3 Keys to the Mazzaroth

This video below is the latest from Paul Dawson and is a pretty cool look at the layout of the Mazzaroth and how it reveals/confirms the order of the 1st Advent, the Harpazo and the 2nd Advent. Thank you Shelia for suggesting this! I hope you all are having a great weekend in the presence of the Lord.
Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Psalm 37:7
Here is the video: (44 min)


  1. This is just a wonderful video, with excellent thought and research done by Paul. I'm sure there is much, much more to be derived by our little family once they've had time to digest. I know Sheila has already begun on the Dolphin.

  2. Found this in the news today -


    Strongs Greek 629 is redemption. The boat was called Aquarius!

    Blessings everyone - our redemption draws ever closer!

    1. TY Sarah! He’s just signing off on the dotted line everywhere:-). Staying awake and staying ready!

    2. Amem thanks for sharing sister Sarah plenty fish yt has a great new one too


    3. Good morning brothers and sisters. This morning I woke up having had a beautiful dream:

      I found myself in a room. There was very meek young man. I could tell he really loved this ugly deformed woman who was also there. They slept next to each other in full view, fully clothed. After they awoke, I and others who were in the room, gathered around them. The meek young man put a candle in a cake for her; it was her birthday. Then he began playing a violin. He was playing Morning Has Broken, morning has come. It was so beautiful, I cannot describe it. I began crying, the joy was overwhelming. Then I woke up.

      I have never heard the song on violin before. I haven't heard the song since I was a child 35 years ago. As "luck" would have it, here are a few versions of the song from youtube; they really are not even close to how beautiful it was in the dream:




    4. "Morning has broken" is one of my favorite songs! I could be way off in my interpretation of your dream but my very first thoughts were that the meek young man is Christ and the ugly, deformed woman is the Church. All our sins are forgiven by Him and He's not looking anymore at them, at the born again believer's flesh, at our sin nature, He separated the born again believer's sin nature from them (as the Apostle Paul describes it in Romans 7).

    5. Oh and the birthday cake!!! Could it mean that the Church's birthday is close? Sounds encouraging!

    6. Thanks for those interpretations, Nora of Miguel's dream.
      I don't know much about violin but I like listening to a song once in awhile. The next one on the list below the YT video I listened to was Hallelujah by Roy and Rosemary. I have listened to this several times and there is nice scenery, too. I listened to the first YT link Miguel had given.
      At first, I was taken aback by a young man and this ugly, deforned woman sleeping next to one another. Then, I thought what does this mean?
      I think the ugly and deformed woman and the young man fully clothed and waking up together ... shows the intimacy of those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. And, it just struck me - waking up, the birthday cake, a new day! Transformation.
      And, the one candle, Nora, being the body of Christ. Hallelujah!
      Aren't we all this ugly, deformed woman ... waiting for our new, glorified bodies. It was a touching then dream, Miguel that was in the end uplifting - the love he felt for this ugly, deformed woman ...

    7. "Aren't we all this ugly, deformed woman ... waiting for our new, glorified bodies..." Yep, that totally seems to fit imo!

    8. Thank you Sheila, Nora, and Cathi. I had an interpretation right away and it is in line with what you saw. Here you go:

      Christ is the meek man. He was humble and unassuming. In Revelation, the word for Him is best translated as "suckling lamb". This is beautiful. He is not just a spotless lamb, He is the most innocent, lovable baby lamb you have ever seen. (not a baby in power though).

      The ugly deformed woman is the church. She had a tumorous stomach and was very pathetic looking, but she loved the man and He loved her so much. This is a picture of our relationship. We have nothing beautiful to offer Him on the surface. But our faith, our love for Him is more than enough. As a church we have failed a lot and have filled our stomachs rather than the stomachs of those in need, and we are not really the church we would like to be. That is partly because the world has beaten us up and has poisoned us, but also because we have not had the faith and understanding that we should. Nevertheless, He really really loves us and does not judge our outward appearance.

      In the dream the cake and candle are significant. This is a birthday for the church.

      The song has two important things about it. Morning has broken signifies that this is the dawn of a new day. The time for something new for the church is finally here. This is a change of dispensation as it is a birth and a new day. The man was not singing happy birthday; he was serenading the woman. It was a romance and a statement of a change in time. In a way, it was a wedding and a birthday.

      That is what I have understood.

      Although there was no date specified, there was a sense of present time and urgency as He played "morning has broken, morning has come". As he played the song, the words were very clear, not audible, but articulated in my spirit.

    9. Thank you Miguel, this is very interesting, seemes to be the massage of the Lord! Making many thoughts! You have many experiences the last days! Awesome and very beautiful! The Lord probably makes us ready now! You have a great gift really of the Holy Spirit! Praying for you and yours! Trying to find some Scriptures for these things! Many Blessings! Maranatha!

    10. Just beautiful Miguel. He is surely giving you comfort for your perseverance and suffering. You are such a blessing to all of us and we thank you. Blessings - Sherry

    11. Dear brothers and Sisters Lord bless each one of you as you comfort one another and encourage one another with God's word. Miguel, the dream is a blessing I know from my own experience and reading God's word that God gives us a little gold mines along the way to keep her eyes on him. I will continue to pray for your wife and for your testimony that will be strong and bold and the power of His might

    12. miguel - love the dream. The fact they were fully clothed reminded me of Rev 16: 5 - ("Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who stays awake (ignoring the couple were asleep in your dream however) and keeps his clothes, so that he will not walk about naked and men will not see his shame.").

      And what happens once morning has broken...?? we see our 'bright morning star', thats what.

      "I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star. (Rev 22).


  3. Miguel, TY for sharing that beautiful dream. And Nora, I believe that was the perfect way to look at it. Really hopeful and encouraging:-)

  4. Steam boat gyser at yellowstone went off again today ... link below it went off for the 9th time today


    1. Gods warrior - I was interested to read the comment from the author in your link (we have seen relative quiet for 3.5 years...hmmm where have I seen that number before).

      In another article I read, the statement was also made ""Major eruptions over the past several weeks have been occurring with surprising regularity (every 6 to 8 days)" (https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericmack/2018/06/11/yellowstones-unpredictable-steamboat-geyser-just-went-off-a-9th-time-as-predicted/#117092402ed6)

      Double hmmm. As Chuck Missler would say (quoted from the rabbi's) 'coincidence is not a kosher word'. Neither is 'surprising regularity'. '6-8 days'. Not 7, but 6-8. watch this space I guess.

      God bless


  5. Lets not forget the THIRD "3" Temple !

  6. For those confused with Pauls video (as I was listening to some of the comments, e.g. centaur being Christ), the following article from Khouse reveals further details on this and hopefully clarifies any confusion (as it certainly did mine).



  7. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I know it requires a lot of discernment and wisdom to rightly understand dreams and put them in their proper place. I take no credit for the dream, and having a dream like that is a real gift, because it blessed my day and outlook immensely. As the day of His coming for us approaches, I pray we all remain strong and full of hope and joy. He never fails us. Has he ever once failed you? Think of any moment in your life where you thought he failed at first. He showed up and rescued you eventually and everything was fixed. We are nearing a time when we will see the ultimate fulfillment of this. We have had to wait, in spite of blatant signs and wonders, and it can be difficult. But we are almost home. The planet is swarming with earthquakes like a nest full of bees waiting to sting. But we are strong; we are His.

    I pray you will have dreams, visions, understanding, peace and pure joy in the Lord, that we may endure this final mile together. Not every Christian is a watcher, because not every Christian is blessed with the same calling and gifts. We are though. And we sit together on this wall taking turns handing the binoculars back and forth and then the megaphone to warn the citizens of the new kingdom.

    The verse of the day from Biblegateway.com was great and went right along with the main article here:

    The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. Psalm 19:1-2 NIV

    1. Miguel P., Good morning and thank you for your words, here and earlier. "And we sit together on this wall taking turns handing the binoculars back and forth and then the megaphone to warn the citizens of the new kingdom." Wow, I loved that. What a beautiful picture to capture this and frame it so spritely, amen!

      BTW, Gary at UNSEALED put up a new post very much along the lines of what I hear The Spirit Whispering in the lines of your post: ENCOURAGEMENT. I also posted a comment there concerning 2 Pet 3:3-4 which I would love to share with everyone here, also, as it speaks to the struggles we have NOW where even the signs themselves seem to add weight to our burden, Maranatha!

    2. TY Miguel. Wonderful and encouraging thoughts, Brother.
      I had another dream last night that lifted my spirit so much.

      This non-descript man came to our house to prepare a dinner for us. A real feast. I can’t really see him clearly but I know he’s tall, wearing a white shirt and has his sleeves rolled up and I can see his hands when he hands me a paper with all kinds of delicious sounding recipes on it.
      I asked him which ones he is going to make. He said “All of them.”
      I said, “But there are only a few of us here.”
      He said “That doesn’t matter—all that matters is that those who ARE here enjoy the food.” And he set about preparing the dishes.
      I felt like it must be Thanksgiving or some kind of holiday so I offered to bake a turkey to go with it. He didn’t tell me not to so I went to get one. But when I came back with it, I realized he didn’t need my help and I would only be getting in his way as there was only one stove and he was using the sinks.
      That’s when I woke up, but every detail stuck with me even after going back to sleep, which is unusual for me.
      It seems our Lord is really watching over us all closely right now.

    3. So, Sheila are you going to interpret this a bit more? For example, why a turkey and what would this mean? πŸ˜ƒ

    4. LOL...I sneezed and hit the publish button accidentally. I was going to add that I have been struggling with being put in a very difficult position the past 2 days that is tearing at my heart. My eldest bought me a surprise plane ticket to come for a 4 day visit in Florida. Sounds nice, huh? The hitch—I must keep a “positive” attitude. What this means is no “Bible” talk...no Rapture theories or Apocalyptic warnings, etc. and just speak happy, relevant thoughts.
      Well, no can do, Scooby Doo!
      The only reason I would want to go is to encourage them in the only thing that truly is “Positive”. So now they are all mad with me and it’s been a hand wringer. But after that dream, I feel like our Lord is cooking something up and doesn’t need my help. So maybe I will go and walk with Him in prayer the whole time. Ya’ll pray for me. It’s a Southwest Flight😱

    5. Cathi...Turkey? My thought was “isn’t that what a lot of our own works amount to?”

    6. 😰! LOL ... That sounds just right ... He is doing all the work ... he rolled up his sleeves and is showing you - I Got This! Now, gotta get going!

      Well, Sheila at least you have spoke up and have told of the Good News! πŸ“–

      Southwest, hmm ... I will be praying.

    7. Sheila, thank you for sharing the dream. He is definitely speaking to us and answering our prayers.
      These are just my current thoughts:
      This dream was a picture of our current, right now, situation. The one serving was Christ and He was showing that He enjoys serving us. The few that were there are the watchers. The delicious foods are the signs and messages we are getting from him. He gave you the recipes because He wants you/us to serve. Ultimately He is the cook and handles the cleanup. There were multiple sinks, because He is well-prepared to clean up. (We often do not cook or serve because of the mess it could make?)
      He is serving us with signs and messages. We are enjoying them. We do not need to help him, but we do need to bring the messages/food to others. Recipes are a correct set of instructions regarding how to make something so that it tastes good and is not burned etc... I think it is important we are mindful how we present these messages/recipes to others. However, He is well prepared for cleanup.
      He gave you the recipes, and he gave you food. He did not give you a wash rag or access to the sinks for cleanup. So we enjoy what He gives us now, knowing that He enjoys our presence, we share carefully what He gives us, in a way that serves others and they can enjoy. They are Christians too. And they are coming for the bigger feast eventually. Enjoy your outing with the family and do not feel you are betraying Christ if you aren't spilling your guts about every little message you see. Do not give them the ingredients; give them a nice dish to eat.
      Any of that sound right? That is just what I felt.

    8. Miguel P., that was spot on, in my spirit. In fact, your picture 'opened up' a detail for me. That Sheila was not interrupted, in any way, when she set about 'leaving' the kitchen where HE was 'Working', to go get the turkey (her 'extra' input from what she 'saw' as fitting) speaks to our common efforts to obtain the 'meat' of a thing, tied to its SEASON (think Thanksgiving Holiday, Times & Seasons, 1 Thess 5:1a).

      Note that He didn't rebuke Sheila for doing so, but, it also didn't specifically add (or detract) to the feast HE was serving, or, at least that wasn't spoken of in your dream. So, feels to me an affirmation of us all being about OUR 'work' alongside HIS (you didn't go get something irrelevant like an Ironing Board) being appropriate to the kitchen but not essential to the feast being prepared. Maranatha!

    9. Sheila B., that sounds right to me, but remember, pick an AISLE SEAT! NOT a WINDOW! Maranatha!

    10. As a matter of fact, Jimboni, he didn’t say anything about the turkey at all and I just seemed to leave it up to my own realization and conclusion.
      (And I will pass your sage “seat” advice along to Billy:-))

    11. Sheila B., thank you, Sis. That affirms also how it felt to me in the telling. I am certain there is Wisdom in His 'Active Neutrality' but will spare all in going into details. Suffice it to say it ALL fits very nicely, very encouraging, Maranatha!

    12. Sheila dear sister I have read through all your description and wonderful dream ... I dare to pop in and say that if THIS is the explicit condition for your daughter's visit I would NOT have accepted the ticket being in your shoes. The reason, you ask? I couldn't stand 4 days of hypocrisy with my own family. Not even 10 minutes. Acts 4:18-20 MARANATHA!

  8. Great thanks Miguel and Seila! All things begin to clear up in my opinion. I would bring your dreams together or in succession. I'm trying to bring this in logic. Miguel was a onlooker, and Sheila was a participant. In the first case, a cake with a candle, in the second a whole feast. A cake with a candle was for a woman, and a feast for Sheila, it's the whole range. I would describe the story consistently. Miguel? And Ryan also, with the Biblical interpretation? Two dreams are already the whole testimony, I thought yesterday, that Sheila would see some dream also! 2Cor 13:1
    Blessings to all our family! Thanks Cathi for your thoughts! The Lord is coming for us!

    1. Amazing thoughts and connections, Alla. TY so much for even more confirmation. I saw my dream last night as an overall picture of the feast being prepared
      for all those who are trusting in His finished work and His Righteousness alone. But I also found a comforting message in my worry over my loved
      ones being aware and ready and my part in that.
      After reading the new Rapture article @unsealed, I was walking on air this morning.
      And Jimboni, that was a wonderfully encouraging post. I hope to see you post it here as well.
      Blessings All and Maranatha!

    2. Thank you for your comments on the dreams Alla and me! I went back and read Sheila's dream ... And well ,πŸ€” the stove (cooking until done - birthing) and the sink (cleansing - transforming us) as we are being made ready for that feast!

    3. Now, Jimboni ... Just copy it over here ... So, I don't end up doing so! πŸ˜€

    4. More insight, Cathi.
      Love that!

    5. Amen! More insight and not ending up really!

    6. Cathi, I like your thoughts regarding birth and transformation. A

      Alla, I was thinking others would have dreams too. And yesterday, afternoon, I was moved over and over to thank Him. I just could hardly stop saying thank you for the dream and thank you for the dreams you are giving others; I knew the Spirit was leading me. There was a joy, like water, spilling out of me as I was praying. Are you all getting this too? I feel His Spirit moving and I feel like He is saying He is coming to all of us. Catastrophic earthquakes are coming and if they come right before we are raptured (I do not know the order), we will need this extra measure of Him. Is anyone else feeling this?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Amen to all you put forth, Miguel. TY!

      This is so cool as it all hit me. I was trying to drive and do a happy dance at the same time. (Parked now) But on the personal side...
      I will not be going on the trip. They got mad and cancelled my ticket, but they booked one for my husband, who will be going, which is good. (He really needs the vacation, but pray for his flight as well:) When I was supposed to go, the plan was to hang out at their house and just visit, which would’ve made it even harder not to talk about this. Now that he is the one going, they’ve booked a boat trip and a swimming with the “Dolphins” experience! Why is this so awesome?
      I simply have never been able to communicate the Blessed Hope successfully in this case. I do not need to be there. But He is telling me through that inspiration to look closer at the Dolphin Decan in Paul’s video and learn how and why the early Christians regarded the Dolphin as the King of fishes not to worry, that HE will be there right in the middle of them! Our God is so very awesome and Miguel, you are so right. He is giving us whatever we need to stand strong. Love all you guys and be so Blessed today!!!

    9. Praying for your loved ones, dear Sheila! I hope your husband will have a great time! The Lord always orchestrates what is best, turning losing situations into winning ones! :--) I'm also like 'what could be a more positive and encouraging subject (of talk and ponderation) than the hope of the rapture and the signs of its soon coming!'

    10. Amen, Nora. What the enemy has been trying to beat me up with for 2 days has been turned into joy and expectation. I truly believe that my family is going to experience some kind of Aha! Moment next week. I told my younger daughter, who will already be there with my grandson, to not waste time with her sister being mad at “crazy Mom” and just enjoy each other, make sure their Dad has a good relaxing time and know the Lord is with them. I plan to use my time here with just the 4 footed pals for lots of prayer and praise for our Lord, knowing He can open hearts that I can’t. Praying for you, Sister, in all of your needs as well!

    11. GEN 50:20 Amen, Smiles and Hugs! Maranatha!

    12. Thank you Miguel. And, I really liked all you had said about Sheila's dream. That was very indepth.

    13. I'd like to add to everyone else's accounts that I too have felt close comfort from our Lord lately, as though He is reassuring and encouraging me to keep going. When I read about Sheila's and Miguel's dreams, I had some thoughts that are a bit different to the other thoughts expressed here but I thought I'd share for more encouragement for everyone. My favorite Bible story is where Peter and the others go fishing at night but catch nothing, they are greatly discouraged, then morning comes (Morning Has Broken) and Jesus stands on the bank and tells them to cast their nets to the right side of their boat (John 21:6). They do and were unable to haul it in for the great multitude of fish, so they dragged it to shore. The John recognized Jesus (imagine that; "It is the Lord!") and told Peter who immediately jumped into the water and swam to Him (imagine :)). And the fish numbered one hundred and fifty three (the fish [believers] that we help to catch by our teaching & witnessing). The net (Gospel) held them all & was not broken; no fish (sheep) were lost. They couldn't have caught them without Jesus' help. Then - the best part - Jesus had cooked breakfast for them (imagine that!!). Jesus Himself cooked breakfast for those who loved Him, those who were weary & exhausted. I love that. Now read, It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them.Luke 12:37. Imagine THAT! For those who love Him. A feast, with a cake with a candle perhaps?

    14. The Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, raises the slaves to a position of equality with their master. These true faithful ones are no longer His servants; they are His friends. (Imagine THAT!) He even deigns Himself to minister to their wants. The final glorious gift to the faithful conqueror in the world's hard battle appears in Revelations: "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne" (Revelation 3:21). Imagine THAT! I can't but imagine!

    15. TY, Fred for that lovely Scriptural aspect. Encouragement received and so appreciated.
      Blessings, Brother!

    16. Fred, thank you for the scriptural witness to the interpretation. It is encouraging. I absolutely love the image of Jesus cooking breakfast for the disciples. The service toward them is amazing and the idea that He treats us and will treat us the same is humbling.

    17. Sheila,

      "Praying for you, Sister, in all of your needs as well!" Thank you, Sis! *hugs* 4 legged pals are good company! :--) Hopefully, the big "AHA moment" will come soon!

  9. By Request as originally posted to Gary's latest at UNSEALED refocusing us on our Blessed Hope:

    Wonderfully encouraging post, Gary, thank you for redirecting our eyes back onto the prize, amen. We need this SO much, right NOW. "Closing in on nine months post-GREAT SIGN, and within just a handful of years before the end of the Fig Tree Generation, now is the time to be most sober, most dedicated, and most watchful, but many are falling back to sleep!" ...ain't it da truth, brother, ain't it da truth!

    "Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming?" (2 Pet 3:3-4a, KJV). This Scripture, in my spirit, has always had a special 'ring' in my ear and I have always felt the Lord whispering to me that the statement, "Where is the promise of his coming?" will be spoken, by scoffers, AFTER MANY SIGNS COME AND GO. I have always felt a special 'sting' in those words which we all understand upon waking up HERE on 9/24/17, no? or any other morning after the many, many given and legitimate signs flipping by these days like pages whipping by in a book blown by the wind, sigh.

    Of course, as in any race, the absolutely hardest part is the final lap or 1/4 mile. As we all are 'hitting the wall' athletically, spiritually speaking, reminders such as this are essential when even simply surrendering to our Trust in Him is almost too much and feels like giving up the argument over His Imminence and His Truths. May our reliance upon logic, patterns, shadows, types, insights and everything else arising from the blueprints given to us FADE INTO NOTHING and be replaced by His Face, smiling and Welcoming Us Home, amen, Maranatha!

    1. Amen! It seems and feels so that we're in that final, hardest part. But thanks to the Lord, He always provides refreshment and encouragement! "Dear brothers and sisters, SAINTS, hold on just a little bit longer! I believe the LORD confirmed to me in a dream in no uncertain terms a message of the nearness of Christ's appearing. I saw these exact words: "JESUS IS ON THE WAY." I won't dare say "Thus Saith the LORD," since I'm a wretch and no prophet, but I believe the message was clear." (Another quote from Brother Gary's newest article.)

  10. I found this video by Brother Steve quite interesting (in connection with the 21th/22th of June as well):


    youtube channel: Blessed Hope 2018

    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meJwlrc9Ad0

    1. Very encouraging video - thank you Nora!

    2. Yes, it was another interesting video by Bro. Steve.
      I saw this headline this morning:
      “Kim Sees The Beast”: In a classic alpha male move, Trump shows off his POTUS Limo to the dictator.
      Is that just kinda eerie, or what considering the days we are in?

    3. I saw that ... They had so many around them and some motioning where a photographer should go. Kim un barely looked into the back seat.
      I am not sure how long this car was called the beast but remember Obama commenting about it ...

    4. So much strange in the news. Yesterday, my attention was snagged by the Canadian super model Winnie Harlow as I keep seeing this “turning point” everywhere.
      At the Canadian Grand Prix she mistakenly waved the checkered flag after the 69th lap rather than the 70th, ending the race early which caused much consternation. It made me think of how we are about to finish our Age of Grace race and the 69th week just before the 70th week of Tribulation begins. Winnie also has prominent vitiligo which gives her skin tone 2 drastically contrasting colors, just as these 2 dispensations will be like the difference between day and night. Go figure...

    5. I read that too ... But the 69th lap to the 70th raced right past me! 🏁

    6. And Miguel’s dream with “Morning has Broken”....that’s another “turning point” suggestion. He is so telling us to be ready for something big and I truly feel it is the change in dispensations. How many days I don’t know, but like Miguel said, He is really pouring out His Spirit on those watching to sound the warning and pour out the Prayers.
      Sunday morning, He put it on my heart to introduce the folks at this little country church we recently started attending to the folks @Unsealed and I actually did it. I’m usually pretty reserved until I know where people stand on their doctrine, but that kind of time is slipping away. Just praying it was received in the Spirit it was given. I know they are all very kind,
      warm and welcoming people. Their main message is about sharing the Salvation Gospel, so I’ve really no idea where they stand on these end times. I do believe they are well aware of the conditions, though, being mostly ranchers and farmers and such.
      So I’m praying for
      that as well:-)

    7. That is nice, Sheila. Risky but it sounds like they would be polite and they just might check it out.

    8. From Daily Crow:

      Scoop: Kushner to visit Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia for peace plan talks. President Trump’s Middle East peace team, senior adviser Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, will travel to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week to discuss the next stages of the peace effort and the crisis in Gaza, a senior U.S. official tells me. Why it matters: The official said Kushner and Greenblatt want to discuss lingering questions they have as they finish drafting the peace plan, including the optimal time for launching it. Jared Kushner Swore at Israel’s Ambassador for Acting Like He Owned the Place. Kushner used profanity to scold Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer for being too heavy-handed in his dealings with the White House

    9. Sheila B., thank you for putting some words around the 69th lap race thing, I mean, COME ON NOW, like REALLY? SIXT NINE LAPS BY MISTAKE, and on and on but I simply wasn't 'moved' to grab it and shout about it. Someone else was holding the megaphone (thankfully) at the time? (Hands Binoculars to Miguel P. ...) Maranatha!

  11. Okay brothers and sisters life seems to be rather provoking. What I mean is that the Lord is speaking too many and dreams and Visions here in this blog and many others. While others are seeing signs such as the race... Justice and Miguel s... dream and so forth. But what I am seeing is people around me that are not Christians I see their lives falling apart I see the dreams that they had disintegrate into ashes. I know that as I encounter these people I need to ask the Lord how do I pray for them what do I say to them about the Lord today one of our relatives was talking to us about a cultic activity in their neighborhood. What came to my mind is only in the name of Jesus can the enemy turn away. Praying that God will strengthen each one of you and keep you close until the day of his appearing

    1. VeeBee, what I am finding out regarding those around me who are lost with their lives crashing want a fix for it, but not THE fix. They want something tangible to them. They either don’t understand or refuse to see their real problem is a spiritual one. The only way I know to pray for them now is to ask for God to give them repentance so they CAN come to a knowledge of the truth. Brad brought up the fact that repentance is a God given gift last year and I had never even realized the miracle
      of that gift regarding my own salvation. So that’s what I ask for where others are concerned. Once that is a reality, then I pray for Him to bless them in ways that can only be attributed to Him. But we have to be strong ourselves and encourage one another with everything He so mercifully gives us
      to be able to withstand the enemy’s attacks on our ability to be a witness and pray effectively.
      For myself, I always pray for strong faith, good courage and a sound mind. In my Brothers and Sisters here, I find all three boosted on a daily basis. And hopefully, we’ll find that through His amazing Grace, more will have been accomplished than we ever imagined.
      Blessings Sister and may your heart’s desires bear much good fruit for His Kingdom.

    2. Dear VeeBee just to ponder about a few verses, blessings be to you:

      Amos 5:13
      Proverbs 10:24
      Proverbs 10:28
      Jeremiah 11:14
      Jeremiah 44:25
      Isaiah 57:13

    3. VeeBee, a case can be made for there being no opportunity to share the Gospel and for not even trying, but of course this should always be a Spirit lead endeavor. If the Spirit moves you to concern for these lost ones, they may yet need to hear the truth. Seek the Lord for guidance. Either He will open the door and give you the words, or He will show you the door is closed. I am praying for guidance for you and for open hearts if it is the Lord's will, in Jesus name. Amen!

      A dogmatic opinion that we should give up sharing the Gospel and that there is no more opportunity to share is dangerous, in my opinion. On the other hand, understanding that the Lord does in fact close the door of the ark, things do come to an end, and the dispensation is about to change has real value in encouraging us regarding the world around us.

    4. Absolutely, Miguel. We must try to take every opportunity to plant the seed and for those who won’t hear that, we can turn to prayer for God, himself, “peradventure” to plant the seed of repentance as a turning point that will draw them to seek out the truth of the Gospel and come running to Jesus Christ. Agree, we need to pray for the Holy Spirit to operate through us in the best way, then do our best to discern and submit to that leading. Not always easy though and I’m sure I mess up on that far more than I’d like to admit.
      Blessings, Brother and even so, Lord, come.

  12. VeeBee, I commend you for your tenacity and your heart in seeking ways to speak to those who come across your path about the Gospel. Surly, the Lord Jesus will say well done, good and faithful servant.
    It makes me think of Jesus and the masses that followed him and the needs they had which he was well aware of and the sorrow he felt that they were like sheep without a shepherd wandering around, not knowing where they were going or that they were lost.
    He was tired and thirsty as he waited at the well in Samaria for a certain woman to cross his path so he could share the living water.

    I am not having dreams .. but I sure would like it if my family members did because I am not witnessing and telling them to believe in Jesus or that there is a rapture coming and Jesus will secretly take those who believe in him, and there will be a last seven years of judgement on Earth ... I just can't imagine doing so. I have a brother and two sisters. My Mom is 87. I have adult nephews and nieces. I don't see them very often, only one of my sisters and her family. I see my Mom and her husband usually when I am at my sister's.
    So, I don't really expect God to answer that request because well that doesn't make sense in my case. Tho I can feel the excitement ...
    Reading of many here and elsewhere who are witnessing and praying before the throne of heaven ... isn't an easy thing for me to hear. I may be one of those people who are in heaven and find themselves without any rewards. It won't be easy. But, I don't see myself changing now. Ask me to pull my hair out, it isn't going to happen. It's like, just take me home Jesus.

    I had a co-worker during my last job who I did talk to about Jesus a little bit here and there over a few years and a couple of times I would actually realize that she would be telling someone sitting near me or around me that I was a Christian and weave in something to do with believing in Jesus. I could never actually hear what she was saying exactly. But, she'd be standing up, motioning in my direction, kind of looking at me, etc. I would keep on working, sit back or more like pretend I didn't hear her or see her and ignore her and be amazed! I didn't join in or say something, ever. I remember laughing to myself once and being happy when I would think back on it, that I didn't have to say anything because she was witnessing for me! Thinking, isn't God good! Isn't this something else! I remember feeling excited about this! Giddy! Does God work in mysterious ways or not.

    So VeeBee, it (as we all do for one reason or another) need to step back, take a deep breath, quiet our thoughts, think about Jesus, read the Bible, have a little nap, a sip of coffee, notice the blue sky, hear a Cardinal call out ... Bless you, sister.

    *Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus*
    O soul, are you weary and troubled?
    No light in the darkness you see?
    There’s light for a look at the Savior,
    And life more abundant and free.
    Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
    Look full in His wonderful face,
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
    In the light of His glory and grace.

    Through death into life everlasting
    He passed, and we follow Him there;
    O’er us sin no more hath dominion
    For more than conqu’rors we are!

    His Word shall not fail you, He promised;
    Believe Him and all will be well;
    Then go to a world that is dying,
    His perfect salvation to tell!

    1. Head thump, Cathi,
      right between the eyes, Sister! I am so going to chuckle when the Lord hands you a crown and says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
      He knows who you are and what you are and He chooses how best to use that.
      Maranatha and can’t wait to meet you in the Throne Room on that glorious day:-)

    2. Cathi, you are salt and you are light.... You would literally have to look, think and act exactly like the world in order not to be, which is impossible if you have His Spirit...

      Obviously the flavor and brightness your mere presence adds is enough for people to taste and see Jesus in you.... (Matthew 5:13-16)

      Only when prompted by His Spirit to share where this salt and light comes from do you need to do so. The fear and inability you feel comes only from the enemy. Reject that and ignore it.

      You are concerned about your family. That is of the Lord. Now just watch and listen for opportunity. Ask Him to guide you. Your witness may be as simple as saying "I will pray for you" or simply " I believe in Jesus, and He is making me into who I am". or putting some scripture around your home. This is powerful and is mentioned in the Bible as a good thing. Simple verses like John 3:16 or a Psalm is great. You have blessed me many times here with Christ-centered truth. Did you fret over it and worry about it before-hand and then finally work up the nerve? I doubt it. :-) Much love and blessings in Christ.

    3. Sheila, I think my head hurts! No, kidding I did read your message ... I ended up being up too late. I laughed out loud and said in amazement, this cannot be. What? Whoa! God? I left out so much ... Ugly things. One of the last times she did this, she was again telling someone about my beliefs, (and, I was in a different dept. by then) and she was there to probably ask someone a question etc. and the gal she was talking to raised her voice and said in my direction in a saddened way, tell me your not one of those? So I heard her and looked, and then I saw this other original co-worker standing by her ... That's when I turned back out of fear to my work and coldly thought well we're not supposed to talk about religion and I think I thought my co-worker got this, she shared the gospel.
      I forgot to say thatl I can only plead the blood of Jesus. I am not sure I thought God was good at the time of these incidences with this co-worker because I didn't know how to comprehend this happening and later in thinking about it ... Yes, God is good.
      Not to be going on here ... But, Sheila, Sheila, Sheila!
      Thank you.
      I was trying to say the right thing to VeeBee and of course I end up talking about myself.

    4. Miguel, you are too kind and I thank you. Tears came about being salt and light ..
      I am not sure how I end up responding or replying ... Some times I just want truth to be out there alongside what I am seeing as maybe unbiblical. I don't always think. I react moreso. I worry more after I said something. Miguel, your caring toward me has been a blessing.

    5. FWIW, "Only when prompted by His Spirit to share where this salt and light comes from do you need to do so." AS IT WAS WRITTEN: "Always be prepared to give an answer to EVERYONE WHO ASKS you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Peter 3:15, NIV, emph mine) Maranatha!

    6. True Jimboni. My bad, thank you for the correction. We should always be ready to share the Gospel, it just should never be forced, in my opinion.

    7. I like what Sheila and Miguel said in response to VeeBee... And, with Jimboni's comment on 1 Peter 3:15 here, I feel that the person must have said something for the other person to ask a question. Maybe they heard you say something to someone else or caught a bit of something you said to them, and it took hold or they are possibly argumentative or genuinely seeking and/or dont know it. It helps here and in all situations really to know what the gospel is. I think this is the point, rather than in floundering around and not knowing why you believe in Jesus. I mean I don't see it coming out of the blue. Maybe I am wrong.
      But, what Miguel said makes sense in the way we should be relying on the Holy Spirit because if we are it is His work and not our fleshly self getting in the way.
      Jesus did come to preach to the lost sheep ... And, he did many miracles to show he was the Son of God. He also went about his business. He let people be people, he wasn't hammering someone over the head, drilling truth into their numbskull minds. Or, idk contorting himself over a self-righteous type of person, for example. And, he was authoritive and spoke truth and he relied on the Holy Spirit.

    8. Cathi, I’m pretty sure that sort of thing has happened to most of us, including of course, and worst case scenario, the Apostle Peter. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked away kicking myself at a missed opportunity. It was like my tongue just froze up, or worse.
      This is about the ongoing war between our flesh and our Spirit.
      The enemy likes to keep those kind of memories front and center for us to convince us of our unworthiness and at least weaken our witness. But that’s why God’s plan for Salvation and Victory is exactly what is. The way He lovingly led Peter with those three “Do you love me”s and the three “feed my sheep”s expresses to me His patience with our weakness and encourages us to just keep after it based on His worthiness. I think we are going to be so surprised at the countless ways He made use of our infirmities without us even being aware just because our desire for Him makes that possible.
      I believe those works done by Him through our weaknesses are works in particular that will survive the fire and come out like jewels. Be Blessed, Sister:-)

    9. So, true Sheila!

      P.S. This ex co-worker I have talked about did end up believing in Christ. I was still working and she sent an email and I can't remember why but something she wrote caused me to think, she believes! I typed back and asked her and she said she spoke with a lady at this small church she started to go to at that time and she explained things to her. So, how can I be remiss in saying Praise God!

    10. Well, there you go!
      By the Grace of our Lord, another kick in that old enemy’s shins as we all run this race together πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡!

    11. Lol'ed at "drilling the truth into their numbskull minds.". +1 I have laughed a lot today. Thank you all.

    12. Sheila, I love the what you said! And, racing horses!

      Miguel, I am glad you found humor my comment!

      Thank you, both.

  13. A relatively recent craze is coloring books for adults. The designs are complex and beautiful. And because everything reminds me of something else, these books remind me of what goes on here. Different persons ‘adding color’ from their own experiential box, others shading the borders for further refinement till it really ‘pops.’ The black and white outlines are beautiful in their own right, but the color lifts the picture right off the page and into our hearts.

    1. CY, just such a beautiful example of what I see in the Body. We are all INDIVIDUALLY hand crafted and gifted for specific purposes at points in time where our gifts are most needed. It is so easy to look at Jimboni and have your heart cry to be so quick and eloquent, or Cathi and be so amazed at her quiet, graceful peace or Miguel with his deep well of faith and ability to see, Sheila with her strength of resolve & unwavering heart, Nora with her ability to see beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary, Annabel to see the deep things of God & the hard sayings and Allah to study & grow in the midst of unimaginable pain, while Jeramiah uplifts and prays for each of us and Ryan and Sarah and Gary always bring new delicacies to the table, sometimes with in-depth analysis & sometimes just simply for the family and say - try this - see what the Lord has provided for us and tell me what you see. There are so many others, many we don't often see with our eyes, but God sees them & He hears their prayers, their fears & their timid joining as a victory for them and for all who will enjoy their input. No one part is greater than another, simply unique and essential to His purposes. None of us can be "like" the others for if we were, our own unique contributions would be left out.

      What we enjoy here is but a tiny microcosm of how His Body is designed. We've learned, bit by bit, to appreciate that portion brought by the other and to cease to strive to be "like" the other for we are each truly unique, fashioned by His own loving hands for such a time as this. No member of His Body has less to give than another, its different and that is exactly what makes each of us special. Dare to see in your own self the unique and special attributes you can offer to others. Sometimes it is the quiet strength of a presence without Words - but the assurance that when things go pear shaped you won't panic, you'll be there & you'll know exactly what to do and whom to call. It's a fine dance and a beautiful picture drawn here and fleshed out by every color of the rainbow to make it look quite heavenly. I am blessed by each and every one of you and each one holds a special spot in my heart for what our Lord is doing in and through you. Blessings - Sherry

    2. Sherry Griffin, what a lovely post, thank you. You deeply bless us all with your overview of the Cast here and your words of truth are encouraging. It brings to mind a funny quip:

      BE YOURSELF! (Everyone else is already taken.) Maranatha!

    3. Thank you CY and Cry ... That is such a good analogy! I wouldn't want to be in charge of that. Good thing there is a God in heaven. Remembering this would be a plus in one's walk to loving the brethren.
      I ended up by a coloring book and a pencil set. A very basic book of art. It was difficult. Trying to color in those tiny places, to use a variety of colors so the they didn't clash and look ugly. It was tiring too trying to keep within the lines so that there would be harmony and look pleasing to the eyes. Not showing discord and sloppiness. In the end, my hand would get sore and the easier designs to color in became too boring and used up that colored pencil. It's hard work.
      Like that tapestry one hears of ... It looks like such a tangled mess, but when you turn it over it is beautiful.
      In a quick search, Colossians 2:2. And, a tapestry poem:

      Written by B.M. Franklin (1882-1965)

      My life is just a weaving
      Between my Lord and me.
      I cannot choose the colors
      He weaves so skillfully.

      Sometimes He weaveth sorrow
      And I in foolish pride
      Forget He sees the upper
      And I the underside.

      Not ‘til the loom is silent
      And the shuttles cease to fly
      Will God unroll the canvas
      And explain the reasons why-

      The dark threads are as needful,
      In The Weaver’s skillful hands
      As the threads of gold and silver
      In the pattern He has planned.

    4. Amen and thank you Sherry. and Amen Jimboni.

    5. Wow! Brothers and Sisters...watching the Love of God pour through and among His children like sap through a tree.
      Sisters, the way your minds and spirits work is such an edifying gift.
      You Brothers are all just that, looking out for the family and holding up the rear guard with prayer and wisdom. So blessed by all of you today and everyday!

    6. Cathi, TY for that poem. Reminds me of the Bing Art today:
      “A weed is but an unloved flower”
      Take the Dandelion—
      Normally pulled, tossed and trampled on by many gardners, yet it’s a plant packed full of nutrients, entirely edible, a good garden companion as it attracts pollinators and adds minerals to the soil. And it can be beautiful depending on the eye of the beholder.

      That spoke volumes to me. By His love and mercy we, which otherwise would only be weeds in the wind, are able to love one another as good companions and edify one another with good edible food, help each other to grow in spirit and numbers with the precious minerals of His Word and His Spirit and know that in spite of how the world may see us, our Beholder sees the beauty of His Only Begotten Son in us, Jesus Christ.

    7. Thank you, Sheila. So beautiful and true.
      We think we have to earn and keep our salvation and we our heavy-laden and burdened. When, He sees Jesus and what Jesus did when he looks at us because we are in Christ Jesus.

    8. Cathi, Your reply up a little further reminded me of the principle of not being able to do 'it all' ourselves. We can get a cramp in our hand (the doing) or our brain (the figuring). Right now I'm trying to encourage an old grumpy friend who is morbidly disappointed with himself and everybody else. As has been pointed out here repeatedly, our only hope is in Messiah. And that thought shouldn't feel llike defeat as much as victory.

    9. Thanks, CJ that is so true. We just can't grasp it! It is that oid sin nature, that pride ... And, well failure hurts.

    10. Well Sheila, thanks for pointing out the Bing art today... it talks about my favorite story (besides the Bible), Dandelion Wine. If you love the nostalgia of childhood and thinking about grandparents and memories, this is quite a good read.

      The photo is an X-ray. This is interesting because it brings to mind the idea of looking inside, rather than outside for beauty. Where have we seen that recently? Also, the x-ray, radiation, exposes whats inside. Soon the trials and likely radiation will expose everything in every sense of the word. And the word "dandelion" comes from the french meaning tooth of a LION. We all know who the Lion is! Amen.

    11. Nice, Miguel. I had looked at the picture earlier and thought how pretty but didn't read the article.

    12. Ahh...TY Miguel. This reminds me of when a group of people standing around a piece of art in a museum share their view of it from different angles. All part of the work but it takes more than one pair of eyes to catch all of the artist’s intended innuendos.
      So cool. And Dandelion Wine sounds like an interesting story. Have to see if I can find it.

    13. Sorry, Cy and Cry, I typed CJ! I hope your old grumpy friend is feeling better. How wonderful he has you to help him through thism

    14. Awesomeness! My wife thinks I am a little weedy (at least we have progressed from 'chicken legs'), but at least I know she wants to keep me in her life's garden:)

    15. πŸ˜‚Too funny, Ryan and your wife sounds really sweet!

  14. Pauls new video about the coming very soon palestine state location !! Miss you all and love you all my family your all in my prayers know that !


  15. Also, Kieland has a new article. It's an encouraging read, connecting some dots for me.


    1. Blessings and prayers for you my dear brother Miguel I pray you have been doing good and I pray that your health and spirit is comforted and holding strong my brother amen ! Thsnk you for the link I will take a look at in now !

  16. So I have been working alot and witness to others and many I speak to alresdy see the nearness as it is becoming so obvious in these past months ever since last year really the rev 12 sign woke so many up and then the sign of Jonah of the aug eclipse going through 7 salems then all the distruction that followed but the coming distruction is so much more then anything we have ever seen , I also see alot of division mocking scoffing painful hurtful words and sometimes its people who are set in their ways and we are all different yet the same but God gave us all our own unique qualities and viewpoints I feel as the young babes in Christ can learn from the old and vice versa as it brings joy to my eyes when i see family working together not against each other our Father is watching us from above and he sees and knows all amen ! How often do we think of the homeless on the corner who is starving , how often do we think about the millions starving over seas and we are watching families at dinner not talking but yet all stuck in their phones its so funny I have noticed my clients spend most the time with me yet they are all in their phones yes it helps us stay connected to each other but at what point does that connection overwrite your life spent holding someones hand or holding a conversation in person or discussing life or God faith and so on at dinner yes I was denied family dinners but I had a couple of them growing up and I seen the joy in everyones eyes talking communicating at the dinner table .... just some thoughts, oh and this Hawaii thing I feel as many things are waking up and will become very very lethal deadly , we. Now have a false peace with NK it may be real but uts just the layout for waking you up hey Middle East peace is right around the corner and when they divide that land you best be ready cause dividing that land is not going to be good just saying ! Maranatha im sorry I havent been on here much I love and miss each and everyone of you so much your all in my prayers daily and I keep you all in my heart and my faith is strengthened through Jesus and you all comfort me with words of love and acceptance amen !

  17. Thid is a video from yesterday morning with Scott Clark and Samantha on Maranatha morning it was very controversial and I enjoyed watching it I would love to hear the thoughts of my brothers and sisters amen link below


    1. I loved the video. Scotty has a real gift for digging into the Word. I happen to agree with him about "Jesus isn't talking to you" ... I thought he did a fantastic job of explaining it. Robert Breaker has a few videos about that, as well. When you rightly divide the Scriptures, and identify the correct audience, it really clears up so much confusion.

    2. Jeremiah TY for mentioning this. Now I might again be very much alone with my perspective on this but it was flat out CONFUSING in content (is God the author of confusion?) and even heretic (Is Jesus NOT talking to me?). My sudden impression from Scotts whole performance was that he must be on drugs or alcohol, babbling and yelling like a drunkyard, wildly gesticulating... I'm deeply, deeply concerned about his health and confusion of mind!

    3. Annabel - re: you comment, "Is Jesus NOT talking to me?" .... I think you're misunderstanding. It has to do with keeping it all in context... understanding who the audience is that Jesus is speaking to with the parables, etc. Otherwise you can't see the distinction between dispensations & that will lead to confusion and misunderstanding. I think it was Chuck Missler that said, "All of Scripture was written for you, but not all of Scripture was written TO you."

      Also, I think we need to be very careful about making damning accusations about a fellow brother in Christ being on drugs and/or alcohol. I think such talk surely grieves the Father.

    4. mksmith,

      "All of Scripture was written for you, but not all of Scripture was written TO you."

      True! As a Brother in Christ put it: otherwise "you could end up taking another one's medicine"! (Which could create a mess and is dangerous to one's health.)

      For example: I'm more and more taking into consideration what -I remember so, that Robert Breaker also talked about- that Jesus' earthly ministry (his teaching and healing ministry) was primarily aimed at the Jewish people. He Himself mentioned it when the gentile woman asked Him to heal her daughter that He came to the people of Israel (but being loving and merciful He healed her daughter plus her faith in Him was also mentioned by the Bible).

  18. Anyone have any thoughts about this rocket type astroid caight shooting into outter space? Also mrmbb333 had someone send him a video of a light orb looking object caught on camera links below

    Object shot into space


    Mrmbb333 yt video light orb


  19. Manyfish has a new yt video out finding amazon satanic structures built with a figtree in the center of their octogan hedropentagram structures located in SEATTLE! ISNT THAT WHERE THEY HAD THE superbowl with all the saved players and then sudden distruction after the game from all the people trashing the town ?


    1. No thats right it was Philadelphia not seattle sorry just remembered ! But that was kinda strange indeed

    2. Gods warrior, yes, saw MANY FISH video, wow. Another shekel on the scale of 'so tired of their in-your-face garbage' in so many ways. Made only ever so much more detestable by the absolute cluelessness of the masses, aaaargh! Maranatha!

    3. The cancer cell thing was mind blowing re that repulsive Amazon structure.
      There really is no boundaries to their depravity.

  20. Sheila you trial makes me sad but I love your heart. I know your hurting but I bet your glad the decision has been made. Remember the day will soon come that they will no longer scoff. Funny how some people see it as doom and gloom and we see it Praise be we will soon be rescued from these evil place. I know you got this Sister..

    Did anyone see Scottie Clark on Maranatha Morning? He is still dogmatic about it being in Sept. which I shudder at the thought but I didn't think I could make it this long but have. God will get me through.

    During the livestream Scottie whom I respect, was talking about discernment. And again as most of us know that Paul is the Gentiles Apostle. My question is or thought. IF Paul was the one that introduced the rapture why should we assume that the rapture will happen on a Jewish Feast day?

    I would love to hear some ofyour thoughts on this.

    God Bless you all family. I pray for you all the time. I know the pain your in. LOL But we will get through this.

    1. I watched the Scottie interview and enjoyed it. Scottie makes a very good case for a FoT rapture (the trumpet imagery tied to the rapture is undeniable, 1 Thess 4, 1 Cor 15, etc). But a good case can also be made for a Pentecost rapture, or a rapture this month, or a rapture on any day period. But I've often thought the same as you about the rapture being a Gentile event, so why then would it necessarily have to happen on a Jewish feast day? In fact regarding the fall feasts, my current thinking is that Jesus' second coming at the end of Daniel's 70th week (not the rapture) could happen on FoT, then 10 days later He finishes Armageddon on the Day of Atonement (I don't think His return and Armageddon have to happen immediately back to back), then Tabernacles. If anyone wants me to explain why I think this I am happy to.

      There's one thing the interview actually made me more confused about. Is Scottie saying 10/10ish is as legitimate this year as 9/10ish because 9/10 is technically summer? I was confused about his stance on 10/10ish, whether he agrees with that line of logic or not.

    2. I agree and i also was a little confused on the whole 10/10 9/10 thing period ! Maybe y ok u can help me with that ?

    3. Scottys new video yesterday was very good and I too agree Paul was our apostle and feast of trumpets looks very good as pentecost looks good but non of us know when exactly but we do know the season , we see the stage set and all the pieces falling into place does it have to be on a feast day I am not totally sure I do believe it will happen when its time an appointed time indeed ! Honestly with the calandars we could be as I have heard off by a month or so for all we know ...

    4. no longer lukewarm,
      TY so much for your kind thoughts. Yes, always some kind of pain along with the joy re the loved ones. My greatest desire for them is to just love Jesus, not only for their sakes but because He truly deserves that of all of us.
      I haven’t seen that video yet, but planning to catch it. There are so many good arguments for this day or that feast-wise, but I am just watching the world events unfold and know we are in the moment of “ANY MOMENT”. All I can offer is to stay ready, stay praying without ceasing and trust FULLY in His physical, mental and Spiritual provision as we need it. Of a necessity, I believe He is cutting away whatever cords might still attach us to this worldly system. That can be a little scary if we take our eyes off of Him while thinking our Rescue is still in the offing. Hence one high watch prompting after another.
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    5. Justin, re: the 9/10 vs. 10/10... he said that the equinox happens 9/22 (the equinox marks the beginning of Fall), therefore on 9/10 it will still technically be summer. The FoT is supposed to happen on the first new moon after the equinox, therefore the date of 10/10.

    6. Justin, I hope I correctly understood your question about being confused... if not, I apologize.

    7. nolongerlukewarm,

      I've often had the same question - why would the gentile church be raptured on a Jewish feast day...

      The reasoning I currently have is: Jesus will fulfill the Feasts.... We are his Body, so Him removing His body on a Feast day would make sense. Also, it would speak volumes to the Jews if it happens on a Feast day. The other thing I ponder is in relation to Galatians 3:28-29...
      We are neither Jew nor Gentile, so technically we're not a "gentile church"...

      I'm not dogmatic on it, just ponderings I have about it.

    8. Yes thank you mksmith. At points in the video I was uncertain if he was endorsing or laughing off the 10/10 scenario. But I think he seems to be for it based on what you said.

    9. Again, sorry to have to say that but if you didn't realize how much of a exegetic confusion that was (although Scott might still be right about FoT just look at Davids video on the Draconids being confirmation!) please also have a look on his whole performance: this babbling, yelling, fuzzy speech and wild gestures are to me a strong indicator of drugs or alcohol influence. I'm very concerned about that!

  21. There's a very new Amirs update about US-North Korea Summit, interesting. Blessings to all!

  22. Picture this. In the upcoming days, a very significant OT Relic is announced to have been uncovered and in a concealed locale by 3rd parties not specifically known. RW? The nascent Sanhedrin has been contacted and, without having locations disclosed, been able to authenticate the find. Said Relic will be 'anonymously delivered' to the Sanhedrin when the Temple for its housing has been reconstructed, per Torah requirements. Furthermore. Signs and Wonders are attributed to said Relic, attributing validation to Israel, as well, as an OT nation, STILL AWAITING THEIR MESSIAH, and its placement into the new Temple is foreseen as 'momentous'.

    What happens next? All negotiations amongst ME parties goes into HYPERDRIVE. Guess who is at the wheel? mmm,hmmm. Mr. Lucky Sevens, 'twould seem. Plans for the 3rd Temple hit the streets, and Mr. Build It, Yes we CAN! finds himself in familiar turf, in the ME, AGAIN (embassy). Ripples. Ripples. But wait, the MILLIONS of RC hear all of this and DESPERATELY want to know: IF this is true, wouldn't that mean that Jesus was NOT the Jew's Messiah???!!!! The terrified rush of the RC and other mainstream fish bumper sticker crowd into the church doors to be assured of things will be both *Epic* and *expectedly utilized* to steer the masses along as planned from long ago.

    "...And while they went to buy, the bridegroom CAME;... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matthew 25:10 KJV, emph mine, PTL!


    1. say what??? Can you provide a source Jimboni? I can't find reference to this on google...

    2. Brother Jimboni, I just included this rather cryptic and intriguing post of yours in my night prayers. Looking forward to what light may soon be shed. Blessings, Brother!
      ( and my spiritual antennas are really blinking here...sleep may be iffy tonite:-)

    3. oh haha, I am a little slow today...brings to mind the many sides of Jeremiah 3:16...

    4. T&T, Sheila B., You are nibbling on the snack I encountered while coming across various 'loose threads' recently in my surfing and then watched as, it seemed, The Spirit tied them all together for me, as above, as a VERY interesting 'what if'. In crafting the post, I was oddly conflicted and somehow moved to be more vague in my offering; perhaps to better allow The Spirit to fill in details for us all? Maranatha!

    5. Jimboni, I have felt this in my spirit too... like I have been waiting for something regarding a relic or discovery or announcement of some THING in THAT part of the world.

    6. Speaking of artifacts, did anyone see the article at Times of Israel regarding the 1000 yr old Arabic clay amulet unearthed in the City of David ruins? It was found in the last days of Ramadan and they pushed to announce it quickly so everyone could receive it’s unexpected “blessing”. It’s inscribed with a prayer that declares Allah to be the lord of the worlds?!!
      What might this mean?
      Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly!

    7. Sheila B., No, I hadn't. However, it seems a number of 'finds' have been announced from Israel over the recent year and yours would also fit the bill. The message if that amulet also seems in keeping with something the Mimicker would conjure up. On one hand, the advance of knowledge, technology and presence into every nook and cranny, as things move forwards, will naturally uncover many things. I am sensing a 'tell' here, however, as we become 'conditioned' to the idea of antiquities surfacing there OF LATE and that, perhaps, being a set-up for a scenario as I posted. Just sayin', Maranatha!

    8. Sheila B, another thought comes to mind concerning the question you asked. Notice the plural: Lord of The WorldS. Using the planetary model, the 'worlds' i.e. planets, occupy the 2nd heaven, above the clouds and below the Heavenlies. Thus, speaking thematically, one who is 'Lord of the Worlds' could also be called 'Prince of the Power of the Air'. Wouldn't it fit, ala what MANY FISH tells us every message, that they put their message in your face, imitating Holy Revelation, and as spiritual things are only spiritually revealed, the masses smile and swallow. Maranatha!

    9. Yep, Jimboni. That worldS stood out to me as well. Definitely goes with the “in our face” theme.
      Also, in reading the in depth article, it seemed to me to be part of setting up some type of proof of an Arab claim to that area as well. IDK...maybe something to do with justifying the “peace
      terms” negotiations?


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