstrate moves involving lifting his hips with only his legs, as before, but away from any spotter or bars. Tonight, he could feel that he needed the facilities for the first time in years and can now feel his hand along his shin, just this evening, as this last pain wave has broken though the knee barrier. His control of his full- and lower-leg movement was quite noticeably improved, just this evening, apart from any excitement Our Scout has which can magnify his perception of the difference.

      As usual, this stresses his overall system and your prayers are treasured for tranquility, peace, and calm as he navigates the intense joy and great stress of what is happening in his neurology throughout his being, physically and spiritually. Maranatha!

    31. Prayers up, Brother! Sounds like an important and blessed week you've had as your 3 generations came together. May our Lord grant all that you are asking Him for re Caleb's progress and much more:-)

    32. Amen and amen, Sheila. 2 Fathers, 4 Sons, 3 generations; all brothers in Christ. The fathers, their sons, with a holy spirit amongst'em, wowzers, eh? Our Lord Has Moved my father out of the RCC over into Greek Orthodoxy and he was proudly sharing his Orthodox Study Bible and speaking of his Pastor's common dive into original Greek and Hebrew to unpack his messages to the flock; sound familiar around here? :) Looking forwards to when he 'stumbles upon' Gematria's addition to Wisdom finds.

      Many more Blessings came and went along the way than would fill pages in their relevance and joy. In the 'Connectedness of All Things' (COLT? vs TIOT?) to the Glory of Christ, Colossians 1:17, your comment opens my eyes to those Typological Identities in play, echoing/mirroring/revealing, perhaps, the greater interplay amongst The Godhead whilst Wedding Preparations continue to Accelerate, The Son Intently Watches The Father For His 'Nod to GO! and Whilst The Spirit Attends to EVERYTHING, amen. Maranatha!

  2. Because it is written in the Psalms, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem," I have done so as led by His Holy Spirit; HOWEVER, this Jerusalem Covenant is a VOW:

    "From this place, we once again take this vow: "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its strength; may my tongue cleave to my palate if I do not remember you, if I do not raise up Jerusalem at the very height of my rejoicing.'."

    I believe the Scripture shows that vows are a serious matter. Here's what James wrote about it:

    But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and [your] nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation. - James 5:12 KJV

    Is this Jerusalem Covenant a possible candidate for "the covenant of many" referred to in Daniel 9:27? It IS possible!

    1. Lyn - I must admit that when I had first seen the video on the previous post by Alice, I was hugely skeptical...I mean the Daniel 9 covenant has to arrive with much fanfare right, and involve allllll of Israel!! But that was when it struck me that Daniel 9 was all about Jerusalem...every thought, prayer by Daniel and response by Gabriel was about that holy city Jerusalem (mostly anyway). I don't believe I had fully clicked to this even from Jesus response to his disciples in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 about everyone fleeing from Judea when the AOD takes place...not clicking that Jerusalem was the capital of Judea.

      The ??? I have with the Jerusalem concept largely regards the 'many'. My feelings are that the bulk of those signing the J. Covenant would have to be Christian, simply because I know not of a single non-Christian in my neck of the woods that would ever declare Jerusalem to belong to the eternal capital of Israel. So in order for the AC to strengthen the covenant with the many, wouldn't the many still have to be around, making a ? of us being gone prior to the covenant being enforced. That suits my theology fine to be honest, but it is problematic nonetheless. The other ??? refers to what actually entails the covenant (original being 1967). There are plenty of scriptures and good will in the covenant (and some dodgy stuff making me rethink my signing of it), however the only bit which seems to be 'covenant', is the last paragraph about noting forgetting Jerusalem, making our home there etc. All a bit innocuous to be honest. Anyway, just some thoughts.

    2. Ryan, I found an interesting article @apocalypsesoon.org /xfile-25.html-apocalypse-soon-the-jerusalem-covenant
      This is in regards to it's origin and the UN and AC interest in this document. I'm thinking the "type" of Christians who are signing on to it are probably the same ones who are part of the pursuit of an Ecumenical movement toward a One World Religion that recognizes the legitimacy of ALL faiths leading to God (and maybe some who just don't really understand the contents and/or are just following the crowd.) I read one quote by Yehuda Glick that said "My goal is to ensure the Temple Mount is open to ALL PEACE-LOVING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD". So there's that.

      I would recommend first reading the above article for some clarity to anyone who might be thinking of signing on to this thing. I personally will not be, although I do pray daily for the true peace of Jerusalem that can only be achieved with the return of The True Prince of Peace to reign and rule.
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    3. Sheila, I just thought of what I have learned from Steven & Jana again yesterday when I read your comment about Yehuda Glick on "signing the J'lem covenant": Those will be the Christian Zionist 'pastors' who will be signing it! An adequate declaration is already being sent out as far as INL channel is informed. Check it out! Just FYI

    4. Annabel, I don't know how much clearer I can be on this anti-Zionism/anti-Jewish topic. I personally consider that to be out of my Ballpark and not interested in treading on our God's toes when it comes to how and when He will deal with separating those who say they are Jews "and are not" from the true Apple of His Eye. I just know how it all turns out and that is what I pray towards--The Peace of Jerusalem. My concern at this moment is to look for His appearing for His Body while pointing others in that direction and letting ourselves be known by our love for one other--and that includes NOT personally trashing Christian Brothers and Sisters on social media whether we agree with them or not as some have unwisely chosen to do. It's a far better thing imo to be praying for them even when they are offensive. So I do reject the "hate and fear mongering" of these anti-Zionist/legalistic channels and if you find that to be ignorant or simple-minded, then so be it. I'd rather be busy with Looking Up and Rejoicing and Encouraging others to do the same. Maranatha and please Lord Jesus, come quickly!

    5. thanks Sheila - thats really useful. Blessings to you too.

  3. I am most pleased to see what the topic of this new thread is dealing with because JUST TODAY the Holy Spirit would put some more puzzle pieces together with a new #Israeli News Live YTC chat of Steven & Jana about Mr Biltz and Rabbi Shapira trying to debunk and attack them (Satan always being the accuser of the brethren).

    If you REALLY want to know what the "COVENANT WITH MANY" most likely will be then go to Steven and Jana quickly and watch this video "Oil and Water don't mix" before they will take it down again and put it on Patreon to protect their channel:


    The Holy Spirit suddenly told me what this "covenant" will be about when I heard Steven mention it with regards to the Vaticans 'NOSTRA AETATE' declaration. This is what this evil deceptive development is ALL about. Listen to it carefully!! And if you regard it to be too long as a video, put it in your pocket and just listen to the audio while doing some housework or driving etc. it is MOST VITAL that you KNOW these things to warn others and for yourself to better understand scriptures such as to be alert to the most cunning twisting of the bible by Satan.


  4. I know this is out of place but I just had a dream about America being attacked from the ocean and I guess on land because from the ships gas bombs were thrown into houses. I was in a house on a coast and looked out to see I couldn't even guess how many ships coming at us then they stayed a long the coast and the gas stuff was thrown. I woke up and prayed about it, fell asleep and kept having the dream. I briefy saw a flag on the lead ship it reminded me wierdest of all of the union Jack, but I'm not sure it was. I'm not sure what to think about this. I had a dream awhile back of Israel taking out Damascus and could hear news reports about how the world had changed overnight for/because of Israel. I know this may sound crazy and also that it may just be a dream. If y'all could offer any guidance I would appreciate it. I've had some other odd dreams and things I was told in the spirit that came true down to the last detail but I am still trying to understand because while I've been a believer since a child, I have never been aware of the Lord speaking to me in the way He has the last few years. I have trouble with confidence/trust because of not dealing in fortune telling ect. But I do know other believers have received dreams....

    1. Loretta... Joel 2:28 KJV and Acts 2:17-18 KJV. Don't know about the Union Jack but very similar dreams of destruction are being given across the board as of late which I believe is to inspire the urgency of sharing the Gospel in this late hour. And we all know America is on the short list. Quite a few flags bear resemblance to the UK flag and I assume that's due to the broad reach of the British Empire over the centuries. Blessings, Sister, and please keep sharing:-)

    2. Dear sister this is an interesting dream with regards to the "Union Jack" Motive. Please check this article on "Ephraim" and why most of the bible scholars agree to identify them as the British Commonwealth:


      Please also note the following prophecies on Ephraim in context of the whole chapter:

      Isaiah 28:3 / Hosea 5:14 / Zechariah 9:10

      Just some notes to ponder on... Blessings! :-)

    3. PS: Here's another good summary on "Ephraim" just FYI


    4. Thoughts from a pleasant commute, this morning, ...

      Ah. A lingering Spring
      is a Wondrous thing
      yea, Summer is nigh
      and soon we Fry!

      No. Wait. That's not right. Soon we FLY! Yeah, that's it. Soon THEY fry. Got it. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 Let's try this again, Al. A linger Spring, ... (wanders on down the Way, muttering to self, parsing detailed verse...) Maranatha!

  5. The wording of this covenant sounds too worshipful of Jerusalem... Almost as if the worship of God is being transferred to buildings and land. While Jerusalem is important I don't read in the Bible where the place/city itself is worthy of worship

    1. Loretta, very true, excellent observation! You know, the "Jerusalem city (and land) worship" is all what ZIONISM is about in fact. Check out #Know More News or #TruNews YTC for more background information on that topic. I very much appreciate you being alert to this. Blessings to you!

  6. Thank you Annabelle and Sheila for your kind words and guidance!!!!

    1. I hope your guidance will come from the Lord.

  7. Hi everyone... As you remember a while back I did a post about Acie Burleson… the young man with 4 kids carrying a cross from South Carolina to the Grand Canyon telling people to pray and be ready for the coming of Christ.

    Today he shared a video that was made by a gal he just had an encounter with in Texas. I was nearly moved to tears and I am sure you will be too...its a VERY wonderful testimony. Please take time to watch this....his YT channel gets so few views for some reason.

    Here is the link to the 3 min video:

    To follow Acie subscribe to his YT Channel "Walking Memorial", save a link to a this page: <a Acie Burleson on Facebook. There is different content on all three as he makes his journey day by day.

    1. Woops...here is the link to the website that tracks him on his journey....it got cut off above.

      Also, if you are on Facebook, search him there as he posts a lot about his journey and it is very encouraging. It is clear to see how God is with him and using him day by day on the grueling trek across the nation.

    2. TY for sharing Acie's journey, Brad. That young woman's testimony was so moving and I am praying for both her and her sister to know Jesus and perhaps by His amazing Grace, we'll all be taken Home together before death can intervene in their lives. And may our Lord keep Acie safe and dry in his God-ordained journey of love and that's exactly what it is because nothing in this world could ever inspire such a thing in a man. And may He keep Acie's family in close embrace as well:-)

  8. Oh Family! Just scanning through the Comments hoping to catch up a bit with you all...

    As Sheila B wrote earlier today, "encouraging stuff just keeps popping up"! I was GREATLY ENCOURAGED by Brother John at Watchman for that Great Day YTC. He also mentions the 100-day count as the Rev12 Family did in the last post AND a nice tidbit about the timing of the harvest and the wedding of Ruth and Boaz.

    I have continued to study the harvest season as it relates to Our Rapture Wedding and found what I hope is "encouraging stuff", so I put it together with Brother John's video in this new article:


    (My apologies for no artwork with the article--having trouble with Blogger :(
    Much love!

    1. Dear sister please take this article from 2006 about a very "specific" (and misleading) interpretation of Ruth to understand how today's Judaizers will explain the existance of "two churches" along to the research of what Jana Ben Noon is explaining on #Israeli News Live YTC you might be surprised...


      Blessings to you!

    2. Annabel--will have to check out that article when I have time!

      Rev12Daily Fam--I was finally able to add some images to the article for your viewing pleasure (and it makes reading an article more interesting too :)

  9. I just finished the latest #TruNews livestream being now shareable by link entitled "TechnoNazi Tyranny: Social Media Giants Classify CHRISTIANITY With PORNOGRAPHY"!!! Now listen to them and ponder that, this is reality and happening!! I'm just not sure what makes THEM still go on broadcast untouched. I may not agree with all of their view on rapture and other topics but THIS development is absolutely SERIOUS guys:


    We might be out of here sooner than we think. Any minute now. Internet cleansing has BEGUN. Nevertheless: No fear. We are not appointed to the beast system and the coming wrath of God. But it is rising JUST NOW. Stay tuned. MARANATHA! 1 Thessalonians 4:17 + Revelation 12:5 ABBA UP!

  10. What comes after Trump? Good question...



  11. With the news out today about these 2 oil tankers that were just attacked in the Gulf of Oman and the tensions rising even further as oil prices are already being affected, I'm reminded of the "Submarine Sonar Pings" that have been heard by some of the Brethren in dreams/visions over the past week or so. What I'm reading @Reuters and elsewhere is they believe that at least one of these tankers was "torpedoed", if not both. One article reported the Japanese vessel was torpedoed and the Norwegian vessel was possibly hit with a strategically placed magnetic device, but it was unclear until further investigation.

    @Loved by the King shared another instance of hearing the Submarine Sonar Pings yesterday titled "More Sub Sonar! Warning...please pray!" Whatever happened there, the oil shipping channel is getting dangerous which is going to require the the US to amp things up in the region. The War Drums just increased in tempo big time, Family.

    And speaking of War Drums, also interesting is that some Brethren have recently been shown that Turquoise is the color of War (as opposed to the "pagan" symbolism of protection and peace) and I've been seeing reports of those electric Turquoise-colored Noctilucent clouds invading the USA as far south as Freedom, OK and San Fran, CA. since June 8th. (And the word "turquoise" just happens to mean "Turkish Stone" as TURKEY was so well-known for it, but the best quality of turquoise comes from IRAN while much of today's turquoise also comes from the USA.)

    And check out the Tues. eve. "mushroom" cloud sitting over Amarillo, Texas on TWC if you can. Actually an ominous thunderstorm, but they claim it's quite unlike anything they've seen before. Another omen of things to come? Hmmm.....I believe we're about to be going Home:-)

    1. Thank you for the run-down, sister.

      Turquoise---also another French connection!



    2. Sharing...
      (T. W. Tramm)

      “Sharpen the arrows, take up the shields! The LORD has stirred up the kings of the Medes [Iran], because his purpose is to destroy Babylon” (Jer. 51:11).

      IT was after a 70-year period that ancient Babylon was attacked and taken down by the Medes and Persians, the predecessors of modern day Iran (Jer. 25:12).

      Today, on the heels of another 70-year period—Israel’s 70th year as a nation—Iran appears poised to launch an attack against US and/or Saudi Arabia, the two nations many students of prophecy equate with the Bible’s end-times Mystery Babylon (Rev. 17, 18).

      Is history about to repeat itself as “Babylon” is attacked by the Persians after a period of 70 years?

      “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9).

      The fall of end-times Mystery Babylon is complicated to decipher as it seems to occur in multiple stages. The initial judgment apparently comes early in the tribulation period, presumably around the time of the Rapture, as Mystery Babylon is portrayed as being comfortable in her power and arrogance when she is attacked: “I sit as queen; I am not a widow, and I will never mourn” (Rev. 18:7). Nonetheless, Scripture says she will be humbled in one day: “Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her, death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire…” (v. 8)

      Some suggest that the warning from heaven to the inhabitants of Mystery Babylon to “Come out of her, my people … so that you will not receive any of her plagues” (v. 4) may be a veiled reference to the Rapture.

      Can this day be far off?

      . . .


    3. Your welcome, Jeff....are you talking about that controversial French intervention during the Rwandan genocide in the mid 90's called Operation Turquoise? If so, it definitely lends more credence to "turquoise" symbolizing war and maybe even "war in the guise of peace". I'll have to read up on that later, but it seems to me like the French went in there to make things better for those people and ended up being part of the whole bloody mess themselves. I remember at the time not even being able to fathom MILLIONS of those poor people just piled all over the place in such a short period of time with most of them having been hacked to death one at a time. It just seemed as impossible as it was horrible. Sad world we are living in and they never seem to get tired of trying to kill each other off, but according to Jesus, they ain't seen nothing yet.

      And if you had something else in mind, I'm sorry for that bummer of a memory, but this is why we are constantly crying Maranatha! and get on board the ARK!!!

    4. Wow, Sheila, you dug deeper into that than I was thinking :)

      I just thought it was interesting that the word "turquoise" itself is a French-coined term.

      But clearly, this French connection goes deep into history!

    5. Jéova, please PLEASE do not rely on CBS News for your daily news feed, this is stupid brainwash mainstream as everywhere else. You truly believe this was Iran attacking? Now check this out:


      In fact this is so blatant "in your face" IDK how ANYONE would believe in this "official narrative"...

    6. Sorry, Jeff...I did read that Turkey introduced turquoise to Europe via the Silk Road and that's where the name came from. I had a feeling there at the end that I was totally missing your point, but that's just what clicked when you mentioned the turquoise connection with France because I remember it so well. Billy was working and traveling in Africa during that time doing 4 or 5 month hitches and all we had for contact back then was snail mail, so I paid real close attention to any and all news coming out of there. CNN and others were still actually covering real world news and that was a particularly shocking event that no one else was trying to put a stop to because it was deemed a French issue to deal with.They handled it so badly and the end result was horrifying on a grand scale. In fact, it was one the factors that set me to seeking out God--not blaming Him--but just asking where He was in things like that. It took Him 3 years to get back to me, but get back to me He did:-)

    7. @Annabel
      Thanks for the reference!


      “Two ships with one stone:
      Saudis get i) higher oil price ii) US to attack Iran”

      Anything is possible in this scenario!

  12. New Post UNSEALED (Stephanie Dawn) - Very interesting!

    What Time Is It (On God's Celestial Calendar)?

    1. Jeova, would you mind re-posting that comment here about Jupiter and the Full Moon in Ophiucus that you posted over @unsealed? It was so interesting. TY and Blessings, dear Brother:-)

    2. @Sheila B.

      As requested...

      JUPITER, the “King Planet,” will be closer to Earth than at any other time of year during the month of June.

      While the solar system’s largest planet will be closest near the middle of the month, one should be able to spot it, along with some of its larger moons, with nothing more than a pair of binoculars as it enters its period of opposition on June 10.

      In addition to Jupiter being at its closest distance to Earth, it will appear to meet up with the Full Moon on June 16. Using the Starry Night astronomical program with the viewing location set to Jerusalem, one can see the Moon approach and seemingly touch the King Planet in the Constellation Ophiuchus, the “serpent holder,” or “restrainer,” as darkness settles in around 9:00 pm Sunday evening.

      While no one knows the day of the Lord’s return, this heavenly sign is a reminder that the Church in its fullness, symbolized by the full moon, will one day meet her King-Bridegroom in the heavens. With the force that restrains the serpent, the Holy Spirit, removed from earth, the human embodiment of evil Scripture calls the “man of sin” will emerge to take his place on the prophetic stage (2 Thess. 2).

      A once-in-history convergence of prophetic signs and timelines suggests this day is near.

      That the “King” is nearest to us in June, the month of the Bible’s Harvest Festival, is a reminder that today, before Judgment Day arrives, is the time to seek the Lord.

      “Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near” (Isa. 55:6).

      . . .




      1. The Moon as a symbol of the Church: In Song of Solomon the Gentile/Shulammite maid (symbolizing the Church) is compared to the moon: “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon .... Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee” (Song 6:10, 13). The spiritual parallel between the Church and the moon is that the full moon, as bright and beautiful as it is, has no brilliance of its own. It relies entirely upon the sun, which is a picture of Christ (Ps. 84:11; 19:4, 5), for its light. Without the sun, the moon has no light. Likewise, man has no light of his own. We were created in the image of God to reflect His brilliance and glory (Gen. 1:27). When we turn to face the majesty of God, when we surrender to Him and seek Him with all our hearts, we reflect His glory (Matt. 5:14).

      The Moon Bride: http://www.theopenscroll.com/when_cometh/moon_bride.htm

      2. June 2019 corresponds to the biblical month of Sivan and the Bible’s “Festival of Harvest,” also known as the Feast of weeks or Pentecost (Lev. 23; Ex 23:16).

      (TW Tramm)

    3. Jeova, Sheila B. et al: STRAWBERRY MOON RAPTURE?

      The next full Moon will be on Monday morning, June 17, 2019, appearing "opposite" the Sun (in Earth-based longitude) at 4:31 AM EDT. The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Saturday night through Tuesday morning. solarsystem.nasa.gov

      The wild strawberries that start to ripen during early summer gave name to the Full Moon in June. Other names are Rose Moon, Hot Moon, and Mead Moon. timeanddate.com

      This afternoon I caught Mark Ekawamai's newest video #406 wherein he has a clip from Crazy bout Jesus Ya'll YTC where she shares her dream of the Rapture happening during the Strawberry Moon:


      Link will start the video where she begins sharing!

    4. I don't remember where I saw this, but I read that it is also called a Honey Moon:-)

    5. Lyn, note this:

      “The goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey: He has taken a bag of money with him; He will come home at the full moon” (Prov. 7:19, 20).

    6. I'm blessed to see everyone keeping a close eye on the prophetic occurrences in the world.. In the meantime withb work. I have been praying listening to the word studying scripture. Ah, definitely times of struggle for many. Working in the house field I see many Who are ill and continue to pray for the their healing, their salvation. There is so much complacency and, everything is OK, and not needing Jesus. Lord ,we pray for the harvest.

    7. VeeBee, I think about you every single night. I love your heart for the lost even as you fight your own daily health battles and I pray the Lord will give me a heart more like yours.
      I get in such a hurry to get in and out of places sometimes that I forget to look around for even the smallest opportunity to share my faith. You inspire me to slow down a bit and pay more attention and I TY for that. I listened to this message on the way into town today and
      it was so encouraging for those of us who already understand what Jesus has really done for us and want to share that it's what He wants to do for everyone who will have it.

      @david benjamin in christ titled "Christianity is believing what you already have vs trying to "get something" from God."

      Blessings, Prayers and Be Well in Our Lord:-)

    8. Oh my Sheila what a blessing to listen to David Benjamin I so thank you for posting a link.AND encouragement. It is exactly what I see daily... there are many christians as though their head is in the sand not even considering how short time is or their eyes are posted on the next festivity that's going to occur. And then there is work where you can see people suffering in the hospital they are literally wasting away moment by moment, their bodies being ravaged by cancer or may be the addiction of the day. I look at them ...all I can do is pray for them and every so often I get the opportunity to pray with them. Sometimes in considering la the heart of God and how much he loves them does bring me to tears. But I have to remember ...he cause so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and he is not willing that any perish but that all have everlasting life. We hold on to PROMUSES and as David said we are in God's perfect situations ...he prepares a table in the presence Of our enemies. Maranatha

    9. Jeová--HOW EXCELLENT!: “The goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey: He has taken a bag of money with him; He will come home at the full moon” (Prov. 7:19, 20).

      And related to that--many kudos to you, dear Brother for all the info you shared! I have referred to it in my latest article. Please check it out:




    THE approaching June 16 marks the convergence of six key prophetic elements.

    1. SUNDAY

    Biblically, Sunday is “resurrection day” as Jesus rose from the dead early on a Sunday morning (Mark 16:9).

    Sunday is also the day on which the Apostle John was spiritually caught up to heaven at the sound of a “voice like a trumpet” (Rev. 1:10; 4:1).


    Less than a week after spring’s final Sunday, June 21 marks the solstice and the beginning of summer.

    In Matthew’s parable of the fig tree, “summer” is a metaphor for the end of the age (Matt. 24:32).


    Counting seven-weeks from the day after the Sabbath following Passover as prescribed in Leviticus, this year’s Pentecost, or Feast of Weeks, lands on June 16.

    Pentecost celebrates the wheat harvest (Ex. 34:22).

    Prophetically, the wheat harvest represents the harvest of believers at the end of the age (Mark 4:26, 27, 29; Rev. 14:15; Matt. 13:39).


    Biblically, the full moon is associated with the feasts of the Lord and the sounding of the ram’s horn, or trumpet (Ps. 81:3).

    The full moon is also the time when the goodman, or ruler, of the house is expected to return (Prov. 7:19, 20).


    God uses the stars and planets for “signs” to mark appointed times and to “reveal knowledge” (Gen. 1:11; Ps. 19: 1, 2).

    On June 16, the Full Moon and Jupiter will come into close conjunction in the Constellation Ophiuchus.

    Typologically, the Moon symbolizes the Church. The Planet Jupiter, a.k.a. the King Planet, symbolizes Messiah. The Constellation Ophiuchus pictures the Serpent Holder, or Restrainer.

    At the time of the conjunction, Jupiter will be nearer the Earth than at any other time of year.

    The closest phase of conjunction will occur during the evening of the 16th in Jerusalem, the time when the biblical day ends and the next one begins (Gen. 1:5).


    June 17 marks the Gregorian anniversary of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, or “Bethlehem Star,” which signaled the birth of Messiah in 2 BC.


    To summarize, we have the following occurring at once:

    • A Jupiter-Moon conjunction; during the full Moon, while Jupiter is at its nearest.

    • The final Sunday before summer.

    • The Pentecost harvest festival.

    • The Gregorian anniversary of the Bethlehem Star.

    The prophetic themes embodied in this convergence are—

    • Resurrection.

    • A catching up to heaven.

    • Summer is near.

    • The harvest.

    • Fullness.

    • An appointed time.

    • The trumpet blast.

    • The return of the goodman.

    • A meeting of the Church and Messiah in the heavens.

    • A birth proclaimed by a sign.

    Additionally, the above is taking place during the harvest season following Israel’s 70th year since 1948 and on the heels of the 49th year since Jerusalem began to be rebuilt in spring 1969 (Jer. 29:10; Dan. 9:25)

    Having highlighted this remarkable convergence, we understand that a coming together of prophetic signs and timelines doesn’t necessarily mean the event alluded to, in this case the Rapture, is going to occur at this time. Oftentimes a convergence is simply a convergence, a sign or marker pointing forward.

    Besides, Jesus says he is coming at an hour we think not (Matt. 24:44).

    Such a rare and profound convergence is, however, intended to get our attention.

    Therefore, look up!

    The heavens are declaring to everyone who has ears to hear: “The King is on His way!”

    1. NOTES:

      1. The correct reckoning of Pentecost has long been a matter of debate. The reckoning method that best corresponds to Scripture in this researcher’s opinion is that the seven-weeks should be counted from the day after the regular weekly Sabbath following Passover. Since 2019’s Passover coincided with the weekly (Saturday) Sabbath spanning April 19-20, the Sabbath following Passover is April 27. Counting seven weeks from this date we arrive at Sunday June 16.

      2. 25 Ways Pentecost Foreshadows the Rapture:

      3. The moon as a symbol of the Church: In Song of Solomon the Gentile/Shulammite maid, symbolic of the Church, is compared to the moon: “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon .... Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee” (Song 6:10, 13). The spiritual parallel between the Church and the moon is that the full moon, as bright and beautiful as it is, has no brilliance of its own. It relies entirely upon the sun, which is a picture of Christ (Ps. 84:11; 19:4, 5), for its light. Without the sun, the moon has no light. Likewise, man has no light of his own. We were created in the image of God to reflect His brilliance and glory (Gen. 1:27). When we turn to face the majesty of God, when we surrender to Him and seek Him with all our hearts, we reflect His glory (Matt. 5:14). The Moon Bride: http://www.theopenscroll.com/when_cometh/moon_bride.htm

      4. Jupiter/Full-Moon conjunction: Viewing the conjunction via the Starry Night astronomical program, the closest phase begins about the end of astronomical twilight in Jerusalem (9:25 pm), as darkness falls.

      5. Bethlehem Star: The closest phase of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (Bethlehem Star) in 2 BC began about 9:15 pm Jerusalem time as the two planets drew to within 36 arc seconds (0.01 degree) of each other.

      (By TW TRAMM)

    2. TY for that summary, Jeova! I'll add this little tidbit re the day count to June 16, 2019 from Sept.23, 2017 which is 631days:

      G#631--apomassa--to wipe off, wipe clean 1x Luke 10:11 KJV in re to the 70 disciples' being instructed by Jesus to depart from the unbelievers.

      H#631--asar--to tie, bind, imprison used 70x

      Blessings, Brother:-)

    3. Has anyone seen Wso yt about is it Jupiter we seeing. Makes me go down the spiritual rabbit hole by his stripes we are healed. You can even see Jupiters? "piercings . Now its closer to earth than ever before

    4. Jeova, thanks for posting...love TW Tramm! This weekend is an exciting one and hoping our Father brings us home on Father's Day! Maranatha brother!

    5. @Sheila B.

      Hanes Ministries


    6. TY Jeova for that heads up! A wonderful video! And here's something else in re to that 2nd Drudge headline about that Raptor Basketball game win incorporating the word "Rapture" where it read "Toronto Rapture". I don't know anything about basketball, but I did feel led to dig in to the word "Toronto" and what I found set this little tin foil hat agleam...again:-) I'll just paraphrase the highlights I saw and leave the article address below:

      The commonly accepted meaning today of the word Toronto, which actually arose from a later misspelling of the original name, is "the meeting place" (but still fits the theme, imo)
      The original spelling was Taranto, or Taranteau (reflecting a little French flavor;-) and meant
      "where the poles cross" referring to "fish weirs" built in the waters of "The Narrows". They were constructed of poles and nets. The fish could swim past the poles but would get caught in the nets providing a bountiful catch, particularly in the SPRING when the various fish were making their runs. Toronto, or Taranto became associated with a Post by the mouth of the Humber River, the starting point for "the Carrying Place"--the portage route from Lake Ontario to the waters flowing into the Upper Great Lakes. Now that to me is just sweet considering yesterday evening's headline:-)) Blessings and Looking UP!!!


    7. Ok, this is just kinda crazy. I had written the above out and was just about to publish it when my grandson ran around the end of the bar and knocked my computer plug loose so I had to redo the whole thing with one distraction after another until I finally got it posted. Probably a 2 hour ordeal overall and I was aggravated to say the least--until I looked at my post time of 7:18...all happy again:

      G#718--harmozo--to fit, join, hence to join oneself to in marriage. 1x 2Cor.11:2 KJV

      H#718--aru--lo!, behold! 5x Dan.7:2, 5-7 KJV and Dan.7:13 KJV re Daniel's vision of the four beasts and his vision of (one) like the Son of man that came with the clouds of heaven,...

    8. I've experienced that kind of frustration you are talking about Sheila! And Ive also seen how the Lord helps us to persevere through it all.

      I'm inspired by your faith and determination! And the French Finds ust keep on getting Frenchier. Wow. Raptors/Rapture, Fish Nets, and the Heights of the North...O Canada do you know what's coming?

      Hey, sister, check this out too. Toronto has a player on their team named Pascal (Passover) Siakim. And if you put Kawhi Leonard in the Gematrinator...check out the English...and if they had a French version, it would probably be the same astounding result, lol!


    9. Seriously?! 726...and this is the guy named the NBA Finals MVP! I also saw somewhere about a rapture dream someone shared of watching a play-off basketball game when one of the players suddenly disappeared. I love the way our Lord speaks to us in so many interesting ways. (No French guys on the team but Toronto does have a pretty substantial French culture going on there:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    10. Les Baguettes! Les Baguettes! Les Baguettes!

    11. haha, Jimboni. Although I love the Baguette, I must say:

      Les Croissant! Les Croissant! Les Croissant!

    12. I just saw an article @middleeastmonitor.com from yesterday where "Turquoise" Turkey has issued a threat of retaliation against the US if more sanctions are imposed against them in relation to their purchase of the Russian S-400 Missile Defense System, which confirms Pastor Tim's report on that. I just find it amazing that an old article I read on the origins of "turquoise" just happened to point to Turkey, Iran and the US as the main suppliers of this gemstone considering the current "War Drums" situation--as expressed in Drudge's headline late yesterday evening. Reminds me of Luke 19:40 KJV in a way. Maranatha!

    13. All right. Check this out. The LORD has spoken yet again via the platform and medium of professional sports. Considering the popularity of NBA basketball around the world, this latest sign was seen progressively over the course of two years, but missed by the masses because they do not have eyes to see.

      This all starts with Kawhi Leonard when he was playing for the San Antonio Spurs----way down in South Texas...

      I first caught on to this prophetic story from Matt P. at Daily Crow. The following can be found in his post, Emmanuel and the Fullness of the Gentiles (5/17/2019):

      "On the night of Israel’s 69th birthday and Emmanuel’s [Macron] inauguration a man named ZaZa was in more headlines than at any other point in his life. He was questioned for a dirty play against Kawhi Leonard in the playoffs. Leonard means “Strong Lion”. Leonard even has a cross (Tav) on his arm...He injured his ankle. ZaZa placed his foot under his heel where he was to land. He missed the previous game against Houston with an injury to the same ankle. A couple minutes before this injury he landed on teammate David Lee’s foot and came up hobbling."

      Matt goes on to quote Genesis 3:15, which relates to this whole saga involving Leonard (the strong lion), heel injuries, and the Golden State Warriors. Keep in mind, too, that when Kawhi suffered this "series-altering injury" against the Golden State Warriors during the Western Conference Finals, he was playing for a team named the SPURS (yet another connection to the heel).

      As a former NBA Finals MVP with the Spurs, Leonard's devastating injury caused San Antonio to lose the series to the Warriors (the eventual champions) and fall short of reaching the championship game. This event would also effectively end Leonard's tenure with the Spurs as he was later traded to the Toronto Raptors.

      And now that we've seen what has transpired with the latest NBA Finals, can you see the grand reversal? Look at all of the injuries that the Golden State Warriors suffered during these games. The Warriors' top player and former Finals MVP, Kevin Durant, was taken out by an injury to his heel----his Achilles tendon to be exact.

      It is amazing how this has all played out progressively during these intensely prophetic years of 2017 through 2019. Leonard is now the only NBA player to win Finals MVP in both conferences (East and West), and he is the specific focus of the Gen. 3:15 messianic typology (cf. Gen. 49:9-10; Rom. 16:20; Rev. 5:5).

      Not to mention all of the other finds from the watching community such as the root meaning of Toronto (thanks Sheila) and the Raptor/Rapture connection.

      Oh, and get this: The once-hobbled Kawhi Leonard got his balance back and signed with the New Balance tennis shoe brand, and here are some photos of his shoes: New Balance Showed Off A Preview of Kawhi Leonard's Signature Shoe. Scroll down and you will find his name written on both heels of one shoe line, and then scroll down to the very last picture...and this one is epic. I believe what is being shown is a picture of a fossilized raptor (think ancient serpent of old, Rev. 12:9)---on the bottom of the inside of the shoe! It's an image that is being stomped on by the heel of the one wearing Leo's shoes!!!

      I'm sure there's more. But, wow. This one is a doozy. Almost time to fly!

    14. What can you say to this stuff....except All Glory to our Lord God Almighty!!! His Omnipotency, His Omnipresence and His Omniscience are stamped on everything everywhere! Hallelujah!

    15. I made that comment before I went to my phone and scrolled the pictures of Leonard's shoes and what does it say on the tongue-tab of those shoes....

    16. Amen, and amen. Tongue-tied over here.

      Sheila B with the Omni Three! Here we goooooo

    17. Now then, for a 4th-quarter buzzer-beater in the waning seconds of the game, how about punching in "Area Code 726" in the ol' search engine? Swish!

    18. LOL...I just want to know what "Spurred" you to check out the 726 Area Code at this particular time. I mean as much as we've looked at that Harpazo number in conjunction with so many other things and it never once occurred to me to plug it in Area Code wise:-D

      Blessings, Brother!

    19. Jeff, Shelia and all.... You have gotta check out what Debora had to say about the Raptors, she gets into it around the 25 min mark and digs deep. She is from Toronto and had ALOT of fantastic insights that will add a lot to the discussion above.... Heading to church now so gotta run, but check it out! Whole video is really good....

    20. Wow, that was pretty amazing as she saw how the Raptor game reflected both sides of the "Coin"--Rapture/Rise of the AC. And that Shofar blowing in the midst of the celebrating street crowd was definitely a unique occurrence AND she zeroed in on Toronto's Area Code??? which is 416 and in the Greek points to "being blown about and tossed with the wind" while Jeff's look at the 726 Area Code in the Greek points to the "Harpazo". Our God never ceases to surprise and--pardon the pun-- is "spurring" us to be ready for our Redemption and I just thought about the color of spurs--Silver (for Redemption) but that's a whole nuther Rodeo (or Song--oh my...the rabbitrails there are abundant:-))

      But...ala a Gene Autry "Silver Spurs" excerpt from the good ol' days:-D

      If you want to clink your Silver Spurs
      Upon the Golden Stairs
      Make your sins all skedaddle
      Get old Satan out of your saddle
      You can't be a devil's rooter
      You got to be a square shooter....


    21. Debora's new video was indeed a good one! Hitting on a lot of the points we've discussed here about the Raptors and the rapture, but with added insight about the post-game partying, the 666 connection...good stuff!

      And of course she's always had an interesting perspective on the seven seals of Revelation, which she revisits here. I still believe (strongly) the seals happen during the tribulation, but I could be wrong. She makes an interesting case linking Revelation 12 to the sixth seal, and also shares the possibility that the seals happen basically all at once, which is a perspective I've never considered.

      On a side note it's really encouraging that she has the same understanding of the Revelation 12 sign that many of us here do, and she wasn't even woke to these things when it happened!

  14. I've listened to some nice, food for thoughts videos a few days ago which fits the topics Jeová posted. Here are some of the vids:

    All of them are from the SR Monette YT channel.

    "Rapture 2019: Did The Lord Tell us the Year and Season of His Return"


    "Rapture 2019: When is Shavuot and What calendar did Messiah use?"


    "Closing Arguments for a Spring 2019 Rapture"


    "Rapture 2019: Why is Pentecost So Interesting?"


    "Rapture 2019: Is Spring Still a Possibility? The Bible says YES"


    (As always, sorry for the non-clickable links!)

  15. About the covenant with many... Personally, I don't think that a unified Jerusalem (which is the right Biblical perspective imo) will be a part of the covenant enforced/confirmed by the AC. The land of Israel and the city will be divided at some point. On the other hand there's a theory I've heard a few times that says that the covenant is actually between the Lord and Israel and the Lord Himself will comfirm it. I don't know which scenario is the right one IF any of them right. I think it's a "wait and see" thing.

    And I agree with the view that Trump's deal of the century is most likely either a precursor of the covenant or it has nothing to do with it. Maybe the source of that covenant (if the *confirmed by the AC* scenario is the right one) will be Europe not the USA.

    1. Agree with you Nora! These are my very thoughts last tim also! Searching the Bible about! Especially about AC from Europe. And about the covenant of the Lord Himself is interesting, I found this stuff also. Blessings!

    2. Here found interesting about Covenant with many by Dan Matson

    3. Hey Sister Alla, I'm happy to see you! :-) Blessings!

  16. Rabbi Kaduri Predicted 40 Years Ago That Current Election Difficulties Presage Messiah

    "One day, he was taking questions and someone asked when the Moshiach (Messiah) would arrive and whether there were signs the would precede his arrival. The rabbi answered, 'When there will be elections but there will not be a government'."

    1. Thomas, Blessings. Thank you for bringing that to attention, here. Having been a student of the Rabbi Mind, and having seen this statement before, and pondered it, I've unpacked that such revelation is fully Rabbi-inferable, esp from an NT Understanding, when one frames the AC's arrival as the moment he is referring to, esp if one understands the mechanics of Israeli government. Unfortunately, Rabbi's wisdom only holds a portion of the truth of that moment, not what lies underneath his 'find'.

      Israel's inability/failure to form consensus, in governing the Signpost Nation of YHWH, is Entangled with the Calling of Sacred Assemblies, as Ordained, as well as the many weaknesses/sins laid upon her, in Scripture, itemizing her's, and ALL of our's, need, of Our Savior, amen. In her case, at this Moment, however, one steps up INSTEAD OF True Messiah and says, "Look! It is I!" Matthew 24:26, amen

  17. Oh Jeová! OH DEAR FAMILY! Forgive me if I am being the drama queen today but I heard something that connected so much for me today:

    * the upcoming heavenly convergence signs with
    * the Sign of the Son of man with
    * prophetic words and dreams

    What I heard was our Sister Genevieve Brazel's video The Bethlehem Star and the June 17 Connection. What the Lord is showing His Beloved is so wonderfully encouraging--please take a look:


    1. Wow, Lyn!
      That's great!

      Looking up!


  18. Just watched Monette's 'Now What Do We Do?' video today. He gives a quick history of Israel starting with 1917 Balfour Declaration of the land of Israel being returned to Israel. Then, 1938 and the Night of the Broken Glass as the 10-year test which began the Holocaust. Then, 1948 the Fig Tree generation with Israel being an independent nation. And, in 1967 the recapturing of Jerusalem.
    In the years 2018-2019 seeing the fulfillment of the days of Noah and Lot: 250,000 LGBTQ marched in Tell Aviv and 15,000 in Jerusalem (#'s may refer to 2019).
    Our knowing the man of sin is revealed before Jesus 2nd coming. His believing the Papal dynasty as meeting this description in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 in their leading astray people for the last 1,500 years. And, seeing how the pope is venerated by many. Following, then then seeing the assembly of Gog & Magog. Russia and Iran have troops 50 miles from the border of Israel, at the Golan Heights. Russia has 63,000 groups, Turkey 1,000's in Northern Syria and Iran 80,000 troops along with Libya and Sudan in the picture.
    This is the Pentecost timeframe. Israel ended their wheat harvest recently. We are part of the firstfruits as Jesus was resurrected on the Feast of Firstfruits, 1 Corinthians 15:20-23. We are seeing natural disasters and other events that meet descriptions in Matthew 24 and in Luke. We are experiencing all of this after 483 years of the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. It is not a consequence, he says. So, what do we do? We watch and wait. I like his analogy of being at the airport waiting for our flight to come in, having our noses pressed to the glass, waiting for our plane to show up.

    1. TY Cathi for the heads up and summary on that one. Gonna pull it up in few minutes:-)

      Lynn, just read your latest and listened to G. Brazel. TY for pulling that all together for us.
      When Genevieve was talking about her daughter's "Monday" declaration and out of the mouths of babes, it had me re-thinking my 7 yr old grandson's "revelation" from yesterday evening. He came running out of the bathroom all excited and said while he was in there, the Lord told him about Father's Day, "but not about people's Father's Day, but our Father in Heaven's Day! Don't you see, Grandma?" Then with a big grin, he said "the Rapture could happen then!" I told him that yes it could, or it could be we'll just be getting another big clue about it and we might have to wait a little longer. His response to that was a rather doubtful "well...maybe, but He's coming." Then he handed me this wad of squishy "turquoise" colored polymer stuff they'd given him in his summer day camp program and asked me to put it up somewhere for him and went off to play. So that was strange, indeed. (I even took a pic of that "turquoise" glob of whatever it is and today I noticed it seems to be weirdly shrinking.)

      So I'm thinking as everyone is talking about Monday the 17th, where exactly in location might that refer to? Genevieve's Monday, I believe is still our Sunday here in the US--at least for the most part. Looking at the Torah Cal which Gigi is looking at in regards to the 413, or 13th day of 4th month of Tammuz, that covers both the 16th and 17th sunset to sunset in Israel, so I'm thinking there's maybe this "window" of global time there to be watching. AND in going back to the L' Armada Rouen, that 7th Edition Fleet of "Freedom" ships incl. the vessel "THE MORNING STAR OF REVELATION" is scheduled to begin departing the Port of Rouen about 10 A.M. tomorrow morning which will be 3 am Sunday morning CST. (and I don't know how many times Darla @Gods Gifts has talked about being shown "the baby will be born at 3:30 am on a Sunday morning", but that came to mind as well.)

      So the Harpazo we are all looking and longing for--or another big clue to point us onward? I don't know, but it surely is getting more wonderful, more hopeful and more exciting by the moment:-)) Blessings and Maranatha All!

    2. What a kid, Sheila! Pretty cool. The glob of turquoise ... What are the odds of that happening?

    3. Sheila B--So many things converging! Am catching up re. TURQUOISE. Is this what it refers to as posted by But That's Just Me:

      "Two things I want to make note of are that tons of people have been having dreams of the color turquoise being the color of war and seeing it in dreams. Also, others have heard submarine sonar sounds and have dreams and visions of submarines leading into war.

      The dreams and visions of “turquoise is the color of war” had me intrigued so I looked it up and apparently Iran was and has been a major excavator of turquoise and exporting it via the silk road."

      Link: https://www.but-thatsjustme.com/are-you-watching/

    4. Yes, Lyn, but what I found as mentioned above somewhere is that the word "turquoise" meaning "Turkish Stone" was in reference to the original import of the ancient gem from Turkey into Europe via the Silk Road, that Iran produces the highest quality of it and that much of the turquoise today comes from the USA. And Jeff noted that turquoise is a French coined word. I found it interesting that in re to all of the dreams/visions about it being the color of war, the older article I had found on it pointed to Turkey, Iran and the US in light of the current "War Drumming" situation in the ME. (I got busy and didn't write that ref down, tho) Blessings, Sister:-)

  19. In HONEY MOON time...

    "And Abraham said unto his servant the elder of the house, which had the government over all that he had: Put now thine hand under my thigh,

    but thou shalt go to my land and to my kindred, and thou shalt take a wife for my son Isaac. " (Genesis 24: 2, 4)

    Abraham, advanced in age, calls the eldest servant of his house (who administered his goods), and gives him the mission to seek a wife for his son Isaac (in the midst of his kinship in Haran). The project was to realize the marriage of his son Isaac.

    The Prophecy contained in this experience reaches us the moment we live!

    The Word of God points to prophets who spoke for our time, but God provided something better for us (“And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.” - ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:39-40‬ ‭KJV‬‬)

    Genesis 24 has, in its focus, the encounter and marriage of Isaac and Rebekah. Observing the richness of the typology, found in this text, we see the Father (Abraham) calling his most experienced servant (in verses 1 and 2, the importance of the connotation of time is evident). Abraham typifying the Father, Eliezer the Holy Spirit (who has the government).

    We experience a time of fulfillment of the great prophecies, the time of the SOON (which immediately precedes the rapture of the True and Faithful Church), where, surely, our Blessed Hope will be confirmed.

    Isaac (whose meaning is laughter) - he who rejoices the soul, the son who typifies Jesus, the one who waits for his bride.

    Rebecca (whose meaning is union, that which is like a rope with a bow) points to the Church that will be led to heaven to meet in the clouds with her beloved.

    Eliezer (tGod is my help) is what knows the characteristics of the bride. - John 14:16
    "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter" ...

    Characteristics of the Bride (Faithful, True Church):

    1 - Of the same family of Isaac, even blood - Matthew 12: 49,50 (who is his family? He who does the will of the Father, those who are close to the Father);

    2 - She who serves, is willing to serve - Genesis 24: 45-46 (lowers and offers water...);

    3 - Let yourself be led to the bridegroom (Genesis 24:55 and 58);

    4 - Beautiful one (Ephesians 5: 26,27), a Church without wrinkles, and no blemish. Washed with the Living Word and experienced with the Word Revealed;

    5 - The fact that she acts in the same way as Eliezer prayed, indicates that she has the prophecy within her;

    In verses 55-58, Eliezer's haste is evident: "Hinder me not"!

    Family members ask Rebecca to go after. Here is a mystery. In verse 8, Abraham tells Eliezer that if the woman does not want to follow him, he would be free of his oath and could return without the girl.

    Rebecca agrees to go with him - she wants to meet the Groom. The Holy Spirit is not going to take a bride who does not wish to go to meet her fiancé, but the one who goes of her own free will, who longs to meet Him!

    MARANATA is a cry of the soul that has a hurry, that has a deep longing to find Jesus.

    Likewise, the Holy Spirit is in a hurry to take the Bride to her beloved, the Lord Jesus!

    1. Rebekah's encounter with Isaac, led by the Holy Spirit: (The Church, Bride for Jesus)

      “And Isaac came from the way of the well Lahai–roi; for he dwelt in the south country. And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, the camels were coming. And Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac, she lighted off the camel. For she had said unto the servant, What man is this that walketh in the field to meet us? And the servant had said, It is my master: therefore she took a veil, and covered herself. And the servant told Isaac all things that he had done. And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah's tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her: and Isaac was comforted after his mother's death.”
      ‭‭(Genesis‬ ‭24:62-67‬ ‭KJV‬‬)


  20. A 7.4 earthquake off of New Zealand and a 6.1 off of Tonga within a hour of each other.
    From Watchman on the Wall 88. Saying the birth pangs are increasing in intensity and frequency. A 4-minute video.

  21. What a beautiful picture you have painted Jeova! Thank you so much - we wait and cry Maranatha! Blessings - Sherry

    1. Amen to that, Sherry! And I pray your recovery is going well, Sister. We're so close to those reunions and new bodies now it's got my skin tingling after walking out and looking up at that already full Honey Moon aka the Strawberry Moon. Sounds sweeter than sweet, don't it?
      Blessings and see you soon, Sister:-)

  22. Bing Art today features a large Lion strolling along with his cub and that made me think of all you Dads out there who are giving your children the most valuable gift of all--an example of following Christ Jesus which leads to the Way, the Truth, the Life and an Eternity of Blessings, Joy and Peace. So may you all have a HAPPY and BLESSED FATHER'S DAY today:-)

    1. Yes, BLESSED FATHER'S DAY to our wonderful godly dads! Thanks Sheila for posting that exhortation♥

  23. Wow Lyn, quite a mouthful on your latest! Awesome!

    Here is a perspective on the events of Revelation Chapter 12 (including the astronomical 9/23/17 wonder)

    Rev 12 - When Will the Fallen Angels Fall
    From TimFoster405
    14min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1FL5DaU144

    Man o man, what a time to be ALIVE (in Him) to be witness these things and to bear witness!

    Just awesome the Raptors won, now the rapture is on..... (having fun with it)

    1. Thanks Charlie, Yes, look speaking truth and love by Deborah.... she speaks about the raptors winning and show's a few clips from the momentous occasion in the streets of Toronto. Raptors and the number..6... Here is another video by Barry Scarborough yesterday. https://youtu.be/ZNbYkmcRla... connection between Gog and Magog, Israel and America, the next steps. It is difficult to explain what I sense in the spirit ...while at work there are so many stronger demonic oppressive events. But the Lord causes us to know every moment that He is greater and that while we put our trust in him He will deliver. And as we pray for others his word will not come back void. We will keep prayin, holding on to the promises and watching for his soon return. Maranatha

    2. Oh, oops forgot to put the link for Speaking truth in love by Deborah regarding the raptors win. https://youtu.be/vV4iQ-xTRbM

    3. Hi dear Charlie! Interesting that you mention the Fallen Angels for I have been thinking about doing an article related to that and the increased evidence of Planet X.
      Watchwoman's video caught my eye also because it reminded me of a dream I shared years ago. Here are the links:



      A Study in the Rise and Fall of the Nephilim by Luis B. Vega
      for PostScripts News (PSN) | www.PostScripts.org

      Q1 Is there a deeper significance to the location of Mount Hermon?
      Q2 Who were the Watchers and what did they do that was so evil?
      Q3 Why are the Giants and imprisoned Watchers scheduled to return?


  24. A couple smiles for this Father's Day.

    First, we often hear many speak of, most notably, for me, Pastor Tim, speak of the "veil thinning", which seems intuitively sound and aligns with what we also sense. Still, I have always been leery of the idea, a bit, not having found it expounded in The Word. Well, speaking truth in love TYC had an Insight she shared recently concerning the Rev12 being a birthing picture, the same being throughout the picture Our Lord Paints, and the thinning of the cervix(forgive if biology term wrong) happens immediately prior to delivery, and is REQUIRED immediately pre-departure of the babe from the womb. THAT helps immensely, for me, and, in light of everything we've seen, Wonderful, no?

    Second, Pearl had The Father Adroitly Empower Her With A Bit Of A Twist. In recent prayer time, beseeching the Father for Direction amidst so much vitriol concerning 'no man knows', she heard Him Say, "Tell Them You Are Not A Man". Ha! Who was first at the empty tomb? comes to mind.

    Well, what immediately came to my mind was Eowyn slaying of the Witch King of Angmar LOTR, which she does after he taunts her with his special power, bestowed by HIS Ring (9 Rings for Mortal Men), that NO MAN CAN SLAY THEE, to which she retorts, as she spears his face with her sword, "I am no man!" So, I commented that, "Pearl is Eowyn!" and linked the video. She was tickled and noticed: "Jimboni - did you notice that this video you sent me has 726 likes!!! 726 is the number for Harpazo/ rapture in Strong's. Awesomeness!!!!"

    I just looked, it still did, cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNL9oljAFqM

    1. The same word is used for "no man" in both Matthew and Mark. I looked it up in Strong' concordance and here's the definition:

      G3762 - οὐδείς oudeís, oo-dice'; from G3761 and G1520; not even one (man, woman or thing), i.e. none, nobody, nothing:—any (man), aught, man, neither any (thing), never (man), no (man), none (+ of these things), not (any, at all, -thing), nought.

      Clearly it is more encompassing than meaning just male humans. I had to look it up, Pearl may not know either, but do you think Lord wouldn't know? I would be suspicious about source of that twist, if you know what I mean.

      Considering your comparison, Witch King could have used dictionary as well. After all, there were all those elves, half-elves, hobbits, dwarfs, ghosts, goblins, wargs, wizards and who knows what else around. Hardly as reassuring as he thought ;)

    2. Dominika, that "word" did not sit well with me spiritually either as having come from our Lord, but I did pray about it and I did ask for confirmation re my sense of rejection of it and then your comment appeared. I felt led to look up the meaning of your name and found that it happens to mean "of the Lord". So I'm going with mine and your gut feelings on this one, Sister. Her math could be right for all I know, but for all I know, it could even be pointing to the onset of the Tribulation period as well.

      I've been waiting 22 years so another month is not the issue, but I just have trouble believing He's been leading all of His other children across the world on this day to day watch for so long just to have given the undeniable exact day to only 2 specially "chosen" YouTuber women. It doesn't make sense to me. I mean if that were the "undeniable" case, we could all just stop watching and go get some rest until July 17th and something tells me that's not a good idea:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    3. I totally agree with your take on this one Sheila. I don't pay attention to Pearl much these days, as if you look back over her video's she regularly says the LORD told her "this date, is definitely it" . And as you rightly said, anyone who is claiming to have "special insider knowledge" about when our LORD is going to appear in the sky, one should in my opinion give a wide berth to. We are too watch every day, and be expecting and looking forward to his imminent return.

      Plus as far as I am aware, Pearl, doesn't believe in eternal security, i.e. she believes you have to maintain your salvation which is in effect calling our savior an ineffective savior, who didn't know that we were going to be that little bit too sinful to be saved when we called out to him.

      Once they reveal that hand, I generally lose trust in anything else they have to say.

    4. Morning, Family. I was not putting this out at the level of "thus sayeth he Lord" but more along the lines of it's humorous side, esp as that is often missed as being Within Our Lord's Repertoire. I, also, consider Pearl a mixed-bag, but which YTC prophet isn't? Still, in light of the AC spirit rife with the mockers, et al, I found this retort rather delicious, clearly, Maranatha!

    5. Jimboni, ofc you weren't and I agree that Eowyn's LOTR line was a momentous one (esp for feminists everywhere;-) I got where you were coming from with the humorous connection to that. Also know our Lord does have a sense of humor as I've experienced it myself a time or two, but it was her use of that as a confirmation for this "do not question me" timeline that gave me that Holy Spirit cringe. It didn't feel right as a God-given message to a member of the Body of Christ just based on Gal.3:28 KJV. I don't think that follow-up video re her "humble request" helped matters either, but rather confirmed what I was sensing as she denigrated fellow Watchmen across the board who don't put their complete confidence in their "timeline truth". But yes, I guess we can all be a mixed bag to one degree or another--except when it comes to the True Gospel and we've GOT to get that right, Amen!
      Blessings and Maranatha, Brother:-)

    6. Sheila B., good clarification, thanks Pearl's move into adamancy as a response to mockers/detractors is understandable, from a human perspective, but not Sound, surely. For me, as most here, likely, its a 'toss the bone' scenario, and simply draw as much from the meat as possible. I understand that no good water comes from a bad well, a common concern in this situation, but, as we've bantered about previously, that analogy doesn't hold water with a Lord who will use a jackass, when needed, to accomplish His Will (this author included within that label, amen).

    7. Based on what Sheila said above, we all should be really cautious about those who become dogmatic and defensive about their own private revelations and personal timelines.

      I know that this may not be a direct application, but the words from Jeremiah 23:25-32 nevertheless ring true. Watch out for those outbursts of pride. On the other hand, it's not all a wash, because there are those like Colleen who regularly posts about her dreams, and yet she does not get defensive or boast or try to defend the untenable position of Jesus + works = salvation.

      And, wow, I would also like to warn anyone who follows Steve Fletcher----one who is the latest to put a date and say, "Thus saith the LORD." The audacity!

      Just be cautious everyone!!! Look for humility. Look for selflessness and, by all means, run from anyone who rails against OSAS.

    8. Jeff, fully agreed. SFletcher fell of my radar long ago for that very reason as the attractiveness of his conviction was quickly overshadowed by his hubris. Unfortunately it seems Pearl's path is similar, if a bit less flamboyant. You draw an excellent contrast, for insight and instruction, in Colleen M's humility and walking with The Father always with her shoes off, clearly aware that she walks on Holy Ground, and doing so tentatively, Maranatha.

    9. Totally agree with that, Brothers. I was saddened, but not really surprised to hear another "prophetic sister" with a large following come out so strongly yesterday against our faith in Eternal Security, outright calling it a lie and openly rejecting the Finished Work of Christ on that Cross alone. It seems to be a pattern for many who feel they've been "rewarded" with a special ministry of some kind. I'm pretty sure that discerning between those who express an awed humility by the receipt of such a "Gift" of service as opposed to those who exude a sense of "Due Reward" through their service is the safest way to go. Even at the Bema Seat, imho, we dare not presume anything reward-wise because whatever is not burned up there is ALL HIM and ALL to HIS GLORY ALONE, Hallelujah!

      Praying for them to see that, ofc, but it's still hard even after all of these years to understand how these folks rationalize this. It's like they are so close and full of knowledge, and yet so far away in insisting we must all present ourselves as a spotless Bride through our own efforts and merit while at the same time admitting that they cannot do it, either. But they stamp their feet defiantly and insist we must all be perfect (in the flesh) as He is perfect, not realizing that this means that we MUST believe in our hearts that we have been "made perfect in Spirit" simply because we are in HIM and HE is in us and HE is Perfect in Spirit and the ONLY ONE ever capable of being Perfect and Spotless in the Flesh by His Own Merit. Again, Eph.2:8-9 KJV was and is the only way to root out and kill every seed and tendril of that same "pride" which led to the original rebellion. (and for those who would glom onto Eph.2:10 KJV as evidence that OSAS cannot be true, I refer you to last sentence in above paragraph) so...

      I just want to ask those who insist on maintaining their "Free Gift" of Salvation through their own sense of righteous obedience, who does one compare oneself to in order to gauge one's success? It can't be Him because there's no question that ALL fall short of His Glory and I don't care if one "repents" day in and day out, one cannot cover that shortfall. It's truly impossible--but only for us--NOT FOR HIM and THAT'S The Good News aka the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Amen. (and that's my story and I'm sticking to it:-)

    10. Yes, brother. And don't you find it interesting that Colleen herself when asked about watching Pearl's videos concerning the July scenario says that she is not led to do so. Hmmm...and from what I've seen, she is very gracious in her responses, even to those prodding her to chase down this or that date, or this or that person's timeline.

  25. Thanks for this Jimboni! I LOVE THAT SCENE where Eowyn slays the Witch King and LOTR is my favorite to read! So many things converging--we have got to be outta here by July, right?!

  26. It's interesting for me in the new vid of Colleen – Urgent! Earthquake, mountain smoked, landslide!
    There's some as number 20 on the tree at the upper right. Making thoughts now about.
    And by Brother Sean Osborne there's a new Global SITREP C1-19: Potential for War in Strait of Hormuz
    Looking up really! Blessings to all!

    1. Allah, I know...that number in the tree really seems to stand out, doesn't it, but I couldn't tell if it was a 20 or 29. TY for the heads up on Sean's latest and watching Colleen's latest now "Watching and waiting! Looking for that blessed hope!!!" where she's talking about what that number might mean. So glad to see you posting. Be blessed dear Sister:-)

    2. Thank you Sheila! This is really great what now happens so quickly! Sorry for silence, my sickness worsens rapidly, praying continually and reading your comments always. I know exactly that the Lord hears my prayers really! But it's very hard to me! I need more prayers. Cant's wait to see the Lord and you all! Looking up!

    3. I've been up in the middle of the night riding out another crazy storm and I saw this article at Zerohedge titled "Waiting for the Black Swan". I know the writer's intent was not to express what I saw re what a "Black Swan Event" might be and I double-checked the meaning on Wiki. Here are the characteristics of such an event. The article is talking about war, geo-politics and economics, etc, but for the world at large, I think our Rapture would perfectly fit the bill.

      2)Massive Impact
      3)Afterwards, Multiple Attempts to Explain It
      4)None of the "Experts" saw it coming
      5)Leads to a Before vs Afterward category

      Blessings and Looking Up:-)

    4. Many prayers are going up for you, dear Alla. I am begging God for some release for you from the constant pain and fear/anxiety it must produce as we await his any day, any moment appearance to take us out of this dark and deeply evil world and into the heavenly place that He has prepared for us. I am praying He would give you much needed rest and peace at this time and especially assurance that it will not be long now. Summer is nigh. We have to be very close indeed. Let's all stay awake and hang on - just a little longer.

      Sheila - so sad you are being so hammered down there in Texas. The contractions are speeding up, the veil thinning. I saw that black swan article.

      "So, let’s get on with it already. Bring it on. Black swans are welcome to those who feel a swift kick to the behind is sometimes needed to begin setting things straight."

      If only people really knew, they would not naively beg "…let's get on with it already." I agree that the rapture will be the blackest of black swans - as there may be many that domino after. Regarding #4, the experts and general public may not have seen it coming, but TPTB, and Satan as their leader, surely know the rapture is nigh. They just don't know the exact timing. I pray its soon. Getting so hard to see all the suffering. Be safe, sister, and all of you out there. Peace and grace to you all and Maranatha!

    5. @Sheila B.

      Word read today (Worship at noon) - Maranatha Christian Church - Fortaleza / Brazil

      “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.”
      ‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭61:2-3‬ ‭KJV)

    6. TY ShelleyB and Jeova, TY for that precious Word from the Psalms. (I need to put that one up on the Fridge.) We had some gutters ripped off and that was about the worst of it, but what a groaning noise that made! Scared the little dogs to death and set them to howling up a storm themselves, LOL. My prayer during these storms is always to plead "Sukkot, Lord--for shelter from the heat and the storms" and He has always been faithful to provided that:-)

    7. Thank you Jeová very-very much! This is exactly right Psalm for my situation. Looking for my old outline about! Very much blessings to you for your Bible lectures! Waiting for the new ones! The Lord is very near now, you will have great reward really!

    8. Praying for you, sister Alla D!

    9. Dear sister Alla, in prayer for your life. The Lord Jesus is in CONTROL!!

    10. Thank you Jeff! I received today comfort and strength, and confidence. The Lord hears my prayers. My outline of this Psalm.
      (1) Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.
      my cry… my prayer – this prayer is very insistent, urging God to action
      (2) From the end of the earth – the Lord is everywhere, there's no place where He isn't.
      Jer 23:24 (KJV)
      (3) Here's five things for the Lord – (1) the rock, (2) a shelter, (3) a strong tower, (4) tabernacle, (5) wings – Ps 61:4 (KJV), Ps 27:5 (KJV), Ps 57:1 (KJV)
      The Lord hears our prayer and gives us heritage – Ps 61:5 (KJV)
      David is a king, and here is the prophetic meaning pointing to Jesus Ps 61:6-7 (KJV), Ps 2:6-8 (KJV), Ps 89:28-29 (KJV)
      Our future with the Lord – sing praise to the Lord forever Ps 61:8 (KJV).
      Our faith is constantly strengthened – from cry of despair to confidence in the eternal heritage.

    11. Thank you, Alla, for sharing your outline. It was much needed and came at the right time.
      Blessings dear sister in Christ!

    12. Also for me, Alla. Your study and worship notes came just at the right time. Even in your pain, God provides so much encouragement for others through you. Many blessings.

  27. From Elliot at Fivedoves.com:

    Dear Doves:

    According to Calvin's post, 6/18 (6+6+6) is 666 days from the Great American Solar Eclipse (2017).

    We know that Obama's name has 18 letters of the Alphabet.

    And some watchmen compared the Great American Solar Eclipse to the Handwriting on the Wall of the Belshazzar's Banquet.

    In the message by MsSophie on 6/3, the Lord said "As I have told before Donald Trump as modern Belshazzar and will die."

    Thus it's possible that "the Fiery Kick Off Event" occurs on this coming full moon and it ushers Obama to come back to Power.

    Could "a big explosion when the moon is in the top of it's phase" be fulfilled this time?

    This youtube video introduced what Patricia received from the Lord on 6/5.

    She heard "3 Days, Restrain No More, Hell Breaks Loose, Dominoes Fall" with submarine sonic sound.

    But the Lord didn't tell from when 3 days should be counted.

    If it should be counted from the correct Shavout(6/16), it comes to the full moon of Sivan.

    To me "Restrain No More" sounds like "the Removal of the Restrainer."

    And the tensions are very high now in the Strait of Hormuz.

    For these reasons, it's very possible that the Firstfruits will be taken before Summer Solstice.



  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Just to share another one of those "out of the mouths of babes" moment:
    Last night just before that storm hit, the grandson was making his "storm pallet" in the hallway away from the windows and lightning, then he ran in here to the kitchen and said "Grandma, I just got another piece of the Treasure Map!" I asked him what treasure map is that? "You know, Grandma," he said, "the one that leads up to Heaven." I said, Oh, cool and what is that?" He gave me the thumbs up sign and with a big grinning nod said "It's the Full Moon!"
    I just had to hug him and say, "Works for me, Bubba Jay":-))

  30. I'd like to give Bubba Jay a hug myself. What a well-blessed child. Our weather channel is featuring a minute/second countdown to this full moon which is quite unusual indeed.

    1. That is unusual, CY. Haven't seen that before and speaking of this special Honey Moon, I got tickled at my own aggravation earlier. I have to leave here at 5 am in the morning to get My daughter, her fiancee and their little crew to the airport to fly to Florida for their Destination "POP-UP" Wedding on June 22. (And this new POP-UP thing has already had me a little freaked out anyway--I mean what could possibly go wrong there...:-D

      So I've gotta get 5 people in my mid-size Suv with all their luggage and carry-ons, a jogging stroller and this humongous White Wedding Dress that requires it's own ticketed seat on the flight aboard Frontier Airlines. I was getting a bit steamed when it occurred to me that tonight of all nights, I had to get this POP-UP Wedding Dress safely in the car and ready to go so it can be "In The Air" first thing in the morning and heading for a New Frontier in life. Yes, He does have a sense of humor;-)

    2. Lol, what exactly is a POP-UP wedding anyway?

      My 4-year-old daughter wanted to read Goodnight Moon tonight. We haven't read it in a while, and so I checked the back and its printed by a HarperCollins subsidiary called HarperFestival (Harper, or one who harps---harpazoes! + Festival, cf. Ps. 81:3).

      Goodnight Moon, and here's to us jumping over the moon soon!

    3. Oh, that is so cool! At least we can trust that what these little ones are coming up with is not based on self-righteousness, pride, or monetary gain, Amen!

      And a POP-UP Wedding works sort of like a Flash-Mob. You just show up in some public space somewhere in all of your finery with an Officiator in tow and throw down with a wedding. It's the new trendy and economical way to tie the knot. They assure me this will be fine and fun, but I've been around long enough to know that even the most fastidiously planned weddings can easily turn into a fiasco. But I guess I gotta go if the Lord don't see fit to save me from this and believe me, I've been pleading with Him--Even so, Lord come NOW...please!!! (Plus I hate airplanes!)

      So as it stands and IF I gotta go, I'll be out of pocket from the 20th until the 24th if I survive it all and get back home without having a massive heart attack--in which case I'd just be going Home before everybody else and I'll see you all there:-DDD

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Sheila B., Blessings, and we all hope and pray quite the contrary and for your expeditious return with Tales to Tell, Philippians 1:21 notwithstanding, TYVM!

    6. Well, there's certainly biblical precedent for a pop-up wedding, thinking of the hi-ways and by-ways. Any who would come. It will be wonderful!

    7. TY CY! When you put it like that, I will determine to go with a more positive outlook (and try to stay out of the Wedding Punch, LOL) Also they have asked me to give a Blessing on their marriage from the Scriptures so that gives me an in to share the Gospel of Grace with a "captive audience" ;-)

      And Jimboni, TY Brother--so kind of you to say! Our God is so good and I just pray that His Perfect Will is found in all of what we each are given to do:-)

    8. Oh, Sheila you will knock it out of the ballpark!

    9. Cathi...love ya so much, Sister! Just pray for me that He will move my lips for me and git it done right:-))

  31. Sheila, just hysterical! 😉

    1. Definitely Cathi, this is hilarious I cannot imagine getting a crew together just a pop up anywhere Flash mob pop up wedding... Wow. We have confidence in Christ in you... Sheila that the Lord is able to give you strength..will pray the travels are safe and that you bear fruit ...have fun.... But are we not popping up soon in the air when Jesus comes for us. And yes everything will appear just as God planned ..our transformed bodies the clouds will move for us, and we will be before his throne Love the humor praise God

    2. Just thinking about that yesterday VeeBee as I watched the clouds, having a sunny day. Asking God about the clouds parting ...

    3. VeeBee and Cathi...I can hardly wait. The thought of looking upon His Blessed Face goes to sleep with me at night and wakes with me in the morning. Blessings, Sisters, and Maranatha!

  32. Hope the pop-up wedding went well Sheila!

    On the US-Iran war front, I hark back to some articles I put out a longggg time ago by Mark Davidson who has long held that modern day Iran is the 2 horned ram in the book of Daniel, and that 'he' will soon bring his devastation to the ME. An opposing view to the likes of Sean at eschatology.blogspot, but all interesting nonetheless. Her is Mark's latest (very brief) article on this.


    Bless you all and going to attempt to 'pop-down' my kids to bed...p.s. missed the honeymoon last night due to wet weather (story of our lives down in NZ with the moons), so hope it was better your part of the world...

    1. Ha! Briefly watched a gal planting a herb garden using the word 'pop' in putting the plant in the dirt ... Through and Through, I went outside last night and saw a hazy moon with a band of light across it ... It was through some trees so that made the effect more eye-catching.

    2. Ryan, we don't leave until the 20th June here, but today while I was out driving I heard Fox News talking about the "War Drums" beating and the tenseness of the situation with Iran. First time I've really heard anyone on MSM address the matter with that kind of pensive tone. IMO, if it's coming out on those airwaves, it's quite possibly Katy Bar The Door time! TY for the good wishes along with that referral and I'll be checking it out. Blessings, Brother, and Prayers UP for the safety of you and yours in NZ:-)

    3. Thanks, Ryan, for the link. Mark Davidson has some thought provoking info in his PDF Iran's Great Invasion. Not the usual interpretation of current events, but he could be correct. Trying to not close my mind to things that are uncomfortable. Interesting read. Thinking about buying his book "Daniel Revisited", wondering if anyone has read it.

  33. This article really struck me. Some dreams a while back saw two moons and one even saw then egg shaped....

    Look at the pic in the following link and tell me if you are encouraged:


    1. Encouraged, Miguel. After reading that Jupiter and 2 of it's moons would be so close and so visible this month, I thought about all of those 2 moon dreams, too. I think it was @Holly 2 Moons that also saw something to do with an egg and the way that article described the salt table and the ice shell, it even sounded egg-like making me think of a yolk inside of a shell:-)

  34. Not attempting to stir the pot here but I believe we chewed on the term 'covenant' before on some other dealeo, but here is another "COVENANT PERSPECTIVE" on Dan 9:27.

    HINT: it is NOT some form of peace treaty or UN resolution....or anything the ac does.

    From Gino at Five Doves: "Could "the covenant" be speaking of the covenant that LORD made?"
    Why after all the other times that "the covenant" is mentioned in relation to the LORD's covenant with Israel,
    do some think that the term suddenly means something different when used in Daniel 9?

    I've always been taught that in Daniel 9, the same term, "the covenant", must mean something totally different, than it does in so many other scriptures.

    I've been taught that only in Daniel 9, it must mean either a peace treaty or a strong military agreement.
    But what if Daniel 9 is still, like so many other scriptures, speaking about the LORD's covenant with Israel?
    If so, then the possibility is there, that he that would confirm the covenant, might not be the antichrist.
    What if it is prophesying about the coming of Jesus?

    Jesus would confirm the covenant during his ministry, by fulfilling the law, and by the signs and miracles.
    He would also walk out of the temple, declaring it to be desolate, at the end of Matthew 23, and the beginning of 24.

    His making the temple desolate, would have been after about three and a half years of his earthly ministry.
    That would leave a remaining three and a half years, to be yet fulfilled during the great tribulation, to prepare his people to accept their Messiah and his sacrifice.

    With his death on the cross, there is no more need for animal sacrifices, then or now.


    1. For support of this perspective, read Hebrews Chapters 8 and 9. These chapters are all about the Lord's covenants. Remember, we gentiles can be/are 'the many'? Just a thought and question.

    2. Great thanks Charlie for your thoughts here! I'm also making thoughts about in the last time. Found an article, interesting at my first thought – Who Confirms the Covenant? http://www.historicist.com/daniel/confirming-the-covenant
      Agree as you noted – Just a thought and question. Much blessings to all!

  35. Jaco's latest: The Evil Plan To Bring About The New World Order - Shown To Us In Plain Sight

    God's Roadmap to the End
    Published on Jun 18, 2019
    70min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmKkLAUdg-c


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