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As you all surely know there is huge news developing at a torrid pace in the Middle East. I am putting up this post as a place for you to share your thoughts and links to important articles and videos. It is hard to estimate the profound impact these moves will have on our eschatological world, but there is no doubt that what the US is doing had huge prophetic implications. Please share your thoughts below and links to key articles or info you have seen.  I will be adding links throughout the day....

(Alla D, I know you are watching this closely sister... please share any interesting links you have found and I will surely put them on the top of the page!)

From Unsealed:
MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: U.S. Embassy To Be Moved To Jerusalem
There is major breaking news tonight that President Trump is set to announce the U.S. government will recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel and that the American embassy in Tel Aviv will be moved to the city. Trump is expected to sign one final six-month waiver allowing time for diplomatic personnel to prepare for the permanent move. It will take time and planning for a new embassy site in Jerusalem to be established and the six-month delay will allow for logistical and security considerations. The Palestinians are already calling for three days of "rage" in protest and the Turkish President is threatening to cut off all diplomatic relations with Israel (further setting the stage for Ezekiel 38).

PROPHECY ALERT - 12/06/17 - MOMENT OF TRUTH! Zeus Mossbender (16 Minutes)

White House Video... will be live soon.
(President Trump Gives a Statement on Jerusalem)

From our sister Elaine on Facebook: Basic information that I just learned regarding the US Embassy in Jerusalem linking to the US officially considering it to be the capital city of Israel. I didn't understand what the two had to do with each other. Until now..... Of 136 US embassies around the world, 135 are located in the capital city of that country. All except for Jerusalem. So by the US moving the embassy, we are giving Jerusalem the same respect and recognition of importance and rule that we give the rest of the world. Which their enemies HATE.

Saudi's lurking behind Trumps Plan? Leo Hohmann - WND

From Amir Tsarfati last night if you missed it.
This evening at 8:00 pm Jerusalem time, 1:00 pm Washington time, the President of the United States is going to give a historical statement on America recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, Israel. The embassy will NOT move quickly, however, the declaration, coming nearly 70 years after Israel was recognized by President Truman, is nothing less than an earthquake for the Arab Muslim world.

The search for a new world superpower is about to begin. Russia has never been more desired among Muslims. Turkey, Iran, Libya and Sudan will stand firm with Gog (Putin) the prince of Magog (Russia). The rest will align themselves with Sheba and Dedan (Saudi Arabia). The Arab Muslim world has never been more divided. Israel has never been so strong financially and militarily. These are all the ingredients for an explosion that will lead to the prophesied Ezekiel’s war!

Quote from Turkish Deputy Prime Minister.
“Declaring Jerusalem a capital is disregarding history and the truths in the region, it is a big injustice/cruelty, shortsightedness, foolishness/madness, it is plunging the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight,” Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Twitter.
Turkey says declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital will start 'fire with no end in sight' - Reuters

From Shelia....She thought this was a good summary for today.
We are seeing Zechariah 12 begin to play out like never before. The world is in effect standing up together to announce in unison their opposition to the declared will of God regarding His Holy City. And for that, Zechariah 12:3 declares that all these shall be cut in pieces.

BBC News Summary of Trumps Speech
Speaking at the White House, Mr Trump said he had "judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the United States of America, and the pursuit of peace between Israel and the Palestinians".

12/7/17 Links

From Todd Hampson on Trump and how this could all play out....
Let’s speculate for a moment—and let’s be clear I’m speculating as I see world events converging in textbook fashion in every end-times sign category. Could it be that the innate desire of Trump—the ultimate deal-maker himself—to succeed where every other recent US president has failed, and actually get the Israeli-Palestinian deal formulated in such a way that all that is left is for the parties to do is sign the treaty? I think it’s safe to say that Donald Trump is not the antichrist—although many secularists would have you believe he is something worse. He simply doesn’t fit the qualifications described in Scripture and is a surprisingly unlikely character, being used of God (I believe) to hold back the tidal wave of Globalism and evil for a bit longer. I’m not saying that he’s a great leader or a godly man. What I am saying is that he seems uniquely prepared for this exact moment in history.
Dress Rehearsal Or The Real “Deal”? (Click Here for Todd's full thoughts)

Full Transcript of Trumps Speech - NBC News (Thanks Hope)

Hamas calls for Palestinian uprising against Israel - Reuters
“We have given instruction to all Hamas members and to all its wings to be fully ready for any new instructions or orders that may be given to confront this strategic danger that threatens Jerusalem and threatens Palestine,” said Haniyeh.

Here is an excellent summary from the AP on the Worlds reaction....
Protests across Palestinian areas, Mideast after Trump move
The region has been bracing for fallout from Trump’s seismic policy shift. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday accused Trump of throwing the Mideast into a “ring of fire” and said his motives were difficult to fathom. “It’s not possible to understand what you are trying to get out of it,” Erdogan said...  (Note: This move might not make much sense in the eyes of the world (especially unbelievers), but that gives me even more confidence God is behind this!)

Trump's Slurred Speech at the end of his speech...
This one is interesting... I have started thinking about it and see that many others have as well (just Google it). See what I wrote in the comments section below for my thoughts and let me know what you think....  Many secular people are listening to these slurred words (and making fun of him) more than anything else he said yesterday, could God be telling us to focus on them as well?  Why those words.... It seems that the point in which the slurring happened could be prophetic.

As an example the mocking videos often focus on the last 30 seconds or so and show it repeatedly....especially the very end and the phrase "God Bless the United States" which I agree was the most noticeable of all the slurred words, followed close behind by the phrase "lasting peace" which was also pretty slurred.  See below for more thoughts...

Eschatology Today - Paradigm Shattering Changes Reshaping the Middle East - Part III

The above image is obviously one taken by a Reuters photographer this morning somewhere in Judea and Samaria as the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city occurred well after sundown. The scene above is one we all expected to see this morning. The battle lines are clearly drawn and low-intensity conflict of various forms has been engaged by the IDF in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and soon from Gaza and the Sinai.

Three links from our sister Alla...

Hi all, it's interesting for me now, really, the reaction of Netanyahu, I've found today, for example:
'I told Trump he's about to make history'. Amazing!

And also interesting, Nikki Haley on the decision to move US embassy to Jerusalem, yet yesterday: (9 Minutes)

Latest Video from Adam regarding Trump...(6 Minutes)

Why it matters: The US pivot on Jerusalem - Fox News / AP
Israel and the U.S. may be counting on this crisis to pass, allowing Trump to renew his efforts to clinch what he calls "the ultimate deal," while leaving Israel firmly in control of the holy city.

Amirs Latest Update (57 Minutes) I don't have time to watch this tonight, but if someone does can you please put a summary in the comments section? Thanks!!

12/8/17 Links

Paul Grevas' Update

Zech 12:2,3 : "Behold, I will make Jerusalem a CUP of TREMBLING unto all the people round about when they shall be in the siege of Jerusalem. And IN THAT DAY will I make Jerusalem a BURDENSOME STONE for all people that burden themselves with it shall be cut to pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it".

Welcome Everybody. What can I say?? WHEW!! The above title and scripture tell it all. Trump's absolutely stunning decision to RECOGNIZE Jerusalem as the UNDIVIDED CAPITAL of Israel is Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, nothing BUT Prophecy IN THAT DAY. And "TODAY FRIENDS" is THAT DAY which has opened a Pandora's Box that is so off the rails. How can this lightening quick move have cleaned the deck of ALL gutless U.S. Presidents since 1995. This is an enormous supra-charge blast to set the Mideast Region's and world's Red Flag alerts for possible world conflicts and whatever else is to come.

 Let's peel the onion back and see what we find under the 1st and 2nd and 3rd layers of world backlash fraught with vile Jewish hatred and the coming Muslim violence, riots, 3rd Intifada, death, Psalms 83, Damascus 17:1,14, and Russia's Gog Wars which can only pave the way for the 3rd Temple, the introduction of the Anti-Christ and signing the Peace Deal and the dreaded Great Trib. Please note, no nation of the 195 on earth has an Embassy in Jerusalem. How enormous is THAT? Yet up until Prophetic Day Dec. 6th, 2017, even America has Embassies in vulture terror nations North Korea, Iran, Libya, and Syria's capitals. And then there was Trump, ala modern day King Cyrus who, by the way, helped Ezra & Nehemiah build the 2nd Temple 2,500 years ago, and that too, was against all odds. To God be All the Glory. Trump now owns the wildest, wounded 4 tooth root canal needing tiger by the tail on this Jerusalem Decision.

That being the world against Israel. Look at the NUMEROCITY of world outrage :
a) President Abbas : "The Peace Process is dead, it is the kiss of death. There's no more meaning to it. All options are now on the table. This is absolutely offensive and unacceptable. The region has entered a new and dangerous phase, the consequences which can not be controlled, This is absolutely unacceptable". His spokesman : "The President has just invoked a long religious war. The blood of martyrs will not be wasted". Within hours, Abbas looks the other way, says SQUAT, as 100s of thousands of Palestinian declare "3 Days of Rage" (today, Friday, Saturday) and hit the streets of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, BETHLEHEM, etc. chanting "Jerusalem is the Palestinian's only", as well as, chilling thoughts for the 3rd Intifada to begin. As of this writing just in the West Bank, over 280 rock and bottle wielding Palestinians are injured from IDF's live fire, rubber coated bullets, water cannons and tear gas. More to come for sure. Effigies of Trump, American Flags and mega Trump posters set in flames. Just Google it, it's horrendous, their angst, and spreading like wildfires. Speaking of just like the 6 prophetic, horrific hurricane force Santa Ana winds caused wildfires scorching LA suburbs today which have forced 340,000 Californians to flee for their lives. FYI these prophetic fires started the EXACT, I say EXACT day, that Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. And why not, this divine timing, is our God Almighty talking to us to Wake Us Up, WE ARE THERE.

2. HAMAS :
They chime in with their Northern Brothers in West Bank, doing double ditto and worse. Leader Hinyahe also calls for the start of the dreaded 3rd Intifada so many Bible Prophecy Scholars have been warning, even little me. Hinyahe says : "This announcement just opened the gates of hell". And FYI, Just days prior to the Jerusalem Decision, the IDF destroyed 6 military Hamas targets in Gaza after Hamas fired on IDF as they were filling Hamas' dicrepid "Jewish Killer Tunnels" with concrete. You bet, these Gen. 16:12 "wildmen" offsprings of good ole' Ishmael are such jackals. Also, these Dad Gum horned frogs stabbed an Israeli soldier to death earlier this week in city of Arad in South Israel. News pending.

King Abdullah : "This will bring violence in the region and trigger anger across the Arab and Muslim world, fuel tensions, jeopardize the Peace Process". Look Left King, the mayhem has started.

4. EGYPT :
Pres. El-Sisi : "This will stir tremendous tensions in the region".

5. SYRIA :
The butcher himself, Pres. Assad, knows this for sure, and says : "War is now coming". EUREKA, he finally got something right.

Insane leader of Hezbollah, Nasrallah also calls for the 3rd Intifada to commence immediately. Says he will contribute from the North of Israel to assist in annihilating the Jewish nation.

New kid on the block, 32 year old King bin Salman : "This decision will have serious implications. It was the wrong thing to do at this time". FYI, earlier in the week Saudis call for emergency Arab nations for meeting in Cairo to form a "UNTIED FRONT" to confront Iran, Hezbollah and Syria. War drums a beatin' everywhere friends.

B. GOG WAR RUSSIA, Gog herself :
1. Kremlin : "We are deeply concerned over Trump's decision on Jerusalem. This risks aggravating the entire region. This is laden with dangerous and uncontrollable consequences". Got that right Gog, and you'll be the "STAR" very soon now.

2. Friends, Chief Prince of Gog in Ezek. 38"2, Vladimir Putin just declared he's running for President again, in March, just like the sun rises every morning. This will be his 6th tenure as Pres. or Prime Minister. Russian Duma, like our Congress, legally only allows "2" terms. Talk about Prophecy explosion before our very droopy, complacent eyes. It's Dictator Putin for Pres., for P.M., forever, Right!!

3. IRAN : Friends, I detest these goons as much as our petulant and arrogant Ex-Pres. detested Israel. Shiite Iran, backed and provided for Yemen Rebel's ballistic missile hits on a military target in Sunni foe Saudi Arabia. I call this powder-keg anymore 3rd Base in Baseball of the Middle East, "t" "h" squared : Too Hot To Handle". As per Al-Jazeeri News in Arabia, 12 Iranian Revolutionary Guard killed just West of Damascus by an Israeli airstrike. Israel is quiet on this, surely news pending.

Pres. Erdogan, the lead turkey himself : "We now break all ties with Israel. This was our Red Line. Trump's decision is akin to pulling the pin off a grenade". Gobble, gobble.
Sooo, have I forgotten any players in Gog. Oh yes,

For brevity sake in this must-needed-report-you just gotta know Israel's stance about it's ramifications on Jerusalem Decision. I'll just say a portion of what Bibi said : "This was a COURAGEOUS action by President Trump..... This is a millinium milestone". Bravo Bibi. Israelis ecstatic as well.

EU :
France's President Macron : "This is regrettable. The U.S. must rethink this".

Finally, UN, United Not Heads :
1. They treat this as a "dagger" for the Peace Process by "maverick" Pres. Trump.
2. And why not, on Dec. 3, they, and the entire EU, save the UK, marks Palestinian Solidarity Day celebration by adding 6 more demon-filled anti-Israel resolutions. Worst being a final demand for Israel to give their "land portion" of the Golan to Syria. What an absolute shame and sham of a diabolic request. 2nd worst was yet another condemnation of Israel for "Disproportional" acts of violence and terror against poor, sweet Palestinians. Oh for the Perils of Pauline what nut job baffoons the UN is, Right.
3. UN Sec. General Guiterez on Jerusalem Recognition : "In this moment of great anxiety, I want to make it clear that there is NO ALTERNATIVE to the 2-State-Solution". Yeah, 2-State WW3, as in Hitler's FINAL SOLUTION for Israel and coming Daniel 9:27 : "He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week".
4. With that said, he calls on UN Security Council to meet on Friday, TOMORROW, TOMORROW, as the Annie Broadway hit song goes, to discuss this Prophetic bombshell.

Friends, Do You Get It? The waves and spools of Prophetic threads are being pulled together YES, I know you know! The above mentioned Wars and even WW3 are looming and lurking. May we POW-WOW. That is Pray, Occupy, Watch, then Wait, Occupy and Watch some more. He's got to be on His way. No wonder the recent Blood Moons and Virgo omens have just been so divinely orchestrated by our Lord in such a Timely Perfection of Prophecy Explosion for this Final Generation. God willing see you next week. Sorry for "lengthy Facebook". Had to do it. Absolutely Had To. You Gotta Know Where We Are.

PS. #1
And did you hear what that beautiful, yet satan minion Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games fame, her black wasped rant after Trump's Jerusalem Decision : "What is this (Melania Trump selected) Jesus Nativity bullsh_t doing in the White House. I am looking forward to Donald Trump being destroyed by our Lord satan".

PS #2
Just as bad : Pope Francis rants on Jerusalem Decision : "I cannot silence my deep concerns over the situation that has just emerged. Jerusalem is sacred for the Jews, Christians, AND MUSLIMS. It is the home deemed by followers of all 3 religions. I pray to God that this identity is preserved for the sake of the Holy Land, the Middle East, the world and that wisdom will prevail". Ayi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi. He just said that he prayed to God that Jerusalem is not "W"HOLLY for the Jews. WOW!! What junk talk. And the race is on for Who will be the False Prophet in Revelation.

New Links from Alla
Hi all, I'm searching today this deal, and found again interesting (for me).

The response of the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin: 'Trump's recognition of J'lem was the right response to Obama' - Obama’s parting shot at Israel in December of 2016

'Day of Rage'

And it's very interesting for me the response of the Pope, this time with Erdogan

Middle East Hotspots - The Call of the Bride
(this pages is updated with links every day and you may want to bookmark it)

Unsealed - The World Erupts
Many great photos of the reaction to the events this week...


  1. Like many of you I'm a huge fan of JD Farag's weekly Mid-East Prophecy Updates. Regarding everything happening in the world and in biblical prophecy, the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance and Isaiah 17 and everything else, "The end game of all these prophecies is Jerusalem." JD's paraphrase of Zechariah 12:1-3, "I'm going to make Jerusalem the obsession of the entire world...the whole world will become obsessed and even intoxicated by this one little city." Also, if Israel is the minute hand of God's prophetic clock, Jerusalem is the second hand. VERY excited to see how everything plays out today and in the coming days...Maranatha!!

    1. I watched that too Justin...powerful words for sure. I wish JD would put out updates multiple times a week (especially this week). So much happens every day it seems that by Sunday he is so far behind!

    2. "I wish JD would put out updates multiple times a week (especially this week)" Same!!! :--) I've been wishing that for a long while. (There could be a mid-week update. But he said that it's an enormous job to prepare one, I understand that too.)

    3. Daily Updates belong to the Ruach Hakodesh. Beloved Pastor JD has the privilege of the weekly summary :) Looking forward to the next one, oh yeah. Maranatha!

  2. “US President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move its embassy there, breaking with longtime US policy and potentially threatening regional stability.”


    “Trump maintained that his decision would not compromise the city's geographic and political borders, which will still be determined by Israel and the Palestinians.”

    He didn’t call Jerusalem the *undivided* capital of Israel though, I guess that’s what the second quote is about. It’s still big news. (I thought that he’ll probably sign the waver and delay the embassy move.)

    1. p.s.: article:,7340,L-5052940,00.html

  3. To borrow a stock phrase from the President: This is gonna be HUUUUUUGE!

  4. In Obadiah we read about a prophecy against Edom ( Jordan ) that is directly connected to the Day of the Lord. The will destroy Edom as a result of a very particular event. For thy vilolence ( Hebrew word HAMAS ) against Jacob. At some point in the future Edom will be part of a confederacy of nation that will come against Israel. They together with the confederacy will sack Jerusalem, Cut off those Jews trying to escape and deliver those found hiding in the land. They will divide the possessions of the Jews and divide the city among the nations. Joel 3 has more details on this telling us that the children will be sold to the Greeks fro wine and prostitutes. But Obadiah says in vs. You should not have done this. The day of the Lord is very near upon all the nations. The same will be done to Edom and the nations and the Jews will consume their enemies and worship on Gods Holy mountain. Obadaih 6-15 KJV

    Ignorance of this prophecy is going to devestate many in the christian world. They are looking for the war of Ezekiel 38-39 where God destroys the enemies of Israel but in reality Israel is to first be destroyed. Many will simply leave the faith altogether. Turkey and Jordan are calling for action against Jerusalem being declared the capital of Israel.

  5. Quick question, since I'm not always too clued up.... will the war of Ezekiel happen before the peacy treaty?

    1. I am not totally sure about that, but I found this compelling... According to Dr. Andy Woods that war is in the Tribulation due to the mention of Gods Wrath in Ezekiel 38:18-19. He thinks that locks down the timing of that war... which would obviously make it after the peace agreement.

      Here is a recent video by him I am working through on this subject. I am halfway in and its been very informative. 2017.12.01. Middle East Prophecy Update Part 1

    2. Brad, I just listened to it- great recommendation. Thank you. Seems to fall in line with most who study the topic. Sudan being biblical Ethiopia was new to me, but makes it even clearer where we're at.

    3. Thank you Brad, will try and watch over the weekend.

  6. There is not really a peace treaty. After Israel is destroyed they are scattered among the world and eventually taken back to Egypt by way of ship. They will try to sell themselves as slaves but no one will buy them. Deut 28:60-68. The purpose of this is to purge the rebels from among them. There will be others in other lands but Egypt will be the main dumping ground. During this time they will Remember the Lord in far away lands and he will begin to call them to himself. He will bring them under the bond of the covenant once the rebels are killed off or repent. He will begin to bring them in to Israel from around the world. Those in Egypt will cross the red sea. Those in Assyria will cross the Jordan. Those in other parts of the world will be given transportation by royalty. They will destroy their enemies and take the whole land from the Nile river to the Euphrates from northern Arabia to Lebanon. The only way to stop them will be to get them to violate the covenant they have just been brought under. Baalim did exactly that. The prince of the people to come will confirm the covenant mentioned in Daniel 9:4 . It is the same covenant they are brought under while being purged in Egypt. In other words he will put himself in the place of being gaurdian of the covenant with the purpose of undermining it. Ultamatle this ends in the war of GOG and Magog ( the battle of armagedon ) were God destroys his enemies.

    Passages Deut 28:68/30:1-6 Ezek 20:33-49. Isaiah 11:11-16 Zech 10. Daniel 9. Daniel 9:4,27 11:21,30,32. Joel 3

  7. Brad Hurst, no offense but this is not making any sense to me. It looks like you are intertwining different historical periods like the Babylonian/Edom destruction, The 70 A.D. Titus destruction, The Diaspora, the re-establishment of Israel as a nation and the 7 yr. Tribulation into one future time frame.
    Am I reading all of this wrong or is that your understanding of all of these prophetic fulfillments?

    1. I was wondering the same.

    2. I believe Brad is confusing the time lines The scattering of Israel was in 70 A D, and once Israel was again regathered in 1948, they will never again be re-scattered. Psalm 83 talks about enemies surrounding Israel and those wars are what happened in 1948 and 1967. The Ezek 38 war is the first round of the God / Magog wars and happens at the beginning of the 7 year tribulation (we know this because it takes 7 years to bury the dead bodies), the Armageddon gathering happens at the end of the tribulation, just before the actual second coming (where we the saints who were taken at the rapture, before the tribulation, return with him). Then the 1000 year Kingdom is set up (after a short time because the world is so uninhabitable it takes time to restore), with Christ ruling on earth. At the end of the 1000 year reign, the second Gog / Magog war is attempted when Satan attempts to overthrow the reigning Christ on earth, which of course Jesus destroys with a word. After which the new heaven and earth are created and eternity continues... Amir's latest video (Behold Israel and worth subscribing to), touches on these events quite well. Here is a link to his video...

    3. "and once Israel was again regathered in 1948, they will never again be re-scattered." I agree! This is the clear promise of the Lord.

  8. It has been said: "the definition of insanity is to repeat an action and expect different results". That is what has been taking place for a long time. President Trump broke the log jam. It's certainly going to get bumpy, but that's what happens after a log jam.

  9. Has anyone else had their curiosity peaked about whether Trump's confirmation of the 1995 US law requiring America to move its' embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might be construed as confirming the covenant with many as noted in Daniel 9:27

    1. I think here it's rather about peace and security, not about peace covenant. I've read Trump's speech, it's exactly what it says: "With today's action, I reaffirm my administration's longstanding commitment to a future of peace and security for the region." This is probably 1Thes 5:3, then it's about the Rapture, and it will trigger a great war against Israel, based upon the general reaction. Maranatha!

    2. In thinking about that question, I tend to agree with you, Alla. Also thinking about how fluid the players are as I read up some on Erdogan’s big IOC meeting in Turkey in the next 5-10 Days with Muslim World to “deal with Jerusalem issue” and speed up the Muslim League process, if that might be connected to Dan.11:23 as an unholy covenant that will think to come against the holy covenant of Dan.11:28. Any thoughts on that scenario?
      Blessings, Sister

  10. Today Erdogan has called for a meeting with Muslim leaders

    TITLE:Breaking "Turkey Erdogan calls Islamic Summit on Jerusalem Grave Mistake" - Paul Begley

    This was from last year....published November 5 2016 by Prophecytoday1 - Pastor Mark Cornell is speaking.... He spoke on the Rev 12 sign and on the video they showed on cable....

    TITLE: Turkey leads Gog and Magog Formation of Islamic Caliphate Antichrist Emprise with 10 horns

    This is from October 3 2013 published by Tigerdan925:

    TITLE: Gog and Magog identified. It's not RUSSIA!!!


    From Maranatha Today

  11. My only fear is the possibility that this blows up in Trump's face so badly that it causes the treaty of Daniel 9:27 to be delayed for a good while. But the pot is being stirred like it hasn't been stirred in a long time, and we know who is doing the stirring. =:)

    1. God is certainly using President Trump to achieve His purpose. I wonder if the President has any idea of the significance of his actions? Certainly he's aware politically (at least I think so!), but how about prophetically? Do you think any of his advisors are letting him know what impact his actions are having in fulfilling God's prophetic promises?

    2. I don’t know Dennis, but I hope so. I’ve read that Harry Truman made his decision to support the State of Israel based on Scripture. And I believe Pastor Jeffries of Dallas is, or at least was, one of his advisors and I would think he would point him in that direction. I heard today that Trump spoke of how spiritually affected he was by his experience of being at and touching the Wailing Wall. So I do believe there is probably more than just politics at play in his decision.
      Blessings, Brother:-)

    3. VeeBee, thinking about you and hoping and praying you and yours are doing ok. Praying God’s great mercy in those winds dying down and slowing the spread of those fires. Be safe in His care!

    4. Sheila thank you for your prayers. They're many people here that do not know the Lord and losing a house is all they know. The wind is to pick up tonight 60 70 miles an hour. We will Continue to pray

    5. And I praise God I am finally out of bed and able to function. Thank you for prayers. I do hope Alla that you are better as well that is a blessing I was able to drive around the county and pray for the Lost. I continue to think about the situation was Israel and since the distress among the nation's I like the video by little Schual ( Zeus Mos...) describing the situation as being a stepping stone for the near future

    6. VeeBee, so glad to see you posting! Those fires look terrifying. We went through same a few years back in 2011 here in TX called the Labor Day fires. Every family member from Austin to La Grange was under evac, but by the grace of God all of our homes were spared at that time. Many others were not and this area still bears the ugly scars. We can only trust God to use these things to His glory regarding the lost and give strength to those who are His. Blessings and prayers for you and yours. Maranatha!

    7. Greg... just my thoughts here.... The more Trump bucks the trends and disrupts the status quo, the more he befuddles them and confuses them and irritates them.... well then the more likely we are to see drastic actions taken by the enemies of the USA and Israel. The more drastic and disrupted and desperate they become, the more likely they are to do all those horrible things that are being whispered into their ears which the Bible forewarns us about. Just my two shekels. ; )

    8. Greg – it’s that art of the deal! His admin is working with the Saudi’s and Palestine on a peace deal. They likely already agree with the Embassy move because they are getting something in return.

    9. Greg L.,

      I think the current climate is ripe for the first domino to fall which could lead to Damascus’ destruction or the first domino will be Damascus’ destruction itself. After that happens or simultaneously with it a major regional war might break out, leading to a showdown with Iran&Co. I have to say that I’m not sure that this will be the Ezekiel 38/39 war, it could happen but maybe first the “breaking the bow of Elam”(aka the prophecy against Elam by the prophet Jeremiah) will happen as our brother in Christ Sean expects so at Eschatology Today. (Elam in ancient times was the place which is now one of the provinces of Iran and where their nuclear reactor and the centrum of their weapons program are.) Personally I find it very possible that the AC will emerge to establish his power with plucking the 3 other *horns* out and he’ll be already a prominent political leader with power at the time of the confirmation of the peace covenant with many. Therefore I have no problem with the scenario that Ezekiel 38/39 might happen after the appearance of the AC. (Of course this is just my theory, I could be wrong.) The confirmation of the peace treaty might happen sometime after the Ezekiel 38/39 war. I have no idea exactly when and by exactly who the peace treaty will be made, but I think so that major prophetic war(s) come first.

  12. With this new prophetic bible prophecy coming into action today making history is simply amazing and I want to thank God for letting all of us be here to see this come to pass and I think that this is one major action and many other actions will take place from this one a long with many other things taking place in the background that we don't know about like Obama as it seems as they are grooming him to be a world leader or something big as I feel like something huge aside from what took place today is right around the corner ! Do I think that things will blow up on Trumps face and things drag out no I don't 2as we all know we are in the end times and the fig tree went forward and they are 70 years or more or just a tiny less so we are indeed very close as everything is falling into place Amen and all praise to our savior Jesus Christ! I pray that many don't get blinded thinking Trump will make America great again and they can just live their lives out and nothing is going to happen and just go back to sleep cause that's not the case as we are on the edge and close to the end amen !

    1. This is definitely a landmark decision for the world. For Christians this is prophecy being fulfilled. Enjoyed reading all the comments now I need to find the scriptures look them up and learn more Lord bless you. Maranatha

  13. See how the LORD works! I saw this first on Breitbart on Tuesday, and I was shocked!

    Not sure if anyone has said this yet, it's really interesting!
    Kislev 16, 5708 -November 29, 1947 (U.N. partition plan)
    Kislev 16, 5778 -December 4, 2017 (Day the wavier expires)

    Precisely 70 years! God is so wonderful, is he not?

    1. Beloved, it IS wonderful to see our God’s meticulous signature on everything! Yesterday’s event confirmed for me that this is indeed the time of Jubilee. They regained Jerusalem 50 yrs ago, but it took another 50 for it
      to finally be acknowledged as their rightful possession through the conduit of the US President. Very exciting times as we watch the Word live and breathe out His perfect plans.
      Even so, Lord, come!

    2. I just read a short and interesting article about the role that President Trump is playing in God's plan for Jerusalem and the U.S. Embassy.

    3. Jimboni...did you see who it was that bought that $450 M
      Da Vinci painting of Christ? Very interesting article at DailyCrow today about the Saudi Crown Prince and friends and where that painting is going. And notice the date of when the final payment will be made. Can’t make this stuff up. Blessings, Brother:-)

    4. Awesome connections, both the 70 years on the waiver expiration and that very-very possible Jubilee confirmation!

    5. Sheila B., No I had not dug into that one although I mentioned it as significant in its timing alongside other events. Checked the DC and it is interesting who bought it although I wonder if that wasn't something of an Ego-play by the purchaser ? Nonetheless it does heighten the spiritual significance of the buy, it would seem. Didn't see any details on its destination or date of payment settlement, please, what are you seeing there?

    6. Hey Jimboni. I just thought that this little known prince probably purchased it for MBS because he’s been catching some flack about his extravagance lately. It is reportedly headed for his close ally’s museum in Abu Dhabi. The thing is, Islam forbids representations of prophets like this so why would they so badly want this? And the 5th and final payment will be made on May 14 next year, which is of course the Israeli anniversary. I was watching BBC on tv the other day doing a profile on MBS. They ran a collage of headshot pics and in all but one, he looked totally normal, but there was one b/w photo near the end and the man looked like pure evil consumed with raw power. It was strange to say the least. I think this man is going to play a big part in the near future and why they coveted this forbidden painting of the Christ at such an exhorbitant price is just one if those hmmmm...questions
      you (and me, too) like to ask;-).
      Blessings, my Brother!

    7. I hear the idea of the symbolism of one of the Richest men in the world publicly declaring, to the world, in the language of the world, the value of even an image of our Lord, yet, simultaneously demonstrating utter bankruptcy. (Mk 8:36; Matt 13:46; Rev 3:17) Maranatha!

    8. Jimboni, in my scroungings around,
      I did come across some odd things about this painting. There’s a video by Christie’s of people who went to see it on display.

      The Last da Vinci: The World is Watching @ YTC.

      Their reaction was...well you just have to see it. (And
      it was reported today that it was a proxy purchase for MBS.)
      There was this one report I saw that I haven’t been able
      to corroborate elsewhere yet, but
      it weirdly said:
      “Salvator Mundi: Unknown buyer mentions strange phrases after purchase. Buyer stated “It should start, a Lady who was dressed with the sun and the moon was under her feet. Might conceive an offspring.”
      And that’s where rabbit trails will take you;-).
      Blessings, Brother.

    9. p.s. Also da Vinci made extensive use of the Divine Golden Ratio in the work. Paul Dawson’s new video reminded me of that snippet:-)

  14. My thoughts on Trumps slurred speech... (let me know your thoughts).

    So after the speech yesterday a lot of people were commenting on how it sounded like Trump had peanut butter in his mouth at the end of it. I thought that was quite odd, as I have heard him talk a lot and never heard him talk in such a way. So today I listened to it a few times and the first thing I thought of was that he might have dentures and his dentures came loose. Its almost as if he was trying to push them back into place with his tongue at one point. So I googled, "Does trump have dentures" and I got a ton of links from yesterday... all asking the same question. Most of them were highlighting how all the late night talk show guys were mocking trump for his slurred speech.... Then I got to thinking...

    Seeing all those links and imagining all those secular people listening to those words... those words at the end of his speech talking about God Blessing various people, I was just struck at how those words were being repeated over and over and over throughout the world. God used that slurred speech to get that specific part of the message out in a very clever way. Most of the time those are throw away words, just a conclusion, but not today... Those words became the story.... especially the word phrase... "God Bless the United States".

    Do you see what I am saying here... God wanted those words to get out there. Was he indicating that He would bless us for this move and wanted everyone to know it, or since they were slurred, does that mean he wouldn't bless us and wanted everyone to know it?? Please let me know your thoughts and insights...

    1. Honestly, probably the second. Trump could have made the
      American consulate in Jerusalem the embassy, and didn't. I think that there is a lot riding on this Masterpiece Cakeshop place... I think it's this week, and it is basically Satan vs God (gay agenda vs Christians). If we finally overthrow God and exalt evil in His place.... well, let's just say that Kim Jong Un may be the new Nebuchadnezzar...

      We've done so much evil... God is extremely merciful, but we've been spitting in His face for 50 years... at the same time, He said He would bless those that bless Israel... but we passed UN resolution 2334 and said Israel has no right to Jerusalem.

      After weighing the good and bad, I think the evil outweighs the good, but perhaps Trump just bought us a little more time.

      Pray for Masterpiece Cakeshop. It might be essential for national survival.

    2. I think we're simply at the end. I didn't catch the slurred speech, but it is so clear that we've been circling the drain for so long now. The final few are making their choices to step across the line of faith. Regardless of any political decisions or legal court case outcomes....we are where we're supposed to be. We know what is coming....maybe not the specific details (timing & exact sequence), but we know the Lion's share (pun intended) of what is about to happen. Most all of us knew what happened yesterday was going to happen at some point....thanks to God's word for that! We're seeing more prophecy come to pass....we're seeing/hearing the final lines, in the final scene, before the final act. Say it with me, even so,............

    3. Thanks Brad for your thoughts, I also think about. It is good that you have built all this logic, or one, or another. Honestly, I can not say - the first or second. Probably, it's something third. Because it's all the top of the iceberg. All this is behind-the-scenes work. Honestly! We are soldiers of the invisible front. I think it will be right to take into account the reaction of Israel, especially Netanyahu. Trump definitely knows what he's doing. I don't doubt it. All that he did not say, he could not say in this situation. He's already woke snakes. As it was understood by the Israelis, so it is, from a worldly point of view. Vor example this: "Israel deems Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital dating to antiquity, and its status is one of the thorniest barriers to a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace."
      But I think the Lord showed US (!) exactly what is what and who is who. I think this is so to say "a midnight cry", this brew don't apply to us! Then the Lord prepares the Israel to His deal with them, and the world to the judgement. And before all this we are going home! Maranatha!

    4. Amen, Donna! And yes, Lance...Even so, Lord, come!

      Brad, that it was picked up on as a mockery to be widely replayed is quite significant, I do believe. And the way our Lord works, He is just liable to return their mockery with some very clear message of His own and very soon I’d say. Blessings to you all!

    5. Thanks, Brad. The slurred speech at the end definitely caught my attention. I agree with you that the fact that many are tweeting and posting "God bless the United Shtesh" is significant, one way or another. Maybe if Trump had said, "And there is no such thing as a Palestinian, and according to Yahweh's covenant with Abraham, none of that land belongs to you anyway," then he might have been granted a smooth finish ;)

      Trump's speech has emboldened Israel, but at the same time ignited the hatred of her enemies. Biding more time for the U.S.A.'s survival? I'm not so sure. The City of Angels continues to blaze and D.C. is still as corrupt as its ever been.

      One thing for sure. Yesterday was prophetically significant in Israel's last-days timeline and got the world's attention on Jerusalem, the cup of staggering for the nations. No sense in resting on our laurels (as if we had anything to hold on to except Christ), and I'm still under the assumption that the first domino to fall is the removal of the Restrainer...any day now.

      Also, yesterday's announcement is a great opportunity to show outsiders the accuracy and reliability of OT/NT prophecy.

      Keeping my eyes on the prize (Philippians 3:13-14)!

      Blessings, everyone, and Maranatha!

    6. Dear Brad, as a very practical thinking person I do simply recognize this slurred speech as coming from someone who is 70 years old having had a very stressful time (=tired) and not being loved by the leftist MSM at all (so they dash against him whenever they can to ridicule him). He could have dental or sinusitis problems as well. When I am tired or sniffly (or both) I have also problems to express myself clearly and I am not yet 70 years old. I don't give any further "eisegesis" to Trumps last words as some special omen to America here but just rate them as healthwise reasons.

  15. I saw this link on Drudge on 12/5 - the day before Trumps public announcement: - Trump had already told Abbas and Jordan’s Abdullah that he intends to move the US Embassy to Jordan. There are couple of tweets from Palestine and Israel and their responses to the move. This decision has been in the works for a while along with some peace deal with the surrounding countries.

    I mentioned this because I started reading what ‘But That’s Just Me’ had to say about the Embassy. The article was brief, but linked to his own Nov. 15, 2016 article about the Trump Presidency: , which in turn linked to another 2016 article from Lamb & Lion Ministries: Both of these are great reads and talk about the importance of Jerusalem. One point of interest stated: “Well, if my understanding of Luke 21:24 is correct, it* would trigger the end of Gentile dominion, and open the gate so to speak, for the end time events setting the stage for the Tribulation.” (quote pulled from another 2016 article). *Where “it” refers to recognizing Jerusalem and the capital of Israel.

    Which leads to Joel Joseph’s writings about the need for earthly signs before end times (he’s not a fan of the Rev12 sign, to put it lightly). He has a number of articles about the importance of Jerusalem/Israel events before the Tribulation can occur.

    I’m looking forward to the peace deal that is currently in the works between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt (I can’t recall if there are others). Should be fun! I mean, fun for those of us that are caught up.

    1. Here’s a Reuters article that discusses Trump's call with Abbas on Tuesday:

      Jordan is the other country in the Peace negotiations.

      This caught my eye: “The official said the plan, which he described as comprehensive and going beyond frameworks put forth by previous U.S. administrations, would likely be unveiled before the middle of next year.”

    2. In other end times news, California had 46 earthquakes in the last 24 hours. This is twice the normal activity. Most were centered in Southern California. (per Info Wars)

      Here is a link to an earthquake tracking site: - it’s sorted for California and you can change the settings.

  16. Hi all, I've found a new Paul's video, going to look now! Blessings!

  17. Wow, lots of dynamic phrases in our posts, very nice. "God’s meticulous signature "; Lion's Share (pun Ha!); "We are soldiers of the invisible front." and "already woke snakes." These are great! I love the artistry popping up as we wrestle with language to capture what the Ruach Reveals to us, well done! Maranatha!

    1. I know Jimboni! This is the best, and the most interesting fellowship of Believers I’ve ever come across. All of ya’ll keep my spirit soaring and looking up everyday. Much love to the Body!!!

  18. Hi all, it's interesting for me now, really, the reaction of Netanyahu, I've found today, for example:
    'I told Trump he's about to make history'. Amazing!

    1. And also interesting, Nikki Haley on the decision to move US embassy to Jerusalem, yet yesterday,

    2. Thanks Alla, I always appreciate your contributions! God Bless You!!

    3. Thank you Brad, I didn't expect this, I'm searching all this for myself, which questions I have and what I'm thinking about. Thank you also for all you updates, I've learned in the last months more than in the last two years! If the speed of light slows down (?), then we all speed up, surely enough! Blessings to all community!
      I've found now the Amir's special Update on Jerusalem, long, for nearly an hour.

    4. You are very welcome. I added Amir's video above too, but doubt I will be able to get to it tonight. I would love to read what you and others who watch it have to say. I am sure he has some interesting thoughts on all this. : ) Maranatha!!

    5. Hey everyone, I was watching Amir's video and at the 8:00 mark I was moved by something Amir said as I was wondering about this myself....

      Amir... who is a Jew and lives in Jerusalem said this...
      "What Trump did was equal to Truman did in 1948."

      That's huge.

    6. As I find it very difficult to believe in mere coincidence these days, there has got to be something shouting at us with "TRUM" in Truman and the same with TRUMp. Thoughts?

    7. Maybe it’s the TRU part in their names:)

    8. Very possible, Sheila B! :)

  19. REVELATIONS 2:9 :"and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN"

    The current state of Israel and the people leading it are not the true chosen people of God. They are responsible for horrible atrocities on civilians, sponsoring terrorist groups, instigating instability and civil wars in the middle east, using white phosphorus on innocent civilians, treating Christians as second rate citizens.

    Please research this before defending those who call themselves Israel!!!

    1. Truthislife47 - I am going to say outright that you are misinformed. Israel is God's chosen land. Jesus Christ will return and his feet will touch upon the Mount of Olives. He will be King and reign throughout the world for 1,000 years from the city of Jerusalem.
      Before this, there will be 144,000 Jewish descendants from the 12 tribes of Israel who will be His witnesses during the tribulation.
      Has ever a nation been born in a day?
      You are listening to the world.
      Biblical prophecy is happening before our eyes!
      Oh Father, may they have ears to hear and eyes to see your truth through your Holy Word. Amen.

    2. Amen, Cathi! Judging by our current state, none of us is worthy to be chosen by God! Blessed be His name! It's all about His name, not ours, and not our current state! Maranatha!

    3. o.o I hear the kids getting into a tussle in the other room again. From the start, allow me to suggest we all take off our shoes on this one. These rebukes from our Lord cut to the marrow on topics with ultimate stakes, and, though fools may rush in where angels fear to tread , it would be wiser to head very tentatively in this area, especially in this forum, regardless of one's personal predispositions.

      Most of us have deep, deep passions where our Lord and His People, as we understand them to be, are concerned. I have zero doubt that, when we see this from the other side, we will be blown away at the true complexity of the issue as it concerns modern Israel. In light of Solomon's teaching, that there is nothing new under the sun, I also accept that even the identity of our beloved Israel, today, may have entanglements with Powers and Principalities or whoever even knows what in this world, which may shock. Nonetheless, this means NOTHING in the Face of the Sovereignty of Our Lord, and His Ability, and perhaps Will, to orchestrate things now as He appears to be, period. It is unholy hubris to stand on any other ground.

      However, before we open this thorny bush, lets stop and ask its relevance to the moments we are Watching for, and simply Watching, at this time. In light of the likelihood of significant strain such a topic will place upon our Fellowship, let's be extra careful to only address what is central, show how it is so, and do all of this with great tenderness and humility towards our audience and each other. In Love, as well. Maranatha!

    4. You haven't rebuked any of my points. Just because they call themselves Israel, doesn't mean they are the true Israel from the past. The settlers and people in Israel today are Asheknaz or Khazarian Jews, which are not descended from Jacob or the 12 Tribes, they do not even look like the descriptions of the Israelites in the bible:

      "His head and hair were white [pure] like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire; HIS FEET WERE LIKE FINE BRASS, AS IF REFINED IN A FURNACE, and His voice as the sound of many waters. – Revelation 1:14-15" (Fine Brass is dark brown by the way)

      The true descendants of Jacob and the lost 12 tribes, are the African-Americans and Native-Americans, they are the people that suffered the most injustices in human history, they are the ones that were enslaved by the pharaoh, and then thousands of years later in the African Slave Trade, as foretold by the Bible.

      I am a white conservative man by the way.

      Also God, who surely has the ability to predict, would never have chosen a people like the ones who rule Israel today, who kill unarmed civilians and engage in dirty political and military espionage, drop chemical bombs on innocent civilians, consider Christians as inferior humans, vandalize Christian churches.

      In conclusion, please research the fraud that is the current State Of Israel, before defending it.

    5. truthislife47, you are absolutely and completely correct, and it is precisely by Israel being currently contaminated with Asheknaz that 2/3 of the "Jewish" people will perish during the Tribulation. The remaining 1/3 will be a legitimate Jews and will enter the Millennium. So even though it does not seem right, it's all under God's control. We do not have the capacity to understand everything because of our sinfulness.

      "And it shall come to pass, {that} in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off {and} die; but the third shall be left therein.
      And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It {is} my people: and they shall say, The LORD {is} my God."
      Zechariah 13:8,9

    6. Agree w/ Truthisall current Jewish residents of Israel today.

      Also be reminded the majority of Jews have been (spiritually and supernaturally) blinded to the truth (the Messiah who was/is Jesus Christ) and once Daniel's 70th week begins, the veil will be lifted [See Matt 13: 14-15 among many others].

      HOWEVER, God's name dwells in Jerusalem which is the capital of Israel...historically and well...always has been.

      Jerusalem is the Apple of God's eye [Zechariah 2: 6-12]

      Ho, ho, come forth, and flee from the land of the north, saith the LORD: for I have spread you abroad as the four winds of the heaven, saith the LORD. Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon. For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.

      For, behold, I will shake mine hand upon them, and they shall be a spoil to their servants: and ye shall know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me. Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion: for, lo, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of thee, saith the LORD. And many nations shall be joined to the LORD in that day, and shall be my people: and I will dwell in the midst of thee, and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto thee. And the LORD shall inherit Judah his portion in the holy land, and shall choose Jerusalem again.

      Re: Parable of the 10 Virgins [Matt 25]

      The virgins without oil in their lamps are all individuals here on earth who do not have the Holy Spirit within them (to include both Gentiles and Jews). So when the bridegroom comes (i.e. the catching away), He only takes those with the HS in them...leaving behind those without the HS (i.e. being shut out of the wedding ceremony because he knew them not...Jesus does not recognize them as guests for the wedding). [See Matt 25: 11-12]

      Oil = Light = Jesus = the Holy Spirit = the spirit of the man

      [Proverbs 13:9] The light of the righteous rejoices; but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out.

      [Proverbs 20:27] The spirit of the man is the candle (i.e. lamp) of the Lord, searching all inward places of the belly.

    7. truthislife47,
      Rev.1:14-15 is not a description of human beings of any heritage. It is clearly a description of the Alpha and Omega per verse 11 and He is the God of ALL creation who is in utter control of ALL things.
      “Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance...these are the fruit of the Spirit and if we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.”
      Galatians 5:22-26.

      As Christians, we are not of this world, only in it for a time. We watch intently as the God of all glory unfolds His perfect plan and purpose before us. We trust in His Word and His outcome. If you are of these, then may you do the same with a joyful and expectant heart.

  20. I caught the slurred speech, but I thought at the moment, that he had dry mouth, I could see he was nervous, and there was no water, guessing because so many made a huge deal in his last speech, about him drinking I think this was a huge announcement, and he was very nervous, and had dry mouth, it has happened to me before! He knew there would be uprising, and I really think it was the absolute hand of The Father that caused this decision to be made, so he was being promted by The Ruach ha Qodesh, and most likely didn't know.

  21. Hi all, I'm searching today this deal, and found again interesting (for me).
    The response of the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin: 'Trump's recognition of J'lem was the right response to Obama' - Obama’s parting shot at Israel in December of 2016
    'Day of Rage'
    And it's very interesting for me the response of the Pope, this time with Erdogan
    Blessings! Maranatha!

    1. Thanks All... added clickable links to these above! Blessings!

  22. I haven't heard it mentioned in all the comments above, so just wanted to pop in. According to Michelle Bachman, Trump has an advisory committee of Evangelicals who meet once a week at the White House. When he is in town and it is possible, he meets with them and they discuss. According to Michelle in a videotaped interview with Jan at Olive Tree Ministries, she has never in her career seen Bible studies being held at the White House and Christianity so openly accepted. I can draw no conclusions on Trump's internal heart conditions other than what we see and, certainly that is only a partial view. But, to the question as to whether or not he understands the Biblical significance of what he is doing I would say without any question he is being advised. Can he make America Great Again? No, I do not believe he can because I believe the nation in its current form has passed the line, my opinion only. Do I believe God is using Trump, whatever his heart condition is? Absolutely, for we have never seen someone so outwardly defending of God's laws as Trump has been, my opinion only. I believe Trump is the opportunity given to the American people calling them to make a choice for or against God's laws from scripture about how a country should be run. This was a final chance for the people of America to show God they agree with His laws and still name Him God or fight God's laws and choose the side of the enemy of our soul, as many have done. I do not think one thing Trump can do will delay anything of the end times and the move of the embassy to Jerusalem will probably hasten it. God uses people of all stripes and points of sanctification to work His purpose on the earth. I am on God's side, not the side of any man. As for Israel and who is who in Israel, I only know one thing, God knows. God sovereignly caused "the currently unbelieving" NATION of Israel to be returned to the homeland He gave them. The Tribulation is not just about "people" coming to Christ, it is about the national salvation for Israel. That will occur, but sadly only about 1/3 of the nation will be The Remnant. Never confuse God's dealing with people and His dealing with Nations. They are not the same and they do not always happen at the same time. Now, He will continue to proceed to sort out who is who and what is what and when is when. No one can deny what has happened to the people the world knows as Jews is miraculous throughout history. Even in ancient times a gentile could join themselves to the Jewish nation, follow the law of God and be accepted as a Jew despite their birth. Is that what has happened? I don't know. I don't have to know, God knows. I think we are on very dangerous ground when we begin to "sort things out" for God and decree what He will and will not do and to decide who is and is not His. That type of judgement is way above our pay grades. My pay grade allows me to trust, pray, follow His Book to the best of my ability and discernment and then Trust Him some more. I believe we are very close to going home and I do not want to cause even one to stumble in the home stretch. We must love and pray for as many and as deeply as we are capable in this fleshly world and allow God to do the sorting. He is fully capable! We see through a mirror dimly - Blessings - Sherry

  23. Dear family I have to keep up with all this now as our internet router broke down so I was offline several days - I just got to know about Trumps epic and absolutely historical decision for the recognition of Jerusalem and then the internet was cut off... :-D

    Did any of you hear of the possible pioneer task of the U.S. in bringing other nations to follow? The Czech Republic as well as the Philippines are interested to move their embassies as well to Jerusalem now (click!). IMO this might also lead to the "covenant with many" mentioned in Daniel 9:27 especially when our soon departure and aftermath shock is considered. I still do believe we are leaving before 12/31. MARANATHA!

  24. Revelation 12:2 TENSIONS RISE, BIRTH PANGS INCREASE... Palestinian Beirut protesters breach US embassy 12/11/17, anti-Israel riots rising all over the world, they burn Israel flags even in Berlin now in front of the Bundestag. MARANATHA we're leaving!! :=D

  25. Again, please note this most significant Haaretz article 12/11/17 about the true reasons for Pres. Trump to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel because this is really Gods way to speed up events now: Evangelical Christians (by name only supposedly!) mostly of the unbiblical 'Kingdom now' movement want to urge Armageddon, therefore they effect a self-fulfilling prophecy according to scriptures. This is astounding! MARANATHA!


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