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Paradigm Shattering Changes Reshaping the Middle East - Part III

10 December 2017: Has there ever been seen an image like the one above, where another nation's national emblem was put upon Jerusalem's Old City wall side-by-side with Israel's national emblem, since the founding of Israel 70 years ago? This display was done by the municipal government of Jerusalem one hour prior to or in anticipation of President Trump's announcement. Usually in that part of the world, as well as in the University of California at Berkeley, the American flag is trampled upon and burned more often than not.

Nevertheless, this overt display powerfully illustrates Israel's current secular nature. It graphically illustrates Israel's thanksgiving to America for the blessing bestowed upon it instead of the God of their fathers. It illustrates how willing Israel will be to accept a secular "covenant among many" that comes in the wake of the battle of Ezekiel 38/39. If you're thinking as Eschatology Today is thinking about this - there's something wrong with this eschatologically based upon what Ezekiel revealed from God in chapter 39:21-29.

It occurs in this thinking that one method with which the Lord can and will instantaneously change this particular Israel-America paradigm would be to send His Son for His bride. The blessed hope of all born-again believers, a great majority of whom dwell in these United States, the Harpazo, will instantly alter the secular and religious dynamic back to and probably well beyond what was experienced during the eight years of the Obama Administration. Back to a vehemently leftist and very anti-Israel dynamic with the Restrainer removed. We've all had thoughts on this for some time now. Based upon those thoughts what is stated above seems very reasonable to assume for the near future.

If you find disagreement with this, then take a look at what the venom-spewing Israeli leftists are saying today in their analysis piece at Haaretz: Blame the Christians for the coming of Armageddon. Already we are hated for His Name's sake. So comes the fulfillment of the Lord's prophecy found in Matthew 10:22-23.

The new peace partners and the next war
(thanks for the link and summary Shelia)
This is a really strange article from this morning. 12/11/17. It seems to forbode a Psalm 83 type conflict and conflicts as well with other more “overt” ME stances being reported.,7340,L-5049502,00.html

(thanks for the link Greg)
“There is something very special and holy in Trump,” added Hayman. “Sometimes, he appears coarse and not connected to religion, but every time he addresses the nation he speaks about God. Last night, he said his motivation for recognizing was Jerusalem was because it was the right thing to do. That is precisely how a leader guided by God should speak.”


  1. It has been said, and I do agree, that Israel will agree to almost any peace concession (even one that would promote a divided Jerusalem, and/or also a two state settlement), as long as they would be allowed to rebuild the temple. It is That important to them! I believe that peace agreement is literally only days away!

    On a side note, I'm wondering if I will be able to get a few rounds of golf in, while waiting for my turn at the Bema once we're removed from all this! ;-)

    1. GiG2000, you remind me of a song which Dave Lemieux put on a worship album, "Every Sunday" called "Fishing on the Glassy Sea". When not leading awesome worship, Dave likes fishing, and the song is one playing with the idea of fishing on the other side, on the banks of that Glassy Sea. Golf course off the coast? Works for me, Maranatha!

  2. Thank you Brad for this great update and food for the prophecy flock here on your site while waiting for the "LAST Trump" (which is NOT the US president apparently LOL!) to be finally caught up in the air and watch further events from afar like Jimboni said...

    My first thought about the WND piece was: How comes that the name of this "Hayman" guy instantly reminds me of HAMAN in the book of Esther?

    And the Israel peace agreement with Egypt, Jordan and SA doesn't surprise me at all because that's where they're at now in their own ungodliness: Jeremiah 2:36 / Hosea 7:11 / Hosea 9:3 / Hosea 11:5 and so on... They will embrace willingly the 'covenant with death' as soon as the restrainer is gone.

    What I find very telling as well is how big the anti-corruption protests in Tel Aviv have grown recently now that Netanyahu wanted to install a new law to make himself blameless and get rid of his own corruption litigation. Spontaneously, Gods word about corruption comes to my mind (sadly, not to Bibis?): Deuteronomy 27:25 / 2 Chronicles 19:7 / Job 15:34 + 36:18 / Psalm 26:10 / Ecclesiastes 7:7 / Isaiah 33:15 etc. You don't have to believe in Jesus but just follow your Torah as a Jew to know all this. You can already tell from this corruption protesting in Israel how far their decline has come.

    1. I just don’t understand how any true Christian can see all of this and not know the time of the Restrainer being removed has come. Some of my family members baffle me with their ho-hum attitude regarding the scope of evidence we have and are witnessing.
      I pray for them to WAKE UP right now!
      Love all of you guys and Maranatha!!!

    2. Sheila B., our loved ones are under the spell/intoxication of worldly sufficiency, a blessing/curse upon America for sure. This is also a manifestation of our ever growing reliance upon the Trickster (technology) for our sustenance versus our Lord. Our Lord loves to care for His Children yet is well aware that His Abundance can snare the unwise and the dynamic you lay out is that:

      7 "I ask two things from you, Lord. Don't refuse me before I die. 8 Keep me from lying and being dishonest. And don't make me either rich or poor; just give me enough food for each day. 9 If I have too much, I might reject you and say, 'I don't know the Lord.' (Prov 307-9 NCV).

      Turning a deaf ear to Prophecy is a way to demonstrate not knowing the Lord, in light of what He says about the Spirit of Prophecy directly and through the amount of it in Scripture, and, commonly as a proof of His Deity (hat tip Alan Horvath's recent videos touching upon the Spirit of Prophecy & Watching). Think of the imagery, throughout Scripture, of the House of Israel as an unfaithful wife, for insight also. Praise Him! that He uses this imagery to demonstrate HIS Sufficiency and unwavering Love in spite of. Fortunately, when such immature stumble like this, our Lord will not throw them up against the wall (Ps 37:24) and so we are also called to love them through their ignorance and not allow them to fuel any doubts on our part. Maranatha!

    3. So true, Jimboni. Thanks. Helps me get through my fog of frustration after talking to my 75 yr old sister-in-law who is still very active in life as well as in her church but just wants to go out the old-fashioned way, i.e. a coffin. (And she literally said, with a SIGH, all they are preaching on at her church anymore is end time prophecy.)
      God live her, Where can you go with that?! I don’t know what I’d do now without ya’ll.
      Many Blessings!

    4. Oh Sheila, you are not alone. I run into so many folks that remain oblivious to God's scrpture and prophecy. I look at that as an opporrunity to pray for their salvation. If the Lord opens the door, I can witness. imagine all the catstropes , you experienced, and in in US, as such we are in the midst of tbe Thomas fire. People are angry and not looking up and repenting . ALAS, Remembering in Jermiah, that he preached knowing that people would not listen. Stay strong in the Lord !!! You are on the Lord s side

    5. Thank you for those encouraging words VeeBee. Praying for your safety and your lungs out there. The air has to be getting gritty. Blessings, Sister.

  3. I often wonder if the rapture will happen right before or simultaneous with the Ezek 38 Gog/Magog invasion, or shortly after. I feel like God has warned and left so many signs that it would be hard to find anyone at this point who is without excuse. Whenever I run into someone who says they are a Christian but they do not believe in the pre-trib rapture of the church, the biggest reason why usually seems to stem from them not understanding the clear difference between Israel, and the church, which totally destroys any thought of understanding end times Bible prophecy. I believe a lot of them are sincere, however some seem to be almost militant and love to spew hatred and sow discord among the body. The fruit some of them bear is obviously bad(Luke 6:43, Matt 7:18). As with the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormon kids who always knock on my door I always try to point them in the direction of Bible prophecy, to me it is an amazing and absolute proof the Bible is in fact the Word of the Almighty creator God(2 Pet 1:19). Here is where I am going with this, if the Lord tarries on the harpazo until after this battle, think of how many people may finally realize their folly and turn to the Lord in truth(Ezek 38:23)! Then again, with some people it seems the hardened heart has led to blinded eyes. It is truly up to the Lord of the harvest. Until then, plant seeds and pray!(Luke 8:11, Matt 9:38).


    1. tonycandgloria, yes plant and pray as much as possible!
      But I wonder if they cannot see the fulfillment of prophecy all around them, will another war change their minds? I don’t think so, but the Rapture?
      That’s going to wake some folks up. I believe, not only is it the Blessed Hope for us being taken up, it is purposed by our Lord as a Sign to the world of The God who not only loves His creation, but keeps His perfect word to the jot and tittle. So even as we leave, our testimony will remain and probably be way more powerful than ever before. Once those we’ve preached to realize what has happened, many will start digging and praying to go where we have gone. And many will come. We have to stand on that, especially where our loved ones are concerned.
      There is a story about shepherds. When it’s time to move the flocks up to higher grounds and greener grass before the grass withers where they are, the sheep generally do not want to leave. The grass is still good as far as they can tell and they are still comfortable
      enough. The only way The Good Shepherd can get them to move is to scoop up a couple of the bleating lambs and head up the mountain. Their mothers quickly begin to follow and soon the whole flock is chasing after Him.
      So those lambs, in leaving with the Shepherd, are saving the lives of the rest of the flock.
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. tonycandgloria,

      The Lord promised to turn His attention back to Israel and build David’s fallen tent up again after He took people from the Gentiles to Himself. After the rapture, the Lord’s main focus will be on Israel. To me the description of the Ezekiel 38/39 battle –when the Lord Himself defends Israel- seems that His focus has turned back to Israel, which means the rapture has already happened. That’s my scenario. I don’t think that the Church will be here to witness the Gog-Magog coalition of nations’ attack on Israel, I think we’ll be gone by then. (Perhaps way before this event.)

    3. Sheila B. Yeah I know, sometimes I don't even think the rapture will wake people up! Nora, I agree, I think we will be out before as well, but maybe not. Truly, God is showing over and over again how longsuffering and patient He is, not wanting any to perish. The time is coming though for sure!

      Oh ya, here is something you cannot make up. Today I took my dog out for a nice walk, I listened to Colossians, twice. The other day these 2 Mormon kids knocked on my door, and I explained to them their folly, and explained the Truth about Jesus, specifically using Colossians because it explains His deity so cleary. Usually I see a spark in their eyes, a glimmer of hope that they may escape the bondage they are under and except the true grace of God. I talk with with these types whenever they come, but they always end up having no answers, and run away. I always pray and ask God to open their eyes, and truthfully I ask God and wonder why people just cannot see. The only thing I can come up with, is they really do not love the Truth, and are not truly seeking God, or He would save them.

      Anyway, after I posted this first comment this morning and came back from my walk, I was out back and I heard some people talking out front. As I looked to see who it was, of course, it was those same 2 Mormon kids, they didn't knock this time. What are the chances they would be here today the same time I mentioned them? I guess they didn't hear. Sad.

    4. tonycandgloria, Bless your heart. I have never made any headway with the Mormon teams. I actually thought I’d gotten somewhere once when these two young men who’d come to my door showed up at our small Church. But they had only come to try to convert the whole congregation to Mormonism. Then I thought if you could catch one of them alone like this high school senior friend of my daughter’s. I had even read their books aforehand so
      I could reasonably counter her arguments. Before I knew it, I was having to talk my daughter down from that pleasant sounding, but quite deceptive tree. Much more cautious around them after that;-)

    5. Sheila B. In years past, when I was extremely backslidden(before my seed fell on good soil) I used to be very mean and even disrespectful to those who would come and knock on my door. I was not a nice person to say the least. When I was finally awakened to the Truth and really started to seek after the things of the Spirit, after submitting my life to Jesus I was completely transformed! Who would have thought, living proof of a changed life thru Jesus Christ! Now I spend so much time with them trying to show them the truth until they finally just want to leave. One time these Jehovah Witness ladies came and they seemed very nice at first. When I started to tell them that Jesus is God they immediately said "we do not believe the Trinity, and we won't talk about it". I tried to point them to a few verses and then they literally ran away. It was actually pretty weird, I felt like the spirit in them was truly antichrist and could just not hear what I was saying. All I was reading was Colossians 1:9-20. They could not bear it. The next time I saw them they were posted up with their little flyers and magazines at a table outside of walmart. They just stared at me as I walked past. I honestly feel bad for them, stuck in bondage to false prophets, man made rules, regulations and traditions(doctrines of demons).

  4. Ooh, Sheila you have spoken my absolute heart. I believe so many of us have been looking at the Rapture only as our means of Deliverance when, in fact, it will be the greatest sign of all time of the truth of God's Word and His Faithfulness. Yes, it is our deliverance, but it is their mercy for though they will have to go into The Tribulation and "buy gold of Him refined in the fire" as he spoke so clearly to Laodecia, if they remain faithful to the end of their own human life, they will have eternal life. What a conundrum both the Rapture and the Tribulation is for us now and for those who are Left Behind. We look longingly for the day of our removal, but with heavy hearts for those we love who will not be coming with us. The same will be true for the Left Behind, their greatest joy - Salvation will come when they realize prophecy is true and we ministered to them truth. Their greatest trial will come because they are now left Behind and agreed with prophecy too late to avoid the horrific time. Grace and Mercy with Heartache and Terror rolled into both the Rapture and The Tribulation. None, but God. Blessings - Sherry

    1. Please, dear sisters, be aware of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 for ALL those who have heard the gospel but rejected it during CHURCH AGE and are left behind after the rapture. The tribulation saints from the nations will respond to ANOTHER message which will be the "eternal gospel" of Revelation 14:6-12 . I'm sorry to tell you this but that is SCRIPTURE. Blessings!

    2. I also believe that the event of the rapture will be a kind of testimony to the whole world. Lots of fence-sitters will become tribulation believers later on. (Not because of the rapture only, as the 144,000 will evangelize and the angels of the Lord will preach.)

    3. Dear Nora, generally agree about the testimony the rapture will be BUT those you mean will NOT be from the number of "foolish virgins" i.e. Christians by name only (claiming to be part of the church today but yet unsaved) NOR will they be from those who have been told the gospel and have been witnessed to like the 'Mormon kids' above or some family members that rejected Christ after telling them (my parents as well as I now know for sure). They're ALL included in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. The group of tribulation saints will be taken from those who were yet "unreached" (gospel not yet translated into their language) or young children who have not yet heard of Jesus (the generation to start the Millennium with) or any atheist or other religious people that hadn't have contact to the grace gospel before. God knows who they are but they will definitely NOT be from the group of those who HAD their chance to respond to the gospel during church age and in their lifetime UNTIL the rapture happens (Job 33:29-30). The rapture as a "testimony to the whole world" will be interpreted FALSELY like the New Age doctrine or other esoteric belief or alien visitation teaches. You can already get a glimpse of the coming deception if you read some comment sections on YT channels about 'Nibiru', coming desasters and earth pole shift and such kind of topics about "earth evolution" or "transformation age". That's exactly how the rapture will be explained to the public and they will believe it because they believe it ALREADY.

    4. Annabel,

      "They're ALL included in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12."

      I believe so that next to people who didn't love the truth and rejected it, there will be those who haven't decided yet, being fence-sitters. The Lord knows all hearts, He'll know which is which. I know that you see it otherwise but that's what I think. We'll see what the Lord will do, I leave it in His hands.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. p.s. I also don't believe that there are places in the world that the Lord couldn't reach and haven't reached with the message of His Gospel. He has His means. (I've heard of several miraculous salvation testimonies through the years.) Otherwise, people born on certain geographical points wouldn't have a chance to be saved.

    7. Annabel, the ones I am thinking of as maybe becoming Trib Saints are those who have not rejected the Gospel, but have really not grown in the Word. Some say all who have accepted Christ as their Redeemer will be Raptured regardless of the depth of their relationship with Him. While that is a comforting thought and I truly hope it is so, I am not so sure about that. I know they will be saved, yet so as by fire.
      (1 Cor.3:13-15)
      I call them PAN Christians because they don’t believe they have to worry about the deeper things of God because it will all pan out in the end for them. They are content within their church works and that scares me for them regarding what is coming. And there are others who are like the Prodigal Son.
      Will God bring them home before the Rapture, or after? In His wisdom, it will all be perfected. But I cannot know at this point so I pray for Him to reveal himself to them in a miraculous way at whatever time He deems will succeed.
      I know there will be great delusion and Salvation by grace ended, but my hope remains as long as He allows it. Love you much and can hardly wait to finally meet one such as you, Sister. You remind me so much of my dearest friend in this life who lives in Florida. I was telling her that the other day and she reminded me that she is German bred herself. “Remember, I am a Spiegel”, she said.:-)

    8. Not sure where the confusion came in, but here is what I meant absolutely. Those who have not accepted the gospel of grace at the Rapture will be left behind. It doesn't matter how many church messages they sit through or how many "good deeds" they've done. None, but those who have accepted the Blood of Jesus Christ as atonement for their sins will be raptured and all who have done so will be raptured. For those left behind, there is another gospel, the kingdom gospel. They no longer have the ability to simply trust in faith in Jesus, now they have conditions which include "do not worship the beast or take his mark" and follow the commandments of Jesus. So, certainly there is a change in how people will be saved, but many will be saved during the tribulation. Their physical lives may not be saved, but they will obtain eternal life. The 144,000 will be the evangelists of the Tribulation along with the 2 Witnesses and an angel preaching the gospel from the heavens so there can be no excuse. If there are any who have not heard or seen through his heavens, they will be ministered to and all the world will have been given the gospel. My point really was, the greatest gift now of the Rapture, will come with the sadness many of us already feel for those who do not listen to what is about to occur. After the Rapture, salvation by the kingdom gospel, will come with horror of the conditions of the earth and they will be alive while the wrath of God is being poured out on the world - that is the conundrum of which I spoke. Will there be attempts to disguise and lie about the Rapture, certainly, just as the gospel has been lied about throughout the church age. But, God - is fully capable of overcoming anything so that those who choose to hear can do so. Hope that straightens out my muddle! Blessings - Sherry

    9. Sheila,

      “Some say all who have accepted Christ as their Redeemer will be Raptured regardless of the depth of their relationship with Him.”

      I have not the slightest doubt about the absolute truth of that statement, Sis! The Lord sealed us with His Holy Spirit to the day of our Redemption (the time of the rapture), as a deposit guaranteeing it. We are inseparable parts of His Body, we will all go in the rapture and the full Body will be joined to the Head in perfect completeness.

      “Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us is God, who also has sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee.” (2 Corinth 1:21-22)

      “For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.” (Hebrews 10:14)

      I agree with Sherry concerning that.
      If it’s okay, I’d also like to share Greg L.’s article on this very topic:

    10. Dear Nora, I guess I had explained about those who were not yet reached with the gospel (i.e. translation problems, unreached region / tribes / ethnics or offline areas) in my post as well? They will be among the tribulation saints then because ANGELS will preach the message of Rev14 who have no problem to reach them or translate at all. ;-)

      Sherry, TY for clarification, I agree. But again I tend to esteem those who HAD the possibility to respond to the grace gospel until the rapture not to be in this basket. If so, the verses of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 would make no sense as God makes this very clear in v.10 "received not...might be saved".

      The rapture will definitely be a CAESURA between both denominations church age and tribulation period. For those having heard (and understood!) the gospel of grace but not responding to it so that they might be saved (and SEALED with the HS once and for all, regardless of how they lived 1 Corinthians 3:11-15) it will be like DYING in the flesh. They might still be alive but STAY spiritually dead for ANY message of God because they HAD their time window during the church age to respond to the message of THEIR denomination that was ordained by God to them. Definitely, there are NO "second chance Christians" left behind as many believe from the misleading storyboard of the Tim LaHaye 'Left Behind' movies. That kind of plot unfortunately has mislead many in the church to think there will be some 'awakening' after the rapture to a 2nd chance salvation. I think LaHaye is a true child of God but this doctrinal error in the movies has done a lot of damage.

      Sheila, dear sister are you sure your Florida friend is not only German but indeed Jewish (so she is one of Gods elected people)? "Spiegel" is a family name that hints to Ashkenazi origin. Check out the site 'surnames/' and go to 'Jewish' to have a look.

      Much love to you all! :)

    11. Annabel,

      "translation problems, unreached region / tribes / ethnics or offline areas" The Lord is not limited by these things, nor by anything else (which counts as limitation to humans), I very firmly believe that. Standing by the things I've previously said. Same goes for the notion of *fence-sitters* having the opportunity to get saved during the tribulation period. The only case I'll change my mind about these things if the Lord corrects me regarding them after the rapture.

    12. Sheila,

      Another thing I remembered is the Bible verses describing the Bema Seat Judgment (after the rapture), and the folks whose entire *work* will be burned in the Bema’s fire as wood and hay (while themselves remaining saved as the Bible says). Probably they haven’t maintained a very close walk with the Lord during their time on Earth but they’ll be raptured. (I think the qualification for the rapture is simply being born again, (“believing in the One He has sent.”)

    13. Hey Sisters. This is another one of those
      sticky wickets for me and has been for years. Who will that great multitude of Saints consist of after the Rapture?
      I do not know for sure, but here is what I am praying
      for when I get there...
      To look around and see a great many who are saying,
      “Thank God we are home at last!”.
      Then to look around again and see many more saying, “Dear Lord, what in the world just happened?!”
      And I think I’ll be okay with that:-)

    14. Dear Sheila, now this is not too hard to find out: all tribulation saints are from Revelation 7 and 14 (both from the Jews and out of the nations). Chapter 7 describes how the 144,000 get sealed and those from the nations (obviously) die for their belief to show up in Heaven and chapter 14 is the other way round somehow with the message to the nations described. In any case, there will also be believing survivors on earth to start the repopulation with after the judgement of the living in Matthew 25. Have a blessed day, sister! :-)

    15. "To look around and see a great many who are saying,
      “Thank God we are home at last!”.

      Amen! :--)

    16. TY Annabel. I do know all of that, but I was thinking more on an “individual” level as to who they will be. And there
      are many Gospel believers who do not even believe in the Rapture, pre-trib or otherwise, which are the ones I was thinking of as being quite surprised to be suddenly caught up.
      My beloved grandfather was a devout Presbyterian when I was growing up. He talked about Jesus dying on the Cross all of the time, but I never once heard him mention the Blessed Hope. I guess he might know all about it now, though:-)

  5. Hi all, I've found in Amir's facebook some interesting about Putin and Erdogan.

    1. I've been thinking, and now, six months to move embassy from December 6 should end on May 6 and the 70th anniversary of Israel? Just a thought. All news now are prophetic! We may have not days and hours here, but already seconds! Maranatha!

    2. Alla, Blessed Sister,
      I can hardly wait!

      I just gotta say this to all of the family here, my heart is really smiling right now. I went to praying a moment ago before bed and I was telling the Lord that it’s hard to believe how much I have come to so deeply love a bunch of folks I have never even laid eyes on.
      He replied to my spirit, “Well you have never laid those eyes on me either and just look at where we are.”
      Sweet thought to sleep on. Be blessed, Everyone:-)

    3. Oh to dwell in Unity...Li Li Li Li LI Li Li Li Li From the brush and the Bi-ways...=0) Shalom

    4. Oh, how I look forward to that time. I often wonder if we will be given "all knowledge" immediately (probably not, it would blow our circuits) or if it will be a gradual process of bringing us up to speed. I know that sounds silly, but I would think the gradual learning would be great fun if we could do it together. Blessings - Sherry

    5. Sherry,

      I've been wondering about the same things too! :--) I agree, gradual learning is fun! I guess there will be things in which we'll get full knowledge and there will be things we'll learn gradually.

    6. @Sherry: look at John 16:23 "And in that day ye shall ask me nothing." Is this an answer to your question? :) Looking forward to that great day... Blessings!

  6. Yes, it s a blessing to be encouraged in the Lord from each of you. I continue to search the word, and seeking more spritual growth from Lord. Today I read about the different types of offering..peace, guilt, grain, and others. I thought about our eternal sacrifice , all fulfilled by Jesus. And now there s the path prepared for us, ... out of darkness into light. Now Israel will soon be re.. enacting a sacrifice.
    Soon we will be with the Lord and greet one another. Cant wait!!!!Thank you to each of you.

  7. I've read a Ynetnews report today titled, “Erdogan calls on world to recognize east Jerusalem as Palestinian capital.”

    It says, “Speaking at the meeting, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the Palestinians won't accept any role for the United States in a peace process with Israel "from now on," as it was biased in favor of Israel.

    Instead, he called on the United Nations to take charge of the Mideast peace process, and revamp it with a new mechanism.

    Abbas also said it's time for countries who accept the two-state solution to recognize Palestine as a state, asserting there will be no peace in the region if the world doesn't recognize east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.”

    I think it’s big news with prophetic implications. The tag of war over Jerusalem continue to intensify.

    1. Yes, Nora! I've read also today, about Islamic summit, this is our time! And today begins Hanukkah, I've watched videos of Steve Fletcher, as Annabel showed. It's very interesting! Looking up and praying about Israel! And it's interesting also in Dan's Facebook: "A Hanukkah Rapture and War on a Day of Mourning would be quite a wake up call for Israel." Maranatha!

    2. Lots of thought-worthy things Alla! I like to check Dan Matson's facebook page too!

  8. Did Israel just loose their end times Methuselah (restrainer) yesterday? Could this be a sign that the restrainer is about to be taken?

    1. Odd, I saw that story yesterday and wondered the same thing. The crowds for his funeral were immense. Blessings - Sherry

    2. I think his passing is probably another significant sign for Israel. He is known as the “Gadol Hador”, Leader of the generation. And Pres. Rivlin called him a leader who “Carried on his shoulders the existential weight of the Jewish people”.
      That is saying something huge about this aged man.

    3. Another interesting tidbit... He was 104 years old and died the day before the 8 days of Hanukkah. 104 / 8 = 13. Hanukkah starts of course the next day which happens to be Dec 13.

    4. GiG2000 Thank you!!! Yes I think that's definitely sth very significant for this generation of Jews. I have found another dailymail article that explains more about the authority of this man and the massive crowds at his funeral. Perhaps some other Israeli media source gives even more background. In comparison to the period of the BOOK OF JUDGES the timing of the passing away of this "leader" is absolutely significant for Israel. MARANATHA!

    5. Interesting: the number (or count) "104" doesn't occur in the bible explicitely BUT "hundreds" and "four" can be found in connection to the 144,000 first fruits of Revelation and in Rev21:17 when the wall of eternal Jerusalem is being measured.

      Strongs Concordance H104 = iggerah = a letter / G104 = aei = ever, unceasingly // that reminds me of the word of God and on whom it is written like a living letter 2 Corinthians 3:2-3 Perhaps this Rabbi was the last "letter of living Torah" to the Jews as a testimony just before God now takes over to deal with them again to bring them home?

    6. Annabel, to confirm that, as we both suspected, we are likely both cut from the same length of cloth, kindly review my recent post at UNSEALED on this. It was spontaneous and I went with it but was yearning to have it here but seems odd to put on both? Oh well, if I invite you and others to go see it that drives traffic to their site and keeps everyone in the loop, right? Funny, I so look forward to simply being 'on the Father's Wavelength' soon and no longer having to fret such things! Maranatha!

    7. @Jimboni :=}D LOL! Thank you... Will check it out. Its just mercy from the LORD to leave a remnant made from the same cloth to communicate with in times of decline, that's why I love these (both) sites so much! :) Apropos 'Fathers wavelength' -
      this again is an interesting physical issue to me like the 'hive mind idea' from the Paul Dawson video recently... Stay blessed and alert!

  9. Hi all, it's very interesting, that I've read about Jerusalem.
    Mahmoud Abbas – "no peace until we get it back", and the response of Netanyahu:, article …/239281

    1. I came across a rather interestingly amusing tidbit
      earlier today.
      Politicos and ME journalists are being forced to search out conservative Christian theology to get a handle on why
      Donald Trump is being compared to Cyrus and what it might have to with future events in Jerusalem. Biblical prophecy anyone?

    2. Sheila dear sister what about John 3:12 and Matthew 16:2-3? I mean that's the core of all ministry today anyway. People aren't even capable to SEE that things aren't normal at all around them but they're told to accept them as "new normal" - and they don't even ask questions! How would they ever understand that this is just whats written in the bible as they now totally (!) reject the truth of Gods word? Stay blessed, MARANATHA!

    3. Very true, Annabel. I seriously doubt these people were looking for what the Word of God had to say about anything, but rather were just trying to figure out the mind of Donald Trump. That is what
      I found (sadly) amusing about it.
      Blessings, Sister!

    4. Dear Sheila, it may be a little OT but I found some quite interesting and actual analysis on scientists facing greater judgement of God with regards to Romans 1. I think we could apply sth similar to people who have degrees in politics, history or journalism (i.e. finding the truth) but do not count 2+2 when it comes to biblical prophecy. Because they COULD know if they wanted to. Much love my dear sister, take care! :)

  10. Replies
    1. Amen! I read also Israeli news, all is growing rapidly!
      "A store near the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jericho… added a sign reading “Dogs and Americans are not allowed to Enter”…
      "Hamas vows more days of rage"…
      The Jerusalem Post: "more than three-quarters of Israelis believe the Trump administration is solidly pro-Israel." We are going home! Blessings to all!

    2. Oh wow Alla, I remember a leftist uproar in German MSM when some shopkeeper here tried to prevent merchandise from vandalism damage and theft by using a similar poster mentioning "migrants"... I think the shopkeeper was indicted and sentenced right after.


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