Paul Dawson on The Great Sign - Two Years Later

Those who wait on The Lord will not be ashamed....(Hab 2:3). Well, we are certainly waiting and how great is it to know that we will not be ashamed. In the end we will surely not be ashamed over even 1 second that we spent activily waiting for / longing for / dreaming about the Lords return. Paul Dawson has been one of the most steadfast and encouraging watchmen and I am happy to share his latest video. In it he breaks down what is happening in the heavens and analyzes numerous day count connections in relation to the Revelation 12 Sign.

Here is Pauls latest video (48 min):

Michael Bond also has a new very in depth article out regarding a few often misunderstood topics, mainly the nature of salvation and heavenly rewards. It is an extremely in depth and comprehensive study with help analogies and a plethora of scripture references throughout. While we wait it makes all the sense in the world to study His word and learn all we can about where we are headed! Below is the link and God Bless you all...

Last but not least, our brother Acie Bureleson made it to the Grand Canyon! As requested, here is a video he has up on his Facebook Page of him completing his journey!!

Here is the video I first saw that I mentioned in the comment to Shelia below...very moving stuff!
(12 min):


  1. TY for posting both Paul D's latest and M. Bond's article clarifying our works in relation to accountability and rewards post-Salvation. It would seem that the verse he opens with (2Cor.5:10) indicates that the failures in this body does not separate one from their Redeemed status, but rather an opportunity for reward. So many out there just cannot or will not grasp that to be held accountable before Him for not making one's best effort to rightly use the eternal life He has gifted us with IS NOT the same thing as being condemned to hell for rejecting His Finished Work on the Cross.

    re Paul D's video..his work is as always so appreciated and yep, keep your Rapture socks On:-))

    Also, seeing the rumor mill has Recep Erdogan possibly being deceased from a massive heart attack on July 21 just before midnight. The Turkish govt is remaining silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying the reports, so that is something to watch. They say his vice and would-be replacement is avid Muslim Brotherhood as well, only without Erdogan's finesse, which I suppose would further add to the ME instability. And even if turns out to be false, just the fact that it's out there must be to stir the pot for some reason. Hmmm....

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Sheila - thanks as I wasn't aware of that...looking very closely to see if Erdogan re-appears this Friday (supposedly to release a new party strategy or something). Ryan

    2. thank you Sheila. Michaels article is so well done, it probably should have had it's own post but I have sort of dropped the ball this month, but I trust that God will lead every single person there that need to read those words and be enlightened and comforted.

      Did you see that Acie Burelson made it to the Grand Canyon this week? What a testimony, what a journey.... he made it to his destination, he shared his message, he warned so many people along the way. I just can't help but think that that fellows entire life is an analogy for the church. Lost then found. Called out, warned other, trusted.... and yes, completed his journey.
      As I watched his video from the grand canyon I could help but marvel at the depth of those gorges and pondering the immense amount of water it must of took to carve that rock. A lot of water all at the same time.... surely they were made from the great flood... I know that is the view of Answers in Genesis and it makes sense. Just another reason why God may have sent him remind us that we are in the days of Noah yet again and that the same power that carved those rocky gorges is about to reshape this world yet again....

    3. TY Brad for that update on Acie. I hope you can get some time to add that video to this post. Would love to see it here. Thanks for all you do in holding this fellowship together. Prayers up for you and the family. Trusting that Baby Josie is coming along fine as well as the other kiddos and you and mom are getting some rest:-)

    4. Videos are added Sheila! Thanks for the suggestion. All are doing pretty well at home, thank you for asking and for all of your continued prayers for us!

    5. TY Brad! So wonderful to see one man's 4 month walk of faith culminate in such absolute grandeur! And just imagine the Majestic Grandeur that our God-given walk of faith in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross is going to culminate in for all of us. To quote Acie "God has Done It! He got me here!! All on faith, He got me here!!!"
      Glory to God in the Highest, Hallelujah to the Lord, Amen!

  2. Thanks Brad. Each article, that gets posted here, there is always a little hopeful thought, that it might be the last one, we get through before being called home.

    It is so comforting to know, we are going home soon. Thanks for always coming up with a new article to keep us focused on the latest signs and wonders of our LORDS soon return. Blessings to you brother.

    1. Thank you Jordan. I am sorry it took so long for me to get a new post up this time. July seems to always be a very busy year for us around here... Every time I feel guilty or fall short I am comforted by the thought that Jesus has it all under control and each of us placed exactly where he wants us. Even our failures can be molded into his perfect plan. Oh what a great Savior and Friend we have in Jesus. I so wish that everyone knew him in the way that we do. It breaks my heart to think that so many people roll their eyes when his name is sincerely shared, or worse yet only speak his name when using it as a cuss word. This world is not our home though, and I pray that soon very soon we will be beside him in perfect peace for ALL TIME. How great will that be!! It really is just a short time away!! His great signs testify to that fact!! Love you brother!!!

  3. I really apreciate the Bond article. So good.

    When we see seemingly conflicting scripture, we should dig deeper to find how both can be true in the bigger picture. We need look no further than a functional family unit to understand how our Father feels about us. And how we should respond. An expectant, loving parent will feel a surge of love at first sight, which never goes away. The baby needs constant providence and gentle guidance to thrive. As she grows, we can hope that she will accept wisdom and be willingly compliant and helpful a good bit of the time. We don’t expect perfection. If he is strongly self-willed, we still love him, but are concerned for his safety and well-being. Not because we’re on a power trip, but because we want only the best for them. We’d appreciate an acknowledgement when they know they’ve done wrong—again not for our own sake, but as a step in their growth toward maturity. Family life is an excellent learning lab. It’s so kind of our heavenly Father to give the broad hint about His Own Heart right here in ours.

    1. Such a true analogy, CY! Our Father's intended design for the family unit as expressed in His Word is the Perfect example of His never ending Love for us. And where have you been, Sister? I think about you often and have really been missing your unique wit and always inspiring words. I started to post an APB on you just yesterday and got sidetracked by the shenanigans of the grandson. His 7 yr old mouth is beginning to get ahead of his brain and mean ol' granny is having to back him up a bit. But in seeing you've popped in today, it looks like our Father was already on it:-D
      May He bless you richly and hoping we will be meeting very soon:-)

    2. Aww, thanks Sheila. I'm pulled in one too many directions with Mom in nursing home needing much more comfort and care than they can reasonably provide. But I trust that each phase of life and circumstance teaches us something we needed to know.
      If I ever compile a dictionary, I'll put your picture next to 'encourager.'

    3. CY...Praying for your mom and you as her caregiver. I've been there a couple of times and I know it's definitely not an easy phase, even though as you say, we do profit from such experiences. And don't be compiling any dictionary til after we get our glorified bodies. It'll make for much prettier pictures, LOL. But thank you for the kind word there and ALL Glory to our Lord Jesus from Whom our encouragement flows:-) Maranatha, Sister!

    4. That reminds me of our passport pics taken a few years ago which had criminal overtones. The man told us not to a few years they would look pretty good to us. (Didn't happen.) But what a lovely thought to have a yet future countenance better than ever before.

  4. Oh, Good! I get to be the Lucky Number! Wow, in light of my share, and Mr. Baggins being #14, and all, and that being Passover and so much more, oh, go watch the videos!

    So, nvm the NC flic back on the other channel, isn't anyone else on the dial with CM lately? Her last 3-4 like the Authority Of the Nail series but to an Entirely New Level. Putting that on the table with the other stuff, and the incredible Heart Unpack of Sister Jolie she shared? And now, with the final ribbon on the package 5+14=19? Eph 2:8; ROM 10:17; Speechless, I'd leave the calendar open for the weekend....

    1. I feel your excitement brother, and I am totally goodbwoth this weekend being outta here. Oddly about an hour ago I was wondering why the numbers 4 and 14 were so prevalent in my day.

      Had a dream recently. I was at a strip mall and tornadoes began to appear. Lots people around. I counted 6 tornadoes at once. Most people just acted unaffected. I was worried for them. Finally one girl got in the back of my car. She was confident in her safety. Her friends were not willing to get in. I felt like the dream was just a manifestation of my current world view. Just sharing for fun.

    2. WOW...I can easily say that Jolie Story's video is quite unlike any other watcher's video I've ever seen! It takes the numbers/dates Colleen has been given and makes a very unique presentation pointing to July 26. I suggest watching Colleen's video "One more time! Pt 2. More Revelations!" as an into to Jolie's video, especially if you're unfamiliar with Colleen. Then watch Jolie Story's "Let’s Go Home!!" I'm praying for continued discernment, but I think we have a potential Holy Spirit bombshell here. In any case we'll see what comes of July 26/27 soon enough! :)

      Colleen's video (5 minutes):
      Jolie's video (13 minutes):

    3. Jimboni, I've been staying on top of the CM/Jolie thing and even drawing the heart graph out with her, just kinda holding my breath, especially after watching the 5-14-19 thing tonight which I just commented about on the other thread and pointed out that my final comment on that thread for "July 19th" involved the exact same thing, (or formula) that she is pointing out re Eph.2:8-9 and I just found that to be more confirmation for what she is sharing with us on her latest video. Some amazing stuff, guys! Blessings and Looking UP!

    4. IKIKIKIKIKIK The Lord and Father Showed me that date beforehand. Did you catch my comments B4 I watched the Jolie video? Let's be VERY CLEAR, a Holy Spirit Directed, artistic rendering of the numbers from CM's event dates, each also given in advance, over several weeks, making a menorah, but slightly rearranged for Jolie's work, form TWO DATES: (1) Gregorian Date and (1) Hebrew Date. A Beautiful rendering, very profound and mathematically intricate yielding very different numbers yet clearly resulting in these TWO DATES which are THE SAME DAY, TOMORROW. Then further buttressed by her latest and my find of confirming verse specific to as well. I lean more to an Opening Act in the closing Movement but SOMETHING, Surely, Maranatha!

    5. Oh, and then, ofc, myself and others seeing other, less complicated patterns affirming or pointing to the same day(s) via a different path as well, oh my.

    6. It is my opinion that the Rapture can only occur at an appointed time on Feast of Trumpets.

    7. Jimboni, I did see your b4 and after comments there and I too had been thinking that 7/26 would naturally be the next day in the progression to keep a close eye on before watching Jolie forming the graph, but I didn't think about the 4 points door formation.

      I also noticed one of Colleen's regular "rebukers' questioned how this is any different than RaT's timeline.'s different on numerous levels, but the MAIN one being that it Glorifies our Lord rather than the "prophet" and points straight to the Gospel of Grace we are given in Eph.2:8-9. (No stuffed Rapture roosters needed). It does not claim to give us the date of the Rapture, but rather re-inforces FAITH in Him and His Perfect Timing and works to keep us on our toes, which is very encouraging!

      I awoke this morning from a dream of watching a strong EQ occur on TV in real time, like at a news station or something, then heard the words "Old Crusty is on the move". Then I heard a Fox News report first thing this morning about more unexplained explosions and flashes being investigated in Tempe, AZ. They haven't found the source yet, but the police say they don't believe they are man-made.

      And the Alphorns will be blowing today thru the 28th from the Swiss Alps for the Int'l Alpenhorn Festival which is kind of interesting. I listened to "Amazing Grace" being played on an Alphorn from a mountaintop this morning and it was quite beautiful:-)'re certainly not alone in that opinion. I was set on that same viewpoint for many years, but after what I've seen and learned over the last couple of years, I don't even pretend to know what DAY the RAPTURE will occur on, but have decided it's just best to be expecting Him on a day to day basis without any restrictions re His Perfect Will in relation to my own (now proven) fallible understanding. Could it be on FoT...maybe, or could it be before then...yes it could, imho (and I so hope it is:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

  5. We aren’t going to be told the day or hour, so anyone claiming the Holy Spirit is telling them any such thing is false. We are told to watch and pray.

    1. Cheryl, please see my comment above. No one is saying they are being told the Rapture Date, but they are saying we are being given things to WATCH for and PRAY about and that what they have been shown points to the Gospel of Grace and the necessity of FAITH in the Finished Work of the Cross per Eph.2:8-9. If you haven't watched their videos from that perspective, you mind find it to be truly encouraging:-)

    2. arrgh..."might" find it to be truly encouraging..."

  6. Hey Family. I was so upset by Scottie Clark's last fb post. He denounced Rev 12 Sign,. Also posted quit saying ac's of salvation too childlike. My heart is breaking I spent hours and hours in 2017 he taught me so much.

    1. Unfortunately I think Scott Clarke has given himself over to a religious spirit, which I'll explain more below.

      First of all, I had to do a little digging on his FB page to find where he denounced the Revelation 12 Sign as you said. In the comments under his post about "prophecy ministries" and "prophecy updates" he was asked, "Are you now denying the Rev12 sign?" and he responded, "I do not deny what is written in the bible, but that is not going to happen before the rapture. And it is not the rapture itself. That was all a flawed interpretation. The child is not the body of Christ. I got that idea from some 'theologian'. And he is wrong," and later added in another comment, "The rapture is not in the book of Revelation." Well actually "harpazo" is in Revelation 12:5, and it's astounding to me that he's now denying the overwhelming evidence that the Sign occurred in the cosmos on 9/23/17, as well as the rock-solid biblical case that the child is in fact the church, all part of a parenthetical section of Revelation. Anyway I'm not surprised at all about Scott's turn, as he had deleted most all his YT videos on the Rev 12 Sign, and clearly has his focus elsewhere, which is fine.

      Back to the religious spirit point. To illustrate, in another recent FB post he addressed modern Bible translations changing the KJV "thee/thou/ye" to simply "you." He said, "The old English pronouns are very important and are not to be taken out of God's word. They are there intentionally because they denote singular and plural context critical for doctrine and understanding," and uses the born-again example from John 3:7 KJV: "Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again." Scott's assertion is that "thee" is for addressing an individual, as Jesus to Nicodemus here; and that "ye" is a plural nominative, used here to say that Israel as a whole must be born again, not individuals. The problem with Scott's assertion is that the original Greek word for "ye," even from the textus receptus that the KJV is translated from, is frequently used as a singular nominative in dozens of scriptures (do an interlinear search of "hymas" and see for yourself). And that's just one symptom of the heart of the problem: with all respect to KJV-only brethren, it truly is a religious spirit to claim that the KJV is the only inspired translation of the Word of God. There's nothing biblical to support that claim; it's purely religious! The same applies to his criticism of the ABC's of Salvation, which is simply another way of stating the same gospel he believes as presented in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. It's a religious spirit that gets overly-bogged down with semantics and doesn't leave much room for the Holy Spirit's illuminating our hearts. And while I believe in "rightly dividing" and many of the overall tenants that right-dividers preach, there is sadly a religious spirit that accompanies many who teach right division, and I believe they carry it to unintended extremes in scripture, as seen here. My two cents.

    2. And while I'm ranting about right division, Stephanie at Unsealed posted one of the best articles I've ever read on "rightly dividing" a while back; I encourage everyone to check it out if you haven't:

    3. I appreciate your saying this, Justin. I wasn't really familiar with Scottie. I think a translation that is closest to the original languages are a good thing, as a translation to me is preferable to a paraphase. I liked what you said about the KJV and the thee and the thou ... I always thought it was used in a cultural context, as in George Washington's day they wore white wigs. It seems the concern is of editors/publishers changing words in the bible. For example, Hebrews 10:14 ESV For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are "being" sanctified. Whereas, the KJV has "are" sanctified. Maybe this is nikpicking because people emphasize one word or a verse, etc. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    4. Thanks Cathi, I agree with you about translations vs paraphrases, especially for serious study (though personally I'm not against paraphrases for basic devotional reading). As far as words being changed, all our English translations are translated from Hebrew and Greek manuscripts; I know a lot of people who think modern translations simply took the KJV and modernized it, which is not true at all. I actually regard the modern translations (ESV, NIV, NASB, etc) as more reliable, because they're translated from much older manuscripts than the Textus Receptus, which the KJV was translated from. The idea is that older manuscripts were written more closely to the time of the original documents and hence more likely to be more accurate, and less accidentally changed from the original documents in the process of hand-copying. The KJV-only folks will often counterpoint that those older Greek documents are less reliable than the Textus Receptus, and they'll say that the reason they were so well preserved through all those years is because they were uninspired and hence less read. I think this whole argument of KJV-only or not misses the point that it's the Holy Spirit's illumination of God's word on our hearts that leads us to truth, not the Bible translation itself. People can make the case for some translations being better than others, but the truth is that translation is by nature an imperfect science, and we must rely on a perfect God and His Holy Spirit to extract His truth from scripture, regardless of the translation. Even with imperfections and minor differences between the texts, the English translations we have today are still excellent and reliable and trustworthy, moreso than any other ancient writings, by far! So as far as words being changed, I see it more of an issue of how it was translated from the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, if that answers your question.

    5. Very great thanks Justin for your great explanation! In the past I talked with KJV-only folks for some time and read their stuff, it seemed quite logical to me. But very soon their conclusions from the Bible study began to bother me, and I prayed earnestly to the Lord – show me where's my path really. I was praying quite long and simply opened the Bible to look if the Lord shows me already. And it was Gen 19! I studied this Chapter diligently. And I realized that the Lord takes me completely away from there! Lot had to run to the mountains, not to the next town indeed! O my, it was so on time! I then thought that it was some kind of cult, I saw them somewhat in my Christian life. Many cults can be seen almost immediately, but this took study and prayer! And you say this is "religious spirit point"! Studying your posts now! Very much blessings to all our Family! Come Lord quickly! Maranatha!

    6. Well, Justin...all I can say is I hope Scottie C. realizes the evidence of the Rev12 Sign which DID appear over Jerusalem on 9/23/2017 was not given to him to disperse or retract on his own whim. And If not him, it would have been given to someone else to broadcast that information, but Praise our Heavenly Father, it WAS given to others--like Paul Dawson for example--to do the astronomy research for themselves and bear witness to the record of that Great Wonder in Heaven's appearance through the use of Stellarium and other astronomy programs that were providentially made available in their due time. Our God knows our every breath and move before we take or make it, so He ofc is not taken by surprise at the enemy's attempt to sew the seeds of doubt and He has amply provided us with more than enough witnesses to that Glorious Fulfillment of His Word:-)
      Blessings, Brother and Maranatha!

    7. Alla, thanks sister, blessings!! That's a great story. It's interesting, many KJV-only folks do emphasize things I agree with; for instance many of them teach on rightly dividing and dispensations and similar topics. I just happen to believe you don't have to read the KJV only to reach those same conclusions. There are KJV-only teachers I really love, such as brother Robert Breaker.

      Sheila - Amen!! That's the beauty of the Revelation 12 sign, that while it was discovered and studied by Lu Vega and Scott Clarke and Paul Dawson and others, technology allows any of us to confirm it and see it for ourselves! Earlier in 2017 I used a post on this blog to learn how to download Stellarium and view the Revelation 12 sign myself, as has thousands of others. I studied it for myself and became absolutely convinced of the overwhelming evidence, and it is kind of sad to see Scott going down a path where he's now denying an obvious truth. I mean ultimately it's not a salvation issue or anything, but it's still sad.

    8. Thank you Justin for your remarks, agree with. Sorry, it's hard to me to read more English Bible translations, i'm getting confused with. English isn't my native language, it's Russian, and second native is Ukrane, and then comes German, I'm here much better than English, and then comes English. I understand even not all video stuff, only when speak is clearly. Russian translation is very false really, and I ought sometimes translate Bible passages, to give daily outlines to my husband, son, and father, and some Brothers and Sisters in Christ here. But I'm looking sometimes for Hebrew and Greek words. So I read KJV not because of KJV-only folks, but I got used to this translation, and I understand it well. Sometimes are coming to me the teens with one of my Sister in Christ, and I ought to use German Bibles, they understand only this. Sorry for long story, and great thanks for all posts of all ouf Family! Much blessings!

    9. That's great Alla, thanks for sharing! And to be clear I have nothing against the KJV Bible (even if it's not my preferred English translation); my only problem is with the idea that KJV is the only valid translation. Recently I heard of someone who said "the King James Bible is what Jesus and the apostles used, so it's good enough for me!" I hope we can appreciate the humor of that, lol :D

    10. Justin I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. A personal experience of my own might shed some light. When I was 28 (a very long time ago), I was backslidden and hadn't given any scripture a thought since I was 16. However, Father God in His great mercy, decided that was enough of my foolishness and sent an earthly angel to ask a poignant question, "Sherry do you know who Jesus Christ is?". This began my floodgate study and return to the Feet of Jesus. After growing up reading and being aware only of the KJV I set out in Watertown, Wisconsin where we were working to find a Bible. I was only vaguely aware there was anything available other than KJV and for 3 days I found nothing. The property we were short-term leasing had only a Hebrew Bible (I'd later recognize the humor in this since most of you know my love of and fascination for the Hebrew language). After 3 days of searching I found only The Book - a paraphrase, the Living Bible, marketed in paperback with a title which they deemed would be unoffensive to anyone and might actually be read by Unbelievers. I can attest to you I read it from cover to cover and have rarely been more greatly blessed. Holy Spirit used what many believe to be an imperfect instrument to set my feet back on the path of Christ, Abba Father and Holy Spirit. Do I recommend it for deep study? Only, if that is the version Holy Spirit chooses in any given circumstance. What this event showed me without any hesitation or doubt, is Abba Father by His Holy Spirit is totally capable of utilizing the imperfect words in any translation or transliteration to bring Glory and Honor to His Name. Yes, our spoken and/or written words are imperfect, but God can and does overcome all those obstacles whenever He chooses. Blessings - Sherry

    11. Amen, Sherry! As I've said before I do love my KJV, as that is what was gifted to me to learn on, but you are exactly right...when it comes to HIS Word, He is most capable of dispersing it to whomever however HE knows best. And ya'll...when I cite the KJV with my Scripture refs, it's because that wording is what is working in conjunction with my particular thoughts, not because I think it has to work for anyone else that way. That and I just love the sound of the old language.
      So glad to hear from you, Sherry. Always missing your wisdom, but keeping you in my prayers and thoughts and often think about that Tree we'll gather under to chat about things as yet unimaginable. Until then, be much Blessed, Sister:-)

    12. Thank you Sherry, that was a great testimony indeed! I echo what Sheila said that it's always great to hear from you!

  7. nolongerlukewarm we must be extra vigilant in these last days. Do not trust anyone, but be a Berean & test everything against Scripture. Scottie has also said that we do not need to be born again. I totally disagree. We must be born again.

    1. It's like witchcraft.

      I didn't read much of it made me ill but he is pointing to something as mystery. Not sure.

      I remember listening to some preacher saying that often when someone goes too Jewish, ofte in case of study they often become covered by not so good spirits. He is example. Praying for him.

      Not watch prophecy. That's like not watching for Jesus. He is the spirit of prophecy not Scotty.

      Hat mysteryis he hinted at but it saying? Did anyone catch it?

    2. nolongerlukewarm...I haven't seen that, but I am not surprised. A lot of people are being deceived right now and a lot of hearts are being revealed right now. True colors are coming to light as we are seeing 1 John 2:19 KJV in action and many are being carried off with them into strange and perverse doctrines. We pray for these who were not actually born again to change their minds while there is still time, but we need not despair as we trust in our Lord, who in His Foreknowledge knows those who truly belong to Him and what needs to be done to get those adrift Home to Him.

      Re the Rev.12 Sign, while Scottie may have been used to widely reveal the significance of that event, it's my understanding that our Brother Lu Vega had revealed his findings on the Great Wonder in Heaven some time prior to Scottie's launching it across the internet. Perhaps Lu, or someone more in the know could comment on this to clarify.

      The point is God's Word, Wisdom and Revelation belongs to no man, but He can use whomever however He chooses to get His message out. So we can just be thankful for what we did learn from Scottie and pray for him in hopes that he is just another one of those sheep that has wandered off, knowing if that is so, our Beloved Shepherd WILL go track him down and get him back into the Fold.

      Knowledge is a tricky thing that the enemy is so dreadfully adept at using against us by appealing to our pride nature as the original Fall so dramatically attests to. Given by our Lord God Almighty, it's wonderfully enlightening, tends to humble us in complete awe of Him and serves to draw us even closer to Jesus Christ. But when sought after on our own steam, it is easily corrupted and twisted into dangerous and prideful imaginations that can lead us far astray. So we just pray without ceasing for each other and for Holy Spirit discernment while comparing EVERYTHING with His Written Word and resting in His Grace, Amen:-)

      Blessings and Looking UP!!!

    3. PART I
      You rang? ;)
      I heard my name so I see there is a question? I take it some or many want to know if I was the ‘1st’ to discover the Rev 12 Sign phenomena? Well, it will be a long answer. I do not know for sure as others claim to be and I have been asked this question before. All I can say, have said and will is that I can just provide my evidence and leave it at that. For me, the issue was and is a non-issue as I saw beforehand what this would end-up as first mentioned to Brad when he set-up this site…and I did not want any part of ‘circus’. It became an ugly ego display of selfishness on the part of many. Not that one is ‘holier than thou’ or is ‘above’ critique but I was led not to engage nor justify myself. I could have made videos and jumped in that way but the LORD forbid me to do so that way. I am a very private person and did not want to even post nor write about my private devotion/studies and ‘put it all out there’. Seeing that English was not my 1st language and I did not really know how to ‘write’…sill do not, lol made worse by my dyslexia…did I spell that right?

      In my case, my ‘journey’ started with the study of the Tetrads around 2008. I am an amateur Astronomer on the side, Statistician by work and love the study of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. I love prophecy and like to study patterns and ancient archeology, etc. The Rev 12 phenomena was just 1 of many topics I have studies on as noted on my webpage, As the last Tetrad was to end in 2015 on Sukkot with the Super Blood Moon, I wanted to know what the sky or Signs would look like during that time over Jerusalem. The Sun was to be in Virgo and it appeared to be that of Revelation 12. In fact, my studies from that point took me to actually ascertain that it was Venus, then Saturn and then Jupiter that would be passing through the ‘womb’ of Virgo. I saw a ‘gestation’ and ‘birthing’ pattern that not only alluded to Christ but the coming AntiChrist, etc. See 1st posting publicly made here:

      I first started to post only my charts without a write-ups so anyone ‘finding’ or searching for such a topic was very limited and also with Google algorithms then. In 2010, I posted my first Eclipse Series timeline from 2007-2023 and then further studies on the Red Dragon Anomaly and so forth…I first posted these on my University Staff Profile webpage when I set that up around 2008. It was later taken down and censored. See evidence from Way Back Machine archives as proof:

    4. PART II
      When I was a contributor to the Rapture in the Air Now forum, I would post such general assertions and how with Jupiter it would have a retrograde in Virgo in 2017. At that time Scotty was also a contributor and many ideas were exchanged. He later left the site and it was from that point forward that he went to the video format, mostly. I only had one email contact from him as he mentioned that he was using my charts in his videos. He then later configured some of his own charts off of my template format or likeness. No problem although some called him out on that and he stated that ‘his were more accurate’. My 10-year study of the Rev 12 from different angles was complied in a book that can be downloaded for free, of course from my perspective and interpretation.

      Anyway, others jockeyed for the title of who was 1st, whose on 2nd, 3rd… and that it was going to be the Rapture Event. My concern was that many just jumped on the bandwagon -on both sides and it became a ‘journey of discovery’ in real time, public through YouTube. As to my take, well, it became an idol to some and it trumped the Word of GOD. In some instances, borderline heresy was being interjected. When I tried to sound the alarm, I was not really listened to as I sensed many in this age and time have been susceptible to that ‘itching’ and turning to doctrines of men and so on that the Word specifically states would be also an accompanying Sign of the Last Days, so true, even now.

      My take is that what many have now realized is what should have been the premise from the start. However, the same are now on to other doctrines that are being refuted by Scriptural doctrines themselves…like what does being ‘Born Again’ mean and the like. Very disturbing. And this with the constant barrage of perpetual Rapture date-setting almost every week. It is one thing to postulate, think about, share or draw attention to a study or idea. Nothing wrong with that, as I do that but which should be stated, ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, ‘it appears’, etc.

      But when one states emphatically, ‘The LORD told me’, ‘Jesus appeared to me and said.’ And it does not occur, that ‘revelation’ and/or teaching is not of the Holy Spirit and should not be continued to be entertained nor listened to. Sure, one can speculate on the timing of the Rapture, but it should come from Scripture, based on Scripture and not become an ‘idol’ that the Rev 12 Sign phenomena did or in other Rapture specific date-settings. For example, I just finished a study on the very possible timing of the Rapture Event, if it is predicated on the reverse order of Pentecost from a study on Acts 2, but again, pure speculation.

      Anyway, long answer, sorry. :) My take of the Rev 12 Sign? It was and is a Sign. We must continue to watch and wait, pray and witness and be, being occupied until He comes. It is not that much longer. Hope this sheds some perspective to not make ‘idols’ of our understandings or studies/charts but keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of one’s Faith based on Biblical sound doctrine already taught.

      Luis B. Vega

    5. Thank you Lu, that was a very interesting read! Big amen to your points at the end about all the recent date-setting and claiming "thus saith the Lord" authority; it really has gotten out of hand. Continually watching, and I'll be reading your Pentecost article when I get a chance. Maranatha!

    6. Agree, Justin - very interesting. Thanks Lu for responding.
      Justin, Lu's comments on those who say the Lord said, came to them in a dream/vision on a rapture date ties in nicely with the importance you stated of remembering the Holy Spirit inspiration​ of the Word of God in speaking to a person through His Word as the emphasis.

    7. TY Lu for responding with that clarification and a definite AMEN! to your conclusion, Brother. I was one of those who truly had high expectations of the Rapture occurring in conjunction with the Rev 12 Sign, and though disappointed when it didn't, I was actually calm about it as
      I saw the beginnings of what has turned out to be a most awesome journey forming and I wouldn't trade this Fellowship that has grown out of it's aftermath for anything short of that meeting with our Lord Jesus Christ in the air, itself. Our God has been so good to keep us encouraged and hold us close to Him as we've adhered to Prov.25:2 along the way while keeping our faith rooted in our Savior's Finished Work on the Cross. I've been given so much from so many and am truly thankful. Blessings All and Maranatha!

      P.S. Lu, if you're dyslexic, I would never have known that from either your writings, or your command of the English language. Both are excellent imo:-)

    8. Lu~Thanks a TON for your long answer! It was well said! And I can't wait to check out all the helpful links you shared♥

      By the way, it was very impressive that you spelled "dyslexia" correctly!

  8. Charlie in DC~Just noticed your July24 Comment to me in the last post regarding the "2 Camps".

    << Camp #1 >> the great escape happens BEFORE judgment (while stuff comes down). . .
    << Camp #2 >> the great escape happens POST/DURING judgment but BEFORE wrath (aka DoTL). . .

    There are, I believe, three main reasons why there are 2 Camps:

    1--We only see in part (1 Cor. 13:12).
    2--What a Brother or Sister believes about WHEN the Rapture occurs can affect the message they bring forth AND
    3--What a prophesying Brother or Sister believes about the definition of WRATH and/or JUDGMENT affects the message as well.

    There are many brethren who are seeing into the spirit realm the coming DEMONIC NWO ELITE ACTIVITY and calling it judgment from God (this may be the case with Byron Searle and Jeff Byerly). Some believe the coming tidal wave(s) are judgments from God while some believe they will be caused by advanced technology.

    My thinking is If God causes it, I would categorize it judgment/wrath. If caused by technology, then it would NOT be judgment/wrath. Therefore, if the fiery event or the tsunami are caused by man pushing buttons, we MIGHT still see it. If from God, we're definitely outta here.

    "Before war comes to America, I believe God—IN HIS GREAT MERCY—will allow Her to experience some type of national calamity. . . It is my suspicion that since the United States must be destroyed for the New World Order to arise, they will use this fallen angel technology to bring down our beloved nation." [excerpt from my article]

    My concern is IF there IS a national catastrophe and the Bride is still here, many will believe the Rapture will be Mid-Trib or Post-Trib when in reality God has "dropped His shoe" (or totally lifted His hand of favor off America) and will allow a very, very brief awakening/revival just before a Pre-Trib Rapture.

    As you have said, we shall soon see if all these dreams and visions are correct or not. It will be interesting to keep watch of the USS Abraham Lincoln since Jeff Byerly said, "The sinking of the Abraham Lincoln is the missing puzzle piece from [a previous prophetic word]. This will come before the fiery kickoff event." [Taken from his video:]

    Here is the snippet from the word he gave regarding this naval ship:

    "America, there is no coincidence concerning the names of the ships Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan they will suffer the same fates as their namesakes. When you see this you will know that all that I have spoken is true and that the complete destruction is coming to the once greatest nation of all." [excerpt from]

    I do not agree with Jeff Byerly's and Byron Searle's beliefs about the timing of the Rapture and of judgment. However, they might be seeing SOME THINGS accurately. What parts are correct we shall see.

    Charlie, I really appreciate what you wrote--"I can trust in the LORD. He has me in His palm(s). He shall deliver me. We need to have His peace which passes all understanding." Amen.

    1. Good point Lyn-

      There may be a difference between the man-made and the God-mad calamities (and the timing of transformation events). Brother James provides some clarification from the Bible (re: hail stones and coals of fire).

      New from James Smith
      Hail stones and Coals of fire! Escape the exceedingly great plague!
      24min -

      Summary: choose this day who you will serve, time is short, is Jesus your savior from what is coming?

  9. I wonder if Russia used its Project Mercury weapon to cause the EQ in CA and elsewhere.

    1. Archangel-

      Amazing these EQs could be man-made and targeted to a specific location.

      Repost from prior R12 posting (same source as yours, a little more recent with some more details)

      We have not heard a bleep about the Russian sub incident. BUT if legit, this intel may explain some things (like how close we really are to an open-faced ww3).

      July 6, 2019
      Russia Hints Earthquake Weapon “Active” As 7.1 Trembler Strikes California

    2. Also Archangel,

      Some of the recent info on this site is quite alarming. Knowing there is disinformation out there, but we also have the fake news and lame MSM. I am inclined to lean more on these independents.

      The story about the 16 marines and seal teams is shocking, but it connects with the recent booting of the usn admiral from the pentagon and the recent army helicopter display this last week here in dc.

      Re: Iran vs US (BTW, Iran wins)

      According to this report, and not being told to the American people, one of the greatest existential threats to dominant United States military power in the Middle East emerged on 2 February 2019—and was when Iran announced their “Strategic Leap” development and deployment of their Hoveizeh Cruise Missile having a range of 1,300 kilometers (800 miles)—which needs only a very short time for its preparedness and can fly at a low altitudes allowing it go undetected by most radar systems—and a little over a fortnight later, on 17 February 2019, saw Iran further unveiling their home-built fleet of submarines able to launch cruise missiles, too—of which the Iranian military has thousands, if not tens-of-thousands, of in their arsenals.

      As to why the United States has arrayed against Iran a multi-trillion dollar arsenal of weapons, manpower and equipment costing hundreds-of-millions of dollars a week to maintain at peak combat readiness, this report explains, is due to their knowing that this conflict will be the first true 21st Century War—that will pit America’s largest in world history military might against “The Iranian Fortress”—an apt description describing an Iranian nation surrounded on all sides by mined waters and impassable mountains and deserts—and which is five-times larger than Germany that, during World War II, it took six-years to defeat using tens-of-millions of Allied forces and cost millions of lives.

      Being kept from the knowledge of the American people as their nation nears war with Iran, this report concludes, is that the most expensive war game in their country’s history (costing over $250 million) saw, in the Millennium Challenge 2002, retired US Marine Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper using all of Iran’s military capability and feared secret weapons against an invading and attacking US force—a US force General Van Riper annihilated—but after which, and beyond belief, saw the US military re-starting this war game not allowing General Van Riper to use any of Iran’s feared secret weapons, tactics or full military capabilities—thus resulting in the US, of course, winning this war game—but in today’s reality of real war, is a fantasy result the American military will not be able to repeat against an Iran who has no plans of giving them a do-over.

    3. Pompeo Dictates Turkeys Terms if Usage of the S-400
      From Israeli News Live
      11min -

      Summary: israel is controlling everything and everyone is pandering to israel.

    4. Charlie in DC, greetings, brother ! Sorry for late reply. Well, some country or countries have
      to take over America after we are gone because the Rapture will surely remove a great deal of
      our military and leaders. Ever since I read that China has a missile that can destroy an aircraft
      carrier ! I decided it might be China, Russia, UN thugs, or some combination that rolls their tanks down our streets, but since we won’t be here I won’t sweat it.

      Yes, it blew me away to think that Putin has a tectonic weapon. I do believe HAARP, maybe one
      A, is a weather weapon. It’s mind boggling. They really could destroy the earth many times over and thank Jesus for stopping it. And not to forget all the nukes out there.

      God bless you and thanks for all your info !

    5. Also, I am just waiting for the IDF to deal with the Iranian problem. I haven’t forgotten
      what must be the greatest intelligence operation in history of Mossad capturing most, if not all, of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program info.

      They shared that intel with this country which can only be an asset in war with Iran.

    6. Never any expectations Archangel.

      Along with what you said above, I also believe the rapture takes away many in the armed forces (around the Earth too) so it leaves little in defense (and on the offense). I believe the us homeland is pretty much 'open' now with active troops elsewhere on either ocean and on lands. Pretty scary to read the draft age is being tossed around to be lowered to 16 as they already see a shortage in active, able troop levels and with the us being at war now for what, 20+ years!?

      Yes, with Net's expose of their capture of Iran intel last year, it was an awesome find. This lends to your thinking above the IDF/IAF have an inside scoop on Iran and it won't include conventional means.

      Me thinks China is already south and north of the border. They have been establishing themselves there for years. The artic is a definite weak spot for the us while Russia is most superior. Russia teamed with China for a northern incursion into N america is,well, seems to be an easy walk in the park.

      China can distract with the us with taiwan/ japan/ s korea while they activate their land/air incursion into Montana.

      From Rapture Ready:: America is Surrounded by Its Enemies and Nobody Is Paying Attention

  10. It's getting real hard to tell who's doing what and how they are doing it, but I believe if it has been imagined, they've found a way to implement it. Going a little Sci-Fi here, but took the grandson to see the latest Spidey movie and it just got me to thinking of what their capabilities might really be, so Warning: Spoiler Alert...

    The gist of the movie is about the newest superhero to arrive on the scene from another dimension named "Mysterio" who's recruited to pick up where Iron Man and crew left off in "Endgame" to fight off these evil "Elemental" Monsters composed of a giant Firenado and Tsunami. What was actually happening is these fire and water creatures were satellite created holographic illusions cloaking legions of destructive DEW Type Drones that were accomplishing the destruction from within the illusions.

    With predictive programming being what it is, I just had to wonder if there wasn't some truthful info being revealed in there in re to the NWO technology, especially with the multiple satellite launches being made lately where they are throwing up an entire trail of those things with one launch. However they pull it all off, it's surely going to involve massive fallen angel deception and it seems we have already entered a whole new realm of warfare capabilities involving "Elemental" calamities. My thoughts are leaning toward our Savior getting His Body of Believers out of here sooner than later due to the coming Supernatural Deception that will boggle the human mind, making it all but impossible for even the very elect of that time to distinguish the delusion from the reality per Matt.24:23-24 KJV. Even so, Lord, come quickly!

    1. I agree completely Sheila. I believe these Marvel Movies are at the forefront of predictive programming, and I've seen them all. Marvel recently revealed their next "phase" of movies (Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder), and based on my limited knowledge of Marvel properties, they'll be going much deeper down the rabbit hole.

  11. Hi VegaPost ;

    I think Satan makes things so confusing for us at times. In my mind, it is simple. R12 was a sign, a 2 year sign. The next appointed time for Jesus is a Feast of Trumpets. This will be when the Rapture occurs. I think it will be FOT 2019 because the 2550 day count works out perfectly. Jesus 2nd coming will be on the next appointed time, Atonement 2026. In 2026, Jupiter will be back in LEO, the end of the Mazzaroth cycle.

    1. Hi,
      Good assertion and reason given to hash it out. But here are my questions, if you don’t mind. Which calendar are you referencing the day count from? Torah, Creation, Rabbinical, other? At least 1 will be off by 1 month so that is huge. I like the 2550 day count. According to, Rosh HaShanah will be Sep 11, 2029 for example based on a 2022-2029 timeline. If one believes Jesus was born on Sep 11, -3BC, then it would be cool to have Jesus return on his birthday. But then also consider that from end of Trumpets, Rabbinical Calendar of Oct 1, 2019 + 2550 days is Sep 25, 2022 = exactly on Sukkot, excluding end date.

      I believe Sep 1, 2019 is Rosh HaShanah based on the Torah Calendar. My point is that there can be 2550 day, as well as a 1260 day segment made to fit any timeline and that would lead to a Feast. In my case, where I am at eschatologically is that I see the LORD returning on a Feast of Trumpets -that is the 2nd Coming, not the Rapture of the Bride…but that is just me as they say but open to other’s take on it.

      This of course would mean then that 1) the Tribulation Period count would not be based nor linked directly to the Rapture Event. 2) I see a need for a short ‘gap’ period of time to have the AC setup his NWO due to the subsequent Isaiah 17 event and the Psalm 83 War, to set up 3rd Temple and Daily Sacrifices, etc. A lot of Watchers are now starting to see a timeline of 2022-2029 but that is assuming the Rapture happens prior. No one can see or say for sure that the Rapture couldn’t happen this year still, or next but it is not or should not be the starting point of any count or else it will lead to some confusion and error of the suggested timeline to review.

      If Sep 01, 2019 is RH based on Torah C., then 2550 days would = Aug 25, 2026
      If Sep 29, 2019 is RH based on Rabb. C., then 2550 days would = Sep 12, 2026
      So….hmm…remains to be seen. :)

      As to the 2550 day span, I have received many studies about how based on the Jubilee count, 2022 has to fit the Sabbatical Cycles. Being a ‘patterns guy’, it does resonate with me because of the last Tetrad in 2015 and 7 years after would be 2022, thus 2022 + 7 = 2029. Remember also that the Jewish count is days and not years so 7 solar years will be more than the Jewish ‘7-year’ count. Well, I could go on and on but great to hash these theories out in fellowship of Brethren.

    2. Hi Lu ;

      Yes, I was assuming Rabbinical calendar, which I have always used, right or wrong. 80 years from 1948 is 2028. So in my opinion, 2021 would be the latest the Trib could start.

    3. Hi,
      Would make sense, given the 80-year limit of Psalm 90…I see your logic but that it could be RH this year? Would you care to have a friendly wager then? :) Hmm… I have a nice sweet Sonoma County jar of wild honey and a good bottle of Napa Valley wine. If no Rapture on RH, what you got? I even offered this a couple of times to our Brother Paul Dawson…hear that Paul?! Lol.

      Although I so wish it would be now or a RH, it would not allow for the other key ingredients required. It means that the next day, the ‘Covenant with the Many’ would have to start the clock of those 2550 days and where are the Daily Sacrifices? This is so key as that is pegged to the Dedication of the Altar and the midway point of 1260 days when the Daily Sacrifices are ceased.

      It is what the Rev 12 Sign is all about! The Sign is to kick in as it is foremost a fixed and delineated prophetic marker of time; to be fulfilled literally on Earth at that time. And this also then factors-in the countdown of the days to the literal return of our LORD. So, the Rev 12 Sign is a big deal to both the Body of Christ as a heads-up now and the Jewish Remnant to flee at the halfway point then, and so on. But exciting to see it unfold before our eyes in this Last Generation for sure.


      But the wager still stands! ;) Anyone, Anyone…Beuler?

    4. I am holding out for a Pentecost / Wheat Harvest departure. I was once heavily in favor of a FoT/RH departure (wayyyyy before R12 on 9/23/17), but with the harvests in the Bible and what they foreshadow.....

      Hey Lu, #4 is yours! :-) I can wager some local Virginia wine, maybe some Viognier?

      Another look at counting the days... is it a 100 day count and thus, it has yet to hit this 2019?

      1) SR Monette's latest:: Are We Still in the Wheat Harvest?
      11min -

      2) FiveDoves #1:: "The Rapture at "TRUE" 2019 Pentecost?"

      3) FiveDoves #2:: "The Counting to Pentecost - Another Look"

      4) FiveDoves #3: THE PENTECOST CODE | Predictive Programming from the Movie "The Knowing"
      By Lu Vega

    5. Lu ;

      How about a case of Texas Lone Star beer :)

      The 2550 days count is broken into 30/1260/1260, in my opinion. The "Covenant with Many" is the covenant Jesus confirms with Israel, not the antichrist. During the 1st 30 days, a lot can get accomplished, 2 wars, etc. The 2 witnesses will preach for 1260 days until the midpoint of the tribulation, on Pentecost 2023 for AOD by antichrist. Atonement 2026 is 2nd coming. Jupiter is in Leo. Perfect ending......

    6. Hey Charlie…
      So, any Angles over there in DC area you might have/know (Charlie’s Angles that is)? Looking for a good wife but maybe too late as the Rapture approaches. Anyway, yes we are on the same page about Pentecost; if not this year, until the next. So, looks like we may be celebrating our ‘New Wine’ types in the Marriage Super of the Lamb eventually. I’ll see if I can sneak mine in. ;)

    7. Hi rjmgoose,
      Yes, I have read/heard this way of interpretation about the Covenant being with Israel. Overall, it is but remember that we are grafted-in to this/these same Covenant(s). So, we are essentially are on Israel’s timeline. Also, if it is the Covenant that was ‘cut in the midst’, many then say the entire Tribulation Period is then only 3.5 years or has to be for Jesus to complete the ‘Week of Years’, no?

      Have you also heard the theory that the Daniel 9:27 is a dual layered prophecy? Of both the Christ and AntiChrist at the same time/dimensions aspect? I’ve seen good studies even on the pronouns used and how there is a difference.

      Anyway, I’ll hit you up for my mailing address come FOT. :)


    8. Hey Lu, Blessings. Such a treat to have you popping in over here atm and throwing Kingdom seed everywhere, as one should, Matthew 13:3, amen. BTW, have you considered an ad in the local paper? IK, IK, I am the student of other ages, surely, but, oh, the tales I can tell of arrangements begun with an ad that said, "Wife Wanted" followed by a few concise requirements. Good hunting, Maranatha!

    9. Hey Jimbo,
      No prob. Love the fellowship and topics. Brad is doing a great job. Hey, I like ‘Old School’. Do I detect a ‘Match-Making’ endeavor perhaps? I can start with an ad, ‘Plays well with others…’ :) But honestly, here in the ‘Socialist Republik of Kalifornia’? Not a chance but yes, all things are possible with the LORD.

      And yes, I have tried everything, prayer first but at peace and perhaps it is my cross to bear… But also, every time there has been one, and I open my mouth for the ice-breakers, they all run screaming away. I think I should not start with, ‘so, what’s your take on the Hypostatic Union of Christ?’ ;)

      The Love Doctor
      ...How did we get on this topic?

  12. Great discussions here, Rev12 family. I have enjoyed, as always, reading all the comments. I know things are slow on the weekends and everyone is busy, but I saw this last night and I wondered if anyone else did and what you think of it. I didn't see it anywhere else. When the article spoke about Moses and Elijah, it nearly sent shivers up my spine. So close. Maranatha!

    Forest fire threatens Galilee shrine at believed site of Jesus transfiguration

    1. Agreed Sheila. I really like the shift to analyzing the differences relating to feast of trumpets vs pentecost rapture and everything else that is related.

      Lu, really appreciate your responding about scottie, and your work on the rev 12 sign. I had read about you on wikipedia and after having corresponded with you a bit through email I discerned a very sincere humble spirit.

      Thanks for your encouragement.

      Let's keep praying for one another and clinging to our Lord and Savior and everything will work out beautifully. Much love. Holy hugs and kisses to all commenters and readers who are of the Lord.

    2. Thanks for sharing, Shelley! I wonder why they think that is the exact location of the transfiguration?

    3. I haven't gotten to that article in it's entirety yet, but in thinking about Miguel's comment down below on catching a spark in re to Elijah Cummins' name being in the news and being inspired to draw our attention to that little innuendo, an Israeli announcement that the site of the Transfiguration has been located is...well...maybe a hint that the Two Witnesses are about to be making their appearance on Earth...which could mean...we are about to be outta here, Church??? Just got a Holy Spirit rush on that hopeful thought:-)

    4. Uh confused between articles:-/ But still the fact that there is or was a FIRE advancing on the Basilica believed to be the site of the Transfiguration still paints a vision of the coming of Elijah (and Moses?) in Rev.11:5 KJV.

    5. I felt led to look at both of my time stamps above in the Strong's H and although it shouldn't be anymore, it's still always surprising...
      H#1200--beerah--a burning---fire
      H#1221--betser--inaccessible spot
      which again takes me to Rev.11:5 KJV and the Two Witnesses who will be untouchable with fire proceeding out of their mouths until they have finished their testimony after 1260 days.

    6. That is pretty cool, Sheila. Thanks for the effort you expend in giving us additional, interesting info.

  13. General question,

    Since it seems like the 70yrs ended in 2018, has there been a "delay" in order to see if the Fig Tree generation would bear anymore fruit before being cut down?


    And He told this parable: “A man had a fig tree that was planted in his vineyard. He came looking for fruit on it and found none. He told the vineyard worker, ‘Listen, for three years I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it even waste the soil?’

    “But he replied to him, ‘Sir, leave it this year also, until I dig around it and fertilize it. Perhaps it will bear fruit next year, but if not, you can cut it down.’” (Luke 13:6-9)

    The Jewish people are unmistakably pictured in the barren fig tree. In the parable, every effort was made to cultivate some fruit, but it was to no avail. In fact, the Jewish people turned their backs on God Himself when they rejected Jesus as their Messiah. As John 1:11 says, “He came to His own, and His own people did not receive Him.“

    Three years earlier, John the Baptist had said, “Even now the ax is ready to strike the root of the trees! Therefore, every tree that doesn’t produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Matthew 3:10). John’s statement was not only true of the condition and fate of individuals; it was characteristic of the Jewish nation as a whole. At this critical point in its history, the nation of Israel was like a fruitless tree, so it was to be cut down and removed. Then, it happened. In 70 AD the Roman army conquered the rebellious Jews and put an end to the nation of Israel of that day.

    In the book of Matthew, we see Jesus teaching the Apostles that the Tribulation, and his Rapture of the bride will be linked to a certain generation:

    Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near, at the doors! Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. (Matthew 24:32-34).

    It is believed this generation started when Israel (Biblically symbolized as a fig tree) was reestablished as a nation in 1948 after 1,900 years of dispersion, persecution and oppression. The reason for thinking this is the "last generation" is the Harpazo, Time of Jacob's Trouble, and Second Coming require the existence of the nation of Israel.

    There are four timelines pointing an imminent Harpazo. These timelines include:

    1. Simple Biblical chronology: The creation of Adam around 3,983 BC. plus 6,000 years = 2018

    2. Ben Samuel’s prophecy: 2018 is the year of Messiah.

    3. The Prophecy in the Psalms: Psalm 118 = 2018. Psalm 118 is placed in between the shortest and the longest Psalm, making it stand out from all others.

    4. The Hallel prophetic countdown: (Psalms 113 – 118) showing the Rapture and 7 year Tribulation beginning shortly.

    1. That's a really good study on the fig tree! As far as the timing, my view is basically what rjmgoose expressed above, that a generation according to Psalm 90 is actually 70-80 years. That would put the back end of the tribulation ending in 2028 (1948 + 80), and hence the rapture in 2021 at the latest. Of course there's always the possibility of the generation Jesus spoke of being the Genesis 6 120 years...but with everything we see happening around us, does anyone really think we'll have to wait until 2021 for the rapture, much less another 40 years? It's possible but I highly doubt it. For various reasons 2019 still seems most likely to me!

    2. @Colleen Minter was led to do a 2 part vid on the Fig Tree generation last night you might want to check out. She was very emotional about what she was shown in re to the nearness of Israel's impending trials.

  14. I personally believe we must be on the very cusp right here in the midst of 2019. Been going through some YouTuber preachings and a lot of resulting commentary today and just WOW! as the battle over what constitutes Salvation for a Believer rages on. It seems obvious to me the "Line in the Sand" has been firmly drawn between the Secure Simplicity of the Authority of the Nail, i.e. the Finished Work of the Cross accomplished by the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith vs. the Complexity of the Eph.2:8-9, gotta do X,Y and Z in order to maintain an Intermittent and Insecure Salvation status.
    The thing that ultimately came to my mind was the Orwellian phrase "Doublethink", the prevailing mindset coined by George Orwell in his "1984" novel, published 70 years ago in June 1949.

    Per Wiki, "Doublethink" is described as "the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts. Doublethink is related to, but differs from hypocrisy and neutrality. Also related is cognitive dissonance, in which contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one's mind. Doublethink is notable due to a LACK of cognitive dissonance--thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction."(emp. mine) requires using logic against logic or a suspension of disbelief in the contradiction, for ex. "War is Peace...Freedom is Slavery...Ignorance is Strength".

    Just saying...and I personally am one who appreciates the straightforwardness of simplicity. (Matt:18:2-3)

    Blessings All and Maranatha!

    1. Sheila B., Blessings. I'm guessing you haven't yet caught Sister Jolie's latest, yummy, yummy: It’s a Count Down!!!! 8:53

    2. Amen Sheila! Agree with you! It seems to me also that it's now really! Thanks Jimboni, the video is great! Blessings to all! Maranatha!

    3. Amen Sheila! It's a sad state of affairs on YouTube over salvation and OSAS teachings. I've had to unsubscribe from many channels over the last month and had one more unsub today I say with great sadness. I've decided I will not allow myself to be exposed to hearing false teachings when it comes to salvation lest I find myself falling into pride and starting to buy into their message.

      The flesh is weak folks - and I caution everyone to not think you're above falling into those lies if you hear them enough times. My recommendation to anyone reading is to not let the enemy even have an inch to reach your ears if you plan to continue listening to preachers on Youtube that preach faith + works for salvation. There are plenty of channels on Youtube you can listen to that preach the true Gospel and will keep you up-to-date and encouraged for Jesus' soon return! Maranatha!

    4. Right on, sister Sheila. Nailed it with authority :)

    5. TY Jimboni, et al, I just got a chance to really look at Jolie's work. It's quite amazing and 29 is definitely related to departure Scripturally speaking, so hopefully, yet calmly Looking Up and just trusting in Jesus. Y'know it's also amazing when you look at the difference between this work of simple math which has so quickly developed in this collaboration of Grace teachers as opposed to the long drawn out and complicated works-related enigma of that RaT timeline. I'm pretty sure if they were honest about it, very few--if any-- of it's adherents were actually able to make any real sense out of that convoluted mess, but it's so sweet to see how He can work through those who've humbled their humbled hearts before Him.

      Re events that did occur on 7/26, what I noted was the 2 EQ's in the Philippines that although not that large at a 5.4 and 5.9 were deadly and destructive with 8 sadly confirmed deaths, dozens injured and much damage for the locale. Then there was the "locust" invasion of Las Vegas, NV where the swarming grasshoppers showed up on weather radar, engulfing the Luxor Hotel Pyramid and most of Sin City as witnesses referred to the sight as being Biblical in nature and wondering what it might portend. And there was also the unexpected and undetected large asteroid 2019 OK capable of causing devastating damage that zinged right by us within a hair's breadth of 45K miles on the 25th.

      On the 27th, there was the Honshu, Japan deep 6.3 EQ that may well have a ripple effect on our West Coast while Mt. Etna put off an unusual "blast" type eruption and the hotspot Oregon fires broke out. The Pentagon engaged in the "Full Emergency Response Exercise" code named "Agile Warrior" and today the U.S and Israel conducted a test of the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic system in Kodiak, Alaska, the first such outside of Israel. One thing is sure, it's not getting any less intense on Planet Earth as the days go by.

      Blessings and Even So, Lord, please come quickly!

    6. Quick opine on the countdown. This is going back a bit, but there was a whole bunch of noise of trump saying 7-11 at a 9-11 gathering.

      I am no MF, but perhaps today is the 7-11. 7 - (2+9)....

    7. Charlie, I remember that, as well as Trump being presented with the 711 Astro Jersey in April of last year. Could's all gotta be pointing to some thing or some day.

    8. Interesting catch, Charlie!
      Sheila~Thanks for that wonderful summary for those of us who may be in a very busy season and can't keep up! Sometimes I think I learn more just by hanging out here with all of you guys!

    9. Mike (Humble Seeker) has done some nice research here, 711 is mentioned but I want to emphasize how Mike connects CM's and Jolie's countdown to the major sign/marker day(s) to the days we are in now and the day(s) just ahead....

      From Humble Seeker
      36min -

      Convergence of all things (at this time we are in NOW) comes to mind (countdown, war drums and dreams, wheat harvest, all other craziness and evil).

    10. This was posted back in February.... for me it was affirming all what we "see" and "hear" here. Wow if true (meaning, this really comes to pass and these days pan out)

      From apparently a 16yo new believer in Christ
      5min -

    11. @Watch and Seek: Eric, you are absolutely right about being super cautious in over-exposing ourselves to any of that which is false. And WHEN and IF we are led to wade into those sticky waters, I believe it is of utmost importance to be armored up in complete accordance with the gift of Eph.6:13 KJV. And we gotta-gotta know His Word is securely written on our hearts in such a way that it cannot be phased "or tased" with those fiery darts of hell and condemnation that will surely be flung at us. And if one isn't quite yet strong enough in all of
      that, I believe it truly is best to just avoid the enemy's devious propaganda tricks altogether. There are a lot hidden pits out there that are like deceptive quagmires of quicksand. The walking looks okay and maybe even great--until one gets out into the middle of it where that gnarly old hand of pride will suddenly lurch up for the snatch and it has to be whacked back with the Sword. (Interesting how we use Eph.6:13 to defend ourselves from and fight off the deadly--and impossible for us--encumbrances of the laws--all "613" of them)
      Blessings, Brother, and TY for being not only an astute Watchmen, but a loving Guard for His precious Flock and give that sweet Charlotte a l'il tweak on what is probably getting to be a chubby little cheek for this ol' granny:-)

    12. Lyn Melvin, Blessings. On the nose, sister; little prof insider for ya. Adept students often find themselves teaching, sometimes professionally, often alongside full-time work, ala 'Affiliates', or 'Adjunct', laborers capable of such, hazah! So, one core skill which commonly propels such folks through that trajectory is having an eye for really good Crib Noters and sources; Wikki being a social parallel phenom. Well, my point is that, as you so noted, THIS is my Spiritual CRIB, Sister, both Ebonically and Academically, amen. Do love 'cutting to the chase' as we do around here.

      "If you can't explain something to a 6 year old, then you really don't understand it, yourself." - Albert Einstein

    13. @Sheila - You bring up a great point with your 'When and if we are led to wade...' statement and it was something I wanted to follow up on after my original post. I want to definitely encourage those who are led to go into those places where false doctrine is being taught to teach and correct if and when you may be led by the Spirit to do so. That's important kingdom work and for some that may be where God is calling them to faithfully post comments or make video responses to them on Youtube. I personally like the way Tim Henderson approaches it with video responses done out of love to teach and correct when other channels are promoting things that go against the Gospel. It's not something I see him do often, but it's always done out of a spirit of love and to help clear up any confusion that subscribers to those other channels may be exposed to. A comment can have the same impact.

      I left an email to one person before unsubscribing and I'm probably going to do so with one other channel that I left. I'm going to keep them in my prayers that spiritual walls would be torn down and that the enemy's confusion would be lifted from them.

      It's definitely dangerous ground to be getting into that and the full armour of God is a must as you said. For me personally I've felt the nudge to unsubscribe at this season. If Peter and Barnabas, the "son of encouragement' (Acts 4:36), found themselves swayed to live in hypocrisy from Jewish influencers (Galatians 2:11-21), I know that I'm certainly prone to making a similar misstep if I'm ever at a weak point. If I'm going to use Youtube to stay up-to-date on the latest research from others and for continued encouragement for the Lord's return, then I'm planning to steer clear of those others. I may send them a message to try to correct a doctrine before unsubbing, but if they teach something contrary to the Gospel it's not a source I would recommend continuing to go to. Anyways, I just wanted to build upon what I said earlier.

      I'm in full agreement and continue to be thankful for your insight and strong defense of the Gospel, Sister. I hope you know you are a great encourager for me personally.

      I will most definitely do so for Charlotte. She is starting to get a little pudge on her :)

    14. Watch and Seek, Blessings. Wonderfully put, and nicely round, as it were. One resonance I encounter is that a shift in response, at large, and in specifics, is fitting the changing tides of shifting seasons. In fact, it would be likely of unsound mind to do otherwise, in such shifting context. Still, it is important to note that we are not chasing convenience, or a whim, or a fickle mood or doctrine. (Huge jumping off point, elsewhere.) Thus, if fitting the moment, is our change sound? Loving? Of Our Lord? There's that 'roundness', again, as you've covered those well and I have no check in my spirit on any of what you touch upon. Your touch has likely been a bit more deft, and gentle, than mine, surely, or of many, and praise Our Lord for your Gentleness and Kindness, amen.

  15. Anybody notice the striking wordplay in this new political person: Elijah Cummins

    Im sorry, but I cannot help but be fascinated by the strange coincidences in these names.

    Obama nation

    Trump pence

    And now am I hearing this right? Elijah's comin'?

    Made me pause.

    1. Yes, it's really very interesting! Thank you. There're some Names also in our families, which are watchful for the Lord's coming for us. There're really folks, that also the signs are! Blessing to your wisdom and gifts from the Lord! Praying for you and all your family! Amen!

    2. Miguel, my thoughts on EC's name catching your attn up above under your previous comment in response to ShelleyB's and Watch and Seek's comments re the site of the Transfiguration.
      TY for sharing that:-)

    3. Alla D, I love you lots my dear sweet Sister and I just know we're gonna be meeting up real soon:-)) What a day of rejoicing we are all going to share in together as we set our longing eyes upon His Blessed Face!

  16. WOW. I just want to express my gratitude to Y'all for all the wonderful and insightful comments that flowed from this article, What a meeting place, where we can all come together to share biblical news, encourage and edify each other.

    There were so many wonderful nuggets, I was reading them, but didnt have the time to reply.

    I particularly loved the following ones:

    Cy and Cry:
    I loved that example that you cite, as the normal family, father child relationship, where you love them, and try to guide them away from danger, and you hope that they head your advise. that is the same with Our father in Heaven, He does not want any of us to come to harm, but as with all willful children, he lets us learn the hard way if we choose to.

    Also Agreed Cy & Cry - Sheila is defo such a great encourager to us all. Thanks Sheila.

    Justin & Jimboni,
    Thanks for mentioning about Colleen Minter and Jolie's video's, Some great nuggets being revealed there, Exciting that those number that Jolie shows appear to add up to a count down, and that Penatcost's 50 seems to be significant.

    No Longer Luke Warm & Justin,
    Yeah it is very sad about Scottie Clarke. Great comment Justin about the religious spirit and the KJV only people who will not read any other version, and taking their rightly dividing to the extremes. I was blessed reading these comments. I generally try to memorize scripture passages using the KJV version, but if I am reading a full chapter, I prefer to read it in the ESV version, as the told English can be hard to take in some times. Also I agree with you, that when the Holy Spirit wants a particular scripture to be meaningful to you, he will make the words jump out at you, no matter what version you are reading.

    Lu Vega, Charlie,
    I loved your article that Charlie pointed us to over @ fivedoves (Thanks Charlie) about the Pentacost Code and the analysis on the movie called "The Knowing" WOW.. amazing article. Defo recommended, everything being broadcast-ed in plain sight.

    Miguel P,
    A nice little wink about the Elijah Cummin (Elijah's Coming) and the other coincidental names that are currently held by our politicians.

    Watch and Seek,
    Yeah, the divide is becoming clear for all to see about those who believe in OSAS / Eternal Salvation because we trust in the finished work of our SAVIOR on the Cross and those that believe, their filthy rags self righteous works can in some way be good enough to get them in to heaven, and if they don't do them, they wont make the cut. Rubbish. The enemy will spread as many lies as he can from as many sources as possible to try to dilute the truth. I too have un-subbed from many people in the last few weeks, because they were wolves in sheep's clothing who proclaimed, "GRACE, GRACE & FAITH ALONE", but then later revealed, that they really believed in Grace, Grace BUT YOU ALSO HAVE TO... Fill in the blanks... No BLANKS to fill in.. Thank God for his GRACE and his MERCY, and his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, as I defo would not make the cut!!

    Yeah I think with all the signs, the 2 year anniversary, extreme weather and natural disasters, the revelation's that Colleen Minter and Jolie are getting, and everything else that is percolating and getting ready to explode, that we must be on the cusp of our departure, and like Justin, I cannot see us getting to 2021 to take the 70-80 year generation to it's maximum. I feel 2019 is the year. But even so LORD, come quickly.

    I will end it here, just thought it was easier to do a big reply mentioning, all who I felt edified by their comments. Blessings to All.

    1. Thanks Jordan, always blessed by your insights as well! Nice little summary of this whole comment thread :)

    2. Amen Jordan! - from a fellow Brother who would not make the cut - none of us could with our filthy rag works! Praise be to God for what He did for us!

  17. Thank you, Jordan. Your comments sound like just what I would have said, but didn't have time. :o)

    For me, I would add:
    "I think this whole argument of KJV-only or not misses the point that it's the Holy Spirit's illumination of God's word on our hearts that leads us to truth, not the Bible translation itself."
    So true, Justin. I love that.

    Watch and Seek: I agree about protecting our spirits. IMHO, I believe the delusion is very great and the times of genteel debate may be nearing the end. I have been limiting the sights I go to, too. I found myself being drawn into areas where I got so confused, that I decided it's ok that my world is becoming smaller and more limited sinceI believe we will be in the next one, the eternal one, soon.

    I also do not believe we are long for this world. As JD Faraq says, there is a shelf life. Convergence is here and things are speeding up. As far as a gap - I believe when the Restrainer goes, all (almost literal) hell breaks loose, IMHO. If the AC is not ready, too bad for him. God has always run the show and always will. As far as numbers - well, I got so confused with CM and Jolie. I probably didn't watch enough of them going back far enough - but I have been doing countdowns for many, many years - and will continue to. But I am looking to the 2 year anniversary of the sign and FOT, THIS YEAR. I just can't look any farther out.

    Just the headlines today on
    China And Russia Align And Display Strategic Coordination In Asia-Pacific
    Late-Stage Decadence And The Parallels To The Fall Of The Roman Empire
    Big Stories Unfolding: Epstein, Global Economic System And 'Financial Calamity'

    And The Big Wobble:
    "Something's going on up there!" Strange sunsets are being witnessed around the world as the Arctic burns: "Worst Arctic wildfires in 10,000 years!"

    We have got to be so close. I don't have my pink veil on anymore because I don't need anything. I'm so ready to go. And I know this whole family is. Soon and very soon?

    And Sheila - when I first came back to the Lord and was trying to find a church, I remember listening to a sermon about Moses and his forty years in the desert and it dawned on me that I was 41 (or was I 42?). I saw my past the same way - my wilderness years. Can't wait to meet you, Sister. Holy hugs to all!

    1. Before I unsubscribed to several channels, it really was causing my spirit to be weighed down with negative and heavy feelings. And watching some videos after hearing wrong doctrine about Salvation from certain people just caused me to be on high alert listening to anything they said as if I was just waiting to hear what other wrong ideas might be slipped in unawares. For me that's dangerous waters, not enjoyable, and I felt things lighten immediately after cutting my exposure to them.

      I love, love, love this comment you made:

      "If the AC is not ready, too bad for him. God has always run the show and always will."

      Praying God blesses you, Shelley! Maranatha!

  18. Sorry, guys, but I just saw this headline, too, on Daily Crow:
    "CRISPR Gene Editing Will Be Used Inside Humans For the First Time in Treatment for Blindness"

    As in the days of Noah, satan is messing big time with our DNA

    also: "This AI tool is smart enough to spot AI-generated articles and tweets"

    Abraham settled between Bethel (the Lord) and Ai ( the world - and AI - artificial intelligence) Another sign we are so close. AI is so scary.

    And ZeroHedge headlines just now are almost 90% last days, 5 articles referring to the interest rate cut that is due to be made on Wednesday (but we know how they kick the can down the road on these things) and saying it is the "most important week of the year," in two of the headlines. I know this means financially, but Trump is supposed to have a deadline on Iran tariffs on Thursday, too. And tariff wars can and do cause hot wars, as they say.

    Too many prophecies too close to being fulfilled, IMHO, to warrant a long wait. The road signs are saying, "almost there, kids!" Hang on to your shorts - refreshment up ahead. :o) \o/

    1. ShellyB, LOL, that "hang on to your shorts--refreshment up ahead"! It's tough at times, but we can do it in His strength. I couldn't sleep at all last night--which is probably obvious in my spelling and grammar in after midnight posts (it's "Cumming's" w/ a g)--I was just so pumped that I ended up laying awake til after 5 am just praising Him for His wonderful works among us:-)

      Jordan, that's really a good way to do it when catching up. It makes the thread go further in re to the 200 comment mark and gives Brother Brad a little extension on getting us another topic to flock around.

      TY, so much Cathi, and I was truly inspired by your eloquent defense of the Gospel re @sr monette's "wrong" understanding video on what having faith in Eternal Security means for those who are actually walking in it. Those hard-core "fruit inspectors" who have not tasted what it means to "Rest" in Christ don't know what they are missing, but I'm still praying for them to get it while there's still some daylight left and to quit acting like hungry sharks circling a school of fish--who are not nearly as defenseless as they seem to think. And it's so obvious they don't really love us, they just want to eat us;-) BUT (think Dory singing to Nemo) ...we just keep on swimming, keep on swimming...
      <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))>< ...all '153' of us, Amen:-)

      @Amanda Christian put out a remarkable video yesterday of her personal testimony of what a life of striving to be "good enough" for God was really like. It's about 43 min., but worth listening to every word. (keep some tissues handy)
      Titled "A pastor once told is possible to attain righteousness/holiness in my"
      *It had 555 views as I just pulled it up...Grace...Grace...Amazing Grace:-)

    2. Sheila - thank you. I did so want the gospel to be clear for those who listened to this video and in reading the comments. I was pleased to see many comment in defense of the gospel of grace, the gospel the Apostle Paul had revealed to him.
      Lol on the fishes (all 153 of us) keep on a 'swimmin ... <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><

    3. Yes, Cathi, watched the same video it was shocking for me to hear the YTC comments and I happened to read yours I gave everyone a thumbs up that agrees with as you noted.... Thank you for blessing each of us with your comment. Yes,we are saved by the blood of Jesus and we walk by faith. I was befuddled and didn't know how or what to say considering there's no room for debate after listening to his discussion. I understand that there are differences in doctrine but I do not see the need for a video like that create more dissension and more silos as a body of Christ as it is right now there is really no place for me to go to church unless I travel about an hour and a 1/2 away which I suppose I could. And the churches that are around here are definitely into the prosperity movement and the signs and wonders... no one talks about the rapture and laughs if mentioned . I ended up dealing with a badd back problem and the past 3 days so I've been out of commission Wanted to jump in and say thank you Cathi for speaking the truth with love. Lord bless each of you as you continue to wait....ah we shall not wait too long there a locusts in Nevada, earthquakes in California and elsewhere, flooding throughout the US and not to mention the political conundrums that are scurrying...yea prophecy is coming to pass. Maranatha

    4. Thank you, VeeBee. Yes, I was shocked by his video and even moreso by a couple of responses he had written.

    5. Sounds like you did a great work defending the Gospel of Christ, Cathi. Well done!

    6. Oh boy...I came across another one this morning that may be even more subtle than all the rest and therefore more dangerous when it comes to causing one to question their Eternal Security in the Finished Work of the Cross and it comes from the "sweetness" of Melissa @Midnight Hour Oil.

      She is equating such faith as nothing more than a useless "opinion". Think about that for a moment. If she can get folks to question whether or not the GIFT OF OUR FAITH, the GIFT OF GOD as declared in Eph.2:8 KJV, 1Tim.1:13-14 KJV, 1Cor.4:7 KJV, Rom.10:17 KJV, Heb.12:2 KJV etc. is nothing more than a self-induced "OPINION", the enemy can wreak some havoc with a person's mind. That is one little word that packs a whole lot of power in the human psyche as it calls on one to question their OWN sense of judgement. Be cautious out there, Folks. The enemy is not pulling any punches right now and as Eric @Watch and Seek has warned above, our Helmet of Salvation needs to be pulled down snug as we guard our ears. Be blessed in the Truth and Maranatha!

    7. Sheila, thank you. Love your encouragement and discernment. You are so loved.

    8. Thank you Watch and Seek. I appreciate your taking the time to say this. I was hesitant to comment really because only once, I know, but someone was really full of hate and vitriol.

      Thanks for letting us know about Midnight Oil, Sheila. I think someone here had commented about her being works/lordship sometime way back.
      Pastor Tim Henderson also has spoken about her and she was identified by a commenter in the video I watched. He also addressed SR Monette on a video and it was good, if anyone wants to hear how he responded to Monette's video.

    9. awww...TY Miguel and right back at you, Brother:-)

      I just watched a couple of @David Benjamin in Christ videos that were really good.
      "The Gospel is the only Zone where Fellowship exists" and "You can't lose your faith it's not your own".
      He really explained well why online Fellowships like this one here are so important these days in the 1st one and gives a strong defense of Faith being the Gift of God in the 2nd, which is also made clear in Jesus' exchange with Peter in Matt.16:16-17 KJV. I don't know how these grace plus works folks become so convinced that we can maintain in the flesh that which we cannot generate in the flesh to begin with.
      Then he addresses that age old enigma at the very end of the 2nd video about how our Salvation can be predestined (Eph.1:4-5) while truly being available to all. (I didn't say he answered that, but that he does address it;-)

      Cathi, David B. also mentioned in the 1st video how awesome it was to see the Gospel so strongly defended on @sr monette's comment wall and how so many are waxing bold to rise up and do so. I had to think of you, Sis, in that number:-)
      Blessings All!

    10. Aww ... Sheila, thank you. I don't think it was me, I asked God to help me as I debated even commenting. A commenter on the Henderson video said it was good to see so many fighting for the faith on the Monette video. But, Sheila you were my encourager as I thought about a few things you have said that caused me to go ahead and comment on that Monette video.

    11. With all of these false teachings/deceptions coming to light, surely we are close to going Home.

      "Children, it is the last hour [the end of this age]: and just as you heard that the antichrist is coming [the one who will oppose Christ and attempt to replace Him], even now many antichrists (false teachers) have appeared, which confirms our belief that it is the last hour. They went out from us [seeming at first to be Christians], but they were not really of us [because they were not truly born again and spiritually transformed]; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out [teaching false doctrine], so that it would be clearly shown that none of them are of us.
      These things I have written to you with reference to those who are trying to deceive you [seducing you and leading you away from the truth and sound doctrine].
      1 John 2:18-19 & 26 AMP

      Sooo longing to go Home. Blessings family and maranatha!

  19. There's a very great Gary's article today – Rightly Dividing Wrongly. It's just in time to me now! Thank you! Much blessings!

  20. Just a thought, but I have an inkling that we will be around through at least Nov. 3rd, 2020. The current president, likely unknowingly, seems to have his hand in the end-times cookie jar. Despite some of his moral shortcomings, it seems that most of us in the conservative-Judeo-Christian camp will vote for him and we need to be here to cast that vote.

    1. That is an interesting thought and may well be true. In the end tho, it will be whatever God has ordained because he raises up and brings down those who he wishes to those in power.

    2. kouofs1, Blessings. Hat tip to your commitment to continuity in everything and demanding that logic and good sense oversee our thoughts. Not a single hole to be found in your conjecture. But, a rather large one, outside of it. Assuming something resembling the vast majority of models the BoC is forming, when we are 'gone', there are no linear events after that. If there is anything resembling an election, it won't resemble anything you've ever known as an election, before. I'm sure there's a cool Latin term for this logical corkscrew but we'll leave that to Lu, or Jeff, maybe. Maranatha!

  21. Dear family,

    “We live in very unusual times, and our world is getting stranger every day. Global events are beginning to accelerate, and many of us feel like all sorts of craziness could start breaking loose at any moment.”

    Major Solar Storm To Strike Earth This Week As "Black Supermoon" Looms

    1. Good one Jeova. Thanks.

      ". .. you should still make time to look up on the night of Wednesday, July 31. A dark new moon creates the perfect viewing conditions for the multiple meteor showers that are active this time of year. To catch potential shooting stars when skies are darkest, wait until 11:12 p.m. EDT for the Moon to reach its full new moon phase."

    2. <--- guy in trailer, by the reservoir, in the 2012 movie, with a pirate radio station.

    3. LOL...and he was my favorite character in that whole movie:-D

    4. 1:44 distance in posting? Hmmm...

    5. Interesting:-)
      G#144--aisthesis--perception, judgement 1x Philippians 1:9 (we can all use some more of that, Amen)
      H#144--Adar--twelfth month 1x Ezra 6:15 re the completion of the Temple on the 3rd day of 12th month ( It could certainly happen again in the next 6 months or so with their Peace Deal scheduled for release in September.)

    6. 144,000 other reasons it was significant had come to mind here, Blessings

    7. Hmmm...on the 144k reasons. Well, I was listening to @Rhonda Empson from 7/30 re an interesting dream she had about riding in a blue limousine chauffeured by a man named Dan (which means God is my judge) to go see a baseball game in Cincinnati, OH where she thought the "Pirates" were playing. There was more to it, but I was trying to think where I had just heard the word "pirate" mentioned and it was from the reservoir. One person commented that a Pirate, being a thief on the seas reminded them of Jesus pulling Peter up out of the sea and His coming like a thief in the night to pull us up out of this sea...which was kind of intriguing, but the whole dream was pretty interesting.

    8. And, just saying in case it wasn't clear (to me) the sea represents people/humanity.

    9. Cathi G., Sheila B., and Fam, Blessings. Always The Master Metaphorist, Our Lord Works MANY Sides of That One: *Immediately* snatching Peter UP upon being called; snatching Peter from the Seas of Galilee to those other, as Fishers of Men, Surely, The Shipwreck Rescue ala Nineveh, typologically, ofc, yet Cited, Specifically, In Context, By Our Lord, amen, and that's just what LEAPS to mind :) YAR! Maranatha!


    Pastor Tim Henderson has a short video (3 minutes plus) on Iran asking China for help ... Soz he sees things aligning and heating up /.

  23. De ja Vu', all over again, alert: Hurricane Eric moving towards HI on Gigi's radar @BLUEHEAVEN & comment 30 mins ago was strengthened to Cat-4, didn't verify but there it is

    1. sorry, for those who cannot surf:

  24. White House to unveil Mideast peace plan at Camp David summit with Arab leaders: report


    “During the Camp David conference, scheduled before Israel’s general election on September 17, the White House will reportedly present a broad outline of its Mideast peace plan without making any binding proposals.“


    1. TY Jeova for the heads up on that. Another interesting article tying in the converging events of this final generation to encourage all of us "crackpots" along is from titled 'End Times Complacency Spreading Through The Church".

      I just had a conversation with someone who doesn't understand why "we" (meaning the Christians like us here) have to always be stirring the pot about the End Times stuff and concerning ourselves with how others choose to perceive what Salvation means to them. But this individual doesn't really want that question truthfully answered because "there are enough dilemmas in just living this life" and feels that "we" should all find something more productive to do with our time. Sigh...what can you say when even professing Believers put more value on their temporal state of being than on their eternal. I truly believe it is going to take the Harpazo to jar them out of complacency into seeing what is the true reality and purpose of our being as the Body of Christ. I know the waiting is hard and the disappointments have been many, but considering WHO it is and WHAT it is we are waiting for, what is time in comparison. James 4:14, 5:7-8 KJV

      Blessings and Looking UP!

    2. Sheila, what a beautiful message. I readt this to my husband, he said :"Perfect." 2 Peter 2 :20 .
      For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. 2 Peter 2:20 .

      Causes me to wonder, some are not saved yet holding on the shirtails of christianity, while others are simply asleep. I believe the Lord has awakened many and continue to pray for more to arise from their slumber.

      I picture a crew in a large vessel .Some are watching for an upcoming swell, and others are escaping into their play. Those who are ready for a storm will make haste to prepare... they know time is short.As said by a old preacher ... I stay ready so I'll be ready.
      Frances Crosby ...When Jesus comes to reward His servants,
      Whether it be noon or night,
      Faithful to Him will He find us watching,
      With our lamps all trimmed and bright?
      Oh, can we say we are ready, brother?
      Ready for the soul’s bright home?
      Say, will He find you and me still watching,
      Waiting, waiting when the Lord shall come?

    3. Oh TY VeeBee. I love Fanny Crosby. My two favorite hymns from the get go are "I Am Thine,
      O Lord" and "Blessed Assurance." I told Billy over twenty years ago that if I ever end up with a headstone, it better say "This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Savior all the day long".
      Tho blind, that precious Sister was so amazingly blessed with Spiritual sight. I think I learned more from her lyrics about walking in personal relationship with Jesus Christ than from any pastor I ever sat under. Blessings, Sis, and praying for ya'll to be Kept safe out there in Cali:-)

  25. In Sou Cal . Before the Rapture or .....
    not .... West Hills LA and Irvine Josua Aaron concert

  26. Uh oh, Ya'll...did you see where that sweet little 79 yr old lady in Cleveland, Ohio has been sentenced to 10 days in the County Jail for feeding the stray cats? Not sure that is one of Cleveland's more serious criminal issues these days, but praying it's not a trend that catches on around here;-) Seriously, you'd think they'd just send animal control out to pick up the strays rather than put a frail old lady in a county lockup for being unable to refuse abandoned and hungry animals. It's not like she's a drug dealing granny crime boss. Sick world getting sicker and I'm just praying for her to get a more sensible outcome with a review of that stupid ruling. Even so, Lord, come QUICKLY!

    1. You would think ... She might even be suffering with dementia or is just lonely and there isn't anyone who cares about her ...

    2. "There's a red moon a risin'
      On the Cuyahoga River
      Rolling into Cleveland
      to the lake "

      Opening Line "Burn On" x Randy Newman highlighting the river so polluted it caught fire repeatedly.

      Cleveland: J798; E528

      G798: astron: a star: single star, or a constellation of stars viewed as one entity; is used for the image of Saturn, the ancient, pagan star-god referred to in Ac 7:43.] (4) Acts 7:43
      G528: apantaó: to meet: (2) Mark 14:13; Luke 17:12

    3. So the Cuyahoga (name meaning "crooked") by 1969 had caught fire 13 x over 100 year period and was so filthy from industrial waste, a fall into it's waters meant a trip to the ER for decontamination treatment...ugh. And that monstrous disaster led to the founding of the EPA in 1970, which ultimately evolved into a power hungry political monster in itself, no longer content with enforcing clean water and air, but more intent on using it's tentacles of power for land grabs and controlling the populace. "Astron" seems to fit the bill as the people's own neglect of their God-given resources in pursuit of personal wealth set up the "tent" for just such an "entity".

      "Now the Lord can make you tumble
      And the Lord can make you turn
      And the Lord can make you overflow
      But the Lord can't make you burn"

      (I'm assuming he meant there that it would go against God's own nature re a river)

    4. Wow, hand Sheila B. a Ginsu knife and stand back a bit, everyone, nice work, Maranatha!

    5. put the quarters in, Professor. I just cranked out side B:-)

  27. For some much needed (solid and thorough) teaching (beyond Eph 2) on the grace given by our LORD to us......

    This is a hidden gem for such a time like this.

    So You Believe On & Love Jesus But Won't Bend The Knee?
    From Charles Lawson
    33min -

    A key moment in this teaching is at the 25min mark which (to me) is the crux of the biscut for one's "true" salvation in Jesus Christ.

    1. Timely article by Grant Phillips @ Rapture Ready today with a very strong teaching in support of the teaching above (re: true salvation):

      Who is Jesus to you? What's in a Name?

      "Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life or have your knees become so stiff you refuse to bow to Him? Are you so blinded by Satan’s lies you refuse to confess His name as Savior and Lord?

      Man can be very stubborn, but even the demons who followed Satan know Jesus is God.

      “Demons also were coming out of many, shouting, “You are the Son of God!” But rebuking them, He would not allow them to speak, because they knew Him to be the Christ.” (Luke 4:41)

      It is too late for them. It isn’t too late for you if you will come to Him now. I close with one final verse of Scripture.

      “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:9-11)

      Full article:

    2. Hi Charlie,
      Just re your comments above about "Charles Lawson" , "True Salvation" and "Ephesian's 2:8-9"

      I know many people really like Charle's Lawson, and I really like him too, until he revealed he believes in "LORDSHIP SALVATION" and "UNLESS YOU REPENT OF ALL YOUR SIN YOU AIN'T SAVED" which is a heresy. As it says in over 100 verses in the NT we are saved by our faith in Jesus because of what he achieved on the cross, and not of anything that we have to contribute.

      So to me Charles Lawson would be in the same bracket as John MacArthur, Paul Washer and Ray Comfort, i.e. the bracket of avoid their false teaching's at all cost.

      EPHESIANS 2:8-9 - "For by Grace have you been saved through faith, and not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, Not of Works, so that no man can boast."

      We are either saved or we're not saved. There is no middle ground. We cannot become any more saved by turning from sin or we cannot become any less saved by continuing in our sin. Otherwise what were we saved from in the 1st place?

      We are saved and sealed from the very moment that we identified ourselves as a sinner in need of a savior, and believed that Jesus is the lamb of God who died for all of the sins of the world, and in particular that died for our sins personally.

      EPHESIANS 1:13-14 - "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise. Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory."

      EPHESIANS 4:30 - "And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption."

      Blessings to you.

    3. Charles Lawson teaches if you are really saved, you will start repenting after the fact because you will be convicted. He is not a license to sin teacher like Tim Henderson. I try to quietly follow this blog but it’s getting harder for me. As someone who was delivered from very real demonic harassment, someone like Charles Lawson who has a DEEP understanding of the spiritual is a great help to me. I don’t care for the cotton candy teachers so many favor here. Sorry to be so blunt.

    4. Hi Cheryl,
      Tim Henderson is not a license to sin teacher. He just believes and teaches the true gospel of Grace. It is very sad that you think that anyone who believes in Grace likes to listen to "Cotton Candy Teachers"

      Here is a clip of your beloved Charles Lawson denying the GRACE of GOD.

      it's only 25 seconds long.

      But as for me, I will stick to the real bible teachers such as: Tim Henderson, David Benjamin, Ralph Yankee Arnold & Jason Jack & Renee Roland, that don't mix salvation in with discipleship.

      Judas Iscariott was a disciple of Jesus, but he did not believe Jesus was the son of God. He hung himself in a field.

      The Thief on the cross was not a disciple, did not turn his life around, he simply believed Jesus was who he said he was, and this belief was enough to get him in the gates of Heaven.

    5. or here is another example of him denying that we are saved by our faith in Jesus Christ: (25 secs)

      Any newbie Christian's here, should DEFINITELY AVOID Charles Lawson. If they are not clear on how to be saved. I would be suspect on all their other teachings.

    6. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. There is a sanctification process that occurs in a person who is born again. A repeat after me prayer won’t save anybody. If you don’t humble yourself and you don’t really believe you will never be saved. And if you never repent, it shows you never were saved. I am done with the Sadducees. You are as bad as the Pharisees.

    7. Hey Jordan...I'm not a follower of C. Lawson, but I found this sermon he gave titled "The Security of the Believer" in which he did preach our Eternal Security, but tackled the failure of the Believer to walk in that knowledge, thus affecting the quality of their relationship with Jesus Christ, and he didn't write off true Believers who just "don't understand" the doctrine of eternal security as being unsaved, but rather put them in the same camp as any other saved, but grossly immature Believers. As pastor of a congregation, I reckon it was his goal to lead his flock to walk in righteousness for their own good, but he was adamant at the end of that sermon that a truly saved person cannot lose their Salvation under any circumstances, so unless he changed his stance on that, I'm good with that message. But my personal opinion here is not meant to discount in any way the enemy's rabid use of intentional false doctrine that rails against the Truth of a Believer's Eternal Security both openly and in subtlety. The willing wolves in sheep's clothing are no doubt running rampant and we must tread carefully in prayer and discernment.

      Re the message CID recommended above:
      I just can't imagine how anyone who's had a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ is not humbled to the core by that experience. It's just too revealing of how bankrupt we actually are and how deep our need actually runs. I can't disagree with this particular message from him, either, regarding the depth and breadth of His Grace, tho, because as we remain in this sinful flesh, it's a natural tendency to want to run from that revelation at times. But it's His Grace working through the Power of the Holy spirit that keeps bringing us back to that confrontation and keeps us on our knees. At least that's how it works for me--From The Father, through The Son, by The Spirit until the day of our Redemption, Praise the Lord!

      Charlie...I not only ended up reading that Grant Phillips article last night, but quite a few more of them and thoroughly enJOYed the Brother's take on Scripture, so TY for that recommend. Sometimes it's not quite clear in one snippet what a person's stance on the Gospel really is, but when you cobble together their thoughts on different topics, a good idea of it will usually come through:-)

      Blessings All and Maranatha!

    8. WHERE DOES THIS "LICENSE TO SIN" BALONEY EVEN COME FROM?! What Grace preacher teaches that??? No...No..No! To say anyone other than our Savior Jesus Christ can attain righteousness/holiness in the flesh is absolutely false. But in Him we have an Advocate for when we do sin--which anyone who claims they don't is a liar and the Truth is not in them. To doubt a TRUE Believer's Eternal Security is SO contradictory--it's Doublemindedness in it's purest form! Look it cannot declare you are By Grace Saved through Faith and NOT of works lest ANY should boast, then say you can lose that Saved status by failure to do those same works. It is ridiculous on it's face and appeals to nothing but pride in one's own fleshly goodness as compared to others...ugh! And that is something I thoroughly REBUKE. Anyone who has knelt at the Foot of that Cross and looked up to see the visage of our Redeemer painted so vividly in Isaiah 53 CANNOT sincerely believe in their own ability to add one iota of themselves to HIS FINISHED WORK! And yes....I am surely feeling some indignation here.

    9. So are you the same type of believer as Hannah Brown of the Bachelorette? She said she “f—ed” a guy in a windmill, but it’s ok because Jesus loves her. And don’t judge her. Or maybe this, my grandfather committed murder suicide almost 60 years after my grandmother fled that marriage for her life. He killed his third wife. The second wife also mysteriously died. We were all assured at the funeral that my grandfather was saved because he had a “profession of faith”. You can feel all the indignation you want, but it’s commonplace in these days for grace to be perverted. And any man who attacks a true man of God needs to be examining his own heart. You either test the spirits or you don’t. The road is narrow and straight and FEW find it.

    10. Cheryl ... and all, My husband and I listen to Charles Lawson . He is blessing to us ...Lawson is a strong preacher of the word .. listen to Tim Henderson too...Never felt any condemnation . . Or a license to move forward with sinning . I too strayed away for more than 5 years, after confessing Jesus as my Savior. A horrible way to live .. all gone now ..sins washed
      away and set Free, cleansed by the blood of Jesus.. Lord bless you and all as we work out our salvation . Maranatha

    11. Cheryl, you are the one who is being judgemental and hypocritical.
      As for this Hannah on the dating show ... You seem to be centered on an "external sin" and I have to ask why? Why do so many grace haters do this .. I can see the hissing and spittle coming out of the Pharisees mouth as they looked at Jesus and did not believe in him and said his works were of the devil.
      Our flesh craves sin and it cannot help itself ... His grace is free and there are no "works" we must do except to believe in the work that his Son came to do in paying our sin penalty once and for all.

    12. Cheryl,
      You can rebuke me all you want, but if someone is trying to tell me that GOD's GRACE is not enough to cover my sins, I will proclaim God's GRACE from the roof tops..

      2 Corinthians 12:9  - "But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me".

      You mentioned in your reply to Sheila, that your friend was having sex with a guy in a windmill, and you appear to mock, as if Jesus will forgive her, Jesus said he forgives anyone of all their sins, then put their faith in him.

      Well what are your thoughts on when a woman was dragged by the pharisee's in front of Jesus, who was caught in the very act of adultery.. and they all wanted to stone her.. Jesus said, whoever has not sinned, should cast the 1st stone.. And they all left, one by one, starting with the eldest ones... When Jesus raised his head to find only the woman standing there, he asked, "has no-one condemned you?", and she said, no one, and he said, "Then neither do I, YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN, go and sin no more!!"


      Do you know why he said, "GO AND SIN NO MORE", it wasn't to ensure she kept her salvation, She was saved from her sins.. so she was saved forever, AS WE ALL ARE, WHEN WE ARE SAVED.. It was to let her know, that next time, I might not be around to stop you being stoned, next time if you get caught in adultery, there might be consequences to your sin, that I wont be able to stop..

      What about Rahab in the old testament, she was a prostitute, and she helped to save the Israeli people, I am sure she is enjoying life in Heaven now..

      What about King David, he was a murderer, and had his friend killed, so that he could marry his friends wife whom he had already commited adultery with?

      What about King Solomon, he had a 1000 wifes and concubines

      What about Abraham, he slept with his wife's hand maiden, and he also lied about Sarah being his sister, yet because he believe God, God saw him as righteous.

      What about St. Paul the apostle to the gentiles, he was a murderer..

      It's not about what sins you have commited, it's about what you believe, that gets you saved.

    13. Hi Sheila,
      Blessings to you sister. Thank you so much for your defense of the our LORDS GRACE.
      I just wanted to come back to your comment earlier, QUOTED BELOW:

      "Re the message CID recommended above:
      I just can't imagine how anyone who's had a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ is not humbled to the core by that experience. It's just too revealing of how bankrupt we actually are and how deep our need actually runs. "

      In fairness, I didnt watch the 2nd link that Charlie posted about "Grant Philips", my reply earlier today to him was only based on the Charles Lawson comment. so if I came across as "not being humbled by what I saw" this was because I didnt see it.

      The main reason for me honing in on the Charlie's comment today, was because I saw Charles Lawsons name, and watched the video CID posted, and in that video I seen Charles Lawson, basically preach LORDSHIP, and basically LOOKING DOWN on people who believe in GRACE, and it reminded me that I had seen a comment by CID a couple of months ago on an article , titled: PREPPING FOR PENTACOST. POSTED BELOW:

      "Charlie in DC June 8, 2019 at 7:59 AM"
      These are off-topic, but if you have some wishy washy/ grace greaser friends, these are good reminders....great for us (aka. the wise virgins) too..

      The True Christian Watches (David Wilkerson)
      8min -

      The Fear Of God Has Been Lost In The Church (Compilation)
      27min -

      In this comment, CID surprisingly take's a potshot at GRACE calling us "wishy washy/ grace greaser" and I thought, hey, that was unexpected.. So when I seen the video by Charles Lawson, I felt compelled to stand up against a bible teacher promoted on here, who I personally believe is preaching an accursed gospel. I do agree Charles Lawson, has some wonderful sermons, I have watched several of them. But when I found out his stance on salvation security, and that he supports works based salvation, and all that sort of stuff.

      But in this day and age, and because this site will very likely be trawled through by millions of people in the very near future who will come looking for answers when the Christian's suddenly disappear. I wanted at least some record that might be found, that will give people who see a link posted by CID to Charles Lawson as this might not be the best preacher to get your info from!!

      But blessings to you too sheila.

    14. And, Cheryl, of course, it is a sanctification process and growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ ... it is a lifelong process and some will be sprinters and others are whatever it is called. Some are coming but are dragging their feet and others are up and ready .... This is sanctification. We do confess our sins as we are aware of them or the Holy Spirit convicts us. But, it is not for our staying saved so we don't lose our salvstion. It is about fellowship and growing in our walk in knowing Jesus and his grace. So, that we can bear fruit, much fruit through the Holy Spirit in us. We believed and we were sealed by the Holy Spirit and this is our inheritance. We already sre esshed in his blood amd cleansed from all unrighteousness - because we have his righteousness imputed to us. Grace is not cheap but it is extended to everyone. There are consequences in this life for living for oneself or a sin-filled life as God disciplines us .. and there are eternal rewards in heaven that can be ours ... or not. Not everyone will have crowns to throw at Jesus' feet.
      Our flesh and sin nature do get in the way and some people have a more difficult time of it for a myriad of reasons. Grace and mercy he gave to me ... Not because I was living "good" but because I believed in the son who came to give us life.

    15. Jordan, I lost my text again here ... Anyhow, I agree with you on salvation and we do need to defend the faith because of others who come seeking truth l, are misinformed, seeking and so on.
      I am not familiar with Lawson and I was concerned in Charlie's two comments because of saying "true" salvation and I did feel alarm bells going off that this is another gospel. I listen to those you mentioned. I also like Sherry at the Andrew Rich channel. Yankee Arnold is a grace preacher. Of course we do not go out and sin and approve of sin as Renee Roland is always saying. But, we sin and always will sin because we are sinners. I listened to John MacArthur and had his stidy bible. In listening to Barry Scarborough's video on MacA, I realized how I was thinking about salvation, nevermind everything else ... he helped me to see what lordship salvation is and moreso in listening to Renee Roland, who he recommended. I am free grace and I am not going back! I was raised Catholic and had guilt as a young child and lived with tortured thoughts God was not a God of love to put me in the family I had. Then, I believed through his Mercy and Grace but I still struggled, horribly and I rebelled. This led to guilt, condemnation, doubt and running from God and later on worrying and fretting and doubting and giving up because I can't do it ...
      Amanda Christian tried to do everything right as she said in a recent video. I did the opposite ... we both were miserable. I would read articles by others on examining yourself, giving your life to Jesus as your Lord and Savior, naming and claiming it as to conquering sin whether external or an inner struggle of some kind such as hating someone so much ... So, I am learning to rest in the finished work of Christ and what he did and our standing in him now and our inheritance and not looking and worrying over my performance or lack of doing good deeds ... Because I was crippled and fearful and it is hard to talk to God or trust him or believe Jesus is for you when you are not living in his grace and mercy. Because, you are living under the law and the law brings more sin. I really like David Benjamin too because he goes to the heart of the matter.
      If as someone said, you have to work to keep yourself saved and not lose your salvation because of lack of repentance, good works or whatever it be ... Then, it is not grace. It is religion and the works of man.

    16. Sheila you are a voice of reason ... I will have to listen to the Lawson vid you mentioned. Especially, it seems it will be right up my alley ...

    17. Hey Jordan...I guess I wasn't very clear on my response to that "Bend the Knee" sermon. My comment re "being humbled to the core" came from my own experience and it was my thought in response to a pastor trying to teach about how to humble one's self. What I was trying to say is that in any GENUINE confrontation with Jesus Christ, that's just going to be the automatic result--one's knees will buckle and one's head will bow. In other words, it's not a "learned" thing, but an experiential thing. But the "breadth and depth" of God's Grace in re to our sanctification as well as our justification is just not something I can or would even want to argue with. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that, Brother and Blessings back to you:-)

      Cheryl, I don't watch that TV show and I don't know who that woman is, but I can tell you for a fact that YES! Jesus DOES love her and He DID die for her, the same as for you and me. Is she a TRUE Believer, or just a PROFESSING Believer---I have no idea, but I will lift her name up in prayer and leave that up to Him. And I'm very sorry in re to the tragic story of your grandparents, but Jesus paid the price for ALL sin and the Scriptures are very clear on that. Whether, or not a person TRULY acknowledges that in their heart and believes on Him for His forgiveness before their last breath can only be known by our Lord, Himself. You seem to have an issue with "fairness" in regards to who is "entitled" to His Grace. Short answer--nobody, not even one, not you and not me. And I for one am so thankful that Our Savior does not distribute His mercy "fairly" based on our righteousness because if He did, we would ALL be condemned straight to hell. There's a lot of truth in that saying "Grace is when God gives us what we don't deserve and Mercy is when He doesn't give us what we do deserve". Prayers and Maranatha:-)

    18. No sorry, but I don’t have an issue with fairness. We are all sinners deserving of hell. What I have a problem with is people who openly and proudly sin, and claim a salvation based on grace they don’t really possess. Because if they really were saved, they wouldn’t continue in a lifelong pattern of repeat sinning, nor would they boast about their sin. People who are truly saved are not proud of their sin, and over time they will become more Christlike. The fake Christians on the other hand, become more entrenched in their sins over time, and no longer are even conscious of it. The problem with most of these unqualified teachers is that they don’t teach you that a true believer doesn’t act just like the world. The fruit should look different. Yes, we all sin, but what is your response to your sin? It matters.

    19. Cheryl, this isn't really making much sense to me now. You're upset enough to call us Sadducees and Pharisees here because we believe in the Eternal Security provided by The Author and FINISHER of our faith and find our Rest in His Grace, but who exactly is it here that you know to be "boasting" in their freedom to sin against Him? Yes, truthfully admitting we are sinners saved by Grace is necessary, but anyone who would BOAST in their sin while claiming to be Saved by His Grace is either a mocker or just a clueless and misinformed individual who has not had a "genuine" encounter with Jesus Christ...yet.

      Ofc there are going to be those who lie about their faith/Salvation with all sorts of motives for doing so.The church pews are full of fakers who usually appear to be the most pious of all to the fruit inspectors, chock full of good and "godly" works on the outside, but on the inside they are described in Matt.23:27. And there are those who've been taught from childhood that tithing, regular attendance and just TRYING to be good is what will maintain their Salvation and they live in daily fear of not making the cut, so they are constantly comparing themselves to others rather than living in the joy and freedom of their Redeemer. (John 8:36 KJV)
      And then there are those who nobody even wants to sit next to in the pew because they just don't "look" saved enough at all in their fruitless poverty, or maybe it's obvious they are struggling with sin and failure in their lives, but who was it He came for? (Luke 5:32 KJV)
      The question is, how do you, Cheryl, or any other human being, determine what level of sin constitutes a "disqualifying" lifelong pattern for another person...or even for yourself, for that matter, since you are comparing? If our Eternal Security was not based on His Finished Work Alone, the field of opportunity could never be level, would never be solely about Jesus Christ and "pride" would always have the upper hand over the humbling of our hearts.

      I am confident when I say that NO ONE who has TRULY believed in the Words of John 3:16 KJV, being drawn by The Father to The Son by the Power of the Holy Spirit believes that His Grace gives them a "license to sin", but rather believes it gives them the freedom and the strength to ultimately overcome it.

  28. I am sorry , but this continuing in your sins as not being a threat to your salvation is simply and clearly false demonic teaching. There are several scriptures showing me we can lose our salvation. OSAS is not in my belief at all ...but let's say OSAS is true....then I am covered even though I flat out believe it is a lie from the devil.

    I feel we absolutely dont "earn" our way into heaven. If that were the case , I wouldn't deserve one second in heaven
    ..but I feel we can sure unlearn our right to heaven by continuing in our sins.

    I have a dear friend that has differed with me for years over OSAS. He feels he can just run with the crowd, cuss, drunk, etc...he is covered.

    Here I try to repent of my sins every day, and fall short of being worthy of heaven. But I have no fear of losing my salvation as long as I have a repentant heart and at least try to walk in a holy manner.

    Sure, I still will fail every day, but would not be comfortable at all following my friends method of believing in OSAS and then going and following the world.

    Think about it for one minute. If he is correct, we both go to heaven. If he is wrong, then who would have a better chance if we were to play judge for this one minute?

    I will post some scriptures tonight that need some very hard explaining why one cant lose their salvation.

    It's ironic,.my view has brought fellow Christian's saying I wont make it to heaven not believing in OSAS...To them I kindly ask then if I am indeed an exception to this OSAS blanket?

    I am only posting this to those that think they can just go on living with the world.

    I must state that I believe most here are very devout in their faith and probably more worthy of heaven than I am. None of us are worthy, but through grace and a humble repentant heart do we make it to heaven.


    1. Well Stan,
      All I can say is, what if your friend made it to heaven, and you didn't? That would be a tragedy! Or if he got taken in the soon to happen Rapture, and you didn't, you would know then, that his beliefs were right.

      1 Corinthians 1:20-21 - "Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God, the world through it's wisdom, did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to SAVE THOSE WHO BELIEVE"

      It sure sounds like foolishness to save someone purely because they believe on Jesus to cover their sins.. But what is foolishness to man, is wisdom to God.

      You see, it sounds like you friend trusts 100% in Jesus. He believes that Jesus is able to save him despite of his sins.

      While you seem to believe, that Jesus needs a little bit of help to save you, and so, you get on your knees each night, and repent of your sin. No offense, but you seem to think your friend's sins are worse than yours..

      Jesus died for the murderer & the kid who is disobedient to his parents - He died for all sinners. We should want to change our life, and stop sinning, but while we are living in our corruptible body, we will sin in thought deed and action each and every day until we get our glorified minds and bodies. But there are carnal Christians out there, who just cannot stop sinning, but they still trust in the LORD to save them. I pray you see the truth in this, BEFORE the RAPTURE occurs. Prayers for you and yours, and also anyone else on here, who discounts Gods Glorious GRACE.

    2. Well said Brother Jordon. I am a filthy sinner too. Part of the struggle. I know I'm getting there on Jesus merit certainly not mine.. Thank God everyday for his amazing grace.

      I heard a Pastor one time says he gets tickled when these young kids almost boast about their sin. He says there aren't completely wrong but we know we should never boast. Lol. Hugs.

    3. Amen Jordan! Agree with you in all points! And your video is really great, just-in-time. Blessings in all and especially for your work before the Lord!
      Rom 8:33-34 (KJV)

    4. Cheryl ... My husband and I listen to Charles Lawson . He is blessing to us ...Lawson is a strong preacher of the word. Listen to Tim Henderson .. Never felt any condemnation .. or a license to sin....I too strayed away for 5 years, after confessing Jesus as my Savior. A horrible way to live .. all gone now ..sins washed
      away and set Free, cleansed by the blood of Jesus.. Lord bless you and all as we work out our salvation Maranatha

    5. Thank you Alla & NoLongerLukeWarm, I so appreciate your support.

      I am a filthy sinner too, I just want to clarify, that I do say "sorry" regularly to the LORD when I sin, but this is nothing to do with my fear of losing my salvation, this is to do with me wanting to restore my fellowship with my creator. I know I am eternally secure even if I never read the bible or speak to GOD again, but why on earth would someone who was saved from the penalty of eternal death react in such a cold manner towards their SAVIOR. I read the bible, and I talk to the LORD, because I want to be close to my creator, and I am so grateful to him for what he did for me.

      RE: REPENTING each night.. What one man calls repenting each night, another man will call "saying sorry". I say sorry to the LORD whenever I choose sin over abstaining from it.

      When I became saved, I repented, i.e. I TURNED FROM MY NON-BELIEF in the finished work of Jesus, to BELIEVING on Jesus for my eternal salvation. I repented (Changed my mind) from thinking that I was good enough to get to heaven, to believing that as NoLongerLukeWarm puts it, That I am a "Filthy Sinner" in need of a SAVIOR

      I thought I was good enough for heaven because I generally thought I was a good law abiding person, because you know, I hadn't MURDERED anyone!! isn't that the standard we tell ourselves, and that we justify ourselves with in our own eyes. we conveniently forget, how many times in our teenage years and older that we said OMG, or we lied, or we lusted after someone on the street, or we had an ornament of an animal, bird, fish or person in our homes, or we yelled at our parents, or we got absorbed in sport or shopping or our mobile phones instead of being focused on our creator, these are all equally sinful in God's eyes.. But we think we are good enough because we haven't murdered anyone, but as Jesus declared being angry and calling your brother a fool was equal to murder in God's eyes, and looking with lust is equal to adultery in God's eyes.... I am guilty, guilty guilty..

      For me this is what REPENTING means...
      WE REPENT of our non-belief ONCE...
      and we SAY SORRY REGULARLY..

      Thanks Alla for mentioning my latest video, I was feeling a prompting to make a new one about LAW & GRACE for a few weeks, so I wanted to address how hypocritical it was for someone to boast, that they are living sinless or that their salvation was based on their ability to cut out sin from their life.

      When we examine the 10 commandments, and we truly look at ourselves as a measure against it, it it plain to see that the majority of us, would be breaking several of those commandments each and every day...

      Blessings to you my sister's in Christ.

    6. Yes, Jordan and it is that we cannot keep the law perfectly. If we sin in any one point of the law we have sinned in them all. Only Jesus was perfect and fufilled the law. He is our sin-bearer when we believe and this is for all of eternity. We are his purchased possession and he will not lose one that the Father has given him. This is our inheritance that is kept in heaven for us. We don't keep ourselves. We didn't save ourselves and we cannot keep ourselves saved. We have been redeemed and some day when we are raptured or we physically die on this earth, we will receive that inheritance.

  29. Stan, OSAS is not demonic. I am sorry that you believe you can lose your salvation.
    Another gospel is not believing in the finished work of Jesus Christ and his grace. He paid the sin penalty. We do not even see the depravity within us. We are not worthy and we can never be worthy enough or less or more worthy.
    Believing in Christ is about his work he did for us and not in our own works which are as filthy menstral rags to God. God sees the righteousness of Christ when he looks at us to those that have believed in his son. We are sealed. It has nothing to do with our works, which is about oir sanctification and our eternal rewards, if any. It is not about losing our salvation. It isn't our salvation anyway to lose because the Holy Spirit draws us to believe in Christ and we are given a measure of faith so that no man can boast.
    If your friend is living a sin-filled lifestyle and believes this is okay amd names Christ as his savior, then why are you keeping his friendship? Are you sinning? When the man at the Corinthian church was sleeping with his step-mother the Apostle Paul told them he needed to be removed from the church for a time and given over to Satan. He was still saved. We all sin and we will sin and we can't just talk about external sins. What of the person who harbors murderous thoughts - Jesus said this was murder. Or the person filled with bitterness, envy, jealousy or having lustful thoughts - they have committed adultery in their heart, Jesus said. What is good enough or worthy enough? Is it comparing yourself to another and thinking well I am not that bad. What of salvation - am I okay if I confessed my sins today? Did I forget a sin that God is grieved over because I can't see it, or am blinded to it, or rebellious about it? Can I hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me when I read the Bible? Am I like the man who looks in the mirror and then forgets himself when he walks away? Am I the one holding the magnifying glass to another person's sin because in my heart of hearts I would never do that! Alas, beware or you will find yourself committing the same sin, especially if there is already an inkling to do so within you.
    I frankly don't understand why you felt you had to come on here and tell us that OSAS is demonic.
    We can know we are saved and it has nothing to do with our performance or lack thereof. We believe in the finished work of Christ on the cross and his shed blood for our sin. He didn't just die for the list of sins we do or are doing or will do in the future - he died for our sin nature that is corrupted. We are cleansed and washed in his blood alone and he is the author and finisher of our faith and he will complete what he started. He is seated at the right hand of God and He is our intercessor. Come Lord Jesus come.

    1. Amen Cathi, Very well said.

    2. Amen Cathi! Much Blessings! Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

    3. There's found a very good explanation of OSAS by Jack Kelley –
      OSAS, The Whole Story –

    4. Thank you Alla, I always love the way Jack Kelley explains things. That was a great article.

    5. Jordan, I really appreciate all you're doing right now to shine a light on the true gospel of grace and Jesus' work FINISHED on the cross, from your videos to your responses here. The misinformation currently being spread all over the internet about OSAS is astounding.

      Alla I love Jack Kelley and that's a great article, thanks for sharing!

      SO many of you have been a big encouragement and I'm very thankful for all my brothers and sisters here!

    6. Yes, Alla and I am sure I read Kelley's article but I am going to read it again.
      Thank you Alla and Jordan too on your confirming what I said.

    7. Amen Cathi! I Praise the Lord for you, Sister, and all of my Brothers and Sisters here who are standing strong in the testimony of Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith:-)

  30. Family, while the passions flare around this issue, and feathers get ruffled, and shoulders bruised in passing, I felt urged to lend some context, lest we flounder.

    It is beyond clear that HS Is Up To Some MAJOR Work, Right Now, In The Body. Most Rev12 detractors came as no shock, and, in fact, affirmed things for most. For Scottie to go off the rails, and others, some very close to us, to be loudly fighting for positions well framed as 'another gospel' is another thing, no?

    Well, as we know, ONLY The Lord Knows The Heart, and He Also Uses Apostates and Fools to Spread The Gospel, Philippians 1:18. At a time when ALL will be revealed and He Is All About Showing Truth To The WORLD, now, it only fits that He is Methodically Calling Out Every Single Member Of His Body To Public Account, especially if at variance to the basics. I think of this as a Final, Public Inspection before our CALL to Arms, as it were.

    Thus, fret not. Stand for what you believe The Gospel To Be, Boldly. Defend it lovingly and fully. Speaking Truth, as best you know it, in love, and know that this work, also, Tells Us That Our Formation Before The Lord is soon!

    So, it should be no shock this tussle here. May it clarify things and lift perspective for those meandering in undefined Grace while also calling to account those who ignore, or alter, a jot or title and bring their Mantles of Ministry into question, appropitely.

    1. Amen Jimboni.. Words of wisdom right there sir :)

    2. Good Jimboni, the Tussles will come and go... the Word of God stands forever. Carry on.. Ambassadors for Christ, preach the Gospel of salvation, bear fruit , and Worsip Him in Spirit and in truth
      Remember pray for the people in Chile ..3 earthquakes in the past 24 hours. Flooding in Kansas and overseas major fires. My prayer is that these catastrophes will wake up the slumber of many Maranatha

    3. And, you too Jimboni in being a voice of reason ...

    4. Oh I believe in salvation through grace by faith in Christ alone, so to imply something ugly about me is a false accusation. I have no doubt that Jordan will never repent for his uncalled for attack on Pastor Lawson, and that the majority of you will continue to follow your you tube celebrities. Gosh I seem to be standing alone. Oh no, I must have the wrong view because the crowds aren’t with me.🙄

    5. Family, Blessings. Thanks to Our Lord, Surely. Yeah, there's a baby in that there bathwater, somewhere. Maranatha!

    6. Does that same opportunity go for someone like Hannah Brown? And even though he has passed on, isn't Charles Lawson a YT "celebrity"? Just houses...stones...

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Succinctly said both times, Jimboni.

    2. Truly pathetic. And no, I always skip the nonsensical faux poetry gibberish. You aren’t going anywhere with your evil attitudes. Good luck.

    3. I used to watch Charles Lawson fairly regularly, and to be honest I don't know why I stopped, I probably have too many other YTCs I watch regularly. I remember not agreeing with everything he said (I don't remember what exactly), but overall I found him to be edifying and I enjoyed his messages.

      I watch Tim Henderson pretty frequently and I'm usually blessed by his videos, but personally I'm not a "rah-rah Tim Henderson" guy. To be honest Cheryl I've never really understood your disdain for Pastor Tim; I've never heard him set dates or preach license to sin or any number of things you've alleged. But personally I don't mind at all that you don't like Tim Henderson; I may think your views of him are misinformed but I really don't mind. And I feel like this discussion is starting to feel a little reminiscent of what Paul was talking about in 1 Corinthians 1 and 3, where he was basically like "why are you guys making such a big deal over who follows Paul or Apollos or Peter or not...don't we all follow Christ?"

      I disagree with your comment about "evil attitudes," a generally ironic comment in itself. There have been disagreements sure, but hardly anything that would merit a statement so strong.

    4. Cheryl theres always always Timothy 4:10. as fallback.....please dont go in a huff!

  32. Cathi I love Charles Lawson. I think God sanctifies his people differently. I am okay with being a low flyer, lol. I want to be the servant at the wedding feast. We love ya.

    1. Oh, gees thank you No Longer Lukewarm. 😊

  33. Shoes removed in understanding that we approach 200, still. The rather suddenness of her appearance amongst us both notwithstanding and yet, somehow aligning with the moment, especially being a rather, 'esoteric' child, still.

    Jolie Story's latest, READ~THE~E~MANUAL~🔎📜 , , viewed alongside Pastor Tim Henderson's recent , Major Military movement around the world. News update 8/1/2019. Maranatha!

    I am remiss not to post that the next 24 hours, at most, shall be interesting

    1. Yep Jolie needs to hangout with MF. Plus im glad she checks her math easier with calculator. Luv how god touches people with forcasting the future with numbers.

      Yep Tim went from hanging in the water park doing plenty of slides to world tension heading to ww3. Luv how gospel is tacked on the end does not leave me much time to get my works in. Tim is so more saved than me if he can break away from sliding and melted icecream to pumping out a clip to give the world a heads up.

      From the above posts looks like doom and gloom from here on in.

    2. Silversurfer.. good name ... yes , a blessing to watch the Lord work In all the fellow watchman. CM and Jolie, watching with ears open for His voice . Check out DTBM YTC . I am amazed To see the number of floods in the world let's see, Kansas, Russia, Italy Hail, the UK the Whally dam, and with the rolling quakes . I like watchmen on the wall 88' s comment
      " we're seeing the shadow of the tribulation woes during these times. "Keep watch, keep waiting and trust in our mighty Savior.

    3. I think this site blows up over 200 posts per topic thats why im posting. Not being destructive hoping for new topic.

      Yeah veebee maybe they should just call a spade a spade. Just call it shadow of tribulation rather than climate change.

    4. I think this site blows up after 200 posts? Tribulation shadow for sure not climate change.


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