These Numbers are getting People's Attention....

This article ties in perfectly with Daniel Matson's latest video below....
Here is an excerpt...

In summary, I don’t know what to think of some of this, but in light of the talk of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the talk of a peace treaty this 2017, it being 50 years since 1967, it being 70 years since 1947, the upcoming total eclipse of the sun, the Revelation 12 sign on Rosh Hashanah, etc. These amazing numbers are getting my attention.


  1. Also another date of interest coinciding with this year is October 31, 1517 (500 years ago)– Protestant Reformation: Martin Luther publishes his 95 Theses posting them on the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. This is considered the starting date of the Protestant Reformation.

    1. That's a huge one in my mind!! Thanks for sharing Frank!

  2. 1517 also marks the beginning of Ottoman control of Jerusalem which started the 10 Jubilee (500 year) prophecy of Judah Ben Samuel. I'm sure you've covered the significance of 500 but I haven't found it yet as I just started lurking here. But what chilled me was to discover that the number 500 in Strong's Greek Concordance is..."antichristos" (!!)

    Thank you so much for your work here, Brad. It is encouraging to know there are so many others out there with the same thoughts on what is upcoming, and you have a gift of making the dizzying amount of information more manageable.

    YBIC, Alan


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