UN Vote Against Jerusalem Fails...

Nobody expected the resolution to pass... but now these nations are on record, before man, and more importantly before God, regarding their stance on His holy city and the people He gave it to millennia ago.  The timing and implications of this vote are sure to be hugely prophetic.... but right now I don't to claim to know how that plays out or the implications.  If you do, please share below! What I can share are some interesting links on the subject...  God Bless you all!

1 Minute Video of the Vote

Full text of Nikki Haley’s 2 speeches at UN Security Council debate on Jerusalem
'Today, for acknowledging a basic truth about the capital city of Israel, we are accused of harming peace. The record will reflect that we reject that outrageous claim'

Despite failing, UN Jerusalem bid paints Israel, US as alone against the world https://www.timesofisrael.com/despite-failing-un-jerusalem-bid-paints-israel-us-as-alone-against-the-world/
After the US was forced to stand alone against 14 other countries, many of them allies, to sink the resolution on Monday, the administration and Israel can expect to be overwhelmingly isolated again against an even larger crowd later this week. The Palestinians, having anticipated an American veto, have announced their intention to take the resolution to the UN General Assembly, where there is no veto, but also no actual legal ramifications.

Middle East: Security Council fails to adopt resolution on Jerusalem
“The United Nations maintains the view that Jerusalem is a final status issue that must be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties on the basis of the relevant Security Council and General Assembly resolutions taking into account the legitimate concerns of both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides,” Mr. Mladenov stressed, warning that there is a growing risk that the parties may revert to more unilateral actions.

JD Farag with a his prophecy update and a great breakdown of Jerusalem (38 Min)


  1. We are waiting for the trumpet. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

  2. I found a very interesting opinion article entitled (!) MOVING JERUSALEM FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH (click!)...

    And: USVP Pence has now DELAYED his Jerusalem trip into mid-January... Should this tell us something or not? Hmmm... I cannot stand this tension in waiting any longer, don't wanna be here anymore. Getting sad. Come quickly, LORD Jesus!

    1. Nevertheless, it must be expected that the US veto will not be left without consequences as Palestinian leader Abbas announced another UN emergency council to gather. Tensions are at its peak I guess, so the LORD cannot be far! Turkeys Erdogan is in rage too and will certainly not miss any opportunity to be naughty and embarrassing again as always. This article states another Israeli opinion why the UN veto was a loss for Trump and Netanyahu" (click!)


  3. As the election campaign in the US began and a choice and decision on who to vote for had to be made by my husband and myself, we began to pray fervently about who to support for we saw things in Trump's history and present that caused us concern. However, the Lord assured us over and over again we were to support Trump. At the same time, I had a clear Word in my Spirit that reiterated the Scripture - Everything that has been concealed will be revealed. As I continued to pray, God showed me and reminded me over and over again this was the last choice for people to "choose sides". I thought I understood what He was relaying, but continued and still continue to pray the Lord will show me more and he showed me Korah's rebellion - Numbers 11-17. The bottom line question from Moses to Korah was - "Who is on the Lord's side, come over here." over and over I've had reaffirmed to me this is not about Trump - not just for the US, but for the world. Who is on the Lord's side must stand up now and say, "I stand for the Word of the Lord, I stand for the laws of the Lord, I stand for the behavior which God has said is "Godly" behavior and I stand unashamedly with Israel and God will sort out who is a Jew, who is an Israelite and who is a part of "The Remnant" - that is not my job. My job is not to determine Trump's salvation, I believe he's newly saved - but that's my human belief and not from the Lord and that is not the question anyway. God will deal with Trump, either in great mercy or in great wrath if he is a Deceiver. The only question, we as human beings on the earth, all over the earth must decide and make crystal clear is - Are we on God's side? Are we in alignment with God's Word? If so, we are saved, for just as the rebellion of Korah ended, this will also end. Those who oppose God and His right to determine who holds His land and where His capital is will be swallowed up into the earth. I believe those will be the lucky ones, for the remainder will go into The Tribulation to be tested by fire. There will be only one winner at the end of that horrific time, during which the bowl judgements will be released for they are unmixed with mercy - they are purely and only the Wrath of God Almighty. We will be long in Heaven and "watching from the Mezzanine" if it is permitted and those who stand continually in defiance to God and His Justice will be judged fairly and finally. We are seeing more and more disclosures of the Deep State's activities here in the US as each day goes by. We believe there is a possibility this all may be disclosed about who the Deep State Actors are and what they have done in a public forum just before we leave this earth. I pray that is true, but if it is not, I rest in the knowledge God is the ultimate judge over all and His justice cannot be bought, blinded or banished. His justice is sure and it will be fierce beyond anything this earth has ever witnessed. Let us all search our hearts to make certain both inwardly, outwardly and openly we support the rule of God's law according to His book which is the foundation upon which the US was founded in Covenant with God. Woe unto those who have broken His Covenant and sought to abuse His people. The penalty will be more than they are willing to pay, but nonetheless they will repent or be swallowed up as Korah! Blessings - Sherry

  4. Our time is indeed short, but I have also stopped looking to a particular day. I'm just looking forward to being with my Lord and most of my family in an amazing place of utter joy. In the mean time we must wait upon the Lord, continue to hold fast to what is important (the comfort of his word), and plant/water/harvest as many seeds as possible. Stand firm in our blessed Hope, continue to do good for those in need, and for each other. Galatians 6:9-10. Take this time to use the good china, and do some of the things on your bucket list... which usually makes family take notice.

    I have been asking many people... "If you knew this were your last Christmas on Earth, how would you spend it?" Most everyone (believers and unbelievers alike), have responded that they would spend it with their families, and make amens for any divisions. My response back to them is... "Then you really need to do just that, because this could be the last time any of us have that chance." At the very least this helps people stop, for just a moment, to consider what is most important to them. We must do what we can to point them to that type of thinking, so when the inevitable takes place, hopefully they will remember these types of questions, and possibly consider the truth of The Lord Jesus Christ. We will be gone, but we can leave behind lots of seeds, and God will bring them to fruition. Amen!?

    Personally, I am simply hoping to see my kids one more time, hold my grandkids, and being allowed to have just one more round of golf with my dad. ;-) Maranatha my dear family!

  5. I've found now again some interesting. "Trump vetoes the world" (Nikki Haley):
    Therefore we have really very short time, all the news now speed up the events, and first of all, before all prophesies will be fulfilled, we will go home. And interesting also, that UN will vote on new Jerusalem resolution this week! It's very interesting indeed! I think this is the ultimate step to near fulfilling! I think now continually about Zech 12:2-3, this is fulfilled now before our eyes. The Lord "makes Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about", wenn we see all events round about Jerusalem! Today the Hamas leaders declared: "Jerusalem, both east and west, is the capital of Palestine"! And all nations vote against Jerusalem! This is verse 3! They "burden themselves with…" more and more indeed! I think also, that not Mike Pence, but the UN Security Council will speak this week about Peace and Security! This is 1Thes 5:3 really! After this must begin war against Israel! We have really no time more here now! Come Lord, for you bride! Maranatha!

    1. I try to understand now, who is the author of this article - Jack Engelhard. He mentions here Balaam in the Book of Numbers. And on Sunday he wrote the article "PA threatens to quit America - do you care?" This is also very interesting. Just thoughts! Much Blessings to all family!

    2. Dear Alla my sister, TY very much for your helpful hints and thoughts! You know what currently bothers me during this special season: If WW3 indeed breaks loose from Middle East exactly at the time when the biggest worldly hypocrisy of the annual "FEAST OF LOVE" is celebrated globally. That situation is currently very ABSURD and GROTESQUE and would only once again (probably the last time here?) openly show mans' corruption and sin to its full extent. Every time I step outside seeing people doing groceries or sending gifts and packages (our postal service completely overstrained these days!!) seeing their unhappy and stressed faces, yelling at each other... Makes me laugh a lot, that'll be the peak of hypocrisy if war breaks out! Blessings :)

    3. Thank you, dear Annabel! I found also in Dan's Facebook some very interesting - Programme of Work of the Security Council – December 2017
      This is exactly as I thought today. On Dec 20 is purposed "Maintenance of
      international peace and security: Addressing complex contemporary challenges to international peace and security". Looking up! We are almost with the Lord! Blessings! Maranatha!

    4. Alla D., You highlight a fine point, "This is verse 3! THEY burden THEMSEVES with…" . Compare this with, "I AM about to make Jerusalem ..." Note who is the subject doing the doing here. When the Philistines declare such things as "Jerusalem, both east and west, is the capital of Palestine," which their unholy hubris REQUIRES them to declare, THEY are hanging Jerusalem around their OWN, public necks by making it THE focal point of their "victimhood" and the desired object of capture to prove the legitimacy of their false way. Of course, Scripture captures this finer detail, in addition to our Lord Sovereignly putting Jerusalem at the fulcrum, so accurate, so intricate, so lovely. Maranatha!

    5. Yes, Jimboni, this is the Lord's action first of all! This in the vers 3 "I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone", but it's also right what I wrote, this is also in verse 3: "all that burden themselves with it", and I wanted to underline, that this exactly we see today, indeed! This is "that day", and the next comes judgement! And the Palestinians, that is probably Philistines, declare and act absolute absurdly, they are simply the puppets in satan's hand! This shows also, that the Red Dragon is now ready! And we are also ready! Come, Lord! Amen! Maranatha!

  6. Interesting news. "EMERGENCY UN meeting called on Jerusalem (12/21/17). "UNITING FOR PEACE" Resolution 377"


    1. Nora watch this clip 1 Thessalonians 5:3 / 153 fish = end of age / factor of '17 (click!) Interestingly, the US government is forced to shut down on 12/22 if not another short term resolution passes the Senate. This would just occur over the holiday season (like so many other things as the Rev12-sign story also ends with Jupiter in Libra in the heavenlies?). Blessings, sister! MARANATHA!

    2. Thanks for the link, Annabel! :--) This 153 fish - 17 connection that Brother Todd brought up is interesting and gives another hope for this year.

    3. I'm praying and hoping with you, Alla! :--)

  7. The Lord has shown me so much the last year, but especially the last couple days. It is ramping up and I believe with full confidence He is coming very very soon. The beast is about to step on scene, but I don't fear the beast, I can't wait to see the glory of the King, Jesus our Lord and Savior! MARANATHA

  8. Eschatology Today: Global SITREP E2-17: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

    “Being on high alert for grand-scale delusion and great deception, something like this completely out of the blue, at this time in history, is like a bombshell with a delayed fuse detonation. A potential bunker buster in other words.”


  9. Dear family, this is now funny how the LORD leads me sometimes to various 'pastures' (= websites, links) to find new food for the soul and strong meat to chew on... This time He used some comment on a YT video of a channel I even don't subscribe to that was linked to a 'fivedoves' article back in November. Check it out, it's so much worth reading! HE WILL RISE ON THE LAST DAY / MARTHA (11/26/17) it's about the possibility of a literal "last day" (of 2017) rapture on 12/31! Very good stuff. Blessings! :)

    1. TY Annabel. That was good reading, Sister:-)

    2. Annabel, I don’t know if you can check it out but I just noticed the Bing screensaver. It’s a pic of the Milky Way above the sunset. The horizon is quite interesting;-)

    3. Sheila I'm glad you liked it! :)) Yes I googled the Bing screensaver if it is that from the US soil in Maine, Bar Harbor seen from a cavelike spot. Yes Dear, its so much obvious! I recommend to watch the YTC "Planet X Physicist" Report #111 about the question if chemtrails can produce these pink and orange colors and why NOT optically. Very interesting! Blessings, sister...

    4. Yes, Annabel that was it. Looked like two light sources to me as well. And even if the photo was enhanced, I wondered why they would portray it that particular way.
      Looked a lot like what we’ve been seeing from Expitaly and others.
      Also, and this is getting a bit amusing to me, today on Winter Solstice, Bing has up a squirrel peeking out of a tree.
      Yesterday, I watched Melissa at Midnight Oil talking about her husband praying for Rapture confirmation and asked the Lord for a specific de “tailed” indication. (I had to do that;-)That confirmation came through a squirrel in a tree above their heads. Check it out.
      I just get joy from these little out of the way anomalies.
      Love and blessings!

  10. Hi family! I've found the amazing article in The Times of Israel, "Nikki Haley said the US will be “taking names” of countries that support a draft resolution rejecting President Donald Trump’s decision", this is truly interesting for me today!
    And here is also "Trump threatens to slash aid to countries backing UN Jerusalem vote"!
    We are going home now, I'm waiting every hour! Come, Lord! Maranatha

  11. Hi all! There's again Amir "Europe: Closer to the Antichrist", for me very important. Blessings to all! Looking up!

  12. Hey All, just heard something quite ironic on Fox evening news. “A.I. will now be used as the new method to detect lies and be far more proficient at it than current methods.” It’s funny when you know as we do that A.I. is about to be used to pull off the biggest deception mankind has ever seen. The world is primed and ready with open arms and only by His grace through faith are we not among them. The last few days have really been a time of amazement for me with so much that’s happened so quickly. I was thinking how just 3 months ago, I thought I was so ready to meet the Lord in the air and felt as though I was walking on air. There was such an exciting anticipation. And now that anticipation is different. It is a deeper, calmer and more abiding anticipation.
    I believe that through all we’ve seen, learned and shared with one another, I’ve come to know Him better than ever and to understand His Word better than ever. I know some folks disapprove of the way a lot of us see all of these date connections and impossible coincidences with so many numbers and events and even the way the Concordance sequence speaks certain confirmations to us. But I was reading today where the Rabbis believe God uses these things to show men that it truly is He who is in control of every twist and turn of time and all that occurs within it. I guess that’s why there is no word for coincidence in the Hebrew language.
    I know He wanted us all to go through a growth spurt this fall and we surely have. I’ll finish with this:
    Yesterday morning about 5am, I thought my husband was speaking to me before he left for the coast to work. I heard a strong male voice say, “It will not be today, but be ready.”
    I sat up to ask my husband what he was talking about but he was already gone and had been for awhile. When I called him, he said he just thought he’d let me sleep til the alarm went off. I am ready and much more so than 3 months ago. Blessings and so much gratitude to each of you for being such an integral part of this grand journey for however long it is here and forever there:-)

    1. Sheila dear sister, this AI topic you mention is astonishing and amusing at the same time: just yesterday we watched a 2017 (!!) movie "Armed Response" (Wesley Snipes et al) that covers this issue! The plot was good but the realization was obviously difficult (and sometimes boring as you already got the message quite early so the tension got lost). It's about a military high tech AI polygraph that eventually takes justice into its own hands and punishes those who use it on suspects for their own evil deeds in Afghanistan which he knows from the thoughts of the questionees. So yes, if it is covered in a movie, they're working on it to become reality soon.

      Now about Rabbis and numbers, yes there are some who want to keep Israel, Hebrew language and Judaism "pure" somehow and I don't know why because it never was nor will be (as SINFUL MEN are dealing with it!). Interestingly, this article plainly CONFIRMS what you and I think about this topic too: Did Trumps Jerusalem declaration fulfil Ben Gurion prophecy? Just food for thought... We shouldn't as Christians argue about things that the (yet unbelieving) Jews use themselves to point out prophecy as God very well knows how to use dates and numbers to talk to them (and to us!) from backstage.

      Oh, and did you notice that there was a kidnapping plot planned by Hamas against this Rabbi Yehuda Glick recently? It's the guy who fights for the Jews' right to pray on the temple mount. Just search for the name and look into the "news" section.

      Even so, come quickly LORD Jesus! :)) Much love to you and your family!

    2. Annabel, it is getting real as they say. Regarding Amir’s latest on Europe,
      Macron is very interesting. Back before anyone had ever heard of this guy, the Austin American Statesman had a tiny little 3rd or 4th page article on him. I read it, then researched his bio and told everybody here that I believed this guy would be the next French President. At the time he was just making some noise about a possible run, but the research on him spoke volumes.
      Along with the info on his Jesuit schooling and Rothschild banking background and his odd choice of wife to be at age 17, he also expressed great concern for and worked against a Jewish exodus from France, even visiting Israel to woo those who’d done so back to France. I thought then, this guy is going to be a principle player in these last days. They talk about how the handshake between him and Pres. Trump appeared to turn into a wrestling match. Two men who turned huge elections into stunning upsets in the same time frame and are at great odds with one another. Interesting times to be alive for sure!

  13. Ancient Astronomy and The Great Red Dragon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg_tPzEflb8

  14. Hi family, I'm following today this meeting of the UN Security Committee. I think this is very important. If they declare Peace and Security, then it's very probably that we will go home. The Time of Israel gives conitnually new info. And for detais I'm watching in the Israel National News. Sheila, great thanks for your experiences, I learn very much from. Maranatha!

    1. And it's very interesting, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz in the Breaking Israel News wrote today the article "Sanhedrin Declares: UN Vote Is Nations Choosing Blessing or Curse", and he mentions Scriptures Isaiah 11:9 and Gen 12:3. Blessings to all!

  15. So the world has officially voted against Jerusalem today. I just saw from other posts that the measure was called "Uniting for Peace". Rather than re-iterate what others have already stated about these events, I want to bring up a couple of topics:


    The ban on oil drilling in Alaska has been lifted, once Trump signs the bill into law. The reason this is important, is that this is preparation for the coming Ezekiel 38 war, in which oil exports will be massively interfered with, and by pre-emptively self sourcing an alternate oil avenue geographically, the western hemisphere's oil reliance will be left unhindered.

    Secondly, most people are not aware that the Curse of Oak Island TV show is being funded by Prometheus Entertainment, who has vetted another season for 2018. Numerous peoples involved with esoteric history and out of place artifacts have already hinted that the 2.5 billion+ worth of treasure has already been located on the island, using advanced ground penetrating radar technology. The lore of the knights templars and rosicrucians are that this treasure was nested away as a dowry for the building of the Third Temple, not as a cashiers check, but as a source of free floating gold the size of a 8x5x40 cargo container that can be gilded onto the interior of the temple.

    Knights Templar connection to the Third Temple:

    Buff Parry explains the Oak Island discovery:

    Klaus Dona "the austrian" Oak Island (3 min anecdote):

    Rose Cross and Kabbalah Tree of Life of Glacier Stones
    (3 min visualization + swamp door @ 1:36:20)

    Petter Amundsen has worked with the show and next season they will be draining the swamp, to allegedly unveil an underground cavern system, find the treasure, which will intensify efforts to make the third temple a reality. This coincides with the Saudi-Kushner peace plan to be presented in Q1 2018.

    I openly tell my family and friends that this may be our last Christmas. Maranatha!

    1. Steve, We haven't quite made it to Christmas THIS year yet, just sayin'; and the Queen of England, last year, said the same thing about THIS year. Wide-eyed, white-knuckled and prayin', Maranatha!

    2. Amen, Jimboni! Very much Blessings! Maranatha!

    3. Third Temple preparations are revving up. So amazing to see it
      all actually occurring
      after so many years of watching and waiting. Even so, Lord, come quickly!


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