The Warning Cry of a Watchman

Some of you probably remember Ron (Watchman 35) who used to comment on here quite a bit before blogger screwed up his profile and locked him out. We have been in touch for at least a couple years now and I am constantly encouraged by his boldness and rational view on the end times. Ron shares the good news with people at work, and this mild mannered looking fellow regularly holds a sign on a busy street corner calling people to believe in Jesus before the rapture. Anyway, I like Ron a lot and think he has a lot of great things to share. Luckily for his church in Nashville Ron was given the pulpit for him to share on all things end times. In it he gives many valuable insights along with 7 key warnings signs of soon judgment.

I thought this sermon was very well done and encourage you all to watch it.  I wish every church would allow a talk like this... Lord knows that few pastors will touch on this things.  To make your viewing even easier I have included an outline below....  Enjoy!

Here is the video: (59 minutes)

Here is the outline:
0:11 - Introduction
4:00 - Object Lesson about a Quarter relating to God's Character
7:00 - Watchman Definition / Ezekiel 33:6
8:57 - Reminder that God's Wrath is surely coming
12:41 - Warning Signs of Judgment
14:48 -  #1 Israel (Matt 24:15-16) (Temple, Alter Dedication, Red Heifer, Etc)
21:41 - Technology (Rev 16-17) (Mark of Beast Tech, 1 World Currency, Cashless, Genetic Modification)
29:39 - Spiritual Climate (1 Tim 4:1-2) (Seared Consciences, Apostate Christianity, Universalism, False Teachers, etc)
34:59 - #4 Geopolitical Developments (Ezekiel 39:17) (Russia, Turkey, Iran, Damascus, etc)
47:29 - #5 Social Conditions (2 Tim 3:1-5)
50:22 - #6 Birth Pains (2 Tim 3:1-5)  Earthquakes, etc
51:59 - #7 Unprecedented Convergence
53:15 - Closing Analogy (Thanksgiving to Christmas)
55:01 - Application Points for Believers
57:14 - Application Points for Unbelievers / Alter Call


  1. Brad, this post reminds me of just how MERCIFUL our God is—look at all the many watchmen out there sounding the alarm!

    Speaking of sounding the alarm, I feel the need to share of an urgency that has been rising inside of me. Of course, I have been seeking the Lord about it, but I’m uncertain as to whether this is of God or perhaps of my own making due to cumulative info He has revealed and mainly because:

    1) Tomorrow is July 17—the date given by Pearl Kolleri YTC and Christine of Rapture at Twilight YTC, as the absolute day of the Resurrection/Rapture (of which I am NOT a proponent).

    2) A prophetic statement made by Darren Jack related to July 17: “July 17 symbolizes the 17th day of the 7th month which is given to us in the flood account in Genesis. Therefore, in prophetic signs July 17 symbolizes flood judgment.” [Source:]

    We are definitely in the season of our Beloved Bridegroom coming for us; HOWEVER, He has shown many of us that we have entered a perilous time—a time of great shaking that we must endure as He mercifully allows a mighty jolting to awaken those who sleep! I am reminding all of us of this so that we DO NOT PANIC IF SOMETHING DISASTROUS HAPPENS JULY 17.

    Putting together some pieces, I am wondering whether some type of catastrophe will hit America tomorrow. The Luciferians have their plans to destroy the U.S. which probably includes the use of advanced technology. Will it be used to cause a New Madrid faultline earthquake or a tidal wave to strike NYC?

    He has not shown me anything more than what I have already shared (see below). So, I am just putting this out there for all my beloved Brothers and Sisters to pray about. Having scanned the Comments Section in the previous post, I know I am not alone in having this uneasy feeling. Wanted to share my thoughts and encourage you all that TRANSITIONAL SHAKING means very soon—THE BIRTH OF THE MANCHILD!


    1. Lyn I agree about the July 17 rapture hoopla, the more I've looked into it the more I believe it's complete nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for tomorrow to be the day, I'm ready either way!

      That particular post of yours is probably the one that's stuck with me the most. I think much of the watching community is sensing a tremendous shaking in the very near future!

    2. Justin, thanks for that reply♥ Around noontime today Paul Begley reported a 5.3 EQ off Oregon and a Tsunami Watch: Also Colleen Minter believes she has been shown that a large EQ will strike July 19 but gave no location:

  2. Lyn, I'm sure there will be those in panic mode tomorrow who will be strangling their stuffed roosters if that basket they put all of their eggs into doesn't hatch out just right, but for those of us who've learned to trust in Christ Jesus Alone, whatever comes (or doesn't come) we know He'll carry us right on through it.
    I did find it interesting in light of the "Manhattan" Blackout and the "Manhattan", MT EQ occurring this past week that today celebrates the 74th anniversary of the MANHATTAN Project (responsible for world's first Nuclear Bomb explosion code named "the Trinity Test") which took place in the Jornado del Muerto desert in New Mexico on July 16, 1945--a name loosely translated that means "the Journey of Dead Men." (And the Manhattan Project still exists today in the form of our trusty ol' Department of Energy). In looking at the etymology I saw where it is argued that the word Manhattan in the original native tongues meant "the place of general intoxication" or was a phrase that meant "the whirlpool at Hellgate", but others claim it means "the place of wood for making Bows and Arrows."
    I somehow believe the prevalence of that name "Manhattan" 3 times this past week all in association with lights out, earth shaking, and the Nuclear Bomb does not bode well, so prayers up and armored up! Blessings, Sister and Maranatha!

    1. "I'm sure there will be those in panic mode tomorrow who will be strangling their stuffed roosters if that basket they put all of their eggs into doesn't hatch out just right, but for those of us who've learned to trust in Christ Jesus Alone, whatever comes (or doesn't come) we know He'll carry us right on through it."

      LOVE that!

    2. Quite a picture of the rooster...Panacia.. We will pray for all those holding on to the 17th as the rapture date, knowing that any date and time is possible. Praise God we hold on to the Rock, Jesus Christ.

    3. Very good try, Sheila B., but you won't catch ME with hot tea, reading THIS page, oh, no, Maranatha! LOL! >>> Cocka-doodle-aaaaarrghhhh!<<<

    4. The Lord knows I've been praying for those folks caught up in that scheme--for that is what it is and it falls under the Spiritual Climate as pointed out in Brad's outline above. Paraphrasing here, but @RaT said very plainly just yesterday that she was going to be rewarded with a Red Ferrari in Heaven because she had earned it and that she was, after all, in it for the rewards and her dedicated followers could probably have whatever kind of car or nice things they've been wanting as well. Then she laughingly said she was going to agitate her detractors and go ahead and call herself a "higher prophet" and one even greater than John the Baptist, actually. The even sadder part was to see her supporters announce their preference for a Lamborghini, etc. and cheer her on. I don't know how anyone who knows anything about Jesus Christ or His Sacrificial Work on that Cross could so boldly condone that kind of mockery of the Scriptures. For some, this deception has gone far beyond just clinging to a date and it surely did make me think of Rev.2:20-23 KJV, so I don't know where those people are going to be left after tomorrow, but I know it's not anywhere I'd want to find myself:-(

    5. Here I was hoping we would't need cars in heaven. That we could walk or ride horses or something to get around. That we wouldn't need phones or computers to communicate but could actually talk to each other and have deeper, more satisfying relationships with everyone. That we would once again know our neighbours instead of just passing each other in cars. That we could enjoy restored relationships with the animal kingdom. But above all that finally see our Jesus face to face and truly know Him and worship Him and enjoy our God fully and completely for eternity. To finally see properly rather than through a mirror dimly.
      Rebekah from NZ

    6. Jesus passed through walls in his new body. He could trans-locate on demand. Cars are created by man, give me a horse (preferably flying like in revelation) or some other type if supernatural transportation any day! Better yet, lay me down beside Jesus and let me rest there beside Him forever! : )

    7. Amen, must be looking for the same Blessed Hope that all of us who really believe in Jesus Christ are looking for, and yes, our hope is for an eternity of loving relationships with all of creation based on His Great Love for us. Along with just glorying in the Presence of our King, our personal reward lies in leaving this evil world system and all of it's "trappings" behind--Forever:-))

    8. LOL Sheila! I must echo Justin's comment here re. "strangling their stuffed roosters"! People--whether born again or not--too easily get sucked up into going with the flow of whatever is the most popular thing. I believe this is the case for many of the folks following Christine of RaT YTC. I just couldn't listen anymore to her at a certain point, so I'm glad you shared what you heard her say, Sheila. We ALL are born in iniquity (Psalm 51:5) that we must overcome by the blood of the Lamb--anger, fear, lust, and pride. Guess which one Christine needs to overcome in particular?

    9. Lyn, I hope you don't think I'm being unmerciful here. It is very true that we are ALL born into iniquity and we always pray for as many as will to answer His call to repent, come to Christ and know the Blessedness that comes with that, while also acknowledging that Sanctification is a unique work in progress for every individual. I'm a prime example of that. But there are those who have no intention of ever repenting and suffer a seared conscience because these, after having been given the space to repent according to His wisdom and foreknowledge, have unfortunately refused to do so. These are also the ones (the wolves among us) who prey on those who "think" they have trusted fully in Christ, but have not as yet. Most all of those I have ever seen that fall into this kind of deception espouse a Grace plus works system of Salvation and have not understood the vital importance of resting in Heb.12:2 KJV as Jimboni pointed out below.

      Believe me, Sister, I'll give the benefit of the doubt to anyone for as long as possible until the predatory/Jezebelian spirit from their own mouth just becomes irrefutable. This is not about Christine C. or whoever she actually is being sincere in her doctrine, however ill-informed it is. It's about someone deftly using false doctrine in tandem with the ill-informed doctrine of others for self-enrichment. And sadly it's an old ploy that has always worked so well for the insidious purposes of the enemy to erode away faith that is not fully grounded in the very Author, Protector and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ, Himself. I do hope this woman is not that far gone and I'm definitely praying for all of those who've been misled to be placed back on track--which if they are of Him, they surely will be (also covered in Hebrews 12). Blessings and Even so, Lord, come quickly, Amen:-)

    10. Sheila-it never entered my mind that you were being unmerciful. The Spirit of God is so good to reveal a person's heart if we will only listen. I heard righteous indignation in your "strangling the rapture rooster" comment, yet it made me laugh. I'm not laughing today, though, because we ARE still here and I am sad for those whose hopes were dashed. I know how that feels cuz I believed the September 23, 2017, Rev 12 Sign indicated the Resurrection/Rapture would happen that day. Of course, I understand now that it was the first big EXIT sign to begin a series of many, many EXIT signs before the actual Day.

      It did my heart good to listen to Tim Henderson's video today: How Could So Many Hear Wrong...?
      Length: 44 minutes
      In it he explains the 3 sources of dreams.

      ♥Sheila, I am so very, very thankful for you my dear Sister! What you write always lifts my spirit and increases my understanding♥

    11. TY, Lyn, and right there with you on the Rev 12 sign disappointment, but oh so blessed by the many amazing things we've all learned and shared since then as we've followed the manna trail. But I wasn't laughing this morning either when I saw just how much deeper this 7/17 deception is going to run. Rather than waking up to the lies, their followers are running harder than ever as these Pied Pipers lead them into Crazyville.

      The briefly raptured, glowing like an angel, transformed and newly empowered Pearl K. is pointing them to a fog-shrouded mystical mountain village that she flew over yesterday (in her transformed body, ofc) after visiting the Throne Room of God. She did remember to carry her phone to video it for them as proof. Only way to get there, she says, is by helicopter or an OBE (Out of Body Experience). For those followers of hers that say nothing like that happened to them, she says it probably did and they just aren't recalling it. Others are claiming that indeed, they did experience some spiritual event or transformation. The only vision I'm getting here is a rather disturbing recollection of that Heaven's Gate cult led by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles back in the late 90's, but there was only 39 of them that self-perished in the wake of the Hale-Bopp Comet. This is frightening stuff to say the least.

      Meanwhile @RaT's magical timeline is expanding out for another 2 weeks and her subs are just fine with that because anyone can misunderstand the messages they receive, so they are just proud to soldier on for their dear leader.

      What can you say, except it's looking like the delusion of 2Thess. 2:11 is already here, albeit just the tip of the iceberg. It also means that Jesus Christ is coming for His Own so very soon and His Own will be having ALL of their faith and trust in Him and Him, Alone.

      Blessings and Maranatha!!!

    12. Thanks Sheila for delving into their twisted videos and reporting your findings, not a pleasant task. I couldn't bring myself to watch RAT or Pearl today, I don't sub to either of these ladies, but out of interest I searched them out on YouTube, and seen the titles of the two videos you mentioned. That was enough for me.

      The apostasy foretold in Thessalonians is evident for all to see. The root cause of the apostasy seems to be the failed dates.

      Who comes up with the dates? People listening to demons. Who believes these people? People who are also listening to demons, and then these same people make the random numbers they pass each day in their life into confirmations of the demonically inspired dates. If you want to see the number 726 everywhere, you will see it, either by creative math, or by only seeing a part of a particular number, or some times it is just the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms playing with you. Bible warns against numerology.

      But all I know is Bible says we won't know the day or hour. The Bible says the apostasy comes 1st, then Rapture. So with the apostasy currently underway big time, it must mean Rapture is very close.

      When many fake believers who come up with or follow dates, and take their eyes off Jesus, and put all of their attention and energy on planning their earthly life,... BOOM!! expect to hear that trumpet blast.

      But I know that the real brethren are just steadying themselves, knowing, our exit time is getting very close. A couple of days, a couple of weeks, a couple of months or a couple of years, he IS coming. Our LORD's timing will be impeccable.

      Blessings sister. I bet you feel like you need a shower after threading in such spiritual filth as RaT & Pearls satanically inspired nonsense. I know I would.

    13. Wow Sheila, I'm just flabbergasted by that report about Pearl's video! That's unreal! I can't believe people are allowing themselves to be deceived to such a great extent. Crazy times we live in, that's all I know to say right now. I echo Jordan's thanks for reporting on their videos for us.

    14. I agree with Jordan. It’s demonic for sure. How else do you explain the mass delusion? It’s becoming so unsettling how the wheat and tares are ripping so far apart so quickly.

    15. Yes, will make you cringe for sure, but I do pray for cover and trust in His armor. I don't stay in there any longer than it takes to get an accurate gist of it firsthand and most of that's through the drop box and the comment section. I can't comment or interact in any way on YT and that's probably a good thing, but I can observe and at least shine a light on it for the many who might be reading this site. She has 6.5k subs and @RaT has 8.3K. That's a whole lot of people to pray for and if any of them at all can see how delusional this is, it's worth the cringe (and the extra shower;-)

      It's crazy because I use to listen to PK's vids and found quite a few of them to be logical
      and even Scripturally based like the ones she did about the menorah last year, but that was probably enemy truth bait. My radar started pinging with her vids a few months ago about her trip up to Heaven where she claimed she was given a detailed account re the fallen angels' arrival which felt really off in itself, then when asked whether she saw a globe, or a flat stationary earth on the way up, her hesitation revealed a calculated response as she saw an opportunity to enlarge her base and "decided" to go with the flat version encircled by the theoretical wall of ice. It was so obvious I had to laugh, but that's where she lost any credibility with me.

      Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    16. I do want to make a point about the use of numbers, i.e. the Strong's or Hebraic/Greek expressions, etc. It's like the use of astroNOMY i.e. the Rev 12 Sign or the Gospel as declared through the stars-- both numbers and astroNOMY originate with God and both belong to Him. No doubt the enemy has always used his own corrupt version through numerology and astrology to cause deception, confusion and division, but our Father has given us the perfect tool for discernment in His Holy Inspired Word and I truly believe when received in proper context, He can and will use ALL that He's designed to reveal His Glory, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence to His children. (So I will not be throwing out my Strong's with the dirtied bathwater:-) Love you All and Looking UP!

    17. I did have a look at RaT's timeline a week or two ago and thought that it seems convoluted and there just aren't two passovers. A bit of internet research later about the problem that RaT pointed out in Mark 15:25 saying Jesus was crucified in the third hour and before pilate at the sixth hour in John 19:14. The internet provided a possible solution that the Gospel of Mark was using Jewish reckoning of time that begins at sunset and the Gospel of John was using Roman time that begins at sunset. Thus the sixth hour Roman time would be 6am which is before the third hour of the day Jewish time at 9am.

      After that I got rather confused about the differing views of whether Jesus ate the passover on passover or the day before. Maybe I will just go with Jesus ate the passover the day before.

      Either way that adds up to only one passover night jut the way it should be from the Bible.

    18. Wowzers, looks like this pot hit the boil when I stepped away. Sheila B., et al, I am so blown away by the details, and yet not when pondering, and wow when u hear why. 1st, thank you so much for mustering the resolve of Grandma changing dirty diapers to wade through this. It is very valuable intel to add truth to our perspective and context around us, obviously, in spite of the mire you had to peer through.

      Stop, a moment, go up a few thousand and recall and re-ponder. Who amongst us would've seen the TYPE coming of Our Scout's possible pre-trip in the recent past? Personally, I was struggling to simply deal with the moment and you family passed the Word Check in the moment and decoded it ala Scripture and Caleb's namesake. That was so entirely left field and the ONLY thing it did was POINT US TO CHRIST after we DILIGENTLY sought Him In It and were Blessed to See Him In It.

      Now, consider the Imposter, the Mimic, as CM likes to say. While it is so incredibly, vaudevillian-esque, camp, spiritual kabuki theater, that it simply fits, isn't it eerily a mirror of what Our Scout Encountered, in an odd way? If one didn't have The Mind Of Christ, as do we, and tried to decode that moment, such a classic, sloppy parody is what we would expect, isn't it. It's just like the Saturday Night Live version of the Gospel they espouse. In an perfectly MANYFISH, upside down way, their malarkey actually, as HS kindof had it JUMP out at me there, kind of way, affirms the reality of what Our Scout tried to say he experienced. As Pastor JD says, the Counterfeit affirms the genuine, Maranatha!

      The mystery man came over
      And he said I'm outta sight
      He said for a nominal service charge
      I could reach nirvana tonight
      If I was ready, willing and able
      To pay him his regular fee
      He would drop all the rest of his pressing affairs
      And devote his attention to me

      But I said look here brother
      Who you jiving with that cosmik debris?

      -- Frank Zappa

    19. I do want to apologise if my rant about dates /numerology was off key in anyway or offended anyone. I defo don't want to be the cause of anyone to stop watching for our LORDs Return.

      I too am guilty of getting excited when a plausible date is mentioned, and there is good circumstancial evidence supporting it. We long for our bridegroom, it is only natural to eagerly look at dates and wonder could it be THE date.

      And you are right Sheila God is a numbers man, and he gave us STRONGS CONCORDANCE for a reason, and he gave us clues and us all this Assembly of great diggers and puzzle solvers, like yourself, Jimboni, Miguel p, Charlie, Jeff, Brad, Gary and all our other fellow contributors we see each day to encourage us all, and piece the clues together. And without those awesome winks and clues he has left a trail of since Sept 23 2017, it would have been hard to even imagine getting to nearly the 2 year anniversary mark of the great sign.

      Thanks sister for standing up for the numbers God wants us to be watching and digging in to.

    20. Jordan, no offense taken at all and I know what you meant, but I was glad for the nudge to mention this because there has been a whole new line of extremism using this 7/17th business to launch attacks against anyone who dares to search out God's use of His numbers, Heavens, dreams, visions, Word etc. and they are vicious about it. These people just need to get a grip and realize there is such a thing as a proper and prayerful BALANCE in conjunction with the Scriptures, which are always our backstop. Blessings, Brother and keep after it. Your dedication in contending for the Faith is always such an inspiration to me:-)

    21. Jimboni, that felt like going to the "Way Back Machine" for sure, but wow, I see exactly what you mean re the other side of that "Coin" being revealed now. It's amazing how He backtracks us to move us forward in this journey. Reminds me of Eccl.3:15 KJV. Caleb's experience, whether we realized it or not at the time was sharpening our spiritual eyes in recognizing the forgeries. Give our Scout my Blessings and so hope he is doing well:-)

    22. Sheila~Oh my gosh! Re. Pearl K! And RaT! (I need to ask Ozark how he makes that OMG emoji cuz I can't figure it out.)
      Above is what I heard as I read what you shared. Lucifer, as an Angel of Light, always uses a slurry of lies mingled with a bit of truth in order to deceive!
      It is available to be transported by the Spirit, but at the Rapture my Bible reads that we will meet the Lord in the air--no smart phones required! Also, I don't see any graves ripped open from the dead in Christ rising!

    23. Hey Lyn, I miss all of my little phone emojis. And Ozark, too! Where are you, Tony?

      Anyway she did explicitly claimed to have been briefly "Raptured" the morning of 7/17 and she had the shiny hands and ethereal face to prove it. Don't know how that is for sure, but I do know there is an App for it. And an excellent point on the graves opening first, Sister!
      Come to think about it, I never personally heard them give any credence to the pre-Rapture Resurrection of the Dead in Christ throughout the lead up to 7/17, but then I couldn't listen to all of it. And I'm in agreement on experiencing a transport in the spirit as being possible. Caleb is a case in point as mentioned by Jimboni above and I actually had one such experience over 21 years ago--one of those "whether in the body or out of the body" things that was for my edification re His Saving Power. I can just tell you it made a Believer out of me about Who's Batteries we are running on (and it ain't our own;-) Blessings!

    24. Sheila--you wrote " I can't comment or interact in any way on YT"--why can't you?

      A year or two before going on a mission trip to India, I too had one of those "whether in the body or out of the body" experiences where the Lord Himself took me some place I assume was in the Middle East. I'll never forget the look in His eyes as I saw Him come towards me through my ceiling with His hand extended to take mine. I believe He did it to let me know that when the time came that my husband and I were invited to go to India, I was to doubt nothing and go. (Jesus knows I don't like traveling that much ;)

    25. Lyn, long story Google accounts were hacked last year by some Asian entity from what I can tell and to this day it has been unfixable, so I can't sign in to anything re YT or even use my email. I'd have to change up our phone account and get a new phone with a clean slate to start over and I'm not that desperate yet. (although I do feel like a fly on the wall when it comes to all things YT, but as I said--that may be for the best;-)
      But somehow, by the Grace of God, on this 10 year old little notebook computer I dug out, I got into Google Chrome and am able to post here on Rev 12daily, but that's all I use it for. I don't even try to go to any other sites with this for fear of getting snagged up in that mess and so far so good:-)

    26. Lynn, speaking of lies and truth mixed together, check our this article

      Guy Consolmagno, the Vatican’s chief astronomer, on science and religion.

      Did got know the Vatican has an astronomer and observatory? Kind of ominous of you ask me.

      When faced with all this (fake) information about God and the universe, I always fall back on Jesus and also on what He said about becoming like little children. I just trust Him.

    27. Miguel--I know right! There is SO MUCH converging info! I learned of the Vatican and their so-called alien savior through Tom Horn's work. Here's a related article with some photos:

    28. VATT--The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope is the world's largest optical telescope and they affectionately call it L.U.C.I.F.E.R. for it's powerful light gathering abilities. It's located on Mt. Graham in SE Arizona. 'L'arge binocular telescope near-infrared 'U'tility with 'C'amera and 'I'ntegral 'F'ield unit for 'E'xtragalactic 'R'esearch.
      Yeah...pretty ominous:-/

  3. Thanks Brad for the video link by Ron, and the index / outline, that is very thoughtful of you.

    I look forward to taking in that teaching.

  4. Awesome... and I totally 'forgot' to keep watching Pearl Kolleri's stuff and maybe was not fully aware that she gave a definite date of July 17th.

    I've seen plenty of backlash towards Christine at Rapture at Twilight though, basically for being too adamant on that date.

    Personally I'm looking at any and all dates but unfortunately nefarious characters will plan their schemes and disasters on 'significant dates' as well.

    A lot of stuff pointing at August 11th and/or November 8th this year too.

    Whether on not anything would happen is anyone's guess or hope.

    While I don't personally celebrate Christmas (Saturnalia) anymore, the dates of Dec 22-31 are looking to be significant too. (Seven7One1 on YT)

  5. I will say it is pretty cool that tomorrow is the 2y anniversary of the 71717, 7/17/17 'Jews openly worship on the temple mount' event.

    Also forgot to mention that Nov 8 is also Cheshvan 10 or "Get on the Ark day" as per Dan Matson @ Apart from the thousands of multimedia clues pointing to 8/11, 11/8 in the same way they did for 9/11.

  6. Whereas 8/11 this year is Tisha B'Av (is also quite literally 9/11, 9th of Av) a day of sorrow / temple destruction etc etc etc...

  7. I believe we are in the season, the birth pains definitely have intensified. If this date of the 17th passes, I wonder how many will lose faith. I truly pray for the strength of the body right now. Keep sharing information and by all means share the Gospel of Jesus with people. Jesus is coming, so is the wrath.

  8. Brent Lohrenz, Blessings. Good question and I suggest shifting perspective for a Rock Solid Answer.

    The Faith Involved is Of The Lord, not ourselves. "16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith OF Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith OF Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall NO flesh be justified" (Gal 2:16, KJV, emph mine)

    Timely verse arising now, eh? While various versions parse it differently and scholars surely debate it, one though on this KJV is that Paul specifically directs us, or, the HS does, though Paul, of, that NOTHING we bring to our salvation IS OF OURSELVES. Even the Faith By Which we enter in is ENTIRELY OF THE LORD. How's THAT for a 'see your DA doctrine re Faith+works and raise the bet by Scripture's Revealing that "your" faith, ISNT!!! Get over yourselves, already. Sola Cristo! By CHRIST ***ALONE**** amen.

    OK, someone get me a towel. Anyways, let not your hearts be troubled, ALL believers are Indwelt With Christ's Faith and IT WILL NOT BE SHAKEN, amen. Maranatha!

    1. Jimboni...Amen! The song says it all "In Christ alone my hope is found
      He is my light, my strength, my song.. all other ground sinking sand ..."

    2. Jimboni...Absolutely Amen!!! No one who's God-given faith is resting in Jesus Christ Alone will lose it over the failed date settings of any man or woman, or anything else for that matter. We are in no way the masters of our own faith, Praise the Lord! And that faith, just like repentance is gifted to us. John 6:44 KJV, Rom.8:37-39 KJV and 2Tim.2:25-26.

    3. Jimboni, I love your reply. I was thinking of Matthew 24:24 and 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 and the deception that people get caught up in it.

  9. Just by sheer definition of watchman on the wall. No born again christian can be a watchman on the wall.

    Rons under threat of the sword of gods wrath or under the blood of christ? Cant be both.

    1. That is an interesting point Silversurfer and it's all a balance. I will send that to ron and get his take and share it below if he gets back to me. As for me, that's another one of those dichotomy's we have in the faith. I think for those of us who have been blessed with "waking up" to the end times we should be at a minimum dropping hints to those around us...the Holy Spirit empowers us in that regard. Sharing the gospel, making the most of each day with a heavenly mindset, living with a sense of urgency yet resting in the blessed hope. I do agree though that if we fail at such efforts but still are truly born again, well then we should not worry about the punishment eluded to in Ezekiel 33:6 or other types of condemnation from our loving Father since Christ paid for ALL of our sins on the cross, everything we have done and everything we have failed to do....

      After all, Romans 8:1 is pretty adamite.... "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Oh how I love that verse..... Blessings!

    2. Loved that answer, Brad.
      Silversurfer~You asked a very good question indeed. I remember when the Lord told me He had made me a watchman (decades ago!). I wondered the same thing you did.

      Notice God emphasizes to Ezekiel that He has called Ezekiel to be His watchman--not a hireling as referred to in Ez. 33:6.

      God does, however, state the same serious consequence for NOT warning:

      When I say unto the wicked, O wicked [man], thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked [man] shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. - Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. - Ezekiel 33:8-9 KJV

      The consequence is the watchman's physical life. This was part of the Old Testament law of "a life for a life" (Deut. 19:21). "Soul" in Ez. 33:9 is from the Hebrew word NEPHESH and refers to a person's "breath life". Deut.19:21 is also referring to "NEPHESH for a NEPHESH".

      The "spirit of God", however, in the Hebrew is RUACH.

      Because we are in the Age of Grace now, as Brad pointed out, and have the spirit of God within us, we are covered by the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ for ANY sin. The consequence for a disobedient Watchman of the Age of Grace will certainly be eternal, especially if there is no repentance. Not that the watchman would lose their eternal salvation, but surely he would NOT be honored in eternity.

      If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.
      If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire. - 1 Corinthians 3:14-15 KJV

      "It is a person’s works that pass through the fire—not the person themselves. If the works are not of the Holy Spirit, they burn; but the person does not pass through fire" []

    3. That was Very good observation / question silver surfer. One I had not thought of before.

      Also a good reply Lyn, makes sense.

      We cannot lose our eternal security, no matter what, but we can lose our physical life and eternal rewards.

      Another nugget to file away in my spiritual arsenal. Thanks sister.

    4. Thanks for chiming in Lyn and Jordan. I spoke briefly with Ron and he felt like his talk speaks for itself... There is no legalism there, and he shares and warns from a place of love and concern for the lost who are in desperate need of a wake up call to what is coming as prophesied in the Bible. Obviously there is a difference between a literal watchman from the OT and a figurative watchperson today who functions in a similar way, warning others of the approaching trouble bearing down on us. God's grace covers us in all that we do, and if we step out and share / warn...well then through us His grace is given another avenue to transform a lost soul before its eternally too late.

  10. As we transition from Subtleties to Suddenlies, and have an eye toward the past, and moments of note, one arose anew, for me, so I explored. May it bless (from

    Crusader Era Moat Discovered outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls
    Archaeologists have discovered an 11th-century moat just outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls—the first hard evidence of a fabled Crusader siege against the city ***920*** years ago. Attested to in several historical documents, many scholars nonetheless believed the siege was a myth. The five-week battle for Jerusalem between Crusader armies and the Fatimid Caliphate which controlled the region in 1099 C.E. came to a head in July 15 of that year, with Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, one of the leaders of the First Crusade, attacking the city from the south while another Christian force erected a tower to breach the city walls from the north.

    G920: Barjona: Son of Jonah: (6) Matthew 16:17
    H920: Bidkar: (Male Name, proper) meaning “with a stab” (1) 2 Kings 9:25

    7/15/1099 - 7/17/19 = 336,019 days
    - 7/18/19 336,020 (nice round number, interesting, esp in re 7/19)
    G336: anairesis: a taking up, a destroying, slaying: (1) Acts 8:1
    Saul Ravages the Church
    8 And Saul approved of his *execution*.
    And there arose ON THAT DAY a great persecution against the church in Jerusalem, and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles. (emph mine)
    H336: not: (1) “He will deliver even one who’s NOT innocent and …” Job 22:30, emph mine

    H20: abattich: watermelon (1) Numbers 11:5:
    Now free, but hungry, they lament the loss of the riches of their captivity:
    5 We remember the fish we ate in Egypt THAT COST NOTHING, the cucumbers, the *melons*, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic. (emph mine)
    G20: agalliasis: exultation, exuberant joy (5) (Grace!) Luke 1:14, 1:44, Acts 2:46, Hebrews 1:9, Jude 1:24

    Works for me!

  11. I found this article by Daymond Duck at Facebook plans to launch a global currency in 2020 and call it the Libra. Steve Forbes posted an open letter to Zuckerberg on FB and asked him to call it the “Mark.”

    1. Yes archangel, what an awesome God, predicting the end from the beginning.

      If anyone even tried to open one spiritual eye half even just half open, it would be clear the Bible is true and accurate, and is currently being fulfilled in real time before our very eyes.

    2. Amen, Jordan. We are blessed to be witnesses of it all.

  12. Looks like the Swedes can’t get microchipped fast enough. Only 1% notes and coins used now

  13. Just wanted to share a little encourager that God cares what happens in our life, and he answers our prayers..

    I received a letter about a month ago, asking me to attend a meeting around late July with the local employment assistance dept of our local government to see why I haven't returned to work yet (the truth is, having one parent at home, when kids are young is kind of a necessity at the moment, so I am the stay home dad)

    When I got the letter, I thought.. ehhh, I don't want to go to this stupid meeting, and have some civil servant give me a grilling, and poking me for private information. So I prayed to my almighty Abba, and asked him to handle it, if I had to attend to give me the words I needed to say.

    Fast forward to last week, when another letter came in from the same government agency, advising that "The dept has been obliged to cancel this appointment due to unforeseen circumstances and you are not required to attend."

    Kind of odd language me thinks. Sounds to me like my daddy sorted out a tiny problem for me just to show me, he cared about and heard my prayer, and that I can trust him :)

    Praise be to the LORD. Our God is awesome.

    1. Using Jordan's praise theme, I got a story too... as of today. So my mom broke one hip twice and the other once last year. Long story short, on #2 visit to the #2 hospital after falling on and breaking her face. her ambulance ride + ICU + surgery + two week stay was $200k.

      My sister and I never received any mail or correspondence on visit #2 until today. The bill came and it was asking for $1k.

      Even this I am expecting Abba to pick up.

      I knew Abba would take care of things!

  14. From brother Chooch @ Maranatha777

    "f you need a Booster cause you didn't hear the Rooster, don't dismay! Jesus said you won't know the Day, but rejoice for this Reason, He said you'll know the Season. My friends time is short, that is Clear, soon we'll meet Him in the Air! So look up, for your redemption is drawing Near, and our Bridegroom will Appear!"

    If you take a gander at some of the comments posted after his poll the other day.... there is quite a crowd of people out here watching these YTVs and their doctrines are all over the place.


    From HolySpiritWind - Jeff Byerly (7/18)
    15min -

    Seems pretty clear on several fronts. One being, things are going to be getting worse and tougher and there are more dominos to fall before....(this comes from other channels/messages as well)

    From Mike444 (7/18)
    Judgment 2 ( Earthquakes and volcanos)
    5min -

    Seems clear from Mike's message there is a pattern of events...

  16. We ain't seen nothing yet. Dates come and go finding us still here. Many many months of escalating events we will be talking about. 3rd anniversary, 4th anniversary of the Rev 12 sign will come and go and we will indeed be that much closer.

    1. Not really encouraging. Perhaps if your intent is really to help, them you should explain your timeline. Is it four years longer, ten, twenty, thirty, a thousand? What exactly are you suggesting?


  17. Before the Rev12 Sign in 2017 there was the Great American Eclipse. I just can’t get it out of my mind that in 2024 (7 years later!) we will have another solar eclipse with the path of the two creating an X over the nation. Surely this is a HUGE sign. Was it a 7 year warning? Are we here until then? Or beyond?

    1. The x is over the New Madrid fault line. I am speculating that the US is mystery Babylon and will be destroyed. But from what I understand, that’s at the midpoint of the Tribulation. I have wondered too if we have to be here past all of the signs, but perhaps not.

    2. Alice, this is a GREAT question! I remember writing an article about the Great American Eclipse 2 years ago. Here's an excerpt:

      "Did you realize that there was a solar eclipse near Nineveh around the time Jonah was sent to warn that city of coming judgment if they did not repent? America is receiving the same warning shot as Nineveh did with the upcoming August 21 total solar eclipse!"

      My understanding lines up somewhat with Cheryl's speculation. I too speculate America may be Babylon. Whether She is or not, America is in the way of the NWO elites so their plan is to destroy Her. I believe this is why the US is absent in Scripture and there is no one but God to aid Israel when she is attacked.

      Here's another thought re. the X over the nation:

      "The Tav

      It's been 99 years since a total solar eclipse crossed the entire United States and having another total solar eclipse cross the entire United States again, forming an 'X', just a few years later is perhaps unprecedented. But, perhaps it’s not an ‘x'. The last letter in the Hebrew alphabet is called a "tav" and it means "truth" and has the meaning in Hebrew that was given to its symbol as: "mark, sign, covenant." The original ancient letter looks like this: [IMAGE can be seen at my blog link] [Excerpt from]

      The article above notes that the Hebrew letter tav symbolizes covenant. God through His Son Jesus Christ has a covenant people in all nations but especially concentrated in America. Could it be He is showing us not only to repent as a nation, but also reminding us that He has not forgotten His covenant people—the disciples of Yahshua Ha Moshiach?"
      [excerpt from:]

      The Bride of Christ I believe will unfortunately still be on earth to see the destruction planned by the Luciferian elites; HOWEVER, my thinking re. the New Madrid earthquake is that it would be in the category of WRATH OF GOD and so the Bride will NOT see that. Several prophets have warned that if the USA divides Israel, God will split America (see The Solar Eclipse Omen article).

      Perhaps the two American eclipses that cross at the New Madrid are a HUGE SIGN AND REMINDER that what these prophets say WILL happen. WHEN it will happen is a very good question, but I hope we don't have to worry about it.

    3. This is just my "nickel" on the timing of all of this. I fully believe that right now there is the separation of the Wheat and the Tares going on as the Harvesting is in full blown progress and hearts are being exposed left and right--whether they are bowing before Christ's Finished Work on the Cross OR standing on the pride of their own self-righteousness. (I do personally believe there will be a Pre-Trib Rapture (all 7 yrs) and I base this on my understanding of the length of time the 2 Witnesses give their testimony in Jerusalem before the Abomination of Desolation occurs and the AC sets up shop in the Temple, along with the fact that there is no mention in The Revelation of the Church on Earth during that time period. (But however one sees that, I don't see it as a Salvation issue)
      And for those who've fully trusted in Jesus, yet have determined they will endure a Mid, Late or Post-Trib Deliverance, well...I'm just hoping they like surprise parties:-)

      This is not to say we won't see some hugely devastating event happen beforehand as our Sister Lyn and others suggest, but I believe that it will pale in comparison to what will come in the aftermath of the Rapture. I also believe it is called our BLESSED HOPE for a reason and that is why we are told not only to watch for it, but to LONG for it. I would not be able to do that if I remotely thought we had to endure what is described in Matt.24:21 KJV as so great a tribulation it will be unlike anything this world has ever seen, or will ever see again.

      And this is not about people just selfishly wanting to be saved while the unbelieving world will suffer horrors beyond human comprehension. It's about understanding the fact that the Righteous and Due Judgement of our Creator IS SOON GOING TO HAPPEN, but HE in His Great Mercy made a Way of Escape for ANYONE willing to receive it. So in short, DON'T BE A GRAPE! and be safe in the ARK of our Salvation!

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    4. Yes and correct, DO NOT BE A GRAPE.(or tare ).

      One must choose NOT to be a grape, however.

    5. I just keep coming back to the Birth Analogy and the recently uncovered pointer to 2 years backstop behind TGS; right alongside the Wise Men's Journey Showing Us, and more. They fit. How elastic can a metaphor be and remain valid? 'X' marks the spot is, clearly, Significant.

      At this point, sure, OK. Feeling a bit like Rocky in 3rd of 4th re-do. But hey, I'm a contendah! Yeah! If we got more rounds in the ring than we thought commin', with This Coach In Our Corner? Hit me with some salts and point me at 'em, Maranatha!

    6. LOL and a BIG Amen to that!

  18. Can hardly wait to get to read everything above as I have been busy and couldnt. But want to take a moment to add a little encouragement.

    Last couple days I have been given "pregnant", "twins" and "726" again and again.

    All I know is the Lord will not tease or allow us to be teased with such things.

    So what happened on the 17th? Mark, earthquake, and one more thing...

    Cant wait to explain.

    Also 4 year old woke up saying "is it still snowing?" And wife said I think aliens fell from the sky last night...these donkeys dont even know what they are saying, if you know what I mean. No disrespect to them.

    1. That's IT!! I'm stuck in a Twilight Zone episode of *HEE*HAW* NOW I get it, Maranatha!

    2. Ha Ha! I read that just before I made m' hot tea:-D

    3. Oh yeah, the USS Boxer shot down an Iranian drone today after it came within a 1000 yds and refused to heed the warnings to turn back and Fox's Shep "wishy-washy" Smith reported 1000's of US Marines were being sent to Persian Gulf. I couldn't find a confirmation report on that number of troops, but the tensions surely went up another notch today.

    4. I saw MSM reporting 500 addl deployment to Saudi A., same basic headline Drudge, I think, and a couple other, routine sounding in light of current events, UK dispatching 3rd Destroyer, etc. Nothing ala 1,000's clown is blabbering about

    5. Sheila B., Blessings, sister. Like any good comic moment, it's all in the DELIVERY, which, is all about the TMIING, mmmm? Sorry, but such a PREGNANT set-up, I simply couldn't help myself. Sounds like your workin' it out. :)

    6. Before I say anymore, I just want to preface with: I am merely reporting my experience with the hope that it adds a little encouragement. This is how I "do not for sake the assembling together" to paraphrase: I add my experience and read about yours. When I mention a number or a dream or a word, I do so as cautiously as I know how with no intent to add to scripture or claim extra knowledge. I only wish to live for and acknowledge Christ in everything.

      I do and will fail miserably at that often.

      Now for my recent experience fwiw:

      Have found myself hyper aware of the clock just as it reads 7:26 several times last few days. May be nothing, but it makes me stop and pray everytime, when Lord when?

      Tonight woman at the drive through says I look like some particular celebrity. I tell her my twin brother gets this more than I since he looks more similar. We are identical, but there's differences. She, very obviously pregnant, says she is having twin boys. (Wish I'd asked her the due date)

      Coworker today says, "I wouldn't eat Chinese food unless I was pregnant" and then says I don't know why I said that, I've never been pregnant... odd coincidence? Maybe... peculiar theme though.

      More in a moment....

    7. As many of you know I had a strong sense that something might happen on the 17th because of the way the number was constantly showing up. I know it is possible to just fixate and see it, self fulfilling prophecy sort of thing . Lots of people seemed to fixate. Some good, some bad.

      I didn't see anything obvious, but perhaps we won't realize until later... not sure but im still watching.


      Regarding Hebrews 10:25 --

    8. Yeah, Miguel, it's kinda like you'll never notice White Toyota Highlander SUV's until you buy one and then you'll suddenly see at least 2 or 3 of them everywhere you go. Strange the way our minds work. But that aside, I feel like something major did occur on the spiritual side of things on the 17th, but I haven't really "fleshed" it out just yet and praying for some clarity on that in alignment with His Word. But it's late and my brain is tired. Tomorrow, or today actually, may well bring something crucial in the natural. And numbers being what they are, 19 is the number of Faith and it is through Faith that we UNDERSTAND (Heb.11:3 KJV) and it's interesting that Eph.2:8 KJV says "For by grace(5) are ye saved (14) through faith;(19) and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:" Yeah...a Blessed night All:-)

    9. Thank you for the Hebrews 10:25 study Miguel.

      I had a notion or carnal leaning toward the conclusion but I personally failed to dig into myself.. so thank you for the cliff notes which aides in my study on such matters as we see the Day approaching.

      Psalm 118:8 KJV

    10. You're welcome. I had scanned through the study and was intrigued that it is yet another highly quoted verse that in actually is more than meets the eye.

      Hidden gem that the word used for assembling together is used once and relates more to our heavenly calling than "going to church "

    11. Sheila B, the 1000 Marines would be aboard the USS Boxer and the other amphibious ships that are in her battle group. The main purpose of a Amphibious Assault Group is to bring Marines to the shores of distant lands.

    12. Ahh, Chris O. TY...I didn't make that logical connect:-)

    13. Miguel, I read the article as this verse has been a source of angst. It is quoted too here and there on YT by those who question YT ministeries vs going to a local church. Obviously, there is more to it than in just going to a church but not interacting with anyone or getting to know people as in going to a Bible study through the church to being vulnerable to another person (iron sharpening iron). I always tie it in with not living the Christian Life alone as we are a body with the sermons I've heard etc.
      My takeaway was his brief comment on "faith" used in the KJV, Hebrews 10:22 (KJV) should have been "hope" because "hope" was translated elsewhere ... Quoting him "Our not wavering in our hope that our faithful God has promised".

    14. Cathi G., Blessings. You bring to mind a teaching, heard once, a while ago. I'm going to be vague but, most likely, the specifics will spring to someone's mind.

      Somewhere in the Wisdom Literature, Psalms, most likely, but could easily be, or be affirmed within, the minor prophets, not sure. There lies verse(s), a couple at most, referring to the ET using a water metaphor. The metaphor is shallow waters, like a bayou, or streams and small villages, and navigating them by small craft. The teaching is that the True Ecclesia will not be in Mega-Churches, per the Word, but, rather, in small craft, holding from 2-3 to maybe 6-7 occupants at most. I'm pretty sure this was Entangled with the BARNA work in the 80's re small group dynamics, that Movement in Middle-American Evangelicalism, to great report in many cases to the Glory of Christ and the Feeding/Blessing of His Flock and others, amen.

      Well, the same applies to our Family, and the others, who glide the HS Waters Around The World, at the speed of light, actually, or just below it, and shaRe D&V, HS Insights to His Word and our worlds, amen, all from our small skiffs, as comfy as we can manage them to be, By His Grace, and He is SOOO Good, amen, Maranatha!

    15. Cathi, thanks for your thoughts. Not going to a local brick and mortar church can feel a little strange if you have been made to believe going to church is some sort of requirement. But frankly, go to one now and you'll quickly see the sad state the church is in. There are some Christians but pretty much just thumb suckers.

      What you and I and others do right here pleases the Lord and satisfies any "requirement.

      Much love, Maranatha.

    16. Miguel P and et al re. Hebrews 10:25--good stuff!

      Most folks miss the intimacy in Christ that is being encouraged in Hebrews 10. Look at this verse:

      [Heb 10:24 KJV] 24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

      The word "consider" is from the Greek word katanoéō, from G2596 and G3539; to observe fully:—behold, consider, discover, perceive.

      As we wait for the Day He Comes For Us, we should be gathering together in God's love while truly considering what one another has to share. THIS IS A FORM OF WORSHIP! As we honor the "Christ in" each of us and weigh what each Brother or Sister has to say according to God's Word, we honor Christ.

      Thanks for sharing that article link, Miguel♥

    17. Miguel, great article and that was something that took me about 7 years to figure out with just taking the "biased" word of Pastors about it. Then I began to understand that it was about our being part of the gathering unto Christ in the Blessed Hope. Fellowship is important as Lyn points out for both encouragement and growth, however you can get it. To be honest, this Fellowship right here is the best I've ever experienced. No one here has ever said to me "Church is out now...can we please talk about something else?" I love swimming with this little school of fish:-) <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><
      <*)))>< 153 <*)))><
      <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><

    18. Uh oh everyone, Sheila just raised the bar on these little asci pictures!

      Indeed this is great fellowship and agree with Lyn that this is a form of worship. Sharing our thoughts about Jesus and the Word.

      That article by the way is something I just happened upon. Rather divine I suppose. The scriptures we've been covering here have really been awesome. Thank you all for sharing them, and mostly thank you Father for your incredible word.

    19. Blessings. Consider this, outline, if you will. Arising from prior time on this path.

      But, (1) if we (2) walk in the light, (3) as he is in the light, (& 4) we have fellowship with one another, and (5 then) the blood of Jesus his Son (ongoing-ly, {translated form})cleanses us from all sin. (1 John 1:7, ESV, emph mine)

      It is a teaching that flows, like a formula, though it is not, actually, a 'formula', in the Gnostic sense. Still, 1f(2f3)+4=>5, is how it works, for those who get that, and '4' is the Fellowship part of the engine, echoing, 'when 2 or more', ofc, amen. Very Rich turf to ponder the Scriptural Grace Employed when we work this field. Funny, this also is foundational to Small Group Ministry and Apostleship and Bereanism, as we enjoy, Maranatha!

  19. Encouraging to hear the word of God from each of you Brothers and Sisters. We will stay strong in the Lord and the power of His mighth and soon He will lift us up towards the heavenlies. Maranatha

  20. Strong earthquake felt in Athen Greece! Birth pangs?

    1. Two EQs on 7/17 (Oregon and CA)

      ... but as stated above, probably much more happened (in the spirit realm) than meets our eyes (in the natural).

      From a little digging, it seems 717 is an occult # or a # the occult uses.

      Are there warlocks, witches, and wolves in our midst?

      You bet.

      We must fashion and fasten the Armor on everyday!

    2. Definitely birth pangs and the contractions are becoming regular and frequent. That is a strong indicator of where we are in the timing.

    3. Amen, Charlie!

      I haven't really gotten into the Scriptural dig yet, but my sense is that July 17th was used as a sort of Spiritual Threshing Machine. It was an eye-opener to see how the deception of the "timeline cabal" actually worked to reveal some other deeply embedded roots of bitterness, jealousy, anger and the like as other self-righteous folks used that (now proven) false teaching to turn around and begin bashing the heck out of some of the strong and gifted Grace preachers with false accusations and condemnation. And the surprise was that what was "naturally" expected of the devotees to the 7/17 guaranteed Rapture date--to realize they had been misled or duped, then turn back to seeking Truth--did not occur so much with the overt supporters. In fact, rather than confess these "self-anointed prophetesses" had failed them, they've dug their heels in even deeper. So I do believe 7/17th was a day of heart exposure in more ways than one.

      Pastor Tim H. talked about something similar re Jer.29:8 KJV:

      "For thus sayeth the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Let not your prophets and your diviners that be in the midst of you, deceive you, neither hearken to YOUR dreams which YE caused to be dreamed." (emph. mine)

      One thing the enemy knows how to play like a fiddle is the desperate desires of our flesh and our natural desire to be vindicated. If for no other reason, our loving Father will keep certain detailed information to Himself in order to protect us--not only from ourselves, but from the predatory wolves in sheep's clothing that are constantly infiltrating the flock. Our understanding and ACCEPTING His Wisdom in that works greatly to our benefit. It allows us to rest in Him while at the same time thankfully receiving everything He DOES choose to give us re these final moments as we encourage one another in truth and love while watching intently for His Perfectly Timed Return:-)

      Hmmm...this thought just weirdly dropped in on me. When at war and a soldier is attacked and cornered by the enemy, he or she is to state no more than Name, Rank and Serial Number, repeating it with every harsh prod, even upon pain of death. In like fashion, when we are attacked and cornered, we must remain true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, repeating it with every harsh prod, even upon pain of death--fully knowing that it leads to Eternal Life. Matt.16:25 KJV:-)

      Be Blessed All and Maranatha!

    4. Loved that captured soldier analogy, Sheila. And loved that you repeated that verse Tim Henderson shared, cuz I wanted to remember it!

      "For thus sayeth the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Let not your prophets and your diviners that be in the midst of you, deceive you, neither hearken to YOUR dreams which YE caused to be dreamed." Jer. 29:8

    5. Yes, that is a very good verse to have chosen, Sheila! I had just finished listening to a video by David Benjamin who talked about what you were sharing, and in our forgetting about these date-setters who are back at it! The emphasis being on our being armoured up, as Charlie in DC mentioned above. Putting on the full armour is knowing the Word, reading the Bible so that it is in our heart, which will then give us discernment.

    6. Cathi, TY. Just now catching up with David B. and it sounds like we're on the same page as to what has occurred and is occurring. The enemy is trying to pull the rug out from under the unity of the Body of Christ, but for those with eyes to see, our God is using the enemy's efforts to actually strengthen the Body of Christ. I believe David's timing on teaching Hebrews 12 here lately was an inspired prep. Amazing times we are living in and I believe that's why that "soldier" analogy was dropped in my spirit today. Standing firm in the Truth of the Gospel is the only way to withstand the onslaught. I was wondering today if fellow Believers outside of YT land with home churches are experiencing an uptick in similar warfare inside of their local congregations. Stay Blessed and Looking UP, Sister:-)

    7. Well, the mentioning of the shield and helmet that Paul talks about had to do with the Roman army that the Apostle Paul used as an analogy for spiritual warfare as he was surrounded by them. I didn't think of that when I wrote the above.
      David B really deep and so many comment how helped they are. Tho, he pointed out not learning from him but affirming what he said (because they know the Word). 🙂

    8. P.S. Lack of knowledge of the Word causes the back and forth and shifting from one view to another (law vs grace, for ex) and in only knowing a particular verse/chapter/book David B said, tho finding out they can't tell you what the book or chapter is saying. I am guilty of that. Or, not learning the context of a particular verse causes misunderstandings. Start by just reading, with no expectations. Read. We have to do the work and not just listen to YT or read other books or commentaries and all of this because the Holy Spirit cannot speak to you through them (David B). I agree because the Word is Holy Spirit inspired, which divides marrow and joint. As David B talked about, the bible gets into our hearts so that we are not fearing God and hiding from him. It rings so true. And, for me it is about grace. When your legalistically twisted up in works, your performance, etc (your thoughts are on yourself); it is hard to rest in Jesus, if not impossible, on his finished work on the cross and trusting and believing in God's love that he has for us - resting in Jesus. This is Grace. And, it is wonderful.
      P.P.S. I am now using the King James version. It started when David B. commented once to stop whining about the thee's and the thou's - or sth similiar he said, which struck me funny. I went out and got a basic KJV bible (font size was tiny, but the non-glossy paper made it easy to read) at the local Goodwill and read one chapter (thinking this wasn't so bad), which led to another chapter and the book was finished (one of the shorter books). I read another book ... never going back to the version I was using. Surprisingly, I haven't been bothered by any 'thee' or 'thou' words, but the word "shew" throws me off. lol. Reading Corinthians itself was difficult. Romans went smoothly. Anyhow, I am in shock that I am reading the KJV!

    9. Hey Cathi...I love my KJV and being that it's what I was given to cut my teeth on, it's what I prefer to use, but I won't tell others what should work best for them. I do love the language of it because it just makes me feel like I am reading that which has been around for a really long time. And since I don't speak Hebrew or Greek, that's about as good as it gets for me:-)

    10. Ruth and Boaz were where? Whilst what, specifically, was being separated? Hmmm...

    11. @Shiela - Replying to your question above about attacks in the local congregation. Luckily my church here in Indy just got done a couple months ago going through the book of Galatians line by line reinforcing the Gospel of Grace.

      My life group through the church has also been going through a Galatians study by Kyle Idleman that's been really great. At least for me, outside of YT, it's all been a joyous reminder rooting me back in the finished work that Jesus did for us.

      I'll drop a link to week 3 of the series if anyone is interested in another source of video sermons:

      Some of my favorite quotes from that week:
      "When believers take their eyes off Jesus, they will inevitably go back to works"

      "So many times because we are not in the Word and we don't understand the Truth of God's Word we will follow spiritual nonsense in fear of missing out on something."

      "If we believe it's all up to us, it will be a constant roller coaster of discouragement and failure. We will miss out on the power of the Holy Spirit to live a righteous life before God."

      "Salvation is received, not earned, and it comes through God's promise, not through God's law. And it is accessed by our faith and not by our works. It is absolutely a gift from God."

      "..the scripture does tell us guys that you are created for good works, and God does have a plan for your life and hopefully you will serve Him because you absolutely are in love with Him, but hear me, you don't need works to win God's approval...I'm going to use my gifts and talents to serve God because I love God...I'm not doing it to earn a ticket to heaven, my salvation is secure because of what Christ did on the Cross."

      Thank you Sheila for your work and others on here helping to keep us all grounded in the reality of the Gospel and not getting caught up with all of the 17th things happening and anything contrary to the Gospel that seemed to be attached to it. There's just been a really heaviness I've been feeling on YouTube that seemed to generate around this, which I had to unsubscribe from several channels as a result.

      And I'll drop one other awesome sermon recently from a guest speaker at our church a couple weeks ago on living an invitation life and scattering seeds everywhere and anywhere we can. It's truly a message you will remember for a while:

      I saw on a recent video on Youtube someone sharing how their friend came to salvation from a comment left on one of his Youtube videos that led to simple website explaining the gospel. God can use even a comment on Youtube for eternal impact. The person who posted that comment probably has no idea of the impact of that comment and probably won't know until one day in Heaven.

      That's a comforting thought that whatever we do for the Lord, no matter how small we may think it is, is never in vain for the Lord. And he can use even our smallest contribution in any format for eternal impact to His Kingdom.

    12. Thank YOU, Eric, for the great encouragement that you've brought into this Fellowship as well. It sounds like you've really been blessed and it does my soul good to hear of your congregation's foundation being solidly rooted in His Grace. That type of Bible teaching is slim to none around here. They're either going with the social justice platform or they are just old-fashioned legalists for the most part.

      I met this older lady (like me;-) recently at the local yearly small town Parade who was new in town having been recruited to Pastor a local congregation. She seemed very excited to tell me all about it. "You would love it," she said. "We will not be telling anybody what to believe or how to live. You just do your thing and come and share your faith."
      "In what?" I asked her, but before I could get the Gospel out of my mouth, she was already boot-scooting away from me and right on down the street:-/

      So yes, TY for sharing that good news and I am looking forward to the lesson and sermon you recommended. How is Baby Charlotte coming along with that reflux thing? And I hope you and mommy are getting some sleep. Praying for your precious family as we keep the watch while contending for the Faith. Blessings, Brother:-)

    13. My pleasure. I'm super grateful for the family of believers here. (And sorry, noticed I had mistyped your name above)

      That's a very interesting encounter. I think your question back to her was spot on. If they aren't planning to use the Bible as their standard for what to believe and how to live, then it sounds like some form of religious relativism. Everyone doing what is right in there own eyes...yikes.

      Charlotte is growing great and hitting development milestones though sleep continues to be a struggle. I think her reflux has improved to a degree, but it may be gas that's keeping her up, at least that's our theory. Our doctor gave us the ok today to try some gas drops to hopefully help her. So hopefully there will be some improvement since my wife and I's sleep has been touch and go. I greatly appreciate your prayers. I will keep you and the Rev12Daily family here in my prayers as well.

      One awesome thing to report - she started giving us a few social smiles this week, which is one of the most joyful things I've ever experienced. Blessings to you too, Sister :)

    14. Nope, there is nothing like those first baby smiles and when they see how goofy excited you get over it, those beautiful little smiles just get bigger and bigger;-)

    15. My baby was a terrible sleeper too. Switching from cows milk to almond milk fixed it. Fyi.

    16. Guess I should say that was some time after she was weened off breast milk around six months.

    17. Sheila, at my town's fourth of July parade a local church had a float with rainbow flags and it said god is groovy.

      I really wanted to get a whip and destroy that float. I found it totally disgusting.

    18. I know the's unbelievable. A few weeks ago the Austin American-Statesman did a big story on a large church in one of their suburb towns that has begun holding Drag Queen sessions in their children's ministry to introduce them to the variety of lifestyles that exist and they want to be sure no one is left out. You don't know whether to cry or throw up. I find myself pleading daily for our God to please hurry up and get these young ones out of here before their minds are totally corrupted by this sick generation of adults that call themselves parents. Even the Courts are now siding with this sick and twisted agenda of transgendering little children to prevent puberty from taking its natural course.

      Aside of His Coming Judgement being written all over the walls, I don't think those Christians who promote a desire for more time to spread the Gospel and raise their families really understand the gravity of our situation generationally speaking, so yes....

      Even so, Lord, come QUICKLY!

    19. Sheila B., Blessings. You are such a gift to the Body and I simply love How He Shows Us His Attractiveness, Kindness and Gentleness, through you, amen, Praise Him, surely.

      Allow me to slip some spiritual lenses over your recent encounter and, perhaps, fine tune some lenses amongst us to better navigate current waters. First of all, your immediate, direct and honest question was from HS' Lips To Yours and Dripping SO Many Verses, It's Wonderful. In what I am about to share it will be helpful to know that Discernment of Spirits is one of my, personal, Spiritual Giftings From Our Father.

      Some Groundwork. MANYFISH 101. You either have The Mind Of Christ, or you don't. Therefore, you either SEE as He Sees, or you are a deceiver swimming in Deception. When a wolf in sheep's attire is on the hunt, 1 Peter 5:8, their worldview is the later, obviously. This is where it gets Amazingly Wonderful in terms of your recent 'encounter' being entangled with current Grace Warfare, Liberty In Christ v Licentiousness, et al, wowzers. (Pt 1)

    20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    21. So, one main reason you had that encounter, and many of us will have similar, is that we live in the Freedom Of Christ, Galatians 5:1, amen, and we do our very, very, best, hopefully, to boldly and brilliantly do so before others, Matthew 5:16. Always, when unsaved see us, we are misinterpreted; it cannot be otherwise, 1 Cor 2:14. Depending upon the Spirits entangled with that soul, and their personal soup of specific deceptions, their reactions/encounters commonly fall into pretty easily labeled 'buckets'.

      In this case we see Laodicea, Lawlessness, right off the top, in the approach, without even opening HER box. Her prey uniformly seek salve for the emptiness ALL have apart from Christ, Romans 3:23, and a crystal to peer through which reveals their path as mystical and good, Judges 17:6, and the Spirits within her know this. and they see YOU. They recognize strong spiritual energy and so she is attracted to you, as a target, she 'sees' a certain 'freedom' about you, through THEIR eyes, and pounces.

      "In what?" I asked her, but before I could get the Gospel out of my mouth, she was already boot-scooting away from me and right on down the street:-/

      Sheila B., like a slow motion scene in a Nicholas Cage flic, the INSTANT you turned your face towards them and your lips BEGAN to form those words, you had already Declared The Blood, and the spirits within her KNEW and saw it coming, knowing that the scene goes inexorably to them taking a round in the shoulder as they flee, Maranatha!

    22. ...and that would be Sheila B. with a HS .380.

    23. All I can say to your kind words, Brother, is that as always you hit the Nails in the word "gift" for ANYTHING good that flows out of me is flowing directly from HIM, PTL!
      (Just ask these darn cats--I told 'em this morning if it weren't for the Mercy of Jesus Christ in me, you would ALL be shot, skinned and made into cute little catskin hats by now:-o)

      Looking forward to Part 2:-)

    24. TY,'s amazing what can be unpacked from one brief moment in time when parsed from the Holy Spirit standpoint. Makes one realize just how prevalent this spiritual war that we walk in the midst of really is and how blessed and protected we truly are when we walk after His Spirit. Your breakdown gifted me with those HS chills that can't help but initiate a whole new round of praise for our beloved Lord and Savior:-) All Glory to our Lord God Almighty!!!

    25. Sheila - Haha, it is so true! Goofy excitement perfectly captures my reaction.

      Miguel - Thanks for the tip! I'll have to remember that if we have issues when the weaning process starts down the road a ways.

      Jimboni - Great reminder that we are dealing with spiritual forces. The words of Ephesians 6:12 came to mind after reading your comments above. The verses in that same section Ephesians 6:11-17 seem to be a key theme as of late in the YouTube community to always have the armor of God on as we face the spiritual world.

      On a somewhat related note, I was listening to a video earlier today about angels. I wonder what things angels may impact in our daily lives that our eyes can't witness. Daniel 10:13 and Matthew 18:10 make me wonder about so much.

    26. Eric, I don't exactly know on His angels, but I'm always asking the Lord to station a protective hedge of them about us as we go to and fro and when we go to sleep at night:-)

  21. Circling back to the NYC Black Out on 7/13. I did not know there was one (to the exact day) 42 years prior.

    From A Call for an Uprising
    11min -

    Question is, will the next one precede the kickoff event? I'd assume so,

  22. “Unconfirmed reports on an Israeli airstrike in Iraq on Iranians militias rocket factory and missiles depots. Large explosions were heard. Iranians and Hezbollah casualties were reported'. The strike was in two waves around 02:00AM.”

    Amir Tsarfati - @BeholdIsrael

    1. Unidentified drone bombs pro-Iranian Iraqi militia HQ
      Jul 19, 2019 @ 17:33
      An unidentified drone on Friday struck a camp of the 52th Brigade of the pro-Iranian Hash Shaabi militia in Iraq’s central province of Salahudin. A local security source said at least three Iraqis and two Iranians were wounded. DEBKAfile reports that the 52nd Brigade is an element of the Shiite Badr Brigades, headed by the Shiite leader Hadi al-Ameri and founded by Tehran in the 1980s. Sources in Saudi Arabia say the drone struck the venue of an important meeting of Iranian and Hizballah leaders and left a number of dead or wounded. This is not confirmed by any other source.


    1. This smells bad. Would they (UK or USA) know the state of Iran will be looking to do this type of tic-for-tac stuff?

      It smells like they've allowed Iran to do this in order to escalate their (pre-planned) war games.

      Like the Gulf on Tonkin "incident." Incident = allowable action by the "enemy" so we can start a fight (a fight we think we should win....).

      BTW, ordered some SuperBowl and received a call from Doc. I will return his call on Monday...pending New Wine Festival departure in the midst of the Wheat Harvest????

    2. Hey Beltway brother ! So glad you got Super Bowl and that Doc called you. He is such a
      great teacher.

      So, Iran downed one of our drones and now we have downed one of theirs. If President
      Trump decides to go after them, I’m sure it will be fast and furious. I’m also sure he will
      enlist the aid of NATO allies. But it won’t be a protracted effort and I don’t think it even
      needs to be. We have such a buildup of military assets there.

      If China and Russia get involved, it could get unthinkable. So glad we have a fearless
      man leading our Nation.

      Blessings to you and your pets. You may have to mix their old food with the Super Bowl
      to get them used to it. Doc told me they put so much junk in commercial pet food that
      literally gets animals addicted to it.

    3. The very near future? This is one of many messages on the Trap in the Strait of Hormuz. Russia (Putin) is waiting to pounce. While the ME is busy, does China make a move in from the North along with Russia? Along with the folks along the Southern side?

      Strategy, USA is first & Hurmoz intensity!
      From Caroline Diadem (7/18)
      14min -

    4. Hey, y'all, Blessing. I again remind that Sr. Military Russian Leadership, i.e. Operational ME Commanders and Policy Makers have stated, officially, that attacks against the airpowers of Iran will be considered to have been upon Russian Flagged vessels and Russia will respond accordingly; 2 summers ago, maybe 3, now, as I recall.

      Good spot to drop an odd thought, which popped in a bit ago. Goes like this, many peoples, individuals, and myriads of stuff are being set up in the SMALLEST of details, as discussed, with every player convinced and devoted to their piece being actually in charge of some outcome they want, while, actually, Our Lord Casually Spins a dial With His Finger and the entire machine hums. . . Ofc, many things will, like the gallows Haman intended for Mordechai, play out much differently than its builders intend, yet, their building those gallows, themselves, initially, is part of the model.

      So, what if, mayhaps, just a few days, or so, before an orchestrated Red Dawn hits USA, ABBA causes an EQ off the East Coast, or blows Yellowstone. He Will Exercise Primacy: First? Biggest? When that Happens, the almost-but-not-quite-ready everything HAS TO LAUNCH. But, as usual, the first casualty of the war will have been their plan, To The Lord's Glory, amen.

    5. I love Psalm 37. Verses 12-13 came to mind after reading your reply Jimboni, but all of chapter 37 is beautiful.

      Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.

      2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

      3 Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

      4 Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

      5 Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

      6 And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.

      7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

      8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.

      9 For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth.

      10 For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.

      11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

      12 The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.

      13 The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.

      14 The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.

      15 Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.

      16 A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.

      17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the Lord upholdeth the righteous.

      18 The Lord knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever.

      19 They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.

      20 But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the Lord shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume; into smoke shall they consume away.

      21 The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.

      22 For such as be blessed of him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off.

      23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.

      24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.

      25 I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

      26 He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed.

      27 Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell for evermore.

      28 For the Lord loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.

      29 The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever.

  24. I like New Zealand's Clean Slate Act, I love God's forgiveness 100 times more. NZ's Clean Slate Act conceals minor criminal convictions under certain conditions.

    God washes us clean, separates us from our sins as far as the east is from the west and remembers them no more. He never sends them back to haunt us if we commit another sin, want to apply for a certain job or travel to another country. All we have to do is admit we have sinned, believe that Jesus became a person, died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day and confess that Jesus is Lord. God did not make it complicated. So we can be forgiven, washed clean, made innocent, become the righteousness of God through Jesus. No one else can do that.

    If you are wondering it was about as unintentional as it gets. Driving along, deciding to do a U-turn, looking both ways, brain failing to register there was a motorcycle coming, turning and bang - criminal, guilt, condemnation, depression, suicidal thoughts. The motorcyclist had broken bones but he is still alive as far as I know and I pray for him when I remember. I fought against all that satan was throwing at me but it was hard because the condemnation felt just. God got me through even though it took about two years to get better.

    A similar thing happened to my mother a few days after Paul Skotarski died. I am glad that it was another car and not a motorcyclist or pedestrian because that meant there were no injuries and my mother just got a ticket rather than being dragged through court by the police. Hence it's been on my mind a bit lately.

    I think I understand God's forgiveness towards us a lot deeper after that. God can forgive anything, and make you pure and holy and righteous forever. Also if you are in Christ you should not accept any of Satan's condemnation and guilt.

    I can't wait for the rapture when I get to meet my Jesus and have no sinful flesh any more.

    1. Praise be to our mighty LORD, Rebekah. A painful experience for you, bring you to your knees, and seeking consolation, love and forgiveness from your creator. But with a happy ending, he showed you how much he loves you. How much he forgives you.

      If people could only get, that God genuinely loves us, he is not sitting there with a beady eye, and a long skinny finger waiting to pounce on you and hurl you out from heaven because you messed up. He actually loves us unconditionally, so much that he sent his only son to take the punishment that we deserve.

      Would I send my little boy or little girl to the electric chair, or life imprisonment for a crime my neighbours commited? Not a chance||

      But God sent his son for ALL the liars, robbers, porn watchers, peodos, murderers, and every sin in between for every single person that lived before the cross, and for those that lived after the cross to pay for all of their sins.

      Unfortunately, the majority of people don't realise that just because they made a complete mess up of their life here, that they can still inherit salvation, if they simple turned to Jesus, and trusted in what he did to save them, and give them a new heart, and cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

      You are blessed Rebekah to have come to that knowledge.

      "Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" .

    2. Thank you for sharing Rebekah. Are you on the N or S island?

    3. Rebekah...TY so much for sharing your testimony! What an amazing example of God's Grace.
      It reminds me of the Christ typology that we see in the sanctuary cities of the OT, decreed by the LORD to protect those who had accidentally killed another, but if they rejected the safety of that refuge, they opened themselves up to suffer the punishment of the avengers. In the same way, Jesus Christ and ONLY Jesus Christ, having already paid the FULL price for ALL sin provides us with an EVERLASTING refuge from condemnation and the deadly wages of our sin when we run to Him for mercy. I don't care how many times I say it, or hear others say it, I still can't get over the sheer wonder of it. Blessings, Sister, and looking forward to meeting you There:-)

    4. Thank you for sharing, Rebekah.

      Truly, after what you have been through and hearing you declare God's grace and forgiveness confidently, you know what Peter must have been getting at in 2 Pet. 3:18. Growing in grace, getting to know Christ personally more and more, especially in our trials.

      We are encouraged!

    5. Hey Charlie in DC, S Island.

    6. Hey Charlie in DC, Blessings. In re Psalm 37, amen and amen, surely. In my case, the net result is captured well by the character in the 2012 film running a pirate radio station out of his van by the reservoir, hooting' and hollering' with a sing: BRING IT!! while the métier does exactly that, Maranatha!

      Funny that, speaking of which, about 90' or meters, cant recall, passing .29 LD on 7/24/19, hmmm, so they say...DAHBOO77 YTC 10 hours ago 1:44

    7. ok. Meteor. and .92 LD, sigh

  25. The "day appointed" when the Goodman returns from His long journey.....

    From Nick VanderLaan (7/20)
    10min -

    We are in a time period to be checking the window for dad's return...especially within the Wheat harvest nearing the Festival of New Wine.

    Yes, there still is work to be done while we wait n watch. :-)

    1. Charlie in Sweltering DC, cool greetings. Psalm 37 has always helped me when I think how evil
      people seem to get away with all the evil they do. They even seem to prosper ! But God is
      watching and is angry with the wicked everyday. (Psalm 7:11). We need to be patient in so
      many things.

      President Trump has certainly taken a sledgehammer to the economies of Russia and
      China through sanctions and producing enough oil and gas to sell to countries that would
      much rather deal with the US than be under Putin’s boot.

      I have been watching for ten years for the actions Iran is now taking in the Strait of Hormuz.
      It’s a perfect storm of bad economies, resentment, and militaries all in the same place !

      The Red Dawn scenario is frightful to imagine but, thankfully, many Americans have
      exercised their 2nd Amendment rights (some many times over) and have enough retired
      military vets to fight back.

      I have never been to the airshow at Andrews Airforce Base, but President Trump gave me
      a good idea of what it’s like on July 4th and I’m sure our enemies were watching too
      as President Trump certainly intended.

      So, I shall keep watching and studying because all these events point to our Lord Jesus
      coming to get us soon. I think the Trib could be from 2020-2027 or 2021-2028. I am more
      inclined to the former and I do think things are going to get very bad for Christians in the
      US in particular. When the President needs to sign an executive order for Christians to have
      free speech at universities, you know things are really getting bad.

      Blessings to you and your pets.


  26. RE: Lunar Eclipse in the Month of Tammuz (aka the one on 7/17)

    ***This is interesting nonetheless***

    Ancient Prophecy of Lunar Eclipse: A “Sultan” Will Die Suddenly

    An esoteric Jewish source predicted that the lunar eclipse that passed over Jerusalem Tuesday night portends the sudden death of a “sultan” followed by great confusion and tragedy. The source, written over one hundred years ago, has proven to be shockingly accurate in the past, presaging the recent California earthquakes. Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King Davids Tomb on Mount Zion, personally witnessed the lunar eclipse that passed over Jerusalem on Tuesday night. “I was at the Kotel (Western Wall) and saw the full moon slowly covered in shadow,” Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News. “It was a powerful sight when it passed over the gold dome.”

    This is listed among some other juicy tid bits today @

    1. Very intriguing....

    2. 'CiD, Blessings. Saw that and, on the heels of things ME, ala Iran, gettin' scared straight outta Hormuz, et al, and that being pretty much the turf of Sultans, well, it doesn't require a formula to put those together, Maranatha!

    3. Ah Ha! The 'Sultans' of Swing" by the Dire 'Straits' C'mon, you can't be serious it was already predicted by a classic rocker.

    4. Wow...had to go back and look that one up. Interesting lyrics from 1978 and hmmm....
      G#1978--episemos--bearing a mark, notable
      H#1978--halik-a step

    5. ....they don't give a @@@@ about any trumpet, plain', band;
      its not what THEY call Rock 'n Roll.

      Then The Sultans,

      The Sultans, they play Creole'.

      Creole', Baby, Maranatha!

  27. Breaking!! Israeli Air Force takes out Iraqi Air base and Hezbollah and Iranian troops. Streamed 3:50 pm MT USA; Pastor Tim's channel

    1. I am not finding this this more of Tim’s special “intel” that will never be reported anywhere else ever?

    2. Funny Cheryl...I heard it FIRST here:

      From Israeli News Live (approx 4:45p EST)
      4min -

  28. New Paul Dawson video (REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM YTC)! It's been a while since he's posted a video and this one's really good! He shows what's going on in the cosmos leading up to the Feast of Trumpets this year, all kinds of two year patterns in scripture, current events prophecy updates, and more! I think Paul's one of the best when it comes to studying and communicating scripture as it relates to our soon-coming harpazo!

    "The Great Sign in the Heavens - Two Years Later" 49 minutes

    1. Gotta love Paul D. as he admonishes to "Keep your Rapture socks's coming and when it does, it's gonna slap this world in the face like a cold FISH on a wet winter's day!"

    2. Jeramiah, I saw your comment on Paul D."s channel and I hate to hear that you can't log in to post here, but I totally understand it as this is ONLY place I can post at. Once it gets messed up it's hard--if not impossible--to fix it. But just knowing you're still walking and watching with us is a huge blessing. Keeping you in my prayers, Brother:-)

    3. Yes Sheila, Jeremiah (Gods warrior) replied to my comment on the video and said "tell everyone Jeremiah said hey i miss and love everyone and I am keeping all in my prayers !" So everyone, Jeremiah says hey :) Praying for you too bro!

    4. Justin~Saw and included Paul Dawson's newest video in my latest article, Timeline of Events Leading to the Rapture:

      When you get a chance, please let me know what you think of my conclusions.

    5. Thanks Lyn, lots to chew on and process in your article for sure. Tim Henderson often says something to the effect of "we go up as 'it' comes down; though what the 'it' is I don't know." And JD Farag frequently make the contrast between 1 Thess 4:17 and 5:3 saying "be a 'we,' not a 'they!'" The whole idea of these natural (or "unnatural!") disasters around the time of our harpazo makes a lot of sense to me, and I certainly agree that the combination of these things explains the USA's absence in the Gog/Magog account. The possible 'one hour revival' narrative is new to me, and I'm quite excited by the prospect (though not the accompanying destruction of course). If I knew a major tsunami or other devastating disaster was imminent, I can tell you for sure that I would be more fervent and urgent than ever in sharing the Good News! As far as the order and timing of these potential disasters, I can't say for sure, but I will say this: through the years I've had more tsunami dreams at night than any other kind. I don't know that these dreams are spiritual/prophetic, but I have had numerous spiritual/prophetic dreams before. And the fact that I live on the east coast state of Virginia (though in the southwest part of the state) grabs my attention further. Anyway this was certainly another excellent, thought-provoking article!

    6. Thank YOU, Justin, for your input. It IS a lot to chew on and I've been chewing on it for years reaching out to the brethren for inspired and Scriptural insight and looking for confirmations. I too live on the East Coast but in NC. We used to live near your area in VA, though. I LOVE how beautiful God made Virginia! As you probably read, in my tsunami dreams I was warning people and the great wave washed over me but I had absolutely no fear. So whatever is coming, God has His people covered--Amen!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Ding Ding Ding Ding.....

    Greenblatt and US envoy Jared Kushner, who are heading the peace process, have both refrained from speaking of a “two-state solution.”

    Greenblatt told PBS that “The reason we do not use the term is that you cannot take a conflict as complex as this and boil it down to those three words... So we have avoided the slogan, if you will,” Greenblatt continued, adding that the plan does address Palestinian self-determination. “We have very carefully designed this plan to give everyone as much freedom as possible but without compromising on security for everyone.”


  31. For those who pull back when MANYFISH highlights the absolute connectedness and evil and intentional deception entwined in EVERYTHING around us including architecture, global capitols and their layouts, and such, will find this discussion clarifying.

    COVER-UP OF THE CENTURY: A Shocking Mind Boggling Discovery Hidden In The Grand Canyon Is Being Kept From The World And What It Is Will Confirm The Validity Of The Bible

    1. Hmmm... I don't know why specifically, but that interview reminded me of that movie "Cowboys and Aliens" that came out back in 2011. Have to see if I can find that again and give it another watch.

    2. Oh yes Jimbo!

      Steve Quayle: Ancient Egyptians in the Grand Canyon
      From Gary Stearman's Prophecy Watchers (July of 19)
      28min -

      Tom Horn: Trump, the Vatican and the Secret 3rd Temple Agenda
      From Gary Stearman's Prophecy Watchers (June of 2019)
      28min -

      The 50th Anniversay: If you believe .. they put a man on the moon.
      From Josh Sparrow
      3min -

      The 50th Anniversay: "space" is made in a hollywood basement (by the Red Hot Chili Peppers).
      From Josh Sparrow
      1min -

    3. It's hidden in plain sight but for those with spiritual eyes can see them....nowadays it is pretty darn obvious of where our "human species" has been recently, is now, and is heading....

      The YTC owner is a believer and knows fully well of where these beings came from and what their intent is on this Earth....

      US 'Men's' Soccer Team Wins Women's World Cup
      14min -

      Transworld Sports - The Future Has Arrived (15yo man competes in 2019 Womens Wimbeldon)
      6min -

      The Chemical Wedding (men becoming the all-in-one baphomet he-she-it)
      What is the real significance of marriage for Freemasons, Alchemists, and Kabbalists?
      16min -

    4. Another 50th Anniversary.....

    5. This is good:

      Conspiracy Against His Anointed
      From Charles Lawson (July of 2019)
      31min -

  32. Hey Guys, just incase some of you haven't seen SR Monette's (Steve) latest video, its worth the watch.

    YT CHANNEL: SR Monette
    TITLE: Trump Peace Plan. The 2-State Solution Cometh, Including The Wrath of God

    He basically mentions that Greenblatt has more or less officially proposed a two state solution, because Greenblatt, said "a one state solution would not work". He then lists off 4 big natural disaster events that occured within 2-5 days after the peace plan was discussed in private meetings, there were:

    Aug 24 2017 -
    Greenblatt, Kushner & others, met with israeli netenyahu to discuss the peace plan
    2 days later, Huricane Harvey - 144 Mile per hour winds. Hit Texas, then restrengthened and Hit Louisianna
    100 people dead & 125 Billion dollars of damage.

    Oct 5 2018 -
    Greenblatt met with several senator's to brief them on the status of the peace plan.
    2 days later, Huricane Michael Cat 5 - Florida coast -
    29 killed & 10 billion dollars of damage.

    Nov 3 2018 -
    Greenblatt met with netenyahu to discuss the peace plan in it's final form
    5 days later on Nov 8th, California was hit with the largest Wild fires in it's entire history.
    100 people killed, billions of dollars worth of damage.

    March 11 2019 -
    King Abdula of Jordan was in Washington to discuss the peace plan with Kushner, Greenblatt & Pompeo,
    2 days later, Nebraska & Iowa were with with a bomb cyclone which caused massive flooding throughout the midwest.
    Killed many farm animals, destroyed crops, and caused billions of dollars worth of damage

    This is proof to all who have eyes to see, that God ain't happy with this "peace plan" to divide his land.
    I pray that anyone who stumbles upon this great site, whose eye's cannot see we are in the final moments of the end of days, that their eyes are opened to the lateness of the hour, and they turn to Jesus for their eternal salvation, and the forgiveness of their sins, before the next big disaster hits.

    1. Jordan I got to view Steve's video earlier today ...thank you...Wow see the consequences of mingling in the affairs of the Lord with his Israel. And noticed 2 sisrers are exiting the YouTube community CM and speaking truth in love, Deborah, We need to pray for all community there is a lot of division and attacks. Well they have spent their time searching the word and encouraging many!

    2. Jordan~I've been keeping up with our Brother Steve Monette and included his video in the article I just posted yesterday:

      Back in 2017 I shared about William Koenig's book, Eye to Eye--Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel in this article:

      Since then, of course, Trump's Peace Plan has progressed and so we have the added list of catastrophes Steve shared and that you wrote above! Anyway, as I asked Justin, please let me know what you think of my conclusions as shared in my latest article when you get a chance♥

    3. Hi Lyn,
      It was another great and well written article, Thank you sister for pulling all of those sources together and I tend to agree with your timeline of events leading up to the Rapture.

      But personally I don't hold much weight in Byron Searle or Tim Foster.

      As you said, Byron Searle doesn't believe in a Pre-Trib rapture, and he seems to be a works based salvationist, i.e. "turn from your sins to be saved" , obviously we should turn from our sins, because we love Jesus, because he saved us while we were still sinners, but nowhere in the KJV bible, does it say "repent of your sins" - I think the closest a verse comes is: Acts 3:19-20 - "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you":, so personally I don't hold much weight in his dream's and visions. But as they, maybe I should just learn to eat the meat, and spit out the bones. :)

      I know many people (here and in YouTube-Land) like Tim Foster, and he does have some interesting views, but to me his belief that there are multiple raptures, doesn't sit well on me and I think I remember him saying that the Tribulation, might only be a few weeks or months long I cant remember exactly, but I remember thinking, how can he come to that conclusion, when all over the bible, we see 7 representing completion, we see that the 7 year famine in Joseph's time was proceeded by a time of abundance and plenty that also lasted for 7 years. He said "nowhere in the bible, are we told the tribulation is 7 years", maybe true, (I couldnt say for sure) but we are also told in Proverbs 25:2 - It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, and it is the honor of kings to search out a matter" and there are many little crumb trails that would lead one to believe, that the tribulation period is 7 years, split into 2 sets of 3.5 years. So after his view, that the Trib is not 7 years, I tend not to listen to him too much any more.

      I have seen that many people have had dreams about TIDAL WAVES & WAR hitting America / Britain, so I was nodding my head in agreement or (painfully shaking my head at the thought of what is very soon to be coming on a sleeping and a generally spiritually euthanized world.)

      And a big kickoff earthquake event in California seems to make sense too, seeing as even just yesterday, there were video's from Pastor Tim Henderson TITLE: "Sound the Alarm! Super Volcano forming in CA. We Fly Soon!!" so nicely caught there Lyn :)

      Also I seen another video by Dabhoo77 - Newly Discovered Asteroid Will Come Within 1 LD Of Earth On July 24th - which talks about an Astroid that will pass between the earth and the moon tomorrow (the 24th). So this would also backup your view about objects incoming from our skies.

      So all in all, a very good article, me thinks. So thanks again sister for taking the time to pull it all together. Exciting times ahead for us, the saved, HOPEFULLY VERY SOON. And Hardship & Frightening times ahead very soon for the unsaved.

    4. Thanks, dear Brother, for your take on my article♥ Although I have a Caveat Paragraph in the margin of my Blogsite, I inserted it within the article because I too do not agree with all of timfoster405's eschatology and views on salvation. I do believe there are those who are born again that have unScriptural mindsets but WHO AT TIMES HEAR FROM GOD CORRECTLY. That's my take on 1 Cor 13:12

      [1Co 13:12 KJV] 12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

      In my update today I also added Tim Henderson's latest video on the volcanoes, which I did not see until after I had posted my new article. Again, thanks Jordan!

    5. Lyn good article on pulling that all together in a possible scenario of how the events will play out that makes good sense. Honestly tho, my eggs are cautiously stashed and I can't with any specificity be telling those around me what's up next (thinking massive EQ), but I can assuredly warn them that the evidence of God's impending judgement is all around us in the natural, cultural and geopolitical arenas and I only know for sure that our Rescue will be right on time:-)

      I do agree that God can use the very stones if need be, but I'm with Jordan re B. Searle and T. Foster. Never been comfortable with those who do what I call "channeling" the words of Jesus in what are usually long and even at times rambling directives/letters. It just doesn't reflect the type of One on one convos that I see occurring with the Biblical prophets. And with Foster, his foundational views don't jibe with mine, so haven't kept up with him at all.

      But as always, you present a tight and sensible message with much food to chew on and a whole lot more to pray on. And TY for incl. our Brethren at Hanes Ministries. Those folks are so encouraging to the Body of Christ. I just love them and the awesome sound of that trumpet:-))

    6. Thanks Sheila--Truly the only reason I used Byron Searle's message was because it seemed to line up with what others have been shown. I love how this community is open and forthright with each other because I believe that is a Godly trait. I tried NOT to use timfoster405's mirrored video, but could not find the original. I guess I could have NOT used either person's material, but I like to be honest about the sources of what I am presenting, which causes me at times to have to emphasize my CAVEAT!
      I appreciate that you and Jordan both brought up the mistaken beliefs of these sources (which I was aware of--thus the CAVEAT)--Love and hugs to you both♥

    7. Love and hugs right back to you Lyn.
      I always love reading your articles, they are like a 10 minute refresher of all the video's it took me hours to watch to go through, so your service is very valuable to us all sister. :)

    8. Same to you, Sister Lyn! I just want to share what I woke up with this morning as it was such a sweet touch from our Father. I don't listen to much music these days at all unless it's just brought to my attn here and I've never even heard of this guy before. So to wake up with this song lyric in my head was a surprise to me, or should I say "for" me with the rough spiritual waters we are all trying to navigate. Give it a listen and I believe you'll find it's for all of us here. Blessings ALL:-)

      Jesse Dixon-Leavin' On My Mind (Live) --YouTube

    9. Thanks for your encouraging words, Jordan, you sweetie.
      Sheila--What you shared about not listening much to music these days goes along with exactly what I was saying to the Father very early this morning--Lord, I miss worshipping You with my family and with song. We haven't been doing our little home fellowships lately cuz my hubby asked if we could hold it in abeyance during this terribly busy season he is in.

      So as I listened to our Brother sing that song you shared, I wept tears cuz "I've got leavin' on my mind"....

  33. WATCH FOR _______ [Key End Time Puzzle Piece Revealed]

    We will know soon whether all these messages, visions, and dreams of the USS AL and USS RR + the fiery kick off event + the internal civi war + the invastion is all hokey pokey or the real deal....

    Thus, with his latest installment of his warning messages, we will know soon whether Jeff Byerly is a false messenger or not. Take heed of this warning, nonetheless. No dates, but the next domino is given::

    HolySpiritWind - Jeff Byerly
    Published on Jul 22, 2019

    18min -

    1. Hey 'CiD, as commented, above, whilst the who Jeff Byerly thing eludes me, if it is what I recall, and steered clear some time ago. Still:

      Newly Discovered Asteroid Will Come Within 1 LD Of Earth On July 24th DAHBOO77 YTC 1:44 .92 LD

      then there's Gigi @BLUEHEAVEN, oh my:



    2. Jimboni, brother ! Can I ask your opinion on something ? Can you or is it even necessary, to reconcile Manyfish’s newest video with this article at ?

    3. Archangel, Blessings. Ah, MF latest; Dynamic Duplicitous Dualities, Batman! One of Robin Williams' early album titles springs to mind: Reality, What a concept!

      Your challenge is a bit unclear as the article goes to great length to establish correlations but summarizes with nothing clear, simply lots of inference, which I rather resent as a weak, in-artful and lazy approach, personally, the depth of the data not withstanding. Still, I think I intuit your question, although I would point to other examples.

      Hmmm. I would posit the Q the other way around, seeking to reconcile that file with MF model, first. The clear unrepentence I have heard come from those lips informs me of the agency of the man in the office apart from any Salvation issue at hand. While the tactician in me smiles when the Grand Deception involves shifting the winds ala what may well be coming, in terms of earthly justice, it is still a farce and a folly to deceive, irrespective of its severity and report. It is suspenseful Wondering which Judgment will occur first, no? yet they both seem somewhat Driven by the same winds, to a degree.

      So, not really sure of the target I am shooting at but 'disguised as angels of light' comes to mind, alignment with the MF model of Fallen Transcendence Orchestrating much as Allowed of ABBA, ofc, so, again, opening higher insights. I suppose I simply see that outline of crazy details adding specifics to MF model and illustrating the spiritual warfare ala complexity which one CANNOT fathom or see or escape or have victory over, apart form Christ, alone, Maranatha! If I totally missed your Q happy to try again?

    4. Jimboni, brother, thank you for your insightful reply. All the 7s around Trump’s birth in relation to Israel becoming a nation again, and all the 7s regarding his inauguration astounded me in the Dailycrow article and then MF blows it to smithereens. It’s a difficult dichotomy for me to
      digest. I see the President helping Israel in ways no other President would even attempt. I just can’t see a wicked person doing anything to help Israel.

      I was highly shocked and extremely disappointed when the President violated the Commandment regarding using the Lord’s Name in vain at his recent rally. Exodus 20:7. No one gets away with that and he usually is very respectful when mentioning the Lord.
      I don’t think Paula White should be advising him about anything, most of all
      spiritual matters. Robert Jeffress would be a much better advisor.

      God can use anyone He chooses to accomplish His purposes. Indeed, His servants in the
      Bible weren’t perfect in all their ways. They had their flaws like we all do. It seems the Lord
      deliberately chooses the broken and abased to do His will.

      I can only imagine what MF had on Obama. I still find MF’s videos fun to ponder and will
      keep watching them. Maybe reconciliation isn’t necessary and I can learn from his teachings
      while not discounting the research at At the very least, they can potentially be
      sounding boards for each other.

      Thank you for your thoughts on this. God bless you and Maranatha !

    5. Archangel, you're welcome, ofc. While we know Our Lord Rebuked the illogic of the enemy spoiling his own house, so there's that, as you allude to, and yet, the coin bears 'from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks' side, with Pride clearly On that throne. For one in such high office to so mis-use The Name goes far beyond it slipping at a poker game.

      As He Is Not The Author of confusion, then, much like Gigi's recent Word about He Was In All The 717, it just didn't mean what those who attempted to take it over meant. In some spiritual-vegetable stew way, all the alignments in that article define the motorcycle as being a flashy ride, to be paid attention to, but where we go with it beyond that is very, very dicey. While perhaps a bit unkind in my framing, the non-summary summary of that article seems to support my point: ok, wow, but, what?

    6. Sorry, can't help myself. That article, like the Dailycrow piece and others detailing the Incredible links, remind me of the plans and history and crafting of The One Ring. Then, after all of that, it slips from a finger and slides into the mud, ripe with promise. The character of the one who ends up retrieving it will well be the fulcrum upon which the story further turns, no? The details linking the man, and the moment, and Israel, are beyond comprehension, and that tells us a lot. Lets us not confuse The Mastery Which Shaped Things To This Point with the identity of the individual who bent over and picked up The Ring, Maranatha!

    7. Charlie, I too saw that Jeff Byerly video, but I'm not familiar with his beliefs. I do believe there are Brethren who are born again but may have unScriptural beliefs. Their words from the Lord may or may not be accurate just like what I or other likeminded Brethren may share. This is confusing, of course, especially to young believers but there is always the human element (and what that human believes) that may get mixed in with what the Spirit of Christ is saying.

    8. Jimboni, brother, greetings ! In studying (there’s no better word for it) your replies, I am reminded of the joy and utter industry of crawling inch by arduous inch as if trying to escape
      the ever restraining quicksand of trying, somewhat feebly, to comprehend Edith Wharton and ending up so
      much richer and more enlightened at the conclusion of my inspiring journey.

      MF’s videos remind me of Agent Scully on the X Files trying to get Agent Doggett (so ill-suited for that job) to consider “extreme possibilities”. Yet, I choose not to close my mind off from MF’s obviously scrupulous detailed observations. I find MF’s assiduous study so expansive in its breadth grueling mentally to accept and unbearable to disregard.

      Many blessings to you and Maranatha !

    9. Archangel, thank you, smile. I am not making it any easier being a bit intentionally vague as this borders on the political and I do not want to entangle this page with that, so trying to be very general and not cite sources which go far beyond what you cite re POTUS as White Hat figurehead. In short, I was also confronted with the odd couple of (1) POTUS as a White Hat, everything pending there, perhaps supported by the incredible synchronicities of numbers with this person, Israel, et al against the MF model, esp as his dwindling patience makes him more overt, showing it as ALL being deception.

      Personally, a large part of my response is to hold both ideas in suspense, seeing truth in each, and awaiting HS and time to clarify/untangle. I think this is your place, also, so my apologies for failing to assist with that. However, years ago, in the maelstrom of feeling confused during the 'O' years, one snippet I encountered, which also has me leaning to the MF side, was that the extreme left of that tenure was not an end in itself, but, an intentional hard press on the collective psyche to allow for even MORE extreme movement to the right which would fail unless happening as a rebound to step 1. ORDO AB CHAO

    10. Hi Lyn (I am not choosing camps, just noting there seems to be two camps each having their own playlist).

      << Camp #1 >> the great escape happens BEFORE judgment (while stuff comes down) yet they don't mention anything about the other things and events we've all heard others hear/see/dream (false flag kick-off event, downing of ships, war w Iran, internal civil war, EQs, Tsunamis etc...). I could list a few personalities here but you know who says this.

      << Camp #2 >> the great escape happens POST/DURING judgment but BEFORE wrath (aka DoTL). There are several personalities warning to us to prepare to be ready to endure calamities BUT those who 'fully' trust in the savior will be taken care of... don't know if this includes a safety bubble for a tsunami/EQ/nuke strike or not.

      I don't know but I am watching, praying daily and working on my relationship with Him (can do better still). I am surely watching for the sinking of the AL soon. Everything is pointing to all out overt war (it has been going on for a while now, but no more political mumbo jumbo). Being so close to DC and within a 25mi nuke blast radius, unsure if I go then or in a tsunami wave...or do I get a safety bubble? Don't know.

      I can trust in the LORD. He has me in His palm(s). He shall deliver me. We need to have His peace which passes all understanding.

      Lastly, while we are looking/waiting for the Blessed Hope , there are Christian women all over the ME being raped for 8hrs before being stoned.... for their faith in Christ...hard to stomach and hard not to imagine we get to go without seeing/experience/enduring some final test(s) of our faith.

    11. Jimbo and Beltway brother,

      While everything with "T" is miraculous and numerically impossible yet it happened, to include his loyalty to Israel etc.....he is being pulled to do so for some great reward.

      I am with MF. T is being pulled by those who manage the Earth and its peoples. While not a globalist like others, T is an actor and will do anything for the lime light. Perhaps he has taken something (which he was told gives him eternal life) and he is no longer fully human (aka hybrid/AI/ etc) and thus, as the Simpsons have shown (with accuracy), Mr T winds up in a box.

      I will repost the recent Tom Horn interview with Prophecy Watchers

      Tom Horn: Trump, the Vatican and the Secret 3rd Temple Agenda
      From Gary Stearman's Prophecy Watchers (June of 2019)
      28min -

    12. Jimboni and Beltway brother, thank you both ! And no apology needed, Jimboni. I am very grateful to both of you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am going to watch the videos
      as soon as I get a moment. I confess to being greatly distracted today by the not unexpected
      sub par Titanic (bad not monumental) performance today of a certain person. I think the chaos started two Presidents before Mr. T and lead to the enormous swings to the left and
      right. I am reminded of the profoundly wise words of Barry Goldwater that “ extremism in
      the defense of liberty is no vice.” Believe substantiation is found in Eccl 10:2
      A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.

      Blessings to you and Maranatha!

    13. wowzers, lotsa twists and turns in the thread encountered unexpectedly upon returning, as well as elsewhere whilst about. Inasmuch as this seems to be the spot for such, prepare to done required metallic garbs and jaunt about a bit. 'CiD, immediately springing to mind as your post scrolls through my lenses is the HW & 'recovery' being entirely pre-planned to the biogenetics, et al, inclg, obviously, FA tech and Inter-Dim dynamics. T here is no challenge to seeing that one as that one, or not, but, hmmm. OK, now grab decoder ring sequence accordingly

      1st, just the facts, maam. Set 1: Gigi's most recent was jolting, if its still up. Lay it alongside Pastor TH several recent concerning intel re magma afoot in RoF BIG TIME, PNW in particular, and clearly meant to stay off radar. Set 2: Alleged BH Choppers whisking .01%-ers w/Fam from homes in SOCAL, et al, in large covert evac ala Deep Impact. 2nd source conf on that not witnessed, yet, surfing shortly.

      Meanderings. Well, 1st the obv, ala impending everything, duh; manifestation of the thinning veil, if you will, and various PTB reacting. Toss in good 'ol boy Nibiru and it would also fit perfectly as catalyzing planetary mass-driven magma engines, lubricating plates and having a party, well confirming things for those dialed in to very tightly gauge it, one of several such metrics they watch.

      Well, those BH's? My hspidey-sense (sorry Miguel P), and intel, color a variant possible along lines of one, or the other, or both, imagine that. Variant 1 is simple linear, it is as it appears, insiders get to safety, hold on just a moment, please, its about to get real. Play all the various ripples out as to various well-known groups/cabals/interests and possible responses, wow. Seems way too simple, for me.

      A spin I like, from the same flic cited, earlier, actually entangles this nicely with Byron's recent about impending civil volcanoes erupting. Side bar, but, the very same energy possibly embroiling the earth's fluids have been proven to have similar effects on masses of peoples and this is also well known by those who truck in such goods. (Very MF turf) So, AIWS, what better way to throw a perfectly targeted, 100% effective & multiplicative net? This is where it could get awful close to both, Archangel. Still, and I mean right now, as I type this, an operation, within an operation, within a larger move transpires and within the next 72 hours everything changes. Very reliable sources have communicated [wu] and I think we are watching it fly over, right now. Fireworks?

      Please, stand by, its about to get real: One way, or another.

    14. Eyes and ears at attention.

    15. ...only relevant detail I've spotted since was a N&SA research(?) plane flying at effectively ground level in LA, yesterday, since refusing to answer any Q's re purpose. MF highlighted today, pointing out that the area it traversed is the same area with all the EQ activity, which, btw, Pastor TH cited thousands of tremors within days there. All of that surely aligns with the above, quite possibly coincidentally, or not.

    16. Pastor TH's latest adding details re flight path of said plane being zig-zag over the Cascadia Subduction & San Andreas Fault zones indicating Ground-Penetrating Radar or ultrasound scanning. My guess is probing Magma flow as reported above. BH's mentioned, again. CM's latest, and unpacking's of her date menorah, by others, including myself, point to tomorrow for significance.

    17. I about need a decoder ring for some of the above, LOL, but something ominous is brewing for sure and tomorrow could be the reveal. Jolie's work on CM's menorah days is intriguing to say the the least. And 7/26 sure looks to be the next day to watch. If something happens tomorrow, then some of the little insights I've been given are converging as well. On Apr.21,
      I had the dream with the large 7-2-6 display roll up like you'd see on a slot machine. Then on July 2, I had the dream about the people in the Las Vegas Hotel Casino being warned by an angelic figure to not gamble with the Truth and a large explosion occurring out somewhere across the desert. I also heard that word about watching Recep Erdogan awhile back and now there's this unusual rumor or hoax of his death that just cropped up. (I personally haven't been able to find any actual sightings of the man in recent days, but he is reportedly out on vacation.) And there was that thing with the meerkat statues stationed on that castle wall not long ago and yesterday's Bing Art depicted a colony of meerkats on high alert and they are the epitome of watchfulness. So it's eyes open for me:-)
      Prayers up, Blessings and Maranatha!

    18. Ok this is weird, but I believe confirming to Colleen M's latest " Look up!! HIGHLY IMPORTANT!!! video as she covers what I was led to see and share in my last statement for July 19 posted above re Eph2:8-9 and the numbers for grace (5) deliverance (14) and faith (19). 5 + 14 = 19. Don't think it's a coinky-dink at all;-)

    19. Interesting....

      Russia actually helping Israel (not Iran or Syria)
      From Israeli News Live
      14min -

      Summary: Israel's Net and Russia's Put belong to the same club so both are bent on ridding other nations in order to usher in the n w o. Russia is giving Israel ways around the missile systems in Syria and Iran so Israel can do whatever they want.

      P.S. this nation of Israel is NOT the nation of Israel of the Bible. The leaders belong to an Earthly club and do not fear G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    20. I wonder if Russia used its Project Mercury weapon to cause the EQs in CA and elsewhere.

  34. Jimboni, et al,....I believe "dicey" accurately describes the current climate. In fact I've been praying a lot about the "diciness" of these days as the devisive lines are so boldly being drawn. So thankful to know Who it is In Charge of separating the wheat from tares and praying for discernment and wisdom daily as we walk in love, but avoid the snares. It's hard to believe how many are now going with strange doctrines and peeling off from the Firm Foundation into treacherous waters. I believe these are like those spoken of in (1 John 2:19 KJV) and another indicator of just how close we really are as they openly reject the sound Word of God for their own imaginations. I've seen some real lulus here in just the past week as the Finished Work of the Cross has been deemed inadequate for them. Reminds me of that dream I had back in March about the Apostle Paul-like figure climbing the rocky mountain in the midst of all of the pitted out places who was disappointed in the crowd below for refusing to accompany him up the mountain. Very sad thing to see, but Looking Up and fully trusting in our Blessed Hope! He IS Coming! Maranatha:-) Eph.2:8-10 KJV

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