Remembering The Sickle

And he said, “The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground. He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows; he knows not how. The earth produces by itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. But when the grain is ripe, at once he puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.” Mark 4:26-29

 In December we started a Christmas tradition in our home of reading a chapter of the Bible together each night before bedtime.  Luke was suggested for December since it's 24 chapters lead up perfectly to the 24th of December (Christmas Eve).  After a brief break during some travels, we started up again here in January.  This time we started reading Mark.

Will it is obviously great for our kids to hear the word of God read out loud each evening, I am also enjoying reading in such a systematic way.  Another benefit is that I am finding notes and scribbles in the margin of my Bible that I had forgotten about... one of which will be the subject of this post.

Here is what it says if you can't make it out:

"Eclipse activated the Sickle and began final harvest."

Put another way...  I believe that the Great American Eclipse that occurred 33 days before the Rev 12 Sign at the base of the "Sickle" in the constellation Leo,  symbolically indicated that the time for the final harvest of souls was beginning that would culminate with the 2nd Coming of Christ.

Notice how the Eclipse was located at the base of the sickle... the handle, the pivot point.  This is were the movement begins.  This is were the motion is activated.  This is where the power comes from.   The star at the base?  Regulus, the kingly star that just so happened to be integral in the announcing of the first coming of Christ.

The fact that the eclipse took place entirely over America is also significant. Now I could go on and on about evidence about how this is playing out, but I will just say this for now.  The is a clear an obvious polarization happening in this country.  The good people are standing up for righteousness, and the evil people are becoming more bold in their depravity.  It is happening most obviously in politics... but I also see it in religion and in pop culture as well.  I think the conversion and evangelism of Kanye West is a great example of this.

Put another way, the light and dark are separating.  
But, of course, there must be divisions among you so that you who have God’s approval will be recognized!  1 Corinthians 11:19 NLT

Isn't that what a sickle does?  It causes division.  It separates the good from the bad.  It detaches something from the ground so that it may be harvested?

Yes, just like that brief moment during the eclipse when we could see things as never before we are now living in a time of unique perspective.  This world has gone strangely dim, and we know it can't last for long like this.  We are being separated for a higher calling, our fellow brothers and sisters are being brought in with us, many in the nick of time.  It reminds me of a song by Helen Lemmel.....

For me personally, perhaps for you as well, this wait has been grueling at times.  To see a sign so clearly from God, but without a definite time frame is a true test of faith.   But seeing that note in the margin of my Bible last night was extremely encouraging.  It was a note that was surely scribbled in the midst of other intense study leading up to the Rev 12 Sign and thus had been all but forgotten in the many months since.  But with the benefit of hindsight, I can now see clearer knowing that the sickle is swinging and the harvest has come!  I guess that makes sense, after all, the year is now 2020.



  1. Thanks Brad, We are on the home stretch now for sure, it cant be much longer!!

    1. Thanks Jordan. The final harvest is underway! A harvest is a limited time event... a pregnancy is a limited time event.... Surely it can't be much longer.... I agree! : )

  2. Did a sickle just take a first swipe at (overtly exposing) H'wood for what it is?

    Sunday night was the fifth time Gervais, a British comedian known for his unfiltered style of cringey comedy and brazen digs, has hosted the Golden Globes. “In this room are some of the most important TV and film executives in the world, people from every background. But they all have one thing in common: They’re all terrified of Ronan Farrow. He’s coming for you. He’s coming for you. Look, talking to all you perverts, it was a big year for pedophile movies. ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’ ‘Leaving Neverland.’ ‘The Two Popes.’ ” In the audience, Gwyneth Paltrow’s jaw dropped.

    1. TY Charlie...that was LOL funny as he skewered those elite-minded ninnies.

      Brad...Yes, this High-Watch wait has been grueling, but your diligence in providing this platform of Fellowship for all of us has surely helped to make it so much more doable. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude, Brother, other than to say may our Lord Bless you richly with many Heavenly Rewards. Continued Prayers for you and your precious family in the here and now and praying Baby Girl's health is back on par. Love you all and Maranatha!

    2. Agree fully Sheila. This blog and the comments with everyone sharing dreams, things in their lives, videos or articles to check out, and their own research and thoughts has been such a blessing. It will be awesome to meet you all in heaven one day - hopefully soon! Maranatha!

    3. Thanks guys for the kind comments.... Regarding the gratitude and making the wait more doable… well, I could say they exact same things about you guys! So thankful for you all!! One day we will be fellowshipping in heaven reminiscing about that little old blog that God used to get us through it all! That will be such a wonderful day! : )

    4. Brad,

      I don't know what it is with this latest posting, but for me it was super touching. Nice touch and thank you for sharing your notes from pre-GW R12.

      This site/blog has been a blessing to me, it is my local church.

    5. Blessings, all. I found the following event to be revealing and in keeping with Ricky Gervais, ahem, sentiments at the show.

  3. Brad,
    Thank you so much for this excellent article. It seems that there is almost always further layers of revelation that can be found even after re-examining some prophetic scripture or prophetic occurrence. Thanks for this extra info, it is quite interesting, filling one with awe at how many ways our Father reveals His story, by writing it into the heavens!
    P.S. Hope you check out the e-mail link I recently sent. MARANATHA! R. G.

    1. I received your email Ron, THANK YOU! I love Robert Breaker so I will be watching!! Thank you for your kind comments brother!!!

  4. Brad, Blessings. Holy Coolishness, dude. 'At the base of the sickle', uh, YEAH. Overlay THAT with recent 'events', get outta here. It may well be that, as Rescue Approaches, Signs will intensify and become Revealed with increasing regularity, ala birth pains also, and occurrence. Your point seems one such, like a card in a Vegas Shoe of 150 decks, currently falling to the floor a card at a time. Wondering what's next, amen!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or the prior thread which ate my post, I was replying to 'CiD's respo to Sheila B.'s Q re Repentant/Unrepentant. This new picture reconciles Charlie in DC with Sheila B. in terms of the B&F re Works, Salvation, Rescue, etc. Seems its supposed to be here. from memory, likely shorter.

    Watching, or not Watching, is not the issue, except as a window to the heart. Matthew 6:21. The issue is the HEART. The BRIDE'S Heart is chasing her Lord, CONTINUOUSLY. She sees him EVERYWHERE. SOS Attests. Sometimes her love-chase is in communion, on a blog, usually not. THIS IS WHO HE RESCUES. Matthew 6:21, amen.

    As for the unwise virgins and sleeping, carnal church, is Jesus The Pearl Of Great Price to them? Always hoped to be found behind every corner? No. They would likely tell you plainly that they, 'love The Lord, and all', but this "Jesus Thing" you're into, well, 'their heart simply isn't in it." Oh, and "Sweetie, the game is coming on." Matthew 6:21, amen.

    We've stumbled upon another Parallelism here, folks. In short, the saved Gentile sleeping church parallels Israel's relationship to Messiah (revealing universal human heart condition): saved by Covenant and Abraham's blood, but missed their Messiah, Epically. Even after crucifying Him, He gives their nation 70 FULL years to repent. When they do not, His Next Step for Salvation of the Jewish Nation Is Tribulation. (Hat Tip: PJDF)

    That a 7-year TWIN Trib for Gentile FIRST, Acts 15:14, precedes and Parallels a 7-year Trib for the Jew, Is Elegant. He Demonstrates/Accomplishes With The Gentile, Very Much The Same Thing He Follows, With The Jew; Each Time Uniquely Crafted (Horns/Trumpets, et al), Yet Paralleling Each Other, Beautifully.

    The BRIDE is about to Be Rescued because her HEART cries out ABBA! Father! and for her Lord.

    The Saved, yet self-focused church will remain, suffer 7 years of Gentile Tribulation prior to Harpazo around 2027.

    In the largest sense, Scripture clearly states that this is Required:

    "For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will he spare you," (Romans 11:21).

    The Church and the Bride say: come!

    1. A repost (of my comment on this subject) from a prior posting:

      I believe there to be multiple 'departures' in this order:

      1) children and the innocent;
      2) the wise Bride (of Philadelphia);
      3) the unwise/ sleeping/ foolish Bride (of Laodicea); and
      4) the end time harvest.

      I believe the departure(s) will be signaled by something in the skies above which every eye will see, something so spectacular, something so "out-of-this-world" or so "unnatural" people will unmistakenly know something is up and about to happen, there will be no secret to when Father God is about to act and when the "hidden in plain sight" crew is fully revealed in the "open."

      This will not all happen in a "nanosecond" but something everyone will witness.

      After this heavenly signal occurs::
      1 goes pretty much immediately afterwards;
      2 escapes the inbound fire (falling stars?) soon thereafter (10% of the Church/Bride who was ready);
      3* goes after some testing and refinement (perhaps 40 days) (90% of Church/ Bride not ready); and
      4 goes when (1,2,3) come back down with the King of Kings, the LORD of Lords.

      *There are consequences for SIN and thus..., saved yes, but SIN remains and/or the OIL has run out and/or they have 'forgotten/turned away from their first love' and THUS they hear, "I never knew you".

      Still learning...

    2. Along these lines (of there being a small remnant, faithful Bride)

      My Remnant My Bride! - Vision and Word (Revelation 3: 7-13)
      From Jacky Julyan (1/6/20)


    3. Hi Charlie ;

      With all due respect, this is not biblical. It will occur in the "blink of an eye", dead in Christ 1st, then those who are alive in Christ. Of course, children are included in this. #3 is not biblical. Those who are martyred for their faith during the Tribulation will be saved at the 2nd Coming.

    4. Jimboni, Beloved Brother, you wrote:

      "The Saved, yet self-focused church will remain, suffer 7 years of Gentile Tribulation prior to Harpazo around 2027."

      It is my belief that those who call themselves Christians but have NOT made Christ the Lord in their ♥ are NOT ACTUALLY BORN AGAIN/SAVED. This is why they will endure The Trib. Since most of the lukewarm Laodicean church is in America, this is why God will allow some major national calamity to WAKE THEM UP! (I previously shared this in

      Excerpts from

      "Paul writes that those who are “in Christ” will be caught up or raptured. Is being “in Christ” something we earned or was it given to us by grace?

      The answer can be found in Romans Chapter 8:

      And if Christ [be] in you, the body [is] dead because of sin; but the Spirit [is] life because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. - Romans 8:10-11 KJV

      It is the Spirit of God within that seals and quickens us the day Jesus comes for His Bride.

      Therefore, those who are born again of incorruptible seed are “in Christ”. It is by faith by an act of grace (Romans 10:9-10; Ephesians 2:8), not by works. The rapture is NOT an earned reward; it is given to us by grace. We are not worthy to escape by our works, but we are made worthy “in Christ” (again I refer you to ).

      . . . What about Matthew 7:21-23?

      Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
      And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. - Matthew 7:21-23 KJV

      There will be those who say they did wonderful works in His name. It is possible to perform miracles by your own faith and not through faith in Jesus Christ--Chris Blackeby does an excellent teaching on this.

      John Fenn relates that when Jesus replies, “I never knew you”, it means He NEVER knew them [I would add He never knew them experientially or intimately in any relationship]. They were NEVER born again."

    5. Hello rjmgoose,

      Lyn's opine covers the #3 above. There is a lukewarm 'church' and as Lyn's notes say, these folks may have never been saved/ believed in/ followed Jesus Christ at all. Left behind all the same (3&4).

      There are plenty of 'church houses' with wolves and leaven inside of them. For example, JO would be either a 3 or 4. Also, those who follow/wallow with JO would also be 3 and/or a 4.

      See also Matt 16:6-12 and Gal 5:9

      Only Jesus sees and knows the (true) heart of a man [but we can use discernment to sniff/ sift them out as well]. Out of the heart the mouth speaks, so to my point above re: wolves and lost sheep in church houses today.

    6. Sister Lyn, as you wrote,

      "The rapture is NOT an earned reward; it is given to us by grace. We are not worthy to escape by our works, but we are made worthy “in Christ”


    7. Lyn, Blessings.

      "It is my belief that those who call themselves Christians but have NOT made Christ the Lord in their ♥ are NOT ACTUALLY BORN AGAIN/SAVED."

      Amen. My tac was greater avoidance of the Salvation issue, ala 'those who call themselves Jews, but are NOT, ' et al. Applying such a stance as your statement calls out takes me a bit closer to adjudging/determining the Salvation, of another, than I would like, where ambiguity exists. Still, I would not debate against your point though it's invitation to plank-in-eye challenges arise.

      "The rapture is NOT an earned reward; it is given to us by grace. We are not worthy to escape by our works, but we are made worthy “in Christ.”

      Again, amen. Just digging into the Fourteener model, so not fully 'hanging my hat' there, yet. However, in that model, Rescue precedes Harpazo and that Division, therein, Clarifies without being in discord with this statement. Yes, that is true, however, if Rescue and Harpazo are NOT the same, (logically Clarifying now, immediately prior), it magnifies Grace for those not Rescued, who will/would mostly populate Hell, otherwise, promptly @ the 1-and-only Harpazo they thought to catch, "whenever", esp in light of our Understanding that Judgment Accompanies 'Harpazo' (Rescue).

  5. I finally got through that MR video and wow...some pretty intriguing scenarios to digest, but it just didn't hit home with me spiritually. As amazing as all of the details, foreshadowings and date connections he makes are, the 2 overall things I see that taints the rest of it for me is that it blows the Mystery of the Church Age as revealed by Paul out of the water as well as faith in The Finished Work of The Cross applying equally to ALL who are under His Grace. I just believe the Resurrection and Rapture will include EVERYONE who has truly Repented and placed their faith in HIM ALONE for their Salvation at the same time--whether they are watching intently or just trusting in the Promise of His Return. It just seems to me that as soon as one starts divvying up the Rapture into stages of which Believers get to go first, who qualifies as part of the spotless "Bride" and who gets left behind because of their state of readiness (whatever that might mean at any given moment)...then His Sufficient Grace is out the door and our own works (along with pride) are right back in. I believe it's His Righteous Blood Covering that makes us clean and not anything in or of ourselves. And maybe I missed it, but how does this 10% business work with all of the dead in Christ who are to be Resurrected just before we are caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air? (1Thess.4:17) I think some rightly dividing of the Word is being lost in translation here as with so many others whose decoding skills have led to missing the mark when they step too far away from the literal meaning of the Text. When some teaching makes me want to ask myself if I'm good enough to make that 10% cut, then I'm out because it's not about my's about His. Always remembering that it's simple enough for a child to come:-) Blessings and Looking Up!

    1. I agree Sheila, *thru grace alone, thru faith alone in Christ alone* we're eternally secure because of His shed blood for us, and by His shed blood His (!) own righteousness is inputed to us (who believed because of His grace granted that too and accepted His sacrifice for us) and grants us both eternal security and a very sure part in the rapture! ONLY His blood and His imputed righetousness to us will grant us permission to enter Heaven and a place in the rapture as well, nothing else will suffice! Also, His Holy Spirit gave us life we are now forever joined to Him, where He is we'll be there too. And there's so much more I could write pages and pages about that topic but that's that in a nutshell.

      Plus, thanks for your reply on the other theard! The time-loop theory is interesting.

      Not only that, but there's a theory that because of the strong EQs the Earth's current position (its tilt) will be modified plus the other conditions because of the severe judgments... if you consider all of that, it's not difficult to reason that the tribulation believers won't be able to calculate the exact date of His return, they really won't know the day and the hour of the Second Coming bc of these circumtances.

    2. I agree Sheila and Nora,
      I couldnt bring myself to Watch all of Ministry Revealed, talking about a 14 year Trib, and his partial Rapture theory, Alarm bells were going off, he might have made some interesting observations and points, but for me, it just didnt make much sense, thanks both for standing up for The Grace of God, and stating, that it is only because of Christ's faithfulness, to not sin during his life, that we can trust in to have paid the price for our sins. We have nothing righteos to offer outside of Christ, Our righteousness is all as filthy rags compared to the LORDs. Blessings to you both.

    3. I also agree Sheila, Nora and Jordan with your thoughts regarding the video. If we were to be raptured based on our works, none would be raptured. We can only be saved/raptured by grace through faith.

      A couple of timely messages from Barry Scarbrough yesterday -

      1) Praise JESUS we are saved by faith alone... we are SINNERS, saved by grace. Can I get an AMEN!!!

      "Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood and was praying this to himself: ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other people: swindlers, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week; I pay tithes of all that I get.’ 13 But the tax collector, standing some distance away, was even unwilling to lift up his eyes to heaven, but was beating his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, the sinner!’ 14 I tell you, this man went to his house justified rather than the other; for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted." Luke 10

      2) Dr. Minirth and the Dallas Theological Seminary share TREMENDOUS biblical support for salvation through GRACE ALONE - The Psychological Effects of Lordship Salvation

    4. Amen, Sheila, Nora & Jordan! Agree with all of this! Great thanks Brad for this article!
      We are standing now before the Rapture, not before the Trib really! Maranatha!

    5. Amen...As 1Cor.12:12-31 plainly explains, those who are members of the Body of Christ are all baptized by ONE SPIRIT into ONE BODY and the weak parts are as integral to the Body as the stronger parts. In trying to do a little research on this 10% Raptured Bride theory as a "tithe" or firstfruits to God, the only other source I came up with was under "Messianic Kabbalah Wisdom" and believe me when I say that is some strange teachings there. It also conflates the 144k firstfruits of Rev.14 with the church, but I suppose if one can convince people they are a member of this exclusive club, they might be more prone to see they are getting their own "tithes" in to one's coffers.

      Re the MR timelines, always with the enemy's tricks, there could be some truth in all of that, but for me when it comes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even a little leaven spoils the whole lump. (Gal.5:9) While there are many differences of understanding in prophetic timeline interpretations, getting the True Gospel right is the imperative foundation.
      Blessings All and Maranatha!

    6. Amen Sisters!

      On a side-note: I have the same problem with Daniel's teachings at the Informed Christians YT channel. I've listened to a few of his vids before, sadly he teaches faith plus works and merited rapture too. Brother Barry warned about him a few times as well.

    7. Hello Sheila, Alla, Nora and all, my faith in Christ says that Jesus will not leave a part of his body on earth, because no one would want to leave a knee, a toe or anything, and leave without the members that he misses. His body will be whole. Those who will stay on earth will be those who have understood salvation in Jesus only in their heads and not in their hearts. It's a huge difference! But there is hope for them, because it starts with the head and goes down to the heart. I think these people will realize what happens after the body of Christ is removed.
      And for believers who do not obey the Lord, I think it will be the rewards in the court of Christ that will do justice for what they deserve and not for the salvation that is gained in Jesus.
      That's my opinion. Carole

    8. 1 John 2:28
      And now, little children, abide in him, so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming.

      I have a hard time seeing a partial rapture for many reasons pointed out above and also from 1 John 2:28. I can imagine a scenario, when Jesus returns, that many true believers who are saved, but were asleep to the signs and/or actively telling people to ignore the blessed hope.... I can imagine those people shrinking from Him in SHAME when He returns... not because they are left behind, but because they are caught up...despite their years of mocking or ignoring the rapture, here they are being rescued by it. I can see how they would feel very ASHAMED in such a moment. If they were simply left behind, I don't think they would shrink from him....they may be angry, or terrified, but the phrase shrink form him in shame conveys how you would feel if something good happened that you know you didn't a post tribber who finds himself rapture and he remembers all the people he mocked over the years for the very thing he is experiencing.

      Another point is the crown of righteousness. The rapture is not the reward for watching for the Lord, the rapture is a given if you are simply saved. But the crown of righteousness is the reward for those who longed for his appearing.... that is where he will formally recognize those who were watching and waiting for him.

      2 Tim 4:8
      Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day--and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing

    9. AMEN! That's it! I think the same thing brother! Carole

    10. Nora...Actually Daniel V.'s statement of faith is that "Salvation" is by Grace alone through faith alone in Christ Alone as a free Gift of God and that it is "rewards" that are earned or merited. However you are right in that he considers the Rapture to be one of those "Rewards". You can find this info in his "Purify and Sanctify - Part 1 - Introduction" video where in the comment section, about 15 down, he states how we are saved and why we "should" want to live like it and gives a resource link that fully explains his stand on the Gospel. While he is definitely avid on encouraging the Brethren to be running for the prize, i.e. crowns and to be using our lives to the utmost for Christ--which ofc I can't argue with--I would argue the Rapture "as a reward rather than a gift" point all day long--again in conjunction with 1Cor.12:12-31. As Carole (Unknown) above notes, I don't believe the Holy Spirit Indwelled Body will be dismembered, but taken together as a whole at which time the "rewards, or lack thereof" will be determined at the Bema Seat. I do appreciate his celestial studies, though, and so far I haven't seen him depart from Scripture to arrive at those conclusions. I fully expect to see Daniel V. there on that Great Day of the Harpazo and perhaps just as surprised as the rest of us about who all will be right there with us:-) Blessings, Sis!

    11. Sheila, he said some things that just didnt bode well with me (plus that merited rapture view) but that's only my subjective pov. Ofc only the Lord knows the hearts really.

    12. Family, Blessings. Wow, lively chat! I've yet to fully dig into MR's core vids, though I will. Several concerns mentioned I shared although rebuttals concerning Doctrine relating Grace and Salvation to a single Harpazo event are off-target as rebuttals and simply dodges multiple contrary Scriptures, imo, and those cited otherwise target Salvation, which is not the issue. Neither are 'works' the issue, but, as posted, the HEART, concerning Rescue.

      On the contrary, if a single event based entirely upon Salvation status, then all you have rebutted is correct and easily most of those who represent modern Christian 'Church', publically, yet daily dishonor Christ by their 'witness', burn in Hell, shortly and for eternity.

      "It is my belief that those who call themselves Christians but have NOT made Christ the Lord in their ♥ are NOT ACTUALLY BORN AGAIN/SAVED." - Lyn

    13. Making Christ Lord over anything in your life by your own efforts, acts, attitudes, -name it- as a requirement/means and condition to keep/earn/prove your salvation and as a way to be wrothy to be included in the rapture is Lordship Salvation in my understanding which is NOT the Gospel plain and simple. Lordship Salvation is a dangerous false docrtine.

      So, no offense but NOPE.

      I wont go into a debate over that but it needed to be pointed out imo.

    14. One more thing to chew on...

      1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NKJV):

      "Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s."

      Clear and simple. When a person believes in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit comes to indwell them, joining with their spirit and giving them life, His Life, that's the outcome, written in the passage. It is NOT our doing! He became our owner, of course He is our Lord. It is the natural condition and reality of the *new creation* aka the born again believer. Again, it's all the Lord's doing. The glorify God part is about discipleship and it is not a means to earn/keep/prove your salvation and make yourself worthy for the rapture. People often mistake parts of the Scriptures that discusses discipleship for the means to earn/keep/prove salvation, sadly. Very sadly.

      That's all.


    15. Romans 10:10 (NKJV):

      "For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

      John 6:29 (NKJV):

      "Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

      Hebrews 12:2 New King James (NKJV):

      "...looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith..."

      1 John 3:23 (NKJV):

      "And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment."

      This is *the heart factor*. To believe in Him.

    16. I like that comment Brad:

      "but the phrase shrink form him in shame conveys how you would feel if something good happened that you know you didn't a post tribber who finds himself rapture and he remembers all the people he mocked over the years for the very thing he is experiencing."

      I think it hits the nail on the head, of how, people who believed and accepted the Gospel of salvation, how they will feel when they have experienced such an awesome event as of The rapture, but who mocked and scoffed anyone who held firmly to the Pre-Trib Rapture, or denied that the End of the world would come in their lifetime.

      Boy, I would not want to be them in that day, I can only shame and humiliation one would feel!!

      And I also agree ArchAngel,
      If your brother believed and accepted the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins, and he is not looking with excitement, and expectancy to see his bridegroom coming at any moment, He will still be saved, but he will probably lose his crown of righteousness.

      2 Timothy 4:8 - "Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day--and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing."

  6. Dear family,
    Sharing (in these tiring and distressing days)...

    (Matthew 4:15-16)

    In 1986 a dear friend went to London to visit Dr. John Stott and to invite him to Brazil, which happened.
    At the time, he was paralyzed that he was standing before a man whose posture reminded him of the Apostle Paul. He heard, among other things, the following statement: “I could never read chapter 4 of II Timothy without shedding tears in abundance”!
    And added: “Just a heart of stone ...”!

    I never read this chapter again with the same eyes, I confess.
    There are some passages from the Bible that touch my soul.
    What initiates this message is one of them. Often alone, I cry when reading the same! It was the end of the world.

    The last curve of the infinity.


    No place in the world could be so far away! A place of contempt (a prophet never arose in Galilee, the Jerusalem religious said), a place of the rejected, a place of the marginalized!

    The end of the world...
    A land “unseen”, unnoticed where the value of people was nothing, absolutely nothing. To live there was to live near of death! To live there was to have no address!
    To live there was just to survive and wait ...

    The word GALILEE comes from the Aramaic “GALIL”, which carries the idea of “CIRCLE”!
    It was the circle of paganism and syncretism!
    A kind of social and religious trash!

    In my childhood, I heard rough men from the countryside use the phrase “Confines of Zabulon” when they wanted to refer to a place at the end of the world, a place where no one would ever arrive.

    Well dear ones, God chose this “end of the world” and “damn” address to make the LIGHT OF LIFE blast!

    Jesus had descended from the Galilee where He lived (Nazareth) upon receiving the news of the death of John the Baptist. He resolutely went to the "no man's land", to the last "corner of life"!
    There one did not live!
    There, as Matthew reports and Isaiah had prophesied, people LIE IN DARKNESS! Life was a grave! He went to such a place and hope dawned like never before.

    The party set in and the miracles began. HIS words were symptomatic: "THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR"! This “NEAR” does not refer to time, stopwatch!
    This near gloriously refers to ARRIVAL!
    In other words: THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS ARRIVED! The darkness would flee!

    Beloved, I have wrote all this just to tell you one simple, true and tremendous thing:
    You who think to live in the “land of forgetfulness”, in your “Galilee of the Gentiles” of abandonment, rejection, contempt and discard!
    You who have been dropped and left on the roadside of life, maybe who you loved and trusted, you just waiting ... waiting for the end and nothing more, please LISTEN TO ME !!

    He prioritizes the “confines of Zabulon” today!
    He does not go to Judea full of pomp and religiosity, but passionately addresses to the forgotten! Oh hallelujah!

    Cheer up!

    The LIGHT will shine on your journey!
    God, in Christ Jesus, wants to turn his despised and stigmatized GALILIA OF THE GENTILES into LAND OF LIGHT!
    All I want to say to you is this: YOU'RE NOT FORGETT!
    God will never discard You!
    For God's sake, BELIEVE!

    My affectionate hug!

    (One day I cried in my Gentile Galilee!
    The darkness has fled, the light has dawned and as the light of dawn, day by day increases until it is perfect day!)


    1. Jeova...Blessings and TY you for sharing that powerful story. That's how we know that HE is the One True God of all Creation! The darkness always flees in His Presence, Amen!

  7. This is a 2020 Documentary by the Pillar of Truth Christian Church (includes a step by step Bible study and some real science using the Truth, the Bible)

    Turning the World Upside Down - A 2020 Documentary

    Bible = Truth by the Creator
    Man = Lying, rebellious creation


    Another anecdote from FiveDoves

    From the scripture verse I addressed above concerning Jesus and Satan where Satan takes Jesus up on a high mountain whereby they both can see ALL the kingdoms of the world from that vantage point............which obviously would be impossible if the earth was round.

    To deny this verse, this biblical truth, and the scores of other references in God’s word that describe our terrestrial existence here on earth as being “flat”...... is in my humble opinion an offense against God...... but is a fitting tribute to NASA or the National Advancement of the Satanic Agenda.

    I was reading my bible this week and came across Acts 17 where God is talking about the peoples of the world and how He determined “boundaries to their habitation” and that He, God, was near to us within those boundaries.

    With the flat earth model and a clear firmament overhead as described in scripture there are certainly firm “boundaries to our habitation” here on earth.

    But if one uses NASA’s description of what surrounds us there certainly are no firm boundaries. And we are instructed to believe that earth is just an insignificant speck in a pretty much endless universe...... instead of a relatively compact enclosure with defined boundaries and a God who dwells near to us as is depicted in scripture.

    I am not sure what the stars above us are composed of but God tells us in several different verses of scripture that they are going to fall to earth.

    In one spot God says they will fall to earth like over-ripe figs in another spot they will fall like dry dead leaves fluttering to the ground.......both descriptions render no harm when they hit the ground or hit earth. God says that there is water above the firmament and whatever these stars are they are suspended in that water.

    Maybe that’s why they twinkle.

    So for me to swallow NASA’s lies that these stars are of huge mass and thousands of times larger than earth and millions of light years away........ would be for me to have to completely discount God’s word and I am not prepared to do that.

    There are many in the 5Doves community < and everywhere else > that are OK with discounting God’s words concerning these things and warming up to whatever computer generated images and fuzzy math NASA puts out.......but I am not one of them.

    One more thought....If Satan does control the kingdoms of this world as scripture indicates which facets of those kingdoms would be the most valuable to him in an effort to convince mankind that we are not special, that we do no live in a special place created just for us, and that there is no creator God who lives close to us and wants to have a special relationship with us????

    Would not Satan want to control the science community and especially NASA.

    NEWS FLASH, He does.

    1. Charlie...not to argue the whole FE theory, but the Temptation of Christ might not be the best mountain to stand on to prove such a point as that whole interaction was obviously Supernatural in nature. It's not like two ordinary men climbed up there to have a look around. The devil would have been quite as capable of producing a panoramic "vision" in a moment of time (or an "instant" per Strong's G4743) as he was of transporting Christ to Jerusalem where he set Him up on a pinnacle of the temple with the challenge to throw Himself down.
      (No offense intended, Lord:-)

  8. I've just read that and it touched my heart. It is so beautiful what the Lord did for us:

    "In the Old Testament, God gave many signs that were visible (water on the fleece for Gideon, a cloud the size of a man’s hand for the prophet Elijah) because God was on the outside. There was no perfect sacrifice that could make man clean enough for the Lord to live in him.

    God is holy, and sinful man cannot come into God’s presence without consequences. Sinful man will perish in the presence of God.

    But through the finished work of Christ, we have been made clean.
    Having made us clean by His finished work, the Lord has also made us His temple and now lives in us.

    “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

    — 1 Corinthians 3:16 NKJV

    You are a walking, talking, mobile temple of God."


  9. Brad, good article. I watched Rick Larson's "Star of Bethlehem" back in 2010 or eleven, I even took notes; as the information was a bit over my head. It was my first introduction to the mazzaroth. Then it was the Blood Moon Terad that caught my attention. Then in 2015 a baphomet statue was unveiled in Detroit. The Arch of Baal in 2016 along with the Conception comet, 2017 the eclipse, and around the same time a red heifer was born. The Revelation 12 sign be came everyone's lamp post. Iran, Russia, and Turkey were meeting in Sochi. Jerusalem became the capital. The Sanhedrin built an alter and the Temple Institute commissioned a royal crown (Revelation 6:2). Temple coins and the Pope joining hands with every religion possible. All these things and so much more has happened, the division in the Church. It all things we can point our fingers at and get a sense of what time it is, but you made a great point of getting back to the basics and really getting to know our Lord. For out of all our passion for his coming, I'm even more passionate and madly in love with our bridegroom Jesus Christ.

  10. Hey all, it's been quite a while since I've commented, but I'm definitely still watching and waiting! Just wanted to drop off a little encouragement...

    Robert Breaker's new video, "Could The Rapture Be in 2020?" He spends a good portion of the video discussing the 9/23/17 Revelation 12 Sign, which is always encouraging.

    I'm sure many of you are familiar with the case for a possible 2020 rapture, but here's my brief summary:

    Psalm 90:10 - A generation is 80 years max
    Matthew 24:32-35 - Jesus returns within a generation of the fig tree (Israel) putting forth leaves
    May 1948 Israel rebirth + 80 years = May 2028
    Jesus will fulfill the fall Jewish feasts at his second coming; last fall before May 2028 is fall 2027
    Rapture is prior to the 7 year tribulation (ending in Jesus' return): Fall 2027 - 7 years = fall 2020 for the latest possible rapture IN THIS SCENARIO. Also a probable time gap (perhaps months) between the rapture and the start of the tribulation.


    1. Yay, Justin!

      This is the exact logic I saw and wrote about in my most recent article:

      It also allows time for the coming Great Wave of Glory revival the Lord has shown me and others.

    2. Great article Lyn, I am SO excited! It's remarkable how all the pieces are coming together and pointing to a VERY possible April rapture! Blessings to you and Brad and everyone here,

    3. I haven't considered the fall feasts and Israel's birthday in the spring like that before... wow! That would be awesome!

    4. Thanks, Justin! And I am excited right along with you especially because of that Dance Card dream I believe the Lord gave me pointing to April♥

  11. Intriguing. I hadn't thought of this before. What a perfectly apt picture.

  12. Fox News reporting U.S. Military Bases across Iraq are currently under missile attack from Iran. The WH in meetings now to prepare a response. Praying for our Soldiers as well as the civilians over there as this thing escalates.
    Also continued prayer for those in Australia incl the millions of suffering animals.
    Even so, Lord, Come!

    1. @debkafile reporting today that V. Putin has arrived for an unannounced visit in Damascus for only the 2nd time in 4 yrs to hold talks with Assad and that it's connected with the fallout in the region following "recent" events. I was wondering when his head was going to be popping up

    2. Also @debkafile--1/7/20--"February 11, Iran's Revolution Day marks estimated revenge timeline for Soleimani's death". Talk about Israel's being encompassed! And they ARE threatening Israel with inclusion in the retaliation against the US. Meanwhile those 52 targets are ripe for the 52 F-35s and B52's already lined up. Sure doesn't sound like anyone is going to be backing up.
      I hate it, but it's inevitable and just hoping it means we are about to be going UP! Blessings All and Maranatha!

    3. Thank you Sheila for sharing these news! Ofc they're threatening Israel. I wonder if this whole thing will be connected to the prophesied destruction of Damascus.

  13. If this isn’t a sign......

    1. Wow, archangel, that was an amazing photo. "And I saw the beast arise out if the sea," springs to mind.

    2. Archangel...Blessings and TY for sharing. That was an amazing sequence of photos as those red devil horns continue to rise up out of the Persian Gulf to form what looks like a red Islamic Crescent Moon symbol. Very ominous for sure.

    3. Blessings, and welcome, Sheila B and Jordan. It’s a shocking pic indeed and it does look like the beast arising out of the sea. When we look at the timing, crescent moon, Persian Gulf, Iran’s attacks and the 7 heads, 10 horns in Rev, it all ties in with what we know is coming.

      I was at the Dr’s office yesterday and spoke with 3 women who hate President Trump. Minds totally blinded by satan. The hardness of their hearts in light of all evidence and truth is still shocking to me. 2 were Jewish so I mentioned Jesus and threw Obamacare out there since the young Jewish one was pleased to say she was almost arrested in DC for Trump’s immigration policy. She claimed Iranian-Americans were denied entrance or detained from entering America from Canada. I let her know the Japanese were interned during WW2 which I’m sure they never taught her in school and that it was a demoncrat President who did it.

      Hearts of stone. I pray they get saved.

      Maranatha! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is bombarding us with yet more and more signs that He is coming to get us. I do wonder sometimes if those who are saved but paying too much attention on worldly things and not eagerly awaiting our Lord’s return for His Church will be left behind. My poor brother. I have never heard him say he can’t wait for the Rapture and when I consider his attitude, it makes me wonder. He has zero interest in end times Bible Prophecy. God is Sovereign over all so we will just have to wait and see. Sometimes I think since he is saved he will go up in the Rapture but will lose out on the Crown for those who breathlessly await our Lord’s return.

      Be blessed. Maranatha!

    4. When I first saw that image, I also immediately thought of "the beast coming up out of the sea" references in Daniel and Revelation.

    5. I sent the link to a friend who asked where in the Bible does it say the devil has horns. Admit I had to think about that for a minute and then the 7 heads and 10 horns popped into my head.

  14. A bit of update on the Iranian situation:

    I've just read on Amir Tsarfati's twitter that Iran announced that their retaliatory strikes are over, they're finished and they don't seek war or escalation but promised to protect themselves in the future if neccessary. They threatened attacks on Israel and the UAE if the USA strikes back. He also wrote,

    "The last tweets of #US president #Trump and #Iran’s foreign minister signaled to the markets in #Asia that the situation is going towards a peaceful outcome."

    So, we'll see if this will die down or something will reignit the situation. Honestly, I don't understand how can they predict a peaceful outcome right now, I think the situation is pretty tense.

    1. Well, it looks like they might have gotten their blood with that downed Ukrainian Airliner last night. Remember when Trump threatened them with 52 targets in remembrance of the 1979 Iranian hostage situation and they countered with the "290" in reference to the 1988 downing of the Iranian Airliner by the USS Vincent and they had also threatened US Allies. There were 63 Canadians, 3 Brits, 3 Germans, 10 Swedes, 11 Ukrainians, 4 Afghanis, and 82 Iranians aboard that flight that appears to have been been shot down despite the rash diagnosis of "engine trouble". The plane had just been inspected 2 days ago and was only 3.5 years old. There are reports of a video showing it bursting into flames mid-air 3 minutes into the flight and it immediately fell off the radar. This whole scenario is reeking of manipulation to allow them their response tantrum and make Trump's measured response look good pre-election as everyone breathes a sigh of relief because disaster has been averted. Just my early morning, kitchen bar stool, first cup of coffee opinion, but Hmmm...and praying for the families of all of those 176 who died last night (and prob. sacrificially).

    2. Mystery over deadly Ukraine plane crash. Iran won’t hand over black boxes...

    3. Yeah, it's so sad! It's a good idea, let's pray for them!

      My assumption is that the tensions were so high that the plane was probably shot down by mistake (IF it was shot down).

    4. There go the Iranians...taqiyyaing again.

  15. Sharing...

    AS 2020 BEGINS:

    - The US and Iran are on the brink of war.

    - Australia is burning.

    - Puerto Rico just had its worst earthquake in more than a century (other level 6+ earthquakes - Ritcher Scale, same day)

    - Mysterious air crash in Iran shortly after the bombing of US bases in Iraq.

    Additionally, it’s being speculated that the most anticipated Middle East peace plan in 70 years—the Trump Administration’s so-called “deal of the century”—may be released before Israeli elections in March.

    We live in a time like no other.

    Not only are the signs of Jesus’ return increasing in frequency and intensity, like birth pains, it’s happening 70-plus years, the span of a biblical generation, after the prophetic “fig tree,” Israel, was replanted in the land.

    The world is ripe for harvest.


    1. Jeova', Blessings. Actually, it's all happening WITHIN the Fig Tree's 70th year, STILL.

      The 70th full year of the Fig Tree's arrival doesn't 'roll over' until 3/10/2020, the anniversary of their official termination of their initial 'ad-hoc, as declared by Truman, and 'Provisional' Governance, as declared by Israel, prior to that. 3/11/2020 will be the 1st day of their 71st year, Maranatha!

    2. It's been my gut feeling from the start that the Lord doesn't really care about when the Israeli government was exactly formed and I think that He especially doesn't care for any foreign/gentile government's approval of the modern state of Israel. I also don't think that it (the approval) determined His decision to establishe the current season. Counting in my own human errancy, I'm kind of 98% sure that the Lord considers the birth-date of the state of Israel in 1948 as the beginning.

      I also remember someone said that at the exact day of the 14th of May in 1984 Israel already had a valid and working constitution and a totally fine and valid interim government. Israel had everything its modern state needed from the start and all was accepted as legit.

    3. correction: " the exact day of the 14th of May in 1948 Israel already had..."

    4. Brother Barry Scharbrough said something interesting in one of his current vids...

      If we consider the 80 years of strenght for the lenght of the fig-tree generation, we should extract 7 years of tribulation period that means the last possible year for the rapture to happen according to this theory is the 73rd year.

      According to the counting of the trib years (1260 days period etc.) and other prophetic dates, the Lord uses 360 day-years.

      Adding 73X360 days to the 14th of May in 1948 will result (end) on the 26th of April in 2020. So, adding 73 prophetic years (with 360 days instead of 365) to that starting date in 1948 will end at the end of this April.

      I think it's an exciting possibility.

    5. (correction: Barry Scarbrough)

    6. Nora, I wonder if Brother Barry has been talking with Brother Chooch! From my article:

      "Brother Chooch (TOL End Times YTC) in the first seven minutes of the second video of his Rapture Convergence Theory series summarizes his belief in a Spring 2020 Rapture... He explains his theory that The Tribulation Period should happen this Fall with the Rapture of the Church occurring in the Spring of 2020."

    7. I agree Nora, I believe the 70th year has come and gone, I believe that May 14th 1948 is the start of the Fig Tree Generation. I think we noted here a good while ago, that Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam (I don't know how someone can work that out, or if it is true, but it sure seems like a nice Godincidence of the importance of 1948 in Gods eyes.)

      So hoping between now and this Spring Time is the actual season of our departure, but for me May 14th 1948 is still valid as the Fig Tree Generation until May 13th 2021 passes and we are still here, meaning that Israel would then be older than 73, and indicating that we got the wrong start date of the Fig tree Generation.

      What a time to be alive, Awesome!! Blessings to you.

    8. Jordan,

      yep, I think the same. Fingers crossed big time that the current fig-tree generation theory is the correct one!


      now that you say it, he probably mentioned Brother Chooch...

      This is Barry's vid:

      "Feb / April 2020 and May 2021 Highest Rapture Watch Times Ever!!! Get Ready Christian, We FLY SOON!"

    9. Will for what's it's worth, I ran a calculation earlier that was fairly intriguing and also points to the toward the end of Spring/ early summer 2020. We all remember the 33 days between the Eclipse and the Rev12 Sign... well if the eclipse signifies the final harvest beginning, and the rev12 Sign is pointing toward the rapture, well then that 33 interval might be important....

      So 33 Months from 9-23-17 is: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

    10. "The Biblical 70 Year Generation -- is it over ? No, it is NOT"


      To find the end date , one must know the beginning date... then measure 70 years.

      The last Tetrad at the time of Israel's return took place in 1950. A sign in the heavens. There are multiple Israeli events that took place in 1950 which initiated Israel's Government, and which then situated it in the city of Jerusalem in 1950.

      The prophet Daniel in chapter 10 verse 14 states that certain things will take place in the latter days. What things did Daniel refer to ? There are several potential clues pointing to 2020. Dan. 10:4 says the vision was on the 24th day of the "first" month. Which calendar is applicable is unclear. He was in Babylon but the reference may be future ----to a then unknown "first" month .
      There is something very interesting about a "first" month. The day and month were known. Daniel could have said the month by name. " Nisan" or "Tishri" or another "first" month. But , he did not identify a month by name...just that it is for the "latter" days and "first". Maybe, by silence, not stating a month , the Holy Spirit opens a future possibility of... January ?

      Verse 1 says this was the THIRD year of King Cyrus. Cyrus has been compared to President Trump , two friends of Israel with multiple common traits. Cyrus and Trump are pictured together on Israeli coinage. The Israeli coin even says "TO FULFILL 70 YEARS". Trump is now nearing the end of his THIRD year and the 24th day of January is in that week.

      The first meeting of the Knesset , the Israeli government, took place on 26 December 1949 which was 6 Tevet on the Hebrew calendar. This year, 6 Tevet is January 3 , 2020.

      This makes 70 years from the FIRST ISRAELI government.

      Daniel also states that he was mourning three full weeks (10:2 and 10:13).

      A 21 day delay, so add 21 days to January 3rd brings us to the same date of January 24th. The first Knesset voted to situate Israel's capitol in Jerusalem on January 23, 1950.

      The Lord said that as it was in the days of Noah so would it be at his return...Matt 24:37.

      Noah exited the ark on 28 Kislev (26 December 2019). A rainbow appeared for the first time. Gen. 9:13.

      On Dec 26, 2019 a rainbow appeared over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The exact same day, a rainbow.

      "When the fig tree begins to bud"... Fig trees do not bloom when planted.(1948). They need a year or perhaps two years to bud ?

      Matt 24:32, Mark 13:28-31, Luke 21:29-30

      There are 8 kings and king 7 is going to serve a "short space". Rev 17:10-11. The case is very strong that T is king 7, that he will serve less than 4 years, and his predecessor will return as king 8.

      Carter, started the "peace process" followed by Reagan(2),Bush(3),Clinton(4),Bush(5), O(6), T(7). The 8th follows T and is "of the 7", the "beast" himself.

      Finally, note that January 24 ,2020 is 1260 days from the 8th of AV , Aug 12, 2016 and is exactly 75 days before Passover April 8 , 2020. Or 1335 days.

    11. See also Rapture Puzzle: The T/Cyrus Connection (1/3/2020) / Michael / Tigris Rive


    12. G'morning 'CiD, Blessings. Very pleased to see the above simple look at the details and also corresponding them to Scripture. Allow me to add a little more clarity. First, intuitively speaking, there is more to the details than the meetings of the Knesset. Israelis will be held personally accountable, that is, share in a corporate experience with their brethren in alignment with the actions taken as a NATION. Thus, as a democracy, before that can be done JUSTLY, there MUST have been elections. Your timeline covers that but I wanted it highlighted as it is a detail which makes sense when you think about it but can easily be overlooked.

      Lastly, while it is a minefield of semantics, Israel both did, and didn't have a 'government' upon May, 1948. More accurately, they had an 'understanding' among various parties which allowed things to begin, much as a sapling is not a tree nor a 1st Trimester infant a fully developed baby, yet. Truman, in his recognition, referred to their "ad-hoc' governance and the Israelis, themselves, captioned it as a "Provisional Governance" when they OFFICIALLY ended it May 10th, 1949.

      So, the date, above, is significantly closer to the target. However, as of 1/3/1949, the Israeli PEOPLE were still, OFFICIALLY, operating under that. Not until the very specific and well recorded date of 3/10/1949 was the FIRST OFFICIAL ELECTED GOVRENMENT in place and PRIOR ONE DISSOLVED.

      P.S. However, as our Wonderful Storybuilder Likes To Do, and likely in line with many details, above, your date of 1/24-25, just days from now, Has Been Highlighted, imho, as THE most likely date to be OUTTAHERE. One arrives there by going backwards from 3/10/19 the 40 days paralleling Noah's time on the Arc, and a few other details I am sorting out. Maranatha!

    13. I havent changed my opinion on this topic yet BUT let's just say that I'd be so-so happy if we'd be out of here BEFORE the 24th-25th of this January!!!

      I saw the date of the 24th of January on Steve Fletcher's YT channel too. I haven't watched the vids but made a mental note for a possible high-watch day.

      IF it is so and the rapture is that near I wish the Lord gave (more) confirmation on it! I think, I'll pray for that.

    14. Not that this spring wouldn't be great either but the sooner the better!

    15. I think we are all looking for anything sooner than later ;-)

      Perhaps 'IT' is given in HIS word and we are just now able to unravel it all and have the piece of the puzzle fall into place (note: many such events and markers happened in plain sight without fanfare and we are now able to review and pin point the day counts (etc.).

      I don't think folks keep moving the ball so to speak, I think the signs and markers have been muddled but now have certainly become more clear than ever (i.e. us strike in iraq on 1/3 where Daniel's prohecy is given and where Daniel was physically.

      It certainly is interesting scripture does not specify the "1st month" but leaves it "open." OT/NT scriptures are quite specific usually concerning days and months.

      Hourly Watch!

    16. Amen, Charlie! I watch for the Lord every hour now! Maranatha!

    17. Charlie in DC, Blessings. Keeping my cell handy when you're ready.

      "It certainly is interesting scripture does not specify the "1st month" but leaves it "open."

      uh, 'Cid,

      "On the twenty-fourth day of the first month, as I was standing on the bank of the great river (that is, the Tigris)" Daniel 10:4.

      Roger that: 10-4


  16. Brother Sean's (Eschatology Today) update on Pres. Trump's current speech on Iran:

    "POTUS Trump spoke in very serious and somber tones. His words were an unambiguous warning to Iran.

    POTUS Trump's first words, "As long as I am President of the United States, Iran will not possess nuclear weapons," were as ominous as any words could be.

    Irans 41-year history of terrorism and aggression "are over."

    Iran will end its nuclear program voluntarily (or it will be ended for them.) This is non-negotiable. Iran is on hair-trigger notice, its behavior changes now, or else.

    The US is not going to endlessly endure the expense of rushing troops over to the ME every time Iran gets cranky for its al-Mahdi.

    NATO will also be brought into the equation of eliminating the Twelver threat to the civilized world."

    1. My bet is that Iran won't give up their nuclear program voluntarily. (As for behavior-change, they seem to dug their heels in more and more.)

    2. Interesting that there were two earthquakes in the area of Iran's nuclear facilities last night as well. Hmm, I have read that somebody possibly did some new fangled underground bombing to destroy them.

    3. StephE, Blessings. Now is not the Time for the Princes of Persia to Fall, so, they will not Be Allowed to rise and strike, calling that upon themselves. Our Lord Attends To Them, Later, As Written. Maranatha!

  17. Hello Rev 12 Family,
    I like to jump in regarding Iran. Well, things have heated-up fast in 2020 already with a possible military showdown that would occur…It will eventually by way of Ezekiel 38-39 as we all understand. The prophetic chess pieces have moved dramatically though. In the USA, many a Millennials are running scared of a supposed ‘Draft’ as they are starting to realize that there is no ‘Safe Spaces’ in the real cruel and fallen world. In my assessment though, Iran will back-off for now as there is that Inner-Ring of a major regional war against Israel to come first. We'll see.

    As to the topics of Iran, World War 3 and Armageddon that are once again at a new level of awareness, I like to make you all aware of online resources I complied of a few articles and charts I made on this topic/research for your review. I have linked also to the book that I encapsulated about a decade’s worth of events leading-up to where we are at now.

    You are welcome to download all these as PDFs for free and share with friends and enemies alike :) Nothing major or breakthrough but just an in-depth a comprehensive composition of research for those interested. They are long and contentious as always! E

    Getting closer to the Blessed Hope by the missile :)
    Lu Vega

    1. I agree Lu that it seems to be moving pieces forward.

    2. Oops it published before I was ready. Someone, maybe it was Jack Hibbs, had said something along the lines that this probably makes Iran coldly realize they couldn't attack Israel alone in their current state and with the US present.

      I also just saw that Russia and Turkey are calling for a ceasefire in Libya to take effect Jan 12th. Libya seems to be getting more and more primed for Ezekiel 38 as we watch.


    The above link is to Robert Breaker’s teaching on Lordship Salvation. It’s probably the best I have seen on the subject. Basically, what they did is change the meaning of “repentance” which in the original Greek, the word Paul used meant to change one’s mind, change direction, turn from hell to heaven and/or be sorry. Others who believe LS changed repentance to mean “stop sinning” and then YOU can make Jesus your Lord when, in fact, Jesus is Lord no matter what you do or don’t do. It’s works based. They never mention the Blood Atonement and are never sure if they have done enough to call on the Lord and end up calling on Him 6 times etc.

    Jesus said His yoke is easy and burden light.

    Now, it really shows what the Lord means when He says that not all who say Lord, Lord (notice # of times) will not enter His Kingdom.

    God bless Robert Breaker and Charles Lawson for making it clear to me (for one at least).

    Jesus is the Only Way. Man made religions are either works based or tell you that you are god. Blasphemy.

    No wonder God says Vengeance is Mine.

    Amen, Lord. Come quickly!

    1. Correction: I meant not all....will enter His Kingdom. I know you all know already but just wanted to correct it anyway.

    2. Archangel...I agree on Robert Breaker's LS teaching being one of the best and most thorough on this false gospel, but sadly most of those who adhere to it have their heels dug in so deep and will not reconsider. I've heard them claim that following Jesus's Words in the 4 Gospels supercede following those of Paul--which is an abject failure to understand the mission that Paul was directly given BY JESUS, Himself. And I can't understand the why of that if they truly believe the Scriptures are the Holy Spirit Inspired Word of God. If any part of the Bible as given to us was wrong, then none of it could be trusted and we'd all be toast. LS is just another dead-end version of man's self-righteous determination to maintain that which he couldn't even obtain in the first place. Blessings, Brother, and TY for sharing:-)

  19. Blessings, Sheila B. It’s sad. They are making their lives miserable needlessly because life is difficult enough. It’s imperative to be a Berean rightly dividing the Word of Truth. I have seen accusations against Hal Lindsey and Jack Chick of Chick tracts and it’s a lie. I’ve watched a Lindsey for years and he doesn’t teach anything remotely like LS and Chick even has a tract specifically about LS called Flight 144 and if you read their statement of faith, you will not find anything unbiblical. Jack Chick told the Truth without pulling punches. He cited chapter/verse to back up every story.

    How can someone think he or she can “clean up” their lives without Christ ? How can they do it and “stop sinning” when even the Apostle Paul struggled with it. They think their good works will earn them a place in Heaven so they can boast which is exactly what the Bible teaches against. Their works are filthy rags. In the original language, it’s very explicit.

    Their way, to them, is the only way and it’s the way to hell. I honestly shake my head wondering what Bible they are reading, if they even are reading one. And I wonder who their pastors and teachers are. This shows how critical it is to pray to God for godly teachers who know the Word especially in the original Hebrew and Greek.

    Discernment Discernment Discernment.

  20. For the fans of the Assyrian being the ac and the ac being the Assyrian.....

    Some wonder how O could ever be the ac when he was (is) the us CIC from chicago (news flash, not a true american and not from hawaii). Forget Assad in Syria, we have the Assyrian.


    2] O Taking Action Against the Strongest of Fortresses

    T is their set-up guy to get into a ww3 with the King of Assyria being on the other end, yet they are both (with the rest of the world) play on the "bad" team

    3] T has stirred up a Bee’s Nest!

    4] His (T's) great pride will bring you into another war


    1. Piling on here, pleny of material:

      D J T the 7th King and Seven 7's | Prideful Babylon will be devoured by Fire
      James Smith (from 2018)

  21. Apologize in advance for the mishmosh of thoughts that I want to share.

    There is a recent article from about that hum heard around the world, remember the one back in 2018 or was it 2017 or was it before.... more on that in a moment.

    This article: Live Science article from a day ago makes some interesting claims and offers some rather prophetic quotes. Here are a couple quotes from it:

    "These odd hums were an unconventional geologic birth announcement."

    "The new findings provide a detailed, one-year timeline of the newborn volcano's birth, which would make any mother (in this case, Mother Earth) proud."

    Funny, huh?

    Well it gets "funnier". A google search indicates that this "hum" isn't new and it solution isn't new either...

    There is this article Article from July of 2013 , which says it has been occuring for a long time, since like the fifties. I do not know for sure if they are linked, but something about the number of articles that come up when you google this is suspicious. Many of the articles claim that "they" have figured it out, but how many times over the years can you legitimately figure it out?

    Anyway, hope I haven't lost you yet, just caught my eye and thought I'd mention it especially in light of the devils horns arising from the water mentioned earlier in this rev12 thread. Seems another beast is coming out of the water.

    Next topic. I know there are some criticisms of Lauren Daigle, "Christian" singer. But I couldnt help but be encouraged, impressed by the lyrics to one of her songs that I heard recently. The song is called "Look up Child". Here are some of the lyrics highlighted for you.

    Where are You now
    When darkness seems to win?
    Where are You now
    When the world is crumbling?
    Oh I, I-I-I, I hear You say
    I hear You say
    Look up child, ayy
    Look up child, ayy

    You're not threatened by the war
    You're not shaken by the storm
    I know You're in control
    Even in our suffering
    Even when it can't be seen
    I know You're in control

    There is such a prophetic quality to this recent album.

    Next topic.

    Now check out this article:

    First new Sunspots in 40 days Herald coming Solar Cycle

    Brad!!!! What do you see????????

    Ok, your turn. go.


    1. Thank Miguel. I checked out the article and all of the SDO Images (same one in which we saw the baby, dragon, 7, etc) and nothing jumped out at me over the last several days. I do agree with those who "saw" dragons horns above the see in the recent picture of the eclipse.... that was very ominous and can easily be tied to several bible verses! Each day, each hour, each minute we are getting that much closer to seeing JESUS!!!

    2. Nobody saw anything in that sun? OK, I'm putting myself out there, but I a rather large baby laying on it's back and facing to the right, the white part in the middle is the diaper with the two legs coming out and the white part at the top his/her head. Immediately next to the babies face is a tall thin man? perhaps with a turban (head much smaller than baby) and then another smaller man further down in the tall man's robe, and then a third man further down still. They all seem to be looking at baby? Father, Son, and HS? About time for a birthing and completion of the body of Christ? I usually don't see anything, like in Many Fish videos until he really points it out, but this seemed rather clear to me. Maybe its because I have two one year old grandbabies, who knows? Blessings, Fam! We're going Home soon. Yahoo!!!!!

    3. Shelley, yes that's it. It was so clear I could hardly believe it. I did not think it was the same picture we had discussed before. To me the baby looked more mature, full term. But maybe it is the same and the Lord just let me see that maturity, signifying the nearness.

      Look brothers and sisters with the gift of watchfulness, Jesus, when asked about the end, told us that we would hear of "seismos" g4578 in various places. This he compared to birth pains, contractions. We are all familiar with the fact that contractions increase to a point of undeniable finality. Now this word seismos is the word used when the storms came while disciples were in the boat, and Jesus came to them. Now storms, earthquakes, and hurricanes are breaking records and reaching a point of finality.

      I think we have a few more months possibly longer but we are getting close.

      In the last 2000 years there has never been a time when we could see so many fulfillments of the word. This is the time.

      Maranatha! Love, your brother in Christ, miguel

    4. Yes, Miguel, I saw a "mature" baby, or a delivered baby - out of the womb. Time is short. Maranatha and Amen! Hugs from your sister Shelley and many prayers for your wife and family, brother. Soon, we fly!

      Off topic, I was also thinking about the 70-80 years of a generation and prompted by @informed Christians video about the White Horse (haven't watched his new one) I wondered if the years should be lunar or solar. 80 lunar years is 28,800 days, which from May 14,1948, (I believe the day that Israel became a nation/state is the date that matters to God, IMHO) comes to 3/21/2027 - kind of a stop date, if you will, for the tribulation, (disregarding the 75 days). Subtract 7 years for the tribulation (2520 days) comes to 4/26/2020 - kind of a stop date for the beginning of the tribulation? Hence, the rapture before? IDK - just a thought. The sooner the better and things are certainly lining up at breakneck speed. I'm so busy, can't keep up anymore, but that's ok, I like surprises - especially if it's preceded by the sound of a trumpet or a call from our Jesus. So close.

    5. Shelley B...Wow, first chance I've really had to look at that sun pic and it took me a few minutes, but then as soon as I saw the tall man in the turban, the whole picture popped out. It's almost like looking at a sonogram. My 2nd grandchild--a girl this time--is slated for entry on Jan 24th, so I've been seeing those sonograms for the past few months now. (Still hoping WFS and she will be Heavenly born:-)

    6. Hey Sister… I was hoping our two grandkids who are now 16 months old would have been Heavenly born!!! That prayer was definitely answered "no." We just found out we will be grandparents again in August. I think there's a good chance that one will be Heavenly born, but not so sure yours will be. If she, well, Hallelujah!!! If not, you'll get to enjoy her here for a short time (hopefully - on the short time thing). Love you, Sister. \0/

    7. Amen:-) Love back to you, Sis. Just thinking a lot of things are pointing to Jan.24 as the next High Watch day and that's her scheduled delivery date either by induction or c-section due to the gestational diabetes issue. Could ofc be sooner, but no later according to the OB. Baby's fine and is in good position, but mom sure is miserable. Anyway, constantly something going on to make time fly while we are all waiting to fly:-)) Blessings and Looking UP!

    8. I'm praying for an early and safe delivery for mama and baby, Sheila. And a safe and soon delivery for all of us! Hugs!

  22. Speaking of The Sickle: A verse jumped out to share in light of CM's double-sickle dream:

    29 But when the grain is ripe, AT ONCE He puts in the sickle, because the HARVEST HAS COME.”
    Mark 4:29, amen.

    What is happening, NOW, is the final 'Ripening' of the Grain. The calling out, dividing, attacks on Grace, all of it are to both Separate W&T and ALSO to RIPEN/Refine Approved Workmen (grain) as they defend the Truth of Christ, amen.

    While there is an extra measure of time to age the grain before harvest, for maximum value of the crop, it is only a few DAYS. Maranatha!

    1. OK, now it's getting Good. Immediately AFTER posting this, here and on CM's latest as an encouragement, to her, I go watch Pastor Tim's recent Rapture Dream!! Anepaisxyntos! .

      In the dream, the #422 is Highlighted and repeated. Strong's G422 is Anepaisxyntos, "not ashamed" as in, due to having completed the assignments Given of God and found ***ONLY*** in 2 Timothy 2:15!!!

      Family, The Holy Spirit VERY SPECIFICALLY Directed me to use the phrase "Approved Workmen", in relation to RIPENING the grain, and AFTER THAT I SAW Pastor Tim cite 2 Timothy 2:15, EXACTLY where it comes from, in relation to his WORD/DREAM. Maranatha!

    2. Adding onto the Sickle theme::

      (Note: I believe the 70th year is complete this March, not 2018, but this presentation has the same message: THE SICKLE COMES FOR THE RIPENED FRUIT)

      70 years accomplished! Swing in the sickle! Got fruit?
      James Smith

    3. For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
      Isaiah 9:6a

      is one spot we see Scripture Highlighting the government, specifically, as Entangled With Christ, His Peoples and His Lordship. Perhaps this is one of the verses Rabi Kaduri drew his "prophecy" from which wasn't spiritually given but pulled from The OT inferences. In any event, the existence of a formal, elected, accepted and recognized GOVERNMENT for the Nation and People of Modern Day Israel did NOT EXIST prior to 3/10/1949.

      Seventy Weeks are decreed for your people... Daniel 9:24

      Not "about" Seventy Weeks, not Seventy Weeks and a day, Seventy Weeks, period.


  23. Replies
    1. And a bit curious that at the same time Harry and Megan are taking little baby Archie and doing their own sort of "Brexit" from the Royal family, reportedly much to the consternation of the Queen. I have no idea what this means in the grand scheme of things, but its probably not a coinkydink;-)

      Anyhoo, re to both of your posts above the Brexit ref on The Sickle and G422, I was drawn to the Bing Art this morning which showcased a walking trail in the Muir Woods through the giant Redwood Trees to celebrate the anniversary of it's being declared a Nat'l monument on this day in 1908. I took a quick look since tomorrow begins Tu B'Shvat (New Year for Trees) on the TorCal with both a full moon and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

      G1908--epereazo--to revile or mistreat 2x Luke 6:28 KJV and esp. 1Pet.3:16 KJV

      H1908--Hadad-- name of three Edomites used 13x (haven't have time for that study yet, but it's likely there's some prophetically current relevance tucked in there somewhere:-)

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Sheila B., Blessings. As I recall, the 'budding' date, ala May, 48, was also Tu B'Shvat. :)

    3. That and I just found the "1908" related verses to be some confirmation to what Pastor Tim was saying yesterday in re to those who come against the ones that 2Tim.2:15 is addressing:-)


  24. Hi Jimboni, for this Brexit, could you explain for those who are not very knowledgeable (like me) in politics, what does this mean for us who are believers please? Just a quick summary if its possible? Thank you in advance! Carole

    1. Oh Wow ! I Have been waiting for this ....the last Removed straw for the European Union. Is Is the UK considered the Lion of Tarshish and America and the young lions? .Is the Lining up 10 kings and the North happenings? . A pipeline agreement is complete with Israel and Greece and America forwarding X millions of dollars to Israel while we Lord are waiting patiently and praying for the lost. Yes please explain Jimboni..

    2. Oh! Unfortunately you've asked of me to expound on an area of this drama where I spectate and have no chance of making any sense of it, or anchoring in Scripture, with a queue card. Apologies but All D, if in better shape, or one more called/gifted in that theater?

    3. Well Jimboni , You are sa God fearing spectator and deeply appreciated ... We will keep watching .. Awh .. we have the best seat on Earth. On Jesus s side

  25. Trump Card 52. War. Iran (Persia, Babylon) Massive Ritual 9!! 3!! It's in the Cards, Purim

    Latest from Many Fish::

  26. Is US preparing to bomb Iran's nuclear sites?

    This blurb comes from that article:
    "Heinonen, a former IAEA inspector, thinks that at the end of this month Iran reaches this point and then it will take another two months to prepare a nuclear weapon since the Islamic Republic has all the required designs for building a nuclear weapon."

    That's the soonest timeframe I think I've seen anyone suggest, which would mean nuclear weapons by April.

    Of course that timeframe is probably speculative on the former inspector's part, but I know several folks in the community are looking at events early April.

    And if they are possibly able to have nuclear weapons by April and both Trump and Netanyahu have said they would not allow Iran to reach that point, we could be bracing for some big movements sooner rather than later.


  27. Family, I wanted to share a dream that I had last night, and a related video I want to share with it. I want to start out by saying I've never had any memorable or coherent dreams relating until the end times until this point.

    In the dream it was business as usual. I was out with my family when Iran suddenly attacked the U.S directly. However, it was with weak, seemingly fake missles that didn't kill anyone and caused limited destruction. It did, however, cause massive hysteria. People were taking shelter and and it was full on panic, as everyone was hiding to wait this out a "false rapture" suddenly occured. I and other believers were left behind, along with innocent children beneath the age of accountability. The people taken were wolves in sheeps clothing(One being a visible trans-woman.) and the rapture was a big show, manifesting in a loud noise with a fiery green light that looked evil and sickly(think the dragon's fire from the old Sleeping Beauty movie). I was terrified and despaired at being left behind/unsaved at first and the world suddenly got even more violent and dark, as I was chased by an axe wielding man shortly after leaving the area I was being sheltered in. However, I had lost my fear at that point as I put two and two together, and I grew to understand it more clearly as I awakened. I want to share this relevant video;

    In a nutshell assuming this is potentially prophetic, one final attack on grace may occur via a false war and rapture(Via something like "Project Blue Beam") in order to help foster a fake one-world religion(By apostates being taken up) and try to shatter true believer's hope before the real rapture happens. This was fake, orchestrated chaos followed by a rapture that took up groups idolized by pop culture(trans male, this'd possibly stretch out to laodician churches and cults like the RCC, Joel Olsteen types, etc)

    I'm aware that several are having visions and dreams of a nuclear attack on America coupled with a massive Tsunami right before the real rapture happens, I.E "When they come down, we go up", a smaller scaled one to shatter our hope and get the world ready for a fake religion could occur before. I felt led to share this whether or not it's prophetic or KJO's "fake rapture" theory turns out to not be true, but this video of his did get taken down on Youtube despite him uploading quite a lot of "hateful content" that has largely been left alone, so I think he might be onto something. Seeing as Iran may have access to nukes before April's end, this could happen way sooner than we think.

    God bless and Maranatha!

    1. Wow Samuel K,

      This sums up just about everything we've been "reporting" on and have been "thinking" may happen, but to have a family member have such a vivid (warning) dream is foretelling.

      I too believe there will be events to come, very very soon, which will cause chaos and for those not (firmly) rooted in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone, they will be deceived and will certainly fall away (spiritually and physically).

      Thank you for sharing.


    2. Hello, for my part, I believe that when there is the rapture of the Church, we will have nothing to do, we will be changed quickly and we will go up to heaven. I don't worry about a fake because everything will be ruled by God so if we stay, and we are in our mortal bodies, it is the answer that this is not the right time for born again believers. Maranatha! Carole

    3. Carole, Blessings. I love the simple trust and faith indwelling your words, Maranatha!

  28. January 9, 2020

    Evidence Proving Saudi Arabia Downed Ukraine Airliner Over Iran With Advanced Nanoweapon Appears Confirmed

    "nanoweapons are paving the road to human extinction”

    Flight path and debris photo proves Ukrainian plane suffered sudden and massive onboard fire and was trying to return to airport—and not blown out of the sky by a Tor Missile System.


    The bottomline on all this is T is having Iran go after SA (and vice versa) and making it look like the other attached one another's stuff in order to create a mutually destructive result: chaos theory.

    The events we've been tracking over there have all been planned and the msm has played their part to pin somebody with the blame so the other actor retaliates etc...

    If you are among the people who think T took the mark or at least the technology of the beast back in 2018 (fallen angel 'syrum'), then you know he is not a normal human being anymore and playing 8D chess against 3D opponents (unless they took the mark too, which is very possible).


    The inbound war | judgements | wrath* is going to be both horrific and widespread across the Earth.

    Desire, pray, and prepare to be part of the 'Great Escape."

    *The Bible tells us, it will happen suddenly (1 Thess 5:3) and suddenly in the Bible does mean quick quick!

    1. mmm, right now, I would not be spending time planning a Summer Vacay. Nope.

  29. California & Australian Wildfires Exposed As "Controlled Burns" For Future High Speed Rail

    From Russianvids (1/8)


  30. Replies
    1. Jimboni, how do you make the link so, that you can write the vid's title instead of the url?

    2. In the example below that Brad gives, the first "paste here" is for the url or link, the second "paste here" is for what you want the text to show up as.

    3. Many-many thanks, Miguel! :-)

  31. Hmmm...another strange turn of events as Iran has confessed to the IRGC's "human error" in shooting down that Airliner and is now contending with the anger of their own people who are enraged by their lies and attempted cover-up, ripping down the photos of Gen. Soleimani and calling for the resignation of Khameini. (@debkafile) They were promised revenge in American blood, but instead ended up with the unintentional death of many of their own innocent loved ones and by the accounts we've been given, no American lives were lost in the intended missile attacks. That has to really sting and in spite of them trying to lay the blame at DT's fee, there will likely have to be some kind of atonement arranged and offered up to their own people along with the other affected nations to quell that unrest before they can turn their full attention back toward engaging the U.S. and again, we wait and see.

    Puerto Rico rocked by another mag 6 quake to add to the already significant damage they've endured this past week and moving the land in parts of southern Puerto Rico as much as 5.5 inches based on satellite images. Prayers up for those people as a hint of Rev.6:14 KJV comes to mind.

    And Winter Storm Isaiah has brought it's grief across this Nation as well with death and destruction.
    Prayers up for those who've suffered loss and those who are yet in it's path. The tail end of it whipped through here last night. Brief, but strong winds and lightning with mostly a lot of TREE damage (and on the TorCal's Tu B'shvat at that). We had a large 30' Cedar next to our deck snap at the base and go down on top of my brother's travel trailer with him inside, but by the Grace of God, the brunt of it was caught by a limb on the giant pine tree standing beside it, sparing both him and his trailer some major damage and just requiring repairs and the clean up. A true blessing there.

    Just looking for and longing for His Return as it feels like this world has already begun to reel in a drunken state. Blessings and Prayers All. Maranatha!

    1. Sheila B., Blessings and Praise Our Lord's Protections, amen! Your details re Iran were unknown to me and, while Scripturally called for them to be 'caught in their own snares', it fits perfectly with my newer understanding that Iran will NOT be Allowed to instigate any major conflagration, yet, as THIS is not the time Our Lord Destroys them. That is appointed for a bit later, as written, amen.

    2. One thing is sure, history has proven that it's highly risky to be aboard a Civilian Airliner anywhere in the vicinity of military conflict or antagonism, regardless of nationality. There seems to be a tendency to shoot first and ask (or rather dodge) questions later. But yes--in this particular case--it did remind me of how during the Gog Magog event every man's sword will be against his brother (Ezekiel 38:21), which sounds a lot like the "confusion of friendly fire" will be a pivotal element in their destruction when the time comes.

    3. Wow Sheila! So glad your brother is okay. Praise God!


    4. Blessings, Aimee...and TY! It's always so amazing and so humbling when we know that we know it was the Hand of God that shielded us. I always ride out these storms praying throughout and thanking Him for His Sukkot--His Shelter from the heat and the storms--and by His Grace, it's never been more than we can handle, Amen:-)

  32. Is This The Evangelical Deep State? :: By Geri Ungurean @ RaptureReady

    “Betrayed – An Open Letter to the Church.”

    This eye-opening and incredibly important letter was written by Thomas Littleton. Thomas’ website is

    A head’s up to the reader: This is long, but as I said – this is probably the most important document a child of God needs to read in its entirety, to fully understand why the church has become Apostate and why this happened in such a seemingly short span of time.

    Because I (GU) research for my articles, some of what is documented by Thomas was known to me. But, brethren, I had no idea about the depth of this and how our government was involved and ministries which we have trusted.

    It was shocking to say the least.


    On another but similar note, I (CiDC) found out any 'church' house who is a 501c3 CORPORATION chose to be a CORPORATE ENTITY. Note: 'Church' houses do not have to incorporate but do so for $$$ reasons (and perhaps because they are purposely leading sheeps astray away from the Good Sheperd).


    These CORPORATE ENTITIES become subject to US gov laws and therefore must abide by whatever the us gov has set up (Re: boundaries) therefore GIVING UP their right to free speech (i.e. preaching the entire counsel on God/ Word of God/ SIN/ and matters of SIN and why God judges SIN and will judge SIN harshly).

    Now you know why you rarely hear preaching on SIN, agendas of the mainstream (i.e. SIN), and why 'church' houses are so..... out of touch with the real God (The God who is also Holy and the ONE who will judge the SINs of the Earth).

    1. TY for sharing, Charlie. Didn't even have to get very far into that article to understand much of the reasoning behind the venomous attacks on those standing firm in the Eternal Security of the Finished Work of the Cross and looking to Jesus Christ Alone, our Blessed Hope and The One and Only Rescuer. He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man come to the Father but by Him! (John14:6 KJV) Blessings All and Maranatha!

  33. Family, BLESSINGS!

    Jaco Prinsloo - FB PAGE

    The emergency exit and our great escape, could be only days away!!


    1. Great thanks Jeová! Going to watch now! Found also an interesting FB @She Rises, there's a thoght, indeed!

    2. Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    3. TY both for heads up. Hopefully our emergency "Chexit" is at hand:-) Things are surely getting topsy-turvy even as we see the Iranian protesters refusing to trample the US and Israeli flags and instead calling for the heads of that State. @timesofisrael has some informative articles today on the upturned intensity of the current situation there and no telling which way that stick of dynomite could blow if the Regime begins to feels cornered. Some are equating the fallout of this disastrous Airliner event to that of the Soviet repercussions from Chernobyl. But as always, we know our God is in control and prayers up for our Brethren wherever in the world they are standing:-)
      Blessings All, stay buckled up and Maranatha!

    4. Jeova', Blessings. Thank you, that was a very encouraging vid and aligning with many others, currently, in it's targeting. Maranatha!

  34. Hi all,
    Jaco Prinsloo over at YTC: Gods Roads Map to the End has a new video out;

    A great watch. Highly recommended.

    He draws attention to:
    Brexit happening on Jan 31
    The Trump peace plan possibly being released in March before the Israel elections,
    About Qasem Soleimani death / assassination possibly being hinted @ in the IPETGOAT 2 video
    The tensions between Iran & USA.

    Interestingly, the judgement tarot card that Time Magazine used for their cover in 2017 which showed Trump sitting on what looked like a toilet, with an American flag curled up around it, was not anywhere close to how the original judgement Tarot card looks, The original Judgement card, also known as #20 card in the pack, depicts an angel blowing a trumpet, over a load of graves, where the dead appear to be coming up out of those graves... Interesting that it is the 20th card in the deck, and it is looking very likely that the Rapture will occur in 2020...

    Did satan have foreknowledge of the year of the Rapture? possibly. but anyway, Jaco can explain it way better than I can.

    CHANNEL: God's Roadmap to the End
    DURATION: 30 mins

  35. Pastor Thad Caltagironi, who caught our attention as a pastor still preaching the Rev12 GW, has a yummy sermon up jam packed full at 47 mins. Several gems along the way and more in the series of Insights to Scripture which Holy Spirit Is Serving Up In The Closing Moments, enjoy. THE DIVINE COUNSEL

    1. Jimboni...Blessings and TY for the ref on Pastor Thad's latest video. That was some awesome and informative teaching. I've listened to some of his other messages recently and they've all been interesting and educational. I liked the way he touched on the nature of our Heavenly relationships being the joyful fulfillment of what are only the shadowy reflections here. Such thoughts--if possible--just increase my own longing to get there asap:-)

  36. A few days ago I prayed and asked the Lord for encouragement and a bit of a cheer-up. I asked Him that in case the rapture is really close, please give some encouraging and uplifting information to some of the watch/wo/men I'm following on youtube. My first thought and kind of the first on my list was a sister's YTC because I know that she's not a sensationalist and I trust her discernment. I told the Lord that it would be super-encouraging if He'd give her something rapture related.

    On the same day or the very next one (I don't remember clearly but it was super-quick, almost within a day!) I checked the YT channels I'm regularly watching and I saw that this sister in Christ I had in my mind has already uploaded a new video and a very encouraging one. I deem that as an asnwer from Him to my request, the Lord is so loving and good!

    That's the rapture-related video, from Sister Amanda Christian's YTC:

    Urgent Dreams From God - Rapture Comes Early, Unexpected and Ministers of Death on YouTube

    (The part about the rapture related dream starts from the 14:35 time mark.)

    1. Hey Nora...that was a good video. Like you, I pray daily for every bit of encouragement we can get as this world seems to grow a little darker each day and I'm always encouraged when Amanda C. and others in the BoC are given something uplifting to share with us. On those days when it feels like we are just treading water, He is always so good to call our focus back to Him so we can rise up and walk on top of it:-) Blessings, Sister!

    2. I said a "little darker", but's getting A LOT darker by the day. 42M abortions in 2019 alone
      and the forced and govt. backed moral corruption of our children is in now entering full bore mode. This has to be a major red line for our Heavenly Father. (Luke 17:2) Praying He is going to get them all under the safety of His Wings post-haste! Even so, Lord, please come now!

    3. Yeah, children don't really have childhood anymore.

  37. Charlie in DC, Blessings. Awesome visit and trust your travels continue under His Wings, amen. Last night not nearly as rough as the one served up by the Enemy, the night prior, but rough. Prayed and praised though and by 10, this morning, whipped up some bacon eggamuffins for the crew and ship shape and lovin' it.

    Love your Evan DS analogy. Corporations are sinful, inherently. There are a segment of Christian fundamentalists, more prevalent in the '30's -'50's, who treated corporations as pariah, unclean, in an Amish sort of way, in practice. A Corp is a Gollum, a simulacrum, an animated nothing. It is the creation of modern alchemy, using fallen tech and black magic to conjure up an 'entity', which, like all ILLUSIONS exists ONLY in the mind, can hold property, have identity, enact change, impact lives eternally, yet has no soul, is accountable to no god, allows persons to act without consequence, and it's creator is MAN. A different version of the Orcs of The White Hand, which we see being created/crafted, from earth, and other foul things, in LOTR, though non-Tolkien fans won't usually understand that's what's going on in those 'factory' scenes outside Orthanc, but that is a Corporation, by nature. BTW, mine is a flip phone so can't text fluidly. its all TLA (3 letter acronyms). As to 'its all making sense' FIND the pdf of the timeline as it will dramatically refine your unpack.

    Sheila B., Blessings. Ikr. There was SO much there that you could dine on filet mignon, some Cheeseburgers in Paradise or hang out down with the desert tray all day. I knew you'd like it and with your tech challenges the clickable would help.

    PSR: Well, folks, I'm on the 'likely outta here before eom' train' and, in keeping with the idea that Our Scout may stand ere exiting, things go faster. Several days ago he related his having attended to the facilities entirely in a usual fashion for the first time in 4ish years. His latest burst of restorative cycling, as described, continues moving downward and his control of his lower legs is incredible. He showed me his ability, when sitting on the floor, legs out straight in front of himself and spread apart, to swiftly lean forwards, his hands held up in front of his chest, and, using his lower back and upper leg muscles, abruptly stop himself, 8" from the face-plant, hold that position then slowly pull erect. (then I catch MY breath.) 7 days ago? Face-plant. Watching him work on his bars, he no longer throws each limp leg forward by swinging his entire side but, now, while still holding most of his weight with his arms, but less now, moves his hand/arm forwards a spot, THEN deliberately PLACES his foot forward to the next 'step'. This evolution in his modality speaks volumes as to the milestoneS passed. Praise Our Lord and your pray in thanksgiving are cherished, amen.

    1. Gosh darn it, I knew there was something to add to 'Cid's section. One of the vid's ref'd, Alla D's, I Think, also showed a strong correlation to MLK day and Ptus as king of the world on econ cover, tarot cards, et all, indicate the 20th of Jan as key watch and entangled with lightening breaking in two the top of the king's tower.

    2. Check out Paul D.'s new one "The World and The Millstone".
      Just another day at the Vatican intro...and no, you cannot make this stuff up:-/

  38. Thanks to Heavy Rains: Ritual Baths for Temple now Fully Functional for First Time in 2,000 Years
    The ancient mikvah, located on the road known as Derech HaAvot (Patriarch’s Route), was rediscovered just 35 years ago. Although it is currently under the control of the military and has not yet been completely restored, Brezis spoke excitedly about the Biblical significance of the mikvah and the area surrounding it. He knows it has the potential to captivate Bible-based Jews and Christian alike. He knows because he’s witnessed visitors crying at the site, as they come to understand its Biblical significance.
    as posted at Rapture Ready News

    1. Thanks, Brother, for posting this.( I just came by to also post it :) The time for God's attention to turn to Israel during Jacob's Trouble is soooo very soon upon us--HALLELU YAH!

    2. Oops! Meant to post the comment above using this account!

  39. Unidentified aircraft strike Iranian militias in Syria: report
    Dozens of militants and Syrian regime forces have defected and Iranian militias are on high alert after a series of airstrikes in recent days have targeted their positions in areas near Al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor area of eastern Syria. The reported airstrikes come as tensions remain high in the region…

    Then Saul and all the people who were with him rallied and went into the battle. And behold, every Philistine’s sword was against his fellow, and there was very great confusion. 1 SAM 14:20

  40. An interesting development in Russia - looks like Putin is looking for more power as President which could lead to a dictatorship...

    Russian government resigns after President Putin’s state-of-the-nation address proposes changes to the constitution.

  41. The term "down under" is another phrase for Australia. Now with the fires occurring there .. wondered about the message from the Lord ..down under the earth the horrific fire that is evil.....erupts and soon devastation for some .. Ezekiel 33 reminds us to a watchman... pray and warn others ....Even so Lord Jesus Come !!!!

  42. has an iranian video today that's pretty creepy to say the least. I'm not comfortable even giving the title of that article here, but it's directly under the article about Iran's threatening European troops as FM Zarif admits officials lied about plane. (in the same block, then follow the article down to the video in the tweet). I know it's meant to be propaganda, but it had a very realistic and threatening feel to it. And this was right after I saw on MSM that Jack Bauer of "24" is considering another comeback--which was what that show was all about, but prob just another one of those weird coinkydinks. Hmmm....

    1. Sheila B., and Fam, Blessings. Funny about Jack B. We parents got into it about mid season 3, binge-watched the 1st 2 seasons on DVDs from the Library. Now, when Our Scout and I are playing chess or other conflict game and on side 'runs the board' with a good round, we'll refer to it as 'going all Jack Bauer on 'ya', or, if esp brutal, 'you got Tony-ed', one of Jacks comrades d'arms. An especially savvy play, which the other never saw coming, evokes, "Oh, you put Chloe on THAT one." Jack's special intel gal.

      Well, that was for fun. Haven't hit YTC yet but respo the post, above, re Russian Govt RESIGNING after P's S-o-U, and his latest nudging away from a constitutional republic, wowzers, folks. The fact that the average Joe Schmoe isn't in a pretzel over THAT one, simply secularly speaking, esp with everything else afoot atm, screams indictment of our times and their self-centered foolishness. The decisive actions depicted being taken by world powers in the closing scenes are certainly facilitated with China's similar moves, earlier, and now this. Maranatha! Back later...

  43. So, Noah was on the arc 47 days before releasing the 1st bird, a Raven, possibly a Type of The Revealing of AC. 3/11/49 was the first FULL day Israel enjoyed under its newly established, elected Government, having dissolved the Provisional one the day earlier. 47 days prior to 3/11/2020 is 1/24/20.

    Steve Fletcher YTC, who I've not followed for quite a while, has a calculation which, when accounting for a Daniel 21-day prior, lands on 1/24, though not sure how. What he mentioned which made me want to post all of this, however, is that the ELECTION so involved occurred 1/25/49.

    So, 1/24-25/20 marks the completion of Israel's 70th year (Daniel's 70th week, many surmise), less the aforementioned 47 days, as well as the full completion alongside, if one counts the ELECTION as the marker, alone. These alongside whatever SF was showing and the timelines of others also landing here. Maranatha! Meanwhile, the 20th lurks...

    1. Jimboni,

      Blessings from the commonwealth of va, the site of the happenings on the 20th. A bit south of me here (and archangel and keith t), but still too close for comfort (but rest in and hide under His wing no doubt). After a Spring day here today it is nose diving into Winter (I hear it is -30 in Calgary ;-> )

      Just a wonderful pleasure to share some in-person "time" with you and meet your boys! It was an amazing sight to see your Scout, Alex and to see the famed bicycle in action (and some en garde aussi). I am humbled with the time spent talking about our Lord and LORD of all and how He is pulling us into His place for the 'escape' and how we are all coming together in His name, amen. So much more to discuss and question and share, but until the next time on Earth or 'there'.

      Hosea, Zechariah, and now Hebrews are alive more than ever for me as well as the four different gospels. Match em with Genesis and Revelation, wow.

      Note to the familiy:

      On my way out I sat next to a catholic priest who was reading a Hebrew Bible (a Bible written all in Hebrew) on his way to visit with and study at the chief serpent lair (ala the vatican). An interesting conversation but all take note, he ain't thinking it is the very end of the end of the age as he just blew things off citing Matt 24. Yet he forgets Jesus is coming like a thief and +/- 2,000 yrs have passed and we are in the 70th. He was far too deep in the academic to "spiritually see" what is happening (in the Earth, in the firmament above us, to Judah, Jerusalem, Edom, Elam, Persia, Syria....).

      Just slow going returning back to the wall, seems like it has been a quiet few days (yet for sure all the eagle eyes have not fallen asleep). Rejoining you all.


      Oh, last thing for now, did you all see KW join the apostate NAR heretics at the upcoming new age "Awaken" ceremony (I mean, the religious big name big money "revival" in the desert?). At "Sun" "Devil" stadium nonetheless but places mean nothing for these people, right?

      Archangel, it just doesn't seem to more clear as to who KW belongs/ follows

      "The organizers at 'Awaken 2020' in addition to securing KW as a speaker, are only too eager to set a very aggressive high bar for the event. Their web site is promising attendees that they will be witnesses to an "awakening that is shifting HISTORY", one that will "Open the door and enter into a new era". On these two points we agree, 'Awaken 2020' is absolutely signaling a 'new era', but it is one whose hallmark is worldwide end times deception. We told you last year that KW was going to be used in this way, and we were right. Take a stroll through our KW archive and see how accurate we were in calling this."

    2. Re: 1-20 in richmond va

      The Virginia Gun Rights Conflict: Best And Worst Case Scenarios

      "Virginia may be a test bed, a trial run for a nationwide conflagration, and if it does hit a point where state officials compel a violent response from the citizenry, then it is important that liberty advocates remain vigilant and steer clear of incompetent or controlled leaders. It is also important that they remember there is a much larger agenda at play here; the demon rats may be useful idiots fueling that agenda, but most of them are oblivious to their role. Our fight is not with the demon rats, our fight is with the globalists that influence them; the same globalists that are trying to influence us."

    3. Hey 'CiD, great to hear, Blessings. One thought has been rolling around, concerning the 20th from the earlier vids as being unpacked within IPG2 & the Econ t Cards which began to crystalize, when I saw mention of it also being the anniv of P*tus innaug and further, somehow, in reading your thoughts.

      It would seem fitting the ego in play for the Deal of the Cent (TDOTC) to be announced ON THAT ANNIV., in a few days, and before the Israeli election can spoil it or steal the limelight. Further, the deal coming first shows who's hand is truly in charge (first comings).

      Lastly, and this was the 'light bulb', can you see it, too? The card shows the king's tower, Luther's Treatise nailed to the door and lightening, from above, splitting the upper half of the tower. As we know: The Word Declares that anyone splitting the Land of ABBA will, themselves, be split asunder like the beasts at the ceremony. Should TDOTC be announced by DT ON the Anniv, being also the date hidden in IPG2, announcing the possibly already SIGNED agreement to do just that, in that INSTANT, ABBA's Judgment, like Lightening, Falls. Meanwhile, The Enemy, likely, will try and be first, too.

    4. Waiting to see what Many Fish and Shaking My Head Production see from this farce:

      Virginia governor declares state of emergency ahead of planned pro-gun rally

      Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in Virginia from January 17-21, amid plans by pro-gun groups to hold a rally at the Capitol on January 20. Watch a portion of Northam's press conference.


    5. Hmmm... Jimboni...and perhaps as portended by the above referenced video I saw These are getting to be high gravity days with high stakes on every front. And you're right about the seeming nonchalance in re to the Russian govt. shakeup to set Putin in stone. Not quite the same reaction we saw when China and Turkey did the same thing. VERY VERY strange.

      I got into one season of "24" a few years back and I just remember thinking, "We better hope there really are some Jack Bauer types out there because we know for sure those cells are really out there". But the truth is I doubt there is any real interest in stopping such events these days because these things fit in so well with the global and political narratives being pushed day in and day out. The Decepticons are e-e-very-y-y-where and I am just so ready to Transform (fell asleep watching one of those last night;-) Blessings and Maranatha!


    6. Russian Govt. Resigns Amid Anunnaki Disputes - Wednesday, January 15, 2020 16:53
      Russian TASS news agency reported on Wednesday that the entire government resigned after President Putin delivered his annual state of the Union Address that proposed significant amendments to the nation’s constitution. Our sources, however, claim the mass resignation is a response to irreconcilable differences ministers had with Putin’s cavalier attitude in devoting a sizable part of Russia’s defense budget on the Anunnaki War.

      Although the official narrative says Putin thanked the ministers for their exceptional work and asked them to function as caretakers until a new government can be formed, our source said an interminable Putin upbraided them for failing to recognize the flourishing Anunnaki threat. When President Putin in 2013 learned of and decided to engage the Anunnaki scourge, certain ministers had challenged Putin’s resolve to commit resources to, what they called, a private crusade against an unbeatable foe. They said Putin was wasting money needed for combatting Western encroachment in the Middle East. But the vocal minority of that era could not squelch the overwhelming support Putin received from a cabinet majority. But times change, as do opinions, and the ministers who once championed Putin’s unbridled war suddenly turned on him, saying his improvident spending jeopardized the security of the Russian Federation.

      Our source said Putin learned that the Cabinet of Ministers held secret meetings at which high-ranking officials, including Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, clandestinely plotted Putin’s political demise.

      “President Putin learned of their treachery. He discovered they met in secret, without his knowledge, and were conspiring to overthrow him because they disagreed with spending trillions of rubles on developing tech to fight the Anunnaki. They planned to besmirch his good name and convince the world he had gone mad. Putin gave them an ultimatum: Resign gracefully, or face life in gulag for treasonous crimes. Some pleaded for mercy, asking to keep their jobs, saying they were just following the majority. But Putin held them all equally responsible and said either everyone resigns, or everyone goes to prison. No exceptions,” our source said.

      The rest at Russian Govt. Resigns

    7. Jimboni--This Anunnaki reference is referring to beings that are spirit entities portraying themselves as aliens from another planet--correct?

      Michael Heiser does an excellent teaching on this, if anyone is interested. You can find the link in this article:

    8. The msm/ us gov propoganda has begun its assault, we've seen this story before and it plays out like a script:

      FBI arrests suspected white supremacists ahead of rally
      CBS msm fake news gov proganda

  44. I've been thinking a lot about two things: contractions, Jesus birth.

    We have several signs leading up to His birth, including the "star", the manger dynamics, John the Baptist angelic birth announcement, Christ's angelic announcements, herod killing of innocents, and the lack of prophets at the time perhaps. What else do we have?

    Secondly, for His return He tells us we can recognize His approach/ our birth by paying attention to the contractions. He told us war, storms earthquakes, antichrists are contractions. I'm paraphrasing, so if anyone wants to correct my understanding or wording, feel free.

    We have been seeing contractions a lot lately. How long can they last? And how intense must they become?

    Just throwing these questions out there to get your thoughts, my brothers and sisters.


    1. Well, Miguel... I was thinking about this while driving into town this afternoon. The contractions have been coming hard and frequent in what feels like a really long duration, then suddenly die back down. But if they don't lead up to the birthing pretty soon, it might be that we need to be expecting something akin to an emergency C-section at any moment. Just musing, but that would prob throw that old dragon off a bit if the sky were suddenly ripped open and we were just yanked out of a side door so to speak. (Back to an Event Horizon kind of effect.) I know some are thinking there are going to be stages to the departure of the BoC, but I had the feeling today that it's going to be just as sudden as Scripture implies and we are going to be earth-shockingly GONE in a FLASH. There is all kinds of UFO stuff being implied and reported on recently and I think they are gearing up to explain that "sudden disappearance" of not only the Believers (or "haters" as they'll prob call us), but of all of the little ones as well-- which they'll prob play off as a necessary part of the "Climate Save" plan of the "benevolent beings" who will be arriving on scene.

      I could be totally wrong ofc, but that's just the sense I got while talking to the Lord about it earlier today. I only know for sure that we can fully trust in our Lord's Precision Handling of both the timing and manner of our Deliverance and that's my two cents on that...for today, anyway:-)
      Blessings, Brother and Looking UP!

    2. Sheila you raised a great point about the excuse for the rapture of the children being 'a necessary part of the "Climate Save" plan of the "benevolent beings"'. I hadn't thought of that before. It reminds me of the crazy lady at the recent AOC conference yelling we need to kill the babies, and the general push by the MSM that choosing not to have children is a responsible thing.

      Miguel, this just came to me - Another sign relating to the birth of Jesus and our current situation was Jesus's escape to Egypt because Herod wanted to kill the babies ...just like we're hearing now...

      Praying for our escape from this wicked world very very soon.

    3. Miguel P, I'm very hopeful our departure/birth is closer than we think. I had a dream a couple days back that has stayed with me. In it, I was pregnant and in my third trimester but nowhere near my due date. My family and I were at my doctor's office for a routine prenatal check up, when the nurse informed me that my due date was now (even though it wasn't) and that I would be giving birth that very day. I was surprised at the announcement but not worried that it was to happen now instead of when it was supposed to. The rest of the dream was me running around letting everyone know that I would actually be giving birth now instead of later.
      Hope this brings you and the rest of the family here encouragement!
      We are but breaths away, Maranatha!

    4. Miguel P and Fam, Blessings. Great post and love how you asked that. At any point, now, I could see you and I, Abruptly at the Wedding Banquet, slightly shocked, and agreeing amongst ourselves, "Well, and there you are then!" in alignment with your point. It does niggle an 'add'.

      Whilst the 24/25th falls expeditiously near, lining with the 47 days prior, et al, there is also further TYPE which could easily be seen moving the Grab an additional 3 days forwards, i.e. 20-21st-ish. Again, there is THAT date/number arising. As '20' is now the meme, 01/20/2020 surely seems auspicious. Adding new Seasoning of Mom's dream (Blessings), being at the Doctor's in 3rd Tri, about 50 days ahead of your due date, also would seem to fit nicely, hmmm?

      So, Miguel P, it would seem things continue to narrow towards the Emergency Exit, perhaps ala same pictured and recently highlighted in IPG2. A Harrowing C-Section, perhaps, when viewed from the audience, but for the Doc and those delivered, easy peasy, Maranatha!

      Revelation 12:4; John 10:29, amen

    5. Mom, your dream is very encouraging! A sister also had a dream about the rapture in the form of a birth that comes suddenly, unexpectedly, much earlier than expected. (I posted the vid about it above.)

      Going home before the end of this January would be awesome!

    6. Miguel,

      Been thinking about this too a few times.

      My 2 cents: if we look at the context, the disciples askedJesus about the end of the age regarding His return and what the signs of that would be, so He gives them what to watch in His reply.

      That's why I think that the actual "crescendo" aka "the birth" event is His return with us in the Second Coming. Until then the birth pains will accelerate, during the tribulation thru the judgments too.

      The rapture is a birth too (the still hidden mistery of the Church at that time) but I think the Lord is talking about His second coming here.

    7. It seems to me that right now the springs of 2020 and 2021 are the highlighted high-watch times in the watcher communities I know.

      Considering that and *the sooner than expected birth dreams* which could be encouraging warnings from the Lord for us, hopefully, I think this entire year is a very high possibility for the rapture.

      If I marrow the focus on this spirng as one of the high-watch times, (with the 2nd of March Israeli elections and the possible peace plan release window, the 26th of April and even as early as, february with the New Year of the Trees and the citrus fruit dreams so many people had related to this feast too) the rapture could happen within monthes or even within weeks (IF that's the Lord's time).

    8. (*narrow the focus, **spring)

    9. Amen to all this. And I might add that my twin brother's wife is scheduled to have a c section on the 21st. Kind of just goes with the theme. :-)

    10. Holy Facepalm. Prayers for ease and excellence by all, Maranatha!

    11. ♥Miguel and Rev12 Fam♥~Nora is right about the 2 births--one before The Trib and one at the end as I wrote about in

      I believe we are seeing signs of our birth AND the coming travail known as Jacob's Trouble. Also I still believe we have entered TRANSITION and have yet to see more events rock the world while in this phase. Transition is very disconcerting, so the prophetic word the Lord gave Tim Henderson back in November really struck a chord with me:

      ". . . This message is for true believers . . . A shedding has begun as we transition. . . We are going from glory to glory. . . He is coming for His Bride, the Glorious Church. . . Weights and lusts we have struggled with we will struggle with no more!"

      I am not a follower of the Royal Family, but how interesting that this caught my eye:

    12. Mom...that IS an encouraging dream! TY for sharing. It makes me think there again that there is no need to look too far ahead as it's enough just to keep diligent eyes on the moment we are in:-)

      Miguel...I don't think it's coincidental that you posed that question and that thoughts were drawn to the C-Section analogy before you shared the info re your sister-in-law. I really believe we're getting some more "just be ready" hints here. Praying all goes well with your brother's wife on the 21st and still praying for a Heavenly birth for my granddaughter whose scheduled delivery date has been moved up another notch to the 23rd:-)

      I took some sudafed last night so IDK, but had a crazy dream that was so interesting I didn't want to let go of it. It involved 2 really sleek and shiny bullet-shaped spaceship-type vessels. There was this Silver one that me and a group of people in some other type of high-speed vehicle were being raced towards across some desert-type terrain to get us on board in a real hurry and a Black one that was coming in fast to try and intercept us. The speed felt so real and it was super exciting. We just did make it on to the Silver ship--vehicle and all--and it took off like a bolt of lightning with the Black ship almost clipping us. Looking back down, there was a large individual climbing out of the Black ship that reminded me of that Black Panther character. He was in a rage and shaking his fists up at us, but I knew we were all safely out of his reach. I was feeling as giddy as a little kid, then woke up just as our Silver rescue ship was about to make some kind of warp-speed space jump. One of the funnest dreams I've ever had (very Star Wars-ish in nature). Anyway, it has my heart longing more than ever to be joined up with our Savior. I can't even come close to imagining the child-like excitement and joy we're all going to be experiencing in that incredible moment:-)

      Blessings All and Looking Up!

    13. Sheila, heard it today that silver represents redemption. I agree, one step at a time, as for now I dont look much further than the current high watch days, especially around Brexit. Wonder what will happen in the UK.

    14. Lyn Melvin, Mistress of Disguise, Blessings. "A shedding has begun as we transition," reminds me that the butterfly is symbolically also viewed as picturing the Glorified Believer. Likely the roughest spot in the caterpillar/butterfly's life is the period immediately prior to shedding the cocoon and the shell of the former nature, it's own very flesh, as the butterfly pushes it aside to FLY, Maranatha!

    15. Well, Sheila, I enjoyed reading that dream you tokd so we'll about the silver spaceship ... I felt like I was experiencing the exhiiaration, too!
      P.S. nice reading your comments, Nora.

    16. Cathi...yeah...I wish I could have those kind of dreams all of the time:-) Blessings, Sis!

      Nora...Always listening to David B. That brother's got a gift for teaching truth in ways I've never heard anyone else explain it and don't miss his "Pastor So and So" comedic relief videos--short but oh so funny. And Blessings to you as well, Sister:-)

    17. Right?! So far, every time I've listened to a vid by David, my mind was blown away, it's so good, nurturing and simply freeing!

  45. You should have clear knowledge of what is going on here:

    Kanye & The Awaken 2020 'Phoenix Rising' Tour


    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
    Ephesians 5:11

  46. Interesting tid bits inside:


    Did The US or Israel Hack Iran Air Defenses Taking Down Flight 752?

    What really happened to Flight 752 over Iran?

    Who is the mysterious man that just so happen to be up 6a filming commercial airliners in the dark?

    Oh did we forget the US gov made it legal to lie to the sheeple americans (ala 2013 change)?

  47. I'd like to share a YT channel the Lord totally, utterly blessed me through in the past few weeks. It's a teaching channel (pro-grace&pro eternal security):

    David Benjamin in Christ YT channel

  48. Latest from The Exalted Lamb 1

    Lots of reference to the 11/20 conception comet and R12 and what they (may) connect/ point to in the upcoming days (here in Gregorian January 2020)


  49. Sharing...
    Jaco Prinsloo - FB Page

    This is a very interesting article that just came out. You will note that the title of this article has some very important words in it.

    Martin Luther King,
    Peace and Security.

    When we consider that Martin Luther King day is in 4 days' time and that it is also associated with a storm that is being unleashed and that it is also connected with Peace and Security, it will certainly he interesting to see what happens on Monday!

    1 Thessalonians 5:3
    For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

    On March 25, 1968, less than two weeks before his tragic death, he spoke out with clarity and directness stating, “peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security and that security must be a reality.”

  50. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning


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