Altar Dedication Reaction's....

Reaction to todays events in Jerusalem will surely vary greatly. How significant is this event... God knows. But reading about the dedication and watching some of the video really illustrates how far they are from recognizing Jesus.  My heart breaks for the Jewish people who's hearts are hardened against their Messiah.... but God has a plan... our belief is truth that God can bring good out of bad.

This video below is like being there. Thank you Gary for sharing...  Check it out if you feel led. I could only watch a minute or so.  Sherry's comment from the previous thread aligns closely with how I felt...
I find myself in a bit of a twist over this ceremony and the event. I've always known the "Third Temple" was not of God, but had to be built because its prophesied. I've always looked forward eagerly to any news of its impending appearance, for I knew it foreshadowed our going home. Now, for the first time ever, I am so repulsed by the whole thing I literally was unable or unwilling (perhaps a combination) to watch the ceremony. I, too, like Sheila could not understand all of what they were singing and it just "felt" so wrong I got the heck out of there. I want no part in the darkness and error of Judaism because it is an outright denial of Jesus Christ. Most of you know by now I've felt pretty solid "walking between the fences", but not today. What occurred today was an abomination and an absolute cry for Antichrist and I was repulsed to my toenails.

Gary was up with a post this afternoon summarizing the days events. His thoroughness and clarity is on the spot.  Here is one of his comments and the link to his article:
I think my reaction grew through the course of the day. I try to approach these things skeptically at first, but when all is said and done, I'm left with this: Today the Aaronic priesthood dedicated the Altar of Burnt Offering for the Third Temple and performed a complete daily oblation upon it as described in Exodus 29. Simultaneously, the Sanhedrin called upon the world to submit to Judaism and help rebuild what is (now) an abomination this side of the Cross.
Here is the link:

A great companion article to Gary's was put up by "But That's Just Me" this afternoon as well. She uses todays events to put the focus right were we need to be.... on Christ and what He did for us. A sacrifice that we are hoping the Jews will soon recognize...

She also as a great compilation of links to other sources discussion the dedication.

Here is her link:


  1. 'How significant is this event... God knows.' An appropriate comment Brad as we will all surely differ in our beliefs as to what happened and its significance in the scheme of (end-times) things. My feeling was that the inability of the 'priests' to sacrifice a ram at the alter itself took away from the significance of it all (perhaps) and I wonder if it was Gods mercy that this happened. Exodus 29 ablation goes a bit too far as far as I am concerned due to this inability to carry out the sacrifice as required. We need to pray for the Jews that despite their hardened hearts, many will come to a knowledge of Christ even prior to the great trib.

  2. I left my thoughts on the original youtube video. I felt disgusted in my spirit, but i knew it was a huge deal so i watched. This is a slap in the face to God. Crazy times, prophecy is playing out daily, any moment we could be called up to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air!

    HEBREWS 10:10,14 (KJV)
    By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.


  3. Thanks Brad, for linking to that article. It is very interesting that this covenant may well be the covenant that gets strengthened / confirmed.

    Amen to that Ryan. (Praying for the Jewish people) what a horrific time they are blindly marching towards.

  4. Thank you Brad for putting up the WHOLE ceremony video by brother James, I already wondered if there's more details to see than just the few excerpts of it on!

    I'd like to add my 'unsealed' comment here, regarding the "adressing / inviting the nations issue", regardless the many flaws of the ceremony itself by e.g. casting the stones (instead of using natural ones) or using a ready-butchered meat (instead of slaughtering on site) or barefoot walking Kohanim on the grass and then on the altar (without cleansing before) etc.

    >> I cannot understand how these Jews would want to "invite the nations" to join their sacrifice ceremony but then only talking in Hebrew without any translation (at least in English as an international language). That alone left me with the odd feeling of being lectured in Latin by Catholic priests about the word of God before the era of the Reformation.

    This was an act of "insider" symbolism, comparable with the nightly (hoax or not) sacrifice at CERN in front of the Shiva godess statue in 2016. If any foreign "nations" (gojim) would have been intended to feel "invited" then these nations might have not been so drastically excluded by only using the Hebrew language during the ceremony. This was obviously intentional so that the Sanhedrin sacrifice could be fulfilled (pretending to include and adress the nations) but no one would take further notice in the media outside Israel and outside the global Orthodox Jewish community.<<

    MARANATHA, come quickly now LORD Jesus and look what the synagogue of Satan is doing!! Woe to them all!

  5. Just another current note on Jerusalem recognition by the AUSTRALIAN nation:

  6. I know that it was imperative that we all be paying close attention to this Altar Dedication yesterday because as Sherry said, it was not the "event" for us, but a HUGE marker. I'm just gonna throw this out for consideration after looking at some things this morning.

    First, I'm not sure who these people who performed this ritual really are. I know they claim to be Levites verified by DNA testing, but maybe not. Maybe they descend from a different bloodline. I watched an interesting interview this morning from 12/7 @israelinewslive with L.A. Marzuli about bloodlines and the serpent seed titled "UFO Disclosure: Are They Among Us?"
    But either way, what they did yesterday was to try to crucify the Son of the Living God anew. That's why they used a lamb.

    So I saw on L Lott's site where Colleen M. commented re some thoughts she was having about Matt.27:52-KJV.
    "And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,
    I'll add Matt.27:53
    "And came out of the graves AFTER his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many". (emph. mine)

    This reminded me of where that whole "wipe out" dream ultimately led to the showing of His hands to Thomas in John 20:26 KJV
    "And AFTER eight days..." (emph. mine)

    Which in turn had reminded me of a sort of mirror image in Is.26:20 KJV re the doors being shut.

    What's really interesting is when I looked at the Strong's re Matt.27:52

    Gk#2752 --keleusma--a shout of command, a call, an arousing outcry used 1x in 1Thess.4:16

    "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:"
    (What are those odds?)
    After Christ's death on the Cross, the veil was rent, a great EQ occurred and 3 days later AFTER he was resurrected the dead in Christ rose from their graves. If He was crucified anew yesterday, could we be expecting something miraculous on the 3rd day afterwards. IDK, I'm ready for anything.

    H#2752--Chori--an inhabitant of Edom. This led to the Horim or Horites; pre-Edomite inhabitants of Mt. Seir and cave dwellers, or trogladytes. (Nephalim anybody?)

    Looking at John 20:26 and Is.26:20 the same way:.
    GK#2026--epoikodomeo--to build upon --used 7x in ref. to our relationship with Christ Jesus.
    H#2620--chasah--to seek refuge 37x (awesome study in all of that)

    Love you all and gotta be somewhere, but Looking Up! Marantha!

    1. I got a few more minutes, so let me add a couple of thoughts. Could this be possibly be a 3rd day we should be prepared against? Ex.19:11-16 KJV. In looking at this trumpet, one of two--the Teqa Hagah Dalah, that I did a study on years ago, I was reminded of this:
      H#8629--Teqa--loud trumpet blast
      H#1898--Hagah--remove, take away
      H#1802--Dalah--draw out, lift up, deliver.

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Well, a tiny possible affirmation but we'll take it: Evangelist Owuor saw the Rapture happening on a Thursday in a dream/vision (cannot recall) on a Thursday, during one of his conferences. Not sure what his schedule is, this week, but 3 days after the 10th is a Thursday.

      BTW, over @UNSEALED, someone posted a lengthy response concerning HAMMER and some unpacks around that and some interesting connections with Maccabees. Lots of interesting nuggets in their post, esp as it resonated with that as a theme we have chased here. Anyone involved in our Hammer digs here should probs go read that as we are likely seeing it come up again as a dust cloud over on the horizon which we Watchers should note, again. In light of so much pending in so many arenas atm, even the DC wars/Indictments, etc. Have you seen the YTC vids concerning the letters inserted in the service Hymnals at the recent B*SH funeral (Hellary, and others) and the look on Jeb's face the instant he saw whatever Laura showed him in that file handed to her by Secret Service during the coffin-walk? Earthwatch just posted about events tee-d up for January and it looks like sword drawn time for conflict with the d@@p st@te, Maranatha!

    3. Sheila B., taking your lead:
      G1911 epiballó: to throw over, to throw oneself (18!!! Occurrences) Matthew 9:16 Luke 9:62
      H1911 hadah: stretch out (the hand) (1) The verse is Isaiah 11:8, however, upon seeing the section, lets post it ALL (as relates, emph mine):
      1There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse,
      and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.
      2And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him,
      the Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
      the Spirit of counsel and might,
      the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.
      3And his delight shall be in the fear of the Lord.
      He shall not judge by what his eyes see,
      or decide disputes by what his ears hear,
      4but with righteousness he shall judge the poor,
      and decide with equity for the meek of the earth;
      and he shall strike the earth with the rod of his mouth,
      and with the breath of his lips he shall kill the wicked.
      5Righteousness shall be the belt of his waist,
      and faithfulness the belt of his loins.
      6The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
      and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
      and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together;
      and a little child shall lead them.
      7The cow and the bear shall graze;
      their young shall lie down together;
      and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
      8The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra,
      and the weaned child shall PUT HIS HAND on the adder’s den.
      9They shall not hurt or destroy
      in all my holy mountain;
      for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
      as the waters cover the sea.

    4. Hebrews 10:25, amen, Maranatha!

    5. TY you, Jimboni! Can you just imagine a day like that when there is no more danger for the little ones. That alone is going to be such a wonderful dream come true.
      I know this morning when I saw that Matt.27:52 verse re the resurrection of the dead during the First Advent between His death and Resurrection went straight through that same Strong's# to it's (1x) usage in the 1Thess. verse re the resurrection of the dead when He returns for his children, I was so blessed I could hardly stand myself. A BIG TY to Colleen M. for that inspiration.
      The Miraculous is coming again and so very soon. I told Him on the drive into town that however long that takes, I will get up every morning until then, go out and look for that Manna, and gather it up for whatever wonderful nourishment He chooses to provide for that day. I've not come up empty yet and He sends so much of that nourishment right here through the fellowship of this awesome family of His:-)

      Going to check out the @unsealed post you referenced and I do remember that Evangelist talking about a Thursday. Paul Dawson was talking about some day count culminating on the 14th on his Donald Trump 444 video. I'll have to go back and listen to that one again as well to refresh on that. Blessings and Maranatha!

    6. Rayati sighed as she set her mind to try and get some sleep. Where could HE be? Sigh. The girls are getting cold, half of them are already out of oil, they won’t be able to chase him in the dark. She feels a pout coming on. All other suitors would’ve come by now, what will they say? Still, she quickly sees, in her mind, as she tries to settle in to the blankets, his catching her eyes so often from across the market, and that special zing where they connect. HE is different, oh yes, she smiles. WHAT IS HE UP TO?! Oh, this will be an INTERESTING celebration of our new family, surely.

      Rayati smiles as she deliberately pulls blankets up over her shoulders. A prayer for His Safe and Quick Arrival up to ABBA, not a hint of concern allowed to peek out. Whenever He pulls a stunt it’s ALWAYS been amazing, but still. Sigh. One last look. Quiet night, clear sky, beautiful stars, not a sound. Sigh.

      Oh, He WILL come, she smiles. He is Faithful, if Creative, He Knows The Traditions, oh yes. The sun of morning is coming, and the Groom’s snatching of His Bride is always before the dawn, oh yes, he will come. But its late, and the girls are cold. Come soon, my Love, soon, as Rayati drifts off, wondering…

    7. The mental image you evoke feels so real.

    8. CY and Cry, Thank you. It is an image I am simply delivering, as it was given to me in prayerful conversation with Our Lord. He Is So Good. There is a 'part 2', of sorts, which comes after ALL have had a chance to ponder part 1 and maybe let me know if it resonated. Very glad to hear that it worked for you, Maranatha!

    9. Oh, it resonates, says the person coming down with the crud AGAIN. Last year when I got sick with this stuff, I thought surely this will be the last time. Not so, lol, BUT I know He will get me through it again one way or another as I pull the blanket up over my shoulders and know as well, that YES! He will come:-)

    10. Sheila B, thank you. You were definitely on my mind with this one. Go to Vitamin Cottage get a quart of Colloidal Silver and a gallon of Aloe Juice. Mix 4oz ea. and pound 'er down every 4 hours. Right as rain in 48-72 hours, done, Love ya, Sis, Maranatha!

    11. TY, Jimboni. The closest thing we have to that around here is a GNC, but hopefully they will have some of the Colloidal Silver in stock this time around. Not real fond of drinking Aloe juice but it's way better than being down with this stuff for too long. I'll try to get in there this evening to get some before they sell out:-) Blessings, my Brother!

    12. Sheila B., GNC can be flaky. If you come up dry, have Brad email me a good address (my work email) for you and I'll whip up a few quarts and get them to you, no worries.

    13. Wow, TY so much, Jimboni. That's so very kind of you, but I called in and got some ready for Billy to pick up for me this afternoon on his way home. Looking forward to trying it out and hopefully heading off a repeat of last year:-)
      Many Blessings!

    14. Cool, mix with some Orange/Pineapple and cuts the Aloe taste nicely while adding V-C, fluids and lots of other good stuff you body will use to recover/rebuild, Maranatha!

    15. Rayati ‘ere the Dawn
      Some time ago, unbeknownst to him, I sat under the YTC teaching of Alan Horvath and was most blessed by his sharing of the Otiot. Surely his is a name most will recognize to greater, or lesser degree, and Alan, like all, has his share of + and (-) in the opinion of most, in terms of his approach, message, etc. I no longer consider myself his student but continue to treasure much of what I learned; back to the Otiot. In short, as Alan presents it (and I recall), the Otiot is the original cuneiform text OT was written in. I truly don’t get that, chronologically, and don’t really care to get into it, rather, as I recall, Alan’s presentation was satisfactory for me at the time. He believes we will all get back to that form when we are restored to the Father’s Tongue. Oddly enough, as I’ve thought about it, our current language will be much too clunky when we share a common Glorified Mind. A pictorial language would make much more sense in that context, esp as a single picture tells a thousand ‘words’, so true, and more so when drawn from a common visual library.

      My study of the Otiot was more topical than trying to ‘learn’ it in any way. One phrase which Our Lord, I feel, emblazoned upon my spirit, was the Otiot for “wait(ing) upon the Lord” (Isaiah 40:31). It is 3 symbols profoundly simple, erudite and vast in this context. The 1st is a horizontal line supporting a half circle, the rising sun; the 2nd is a Tent Peg, to dwell with, plant your life there; and the 3rd is a stick figure with uplifted arms, the ‘Spirit-Filled Man’. It is at every workstation I occupy, somewhere. I have meditated on those 3 figures many hours since meeting them. Likely God-Breathed, IF, in fact, THESE ARE the original Otiot, as Alan describes, but even still, standing tall on their own merit.

      I believe that we Westerners, by default, picture ‘waiting upon the Lord’ somewhat like waiting for your Lottery Numbers. We learn it means otherwise, and we mentally so, ‘OK’, but still picture this milling around, wondering if this bus route is still in operation, or not. Listen to the Otiot, possibly from His Pen, Oh No, He is LIKE THE RISING OF THE SUN. DWELL there a while, PLANT YOUR TENT RIGHT THERE. Is the Sun going to be late, tomorrow morning? Will it simply take the day off? Apart from Divine Actions to do so, no, there is NOTHING more symbolic of FAITHFULNESS. Rayati KNOWS this like you know the sound of your own breathing.

      In a time of light, conversational prayer, a few nights ago, Our Lord Nudged me into thinking about the Parable of the Virgins in its True context, and from the mindset of the Betrothed awaiting her snatching away, as done then in that Tradition. Our Lord urged me to share this, so that we, also, may be reminded of this perspective of unshakable understanding in the INEVITBILITY of her GROOM’s ARRIVAL, which Rayati captures for us.

      “I slept, but my heart was awake, when I heard my lover knocking and calling: "Open to me, my treasure, my darling (‘rayati’), my dove, my perfect one. My head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night.” SoS 5:2

    16. Jimboni, first I am feeling better already, TY very much. Billy bought the Cranberry flavored Aloe juice so it's not too bad.The wind is terrible here though. Been blowing cold and crazy--bad for the sinuses so trying to stay indoors as much as possible,

      The name Rayati is interesting and wondering where it comes from. It seems to me that you are encouraging us to find the joy and mystery in the wait itself, sort of an introspect on Who and what it is exactly we are waiting for, if you will. Very cool and deeply encouraging. It reminds me of a book I once read called The Secret Places of the Stairs. I don't know anything about the Otiot, but I have tried to think about how we will communicate with one another and how our LORD will communicate with us, but it always quickly outgrows my wildest imaginations. TY for sharing this insight that I can take with me into those calmer moments of reflection:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    17. Sheila B., Thank you for your feedback. The Encouragement, Of The Lord, which I wanted to share was the UNSHAKABLE confidence Rayati has as her understanding of 'Waiting on the Lord' sits on a foundation, captured in the Otiot, that the Coming of The Lord is as dependable as the coming of the daily sunrise. As her suitor operated under the same rules, of course she can fall asleep, KNOWING she will awaken to a shout, "He's HERE! GET UP!" This is what Our Lord wanted me to see, how so much of our Watcher anxiety arises from a mis-understanding, a lack of FAITH/ KNOWLEDGE, again, which aligns with REALITY, also again, as shown in the Rising Sun association.

      On a side note, this model also tells us an entirely new reason, and a much better one, as to what separates the Wise and Foolish Virgins. The foolish were not so for failing to bring enough oil. They are Foolish due to the reason WHY. Remember Rayati's scene, "half the girls are already out of oil and won' be able to chase him in the dark." Why don't they go get oil before the Midnight Cry? Why didn't they bring more?

      What separates the Wise and Foolish is the beliefs LEADING TO their decisions. The Foolish are SO SURE THEY KNOW the one coming, and when he will arrive, all according to the letter of their expectations and RIGHT ON TIME. Their confidence in not in who is coming but IN THEMSELVES AND THEIR "KNOWING" of Him Who Comes being so PERFECT that they cannot be wrong. When He Fails to Appear by the moment expected, they obviously have THE WRONG NIGHT. No need to go get any oil: he's not coming, silly. SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRIDE is their folly.

      The Wise, however, KNOW their limits and HONOR the one coming by accepting that HE is in charge of his arrival and their role is not to ASSUME TO KNOW but to PREPARE FOR HIS WILL, WHATEVER IT MAY BE. HUMILITY is their Wisdom.

      Rayati's name is very relevant, in it's meaning. It's (inside) the SoS verse, above. Grab 'yer shovel and go back and look again, Maranatha!

    18. Tying this back to the model of Him being as Faithful as the Sunrise, The Foolish Virgins brought enough oil for MIDNIGHT, THE USUAL AMOUNT. The WISE brought enough oil to last until DAWN, and NOT A DROP MORE, as that is not needed due to the Faithfulness of Him who is Coming, Maranatha!

    19. OK, NOW its getting JUICY. OIL is the key being unlocked, the pivot. We are looking at Hanukah and the Hanukah Miracle of insufficient OIL BECOMMING SUFFICIENT, BY HIS HAND, amen. Apply that to our Watching. I hear the Fishes and Loaves chiming in also, as we, as little ones, bring the wee few fishes and loaves of the Faith we muster, daily, by His Grace, and HE makes it ENOUGH OIL, Praise Him! Truly, a delicious lemon twist here, no?

    20. A very deep Sigh is all I can add to that, Brother. Not one of resignation, but the kind that says I'm so thankful this waiting part ain't all on me:-)

    21. Sheila B., TY muchly for letting me know you're tracking with me. Blessings.

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    1. Deleted my post because this should be a time of celebration and that is what I want to really share. Our heavenly Father has been so good to me this past year. So much has been revealed and I just want to let everyone know how grateful I am that he has opened my eyes to the truths found in his word, and also the insights gained through all that has been shown by those on this site. Getting teary eyed now just thinking about how I've been blessed while on this journey.

    2. Celebrating with you Okie! Isn't it marvelous to really have it deep down in your Spirit how wonderful HE truly is? Blessings - Sherry

    3. It's is Sherry, and it is so hard to comprehend.

    4. Constantly in awe of his works. Yesterday I experienced such a deep peace. Our father has it all under control and that's all that matters.

  8. Thanks Brad for posting. Watching the video, I too was struck by the informality and lack of reverence by the kohenim (e.g. selfies at the altar of incense) - it seemed almost like a poorly done reenactment of a real sacrifice. I know this is a bad example, but most of us have probably seen a Passion play where the costumes, acting, set props, etc., all looked marginally less than what the real setting would've looked like. This event yesterday seemed almost like that.

    For an event with such magnitude and repercussion as this was (which we might not fully know until after the rapture), it was eerily quiet and sparsely attended. Just so strange and so sad. Praying for the Jews and Israel - the Father's love for them is so great, but He must be so furious right now...


  9. As we swim along in these waters with coincidences and other interesting items floating by our swim I cam across an interesting 'coincidence' concerning a recent event and the name of the place it occurred. Jordan Sather saw this one, hat tip the other Jordan, the spot where the recent 7.1 EQ happened, on the Antarctic Circle, was under THULE island. THULE was the Nazi Occultic Society deeply involved in (likely) channeling fallen angel tech to Hitler's war machine (anti-grav, etc.) and setting up secret bases in ANTARCTICA. That such an EQ would ping off just NOW under an island so named? Just sayin', Maranatha!

    1. That's certainly no co-inkydink! This world is really creeping me out!

    2. Jimboni, the current NASA New Horizon space probe's official nickname is ULTIMA THULE. This term is used as the traditional name of distant places beyond the known world.

      The famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote the poem about the 'King of Thule' in 1774 AD as part of the "Faust" drama. Gretchen sings the song while being seduced by Faust. +++ (well, it sounds even better in the original language...)

      Thule was ALWAYS the term for the ARCTIC and the region beyond (most NORTHERN part of the world) but not ANTarctica. It was ever part of North European legends, but not the South part of the globe. Maybe the term has been changed by meaning. If you search for "Southern Thule" on Wikipedia there is indeed some connection to Great Britain and James Cook after 1900 AD (but which is a Northern European nation again):

      Funny how Cook would discover and name the region just 1 year after Goethe wrote his "Faust"...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Somewhat a side note, maybe not, on the topic of things circling around. Made a post, just now, earlier thread, as was some activity there, but thought to put here, too, esp in light of relevance and timing. Recent Q posts included a pic of Santa over the mantle holding a HAMMER. Sure, has relevance in its own context, but, for us here, somewhat expecting we'd see one soon? That's another thing, entirely, Maranatha!

    5. Miguel P, actually, I had read Pillars of Smoke's dream but just now went to his site to get the full Megillah. My take is of it as an affirmation pointing to 12/21, now arising in numerous Watches. The resonance he demonstrates with Todd's recent work at ITISFINISHED and with other Watchers adds weight, oh yeah. This was where I recently saw Maccabees meaning 'HAMMER', which I haven't confirmed, nor knew before. Really don't feel urged to go down this RabbiTrail deeply, yet, it does alight on several points floating on the top of the stew lately, clearly, Maranatha!

    6. I came across an interesting site today @The Supernatural - God is NOT dead. The vids are long at an hour plus, but this Sister's got some interesting perspective. The first one titled "The Quantum Leap RAPTURE--The Event Horizon--Falling Stars and RISING SOULS" from 12/06/18 and another from 11/28 titled "SECRETS of Antarctica--TRUTH is Stranger than Fiction--Return of the Nephilim".

      Annabel, I think you might appreciate this channel if you don't already know it. She's got a scientific mind and is a strong proponent of the Gospel.
      As Zorrowbird says below, it's shocking, but we all knew this day would come when the Spiritual World and Wars would begin to manifest more clearly than ever and for those with the eyes and faith to see, it's here big time! That tells me that we are surely on the cusp of our Transition. Blessings and Maranatha!

    7. 4717, 6360, 1989, 3597, 7594...

      Anybody know whats curious about those numbers? It's a fun little rabbit to chase.

    8. Ok fine! If no one wants to play mt little number game I'll just tell you 😁:

      Apparently there's lots of words for HAMMER in hebrew. And there's even one that is specifically for the kind that drives nails into a wooden cross. 4717. And the Greek word that is 4717 is, get this, to crucify!

      Now seriously, I bet you could look up the uses and specific meanings of the words that we translate so flatly as "hammer" and you'd learn a little something about the Master Carpenter's favorite tool.

      Anybody wanna play yet?

    9. Miguel, Sheila is on the hunt (see new post). Seems too hard for me ... Tho, I am here to track down these numbers.

    10. You both are kind for humoring me. Soon as I get a little more time, I'm going to look at those numbers and the verses where they are used too. Should be a fun little hunt. Been thinking about the whole twins thing too. Right now is the geminids peak. From gemini, meaning twins.

    11. I liked up hammer. Breaking rock. How about that. My first thought was Cheist as the rock. But, it is pattish a forge hammer. And this was #6360. Jeremiah 23:29 (Heart)
      So, it is the Word as a hammer that takes away our stony heart and gives us a heart of flesh. Ezekiel​ 36:26-28.
      (Hand) The hammer is useless without the workman to wield it. The Spirit of God!
      The mining industry had to fire stones first to easily reduce them to powder to get at the metal. Fire & Hammer - conviction and renewal. Oh yeah. There was more ....

    12. Miguel P, sorry brother, Google had nothing but some interesting data pages which came up and thought about working a calculator and Strong's but eh butter is already too thin on this toast m8 and had to leave to others, Maranatha!

    13. No worries, Jimboni. I only offer it to add my two cents worth. I said it all in play, just in case that didnt come out as clearly as I meant.

  10. Replies
    1. That is exactly what I thought!

      It is like this for me. You knew it had to happen at some point, but now that it is happening, it shocks me!

  11. IKR! When I saw that little nugget I'm like, "OK, right, now this has become an episode of The Avengers or something Indiana Jones." Dr. Vinkman's (Egon's? ICR) commentary on the steel superstructure of the High-rise in Ghostbusters comes to mind, sheesh, Maranatha!

  12. Good stuff and exciting times. If you watch that whole video you can see the fires going out repeatedly!

  13. I would also like to make a short remark about these CHILDREN's presence at the "sacrifice" (especially GIRLS of 3 different ages?! Hello??)... Israelite MALE priests had to be 30 years at least to be able to present sacrifices (maximum age was 50 but then they could still work as assistants voluntarily). This is ever so strange, IDK why it makes me think of child sacrifices to Molech and Pizzagate right now. Sorry but I cannot help it.

  14. I opened my Bible this morning to Tobit and my eyes fell on a couplet....
    "I shall turn your feasts into mourning
    And all your singing into lamentation."

  15. I need to talk to my family today. I am so upset with myself. I should be so excited but damn Satan and his distraction. Last week I was at a Christian friends and I don't think they really understand exactly what his Grace and Pauls teachings are about. They asked me what I did to witness.I work with Public and have opportunity to speak to hundred people some days. When a customer talks weather I try to add key words like the news said the storm will be biblical. I talk with fun and truth. Like I say if an Alien ever tells you they want to help don't believe them. Or if co worker swears in His name I say careful you don't want to be left behind. But I don't preach and witnessing a work anyway.

    I called my lifetime friend and cousin about this covenant. That's when I got stupid. I told her Jesus came to abolish law etc. Then she said she knew. I said if she knew she wouldn't be asking me the questions she does. I got angry she got angry. I just feel so bad.. I have now confessed my sins to my brethren . How do two people fight about the God they both love so much?

    1. Your story reminds me of Philippians 4:2 Euodia and Syntyche rebuked for probably doing the same thing. Perhaps your friend was just asking about how witnessing Christ works out at your workplace? Why shouldn't she do that? Not many Christians are witnessing at work at all in fact because of possible persecution. When I witnessed for 3 years at a rehab clinics I got indicted to share the gospel and had to quit eventually. Witnessing at work can get seriously risky and endanger your family income. I cannot see how your friend asked a stupid question. Perhaps you both calm down, apologize and forgive one another? Am I wrong? Blessings to you!

    2. I kind of love this answer Annabel " Perhaps you both calm down, apologize and forgive one another?"

      It's so practical and typical of my experience. Hoping and praying you get this worked out Nolongerlukewarm.

  16. ...and to think this sheep sacrifice was brought to the alter in a PLASTIC box. How shameful and blasphemous.

    1. I have to agree, Norman. That storage tub did seem pretty low-brow for what they were supposedly doing. The way they handled the lamb was without any respect at all, which is what makes me question who these people might actually be. It reminded me of Amos 3:10-15. Espec. v.12. It was almost as if more than just being bumbling about it, they were in fact making a mockery of the ritual. The whole thing was just off. That's how it struck me anyway.

  17. It's called S-I-N ... plain and simple. It is our nature. Sin isn't just committing a "sin", it is our default ...
    "Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again" - Frank Sinatra

    1. You two made me ya sisters

    2. Sinatra.....>I did it myyyy waaaaay.

    3. Yes, too funny. Didn't see that Annabel ("sins) when I was looking for that quote ... Several different versions by others.

  18. Cathi's right - it's our fallen nature. Remember, we are tri-partite. 1 - Our Spirit is Born Again, a New Creation, 2 - Our Mind is BEING RENEWED by the washing of the water of the Word (the process is ongoing, never finished and subject to setbacks with or without enemy intervention) and 3 We are flesh which will not be Born Again or Renewed, but it will be CHANGED in the Twinkling of an Eye. You experience the same frustration Paul (yes, that Paul) did. The things I would do, I don't and the things I don't want to do, I do. It's not because He wasn't born again, fully sold-out for the Lord and on his way to Heaven, but he was still limited by the fallen nature which operates most freely in our mind. The tongue is the hardest member to control - yet moves a ship as a rudder. We all do it and so often wish our words were on strings and we could just reel them back in. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off as Cathi said. It's so hard, but we have to do it and the hardest thing to do is forgive yourself. Blessings - Sherry

    1. Thank you, Sherry for saying this so nicely. NoLongerLukewarm, I apologize for being harsh in my response. It is difficult to forgive oneself and we beat ourselves over the head. Some people struggle with this moreso than others. No matter the circumstances, we wound one another. Maybe we are tired, were lonely, were angry, were hungry ... Our flesh gets in the way.

  19. Ok, Fam. If Rev12 Daily was a newspaper, then I've definitely had my fair share of opinion pieces in the "Sports" section :)

    And with that intro...I've got some more news to report, lol. This is a lengthier comment than usual, so I'll have to split it up into two separate posts.

    On the big stage in the American sports arena during 2018, there has been a marvelous convergence of signs and themes that relate to the present hour. Yesterday and today I have been tracing down an intricate matrix of three terms: Temple/Zion/Philadelphia. I'll list my observations in bullet-point form and try to make sense of it. However, I'm confident that the results yield further confirmation of 2018 as a pivotal year for the soon-coming Church/Israel transition.

    Here goes my train of thought:

    * First, I'll start with some simple-Temple-math (credit to Daily Crow): If you start from the Second Temple's destruction, AD 70, and then add 1948 years, you, 2018! This is astounding all on its own.

    * Second, in a previous thread about a barrage of recent attacks on Jews in our country, I posted a link to story about Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Temple University, an undergraduate school located in Philadelphia, PA (note: Temple + Mount/Lamont + Philadelphia). He made news on 11/28/18 for making anti-Zionist remarks at the UN during International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

    *Third, it is striking that Temple University (Owls) are playing the Duke University (Blue Devils) during an NCAA college football bowl game on 12/27/18. Temple is known for its decorated basketball program, but to have the football team make a bowl game is significant. Their interim coach has gone viral for his fiery speech at a pregame news conference. Also worthy to consider: Temple and Duke will face off at what is called the Independence Bowl (emphasis on 'independence,' and more on this later).

    *Fourth, the Duke University's basketball team this year has another so-called one-and-done player named...ZION Williamson. Yes, one of the top-ranked basketball players in the country is named Zion. The Wiki article reports that his parents named him after the biblical Zion, and his mother's last name is Sampson (more on this later, too).

    1. *Fifth, in 2018 we have witnessed at least two teams from Philadelphia win national championships: The Philadelphia Eagles (NFL, the Superbowl) and the Villanova Wildcats (the NCAA basketball tournament). Oh, and Villanova had a player on their championship team who has returned for this season, and his name is Passover (yes, not joking; his last name is Paschall).

      *Sixth, our brother Paul Dawson made note of a comet making a close arrival (perihelion) in March of 2021 that is called 10P/Tempel, named after German astronomer Wilhelm Tempel. This comet aligns with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in the constellation of Capricorn right before Passover 2021 (see Paul's video, toward the very end). Comet 10P/Tempel was discover on July 4, 1873 (INDEPENDENCE Day)!

      *Seventh, there is a powerful convergence in Revelation 3:7-13 regarding this 2018 matrix of Temple/Zion/Philadelphia. Check it out! Note especially Rev. 3:12, to the church at PHILADELPHIA, we read, "...He who overcomes, I will make him a PILLAR in the TEMPLE of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the CITY of My God, the New Jerusalem..." Recall that Zion Williamson's mother has the last name Sampson. What did Sampson take hold of in order to cause the TEMPLE of Dagon to fall? PILLARS (Judges 16:29-30). Credit to Natalie at Unsealed for this recent find that appeared on 12/9/18: Rare Light Pillars in Wisconsin.

      Whew! That's all for now. This is a lot to take in and try to get your mind around, but I have attempted to catch a glimmer of God's glory in all of these sports-related convergences. It all signals to me that we are in a unique, unprecedented year that screams to the watchful but whispers to the public: Temple/Zion/Philadelphia!

      Our rescue and escape is near. Hold on to your crown, fellow pillars of God's heavenly temple (Rev. 3:10-12)!

    2. What a quintessential orchestra conductor we know

    3. WOW Jeff! While that data is totally amazing, I am even more awed by the fact that He gives you (or any of us) the eyes to see these things and make the connections with His Word. Simply stunning, imo:-)

    4. Boy, wouldn't you just love to hear the story behind the Pascall Lamb at Passover naming ceremony. I'm with Sheila WOW! Give us wisdom Lord, to see what you are so blatantly showing and our minds struggle to comprehend. Zion Sampson and the Pillars - don't forget the strange green pillars that appeared on a shot from the Space Station I think it was and then just as miraculously disappeared. Blessings - Sherry

  20. More background information on the "Sanhedrin 3rd Temple Ritual" can be found on

    Israel's Altar Dedication

    Sanhedrin "Third Temple" Ritual in Jerusalem (R$E)

    Watch this to be informed about the Vatican / Jesuit connection! If you ever are supporting the building of this temple financially or else by prayer, please understand what you are actually involved in. MARANATHA!

    1. The RSE channel has changed name, sorry I used the older one. The correct channels name above to the Sanhedrin video is "RISE". I think there is still the old channel existing though. Just FYI

  21. Hi guys a new summary video posted by A&O PRODUCTIONS of the alter, temple and what it all means. Worth the watch.

    1. TY Jordan, I just watched it! A huge part is taken from the "RISE" video but enhanced with other interesting details. What I don't understand is how Paul Begley (at the beginning, I recognize his voice) would misinterpret the 3rd antichrist temple with the TRUE Ezekiel temple during the millennium because he makes some remarks on how "all nations will worship" therein. It is so much obvious that the 3rd temple is NOT from God (although it is prophecy but still man-made). Only the 4th and last temple will be according to Gods will as described in Ezekiel 40-48. Jesus Christ Himself must be present to build it because in Ezekiel all the heights of the building are missing. So He must give instructions personally. IDK how nobody noticed that yet by reading that book? MARANATHA!

    2. Big YES, this is not the temple to which Messiah returns

    3. Affirmative - not the final temple. Agreed, how could anybody miss that? Except, most churches are still teaching Jesus' first point of return is to the Mount of Olives and not to Bozrah, Go figure. They must have ripped out the first half of the book. Sad. Blessings - Sherry

  22. I see Brad has just posted a new article, so will put that previous comment, on the new article also.




    Very, very important video to watch, check also his other links in the description box!! It's all precisely scheduled during Donald Trumps 2 years of government since 2017! MARANATHA!

  24. Rapture Vision and Word: The wedding at Cana is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb: Jesus Watchwoman YTC Good Typology nuggets here, Maranatha!

  25. I am in agreement with Annabel and others who believe this ceremony--legit or not--is very much a major marker or indicator of the closeness of the Age of Grace ending. The Spirit of the Lord reminded me of a number of things as I contemplated this event. May this encourage you, my beloved fellow watchers:

    1. Lyn, your articles are truly Spirit filled and always so uplifting, Sister. This one was another lovely jewel in the treasure chest. TY and Many Blessings. Can't wait to meet ya in Glory!

    2. Dear Lyn, TY very much for your new article and compilation of thoughts! I have heard of the nuclear war theory before and agree about the 'Zechariah 5 warhead cylinder' and yet there's another possibility from Revelation 12:3-4 which is a celestial event we should not forget to watch out for. The word "devour" in verse 4 here also means "eat up by FIRE" so this is a threat from space in fact (meteor / asteroid showers aka falling stars?). As a nuclear war is not really fitting into the chronology of Revelation 12 "signs in HEAVEN" (not on earth like Zechariah 5:11 "land of Shinar" aka the Babylon / Mesopotamia plains) I do assume this nuclear threat will work out DURING Jacobs trouble but not (yet) before. We are called to watch heavenly signs but not wars and rumours of war as concrete "rapture signs" preceding the event (Revelation 12:5 rapture just following the "fire" of the red dragon in space!).

      The "land of Shinar" encompasses parts of modern day Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Jordan today. We all know about the nuclear threat from Iran (ancient Persia) and the difficulties around the current atomic deal with them. Zechariah 4 is connected to the preaching of the two witnesses in Revelation 11 so the following chapter might just be connected to their preaching in Jerusalem when the political antichrist will end their testimony by killing them at mid-trib declaring himself God. Iran is trying to usher in the Islamic Messiah, the "Mahdi" the same as the Sanhedrin Rabbi from the 12/10/18 temple altar dedication told us in the RISE video. I rather think the nuclear bomb threat is connected to the period of Jacobs trouble itself (mid-trib) but not preceding the rapture. The church is still present as the restrainer of global nuclear war threat coming from the "land of Shinar". We must therefore be already GONE before all of this can work out. Blessings to you!

    3. Annabel, your scenario may well be how it goes down--there's so much to consider! Since the U.S. has to be "out of the way" for the NWO to arise, I have been leaning toward an almost simultaneous GRAND CONVERGENCE of disaster which includes missiles being sent to America. This is why Jesus must HARPAZO or snatch us quickly out of harm's way. HOWEVER, this is just speculation as we do not know for sure how it will all occur. Will America be torn in half by the New Madrid earthquake before enemy nations decide to bomb and then enter Her? Will any of the great quakes that are coming occur before the Rapture or simultaneously with it?

      So your Scripturally-based scenario could be correct, because quakes could destroy the U.S. before a missile is ever fired. Hugs<3

  26. To sum up some more "reactions to altar dedication" in this thread our brother #JAMES SMITH has commented on and connected with Ezekiel 13:10 the "whitewash tombs" of Matthew 23:27 in his video lecture, very recommended to listen to:

  27. Just read a great comment concerning the shoddy nature of this 'event' on a YTC video: If this is the best they can come up with, plastic tubs, redi-crete and Bic lighters, then we should expect the anti-Christ to be Jerry Seinfeld, ha!

  28. Fantastic post.

    Really enjoyed reading it and it held my attention all the way through! Keep it up.

    Read my Latest Post


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