3 New Videos to Check Out...

Here are three very different videos you may find interesting.  Hope you are all doing well!  We are now 70 days from the sign with many different things ramping up around the world.  Keep your eyes open and your hearts turned toward Christ.  He is closer to returning than He has ever been!

Amir Tsarfati - Current Events Update, Nov 30, 2017
(53 Mintues)
"And here we are back in the land and that is a significant thing. 70 years ago the resolution took place and we are now back in the land.  I wonder what's going to happen next year, if that generation is going to pass?  We may be out of here by then. God knows."
[Amir talks a lot about the Iran, the North Korea, moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, etc.]

Alan Horvath - Walking with Elohim
(24 Mintues)
"We are in a very unusal time in the history of mankind. We have seen the Great Sign of Revelation 12 announced in the shaymaim (sky/heavens). And that was already 2 months ago. But it has served us as an announcement. An announcement that we are in the season of the Rapture."
[Alan gives us a good recap of where we are at now, and what we should be doing to be such as being washed and growing in His Word.]

Paul Dawson - 70 Days + Knowledge & Science Prove God
(50 Mintues)
"Here 70 Days after the Revelation 12 Sign, we have a Super Moon. Whoo hoo, I'm excited!"
[After his introduction, Paul compiles a group of clips about scientific proofs for God that is very interesting.]


  1. Excited to watch these. Also does anyone else here follow DailyCrow.com? Just go there and click "Daily Updates". Over the past several weeks the symbolic meaning and prophetic fulfillment in the news is just staggering. It's awesome to watch things unfold as Christ told us they would.

    Lord Jesus, I continue to pray for my brothers and sisters, that they will keep the oil in their lamps and their wicks trimmed and be fully ready for your arrival. And I pray for those people who have not responded in faith to you yet that they will be moved to and do so while there is still time. AMEN

  2. Hi Miguel, I check the Daily Crow site...well, daily! Matt and his team do great work.

    1. Hi Miguel. Keeping up with DailyCrow as well. So much happening so fast! I am praying in agreement with you.

      Brad, I watched Amir and Paul first thing this morning, both awesome choices. So glad you’ve already put them up.
      And Alan is just so encouraging re keeping our lamps at the ready every moment of everyday. Lots to share, think and pray about.
      I watched a different clip with J. Kimmel and celebrity fundraiser crew all singing about going to hell. The enemy is
      blatantly revealing himself more-so everyday. I am just so grateful for our Redeemer and all of His family and our precious Blessed Hope!
      Maranatha, Brothers!

  3. One of the watchmen I'm following on youtube just shared this news report (I'm linking it below). A few days ago, on the 29th of this past November, the UN voted against Israel (again) declaring that Israel has no rights to Jerusalem.


    1. I wonder what President Trump's decision will be about signing the waver. If he won't sign it, despite the rumors, an "interesting" situation will occur. (Maybe same will happen if he signs it, I don't know, this is huge news.)

    2. Nora, I watched another recent Alex Jones video about "Christmas collapse". I don't watch AJ normally as I don't like his upset and probably acting as NWO propaganda puppet himself but this was nevertheless interesting because there seem tension to increase until that time: politically, socially and naturally (Geminid meteor showers = Gemini wasn't it depicting the church and Christ?) etc. I really think we might be departing by or around Christmas. Obama might be on the rise... High watch time, don't get back asleep again! MARANATHA :))

    3. Yes, dear Annabel! I think also so! Amen! I think about Amir's warning about danger for Christmas and Europe now in December. And I've listened today the news from Israel, don't remember where, they handed ultimatum through the Russians to Asad, to keep away from borders of Israel Iranian military facilities. And they don't believe that Trump removes US embassy to Jerusalem, but they hope than Russians make arrangement with Asad. Very interseting! But Israelis know already that they are all alone. I pray for them! Maranatha!

    4. Annabel,

      "I really think we might be departing by or around Christmas." Be it so, I'd really like to go!

    5. Alla,

      I've read it in the news this morning that Israel bombed an Iranian military base (near Damascus) again in Syria at Friday night, yesterday.

    6. Hey guys. I’ve been doing some interesting reading on the crown prince MBS, or “Mr. Everything”
      as they call him over there. He is 32 yrs old and the prior “7” kings before Him ascended the Throne at avg. age of 64. As of the moment, he is said to be the power behind the world’s most powerful throne. He is ambitiously attempting to change Saudi drastically with his Vision 2030 plan, thus not honoring the traditions of his fathers and causing much anger and fear among the old guard while he consolidates his own power. He is enthralled with A.I. and it’s prospects. (Think Sophia’s Saudi citizenship or image of the beast).
      He has 1 wife/4 children, but says he has no time for more women and leaves the child rearing to her. Sees them only for a few moments on most mornings. Most of population in Saudi are younger so they are mostly supportive of his direction. In reading Daniel 11: 23-24, 45 and Rev. 17:11, I saw some interesting correlations with this man. Ex. Dan. 11:45 (think Noem). Some big players seem to be trying to get in league with him, incl. Israel and Trump admin. via Kushner. Just saying these days are getting more intriguing by the hour and this guy is intriguing the world leaders right now. Throw in the Vegas mystery, and if there’s any truth to the Saudi/deep state involvement there, we could have a good page turning novel going on here.
      There are several AC
      candidates that look ripe and ready at this time which can only mean the Restrainer has got to go home soon!
      Amen and Maranatha!

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  5. I very much liked Pauls video on physics, maths and dimensions and posted my comment under my real name CORINNA there so I won't repeat it here. In addition, I'd like to compare todays' AI technology regarding "hive mind" with what ONLY TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD will experience as the "Body of Christ" being (re)united with the head of the church, Jesus. Scientists have today come to some point of physical understanding and even of mimicking nature (as shown in this clip) but they NEVER will be able to copy or develop a technology that enables them to experience what WE will be LIVING OUT eternally when "being with Christ physically". The REAL CONCEPT of what people today call "hive mind" will be ONLY (!) ours forever with God. What mankind has developed until today is the reality of Genesis 11:6 = what CAN be done, WILL be done. God MUST stop them now. Urgently. MARANATHA!

    1. Annabel, I said to myself yesterday morning after watching Paul’s video, “Annabel is really gonna like this one”, LOL! You are so good with the scientific stuff and
      I absolutely agree with your comments above. They are reaching up for their own godhood right now and actually see it within their grasp, so our Redemption has to be right on top of us! Even so. Lord, come!

      p.s. That’s a beautiful name. My mother use to sing us a song about “Corinna” when we were kids. She passed away too young back in 1983 and that brought back a sweet memory of her:) Blessings Sister, way across the sea!

    2. Yes, Annabel, I've read your comments under the Paul's video yestereday, and I try now to make my outline for this video, very interesting. I wanted also to ask you about free will, that Adam lose along the 4 dimentions after his sinning. Do you think that free will and all dimentions are connected with one another? This is some interesting! And do you think that the scientists try to make themselves equal with God or even above? And this is likened with the "briсks" for the "tower whose top may reach unto heaven", that they are building now, and then the Lord comes now very quickly, Himself, as He made in Gen 11, with the purpose to take us away and make them "not understand one another". Is my understanding correct? Thank you, here is a large field to searching! Maranatha!

    3. Dear Sheila much love to you too XOXO! :) Yes indeed I'm always interested in science and physics (although I am just horribly bad in maths but I like to imagine the spiritual part of it in Gods creation). Once ago, a German brother evangelist who was a former physicist and PhD information scientist gave a brilliant speech on video about this 'dimension issue'. That was the first time and unique ever since that I heard a Christian brother talk about this topic. It was just fascinating. He also explained how from this perspective some spontaneous recovery from severe illness works as God simply intervenes from a higher dimension but we just cannot see it. This is what we call "miracle healing" because we are confined to our poor 3D only (+ time). From physicist explanations like this I try to imagine with my own simple mind what we might experience soon being with Jesus. What an exciting eternity that will be! Of course I know about 1Cor13:12 but I just have much fun with stuff like that, I like to wrap my head around such quite difficult topics and it inspires me with much awe before God.

    4. Dear Alla, yes I think indeed that Adam and Eve had free will BEFORE the fall in Gen3. It was free will that made Eve CHOOSE evil instead of good. Afterwards, they both (and all mankind after them) got ENSLAVED to be ONLY able to choose EVIL furthermore. What people don't understand is that nobody can "choose" to return to God by his own will as this wasn't possible anymore from that bad day in Eden on. If God doesn't open up our heart to receive HIS WILL by the Holy Spirit to enable us to return to Him, nothing EVER happens. Everything (!) is HIS work and will alone. Philippians 2:13

      Yes and I think mankind now reached the ultimate point to make themselves "God". I have read a very interesting book about the world in the Babel tower time under Nimrod its called " The Shinar Directive" (click for more information!) the author Michael Lake explains how Satans plans were interrupted by then but he always wanted to pick up again. He will finally try to accomplish his "tower of Babel 2.0" in the NWO agenda and via internet (global networking) using English as "world language". That took him around 4,000 years by now. He desperately tries to accomplish what was interrupted then and dethrone God. We all know he will fail but that's how evil EVIL is. And how terribly big and awful SIN is. That's the result of using free will ONCE against God in just being disobedient to ONE SINGLE commandment. This gets me goosebumps when pondering that. Much love to you, sister! :)

    5. That's great, dear Annabel! I want also to read this book! Thank you! Ps 107:8 Amen!

    6. Just follow some of his lectures on his YTC "biblicallife" and you'll know most of the book too... Perhaps we fly too soon to order it? :=)) (delivery from US via amazon was 3 weeks)

      For example, in his presentation given above at the bible Rocky Mountain prophecy conference, he tells that people at Babel had partitioned their knowledge in 72 groups to priestesses (= temple prostitutes!) and that this practice later became a spiritual obstacle and temptation to Salomon via Hiram. Now suddenly I thought: Hey, now I know why in ISLAM they always talk of "72 virgins" to awaiting them in "paradise" - these must be the same number of Babylonian temple prostitutes taking care of the satanic knowledge! This clue was not in the book. So you can learn from his YouTube lectures as well. Blessings, sister Alla!

  6. Yes, exactly, Annabel. A lot of people don’t understand why we want to know all these things, but it does keep us standing in constant awe of our God and that is a place I love to be. Sometimes, I tell them, just look down at your feet...how the tiniest bones in the body carry the full weight of it throughout our lives and imagine the One who designed such a thing and find some awe for Him in that alone. I can’t til we are there with Him for all eternity:-)

    1. Corr: I can’t “wait” til we are there...

  7. Hi all! I've found some interesting! CNN today, "The State Department's security arm has been told to plan for potentially violent protests at US embassies and consulates once the Trump administration announces it is moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem"… "We were told that this is definitely coming, and we need to be ready for it," one official said. What's now? Prep for flight?!

  8. Putting my 2 cents to 2 of the above topics. *Free will*, imo is another topic that is just too complex and layered to our current limited human understanding. I don’t think that we totally lost free will (in the sense that Calvinism teaches it for example). I believe that the main reason we can’t choose *good* on our own is our sin nature. That’s why we needed (and keep on needing) the Lord’s intervention and constant help in our lives. At the same time, I think so that we must have done our own part in accepting His redemption on our own volition. Of course He is mightily helping us! We couldn’t do anything on our own without Him. (I even believe that *saving faith* is a gift of the Lord.) He is drawing every single human being to Himself, He wants to help all of them but there’s a point when a person’s own volition comes into the picture as well. I mean the point when we voluntarily accept His redemption on our behalf. (Otherwise, when someone lands in Hell it wouldn’t be their fault, since they can’t choose *good* on their own). I’d like to stress it again that I deem this topic too complex, too layered and too difficult to our current human understanding. It is definitely like that to me. I don’t know exactly how these things work, I might be wrong about some things, I might not. I can only repeat that I’m waiting after the rapture and to be with the Lord to get full understanding about things like that.

    How our future heavenly life will be with the Lord, that topic is basically the same. In our current limited human understanding we can’t imagine it. The Holy Spirit reveals us the truth and glimpses of what is to come but we’ll only gain full knowledge and experience about many-many-many things after the glorification of our bodies and finally being with the Lord in Heaven. As for now, I don’t think that we’ll have a “hive mind” in the sense that -for example- scientists imagine it in their limited, sin-infested human understanding and try to achieve it. A good example is “the borg” from Star Trek. (Quite a dark dystopia.) What I mean is that I don’t believe that we’ll just have a “good counterpart” of that! I don’t believe that we’ll lose our individuality and our unique personalities, for example. The Lord Himself is very personal and He created us to be unique individuals. What I imagine right now (with my limited human understanding and I believe so with the help of the Holy Spirit) is that we’ll have a relationship with each other on a very high-level in every kind of way, full of agape love, in a perfectly sinless state. That includes mental abilities we don’t possess currently, like being able to feel how the other person feels, communicating through “telepathy”, etc. that kind of stuff. I imagine, we’ll have a deep sense of belonging with each-other and the Lord, like a big and loving family who are also best friends. I’m sure that what I imagine about these things right now pales in comparison to our future reality. And of course we’ll all have a wonderful, deep, loving relationship with the Lord way beyond our wildest dreams and imagination.

    1. p.s.: Thinking of my own salvation experience, I remember when He revealed Himself to me, letting me feel His love and flooding me with it. It was a wonderful realization that He is a real, living Person and maybe the incredible joy that I felt because of that and feelings His love, perhaps I could phrase it so that it was a “yes” to Him. I could be wrong, I’ve been thinking about that a lot and I think so that’s when He saved my life. Then, He led me by His Holy Spirit to all truth, teaching me about what His redemption, His finished work on my behalf truly means and it was a process. I’m only adding that because of what I’ve previously said about accepting His redemption on our own volition and by His help. There are significant things I wasn’t aware of and I didn’t know about when He saved me. Maybe there’s a simple “yes” in someone’s heart, a willingness to accept Him as a reaction to His drawing, and He knows that in His omniscience. And that could happen in various ways as we’re all different and unique and the main thing is that after sealing us with His Holy Spirit He leads us into all truth. These are just my own ideas and ponderings, I don’t want to say anything stupid or mislead anyone here! It truly seems to me that this whole topic (free will) is too difficult to my limited human understanding, so I leave it in the Lord’s hands.

    2. Nora, I think you are of course right that their concept of a hive mind and ours of being of the same mind as our God are the difference between their evilness and His goodness. No, we will not be perfect little clones by any stretch of the imagination. I believe that would
      be detestable to Him. IMO, What we will be is individual beings in perfect unison with His perfect will, which in itself is a fabulous miracle only He could perform!
      Like you, I can only imagine for the moment. And I can only speak for myself regarding free will and Salvation. I began
      to ask Him about himself, whether of some of my own volition or purely His intentional pricking of my heart, I can’t really say, but when He revealed himself to me, I said, oh yes...yes, yes, yes.
      Forty years of this world alone was more than enough for me!
      Once there, all questions we now ponder will be satisfied and then we’ll have all eternity to live fully, love fully and learn fully the vast riches of the Great I AM. How magnificent is that!!!

    3. Dear Sheila, I agree! :--)

    4. p.s.: "What we will be is individual beings in perfect unison with His perfect will, which in itself is a fabulous miracle only He could perform!" That's one of the best things ever!!!

    5. Nora dear sister, perhaps there was a misunderstanding and I'm sorry for that: I didn't mean that these scientists' "hive mind" concept will be the same for the saints with God. I just wanted to express that man has indeed found the natural (physical) principles of how this kind of "corporate body" might work which I found very interesting. Like beyond if I point out sth called "cymetics" (the physical principle that sound shapes matter with regards to Genesis 1). I find it interesting how far man's discoveries have revealed Gods principles of creation already. It HELPS me to better understand laws of nature that God created but not that I get it all now 1 Corinthians 13:12 .

      Now for the "free will" discussion I really don't want to get deeper into it but just state the fact that man really can do NOTHING to be spiritually saved. Dead is dead. Try to preach on a graveyard and see if someone rises - that's how US bible teacher Erwin Lutzer taught his students literally. I was myself saved according to John 9 and know in fact what Philippians 2:13 is talking about. As soon as you begin to ADD sth like mans will, strength or own agreement to Gods FULL grace salvation act you already spoilt it to get salvation from works doctrine somehow (or you declared Him not to be almighty but be in need of mans "help" to salvation in some way like the Catholic do so you already blaspheme) as He does it in fact a 100% and man does NOTHING at all to it. For the rest of debate I recommend Romans 9 / John 15:16 and Proverbs 16:4 such as Psalm 100:3 for further study. Calvin got the point of total depravity and irresistible grace right as well as Luther proclaimed the "Bondage of will" under sin as he wrote a whole book on that to disprove Arminianism / Pelagianism once and for all. Blessings to you, sister!

    6. Annabel,

      I think you misunderstood me. I’ve never said that we have to help the Lord in any way to get us saved. Neither have I said that we have to put any efforts of our own into our salvation. I think I’ve shared enough thoughts on this whole subject before to make my stance clear. If someone is all for “salvation by grace through faith” that’s me. If you remember I added that *saving faith* is also the gift of the Lord through His mercy imo. What I can’t accept in Calvinism is that the Lord chose some people to be saved and chose some people to be damned and people land in hell that way not because they haven’t accepted His free gift of salvation. Again, all I could say is that this whole subject is too complex to the limited human understanding, for me that’s the case.

    7. p.s.: by the too complex subject I mean *free will*

    8. I think these two short “studies” (actually Q&A) sums up this complex subject neatly.

      This one is addressing the gift of *saving faith* I mentioned in the light of the Biblical truth of *predestination*:


      This other one is on the notion of *election*:


      And here’s the whole study series on the subject of predestination including the topic of *free will*:


      That’s all I could add to the discussion on the topic of *free will*.

    9. Yeah OK Nora, got you! Still Romans 9 and Proverbs 16:4 remain inspired and holy scripture, don't they? ;-) Just think about Jesus speaking His wise words to Peter in John 21:22 and don't bother about "limited atonement" if you cannot grasp it like Calvin did, OK? Let this be Gods issue and be happy for your own salvation. Just rejoice that God saved YOU and YOU ALONE by grace through faith and follow Him until the end! MARANATHA sister! Come LORD Jesus... Much love to you, Nora!

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    13. (Sorry for the re-post! I made a wrong paraphrase in the first part which I had to correct, so I'm posting it again.)


      The thing is, I’m not a Calvinist. It’s not that I can’t understand the Calvinist notion of “limited atonement”, I’m not agreeing with it (aka that the Lord chose some to be redeemed and some to be damned).

      (The two short Q&A and the study series I linked address the issues brought up here, imo. I’d like to add that nothing I’m sharing here denies our absolute dependence on the Lord when it comes to salvation and everything else. )

      I’d like to share 2 excerpts because both of them describe what my point really is. One thing though, if you’re not agreeing with the things I’m sharing on this topic, that’s okay with me, I’d like to be clear about that! (I definitely not want to force anything on anyone.)

      (The first excerpt is from that one: https://gracethrufaith.com/topical-studies/the-bibles-authority/bible-say-part-5-can-choose-saved/)

      “Jesus could not have said, “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life,” as He did in John 6:40, if God only gives eternal life to those He has already chosen. And Paul could not have said that some will perish because they refused to love the truth and be saved (2 Thes. 2:9-12) unless everyone has the ability and opportunity to believe the truth. Otherwise God would not be just.

      Some say the sovereignty of God allows Him to do anything He wants. But that simply is not true. Moses had this to say about God.

      “I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he” (Deut. 32:3-4).

      That means God can’t violate His own laws, or go back on His own word. And He can’t act in an unjust, unrighteous, unloving manner because these are His defining characteristics. It’s true that we’re all deserving of death and because of our sins God would be justified in condemning all of us. But to arbitrarily pick a few to save while leaving the rest to die in their sins would not be consistent with His justice, His righteousness, or His love. In fact it would be a violation of all three.

      Two other clear verses underscore the fact that God could not have created some solely for the purpose of condemnation. 2 Peter 3:9 tells us that God doesn’t want anyone to perish but for everyone to come to repentance, and 1 Tim. 2:3-4 confirms that God wants all men to be saved. If this is what God wants, and if it is solely up to Him, then wouldn’t everyone be saved? And if it’s not what He wants why would these verses, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, say it is?

      That’s not to say God isn’t involved in our salvation decision because He certainly is. Here’s how.

      For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified (Romans 8:29-30).

      There are five steps here and God is involved in everyone of them, He foreknew, He predestined, He called, He justified, and He glorified. Let’s take them one at a time.”

    14. Pt.2.

      Regarding Romans 9:


      The second excerpt I wanted to share from the study above is discussing Romans 9:14-21:

      “If we were reading these verses in a vacuum, it would be easy to adopt the view that God determines who will be saved, not man. But fortunately we have the perspective of the entire chapter and beyond that the rest of Scripture. For example, how could John 3:16 or Romans 10:13 be true if man has no choice in the matter of his own salvation? And if God desires that none should be lost but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9), why didn’t He make it so? And why, if He determines who will be saved and who will not, did He tell His followers to make disciples of all nations? (Matt. 28:19) The Greek word translated nations is used 164 times in the New Testament. It’s translated “gentiles” 94 times, and nations, or people, the other times. Since it’s preceded by the word all, which means each and every one, it literally means the entire human family.

      From the context of this chapter it’s clear that Paul is making God’s case for offering salvation to the Gentiles, even though the Jews were His Chosen and He had focused exclusively on them for the previous 2000 years. God created the Gentiles just as He had the Jews, and He has the right to offer salvation to one group just as He had to the other.

      Notice that Paul says, “Not only from the Jews but also from the Gentiles.” The idea that in God’s view it’s not a question of saving either Jews or Gentiles, but that through the creation of a new race called the Church He’s calling both, is made clear again.”

      Sorry for the abundance of the text I felt the need to share these excerpts, thanks for bearing with me! In the end we can still agree that we disagree about this topic, peacefully. (To quote Pastor Farag:--). My intent isn’t a lengthy argument anyway. I’ve got your points but I’m not agreeing with certain Calvinist notions. Lord bless!

      (p.s.: This study I linked here above is discussing the whole chapter of Romans 9)

    15. Nora dear sister, TY so much for replying even if we won't be able to bring the topic above to a common denominator. I know all your arguments long time ago and I have repeatedly heard them very often so please don't beat me up if I still cannot find any LOGIC in them if I reverse them once again. My point is this, just logically (if you don't agree, never mind): GOD is not a man, right? OK so GOD is OMNISCIENT of ALL and EVERYTHING. He is OMNIPOTENT as well as He created everything and everyone of us. We might agree on that, OK? And HE is the one who elects those being saved from a totality of unsaved. Man is generally unsaved so ALL of them are in the same totality from the beginning. Man CANNOT do anything about being saved, only GOD can. That's why Gods grace is needed for the UN-worthy and mercy is needed for the UN-able. Now this is a little of mathematical "set theory" here:

      If you compare this to a given number of individuals (which God has CREATED just knowing everything about them from eternity) and He elects some out of that number then LOGICALLY all the others are NOT elect, right? And He does still know their number and identity. Neither the elect nor the non-elect can do anything about it being chosen or not. So just LOGICALLY you cannot a) give God some advice about whom to choose and whom not because He is SOVEREIGN and b) you cannot claim God for being injust to choose some and some not because in fact EVERYONE would have been condemned to hell fully justifiable! If you pick some 2-3 apples out of a box it is just LOGICAL that the others are NOT picked - for WHATSOEVER REASON! Now YOU are chosen from God out of LOVE (!) but it all must lead to GLORIFY HIM in the end. The same to the non-chosen and wicked of Proverbs 16:4 they will also be a part of GLORIFICATION of GOD in the end. In fact the word for "purpose" in Hebrew means "answer" (= maaneh H4617). The ANSWER even the wicked must give God in the end is to BEND his KNEE before Him (Philippians 2:10 / Romans 14:11). It's all about GOD, not about you or me, you see? That's what Romans 9 is all about. What God does and what not is not our concern. He is not a man (which is = creaTION), He's our creaTOR! There are things we must leave up to Him and still trust that they're good. We have not to decide nor to judge that.
      .../TBC part 2

    16. ...TBC part 2

      Now back to the logical fallacy most Christians make concerning Calvinist "limited atonement": If God is omnipotent and omniscient He already FOREKNOWS everything BECAUSE He creates it. Now He's also a God who is very economic. If you plan a wedding you will send out invitations (which He does as a general calling of people so no one has an excuse to not having been invited by the gospel - and herein He's very generous as He sends out many many of them!) but only a few respond to it (which is called "effective" calling but NOT out of man's free will but out of the work of Gods Holy Spirit = irresistible grace). Do you think God didn't know before who He "effectively" calls? Again, He is not man and cannot be judged by human intellect (Isaiah 55.8-9). Now if He prepares the heavenly mansions of John 14:2 will any of them remain EMPTY? Or will any of them be surplus? No of course not! Herein He is quite economic. So NO, he will not prepare any of these mansions for ALL the number of individuals He created but ONLY for those He called EFFECTIVELY and saved them. So if man cannot do anything but RESPOND by the works of the Holy Spirit and not by his own will to this call and God knows all this from eternity because He in fact PLANNED this all then of course He is not surprised that some will be left unsaved (as well from eternity). THERE IS NO SURPRISE OR CHANGE OF PLAN TO GOD in the meantime or as He sees how things develop. He that knows everything is the same person who planned it to be like this. From ETERNITY on.

      So yes of course "atonement" is "limited" because of those who are effectively called and saved are LIMITED in comparison to the WHOLE number of created individuals God PLANNED to be created. The person who planned the totality also planned the number of elect in the same moment. It is just not logic to argue with how "God foreknew those who loved Him back" as HE IS IN FACT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN EFFECT THIS LOVE towards Him (Philippians 2:13) and HAS ALREADY PLANNED to whom He would do this (or not!) before from eternity just when planning to create this individual like you and me and Calvin or like Hitler or Stalin or even the pharisees or my ignoring or atheist neighbor round the corner (Psalm 139). BOTH groups are to be predestined to be an "ANSWER" to Gods glorification before His throne (Proverbs 16:4) from the very beginning (Ephesians 1:4) - and either way God is still fully JUST in all that He does because no one has the right to accuse God being injust as we ALL should have gone to hell without Him intervening. I think Calvin was one of this very logical thinking kind of brethren and that's why I understand what he said. No offense intended. I hope you can somehow grasp my kind of thinking about this and I could get this issue across but if not you're still my beloved sister. Much blessings to you! XOXO :)

    17. Annabel,

      Thanks for the kind words! I understand your explanation, it’s just I don't agree with it. I know I’ve said that before but I really think so that everything brought up here was adequately addressed and refuted in the studies I linked, and by the Bible verses which were cited. I’m familiar with Calvin and his teachings and as I mentioned I’m not a Calvinist. This man burned people and this is not the only thing I disapprove of. I’d like to point out a handful of things. I’ve never denied that all deserve eternal damnation neither the studies I linked, in which it was also discussed in detail what the Lord’s foreknowledge means and how it is linked to predestination. Together with the topic of free will, God’s sovereignty and all the above mentioned issues, everything was covered in a sufficient way to refute Calvin’s “limited atonement” doctrine. In my opinion this doctrine goes against everything the Gospel is for, everything the Bible teaches about God’s love, mercy and (indeed I should include again) justness. Against everything Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated regarding His Father and His fervent Love for humankind and His wish for everyone to get saved! As for logic, Calvin’s logic is faulty. Lastly, concerning “limited atonement”, for me these 3 Bible verses totally refute it:

      “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9) The Lord does not want anyone to perish but all (indeed all men and women) to come to repentance. To me that is pretty clear.

      “This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:3-4) No comment needed.

      “They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10) They do not perish because the Lord chose to send them to hell. The reason: they refused to love the truth.

      In my opinion the Bible beats and refutes the teaching of Calvin. I’d like to be clear: I have a very-very-very bad opinion regarding Calvin and saying that (I have a very bad opinion) I’m extremely politically correct in my wording. I’d also like to ask you to not take this personally please! My focus is Calvin and his teaching. I’m all for a peaceful disagreement and I know that we won’t convince each other on this issue! Let’s conclude that we’re holding very different views and aren’t agreeing about these things. *Peace!*

    18. p.s.: A bit of correction. My focus is the teaching of Calvin, aka his way of thinking/logic, his interpretation of the Scriptures, the conclusions he made etc. that kind of stuff.

    19. Dear Nora I'm glad you made that PS because I think your remarks about Calvin above are a little exaggerated. It was ONE single person he was involved being executed for heresy in fact and to execute heretics was quite common those days (not an excuse but an explanation). Luthers writings condemning Jews in his later age were used to justify the Holocaust 400 years later when 6 mio people were killed. Now who is without sin please throw the first stone... Both of them are still my brothers in Christ and both were great scholars for different aspects of faith. Calvinism doesn't per se hinder the great commission and is not at all contradictory to it because as humans we simply don't know who is elect and who is not so we just tell EVERYBODY. The rest is up to God only and not our concern. I don't argue with God about that nor do I accuse Him for being unjust. People are HIS creation and not mine so I'm not responsible for their salvation. I'm only responsible as a messanger. I'm all in peace about this topic. No problem for me to get scripture in line. John 1:13 you just have to think them from the END i.e. the other way round. You aren't "saved BECAUSE you believe and confess" (Romans 10:9); you believe and confess because God saved you first and made you able to do this in the first place. This is my own experience too and fully congruent to scriptures. No contradiction ever. Blessings, sister! :)

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    22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    23. Annabel,

      I know about Luther’s anti-Semitism as well. (Even if it happened in one single case, that won’t make it better for me that Calvin ordered someone to get burned, neither that it was the custom of the era. Judging a person is always up to God but I think that it’s okay to use discernment in the case of attitudes and actions and not agreeing with them.) I haven’t said that people get saved without the Lord’s involvement drawing them and helping them all along, yet it was discussed in the linked studies (and I brought up a few Bible verses) why the Calvinist notions concerning this topic are faulty. The logic Calvinism is using and the conclusions it is drawing are wrong on many points, in my opinion. (As for “limited atonement”, I’m never going to embrace the Calvinist notion that the Lord is choosing some people to send them to hell. As I said the entire notion of that goes against what the Lord Jesus demonstrated and taught about the Love of His Farther. I think the Bible verses I quoted were enough refuting it.)

      However, as I said I’m aware that we won’t convince each-other! Let’s just conclude that we are in disagreement. *Peace!*

  9. Dear @all, regarding to another interesting physical phenomenon connected to creation (and through Satans twisting tied to the occult as well) being called CYMETICS please please!!! don't miss to listen app. 1 hour of your precious time for God (Matthew 26:40) to this very edifying and reaching Dr. Michael Lake lecture of ## NEPHILIM SECRETS IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO 9/12/2017 (click!) ## and be blessed by this profound and pretty humouros sermon which is one of the best (if not THE best) I EVER heard on this topic in all my Christian walk with Jesus. Listen, prepare and share this message with whom you still can, it is urgently needed within the church! Abundant blessings to all of you XOXO :))

    1. Here's some more interesting information on CYMATICS from the spiritual perspective: Sound / frequency causes matter to (re)shape FYI :)

  10. I can't watch Alan Horvath. Looks and sounds like he is putting on a show.

    1. I admit I didn't finish his video either. Different reasons though, some things in his teaching didn't sit well with me.

    2. Paul Dawson is awesome. He knows his stuff and his messages come across as if you are having a cup of coffee together. The way he casually shows that 70 days after the Rev12 sign we have Mars in the place where Jupiter previously was positioned. Kind of like “I’m just going to leave this right here.” As he hints to it in the video, this could fit part of Rev 12:4; I don’t know at this point and will continue to watch.

      The extra video included after his Stellarium video is mind blowing… right up to the point where the astrophysicists prove God exists. Going to watch this several more times.

  11. The last video.....amazing in one word. Thanks for posting this

  12. Enjoyed them all, but most especially Allan's!


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