A Supermoon Trilogy...

I hope you were able to catch the supermoon this weekend... the brightness was amazing. At our home it was casting shadows in the yard. Apparently supermoons are so bright because they are 30,000 miles closer than at other times...which makes them 30% brighter. You probably also know that this celestial event was 70 days after the Revelation 12 Sign concluded. What I just found out this morning is that this is just part one of a "supermoon trilogy". Coming up next month there is another supermoon happening. January 1st of 2018.... exactly 100 days after the Revelation 12 Sign. It's almost as though God is putting an exclamation mark the first day of the year for some reason. Then, before the 1st month is even over in 2018 yet a third supermoon is happening!  This is a blue-moon.... or as the article below calls it, a super-blue-moon and a "Royal Spectacle".  On top of that, it is a lunar eclipse (aka, a blood moon)!

I don't know what the next month holds, but I do find it interesting that these rare celestial markers keep happening. Read the article below to learn more about these events. Keep looking up!
Many thanks to Matt at the Daily Crow for sharing this!

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
Luke 21:28 KJV

The January 31st supermoon will also be the second full Moon of the month. Some people call the second full Moon in a month a Blue Moon, that makes it a super ‘blue Moon.’ Blue Moons happen every two and a half years, on average. With the total eclipse, it’ll be a royal spectacle indeed: a ‘super blue blood’ Moon.
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  1. The blood moon will be visible in Israel at moon rise. It is the first of 3 back to back blood moons visible in Israel, the next in July and the final one in January of 2019. They come 7 years after another triple set of blood moons that occurred in 2011 and were also visible in Israel, and in between them were the four blood moons of the feast day tetrad in 2014-15. I remember looking at the pattern of blood moon eclipses back in 2011 and thinking that the triple blood moons of 2011 and 2018 were probably bracketing out the tribulation. Now that we are on the cusp of 2018 I am wondering if instead they were bracketing out the final 7 years of the church age.

    1. Hello all you Beautiful People of the Rev 12 Sign, to be continued and ongoing.
      Good synopsis. I too have studied this Triad of Blood Moons since before it was initiated back in 2011. As the NASA video rightly said, the Super Moon Trilogy ends with the Blood Moon on January 31, 2018 but it actually just starts the Blood Moon Triad of 3 Blood Moons that 'bookended' the Triad of 2014-15. It is sort of what occurred on the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad in 2015. As noted, it will be an amazing array of a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and occurring on a Jewish Feast day. What is rather peculiar is that the Blood Moon on January 31, 2018 that is the 1st of the 3 Blood Moons will coincide, coincidentally with the Jewish Feast of Tu B’Shevat or the New Year of Trees. This Blood Moon Triad remains to be seen what it will entail, prophetically but to me it resonates with the imagery of the Fig Tree, and that being 70 years as a ‘Generation’ or ‘The Generation’ that will see the return of Jesus.

      There is also unique phi ratio time markers from the May 14, 2018 date to the Rabbinical count of the Feasts and in particular Shavuot or Pentecost in 2018. However, what we have to deal with every year is which ‘calendar’ is one basing one’s count on. I made a chart that incorporates a visual depiction of the Triad Blood Moons and the 2 calendars, the Rabbinical and the Torah Calendar. Also, as we area all aware of, it so happens that 2018 will mark the 70th anniversary or the ‘Fig Tree’ being ‘born’ Israel’s independence in May 14, 1948. Also unique is that from that Independence Day to the Central Bull’s Eye Blood Moon is exactly 1776 hours…which echoes the ‘Year of Light’ year 5776. Below is the online link to the chart.


      As this coming Triad of Blood Moon might rekindle somewhat the ‘Tetrad’ phenomenon in the coming year, I do have nearly 40 other charts on the study of the Blood Moons, if so desired that I believe are tied to the coming and building of the 3rd Temple.


      Psalm 27

    2. Hi Lu. Thanks for great info. Oddly enough, when I was praying this morning re the latest CA fires, your name popped into my prayers and here you are today with more good stuff! Blessings and hope you are well!

  2. Thank you, Brad, very much! This is very interesting, once more conjunctions and always significant day counting! Looking up! The signs are more and more abundantly! Maranatha!

  3. Since 2015, the blood moon phenomena, my eyes became aware of the world events and relate it to what the bible say. I became a watchman and I started to post these updates on my FB and true enough...just like what the bible say...there will be mockers and scoffers. Anything I post about Israel and how close we are to the rapture, I will be fortunate to have 2 likes. But if I post about dogs and cats and latest food. dozens will surely comment and like it. What.a.pity.

    Then the most amazing thing happened in the heavens, the solar eclipse and the Rev 12 sign. We expected the rapture to be somewhere in those dates since it overlaps with the Feasts of the Lord and so many scriptures to coincide with it. BUT HERE WE ARE....STILL HERE.

    So, here we are again, another set of blood moons. I truly believe in the magnitude and timing of GEN 1:14 celestial markers. I came to my conclusion that Luke 21:28 is happening now and biblical prophecies are taking place. HOWEVER, there will be a day that our looking up will come to an end and those left behind will just witness these celestial events and its up for them to scratch their head what to make up of it.

  4. Keep the Santa Clara River Valley near Santa Paula California in prayer massive fire 25,000 Acres down 60 mile / hour gust winds.Many folks being evacuated. We may be next. It is a time to pray for those who hear and see the news or within the grips of the fire to recognize the Lord as being strong,mighty and able to save. Yes, this is the day of t salvation

    1. VeeBee so sorry to hear you are in the potential path of this fire. Praying now and will continue to do so for your safety and those around you. What a horrific wake-up call, but perhaps some will look up and seek Jesus who would not have done so otherwise. A horrible price for others to pay, I realize. Keep us posted.

      Praying - Blessings - Sherry

    2. My prayers are with you VeeBee. Hang on just a very little while longer.

    3. Thanks .. everyone. We can have peace .. we are under the shadow of His wings

  5. Thanks for posting Brad!

    Check out the charts on this site that shows the awesome mathematical precision of God's blood moon signs and adds a ton of amazing information on the Biblical Blood Moons! The LORD is truly amazing! Praise HIM!


  6. I still continue watching for Revelation 12:2 (Israel birth pangs) and Revelation 12:3-4 ("Planet X" bodies arriving) as I don't rely on super moons that are now possibly somehow 'manipulated' to explain away the effects of some moon simulator (watch Matt Rogers' recent fake moon video). We have far too many "super moons" these days which already makes me suspicious if media or NASA tell me that we have them almost every month now... If you are so inclined, just check out what else is in the "heavenly news" about Planet X (click!). If the BOOK OF ENOCH in chapter 80 tells me that every heavenly order (or calendar) will be out of control in endtimes then I tend to rely on what I know from looking after Rev12-sign until now. Perhaps Jesus' words "no man knows..." were meant for THAT reason as natural order and calendar is all being changed? Just a thought to ponder...

  7. Amazing, amazing signs in all realms of the world. Political, economic, astronomical, men's cold hearts and the heavens. It sounds very much like Revelation to me. We still had heavy cloud cover so I wasn't able to see the men last night or the night before, but I do have my eye on those coming up in January. It is very interesting to me to hear about the upcoming Blood Moons over Israel Bruce mentions. I have an older prophecy book that referenced Eclipses as signs of the tribulation in certain combinations based on Scripture. I'll dig that out and report back!

    Blessings - Sherry

    1. Hey guys. I took some time this morning to check out that Pet Goat video stuff. Mind blowing in accuracy of current events and it was supposedly produced back in 2012? I know their plans are laid and we have to be outta here
      post haste! Blessings to all of the Body!!!

    2. Hey Sheila , enlighten me as to the pet goat stuff , video etc. I don't recall hearing that one , but there is so much happening so fast maybe I just don't remember. The United Nations post the other day on dividing JERUSALEM was just mind boggling - to see SO much old testament prophecy coming to pass right before our very eyes is so awesome and beyond words - oh how I'm so joyfully happy for us but so frightful for the loved ones we know we are leaving behind.
      Oh how close we KNOW we are. Blessings YSIC
      Donna N

    3. Hey Donna, I had never seen it before this morning, but bless yourself with prayer first. It’s Illuminati messaging decoded from a Christian perspective. Weird to watch, but amazingly accurate on many events so far. Go to jkbugout @ YouTube and it’s titled I Pet Goat ii. That will lead to other exposes on it. What it’s about is a planned attack on US Mainland and the connection to 911, the morning G.W. Bush was reading a book titled “The Pet Goat” to those school children. In relation to Biblical prophecy, it’s very telling from Aug. 17 Eclipse forward. I believe we are razor close now. Be blessed, Sister and Maranatha!

  8. Hi all, I've found some interesting again! "JERUSALEM (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump informed Palestinian President Mahmolud Abbas on Tuesday that he intends to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Abbas’s spokesman said." Come quickly, Lord! Maranatha!

    1. ...which certainly means ## WAR ## but this is exactly when we're being saved from Revelation 3:10 THIS IS THE TIME, WE'RE GOING HOME! Revelation 12:2 Israel birth pangs fulfilled / Zechariah 12:3 Jerusalem = burdensome stone fulfilled WOOOHHOOOH! :=D

    2. Yes, Annabel, there're exactly my thoughts! I have a feeling that he will transfer the embassy. Truman, too, was subjected to pressure 70 years ago, but he recognized Israel. In any case, it's a war, and we're going to the Lord! Maranatha!

  9. And I've found also a new Amir's update, today, ca. 30 min. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Alla, definitely gonna watch it! :--)

  10. 12/5/2017 Trump Informs Abbas, Jordan's Abdullah He Intends to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
    read more:

    read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.826990

  11. POTUS says he will make his official announcement tomorrow, Wednesday. Wouldn't that then be "mid-week"? Hmmmm, Maranatha!

  12. Dear brethren, here's another video of my 'hobby horse' watch of Revelation 12:3-4 just around 1,300 km from my place in South Italy: Nibiru comets grazing our skies 12/4/17 (click!) WATCH!! (just 8 minutes) This looks totally CRAZY now, how can anyone IGNORE that??! Jesus is on the way, family - we're going HOME! Yippiiieehh! :=D

    1. That was a really good video, Annabel. I took some pics of
      Sunset yesterday and sent it to hubby who’s working away on the Harvey coast right now. He said yeah, that’s a nice sunset. I said, Honey, look at whose house it’s setting down behind. It was the neighbor who lives directly to the south of us. I don’t recall too many southern sunsets in my life. And it was as pink as pink can be. Beautiful but very strange. Two days ago it was a double
      sunset in spite of the heavy spraying. I know we are fixing
      to go home and I am so praying for many more to see Yeshua, feel Him, know Him and most of all, to WANT Him!
      Hallelujah! Praises Up!

    2. The sun has just got down (in my time zone). On my way home, I was in absolute awe at the beauty of the sunset sky. The sky was the most beautiful deep pink color I’ve ever seen, turning into a pink and orange mix in the proximity of the setting sun, as farther from the sun the deep pink turned into a lilac color mixed with a deep blue night sky. It was like a painting, everything around me was in a deep pink light, everything that was touched by the sunset’s light. I’ve only seen colors like that on photos before, always thought that some of them might be photo-shopped.

    3. Yes, Nora. Everybody taking these shots and videos has been accused by someone of phot-shopping, but when you are looking at it with your own eyes, the truth is there. While beautiful, these skies are not normal. At times, as
      I look up, I am reminded of those beautiful Hubble shots of Nebulae with the strange, vibrant colors. Can’t even imagine what a feast it will be for our perfected eyes around the Throne of our God! Holy Spirit
      Chills on that thought, Dear Sister.
      Be blessed and be seeing you sooner than soon:-)

    4. Sheila,

      I hope so that we'll meet soon! :--) About the photoshop thing, I just meant the photos like the ones by nature photographers, (professional or hobby photographers) who are making differently themed photos. Among those beautiful photos, there are sunset photos too. At times these photos are edited to enhance the colors (there’s nothing wrong about that btw, it’s a regular thing). That’s what I meant about today’s sunset-sky. :--)

    5. p.s. The Bible foretold the signs in the sky. Maybe today's sunset was one of them, or I just haven't seen such beautiful sunset before. But that sky surely made a mood for the rature! :--)

    6. Nora, I did catch what you were saying about photo enhancement and didn’t mean to imply at all that you would think that about what we are being shown these days, just that unbelieving scoffers do. And I agree, these strangely beautiful skies do inspire visions of a heavenly Rapture for me as well. Blessings!

  13. It's interesting for me today, I've read in m.france24.com: "Erdogan is calling a summit of the main pan-Islamic body in Istanbul on December 13 to discuss the expected US move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital". Is it Dec 13 the first day of Hanukkah, and also mid-week as today is? Significant! Maranatha!

    1. Alla, this is rapidly getting to what I can only call “dreadfully” exciting!
      We see the Day approaching like a freight train. We know we will not be standing on the tracks when it hits, but so many with deaf ears and blind eyes will unwittingly never see it coming.
      The sad part is that a lot of them are not bad people who actively reject Christ, but they just cannot accept that we are at the end of this world system and won’t until the Rapture and ensuing Tribulation period persuades them to repent. Those are the ones I pray earnestly for. News from every front is breaking so rapidly. War drums, manmade and natural disasters abound daily. I sense a Jezebel spirit moving across the US with a vengeance as powerful women come forth in droves to expose and reduce once powerful men to their knees.
      I see Putin is going for 6 more years and I’m sure he’ll get it. The Russian Bear is feeling poked over gas deal b/w Israel and Europe as well insulted by the ban from the Winter Olympics.
      And my favorite from Looneyland this morning:
      An angel-winged, white pant-suited Hillary tree-topper to celebrate “Resistmas”??!
      That and the little old Rudolph/Frosty movie being deemed as racist. (He’s mocked for his red nose and only accepted in the end to serve Santa’s own selfish purposes­čś▒)
      Who knew? I love you all and looking forward to Ps. 117 !!!

    2. Another Hook in the Jaw? Hmmmm Maranatha!

    3. Yes, Sheila, it's really so! I think these women don't see the real situation, they are caught the devil's net. 2Tim 3:6 I think now also about the reaction of the Pope. I've read Catholic News Service, the Pope said that "such a move would further destabilize the Middle East", and he calles to respect "resolutions of the United Nations". And it's very significant to me, what he prays about: "I pray to the Lord that this identity would be preserved and strengthened for the benefit of the Holy Land, the Middle East and the whole world and that wisdom and prudence would prevail, to avoid adding new elements of tension in a world already shaken and scarred by many cruel conflicts". It is a call for peace or a veiled call to war? And before that all we are going home! Come, Lord! Maranatha!

    4. Hmmmm..., Jimboni. Yep, the pieces are falling into place for sure. I was just checking out the comments @ Unsealed and last, under the Advent thread was another Christian person begging everybody to just quit...quit looking! They’ve shared the site and talked it over with their church folk and they are all in agreement that we need to stop this insanity! And they are not going to tolerate exposure to these kind of thoughts anymore!
      I’m paraphrasing here, but that is the gist. Wonder what it is in their hearts that keeps dragging them so reluctantly back to these Watcher sites? Could it be they are really not sure at all what is in that big dust cloud on the horizon. They don’t want it to be the four horsemen, not yet, but just in case...
      I’d be willing to bet if this plea was answered and these sites just shut down, went away...
      “disappeared” from the scene, they’d get a little bit panicky.
      And the thing is, with content control advancing like it is, that could easily happen. But if still here, we’ll all already know what we know, having helped each other “unpack” the prophetic Word of God so intensely and we will still be looking up intently.
      Bless you so much, Brother, for your many, many contributions to all of the unpacking.
      Proverbs 2

    5. Sheila dear sister, what you wrote above reminds me of what I shared today at lunch that these are times even the prophets longed to see and did not experience like the disciples did Matthew 13:17 + Luke 10:24 now look at the context... All others "outside" the church are under the CURSE of Isaiah 6:10. This passage is so much important that is is repeated in Mark 4:2 (so it is content of all 3 synoptical gospels!) and in Acts 28:26-27 again! These are times equal to those when the feet of God in the flesh touched this earth! Mindblowing...

    6. I'm sorry it is Mark 4:12 I was referring to.

    7. Great thought, Annabel. I just watched Trump’s declaration. It was thrilling to hear that!
      Since the day I met Him, I have said the two most wonderful times a person could live would have been when His feet were on the ground then and when our feet leave the ground at His return for us. Glory to God! What a day that will be and what a day THIS is!
      Another “Hold on, I am on My way!” announcement:-))

  14. What's odd to me is my cycle started on the full moon of January, my next cycle is expected on the next full moon, which is January 31st. Then the next blue moon is during my birthday. Is there something significant I need to be aware of?

    1. God wants to make sure you are paying attention.


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