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Hello dear brothers and sisters. With a sad heart I share with you an email that I received his evening....
Brad, My name is Andrea. I am a part of the Revelation 12 family but don’t post as often as the others. It is with great heartache that I share with you what happened to our beloved Paul late yesterday. My sister and brother in law are pastors of a small church in Nashville, Tennessee and she is the one who contacted me just minutes ago with the tragic news. She is good friends with Scottie Clark and his wife Tabitha. Tabitha informed her of what happened and I had to share with you and the others. I wanted to tell you so you could post something to everyone if you feel lead to do so. I know they all loved him as much as I did and would want to know. He longed for the rapture and had such a love for our Lord and Savior! I know we will see him soon but it still hurts beyond words. I’m attaching the link from the local news there in Nashville and a picture of him and my sister and brother in law from not long ago when he visited their church. God Bless you, brother. Andrea
Needless to say, this was quite shocking news. I will warn you that this email will probably sound a bit rambling, but I just want to share how I am feeling however it comes out.   When I read that email I was hit with a mix of emotions... partially heartbroken, partially excited for Paul. Heartbroken because he brought so many of us joy and encouragement and edification throughout the last few years and now those videos will be no more. Excitement because at this very moment Paul is face to face with Jesus...whom he loved so much. He is also with his parents who passed away just a year or two ago whom he missed so much as well....

Here is the link to the new article Andrea referred to describing the accident:

I was actually blessed to receive a phone call from Paul this week. It has been a while since we spoke, but he wanted to thank me for posting about his recent video on July 18th, a video with an passionate defense of the Rev 12 Sign. We spoke for nearly 40 minutes about a range of topics. He has recently moved out of FEMA region #3 to Nashville. Paul did not have a drivers license and had to walk and ride bus to his currently employment at a grocery store. He had huge plans for ministry, and was waiting for his comedy partner Herb to move to Nashville to work on some of those things. I encouraged him to get his license, I told him it wasn't that hard.... that is what makes his death extra heartbreaking.... He was hit by a car crossing an extremely busy 5 lane highway.

Paul's nephew, whom he mentioned regularly in his videos put up a video this evening letting everyone know... Here it is:

I still remember the first video of Paul's I saw. It was a prophecy alert about some rich Muslim guy who built a mosque and school near Washington DC. This guy and Erdogan were big enemies. My friend Hope had shared the video on her page. His prophecy alerts with the siren noise that began the video were my favorites. Eventually he switched it to a Shofar sounding in leu of the siren because that noise gave some people anxiety... That was him.... always concerned about others... Always wanting people to stay united in our faith and constantly trusting in the Blessed Hope. Yet at the same time, he had this other side of his personality that would totally confront someone if they felt they were dissing his Elohim. In the last post I shared a quote in which I think he basically said he would go "toe to toe with anyone who said the Rev 12 Sign was "nonsense".  I loved that about him.

I think it was that dichotomy that made him so watchable. He would start out funny, then get into something so serious.... like some of the most serious Bible study teaching you can find on YT. [See the Light vs Darkness video added below for example] He was also pained over division in the watchmen community but then he did a video breaking down a ridiculous quote that Jack Hibbs had made about Rev 12.... which was probably hard for him because Jack Hibbs was his guy... he loved him going way back. Paul loved Scottie Clarke to... they spoke regularly and continued to do so. He also loved JD Farag, but sadly they never met (I did hand deliver a letter from Paul to JD though at a prophecy conference for him, so that was cool). Whenever we spoke Paul was so loving. He remember my sons name and always asked about him. Paul had mentioned his love for Disney movies way back and at the time my boy who was very little carried The Jungle Book dvd case with him wherever he went. He loved it and went on to tell me a long story about his thoughts on Walt Disney. He loved all sorts of things beyond Disney movies including politics, football, comedy, other watchmen.... but most of all he loved JESUS.

He LOVED Jesus... Oh how he loved JESUS.  His loved for him oozed through his videos.  And I am so thankful to have known Paul, because through him I LOVE JESUS even more. You are home Paul.... you mentioned just this week how this world did not feel like your home anymore...and now you are HOME.  Your are home and I can't wait until we join you.  You came felt so real to us on that YT channel, and I truly believe that so many prophecy teachers could learn a thing or two about how you did your videos.  The passion, comedy and serious teaching were a amazingly unique mix.....and extremely effective for me.  FEMA Region #3 will forever be etched in my memories.  So thankful to know you brother...can't wait to meet up with you soon.  Zip Zip Whip… NOW YOU BE WARM my dear brother in Christ!

Thank you Andrea for sharing this info with us.... it so appreciated.  God Bless You Sister.

Update#1: Jordan mentioned this video in the comments section and I totally agree with him as it was one of my favorites as well.  Such a wonderful and deep Bible it if you can.
(30 minutes).

Paul's Testimony
This email was sent to me by Paul on July 7th, 2016 about a week after we began connecting.... coincidently on July 1st... 3 years ago TO THE DAY as I type this update:

Well Brad, here goes!

I was born in Baltimore, MD on March 16 of 1963 (so, I do not remember exactly where I was when JFK was shot). I was raised Roman Catholic. I actually remember telling all of my little Protestant friends in elementary school that they'd go to Hell if they didn't pray to Mary!!

From the very moment I could formulate a thought, I wanted to be an actor...and thus go to many parties. This came to fruition in 1978. Became a professional actor at 15 years old. Yet like St. Augustine (who I really don't like, because he's the one who apparently started teaching that the book of Revelation was all allegory), I always knew that one day I would serve the Father. Deep down, I knew that I would one day…but when you’re 15, you’re invincible, and the world is your oyster!!

All I ever thought about was entertaining a live audience then getting completely stoned afterward. But still in the back of my mind I would think, "Don't worry Lord (I said “Lord” back then), I'll be there for You...when I'm done doing whatever I want, of course!"

As I say, deep down, I really knew it. My earliest memories – at around 5, or so – are of me sitting on my bed looking at a HUGE Bible. I don’t even think I could read yet, but I “somehow” knew the stories. We were Catholics, BUT we considered the Bible to be very, very important. I even remember going to Mass, watching the Priests, and thinking, “Man, I’d like to do that!” To me, as a little child, it looked like a SHOW! It looked like I could be an actor and do things for “God” at the same time! And you know, I actually considered becoming a Priest at one time.

AND THEN…I turned 13!! That was it. What is it about that age??? The number of REBELLION! And I sure did. I began smoking things OTHER than just cigarettes, drinking, and thought of NOTHING but becoming an actor. Well, as I said, I began acting on the stage at 15, and was literally hanging out with grown-ups. I thought I was a little KING! And yet, deep down in there…

Well, in August of 1989 – after more than a decade of drinking, drugs, and caring only about applause – the Father gently tapped my shoulder. At the age of 26, I was - where else - at a party. It was 4:00am. Everyone had either gone home, or passed out. But there I was, still wide awake with an almost empty bottle of some brand of whiskey in my hand (Canadian Club, I think). I looked around, and then thought, "Man, somethings wrong!" Then it came; the Still Small Voice. The Still Small Voice that Elijah heard in his cave of despair. I heard, "Are you ready now?", and I said "Yes". I called my father to come pick me up, and that was it. I was done with the "world".

Don't get me wrong, I have had many slip-ups since that night. Had a marriage that did not go so well, but a lovely daughter (who I raised as a single dad) came out of it. She is now 24, and doing well. I am now 53, and am utterly confident in my Salvation. I have struggled a bit over the past three years as several trials by fire have come into my life.

The year 2013 was a crossroads for me. My entire life was completely altered within a period of minutes. I was engaged, but in February of that year, she broke up with me very suddenly, and I was devastated...completely. However, it drove me into the Scriptures like never before, and I discovered Scottie Clarke, and Pastor J. D. Farag on YouTube. That is when the Father began putting the idea of starting the YouTube channel on my heart.

Then in March of 2015, another bump in the life of an End Times "nut". I lost my job for teaching Bible Prophecy to the elderly!! I was working in a nursing home as a recreational therapist. In the mornings I would do Bible studies with the residents that eventually led to my teaching them about Bible Prophecy. They began to look so forward to it that the room would be packed. Then one day I was approached by the management and told to cease in my speaking about Yeshua and His soon return. I told them I could not stop talking about my Savior even if I tried, because it would come out of me even when I did not intend it to. I was told that I could no longer do Bible studies, or even pray with the elderly people, and so I quit.

I have not worked since, and have been in prayer to the Father about what to do. Outside of my skills as an entertainer, I have no other real skills or training. My only other abilities lie in my ability to teach on the Word, but since I have no degrees, no one will hire me for that either. It is well over one full year since I have had an income. I have put applications out online, but as yet, to no avail. At the insistence of several dear Brothers and Sisters I succumbed to putting the PayPal notice in the "show more" section of the videos, but I told them I could not ask for donations outright. I believe in the way that Pastor J.D. Farag does; put up a box, don’t say a word, and the Father will lead those to give whom He leads.

 Brad, I cannot even express how blown away I am that folks have been blessed by the videos. I am brought to tears many times when I read some of the comments I receive. I never thought that the Father would use me in this way, but oh, I also could never express the joy I feel from it. I pray for the Father to use me in EVERY way. There have been many times when I have cried out to the Father like Isaiah, “Here am I, send me!” I would go to the four corners of this earth for Him.

As I stated above, for most of my life (from the age of fifteen), I worked as a professional entertainer all throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Mostly musical-comedy. Started my own theatrical company in the 90's, producing/writing/directing/ performing live musical-comedy shows. I did all of it. After 9-11 a lot of the work simply dried up. Baltimore is not your “arts” town, so…

Laban (the guy you see in the videos) is actually the very first character I ever created for my live comedy shows. I hope it doesn't put folks off that Laban is just a character, but this is the gift that the Father gave me. I have had the gift of entertaining people since I was a small child. It is in my blood, and I praise and thank the Father for allowing me to witness for Him using the gift that He gave me. My dream of all dreams is for the Father to give me just a little theater in His Kingdom, where I can make people laugh! I'm just a born-again Polish actor from Baltimore named Paul!!


Paul Skotarski - born-again Polish Actor!

Update #3 Gary wrote a wonderful article about Paul.  
In Gary takes the time to transcribe Paul's wonderful defense of the Revelation 12 Sign in one of his very last videos....  Gary gives great insight and provides the super powerful video Paul made in his post.  Here is the link:

Update #4 from Samantha White...

I was also to email a bit with Samantha White from the Maranatha Mornings Channel that Paul was a part of.  Here is her email to me as well as her 6 minute update about Paul...   She is putting together a tribute video for Paul and I will share that when it gets posted as well....  Here is Sam's email....

Hey Brad,

Thank you for this email.   I have both sad and happy feelings about Paul's passing.   There is no one on this that wanted the rapture as much as Paul.  Now, he gets to be first AND he is now reunited with his mother and father.   But, my selfish side misses him being here.   I have been kinda sad these past seven months missing him as it is.   We talked for hours every day for a year, so it is hard, and will continue to be hard, to not have that.

Interestingly enough, I texted back and forth with him a bit in mid June.  I was just checking in to see how he was doing, and let him know that I was thinking of him.   He said something funny to me "I am always as you see me now"!!!!   That was one of his famous lines to me... which told me he was doing ok.   

Your words are an answer to prayer regarding our time together.  I too am very appreciative for it, and look back fondly at the fun we had!   You have no idea what this means to me.   Hugs!!!!!!! :-)

So, Paul got me back into the videos.   I posted an update video to my subscribers about him, which you are welcome to share if you'd like.   On Wednesday, I'll be doing another video, in which I'll read everyone's comments to Paul from the video I made today.  It will be like a online memorial to him.  I may do it as a livestream to give everyone a chance to gather and share their feelings and prayers for Paul... but not sure yet.  

Also, I talked to Paul's brother in law today, and asked him if they needed help to pay for the funeral.  I would like to organize a go-fund-me for the family to help with those expenses because they genuinely need the help.   Can you share that information when it's up and going? 

Thank you so much Brad... God bless you and your family!


Update #5 - Allan Horvath's update about Paul, where he reads from the accident report and shares a special song.... (9 min).

Update #6 Here is Sam's memorial video featuring many comments from his fans, songs, memories, and she even reads from this site around 36 minutes in.  Very well done... get your tissues...

Update #7 Here is the GoFundMe Link for Paul's Family....


  1. My Dad is a Baltimore native, My Mom a Beaner from Boston, one of seven sisters. Taking in Paul's videos, esp that first time, swept me away in a wave of memories of accents, East Coast phrases and that cold, East Coast, dry humor, oh so sharp and quick and wry. I immediately felt like I'd known him for years and wondered how I'd missed him at all the reunions. Paul has not missed the Rapture. He has been treated to his own, private one. The details of his departure, Scripture Tells, he missed, actually. Zip!, Zip! Paul! You Get Up Here! Maranatha!

    1. Jimboni,

      That thought is very comforting. He had his own private rapture. He is with Jesus and his parents now and will never be alone. God who is rich in mercy and grace has granted him an early entrance and all of us soon to follow. What a celebration it will be! Maranatha!

    2. Andrea, TY for letting us all know so promptly. I only knew Paul through his YT ministry, but he always touched my heart in a way no one else ever had and I felt like he was a good friend--which he truly was in the Spirit. He made me laugh with that crazy rubber chicken and he made me cry with the love and grief he felt for his parents. And oh man, did he teach me some some ins and outs of Scripture I'd never seen before! I know where he is and what kind of welcome he must have gotten, so I'm praying for his family members and for the woman named Glenda involved in the accident and what she must surely be going through.

      I found it amazing that Paul's last YT testimony to us all included the significance of the Rev12 Sign and how in his heart and mind, it changed the world. I know it changed mine.
      One of the last things he did was put together a TABLE where he feasted on the Word and soon we'll all be together at that GREAT TABLE set by our Lord Jesus Christ. And as Paul would say, that's the crux of the biscuit!

    3. You're very welcome. It was the same for me. I never met him personally but it sure felt like I had. First video watched and he immediately felt like family. He brought back memories of me watching Tim Conway, Don Knotts, and the likes of Ray Stevens sitting in my grandparents living room when I was a kid. His humor was something else lol but he captured me with his in depth bible studies and passion for the Lord and His return. I pray that our gathering together isn't too much longer now but in the mean time when we need a good laugh or inspiration, we can travel over to his channel and re visit all of those wonderful memories he left for us.

    4. Glenda, meaning pure clean and holy is a dr of FAMILY & INTERNAL MEDICINE....

      Our Lord can definitely be found in this...

  2. When at first reading through this I thought it was a possible heart attack that took dear Paul from us because he would have mentioned this issue not long ago I remember... But then suddenly brother Todd and his pedestrian/car incident of October last year came to my mind...

    Remember Enoch vs. Methusalah? One taken alive in the rapture, the other being taken before getting drowned in judgement together with the world (Isaiah 57:1-2)...

    Both make a perfect couple of spiritual imagery for the current 'days of Noah and Lot' and the events to come. Being with the LORD now eventually is always better (Philippians 1:21-24) and it was Gods will obviously to take the one and leave the other brother here on earth still. Yet both are running the same race... One could even envy Paul now, I'm sure I do (somehow) although I really love being alive. He's now already there where all of us long to be...

    Just yesterday, being myself protected again by a host of angels during some busy highway drive after having not steered a car since about 10 years now (let alone a big transporter van like yesterday!) I talked to my hsb about this topic and how the whole traffic situation has so much changed within only a decade: Car numbers having exploded, Germany being world champion in per capita online orders (augmenting lorry transport traffic) and people being more and more reckless and aggressive on the streets.

    I recalled some "Running Man" movie scene when entering the jam-packed highway and then being spat out again after some hours of heavy rollercoaster ride on a 95F "summer" day... I still feel all muscles aching. Praise the LORD in all places and always, can't be long now, MARANATHA!

    1. Annabel, Blessings, even more now. Brother Todd's 'moment' immediately burst into the room of my mind, uninvited, while I was still reading the sentence. I knew I had heard an echo, but didn't immediately recognize it and overwhelmed, set it aside. The Hand Of Our Lord Plucks Whom He Will, When He Wills It, amen, and Always For His Glory, Maranatha!

    2. Same here. As I was absorbing the news, I recalled Brother Todd's narrow escape. Todd obviously still had more to do here and I just believe Paul had finished his earthly calling. His heart was so lonely for his loved ones and his brothers in Christ that had already gone Home. I cried just listening to the angst in his voice for them that was so evident in that last video. And yes, I agree, to His Glory our Lord in His great mercy spared him the dealing with even more pain and injury and just took our Brother on Home. Blessed be the Name of our Lord!

  3. Mean't in the kindest and sincerest way...

    I am delighted for brother Paul. He got a head start on us. He is home. He is free from confines of a world that is getting more and more evil as each day passes. Where the LOVE of Jesus is scoffed and sneered at, while people openly wear satanic t-shirts worshiping and exalting all things evil and not an eye-lid is batted.

    He loved Jesus. He taught grace. He was a breath of fresh air with his unique style. I think my favourite video of his is:

    YTC: Zeus Mossbender
    TITLE: Bible Study with Laban #1 - Light & Darkness

    Congrats Paul on getting a head start on us all.

    Thanks Andrea for notifying us.
    Thanks Brad for sharing Andrea's message.

    1. Jordan, so amazing you mention the Light & Darkness study he did, I meant to above but forgot...… I dedicated a entire 1/2 page of notes directly in my Bible on that study!! He must have over 40 bible references in that one!! It was an amazing DEEP dive and so encouraging especially relating to the pre-trib rapture truth that Paul was so passionate about! I encourage everyone to go watch that video who think Paul was just some goofy guy doing goofy characters.... as a sample compare John 12:46 and 8:12, with Amos 5:18 and 5:20.
      Bless you brother, thanks so much for sharing....

    2. The "twinkling of an eye" really got to me...the one thing that keeps coming to my mind is that Paul was most likely dead and didn't know what was coming. I pray that it was like that and he didn't suffer a millisecond or have any fear.

    3. For some reason I can't get my main Google account to sign in here - my user name is usually SonshineLady.

  4. Eric's voice is a dead ringer for Paul's voice. It sounds like Paul talking.

  5. Terribly sorry for the pain and grief felt by family, friends and students of his teaching. To die is gain. It’s the temporary separation that tears the heart.

  6. Paul's videos made me laugh, then they helped me learn. Hard to open up the page with this announcement, but we know he has entered his rest..

    Paul:: Really LORD? Whacked by a car before the harpazo?

    Our LORD:: In a moment Paul, in a twinkling of an eye. Welcome home my "Polish" boy!

    1. Now Paul becomes part of the great cloud of witness to cheer us on as we endure and finish the race set before us.

      Cue in "Chariots of Fire" slow mo.....

  7. Crying....chuckling...then crying again. Many thanks to Brad for sharing Andrea's happy sad news. And thank you Brothers and Sisters here at Rev12Daily for a tribute to our Brother Paul that is worthy of him and of His King who we anticipate with every breath we take♥♥♥

  8. You know, Paul is such a class act, that there is no way he would have us miss that, even in this moment of grief for all, He, once again, steps on stage, grabs our attention, and directs us to Our Messiah.

    By Christ, Paul's passing powerfully models for us that when we expect nothing like this, it occurs. By the time we see it, it is over. In our handling of it, we have opportunity to love Paul more deeply and find Christ more fully and display Him more openly, amen. So Paul. In the Twinkling of an Eye, Paul's exit from our stage, departing with a conspiratorial glance back in his Rev12 defense, now serves as a stunning picture of the larger drama we anticipate joining with Paul in, completely, as well.

    I am very sure that Paul would acknowledge our grief deeply, and then elbow us that if we can't see anything funny here? We need to go back and watch some more of his videos, Maranatha!

    1. Amen! His last video starring "Fritzie" called "The Land of Sleepy Water" was short and sweet and definitely was meant to leave us laughing with another little weird "mystery" to ponder that in the comment section he says can only be understood on the other side:-)

  9. Wonderful comments and thoughts about Paul. I am sure his family will be blessed to read them.
    I went to a local grocery store this morning. It was raining hard when I got out, and there was a fundraiser nearby selling brats and burgers. I decided to sit at the picnic table and just enjoy the rain ... Thinking about being alive. Feeling good to be alive. How our breaths are in God's hands and we don't know if we have tomorrow. So, I guess just deciding to relish in the moment ... Instead of walking to the car (and getting drenched). I plan on listening to the light and dark video by Paul and having a Bible study here with Paul.

    1. Cathi, on my first read of your comments I was thinking of child "brats" who were being sold LOL

  10. So in honor of Paul and his fervent belief and witness to Revelation 12:1-2 and this community, Aaron from Exalted Lamb 1 has done a recent video connecting the Revelation 12 Sign to I Pet Goat 2 and provides us a good warning of things a any day now (esp 4ofJ).

    Famous days in our prophecy/ watchman community like 9.23.15 and 9.23.17 are keys here....First mention of the R12 sign is at 5min. If you listen to Many Fish (Keith) and/or Jonathan Kleck, they have shown us how this world system is inverted or this world has inverted everything....

    From Light Has Come

    For those with eyes to see and ears to hear very interesting stuff here. Things keep pointing to July being the month.

    1. Aw, c'mon already, 'CiD, a whole 'nother WEEK!? Matthew 17:17; Mark 9:19; Luke 9:41 Maranatha!

    2. Noticing, 'happenstantially', that all 3 citations speak of A son, being *taken* to Our Lord, during a time where/which He Acknowledges His Enduring the World, while AWAITING, The Cross, and The Father's Good Timing, This Moment/Declaration thereby MARKING His Imminent Action/ Response/Healing.

  11. Oh wow! Paul was a great guy and amazing man of God! I learned about the Zeus Mossbender YTC through this blog several months before the Revelation 12 Sign happened, and I always liked having a watchman in the community with such a fun and quirky sense of humor. I also appreciated the couple of interactions I had with him on YouTube on other channels' videos I had commented on; he was just an approachable, down-to-earth guy with a big love for Jesus. Brad I'm really glad you got to speak with him recently before this happened. Prayers for his family, and Maranatha indeed!

  12. Very saddened to hear about Paul. Thank you Andrea and Brad for relaying this to the rest of us here---the motley crew that is the Rev12 Fam.

    I am anticipating reuniting with Paul very soon in the air. Maybe some fire in the works as the united state of Christ celebrates our independence from the world, Hallelujah! and Maranatha!

    1. I followed Lill Shaul, Paul. Praise God , Paul liked under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty . Soon we will be with our Lord and Savior .. along with Paul .....

  13. Can't remember how I stumbled across his site, maybe 3 years ago, and thinking, WOW, this guys is whacky :) ! But his craziness would always give way to serious, heartfelt spiritual discussion...the crux of the biscuit. I remember a year or so ago when he went away for around four months and how great it was to have him back making videos. Just pondering his move to Nashville; God seemed to use that time to draw him closer to himself, further loosen his grip on the world, and when the time was exactly right, take him home. A divine appointment. Looking forward to meeting him, hopefully soon, and telling him what a blessing his videos were!

  14. I am happy for Paul, he is Home where he longed to be. His channel was a refuge for me when things got heavy, there was always the promise of good spiritual food or a good laugh. His humble, heartfelt prayers were an inspiration and often a comfort. I hope his family can find some comfort in knowing that he was loved by so many brothers and sisters on Youtube and here.
    I will miss Laban, Fritzie, Lil Shaul and that "chickum". Hoping to meet you very soon in the air, Paul.

    Abba Up!!

  15. Hey All...I just watched the last 3 videos @kim fisher YTC and WOW! Check it out for some great encouragement as she sees recent dreams being confirmed. God is so good to those who've put their whole trust in Jesus and His Glorious Grace. The first one is titled "2 Dreams manifested in the Natural". Just looked down and it had 555 views:-) The second one is "Dreams: Netanyahu/Snakes/Houthi Rebels" and the 3rd, "Word received in Prayer: Carpe!!!" (All 3 less than 20 min)

    I so believe it is any moment now and for any who've put their stock in the 17th of July as a specific day for the Rapture, along with that silly stuffed comfort rooster @RaT has been selling, perhaps a good idea to catch @Pearl Kolleri's final "goodbye" video and consider the sickeningly sweet spirit of condemnation this woman is now working from as she sets her "anointed" self aglow with a computerized APP. This is scary as she reminded me of one of those "mythological" sirens, or "tempters of men" and it needs to be rebuked. Our Lord could ofc call us Home on any given day, but when I prayed about that date last week, I was also reminded of how the enemy (who delights in the condemnation of the Body of Christ) relishes mimicking our Lord in any way he can, so with my faith in Christ alone, I will trust in the perfect (and probably still strategically secret) timing of our Lord and Savior. I pray for these women to wake up to the deception, but not holding out much hope for them this side of the Resurrection/Rapture as their hearts seem thoroughly hardened to the Gift of His Grace and His Promise of Eternal Security. Rom.8:1 KJV and John 3:16 KJV, (which as @Watchman 9, I think noted--fulfilled all "613" laws of the OT.) 613<<<+>>>316.

    H#613--esur--band, bond, imprisonment
    G#316--anagkaios--necessary 8x the last being Hebrews 8:3 KJV

    Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    1. I just saw where Gary @unsealed will be giving us live coverage of the Total Eclipse tomorrow. Awesome! and TY so much, Brother:-))

    2. Amen Sheila,
      It is amazing the separation that is occuring over this July 17 thing. It seems like all grace proponents are giving no weight to it. And all the LORDSHIPERS and salvation insecurity folk are running with it.

      Plus my mother, and dad and brother and sister are all in some shape or form scoffing and sneering at me, not accepting the rapture / tribulation immanence or that are we are only saved by putting our trust in Jesus's finished work on the cross, touting the false teaching of: "repent of sin to be saved!!"

      Come soon LORD. No one is listening. No one wants to hear the truth. Or at this stage no one can accept it.

    3. Family, Blessings. A quiet, reflective day, of course, in my spirit, regardless of the bustle around. As I currently commute, as did Paul, I was, ofc, dwelling on that while walking and navigating bus & light rail, once again, thinking of our brother having been in the same boat, when his ship came in.

      So, where was Paul when he was taken? 'Walking' through the details of his life, in Christ, earning his way, like his Namesake, the Sail Maker, on his Journey from place to place, attending to necessities, while plying the Gospel of Grace; ever-vigilant for a connection to See and show, or a laugh, and, preferably, both. That was one takeaway, that Paul was about the Father's Business, for Paul. While attending to the 'daily' side of the coin, at the time, we all picture that every single thing he did, to the best of his ability, Paul was mindful of Christ and being His ambassador. Thus, as stated, Paul was about His Father's business, attending to provisions for greater efforts and opportunities afoot for The Kingdom and a STAGE!

      And there lies the second, possible, takeaway, or, at least, a musing. As Watchers, when we ask 'Why?", it is a different question. Why Paul? Why now? Not in anguish, but to better know Our Lord, and His Comings and Goings, amen.

      In answer, 2 items arise. Paul was a comic and Paul fed the sheep. While his comedic style and lovable persona likely greased the wheels on many carts heading for Salvation, it seems, to me, that his Gift was primarily for encouraging/teaching The Body, mostly. In that, his humor and person were inseparable and intrinsic to his Gift to exhort, uplift and instruct. In that light, IF the next several days hold conclusions, or even the next few weeks/months, then Paul's work, being now also concluded, TELLS US SOMETHING.

      Setting Paul's personal Paradise Adventure aside, The Father says a couple things, perhaps: 1st, Zeus Mossbender's Ministry to US has Finished. It seems that only makes sense if our need for such IS OVER. Which brings us to #2: There is NO LONGER ANYTHING FUNNY AFOOT concerning what's next and, as humor no longer fits, Our ABBA has closed the performance, here, and brought his masterful Kingdom-Comic back home, Maranatha!

    4. Oh, Jordan, I'm still lifting Tom, Geri and the rest of your family up in prayer. I fear it's just a sad fact that many of our loved ones may have to have Believers made out of them through some serious hindsight reflection on what we've tried to tell them. BUT, we have our hope in the One and Only One who can bring them around to His Truth. I had a dream many months ago about a heart being etched on the shoulder of an ox. When unpacked and studied out, that word encouraged me to know that when our hearts are yoked to that of the Chief Ox, we can fully trust Him to plow the field rightly as we walk alongside Him in prayer and faith. He knows our loved ones better than we do and we can know that as the Chief Ox, HE'S GOT THIS! Blessings, Brother and TY for all you do in the "field" of encouragement:-)

    5. Jimboni, good words with a very telling message. I've been musing about what more we should be seeing in Paul's departure just ahead of the rest of the Body, knowing there must be more there and I believe you may have nailed it. I keep seeing that little Fema Region #4 map he had posted on the wall by the glass DOOR in his "Once upon a time in Nashville" vid (5/30) and I'm thinking how interesting that he ended up going through THE Door after relocating to Fema Region "4" and is that another little tell for us re the nearness of our Lord opening the Door for the rest of the Body? Hmmm....

    6. Thanks for your prayers for my family Sheila. And my prayers are for all your (and the rest of our collective) lost loved ones too. And I agree with you. I think at this stage, it will take the shock of waking up in the tribulation to jolt them towards seeking & trusting in their SAVIOR.

      They are all so blinded. that the world they see, and all it's systems, are masked and run by satan, where the populous are being ever so slowly boiled like a frog, not knowing or realizing that the truth is being diluted with so many lies, that they cannot tell truth from lies anymore...

      1 John 5:5
      Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

      I remember when I read that above verse several years ago, before I had put my trust in Jesus, I thought, what an odd thing, that seems so easy, it seems too easy..

      But one day realizing that Jesus paid for it all, that his life, death, burial and resurrection is what paid for ALL my sins. And that legalism was there to make you add works to the Gospel and thus keep you from coming to a saving knowledge of the truth, i.e. trusting in Jesus for your salvation and with the whole house stacked against you, (the education systems, the financial systems, the religious systems, the governments, weather, media, news) I actually realized that it is quite a feat to overcome the lies, and believe the simple truth!!

      So I think it is something to be so thankful for. Because going by the majority of the worlds reaction to our LORDS free gift of salvation, it is astonishing that anyone can overcome. Obviously our great comforter and teacher the Holy Spirit has been there to guide us along the way. Oh what a wonderful God we have. Thank you LORD.

    7. Lovely thoughts everyone above. Near the top, I pointed in the direction of an answer I saw from the Lord about this. Like an absent-minded professor preoccupied with some other "harder" problem, I pointed and perhaps grunted with a very concise few words, figuring you all to be such good students, that you would see what I saw and keep going....

      But I am not sure you did (not your fault, I can be a bit of an odd duck)...

      Having asked immediately why the Lord would let someone so prominent (in our community), solid, and committed be taken in such an ugly and SUDDEN way, I looked up some missing pieces. I looked up who it was that was so unfortunate to, well you know, there really aren't accurate words to say what happened. It wasn't an accident, it was a convergence of things.

      Two articles back, Brad highlighted Paul, the quasi-protagonist of the story. Now had Brad done that before? Not to my knowledge. Perhaps Brad had been lead by the Spirit which moves so well among us? And days later, after we have all had opportunity to digest the message, he is highlighted again for a different reason. A double witness so to speak. Now did you really get the message the first round or should you go double check? Now Gary, the brilliant student that he is, saw it and posted his article. Bravo Gary. The message was now in very large neon flashing letters: The Rev 12 Sign happened in your lifetime, it was special, great, unique, and tells us quite clearly how to see, and lets us know the snatching is coming soon. We are quite blessed to see that, as Paul/Zeus pointed out we are EYEWITNESSES.

      So now back to the "unfortunate" one. I do not want to focus on her, as I am sure the experience was terrible and she was not at fault. But I do want to focus on the symbolism there. Her name means pure, clean, holy. She happens to be easily found via a google search and she is a recognized, experienced physician of family and internal medicine. Now I ask you: could it be that One Who is holy and pure, would have allowed this all to heal the family and the internal pains we have? How is that possible? As terrible as the death is, it has reinforced the message, and helps us hold more firmly as I know the time this waiting has taken has left us feeling tired, weary, broken, etc... I know our Great Physician is able to heal this family and mend our internal struggles. May we all be strengthened. He is sovereign .

    8. Well, Jordan, it is impossible with man isn't it. As in the camel going through the eye of an needle. Yet, we wish and want our loved ones and friends and those we know and come into contact with to believe this simple truth that is believing in who Jesus is and our sinful nature needing a savior which is found in the person of Jesus Christ. The sinless, perfect Son of God who came down here to earth to pay the sin penalty for us. Freely offered to anyone who will receive this free gift of grace. It isn't works, or attempting to be a good person one iota. It is all because of Him.

    9. Miguel, excellent insight and TY for sharing. There is so much to consider re our God's purpose in how Paul's life played out before us in both life and death. There is a reason this man, our Brother, shared the last few years of his journey so openly with all of us and often in such intimate ways. Along with the comedic relief, he often seemed like he was baring his soul to each individual who might be watching him and offered us a reflection of the pain and sorrow that we all endure in this life while tenaciously clinging with inexplicable joy to that Blessed Hope that not only promises, but guarantees we are heirs to an "eternity of joy" with our Redeemer. Our healing IS soon coming and I do believe that Paul's legacy and temporary sign-off was so orchestrated as to remind us of how special a gift our "eye witness" account was and is--not only of the Rev12 sign, but of the resiliency of His Body of Believers through One Spirit, One Lord, one faith and one baptism. Eph.4:4-6 KJV.

      Blessings, Brother:-)

    10. Well said Sheila. Especially:

      "he often seemed like he was baring his soul to each individual who might be watching him and offered us a reflection of the pain and sorrow that we all endure in this life while tenaciously clinging with inexplicable joy to that Blessed Hope"

      I can relate. Blessings and hugs to you sister, momma. ;-)

  16. Paul's death may be testimony from God of what Paul testified he believe in ... he was taken suddenly, instantly without warning ... maybe with a shout from the driver and a blast from the car horn ... like the Rapture ... no man knows the day or the hour but we know He is right at the door! Therefore be ready at all times, abiding in Jesus, looking for the Blessed Hope of His appearing to take us home!

    1. Here's another one Justin ... In the twinkling of an eye! Blessings to the family of Grace.

  17. It is a beautiful thing to witness God's love moving through the body via words of loving remembrance for our brother in Christ who is now our brother WITH Christ. From the very first video that I watched of Paul's about 2 years back, my heart was immediately endeared to him. Paul was one of a kind, a delight, and brought to light the deeper storehouses of God's Word.
    I am blessed by reading everyone's thoughts on the fact that Paul's unexpected and sudden Departure from this earth is not mere happenstance. The Father is speaking. I can just imagine the humble smile on Paul's face as he learns that the Father is using him as a sign of encouragement to his brothers and sisters of OUR soon Departure!
    My heart and prayers go out to his family who most certainly are feeling the pain of his absence. I am so very thankful and blessed to be a part of this Rev12 family, thank you all for your heart for Jesus, His Finished Grace, and His soon return for us.
    Blessings all and Maranatha!

    1. Oh, many people in our circle that In the last week, passed away lill Shaul ..Paul, Speaking truth in love channel with Deborah her cousin passed away, a coworker of mine ..mother just passed away, and my friends brother in Africa just passed . Remembering the joyful times with Paul's time spent with the word ...his last video's he commented on the chair he was putting together as well as the table and now hes in the presence of the Lord.....perhaps he is undertaking some of the finishing touches for our soon return. Let us be strong in the Lord and the powers might. worship him in spirit and in truth while we wait and watch and pray for His soon coming be strong brothers and sisters...He our Savior oves us

  18. Thank you Brad for the recent updates! I didn't know that Paul was a professional entertainer. Dont get me wrong please but to me somehow this doesn't quite fit for a Christian with scriptures like Ecclesiastes 2:2 and Ecclesiastes 7:3-6 such as Ephesians 5:4. I mean how can you be the paid clown to people if you know your show will leave them unsaved after all and eventually burning in hell if you're perhaps the only true Christian they will ever meet in their short lives? (Romans 10:14)

    Me and my husband love to laugh a lot and God really gave us both a huge sense of humour to be capable to deal with this evil world. We can be very silly like teenagers when being alone, talking to each other only. This is also one of the reason how I would fall in love with my hsb because of his 'soul-mate'-like sense of humour as I did care more about that and a sharp intellect than about money or social aspects. In our daily lives, we use a lot of irony, satire, slapstick and even sarcasm to describe or get over things we do experience. This has always been very obvious to other people like with Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 26:8. We know that this world is simply a huge stage for Satan that he controls (seemingly). So we USE humour and laughter to deal with it as long as we have to move on this "stage" unwittingly. We use it to get a certain distance between our real personalities in Christ and the world so we won't get sucked into Satans storyboard but to figure it out better. Yet we ARE now already saved so we KNOW our real future and this world to be utterly corruptible and damnable (!) after all. We do shake our heads at the utter sillyness of this world and laugh thereof. But not to make other people pay for it as providing with professional entertainment. I think if God had not come and pulled us over to Jesus (John 6:44) we would have both become bitter and zynical already and lost every last bit of humour God provided us with (Proverbs 14:13 / James 4:9). I am grateful for the great humour God gave us to better cope with this satanic madness all around BUT when it comes to the gospel of Christ we are DEAD SERIOUS about it indeed and no kidding ever. It is the WORLD that mocks and laughs at our Saviour but we don't mix the message. Neither did Jesus or the apostles just to attract the masses or tickle some ears.

    Jesus tells us that his disciples will rather be saddened and afflicted in THIS world but arrive in utter happiness and joy in the afterlive (Luke 6:21). I do perfectly understand how Paul Skotarski would be successful at entertaining people even with his own comedy company in THIS world but on the other hand being fired by the elderly home's management for preaching the gospel and prophecy (Luke 6:22). This fact alone is obvious because it clearly tells you who is in control (admitted by God!) over this place. I have been there myself after sharing the gospel to patients of a local rehab clinic for 3 years and then fired because of that. Yet I would not understand how a "born again at age 26" Christian would be able to keep going with professional entertainment business then even for decades unless he was perhaps only healed by Christ to full plain clear vision at a second occasion much later (Mark 8:24-25). I would be quite interested to hear if Paul would experience such an occasion and how that eventually happened. Perhaps he would have told some of you about it in private? Please share then. It would kind of accomplish the picture. MARANATHA, blessings to all of you!

    1. Hi Annabel,
      I am not sure if it was said here or over at unsealed about Paul, but I believe Paul might have been called to encourage the brethren and not to spread the Gospel to the unsaved.

      So in that that way being a professional entertainer would be an excellent tool to accomplish this.

      You see in my unsaved state, if I would have heard Paul preach the gospel of grace, which we all know the masses generally reject. I can imagine I would have been judgemental, focusing on his mannerisms and his overt drama, coming up with negative labels for him, I might possibly think he was a bit of a clown and not a serious preacher.

      But viewing his videos when I am saved, I see him as a master deliverer of the grace message.

      Telling us, he smoked occasionally, he loved to listen to led zepplin and the Beatles and other secular music that most Christian's would frown upon, that he generally hated Christian music. Did this make him unsaved? Definitely not, it just drove home the point that we are saved by grace and not of works. That God is not going to cast you out of heaven for listening to the wrong music, or celebrating Christmas with a Christmas tree, or wearing Halloween costume or giving your kids Easter eggs. God only looks at your heart. And the way he used humour in his messages was wonderful, and only fully appreciated after I became saved. His knowledge of the scripture was also amazing.

      I didn't watch all of his videos but I think will I be watching as many as I can over the coming days, as he has some amazing insights and knowledge to pass on..

      So I think whoever said it, was spot on, a great encourager to the brethren, but not necessarily called to win souls.

      Just my opinion on it.

    2. Dear Jordan, I'm sorry that I didn't come across the right way but I was in fact wondering about the time "in between" the 1989 party incident and the year 2013. Paul had a professional comedy business of his own making a living from it to gain money from according to the information above. I wasn't talking about the YouTube channel for the encouragement of the brethren. Thoughts?

    3. SMH here because I don't know what to think, but in this case it might be the better thing if you'd put that dirt-digging shovel to better use, Annabel:-/

    4. Yeah, when a sheep keeps picking other sheep one at a time and dividing the flock, I start to wonder if I am smelling the foul odor of a meat eating wolf. It's one thing to help us work out our salvation with fear and trembling, quite another to make it seem like none of us could ever get it right. I mean the Gospel is simple. Annabel keeps making it seem so complicated. I hate that.

    5. Jordan, quoting myself, above, "Paul was a comic and Paul fed the sheep. While his comedic style and lovable persona likely greased the wheels on many carts heading for Salvation, it seems, to me, that his Gift was primarily for encouraging/teaching The Body, mostly."

      In alignment with you, Sheila B., and Miguel P, Paul's niche seemed, to me, to be mostly for US. I trust we will rise to the occasion to assist, as he is lain to rest, while also hoping that we never get the chance, Maranatha

    6. Yes Jimboni, of course. Sorry I couldn't remember the exact quote, or who and where it was posted, (unsealed or here), I just rememb nodding, thinking that was a very good point. but thanks for jogging my memory. And your take on Paul's ministry I think was, bang on. :)

    7. Listened to a brief video here by Pink Trees and Blue Bugs which is now called, "Grace & Truth" by Gina. She talked about a dream she had of being in a fortressfort God was with her. She dropped the keys for a moment which represented God's power. His power to break down our walls - of our past, traumatic events, health, relationships, etc. Then, she prayed. She linked a song 'Breakthrough' by Red Rocks which was on a YT channel, "Music Meets Heaven". Lyrics are below:
      I am weary from the waves
      Crashing over every day
      God of mercy, please come rescue me
      I am longing for Your voice
      Gentle whisper in the noise
      Father, tell me everything's all right, yeah
      Your power and Your presence
      Breaks strongholds, King of Heaven
      When You speak, mountains move
      I believe there will be breakthrough, yeah
      You alone can take my scars
      And piece by piece restore my heart
      Take what's broken, make it whole again, oh-oh
      'Cause Your power and Your presence
      Breaks strongholds, King of Heaven
      When You speak, mountains move
      I believe there will be breakthrough, oh-oh
      There will be breakthrough, oh
      Shake the mountains, break the walls apart
      Open the Heavens, Almighty God, You are
      Overcomer, Defender of my heart
      It's who You are, God
      By Your…"
      Source: Musixmatch
      "Breaking Down Walls in Jesus' Name"

      This may be a good time for me to ask, if anyone would be so inclined to subscribe to her YT channel. Because, a while back she was requesting subscriptions so that she could reach 1,000 subscribers in order to be able to post comments. So, she is a sweet gal and her videos are short about her dreams and she uses visuals while talking about them in relation to believing in Jesus. Amen.

    8. Cathi, beautiful lyrics, TY for sharing. I wish I could subscribe, but being the Google outcast that I am, I can only observe. I will pray for her though on hitting her target, but hopefully it won't long be an issue for her. Blessings, Sis!

    9. Thanks, Sheila! I did have to chuckle with being a Google outcast. ☺️
      I did like this song and in learning of this YT channel Christian music blog (Music Meets Heaven). They post a song here and there, have playlists, etc. So, a great way to hear unfamiliar songs/artists.

    10. I didn't want to be politically incorrect here (I thought I was talking from the bible addressing my true brethren who would understand in the Spirit) yet I just was somehow confused about the FACT (which it obviously was?) how a CHRISTIAN would make a living from running a comedy entertainment business in full knowledge about his audience's spiritual future without hearing the gospel. To me, this is neither a dirt shovel from the above mentioned scriptures nor is it very complicated to understand for any other Christian. OK, must have hit some nerve though... Thinking aloud reasoning from scriptures might be banned as hate speech also soon. Better I leave now. Don't want to disturb your circles anymore. MARANATHA!

    11. Annabel, you are judging this man (and looking for approval in doing so) who recently died a tragic amd untimely death. It has nothing to do with your being politically incorrect.
      I think the point was to just let this go and not dwell on any of his past career choices ... Many born-again believers who have jobs that pay $$$ are not out there witnessing and telling the gospel at their jobs. A nurse? A doctor? An office worker? A public school teacher? A physical therapist? A grocery store clerk? A restaurant server? The point truly is - you do not know who he spoke to before his 'gig' or afterwards, or to an employee in the back room ... just as in any other job ... And, it is none of your business to judge and "harp" on this as you are doing.
      We all have broken pieces and some people trust in God more readily or have more support ... You have a husband ... This guy was alone and he struggled ... We all struggle and some more inwardly and deeply than anyone can see or will ever understand. Our God loves us and He is a compassionate God and we are saved by grace and nothing within or of ourselves ... He quit his job as a recreational assistant because they didn't want him to speak anymore about the gospel or to conduct Bible studies - how many who are relying on a job for sustenance have done this on their jobs? Would do so? Should they?
      Frankly, a job is not about going around and telling the gospel - you are there to do the job you were hired to do. That is my thought.

    12. Nicely said Cathi, I couldn't make a better summary on these points either.

    13. Hi Nora! Miss you really, how are you, your dad and mom? Praying for you all always!

  19. There is a new article at Unsealed on the Solar Eclipse today. Also some interesting comments. Here is the link to an article Jon posted. Eager to get y'all thoughts on it, brothers and sisters, since you are all so good at unpacking things. Maranatha!

    1. Upon further investigation, the above linked site is definitely secular, actually the author is into some pretty bizarre things, but God can use anything and anyone for His purposes, correct? Any day now, we go home. Each day we get closer and closer. Would love to meet Paul today… and Jesus. Amen.

    2. Amen Shelley B .. Paul, He was a definite reminder of my bringing on the East Coast .. Cannot imagine being here long time

    3. Paul's nephew set up Go fund me page...or see SAMaranatha YT channel latest video for link.... search 'Paul Stokarski'

    4. Opps !! Correction.. Paul Skotarski ... and his nephew Bill Hess's family GoFundMe page...

  20. If anyone comes across the info to help with Paul's final expenses, could you post it here? Thanks in advance.

    1. Samantha Maranatha morning will be collecting funds for Paul I do not know the details but you can look her up on YouTube. At 1 time a pay pal account was set up for Paul during his time
      . struggles with liquidation of his parents house


      Paul nephew BILL HESS set that up

    3. Ooops Bill Hess is Paul's bro InLaw, ERIC is his nephew...sounds incredibly like Paul

      thank y'all !!

  21. "According to DEBKA: First reports reaching DEBKAfile’s military sources say that a US submarine intercepted a Russian nuclear sub in American waters opposite Alaska. The Russian sub escorting the nuclear submarine responded with a Balkan 2000 torpedo and scuttled the US vessel. Urgent consultations in both the White House and the Kremlin were taking place on Tuesday night. US Vice President Mike Pence called off an appearance in New Hampshire after being recalled to Washington for a conference called by President Donald Trump without explanation.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled an engagement and headed for the Kremlin to confer with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and military chiefs, after learning that 14 submariners died in a fire that broke out on a nuclear-powered “experimental submarine in Russian waters.” This account carried in Russian media varies in most respects from the first reports reaching this site and may refer to a separate incident. They report between 14 and 17 members of an AS-12 nuclear powered submarine died of poisonous fumes caused by a fire aboard the vessel. The submarine was described as experimental and unarmed but often used in spy missions. It is unclear how many of the 25 crew survived. Local media suggest four or five are receiving treatment in Severomorsk’s military hospital for poisoning and concussion injuries. Another news account said the majority of the officers died in or on their way to hospital. These reports do not cite the cause of the fire."

    Paul Dawson - FB Page

    1. OK, that's fairly inflammatory as well as being rather unintelligible. "Russian sub escorting the nuclear submarine responded..." What? I am hoping that is a confused translation error/unchecked auto-completer and not a version of post-millennial attempts at English.

      I went to DEBKA to untangle and the above is a direct quote, word for word. It seems the writer was attempting to say that the Russian Sub fired upon the intercepting submarine, scuttling it, ... In light of the rather inept verbiage I wouldn't assign great weight to any detail in it. However, if 'scuttle' is being used at all accurately, although clumsily here, as scuttling is something one does to one's own ship, it means that hull has been breached and ballast containment blown and the ship is incapable of surfacing. Maranatha.

    2. I've been scouring around to try and find out something about this after the Debka article didn't make much sense. My sense is that something major occurred and they are trying to figure out how best to handle that or sweep it under the rug. It's an interesting "coincidence" that much of the internet went down today in the UK, Europe and East/West coasts for a period of time as all of these emergency meetings were taking place. Something to do with Cloudfare having "issues." Pastor Tim is giving out what he has but I came across a site I'd not been on before--@Don't Speak YTC that seemed to be reporting some updates without sensationalizing.

      It's all pretty weird with all the conflicting info being released. First Pence recalled back to DC for an emergency, but then he never left DC and it's not an important emergency??? I've also seen reports that Melania has been moved to an undisclosed location, but I think that originated with Paul Begley, so who knows at this point. MSM is referring to all of this as the Great Mike Pence Mystery. When pressed by media, his Chief of Staff would only say that more would be forthcoming, but that it would likely be "weeks" from now and later that it was a security concern, but not a threat to Pence, himself. All I know is there appears to be a whole lotta smoke blowing around....

    3. Perhaps Israeli News Live can help untangle some of the details for you lady and gents:

      Did US - Russian Submarines Have a Firefight?

      10min -

      According to Exalted Lamb 1's latest, something may occur 7/4 - 7/5 on both E and W coasts.

    4. My question is how come nobody is talking about the American Submarine that was supposedly torpedoed and sunk or the fate of it's crew, yet all these details re the Russian Sub are coming out. Something is so super fishy here...guess we might see the repercussions of whatever happened leak out over the next few days...Even so, Lord , come quickly!

    5. Oh, duh...just hit me...remembering the Sisters who were recently sharing their "Sonar Ping' dreams/visions. @Loved by the King was one and I think the other was @kim fisher or @Kim Mosely...can't remember just now, but regardless of what happened, the flaming topic at the moment has to do with Submarines. He is coming oh so soon:-)

    6. Sheila B.? slipped my mind, imagine that. My thoughts, now marinated n a bit of prayer and reflection, are that the Russian Sub Fire is Manufactured distraction, true fatalities notwithstanding, to explain events happening in re the sub v sub event. AMTV YTC took this approach and they are fairly dialed in. I was already there, fwiw. Rethinking my thoughts on the DEBKAFILE wording, as, in revisiting with a different eye, the report is clearly in there and some extra words are added, likely to evoke my specific response. Again, we field the ball as it looks like it is coming at us, and that Putin would 'stage' such a distraction speaks to the SMALLEST of details remaining undone, AT THE MOMENT. In the meantime, I would suggest some serious prayer and 11th hour conversations get happening.

    7. ...the reason being, and I have studied military strategy my entire adult life, IF this is true, put it into context of the IMMINENT larger Op. The last thing the US sub Cmdr. expects is rapid engagement with penultimate lethal force, ala Hunt for Red October. Which is exactly why it works so well, regardless of it being Classic Russian Battle Tactic, ala cavalry, and its anachronism can blow a modern adversary off guard, obviously.

      So, the gig is up, Uncle Sam off the Port, 1300 meters out and we're on her camera, 5x5. "Smile for Mom back home, boys" I am guessing that Rusky actually smiled, a this point, not surprised, at all. The word "PIVOT" surfaced today, although where escapes me atm. You just EYEWITNESSED one, Globally. EVERYTHING just changed. Unknown stealth tech knife torp slices your target open far beyond her ability to deal and she slides to the bottom, not obliterated, but 'scuttled', specifically. LOTS of evidence for G**GLE Earth and such, that'll keep 'em busy hiding a while. This is the ONLY possible response IF a larger Op is afoot, as the turmoil over this, OVER THE TOP incident, in a world run by liars and magicians, is CRITICAL to obscure last preparations for what is ALMOST, BUT NOT QUITE READY. Remember, this is the same folks running the show to HIDE what we are told to LOOK UP to see so we can be CONTROLLED. If everyone freaks out, its over. Think this is gonna' hit tomorrow's SUN? uh, no. As In The Days Of Noah, not because its not coming unglued, but because it ALL MANUFACTURED REALITY, although, as commented before, they can only juggle so much for so long while ABBA IS All About Tossing Them Another Item, after Another, ...Buckle Up

    8. Sounds about right to me. I was thinking their use of the word "scuttle" was no mistake and still not sure about that particular "Balkan 2000" Torpedo. I couldn't find such described in a search, but found all other kinds. It was like the report was intended to come off as hokey for those "nutty or nosy" enough to be looking in to it, but my gut tells me there is definitely sleight of hand at working a cover up. TY for laying that out, Brother!

    9. Top of the morning to yall...

      Not the prior "pings" watchman have heard, but this is a NEW one:

      From Lord is My Sheperd
      5min -

      While we are looking at Iran and Hormuz, we have this ALTERcation. A magicians trick, look over here while I do something underneath the table.....

    10. The BEAR is at the Door // Pray for Peace (July 2)
      From LatterRain333

      5min -

  22. Hi Family! It was interesting to me to look what's Scottie Clark really doing now, and found his new video, very amazing in my opinion – The Great Paul & James Debate | Rightly Divided
    This topic is always interesting to me, I had really great help with today. The Lord is near! Looking up!

    1. I agree Alla. I don't agree with every single detail and some of the views that the KJV-only crowd espouses, but I definitely agree with the overall themes of rightly dividing (the entire Bible being FOR our benefit but only Paul's letters being written TO us church-age "Gentile" believers) and dispensations, etc.

      I wonder if Scott is completely done with eschatological teaching. He has sadly taken down most of his Revelation 12 videos so we can no longer reference them. I commented in this last video and asked Scott this very question, and whether or not he'll upload rapture-related videos leading up to the Feast of Trumpets this year as is customary for him. I highly doubt he'll reply but I am very curious. Again it's sad that we can no longer watch his Revelation 12 videos, especially since he was probably the #1 source for the Revelation 12 Sign.

    2. Thank you Justin, you explaned me really better this topic. I watched Scottie's video and found interesting thoughts there. I agree with your opinion about! Honestly speaking, this topic is not new for me, but I studied it purely logically, in my opinion. I even have an old outline of 2 Tim 2:15. Trying to find it, then to share also. I don't know how sees Scottie the Rev 12 Sign, but it is hard for me to imagine that he walked away from this. Very much Blessings to all Fam!

    3. Here is my old outline, simply logical (to me) – Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
      2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)
      Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
      (1) The commandment is – STUDY.
      (2) The purpose is – RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH.
      (3) And then, wenn you will come before God, you will be APPROVED, and you will have nothing to be ASHAMED of.
      Proverbs 30:5-6 (KJV); 1 John 2:28 (KJV); 2 Corinthians 10:18 (KJV)
      (4) To STUDY means (1) to read, (2) to believe, (3) to meditate, (4) to pray for God to reveal the meaning to you, (5) to find His promises, (6) His will, (7) similarities and contradictions.
      Psalms 119:15, 18, 34, 160 (KJV); Joshua 1:8 (KJV); 2 Timothy 3:16 (KJV)
      (5) To understand, it's necessary to rightly divide the word of truth – (1) what is written or said, (2) by whom, (3) to whom, (4) in what words, (5) at what time, (6) where, (7) for what purpose, (8) under what circumstances, (9) what was before this and (10) what follows.
      John 5:39 (KJV)
      (6) Always remember that the Author of Scripture is also the Author of life and mind. And He decided to communicate with His Creation through the inspired written Word – the Holy Bible.
      John 6:63 (KJV); Luke 4:4 (KJV); 1 Corinthians 2:13 (KJV)
      Trying to mix the whole Word of the Truth together, you can't do it, but only get confused in contradictions. Divide rightly, and you will receive the Blessing of God!

    4. Very nice summary, Alla, like all of your outlines. So appreciate your diligence in the study of the Word, Sister. It's truly a blessing and you answer your calling with such sweet grace. TY and Maranatha--soon and very soon:-)

    5. Alla, I too saw Scottie's video and watched it altho I've been a long-time student of rightly dividing the Word of Truth. As I Commented below, I've been bummed by the division lately and was inspired to write about it.

      As Brad wrote in this post, Paul Skotarski was “pained over division in the watchmen community”. So I think it is significant that Scottie Clark dedicated his recent video to Paul.

      Justin--I agree with you re. " I don't agree with every single detail and some of the views that the KJV-only crowd espouses, but I definitely agree with the overall themes of rightly dividing (the entire Bible being FOR our benefit but only Paul's letters being written TO us church-age "Gentile" believers) and dispensations, etc."♥

    6. Alla D, your outline was like a brisk stroll, under the vine-covered trellis over the patio, with The Gardner, enjoying the fragrances and hearing Him Tell Of His Diligence, And Ours, as we follow. Thank you

  23. Good evening, Family, Blessings. Writing this off line to devote attention before getting caught up in possible events. This being, firstly, Paul’s thread, I was wanting to dig, a bit, into the day count from Todd’s event and Paul’s. My first wondering was if the days matched 243, the upcoming USA Birthday, as that would have been a Blockbuster, wow. Well, it’s close, and I’ve started writing before finished digging, but my poet’s eye already sees items worth sharing.

    Todd’s video is called Body Damage! Time to ASSEMBLE as ONE in CHRIST and, while I understand this is Holy Ground, there are several moments/comments therein where I was a bit swept away in light of Paul’s Moment. For those not too close, it may be worth revisiting . It was recorded, as near as I can tell, later the same day on 10/10/18. From that day to 6/28/2019 are 261 days counting both the start and end date, 260 if you consider the 11th the 1st, i.e., ‘next’ full day following.

    H260: achu: reeds, rushes: (3) 1st: Gen 41:2 When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile, 2 when out of the river there came up seven cows, sleek and fat, and they grazed among the reeds. (NIV)

    G260: hama: at once, early (1), same time (5), together (3): 1 Thessalonians 4:17 17 Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up *together* with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. (ESV, emph mine)

    Well, I tend to think of the 260 as a common count, not including the day of occurrence, itself. Not yet having explored 261, and I think I am not to do so, the picture here of the 7 Cows of Plenty, and the reed upon which they are fattened, in Paul’s Context, speaks Wonderfully of Paul being our ‘reeds’. We, the fully unblemished, ‘sleek and fat’ NET *FULL* OF FISH, 7, so well fed by Our Lord, on the Truth of Him, and His Word, and our fellowship here and elsewhere, Psalms 133:1-3, like no other time we’ve SEEN before (*Eyewitnesses* that we NOW ARE) and Paul was certainly our Wonderful Dish, upon whom we will continue to dine, metaphorically speaking, of course, much in the TYPE of That Which Our Lord Calls Us To, As Well, John 6:53-56, amen.

    As for the concept you get when you harmonize the uses of ‘hama’, at THIS Moment?

    early (1), same time (5), together (3), speaks to me of Greek’s struggle to capture what was a concept originally in pictographic OTIOT, hence the range of fits for the ‘idea’ which is this word.

    That Our Lord Would Place 1 Thessalonians 4:17 Here, Humbles Me, Mightily, and So Profoundly Affirms Why HE Had Me Look Here, amen.

    1. Oh, meant to mention, and the "the 7 Cows of Plenty," arrive through the Prophetic Dream of a King: again over target, affirms US as the COWS in this picture and NOW

    2. Jimboni, I also noted that between the 243 and your 260 lies "17" days. That little "17" sits much better with me in spirit than the much hulla-ballooed date put forth by the RaT gang. I like the mysteriousness of it just quietly being tucked in there, esp re the 1Thess.4:17 ;-) Maranatha!

    3. Sheila B., good catch. Does leap out at you, once you see it. Quickly, 17 being Victory, and USA being woefully short of that, its sin reaching to heaven and its Judgment pending, forms a frame. The 'extra' 17 arrives in context of the completed work of Christ Through His Church, Entangled within USA, but going PAST IT, TO VICTORY, LEAVING IT BEHIND. IF Paul's taking is a HARD marker of Immanency, a 7-day warning to CM's approaching 7/5, then Our Lord Signals His Agreement With Everything On This Page, repeats Noah's Warning, and In A Much Larger Context.

      Lastly, NOAH got a 10-day warning and all look for that, again, now. I posit that Noah's 10-day will be echoed, as will all, but not necessarily being '10' days. 10=LAW and the post-Flood Chapter evokes imagery of Judgment for failing the law (FLOOD) leading to the Cross subsequent to Israel's displaying to the world the futility of 'keeping' it (LAW) and our Lord Directly Calls It Out As A Curse And Defeats It.

      While a warning period, such as Noah received, will occur, I am pondering that a 7-day warning would be fitting now: '7' marking completion, a *FULL* AND FINAL WEEK (seems significant), the preponderance of '7' throughout Scripture, Gen 41:2 not the least of which, and its arising here affirms this? As near and dear as Paul was to us all, from his life arising the sweet aroma of Our Savior and His Ministry to US, we can be Quite Assured that Our Lord's Heart For Paul Goes FAR beyond Ours, amen? SHOULD Our Lord Be Using Paul's Passing As Such, I Find It Divinely Fitting Beyond Poetic Measure and equally so that this Rev12 Page would be where He Chose to Declare This:


    4. Oh my's like the Voice of our Lord is just BOOMING this morning. There is so much going on and being revealed that my brain started spinning so hard I just had to LOOK UP and call on JESUS and felt such a rush of the Holy Spirit's move that I just had to start praising His Mighty Name with every breath!!!

      Looked up at the TV and saw that the WH is basically being armed with Tanks--is it really just for a show of Patriotic symbolism? or maybe for some protection?

      @kim fisher has a neat vid out re her S-14 Nuclear Sub dream and how this event seems to confirm that. There is a huge difference in the way Kim presents and shares what she feels the Lord has shown her and this other mess below:

      *Miss Pearl didn't go away after all (so that was a false word delivered in her Grand Finale) and she has put out an ugly mocking and sinister attack video. There is something terribly gone wrong with that lady and the spirit she exudes has nothing to do with the Body of Christ. No one who is of Jesus Christ could behave in such a manner. She titled the video
      "To Kill a Mockingbird" and it's mostly directed @Blue Heaven and the Bethlehem Star. Then she mirrors another one of a man extolling the pureness of the RaT hearts and how all who disagree better get on their knees to repent for daring to reject them and their timeline and lordship works message. Any who can watch this and still believe these people are operating in the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ just don't know Who He really is.

      We need to pray for those who are caught up in this insidious attack on their ability to put their trust in Jesus Christ as the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our Faith. There are so many of them and the enemy is truly waging a stealthy war for their souls.

      Blessings and Even so, Lord Jesus, Come Quickly!!!

    5. Sheila B., amen and amen. On that note, my commute, this morning, involved 2 'random' encounter/conversations, which are the most amazing encounter I've had in years, if nto ever.

      The first one, with James, go figure, the other with a lady who inserted herself, though never gave her name, commenting upon how refreshing it was to hear someone talk passionately of End Times and the Coming of Christ and mention Brice Springsteen in the same diatribe, as she is a total devotee of Bruce and she looks forward to seeing me 'on the other side'. To which I reply, "Shortly".

      The convo w/James was so incredible and so Obviously Contrived By HS, that I am also spinning asking Him to Disclose IF it was a MAJOR confirmation to my post, above, before leaving the house, this morning. Oh my, Maranatha!

    6. Greatest Amen to all of this, Sheila and Jimboni! Maranatha!

    7. Oh, and just noticed that other HS left hook which so spun me around that I never saw it in the verse:

      When two full years had passed,...

      Wow. We've niggled our 2-year Wise-Men Journey Parallel throughout, and, NOW IT IS ECHOED HERE? Again, note that Our Lord Found It Imperative To Specify, FULL years passing, hat-tipping apparent delay/waiting and the angst therein, among many other details, Maranatha!

    8. Amen, family! I had an opportunity to share the Rev12 sign with a coworker today. Experienced pre-emptive attacks the night before but I have fulfilled my duty to at least get the word out. Looking up! And still marching on.

    9. Praise Our Lord for your fruitful commute this am, Jimboni. And "the Boss" played a part?! That's interesting as I loved that music back around 1980-81 because I really love the Sax and Miami Steve did play a mean one. Reminded me of his big hit Hungry Heart about 17 years before I finally got saved--after having learned the truest meaning of a "hungry heart" was one in dire need of Jesus. Ofc, I'm always hungry for more of Him, but He's been so faithful to keep that wonderful Bread coming ever since. TY you for sharing:-)

      Jeff, Amen to your opportunity to share the Rev12 sign as well! He's still working through every willing heart and will right up to the last minute in His Great Mercy. Blessings, Brother:-)

    10. Jeff, Blessings. 1 Cor 3:6, Surely, in which I see 3:16 transposed, interestingly and fittingly.

      Sheila B., Blessings. I wasn't necc. going to post this tidbit but in light of your turn to the topic after an opening which I though was taking you totally somewhere else, and that informing me that the Pearl, et al crowd, is more central here than the simple irritant I was dealing with it as.

      Pastor Tim echoed, recently, a point I made on Gigi's page, I think, that that crowd is a required* TYPE echo (*my add) of the SAME conflict AT THE BEGINNING of the Church Age re Grace v circumcision as a Picture of The Law and its death at the FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS, amen, ibid. my points on Beginning-Ending Parallels being NOT OPTIONAL. You saw, that which my foolishness did not, and hit upon the ABSOLUTE CENTRALITY of this same deception/pride/ misunderstanding/stumbling/et al Being Entangled with Harpazo's POINT let alone it's timing.

      So, my point is, after that brief set-up, that, in the classic mode of the Deceiver, Pearl and crew are right, maybe! (I'll let you clear your hot tea from your nose, now.) Make sure you're sitting as I show how YOU just proved that, possibly, Harpazo WILL BE on 7/17. It goes like this.

      Recall that your head is still spinning having given up on decoding my post about 7/14=7/5. Quick summary, if 14= (2) '7's, Father and Son, Whom, Working Together, Act As '5', Grace (1+4 = 5, you know), then, SYMBOLICALLY 7/14 can be SEEN AS 7/5, or vice-versa. Thus, Gigi's Word of 7/14 possibly being Harpazo would BE TRUE SPIRITUALLY, if 7/5 is the Gregorian date.

      In like manner, you just identified a '17', in July, which, if the rest of this model is Correct, Speaks Very Clearly All of the details which I Just Unpacked, Minimally. Thus, fancy we are out of here on 7/5 then one could also Truly say on a '17', in July, it HAPPENED. Thus, should we go 7/5, It Is To The Father's Glory, Who Has CONCEALED THE MATTER as a "14" and a "17" and a "5", each with it's own meaning/relevance and ALL With The Flourish Of His Pen, In The Writing, Maranatha!

      Going a bit further, to the HEART Of The Matter: The HEART Of Our Lord, that the '17' here arises ONLY in the context of TODD and PAUL's Moments, which can ONLY be known by those WATCHERS to whom it is relevant, AFTER REVEALED BY HIM, TO US, THROUGH US, simply Shouts From Mountains Of Our Lord's Fierce And Passionate Love Of US, His Watchers, AT THIS TIME, oh, amen.

      P.S. That's (3) petals on that flower, feeling affirming, adding to 36, which = (3) 12's. I'm good with that, amen.

    11. LOL, luckily no hot tea just yet, but wow...that's pretty amazing to think about. He is so perfect in all of His ways that I just feel it's got to be something just like you have presented.
      It's funny because I thought I was going in different direction too, but as I was just Praising Him--unable to do otherwise, the Tanks in DC popped up on the TV screen and that led me to check out Kim F's video and up popped Pearl's "To Kill a Mockingbird" and all this while in the middle of posting. At first I wasn't going to bother myself with what I knew was not going to be a nice thing to see, but I was prompted in the spirit to rely on His protection and pay attention, for as those Tanks were attesting to, time is getting real short for warning others who aren't fully Trusting in His Saving Grace. So that's how that went.

      Now catch @kim fishers latest and check out the elements of her June 25th dream and compare to the just released article she pinned regarding those Tanks. The point is these "real" dreams and words being given by these humble members of the Body like the Kims and the Colleens are being confirmed at a much more rapid pace--within days or even hours now it seems, In watching Kim' F's dream and confirm re the black snake, I was taken aback by today's Bing Art which depicts Hwy 7C in Transylvania, Romania. A big ol' black snake of a road that is described as a place that the sheep have to cross to get to greener pastures, Amen.
      (And btw, loved the "Thunder from Down Under" moniker. Lord knows, Sis Colleen M. deserves it:-))

    12. Update: Wow. Soooooo, get this Fam. I thought my day was done by sharing the sign and its implications with one particular coworker. But I not only gave the Rev12 rundown with one, but a total of three people today!

      The company just went through a software transition, and everyone got a new ID number. My office mate's number is 09023...I kid you not! This is actually what prompted me to bring this up with him today.

      And, after what happened next, well I was just laughing and praising the Lord. He served this up on a T-ball stand. I was walking out for the day and just going to say goodbye and move on, but I go to a room with two more coworkers and get into a conversation about 4th of July plans.

      One of the coworkers joked about me being a "Reverend" because we got into a spiritual conversation a couple of weeks ago. Well, this prompted the other coworker to tell a story about working at a school where she did admin for a professor who had a Ph.D in theology. And she said, "He said his favorite word was eschatological"!!!

      What!? In my spirit, I was like, "Lord, are you kidding me?" So, how could I resist. I pulled out my laptop and opened up Stellarium. I was like, "Hey, speaking of eschatology..." Lol!

      C'mon, brothers and sisters. Be open to the Lord's leading. He is serving up some last minute opportunities to get a word in. Be bold. You know the truth. I love how the Lord has led us to a place of surrender and readiness to part ways with this world system. We are so close, and the we are near to the last grain of sand falling from the top end of the hour glass.

      P.S. How fitting for all of this to occur today considering Brad's post in memory of Paul. I dedicate today's sharing of the great sign to our brother who is now with the Lord. Maranatha!

    13. Sheila B., IKR! Trust me, it was Given. ABBA's Thunder From Down Under is the full kabeelie. When The Lightening Is A Still, Small Voice, the thunder which follows, can be likewise, amen?

    14. Jeff, amen and amen. I was inquiring, of The Lord, while I spoke with James, as to where I should go, rather childishly eager to go farther, in a positive way, and I feel that, here, my role was to work the soil. In the words of the 'immortal' Barnum Bailey, "Always leave them wanting more!" was, I believe, the spot I was Called To. Esp in light of 'lil sister chiming in from the aisle, ala Sheila B.'s appreciate of the Boss, I'm guessin' I dun OK.

      Lord Jesus, we lift James before You, Now, and corporately pray a swift kick in his rear to skootch him on over the fence and Clarify, amen. He's leaning so far over, trying to See The Kingdom, that it really won't take much, esp NOW, so Be It, amen.

    15. Ok, don't know what a full kabeelie is, but it sounds similar to the whole magillah:-))

      Jeff....Wow, what a blessing x3! I think it's Pastor Tim that calls those kind of opportunities "Divine appointments". Sounds like the both of you Brothers had a gifted day. I know there is nothing that feels quite as exhilarating as being able to share the Good News with a willing set of ears that don't already belong to the Choir. Then we can go to our Lord with prayers for Him to be Magnified and Glorified in the hearts and minds of those we pointed in His Direction and trust His Will to be accomplished. And yes, I can imagine our Lord winking at our Brother in Heaven and saying, "Yes Paul, I will bless them with even more fruit today than yesterday" because I just believe that was and is the desire of Paul's heart for his Brethren.

    16. Love it Sheila. I believe Paul touched many lives. I recall going to some struggles and running into his videos ...being able to enjoy the humor ...iIts certainly a blessing from the Lord ... Yes we will keep on sowing seed. Yesterday I went to my dentist another saga with teethies. He asked me what I wanted for the solution..and I told him.. whatevervwill last for a short time...and mentioned that I was either gonna go in heaven and see Jesus now by dying early or I would be raptured because Jesus is coming very soon. I am not sure what he thought about it ... but certainly spoke what the Lord gave me. Marantha

  24. Pastor Rich's Very Interesting Comments on UNSEALED - Post of the South American Eclipse!

    It is worth noting ...


    1. Oh wow Jeova - Thanks for the tip to check those out. The 2's connection to the South American Solar Eclipse and the follow up posts from Gary showing the 4's connection to the blood moon and 3's connection to the Great American Eclipse were incredible.

      The 4,3,2 countdown Gary suggested is something to ponder...

    2. TY Jeova. I love Pastor Rich, but LOL, I guess I just don't have the "left-brain" muscles to absorb a lot of his calculations. I did see the prominence of the 2's and the Twins that we've all been seeing for a good while now and Gary's countdown observation was interesting to say the least.

      Miguel, your recount of the stop at the frozen custard place with your twin brother and the lady with the "Twins" heart tattooed on her shoulder reminded me of that recent dream I had with the winged heart tattooed on a man's right forearm along with the #'s 6, 33, and 22. Still haven't figured that one out yet, but I feel like you may have given me a clue along with the PR's 22's and the 33's Gary mentioned in that convo and then PR's hints to you. Hmmm....

    3. Sheila B., Blessings. If it's any comfort, PR lost me about 2/3 the way down as well, both from my head swimming and seeing dates so far out my spirit fled the chase. It felt to me, at that point, that I was watching the Jello still settling into the mold and I would do better to come back later when things clarified and gelled. Often, as YTC Prophets work through a Revelation, at the end we 'get it', including the Teller, and we look back on all the ins and outs and go, "Oh! Yeah, I see it now!"

    4. TY! Makes me feel a little less dense:-D And yeah, my "mantra" is anything further out than the next few days from whatever day I'm in is further than I seriously want to go hope-wise. I look up every morning and say "Lord, this could really be the day, couldn't it?" And I usually just feel Him smile at me and raise His eyebrows in that "You never know" sort of way--at which point I usually sigh deeply and say "Thy Perfect Will, Lord..." then move on to be satisfied with having a little more fellowship with His Family here on this heavenly blog site:-)

    5. Sheila... the girls tattoo heart had wings too.

    6. After I posted that, im on my bible app reading about jacob and esau praying about the details and underlying meanings behind the story, trying to hear if there is more to this.

      While doing so my wife calls me and says look at this truck someone is selling...

      Its way under priced and we could use a truck. So we call. The woman says, " we love twins and we have two of these trucks..."

      Ok. Gotta keep praying about this.

    7. PS she also said, "17 other people have shown interest..."

      That number is everywhere!

    8. Am I the only one who noticed how many years Sheila B. cited as being saved in re the Boss? I figured it was simply a 'goes without saying' but, I'm saying.

    9. Miguel, somehow I know this has something to do with Jacob and Esau, though haven't gotten any real clarity on that, but those wings on the heart also represent "Twins" and I know the "forearm" played an important part in Jacob's ruse to use Isaac's blindness to gain the blessing from Esau, the first born--just as we've gained our blessing through the blindness of Israel, also the first born, and we'll be the first to go, although God's saving love (as in the heart between the wings) applies to both the Church and Israel.

      This is weird and I hesitated to share it, but I think you can handle it. Re those numbers 6, 33, and 22 in that order, I had this little 3-4 min.short video pop up. I think it's a clip from some sort of video game, but It's very intriguing and made me think of the rapture right up to the last few seconds and then it gets really strange as this vaporous being with an AI kind of voice appears with a message about the ocean and the beginning and the end. It seems to be saying as we go among the stars it will fall among the sands and how we are different yet go together--meaning it will happen at the same time I think? This was posted back on June 8, 2018 and only had 3 views, so I was surprised it even came up. Be interested to know your take on it.

      @vismay rahangdale YTC Subnautica 6 8 2018 6 33 22 PM

      *notice the heart monitor on the right as the character enters the spaceship's cockpit.

  25. A blessing to read everyone's comments regarding prayerfully watching and seeking the Lord. I Honestly I had to consider each one of the "Folks on the ..17... wagon and wonder... but then.... I looked at " by their fruits you shall know them." Well, let's take it all back to the scripture... does it does it make sense.. ring clearly with the word of God and is the person who speaking bearing Fruit. Incidentally I am on day "1 to 30 wagon", that is- any of these days Iare an option for a great and mighty God. Yet, We are sure of the season..It IS Now... and the day will not take us by surprise. Amen. I know we all speak words that may ne inaccurate, stumble along the way or get caught by the enemy's ways. The bottom-line ...are we repenting are returning back to our God.

    We cannot ignore everything that is going on with the submarines, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Israel and our own nation. O Lord give us endurance and discernment to run the race and to keep on track with your word. May the Lord bless each of you as you continue to witness to the lost and bring in the harvest .....before we are raptured .....Halellujah! Maranatha

  26. Finally getting a chance to post on here after seeing the news. I wasn't as familiar as most are on here with Paul, but clearly he had an incredible impact and left many encouraged in the family of believers. May we all leave such a legacy that glorifies God!

    Looking forward to meeting you one day up there, Paul - hopefully soon with the rapture - Lord willing. :)

  27. Prayer requests: Our newborn has been having bad reflux and not sleeping well at night. Prayers for that to be resolved and sleep for my wife and I would be much appreciated.

    I also woke up with a crick in my neck about 4 days ago that is still causing me significant pain throughout the day. Prayers for that would also be very appreciated.

    If there is anything I can be praying in return for you all, please let me know.

    1. Watch and seek, yes, it is incredible to watch the Lord's hand in each of our lives. A momentary time in affliction... light of what we will experience with the lord Jesus, before his presence. I am excited to know that this is coming soon. After seeing multiple videos from Paul in seeing some of his difficult situations I am delighted that he is in the presence of the Lord. We too shall behold him as He IS. I will keep in prayer, your wife, baby and healing for your neck. Isn't it strange how the lack of sleep can wear us down . Lord, we ask for restoration of sleep for your righteous... we know that nothing is too difficult for you.Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers...In Jesus name, Amen..

    2. Watch and Seek, lifting you and wifey and baby up before The Throne Of Grace, ofc brings to mind Alla D, and all our wonderful B&SIC in any need, amen.

    3. Eric, praying for you and Baby Charlotte. My eldest daughter suffered with that reflux problem when she was born so I know how distressing that is, especially for first time parents. She outgrew it around three months old, but it was scary when she couldn't seem to keep anything down. Just had to keep re-feeding her. Don't know if they treat it differently now but back then they just had to outgrow it. Trusting our Lord will heal little Charlotte quickly and blessings to your precious family, Brother:-)

    4. Praying with! And great thanks for your praying for me! I need it very much! The Lord hears our prayer! Amen!

    5. Much thanks Veebee, Jimboni, Sheila and Alla! I think the Lord gave some relief today with the neck and Charlotte had a decent night of sleep last night and today - even through some of the fireworks happening around here tonight. Praise the Lord!

      Alla - Praying for you with your sickness and pain you are going through. I pray the Lord heals you completely, Sister.

      Praying the Lord's blessings on you all. Maranatha! :)


  28. SO glad to see the love of God here today! I've been bummed by the division lately and was inspired to write about it. I included Scottie Clark's video The Great Paul & James Debate | Rightly Divided:

    As Brad wrote in this post, Paul was “pained over division in the watchmen community”. So I think it is significant that Scottie Clark dedicated his recent video to Paul.

    1. Thank you Lynn a blessing to watch the harmony among brethren. It saddens my heart to see the other Side.
      We know the results of continuous disharmony a life without the Lord take a look at what is going on with hamas and another leader Exposing the lies in an Israel broadcast

    2. Lyn, I really appreciate you tackling this topic. It is a tough one and yes, a real bummer because the enemy is able to use it to his great advantage by appealing to man's natural propensity for self preservation and pride, but I believe as Jimboni surmised above, this is par for the course in that "as it began, so it will end". All I know to do at this point in time is to stand firm in what Jesus accomplished on that Cross as our full Propitiation and pray like the dickens for those who are willing, but haven't yet, to comprehend and embrace the full extent of His Miraculous Gift to us in this Age of Grace.

      And those who are preaching this "Survival of the Fittest" false gospel are NOT sharing the GOOD NEWS, but instilling fear and trepidation in the hearts of all those who believe this lie, yet realize they can never be Holy as He is Holy in their own flesh, making them feel lost and irredeemable. I hate this more than ever and I know it saddens the Heart of our Lord far more than my own because HE is the One who made it so easy that even a child can understand it. Oh, if only all who want to come to Him would come as the children we are and just believe our ALL in ALL--our beginning AND our end--is truly resting in Him Alone...just imagine THE EVIDENCE OF HIS LOVE that would abound before the eyes of this "enemy infested" world.

      Blessings, dear Sister, and TY once again:-)

    3. Thank you Lyn! It's really wonderful article with interesting thoughts about the division of the Word! Making thoughts. I have always contradictions when studying Acts, you made me more clear. In the book of Acts there're also divisions! Trying to make my outline about as always! Very much Blessings to you!

  29. Shaking in California...A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 struck Kern County and was widely felt around Southern California on Thursday morning.10 ish am

    The temblor, which was downgraded to 6.4, was centered about 11 miles east northeast of Ridgecrest, about 109 miles north of San Bernardino and 121 miles northeast of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    1. Just looking at it VeeBee and was just about to ask if you and yours are ok. Haven't seen anything on damages, etc. Praying for you all, Sister, and all the Family in Cali.

    2. This 6.4 EQ follows right on the heels of the 6.2 north of Vancouver earlier at 4:30 UTC.

    3. My husband is at work today I was at home did not feel the little shaker. Unfortunately my body is a little under the weather -and tilted already ..Ha . I continue to pray that events such as this will open the eyes of the lost and that they will see the mighty power of God, ....fall on their knees, repent and believe in the Lord Jesus as savior.

      I see that the enemy is at foot attempting to create continuous division, back biting, and so forth. Yet we know that prayer is the key with conflict In marriage . Lord sheds light on attacks accusations and brings about harmony.

      As we continue to wait on our Lord and we must pray that God will keep us on firm ground so that we can uplift one another and pray for 1 another. I love this verse written in Romans common as "highlight by Lynn in they wonderful blog spot ( thank you Lynn). "For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. - Romans 15:4 KJV.
      So true it is that with our learning of the scriptures we have patience with the circumstances, environment, , people around us, and we live in a state of spiritual comfort Surely knowing that God will work all things together according to his glory Until that glorious hope appears. Maranatha

    4. We felt it! We're about 130 miles away from the epicenter. My husband said, "I think we're having an earthquake." And that's when I realized I was swaying a bit as I stood at the sink doing dishes. Thankfully, no damage here as we are too far away but not sure how the folks closer to the epicenter are faring.
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    5. I have an earthquake app on my phone (comes in handy living in Southern CA) and so far there have been 6 earthquakes in this area this late morning all ranging in the 4.+ range with the biggest being the downgraded 6.4

    6. Mom, so glad ya'll are okay. They are saying Ridgecrest is having emergency issues, fires etc. The USGS site is reporting "2" 6.4 mags at different depths of 10 km ad 12 km--1 ENE of Ridgecrest and 1 SW of Searles Valley. Don't know if that's an error or what, but they are showing upwards of 50 aftershocks 2.5 and up.

      Ya'll be safe out there. Bod Bless and Prayers up!

    7. They just issued a warning for the Kern County area to prepare for another possible EQ in the next 15 minutes. AlsoJust heard that other 6.4 was an "aftershock". Hospital being evaced near Bakersfield. Heads Up, Folks!

  30. Some guy named Jeff over at Unsealed just posted this today: Hidden in Hosea: The Church's Death-Defying Escape from Hell on Earth.

    Happy Reading, Happy 4th!

    Love to the family. And stay safe out there California residents!

    P.S. Praise the Lord Jesus for His finished work on the cross. We get to build on that foundation, and that foundation alone...lest you want to take part in the "fireworks" mentioned here (1 Cor. 3:15). Boom!

    1. Hosea has so much to say about the things still to come! Thanks Jeff for tackling this small but mighty book.

      Watching and listening as the usa pride is on full display just a few miles from me (downtown dc)... ughh... perhaps events go down later this evening...but God willing He protects and saves.


      After you read Jeff's post, you can listen to the following from Tim Foster's latest on Hosea:
      Hosea's Prediction for America
      15min -

    2. That guy Jeff wrote a pretty good piece;-) Very encouraging, Brother, TY!

    3. WOE BE INTO AMERICA ,July 4,2019 Krystal Beall

      From the Lord is My Shepard

      7min -

      Note: at 5:11 of this message, "many lampstands have been removed and more will be" it seems to me the light(s) of this Earth are being taken home one at a time with little or some fanfare. Our brother Paul was someone to us but a little one compared to BG or CM.

  31. I'm not sharing this for the Choir here, but rather for those who might be observing and undecided about what is actually true. This morning I was led to pray about this divisive topic of Salvation by Grace with the Guarantee of Eternal Security vs the Works/Constant Repentance based Salvation--again. I was asking myself why really is the Gospel of "Salvation By His Grace Alone " so despised and attacked so viciously AND WRONGLY as a "license to sin" by a good portion of those who say they are Believers. I was quickly reminded that first off, the most avid hater of a "firm faith" in The Finished Work of the Cross where death and hell were soundly and eternally defeated, is ofc the enemy himself, whom we all know as the Chief of liars. (Rom.8:37-39 KJV)

    #1--Such faith denies him a foothold...he can beat on the door all day long, but for those who KNOW THROUGH FAITH that they are SEALED until the day of redemption, he cannot get inside of that heart and victory over that soul is lost to him FOREVER. (Eph.1:13-14 KJV)

    #2--For those who can be convinced of the need to add their own righteous abilities to what Jesus Christ accomplished with His Death, Burial and Resurrection, the footholds for the enemy's entry are boundless. He is always at the ready to instill fear, doubt, anger, etc. in every single little crack of failure or weakness and imo, for him the mother load is PRIDE. When he can accomplish a download of this into one's heart, whether wittingly or unwittingly, he's got himself another persistent assistant in his own deceptive gospel that draws people further away from the Cross of Christ and closer to their own little crosses--which are of no effect against him.

    So the question is this for the undecided: Was God's Plan of Redemption for mankind through His only begotten Son per John 3:16 the "Perfect" Plan? If the answer is a resounding YES! then just look up the very definition of "perfect" and know how much you are SO LOVED:-)
    (Heb.2:10 and 5:8-9 KJV) If in doubt, please search it out...time is short, Amen.

    Love, Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Amen Sheila.

      You hit the nail on the head with that one.

      Satan hates the Gospel of Salvation by Grace and the Eternal Security that Christ has given who so ever that believes on him, for their salvation, as once we believe that truth, he is completely defeated with regard to us. He has lost that particular soul in the battle he is waging for our soul. So to stop anyone else believing this wonderful truth, he does everything he can to:

      [] Discredit Grace as a "doctrine of demons" or as a "license to sin"

      [] Discredit Grace believers as "greasy gracer's" or "easy believism" or "rampant sinners"

      [] Hi-jack baby Christian's with his army of false "angels of righteousness", that they must "work for their salvation", that they must "turn from their sin to be saved", that they must "repent daily or lose their salvation".

      Blessings sister.

    2. I should probably add Philippians 2:13 KJV, Eph.2:10 KJV, 1Thess.2:13 KJV and 2Tim:2:25-26 KJV just to note that even our ability to repent and be obedient are GIFTED to us.

    3. arrgh.... 2Tim.2:25-26 KJV

    4. Amen Sheila and Jordan, People also discredit the gospel of Grace by calling it "Sloppy Agape". Unfortunately, there are people that misrepresent the gospel of Grace as a license to sin ... this is the false gospel of Licentiousness. Then there are people that try to counter the apostasy of Licentiousness with the apostasy that you must do works to prove your Salvation or you will lose your Salvation ... this is the false gospel of Legalism. But those who have been saved by Grace and have God's Spirit abiding in them are draw to Jesus by His love and they die to sin and self in order to draw close to Jesus and know Him better ... this is true gospel of Grace and Liberty in Jesus Christ!

      2 Corinthians 3:
      15 But to this day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their heart; 16 but whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. 17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

      Salvation is based on “birth” not “behavior”. A person “born again” by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ has eternal life! He who began a good work in You will be faithful to complete it. Philippians 1:6

    5. Amen, Jordan and Rogersings. TY for enlarging on what is becoming a more urgent message by the moment. We are very shortly going to be receiving that which is the promised inheritance of those who have fully trusted in Jesus Christ and I am praying for as many as will to come quickly and partake in the gift of His inexplicable JOY!!!

    6. I was thinking of this all that is well said here ... Then, I came across a YT vid by Renee Roland on Past, Present and Future sins all covered in Ephesians 1:4-14 (KJV). I was going to listen yesterday. The key verse is Ephesians 1:13 (KJV). "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise."
      Ephesians 1:4-5 (past sins) ... chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, and predestinated us into the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself. By faith. Our trusting in Him.
      Ephesians 1:7-9 (KJV)
      (past and present sins) ... we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace ... It is through his blood and not of ourselves. It is our trusting in him and his finished work that he did for us.
      Ephesians 1:9-14 (future sins) ... in whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will... To me, this is saying that it is not our work(s), but it is his work. We have obtained. It is already accomplished in Christ, the work that Christ Jesus did for us amd believing and trusting in him. To the praise of the glory of his grace ... Ephesians 1:6 (KJV) and Ephesians 1:12 (KJV).

  32. OK, time for a little preachifyin'.

    For those who spout that Believers check their brains at the door, and those who say Grace without Accountability is not logical, these are among the reasons it is the HELMET of Salvation: It Protects Your HEAD. No, we follow not vain and clever stories, or logical polemics which cornered us into salvation, we did not think our way here and Christ cannot be unveiled by such. However, He is the Author Of Order and, once Arrived, there is NOTHING about the Gospel, Or Its Author, Outside of reason, or logic.

    A Helmet keeps the things already in your head safe, and things not there, OUT. Our Lord Provides The Details Of His Plans, Our Salvation, To Insure The Renewing Of Our MINDS, as He Is Not About To Leave Our HEAD Unprotected. The Absolute, Complete, Beyond Abundant, Finished Work Of The Cross IS THE STEEL IN THAT HELMET. The Love Of Our Savior, Fitting Every Cap Perfectly To Its Wearer, is its fittings, straps and pads. When GRACE is under fire, look to the STEEL in your HELMET, the DETAILS OF YOUR SALVATION, IN HIM ALONE, to keep your HEAD on straight.

    As for your heart? When sin abounds, laughs in your face, and the Accuser parades the list before all to see? Covering your heart is HIS Righteousness. The enemy's accusation make no mark on YOUR Breastplate, in fact, whatever list he reads from seems to be the wrong one. The Breastplate you wear is SPOTLESS, and Shines As The Son! Maranatha!

    1. Wow! I just love that, Brother. Got me grinning from one end of that chin strap to the other and the heart protection encouraged some grateful tears. TY so much!

    2. Hey Jimboni, do you think the report of an "Unprecedented Scientific Feat of Biblical Proportion" that was released on July 4th (5th in Australia) from Israel and announced the unveiling and official opening of the ancient road where Jesus walked from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple might qualify as our Lord glorifying His Name?
      Thinking of Sister Colleen M. and wondering if she knows about this 2000 year old "Pilgrim's Road" that has been buried until now.
      The unveiling was attended by both Jason Greenblatt and Lindsay Graham on Sunday but it was just announced yesterday our time. Anyway, thought you might could point her to the news if she hasn't seen it. ("Israel unveils Roman road "Jesus walked" to reach Temple in Jerusalem after $100M project to excavate it from beneath a potato field.")

    3. Sheila B., Blessings. Hmmm. I scanned you post earlier, quick in and out at the office, and thought that was likely your Q. 1st, I'd not seen THAT headline anywhere and not in relation to the other, which I had seen mentioned. Not sure why the uncovering of such a spot, and, apparently, though yet to read anything, 'scientifically' 'verified' as truth &/or so 'miraculously' 'discovered' would qualify for such a marquee. Is my cynicism showing? Pardon me, let me go apply some anti-sceptic.

      Ah, that's better. Well now, I will let my ignorance apart from headlines insulate me from details clouding my perspective. When that idea immediately tumbled though my mind, as I was reading your post and before I even got to your question (bad listener), with equal immediacy was 'no'. That, then, followed by "I" Will Glorify My Name. Again, all this in a moment, so no time to Q The Divine reflexively, as usual, sigh, and or weigh the details, esp as had not seen it put forward as you did. However, such a headline, in my spirit, reinforces my original take on it.

      Surely any path upon which Our Lord Trod Is Precious. By the way, it's called the Earth. Every grain of sand upon it dwells within His Bosom, is front and center in his mind, and is no less worthy of His Praise than any other, therein. (Just taking dictation here.) Christ Came Not To Glorify Himself, But The Father; and The Spirit Works To Glorify The Son.

      When Our Father Moves To Glorify HIS OWN NAME, we will not conjecture about it, oh no. I also don't think this is it, but, I've been wrong before. Maranatha!

    4. TY for your reply. I saw it @drudge late last night and pulled up a couple of other articles on it and just thought it was amazingly unusual that it was the entire intact road that ascended up to the Temple from the Pool of Siloam. It was referred to in the article as an incredible, stunning discovery that brought the Bible to life, but the JPost had an article today about how this "Unveiling" has inspired a fiery rhetorical response from the Palestinian Authority and Silwan activists who believe it's part of an attempt to Judaize E.Jerusalem and squeeze them out. Other than this, all I've seen Israel-wise for the 4th/5th are the Ethiopians and Gazans rioting. Hmmm....

    5. God Glorifies His Name: We are saved by Grace through Faith!! Colleen Minter Comments: Mrmbb333 channel proves he glorified his his he shows a swarm of earthquakes that make the number 7! AMEN -- chrissy 1982; I thought I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO NOTICED THE HUGE NUMBER SEVEN!!!!!!!!! HE'S SPEAKING EARTH!!!!!!! -- Lisa

    6. Amen! Thank you Jimboni! This is huge really! Praying for all Family and for every one! Maranatha!

    7. I was so glad to see Colleen M. not only come back, but come back with such a powerful message. As we watch, seeing The Day rapidly approaching, we are being reminded and encouraged to adamantly sound the CENTRAL MESSAGE of THE CROSS. There is NO MORE SACRIFICE!

      I am so thankful for this Family of Believers who are all so purposed to be rounded in the Word of God, taking EVERYTHING He's given us over these many months to strengthen, encourage and bless one another toward our Promised Redemption and the Joy of Meeting our Blessed Redeemer Face to Face. May all that has been and continues to be here shine brightly and be reflected out to those we live among, having our being in Christ and Him Alone. Love You All! Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    8. Well said Jimboni. Amen to that.

  33. The producers of "The Chosen" have put their first 4 episodes out for the weekend 7/5 available free. FYI, if you haven't seen any or all as of yet.

    1. Thank you Kathy. I hadn't noticed that those episodes were out.

      Rebekah from NZ

  34. Amen, Sheila b. It just doesn't seem hard to understand. Faith in Christ plus....nothing. He alone did it all!

  35. Oh my goodness, we just had a 7.1!! It hit in Ridgecrest again. Like I said, we are about 130 miles away and our whole house shook pretty hard, I can't imagine what the damage is at the epicenter. Please pray for the people in Ridgecrest.

    1. Yes just felt that mom. I m south of Santa Barbara.... maranatha

    2. Praying sisters as we know it is coming to pass...


      10min -

    3. Praying for you ALL and for the people right on top of this thing and the First Responders. Our Lord be with you and keep you safe, Sisters. Dutchsinse is live streaming.

    4. California Quake Storm: There Have Been 1,217 Earthquakes In The Ridgecrest Area Within The Last 24 Hours

      This is a new site for me; typical newsy, data rich articles with ads & pics/links throughout. No idea it's spin but data caught my eye and content seems well plumbed so sharing at user's own risk. Looking forward to Annabel's Tri-corder report with that look of Oh-So-Bone's condescending dismay that I wasn't already read up on the last Commander's Journal, CLEARLY!

    5. H1217: batseq: dough (for cooking) (5) Exodus 12:34 (1st)

      G1217: démiourgos: builder, maker, creator (1) Hebrews 11:9-10

    6. Praying, Maranatha and Amen!

  36. Hi Sheila, I just watched Amanda Christian talking about it. She is I guess concerned because of a dream she had of a 6.9 which the 7.1 was downloaded to a 6.9. Her dream then showed a 9.6 EQ near San Francisco.She felt this one a bit and is so siz or so hours away. Just thought I would share this.

    1. Hey Cathi. Our Lord is truly speaking and I'm praying for many to take heed. I just listened to this song that was recommended by @Charlie Horse on Colleen M's channel. Such a soul soother. @Lauren Daigle-Once and For All.
      SImply Beautiful! Blessings, Sis!

  37. thinking of you all after these EQs!!! be blessed and protected. Ryan (T&T)

  38. T. W. Tramm.

    “Great earthquakes will occur in various places” (Luke 21:11).

    AN unusually powerful earthquake on America’s birthday was felt by some 20 million people and caught the whole nation’s attention.

    The 6.4 temblor centered in Ridgecrest, described by some as being the longest quake they’ve ever experienced, was the strongest to hit Southern California in 20 years.

    A common misconception is that a large earthquake lessens seismic stress, thus decreasing the chances of the Big One occurring. However, seismologists say the opposite is true and that the 4th-of-July quake may have actually set up the region for and even bigger shaking.

    An example of a large earthquake followed by an even bigger one is the Japan tsunami disaster of nearly a decade ago. On March 9, 2011, a magnitude 7.3 quake off the east coast of Japan led some to be complacent when, two days later, a historic magnitude 9 quake struck.

    While a major shaking in California may be dismissed as normal, an increase in unusual seismic activity in diverse places at once cannot be so easily dismissed. For instance, in addition to seeing record earthquake swarms, Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser just set a new record for the shortest time ever between observed eruptions. At Mauna Loa in Hawaii—the world’s largest active volcano—a steady increase in quakes and a significant ground swelling caused Federal officials on July 2 to raise the alert level from “normal” to “advisory.”

    Similar things are happening worldwide.

    What does this surge in seismic activity portend?

    According to the Bible, the most awesome and destructive earth-shaking in human history:

    “I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake …. and every mountain and island was removed from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else … hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” (Rev. 6: 12, 14-17).

    In the wake of the Ridgecrest quake, officials are admitting that a new Los Angeles earthquake warning app did not send out a public alert as designed.

    In contrast, God’s “warning app” is in perfect working order. The increase in seismic and other phenomena the Bible calls birth pains are His signal to humanity that Judgment Day is near.

    Are you heeding the message?

    . . .

    1. In prayer for the beloved brothers in America!


    2. So this 7.1 EQ in the 7th month was centered 17 km NNE of Ridgecrest and 17 km deep and the immediate aftershocks formed the number 7 geographically?
      71717177 --or three 17's centered between two 7's.. Just musing, but I believe the Victory is signed, sealed and about to be delivered:-)

    3. *Just to be clear, I do not look at the 17 as a date, but rather as a symbol of His Victory and I am looking for His return to catch us up on whatever day He has chosen for us. Anyone who is condemning people to hell for not putting all their stock in the July 17th date as the Rapture is outright lying--it's NOT about that particular date--it's about the False Doctrine they are using in an attempt to instill an unholy fear into the Body of Christ.

      "God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love--He has given you a mind that has been delivered, rescued, revived, salvaged, protected, and brought into a place of safety and security so that it is no longer affected by illogical, unfounded, and absurd thoughts."
      2Tim.1:7 (another 17;-)
      *credit to does it mean to have a sound mind?

      Be Blessed!

    4. I don't know what to make of the 17 and 717 phenomena. As Sheila noted, "17" is the number for victory! Jesus rose on the 17th day of Nissan. 1+7 = 8, Jesus rose on the 8th day, Sunday - Son day! Jesus will come on they day and hour that the Father has chosen ... we to be ready, watching at all times. The YT channels that are promoting this date of the 17th have a spirit of haughtiness, claiming that their work of watching is more important or has more merit that the work of other watchers. This is not to say that the work of Christine at Rapture at Twilight doesn't have merit because I do find it provocative that the last 7 blood moons since 2014 may represent the last 7 days that Jesus walked the earth and rose from the dead! The sad thing is that they have turned watching with joy for Jesus into a competition of who is watching the best. Yet the real danger is not from believing in the date they have set but in believing in the false gospel of "works" that they preach! This is a serious issue that could deceive someone to believe that a person's Salvation is based on believing in the works of a watcher of Jesus or it based on believing in a Rapture date or it is based on holding onto a Rapture Rooster instead of being based in believing in the finished work of "the Lamb" on the Cross at Calvary.

      The world is in desperate need of repentance and Salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ and this is the reason I think God sent the gift of the spirit of Maranatha, to declare the soon return of Jesus for His Church along with the gospel of Grace on how to be ready for His return. If you know the date of Jesus' return but do not know Him, what good will that knowledge be to you on that day? I have been tracking Rapture date predictions since the Revelation 12 sign and I have recorded over 100 wrong predictions since 9/23/2017 ... and this is just the ones I found worthy to track. This is clear proof that "no man knows the day or the hour". Will Jesus come today, tomorrow or on the 17th? I do not know and often I am reminded of my Mom's wisdom "Time will Tell" and other times I remember my Dad's wisdom "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then". Blessings to the family of Grace.

    5. Well put, Rogersings.

      And great find sister, Sheila.

      177 is also the Earthquake Tetrad number that Daniel Matson discovered along this journey.

    6. I like that one Roger, "Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn now and then" , will be interesting to see what transpires in the coming 10 days.

      My bags are packed, and I am ready to go, just waiting for my flight to be confirmed!!

    7. Beautiful brothers and sisters we are ready to go, As in Luke, " we pray that we be counted Worthy to escape the things that are to come to pass." In the mean time with the ..rock n rolling here in cali.. Standing on Christ the solid ground . with Michael W. Smith saying

    8. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
      Just waiting for that trump to blow
      I won't have time to even say goodbye

      The dawn will break at early morn
      Jesus will come open the door
      And in a moment I will rise and fly

      So believe and be born again
      Be forgiven of you sin
      This is what you really need to know

      I'm leaving in the Rapture
      That's what I looking after
      Oh, Lord I long to go

    9. 'been a while since we've had a, 'to the tune of...' around here, very nicely done, Maranatha!

  39. Thank you brother Jeova.

    Over at today

    The Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is approaching a record number of eruptions

    The world’s tallest active geyser — whose major eruptions shoot water more than 300 feet into the air — is known to be unpredictable. But if there was ever a year to witness Steamboat’s spectacular surge of water, this might be it. We’re just over halfway through 2019 and the Steamboat Geyser has already erupted 25 times, according to the US Geological Survey.

  40. just enjoying a little alfredo, with a small side serving of humble pie, mmm, lovin' it, surely. But wonderin', mayhaps there might be a '10' AND a '7'? Pastor Tim's recent with a mid-vid flash vision of A Hand Sweeping The Door Shut? Well, Monday/TUESDAY would be about the 10-ski and, just sayin', perhaps Tuesday is Thrice Blessed? Maranatha!

  41. Hey Jimboni and Sheila,
    I could swear there was an article years ago by Jack Kelly regarding all the things/requirements that would have to be met before a third temple could be built and one of them was building a road to the temple that the Muslims would probably never allow. I cannot remember the name of the road and cannot find the article although I have searched and searched. The article came out because of all the red heifer discoveries and people wondering if the temple would be built soon. Of course the red heifer was also a requirement and something about ritual cleansing. I'm pretty sure it was Jack Kelly, but maybe Jack Kinsella? For what it's worth….

    I'm steeped in preparing for a memorial for my mom that I didn't want to do (hoping we would have flown by now), but am diving into since my nephew is here from Portland for only 10 more days and don't want to make him come back. Prayers for me getting it all done and getting through it without drowning everyone in my tears would be greatly appreciated. Also, our son and his wife (the two Jordans) along with our 10 month old grandson Lou headed out to San Fransisco on July 4th to drive down the coast (again, would have warned them, but the tin foil hat would have screamed louder than my words) to fly back home out of LA on Wednesday. I would not be adverse to flying HOME anytime soon. Praying for all of you on both coasts and everywhere in between! Maranatha!

    1. ShelleyB, Blessings. My head is fuzzy on the details but what you speak of is all entangled with the Eastern Gate, the spot where the Muslims, without permission, are currently erecting a mosque specifically to impede Messiah's coming ala the road you cite. I believe that this is also nearby/related to the cite where the 'altar dedication' occurred. Sorry, not my area of detail geekishness.

    2. ShelleyB, praying for you in regards to your mom. I know that's a hard task for a daughter, but trusting our Lord to strengthen you with knowing that it won't be long til you will be reunited. My daughter is in Florida with her new husband Jordan and my grandson Jayden planning to drive back to Texas next week and my nerves are really on edge about that too with the way things are going right now, but I'm trusting the Lord to just watch between us as only He can. And no doubt that intact "Pilgrim's Road" up to the Temple has been unveiled at this particular time for a specific reason. Blessings, Sister and TY for that possible connection:-)

    3. Shelley B and all. During pressent times it's difficult for me to keep my head afloat I have not lost any one in the past year. I pray for your comfort, Shelley, now here you are taking care of things for all family visiting. I' listened to the song; it certainly brings tears to my eyes. Joey and Rory.. "When I am gone. " In all things we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.. Maranatha

  42. Update. DAHBOO77 cites info coming from his intel sources showing that analysis of seismic pattern on the initial 6.4 actually matches a detonation, not an earthquake. He also points out that the dominant area of quakes, the top 'bar' of the '7' as it looked to me, all sit across the center of military testing grounds.

    We know That Our Lord Is Setting Up Final Details, Minutely. The wiles of the Enemy serve The King, ultimately, To His Glory, amen. In light of recent event 'snapshots' we've seen, regardless of the details/reasons, this little nugget actually makes this all MORE Aligned with our moment than not, no? PING - Ping - ping - . . .

    1. Cue the "Jaws" music as the events intensify. I woke up from a vivid dream back on July 2nd and wrote it down unsure about sharing it at the time, but with Nevada popping up in reports, I feel led to share the gist of it. It was from an observational standpoint and took place in a big Las Vegas Hotel Casino.

      There was a large group of people being warned by a tall long-haired man to stay inside and shelter in place. The man was walking around pulling on slot machines that one after the other hit a jackpot, but he didn't seem to care about the winnings and just kept walking and warning. He looked like a cross between a cowboy and a biker in his dress and reminded me oddly enough of John Travolta in the face, making me think of his role in that movie where he played an angel named Michael. The crowd of people were murmuring against both his winnings and his warnings and doubted there was anything to fear outside. They chose one man from among them as a spokesman to confront the man warning them. He stepped forward to accuse the tall man of lying to them, who then pulled him aside into another big office-type room and closed the door. He waved his hand at large picture window overlooking a hilly desert view and the window instantly cracked and spider-webbed as thunder roared and a huge bright orange explosion filled the sky behind the hills. He turned to the man and sternly said "I tell you not gamble with this. You must lead all of those people into the Word of God and they must believe it in order to escape the coming cataclysm."

      So I dunno, but I'm seeing a lot of mentions of Nevada with the explosions in Reno, people feeling the quakes there and now the possibility of clandestine military type activities being posited. Also seeing recommendations for Californians to leave and head east and it seems like I remember some kind of Govt. Drill not too long ago that involved rehearsing the evacuation of tons of people from Cali into Nevada and Arizona.
      Strange days indeed, so just be Blessed and ready! Maranatha!

  43. I grew up about 60 miles west of Bakersfield and later on lived and worked there for about 7 years. My Home Church is still there. I used to work for the University and would often visit the Ridgecrest, China Lake Naval Weapons Station and Edwards Air Force Base areas for student presentations. I needed to get a clearance way in advance and being on those sites was a bit eerie. Some are saying that the second one, the 7.1 was more of a surface effect with the land resonating for almost an hour…un-heard of. I would not be surprised if they are/were doing tests of some sort...maybe.

    My parents who live down there in the area of Bako said they felt the quakes but they are used to it as most would say living in the Midwest that they are ‘accustomed’ to tornado sirens…not me! I will be driving down soon to check-up on them. Anyway, I got inspired by Maranatha777 with permission to highlight the seemingly ‘birth pangs’ the world is experiencing with predicted Rapture dates, the undeniable increases in frequency and intensity; in weird weather, earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars and the like that Jesus foretold us about.

    So, I made a poster about it. It is entitled, the ‘Rapture Equation’ as such, especially with this July 17 date that will come and go also. I dedicate it to our beloved Brother and Watchman Paul S. who can now confirm, from beyond that it was Pre-Trib.

    You all are welcome to download the poster too. I hope it will be an encouragement.
    Blessings as we need to be constantly reminded that to watch is to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, ‘the Solution to the Equation’, any Problem or Equation.
    Lu Vega

    1. Greatest thanks, Lu! Your equation is really amazing! Studying it and the Word of God! Very much blessings to you and to your work before the Lord!

  44. Sharing...
    TW Tramm

    HISTORICALLY SPEAKING, large earthquakes in California are normal.

    To add some context to this week’s major quakes near Ridgecrest, however, it’s interesting to note that California has been experiencing a mysterious century-long lull in large, ground-rupturing earthquakes, temblors that actually offset the earth at the surface.

    Between 1900 and 1918, California experienced two ground-rupturing quakes, the 1906 San Francisco quake and a magnitude-6.7 temblor on the San Jacinto Fault. Yet, the state’s San Andreas, Hayward, and San Jacinto faults haven’t experienced one since.

    In fact, the last 100-years is the only period in the last 1,000 years to see no ground-rupturing quakes when, according to a recent USGS study, there should be three or four such events every century.

    Scientists have no explanation for the eerie earthquake hiatus on all three faults but recently warned that “Californians should be ready for a flurry of ground-shattering quakes in the near future.”

    Could this week’s major shakings in Ridgecrest mark the beginning of the forecast flurry?

    The other interesting thing, from an eschatological perspective, is that the Ridgecrest quakes brought to an end California’s 20-year earthquake drought in 2019—a year of unprecedented prophetic convergence—and on the birthday of the nation proposing a Middle East peace plan (1 Thess. 5:3; Joel 3:2).

    Moreover, the California quakes come at a time of increasing seismic events worldwide, corresponding to Jesus’ prophecy about earthquakes and other phenomena increasing in frequency and intensity in various places, before His return (Matt. 24).

    When citing statistics to show how seismic trends correspond to Bible prophecy, it’s important to note that the Greek word translated “earthquakes” (seismos) in Matthew refers not only to shakings of the ground but also to atmospheric disturbances.

    So when the Lord said seismos would increase before His return He was referring not only to earthquakes and volcanism but to hurricanes, tornadoes, and every other type of storm.

    With all of the above in view, it feels like the shaking in California may not represent merely a “return to normal,” as some have called it, but rather the beginning of a new era of seismic activity.

    . . .



    1. Seismos definition (Strong’s G4578).

    1. Jeova,
      I think you're on to something with all your comments and the mysterious century-long lull in large, ground-rupturing earthquakes. Having lived in northern California all my life, it was very rare and unusual to experience the two (2) back-to-back earthquakes that occurred on July 4th and 5th. In both instances and the moment the earthquakes struck, my wife and I observed the water in our swimming pool slosh back and forth with the 2nd quake being stronger push water out and over the edge of our pool. And we live approximately 390 miles north of Ridgecrest!

      Since Saturday afternoon, I can't help but get out of my mind the three (3) woes frequently written in the bible, which appear to be written to put special emphasis or warning of some future, prophetic event. Specifically, this comes to mind, "woe (6.4 earthquake), woe (7.1 earthquake), woe (?) to the inhabiters of the earth (California?)..." as written in Revelation 8. I wonder if another 3rd large earthquake will hit California shortly, followed by a "great" earthquake sometime later. According to Dutchsinse, if the pressure from the recent Ridgecrest earthquakes are not released eastward towards Texas, etc then California may experience another large earthquake (7.0 magnitude or greater) in the next 3-4 days. Time will tell, but it sure seems that we are experiencing more birth pains or contractions at an ever increasing rate these days, at least here in California. My sense is that we're getting very close to being with our bridegroom! Take care, brothers and sisters.

    2. Jeova, love these breakdowns from t w tram. The point about word for earthquakes also meaning storms is very interesting.

    3. For those of you who were sensing a count down of things, here is a notion of something in relation to it:


      From five Elliot Song

      Trump used the 243rd Independence Day celebration to lift himself up. It reminded me of the Belshazzar's feast.

      Here is a message from Jeff Byerly RE: the 4th of July.
      20min -

      Thus "3 Day Warning" that Patricia received should be applied from 7/4, and it fits to "5,6,7,Jesus!"

  45. In Samantha's memorial video (Update #6 of this post) she starts reading from this page at the 36-minute mark, not the 30-minute mark. :)

  46. Today marks a year since Paul's passing; I was the one that was on the phone with him when he was stuck by that car.

    Paul was my friend/family; I met Paul when I was 17(I am now 33) and applied to Walden Bookstore, he became my extended family at that time. Paul and I spoke frequently and would often have long conversations. I never thought that I would hear his last words. He was a great soul and a true believer, I'm sorry I just stumbled upon this post but I miss him so much.

    1. I'm sorry it posted me as unknown.


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