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Todd Hampson is not like most prophecy teachers out there.  I have shared quite a few of his blog posts, articles and podcasts over the last several months because of his excellent knowledge and approachable style.  He has a unique style, and his new prophecy book that I am currently reading is different as well.... And by different I mean better.

A guidebook about Bible Prophecy faces many challenges before a single page is turned.  As we all know too well, many people (many Christians even) are put off by the subject... long standing walls are built and most books written on it are fairly dry, uncolorful and hard to follow (especially if you are new to the subject).  This one is different. This one is better.

This one can break through those walls.

The Non-Prophet's Guide to the End Times: Bible Prophecy for Everyone

First off, the entire book is printed in COLOR.  When is the last time you read a paperback printed in full color?  It is also filled with illustrations and graphics, hundreds of works of art that help illustrate and explain the topic's at hand.  Todd also uses some humor to disarm the readers before filling them with meat straight from God's word.  His explanations of complex topics are very thoughtful and thorough, yet laid out in a way that is approachable, even for readers who are new to Bible Prophecy.

So if you are inclined I invite you to read on about this new book written by my friend and brother in Christ Todd.  He has poured his heart into this work and it shows. Below I have dropped in some images of the book , YouTube interviews of him describing the book, as well as a Q/A he did for us on a few relevant questions (including his thoughts on the Rev 12 Sign).

As an overview, the book is about 220 pages long and broken into 4 parts....starting with the basics of Bible Prophecy and steadily moves deeper and deeper into specific signs we are seeing now that point to the lateness of the hour. I am happy to say that a very clear 7 page presentation of the Good News is presented in a chapter near the end of the book, also filled with many excellent graphics intended to help people realize their need for Christ, and how to be saved.  Todd also weaves in personal details of his own walk and how coming to an understand of Bible prophecy and the hope of the rapture helped him get on the right path.

As I type this I can't help but think about my unsaved or lukewarm loved ones who are on the wrong path and oblivious to the fact we are on the threshold of the tribulation. Obviously my preference by far would for them to come to faith now, but if they don't and I could choose 2 books that they could have access to during that time to it would be the Bible and quite possibly Todd's book.  Together I believe they would have be able recognize what has happened, what comes next, and know how to be saved.

I fully realize that many of you reading this aren't in need of learning the basics of bible prophecy. But I am positive we all know many people who are completely illiterate on the subject.   And if we are as close to the rapture and tribulation as it seems like we are, then this is the type of resource you want in the hands of your friends and family.

I have never made a dime of this site and that won't change if you decide to buy this book.  But I do think you should buy it... perhaps multiple copies.  This book is something that could help save someone from the wrath to come... or God forbid, if they are still here after the rapture, this book could be the easy to understand resource that makes all the difference in the world for them in the tribulation.

Part 1 of Todd's Prophecy Watchers Interview (28 minutes)

Todd shared something with me a while back that I haven't been able to shake.  He shared how one of his readers thought that the reason God called him to write this book at this time was clear.  This would be a great handbook to point people to the truth during the tribulation. This book will point them to the truth of what we see so clear.... so even if they don't read it now...it is something you will want at their fingertips for when that great and terrible day comes.

So that is why I am writing this post now... so you can hopefully have time to buy it before Christmas and give it as a gift to your friends and family.  If they aren't saved yet, maybe they won't read it now... but at least you will know that is there for them on they day they do desperately NEED it.

Part 2 of Todd's Prophecy Watchers Interview (Also 28 minutes)

With all that said, here is a Q/A that I asked Todd to respond to. He wrote me back almost immediately. You will see his answers are thoughtful and honest. I asked him specifically about the Rev12 Sign and a few other things I thought you guys may be interested in....Enjoy!

Rev12 Daily's Question and Answer with Todd Hampson

What is your favorite aspect of your book?

I’m tempted to say the humor and artwork, but honestly my favorite part about the book is that it is systematic, yet easy to understand. What I mean by that is that even if someone is new to Bible prophecy, they will wrestle with concepts and form convictions in each chapter that build on what they studied in the previous chapter. Someone may not agree with every single detail in the book, but they will definitely walk away having a fairly thorough understanding of the topic and the various views.

How have you seen God use this book?

God has been using this book in many ways, here are a few examples that I have heard about:
  • A man in Chicago decided to use it in his men’s group for a 6 week Bible study. None of them have studied Bible prophecy before. 
  • A middle school education director is using it to teach middle school aged students about Bible prophecy and the Lord’s return for the first time.
  •  A car repair chain purchased multiple copies to leave in the waiting room for patrons to read while they wait. They have given away several copies to customers who are intrigued. 
  • Half of the people on my launch team had never studied Bible prophecy before (thought it was too confusing, scary, or divisive) but all love Bible prophecy now, and are continuing to reach out to others on social media to tell them about the relevance of the book…and more importantly, telling others that the topic CAN be understood and WILL bless those who study it! 
  • Many people are getting multiple copies to give away to family and friends for Christmas etc.

What are your thoughts on the Rev12 Sign?

I really wrestled with it. At first, I thought it was a stretch until I studied the details. I don’t believe in coincidence and I believe God is sovereign over every atom in the universe. Given all of the other signs that are converging in our generation, that makes it all the more intriguing. I’m by no means an expert on the issue but in my gut/spirit I believe it is a sign pointing to the Lord’s soon return, along with other astronomical markers. I think God is using everything he can to warn people so as many as possible will be raptured before the tribulation period.

My loosely held view right now (not having studied the issue anywhere near as in depth as you and others) is that perhaps it’s a foreshadow representation of what John saw. John was so descriptive and vivid and I tend to think his best crack at describing the visions he saw were, by nature, understated. In other words, I don’t think he saw the sign as we saw it in the sky. I think he saw it in much greater detail.

That being said, I think what we witnessed was a hint of what’s coming. Its like seeing a 3x5 picture of the Grand Canyon before you go on the trip. When you get there, you recognize the canyon, but seeing it in real life blows your mind.

Why do you think so many big name teachers dismissed the Rev12 Sign outright?

I think most of them were afraid that it would lead to date-setting and that this would cause confusion. I understand their concerns. But, for the reasons stated above (and many verses about God speaking through his creation, and verses about signs in the sun, moon, stars before the tribulation period), I just couldn’t dismiss it outright.

Personally, I didn’t feel called to champion it as a main prophetic theme. Just like in the army, we all have different assignments and sensibilities. The body is made up of many parts and we all have a different make up, a different set of spiritual gifts, and a different calling.

Speaking of the body, one thing I think is critical right now is unity in the body—especially among Bible prophecy students and teachers. We may not all agree on every detail, but we should strive for unity and be patient and understanding of different points of view.

I am sure you considered including the Rev12 Sign (and other recent astronomical signs like the Eclipse) in your book? Why didn’t you?

Mostly because of what I mentioned above. I really wrestled with what exactly it means, and I didn’t feel comfortable putting anything in the book that I’m still studying. I really only felt comfortable writing about the things I’ve studied in-depth and have firm convictions about.

Also, my book is more of an overview book, designed to reach a new generation with the message of Bible prophecy and introduce them to some of the key signs pointing to the Lord’s soon return. It’s also written to be somewhat evergreen (at least until the Lord returns). If, by chance several years go by and the Lord delays, I didn’t want the book to be dated. The book is a broad overview and I think the Revelation 12 debate could be a book in its own. By the way, I know a guy who could write it. :o)

What advice can you give to someone feels the Lords return is very near, but still has many obligations in this life to attend to.... How do you strike the balance?

I really believe we must actively wait. What I mean by that is, we must continue to make plans, move forward, go to college, take the new job, and all the other normal life stuff. All signs point to His soon return, but we still see just a poor reflection. We need to be found faithful, actively working when He returns.

We need to trust that God is sovereign over the steps of our lives and just keep moving forward, planning our next steps as we wait, while at the same time living with expectancy. Take it a day at a time, but continue to plan for next year. God will guide you right where he wants you.

My oldest son is in college and is looking forward to a future including a career, getting married, raising a family, etc. We have talked many times about the Lord’s return and I have advised him to just keep moving forward with life and trust God with the timing. Obey God one step at a time and follow through with whatever assignment He currently has you on.

What is something you look forward to doing after the rapture?

Oh wow. So many things! Reuniting with believing loved ones who have gone before me. Seeing the Lord face to face. Discovering the reality of all the things I’ve imagined and so much more! It is surreal to ponder, but one day it will all be real! One verse, the Lord has been encouraging me with lately is John 20:29 —Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” The split second we are raptured, every struggle we ever faced will be 100% worth it. I…can’t…wait!

Pretend you are giving this to someone you care about but has little to no interest in the end times or the Lords return: How would you describe it? 

If they are not yet a believer, I would bring up the elephant in the room. The world is falling apart. I would point to the instability in the world and address the fear they have simmering just beneath the surface. Then I would tell them that the Bible says this is exactly what the world would look like just before the Lord returns. I would acknowledge that there are quite a few looney people out there confusing the issue of Bible prophecy and this book tries to address all of that.

If they are a believer, I would talk up the books simplicity, visual nature, humor, and solid theology. I would also ask them if they ever really contemplated the fact that the Lord could be coming in their lifetime. I would acknowledge the confusion and infighting about various views and mention that this book addresses all of that in a simple, systematic format.

Where are the best places to buy the book in order to get it by Christmas?

Amazon or Christianbook.com

(Note.... this book is currently $7.00 off at Christian Book right now during their last minute Christmas sale ($9.99).  Amazon currently has it $12.37)

Thank you guys for reading this post, and thank you Todd for creating this valuable resource.  I really feel that God has huge plans for this book and pray that He will continue to do whatever it takes to get it out there into the hands of the people who need it most before He returns.  I pray that this post plays a part in accomplishing that task.  God Bless you all and Merry Christmas.


  1. Replies
    1. Thomas, this is very interesting nevertheless! Perhaps Mahmoud Abbas has to step down or to pass away yet before? In November the sucessor issue was already discussed in the Israeli news:

      WHO WILL SUCCEED MAHMOUD ABBAS? (ynetnews 11/02/18)

      Wasn't it in May only when the Jubilee year correctly ends? IDK the exact date.

    2. It is going to be an "event" in which we (in God's perfect time) are snatched away.... Our harpazo is NOT predicated on the faux peace plan.

      I am off dates and day counts, just waiting......for any moment now...

    3. Yes, sure Charlie, I agree. I have suggested previously that the enemy at the moment guesses around 'Gods perfect time' (which he doesn't know) and therefore would now more often postpone the revelation of the peace deal (to usher in the fulfillment of Joel 3:3) and beat around the bush with this issue. The same thing is happening with this 3rd temple topic. When you listened to the recent RISE and A&Ô videos, there was a Sanhedrin members mentioning high rank Muslims begging the Jews to build the temple but they are currently only hindered by the 'radicals'. So generally there must be agreement about this. But the overall debate was never so close to 'Gods perfect time' than before because first time in history God is obviously ALLOWING these things to proceed. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

    4. Charlie, just news like these confirm the above said:

      Stopping the wave of terror attacks, before the tsunami hits (ynetnews 12/13/2018) (click!)

      Quote: >>Israel needn't wait for the US and its peace initiative, but rather propose to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas projects that hold economic benefits he cannot refuse.<< This is certainly so but this was always the problem before already and in the end solved nothing. The current 'peace deal' is not sth to be fixed upon to get a certain rapture date but it is surely important with regards to fulfilled bible prophecy. Just like this recent '3rd temple altar dedication' event.

    5. Agreed Annabel. I don't know about the exact end date of the jubilee year either, but I've seen May 14 somewhere.

      Charlie I've stopped doing day and date counts as well. I often see YT videos with numbers such as 444 days after the Rev 12 sign, and then after those days have passed, there isn't a 'looking back' on that specific day. Instead, people just start looking for the next 'clue'.

      That however is exactly the reason why I brought up the timing of the unveiling of the peace plan. Because to me, that's more logical than counting days. When the White House says: "We're going to present the plan in March or April" then that's something clear and specific.

      But having said that, we now know that even Trump isn't able to keep his promises when it comes to presenting such a plan. This has always been the case with former presidents as well. When it comes to the peace plan, there's always delays.

    6. Edit: "When the White House says: "We're going to present the plan in March or April" then that's something clear and specific."

      Well not that specific but you probably get my point.

    7. Thomas- while I myself was watching/ hoping for something to happen on a specific day or day count or had high expectations on 444 days from R12 (like you showed above), more and more of this makes sense that our enemy knows them too (what Annabel said above) and he knows them better than we 'human scholars')...

      So it will be a mystery BUT all signs are showing and point to now...all in God the Father's timing.

      I read/hear about all the other things happening (even knowing there is so much else going on behind the scenes of what we even find out via YT etc..) and know it cannot be far off..

      The air is saturated with metals and toxins, both outside and inside. No where to go anymore for fresh and clean air. Just heaven where we will not require O2!

    8. Thomas & Charlie, check out this one, loaded with temple symbolism:


      I posted it under the last thread on the 'altar dedication' as well. Very interesting! 👍

  2. Thank you! I just ordered a few of these. I have been looking for something like this for my friends and family.


  3. Thanks for posting about Todd's book Brad I will buy a copy too, I am sure it will benefit someone. And $10 sounds like a steal.

    1. I bought it. Delivery to Ireland costs more than the book. And delivery will be between 2-6 weeks.. yikes.. I reckon the rapture will happen before the book arrives. :)

    2. Oh, too funny Jordan! I always try to not pay for shipping (I usually won't get it). 🙂

  4. Hi guys a new summary video posted by A&O PRODUCTIONS of the alter, temple and what it all means. Worth the watch.


  5. Thank you Brad! Bought this book already in Kindle in amazon.de. Going to reed now! Very much Blessings, praying for you and yours and all our Family! Sorry for few comments, I'm really very sick and weak now, but reading the blog. Maranatha!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Lifting you up in prayer, Alla! 🙏

    3. Alla D, so appreciated and such a joy when you chime in in spite of your constant trials. The example you set is that no matter how long and hard the journey is here, it will always pale in comparison to the joy you will have in eternity, as if it never even happened, except for the great reward your faith will bring. Amen! Always lifting you up, dear one.

  6. Thanks for sharing Brad. For Christianbook.com it's free standard shipping for orders $35 or more, using the promotion code "JOYFUL18" today only. So you could buy 4 of the books for gifts and get free shipping!

    If you have Amazon Prime it's free two-day shipping as always, but they're doing free ONE-day shipping for orders $35 or more (again if you're a Prime member). At their current price you could buy 3 books and get free one day shipping.

  7. Hello brothers and sisters of Rev12blogspot! Thank you to those who have contacted and encouraged me about this; now is the time, today is the day!

    Many of you know that what is concealed in God's word to most is revealed to those who search it out - those who call out for insight, and search for it as for hidden treasure (see Luke 8:17, Prov. 25:2; Prov. 2:1-5; Isaiah 66:2).

    Please make time to study more of God's word on the matter which most dear saints herein call "the rapture of the Church."

    God harvests only when the harvest is ripe, therefore, only the barley/first-fruits - those who have died sufficiently to self in their sufferings for Christ - are raptured pre-Trib. God disciplines His children in His love so that they may be Holy and mature in Christ, and, sadly, it will take the heat and fire of the Tribulation to mature and discipline many believers so they may be raptured either as the great multitude of wheat harvest ~ the 7th trump, or as the gleanings ~ the end of the Tribulation.

    Praise God, all three of these main groups raptured are part of the blessed and holy ones among the first resurrection, the blessed ones invited to the wedding of the Lamb (Rev. 19:7-8)!

    Copy and past this for the study the Lord has led me to write for all reading this who value truth more than comfort (His overcomers): https://thelordiswithus.com/resurrection-rapture-judgment-and-millennium/

    Blessings and love in Christ,
    Your sister deanna
    Phil. 3:10-14

    1. Hi Deanna,
      I have just started reading your post about ressurection, rapture and judgement at your site:


      And so far two thumbs up. It seems very well written. Thanks for investing your time in increasing our knowledge on this very important subject. Looking forward to working my way through your article.

    2. Hi, the link to part 2 of your study seems broken.

    3. Thank you - fixed the link therein. Please at least read Part 1 (and preferably the Overview also) before reading Part 2; the Lord led me to write in that sequence for good reason. (Links to each successive part are provided at the end of each article.)

    4. Deanna, you're back. I read your article and I am NOT on board with this teaching. It is works based and treats the Rapture as a reward system based on one's own holiness, which I do not believe it is. I believe the Rapture is a Rescue Mission with rewards or lack thereof to follow at the Bema Seat. I know many are teaching a variety of different and CONFUSING Partial Rapture theories lately along with what are obvious Scriptural Truths, but one thing I've found interesting is they usually don't mention children who are under the age of accountability in these teachings. And this is the first I've seen taught where most Saints are not resurrected until the White Throne Judgment. I found that to be an odd understanding much more like eisegesis then exegesis.

      It is by the Righteousness of Christ Jesus alone and His Atoning work on the Cross that we are saved and Raptured/Resurrected/Rescued. IT IS FINISHED!
      It had to be this way in order for men to actually die to theirselves. If one Christian believes that they have a superior walk over another that will gain them this priority status you teach on, then imho, that Christian has NOT died to self. Luke 10-14 KJV. Maranatha.

    5. Shelia, regarding “I believe the Rapture is a Rescue Mission with rewards or lack thereof to follow at the Bema Seat,” even you will admit what matters is what God says; you simply surveyed instead of studied as God desires.

    6. No, Ma'am. I've spent 22 years of my life intently studying the Scriptures and I know better than to count one iota on my own righteousness. If one has placed their faith in Christ Jesus and His Atoning work on that Cross alone, they are going Home with everyone else who has done the same. THAT is what the Word says, regardless of what one perceives to be the timing of that event. I presume that you will admit that you are a sinner as am I. What exactly sets your sinfulness apart from another that would gain you a "first" Rapture priority?
      Rom.3:21-28 and Rom.10:8-10.

      I am not defending sin, God forbid. The closer one walks according to the precepts of God's Word, the better their life and witness will be and our loving Father will need to apply a lot less chastisement in the Sanctification process. The only "Christians" I can see going into the Tribulation period are those who have rejected the complete Sufficiency of our Lord's Sacrifice for their Salvation AND Redemption.

    7. We’re wise to make time to humble ourselves and truly renew our minds in His word (which I listed at the end of the Overview and Listings of Partinent Scriptures).

      To quote from Part 1,
      “Understanding this matter is urgent because Jesus is coming very soon, and, as He prophesied, much of our end-times Church is not prepared for the coming judgment. Most Christians are unknowingly deceived, lulled to complacency – worse yet, sleep – by believing false teachings. It’s high time to renew our minds. Praise God, His word is omnipotent, and false doctrines crumble, then are demolished as truth is wholeheartedly and progressively sought, studied, and apprehended by those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand!”

    8. Now those statements I can agree with as long it is Christ Jesus that we asking to instill that humbleness and renewal of mind, eyes, ears and hearts and not relying on ourselves to accomplish that. Maranatha.

    9. hmmm...my apologies--that first comment was supposed to read Luke 18:10-14 KJV.

    10. Deanna and Sheila - this is what I so love about this community...that we can fellowship around the word and even though we don't always agree, we are sharpened by the friendly "friction" of iron against iron.

      I will add that I went to Deanna's blogsite and read the overview, Part 1 and Part 2. I chose to take it slow because some of the teachings were new to me and I wanted to carefully measure what was being said against the word - looking up every scriptural reference. I found the concept of God's loving discipline and ultimate plan to redeem all those who call on His name in faith to be in line with his loving character and ability to not lose one from His hand. The more I read and prayed for the Holy Spirit to teach me, the more I understood and saw things I'd not seen before.

      After reading this blog, I feel that none of us should draw a blanket conclusion without reading this thoroughly and prayerfully - I know that after 40+ years in this walk, the one thing I've learned is that there is always more to learn and I DON'T know as much as I think I do sometimes. ;-) If there is truth in what our dear sister Deanna is saying, then the implications are very significant. Honestly, the idea that our Father has a plan to reward faithfulness and consecration while at the same time discipline disobedience and rebellion does not contradict His word, but confirms it. If I have one child who is obedient and one who is rebellious, it does not change my love for either, but certainly determines my response to each one - with the obedient, reward and affirmation...with the rebellious, loving discipline and correction - but both remain my children. This has nothing to do with salvation - in the end, every believer has his/her place in New Jerusalem.

      Said way more than I had intended...Maranatha!

    11. It seems that the bottom line is the "partial rapture" theory.
      This discussion reminds me of the timing of the rapture itself.
      I think he rapture itself is not based on how a believer lived their life. The rapture isn't a *reward* given to us, as someone said. It is based on salvation - it is for those who have believed and trusted in Christ as their Savior for salvation alone, the work Christ did on the cross. Not, any work that we do on Earth. It is our sanctification that takes place here on Earth and it is a process until we die. Any rewards for how we lived on Earth are given at the Bema Seat of judgement after we are resurrected which is for those who believed on Christ. Not, how well someone lived for Christ on earth - that is discipleship.
      The rapture is Christ coming to meet us in the clouds to bring us to Heaven. He is the head of the body and we are the body itself. don't believe that he isn't bringing all those who have believed in Christ with him behind ... Because, for me then it would no longer be grace, but works. And, Jesus did the work of paying the penalty for our sin. He paid it all as he died on the cross and said, It Is Finished. Our work is to believe in the one whom God sent, His Son. Amen. People still need to get that pound of flesh "work" intermingled with the one the one who was perfect, pure and sinless who paid the penalty for our sin and the only acceptable sacrifice God will see as paid. The blood of His son. We are covered in that blood and we have been since we first believed, and we were sealed by the Holy Spirit.

    12. So, I just finished the article at Unsealed by Hillary and I was thrilled to have Hillary write (The Mystery of the Bread of Life) of Jesus being the bread of life. We are one body. And we all partake of that one bread. 1 Corinthians 10:16-17; Titus 3:4-7. In vs. 7 it says so that we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life. Not heirs in our hope in ourselves or in our works. He is our hope, and He gives us eternal life.

      What is this hope of eternal life? Our works, our attempts and endeavors to do, right, get it right? I don't think so.

      As Hillary said at the beginning of her article, Don't be Afraid.
      The Gospel is Good News.

      To me, I see no rest in Him if I believe I will be "left behind" in the rapture down here ... creating countless threads of worry and fear that I try to untangle as I go along. Ending up, no matter how hard I try, drifting away from His love as I question that love. Living in a world of darkness, then. Hillary quoted Luke 1:79 ... To give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

      Jesus is that light. He is that peace. We are not the way to obtaining this light or this peace. It will only bring us to the condemnation of the law.

    13. Amen! Cathi on Hillary's article. A beautifully written testimony of His love and mercy. If our complete rest is to be found in Christ Jesus and Him alone in this age of Grace through His Atonement and it's Sufficient for one, it surely is Sufficient for all who rest in Him. The Head is coming for His Body and I just don't see Him taking us Home in some piecemeal fashion based on our own level of righteousness. Some may think their walk is better than others and maybe it is, but no one is perfect and in accordance with the law, if you break even one, you've broken them all. He didn't say He came to pick up our slack, but He did say He came to pay our debt in full. And that is THE GOOD NEWS for all who believe on Him for Salvation by Grace through Faith. Looking up as our Redemption draws near:-)

    14. So! Encourage one another with THESE Words! Oh Yeah! Oh. but, uhm, not Steve, donchaknow. I mean, c'mon, Steve? Nah, we'll let him step out, then we'll encourage.

    15. Thanks, Sheila. It becomes somehow frustrating for me ... because it seems like religion and its tenacles reaching out to strangle and maim ... to deceive and detract. My brother-in-law had said several times in the past 3-6 months his dislike of someone telling you what to believe, in evangelizing. This last time, I mentioned it isn't about religion, it is believing in Jesus. That's all I had. It seemed like the conversation was over like it had faded away.

    16. Cathi, I love it when you explain things. Deanna, Jordan, Sheila, Jimboni, Keith. Thank you for your input too. All of it helps me.

    17. Cathi, that was a seed you planted. Now you just water that pearl with prayer and trust the Groundskeeper to send along some fertilizer as He wills. I often consider in prayer just how unspeakably wonderful our God must be to have formed such a perfect plan for our Salvation-- the only one that could ever possibly have worked to overcome the sin of pride.
      It had to rest entirely on His Righteousness alone. If there was even a single grain of effort man could add to his Redemption, the scourge of pride would never die. We might still have to fight it for now in the flesh, but in the Spirit it's dead, nailed to the Cross, Praise the Lord.
      I can hardly wait for that Great Day and the pure everlasting joy that will come with the shedding of this sinful flesh and being clothed in His glory. It's on the way!
      Maranatha, Sister:-)

    18. Well, gees, thank you Miguel!
      It does seem like free grace is under fire. Did you at all watch the Kay Tdid video where she talks about her taking a look at herself and this issue and declaring herself free grace? (Christmas Dream Confirmation YT). It is worth hearing what she said.

    19. Miguel, I'm still thinking on your numbers. I know there's 4 hammers, but that last one I'm not clear on. I'm gonna try dig a little on that trail tomorrow. Blessings, Brother:-)

    20. Sheila ... My faith is weak, so weak. I am humbled. This bro-in-law has helped me in my taking and staying in the place I rent. He has helped in maintaining my lawn mower and the snowblower. I asked him if he would be here for me before I took the place. 12 years now. It was his mother who commented to him on thinking/believing Jesus was coming because of events in the world (I think the TV was on as to the situation).

    21. As far as I have understood Deannas reasoning, this is about "partial rapture" just like Cathi said. From my part there would be a huge red flag and a big "NOT SCRIPTURAL" to this discussion from 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. Just keeping it short here. Church age believers are NOT equal to tribulation saints. MARANATHA!

    22. The pre-trib rapture of all church age "sleeping" and living believers is the only sound conclusion based on the full counsel of God's Word, exegetical and literally interpreted. Teachings that the Bride must endure the Wrath of the Lamb in the context of work based efforts (inclusive of the time of testing/Jacob's trouble) is not based on Biblical teaching but the teaching of men. The discipline of God in the life of the believer is not the same as the Wrath of the Lamb poured out on a disbelieving world.

    23. Hey Ted, apparently there are others (like Todd) who cannot post comments. Was asked by Deanna Reynolds to post the following for her:

      Ted - Who said “the Bride must endure the Wrath of the Lamb in the context of work based efforts”? Not I. Others above likewise made false accusations, spreading confusion for the readers.

      GOD IS THE AUTHORITY, not you, me, or any other of us. He is asking all here who believe in a single pretribulation rapture of the Church - and especially all those who teach it - to humble ourselves and study the Scriptures out for ourselves as I did under His direction. The pomposity of Christians asserting that their understanding of God’s word needs no further study on this vital topic is very disheartening.

      I have provided lists of the pertinent Scriptures to re-study under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit in the “Brief Overview and Scriptures for Self-Study” (URL:

      Understand Ez. 33:1-6 please: 1 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 “Son of man, speak to your people and say to them: ‘When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, 3 and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, 4 then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head. 5 Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head. If they had heeded the warning, they would have saved themselves. 6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.’

      In Jesus’ Name, your sister deanna

    24. I see your conversations, Deanna a lot like previous conversations by those who believe in a mid-rapture for example who are basically telling us what to believe regarding the timing of the rapture, period. Let it go.

    25. Cathi G., "My faith is weak, so weak." As I've unpacked in the trail above, a hidden gem in the parable of the W/F Virgins, tied to the 2-sided coin of the OIL. On one side, it speaks to the heart attitude of the Virgins TO THE GROOM and THEMSELVES, so is a 'SIFTER', like the Great Wonder; and, on the other side, as we know, it speaks to the faith we bring in our Watch. That this happens NOW, celebrating the Hanukah Miracle, shows us a LITTLE IS ENOUGH by HIS Hand, oh, amen!

    26. Sheila....the last number I gave which you mentioned....I goofed....try 7554 and 7549...

    27. Deanna, questions for you...

      How can we be sure we've done enough to be taken in the first rapture? What's the key? Self denial? How much? Repentance? How thoroughly?

      You write as if you have authority, and that has always been a little off-putting, because I do not have a good reason why you would have authority. Why do you think you have figured it out? What makes you so special? Not being rude at all, just trying to understand a little further.

    28. Well, Miguel, now that do make a difference....I have all these notes and all I could put together with that other last number was 4 types of hammers that will be used in the process of Israel's judgment and deliverance from her adultery. That first number 4717 was intriguing in that it Scripturally seemed to touch on what we just witnessed with the altar dedication, but now...IDK. I have caught several different references to the phrase @Hammer Time" across YT. I may be way off, though, so what was the source of inspiration for these particular numbers anyway? It might help to know that part;-)

    29. Cathi, I've known people of very deep faith who would just about rather die than be asked to say grace over dinner, but they were someone who's prayers I would covet. I believe it's more of a personality trait shaped by life than it is a symptom of your faith strength. There are times when I can lay down the Gospel like there's no tomorrow--literally--and then there's times when I choke up totally just trying to get a hint of the Truth across. While it can depend somewhat on the person you are wanting to share it with, it depends big time on the Holy Spirit stepping in. There's a young man now that I so want him to KNOW Christ, but that door has just not opened up yet. I pray it will and if it does, he'll know he's been preached to and it will NOT be by my might, but by His Might alone. If and when He wants you to be a mouthpiece, you will be--and if He wants you to be a quiet reflection of Him, then you'll be that:-) Blessings, Sister!

    30. Source...hammers... you got it right. I looked up the word for hammer in strongs and was surprised by how many there are. So I listed the numbers of all of them so you'd see that the word hammer, which we've come upon many times in the past weeks has some telling variations. Not clear on any particular value or importance, yet. Guess it all started because of the dream of the hammer smashing the clock.

    31. I have just skimmed and read a little into the link given above (https://thelordiswithus.com/2018/08/18/resurrection-rapture-judgment-of-christs-saints-and-the-millennium-brief-overview-and-scriptures-for-self-study/) and all I have to say is the same again as I already: this is full CONFUSION of church age believers with tribulation saints. There are NO "non-overcoming saints" in all of scripture, especially not from church age according to 1 John 5:5

      I don't have to read this further as it is a mere confusion of scripture and we all should know that God cannot be the author of this. 1 Corinthians 14:33

      End of story. Not worthy to be further discussed. MARANATHA!

    32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    33. I so enjoy, that y'all are so analytical and knowlegable about the scriptures. It really helps me form opinions and gives me great mental spiritual food to chew on.

      Deana, I enjoyed your article. And I think you did an excellent job of putting forward arguments for the mid-trib rapture and multiple Raptures.

      I am definitely no expert, far from it in fact.

      Personally I started out with a mid-trib/pre-wrath understanding of the rapture. But i believe the Lord kept showing me that he loves us so much, that even as sinners, he would save us if we only believe he is the son of God who sacrificed his life for us so that we don't have to die in our sin.. And slowly I switched to a pre-trib belief. Like others mentioned, the body of CHRIST, won't be divided. We will all go at once.

      And SALVATION - i.e. getting through the door (being counted worthy of the Rapture if we are alive at that time) is purely based on real belief from your heart, and verbal confession that Jesus is LORD as ROMANS 10:9 says. Anything after that is about rewards or status in GOD'S Kingdom. But basic level salvation, being counted worthy to escape is litterally that simple. (We might be bin men or have to do the ironing or clean the dishes, but at least we will be in heaven. I would rather clean dishes in heaven every day for eternity, than to hold any upper ranks in hell even for a minute.)

      No offense meant at all to any bin-men, washer-uppers or ironing ladies, I am sure you get the point I was trying to make.

    34. Well, I never thought of household chores ... I hoped or believed evenso that there is no housework in heaven. I did tho have to look up what a 'bin-man' was!

    35. Deanne - Have just hit the forum after a longggg end-of-year school week (summertime here in NZ), so have missed all the interesting discussion. I enjoyed the read of your articles although my views align with the others regarding the partial rapture perspective.

      I am however, one of those annoying contributors Cathi mentioned who believes in a mid-trib (intra-seal to be exact) rapture:)

      Bless you all. Ryan (p.s. surgery delayed until late Jan)

    36. That's funny Cathi. I forgot you guys don't call them bin-men instead I think you call them "garbage collection men" ! A bit of a mouthful. "Bin-men" rolls of the tongue easier :)

    37. Oh, Through and Through ... You were not included and I was going to add that but didn't. It applies to like someone who "tells" us to see it as they do .... you are not like that. 😀

    38. Well, "bin-man" really does fit after the city went to using a garbage bin and a recyclable bin instead of just putting the garbage bag(s) out by the curb or your plastic items in paper bags by the curb. The garbage men who picked up the garbage no longer ride on the back of those trucks. Just the driver with his mechanical claws.

    39. Ryan, as I noted in a comment above, I fully believe we are all going Home TOGETHER regardless of what one perceives the timing of that Event to be as long as we are trusting in the Finished Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. There is no way that we can all be on the exact same page re all of the details, but as Cathi said, I have never seen you place your views above those of others in the "hierarchy manner" that imo these Age of Grace partial Raptures theories are espousing. You are a member of this Body of Christ and we ofc love you and yours. I'll keep praying about this surgery too, but perhaps these "passes" are being issued on an as needed basis;-)

      And Jordan, I somehow don't believe there is such a thing as garbage in Heaven, or drudgery of any kind. I'm thinking more like beautiful gardens to tend and animals to care for, but most of all a Glorious King to worship and serve. One thing I do know is the greatest Rewards must surely involve being in as close proximity to Him as possible. There is unimaginable life, light and energy in His Presence. We can see just a glimmer of that now when we look up at all of those stars in Heaven singing of His unspeakable glory:-)

      Blessings, Brothers and Maranatha!

    40. Sorry Cathi - end of year and time off work means more opportunity for teasing ;P

      Amen to that Sheila...and appreciate the prayer for surgery (and associated passes comment, ha!). I am hoping to use these next few weeks to get some decent reading and prayer in prior to next year. Blessings to you sisters as well!

    41. I am usually blocked from posting comments by Blogger (just as Todd was), but at this moment I am not!
      I have been blocked since Dec. 14 when MiguelP asked his questions of me. I emailed my responses to Miguel, requesting him to post them on my behalf to share with you all. When I did not hear back from him, I emailed them to Brad.
      Seeing that neither one posted them, I will post them now for all whom the Lord leads to read them:

      Hi Miguel! Glad to answer your questions in this group forum:

      •“How can we be sure we've done enough to be taken in the first rapture? What's the key? Self denial? How much? Repentance? How thoroughly?” 
      •Response: We can’t! God has us pressing on towards the goal to win the prize of the first resurrection! Astounding, the wisdom of God! We absolutely cannot be legalistic, but are to love and surrender all to Him, trust, and WALK IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SPIRIT, doing the will of the Father, just as Jesus did, then Peter and Paul and...! We are to fear Him, hope, and strive as the apostles did, YET balance it with not doubting the provision and mercy of God. Some of the precious Scriptures that address this include the Scripture I put under my name for the first posting, Phil. 3:8-14,  also 1 Cor. ‪9:24-10:12‬, 2 Peter 1:3-10, James 1:2-8, etc. etc. Note that the Lord did not assure Paul he’d received the crown of righteousness until the end of his Spirit-filled life (see 2 Tim. 4:6-8). Part 1 of the study I was led to write addresses a bit more under the headings “The Prize of the ‘Out-Resurrection from the Dead’ that Paul Fervently Sought” and “The Better Resurrection of Hebrews Chapter 11”. 
      And yes, of course it’s repentance and self-denial: “deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Me.”

      •”You write as if you have authority, and that has always been a little off-putting, because I do not have a good reason why you would have authority. Why do you think you have figured it out? What makes you so special? Not being rude at all, just trying to understand a little further.”
      •Response:  My Lord and God is the only Authority; I’m simply His loving servant and daughter. He called me to lead His leaders in MINISTERING TO HIM in worship as the woman with the alabaster jar, also as the priests of Zadok (Ez. 44:15-16, 23). As I minister to Him, He then moves me / speaks through me in accordance with His will (which involved leaving the practice of medicine with it’s worldly accolades and wealth, and prioritizing studying at His feet). This particular series took virtually full-time being with Jesus and studying about the Millennial Kingdom since last December (I shared more pertinent background info. in the Overview and Part 1 to this series). For more info simply click the  “About Me” tan on thelordiswithus.com (the two other linked articles mentioned at the end of “About Me” also explain a bit of how Christ gave me experiential knowledge of Him through trials and tribulations and through much blessed intimacy with Him).
      We’re ALL special and unique with different callings, yet none more special than the other parts of the Body; Eph. ‪4:11-14‬, Col. 1:28-29, and Is. 60:1-3; 61:1-7, and 62:10 are also primary callings on my life. We’re all in this blessed process of sanctification - let’s press on towards the goal to please the Lord in our individual callings, minister to and encourage one another, and snatch as many from the flames (Jude 23) as possible, because the Lord is near! 

      Love in Christ to all, 
      your sister deanna

  8. This is great, Brad. Very gracious of Todd to do the interview.

    Thank you, Todd, for crafting a book that has and will break down barriers to studying end-times prophecy in the Bible!

  9. Thanks Brad,

    Just ordered 10 to pass out....if we are here until it arrives (before we depart).

    Just moments away..... I am ready.


    So, after the power goes out (EMP)...Russian Nuclear Bombers Within Striking Distance of US
    INL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKtHU__gtR4

  11. I certainly do NOT believe we are living on a Jesuit globe spinning randomly through an infinite space which supports Evolution and Big Bang and not by a highly intelligent Creator.


    I do believe Google's doodle is messaging something with their "7" screens of the Gemini (twins) inbound meteor shower.

    From a brother in Christ: DO ASTEROIDS DESTROY THE FLAT EARTH?


  12. Hey guys.... Todd wanted to make a comment but the Blogger system was not letting him. After repeated attempts he just sent me and email. I am posting it on his behalf!...….

    For blog comment post:

    Brad, I can't thank you enough for this post! Thanks everyone for chiming in and helping get the word out about the book!

    This is a great community you’ve established. Keep up the great work and holler if I can ever be of help.

    Luke 21:28—When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

    God bless!

    Todd H.

  13. Personally, I didn't purchase Todds book because I cannot use it at my place. But I wanted to remark how I would laugh about the cartoon cover prophet, really a good one! Very telling. Looks like this could be me (without the beard)... 😁 MARANATHA!

  14. HUGE of true: Foreign Troops Enter France-The UN’s Kigali Principles Are In Play

    Looks like the yellow vests were a Soros play all along, as the Economist foretold. If UN troops are in Paris, this is EXACTLY what Macron wanted.... a united EU army to take control... using his own country to do it.


    What a DS move. Using your own situation to create another. Much like the DS here in the US. Create the chaos in order to usher in control (i.e. ML).

    1. A bit slow on the uptake Charlie, what does DS and ML mean?

    2. Sorry about the abbreviations...

      DS = Deep State/ dark cabal/ luciferians (all over the Earth)

      ML = Martial Law (or in France's case, bring in the UN)

  15. I agree about date counts, does not seem to be too reliable. And also about "dream that the Lord told them of a particular date" I no longer put much weight in those either.

    I don't think the Lord will tell anyone HIS date. He wants Satan to be as surprised as we are!

    I can just feel we are very close. Personally hoping for an event (preferably the rapture) before 2018 is out, purely, because of the From Daniel 9:25 From the Decree to rebuild Jerusalem (in 1535), to the coming of THE ANOINTED ONE, the ruler, When you do the math of 7 sevens (49 years) + 62 sevens (434 years) you get 483 years.

    1535 + 483 years brings us to 2018. I think that has to mean something. Especially when you read "THE ANNOINTED ONE" - who else could that be?! We will know soon enough anyway. on 17 days left in 2018.

    After that, my next furthest timescale is 13th of May 2019 - the day before Israel turns 71. Which up to that date, Israel is still in it's 70 year.

  16. Ordered the book last night, much thanks Brad and Todd!

  17. You guys... I just wanted to come here and comment, but got taken in by all the good conversation! Good defense of sola fide above :)

    Thanks Brad, for sharing about the book and your Q&A with Todd! The book sounds like a great ice breaker and even deeper dive in some places. I’ll probably end up going Kindle because shipping overseas isn’t fun.

    Now to the comment I wanted to make. You may recall me mentioning my three year old son sharing when Jesus is coming. He’s said some more things which are interesting in their own right.

    One day without prompting, Timiny (his nickname) with a grimacing facial expression, and rapid hand movement (like a sprinkler head), said, “When it’s cold and cold and cold, and it’s snowing, snowing, snowing, Jesus will come to get us!”

    Around a month later, I repeated the above quote back to Timiny, saying that’s when Jesus comes. “Yeah?” he said. I said, “yeah, that’s what you told me before.” To which he replied, “no! Jesus told me.”

    He repeats this quote to me, verbatim, once every few days. On 12/6, we got our first snow, so I was excited to let Timiny watch it fall outside. He looked at it, and without my reminding him, matter-of-fact said “Jesus is coming.” That same day, while it was snowing heavily outside, I heard a bus horn and nearly fell out of my chair.

    One morning I went to his room and asked him if he had any dreams the night before, he said, “Yeah, I played with Jesus at his house. We played with big dinosaurs and elephants. And mommy slept there, and daddy slept there, and Eva slept there.” T has these toys in his room, so I asked him if Jesus came to our house and played with T’s toys. He said, “I played here in Jesus’ hou...no, Jesus house is in Heaven.”

    Some nights just before bedtime, he says, “aww, Jesus isn’t coming today!” I remind him that he can pray and have Jesus help him sleep, and he excitedly says, “OK!”

    At bedtime on the night of 12/14, he said, “After our house breaks, we go to Jesus’ house. After Jesus house breaks, we go to another house.” (New Heavens and a new Earth anyone?)

    Anyway, just wanted to share, to give some more encouragement out of the mouth of babes :)

    1. This is FANTASTIC Brian! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Soooooo encouraging, Brian! Give Timiny a huge hug and holy kisses from my part!! HALLELUJAH! :-D

    3. Brian, loving that little Timiny! Can't wait to read this to my grandson as he is always asking me if Jesus will have real Dinosaurs to play with. He loves his Dinos:-)
      TY you so much for sharing such an encouraging word from the heart of a child with us:-)
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    4. Brian.... so so so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! We could all learn so much from Timiny! Give him a big hug from me tonight!

    5. I so much look forward to playing with (life sized and talking) animals too!

      Also check out BOND SERVANT OF YESHUA HAMASHIACH YTC, his two children (8 and 10yo) receive visions and words often.

      Very encouraging to hear from the youngsters!!

    6. " I heard a bus horn and nearly fell out of my chair." !! YEAH!! Cracked me up. Great, thanks, it had slipped my mind, Wonderful! Maranatha!

    7. Thanks, all, for the kind words of returned encouragement! And thanks Charlie for that YTC mention. I’ll check it out :)

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. boy oh boy, we all needed that! May he run full of laughter...*

    10. amazing Brian...note that it never snows where I live...partial rapture confirmation perhaps!!! arghhh just kidding, lets not go down that track again.

    11. LOL, ya just can't help yourself, can you, T&T:-D Now where did I put that iron skillet...

    12. Brian W., and Family, G'day & Blessings. This vision popped up in my head on my commute home, yesterday, and while rolling around inside my head bumped into some things and then I see some affirmations today on RaptureReadyNews.com to share.

      Your youngster's vision is one of several which have appeared over the past couple years where the dreamer sees lots of snow falling during ET events or the Harpazo. The Principle of Witness seems to be Affirming this here, rendering it worthy of further examination. Well, if there is to be LOTS of snow in locations where it does seasonally snow, that means there would have to be major global weather phenom putting LOTS of water into the air in locations ahead of the snow belts in the windstreams. So, we should see LOTS of Hurricanes and such in the Tropics, by comparison to historical averages, and especially at the closing moments. Ofc, this is also consistent with the Nibiru model introducing energy and chaos into these systems, AT THIS SAME TIME. Now, for the hits that seem to affirm:

      Owen unleashes wettest December day on record in Australia...Owen was a Category 3 severe tropical cyclone when it moved onshore between Kowanyama and the mouth of the Gilbert River on Friday...the storm saved its most extreme weather for last as it unloaded historic rainfall on parts of Queensland.

      Storms shatter records in the East, create massive waves in the West
      Powerful storms drenched the East and West coasts over the weekend, shattering rainfall records in the Washington, D.C., area and creating office tower-sized waves off the California coast.

      Just sayin', Maranatha!

    13. Excellent dive into some extensive corroborating information, Jimboni! Now I'll be keeping an eye on the hurricanes around Asia. My son also loves the snow, so it would be a double blessing for him :)

      The other day, Timiny was praying for a meal, and didn't mention "Jesus" at any point in the prayer. I asked him, "Timiny, where's Jesus?" As if T was setting up the whole situation, without skipping a beat, he replied, "Jesus is in Heaven."

      T&T, hahaha. When you tell us about the next hurricanes in your area, just think of all the snow that will come from it in the northern hemisphere :)

    14. Amen and amen. Reviewing it now I see a couple spots lacking the appropriate inflection:

      So, we should see LOTS of Hurricanes and such in the Tropics, BY COMPARISON TO HISTORICAL averages, and ES[ECIALLY AT THE CLOSING ***MOMENTS*** (FEW DAYS).

      Owen unleashes wettest December day ON RECORD in Australia...ON FRIDAY: 12/14/18

      SEVEN DAY WARNING TO 12/21/18 ?????

      Storms SHATTER RECORDS in the East, create massive waves in the West
      ... SHATTERING rainfall RECORDS in the Washington, D.C., area ...


    15. So, I come in to work, this morning, and leaning on my desk is a set of crutches, for Caleb, with a card from "All of Santa's Helpers". Immediately, what leaps to mind, is Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol, entangling my Christmas, this year, with Caleb , Crutches for Christmas, and Timiny. Maybe I am reaching but I am sensing another Wink here, Maranatha!

  18. Wow. Thank you for sharing. Wow wow wow!!!

  19. Wonderful to hear from the mouth of babes, Brian. Till when does it snow in your area? Probably we may know the maximum time limit... Hugs and kisses to sweet little Timiny

    1. Unfortunately, it stays cold in Dalian well into March/April. I think the latest snow I’ve seen was early March though.

    2. ...but probably not Lots, Lots, Lots in March/April, just sayin'

    3. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow....

    4. Thanks Brian... As Jimboni said Lots, Lots, Lots may be sooner. Hoping for an earlier homecoming and our lovely get together.

    5. I’m hoping the same :) Maranatha!

    6. Blessings Brother.....Maranatha!


  20. Hey guys,
    Steve Monette posted a new video, links, alter, peace plan, Russia, Arab states sta pope together, (8 minutes)


    1. My first time listening to Steve, good summary!

  21. Lots of "makes your blood boil" news over at Rapture Ready today. The screws keep on tightening.

    Don't forget about the articles there too.

    The Church is Silent…On What? :: By Clay Smith

  22. Has everyone watched Leeland Jones last two videos on alter? It blows your mind.

    1. Oh yes, that channel was new to me but I highly recommend watching it, very very good, you can chew a whole week on his findings from scripture! Thank you for notifying here! 👍

      https://youtu.be/xRkgFOa58_I (Part 1)

      https://youtu.be/yzmC2-sY5IM (Part 2)

  23. Sheila B. doing a little Bing Crosby for us, Wonderful! PRAISE ALERT! Last night, as he drifted off to sleep, Caleb heard, in his head, very authoritatively spoken, the words, "Your time has come. I Am Showing you the Way." As of this morning, the sensations are about 80% back in his legs, he can feel the bottoms of his feet when on his stander and, on his exercise bars I watched, this morning, as he lifted into a standing posture using mostly his legs doing the work. Praise Jesus, amen!

    1. Wonderful, Wonderful, praise God eternally, AMEN! :-)

    2. Wow!. "Arise and Walk In Jesus' Name!"

    3. Jimboni ... I prayed for Caleb last night. I felt the Holy Spirit after your kind words to me and also Sheila's comments.

    4. The Lord Affirms, amen! Blessings and All Praise and Honor to Our Lord and Delightful Holy Spirit, Amen! Maranatha!

    5. I read this, Jimboni, on the way home from a long day in Austin, and it just filled my heart with so much praise and gratitude for the way He's been touching Caleb. To me, Caleb's healing process is like a picture of the Body of Christ as despite our many individual weaknesses, He's been bringing us along bit by bit into a stronger more spiritually mature Body that will be ready to walk with Him in PERFECT TRUST the moment He calls out for us to Rise Up and Meet Him in the Air. One thing for sure--we've all been learning on this winding, dimly lit road to TRUST IN HIM ALONE to show us the way. Very exciting news and Many More Blessings!

    6. Jimboni, this just gladdens my heart for Caleb and for you. I sense as though Caleb is the Living Witness, like the prophets of Old. As Sheila said, "a picture of the Body of Christ" and also a shining example of the Walk of Faith. It is a hard road, in many ways with its setbacks when we feel as though we're not doing as much as we could or should or understanding as clearly as we'd like, but also uplifting, encouraging and strengthening to realize it literally cannot be done in our own strength - it is impossible. Yet, we must, just as Caleb has done, be faithful in the parts we can do and when we fall or struggle or feel the desire to simply give up, He is always there to lift us and carry us through that patch and inspire us to a new effort. This journey is not one thing, it's all of them - human effort, spiritual dependence - dependence on self, total reliance on Him - Pride, Despair - Knowledge, Child-like trust. I sense we've all lived vicariously through Caleb's journey, and although we cannot imagine the effort and stress he's gone through, we've seen and felt his faith grow. He had a pretty good example in his earthly Father, by the way. I could not be more uplifted to hear this! Blessings - Sherry

    7. Sherry, what's going on with the husband's hip surgery? I haven't seen an update here on that
      and would you mind posting your blogsite address again? I wrote it down, but I've misplaced it in one of these stacks of notebooks. TY, Sister and Blessings:-)

    8. awesome news Jimboni...Lord a ten-fold speeding up of Calebs healing please! In Jesus awesome wonderful mighty name!!

    9. That's wonderful. Talk about a poster man for the coming together of mind and body. HalleluYah!!!!

    10. Jimboni/Caleb/Jesus,...Yes to the Blessing; through n through of 10-fold*,...i wish i was there to see you guys

    11. Amen, Tony! Praying continually for Caleb, for his full recovery. The Lord hears really! Much blessings!

    12. Sheila, thanks for asking. Ed's doing extremely well. We had about 10 days of pretty rough sledding, not from the surgery, but medications. He reacts poorly to all of them complete with hallucinations, nightmares, combativeness and paranoia. So after only 1 of one kind and 6 of another we said - NO MORE. He's done the whole bit after hospital on Tylenol and lots of prayer and pleading. Now the medications are out of his system - it took more than a week - he's doing superbly and walking very, very well. Praise to our heavenly Father. I know now more personally why Pharmakia is Witchcraft and what it can literally mean and do. Bad stuff. The website is HeavensLibrary.online - I hope you'll find something you like. I'm working feverishly to finish this year's Christmas story - told from Heaven's viewpoint. Pray for me, I've lost at least a week I thought I'd be able to work on it. Blessings to All and sorry I haven't been focused and participating much, but you understand I pray. Blessings - Sherry

    13. Thanks, Sherry. I will give that a look this evening. So glad to hear about Ed doing better. You are so right about the meds. So often the cure that will kill you. They changed my Dad's blood thinner and two weeks later his brain was bleeding profusely. He fell on his face shattering his skull and died 3 days later with no way to stem the bleeding. It's what they consider collateral damage for the huge profits involved. They put aside a chunk of change to enrich the lawyers and throw some bones to the victims, then carry on as before. It is an evil industry. I avoid all maintenance drugs and even doctors as much as possible these days as most are so compartmentalized, one hand doesn't know what the other is even doing with the prescriptions they dole out. Blessings to ya'll and will continue to pray for Ed's strength and recovery and for you as well. Care giving requires a lot of energy and patience:-)

    14. Thank you, all, and a hearty amen to all you connected, surely, and more. This morning, beaming as he did so, Caleb proudly informed me that he is no longer a paraplegic, Praise The Lord, but a former paraplegic recovering his ability to stand and walk. Sheila B.? You seem 'a postin' a bit, feeling better? Remember, fight a good 24 hours even if symptoms lessen.

    15. I am feeling much better, TY, and I will continue a few more days with the metallic miracle:-)

  24. new post over at Garys!!!, new vid 12/15/18 Paul Dawson!!!

    1. Tony, TY for the heads up. Stephanie Dawn's work @unsealed is not only timely, but is a painstakingly written look at WHY IT HAS TO BE sola fide for all, Jew and Gentile, and nothing else. And Yes! We need the WHOLE Word of God. Excellent read imo and well supported with Scripture. TY so much Stephanie and Blessings, Sister!

      Brad, maybe you'll be inspired to re-post her article here:-)

    2. Thanks Sheila, God be with you*,...Stephanie's post has truly hit home w/ me! i'm untangled!!! also, at Sherry's blog, well her book/story is 'lovely'! she is an angel, like you*

  25. Hey guys
    Another video posted by Paul of YTC REVELATION CHAPTER12COM.

    54 MINS LONG

    Basically suggesting 21 of December (winter solstice) as a potental high watch date. Talks about blood moon patterns. Worth the watch.

    1. Thanks Guys. Wow...I just read this most interesting comment from @Winter Solstice on Paul D's latest. She/He points out that The J gem value of the word "inauguration" is 777. Haven't checked that but taking their word for now. On Trump's inauguration day, he was 70 yrs 7 mos and 7 days old. 700 days later on 12/21/18, Israel will be 70 yrs 7 mos and 7 days old. The question was "Who else might be inaugurated on 12/21/18?"

      The usual line-up appeared, but my favorite answer came from @Jane Doe. "The Body of Christ." Oh, Lord, let it be so:-)

    2. That is an awesome collection of 7's.
      I don't know where the idea of 3 days of darkness comes from or where it's going, but it crossed my mind the other day that the days fore and aft from the solstice are the darkest of the year....that tipping point perhaps where the good does not outweigh the bad.

    3. As spotted on YTC and noted in an earlier post:

      Emerald Gate (poster): (11/11) was a 40 day warning for 12/21. (2nd post): Well, Trump was president first date when he was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old. And Israel is a state 70 years 7 months and 7 days on 12/21/18. And those days are 700 days apart (700 Jewish Gematria same as Harpazo!).

    4. @Many Fish noted the winter Solstice occurs at 12:22 a.m. on 12/22 Israeli time. That would be 4:22 p.m. CST 12/21 here, so took a look at the Strong's which was inspiring:
      G#1222--depou--of course, surely, a particle of asseveration, indeed doubtless, verily.
      (asseveration--the solemn or emphatic declaration or statement of something, a positive affirmation) (1x) Heb.2:16
      H#1222-betsar--gold (1x) Job 36:19 KJV "Will he esteem thy riches? no, not gold, nor all the forces of strength."

      G#422--anepaischuntos--not to be put to shame (1x) 2Tim.2:15 KJV re the Lord's approved workman that need not be ashamed.
      H# 422--alah--to swear, curse (6x) esp. Hos.10:4 re retribution for Israel's sin.

      In agreement with Sherry in expecting something meaningful to occur.

    5. Thank you all for collecting and posting those numbers. Wow, that is simply amazing: 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days (x2) with 700 days in between. I'm just in awe of the numerical stamp that the LORD has placed on these events to confirm their significance for us.

  26. Dear @family, there's an interesting show on the 'famous' Jewish philosopher and scholar MAIMONIDES (1138-1204 AD) exhibiting his works in the Israel Museum of Jerusalem from 12/11/2018-04/27/2019. It is worth digging into the historical setting, biography and teachings of this man who has had a tremendous influence on Orthodox Judaism (modern Talmudic NWO pharisees) until today. It is also worth pondering in their Messianic context WHY the city of Jerusalem would JUST NOW take the chance to organize such an exhibit?

    Judaism's original (pre-)Renaissance man comes to Israel (ynetnews 12/15/2018) (click!)

    Check out some more background information here

    Rabbi Maimonides and Jesus of Nazareth – the Messiah? (theodds K.B. Vogelman 10/10/2017)

    or do your own research on Maimonides. The French term "Renaissance" means "new birth" and points to the historic era of European ENLIGHTENMENT (this time for the Jews?!). It might be interesting to see how this Israel Museum show fits into the prophetic narrative of the official claims of modern Judaism in being most ready to receive the antichrist Messiah in the very near future. Seems like they're announcing him any moment now. MARANATHA!

  27. Here is a pass through from FiveDoves re: winter solstice

    @ http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/dec2018/ellioth1216.htm:

    Dear Doves:

    This coming Winter Solstice(12/21-12/22) happens to be the full moon of Tevet.
    Tevet was the month when Esther was chosen as the Queen.

    Full Moon represents the Bride who is filled with the Holy Spirit and love for the Lord.
    It also represents Wrath and Judgment.

    According to youtube of Godshealer7, the Lord told her that he is insulted by the Sanhedrin animal sacrifice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISUImU8m4VQ

    The sacrifice occurred on 12/10, and 11(Judgment) days from it is Winter Solstice and the full moon of Tevet.

    4.4 earthquake including aftershock 3.3 occurred on 12/12 in Tennessee.

    44 means Death and Destruction, and Obama is the 44th president.

    33 means Promise.

    And the reporter said that it could be connected to New Madrid fault.

    10 days from 12/12 is Winter Solstice and the full moon of Tevet.

    If Winter Solstice and the full moon of Tevet pass, the next possibility is Christmas as I suggested in the previous letter.


    1. There's another landing on 12/22-23/18 - I don't know what, but something meaningful will occur during that time frame. Sign or Event - nobody knows! Blessings - Sherry

  28. Also from FiveDoves

    "Heads WAY Up, Doves" From 12/16

    It's difficult to find the words to stress how important this news is. The you tube clip is from RT - who we all know is biased against the USA and Israel, but also have their finger on the button re the Middle East. Rick Sanchez (RT) interviews former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof, who still has contacts in all the right places.

    War is close, close, close, Doves.

    Maloof says (according to his sources) that Israel is on the verge of attacking Lebanon. The discovery of all these terror tunnels along the Israel / Lebanon border has rightfully alarmed Israel. There are a lot of details which I urge you to absorb by watching the clip. It's only 10 minutes, 41 seconds long. Each time I view it, I learn something more. I lose concentration as Maloof's words keep sending my mind into a spin! Maloof has been informed that if Israel attack Lebanon, Shia muslims from all over the region (not just Syria and Lebanon) will attack Israel. Maloof has heard the number of soldiers who will attack Israel, at one million at least.

    These words could have come straight out of the prophecy of Natan !! It's eerily and alarmingly incredible.

    I know we are all weary and tired of watching dates come and go. But, we are in the season. We are on the cusp. This violent nonsense is only ratcheting up. It's not going away and can only end in mass slaughter and world war. It's just a matter of time.......which is running out.

    Our beloved LORD Jesus is coming. And SOON.

    Maranatha, LORD Jesus. Please. We ache and yearn for you. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Almighty God's will be done.

    Exclusive: Israel about to attack Lebanon says source

    1. I also saw yesterday Ukraine is moving equipment and about to attack a Russian occupied area, so that will blow big time and another story denoting the discovery of an Ancient Egyptian High Priest tomb from 4400 years ago. The 4's are all over that story. I'm sorry I don't have links, I haven't been keeping up with where I saw things, just scanning when I had a free moment. Blessings - Sherry

  29. Brad--Todd's book looks as though it truly would be a blessing to have alongside our Bibles with our left-behind letters tucked into its pages!

    Well, I told myself I would not get excited (er OVERLY excited) about anymore dates, BUT----Paul Dawson (REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotcom YT), Pearl Kolleri, and Many Fish have ALL pointed to December 21--the Winter Solstice this year as a very possible Rapture date. Paul Dawson's Dec. 15 video (https://youtu.be/wD-eQEB81XI) truly gives substantial reasons.

    Was thinking of doing an article on all this, but am watching my granddaughter today.....Love to you and all the Rev12 Family<3

    1. Re: I told myself not to get excited about anymore dates, BUT...


    2. So on my drive home tonight on the beltway I was pondering whether I should reply to Lyn's comment above as I was feeling the same RE: day counts and dates.


      Along with those YTCs above the the other discoveries above re: winter solstice, I happen to watch/listen to Rody61169 tonight with my mom.

      [From Nov] 7min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mIzI2pAEDI.

      & 30min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYU-QFBH2yg


      Why I am writing here now is 222. As I have expressed here sometime ago, 222 has been the ONLY vision/dream I have been given. So what gives with 222 and 12/21?

      Well, from Israel's 70th B-Day on May 14 to the Winter Solstice is...222 days and a full moon.

      Just mere coincidence and nothing to get excited about?????

    3. Charlie, somehow, I just don't don't believe our Lord is going to be giving us much room at all to be getting un-excited anymore:-)

    4. The Lord just won't let us stay down for long, will He? I mean, I guess we could tune out and check out...but where's the fun in that?


    5. Amen, Jeff!
      Daniel @Informed Christians has a great new vid "Midnight Oil" about the Heavens Declaring His Glory which reminds me of Gk#1222. He talks about about Comet 46P/Wirtanen and it's current appearance. Closest flyby in, yes...70 years--per Upi.com. That name Wirtanen originates from Virtanen and means river or stream and as a "Finnish" surname described a family who dwells by a river or stream. Can't wait to "FINNISH" up here and get Home to dwell beside that River of Living Water, Amen;-)

    6. Just read your latest article Lyn. Another Good one. Thanks for posting it sister.

    7. Charlie, brother thank you for sharing re. your 222 dream. Sheila is right--how can we NOT get excited the closer and closer we get :-O

      Jordan--thank you for taking the time to read my articles and always giving me an encouraging thumbs up. Very loving of you.

      Sheila B you are always so encouraging as well. So thankful for all my brethren here. Thought you'd be interested to read more re. The River:

      The River of Wrath

      The name of Comet 46P/Wirtanen comes from the Finnish surname Virtanen meaning “river”. This reminded me of what I had read in The Witness of the Stars about Eridanus—The River of the Judge! E. W. Bullinger writes that Eridanus is an immense constellation that issues forth from the down-coming foot of Orion and represents “the river of wrath breaking forth for His enemies". [taken from http://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2018/11/more-heavenly-signs-of-2018.html]

      River of Wrath for God's enemies; River of Life for His Beloved<3

  30. Sister Stephanie from the Unsealed.org team has done a fantastic job with a new article about the "Rightly Dividing" cult. Very very good and helpful read! 👍

  31. Sheila, et al.,

    Remember the WIPEOUT dream? I had a hunch that it had to do with a financial wipeout, and then there's this headline from the NY Post today, "Major Hedge Funds are Scrambling to Prevent Financial Wipeout."

    Also, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to stocks and trading, but has anyone ever heard of a group called Israel Englander's Millennium Management? Lol, they are mentioned in the article above, and I thought about the Jew/Gentile shared rule during the coming Millennium.

    Awesome. Looking forward to the world coming under new management!

    1. Yes, Jeff. The financial winds are blowing ugly. @zerohedge has some headlines as well that are probably making some folks turn a greenish pale. But I do believe the "WIPEOUT" is going to hit on more than one front. Trump tweeted this morning about the World blowing up around us and he'd like for people to think we're ok here in the US, but my feeling is that at the moment, this nation is in for some serious and probably "sudden" incoming jeopardy. Praying to go Home quickly. Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Blessings. Went down some interesting Bunny trials, this morning. Tidbit: On 12/7/18, mid-flight, carrying the POTUS, Air Force One changed it's call sign from AF-1 to Q0 (Q-zero). Several meanings entangled with this. but top of list includes a countdown had begun, likely to mass enforcement and ML nationally. While most of this buzz has been circling the drain for a LONG time the change of AF-1 seemed a Harbinger of action, to me, esp alongside shenanigans at the recent funeral, as mentioned. My guess is the current, as in RIGHT NOW, delay is Of The Lord's Hand but, esp with so many arrows approaching the same target, if we don't get airlifted shortly, its about to go NUTS! I picture a huge Mexican-Standoff underway, atm, with White Hats and Deep ST@ters and others all holding guns on each other and everyone wondering which trigger pulls, and which HAMMER FALLS first, Maranatha!

    3. Yes,

      This seems to be a good scene for Quentin Tarantino to complete. Who gets who and when and how and who walks out?

      Maybe a typical Clint Eastwood shootout western if you prefer.

    4. The good the bad and the ugly - The best theme tune ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFa1-kciCb4

    5. Put that song on, on one tab, and then on another, go scan headlines on RaptureReady.com & thesechrisitantimes.com and scan through the comments @UNSEALED latest and your fav YTC. Will TOTALLY up your mood and help set the right perspective on 'yer Watch. Maranatha, Cowboy.

    6. I particularly like the ending scene/music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJCSNIl2Pls

      "You dig"

    7. Talk about an interesting bunny trail, I landed on this news site @WhatDoesItMean.com.
      Some mind boggling articles there as I'm understanding their mission is to counter western propaganda. It seems to be Russian based, but was created by a small group of American computer experts led by the late global tech guru Wayne Green(1922-2013)? Never heard of him, but anyway, I found it intriguing that they mention a Sept. 2017 Biblical warning from "the little known American Christian site Unsealed.org" in a 12/1/18 article titled "Russia Prepares for Alien Invasion After Trump Warning Proves True With Destructive 7.0 Alaskan Quake".
      The article includes some really interesting info/perspectives on the comet 46p/Wirtanen, 67P , and the Oumaumau object.
      The site does seem like it might be the source for some of the political intrigue going around YT lately, but first time I've come across it:-)

  32. G'day Family, Blessings. MANYFISH put up another good niblet. POTUS made an unannounced, rainy-day visit to Arlington, the same day (3) Bells were returned to the Philippines, having been taken as Spoils of War in 1901. Several interesting day counts involved and, remember the time, recently, when the entire earth rang like a BELL? Well, good windy trail in his video, but one detail which popped out concerning the Wave event, which cycled every 17 seconds for 70 intervals, is that 1770 is also the Gematria for President Donald John Trump, go figure, Maranatha!

    1. Hi Jimboni,
      Why is Trump called POTUS?

    2. President of the United States, Jordan from Ireland

    3. Ah. It was almost so obvious. I was imagining all these other reasons related to prophesy. Thought I was missing a trick. Thanks Cathy. :)

    4. Yep, Many Fish was on a good roll today. There is so much low hanging fruit out there right now it's really hard to look at it all. Bing Art was talking to me today first thing. "We Have Liftoff!" celebrating the 115th anniversary of the Wright Bros. first sustained flight on 12/17/1903 at Big Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk N.C. The numbers there made a good dot to dot study and it's amazing how these things just keep revealing the opposite sides of the same coin. The main take away though is that we've reached the point and entered into a time re this world where the imperative is to "look away from all else, fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ."
      G#1217--demourgos--a worker for the people, builder, maker i.e. mechanic (spoken of the Creator) (1x) Heb.11:10 KJV

      Blessings All, Looking Up and ready for LIFT OFF:-)

    5. Jordan

      "Nothing is as difficult to discover as that which is in plain sight." -- Sherlock Holmes

  33. Brad n gang, Leeland Jones Y T dec.13th video is telling! if you have not already seen it, you might take a look, its rather AMAZING,...PLEASE SEE FOR YOURSELF ! peace n grace to ALL....BE BLESSED!

  34. Does anyone have a good source for a list of fulfilled prophecies since the Jews became a nation again in 1948? I had one on an old computer and forgot to save it when I got a new laptop.
    I like to include a brief summary of fulfilled prophecies in a Christmas letter which my husband and I hand out, along with Bibles and other items, to the homeless and others at Christmas time.
    I've done an extensive Google search but can only find a list of the prophecies fulfilled in Jesus. I know prophecy is being fulfilled daily, so it's hard to keep up!
    I did order several of Todd's books to hand out and there may be a summary or list included in the book, but I haven't received them yet.

    1. Hi Jo. @unsealed.org has done some great articles where they've compiled fulfilled prophecy. Just ask Gary in the comment section under their latest article to recommend something to you and I'm sure he will be happy to accommodate you:-)

    2. Hi Jo.... I saw your comment and Sheila's suggestion so I sent Gary a quick email. Here are the links he provided. Hopefully this will get you started atleast. Thank you for all that you are doing, your Christmas ministry is wonderful and thank you as well for supporting Todd's book. God Bless you!






    3. Hey Jo, (and all)
      I started working on the following document as a place to compile list of prophesies that have come to pass, and future ones that will soon come to pass.

      I have updated it with most of the links Brad posted referencing Gary's unsealed site, and some other ones that I know of.

      HERE IS THE LINK TO MY G'DOCs PROPHESY TRACKER. I have about 26 on it at the moment.


      Feel free to use it, or to add any other prophesies that you know of to it?

      Actually maybe if we all pool our knowledge together, we can make quiet a comprehensive list? Then that can be then published here and over @ unsealed? or printed out, and left with our left behind letters?

    4. Thanks to all for the great suggestions and links! I have a lot of reading to do now!!

    5. I checked out your prophecy document Jordan. Cool brother! I'll add to it if I think of anything to add. 👍

    6. Thanks Miguel. Yeah when I started to see the list of fulfilled prophesies grow, it felt very exciting, it feels like everything is in place, for that great and awesome day of the LORD to arrive any day now (Awesome for his bride / Woeful for the inhabitants of the earth)

      Hopefully it helps anyone who comes across it to realise that the bible is 100% accurate and 100% trustworthy.

    7. Yes, God’s word IS truth! On Judgment Day, it is His word (not just the parts of it we understand, and certainly not our opinions or feelings) that believers will be judged by.

      “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts... Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that [Millennial] rest, so that no one will fall by following their [Israelites] example of disobedience. For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” (Heb. 4:7b, 11-13). “Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do all these things [vv. 5-9], you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 1:10-11). Reigning with Christ in His Millennial Kingdom IS the rich welcome into His eternal kingdom. Let’s press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus!

  35. I particularly like the ending scene/music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJCSNIl2Pls

    "You dig"

  36. new article posted here from Brad.


  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hey Todd, (hoping you still check in here from time to time)
    So finally my copy of your new book "The Non-Prophets Guide To End Times - Publisher HARVEST HOUSE, arrived. (the postal service to Ireland must use donkeys) but I just wanted to say, 1st impressions are very good. The book has excellent and interesting full color graphics, which make it interesting to peruse, it has good quality, nice to touch paper, and it appears to be very nicely layed out, and easy to dip into and from the 1st few chapters that I have read, seems to be extremely well written and contains the most important element of any book. I want to turn each page and continue reading it.

    Thanks for all the hard work researching end times, and putting it all together in this pleasure to read book, It is a blessing, and I am sure it will be a blessing to anyone who comes across it, after we all get snatched out of this place.. Hopefully very soon.


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