Last Days Encouragement For Those Adrift

49 Days is a long time to wait to be rescued. Adrift in a harsh environment and all alone. 7 entire weeks. No certainty of when a rescuer would arrive. No guarantee that one would arrive at all.

Perhaps, like the young Indonesian fisherman who we have all heard about recently, you feel like you have been adrift at sea. Perhaps the Bible and prayer are the only things that help you endure... perhaps like the fisherman, they are the only things that helped keep from taking your own life.

Perhaps you feel alone like him, lost like him, tired like him....ready to give up. And like him, maybe there has been several times when you thought you saw your imminent rescue on the horizon only to be met with disappointment shortly thereafter. Perhaps this young man's story is a parable of your own life recently and you are wondering when your rescuer come??

Perhaps you are even wondering if your faith will survive until the day of that rescue.
Perhaps you are wondering if you will still be clinging to your little wooden raft of faith on that great day...

If that happens to be you I offer you the following comfort:

Yes you will.

You will make it. You will get through! You will be rescued... God Himself will make sure of it! In fact, He has promised us that very thing! Read the following two verses and let them soak deep into your heart.
He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6
And this...
He will sustain you to the end, so that you will be blameless for the day of Christ. God, who has called you into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful. 1 Cor 1:8
I pray that you are encouraged by these verses. I personally have them on a posted on my desk. I urge you to call upon these promises during the dark times of your watch. Believe that He abundantly able to sustain you and carry you to the day of Christ.

Believe with all your heart that God himself will see you through to the end and rescue you before your can fail. And unlike the fledging ladder the exhausted boy had to climb, we will be miraculously caught up to safety without an ounce of effort of our own! After all, He has promised us exactly that!!!!! Maranatha!

Here is a good article on the fisherman from the Christian Post:
Teen Stranded at Sea for 7 Weeks Survived Suicidal Thoughts With Bible Reading, Prayer

Here is a good video, although not surprisingly ABC News fails to mention the Bible even once (3 minutes):


  1. Thank you Brad! This is really incredible! These are exactly my feelings the very last days! And this is the Lord's answer to my prayers! Be blessed very much! I'm reading this blog continually and can't often post in my pain. I'm alone with my faith and prayer. All my relatives are unbelieving, some of them hate me for my faith. With me are only my husband, son and father, and they are all very worldly, take only my daily Biblestudy. I'm sitting at home because of my sickness. Praying. Thanks to all our Family! The Lord is coming! Maranatha!

    1. Alla D, as you know, we jointly lift you in prayers, daily, sister. We love you and your witness for Our Lord. Your steadfastness, surely Of The Lord, lifts us ALL as we press on. They hated Our Lord so that same coming your way is a Blessing, a witness that you are His, amen, as hard as that can be. Know that this time will be to your credit for eternity and a part of your private Joy, FOREVER. The Spirit in you threatens the spirit in them simply being in the same room. Remember that their offense is not at you, but at the Gospel, amen. May Our Lord be Pleased to Lift your spirit a bit more, today, and Shoulder a bit more of your burden, Himself, this day, amen.

    2. Amen! Alla, you are never alone in this wait. We are all with you in the Spirit and that, sweet Sister, trumps the fleshly things of this world. It's a strange thing, I know, but I can be in a room full of people and I am still thinking about this wonderful Spiritual family in Christ that resides in my heart. Praying for each of you is so special and fervent because I know you want those prayers and they mean a lot to you. And as I was praying late last night, I went to ask our Lord AGAIN if He's really about to come and get us, but before I could even get the words out, I heard loudly in my spirit the words "A RESOUNDING YES!" In fact, I was startled and wondered if my husband might have heard it in the other room, then I just sort of crumbled in Praise. The hsbd was already asleep, but I woke him up to ask if he'd heard anything. Like poking a sleeping bear, LOL. Anyway, I know I didn't shout at my own self after midnight using a word like "resounding", so I am encouraged and I hope you are too! Blessings and Marantha!

    3. Sheila B., funny, here we are posting around each other, ha! On my commute, today, The Lord was unpacking His Answer to you, a bit, it seemed, for me to share. Everything coming from Our Lord has value, amen. That He Didn't Say "Yes!" and Spiritually Empower that with urgency or whatever flavor He wished, well Within His Ability to Communicate thus, means some things.


      RE: To occur again, duplication, of, or about a topic;
      SOUNDING (in context): Amplified such that it reverberates back from the surroundings.

      RESOUNDING: SPOKEN AGAIN. Love and Grace in action that The Almighty Answers Thus. He does NOT Like Repeating Himself. (Jeremiah 7:25, Jeremiah 35:15, Jeremiah 44:4).
      SPOKEN AUTHORITATIVELY. That which was Said stands on its own.
      WITH IRRETRIEVABLE FINALITY. Like the sound of a mountain collapsing, entirely, in a great quake, it is FINISHED. Maranatha!

    4. Blown away...Praise You Lord Jesus for Your longsuffering to us-ward. 2Pet.3:9

    5. Praying for you and your loved ones, dear Sister Alla!

    6. Sheila, that is so profound, i almost hate to add what it made me think of. But Cathi needs a chuckle.

      Years ago i saw a book in a Christian bookstore titled:
      Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy .....and sometimes I let him sleep.

    7. Ha! I saw that book, too Cy&Cry!

  2. I bet that young man learned to pray on that raft - there are no atheists in a Fox Hole and he was definitely in one. Alla, we share your burden only in prayer, but it is none the less shared as we bring your plight before the Father's Throne and thank Him for responding to our pleas on your behalf. In Jesus' Mighty Name - Amen Blessings - Sherry

    1. Great thanks Jimboni, Sheila, Sherry for you kind words ans prayers! Honestly, I didn't want to tell all this. Just this story with the boy accurately describes my spiritual story and state. I know the Lord is near, and you are all praying. Praying for all Family! Yes, Sheila! RESOUNDING! I feel also this. I don't have dreams, but I pray and open the Bible, and there's very rightly always! Today was my study Prov 29:9-11 (KJV), not by my prayer, but they gave it to my fellowbeliever. I tried to learn this also as the Lord's encouraging. Very much blessings! Maranatha!

    2. Alla, I wish I did know what to say and not say the wrong thing. I understand not wanting to say what you had only too well. But, you did fine. The young man on the raft adrift on the sea rang deep within you.
      A bit of light amidst the darkness, I am thinking, as to your husband, son, and father reading/hearing your Bible study. Tho, discouraging because they are not sharing your deep, joyous faith.
      In thinking about the word ""adrift" I looked the word up:

      adjective & adverb
      (of a boat or its passengers) floating without being either moored or steered.
      "a cargo ship went adrift"

      synonyms: drifting, unmoored, unanchored
      (of a person) without purpose or guidance; lost and confused.
      "he was adrift in a strange country"

      But, this isn't you, Alla! You have a country ... A heavenly country!
      Hebrews 11:16
      But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

      You are not unmoored!
      You have an anchor ...
      Hebrews 6:19
      We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain. Hebrews 6:20 where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf, ...

      You have a purpose:
      1 Peter 2:9
      But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

      I can see those waves too, and feel the cold winds asail me and the darkening of the sky overwhelming me, the hunger, the thirst, the chapped and cracked lips, the tangled hair, the wet skin, the soaked-filled clothes clinging to my body, the fears and worries of what is out there coming toward me, and the loneliness of it all, Alla!!
      Only too well!
      But, I think of the Apostle Peter and his seeing Jesus as he asks if it is him from afar, and he leaves the boat amidst the wind and the waves ... Matthew 14:29-30
      That he did, tho he saw the wind boisterous ... But, Jesus immediately reached out for him. And, so He does for us.

    3. P.S., Alla
      Philippians 4:7 King James Version (KJV)
      And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Amen

    4. Felt the joy and love of Christ in that Cathi. Lovely!

    5. Miguel! Thank you! 🙂
      I know those waves and cold winds as Alla felt in being adrift in the sea like the young Indonesian man experienced ... as do you. I am so glad you felt His joy and love. I felt this too as I was typing, wanting God to help me. And, so He had. Amazing ... His love for us.
      I have been thinking about you (which I briefly mentioned on the previous post).
      Our hearts can be so restless as I imagine the sea is in its storm-tossed waves 🌊.
      This concha shell emoji 🐚 came up here and it made me think of a sound, a whistling, an echo, a calling sound of God reaching out to you.
      It is only so true his pinions are covering you.
      Psalms 91:4
      He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.
      “A buckler differs from a shield in that the latter is carried by straps and worn on the arm whereas the former is held in single-hand in a “fist” grip. It is difficult to trace the history of the weapon as many times any type of round shield or small targe would be called buckler, regardless of whether it was held in the fist or worn on the arm. The buckler was a small, maneuverable, hand-held shield for deflecting and punching blows. It was usually round and made of metal but occasionally of hardened leather or layers of wood. (Tarassuk & Blaire, p. 105). Bucklers were typically round and frequently between 8 to 16 inches in diameter, but octagonal, square, and trapezoidal versions were also known.” Sword and Buckler Fencing" from, A Little Perspective.

    6. Very great thanks Cathi! You are right really! The Lord is always with me and cares for everything. Need to pray about my faith! I will write your teaching into my notes and make of it my own outline as always! You were writing to me, and also got into Miguel herewith. This is the action of the Lord! Blessings to you and Miguel with all your families. The Lord is going for us already! Maranatha!

    7. Lovely encouragement for everyone, Cathi! A lesson I learned a long time ago was that when we are too weak to reach up, He will drop that anchor right down to us. Blessings and many thanks, Sister:-)

    8. Alla, I am glad you found this useful for you and in seeing this as confirmation from God because of Miguel's words. Amen.
      As Sheila said, an encouragement for us all!

      Thank you, Sheila. You know, from your and Sherry's support I was so encouraged and I think a freeing or dislodgement took place for me.

      Jimboni - in reading of our shield of faith and the battle shield known as the "shield wall" caused me to see this is what I felt. A wall that I wasn't able to get through. Nevermind attempting to climb over it. Really.
      And, on this post I ended up referencing a shield and a buckler (looking up what a buckler was) in thoughts toward Miguel, here again! The fiery darts of the evil one and our shield. The shield of "locking arms" together preventing attacks from all around us piercing our hearts, minds, or emotions. The power in prayer and raising up those shields.

      Even our Indonesian young man climbing up that rope ladder that was cast over the top of that ship's side - a "wall" if you will.
      A "wall" of our sin, our pride, our flesh, our preconceived ideas and notions, our likes and dislikes ....

      I hadn't paid any much attention if any to this Indonesian man on the raft at sea when Annabel first mentioned him I believe ... Until much later and here on this post! It is like I am there amidst the biting winds, the roiling waves, the heat of the sun and the dark, coldness of the night. As we all are now and then, here and there.

      As a funny aside ... A show from ''Call the Midwife" shown on PBS had two nuns climbing up one of the "rope ladders" on a humongous ship to reach a woman about to give birth ... It was hysterical their antics in getting on that ladder, climbing up it, and getting over the top of that ship. I laugh even now thinking about it.

      My goodness - a woman about to give birth!

  3. 7 weeks on a boat. Hanging on for dear life to make it through till the end... Sounds like "tribulation saints"
    Not sure what being rescued by "Arpeggio" means but the whole story feels like there is another hidden story in it .

    1. Hi Daryl. I did a word search on the relevant words in this story on the prior "One Year Later" thread and you are right. I've learned that when you see a story involving the miraculous, you can be sure that there is something of His story within that story. It's below where Annabel first suggested the article about 3/4 down in the thread if you want to check it out. Blessings!

    2. Seems a good place to nest Sheila B's work here. It seems, at first blush, this to be a form of Love Letter to the Waiting Saints from Our Lord and crafting this thread, here, Brad, Honors Our Lord and Blesses us all, thank you. From prior thread:

      This 18 year old boy was a "Lamp Lighter" on a "Rompong", a floating fishing hut that strayed out to sea and he was miraculously rescued after 49 days by the vessel "Arpeggio". It made for an encouraging study:-)

      G49: hagnismos--purification—(1) Acts 21:26.
      G18: agathos--good, intrinsically good whether seen to be so, or not (10) as to the believer,
      agathos describes what originates from God and is empowered by Him in their life,
      through faith.
      LAMP LIGHTER: G726--HARPAZO--seize, catch away, take by force, etc--used 14x , the
      number of deliverance.
      ROMPONG: G588--apodechomai--to take fully, welcome(persons) approve, gladly receive,
      embrace-- note the "force" of the prefix apo—(7) Luke 8:40, Luke 9:11,
      Acts 2:41, Acts 18:27, Acts 21:17, Acts 24:3, Acts 28:30.
      ARPEGGIO: G468--antapodoma--requital, recompense, a just retribution, for good or bad
      (3) Luke 14:12,14 and Rom.11:9 in opposing ways.

      H49: Abishag-name meaning "my father strayed, or is a wanderer (5) 1Kgs.1,2)
      H18: ebus--crib, trough, manger (3) Job 39:9 , Prov.14:4 , Is.1:3
      LAMP LIGHTER: H340--ayab--an enemy to one's enemies !1) Ex.23:22 in
      reference to God's promise of protection.
      ROMPONG: H317--ochori--another, other--used 6x in reference to the rise of kingdoms in
      Daniel chapters 2 and 7.
      Arpeggio: H219--owrah--light, luminousness, prosperity, herb, a light that quickens dead bodies as the dew (5) 2Kgs4:39 , Esth.8:16 , Ps.139:12 , Is.18:4 , *Is.26:19.

      Content: Sheila B.; Layout: Jimboni; All Praise: Jesus Lord

    3. Well, I just lost everything I was typing here and I will only say the what I just found .... In looking up what a ladder on a ship is called. I should say a "rope ladder". Guess what it is? ... 🥁!!

      "The term Jacob's ladder, used on a ship, applies to two kinds of rope ladders. ... It consists of vertical ropes or chains supporting horizontal, historically round and wooden, rungs. Today, flat runged flexible ladders are also called Jacob's ladders. The name is commonly used without the apostrophe (Jacobs ladder)."

    4. Daryl, the name "Arpeggio" is an Italian music term for a "broken chord" literally the verb arpeggiare means 'playing the harp' look it up on Wikipedia

    5. As a musician, i must make a note re arpeggio. Some gifted artists can hear all the notes in a chord played as a whole. But the arpeggio informs any listener of the composition of a chord and the attentive mind naturally blends it back into the whole. It's a more gentle sound (the harp is soothing).

      It reminds me of how several minds individually contribute their notes and the overall effect is rather grand..

    6. Amen and evidenced in Scripture as the instrument that David used to soothe Saul's troubled soul. 1Sam.16:14-19

  4. Just a quick add-in for my fellow sluthers - Don't forget an Arpeggio is a "broken chord" played one note at a time either rising or falling - I'd say it pretty much defines the human condition. The question is, are you rising or falling? Blessings - Sherry

    1. Wow, Sherry, thank you and good question! I didn't even go to the plain meanings, but I just looked and it doesn't end there--Arpeggio comes from the Italian word arpeggiare which means to play on a "harp", and what well known king was known for that and was tied in with the Strong's Heb#49 (for the days lost at sea) and Abishag--meaning my father strayed, or is a wanderer) 1Kgs1. That is just so wild. Blessings, Sister:-)

    2. Sherry Griffin, the word did an arpeggio in the back of my head while I was posting but then my bunny got quite eager wherever led and I forgot to go back and explore that isolated note which had rung out along the way. THANKS! It also speaks of our moment, now, where so many 'notes' ring out but only those with 'ears to hear' or eyes to see or shovels to find can "catch the tune". As Colleen M would say, amen?

    3. OK Sherry was first :-) but an European will know from music anyway...

    4. Annabel, you and I will always "hear the music". Just meditating on the word, though, made me think of how important "each note" is, each individual. Together, we make a beautiful sound, but that never lessens the importance of our individual sound and input - it magnifies it. Yes, Sheila, the purpose originally of the Arpeggio was to allow the "single note" instruments to produce the chord harmonies and the Harp is perhaps one of the most beautiful and elegant examples. The layering effect, as in a tapestry, adds strength and depth and resonance to the piece. The single instrument is so necessary and so beautiful in Solo, but when combined with the Orchestra - Oh, what sound! Methinks we are a quite lovely little orchestra. Blessings - Sherry

  5. HOSHANAH RABBAH video message from brother Todd should lift you up!

  6. I was wondering also about this miracle happening in/around INDONESIA whose majority religion is ISLAM in fact:

    Just saying... If this detail means to tell us something then the fact that we're not only surrounded by big waves, sharks and tempests but also by any false religion on this planet, waiting desparately to being rescued from this big ocean as the true but tiny Chrstian remnant... The only important book to have along with you is the BIBLE on our floating raft, together with PRAYER. Everyone of us is ALONE on his personal raft though, I'm already very grateful every day the internet connection isn't cut off yet - but even if it was, there's so much power in our blessed hope! Maranatha!

    1. PS: also the fact how the anchorage IN THE SEA (= world) is ripped / cut off whereas our true anchoring is only in HEAVEN tied into the Holy of Holiest (Hebrew 6:19). Floating on the roaring Sea but deeply entrenched in Heaven...

    2. This is one of those timeless stories that just keeps on giving and that young man's ordeal will glorify the Name of our Lord forever. God is just so good!

    3. The 7x7 plus one is so remniscent of both Pentecost and Jubilee, both about our inheritance and power. A gift that just keeps giving, indeed!

  7. Yes that boy on a raft for 49 days with only his bible and prayers, was a beautifully loaded message that God has given us, (and those left behind) that God knows about us, loves us, knows our needs, and provides for them.

    On my short 4 minute stroll this morning from Train stop to work, I noticed the following numbers in this order: 140 , 103 , 109 , 9 , 110. I punched them into my phone so that I wouldnt forget them, and then looked up their Strongs Concordance relevance:

    140 My Lord has Arisen I Choose
    103 To Gather To Sing
    109 To Grieve Air
    9 a lost thing Abilene (nor of Damascus)
    110 Disciplined of God Immortality

    or in sentence format:

    Hebrew: My Lord has arisen, to gather, to grieve, a lost thing, disciplined of God
    Greek: I choose, to sing, air, Abilene, (North of Damascus), Immortality.

    Also today's random bible reading was:

    Acts 17:30 | NIV
    In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.

    1. That's really beautiful, Jordan. I think it points out something I'd been pondering about this story. The difference in that young man and us (as Believers) as opposed to those others who might have been on that raft, we would know Father was coming for us and we would be rescued, either in this life or as we draw our final breath. The point is - our end is known - Unbelievers - That's it. They have nothing. Sad Indeed. Blessings - Sherry

  8. I'd like to share the following as an encouragement. I was greatly encouraged by this testimony written by a sister or brother in Christ. I don't remember if it was on youtube or somewhere else where I read it as a comment (and I saved it immediately).

    "My testimony is quite long, so I will just summarize it by declaring that the Lord is my healer. He healed me from several illnesses, body and mind. The Lord is my redeemer, He forgave all my wrongdoings and covered me with His mercies. He gave me a reason to live, He has made me whole, and free. My delight is to worship Him and also to be one of His ambassadors here on this world."

    1. Plus another one by a sister in Christ (that one was in a comment on youtube):

      "Also, I have a point to make about God's throne. His throne has always been the throne of "Grace". His seat is the "Mercy" seat. Forever, God's throne has been grace and He will never change that. I have never read in the Bible, "come boldly to the throne of the law". No, God is about grace and mercy. The blood of Jesus has been applied to the mercy seat. "

    2. That is great, Nora! You can see this is true in how God time and time again forgave the Israelites when they called out to Him after their sin and rebellion which led to their sufferings and shame ... as you read this throughout the Old Testament and see His presence more deeply. Until, the time when God's presence left them on this Earth because of their sin and rebellion - and the sorrow and abandonment felt by God as this took place ... Yes, Our God is Mercy and Grace.

    3. The Nature and Character of God. Grace and Mercy, yes, he is Just and Holy, but his penchant, His preference, is Grace and Mercy. Beautiful Norah. Blessings - Sherry

    4. I just love this... all of it! And all of you too! : )

    5. As we all love you and yours, Brother. I'm just watching a message from @Pearl Kolleri today that everyone should watch with the theme of "love each other as I have loved you." It's titled
      "Who Is Counted Worthy To Escape?" 13 minutes and 35 seconds of AWESOME! Blessings and again, more thanks than I can say for not only giving, but maintaining the track for this train to roll Home on:-)

  9. Hello guys, nothing to add re: the 49 days adrift other than, can't make it up and of course there is foreshadowing in it for us to pick apart, which you all have done.

    Here is my "For What Its Worth Nugget" for today (9-27-18) as I was wondering if there could be anything...significant....I simply added today's date which = 37. So...

    ***[Not mine, just passing along]***

    When you see anything related to number 37 (and its reverse 73) think about number 777, perfection, sanctification, consecration, truth and Jesus.

    Thirty-seven can be seen like three sevens - 777 - which has similar meaning. Examples speak for themselves and should make you wonder about this impossible claim...The 3700th verse of the Bible finds the Lord selecting the Levites to be the tribe of Priests who are to be holy and set apart for serving God - not coincidentally, this is also the 3rd chapter and 7th verse (37) of the book of Numbers. This is just one of the Bible's many examples showing how number 37 is related to being saved/raised up or being holy or perfect. Like all God's numbers, opposite meanings can also be found associated with them, so with #37 so you will find themes of not being saved or being defeated/destroyed.

    One very compelling example of the consistent theme association with number 37 are the contents of the seven chapter thirty-sevens of the Bible. Each of these chapters speak of being saved, made perfect, lifted up or opposite themes such as being thrown down or not being saved. It seems no coincidence there happen to be seven chapter thirty-sevens:

    1- Gen 37 -- Joseph thrown into a pit but is lifted out of it (saved)

    2- Exo 37 -- Perfection of furniture in tabernacle - things of Pure Gold, made perfect, annointing oil....

    3- Job 37 -- God comes down, we cannot comprehend a perfect God - the 13,777th Bible verse is Job 37:7 he seals the hand of every man....

    4- Psa 37 -- The Lord will save his people - Psalm 37:37 says "Mark the blameless man" (saved)

    5- Isa 37 -- God will save Jerusalem - the 733rd verse of Isaiah - Isa 37:35 'For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake and for My servant David's sake.' "

    6- Jer 37 -- Jerusalem was saved when the siege was lifted and Jerimiah was also saved from death - Jer 37:21 King Zedekiah commanded - they commit Jeremiah to the court of the guardhouse and gave him a loaf of bread daily (interesting c37 x v21 = 777 and both numbers reflect 3 sevens).

    7- Eze 37 -- The dry bones vision of Israel who will be saved - Eze 37:28 "And the nations will know that I am the LORD who sanctifies Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forever."

    I know how impossible this all sounds but consider in the 777th Bible chapter Jerimiah 32:27 says "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?," and the 37th verse of Luke (1:37) says "For nothing will be impossible with God." Don't be surprised when you see that God has done the impossible - Like God, his numbers and the Bible's perfection are beyond our comprehension.

    1. TY, Charlie. This is a great example of why I love our God's numbers so much. To me, they are like seeing His living Signature on every page of Scripture as well as in all of His Creation. Everything contains a number in some form or fashion that tells a deeper story about it, for good, or for bad. Blessings, Brother!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Great examples Charlie. The one I can't seem to get out of my mind is the number of the Beast 666 when divided by itself - 6 x 6 x 6 or 18 = 37. As you say, there is certainly the obverse of destruction there, but there's something more and I've not been able to put my finger on it yet, but it's like it just won't stop buzzing itself in front of my face over and over again. Blessings - Sherry

    4. Sherry-

      I would say...numbers can have duel meaning and like everything, satan has turned everything upside down. Consider 33. 33 is now known as the # the Masonic Order (instead of Jesus age at His death). So the same thing goes for 37. Coleen missed the good 37 and went to the bad side of 37.

      Satan is the father of lies and deception. The majority of churches are following the lie (bad 37) and not obeying the good 37.

    5. No question about that. We also have to remember Satan is on a short leash and is only able to do what he is allowed to do to serve God's purposes. The dream I was given about The Spirit of 153 made it very clear everything occurring was being done in the Spirit of 153, both good and bad. Just as with the nations, God has used Satan and his cohorts to punish mankind and evil, but like the fallen and the nations, they've taken it too far so when their time comes for punishment, they will be judged very, very harshly in the same manner as they used on Israel and the Church. The specific word I received was, "ALL THINGS must be completed in the Spirit of 153." That's why I look for the repeating numbers 37, 153 etc in both the good and the bad. Blessings - Sherry

  10. Ah, the reason 'why' Trump is in office....and a warning.

    From Mike444 (THE END HAS COME (Trump backs 2 state solution for Israel)

    9min -

  11. Latest from Many Fish
    444 Triumphal Arch. Spiritual War! Kavanaugh Trump Jesuits.The Ends Justify the Means!

  12. From Mike444 - Final Call for the Lukewarm

    ** A connection between Noah's flood and Halloween (day of the dead)?? **

    See Genesis 7:11 (hello, a 711)

    19min -

  13. Jesus Will Cast the First Stone at Her [the harlot, which is the USA] After Tabernacles !

    From timfoster405

    A Biblical study of John 8 and Isaiah 28 where Jesus proclaims that anyone who is without sin will cast the first stone at the harlot (aka Babylon - USA) - Jesus made this proclamation on Tishri 23 - the DAY after the FEAST of TABERNACLES.

    19min -

  14. Here we are, double 7s!!


    1. Just reading about a major 7.5 mag EQ off Indonesia with an ensuing tsunami 2 meters high. Damage, deaths and the missing still being assessed.

    2. It is "show" time folks!!!!! We are so close. All these YTVs confirm one another re: timing...
      Having Jesus Rules and Become Like Jesus on #277 was like, BANG! This is it!

      Josh Sparrow - almost time for the end time harvest...

    3. 'CiD, et al, The 'Sinless casting the 1st stone' PINGED loudly in my spirit the instant my eyes saw it. Some interesting points being made toward the end at @UNSEALED comments, on latest thread, concerning the 2 BEARS, POTUS Limo 'The Bear' and other details also rings of a quickening and possibly that slowing of clacks you hear as the roller coaster you are on approaches the crest....

    4. Sheila B., I started watching FINAL HOUR 277 - THE TIME IS HERE (above) and immediately upon the start of unpacking the 1st flash vision there, involving the ABBA UP! video, I was struck that THIS was for YOU and related to your post, above, about "A RESOUNDING YES", adding, "It is *Confirmed*" i.e. *RE-'sounded'* Maranatha!

    5. Sheila B., but wait, there's more. I strongly feel in my spirit that Our Lord Finds a parallel between you and the little one in the video. Your joy and child-like mirth at digging at numbers, finding patterns and all the other stuff is actually the surface scene revealing the deep, true Joy in your heart for Our Lord and His Coming. Our Lord wants you to know, and ALL of us to know, that He sees your work here, ditto us all but this message was for Sheila B., is a love work to Him, magnified in our hope that others will SEE and be saved, and as beautiful and innocent as the little one who's cry will ring in our ears eternally: ABBA UP! He is COMING! Maranatha!

    6. Hear Hear! Shiver Me Timbers. The night of all nights ahead! But which one?

    7. I do remember that precious little "Abba up!" baby:-). Well, I just came in from walking the circle driveway and looking up at the red sky which reminded me of "Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight". A lot of Nautical thoughts have arisen here with this rescued boy (it's a bit ironic that his home country was hit with destruction today, shaken by a big 7.5 quake and Tsunami) And after reading about the bears and mock trial correlations over @unsealed, I'm not looking any further at the moment than when Nautical Twilight meets Astronomical Twilight over Jerusalem at 7:19 pm their time or 11:19 am CST tomorrow. And if we're still here, then I'll just keep looking until we sail.(Colleen's message last night involved an alarm clock with no snooze button;-)

      G#719--harmos--an articulation (of the body) a joining, joint-- from ararisko--to join together(1x)Heb.4:12

      H#719--Arvad--refuge for the roving, an island city of Palestine whose inhabitants were mariners. (2x) Ezek.27:8,11

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    8. Sheila, I just got an interesting confirmation with the number 719 you just unpacked.

      This will probably require the efforts of several of us to figure out. Each of us has a note, but we need notes to figure out chords, chords to figure out the key, and the right arrangement to figure out the song.

      Here's my note: 4 days ago my order number was 1290 at lunchtime. Distinct circumstances required that I understand the strongs for that number. Greek is disperse and hebrew is knee. A voice said pay attention, To knee. I needed confirmation, so I sat and waited, assured that I would get a confirmation.

      You not only gave me 719, which is joint, but you didn't realize that the 1119 you gave also is KNEE, greek this time.

      So, why should we pay attention to knee? What are the other notes of this song?

    9. Sheila B., et al, your comment about Colleen's Alarm dream was Used Of The Spirit to Elbow me to go listen again. I couldn't SEE before what I was Shown NOW as I hadn't made the connection to your dream and His Response. I made a detailed response in comments, just a bit a go, for those who like how I think and it is a Further Revealing shared, imho.
      Miguel P, "to bend the knee" comes to mind: a very classic term emerging mostly Middle Ages but actually universal in Eastern cultures, as well, "to pay homage to" ; "to submit" (Islam=Submit/Submission of self to Allah via jihad). FWIW, Maranatha!

    10. Hmmm, Miguel...well in keeping with the Nautical theme, there is the SHIP'S KNEE--a timber or metal bracket fashioned usually into a right angle to provide strengthening and support at the junction or "JOINTS" of major components in WOODEN VESSELS. And interestingly enough, besides Noah's Ark obviously being a wooden vessel, the "Rompong" boat this Lamplighter Boy was rescued from has an appearance reminiscent of a small ARK. His ordeal has inspired some strengthening and supportive words among the Body here as well. And the Gk# 588 for Rompong-- apodechomai--to take fully, welcome(persons) approve, gladly receive, embrace--prefix apo is indicative of force. Lamplighter is Gk#726 for harpazo!
      Yep, keeping an eye on the Nautical Twilight:-D

      Anybody else with a piece of the "Arpeggio?"(This is so exciting!)

    11. Interesting, Sheila. I think about knees all of the time. Ha! For me it is all about cartilage.

    12. Jimboni, I read your comment to Colleen--3x's--wow, that was...I'm not sure how to describe what you saw...maybe a "layer" of connections there? So amazing, Brother. (it's really neither here nor there, but I was awake and praying my night prayers when I heard those words. It sounded so audible to me, but I do believe it was spoken in the spirit.) I hope Colleen sees that soon because I think she will find the impetus of what you see there really encouraging as did I.
      We're all gonna have so much joy in eternity searching out the riches of our Precious Lord and Savior, Amen. Blessings until then:-)

    13. LOL, Me, too Cathi. Mine have been popping every which way with this crazy weather. I seriously need a new pair:-D

    14. Last week I spent three days with sister in hospital while she got a new knee. Limp along as long as you can, is all I can say. I trust the resurrection will take care of all that.

    15. Ok, some more musical notes. To reiterate, the Lord gave me 1290 which is strongs hebrew for "Knee". I couldnt get it out of my mind and was praying for confirmation and why the Lord pointed it out to me. Then last night Sheila, unknowingly gave us two different numbers which mean "joint" and "knee".

      Clearly I was supposed to pay attention. I have been on my knees for several days as you may have noticed I hadn't commented much. Perhaps the Lord was affirming my action and attitude.

      But wait there's more.

      Knee is mentioned a lot in the Bible. Every time it relates to humility before the Lord or a place where you put someone you love or bless.

      I also found out that in geography a knee is a bend in a river which fully changes its course and there are many important cities on river knees. Europe, especially Germany has many.

      Things He could be saying with this word:

      1. Stay on your knees as the time is close

      2. I will put you on my knees, as a father holds His children and blesses them.

      3. As parts of the body of Christ, you would do well to be a knee, as the knee is a strong and large joint that is instrumental in getting the body to its proper place.

      4. As the woman in labor travails, her knees come up as the pain increases.

      5. As a river changes course at the knee, so will humanity very soon.

    16. Beautiful and fitting, surely. Still, keeping this one tucked in my pouch as I think more still NEEDs to be said, Maranatha! Sheila B., ikr, very metaphysical but as Colleen had used very similar language when first sharing her dream it all became clear when He Showed me how your 'YES' is the picture of the 'ONE' yes. From a perspective outside time, Our Father, Author of ALL, only answers a question concerning a unique thing, ONCE. From our perspective, He Reveals that according to our moment and His Love Song to each of us atm, Maranatha!

    17. TY, Brother for that little peek into the "logistics" of Eternity, something so hard to wrap our minds around. To be able to see the end from the beginning all at the same time is just about unfathomable in the confines of time, but I believe you expressed something of His Omnipresence there and it's so uplifting when you think about how He is never otherwise occupied when we go to Him in prayer. Too many think they are being bothersome to go our Lord with what they feel might be trivial needs in His sight. No such thing! He is far too great in His magnitude for that and wants us to bring EVERYTHING to Him in faith. Blessings and Marantha!

  15. Interesting, these make today/tonight even more interesting of a 'watch'

    Remember Ron's message to us, God tells us to LEARN HIS APPOINTED TIMES!!!


    Going by Enoch's calendar, we are just ending Yom Kippur. Sukkot has yet to begin.

    Latest from Nick VanderLaan
    14min -


    Also for your consideration, other studies re: Jesus' birth as Tabernacles/ Sukkot (not Trumpets/Teruah). This is rather huge when you consider the Jewish tradition/law of circumcision on the 8th Day (Shemini Atzaret). Born on the 1st day in a "booth" and circumsized on the 8th and Last Great Day.


    Sukkot/ Tabernacles = a time of rejoicing vs. Teruah/Trumpets = a time of shouting

    1] Pastor Mark Biltz - The birth of the Messiah revealed in scripture (at Tabernacles)
    19min -
    14min -

    2] Why Sukkot Is Yeshua's Real Birthday
    10min -

    (Just watch/ read the first 5min of 15min -

    Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles
    From Jews for Jesus
    41min -



    Dear Brothers & Sisters,
    Once again thank you for viewing us. The Lord wanted us to share these Six Flash Visions right away-which the Lord gave - One Of Them on 09/28/2018 (Today), Two Of Them on 09/27/2018, One of them on 09/25/2018 and Two of them on 09/24/2018 respectively. Messiah says it is Extremely Urgent. Something Big and Prophetic is indeed about to Happen!! High Alert: Harpazo??? Chaos??? The Lord showed “RAPTURE”, “RAPTURE” , “RAPTURE” and HE SPOKE AUDIBLY ABOUT IT. Rapture is indeed imminent!! The Lord is indicating that THIS IS THE TIME FOR THE FULLNESS OF GENTILES (ROM.11:25). Once again our dear fellow brethren, we do encourage you to please do take these visions to the Lord and if you would please get back to us with what the Lord reveals to you about it, we will greatly appreciate it. We hope that these extremely urgent visions from the Lord pointing to our Lord's Imminent Return encourages each one of us and helps us to discern the times which we are living in and steers us towards true and complete repentance- "Metanoia".

  17. People just don't see the rule of Islam all over the world and coming into a neighborhood near you (wherever it may be). If you go back and watch/listen to Robert Breaker's study on Mark of the Beast, he foretells of the muslims doing the be-heading for the AC and the the AC having the mark of islam.

    German city braces for protests as Erdogan opens mega mosque

    From Yahoo News (not a crazy Christian news source)

    1. Charlie, this is Cologne the very Roman Catholic "heart" of Germany where this mosque was inaugurated. This Erdogan visit again is one of the most shameful politics moves in my country. But as Isaiah 5:20 is the new normal everywhere now I didn't really expect him to be banned as a 'persona non grata' but they would rather organize a state banquet for him. Embarrassing.

    2. Tipping my hat toward your direction ;-)

  18. Now! One of the "LAST SIGNS" as Gods Word Promises!

    From John, WFTGD (9/29)

    38min -

  19. There’s another thing I’d also like to share because it really refreshed me and gave me great encouragement. The Lord helped me with it just at the right time (no wonder, He always knows what’s best)! :-) This is a series of short articles about the importance of our dependence on the Lord. I found a lot of nuggets in these *short studies*. I copy here the links of them (SORRY for the non-clickable!) and a quote(s) to each from the many nuggets I found.

    1.*Become Like a Little Child?*

    “What makes little children special is they are helpless. The kids in this story didn’t come to Jesus; they were brought to Jesus. Most of them couldn’t walk, so they had to be carried. Some couldn’t stand, so Jesus had to hold them, and he was delighted to do so.

    People were also bringing babies to Jesus for him to place his hands on them… (Luke 18:15)

    In Luke’s account of the story the little children were babies. Yet Jesus says the same thing. “Unless you change and become as helpless as a babe, you’ll never enter the kingdom” (my paraphrase of Luke 18:17).

    Do you see?

    This isn’t about your baby-like faith or your infant-like humility. It’s not about you at all but Jesus whose desire is to help the helpless. And you are totally helpless when it comes to living the life that God wants for you.

    What’s the problem?

    The problem is that many of us are not helpless. We’ve swallowed a self-help gospel that says “Do A, B, and C and you’ll be blessed.” We’re like the rich man in the parable who backed himself, when we should be like Lazarus whom God helped.”

    Link of the article:

    2. *Who’s Your Helper?*

    “Eve was always part of God’s plan for Adam, but she was never meant to be his primary Helper (Ps 60:11, 108:12). Thank God for helpful spouses, but they cannot help you in the way that God helps. Don’t ever think a husband or wife will complete you. It’s not true. Only God can provide that which you need. You’ll sink your marriage if you put God-sized expectations on your spouse.

    “Paul, I thought you were a grace preacher. Why are you giving marriage counselling?”

    Because a helpless world needs a revelation of a God who longs to help us. Whatever your need, God gives grace so that you might be helped:

    Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Heb 4:16, NKJV)”

    Link of the article:

  20. (pt.2.)

    3. *Mixing Grace with Works: It’s Not About the Widow (Luke 18:1-8)*

    “It’s human nature to cheer for the underdog who never quits. But Jesus did not tell us this story so that we might be inspired by the persistent widow. He did it so that we might get a better understanding of our good and gracious Father who, in stark contrast with unjust judges, cares for us and wants to bring about justice for his chosen ones.
    Jesus preached the negative to accentuate the positive. The judge in the story was a lazy and wicked man. He kept stalling. He didn’t do the right thing. He didn’t even do what he was paid to do. But God is nothing like that. God is good! He loves justice! He longs to act quickly! Look at what Jesus said:

    “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.” (Lk 18:7-8)”

    “Trust in yourself and you’re setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Trust in God and you’re setting yourself up for a miracle. It’s not how big your prayer is, it’s how big your God is. That’s why we need to remind ourselves just how big he is when we pray. We need to magnify him. Like David in Psalm 103 we need call to mind his many blessings: God forgives us. God heals us. God redeems us, crowns us and satisfies us with good things. He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love.”

    “Why would Jesus want us to be inspired by a widow who succeeded apart from God? He doesn’t! He uses her to show that we are a gazillion times better off because we have God. We do not need to depend on our own effort because we can trust in the grace of a good God who knows what we need even before we ask him.

    In fact, God is so good and he knows us so well that he even answers prayers that we haven’t got around to praying. I experienced this just last Sunday. During the service I made a note to pray for something with Camilla. It was a family need and I sat there thinking, “we haven’t even prayed about this – we must do it tonight.” Straight after the service I went to find Camilla (she was out back with the kids), and even before I had a chance to speak she gave me some news that told me that God had answered our prayer. And we hadn’t even prayed it yet!”

    Link of the article:

    4. *How to Really Overcome Discouragement: Lessons from the One Who Never Lost Heart*

    “Before the cross people looked forward to justice (Is 30:18). But we live after the cross. The king of justice has already come! Look under Jesus’ throne and you will see he sits on a foundation of righteousness and justice (Ps 89:14). This means that wherever the good news of the king is believed, righteousness and justice follow.

    When injustice comes and life serves you a cold dose of harsh, unfair reality, you have two choices. You can look at the circumstances and get discouraged, or you can fix your eyes on Jesus who is your vindication (Ps 17:2). Don’t pray like a victim. Don’t pray like an unbeliever. Pray with faith that a just king has already come and established his justice here on earth. Maybe the trial you are facing is huge. Jesus is bigger still! Maybe the entire world is picking on you. Look to your Father who justifies you! Look to Jesus who intercedes for you!

    Are you sick? Then proclaim Jesus by whose stripes you are healed (1 Pet 2:24). Are you being mistreated? Then proclaim Jesus who liberates the oppressed (Lk 4:18). Whatever injustice you are battling with, proclaim Jesus! His victory at the cross brought you salvation and healing, deliverance and favor, righteousness and justice. If you aren’t seeing these things, then declare the words of Jesus to your circumstances. When Jesus speaks injustice must shut its mouth.”

    Link of the article:

  21. (pt.3.)

    5. *Labor to Enter His Rest (Hebrews 4:11)*

    “The work we rest from is the dead work of trying to earn God’s favor. Read the passage in context and you will see that it is referring to the unbelieving children of Israel. They tried to earn what God wanted to give them and consequently they never entered the Lord’s rest.

    If you don’t believe that God wants to bless you and, indeed, that he already has blessed you with every blessing in Christ Jesus, then you will work and never rest. You will exhaust yourself trying to get what he has already given. You may work for salvation, sanctification, or rewards, but if you are trying instead of trusting you will be anxious and insecure. You will always wonder, have I done enough?”

    Link of the article:

    6. *Life Doesn’t Have the Last Word (When You’re Walking in the Spirit)*

    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (Pro 3:5-6, NIV)

    The operative word in this passage is “acknowledge.” It does not mean tipping your hat to Jesus whenever you go charging off on a scheme of your own invention. Neither is it saying “I want to thank the Lord Jesus” in all the little victory speeches of your life. Acknowledging the Lord means knowing Him in all your ways. Here’s the same verse in a literal translation:

    In all thy ways know thou Him, And He doth make straight thy paths. (Pro 3:6, YLT)

    When the doctor has just pronounced the sentence of death, you want to know the Lord – what does He say on the matter? It’s His word that counts. When you’ve been offered a promotion or you’ve just met the perfect man or woman and it all seems good to you, you want to know the Lord – what does He think about this? The spirit-conscious believer is not the slightest bit interested in what his experience or natural understanding tells him. His sole desire is to know and follow Jesus every day.

    Knowing the Lord as you walk through life will make a crooked path straight. When you know the Lord you’ll walk through the valley of the shadow of death with no fear and you’ll feast in the presence of your enemies.”

    Link of the article:

    1. Blessings, Nora and TY, Sister for bringing another inspiring and restful message to us. So much in this life argues against that wonderful rest we can always find in Christ. If we could just train ourselves to always go there FIRST! I'm better at it now than I've ever been, but your post reminds me to remember option A:-)

    2. *Hugs* Sister Sheila! :-) That was a very timely teaching to me.

  22. Maybe a change of pace, in light of the larger significance of the next 36 hours, or so, but some personal updates and major Praise Report. Lite PR 1st, it's been about 2 weeks not with no interventives or symptoms with my tooth so, whew, slipped the wolf on the way to Grandmother's house THAT time, thank you for your prayers.

    On a much more significant area, Caleb is working to neurologically process the ongoing restoration of his legs. "Dad, I've got my legs back" Is how he puts it. Well, we're not quite there yet but, compared to paraplegia for 4 years, esp from HIS perspective, we'll be working on the details but Praise Jesus Caleb can feel his hand on his thigh and lift and return his feet out of and back into his foot rests on his chair, wow. Again, your prayers and His affirming our working together at these times, play a part, thank you, Maranatha!

    1. Jimboni, I was ready to send what I wrote but thought let someone else say something first. Congrats on a pain-free tooth! A bit later I asked God to heal Caleb and the verses I read earlier today came to mind. I had looked up Hebrews 10:35-36 as to keeping ones confidence learning it was a boldness. Just thought I would say this, I guess. I ask God to heal Caleb in thinking of him when my lower legs/knees hurt most intensely. I see all the tenacity and forebearance exemplified by you and your son. His blessings and presence to you.

    2. Just a couple thoughts Jimboni, I love Caleb's heart. We are told "We receive not, because we ask not" - then further "We are to ask, expecting to receive" and then "We are to Come Boldly, before the Throne of Grace". We are to "Thank Him for the answer to our petition as we ask, knowing we have received what we asked rightly". Now, we've all played these "notes" here separately, but if we look at them all together it seems to me Caleb has already received and he's just working out the manifestation as we are to rightly do. He's moving forward in "Childlike Faith", which we often make the mistake of thinking to ourselves is just, "too young to know better". Adults are so sensitive to putting ourselves out there and risking not receiving what we are counting on. I often wonder if we've preconditioned ourselves to be able to better weather the disappointment and thus not be challenged in our faith because we are "older and wiser". Might we better name it "weaker and more cowardly"? Do we always receive what we ask if we ask in childlike faith? No, because not everything serves His greater purpose, but childlike faith does not mean "simple minded". I sense if there is any delay in Caleb's recovery his response will not be to turn from God or blame God, but more to look more deeply and ask God, "What do you wish to teach me in this situation I could not have learned without the difficulty?" That's the appropriate response - not simple minded, not doubting, but seeking the Face and Mind and Heart of God in each situation while knowing at its root will always be the nature and character of God. What is His nature and character? Love, compassion, mercy and yes justice - but only when couple with love, compassion and mercy for His children who are seeking Him and striving to be what He would have us be. It's a delicate balancing act, but I sense Caleb will have mastered it long before the rest of us get there. I rejoice to hear Caleb coming before the throne Boldly, Never doubting and Praising in Gratitude as He goes. Blessings - Sherry

    3. Yea and Amen, Sherry. I have noticed in recent days a move across the waves encouraging others to reclaim that child-like faith and joy which leads me to believe our Lord is doing some heart work as He prepares to gather His children.The growing message I'm seeing spreading out among the Brethren is to "love one another as I have loved you", which from the beginning was the evidence of the true followers of Jesus Christ. (It's something I've been seeing in our sister Nora's posts lately as well after she took a break, then came back strong with this type of message). A fitting final move of the Holy Spirit among us, I would think. Blessings, Sister and Maranatha:-)

  23. Alla praying for you Our affliction is not in vain. We have a cloud of witnesses. ... and soon we will lay our crowns at his feet. Jimboni, will continue to pray that the Lord will infuse the nerve roots for Caleb . Lord bless each of you for passing scripture for edification ... Sheila, Cathi, Nora, Jimboni, Charlie, Brad, Miguel, C..CY Sherry, God s Warrior ..praying for you...and all in Christ. We are blessed to search the word and praying always for one another. Maranatha

    1. Amen! Blessings to you too, Sis! :-)

    2. Amen, VeeBee! Great thanks! This is the prayer which I prayed yesterday exactly!
      Thank you Nora for your great teaching! Studying it diligently! Maranatha!

    3. And also VeeBee I'm praying for you and all yours! Much Blessings!

    4. Prayers received on my behalf and those who aren't yet responding to our cries for reports (GW) and thanking you for keeping us all in your prayers as we do for you Sweet Sister. Hubby seems to be lining up for another hip replacement on the left side now - so I covet your prayers on His behalf that we would a - be gone with glorified bodies so he no longer needs concern himself with it or b - that all will go well and recovery will be forthcoming as on the previous one 12 years ago. I'm so thankful and grateful for the technology and wisdom God has given to physicians to be able to do such a thing and just praying we won't be here to need it before its time to go in and have it scheduled on the 10th! Blessings and Thank You Father for all my Brothers and Sisters, their prayers, their hearts and their Faith, but most of all thank you for your Precious Son and His Stripes which heal us everyone. We thank you for your ready answer of Yes to all we seek when we seek in accordance with Your Will and Your Way in Jesus' Mighty Name - Amen Blessings - Sherry

    5. Amen to ALL above. Sherry, I will keep your hsnd in prayer and be with you in praying it does not come to that. I'm beginning to think GW has been affected by the disaster in NC and just asking our Lord's protection for him. Jeramiah often expressed a concern with being separated from us here in many of his comments and now, for whatever reason, that seems to have occurred. And by the very nature of this fellowship, we are going to have to trust in Yeshua's care for him until we are reunited with our sweet Brother, whether it's here or in the Throne Room. Love you All and praying that it is VERY VERY SOON!

    6. And wouldn't that be wonderful Sherry! No hip surgery, no rehabilitation! Yip-ee! Like a child. What is that song about dem bones ... The hip bones are attached to the thigh bones ....

      We'll be meeting up dancin' ....

      Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
      Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
      Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
      Doin’ the skeleton dance.

      The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone.
      The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone.
      The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone.
      Doin’ the skeleton dance.

      The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone.
      The hip bone’s connected to the backbone.
      The backbone’s connected to the neck bone.
      Doin’ the skeleton dance.

      Shake your hands to the left.
      Shake your hands to the right.
      Put your hands in the air.
      Put your hands out of sight.
      Shake your hands to the left.
      Shake your hands to the right.
      Put your hands in the air.
      Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
      wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
      wiggle, wiggle…wiggle your knees.

      Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
      Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
      Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
      Doin’ the skeleton dance.

    7. LOL, Cathi, that reminds me of the prophecy in Ez.37 about the LORD restoring those dry old bones. Oh how wonderful that's going to be. My husband and I can't even dance the two-step anymore because he's gotten shorter and it just kills both our hips to even try, but boy are we gonna be able to dance then! I'm always telling the grandson who loves to dance that him and his ol' Granny are gonna dance across Heaven one day very soon and his little eyes will just light up at the thought of it. (He's always bustin' some crazy little move for me and then asks, Can you do that one, Granny? I say not just yet, Bubba, but soon:-)

    8. That is cute! How blessed he is to have you and Grandpa in his young life! Now, Sheila you can dance this skeleton song with him ... Just wiggle, wiggle wiggle! 😉 (a little wiggle here to the left and a little wiggle here to the right ... You can sit as you do all these moves and he can act them out as he does Dem bones dance, telling him we'll be dancin' Dem bones song across the skies. He'll have grannyma on his left and grannypa on his right! 👏

    9. How great Cathi! Thank you for the laugh and joy! Blessings - Sherry

  24. Good morning all-

    Still waiting and still dealing with 'life' as we now know it (we all have varying afflictions and issues, as Paul directs us, pray unceasingly!) Thank you for the comfort knowing everyone is carrying on and carrying one another's burden. Thank you VeeBee for the continued prayer and thank you all for your lives and putting one foot in front of another as we look and wait EXPECTANTLY! OK, as we stand on the brink, as we are on the cusp, WE LOOK AHEAD->

    (Oh Gary!!! Are you peaking in here??? In summary, if Tabernacles 'closes' or 'finishes' the Biblical Feast cycle, then Shemini Atzeret... All you numbers people get ready to sharpen your minds!)

    1] Shemini Atzeret the mysterious and profound 8th and Last Great Day of the Lord's Feasts
    From Adrian Lindauer
    6min -

    2] Shemini Atzeret-The Mystery Of The Eighth Day
    From Johnathan Cahn
    7min -

    3] What is Shemini Atzeret? The Least-Known Biblical Holiday
    From Rabbi John Carrier
    5min -

    4] Shemini Atzeret: The 8th Day Curveball
    From Paul Dawson
    24min -

    **For what it is worth, Nick VanderLaan has done an excellent job (I applaud him and his work is to be commended) uncovering and unraveling the calendar we should be going by, BUT I do believe the Gregorian calendar we have been watching, tracking, studying ALL the signals, wonders, and warnings on is the one to be using for our generation. If we shift to Enoch's calendar, the all the days and when the events took places are meaningless. None of the following have any significance because they would be off several days from when they happened: for example, the 2014-2015 Blood Moons falling on Passover Sukkot x2, the Bethlehem Star re-appearing when it did, the Solar Eclipse in Elul, the Rev 12:1-2 after FoT, and all the other 'events' falling where they did (are going to). This would mean Dan Matson's work is off too....

    Love you all and thanks again. ~Charlie (standing with you in prayer and on the wall)

    1. Well, today is Hoshanna Rabba, another interesting 'time' or 'day'.

      It is day 21st of the 7th month. "This is the day, this is the day, this is the DAY the Lord has made, WE will rejoice (Tabernacles = days of rejoicing), WE will rejoice and BE GLAD IN IT....

      LOL -> this is the polka version ;-)

    2. According to Jerusalem time, 6pm is already past... I'm down to disappointment once again. Don't know what we've done wrong that the bridegroom would stand up the bride.

    3. Charlie and Annabel, hold fast, I do think we are in the right Calendar, but we should have added the 13th month in the spring which would make all the previous dates align and now we'd be in the right spot as well. Nonetheless, if that is not correct thinking there is yet a fragment we're missing. Annabel He will not be one second late. We are merely seeing through mirror dimly and we've skipped ahead or step perhaps. My spirit has been surging toward the Draconids since we saw the video and whether for a sign or the event I don't know, I just know it has rarely been far from my heart. We shall see and very soon. Back to my childhood understanding which has served me well - "If I think He's wrong, then I'm the problem for He is always right. Go back to ground zero and begin again and you'll see it differently." We don't have to go to zero, just keep walking forward as we whisper, show me Lord. The frustrating thing for us Westerners is we want to see the whole puzzle and the trip from beginning to end laid out on the table and He's only willing to give us a new piece once we've walked with Him to the position of the one we're holding. Here a little, there a little - each new piece gives greater meaning to the previous pieces and sends us out just a bit further. He knows what we can and cannot handle. Blessings - Sherry

    4. I wasn't sure whether to share this or not as some dreams are so subjective, but now I feel led to share this one from a long nap I took yesterday during all day storming. It was so real but I was sound asleep.
      I heard a horn beeping in the dream and I thought it was the UPS truck, so I got up and went out onto the porch to meet him. The driver (not my normal guy) brings a tall box up and sat it down on the top step. I went to pick it up and was surprised that it felt empty. He said "Don't worry about the box, leave it, it's nothing". Then a woman, a younger man and a young boy follow him from the truck and they all came up on the porch. The driver asked me if I was familiar with Daniel 9:27. I got all excited and said "Yes! But we won't be here for that". Then he asked about Romans 11:25. I couldn't recall the words, so he recited it and I got even more excited and said, "Oh my...we're going home, aren't we?!" Then the 3 Adults went over and sat down at the porch table and the driver, at the head of the table, pulled a cell phone out and said "It's time we put out the last message as to what has happened", then he started talking into the phone like he was recording, starting with the Gospel. The woman and the other man never said anything at all, but just seemed to be observers in all of this. I looked over at the little boy who sat off to the side on a bench and he was smiling and seemed to be in a playful mood that was infectious and joyful and I started interacting with him when I suddenly woke up.

      Of course I went straight to Dan.9:27 and Rom.11:25. Oddly enough, I've never actually connected these two Scriptures together in any one study that I can remember. Then I was looking at the Torah Calendar and noticed the 24th day of 7th month (Oct.3/4) is "Israel Set Apart" as Israel turns to God in their distress with a reading of Neh.9.

      So make of that what, if anything, you will, but I just have to go from moment to moment now in expectation. And from what I'm seeing, I have the feeling that a communications black out is coming under the guise of this mass social media hacking in the interest of National Security, which may account for this Presidential Emergency Alert Text going out on the 10/03. I saw a tiny little blurb like something to that effect on the ticker tape feed this morning on Fox News, but haven't been able to catch it again. And they did just do that drill testing a response to such an event only a few months ago. No matter what, it's HEADS UP time. Blessings and Maranatha!

    5. Sheila, I got excited just reading you had this dream ... When Romans 11:25 was given and it is on the fullness of the gentiles tying in with Daniel 9:27 (Israel) ... Well, we better start dancing in our spirit, here ... (see comments to Sherry, above). Woo-hoo, hooray, hip-hip, rah-rah, buzzy? (I looked up synonyms for

    6. Oiling up my dancing shoes in faith, Sister!

    7. Oh, LoL 🤗 that ole tin man needs the oil as he taps, taps his way up ↗️↖️⤴️⬆️🔝
      And, so as Joseph in faith had his bones taken out of Egypt ...

    8. Take heart, maybe tomorrow will be the *big day* or *the last great day* literally! It seems that we are close even if we don't know for sure how much time left. I still wonder if Jesus meant the day of the rapture when He said that He comes when we least expect it (or He meant the Second Coming...) because in that case we really won't know it except for the season (in which we're already in I believe). But again, seeing all the prophetic events around us plus something's just in the air, a sense of urgency, I think our Blessed Hope is close! (And what an encouraging dream Sheila, thanks for sharing!!!:-)


      Blessed day, Family. TY for all above. As Sundays are, in Western traditions, set aside to contemplate Our Father, Lord and Spirit, I call you to picture family time in the homes of the Followers of The Way, and Our Lord, in the days and weeks following His Passion and Ascension, both before and after The Spirit Fell at Pentecost. When the din and clamor settle away and taking care of this week's meals and all the other details resume.

      And a comment is made, an old disagreement follows its familiar path, many long-settled pictures of Messiah and His Coming, no longer sound as they once did, more exciting now, but, unfamiliar, perhaps frighteningly so. Now, these paths more commonly end with a glance or a comment, "well, yes, but, it's different, now." An awkward pause, not knowing just where the formerly familiar verse should be emphasized, now, when spoken aloud.

      TWO thousand years after Given, a Great Wonder is our Witness. Like the Champions of Faith of Old, who waited and longed for what they did not, themselves see, and even those who did see, upon Our Wonderful Lord's time of Passion, yet still, they awaited what is now, At Hand. The Great Wonder of Revelation 12, from Eternity's Perspective, shines BRIGHTLY to us ALL. In these quiet moments, while we wonder if those were actually footsteps heard in the hall, I'm here to catch your glance and, without breaking the silence in the hall, remind you,


    10. Haven't been able to keep up with all the comments, but did catch what Charlie in DC said about all the different calendars. As I wrote yesterday in my most recent blog article, I agree with Todd (IT IS FINISHED YT) and others who have pointed out that it appears God is purposely marking feast dates that follow the calendar Israel uses such as the blood moons of 2014-2015 that fell on feast days. This could be to provoke them to jealousy.

    11. Thank you Sheila for sharing your dream, very encouraging! Mine are (if ever I remember them) completely silly and deal with me being kidnapped at work to eliminate a witness or applying for geriatric nurse and ending up in talking with a traumatized woman whose babies were murdered, my dream topics never make any sense at all... It was such a hard day yesterday, I really have hard time to exist making any sense on this planet. Just daily routine in a nonsensical world, counting the hours till the day is over. Reached the point of Job 3:11-16 again. TY for all your consolation. Blessings to you!

    12. Thanks for sharing Sheila. Wow! That's very uplifting to hear at this time and that's amazing to get two verses that connect with Israel. It sounds like you were being shown something. I don't know why, but it made me wonder if there's a large ticker up in heaven counting down and those already there are watching it go down in excited anticipation knowing how happy we will all be to be outta here and home with the Lord. Kind of like parents enjoying the giddiness of their kids on Christmas morning. :)

      I know dreams can be fickle to understand, but looking at the recording part of the dream, did you get any insight into the purpose of him talking into the phone as if recording - like was it a recording to be sent out later or a live phone discussion with someone? Also was he quoting from any portion of the Gospels or more like telling the message in his own words?


    13. Praying for you, Annabel. It can be a roller coaster with the dates coming and going, but we thankfully have His peace to patiently endure through the waiting.

      I definitely am thinking in the same line as Sherry. I think it's highly plausible that we have an extra month, which would put the dates out. I believe God could use even calendars that are off to send messages of warning to the world. If I remember right, I saw Daniel Matson comment on the Facebook Group, Even at the Doors, that the tetrad blood moons would have been off if there was an extra month added using Scottie Clarke's reasoning from his latest video on the equinox, which was interesting.

      I think it would have been harder for the general public to get a sense of foreboding of the blood moons to wake up if they had to understand that the dates could have been off by a month. I will humbly admit, I'm not completely sure on the accuracy of it all speaking to when it's precisely correct to add the month because that is not something I have come to fully understand when it comes to Abib, but I do think that God can use any of that for His glory - not that it will affect His perfect timing.

      ....Then there is the Torah calendar that has everything two days later than the current Jewish date, which I'm also not in complete understanding of.

      ....I'm also looking at the draconids meteor shower coming up with wonder. There's so much to be watching in these upcoming days.

    14. Sorry for the third comment in a row, but I really like your comment

      " Back to my childhood understanding which has served me well - "If I think He's wrong, then I'm the problem for He is always right. Go back to ground zero and begin again and you'll see it differently." We don't have to go to zero, just keep walking forward as we whisper, show me Lord."

      Daniel Matson, Pastor Sandy, Blessed Hope, Darren from Clearly written and more I'm not mentioning have opened my eyes when looking at different dates in speculation of the rapture and kept me focused on Him and learning more, which I'm very grateful for even with through the ups and downs of watching the days. Their ministries have been a true blessing to me and have certainly built up a lot of people's knowledge of God's awesome designs, typologies, feast days and more.

    15. As I type this, it is 5:50 am on 1 Oct in Israel. The 8th day is not over yet.

    16. Hello Watch and Seek! I saw the recording part I guess like when someone is making a video to upload. I've never done it myself, but that was the impression I had and I thought it was to leave a message behind for others. I just heard him saying "This is the Gospel that we have believed..." before I was distracted by the little boy. The interaction that I had with the boy just before I woke up was like when two people are having a good mutual laugh you might if you were recalling something that is much more amusing in hindsight than it was at the time it happened.
      Anyway, like you, I find so many different calendar theories beyond me, but I just know in my spirit that He IS coming for us and that it's so close, He is doing whatever it takes to keep us close to Him and watching intently from day to day and even moment to moment. Blessing's, Brother and Maranatha:-)

      Janet, according to Torah Calendar, they are still on Day 7 or Hoshana Rabbah until sunset over there, when Shemini Atzeret, or the 8th day will begin. I do give the Torah Calendar a little more credence simply because from what I understand, it's Rabbinical, thus it seems an event like the Rapture might be even more impactful to them--especially if it were to occur sometime during Tabernacles, or even on another important day. But that's just my own feeling as we all wait and watch. Blessings, Sister!

    17. Yes, Maranatha! Thanks for the additional detail!


    12min -

  26. Wishing everyone a blessed sunday filled with love hope.and grace in faith in Jesus Christ amen love you all !!!

    1. Well Hallelujah! There you are:-D And I was just thinking you were too hindered to get back to us here. We all love you, Jeramiah and were worried for your safety. Thanks for touching base!

    2. Happiness is . . . seeing Jeramiah back! We were worried about flooding and about your leg. We've missed you. Blessings - Sherry

    3. Yeah!!! , Jeremiah, Lord bless you and waiting to meet in heaven at the feet of Jesus


    Romans 14:16-17
    “Then don’t let your good be slandered, for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

    The Kingdom of God cannot be measured by worldly standards. It is not determined by the temporal things of this world like eating, drinking or material possessions. It cannot be valued based on systems of power or money. The Kingdom values are actually in direct opposition to the values of the world system that we live in.

    In the Kingdom of God, the weak will confound the strong, the poor will confuse the rich and the foolish will put to shame the wise (1 Corinthians 1:26-29). As a matter of fact, Jesus told us in Matthew 18:1-4 that the true measurement of the greatest in the Kingdom is the one who humbles himself like a little child. In Luke 18:16, Jesus clearly stated that the Kingdom actually belongs to little children.

    So it should be of no surprise to us that the things that our God and Father truly values in the Kingdom are not rooted in our own natural ability or strength. In today's Scripture reading, we read that the markers of the Kingdom are righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! These are the things that God values in our life.

    Righteousness is simply our ability to have right relationship with God through the finished work of Christ. Peace is one of the markers of the Spirit led life as Paul said in Romans 8:6... For the mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace; (WEB). And the joy that we experience does not originate from us, but from God Himself as we read in Nehemiah 8:10 which simply says... The joy of the Lord is your strength.

    My prayer today is that we would all begin to value what God values. He is not impressed with great exploits rooted in independence and self-sufficiency, but He is impressed with the humble heart of a child. May we all be able to see today through Kingdom eyes so that we will actually be a living expression of the Kingdom in all that we do.

    Galatians 5:22-23
    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”


    1. Nora, beautiful words from the Lord. THANK YOU. So true we are pulled away from God's word and pulled toward the values of the world, home, career , friends, stature. Only Jesus ....narrow is the way. MARANATHA

    2. It's very comforting to know that the Kingdom of God works that way!

  28. These words are strong for the final days Rev 3 To The church of Ladeocia. Prayers the the church will wake up before Jacob's trouble . " For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see. 19 Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent. 20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. 21 The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne.... Revelation 3:17-21

  29. ALERT: The Revelation 12 sign IS the special blessing spoken of in Revelation! It is not over, it is soon to be fulfilled literally and physically. Using ONLY the Rev 12: 1-2 sign/wonder from last year, it gives us a date of Oct 2-3, 2018 for our exit.

    It is all about the birth and circumcision and overlaps with the Biblical Appointed Times!

    This is interesting people! On the verge!!!! Midnight people! (see Matt 25)

    10min -

    See Andy's video: 2min -



    90min -

  31. Well, here we are now on Hoshana Rabbah, the day of Salvation and I'm drawn again to look at the twinkling of an eye when Nautical Twilight meets Astronomical Twilight--when the Sea meets the Heavens. Wouldn't that be romantic? At any rate, it's another sign post--keep coming...keep coming.
    Anyway that will occur at 7:16 pm Israeli time.

    #716--harma--a chariot--as raised, or fitted together--from 142--airo--to lift, take up or away, raise, keep in suspense, to sail away, i.e. weigh anchor. (Sounds kinda like the Sea meeting the Heavens;-)

    Have a blessed night All!

  32. **Re-Posting for Emphasis**

    ALERT!!! The Revelation 12 sign IS IT! IT IS Our 'Year' Marker!

    The Revelation 12 sign is NOT over, it is soon TO BE fulfilled literally and physically. Using ONLY the Rev 12:1-2 sign/wonder from 2017, add a full year + 8 days (for circumcision) us Oct 2-3 for our exit. It falls on the heel the Lords' Feast/ Appointed Time the completion of Sukkot (which closes out the feast cycle) and lands on the very end of Shemini Atzeret (the sacred assembly and a very special and Great Last Day).

    It is all about the (year long) birthing and circumcision (+ 8 days after birth) which overlaps with the completion of this years' Biblical Appointed Times!!!!

    On the verge!!!! The Bridegroom Cometh at Midnight (Israel-time) people! ! (see Matt 25)

    10min -

    See also Andy's (HumbleHorse) video as he does some simple math:
    2min -

  33. BTW, even using Enoch's calendar, we are still aligned with the 'Exit' on the same day/ timeframe and ensuing events immediately or soon thereafter... Whether we are at the end of the cycle (Gregorian) or at the beginning of Tabernacles (Enoch calendar). Remember Pearl's video and all the others sharing the menorah is it from the outside in.

    The Day God's Mercy ENDED October 2, 2018 ???
    From Nick VanderLaan

    14min -


    Romans 5:1-2
    “Being therefore justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ; through whom we also have our access by faith into this grace in which we stand. We rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”

    All heaven has declared us justified by our faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the life of our Elder Brother Jesus, we now have peace with God and free access into the throne room of grace anytime, night or day.

    My prayer today is that we would not take for granted the amazing gift that has been freely given to us. It is by grace that we are saved and not by our own works. It is the very gift of God to us so that not one of us could boast in our self effort.

    May the overwhelming, eternal revelation of the goodness of our Father and the immeasurable sacrifice of His Son be more real to us today than ever before. Because of the once and for all sacrifice of the Lamb of God, we now have peace with God and free access into the grace in which we now stand. May joy fill our hearts as we continue to place our hope in the everlasting mercy shown to us by Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

    Ephesians 2:4-9
    “But God, being rich in mercy, for his great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead through our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up with him, and made us to sit with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus; for by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, that no one would boast.”



  36. Scott Clarke's newest video.....

    1. Janet, thanks for the link. Did you watch it? I liked it and only 13+ minutes.
      Well, I always thought we were sheep as believers and maybe we can see ourselves that way because Jesus is the Great Shepherd. Scott talks of Israel being the sheep - they are the Lost Sheep. Matthew 15:24
      Whereas, believers in Christ are the body of Christ.
      1 Corinthians 12:27. Scott saying the Apostle Paul never referred to us as sheep.

      Scott was mostly talking about rightly dividing the Word and using the scripture verse Luke 21:36 on many saying, hoping they are worthy to escape these things ... hold on to your hats, because this is controversial and so ingrained in our Christian beliefs!
      It makes sense to me and I have conversed with Nora on another post about this constantly being voiced by commenters on YT channels.
      This passage is for the Jews and the Law as Jesus was talking to them. They are looking for an earthly kingdom and we as believers are looking for the Blessed Hope. Peter, James and John were for the circumcised (Jews) and Paul was for the uncircumcised (Gentiles).
      As an example, James 2:17 refers to the Jews as James 1:1 identifies as a servant of God, the Lord Jesus Christ (who came to the lost sheep of Israel) and he is writing to the 12 tribes of Israel - faith and showing your works. The law was faith and works. We are saved by grace alone. In Romans 5:1 we are justified through faith, we have peace with God through Jesus. Grace through faith Ephesians 2:8-9

      This immensely helped me to deal with the words "to escape" in Luke 21:36 because I always seemed to get snagged on this. Scott said the escape is for the Jews in the great tribulation who flee Jerusalem and go into the Wilderness during the mid period of this great tribulation. Those who flee Jerusalem at this time understand what is taking place (Daniel's 70th week). This just makes sense for me. I couldn't see our asking God to be counted worthy and all of that like so many believers are always saying.
      Scott's confirming this by our already being complete in Colossians 2:9-10. We are therefore already worthy. We do not need to pray or ask God to be counted worthy to escape these things.

      We are already saved and we are already secure in Christ. Now wouldn't this be true - if we can even now approach the throne room of God, I ask? Hebrews 4:16

    2. Yes, Cathi, I watched it. I also liked the video. I couldn't find anything to disagree with Scott about in this video and felt it was right on the money.

    3. Scotts claim of "rightly dividing" is more and more helping to CONFUSE everybody as time proceeds. I cannot even think of where to start how much he now twists anything of scripture in his "Mid Acts" beliefs he again promotes...

      Of course does Jesus speak of the 'Gentiles sheep' in the prominent John 10 passage. And the difference of the 'gospel of uncircumcision vs. circumcision' is not the fact that it is a different gospel but A DIFFERENT APPROACH to Gentiles and Jews according to Ephesians 2. There's so much of confusion in this video it is really hard to watch until the end.

    4. I would just urge caution for it seems to me Scott is moving into what Breaker calls Hyper-Division. The Division point is not book by book, but the crucifixion. What applied to ANYONE prior to the crucifixion, primarily to Jews surely, is changed after the Crucifixion. Once that occurs, when the Jews have rejected Messiah and the crucifixion, then the gospel changes for EVERYONE. Perhaps it wasn't his intention, but I was left with the impression there is a gospel during the "Church Age" for Gentiles an another for Jews, which could not be further from the truth and I don't think that was his intent. Yes, we will go back to to the Kingdom gospel during the final 7 years because a "work" will be added back in - refusing the mark. After Christ' death, it is true the Jewish disciples had to be brought up to speed on the Mystery of the Church which was given to Paul, but it was the Mystery for ALL WHO WOULD ACCEPT THE FREE GIFT OF GRACE purchased at such a monumental price, the Life of Christ Himself. But there cannot be two gospels preached at the same time and that's the "feeling" I had in listening to Scott. Again, I don't think that's what he intended and I understood his points, but perhaps it is being delivered as a machete for division rather than a surgical scalpel, which is how it must be administered. Right Division is essential, but it can be taken to such an extreme (Hyper-Division) you mangle the gospel of the Church Age. I think oftentimes we try so hard to make things simple, we over-simplify and cause greater problems. That's my sense, but what do I know. Blessings - Sherry

    5. Well, same here for me, Sherry. I just didn't take what he said as two gospels. I understood the Jews while Christ was alive were under the law. And after his resurrection the gospel of grace for all.
      I think it makes sense see for me that Jesus is not talking about the rapture in Luke but it is the Jewish remnant in the great tribulation which isn't a majority opinion held in the Evangelical community.

    6. I just got around to watching Scott's video late last night and I couldn't think of what word I would use for it, so TY, Sherry, that would be it--a Hyper-Division that I just found discomforting. Something wasn't hitting just right with my spirit about it, then his last words revealed what that was to me, when he was talking about the Jews and he said "Luke 21:36 is not about you, that's a mid-week event for the Jews--let them worry about it."
      While that may be technically true, such an attitude disturbed me and took me right back to Rom.11:35.
      "For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, LEST YE BE WISE IN YOUR OWN CONCEITS; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in." KJV.

      I believe we should always be concerned with our God's plan for Israel, praying for the peace of Jerusalem ( Ps.122:6-9) and ofc ( Gen.12:3 ) and always be thankful for our position in Grace, remembering that according to Paul we have obtained mercy through their unbelief per Rom.11:30.
      Blessings and Maranatha from my little corner of the Waiting Room! (hat tip to Colleen M.)

    7. oops! Rom.11:25. Glad I typed it out:-)

    8. Like what you said also Sheila. We haven't replaced Israel and Paul desired for his fellow Jews to believe in Christ and we need to pray for them as any other person or group of people etc. Romans 10:1
      I am not all that familiar with Scott as I think this is the 4-5th video I have watched. I thought he was centered on his view of Luke 21:36 as to it applying to tribulation saints and not to the body of Christ. Maybe that explains his response at the end in telling fellow believers to not worry about it. Was he being concise and to the point or is he being affected in having a puffed-up knowledge raising it's ugly head ...
      I started to read some of the comments a bit ago and someone had asked who are the other sheep in John. He answered the tribulation saints. I can see him saying this because of the emphasis in his topic of Luke 21:36, Jesus saying he came for the lost sheep of the house Israel. But in concert with your comments, Sheila it is a pause for concern. As Sherry said, a hyper-division term that R. Breaker uses.
      Other sources on who these other sheep and Christ as the Great Shepherd are discussed "fold" and "flock" with ultimately all men from different nationalities etc being of one body under the one Shepherd.

    9. Rather I'll just copy from Ellicott's commentary: "It is not uniformity which is promised, but unity. The distinction is not merely one of words, but upon it depends a wide and important truth. It is not unity of fold which is regarded as the future of the Church, but unity of flock. There will be many folds, in many nations, in many ages, in many climes. But for all Christians there will be one true Shepherd who layeth down His life for the sheep, and all these differing folds shall, through living unity with Him, make one vast flock."

    10. TY Cathi. He will always be The Great Shepherd to me and I will always strive to know His voice and go where He leads me., so I guess I'll always be a sheep at heart with the Lamb of God as my Savior and the Lion of Judah as my King, all technicalities aside. And I still say the Lord's Prayer at least once every day. It reminds me to depend on Him daily, to forgive others as he has forgiven me, to shun temptation and evil and to glorify His mighty Name everyday:-) Yesterday while in prayer He reminded me of Jer.10:12 as I was feeling somewhat anxious and wistful in this long wait.
      "He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and he hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion."
      So all power, wisdom, and discretion are at His disposal and our trust in Him must remain the order of the day:-) Blessings All and Looking Up!

    11. After all, in applying CONSEQUENTLY what Scott Clarke "teaches" in this video about "who is addressing who" in the bible, the WHOLE word of God is just NOT adressed to anybody of us anyway because we weren't even thought of to be born yet when the bible was written and all the scriptures closed to be completed. So just FYI according to Scott you may throw that book into the bin, period! (so ridiculous indeed... SMH) :-//

  37. From Jesus Rules: "If I Come Today"

    Ouch! Sobering message for members of the 'church'

  38. Some more info on the water libation for the third temple and time-frame for the red heifer to be killed etc (being 2 years).

    This is unusual as well (possibly).


  39. There's a very interesting to me comment of Sean Osborne today, quoting:
    "Two OSINT items.
    1. US Intelligence has warned of potential for Iran-linked militias in Syria to launch attacks on US forces in Syria. SECDEF Mike Pompeo and NSA John Bolton responded to this intel saying (a) if the Iranian proxies attack us, we'll attack Iran as the source of the attack, (b) our response upon Iranian military forces will be a hellish nightmare for them.
    2. Russia has taken over Syria's T4 Air Base. In so doing Iranian forces have had to evacuate the base. Russia is installing the S-300 (NATO: SA-10 Grumble) SAM system at the T4 Air Base.
    Heaven help the Russians if these SAM systems target US or IAF aircraft.
    October 2, 2018 at 11:40 AM"
    We are very very close to our Home! Blessings to all! Looking up! Maranatha!

  40. Telling indeed Alla! Closer by the day - Blessings - Sherry


  42. The 8th day/The END harvest

    From Gods Gifts
    11min -

  43. A DOUBLE 8 LANDS ON OCT 2 !!

    From Blue Heaven
    2min -

  44. Making the news today, suspected Ricin-laced letter to Trump intercepted yesterday along with two other packages addressed to Gen. James Mattis and Adm. John Richardson. Confirmed by the Pentagon and Secret service saying it did not reach the White House and under investigation w/ no further details.

  45. It would be so awesome if He comes and gets us in the next few hours. That would just be so wonderful. It's funny how impossible it is to describe the joy that I feel thinking about it. I'm thinking of Philippiand 4:8 right now. Just hang on to lovely, pure, true, and noble thoughts brothers and sisters. The news is riddled with destruction, sadness, and murmurs of war. It's a sign.

    We dont know for sure when, but what do we know? Look at all this that I know:

    He loves me

    He loves you

    He is merciful

    He is gracious

    He has given me a family here greater than anything in this life

    He always succeeds

    We will be with Him in heaven

    He sacrificed His life for us

    He hears our prayers

    He will help us at just the right time.

    You all have encouraged me greatly even in the last difficult moments.

    What lovely thoughts do you have?

    As my big brother Fred would say; Holy hugs and kisses to all of you, in Jesus most wonderful name.

    1. Amen and lovely thoughts Miguel. I was out walking today and thinking about the Draconid showers in a few days, then I thought what if the Rapture mirrored that and as those stars/ meteors were being cast down, we were being swept up in flashes of light at the same time?
      I really hope it's any moment now, but that would sure make for some crazy and confusing fireworks. Just musing on the possibilities, and like you, I'm so thankful for this family in Christ.
      Holy hugs and love back to you, Brother and looking forward to meeting all of you at His precious feet:-)

    2. Amen! :-) Had similar thoughts about needing to follow His instruction about thinking good, pure, uplifting thoughts, focusing on these things. Plus, there's the admonition to rejoice in the Lord always because that's His will for us for "benefitting" us!

  46. Amen Miguel and Sheila .... praise God for the hope that we have set before us. Yesterday and today n between work I listened to one of the messianic rabbis ...a blessing to hear The connections between the holy days and the message Jesus has for us. Think about the time needed for the Israelites used for repentance during e holy days. And we simply call upon the Lord and ask for forgiveness no sacrifices, the sacrifice was complete on Golgothatheough our Savior. Amen ... Just bit more time to pray for the lost, to worship the Lord. As I Spend time the Lord I am realizing more and more how perfect it will be in heaven, no distractions , no body pains, no hunger, simply before him. Hallelulia But we are certainly lifting up our eyes because I redemption is drawing nigh

    1. Amen, Vee Bee!

      I got up this morning and looked at my phone and the Bing Art today gave me chills Ya'll check it out if you can. It's the annual Monarch Butterfly Migration that is totally Rapturesque imo, then read the story about how many generations it takes to complete the trip with each individual seemingly driven by an internal compass that guides it's flight path.

      Don't forget today at 2:18 pm, the Presidential Emergency Text alert is supposed to go out to our phones in the US. Be interesting to see how and if it works.

      Blessings, All!

    2. Amen to you all! Great thanks for your every word above! They are really came from the Lord! I also have feeling that we are on the very edge now. This is His answer to my cry the last days, Miguel: "He will help us at just the right time."
      Come, Lord Jesus! Maranatha!


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