Revelation 12 – A Visual Rearrangement and more...

Stephanie Dawn from Red Moon Rapture puts out so much great information about the Revelation 12 Sign it can be hard to keep up.  I recently became aware of an article of hers that rearranged the verses in Revelation Chapter 12 by subject. I thought it was a great way to help illustrate the different pieces of the puzzle God is revealing to us in this amazing chapter. I found it very helpful and I am sure you guys will as well. Here is an excerpt and a link to Stephanie's article:
Revelation 12 is my favorite chapter πŸ™‚ It begins with a specific sign in the sun, moon, and stars (fulfilled September 23, 2017). The woman, identified as Israel through strong connections to Jacob’s vision in Genesis 37, is pregnant and crying out in birth pains. This birth pain theme is a thread which ties together many verses about the Day of the Lord. Basically, Revelation 12 outlines that Israel about to enter her “birth pains”. 

Scott Clarke also put out a video yesterday emphasizing his belief that the Rapture will be on a Feast of Trumpets in some future year. It's only 2 minutes long and consists mostly of an excerpt from Ken Johnsons channel but I found it worth watching. Here is the video...

The Prophetic Trumpets REVEALED | Ken Johnson Explains

Lastly, Greg at put together a great article for anyone who is not yet convinced the Bible is true and in danger of being left behind.  It includes a great list of items that the world will soon be experiencing after the rapture of the church.

Here is the link and a excerpt:

The world is in a very real way falling apart. The day is upon us when the world will look like this:

  • Millions have disappeared creating disaster, chaos, heart break and confusion.
  • Some say Christ came and took His followers, although their voices are being drowned out by those who say otherwise.
  • Millions of churchgoers who have been left, say it must have been something else.
  • Cultists, spiritualists and the self-righteous will proclaim "anything but God," but they will be anything but right.
  • Many will believe a deception of one flavor or another.  Perhaps the CERN particle accelerator opened a wormhole in the space-time continuum.   Still others will say it was aliens.
  • When the Church is taken up, Satan and his demonic fallen angels will be cast down to the earth, with power, beauty and answers.  We suppose they will masquerade as aliens with answers.  Aliens they are, but aliens cast out of heaven and not from Krypton.  Their objective is to wreak havoc, before they are sentenced to hell and take as many with them as they can.  
  • Everyone wants a cute-little-friendly-helpful-E.T.-phone-home-Close-Encounters alien friend.  That's not what they'll find.  Even Stephen Hawking was wary of contact with aliens.
  • I speculate many will say these "aliens" have come to solve the world's problems and for a time it will seem as though they have.
  • In the midst of the racial, moral, political, poverty and homelessness tensions, and amid anarchy, war, death, rape, murder, economic and ecological collapse, violence, and polarization, their ideas will seem the right way to go.
  • Others will be out front.  Perhaps some of the following: Macron, Pope Francis, Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, etc, but they are not men to follow in days like this.  Love them or hate them is not the point.  God commanded mankind to spread out, fill the earth, and trust in Him and not in mankind's collective ability, but humanity still pursues the Tower of Babel—The E.U., the U.N., and towers reaching to the sky all continue to go up as a declaration of our own collective independence from the only One with any real answers.
  • Words like volcano, earthquake, radiation, tsunami, hail and meteor will take on meaning like never before, as God steadily increases the pressure.  He loves you and will pay any price for you to wake up and repent, even if many unrepentant, dead men walking must suffer and perish to give you an opportunity (God is sovereign over everyone).

At the end of the day, no one will be able to say God did not take every opportunity and apply every pressure to urge people to acknowledge that He is God and turn to Him for redemption. He freely gives and longs to do so.


  1. Ken Johnsons / Scott Clarkes reasoning about the FoT is very compelling in the parallel light of the "one year period" Noah and all family / animals were shaken and tossed to and fro as to be found in synchronizing Genesis 8 with the books of Jasher and Jubilees record (click!) I often think of how this could be a picture of 1 full year suffering for the church on earth from the heavenly "exit sign" of 9/23/17 unto this years' turning to FoT 2018 and 'exiting' into Heaven?

    But we haven't checked the "real" Shavuot yet according to the original ENOCH calendar which may extend our high watch time until the first week of June. Please check out our brother in Israel #Nick VanderLaan# YT channel to get more information, is is very enlightening indeed! (click!)

    However, I have found another good article that fits into this trumpet discussion (but I didn't check the Australian 'CCG' ministry yet) about the CONCEPT OF THE SHOFAR AND SILVER TRUMPETS in the bible (click!) to get an understanding of the different instruments and their purposes as the original text behind is MOSTLY FALSE TRANSLATION in most English bibles that was done without the proper understanding and therefore often misleading in context. Be blessed everyone, MARANATHA!

    1. Love the work Nick Vanderlaan has been doing!!! Still hoping for Shavuot, but at least we finally found the right calendar I think!!

    2. @Annabel - The Rev12 sign is about a woman in labor. I don’t understand your correlation of this sign to a 1 year period of Noah in the Arc. I get how the exit sign could be nine months before exiting into Heaven.

      Per your comment on the “real” Shavuot, I think you have a point. Nine months after the Rev12 sign puts us into mid/late June. Last fall there was a lot of talk of the late barley harvest, the need for a leap month added to the Hebrew calendar, and FoT could be in October. (Scottie was talking about this it after “his date” passed.) Additionally, we had winter conditions this spring that some say prohibited the first fruits of the wheat harvest – also pointing to a need for leap month. Based on what I’ve read, I’m of the opinion that we are not in synch with God’s calendar. Pentecost may actually be next month.

  2. I think I changed my opinion about FOT being "the most fitting feast" among the moedim for the rapture. I still believe that the rapture could happen on any day, on any ordinary day or on any feast day including FOT of course. But it really seems so to me that FOT and all the other fall feasts will be fullfilled at the time of the Second Coming. It's still possible though that a partial fullfillment of FOT with the rapture will happen but I'm not so sure about it anymore. Pentecost seemed and still seems more fitting to me. The "dogmatic attachment" to one particular/special day, saying that the Lord could only and only rapture us "this day" or "that day" and no any other day or time is possible, that's not my thing at all though! (I think that's a wrong view-point.) Even if I think so that the rapture most likely will happen on an ordinary day and not on a moedim. (Though Pentecost still seems the most likely feast day to me if I had to choose. Maybe *the Enoch Calendar Pentecost* pointed out by Annabel will be *it* if the Lord wants to rapture us on one of the moedim.)

    1. I tend to agree. Matthew 24:44 comes to mind a lot.

    2. Thank you Nora, for your post! Agree with! Blessings! Maranatha!

    3. Pretty much where you are, Nora and Alla. I don’t think we know exactly what day it really is on God’s calendar but the events as posted above from @unsealed tell us we surely stand right on the threshold of the Church’s exit. Every single day is signful regarding the staging of the prophesied events.
      Even the end of this high watch week has Trump in office exactly 70 weeks. Everything has meaning so we have to be watchful each and every hour.
      Blessings All!

    4. Amen sisters Alla Sheila , Nora I agree with you all and 1 thing i know is we are in the end and time is very very short we are going home anyday now :) im so ready maranatha ! That vacano over there looks like hell or a vision of a type hellish image ! Also things are all lining up the last pieces are all.coming together with all the players across the board the pieces are all layed out and moved into place and all parties are choosing sides and the end is one breath away as the blink of an eye family we are going home can I get an amen :) maranatha ....

  3. I am beginning to think it won't happen for years. I am one who has been sitting on the edge of her seat since last August, not even wanting to make plans. And Yah has spoken to me personally several times through different modes about the rapture. I know we're in the season, and I believe He is waking His bride up. But somebody out there tell me why it could be so imminent. I know the arguments about all of the Israel dates but maybe that has more to do with what's going on with them then the church.

    1. Hi Diane. I believe we are in the season for sure, but who knows the day. As JD Farag says, prophecy has a shelf life. The geopolitical alignment in the Middle East with Scripture is unmistakeable at this point. -Jon

    2. I am starting to think it may be a year or two also Diane. I think we will have to look at the Peace talks next month to get a better idea. I have made myself so isolated and can't stand to think of the lonely times ahead. But I am still hoping we know that summer is nigh.

    3. For me, the church needs to be out of the picture when God turns his attention to Israel and the promises he made to the Jewish people and to His land. We have prophecies fulfilled before us ... Jerusalem has been acknowledged publicly​ and practically with the U.S. saying to the world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and moving its embassy to Jerusalem. No other U.S. president had the wherewithal to do so. This is huge, someone had said.

      Jerusalem has become a cup of trembling for the whole world! We are seeing this today.

      Israel now has the okay of the U.S. government to defend themselves. We see the continued bombardment of warehouses and facilities, etc. of Iranian supplies of destruction in Syria and elsewhere. Israel is serious in pre-emptively striking down these toeholds. Who knows how and when this will be retaliated against?

      Iran has sought Turkey's help - so, we have the three major players now in biblical prophecy present and working together in different ways - Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

      As some say, Israel is strong, secure, and prosperous ... God will put a hook in the jaw of Russia and turn them back to Israel - for spoils. What do they have? Natural gas and oil.
      Can the genie go back in the bottle, I think JD Farag asked?

      I guess I believe when we begin to see these things happen ... We are close to the end of the age and Jesus' 2nd coming ... And, before this takes place, the rapture (pre-tribulation) and the seven-year tribulation to judge Israel for their unbelief and to bring them to faith in Jesus as their Messiah (the remnant), and then to judge the world of their sin.

      So, we continue to look up. I used to think this was for the tribulation period - but maybe it is for the Bride of Christ - the rapture - will he find any faith when he returns?

      We have technology for the Antichrist to use when he demands worship as god with the mark of the beast (RFID chip technology etc) implementation.

      We have a pope who is anti-christ and anti-gospel. Many think he is the false prophet and/or the Catholic religious system - which has pushed for a one-world religion.

      We have a singer who is worshipped ... A Beyonce mass ... It is all about us ... Women power, gay power - me, me, me, and me.

      We have violence in our homes and in our schools.

      We have no God as governments strip all things to do with the Bible, with God - and yet are instructing our children that they can be a boy instead of a girl and vice versa and putting these thoughts in their heads. Of having these young minds learn about the Koran etc, while they can't say a prayer to Jesus.

      At Target retail stores a man can now enter a women's bathroom or dressing/changing room because he identifies as a woman, which opens doors for unsavory types to enter.

      We have abortion, pornography, venereal diseases, human trafficking. Etc.

      Our churches are worldly - feel good, God is love.

      What did that preacher talk about at the royal wedding - he mentioned the word 'love' 65 times! I thought it was redundant and misleading to the world - but, it fits right in with those who are saying, God is Love, God is Love, God is Love ... God is Love. What does this mean to them? It means that I can live in sexual sin and I can do this or that or believe this or that ... Because God is Love, God is Love, God is Love.

      But, He is Holy. He demands righteousness ... And we cannot deliver.
      The ''church goers" and the "do-gooders" and those who follow traditions and hand-me-down practices of what one was taught ... It doesn't matter about any of this. You can't save yourself because any works you do are not
      and never can be righteous enough. Nor, it stands to reason - can you keep yourself saved. It is only through believing in His Son and His righteousness ... that we are saved. His sacrifice for sin and our acknowledging we are a sinner and we need saving through His Son alone.

    4. I like what you said about the genie in the bottle.

      This is a massive oil find in golem heights clearly this will be driving bible prophecy along with energy security issues for Europe and the control of them.

      Nice post!

    5. Yes the beast tech is very advanced in some world countries India, China and Indonesia are making some advances with it. I think this will need many years to be intergrated as one system around the world. So lets push the rapture date a few years back because of that alone.

    6. My fav one is the space Alien Agenda. We have had the propaganda of ET, Close Encounters,Independence Day and Aliens as part of our popular culture for years. Everyday there seems more disclosure on the news. What else can destroy every religion in the world and unite all as one. We created you look at our tech miliions of years advanced.

      Come sign up with the mark its all yours, live forever. So this narative of helpful satanic fallan angels may need to play out a bit more before they arrive on earth.

      My guess is a few years on that one as well.

    7. Thank you for your comments, Jobathan.

    8. Amen sister Cathi I agree with every single word 200 percent amen amen and amen !!!

  4. There's a new Unsealed article, Five Major Prophecies Have Suddenly Converged, Gary.
    Thanks Cathi, this is great really! Blessings to all! Maranatha!

    1. Now he’s bumped it up to 7 major prophecies converging.

      Miguel, that eagle, fox, rabbit video caught my attention as well today. I took a look through Scripture just to see what I could see as pertaining to the present.

      Mic.1:16 and really the whole chapter.
      Declaration of coming judgement for sin/idolatry/evil
      **of the molten mountain fire pouring down a steep place type**
      (What the watchmen have been declaring)

      From Neh.4:3 and Luke 13:32
      Interference and ridicule
      (Scoffing, mocking, denial and persecution)

      Lev.11:6 and Deut.14:7
      Unclean animal not to be eaten.
      (Sin/idolatry and evilness of the world)

      The Eagle won the battle with the Fox and carried off the Rabbit.
      The coming Judgements of Jacob’s Trouble that have been being shouted from the heights will soon swoop in and be carried out. No amount of denial, interference, ridicule, or persecution is going to stop it.
      Just another confirmation of the time we are in for those who will see it and believe it.
      Praying for as many as will to come to Jesus quickly.
      Blessings, Brother!

    2. Amen Sheila! Thanks, great remarks! The Lord shows us very quickly more and more now! I think this is also a great sign! All watchmen awaits reward! Maranatha!

    3. Sheila - very good! When I read the title alone for the latest Unsealed post, I practically held my breath!

    4. Sheila - are you working on the osprey, the shark with a fish in its mouth?

    5. No, Cathi, but I’ll bet there’s something there. Give it a dig and let us know what you find:-)

    6. Sheila, I had to laugh! I just don't know ... Maybe I should throw it back at Miguel - I first heard of both of these events from his comment at Unsealed - I mean this with all good fun!😊

    7. P.S., maybe I'll give it a try!

    8. Hi Sheila! Thanks for your thoughts! The picture is coming into full view. One thing I noticed : the eagle moved the rabbit to his right talon. Interesting distinction between the right and the left in the bible. On the surface I saw Christ as the eagle and the church as the rabbit. Although unclean, particularly to the Jews, rabbits are a sign of abundance and particularly springtime.

      Cathy, thank you for your Christ- centered perspective of the state of humanity .

      Alla, thank you for your updates and encouragement.

    9. Lol, Cathi, you can throw it back if you like. ;-)

      But I bet you'll have some interesting insights.

    10. Red Fox = Red Dragon from Rev 12
      Rabbit = Man Child about to be devoured.
      Eagle = God who snatches us up out of harms way from the dragon.

      Thats what I got out of it any way!

    11. Good thoughts all!
      But seriously, Cathi,
      You might be surprised at what you come across.
      I like your thoughts, Brad, but I’m pretty sure that eagle ate that rabbit😲(which is why I went the way I did on it:-)
      Blessings, Ya’ll!

    12. These three interps are a delightful, fun and telling story. We each see things through our own paradigms, personalities and previous experiences. I can just see the big grins on Father and Brother’s faces as they see their children ENGAGED and watching.

    13. Hey Cy! Yes, sometimes I feel like He’s looking over my shoulder asking in good humor, “Just where do you think you’re going to go with this?”
      But He most always gives me something encouraging and edifying to glom onto:-)

    14. Thank you Cy and Cry. As a dad, I often give my kids something else to play with as I see them getting bored. I do this because I love them. These things in the news are kind and loving gifts from our heavenly Father, given to keep us occupied and enjoying. I like watching my kids play and learn and appreciate me. How much more our heavenly Father?

    15. Cy and Cry - I loved your comments! I surly just had fun with it all 🀣!

    16. Miguel, very nice thoughts in comparison to fatherhood and our heavenly father!

    17. P.S. my nephew outgrew his bike and he was given a bike by great-grandpa but it was too big ... Nice-looking bike. His grandpa then got a nice new shiny red bike (his favorite color) ... And he was up early the next morning and nowhere in sight. The garage door was open! Here he was flying down the sidewalk as fast as he could go back and forth! His grandpa's words. It made me think of the freedom we have in Christ and the pure joy there is! And, now ... The Father's happiness and joy he feels for us.

    18. We hold the details lightly, but the encouragement, we can hold tightly.

    19. Cy and Cry, that’s a great perspective regarding the insights we all share.
      TY much for that!

  5. Ha! I noticed I commented to Sheila about throwing this back at Miguel. And, Miguel responding it was okay if I threw it back at him! Too funny ... Throwing a fish back in the water! (I looked it up earlier - a question often asked is a shark a mammal or a fish? It is a fish.
    Thanks for your encouragement about this osprey, shark and fish and looking into any meanings, Sheila and Miguel! 😳

    1. Well done Cathi!. Gave it a whole new meaning for me. Seriously! now the bird snatches up the great fish and just before the great fish was snatched, it grabbed one last fish!

      Before your comment, I was only seeing the shark as a predatorial bad guy, but not so much anymore.

    2. Interesting​, Miguel ... Because I did look a few things up last night ... One thing I was going to say was the Osprey in Greek mythology is an Athenian King who has two children.
      In thinking about this ... I sort of thought that the shark is the Jewish people/Israel and the fish in its mouth is the church/believers. Idk.
      Hmm ... The fish are mesmerized it is believed by the osprey and they turn belly-up in surrender (Medieval belief).
      An osprey can plunge from heights of 40 metres. They can do something an eagle cannot do - they can dive up to 3 feet from the surface of the water. Their plumage is oily and dense and they become buoyant as they are grasping their prey.
      The osprey is featured on 50 international postage stamps.
      In Isaiah 16:11 King Cyrus was called 'bird of prey'. He ended the 70-year captivity of Israel with the return of a remnant to Israel.
      In Genesis 15:11 the birds of prey (osprey, etc.) would swoop above the clouds to the carcasses and Abram would swoosh them aside as he protected their meat that they used for sacrifices and/or food. Can't you just see it!
      Israelites knew the horror of these bird of prey when prophets would say to them that they would be left behind for the birds of prey. Jeremiah 19:7, 12:9, Isaiah 18:6.
      The birds of prey were also seen as enemies in that Egypt used them as emblems and they were devoured by Egypt as spoils are taken.

    3. So, what do you think, Sheila? Miguel?

    4. Sorry, bible verse about King Cyrus is Isaiah 46:11.

    5. Now it works...I put my comment down below, Cathi.

  6. Well, dear brothers and sisters I wanted to share with you my thoughts that have occurred over the past few days as each watch day passes. I wonder about why I'm waiting on the Lord soon coming. Is it because I am scheduled to undergo two root canals? Is it because I'm changing my jobs and moving one full-time and one part-time and causing friction? Or is it simply because I want to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear about the wondrous things of God? Well I believe answers are in the word and that is , we need to love his appearing and we need to occupy until he comes. It is easy to get focused on that single day and forget about the daily occupying and the testimony the gospel of peace that we have to share with the world... it is a gospel with the power of Jesus Christ that needs to be given to the Lost. We pray for eyes to be opened and ears to be opened so that they may see and hear. We pray for boldness to speak the word and we pray for a Meek and humble heart to preach the gospel without a word when lead to do so... Oh Lord please help us to honor you in our daily goings. Lord bless you and keep each of you as you encourage here on this blog spot and in your daily lives. I know that many of us struggle with continuous illness I have my own battle with Lyme disease sleep, pain, allergies etc etc. It doesn't feel good, it's not what I wanted. Yet I can praise God because the situation will glorify his name. Hallelujah ...even so Lord Jesus come. Maranatha

    1. Hi VeeBee, I feel for you with needing two root canals and wanting the rapture to happen!
      Well, I had my injections again in my knees and I didn't have any pain beside the needle itself and I told the Dr. that I prayed I would not have any pain (it was not bad at all really the first time either, just some discomfort with one knee). He commented that it may be more painful if he would hit scar tissue. Well, that is just fine and dandy. This is as far as my witnessing went.
      I commend you for your witnessing and praying for others to believe as you see them and come across others.
      Honestly, I don't want to witness and I don't like to ... Please, just take me out of here, I think. That isn't loving his appearance or occupying until he comes.
      I listened to WGON recently and she is an elderly lady ... I decided to try again to listen to her cause I thought her voice was scratchy. I am more accustomed to her voice. She had a spiritual message in part of a post on thanking God, and in the health we do have and she was so encouraging. I know it is easy to forget and things can be overwhelming ... She was just uplifting. Blessings, VeeBee.

    2. Oh Cathi, what an ordeal with your knee. I will pray for you. The answers to prayer while going thru the ordeals spurs us on . I listened to tha W... YTC yes a bit scratchy... I will try again. Maranatha

    3. VeeBee, I forgot to add to go to the 3:38 mark on the video ''Can you hear me now ... a spiritual message".

  7. Was about to write comment, but it didn't make it through because it was too long, so here are my thoughts.

    1. Thomas, I read your comments and you present sensible observations to consider. Our Blessed Hope is with us and before us on an event filled daily basis now. In His great mercy, He’s providing as much room as possible for as many to come as will while keeping our eyes and anxious hearts wide open.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Brother and be much Blessed:-)

    2. Hi Thomas, I am reading your comments ... I see Pres. Trump waiting through Ramadin because of the possible increased likelihood of violence.
      Also, he may present this peace deal, but someone else may end up enforcing it (the Antichrist).
      I am seeing the Palestinian as going for all of Jerusalem only.
      It would seem that this is it ... The 9 months before birth and Trump's delay into mid June or so ... It seems to fit.

    3. I am listening to Amir's video (Behold Israel), Thomas and Amir sees now as a time of peace for Israel (Calm before the Storm). Cathi

    4. Thank you Sheila for your words. May you be blessed as well.

      Cathi, I agree, those are my thoughts as well regarding the AC enforcing the peace deal. And yes, they want nothing but 'the real deal'. I'm very curious on how the palestinians are going to deal with the plan if we're still here to witness it. And what the concequences are if they reject it again.

      If we're out of here by then, I can also see the AC making adjustments to the deal that suit the palestinians more. Although I have to keep in mind that he's not declaring himself 'God' before the Temple is rebuild.

      Having said that, the Temple can be rebuild within a couple of days, if what I've heard is right.

  8. Cathi, amen! Powerful.
    I'd like to add the AI (artificial intelligence) they even have a church where they will worship the AI god. I think this is just all lining up to worshipping the beast who can talk. The AI seems to fit that bill. And, they make it look so human. Have you seen Sophia? Sophia means wisdom too. I think it's ironic that they picked that name for her. Arabs have made her a citizen.

  9. I'm not sure who wrote it, but I agree and am just like you, that I long for the rapture, but just to be with Jesus and in paradise, but to escape this awful world.

  10. And someone else said they don't like to witness. I am in same boat. I try but I hate the strife that comes. I try to show love. And I try to wait for right timing. But several times I wish I had said something when I didn't. It's getting hard to witness as people don't want to hear it. And they have their ammunition loaded ready to fire continuously. With those people, their hearts aren't ready. So it wears us down. And, seeing that most don't want to hear about Jesus, but want to defend LGBT and other sins, I feel like just staying quiet. Then I feel guilty too. I look around and see how people just don't care about others. (I mean non Christians) we were in parking lot waiting to park and this  family walked as slow as possible not caring at all that we needed to get by. I had the impression that they really don't care. And I feel sorry for them. But I was thinking how those are the kind that will believe the lie that aliens came and took out the "bad" Christians. And they will probably bow to the anti Christ.
    I hope they will wake up before it's too late. Any way, I got off on rabbit trail. I understand your not wanting to witness. They don't want to hear it. And it's too the point that it has to be one on one with a friend or some one who is looking for answers. I got bumped off Facebook because of my name, and got blocked out of a group because I talked about God and against LGBT.
    I wasn't threatening at all. But any way, that's how it goes. I'm a nice person but I got attacked Pretty bad. I also tried to talk to my sister in law and she got so defensive. My sister is JW and it's so hard to talk to her as well as the JW believe different. And she defends their beliefs with defensiveness. It just causes strife.
    Sorry for long post. I'm usually a quiet person. Lol

    1. LJ, that’s what this site is all about. Sharing relevant information and thoughts regarding our faith and hope and keeping one another encouraged. Your thoughts are welcome. We all know how hard it can be to witness to deaf ears and it can be a lonely place at times. I know about the only functions I get invited to anymore usually require a gift, LOL.
      But they don’t want me sharing the greatest Gift of all so much. That’s where all of you are such a vital gift to me in these last days. But as we do look and long for every opportunity to share our faith in Christ, remember that it doesn’t always look like we think it should. The Holy Spirit works through us in ways we often don’t expect or even understand at the time. If we are daily praying for others and trusting in the Lord, guilt has no place. IMO, It’s just another tool of the enemy to drag us back to worrying about our own abilities. If our God wants us to preach, we’ll preach it like there’s no tomorrow
      and maybe not even remember what we said. He’s always got this! May you all be Blessed and Fruitful in His perfect will for you:-)
      Oh, and in sharing our faith on this site, our witness and encouragement is going out to lots of folks who just read these blogs without ever commenting.

    2. Also, just saw on Fox News that the White House has officially pulled out of the NOKO summit.

    3. Hi Lovin' Jesus ... That was Gods Warrior in being with Jesus and I was the one who does not like to witness.
      Yes, also to including AI and the image talking and Sophia and her getting citizenship in S. Arabia and her human-looking robotish self. She was made to look like Audrey Hepburn, the actress. Thank you for your positive comments (and, also Sheila, Jonathan, Alla and Miguel).
      But, no matter the temporal result of your speaking to others, you have witnessed and have a heart to see others have faith in Jesus. None of these people can take that away from you. Its there inside of you and Jesus sees this.
      I have had a milder case I think as to difficulties when I have attempted in the past to speak about my sister's beliefs in the Catholic religion versus Jesus, and the Bible. I have recently decided that I have to not let trigger words cause me to do a swan dive (?).
      {Or maybe because of the recent discussions (Sheila, Miguel?) a eagle/osprey dive!}
      That feels more like it - a sharp, tearing of, a painful, unpleasant interaction - on both sides.
      A trigger for me is mentioning Mary, the Mother of Jesus versus Jesus is our intercessor and in reading the Bible.
      Which reminds me of the possibilities of Mary apparitions appearing in the tribulation period, the healings documented and shrines, and using these things to keep people from the truth nevermind how I am seeing the Catholic religious system (and, I know there are those individuals who believe in Jesus) to pave the way to a one world religion as have others from the Evangelical community like Rick Warren for example. Because, does not Satan come with all signs and wonders? That scares me and all its repercussions.

    4. Also, Lovin' Jesus ... I am sorry also about the difficulties you experienced with Daisy. Her name suits her, huh as you described her ... I picture a warm breezy kind of day with a beautiful sky in blue and a field of daisies ... Just glorifying our Creator as He shows us his beauty and creativity.
      I saw on the news of a dog (a big dog like a lab) who was separated from it's owners and ended up 10 states away. It took 30 drivers taking turns until he met up with its owner who traveled the 100+ miles to home.
      Then, another lab (?) who seemed to adopt a brood of ducklings and they like to ride on his back! He seemed so laid back and mellow.
      I thought about you and your little Daisy ...

    5. Oops, it was 20 drivers they took part in bringing this dog home ... Sorry, I forgot his name.

    6. Well that was a joyful story, Cathi!
      The thought of so many people coming together to help a dog get home in a chain of such kindness is just awesome. I wonder what words might have been exchanged as the wayward dog was passed from one vehicle to the next.
      Blessed ones, I should think:-)

    7. Loving Jesus (and Cathi) - keep witnessing! We know that the great commission was just that, 'Great'!! He didn't call it the 'easy' commission, but great. I have rarely found it easy to evangelise, however God always has a way of bringing across someone who is encouraged by the gospel, and my testimony of what God has done in my life. Rarely has someone told me that they want to turn from their sins etc, however I know that if my role in life is to simply give a gospel seed, for someone else to reap, then praise God, the rejection is worth it. To know we are giving someone else the opportunity to receive our greatest Joy - Jesus - then we should be stoked we are given that honour. I was reading an update on FAI the other day, and they had re-published a true but old story about someone on death row. Copied and pasted below.

      Over Broken Glass

      When Charles Peace (a convicted thief and murderer) was being escorted to the gallows, he was accompanied by a clergyman reading from The Consolations of Religion about the “flames never quenched.” Peace was a known criminal for whom the public had no sympathy; no one can say with confidence the prison chaplain was reading without a sneer. Nevertheless, some of the last words this man heard on earth detailed the waiting wrath for unrepentant traitors of the Most High.

      Incredulous, Peace turned to the chaplain and exclaimed: "Sir, if I believed what you and the church of God say that you believe, even if England were covered with broken glass from coast to coast, I would walk over it, if need be, on hands and knees and think it worthwhile living, just to save one soul from an eternal hell like that!”

      Be encouraged guys and keep being Jesus voice to the lost:)

  11. Cathi, for some reason my “reply” option isn’t computing:-/
    Anyway, I thought your Osprey dig was very interesting and something tells me that there might be a tie-in to Trump since Cyrus came into play. Some military connection maybe? Also I believe the Russians have subs called Sharks and it led you to that front and center word “spoils” that Netanyahu mentioned the other day. The “fish”
    or Church needs to be out of the way soon. I need to watch that clip. Good insight, Sister. I just love these little mysteries. πŸ€”

    1. Ooh ... So good, Sheila! I don't think I ever read about Russian subs being called Sharks and with Cyrus the King and Trump (already compared to Cyrus and the minted coin) to a military connection which would make perfect sense ... Along with let's say a warm that wipes up the surrounding Arab countries and there follows a time of peace before Russia would attack for spoils (not very sure how this lines up biblically) ...

    2. Hi Sheila, a 'war' I meant. Anyway, I had gone outside for awhile and there was a bird of prey gliding high above in the sky.

    3. Sheila, I just read about Russian subs that took part in an exercise:

      Thursday, May 24, 2018
      Russian Navy Launches Four Ballistic Missiles From Submarine - Biggest Test Since Cold War
      - Exercise is the first time that four missiles have been fired from sub of its kind
      - Missiles fired have range of 6200 miles, has 10 warheads of 150 kilotons each
      -Fired from Project 955 Borei-class strategic nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgoruky
      - The submarines came into service last year and are Russian navy's latest

      The Russian navy has launched four ballistic missiles from under the surface of the White Sea.
      It is the first time four missiles have been simultaneously launched from a vessel of the kind used in the exercise, which according to reports was the biggest of its kind since the Cold War.
      According to the TASS news agency, the Project 955 Borei-class strategic nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgoruky successfully test fired four Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

      Footage released by the the Russian Defence Ministry shows the enormous missiles emerging from the water.
      The submarine Yuri Dolgoruky is the Project 955 Borey-class lead vessel and is armed with a set of 20 Bulava sea-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles and also with torpedoes

    4. Armed to the teeth, sounds like. I was reading @Debkafile about Trump’s pullout of NOKO summit and putting our military at the ready. Also there talking about a strange coalition b/w U.S., Israel, Russia and Syria to work together to drive Iran out. And I reckon they (Iran) can read too, so Hmmm on that one.
      Feels like somebody might be dealing “treacherously”.
      Then I was reading about how the Osprey V-22 rototilt
      Chopper/plane, heavily relied on in the ME, would be the transport they’d use to evacuate Trump out of a tight spot like Manhattan if the need arose. Weird days ahead.

    5. Really, Sheila - a "Osprey" V-22 rototilt Chopper/plane ...

  12. From "Rapture Watchers" video she discussed a song by Austin French and the encouragement she felt when having a difficult day.
    I thought I would share this part of the song that she talked about:

    When they lay me down
    When the road runs out
    Won't be the end for me
    I see eternity
    When You will part the clouds
    I'll hear the trumpet sound
    My faith will finally see
    The hope and the future that You promised me

  13. I am sure that most of you have seen the Amazon Prime Documentary The Daniel Project. I saw it for the first time last night. It was made in 2011 and is describing exactly what is going on around the Israel border right now. They were only speculating on how these things could possibly happen. Its a good watch if you havent seen it. See its on youtuve also. God Bless Family.

  14. Hugs & Blessings all. Have you spent any time in the last day, or so, YouTubing HI Volcano pics? I've had a quiet gnawing in my spirit at the relative silence while such footage rolls on. I was discussing it with my son and felt the Spirit unpacked something significant to share. We love the people of HI and their unique personae, yet it is a pagan and fallen culture and a Stronghold. As many have unpacked Strong's studies around HI Island names, locations, etc., the common chorus was spiritual rebellion and the ends thereof.

    Where sin abounds so does Grace aboundeth even moreso (Rom 5:20). I have been blessed, beyond measure, as have most of you, to sit at the feet of JD Farag at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe via his ME Prophecy Updates, online, for well over five years now. JD's pack of our family has blessed the Holy Land with visits so there is a spiritual intermingling at work with power as well. Our Mighty Lord has been well magnified by the work The Spirit has been doing there and the impact of THAT reality is to SMASH the gates of the enemy, amen (2 Cor 10:4).

    Here's where it gets interesting. In keeping with these times, where Our Abba is using the temporal world to Demonstrate Many Things, ponder a moment that activity is increasing right now, in anticipation, of many things, in many places. We rejoice in dreams and visions of Wedding Arrangements. Remember that Hell is also a very real, physical place, albeit interdimensional. Behind the Gates of Hell, metaphorically, spiritually and literally, things are building. And have been. For a while now. When the Spirit of The Living God Shows Up, as it has so powerfully these past years at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, and likely other 'echo' spots we don't hear of on the mainland, The Gates of Hell FALL! (Matt 16:18). So, when such a place has its Principality broken, what was behind its gates will come RUSHING FORTH. No, it is not QUITE yet THAT moment, so the big BOOM hasn't been on the news, but...

    Have you really watched some of the videos on YouTube of the volcano in HI? When you do, know that you witness the blood of Hellfire pouring forth a SMALL release of miniscule import, allowed by Our Father to SHOW ALL, Maranatha!

    1. Hey Jimboni. I have been keeping up with HI steadily and shuddered this morning at the sight of the blue flames of methane coming up from the cracks. I hardly think they are being honest about the seriousness of that situation. But what you said about the Lord’s work going forth there through the likes of Pastor JD is so hopeful. Especially after I watched some dark history on the pagan idolatry so embedded there along with some surprising historic Hebraic connections. Our God is amazing and it is so seeable that He is controlling the reins of that event. How long He will restrain the gates of Hell and how many will heed His call is known only to Him at the moment. Just watching and praying for an abundant harvest.
      Blessings, Brother!

  15. I found this video encouraging and comforting (mostly because of the little teaching in it).

    title: "Urgent Audible Warning, Jesus Said, "Next Phase" | Dream and Vision World is about to change"

    youtube channel: Amanda Christian


    1. Nora, TY. Just watched and she was so encouraging. Loved her message.
      It had me just thanking and praising Him again as what He did for us sank in ever deeper. Blessings, Sister as we hold on

    2. Blessings to you too, Sis! :--) Yes, I forgot to add that I could totally recommend her youtube channel! (Amanda Christian YT channel). What I've heard from her so far, she shares nurturing and encouraging teachings!

  16. Another video I found little nuggets in (and thought worth considering, especially in case the 27th of May comes and goes without the rapture happening):


    youtube channel: Blessed Hope 2018

    link of the video:

    1. Be careful with his content, he is a copier of others' work and his dates and times are often made up with no backing. In the past in 2017 he was the topic of some criticism and was found to be less than honest. Just an fyi.

    2. Sister Nora I loved that video by blessed hope 2018 yt channle maranatha !

  17. Cathi, Sheila, Through and Through. What sweet, kind words And encouragement.
    I will keep witnessing, even though it's a hard thing for me. But God is making me bolder.
    Amazingly, I was able to talk to my brother about a wrong he was doing and he lovingly accepted it. Wow! That was powerful. I was so scared to talk to him. Thanks for the encouraged.
    Cathi, that's a really neat analogy about daisy. How sweet.
    And the story about the Lab, that shows us God cares so much about animals. To go through so much trouble and so many states to get a dog back to its original owners. Labs are the number one dog listed on the AKC list of most popular dog breed. So that amazes me even further because so many people could have just kept him for themselves. That's a good sign of humanity when we rarely see it now days. Thanks for sharing the story. And Sheila, I think it was in the last post that you shared about your Boston terrier being your grandson's best friend and protector. Big smile. πŸ˜„
    I just wanted to take a minute And thank y'all.

  18. Your welcome, Lovin' Jesus.

    And, thank you Sheila and Miguel for your encouragement and kind words regarding the Osprey, the shark and the fish in digging into its meanings. I wouldn't have attempted it without you both. I still chuckle Sheila when I think of my post asking if you were working on it and your response!


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