What Time Is It? Jimmy Evans / TW Tramm

Hey Fam. I was led to a couple great presentations this weekend and I wanted to share them with you. Both are written by guys I immensely respect who were on board and very adamant about the legitimacy of the Rev 12 Sign for several years now. Both also center these presentations around Israel which we know is a key indicator of where we are on God's prophetic timeclock. Please take a few minutes and be enriched by this excellent teaching by these to brothers and warriors for truth. - Brad

 What Time Is It? | Jimmy Evans (30 Minutes)

TW Tramm - Do Jerusalem's Walls Predict the Year of the Messiah's Return? 

 IN Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy, a countdown to Messiah begins with a rebuilding of Jerusalem:

“From the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem until the Messiah the Prince, shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks; the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times” (Dan. 9:25).

Counting the 7 and 62 weeks (483 years) from Artaxerxes’ commandment to rebuild Jerusalem in 457 BC, we arrive at 27 AD, the year Jesus was anointed Messiah.

Thus, Daniel’s prophecy straightforwardly predicts the year of Messiah’s first coming.

As remarkable as it is that Daniel foretells the year of Jesus’ first advent, there is reason to suspect a second layer of foretelling. Since there are two comings of Messiah, and the prophecy addresses Israel’s final redemption in the last days (v. 24), it would make sense for the timing of His second advent to be addressed as well.


Daniel mentions the walls around Jerusalem being rebuilt in troublous times.

The walls surrounding modern-day Jerusalem were ordered rebuilt by the Ottoman Sultan “Suleiman the Magnificent” in 1536-37 AD, during troublous times.

The story goes that Suleiman’s order to rebuild the walls was prompted by a series of dreams in which he was being chased by lions who seemed intent on devouring him. In one dream the Sultan finally stopped running and faced the lions, asking what he should do to save his life. He was told he should build the wall of Jerusalem.

While we don’t know precisely when Suleiman gave the original order to rebuild, inscriptions on the fountains (sabils) and walls indicate he ordered their particular construction in 1536 and 1537.

This is where things get interesting. When we add Daniel’s 7 and 62 weeks (483 years) to 1536-37, we arrive at the present time: 2019-20.

Is it possible Daniel’s 483 years have a dual application, that similar to how Messiah appeared 483 years after the first rebuilding of Jerusalem in 457 BC, He will make a second appearance 483 years after the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls in 1536-37 AD?


Since no word of Scripture is without meaning, we understand that Daniel’s 7 weeks and 62 weeks are mentioned separately for a reason.

Taking the weeks separately, when we add the 62 weeks (434 years) to 1536-37 AD, we arrive at 1970-71 AD.

This is interesting because 1970 is the year in which another order to rebuild Jerusalem went forth following the recapture of the Holy City by Israeli forces in 1967. Articles and documents from the time show that while the planning and clearing of rubble in preparation for the rebuilding of Jerusalem began soon after the Israeli takeover in 1967, the plan to rebuild the Holy City, composed by a team of architects, engineers, and administrators, was not approved and publicly communicated until late August, 1970.

That two historic orders to rebuild Jerusalem—1536-37 AD and 1970-71 AD—are separated by exactly 62 weeks (434 years) suggests that both are integral to Daniel’s prophecy.

Counting the remaining set of weeks—the 7 weeks, or 49 years—from 1970, we, again, arrive at 2020.

While speculative, it’s awe-inspiring to consider that the two sets of weeks, 7 and 62, together and independently may reveal the years of two appearances of Messiah following two historical restorations of Jerusalem.


2020 is an auspicious year for multiple reasons.

First, adding 7 years, the span of the tribulation period to this year, 2027 becomes the time of Israel’s final redemption, when the “everlasting righteousness” referred to in Daniel is realized (v. 24).

What’s fascinating is that 2027 also marks exactly 2,000 years since Jesus’ anointing as Messiah in 27 AD. Israel’s final redemption occurring after 2,000 years, or two (thousand-year) “days,” is alluded to in Hosea: “After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him” (Hos. 6:2).

Another reason 2020 is pivotal is that it marks the 3-year anniversary of major prophetic signs:

• The Great American Eclipse (August 21, 2017).

• Jared Kushner’s first trip to the Middle East to start work on a plan to achieve “peace and security” (August 21, 2017).

• The Revelation 12 Sign (September 23, 2017).

That 2020 marks the third anniversary of the above signs is significant because the number 3 is associated with key rapture themes and typologies such as weddings, resurrection, a period of warning, and the Lord descending in a cloud with the sound of a trumpet:

• Jesus attended a wedding on the third day (John 2:1).

• Jesus was resurrected on the third day (1 Cor. 15:4).

• It took Jonah 3 days to warn the Ninevites of impending judgment (Jonah 3).

• At Sinai, God told the Israelites to sanctify themselves for the third day, on which He would descend in a cloud and, with the sound of a trumpet, call Moses up to meet Him (Ex. 19:10-20).

Notice the three-day pattern. In Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy, as well as other places in Scripture, a day is symbolic of a year of actual time. Thus 3 days is equivalent to 3 years.

Additionally, the number 3, which is fundamental to the nature of a God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, denotes divine perfection and completion. According to E.W. Bullinger in his book Numbers in Scripture, the number 3 points to what is “real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete, and Divine …. all things that are specially complete are stamped with this number three.”

With the three-day pattern in view, the third anniversary of major biblical signs—2020—is a logical time for the event signaled to occur.


Having noted how 2020 marks a plausible second endpoint of Daniel’s 7 and 62 weeks, we understand that when cryptic prophecies, year-counts, ancient dating, and various calendars are involved, a degree of uncertainty exists as to exact times. That is to say, the Gregorian calendar year 2020 should not be seen as an absolute deadline or cut-off date for Jesus’ return.

Nonetheless, the overall convergence of signs and timelines indicates we are indeed on the cusp of the final turning point in God's Program for the Church and Israel. The Rapture of true believers in Christ at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week will be followed by a period of terror and chaos unlike anything seen before.

The upside of this terrible time is that it will culminate in Israel’s redemption via Messiah Jesus, conceivably a mere 7 years from now.

Not only are we in a potentially pivotal year, we’re in a pivotal season. Numerous scriptures link summer to the end of the age and the onset of Judgment Day (Matt. 24:32; Amos 8:1, 2; Jer. 8:20; Mic. 7:1-2). Summer begins around Pentecost and ends at the autumnal equinox in September.

While a popular view is that the Rapture will occur on the Day of Pentecost, it’s prudent to view the harvest festival with no fixed or assigned date as a “season.” The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church’s first Pentecost in Acts 2 represented the planting of a “field,” the Church-field, which has been growing and maturing throughout a nearly 2,000-year long “summer.”

Assuming the Lord plans to put off the reaping of the Church-field as long as possible to allow maximum time for repentance, it’s conceivable He could wait until late summer when the last of the spring-planted wheat is harvestable, and the summer fruits—representing Israel and nonbelievers—are likewise ready for harvesting and processing.

With the “season” paradigm in view, Pentecost may not be considered “fully come” until summer’s end, on a day no one knows (Acts 2:2; Mark 13:32).

The end of summer 2020 is thus a plausible time for the Rapture:

• It’s been 483 years (7 and 62 weeks) since the order to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls in 1536-37 (Dan. 9:25).

• It’s been 49 years (7 weeks) since a plan to rebuild Jerusalem in 1970 (Dan. 9:25).

• It’s been 3 years since major signs in the heavens (Luke 21:25; Joel 2:31; Rev. 12).


• It’s been 6,000 years, or 120 jubilees, since biblical creation (Gen. 6:3; 2 Pet. 3:8).

• It’s been 70-plus years, the span of a biblical generation, since the “fig tree,” the Nation of Israel, began putting forth leaves (Matt. 24:32-34; Ps. 90:10).

• The stage is set for the Ezekiel 38 conflict, the emergence of the 10-nation antichrist, or “beast,” governing system, and the global economic collapse alluded to in Revelation (6:6; 13:7; 17:12-14).

• Multiple peace deals between Israel and her Arab-Muslim neighbors are on the table or in the works (1 Thess. 5:3).

All that remains to happen before the Church is suddenly snatched up into the clouds is the sounding of God’s trumpet.

When that awesome trumpet sounds, there will be only two kinds of people on earth: those escaping judgment and those being left behind to face it (Luke 21:34-36).

To be part of the escaping group, one must be in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. If you’re unsure of your standing with God, call on Him now. Tell Him you want to turn away from your sins. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord; believe that God raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved (Romans 10).

Do it today.

Time is running out.


  1. Here is another take on Dan 9:27: recently from Kim Moses (8/24)

    Summary: It is NOT a 'peace deal' between countries afterall, it is rather a lease agreement for Mt. Moriah between Israel and Jordan where Jordan is the land/lease holder who leases land to Israel so they can build the 3rd Temple etc....

    Here is her research presentation::

    From Elijah & Moses
    90min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG8HB-lMS6U


    1. Charlie, I think you are right that this is not a peace agreement since there was no war between Israel and the Arab Emirates.

    2. Hi Carole!

      All credit to Kim M. who presented her revelation/ research. Posting a poach here for others to ponder. I think this is a great revelation in light of what has been 'taught' or thought of as a 'peace deal' or 'covenant with many'.

      There is way more at play and way more has been going on (underground) for way longer than anyone realizes (the MSM and other news outlets all have their angle or message so to speak).


      Yes, even Zerohedge and Natural News have their angle/ message but they are not Biblical although they offer great insight.


      I also think too many are set or stuck in a traditional eschatology viewpoint & chronology or mindset from what has been taught. For example, good ole Grant Jeffery does not have it all figured out while he is one of the great prophecy teachers, since he has passed, things are much different than he pointed us to. He got 'Surveillance Society' correct but the "Peace Deal' and what is going to happen here in the near future is TBD.


      Surprises are ahead but also Father is revealing to those He chooses to reveal 'greater' insight.

  2. Jimmy Evans is preaching the 4 week Tipping Point series at Gateway Church in the DFW area of Texas now and the sermon series can be viewed at Gatewaypeople.com. He has written a book by the same name and I highly recommend getting a few copies for unbelievers in your circle. I'm leaving one next to my bible just in case this Feast of Trumpets on Sept 18-19 is the day we've all been hoping for. Jimmy strongly believes the rapture will happen on a Feast of Trumpets as Jesus's birth, death and resurrection all occurred on the spring festival days in order.

    1. Hi jo!

      I have a quetion re: Birth on a 'Spring Feast'. I am asking out of curiousity.

      Q: What is the angle and is there a presentation to follow to hear this "possibility"?

      Most have maintained a 9/11 Birth on FoT of 3BC but I also have heard Nisan should be it since it is when lambs are born. So, at what Spring Feast/ Festival/ Moedim is this theory?

      Again, this question is out of curiousity and for further learning.

    2. After years of watching and studying and after being a FoT person, it has now become very clear the departure/ rescue/ escape of the Bride is a Pentecost/ end if the summer/ end of the harvest event.

      Yes, I know... taking liberty with the full summertime harvest season up UNTIL FoT/ Tishri 1/ Sept 19:


      The seven moedims are the LORD's convocations with His chosen and will continue to do what the LORD does/is going to do with His chosen on these Holy Days.


      The SUMMER HARVEST is not over.... it is late, but it not over until the horns sound for the (civil) new year.


      Elul = the month where the King is in the field


      See Jeff Herwood's latest Rapture Bible Study (8/24)
      60min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ybDI7vv6cU

      -------------- AND ---------------

      From God's Gifts (8/25)
      August = in the MIDST (of the Creator's year)
      18min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_zFWomFrmI


      I agree with Lu (and perhaps some others), IF we hit this FoT of 2020, THEN we are going to be around until next year's 'summer harvest'

  3. A friend sends me links to Jimmy Evans’ sermons. I just watched Exposing the Enemy-Exposing Lucifer.


  4. Wow, only 4 comments in and there's so much good stuff to dig into! Thanks Brad for introducing me/us to Jimmy Evans--gonna listen to that video now. . .

    Miguel P~I loved it when you commented, "September is so high watch, I'm already levitating."
    I am watching with baited breath while the Spirit reminds me to pay attention to whatever He would guide me to do until that time🍂

    1. Hey Lyn...in agreement with Miguel, too. It's definitely looking up to be "the" September to remember! TW Tramm always has some awesome insights to share and our Brother Jeova is so good to keep us updated on his FB posts.

      I'd never heard Jimmy Evans, either. It was a sound message and it's always good to see these Pastors addressing the final moments we are in. Most of them are still a little queasy about sticking their necks out on the "extreme urgency" of the days we are in, but as church Pastors I guess I can understand that to a degree in re to encouraging their congregations to continue occupying til He does come. However, I don't think I'd leave the "it could be today or it could still be a hundred years out" option open at this point. That's something that too many Christians still too comfortable with and too attached to the things of this world want to hear, but we all know that it just isn't true. I cringe every time I hear that same phrase from family members who are genuinely expecting some kind of normalcy to return so they can just get on with their daily lives. They are actually seeing all of these prophetic signs and warnings as "inconveniences' that will somehow be resolved without the soon Return of Christ being necessary. They aren't ready for the "impending" Rapture of the BOC, don't even like to talk or think about it and cling to the idea of just carrying on as usual. So anyway, I'm just hoping that more Pastors will begin trying to instill the understanding that the time for His Return really is NOW!"

    2. Amen and well said, dear Sheila! This is why I believe God has been showing me He will allow some type of national shaking that we will see for a brief time just before the Rapture. If America is shaken, the world will awaken⏰

  5. If mask mandates are justified by people “testing positive” for coronavirus, they will NEVER end… because the tests will never stop reporting fake “cases”


    This is logical right?

    Increase testing and you'll get increased 'cases' (as they are implanting stuff and the human body has 36 cvs already for them to choose from)

    1. Hold the press!

      This was from the 'WashTimes' back in April of 2020.


      CV-1984 Turning Out to be Huge Hoax Perpetrated by Media
      Media hyped the virus and alarmed Americans to the point of shutting down the economy



    A look into the firmament above to see what is going on in the Mazzaroth today (via Stellaruim)

    From Chadesh Culture (8/25)
    7min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h6epXyHoZc

  7. Thanks Brad.

    That's Awesome info from T.W Tramm. very encouraging.

    Also I am with you there Lyn and Miguel, I think Sept is gonna be one hell of a month, defo one to be holding one's breathe for.

  8. Genesis 6:3 3Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years."

    Or maybe a hundred and twenty jubilees. The same time being used with different units is so common in the Bible...day/1,000 years, seven days/7,000 years, etc.

  9. Thanks Brad - have been watching the Jimmy Evans Tipping Point series at Gateway on Sundays with my wife and m-in-law. Last Sunday (8/23), he spoke on the Rapture and it was great. Encourage all to check it out. TW Tramm's stuff is ALWAYS exciting and so well presented.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way, but there's a deep "knowing" or sense inside my soul (my gut) that these are the final moments. I feel as though time is in slow motion and I'm trying to make every moment count. How we all long for and yearn for Him! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  10. It has been a while since I've commented, but I wanted to ask for some prayer.

    I had surgery on my ankle on Monday to fix and promote healing for an osteochrondral defect, which was essentially a loose bone fragment and cartilage damage that has been causing me pain for a while. They ended up having to cut bone and put in a couple screws because it was a difficult joint to access. So I'll be looking at 6 weeks of being non-weight bearing with physical therapy to follow. If you could lift me up in prayer for the Lord to heal me fully, keep me from pain, to be able sleep - which was very difficult last night, and for the recovery process as a whole I would greatly appreciate it.

    Who knows - maybe we'll be raptured out of here before I'm able to walk to again. :) Anyways, keep up the watch fam! If there is anything I can be praying for with any of you, please let me know.

    And then just to comment on the post above - that was an excellent article by T.W. Tramm. I really enjoy seeing his posts. It really resonates with what others like Gary and Jeff have posted recently as well over at unsealed. I'll have to check out Jimmy Evans, who I'm not sure I've watched before.


    1. Hi Eric...So good to hear from you and so sorry for the painful ankle and mobility situation. I will def be lifting you up in prayer for a quick recovery--One Way or another;-) And I've had Baby Charlotte on my mind here and there lately. I pray she is doing well and growing up strong.
      Many Blessings, Brother, for you and yours:-)

    2. Joining in prayer, Eric. Praying for strength and, along with our stalwart sister in the faith, a quick recovery...like this quick.


    3. Adding my Prayers too for a quick recovery for you Eric.

    4. Praying too brother. Always remember vitamin c is instrumental in the healing process. Not sure why so many doctors fail to mention that one. You need double normal values when you are healing.

    5. Amen, to the quick, in an instant healing. I can't imagine how that must hurt. I have an Achilles tendonitis problem that flares up and I thank God he doesn't give me more than I can bear.


    6. I will add you in my prayers Eric. The Lord reigns in all matters and he is in control. He is the Lord who heals you. Carole

    7. Nice to hear from you Eric, praying for a less painful recovery. I've never had such a surgery, but know screws in bone after the meds wear off is painful and quite uncomfortable.

      Your family here is lifting you up, carrying your burden(s).

    8. Blessings Eric, joining the Family in prayer for you!

    9. Amen to all of this! Praying with! I'm also going through, the Lord is with me always. Going better after the surgery, but having yet pain. Thank you Brad very much! Studying your excelent article. It's intetesting for me, how the jubilees to count. Searching with! Want to see you all very soon! Please pray for me and my little fam – hubby Alex, son Oleg and father Leonid. They help me very much! I live thanks to them, this is Lord's hand really! Maranatha!

    10. Alla...Blessings and I so want to meet you, too, Sister! Praying for you always and your dear family as well. Just keep holding on tight knowing we are almost there! (and reading Psalm 27 aloud as prescribed by @Dr. Barry Awe really is some good medicine:-)

    11. Thank you all so much for the prayers, advice, and uplifting words! It means so much!

      Sheila - Charlotte is doing great and walking around like a champ these days. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers. You have an excellent memory and I always appreciate your thoughtful words!

      Jeff - I greatly appreciate it and love the Strong's timing reference :)

      Jordan - Thank you for the prayer! I believe there is so much power in it.

      Miguel - Thanks and noted on the vitamin C. It was the reminder I needed yesterday to take my vitamins.

      Cathi - Much appreciated and your achilles tendonitis does not sound like fun either. Hope you are free from that pain currently. It has so far been tolerable with the help of the medication they have provided me and lots of elevation and ice packs.

      Carole - Thanks and that is a great reminder. He is in control and the One who heals!

      Charlie - I appreciate you lifting me up in prayer. I'm hoping God will lessen the pain with everyone's prayers!

      Mom - Thank you so much and for the blessings.

      Alla - I really appreciate it. Praying for you and your family as well with what you are going through. I hope the Lord will ease the pain you are experiencing. I'm glad He has provided you with support to help see you through it. Maranatha!

    12. Hi Alla, and prayers for your family. How God is good in giving you the support that you need.

  11. Mom...Blessings, Sister! TY for asking about my son-in-law's mother Evie. I thought I had posted about it, but maybe not. It's been a crazy month and my computer has been going haywire lately as it's trying to reject my "outdated" Windows system and has basically been dragging me through the mud when logging on. But Evie did pass away a few days after I had asked for prayer for them. She was alone and they kept her body for 10 days before cremation and return, then allowed the family to hold a small memorial service for her a few days later. I'm sure it was a difficult situation for them to process in this year of Coronavirus insanity.

    Answered Prayer is that all those tests for Jayden and family already came back as negative. It would have seemed nice to have offered a masked and very nervous child a drink of water for a dry scratchy throat when no other symptoms were present, but that would've required some logical reasoning. The quarantine still stands, but I am counting that as our God working to the good that which was meant for evil and trusting in Him for their complete protection. TY so much, Dear Sister, for your prayers and care for this Fellowship. You are such a blessing to us all and can't wait to meet you at that "Fun Table" where the Joy in our Lord will be boundless!" And until then, I am praying for your family and your strength in Him as well:-) Maranatha!

    1. Blessings Sheila and thank you for the news (although sad) of Evie's passing. Knowing the mercies and love of our Lord, I've no doubt He was with her through it all drawing her heart to Him and then taking her Home.

      Thank you for your kind words, they mean so much and I can't wait for the joy and laughter we all will be having (SOON) at our very special "Fun Table!"
      Looking UP!!!

  12. Robert Breaker and his family had their rights violated at Hyatt Pl in FL where he had booked a room and his wife was given the key just to be told their “policy” in effect trumps Federal Law and they all had to wear masks. The drone behind the desk had the nerve to tell brother Breaker “I’m a Marine.” The corporate office person made his wife cry. Their religious exemption was absolutely violated as was their right to practice their religious beliefs. Very infuriating. Make America Free Again!

    1. BS, you (and RB) should know all 'individual rights' granted by the us const have been suspended (as of 3.13.2020). Just a matter of time before they flex their armed muscles to 'enforce' themselves (as they are in Aust and NZ and UK soon).

      How interesting Congress 'may' get to revisit the Nat'l Emergency Declaration made back in March in a couple weeks (right around 9!!).

      Hmm, something tells me them fires and these floods (aka hurricanes) will redo or extend the Nat'l Emergency and will call for more US NG troops to be in cities...everywhere,,not just in rioting hotspots.

      If not these disasters there will be something(s) else.

    2. The cops and emps were all ignorant of what the Gov said. One said it’s an ordinance and another said it’s not and then the cops said they enforce the fines. Whole thing really disgusting and this is after an 8 hour trip. They had to end up driving back home. Feel very sad for them. It’s not America anymore.

    3. No it is not, it is about to get real messy here in September if not sooner.

      I feel real bad for the kids...esp those not sucked into their iphones who just want to play.

    4. I will be surprised if we are still here past Sept. With the asteroids coming, Rosh HaShanah, Sept 23, Rabbis in Israel saying Messiah is coming, might blow shofar on holiday, CoviPass for travel, etc there’s just so much pointing to next month.

    5. You and Jimboni ought to like this YTC: Logic Before Authority

      Beirut Explosion. Cold Fusion Terrestrial Ground Wave Weapon
      13min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61bXgd0OOM0

      Perhaps Ber was another "energy" zap/ zap of injected energy (similar to the missile flash caught on video or "lightning strikes" elsewhere)

      As INL was warned, there are weapons to be used we have 'never' seen before. Well, these are all more or less covert test strikes.

      I have a hunch these 'asteroids' are more like giant energy zaps from above, not flying space rock which is their cover story....I am surprised FM Buzz Aldrin is not pushing this asteroid frenzy message.

      This is only man's judgement on fellow man....wait until the Day of the LORD. Oh my.

    6. is not wearing a mask a 'religious belief' (as there is nothing in the bible about it), or a constitutional belief/expectation?? And agree that September through Nov are possibly going to be doozies.

    7. Interesting vid, BB.Besides all the medical reasons for not masking, Brother Breaker feels the way many of us do; wearing masks is meant to silence Christians from sharing the Gospel and is part of an occult ritual that we refuse to acquiesce to. The Bible says not to even muzzle an ox.

    8. It’s just one big psyops and we are free ppl which means no masks. Sovereign ppl don’t mask. I’m not a slave (other than for Jesus) and I will not participate in my own enslavement.


    9. In my case, I have to wear a mask at work. I work in a large store. We don't have the financial means for me to quit my job because of wearing a mask. My husband made it clear to me. Otherwise, I would have quit my job. I prayed over it and the Lord gave me his peace. I have to follow my husband's choice. But if I get the chance to speak, I tell the truth about it all even with a mask on my face. It's not like accepting the mark of the beast. At that point we would refuse by losing everything, it's official! And we agree to refuse the vaccine if it becomes mandatory and we lose our job, house and everything. We know and we are ready for it. But we are not there yet, so, we continue our life but we will surely be in Heaven before it happens. Many Christians have no choice, like us.

    10. Dear Carole, we each make the decision that’s best for us as individuals and according to our individual circumstances. The same way I don’t think ppl should attack or persecute those who choose not to mask, no one should attack those who do. I bought a mask with a Bible verse on it to have on me just in case I am in a situation that absolutely demands it. I wore the N95 at first but can’t breathe in it and having asthma doesn’t help. You did what’s best which is to pray and seek God’s guidance. I don’t look down on those who wear it but I personally find it unbearable.

    11. Agree Carole - being involved in the food safety and vet surgery position, wearing a mask was compulsory but never stopped us from conversing with others, and should not stop us from spreading the gospel while not spreading the virus!

    12. Yep. And if Robert Breaker really thinks he can travel and go maskless with his family to hotels, etc... without expecting confrontation, then he is severely out of touch. Duhhhhh!

      Nothing disgusts me worse than Christian's acting like entitled a-holes . That is not what Christ taught. What kind if witness is that? In fact, most of Christ's indignation was at these religious types, not the government, not doctors, not people trying to do the right thing. RELIGIOUS KNOW IT ALLS!

    13. And why are Christian's so worried about having their rights violated? Violate all my rights! Who cares! Im a Christian; that means im free even if im cuffed and there's a gun in my mouth.

    14. Sorry guys but I’m a freedom gal. I don’t go along with an agenda that will surely strip us all of every freedom we possess. I see an agenda long in the making and no one will convince me CV1984 is not a sinister hoax on the road to the NWO/cashless society/MOTB/AC. My freedom doesn’t end where someone else’s acquiescence begins.

    15. I see all of this (masks, temperature-taking on the forehead, social distancing as conditioning the masses for the next thing and you can see this won't be an issue as the rise of the Antichrist beast system is taking place. It is evil what is happening. And it doesn't seem to be going away either which only means to me that Jesus is coming sooner than we think and hopefully before this questionable vaccine is mandated.
      I don't wear a mask if I can help it and have walked into stores without one. Recently, there was added another sign, larger and glaring - a neon orange or green sign to wear a the mask for safety of others and staff. I get the heebie-jeebies and makes me think to wear a mask and get it over with and fit in with the crowd ... But, I do believe they are not effective and cause harm especially for those who have to wear them for long periods of time. The social conditioning has taken another step in the direction of not allowing people to buy and sell without a mask is what I see taking place. I have had no one look at me or an employee say anything. It is people just going about their business. I think God is causing them to not see me without a mask, which I know is far out there and you can laugh ... This is as far as my courage goes. But, I am angry about seeing all this. I do see all of this as taking away our individual freedoms and rights to go about our business ... Now you worry about and over-zealous person going over the top.
      I stopped at a rummage sale and a guy with a mask on was going to his car as I parked behind him and I was going to get out of mine. It was a sunny, hot day as he stood by his car door and just stared at me. Maybe he was just being polite, waiting for me to walk past him. Tho, he had plenty of time to car open his door and get in his car. So, I hesitated getting out of the car. So, I got out and walked around the front end of my car unto the grass and across the lawn. I didn't have a mask on. Maybe I would have felt okay if I had also been wearing a mask. All of this is creating anxiety and fear and distrust of people, isolation and ending up I guess trusting what TPTB are telling us to the point of nausea.

    16. I hear you Archangel and Cathi. No worries, no judgement. It is a very personal decision and must be case by case. But I agree it is heading in a direction far worse and far more cut and dry. I can tell you both sense that.

      We will not be around for that, but if we happen to be then other choices will need to be made and the rubber will meet the road so to speak.

    17. Blessings Cathi G. I feel the same and I’d never laugh at you because I believe God got me off the meds I used to take just so I wouldn’t have to make that monthly trip to the pharmacy thereby putting myself in the position of having to wear a mask thereby risking being assaulted and/or going to jail. When I look at the timing of no longer needing the meds thereby not needing to mask (and feeling so much better) it has to be God’s doing. I won’t wear it. Dr. Kaufman explained the psychology behind mask wearing in his interview with David Icke. It turns my stomach. But I’d never tell someone to stop feeding his/her family if doing so required a mask (although it’s God Who provides) but to fast and pray and do whatever God says to do. The oxygen deprivation is real. The infections from mask wearing is real. The non protective aspect is real. It’s a test, as it were, to see how much of the populace will submit. It’s a deeply personal issue to me. Maybe it’s no big deal to others and that’s fine too. But it’s a slippery slope. I daresay if we had all said no or start to, and since there’s more of us than them, they might have backed off or thought twice about enforcement. I wish no one would wear it because they’re afraid not to because an injustice to one man or woman anywhere is an injustice to us all. God bless you.

    18. Groan, sigh, ....your bias is based on fear and listening to people without credibility.

      It is not all wrong but it is terribly skewed and one-sided, and I just cant.

    19. Robert Breaker is not an “entitled” anything but a God loving/fearing man trying to take some deserved time off with his family at the same hotel he has for years without being forced to wear something unnecessary and is proven not to work against any virus. His fight against tyranny is noble imho and he’s fighting for all our rights in the once free USA by not submitting to the NWO’s demands. Masks/social distancing/isolation is causing far more harm and deaths than their so called virus.

    20. Actually, their fear will not be allowed to infringe on my rights. Why do I need a mask and to deprive myself of my God given freedom and oxygen for others? If they’re that scared they need to ask God why they don’t trust Him with their health and safety. I do.

    21. I just can’t see the Apostle Paul preaching in a mask to a crowd of ppl. I just can’t. I see him going to jail instead. He did some of his greatest work there but I hope we all know that he was wrongly imprisoned, beaten, stoned etc. He did what God told him to do and that’s the best thing we can all do. If God lead me to wear a mask I’d do it without question. But my revulsion at the thought of wearing it leads me personally to believe that it’s quite the opposite case. And I thank God no more trips to the pharmacy with that nine foot tall cop standing there eyeballing me. God knows me well and I’m deeply grateful to Him.

    22. Again, this is not a pandemic by the very definition of pandemic. If I believe all their contrived and falsified numbers it still has killed less than 1% of the global population.

    23. 5 million ppl in NZ are being deprived of their rights because of 4 “cases”. Quarantine just the 4 ? No. Gonna lock you all down for as long as we say. Wear your mask and close your mouth because we say so. Btw, cases do not equal “deaths”. Never has.

    24. Just an FYI to those who must wear a mask all day--PLEASE USE A CLEAN MASK DAILY! It is reported that though they may not have any COVID19 patients in a hospital, they are seeing MANY CASES OF RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS DUE TO DIRTY MASKS!

    25. I am not calling anyone in particular "entitled ". It was an "if the shoe fits" kind of statement. More the "christians" on the news etc...

      I fully recognize this is a two sides of the coin discussion. I dont think you're totally wrong; I just dont want yours to be the only voice that people reading this site hear, because it is not my voice and based on some other comments here, I'm probably not alone. Although I don't mind being an oddball. Lol.

      So much to unpack in your 1% comment...I'll just summarize my thought with: that's bad science and wrong logic.

      Nine foot tall cop? Tell me more. Lol. Sounds like a nephilim.

    26. Lyn, I’ve seen pics of infections from masks and they’re terrible. One woman got Legionnaires from improper use.

    27. If it’s so deadly, why do ppl have to be “tested” to see if they have it? Wouldn’t it be obvious? I would think there’d be some stigmata? Why are death certificates being falsified regarding cause of death to reflect Covid if so many are legitimately dying from it? Why is Big Pharma rushing a vaccine when there’s none for so many other deadly diseases? Why are they shielded from liability? Why has Big Tech made billions since the “pandemic” started? Why is a college dropout eugenicist who’s not a Dr running the WHO? 2+2=5 is a lie.

    28. I'm normally a law abiding person as long as those laws are sensible, but I do consider the mask mandates to be anything but sensible and I believe all of the confusing orders concerning these masking mandates to be intentionally divisive. I will 'resentfully' wear my version of a mask when I absolutely have to just to prevent adding insult to injury, but I don't believe they are useful for anything more than to continually keep people's minds focused on the fear they've instilled with this politically hijacked virus that (at least here in the U.S.) could now more honestly be called--as a current meme suggests: the "Election Infection".

      Just like quarantining is supposed to be for people who are actually sick, surgical masks are for temporary use around people who are actually sick--in which case they ought not be out and about anyway. Using all of the normal precautions used during any cold and flu season should suffice the general population in my common sense opinion and there is not one doubt in my mind that this mandated masking is another population control exercise that will only lead to much weaker immune systems for many otherwise healthy people. Not to mention interfering with the learning abilities of oxygen and concentration deprived children who are forced to wear them in miserable socially distanced school attendance situations while they are probably being exposed to massive amounts of dangerous disinfecting chemicals. (And that'd be my shekel on this whole masking mess;-)

      Even so, Lord, please come quickly!

    29. @archangel911 i'd like to answer your questions. I surmise you meant them rhetorical since you suggest they all point to a specific evil conspiracy. Nonetheless, let me see if i can help you see another viewpoint. As you know the Word who is God tells us that we fight not against people but rather against spirits and entities from another realm. If some people are more evil than others, i wonder where the line is before we get to point a finger and call them out. My suggestion is that we keep the focus of the evil on satan. He is behind this. We shouldn't have to wear masks. And like many things, if people are not properly educated, they can be harmful instead of helpful. The common point is if masks were more harmful than helpful it would make sense that doctors and surgeons stop wearing them to perfrom their critical work of healing, delivery and transformation. Masks are helpful. Lets start there. But they can be bad if improper or improperly used. Masks unfortunately hide our faces. And the enemy is leveraging that among other things. So the question is whether we should or shouldn't wear masks. The Bible tells us to obey our authorities. It also tells us to place others above ourselves. If you happen to be asymptomatic, wearing a mask would likely keep you from infecting others. And even if the rate of death is at the lowest side of all estimates, .4%, then that means 1 in 250 can be killed by your cough, talking etc. As a Christian, I'm sure you'll agree that is not acceptable. We can only be so safe. We won't get this perfect but its the right thing to do.
      The reason that testing is important is that it is possible that you are feeling a little bit under the weather from Covid19. If that is the case, and you are early in the symptoms, because of this virus' specific pathogenesis and contagiousness, you can save many people by being identified and quarantined. Covid19 becomes far worse after several days unlike most viruses we are familiar with such as h1n1 flu. It may seem like you just have a little cough and a slightvfever. But if doctors can test and tell youbits Covid19, then they can give you a proper warning, treatment, quarantine etc. Otherwise, you could get surprised and be in really bad shape without a way to get help. For example, in its later stages, Covid19 is known to cause tremendous pulmonary stress. If you are severely overweight, have cancer, diabetes etc, that could absolutely disable you and kill you. You wear a mask for other's safety even if you aren't concerned with your own. Surgeons wear masks to keep the patient safe. You do not want his or her spit droplets etc in your open incision. This is the same principal. Regarding Coronavirus "low" mortality rates, consider the fillowing first. Virus have two features that matter the most in terms of threat level: contagiousness and lethality. If something is high in only one of these, it is not as big of a deal. But when both features are above whats normal, it causes huge problems with safety and health. Even a lethality of .4% is threatening when the contagiousness is as high as coronavirus' has been. Compare SARS and MERS amd the flu for a deeper understanding.
      Big Pharma is money motivated. Noone would argue that. However, that doesn't prove that Covid is a conspiracy or that masks arent valuable.
      Falsified cases are due to in part to money available to hospitals for Coronavirus cases. That kind of thing will always happen. Thats just an everyday breach of integrity at worst. If i have time later I'll explain more.

    30. Blessings Daniel. I appreciate your thoughtful explanation. I think Romans 13 illustrates the kind of government that should be obeyed but, unfortunately, I think we are dealing with a corrupt system like the one in Acts. There is too much “capture” among the WHO, FDA, UN, Big Pharma, etc a veritable revolving door that sets up enormous conflicts of interest. There’s no checks and balances possible when one of them leaves one agency just to sit on the board of the other. Tedros is the first Director-General of the WHO who isn’t a physician. And these are the people we are supposed to listen to? They are all in Gates pocket. Gates, a known eugenicist, whose vaccines have killed, paralyzed and sterilized thousands in Congo, Afghanistan, India and Africa. The Indian government kicked him out of their country. He has plainly stated his desire to reduce world population through death, vaccines, abortion etc.

      Surgeons wear masks to prevent saliva from getting into patients. Understood. Highly appropriate. CV has not been isolated or purified and the results put through rigorous peer review. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College used phony data designed to produce specific results from computer models and used those results to justify a worldwide lockdown that he himself could not bear. He said two million deaths. Laughable. The swine flu sickened and/or killed hundreds of thousands of ppl in 2009. No lockdown. No masks.TB kills one million...every year...no lockdown.No masks. The RT-PCR test tests genetic material we all have, hence, so many positive results and false positives like those 77 NFL players. Kerry Mullis, creator of PCR test and Nobel winner, specifically said his test was not to be used to test for viruses. That’s what they use. Nothing about CV1984 has an iota of credibility or believability. Healthy ppl should not wear masks or be quarantined. This is the biggest hoax in history. A shutdown of the world economy over nothing. Nothing disease-related that is.

    31. Imho, to believe CV1984 is a real killer virus and that’s there’s a pandemic and that healthy ppl must be locked down, masked, vaccinated, made to hand over a vial of their blood to travel (next month) requires a degree of cognitive dissonance that I just don’t possess. On an intellectual level, I don’t believe it. Five months into lockdown and not a single coworker, relative, friend or neighbor of mine has had it or even gotten sick much less died from it (supposedly). During a regular flu season, many of us have gotten sick and recovered. During “normal” times when one of us got sick, we stayed home and if we knew someone else that was sick, we naturally kept our distance. I never demanded that others stay home or wear a mask so I wouldn’t get sick. That would have been absurd. Like this “pandemic” is an absurd lie that has been an exercise in deception and obfuscation as big or bigger than anthropogenic global warming.

    32. Archangel, if the Lord has allowed this novel coronavirus as a continuation of the plagues that have come upon the earth, and for the purpose of getting people to recognize Him and fear Him and repent, then what you are doing inadvertently is stirring up false prophecy which subdues Gods intended response.

      Notice that is an " if then " statement. I'm not accusing you, just suggesting that you consider this appropriately.

      Some things you have surely missed. Not seeing friends or neighbors sick is weak evidence that cv is a hoax, for several reasons. If I have time I can go through them.

      There is a massive amount of hard and circumstantial evidence that masks offer benefits. If you want to ignore that, I cannot waste my time explaining it.

      Me believing that mask wearing is important in no way makes me someone who is cognitively dissonant. Btw, you should consider that saying that is just a passive aggressive and veiled way of calling those who do not believe what you believe "stupid".

      That is unfortunately all the time I have. I will try to circle back later, but I'd love to actually focus my effort on watching and looking up.

    33. I refuse to participate in the charade. The only masked man I can respect is Batman. Like I said, do what you feel God leads you to do. They surely have more demands they will make of you. If you find it acceptable to concede and adapt to their mandates by all means wear the mask and hand over a vial of your blood for testing in order to travel when they tell you to. And if you feel led to take the vaxx, go ahead. And if they demand your property and part of your salary and maybe one or two of your kids, feel free. God doesn’t need a virus to bring ppl to Him. He certainly can if He chooses. As for the masks, I don’t compromise with terrorists.

    34. And if a highly infectious deadly communicable disease like TB doesn’t warrant masks and lockdowns, then neither does CV.

    35. @archangel911 It is very suspicious from the perspective you present. As this is a forum of strangers, so to speak, i cannot analyze and explain that. I just wouldn't have enough context. However, i can tell you that i know firsthand a few people who have died with very unique and intense symptoms. And I know several, myself included, who exhibited symptoms without dying. The symptoms were not like a cold or flu as some have posed. And in fact the severity was absolutely significant enough to say this is dangerous enough to jeopardize those at risk in a significant way. I live in an affluent area that is a suburb a major US city. Most of the people in my circle of influence are fitness-oriented, healthy types. In the cases I'm mentioning symptoms have been prolonged distressing coughs, severe digestive issues longer than a week, extreme fatigue, and prolonged fever and headache. Flues will cause these same people between 1 and 5 days of similar symptoms although not as severe. In every case i am familiar with the symptoms lasted between 8 and 30 days. I think the component that you are overlooking is in the details. TB is not as contagious. There were around 9000 cases last year in the US. Moreover it is treated with medicines which we have and has been significantly studied. There are currently about a thousand times that many cases of coronavirus in the US. And the disease is new, thus the word "novel". That means it can do very bad things. As data began rolling in, the experts recommended that we quarantine, wear masks etc bc of the the contagiousness and the lethality which were far above normal. Swine Flu H1N1 was also not even close to what we are seeing with Coronavirus. It did not impact the immune compromised. These pathogens were worlds different than novel coronavirus. There is a very good chance that this was a bio weapon that was either intentionally released or unintentionally released. But that is also speculation. Sometimes we think something is fake because we don't see it or see it differently than its explained. But a skewed, blurred or obscured perspective doesn't make something not real or contrived. Many deadly motor accidents have occurred because of the vehicle someone couldnt see. I will say, it is possible that this is somewhat exaggerated or contrived and that there may even be an intentional agenda. You could be right. But right now, there is nothing i can not do for God while wearing a mask and staying out of crowded places that i could if i removed the mask and went to a public hotspot. On the other hand, if even a small minority of people ignore the warnings of coronavirus, and its real, they are threatening the lives of everyone. Where I think you are definitely correct is that something else is going on. But if we don't fully know what that is, its right to trust our sovereign Lord and do as we are asked as long as it does not go against God's laws etc. We can still gather together, we can still love one another, we can still proclaim Jesus, we can still encourage one another, we can still carry a Bible and read it and so on. God bless you and I know this whole thing stinks in more than one way. God's will be done. His Kingdom come!

    36. Blessings Daniel. I’m not buying their narrative or numbers and God created us to be free and breathe and procreate and protect our families and provide for them, all of which these satanic elites want removed as our God given freedoms. Six feet apart, six feet this six feet that. 666. An 8 inch nasopharyngeal swab that killed one person when it punctured the sinus membrane. These ppl are lovers of death, hell and haters of God. I won’t play by their tune, agenda, mandates or whatever they say we have to because they say so. They’re laughing at us. They have a larger sinister agenda that maybe some can’t or won’t acknowledge.

    37. 1.5 million died from TB worldwide in 2018. Now, my mother’s aunt died from TB. Liar Neil Ferguson said 2 million would die from CV and then was revealed as the fraudster he is. CV is a rounding error.

    38. Maybe if BLM/Antifa masked and locked down I wouldn’t need cognitive dissonance or suspension of disbelief to submit.

    39. For the record,Archangel, I approve your message. Masks have become the new symbol of political correctness. The demonicrats are doing what they can to convince the public that this is an issue they can win the whitehouse on. I certainly hope everyone that tunes in here can realize this: It's all about the election. Period. Nothing matters but the election. Satan would like nothing better than to divide us all. Now...with that- I'll keep watching.

    40. Yes and I think today they realized they’ve lost the election. Pelosi said no debates. I’m waiting for the mask to become a civil rights issue with those masking saying those of us who think for ourselves are violating theirs. No wonder government means mind control in Latin:).

    41. I watched this video, Archangel, "Whats Her Face" which was good in what is happening here in social conditioning ... She was a cute, upbeat young gal. Her vid made me think of an article I read earlier today that I was going to post about but decided not to. But, the most food for thoughtbwas this:
      In summing up what is happening in NZ and Australia, .... And deeper measures (my words) ... A quote is that they will already be acclimated to being trapped at home anyway. (As to bringing in laws or executive orders).

    42. Blessings Cathi G. Yes I loved that Whatsherface vid. I posted the link a few comments above lol! So, in that TX county the “positive” CV cases went from 4600 to less than 100 after an audit. And the lady who had the nerve to let her Trump mask slip below her nose on a Delta flight while sleeping will now have a lower social credit score after the Stasi flight attendant is done with her “report” which the victim can’t see. Basically, it’s a sharia mask. We’re prisoners who aren’t allowed to question our captors. We’re supposed to stifle all common sense, logic and reasoning and force ourselves to believe something that’s simply not true. The Nazis knew if the lie was big enough ppl would accept it because Surely they wouldn’t be Lying about it? I know Carole, Sheila B and many others wear it because they’re forced to and do so under protest. Very understandable. It’s the Vichy who are the troublemakers. The mask separates us and makes us suspicious of our neighbors and that’s exactly their plan.

    43. DeAnna Lorraine got word from Delta about her “mask compliance issue.” Now if that just doesn’t speak oodles....Delta threw a woman off for daring to use her asthma inhaler which necessitated removing the sharia mask. Remember when the Friendly Skies were, ya know, Friendly?

    44. @Archangel911 When you compare TB to CV19, are you aware of the significant differences? For example, although the mortality rate for TB has been what appears to be significantly higher than CV19, it is treatable, less contagious, bacterial and has been around for a long time. Viruses mutate which can make them even more dangerous. They are not treatable like bacterial infections. And cv19 appears to have already affected 25million worldwide in less than a year and is still at a growing rate. I realize that requires you to trust others to accept and I know there are alot of media falsehoods. But how are you chosing what you do believe? Do you feel like everyone in mainstream media is a diabolical liar? If so, why is that? My logic and my instincts tell me it would be impossible to develop and implement a strategy wherein every nation agreed to quarantine and mask their people, shut down all sports and entertainment venues, cause businesses to close or flounder economically, close churches, abolish choirs, keep people from their families, stop the airlines, create tremendously more division in society as if there weren't enough.

      I can easily agree that much of this does have the devil's fingerprints on it. Furthermore, governments and economic powers would not likely shut down the major players such as concert venues, hollywood film production and sports. But i can obviously see God using the pandemic to redirect the world's attention to Him. I mean, do you know nearly all of man's ungodly distractions have been stopped or limited? That's kind of amazing. Strip clubs, night clubs, bars, even prostitution and the adult film industry are impacted. Praise the Lord for that. Whether we put on a mask, believe we need to or not, God is in control. That's a fact. I'd be suspicious though of anyone leading others to believe that cv19 is made up because that is not what the evidence indicates at all. I think you're good to be suspicious. But i think some of what you are reading, hearing or saying is misleading. It appears contrary to fact. Nonetheless I truly appreciate your willingness to share and I
      respect your opinion.

    45. Blessings Daniel. What struck me back in March was how quickly all the professional sports leagues agreed to cancel their entire seasons. Unprecedented. Unheard of and extremely suspicious. All the CEOs, hundreds, that suddenly resigned and retreated to their bunkers in the months leading up to CV1984. Almost as if they knew something was coming. How often do you get that many ppl to agree on anything? Much less cancel their seasons with all the revenue involved? Event 201. Lockstep. Luciferians love to tell us exactly what they’re doing and what they’re going to do. That’s why I don’t believe the media narrative. It’s all scripted. I suggest you read Rockefeller’s Lockstep document from 2010 and look at Gates Event 201 from last October and let me know if there’s the slightest inkling that something just isn’t kosher about the “virus” lockdowns and masks. This is a spiritual battle and the mask, isolation and reversal of societal norms are the enemy’s weapons of choice. And the persecution of the Church is a glaring clue. Brothels and casinos are open. No threats against them. Plenty against Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church, though. The Supreme Court ruled against the Church in Nevada but brothels are open for business. Abortion mills never closed. The CARES Act was approved a year ago. Think about it.

    46. Feel free to disagree with me and impugn my sources and research but what I’m trying to direct your attention to is a suspicious pattern of behavior. If event 201 and Lockstep and Gates’ history didn’t exist, that’s to be considered. But they do and I won’t ignore them. There’s a reason premeditated murder carries a higher penalty than manslaughter.

    47. Hi Archangel, I wanted to ask you if you have heard of Anthony Patch. I was given a link to him yesterday for his video, Part 2 of him discussing the covid virus in relation to the history of HiV/Aids and Chromo 8 which is eye-opening, tying this to the PCR test. He is a Christian guy and I know nothing about him, but I am plowing through this 2-hour vid tho one can skip the beginning (30 minutes of music, and scripture reading etc). He explains the PCR testing very well, I thought. He may still have available to download free his June-July-August editions of his Entangled magazine because he wanted to get the info out there - June/The Mark, July/Sealed, August/Abomination of Desolation. Now, I didn't agree with what he said about the Christian leaders (27,000 of them) who he said are parroting mainstream with saying to get the vaccine as it doesn't change DNA. I don't know what I think about this, tho I do see them parroting mainstream in how he said they probably haven't researched anything for themselves. I am still listening to this video. I don't know if he is seeing the vaccine as the mark (I don't think he is), as this hasn't been brought up in this video at this point I don't see it as the mark at this time, because it needs to evolve more with the quantum dot tattoo is how I am seeing things along with the AC being here and so on. Anyway, I think he is a good source of info and I found him easier to understand than some other things I have read or listened to. Thanks.

    48. Thank you archangel911. I appreciate it and I will review the info. Blessings to you.

    49. Blessings Cathi G and Daniel. I am not familiar with Anthony Patch but will check into his info. Thank you. And very welcome, Daniel. I have learned from the global warming/hockey stick/East Anglia Climategate to follow the money because where large sums are involved ie research grants etc and Big Pharma billions there’s plenty of willing participants in skulduggery.

  13. Hey guys, don't know if you read last week when I had prayed to find an eagle feather as a 7 day notice of Jesus' return. I was stunned to find one last Tuesday, but this Tuesday of course we're still here, and unless I missed something, nothing spectacular happened. I'm asking God to help me understand why He gave me the eagle feather.

    I felt kind of unsettled all day, and that feeling wasn't helped by watching a TOL end times video on YT where he brought up the possibility of going into overtime. (Honestly, I don't see how that can be, with things lining up as they are; covid 19 lockdowns, vaccines, locusts, asteroids. It's a huge list.). Anyway, I was heading downstairs to get dinner started when I glanced at the time on my phone. 5:11. This isn't something I typically do, but I thought I'd check Strong's concordance to see what 511 means. It's an adjective, and it means to move to a higher place.

    Okay, that's cool, I thought, and got started on dinner. A few minutes later I checked my phone for something else, and the time was 5:25. Since 525 is a symmetric, I thought I'd look up that number as well. 525 means To be released, to depart. Huh, I thought, that's a good one.

    I was washing dishes after dinner, feeling such a sense of sadness and heaviness at the thought having to continue on for so long. Not necessarily for myself, but for so many of God's family who are oppressed and suffering. I prayed that God would be with us and shelter us, and that His Spirit would be mighty among us. I picked up my phone to go sit on the couch and the time was 7:13. Okay, one last time. In Strong's 713 means Enough. That was such a comfort, that He is enough.

    I told my husband about the last word, and he laughed, seeing a different interpretation. Enough! Okay, Lord, I'll wait to hear from You and stop playing magic 8 ball with Strong's :)

    1. Blessings Rebekah! Regarding your eagle's feather given to you by the Lord, take heart!
      I went back and re-read your post. This is my thought on the matter....

      (Summarizing) You asked the Lord for an encouraging sign of His soon coming via something special to you; an eagle's feather. When the day passed with no feather, you did not give up hope and continued in your ask, this time with a more specific time frame. I am sure our Lord was smiling as He watched you find your special treasure :)

      Even though He did not come within the time you had asked, how wonderful for Him to answer your prayer of encouragement with something so meaningful to your heart!
      If I may state so, I believe you would have felt let down and possibly discouraged had He not answered your prayer at all. He's letting you know He sees you and loves you and knows you (and all of us) are eagerly waiting for Him!

      So, it's all good because He is Good!!!
      Blessings and maranatha!

    2. 7 days is 7 years...maybe He was telling you about His second coming. Then that would mean rapture any day now- I'm still aiming at September.

    3. Hi Rebekah,

      Got some encouragement for you, sister.

      I was going to tack this on to my recent Third-Day Birthday article regarding the evidence for a 2020 to 2027 Tribulation timeframe, but I figured it would be overkill. However! I will share this gem with you and my Rev 12 Fam.

      First, a reminder from our Lord (see Matt. 13:10-13, 16-17).

      And now for the parable:

      Check out the parallels of our proposed 2020-2027 timeframe and Proverbs 20:20 to 20:27.

      Prov. 20:20: The "lamp" goes out in deep darkness. The word translated "deep, darkest" is also found in Prov. 7:9 in reference to a specific time of the day; i.e. evening/night. Also, the exact Hebrew term translated as "lamp" that goes out in verse 20 returns in verse 27 (see here). Thus, you have the lamp/Church removed and the start of darkness/Tribulation in verse 20, and then the same "lamp" returns at the end in 20:27!

      When viewed as a conceptual unit, the rest of 20:20 through 20:27 appears to flow with known Tribulation events and time markers; for example:

      Prov. 20:21: While a hardened Israel says "Peace and safety," builds their temple, and thinks the Messianic era has begun, in reality this premature inheritance will not be blessed.

      Prov. 20:22: Encouragement for the believing remnant and those left behind not to pick up the sword during the Trib but to wait on the LORD to rescue them.

      Prov. 20:23: This one is amazing. While the Hebrew does not contain the exact word for "abomination" as the one used in Daniel 9:27, the Greek translation of this verse does indeed have the exact same word that Jesus uses in Matthew 24:15 to describe the "abomination" of desolation at the mid-point of the Trib (βδέλυγμα, see Strong's 946). In our proposed timeline of the end, the mid-point of the Tribulation would be Fall 2023 to Fall 2024.

      Prov. 20:24: I think of the apostle John's words in Rev. 13:9-10, spoken at a time when the final three and a half years of the Trib have commenced.

      Prov. 20:25: I think of the regrettable decision of many to worship the unholy, counterfeit Trinity of the Dragon, Beast, and False Prophet and have their doomed sealed by taking the Mark; see Rev. 13:4, 15-18; 14:9-11.

      Prov. 20:26: Another amazing, direct parallel to a time at the end of the Tribulation when Jesus will "winnow the wicked" and drive the "threshing wheel" over them (Rev. 14:14-20; cf. Matt. 13:41-43; 25:31-33).

      Prov. 20:27: The "lamp" from 20:20 returns, and there is a judgment/reward theme as the LORD examines the innermost being.

      And now for a bonus:

      Prov. 20:28: Regarding our proposed timeline, by 2028 the Messianic age is in full swing and this verse in Proverbs is hummin' right along with our tune :)

      Blessings to you all! Do not lose heart. Jesus is coming, and the LAMP is about to be taken out before darkness falls.


    4. Whoa, that's so interesting, Jeff! As with many of the posts from you guys at Unsealed, I'll have to read it ten or twelve times before I really grasp what you're saying. God bless you. Maranatha!

    5. Thanks, Miguel P - yes, September is looking so high watch!

    6. WOW Jeff. that is AMAZING.. I can hardly breathe with excitement to think that we might be coming into the last month.

    7. Amen, Miguel, good observation!

      Wow, Jeff! I went through those verses after reading your post, and wow! I vote you should definitely add it on to your Third Day Birthday article. It will bless those @Unsealed who don't visit over here :)

      I've been pondering something from my prayer time yesterday morning and am feeling led to add it here.
      I asked the Lord, "When is our Third Day, Father?"

      These words were placed on my heart but with the sense that it was not a single sentence, but of two separate statements:

      "Lift up your eyes and behold the coming of the Lord"

      So I broke it down like this and looked in His Word:

      "Lift up your eyes and behold"....this led me to John 4:35


      "the coming of the Lord"....this led me to 1 Thess4:15 and James 5:7-8

      This, along with what you all are sharing brings me great encouragement that we may very well be going at the end of summer!!!

      Blessings Family and maranatha!

    8. Amen, thanks! Studying all this great stuff with! Blessings all our Fam! Ps 28:6 (KJV)

    9. Woohoo, Jeff! Like Rebecca said--gonna have to re-read your wonderful findings til it sinks in real good ;-)

    10. Jeff! Wow....that is an awesome find, Brother! TY for sharing that with us. Very exciting correlation. Just wow:-))

      Just for encouragement purposes....today we are 7 months and 26 days into this year which is also the 239th day of 2020, so another peek into the Strong's for perhaps another possible and confirming "God Wink":

      G#239--hallelouia--Hallelujah! (an adoring exclamation) used 4x in Rev.19:1,3,4,6

      H#239--azan--to weigh, test or prove Ecclesiastes 12:9

      "Besides being wise, the Preacher also taught the people knowledge, weighing and studying and ARRANGING MANY PROVERBS with great care." (emph. mine)

      There ya go, Jeff:-)

    11. Thank you, Jeff!

      What a wonderful blessing (it greatly encouraged my soul)!


    12. Rebekah, when the word "Enough" was said, I thought He was saying yes, it is enough and I am coming. Tho, I did chuckle at your husband's laugh(ing).

      Jeff, that was wonderful! Encouraging.

    13. Oh...wow...Sheila. The 726 and the 239. I knew there was something about today...

      And, whoa, talk about confirmation from H#239 in Ecclesiastes 12:9!

    14. Blessings. A bit more seasoning in the stew, if you will. T is circling the 28th, or rather, witnesses flocks of numeric circling there, To His Glory. Seems Called Out for SOMETHING and, in light of the comments, above, re the nature of 8/28 along those lines, for an unspecified, pending event to harken to the Millennial Reign? OK, let's see, that would be Harpazo, for sure, and then there's, Oh!, of course, uh, mmm, er, OK, so maybe some AC stuff, but that's way too many toes across THAT line. Maranatha!

    15. Hi Jimboni, I listened to this video today by T. Renshaw and she was easy to listen to and sweet and tho I am not following numbers and all of that, her video was encouraging. For example, #888 Jesus, who was named and circumcised on the 8th day, Luke 2:21. His Word is perfection even mathematically. Thought this was interesting: Evil Side of 666:
      There is no man that does not sin, 2 Chronicles 6:36
      To turn away, Deuteronomy 5:32
      Because of unbelief, Hebrews 3:19
      Dwelling place for dragons, Jeremiah 51:36
      We perish, Luke 8:24
      Day of the Lord is darkness, not light, Amos 5:18 (Armageddon)
      Regarding the red heifer, she had read an article (I think recently) that this would be a confirmation of the Fig Tree Generation as to a red heifer, born in Israel in 2018. A waiting time because a patch on it needs to redden. This is alarming and a call for wisdom in that the AC will come next on the scene when they start construction of the temple. The English Gemantria is 666, Simple Gemantria 111 which she had discussed, also.

  14. Hurricane Laura upgraded and predicted to make landfall as an extremely dangerous Cat 4.
    Prayers up for those in LA and TX and all points north in the path of this really bad storm. May our
    Good Lord's Merciful Protection be with them whether riding it out, or dealing with the impacts of evacuation.

    1. In prayer, Sheila B!
      May the Blood of Jesus cover you and the living Word be your shelter!

    2. Oh I pray for protection of God!


  15. I would have a little prayer request please! Only for today if you want, for the light to reach the darkness in a woman's life.
    A lady astrologer called me today to tell me the fortune.
    I didn't let her talk to me but I immediately told her Jesus is coming soon.
    And that we don't need divination but just
    open our eyes and see that everything happens in this announcement is in the Bible.
    And I repeated Jesus is coming soon, are you ready to meet God? The woman immediately shut down the telephone line. I don't know her name but God knows this woman.

    1. I am not sure of the right translation but I think you understand.

    2. What a great target recipient for our prayers Carole. Who know's she might be the last fish that fills the net. Praying that the light and LOVE of Jesus envelops her, and breaks the strong holds, and darkness that surrounds her. I pray this in Jesus' name.

    3. I do pray for this woman believing she phoned you so that many would pray for this woman for the Holy Spirit to draw her to the truth of the gospel and belief in Jesus Christ. Amen.

  16. Hi folks/ family... dangerous out there.

    Reading-Seeing-Knowing what is going down is making me sick to my stomach, BTW.


    INL affirms my suspicion from above (Re: "asteroids" & EQs & Hurricanes being man-made) in order to 'help' with the upheaval of ALL nations (see Jaco's latest for the word from Ken Peter's re: Upheaval of ALL Nations). Yes, the natural and supernatural to come too.

    'Asteroid Strike' Presents Sinister Opportunity
    16min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btkVTMtxiko

    ----- Also -----

    FIRES and FLOODS - Weapons of DEATH (Invw with D. Tavares)
    83min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMjGVoMFeGU

    ----- Also -----

    Like many of you, it continues to amaze me other people have not picked up on the timing of all these events and who is behind them and what they are doing, going to do

    They arent even pretending this isnt the n w o!
    RFB (8/24)
    36min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iob1wvE4G8o

    ----- Also -----

    For any on the fence as to who is the 'poster' CIC... here is another, long look. Miguel, get your popcorn out!

    DJT: The Role Of A Lifetime - A Documentary
    SMHP (8/26)
    180min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QayHetaHAQw

    1. Hey Fam--Charlie mentioning RichieFromBoston reminded me that he did another video highlighting the UN Virtual Concert. YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS! Here's the link to the UN site:

      Here's an excerpt from this site (LOOK at the lyrics):

      "The concert closed with a moving performance of a song called “We Will Rise”, written about the coronavirus pandemic in the Pacific and performed by Pasifika Voices and the International School Suva.

      Sung primarily by children and youth, the heart-warming lyrics concluded on a note of hope.

      “Around the world we’re closing borders, COVID-19 on the rise
      A new world order behind closed doors, the storm will pass, we will survive
      We will rise, we will rise again, our isles will rise again
      We will rise, we will rise again, our world will rise again” "

    2. Hi Lyn, re-read your latest, splendid. Yes, before the summer ends, we PRAY!

      Re: nwo chants

      Also, DJT says, "we need to get back again" repeated.

      1) We will rise again
      2) We need to get back

      Any others?

  17. So,
    In all the time investing in finding the ‘true’ timing of Pentecost, and that being when it ‘fully came’ to be a ‘double count’ of that 49 + 50 days per an alternative interpretation of Leviticus 23:16, one had not paid attention to what would the ‘harvest time’ look like thereafter or that if the Rapture would or could take place at the end of this harvest time instead. One has always had this notion in the back of the head but could not really reconcile that in vetting it out as it buffered-up against the Fall Feasts. And as noted before, if assuming the Rapture was to take place at such a Pentecost time and then if it would be the current year.

    Since the July 20 Pentecost date came and went, assuming that was the day for perhaps the Rapture to occur, the focus can rightly be given to the subsequent harvest timeframe then. So, the question is, was that the time from when the harvesting began? How long will that harvest time be? And will it still be this year? These are unknown variables but in looking at some timelines I put together along with some simple mathematics and Sacred Geometry leading up to where we are at now, there might be some clues and a glimmer of hope still.

    I compiled an article and chart to illustrate these observations of what I can say with some measure of confidence. Considering an Equinox to Equinox timeframe, there does appear to be something going on or it might just be the usual amazing time markers that YHVH has factoring into time itself. This is based on the saying of Jesus of the cryptic 4-month countdown to the harvest, which is more than a reference to a natural harvest but that of the souls, so...the Rapture, etc.

    But, upon more careful examination of the year so far astronomically, there is an amazing array of celestial symmetry that occurred leading up to this question of the harvest zone time. There appears to be a convergence of timelines that suggest a 2-month duration of the harvest is still in play. And what is unique is that such timelines are in Phi Ratio to each other. Not saying it will be the case but to still be on the lookout.

    If this be the case, then one still has until around September 22, when the limit of the Summer Harvest will have been reached though. So, I just wanted to report these observations. May it be so! Yep, bullets are now starting to fly about now…as planned.
    Over and out,

    Article: The Harvest Times


    1. Wow, Lu!
      Great job!!

      I eagerly hope that the observed convergence will contribute to the confirmation of our BLESSED HOPE!


    2. Lu, another great study. If I’m reading you correctly, it appears the ___ lady has sung her final song, and that “Pentecost has fully come” without the Rapture event, but we still have a 2 month duration of the “summer harvest” still in play up until around September 22. Yippee!!! There is still a glimmer of hope for all of us to be raptured in the month of September! That’s really great news, but then (and perhaps rightfully so) you bring up the 2520-day countdown, what starts the Tribulation Period, and that the Altar of Sacrifice still needs to be built, and the 2 Red Heifers are not of age yet, etc. So, I guess from your analysis we’re not there yet, but we’re very, very close. Let’s all pray that this “Gap Time” you refer to, in order for all these things (prerequisites) to happen, will occur in a very, very short time span as well!!!

      I can totally relate to your “harvest theme” as I’ve been very busy lately harvesting and dehydrating my abundant fig crop as shown in the photos below:




      In the “rare” event that there is a slight delay in our departure, I decided to dry some figs, so they will be available for “all to enjoy” at the “Fun Table”. And that includes you too, Lu!!! Maranatha!

    3. Bob,
      Cool pics of the figs. Thanks for sharing! I see you have a green thumb. I would say for sure the Rev12Daily Fam will be one of the Fun Tables. I will bring some Sonoma Wine that maybe the LORD can finish off the Passover with? :) It will be a potluck! Yes.

      But as to the Gap Time, it is mainly how it will be too tight for a 2020-27 Tribulation Period timeline if the Rapture were to take place still by the 22nd of September and thereafter for the Trib to start in the Fall 2020. But you never know. So, I did not want to just ‘splash cold water’ this time, but more of a lukewarm temperature to soften the blow! Lol

      We keep watch and enjoy your figs!

    4. Lu, now that you figured out how to adjust the "temperature control handle" on the spigot we're in real trouble now! LOL!!! We're so used to getting splashed with "cold water" we now have a new worry, being slowly "boiled alive" without even realizing it! You know from now on we're going to have to read your articles very carefully since our lives depend on it! Do you remember the old "Lost in Space" series? Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson!!! Well, it's not that bad! But we're going to have to watch you very closely! Hope you like figs, brother!

    5. ahhh love the figs Bob and a good reminder that I need to prune mine as we head into Spring here in NZ.

    6. Lu~If the Overcoming Church is represented by the NEW WINE in the Bk of Joel, it is possible we will be harvested NEAR THE END OF THE SUMMER:

      "I am coming full circle back to the Feast of Trumpets as the most probable time for the Resurrection/Rapture of the Bride of Christ if our Heavenly Father is indicating these [fall] feasts in the Book of Joel, and if only for the reason that our God seems to grant mercy up to the very last minute. According to the Hebraic understanding, the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah IS the very last minute! This would flow with the idea that the “new wine” was “cut off” because Rosh Hashanah falls in between Tu B’Av (which marks the beginning of the grape harvest) and Yom Kippur (which marks the end of the grape harvest)!" [from my article https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/08/rapture-cut-off-time-2020.html

      That is my sincere hope anyway!

    7. Bob D....Those are some beautiful and yummy looking figs, Brother:-)

    8. Hi Lyn,
      Ok, Bob made me do it! Lol. I wanted to reply earlier to what you commented but have had a lot of questions to answer to my last article about the remaining 1 month to finish off the Summer Wheat Harvest. And how in 1 month, the Tribulation Period cannot possibly start, etc. I re-read your article about the connections from Joel and the 3-day typology.

      Your article is very well researched and correlated and of course you make good points. I am open to the notion how the Summer Harvest that astronomically ends on the Fall Equinox still gives time for a possible Rapture event to occur and that it will overlap then with the Fall Feasts, primarily Rosh Hashanah and how you have come full circle rather than Pentecost because of this.

      I would say that if the July 20 was indeed the true day of Pentecost, then the subsequent harvesting time, up to the Equinox would technically still be linked though to Pentecost. But I am open as the LORD is sovereign and in His good timing, the harvest of the Bride will occur regardless. This is one thing; the other is if it is going to be this year. I sure hope so as you and all others would agree and pray for but I would say not based on what I have seen astronomically for the remainder of this year.

      The other issue for me is the 3-day typology. If the premise is stemming from the Rev 12 Sign in how we have reached the 3-year mark, I can see the correlation innocently being made to a 3rd day then. But as I have mentioned prior, if any day count is to be correctly attributed to the Rev 12 Sign, it is not 3 days or 3 years but 3.5 years or 1260 days. The Sign comes complementary of this numerical value from the text, if we maintain the typology through and through. We are assuming a Gregorian time interpretive overlay here from the Jewish reckoning of time, but I could be wrong.

      I liked how you also referenced Tramms’ assertion of that Equinox to Equinox timeframe that I too have noticed and wrote about concerning the ‘harvest’ prophetically. Although the only issue I would contend with him is that he calculates the year 33 AD as being the crucifixion year, etc. This cannot be as it would then negate the age of Jesus in how He would then have to be more than 33 years old (if born on 9-11, -3 BC). He is assuming that Jesus was born in Year 1. And this is not the case. This is for another topic, but Brother Paul D. actually makes it relevant in how we have to get this right in order to correctly determine when the Jubilee can be rightly determined.

      I believe Paul gets it right by starting with -3 BC but then does not account to when Jesus literally proclaimed the Year of Jubilee. And that from that point on, we can determine the pattern, till the last one, to start in 2022. You see the Luciferians go by this count…consider if we start with 9-11 in 2001, then 2008, 2005, then 2022 is the last one. This is for another topic I would also contend but see, I am throwing ‘cold water’ on everyone here, lol. Blame it on Bob, he gave me permission to do so!

      Be blessed,

    9. Lu, thanks for getting back to me--and no worries! I don't even get on-line everyday! Also those of us who have been yearning and watching for what seems a long time need a splash of cold water💦 from time to time to keep us awake and alert⏰

      Your gift with working with numbers and calendars is such a blessing to those of us who do NOT and sharpens those who DO work with them! It is definitely NOT my forte` so I will leave it to you and Dan Matson etc.

      None of us has the whole picture; and, as much as I want to believe we will know the exact day--I don't know if that is God's will:

      "Amos 3:7 tells us that God does nothing without revealing His plan to His prophets, BUT HERE IS AN EXCEPTION! For had the mystery of Jew and Gentile becoming one in Christ been revealed (Ephesians 3:6), the Adversary would have known God’s entire plan of redemption for man and would not have killed our precious Jesus--

      But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, [even] the hidden [wisdom], which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known [it], they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. - 1 Corinthians 2:7-8 KJV

      . . . We are not in the dark so when that day comes it will not totally surprise us (1 Thessalonians 5:4). HOWEVER, just as Father God strategically kept the Church a secret from Satan before Christ died, I think God wants the exact time of the Rapture to be a strategic secret. . ." [from https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/05/the-rapture-mystery.html

      Like the 'Wise Men' we follow the signs of His coming and draw near to Him but won't 'find' Him until He has already come! I guess I'm doing my fair share of splashing cold water, huh? Just so glad we are all in this together 💖

  18. "Are we still in the wheat harvest season" by Ty Green.

    Using the woman at the well in John 4 ... John 4:43 we see Jesus was with them (Gentiles) for 2 days. Then, *after* 2 days he departed for Galilee (Jews). So, right now it is the Gentiles of the world who are still in the wheat season (because the Jews were first and their wheat season is over), but we are second and our wheat season is still ongoing till the middle of September (using agricultural patterns, see Ruth 2:23). Then, Jesus on the *3rd* day departed and went into Galilee (Jews) and will again have his attention on Israel. The wheat harvest is the departure of the body of Christ in the rapture. At this time, now, then it is in Israel as like Songs of Solomon 2:13 - we see the putting forth of green figs, beginning of the grape harvest.
    So, I hope this wasn't too complicated in how I tried to summarize what Ty Green said ... But it is exciting ... well, as exciting as the Samaritan woman at the well was when Jesus told her everything about herself and he said "I who am speaking to you am [He]" as she ran and asked those in her home town, is this the Christ.

    1. I just watched that! So interesting to see that Pentecost is the beginning of the wheat harvest, and we're heading toward the end of it (mid September)

    2. Cathi and Rebekah,
      Nice connections and confirmations!
      Anyone want to go home about now? ;)

    3. One of the best moments on The Chosen!😀

    4. Thanks for the link, Charlie in DC.

    5. Thank you very much Cathy for the summary!

  19. Sharing...

    @Lu, look at this!

    Calculating the year of Jubilee from the birthdate of Christ

    (Paul Dawson - REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM)

    1. Jeová!
      Obrigado Brother...
      I will be listening very carefully.

    2. Amazing really Jeová, thank you! We are very close now!

    3. Alla D , you are here! Been praying for you! Hugs to you my Sister

    4. Jeová!
      Well, I do not want to throw ‘cold water’ on everything, everyone, every time! Lol I so appreciate Brother Paul and how we earnestly seek to know and tell others. But we do know the year of Jubilee and how to count it.

      I will stop here unless those here on the Blog would rather not receive a ‘cold slap’…or perhaps would. As many know, I only seek to apply Scripture, reason, and logic but that is what we all say. 😊


    5. Lu, I get the feeling you might be getting sensitive about throwing "cold water" on us all the time. Well, all I can say is don't take what we say too seriously. Most of the time, I'm just trying to be funny or witty with you. I personally value the integrity, logic, reason and expertise that you always bring to the table. We most definitely need someone like you here at Rev12 to keep us honest and factual, if we ever intend on solving this biblical mystery or puzzle. So please, don't ever stop doing what you do best! God Bless you Brother.

    6. Bob!
      Ok, i'll bring out the fire hose! lol...just kidding. No problem. I realize other might have issues as I might come across as some sort of 'Prophecy Police'...?! Which I do not want to be but as we exchange thoughts, studies, ideas and interpretations, it is all good. For the most part, it has been civil so we can appreciate that on this forum.


    7. Lu, I'm glad we got that cleared up! Now you can bring out the fire hose and we can continue with our "friendly" water fight!!! LOL!!!

    8. I enjoy the studies of Brother Paul. His studies are well presented, detailed, and delivered. He and I also go way back. He is one of the few that actually gave me credit for work done on the Rev 12 Sign. He specifically noted how I connected Comet 67p with that I deemed the Jubilee Comet because it last appeared in 1967 and now 50 years later, appeared as part of the Sign array of objects associated with the Sign. He is also the one that sensed an urgent need to pray for me as just days prior to my medical emergency and Near-Death Experience, I had no idea that he was and am so grateful for back in 2018.

      But, the fire hose has enough thrust to spray some cold water even across the pond! So, as to 2020 being the Jubilee Year? Humm…Here is my take. He started off great in anchoring the pattern with Jesus presumed birthday, that being September 11, -3 BC. This is confirmed astronomically and correlated even to the Jewish Feast day of Yom Teruah, surely something to shout about. But he then applied some ‘Math Judo’ and somehow got 2020 as the correct year for the Jubilee.

      Here is the issue, as the true dates for the Jubilee were ‘lost’ and how important it was for Israel to keep, but they did not, YHVH had them removed from the land for 70 years that the land should have been fallowed on each of the 7th year Sabbath, etc. This pattern was found, and recalibrated, re-synchronized by none other than Jesus Himself. When and where? During His synagogue reading in Nazareth as He started His public ministry. Perhaps even on or near Yom Kippur. What year was this?

      We can determine this now based on the -3 BC birth, then it would have to be the year 28 AD. And this was when He was then 29 years old as that was the legal age Rabbis could start to call and take in Disciples, (30 years of age). Also consider that as the type of the ‘Man-Child’ of Revelation 12, Jesus’ ministry lasted around 1260 days or 3.5 years. (April of 28 AD to April of 32 AD as Jesus was on His 33rd year)

      Thus, if 28 AD was the year that Jesus literally proclaimed the Year of Jubilee by reading Isaiah, then one can determine when will be the last Jubilee just before His return. You see the Luciferians also go by this count….as it involves financial resets. To the Talmudic Money Changers, they peg all their worldwide movements to this cycle. As mentioned, consider if we start with the 9-11 attacks in 2001, then 2008, 2015, etc. They have all been in tandem with the bankster’s economic resets. This then means that 2022 is the last one. This then means that 2022 will fulfill Daniel’s 70th Week of Year, the Tribulation Period. But one could be wrong.

      So, if the -3 BC birthday is presumed, then 2020 cannot be the Jubilee Year, but 2022 would based on Jesus' reading and correlated year. This would be, astonishingly just after the 70th Jubilee since Israel entered the Promised Land.

      Be blessed,

      Article: Jubilee Sabbatical Counts (shared before)

      Article: Wall Street Crashes based on Sabbatical Cycles


    9. Lu, thanks for the comment and opinion! I mentioned you, in Paul Dawson's interesting study, because of your condition of analysis as to the calculations he presents (which you have designated as "Math Judo"). I firmly believe that the time set for our departure will be fulfilled, regardless of our suspicions and expectations (everything HE does perfect in HIS time!). Blessings to you, my brother! (Once more, OBRIGADO!)


    10. Another opinion on the correct counting of the Jubilees ...

      Nick Vanderlaan - FB Page


    11. If Jubilee is connected to money reset, then I think it makes sense it would happen during the Trib, in connection to famine and hyperinflation, and the Beast System that comes later. It will be quite a disaster and seems a bit too heavy to start things off.

  20. Replies
    1. Praying for all the Texas, Louisiana folk! Feeling that this could be to do with the Trump admin pushing / enabling the UAE/Israel peace deal which involved initial land claim limitations etc.

  21. Take it or leave it..

    I Pet Goat 2 Warning: 8/27 - 9/2 (Texas Hurricane) UK Queen (NY Fire) Cali Earthquake
    From Julian T (8/26)

    15min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2p1rMvQ9MY

    1. Charlie, I hope julian t is correct re. the possibility of a NY Fire between 8/27-9/2 because that would parallel my impression of a NYC false flag perhaps on 9/1:

      "Steven Ben Nun said he believed the first false flag event would be in the Capitol; however, I believe it will occur in New York City because of what the Lord showed me regarding "New York, Chicago, L.A.' . . .

      . . . Although these sources said the asteroid slated to hit earth on September 1 would mainly burn up in the atmosphere and not be a major catastrophe, the guest on the Common Sense show learned from someone who studied the Torah Codes that Elul 12, 5780, or September 1, 2020, signals ASTEROID.

      Based on what Brethren are sharing and what I have personally been shown by the Lord, it is possible we may see New York City hit this year with a false flag event on September 1 or 22. I’m leaning towards it happening on the 1st because it would allow the Army of God to arise and minister for a short period of time before we are gathered unto the Lord." [excerpt from

  22. Russian Troops Engaging US Troops In Syria | Weaponized Weather | & More!

    From INL (8/27)

    19min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqhs4qRHhaY

  23. I do not watch TV so I have no idea of what is being shown. However, with YTCs like Tamara's we have a glimpse into the demonic being shown on TV (and has been EVER since TV was made and pushed into EVERY household. There has been so much demonic symbolism at play for such a long time right under our noses, but it was all for 'entertainment').

    Lexus Car Commercial Tells You the AntiChrist is Here

    1. That commercial is really disturbing. So, demonic :(

    2. Andrea!

      There has been aplenty from Nike and Adidas, but this from Lexus is just another wow.

      Tamara is on to them and their message, she has been given revelation to peel apart these 'demonic' messages.

      For you products of the 80s, Tamara has an excellent review and documentary on the infamous 'White Wedding'. 'November Rain' as well. I never knew 'how' upside down they were until.... recently.

      Another one of those, Believe It or Not?

    3. Sheesh...that was so blatantly evil and such an antithetical mockery considering the word Lexus means "defender of mankind". SMH!

  24. A little predictive programming: 'Monster'

    I saw the assumed path and was thinking what RFB tells here: it is going right through the heartland of the us during HARVEST SEASON. Hmmm, a little steering??

    11min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1rIT2SUpwI

    1. BB, Jess at A Call For an Uprising had a vid about the song Oh Yeah from one of the greatest movies ever made Ferris Buehler’s Day Off being a pedo song. I feel sick when I think of it now.

  25. Rebekah...Blessings, Sister:-)
    @Kim Fisher YTC shared an encouraging "Eagle" vision yesterday that she was given along with the #138 which in Strong's is the root word of #726 --harpazo (Is.40:31) Looking Up!

  26. For all but those in/ around the DMVA area....

    A heads up from Many Fish (8/28) Re: the march/protest(s) in DC today

    Just a hunch, but this event (in the heart of the spiritually and literally demonic Washington DC Mall) seems like an absolutely perfect "opportunity" to further the agenda of division, violence, lawlessness and chaos. Not to mention spreading the invisible cv-1984! You know, the "virus" that's not killing anyone!. You know, the "monster that's cast it's spell" to quote Donald Trump, the 'actor' who's also 'broad casting' the spell!

    If you love Truth, aka Jesus, then YOU are the COVID-19"virus" The world, Satans domain, wants to eradicate that which is in YOU >> The True Light of Christ Jesus!

    Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on Babylon Washington DC today.

    God bless you all, and the grace and peace of Christ Jesus be with you all!

    Many Fish


  27. Sharing...

    Here comes the replacement of the current economic system by the one-world system...and the Mark of the Beast.

    Listen to the prophetic words spoken by Claus Swaab at 1:16:00 to 1:16:20 - listen carefully - he mentions those left behind by the time the next meeting of the World Economic Forum occurs!!
    (Jaco Prinsloo - FB PAGE)




    1. Hi brother and thanks very much, but could you just write down what it says from 1:16 to 1:20? Normally, there are the translation parameters on the videos but there are none. I don't understand what he's saying. :-( This is certainly important since you mention it.
      And I no longer have an FB account. God bless you!

    2. Carole, I am hearing him say - They will integrate over 400 hubs (cities) into the dialogue of Davos and ensure such a global reset initiative is really forward-looking and takes into account the voices of all who are left behind.
      He is referring to the January 2021 51st World Economic Forum Annual Mtg in Davos which will be a twin summit of the June 3, 2020 held in Geneva - The Great Reset. This will be open to the public in which he talks of the younger generation attending this summit via the internet, getting their feedback etc.

    3. Hi Carole, blessngs!

      He mentions those left behind by the time the next meeting of the World Economic Forum occurs!! (Davos - Switzerland, next year)

    4. Found these notes at https://innovator.news/key-takeaways-the-great-reset-1b90caac63fc

      "Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, and Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of The World Economic Forum, hosted a virtual meeting Wednesday to announce that “The Great Reset” will be the theme of a unique in-person and virtual twin summit in January 2021 and a series of weekly meetings in the run-up. During the June 3 virtual meeting business leaders, young global leaders, climate change experts, an international trade union and an economist weighed in on how to best put the world back on track while taking into account the voices of all who have been left behind."

    5. OK thank you Jeova, Cathy and Lyn! I'm glad you answered me so quickly and so well! :-)

  28. Hey all, my dad has been working his way through the book of Ezekiel and came across something really interesting in Ezekiel 13. It seems to fit these times and the oppression we're facing. (Note: I believe that Covid 19 is a legitimate problem, especially for people with underlying health issues. However, it's totally being used.)

    My dad picked up on the section starting in verse 17, but when I went to copy and paste it I thought the earlier section very fitting as well, especially this part:

    10) Because they have seduced My people saying, 'Peace!' when there is no peace - and one builds a wall, and they plaster it with untempered mortar.. 16) ... the prophets of Israel who prophecy concerning Jerusalem, and who see visions of peace for her when there is no peace...

    My dad picked up on Ezekiel 13:17-23 specifically. I want to hit the high points but they're all high points! So as you read about the veils (masks?), the false prophecy and oppression, while the wicked are strengthened, see if you think it fits these times. Thanks :)


    1. Trying to copy and paste on my phone is making me cranky! Anyway, I'm curious to see what you guys think, if you have a chance.

    2. Thank you Rebekah, studying with! Very great thoughts for me! Blessings!

    3. wow Rebekah, those verse from Ezekiel 13:17-23 were very encouraging, it does seem like a message directly to the people of our day, with the "veils" and "killing people who should not die", and the most encouraging piece, was that he said, he would deliver his people out of their hands, so that they know that he is God" that gave me the warm and fuzzies..

      I think Sept will be one heck of a month, with our eyes and ears being bombarded with news, events and signs of Our LORDs imminent coming.

    4. Glad you appreciated the verses, Alla D! God bless you too :)

  29. Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to thank you for your prayers for Kellie, regarding the awful bullying situation that she had to enduring for 3 to 4 weeks. Our God is so good, and he answered those prayers.

    Well of the 10 people that were involved in harassing and being mean to her,

    1 has moved away this week

    6 have come down to our door and apologized to her (after I had texted some of the parents that I knew the number of complaining about their child bullying her, and they passed my number on to other parents whose children were involved)

    1 was an uber bully, and we had a right run in with their parents about it, with them denying, denying and denying, and then accusing me of all sorts. They got the message anyway that they need to keep their kid on a tighter leash, and give him some guidance on what he can and cant be doing to smaller kids, no apology from them, but today in school, he complimented Kellie on her drawing, and he hasnt engaged in any of the behavior that he was doing prior to confronting his parents about it, so I will take that as a win.

    So that just leaves 2 others, who she has never got on with for the whole time, and they generally just ignore each other, she can handle 2, but 10 was really bad.. At one stage last week, we felt we would have to sell our house (if the LORD tarried much longer than this year) , just to keep our family and our stuff safe from being damaged, vandalised.

    But thank God, against all odds, everything has de-escalated rather quickly and seems normal again. So just wanted to thank y'all, because the fervent prayer of the righteous man, achieved much.

    Blessings to all.

    1. Great news, Jordy! Wonderful to have that burden lifted. When God fights the battle for you, He always has the victory and so do you.

    2. Blessings Jordan, that is wonderful news indeed! God is ever Faithful and hears our prayers.

    3. Jordan, praying for you and all yours with! Your work is great before the Lord, you are blessed really! Amen!

  30. Jordan, Blessings. Praise The Mighty Name Of Our Lord And King, amen! Thank you for sharing, and in detail. Having had a childhood fraught with seasons of such behavior, moving frequently, as we did, had me passionately interceding. I am so blessed to hear the details, in light of my very specific prayer of targeted Scripture into the maelstrom.

    First, I prayed that, Supernaturally, though the storm may rage violently against her, she, Like Our Lord, Luke 4:29,30,31, amen. Furthermore, not allowing an worse spirit to encamp where others were evicted, and in light of changes of heart/mind or circumstances being able to 'do away with' a foe, next was Isaiah 41:11 KJV, amen.


    1. Thank you Jimboni, for those lovely and apt scripture verses. it really felt like a desperate situation. I so appreciate the intercession.

    2. So glad for you and your daughter, Jordan!

  31. Replies
    1. TY Archangel! Very interesting! ‘AI Clone of Jesus’! Really! "Antichrist is coming, and we who are" saved are getting ready to fly". Wonderful article! See all of you in the air! Come Lord Jesus!

    2. Very welcome, Alla D. Even my bro had to say Wow about it.

  32. I have had many questions about my last article, ‘Harvest Times’ dealing with the remaining month for the Wheat Harvest time and possible Rapture to take place. The end date would be September 20th, astronomically that marks the Fall Equinox. The questions then came as I asserted that there is not enough time to start the Tribulation Period thereafter and this is assuming the Rapture does take place by then or this Fall in what remains of 2020.

    The questions were then asked, if the Rapture does not take place by this fall sometime, how could Jesus allow His Bride to go through this time of persecution and allow the COVID-19 vaccine to be mandated that perhaps will damn Believers to Hell? I also did a detailed astronomical survey for the Fall Feasts and there are 2 amazing Astronomical Signs that span the duration of the Fall Feasts.

    In summary.
    -The COVID-19 is not the Mark of the Beast.
    -One cannot lose one’s salvation just by taking this shot.
    -This plandemic is setting up the grid for the eventual Mark that will.
    -An event will surely occur to have a double-down lockdown, perpetually.
    -COVID vaccines will be ‘voluntary’ at the being in many cases but…
    -Essential services, jobs, travel, will demand the vaccine certification.
    -Venus conjoins with Spica in Virgo right after Yom Teruah.
    -Mercury conjoins with Regulus in Leo at the start of Sukkot.

    It is a long study as there was a lot to cover.
    Hope it is a blessing.

    Article: The COVID-19 Vaccine



  33. Thank you my brother! The question I'm asking myself is: if Psalms 90:10 gives the time of a generation, and Netanyahu turns 71 in October and President Rivlin turns 81 on September 9, the fig tree generation will be over is there no rapture of the Church in the fall?

    1. Hi Maranatha321,
      I think that Psalm 90 is one of the central and key verses all Watchers have or are also thinking about. But here is the consideration to note. One is assuming and imposing time this template of the 70/80 years onto prophecy to ‘figure out’ and calculate the possible timing of the Rapture and the last 7-year timeline. It might very well be the case that the LORD had not intended that to be or used in that way.

      The other notion is that our present calendar might be off-synced and not really reflecting what year we are actually in. It could be a year or more off. Consider in the past how many times our calendars have switched, been recalibrated, added days, years, or subtracted.

      If the Rapture is to take place this Fall? Well, this is assuming we are holding to it having to occur on a Feast of YHVH, like Pentecost, Yom Teruah or other, etc. We are going only off of types and shadows as best as we can then formulate the models. It very well might be but there again, it is not implied nor inferred in Scripture that it has to, that is what we do, lol. After all, remember that the Rapture, is a ‘mystery’ that Paul only gave enough to go on as a hope to expect and be encouraged about that it will occur one day.

      We do so the dire conditions of the world that would go hand in hand as this world is deteriorating fast by the day though. Such conditions so give ups a sense of just how close it is becoming, perhaps even by next month, LORD willing. It is fine but it could be the case that the Rapture occurs on a non-Biblical feast day. Let us see about what many are believing might happen by the end of this year’s Fall Feast cycle. It would be wonderful if it actually did occur.


    2. Excellent reply, dear Brother! Goes along with my reply to you above!

    3. Whoa guys, I was led to Gevte this morning and there is some great NEWS!


      So in response to Ice Man's comment above and to what Lyn has seen, and many others re: Septiiiimmmbbbeember...

      Gevte's update (from 8/24) specifically relates to Lu's comment here:

      "The other notion is that our present calendar might be off-synced and not really reflecting what year we are actually in. It could be a year or more off. Consider in the past how many times our calendars have switched, been recalibrated, added days, years, or subtracted."

      So, without further ado, here is looking to 9-3 as Tu B Av if one is counting 120 days from Passover.... note, while we were watching TBA on Aug 5th, the Bible says to look at the Full Moon AFTER the count ends for the HARVEST TO BEGIN....

      TBA this year happened BEFORE the 120 day count was 'fully' complete. The 120 days fell on 8-16 so TBA should be seen on the NEXT Full Moon which is 9-3.

      Also a nugget, remember all those folks hearing/leaning of a Thursday departure?????

      Also, to see WHEN the HARVEST BEGINS one must see WHEN the sun leaves LEO for CANCER.




      The DMVA area had some tremendous (faux??) lightning last night (post-protests downtown)

    4. Disgraceful that Rand Paul and others had to walk through minefields to get to their hotels. Streets should have been cleared. If not near the WH, then where? Somebody could have easily been killed. These paid felons aren’t afraid of police let alone innocent civilians. Come on, DC.

    5. BTW, 120 days = 4 months (John 4:35)

  34. Replies
    1. The covenant with "Death" is satan himself, not with nation-states or political "leaders".

      Death = satan via Isaiah.

    2. I think a horrific war precedes the Covenant with Death in which Israel nearly obliterates her enemies. Isn’t that part of the reason why Jordan and Egypt made peace? Tired of getting beaten by Israel every time? I know economic incentives were part of it.

  35. Looks like Israel may end up with “peace” agreements with other countries before the “Palestinians.” This is certain to put pressure on the “Palestinians.” Now that the UAE has taken the first step, as it were, this will no doubt make it easier for hesitant Arab countries to follow suit. Another stunning development in a stunning year of developments. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  36. Two new ones from Sabine

    > The Bride's time is now (summer harvest, in the time of the Ruth/ Boaz wedding)

    > Follow the harvest pattern which does not change:: FF, Main, & Gleanings

    The trumpet blast and first fruits offering across the river
    Part 1 of 2 15min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kvYSrd-dNA

    Part 2 of 2 15min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byT4Ir9VoTU&t=675s

  37. Did you guys see Barry Scarborough's video about the 5780th verse in the Bible (scoop courtesy of Unsealed). Whoa!

  38. Ya'll know me...the cold water splashes don't phase me. It's 2020 til it ain't 2020 no more and it'll be September til it ain't September anymore:-))

    @ Barry Scarbrough covered Bro. Gary's 578Oth verse correlation to the year 5780/2020 today and I came across this encouraging little article from Greg Wilson @fivedoves.com from 5/17/2020 re the same topic titled "Two Days As Two Thousand Years: 2027".

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Love you Sheila💖 And love your heart of anticipation!
      Yes, watched Barry's video! Got another one for y'all--I accidentally looked up 5781 in Strongs the other day. We are hoping the Hebrew Year 5781=The Tribulation

      Strong's #5781: `uwq (pronounced ook)
      a primitive root; to pack:--be pressed.
      This word is used 2 times:
      Amos 2:13: "Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves."

      (as Unsealed followers would say 🚫🍇)


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